Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, November 23, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated November 23, 1860 Page 3
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I IST OF LETTERS— 1J REMAINING IN THE POST OF lice Bedford Pa., .No.ember 10th, 1860. Albright Geo Kirk M Anderson John, Jr Ladel Joo Bitter Jacob Longr.eckor J Byrne E 'Lemon William Berblresser D S .Lychenbern Solomon / Biitterworlh 11 S Lewds ci Co I jtelien) - !' J 0 Leopald Lewis 2 Bradley E B McGlaskey K Burke A iMears Leah J Bserly Sarah Miss Mellon Geo Blake Nancy W Mullen Geo Bowser A Mc Daniel Jas t'lavcomb J Ma-tin J Cooper B A \lavlair Nathaniel Ciatn Joo Ney ley Jos Carrel David jNili Kennedy Cypher Maggie J Owens W Crawford Frank J Oswald P !1 2 DiUrick Christian Oveihalt Daniel pemmon Harmon O'Neal J Partall Lucas Porilen Jno D J)acn Joseph Palmer G G Dr Daniel Caroline Mis Pate Joseph Detric* William Peck David Evans A W Replug le iJ L £ckerel Thomas Kichey Geo Entriken J- Rinard Mary A Elder Geo R-eton J no Evans A W Reed J W Fleming G W H Riffle A Furry Leonard Samuel Fdler W Rawlins J H } v -4te W Richard Carolina fjrlmer Jacob ,Ritche Maigarel fuller Elisha JStrock J Fluke Jno St rouse Henry L Fink Henry Seaton A B Grubb Henry iSteuinan Daniel Gillespie V ,Smith Nathan (tans Sol Sperry Jtio Cornier M .Srwvely A J Harvey & M-mpratoi Stoner David Hopkins J H Stoler Jacob Hardmaa Jno St rouse Elizabeth Hoke Henry Sparks J no Hanev Elizabeth Sharnsack Samuel Horn Daniel Snowbarger Daniel H"s Rebecca Snyder Dani! Johnston EhZ'theih Stink Jacob Knouff Sarah Tavfor W S 2 Kceo A J Wanall James Kister J A H I Wheal & Grover Kirkpatrick James—2 VVeitz Henry Koo'is M C Wasonea H S E-ster Shuman . A'heeler William Kerr Carrie iMiss , YoarSal iOHX A. >mWRY, e. a. j 4 RARE CHANCE. Jr. The subscriber having | tsiily removed to Washington Go,, Md.. is'for this fasor, compelled to offei for s.le his property sit- j utein the town of Woodberry, in Monison's Cove, Bedford County, Pa. 1 b-* property consis ting of a NEW'm'KBKICK HOUSE, ar, scjoiniiig silialt Log'*' Heute and older con tenieat out buildings, a Well witii oever-f tiling water, ciatern and good garden arid is located on Miin Str'-eS. The Brick House is occupied at the present, by Ml - George R. Barndollar as a Store liouse, s the b-et business stm-d in the town, con tains a large Store and Ware Room, besides eight vtaer rooms, kitcnen, cellar See. Any person desirous t going into business, will find it to bis advantage to tae this chance. Should not a purchaser be found till the 15th day of December next, tho prop erly will be rented. Information relating to tb j renditions of sale or rent, will be given by aiidres- ' sing A. L. Beckhoefl'-r, Esq., Woodberry, Bedford County, Pa., who is my authorized agent, or by ad dressing the subscriber, H. M. JACOBS. Hagerstowr, Washington co., Md. Nov. 23, 3550.—3t5. ORPHANS' COURT SALE. The subscriber will #el! t public sa'e by virtue r.f an order ot the Orphans Court of Bedford county, on Thursday the 20th day of December, IScO, or the premises, a! >! of one I sere of ground, the iate residence of Henry Bender, I deceased, having thereon erected a good Log Frame House. Stable, ar.c Cooper Shop; a well ot excellent water at the uoor, situated in South Woodb-rry tp*, Bedford 0., adjoining lard of Dr, Birch ami Daniel Lmgenfeltar ; tbis is a very ti-siia./ie prope-ty, sil aated in a pleasant neighborhood, convenient to churches an", schoo'.v At 'he same tune wilt be sold the peit-or.. proprty. No a Jot of coop er too!- - , ;nd sto"k, Hon-et ol . furniture, fcr. Snie to begin et 30 o'ciork, A. il., when term* of sale will be made knowr.j i ADA M HA DERM AN, Nov. 23d. Executor, i PRJBLIC SAtEOf BRA L ESTATE. i he eubscrib**r j w.llcfler at purdr outrrv, on Friday, the Mth , rsv ef December. next, on *h- pretni.-e a formeily awnd by P-trr Koek. dee'd.. m South Woooberry, ■ Bedford, .. tract of land containing-10 acres tna 146 p-rches, lying c.i toe road .eating from , Bedford to Hoiiidaysburg, and adjoining lands of J.-cb Rice. Benjamin Yc'er, and otie.s, with , shout 15 or £.l acres rle ireri ai d ur.dw fence, and ' '.be reatainder well timbered principally wit.t young i vheitnuf, a house and ataoie taereo.i erected, and a j never failing spr.r.g svi r. e\ce".ar t vvater near the . tjjie. Terms made known on dav of S-!e. DAVID BRUMBAUGH. No*. 13, 1860.* LLMPLOY ME N i'.— ~ ~ Tin* urdersioned are de- 1 , *oua of tecurihg 'he rvices of a few Young .Men ! *'• in a Travelling Agency, upon a salary , FORTY DOLLARS PFR MONTH, md all -xp-nses paid. 1 his is an opportunity sel- ! • d.-ti osereri, and} those who merit :he approoation : ef the huoscriberi, by etrict attention t • husmes*. •an rely upon conal.vrt e.tip'oym-' t tor a torm of Y'sr*. For furtber psrticu ers address LONANT V DRAKE, ot Main St., Athirspa Depot, N. H. f Nov. 23u.3m fiTRAY HEIFERi" Carr.e trespessing cn the pretn s-i of the subscriber residing in c t. Clair tp., e. ; , bout tre first of SrpTemner last, a red and white! •potted "miiley" heiffer, supposed to be 3 years , with a notch, I fslit end hole cut in the right ear. ! The owner is requested lo prove property and take ; " sway or rhe will be duposed of according to , j . Nov. 23-* JOHN H. FOWSER. j, { DMINiSI KAT uR~S^OfTCET" Letters of Ariminis- j ] ' "Jlion havirg been g-snted to toe subscriber resi- j ( in St. Clair township, on the Estate of Archt- i [ve-o Fiodiay, lata ot Napier township, dee'd., sh ; l' ons indebted to said Estate are nereby j a 'o make immediate payment, and those having j thiaia -gainst the same, will prosant them proper - j )-athecticaud fejr settieroent. t , GEORGE BECKLEY, , Va* C 34.* Adm r. XDMMtsVRAT°R'S NOTICET ; tjL Lflters of jAdmini'- upon the Estate of EHaa Hit*, lete of Cum. ! •"■isad Valley tp., dee'd., having been gran'ec ' ui.deisigned, sll persons indebted to siid j _'te, ire ; requested to make immedtato pay. _ and those having claims will present theao • yau'hen'seated for settlement. HENRY HITE, l.. M . 1 THOMAS FISHER f A<lm ' • * i \ I PFRE MAPLE SUGAR7FORTALE ' . i by A. A. L DEFHJAUGH. I I 1 I "VXECUTOR'S NOTICE. I j Letters teatamen- j tary upon the last will &c., of Henry l ßender, late j of South Woodberry township, plec'd., having been j ! granted to the subscriber, he hereby gives notice ' ito all indebted to the Estate to make immediate payment, and those having claims to present them j properly authenticated for settlement. I ADAM HADER.MAN, j I Nov. 23d. Executor, j VrpxccuTOß'S Notice. 1 I A Letters tes'amentarv i ! upon the last will, &c., of Jacob Teeter, late of j ( South Woodberry tp., iee'd., having been granted ' !to the subscribe: residing in said township, notice J |is therefore given to all perrons indebted, to tnaie 1 . immediate payment, and those having claims j j will present them properly authenticated" for set- I 1 tlement. ALEXANDER HOLSINGER, j Nov. 23d.* Executor. f&OO HE WARD. J he above reward j will he paid to any person finding a small HAIR CROSS AND ANCHOR, tipped with gold by return ; ing the same to Nov. 10. ISCO. H C. REAMER. KIOR SALE OR TRADE! 25 Tons of Piaster. 3 New Two horse wagons. 1 New set of Double Harness. The highest market price pen! for wheat, rye, corn, oats, and buckwueat. i Poor House Mi!!. i Bedford. Nov. IS. f JOHN NELSON. I LIGHT *1 ! ~ I 1" IHE CHEAPEST ! ' '! I And best light in use, can be had by buying Coal j i Oil. pertectly pure, inodioui and free tiom smoke ' while burning, at b 1.00 per gallon, at H. C. REAMER'S ■ Nov. 16, 1860. Drug Store. CriALL AND SEE:: A LARGE AND BEAUTIFUL ! ! ! j Assortment ol Coal Oil Lamp-, of tue latest styles, j just received,and tor sale cheap, at K. C. REAMER'S j Nov. 10, 1860. Uiug Store. | II I SS OLU i' 1" N ! ■ a ~\ CF PARTNERSHIP. ! Ihe late firm of J. REED i- CO , nas been dis- [ j solved by mutual consent, and the books of the firm ! ot Reed S: Minnich have been left in the hands of j their at'omey J. P. H-ed, and those of Jacob Recti, j I for settlement and collection ; and all persons con- j cerncd desiring to save costs must call immediately ; and make settlement, as but iittie deiav will be af- j fir Jed. •i U:i; REI D j Will now cont nne the business on tue CASH AND I PRODUCE SYSTEM. He will do business on the j ' SQUARE, so that he can sell goods st a CHEAPER | | RATE than ever: he does not wish to cha. ge CASH j j and PROMPT custoroTS the losses occasioned by non-paving customers—therefore, Cash or Pro duce will govern his trade. He invites his friends ,am customers to call and examine his splendid i NEW GOODS ; they will be shown with pleasure j i and divpo-ad of at very light profits. Just opening and on hand DRY GOODS, HATS, CAPS, ! CLOTHING, SHOES QUE UN'S IV ARE, GROCERIES, And ail goods kept in a genera! stor*. LADIES can here find all they want for dress or i comfort. GENTLEMEN need seek no further for their es- ! sentiais. Come and examine for yourselves, a ready we!- | corre awaits you. Now. 9, 15s6d. SOMETHING MEW X- USEFttJ , J CAN ALWAYS SE SEEN AT 2S A II T i. E Y 8 . Hariley has just receiver! the finest assortment of Meat cut'ers und S'ufler.i ever brought to the coun ty. lie h.'s a new .rticle of cutter that excels ail ! others, che p and durable, also Butcher Knives by : tue hundred, Meat Saws, PORTLAND KEROSENE OIL AND LAMPS Brilliant, cheap and beautiful, ha id to burn 2 ' hours for one cent, no smoke, no sm-!l, no explo- j sion. go to Hartley's at; I purchase Oefore the pre!- ! tit ere i-jiil, and purchase a nice cheap light for i The l--ng winter nights. Hirt'ey also has SPALDING'S LIQUID GLUE, which should be in ev:y house; it mends mostev- ! *r y thr.£. HARDWARE BY I'HE TON, Oil and Paints, of nearly every kind, Iron, Nabs and Giu-, j Farm Implements and Machinery. Satisfaction giv„ r , to ail re*• onabls person*. Cash buyers wanted anri f ivareil. Those who pay promptly und know n to be relia- j j b'e, may be credited 6 month . ' Nov. 9, 1860. ' *ro EXCUSE — 1 For reasons satUf icto- ' ry to rnyelf, 1 respectfully request all peisons bav ig accounts oo my Books of 6 months standing to J call am set'ie 'he e .ine either by cash or note.— j Perrons having no money can have no excuse for i reglectirg to give their notes. And all neglecting 1 uo make .settlement—will their accounts ieft ' t the Sqinre's. Nov. 0 '6O- 'AM. HARTLEY. i DMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. t\ of Adminis'ration, cum tes-1 ' iamentoannexe, on l'-tc estate of John Clark, late ol j htchei'sburg Borough, d se'd., having been granted to the subscriber, living ; n said Borough, all persons knowing themselves md v bted to baid estate will ] make immediately, and those having' c ai n* aa : nxt the same svifl present tjiem properly ! | au'hentiCßted fcr settlement. VMM. A. P. CLARK, Oct. 26. 1S?0, Adm'r ; rOK'S NOTICL7 ' -*• Letters of Administration having been ' granted to the ut>Rcriber, residing' in West Provi- j i.-nce township, upon the estate of Joseph Bhafer, ' | 1 at— oi East Providence township, /iee'ri., ail per- i suns indebted to said estate are therefore notified ! to make immediate payment, and those having i , claims will present tuem duly authenticated lor 1 settlerrent. ABRAHAM StJAFF.R, |' Oct. 26, 1860. Adrtiinistraror. i J 4 DAIINIvrKATOK'S NOTIOK |' " Letters of Administration, upon the Es-! ; tete of Ann Boor, la'- of Cumber 1 and Vailey to*,■- | j ship, dee'd., bvirg been granted to the subscriber. ! all persons indebted are reqoe ted to riiake imme- j diaie payment, aod those having claims wiii pre- i sent tbem for settlement. MARTIN BOOR. i Nov. 2 ISCO. Administrator- j AD .WISTKAIOK'SNTifIcE - ra - Letters of Administration upon the Es ' tai of Peter Hyner, late of Napier township, dee'd., a hiving been granted t the subscriber, all persons n indebted, are requested to make immediate pay- ment, and those having claims will present tneru ' J for aettlemer.t. HENRY TAYLOR, Oct. 26, 1860. Administrator, i " 4 DMINISTKATOR'S NOTICE. ] Letters of Administration upon the Es tate of Hanry iekea, late of Onion tp., dee'd., hav ing been granted to the subscribers, all persona In debted are requested to make immediate payment, ar.d those having claims will present them doly authenticated for set!lament HENRY ICKES, JOSEPH ICKES, Ucl. W, 1856. Administrators- q; FOR KIBCRIBERM! > | TDE METBTDIST, § ! THE NEW RELIGIOUS WEEKLY, WAS "1 < COMMENCED IN JCLY LAST, AND IS C PUBLISHED ON >• SATURDAY OF EACH WEEK, pjj AT NO. 7, BEEKMAN ST., N. Y. < EDITED BY THE REV. GEORGE R. > CROOKS,,D. D., Assisted by-the —i Rev. JNO. McCLINTOCK,D.I)., < iAt present residing in Paris, an Ctoßssros- £*3 i NINO EDITOR ; and by numerous contributors ~ j well known as writers lor the people. Giving pq due prominence to alt matters of interest per taming to the Church whose name it bears, C! and sustaining its institutions against disor ganizers within its bosom and assailants from 3=3 j without, it yet, in a spirit of brtherhood, c on- f}] . veys to its eaders full details'of passing e vent 9in alt the sister churches , and in the 'r 1 world at la'ge, maintaining at the same timeja 5 i high literary tone, and i dignified abstinence ; from all unnecessary controversy. i IT IS PRINTED IN IMPERIAL QUARTO > I FORM. ON THE BEST PAPER. AND IN r~ THE BEST TYPOGRAPHICAL | STYLE-, so i And is embellished from time to 'ime by S w* 1 JOovfraita ot (finiincat ftlcn, E i IN THE MINISTRY AND LAITY, £* i And is thus constituted, editorially and me- W- j chanically, c ; A RELIGIOUS FAMiLY NEWSPAPER jp OF THE FIRST CLASS. : TERMS, $2 00 PER YEAR. Subscriber:, paying fcr the Year to commence L is*. January next, will receive the Paper 23! Girtuitous'y up to that date. j~ PRE MIL MS FOR SUSSCRIBERS. j Althougb "The Methodist" has met with al- j, unprecedented success, yet, in order to .j'place it within the reach ot every tMethiulist C 3 ! Family. weAiave been otter a List ™ of Premiums toanv who w irh to procor eub- ~ : These Premiums are ocer*l several- >* ! ly for two subscribers, and up to fifty snbscri : ers and embrace _ j Caihart, Needbam, & Co.'s Mvlodeons. i 5^ 1 Wheeler ill- Wilson Sewing Machine*, =2 Wilcox & Oigbs' Sewing Machines, jy; j French's Cofiitjal Washing Machines, ?= i A number of desirable books, such as j Harper'sAGiiminated Bib!, f/ living's Work", 4r , Agiicultural Books, s Steven's Hist, of Mehodi*m, "H ' Bang's Hist of the M. E. Church, j ; And numetous other Books of Permanent -g Interest arid value, together with ay. ' Great Variety of Books suita- ~ ! ble to the j j Sabbath School Library, £: Affording to any who wish io present their 1 Pastor with a perpetually useful household iC i • convenience, or who wish to procure one lor I' their own comlort. or who wish to furni'h one ~ ; ns a means of livelihood io some friend, or to any Sunday School Pupil or 'iV.-.c er who rle- " i sires to enrich the 6. S. Library, a ready ; j means of dcti.g to by the oni , ; : of BE LITTLE EXERT ION. AND THE OCCU- _ ' PATIOX UK A LITTLE SLAKE TIME. r J i . Numbers will besetu Free, on | I sp cation, to any address with full paiticu A- ! I !ar, fo Prrri ums. Address j L- EANGS. Publisher, OFFICE, 7 BEEKMAN ST.. j NEW YORK | Oct. 25, 1860.- 6t. ONEIV WINTER GOODS, g* AT THE CHEAP STORE, " * NO? ' OSTER & CARN, W BEDFORD, PA., r -^ ' J*t received a handsome line of new andj JB lashionable q-y R'j DRESS GOODS, M Shawls, Prints, Ginghams, ■ Sa"knig flannel s iri ail co.or-, p Cioliis, CasMmerPS, Vetting". Satinett*. Jean.-,, Readv-rnad* Ik. Vests, Bu-ir.css and Over-Coats,j ®r Hosiery, Gloves, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Gla>s, China and 8 Qneensvvare, Groceries, Spo-es, Ac., m t And eveiything NEW AND CHEAP.— A Being determined to adher" to the sys- * ill -em of "QUICK SALES AND SMALL w PROFITS," we believe it will be to the interest of all to F.XA.MINE our Stock', before purchasing. |NO TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS. I ! Oct. 06,'C0. m E W GOO DS. Jt**T ARRIVED AT MRS. S. .R POTTS'. A large a*crtment ct FALL ."k. WINTER GOODS, FALLvX WINTER (iOODS, FANCY DRESS GOODS, FA NCY DRESS GOODS of a'l kinds, handsome winter siiks, French meri roes, all wool delaines, BONNETS & RIBBONS, BONNETS &. RIBRONS t i Flowers, Ruches, bonnet velvets—new style, hand- ; some cioaks, j FUR CAPES, FUR CAPES, Also, a laige assortment of v ictortnei an d muffs, j Nov. 2,'60. Susan McCune, 1 In the Court ofCommon Pleas by her next frie'd jof Bed/ord county. No. 1-13, ! John H Koor.s, K September Term. 1860. vs. \ Subpcena on Libel tor Di- j Patrick McCune. J voice. The undersigned commissioner, appointed to take testimony and re- ; port the same to the Court in the above cast, here ! by gives notice that he will attend to the duties of j his said appointment, on Monday the 12th day of ! November, next, at the office of Mann & Spang , in M the Boiougb of Bedford, when and where all parties interested may attend if they think proper. G. H. SPANG, Oct. 26, 3860. Commissioner. AUDITOR'S NOTICE. " The undersigned eppoir.ted Auditor to ; distribute the fundi, in the hands of Sheriff Fluke, 1 arising from lh* sale of the personal properly, and also of the real estate of Wm. M. Earnest, gives notice that he will at/end to the duties of said ap pointment, at bis office in Bedford Borough, on Sat urday, the 30th day of Nov., 1860. O. H. GAITHER, Oct. 26th. Audi/or. afi fi H BANCROFT & CO., !j • IMPORTERS &. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH : FANCY GOODS, Ai'o. 330 Afnrkei Street, Philadelphia. t May 38.'60.-1 yr. . YYRUNES FROMI2| TO 28 CENTS A POUND j fo< salby ju!y*o,"6o. A. L. DEFIBAUOH. AYER'S J J J P£CTORAA CATHARTIC ; FESITOR PIIJLIS. jpA;, '* 4 jßs§ Are ycro ick- fecbie, and i WTl_ | ' V///y Atvjouciuof .yjrtj^rr : order, with jomt MRtcm de ntti^rdT Bed your ftttiiiijjs uu frtl "'' Ct Ufs rumfiMrtabl' 'lJtieaij symp* ' jfe'ty tr-ins iv o'.'u-n tins prelude to •y\ . £S&h "*• Some tit of ! in aptm rou, , ftlK * ®^ u>u^l uverttni iy .1 edy. "Take AyvVe Pill*. and c^'inM oul disordered fan ' mors —purify tim bloou, and k* t,le fltikii* move on unob- JM l etructed in health ap'ain. Tbi_ ftfr ' *finulato the ftroctioii tivi;y. purify tlie pjntetu from •'•" ■■jP.uPw*^- 4 the obstruction* which tuukw dise&fic. A coM somewhere in the U*ly r and ob struct* its naturr.! functions. Thetc, if not relieved, rirt upon themselves and the Burrounlinj; organs, pro ducing general agfrravation, buffering, stud disease. While in this rendition, opprvac.l by the derangement*, take Ayer's Pills, ami see how directly they ret*re tho natural action of tin* syst**ui, and with it the buoyant feeling of health again. What is true and so apparent iii this trivial and common complaint, is also true in Juauy j of the deep-seated ami clangorous distempers. The same ! purgative effect expels them. Oitwed by similiir ol*truo tiiaia and derangement* of the fuuctions of th* bud v. they are rapidly, and many of them surely, cured j by the same Cleans. None who know the virtue* "of theb* Pills, will neglect to employ them when suffering front the dborders tm*y cure. Statements from leading phyriciana in aorr.o of the principal cities, and from other well known public jk sons. From, a Forwarding Merchant rf&. Louis, Feb. 4, DR. Atrr: Your Pills are the paragon of ail that la groat in medicine. They have cured my little daughter f of ulcerous sores upon h*r hands and feet that had proved incurable fcr years. Her morhe/ lias been long griev ously afflicted with blotches in J pimples on her skin anil in her hair. After our child was curod, she also tried • your Pills, and they have cured her. AS K MOROKIDGK. As a Family Physic* /rent Z)r. P. ir. CUrt urrig I, JV< w (jrleanu Your Pills are the prince of purg s. Their excellent qualities surpass any cathartic wc poMMtL They are i mild, but vefy certain and ellktuiil in their action on tho bowels, which makes thexn invaluable to as in the daily treatment of dtoeasv. llfadsche t Sickll(-a(lache,Foul Stomach* /Vara Dr. Edward Boyd, Baltimore. DIAR Bbo. ATER: I cannot answer you what complaints I have cured with yoor Phis letter than to ray nil that we ever treat with apurgatite m# ocine. J plac great depou- deuce on an effectual cathartic in mj daily contest with j disease, and believing as I do that vonr Pills afford us thw best wo have, I of course value them highly. PITTSBURG, Pa.. May 1,1865. I)?.. J. C. ATER. Sir: I have been repeatedly cured of the worst headache any body cau have by a nose or two of your Pills. It seems to arise from a foul stomach, which they cleanse at one*. Tours with great respect, ED. W. PREBLE, Clerk of Steamer Clarion. Bilious Disorders ljivcr Complaints* Fram Dr. Theodore B*~U, of jVVo York City. Not only arc your Pills admirably adapted to their pur- \ pose as an aperient, but I find their beneficial effectsupon the Liver very marked indeed. They have in my pr&o j tic© proved more effectual for the cure of bilious cm piainis than any one remedy I can mention. I sincerely rejoice that we h&vf* at length a purgative which is wo> thy the confidence of th< profeShiou and the people. DEPARTMENT cf TRE INTERIOR, ) Washington, I). C., 7th Feb., > Sir.: I have used your i'iils in my geueral and hospital practice ever since you made them, and cannot hesitate to aay they are the b-st cathartic we employ. Their regu laung action on the liver is quick and decided, conse quently they are au admirable remedy for derangements [ of that organ. Indeed, 1 have seldom fcun 1 a case of btlious disease so obstinate that it did not readily yield to f ti.em. Fraternaliy yours, ALOXZO BALL, Si. D„ Physician of the Marine Hospital. Dysentery, Dlnrrlitpa. Relax, Worms. Pram Dr. J. G. Often, of Chicago* Your Pill* hi ve had a long trial in my practice, and I hold lueui in esteem a* one < f the best aperients I have ev.-r found. Their NiU-rative effect up#n the liver make* t tlicai au etce\]' \)i remedy, when invert in small do * for ) Lilians -K/tenUrj c.\'l i 'rrncrc. TL ir s "gar-o'ating i lititkes thexu very acceptable mud cozivenient fcr iha u-a o! w- men aui children. : Dyspepsia, Impurity of the 8100 l. From Dev. J. Y. Hinue, Past. rof Advent f . hurc\ y 1 vinn. DR. AYES: I have your Fills with extraor...aary i euci-ess in ray fhijiily and among thow* I utr. caiiwl to virit ) i !* <ii*tre*a. To nguiate i!e organs cf d>. ation and ? purify the LICH-MI, iliey are the very best, remedy I 1 .VW aver knows, and I can confidently recommend thcin ti> my friends. * Yours, J. V. Hlilihi. WARSAW, Wyoming Co., Is*. A*., OML 12* b. DXAR SIR: I am .using your Cathartic Pills is thy prac tice, and fin 1 them an excellent purgativ • v clean**? the •yMtem and purify the fwaV'ii.u of the blcml. JOIIN G. ML AC II AM, 31. D. Const I int lon, Coat ivrnrsi, Snpprevsiin, UhruittotiHia, Gnat, Neuralgia, •y, rUMlysis. Fits* etc. Prom /V. J. P. Vaughn. Montreal, Canada. Too mnch cannot b<* nid f your Pills for the cure of I crstiveness. If others of our fraternity have frund : hem i . ns Pihcaciovs as I have, th r should join me in proclaim- | i ing it for the benefit of the multitudes who suffer from i ■ rocipkiit, whk-li, aPi. bad enough in iUe';f, * progiaitor of otlwrs that ar rt worse. ( Wii"V. cj ! ti'-rv/ss to originate in the- liver, but your Pills affec; organ &x;d cure the disease. Fran Mru L\ Stuart, Physirvn and Xhlwfe, ft'ston. , I find on or two large doe* f y r.r P?lls,tnkevi at th | proper time, are excellent} : nn ti\ -s of t\e refund F-crr. \ ; (ton when wholly or partially suppressed, and also very eff-ctual to cleanse the stomach and expel worms. Th-*v , are so much the phytic we liavu tnnt 1 } no oth-r to my iatients* Prom the Jlev. T>r. ITiwkrs, of the Mrthodtit Kpis. Church. PrtASKi Hou?r. Jan. 6. lAsfi. Sir.: I shc uhl b un ratefi i for the relief ; your skill has brought me if I did not rep. rt my case to you. A cold settled in my limbs and brought on excru ] ciatir.g neuralgic pains, which ended in chrr-aic I fum. Notwithstanding Ih id the of phyimiui. tho 1 disex*ii grew worse and worst. until by the advice of yonr excellent agent in Baltimore. Dr. MtckcDur, I tried y- ur , Pill*. Their effects were slow, but sure. By persevering in the use of tiiem. I m now entirely well. .SENATE CHAMBER. Baton Rouge, La.. 5 De.% 1°55. Dr.. ATER: I have Jaen entirely cure<!, by your cf Bheuni'Uic (Jotd u painful disease that had afflicted ma for years. YINOhNT SLID ELL AJI" M *t of the Pill* In market contain Mercury, which, although a vnlnab'> remedy in bkiiful luinds. 'is dsngeroun in a public pill, from tho dreadful conse quents that frequently follow ifs incautious use. S Co* fain no mercury or mineral ul>stanoe whatever. JMco, 25 cents per Box, or 5 Boxes for sl. /- * ared by Dr. J. C. AYEH 6> CO., Lowell, Maas. ] B. F. Harry, Kun : G. B. Arnick. St. i lairsville ; J. Breneman, j Woodberry ; Geo. Gardill. West End ; J. E. Colvin, SchelULiirg ; antl by cejJers generally. Oct. 12, 1860. MORE NEW AaND CHEAP GOODS A. B CRAMER & CC'S., BEDFORD, PA. The undrrsignrd have just received a iaige and . | genera! assortment of : J FALL & WINTER GOODS. FALL AND WINTER GOODS. ! J Our present stock is very complete, and we re- ' 1 spectfnlly invite our Iriends and customers to eail j and EXAMINE THE PRICES, ! EXAMINE THE PRICES. i< ("ash or prompt six month buyers may ex- ' i pec', and will be offered, GREATER BARGAIN'S, GREATER BARGAINS, th an ever offered before. All kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE WAN FED, | J COUNTRY PRODUCE WANTED. * Oct.* 26, I INCH ESTER & CO. ~ f GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE, —AND PATENT SHOULDER SEAM SHIRT MAN- -j U FACTORY, -Vo. 706 CHESTNUT Street, J Above Seventh, opposite the Washington House, Fine Shirts and Drawers made from measurement a' a few daya notice and in all cases Warranted to fit. Formula for measurement furnished ,pn ap plication ,bv mail. LIBERAL INDUCEMENTS I TO WHOLE SALE BUYERS. S May 18,'60.-1 yr. C ri 'HE ASSESSORS JL Of the several townships and boroughs of "1 the county of Bedford, will meet at the Commia- J nonera' office, on|Wedne*lay the Slstday of Novem ber, A. D., 1860, to receive their Duplicates, iu itructions, be. By order of tbss Commtraioeers. H. MCODRMUI, Nov. 9, iB6O. • Clerk. PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS I if E. G O 0 L D, • * No. 6.72 Cheat nut St., cor. of Sec nth, PHILADELPHIA. PIANOS AND MELODEONS. EAVEN, BACON b co's., HALLET,DAVIS b co's., NC.NN'S 4" CLAIIK'S, AND A. H. GALE b co'a. ' MASON A HAMLIN'S, AND PRINCE &CO -" MELODEONS it HARMONIUMS. Pianos and Melodeor.s to Rent. Second-hand Pianos; May 18,'60.-1 yr. W P. HUBE R, I *™ # •?PCCE<<OII TO J. SORVER,) —WHOLESALE DEALER IN TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, No 8 J\orth Fifth St., above .Market, PhiTn. Also. Manufacturer and Importer cf FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SEGARS. May 18, 18G0.-1 yr. WILLIAM RAIUUEI., JAMES M. WHITBY, SAMUEL MOORK, EDWABDA ADAMS, ! WILLIAM G. SKILLMAN, UEXBY R. ATKINSON . | WBAIGUEL, MOORE & CO., | *-•' LATE. RAIGOEL AND CO IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN D R Y GOOD S, .Yos. 220 St 222 North Third St., above Race, West side, PHILADELPHIA. May 18,'G1).-l yr. RWIHE WORLD'S GREAT EXHIBITION ® PRIZE MEDAL, awarded loC. MEYER ; for his two PIANOS, London, October 16, 1851. 'J) |jj^| C. MEYER respectfully informs his friends end j th- public generally, that he has constantly on hand j PIANO j, equal to tiiose tor which he received the Prize Medal iri London, in 1851. All orders promptly attended to, Jand great care , tak-H in the selection and packing the same. He has received, durir.g the last fifteen years, j ! more .Medals than any other.maker, from the Frank- • j liti Institute—also, First Premiums in Boston, New ' I York at;d Baltimoie. IVarerooms. 772 ARCH S'reet, below Eighth, South side, PHILADELPHIA May 18, 1860.-lyr. JOHN O. JAMES, ISAAC WELSH, H. G. STERLING, t C. KENT, G. A. SMITH. H. V. WELSH, i ' CHAEXJJSkANrEF., SAMUEL WHITE, J. TOMLI.NSO.N. KENT, SANTEE & CO., IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS Cj D R Y GOODS, 5335C241 NORTH THIRD STREET, ABOVE RACE, PriILADEI.PHtA. Ma- 18,"P0.-1 yr -1! OGivIUG GLASSES, ENGRAVINGS. PICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, The most extensive and elegant assortment at the I very lowest rates.—Glasses in store of every de- • ; script ion. Afahogany framed Glasses, lor country ! sales. Print and Portrait frames, Window Cornices, ; t>ilt Afouidings, etc. Estimates for furnishing ' I Giasses to fill every space, by mail on application. I r avinK for Grecian and Antique Paintings.— i Catalogues gratis. J AS. S. EARLE &. SON, Si 6 Chestnut St., Pliil'a. May 15,'60.-1 vr. A GREAT IMPROVEMENT IN PIANOS. \ * ~~ GLORGr. VOGT takes the opportunity of infoim ing his friends and the public generally, that he ( has removed his Piano Warerooms from No. 62S I Arch Street, to No. 516 Arch Street, where he will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of ihis I lateiy patented PIANOS, which'have-been pronoun- ] ced br the best judges as far superior to ail other I Pianos in the sweetness and purify of their tone ■ and construction, heretofore manufactured in the j United States and England. May is,'6o.-6 mo. F-FRANVILLE STOKES' GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, ONE PRICE AND NO ABATEMENT, j NO. 607 CHESTNUT STREET. GRANVILLE STOKES would return thanks to the {Hiblie for their appreciation of his efforts to j please, and their liberal patronage. In order to keep up this kindly feeling, he has | yielded to the solicitations of many of his friends j and inaugurated a new system, ol Gifts with each j Garment sold. To his choice selection of fine Fab-j ries, and made-up Clothing, he invites the scrutiny : of the public, as well as to his new mode of doing business. Each article is warranted to be. in Fab- j ric, Style and Make, equal to any gotten up in the ! City, and one price, (lower than the low est,) marked i on the Ticket. Each article sold, or measured for. is acoompa-' nied by a Gift, varying in value frumsl to SIOO. N. B-—None but the most skillful Designers, j Cutters and Workmen employed ; and satisfaction ia Fit, Fashion. Fabric, Price and Gift, guaranteed at I GRANVILLE STOKF.S' ONE PRI :E GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, j NO. 607 CHESTNUT STREET. May 18/60.-0 ms. J? XECUTOU'S Letters testamentary on the last will j and testament of Christian Biattenbeiger, late of St. Clair tp., Jec'd., having been granted to the j ' subscriber residing in said tp., notice is therefore given to all persons indebted to said estate to make ' immediate piyment, and those baviug claims will ' present them forthwith for settirrpent. JACOB CROILE, 1 Oct. 5, iB6O. Executor. piALLTRADE NOTlcif , BUNN, RAIGUEL & C 0.,. No. 137 North Third Street, i IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF < FANCY DRY GOODS, 1 Invite the attention of Purchasers to their extensive J tiock of Fancy Dry Goods, Silks, Embroideries, Cloths,Cassimeres frc. May 18/60.- |J FRANK. JACKSON, PRINTER AND STATIONER, 439 CHEST A UT STREET, PHILADELPHIA. May 18/66.— 1 )r. . MARK THESE FACTS! THE TESTIMONY OF THE WHOLE] WGRLtf Ointment find Leg*, Dad Breads, bores and Ulcers. j All description of sores are remediab.'e by th, proper and diligent Lie of this inestimable prepara t tion. To attempt to cure bad leas by plastering the edges of the wound together is a lolly ; tor should i the skin unite, a boggy diseased condition remains | underneath to break out with tenfo'd fury in a few days. The only rationui and successful treatment, j as,indicated bwnature, is to reduce the influmma ! tion in about the wound, and to soothe, the j neighbor.ox farl by rubbing .in plenty of the Oint j men!, as suit ts forced into meat. ■. Dipt her ia, Ulcerated Sore Throat, and Scarlet and other Fevers. Any of the above diseases may be cure ! bv well , rubbing the Ointment three times a day into tbv j chest, throat and neck of the patient; it will soon | penetrate, and give immediate relief. Medicine ta ! ken by the mouth must operate upon the whole I system ere its influence can be f-lt in any local part ; whereas the Ointment will do its work at once. | Whoever tries the ungeunt in the above manner, tc | the diseases named, or any similar disorders afiec j ting the coest and throat, will find the- .elves re • lieved as by a charm. Files, Fistulas, Strictures. The above class of complaints will be removed i by nightly fomenting, the parts with warm water, and then most effectually rubbing in the Ointment. Persons suffering from these direful complaints I lose not a moment in arresting their progress. It | should be understood that it is not sufficient mere- I ly to smear the Ointment on the affected parts, bur j it must be well rubbed in for some considerable I time two or three times a day, that it may be ta j ken into the system, whence it will remove any. ' hidden sore or wound as effectually as though pal ; paHe to the eye. 1 here [again bread and water [ poultices, aftei the robbing in of the Ointment, will : do great service. This is the only sure treatment | for females, cases of cancer in the stomach, or where ; there may be a genera! bearing down. j Indiscretions of Youth ; —So- e s and Ulcers. Blotches, as also swellings, can, with certain-- j be radically cured if the Ointment be used freely ! ar.d the Pills be taken night and morning as lecom mended in the printed instructions. When treated i in any other way they only dry up in one place to break out in mother ; whereas thi, O.ntmeri t wilL j remove the humour from the system, and leave the patient a vigorous and healthy' being. It will re , quire time with the'use of the Pilis to ensure a las j ting cure. Dropsical Steadings, Paralysis end Stiff Joints. Although the above compiah.'.s differ widely ia i Their crig'.r. and nature, yet they all require local j treatment. Many Of the worst, cases, of such dis : ease®, will yield in comparctively short space of time, w en this Ointment is diligently rubbed into j fi,e parts affected, even after every other means ; have fuiied. In til serious the Pills should 'aken according to the printed directions acrora i partying each box. | Roth the Ointments and Pills should be used in the following cases : 1 Bed Legs, Fistulas, Bad Breasts, Gout, Burns, Glandular Swellings, , Bunions, Lumbago, Bites of Moschetoes and Rheumatism, j Sand-Fiies, Scalds, I Coco-bay, Sore Nippies, j Chiego-foot, Sore-throats, j Chilblains, Skin Diseases, | Chapped Hands, Scurvy, j Corns (Soft) j Sore-beads Cancers, Tumors, Contracted and Slid Uicer.s, Joints, Wounds, Elephantiasis, Yaws. ; '"""C AI TIOA' !-None genuine unless | the words "HoLloway. New York and London," are discernible as a 1 Vc.Ur-ma.rL- in everyleafot the book of directions around each pot or box ; the same may be plainly seen by holding the leaf to the light., j A handsome reward will be given to any one reu ; dermg such information as may lead to the detec ! tion of any party or parties counterfeiting the mel j icines or vending the same, knowing them to be j spurious. '."Sold at the Manufactory of Professor Houlo ■ way, St) Maiden Lane,. New York, and by all respee j table Druggists and Dealers in Medicine, through* i out the civilized world, in boxes at 25 cents, 62 ct and $1 each. . CfF"There is considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N. R.—Directions for the guidance of patients in j every disorder are affixed to each box. Nov. IS, 1353. . BLAIR C OUNTY .NORMAL SCHOOL & SEMINARY, MARTINSBUFIG, BLAIR CO., PA E. J. OSBORNE, A. B. I „ . , J. W. DICKERSON, { • rinci P* ! - This institution will commence its first session | with an able and exfienehced corps of instructors :on Monday, Nov. sth, 1860. No expense has been spared in making it Thotough and complete in every department. The school building is constructed and furnished ; upon the mdst approved modern plans, and is one of | tne best in the State. It contain* a hall capable of I seating 500 adults, with olfice, music rooms, suffi | cient for a school of 300 pupils. The school is located in a region of country un ! excelled for its beauty and bealthfulness, {and u surrounded by a moral and industrious community. The distance to Cove Station. Huntingdon and Broad Top R. R. is six miles; to Holiidaysbnrg Station, Pa. R. R. 12 miles, with daily stages from the latter and tri-weekly from the former; thus ma king it easy of access from all parts of the country. The objects of the school are : Ist. The Professional Training of Teachers. 2nd. The thorough Education of young ladies and gentlemen in the English and Ornamental Branches. 3d. The preparation of Students fur College. The teaching Class will meet daily for lectures on the Theory and Practice ofTeaching, r:iraiion from a standard work on the subject, or discussion ot Methods of Teaching by the class. Students who desire to do so may prepare to en ter the higher classes in college. will have a separate boarding boose and will be under the immediate supervision of an ex perienced Preceptress. Instruction given in all the branebe* Taught in tba be*t Academies ana Seminaries. VS'ho e tnene, (ex-lusive ot bran ches,) for boarding, tuition, furnished .coins, room rent, and fuel, $113.00 a 'yenr. For circular, with full particulars, address E.J. OSBORNE, oi J. W, DICREftSON. Care ol J. C. EvbmXabt, Mari rsburg, Blairco., Pa. Oct. 12. 13t>u- Martha T. martin, c h. ramkicx, j. a. L. M O RSEL, ORO. A. PGCDLK, S. K. MARTIN. FA. MAKER, ® WITH MARTINS, PEDDLE, HAMRICK ft. CO. —IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS, JVo. 30, Jr~r>rth Fourth St., PkiTa. May 18D80.-1 jr. MACCARONI, CHEESE. envs talized V<nst rr.,l Ours fo* itii> by A. L. DEFIBXCGfc.

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