Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, February 8, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated February 8, 1861 Page 3
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"rrrIPTS AND EXPENDITURES— |{ Of Bedford County for 1860. , M SHAKER, ESQ., Treasurer of Bedford ILI , n account with said County, from the January, iB6O, to the 7th day of 1861. JaC ' j: '' TREASURER, DR. t r*jh received of collector? : K Zook, Liberty 1557 sl4 11 'ti Steel, Hopewell 1838 10 00 Mor-oet, Cumb. Valley, 40 00 Ve Liberty 44 1 32 Bone, Londonderry " 31.87 r carnell, Monroe 44 8111 -Ihnny Smith, Napier 44 20 00 J-'tm Kirk. St. Clair, 7,8 92 ! Hanks, Southampton 44 31 00 nB. Fluke, S. Woodberrv " 4 93 . \leneel, Bedford Bor. 1839 230 00 SUI - 'V 662 67 Evans, Broad Top 44 140 00 Vchael Diehl, Coletain 44 204 73 " (ol) B. Anderson, Cumb. Val " 198 57l msiiiWi' l ", Harrison '■ 138 12 William Young, Hopewell 44 133 03i ;'., n Gillespie, Juniata 44 149 00 Rhoads, Liberty ' 40 00 ,vi Carpenter, Londonderry " 181 23 I Moure " 10/ 76 Vr3 'ni Blackburn, Napier " 427 23 V) . i Fore, Providence E. " 11 7 00 'larntlollar. Prov. W. " 12:> 00 V iv. Miller, Schellsb'e bor 44 38 32 i • VV. Hoover, St. Clair 44 424 00 Jjarn Shater, Snake Spring 44 o,'ia Bennett, Southampton 153.9 243 64 JohnFickes, Union 44 U>3 72 6eo. B. Holsinger, Woodb'y M. 44 '36 79 Jacob S. Brumbaugh 44 S. 44 i&L00 A.J. Sansom, Bedford Bor. iB6O 282 02 M. Holderbaum '• Tp " 367 00 Samuel S. Fluke, Broad Top 44 Simon Stukey, Colerain 44 123 00 Samuel Boor, Cumb. Valley 44 206 00 Hugh YVertz, Harrison 44 80 00 Win. Cypher, Hopewell 41 60 00 Leonard Bitr.-er, Juniata 44 63 00 Isaac Kensinger, Liberty 44 John YVilhelm-, Londonderry 4 * 140 00 Philip Felten. Monroe ' 4 162 0' Joseph Black, Napier 44 81 0( Wni. Prov. E. 44 75 Oil Daniel Ritchey 44 YV. 44 John Otto, Schellsburg 44 20 0< Jacob Berkheimer, St. Clair 4 - 280 01 Joseph Disbrow, Snake Spring J' 4 128 0(1 Philip Klingerman, South loii 44 135 Of Abram Croyle, Union 44 7 1 03 Rudolph Hoover, Woodbury M. •• 261 O'-J Jacob S. Brumbaugh 41 S. 44 C2O 06 Amount received of Samu-l Davis $33 71 Win S. Fluke, juiy lunds 140 02 D. Shuck 1 J' M. M. Peebles, on est rays 3 93 Att'y. Mower on judgment against Fred St idler, 212 4C Amount on unseated lands 353 21 $9131 62i CR. YVilliam Schafer, Treasurer of Btdfird Coun ty, Cr. by amount of moneys paid to sundry persons on uralts drawn by Commissioners as follows : Bv amounts paid constables for re turns, &c., Election board and return judges 789 06 Road and bridge viewers 262 2C Assessments on insuianceof county buildings ~ ( - u Damages on roads 48 03 Amount paid assessors 226 79 A. J. Baylor, late court crier 26 30 Levi Agnew, cleaning and atten ding Court House 2o /0 Charles Merwine, for putting in cellar and chopping wood, 65 00 Joshua Mower repairs to Court House F 2.) Mary Mortis, scrubbing commis sioner's office, See. ' 11 John L c sig tor spout stones 71 I Henry Sellers, white washing Court room, &c. - ''' A. B. Cramer, bill lumber for re pairs to Court House I' l 4' ]>. F. Harry, stationary John Border, hobbles for prisoners H. C. Reamer, oil and paints 9 '2B For repairs to public buildings 18 77 D. B. Troutman holding inquest on dead body of man unknown 11 9" M. M Peebles, holding on body found dead 3 11 BY AMOUNT paid County Commissioner's as follows : C. Evans, <; 7 00 J. Beckley, 7S 60 Wm. Pearson 62 o' l J. Feightner, U3 6 ' 220 00 Bv amouni paid Commissioner a tor sale ot Fooi House property. O. E.Shannon 21 00 Joseph B. Noble 6 00 John Nycum 6 00 33 00 John Mower, Esq., salary a.s attor ney to Commissioners for '59 '6O 100 00 W erner Herkens making cushins for settees in jury box 3 n0 YVilliam S. Fluke, costs in Com monwealth case, and boarding prisoners 892 03 Reamer &. Way, stationary 4 02 J. Charles Dicken, Esq., borrowed money and interest 636 60 Interest on money borrowed of sun dry persons * 43S 00 Samuel Davis appropriation to Bed ford County Agricultural Soci ety, 100 00 For building and repairing bridges 320 7 F. C. Hotter, binding oldj Dockets for Prothonotary's office 42 25 \\ illiam S. Haven, new Dockets tor Prothonotary's office 27 40 8. H. Tate, Prothonotary's fees 183 71 State Treasurer on deficiency of as sessment Samuel Radebaugh. cos's 3 72 Moneys refunded to collectors 82 .>9 • (c Simpson 44 18 O. H. Gaither auditing Prothono tary's account 18 00 G. H. Spang, costs in Common wealth cases F2 00 J. Straver, costs in Commonwealth V 9 T'hos. O. Mock 4 31 75 Supporting prisoner in Western Penitentiary 06 22 H. Nicodemus, services as clerk to commissioners ISO 00 11. Nicodemus, costs in Common wealth cases 34- 22 B. F. Meyers, printing 273 50 David Over ' 232 25 Premiums on fox scalps 31 5 89 £ Petit jurors 30(5 23£ Grand 44 387 95 Constables attending juries 95 00 Levi Agnew, court crier 45 00 Exonerations and escapes 248 50 Incurrent money ot G. R. Holsiger 5 00 Treasurer's salaiy ISS 00 Levi Agnevv attending auditors 2 00 Miscellaneous 55 00 County auditors and clerk 70 00 Balance due county 101 78 9131 02 STATEMENT of moneys due to the County i ot Bedlord, on the 7th day of January, A. D., 1861. Abram Snowden,Cumb. Yal. 1854 $39 79 Jac. A. Nicodemus, M. Wood by " '8 23 John Dasher, Hopewell 1850 60 56 £ John A. Osborne, Broad Top 1>57 79 90 James Smith, St. (Jfair '* 548 04 Lemuel Evans Broadtop 1858 2-7 OS Jolin Morgret, Curnh. Valley " 109 24 Solomon Steel, H>o well " 225 2" Jared Hanks, Southampton 44 37 23 Jacob A. Nicodemus, Wcodb'v M " 122 I 1 Isaac Mangel, Bedlord Bor. ' 1859 91 83 Joseph Evans, Broadtop " 167 47 J. B. Anderson, Comb. \ alley " S3 01 David Miller, Harrison " 44 48 VVm. Young, Hopewell 44 90 00 John Gillespm, Juniata " 29 03 George Rhoails, Liberty " 115 44 L-vi Caipenter, Londonderry " 74 72 Pliilip SnuUr, Monroe " 157 4S Ab. Blackburn, Napier '' 15 75 David Fore, East Providenca 44 66 86 Jac Barndollar, W. Prov. 44 109 27 .1. W. Miller, Schellsburg bor 44 lti 15 John VV. Hoover, St. Clair 44 1 7 56 John Fickes, Union 4 163 35 J. & Brumbaugh, Wnod'by S. 14 157 61 A. J. San- on, Bedtord Bor. 1830 M. Hohlerbaum 4 - Tp. " 553 62 Samuel S. Fluke, Broad Pop 14 319 20 Simon Stnckev, Culerain 44 418 85 Samuel Boor Cumb. Valley 44 3iti 46 Hugh Wet lz Harrison 44 219 70 I' iiliatn Cypher Hopewell 44 272 48 Leonard Bittner Juniata ,4 331 28 Isaac Kensinger Liberty 44 91 28 John Wiihelm Londonderry 44 216 91 Philip Felton Monroe 44 318 4o Joseph Blackburn Napier 44 506 53 VV in. Lyjinger Providence E. 44 249 Go Daniel Ritciiey (ot I.) Providence VV. 169 55 John Otto Schellsburg Bor. 44 86 73 Jacob B"ikheimrr St. Clair 44 376 00 Joseph Disbrow Stake Springs 44 236 87 Philip Clingerman Southampton 44 324 16 Abram Croyle Union 44 319 12 Rudoiph Hoover Woodbury M. 731 57 Jacob S. Brumbaugh, Woodbury S. 555 19 1003k 34i Statement of money owed by the County ol Bedford. To John Sill, 2000.0 C 44 Elizabeth Rea, 50.0 C 44 John Brice, 5^00.00 $7050.00 BEDFORD COCMY SS. The undersigned All <_itor?, ot said county, do hereby certify, that in pur-tiance, of the Acts of Assembly, in suel. cases made, and prniii-led, they met at the Court House, in the Borough of Bedlord, and did audit, and adjust, the accounts between William Shater, Treasurer ol said county, for the ye.r IS'JO, s contain-d in the foregoing statem-ms, and that we have examined the foregoing account, of money due to 'and owed by said county, and that we have Sound the same, to b° correct, as witness our hand, and sea s, thi; the 7ih clay of January, 1861. JAMF.S C- nr.VORE. DAN IKL PL ETCH KB, GEORGE BALM H.MAN Auditors. A TTr c i : J. VV. Lisgrvfei TEB. REPORT of the Auditors of Bedford County, to the Auditor General, January 7th, IS6I. W iliiam Schater, Treasurer of Bedford Coun ty, in account with the Commonwealth ol Pennsylvania. Treasurer. DR. Tax o:i Real and Personal Estate : Aggregate amount of said tax out standing at last settlement $7662 59 Aggregate amount of said tax asses sed lor the year 1860 8127 5G Amount received on unseated lands 311< 7!! Amount due Treasurer ScLafer 13£ $16005 0!£ CONTRA. OR. By amount paid State Tteasurer as per receipt 5437 S J Collectors commissions (or 1860, and previous vears 310 95 Collector's exonerations as per cer tificate of commissioners 107 37 Paid B. F. Meyers publishing no-. ticeto retailers and dealers 3 00 B. F. Meyers, publishing list of re tailers 1•' 00 D. Over, publishing list of retailers 15 00 Levi Agtiew, mileage as mercan tile appraiser 12 00 Livi Agnew, services as meican tile appraiser 20 82J Trea urer's commission on 5977.78 59 77 Amount uncollected for the year 1860, and previous years 9993 5S 16005 01 £ RftnilerLicense. Aggregate amount of said licenses for 1860, as per list furnished bv mercantile appraiser 449 00 CR. Cash paid State Treasurer 210 00 Treasurer's commission 22 45 Cash paid Si ate Treasurer 216 55 Tavern License. Aggregate amount cd said License for the year 1860, as per return of Clerk ol Court olQuaitei Ses sions f>so CO CR. By rash paid State Treasurer as per receipts 550 00 Treasurer's commission 32 50 j Exonerations ot John A. Sniveiy's license 25 00 Cash paid State Treasurer as per receipt 42 50 Eating Houses. 650 00 I o ffifregate amount of said license 110 00 CR. By cash paid State Treasurer GO 00 Treasurer's commission •'> 50 Cash paid.Statu Treasurer as per receipt 4t 50 110 00 Distilleriis. i Aggregate amount ol said License lor 1860 50 00 :CR. Cash paid State Treasurer as per receipt 47 50 Treasurer's commission 2 50 ! 50 00 Venders of Spiritous Liquors. By the quart 75 00 CR. ,By cash paid Stale 7 reasurer r1 ~'o Treasurer's commission 3 75 75 00 Billtniu Ho uiSi To aggregate aint., of said License for the vear laGO. 17 00 CR. By cash paid State Trea-ury a' per receipt 10 1o Treasurers commission, 85 17 00 Ten Pin Jlilty.. ' To a l * l *reaa>i auit., of said license 38 00 CR. Ry cash paid State Treasury as per receipt. 36 '0 Treasurer's commission. 1 50 3S 00 Confcrtionrtrirs. Aeireirate amount of said lie rise 35 00 CR. By cash paid State Treasurer OS 75 Treasurer's commission I ~5 Exoneration on P. Devore :> 00 llnti\:ers ami Peddlers. To a Tim-gate amount of License 8 00 CR. Cv cash paid State Tieasurer 8 00 Banking Houses. Aggregate amount 10 00 CR. By cash paid State Treasurer 9 50 Treasurer's commission 50 10 00 BEDFORD COUXTY JSS The undersigned, Au ditors of said county, do hereby certify, that in pursuance of the Act of Assembly in such cases made arid provided, they met at the Court House, in the Borough of Bediord, and did audit, and adjus , the accounts between William Shat'er. Treasurer of said csuuty and the Commonwealth of Pennsylva ma. contained in the foregoing statements. Witness our hands and seals, this 7th day of Jan uary, 1801. J AM I S C. f>F.YORK. DANIEL FLETCHER, GEORGE BAUGH.VIAN, ATTES r, J. VV. LINr.FNFEI.TEE. Names <f Mem tiers of "The Bedford Tera pcrencc Organization." Ai a rrcenng of ••The Bedford Temperance Or ganiz .tion," on Mondad evening, January 21st, |s<ol,itwas Resolved, That a list of the nimes of all members of |l ne organization be published ir, the town paper.--" The following aie the names of all members now connected with th-' Organization : C, Loyer, Wrn. Ft. King, A'ouzo Bobbins, C. N. HickoF, D. Over, S. L. Rnssell, A.J. Sansom, 8. H. Taie, Eben Peniiel!, O. E. Shannon, Geo. Bly mite, Warner Herkens, A. Middlelon, Geo. ll<-i --mur.d, V\'m. Hartley, H. Nicodemus, S. Davis, J. C• Bowers, J. VV. Linderman, Samuel barnes, S. J. Wav, Samuel J. C. Tobias, Henry Mower, VVm. Ri ser, Levi Agnew, Robert Montgome ; y, 1). S. El-, P. H. Shires. Win, Line, Jerry brown, Ana nias T. Bennett, J. H. Fulford, VV. Logan Leniz, .lor n it. Jordan, David O. Kiser, J. Williams Mit toug, David Stivers, VVm. Adams. J. VV. Dicker son, Andrew J. Ree-ide, Benj. VV. Garret son, Jacob I. Stevens, VVm. Claar. Jno- Palmer. Esq., John Horn, Samuel Yinglmg, Geo. Murdoft, Aaron Smith, Daniel J. Shuck, Jacob Line; Jas. M. Leafy, Gordon Hammers, Wm. F. Welch, S. Jlackson McCauslin, Henry Word, Francis M. Slack, Hiram L. ntz, Jr. Adam Beltz, Alexander Robert Agnew, VVm. Bowman, Samuel B. Tate, Hays Irvine, O. H. Gaither, Simon Carney, Theophilus Gates, Geo. VV. Gates. J- C. Wright, C. Sigafoos, Samuel Sti ver, Annie, Perrin, Ettie A. Fishburn, Anna Over. Lavinia McKinley, Elizabeth Stilller, Mary M. Russell', Anna Shannon, John Herring, John Coffee, N.R.Gates, Matthew Spidel, Cha-. VV. Greene, A.S. Russell, B'ven Meloy. Jacob Walter. Daniel Griffith, E. B. '1 rout, John Miller, Albert Leonard J. William Gibson, James Carboy. Feb. 8, 1801. ftBEDFORD COUNTY SS: A & At an Orphans' Court held nt Bedford, in and for the county of Bedford, on the 19th day of November A. D., 18G0, before the Judges of the same court. On motion of John Mower, Esq., the Court grant a rule /ipan the heir's and legal representatives of Melchior Fisher, late of Harrison Township decea sed, to wit, Louis Fisher, Catherine, intermarried with Jackson Waggoner, and Margaret, intermar lied with William M. Hilt, to be and appear at an Orphans' Court, to be held at. Bedford, in and for said county, on the second .Monday, 11th day of February next, to accept or reluse totmre the real estate ol said Melchior Fisber, atthe valuation, which has been valued arid appraised in pursuance of an order of Partition or Valuation, issued out of i he Orphans' Court of Bedford count v. or show cause why the same should not be sold by order ol the said Court. In testimony whereof I have hereunto .set my hand and the seal of the said Court, at Bedford the 26th day ot November A. 1)., 1860- S. 11. TATE, Jan. Uth, tc. Clirk. A DMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE— dm- Letters of Administration on the estate of Aaron Good, late of Napier Township, dee'd., having been granted to the suuscrtber, no tice, is therefore, given to all persons indebted, to said estate, to mak payment to turn, at the resi : oeiice of the dee'd., in said Township, on the 17th of January, inst.,'and those having claims will pre sent them tor settlement, at the -arae time. If the subscriber is not called on at the time above speci fied, James Allison, Esq., residing in sant Town ship, is authorized to make settlement and receive money due the Estate. WM. ZIMMERMAN. Jan. 4tb, '6l. Administrator. jsSL: J Vlt St) .V' S Mountain Herb Pills. Auovf, w present \>a with a perfect like a v\ a chief of a tr'lb- f the *trunjr* Artec Nation, that once ruW You will flud a full arcoui.b "I him ami hi-* people in our i'nmphlels and Almauacr—to t.e h -'i strati*, from the Afrcut* fr theae Hill*. The iventer .ml Mnufuctarer of •• J UIMHUS Moun tain lh*rb I'illV h.v <pent the greater part of hia lif* i i trav*'Hijr. having vi*it?il nearly every country tn the worht. He "pent over MX year-, among the India..* the llocky Mountains and of Mexico, awl it wa* thu th * the 44 M 'VXTATN HERB I'fLL.N" W IT? discovered. A v-rv Interestin accou: t .f his ad rent ares there, yon will find iu our Almanac and l'aiuplh-t. It ie- an established fact, that all diseases arise froui LMPI'UE RhOOI) I The rl )od is the life! and when at.;- foreyjn or urhealthy matter gets rnivd with it. it is at once distributed very organ of tie fv-dy. liver; nerve f'eeh the poison, end all the vital *'en- quickly complain. The stomach will n* digc-T the perfectly. Vl.e liver ceases to Secret' a Mimcieucy of I/.!-*. The action of the heart is weakened, an iso the circaln'i nis feeble. The lun-n !ec<one clogged wltti the p*-:-;oiious matter; lienc.-. % cough—asd all from a slight impurity at the fountain head of lite—the Bleod ! As if you had thrown some earth, f< *, in a pure spring, from which ran \ tiny rivulet, in a few mirfutes the whole course of the stream b-eom*-? disturbed and discolored. As quickly does impure Mood fly to mcry part, and leave i*v sth.g behind. All the passages Income obstructed, and unless the obstruction is removed, the lamp of life soon die* out. These-pilifc not only purify the blocl, but regenerate all the Kecretio rs.of the body; they are, therefore, unrivalled ha a CURE FOR BIMOUS DISEASES, IJvrr f Vim plaint Sick Headache, kc. This Anti Bilious VciiM- iipDlifrom the blood the hidden mdiofdii* case and renders all the fluids and M-cretions fluent, clearing and resuscitating the \ital organs./ Pleasant indeed, is it to us, that ue are able \i. place within your reach a medicine like the -M STAA HKUH PJLI.V that will pass directly to the alhictea par's, through the DUHHI ami fluids of the body, and c&ue the sufferer to brighten with the flush of beauty and health. Jud son's Pills are the Best Remedy in exist ence for the following Complaints: Bmeet Complaints, IPfyHity. Imoartl Weakness, Coughs, Fever and Ague. Liter Complaints, Coi'ls, Frnvile Complaint*., Loumess of Spirits, Chest Diseases, Headaches, Piles. Vostivmess. Jruivjestum, Stone. arui Gravel, j, Jnflu&i-a, Seamtiary Syntp j jAarrhua, Inflammation, terns. Dropsy, GREAT FEMALE MEDICINE! females who value health, should never bo wi , hont these pills. They purify the blood, remove obstructions of all kinds, cleanse the skin of all pimples a: ' blotches, and bring the rich color of health to the pale v • The FV nta and of which these s are made, were discovered >u a wry surprising way among the Teiacans, a tribe of Aborigines in Mexico. fet the Almanac of our Agent, and you will read with delight, the very i ten- ting account it contains of the ,4 IsKikAT MKDICIVR" or the Aztecs. * Observe.— The Mountain Iferh Pills ar* put up in a Beautiful Wrapper Pack box contains 40 pills, arui lb tail at Vb em's per \t x. All genuine, hare the signature of H L JCDSOX it■ CO.. on each box. B. LL JUDSON & Co., HO IJK I' R O I'll I 1" T O RS, No. AO Leonard Street, NEW rOKK. t'a- FOR SALE BY Alt. MEDICINE DEALERS. To be had at H. C. REAMER'S Drug and JBiok Storp, BeH/ord, Pa. Jan. 11, 1860.-ly. g OOKING GLASSES, ENGRAVINGS. 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I nave aufferod 1 from it in various way* for years. ftunetlmes it bunt out in Ulcers on my hands and armn: sometimes it tnined inward and distressed me at the stomach. Two years ago it broke out on my he-.ui and covered my scalp and . aid with one sore, which wa> j aiuful and loaihsoum Ih yond description. I tried many medicines ami s-\eral ! hysicians. but without much relief from any thiny. lr* l u t,.tim di-order grew worse. At length I was ivj iced !to read in the iosj>el Messenger that you had prepared an alterative (SarsaparilJa), for 1 kne-v from your r.-putu- I tion that any thing you made must be god. I *i tto Cincinnati and got it, and Uv-ed it till it cored rne. 1 bx>k it, as you ;uivj>e, iu small d ses of a teaspoon)ul or * m •nib, and uaedalmostthroe belli N* • and eftbj skin soon began to form under the senb. which after a wi ile fell off. My skin is now clear, and 1 knew by my feelings that the disease bos gone from my syafem. * a can well believe that 1 ft* 1 what I am saying when I ti-'l you, that F hold you to be one of the ftp stle* of the age, and remain ever gratefully. Your:-. ALFRED B. TAX LEY. Bt. Anthony's F*lrc. T!okc or Eryalpclr.o, Tetter and Salt IDicuiu. Staid llcaii, Hingtvoiui, Sore l&yes, Oropay. ?<*pt., I>sSl, thai he has cured an inveter.ito caee of JJrop*y % which threatened io terminate fatally, by the j per* srlng u*e of our .iirsaparida, and alr a ons at: kof Afrlif/nunt En/sif#' by iarpj <lo*ei of tho same; sa_. he cures the common Eruptions by it con stantly. Brottchorele, noftre or Swelled \>rh. Zehulon Sloan of Prospect, T'*xam. writes : •• Tlir h l>r tlns of your SarFapiiriila cured to" from a (,'ni f rt —i >. !- tens swelling on the neck, which 1 had an j hvm %r two jvarV Leucorrlnra orWhltes.Ov l rfr. ,i Tr-nor, Uterine Ulceration, Frinale l>i'sease. J)r. .T. R. S. Phaoning, of Now York City, wrb, " T nivWit ch fully conmly with *he re;u" t 'yo r ,v-it in saving I b-ire found your a must *•*oJUorf alterative in tho numerous complaints for whirii w© • employ such a remedy, but especially iu Aviafe ]n?s*t*s ; if the Scrofulous din thesis. I have cured many fuvet*r- I ate rases of Leurorrhfea by it. and some where"the com plaint was caused by uUrrntit nof tho ut'rhs. Tb • n!vr. atinn itself wnssoftn cur d. Nothing within ray knowl edge equals it for these female derangements/' Edward ?. Marrow, of Newbury Ala., writes, ".A dan* pcroiw or trian tumor on one of the females in my family,' which had defied all the remedies we could employ, at length been completely cured by your Extract of saparilla. t)tu phvsi ian thought nothing but extirpa tion could afford n-lief, but bo advjr .-d the trial cf your Sai-saparilla a* th • last rs rt ben i cutting, aud it proved effectual. .After tukingyr ur ivioedy eight weelu no symptom of the disease rentsins." Syphilis and ?!frcu lnl D!cenß^. New Orlean . 2?th August, 1^59. Dr. J. C. A yep : sir, I cheerfully cou ply with tho re •qn?st of your a rent, and r tort to ni some of the eff** u 1 have p-alivd with your •Sar-afjurina. I have cured with it, in my practice, most of tho <v>m p? lints for which it i* recommended, a id bavo f,i.n I its etP-'-fci truly wonl-rful in the cure of \"mrr> nnl r • run"l />•>• tsr. <h;e <f my patients had ulcers j hi hfs throat, which were consuming palate and tho | t-p of 111* moutli. Your Far-wiparilla, st'eulilv taken, I cured Lira in live weeks. Another was attacked by *<-e --ondary symptoms in his nose, and the ulreiatu n ha-l j eaten away n '"unsitb ratle t irt cf jr. so that I )•••!. i> ti:9 * !inorh*r would sooii rea<-t! his brain end kill him. Rut it \i d !<-d to my adiniuUtration of your • the uiceis L* uled. and he ii. again, not of without j some disfiguration to his face. Aw in;io who ha i been 11lor tiio same diFonler l.v men *v ras suffer ing fnm this poison in her bones, i'hey ha IK- xune s > seu- * iitive to the w.-atbe : that on a damp day she suffert>d ex- j cruciaring pnia in her jciints an 1 bones, cbe, rro, avsji cmvd mir dy by y< ur > trftapn, ilia Iu .i few wm ka. I know from if* formula, which y nr agent gave me, thnt tliis 1. (arfiti n fr.m jour ULo;aloi; mu-t be & grM remedy; consequently, th. • ■ tiuiy i cuiar lun .o reeulL* with it have not surprised qic. i raternslly yours, G. V. LARTMEH, M. V Rlicnm&tiHm, Goat. Liver Complaint, j miepfvd \T-. Prefcton (.v., Ya.. fib July. Ibs. T'R. J. Cm Ayiji" 1 have I rn alllict.vl with a paiu fril chronic 1 for a long tiine.whi -b bullied ths skill of physician?, tud stti k to use in spite of all me re lr ?< mid hrvi, until I tried your Saruspariila. Owe hoi tie cured tuc i i two weeks, and reft, retl'my general he: 11 so much r ;t I an, fur better than h- 1 was attacked. 1 think it a wonderful uiedi. iae. J. FILE AM. Jcleu Y. Getrhcll. of i*t. Lr-uis, writes: u I have been | afflicted f,. years with .m u faction vf ifc. TA\*T, which t sip" 1 my health. I eve*y thing, ai. 1 every tllir.j* feiiei! to relieve i.-ie . and I have bt-eii a brokeiMlown n mi f r some years ir in uo other carte than dcrnnffentott < f tl.r I.tvfr. My beloved pnsTor. the Rev. Mr. tspv. ad\ise-i me to try your Sar-aparilia. b :uh- he said h>* knew jm:, and any thine y u :mule wr.s worth trying. Rv the blese jug of God u baa cipjpd in •. and has so pui ife d tny bl-i as to inak ♦jl h*'\v loan "t rne. 1 vnunc MgAic. Tiro bst that can U; said of;, .u is not half good enough.** fichlrrus,Cancer Trunom, F.?ilHrgrnient t Clcerntioii, Carle* and KifoßaMuu of the Roiuk. A great varn 'v cf hare been rrriwlefl to ns when cures i f tha formidable compUints have ic- uifed ff. Nt the uv of thia remedy, tut our hoiewill not admit them, h cf il .in may b< ff#uud :.n .w.r An.vr-ui Ahn.-nac. w liich :Ji? below uiujyd ara pleaaed to furnish gratis to all who call for them. Dvapnpatu, Heart Disease, I'Hr., Epllep ( i>, McUnclioly, .Ncm-Klgla Tbiny remarka ocurt s <f these tu u-s htn \k~ a r*nd-AI'V ii*'. Mtpmtr. • r*'*rT >*i t ui. ::i*- Li u-'- th. vjf: . fu; cti< is b *• rig. r '.".h •, a- tl U# OTerrcuiea vhi-li would be vupp b ;. tu r. ; . !y 1 is c--<i -I of tb •I'V i ]o. f. -re ll vhal this wiil do i>r them all ini-iiciut can do. " Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, von tin: iulitd ct*kh or ( Colds, Inhuemt). Hear enmi, crouj), liro:ichlt!.:. In< ipl >ii fen *gt mptiou, and for tru lie lief of ( <' in :>ti f FaticnU f;i ori Hue *1 Stages of the Disetfe Tl.h !s i rsmr-Jy a-; i. • iiy k , wn t.i -r*-prK unr other f-r th civ cf *br r.t - r.d * >-g • mj •• :. s. ilsat it Isn.-fe3sb :e t publish ike . vbi.: •. f i v.i >.**. lis unrivulled ••i-.cvLo):•.? :ra n. is e.i A co K. 1 i;-, truly 'voiidcjf'.l cuius of pnlm-mrY di - are. lav - mx . it V -\ ! *: n." hunt th" c.vilised ratifsis of the € nth •■'van the roufmnnltirs, - earn fun h: • nc *i ::i who h. •'* r>t wm | ;-• -.-xl xper . nee of it..V,t' a* ic living trophy *n tb, i: t , its \ictt K m ! a..:!<• r.rnl .!. • . j, s ♦.: i .]*• - of tho thro, t am! /.:• 11 k: w the circa ifi ! ' uilitv cf ?! . disorders, m Mth ku w, i f ctf of i his i medy, wu tn ed not do more that) :o;s m • flxm ''nit b s . w , '• t! .• rir ti- t* ;t il did h..v ' jrlmn ms'- iug the r?r ~5 w!.:. hr.vo won s > strongly up*:: the t . ! ii ico cf mankind. i Prepared by Dr. J. G. /IVTR CO., B. F. Harry, Bedlord ; Harndollar & Son, Bloody Run : (i. B. Amick, St. Clairsville ; J. Breneman, \Voodbprry ; (*eo. Gardi!!, West End ; J. E. Colvin, Oct. 12, 1860. \ LLECIHE.\Y MALE AXP FEMALE SEMINARY', R M YSISI R, ItctDocd Co. Fa. REV. W. "vV. BRIM, A. M., Priucipal, Miss A. L. BRIM. Preceptress, Miss S. J. BRIM, Teacher on Piano Forte. This institution, under the supervision of the at hove named persons, :-s<isted by other competer;- Teacbers, affords a full course in Mathematics, Natural sob rices. Languages, and *' dies Lettre< in music, Painting, tcc., it gives extended instruc-' tion. The next session will commence on Jan. 2-, 1361. Students admitted at any tune. Habits of health, system, and piomptness , views, moral, so cial, and domestic, are here made prominent ob jects ot education. That the physical powers, as wellasthe mental, may be cultivate.!—Calistben ic exercises are necessary—here the Students meet each day for systematic physical exercise. £.)) oA P a f "" or k° ar ''' incl.iilinaVfn*- iJ*i£/Cm m J ' ' nished room.-, room rent, fuel and tuition in common English, p"r term of eleven weeks. Extras, .t modera'e charges, even less than or rhun the circular calls for. Students prepared for the highest ci.iss in coi ! lege. l'"or Circulars, or particulars, address W, W. BRIM. Dec. 21, 1360. Rainsburg, Bedford Co.. Pa- MARTHA T. MARTIX, C. K. HAMRICK, J. A. 1,, MQRRSI. GEO. R. PEDDLE, S. R. MARTIN. A. B A KE R , fe- • • tV IT H MARTINS, PEDDLE, HAMRICK CO. IMPORTERS OP HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS. [ -Yo. 39, .Vortk Fourth St., Phil . May 13.'G0.-1 yr. T7l XECUTOR , S"NOTT(E. ! Letters testamenarv t having been granted tothe subscriber, 'ivihg 111 Mid idle Middle VVoodberry township, on the Estate of i Joseph Keagy, late of said township, dee'd., all persons indebted to said estaie ere notified to make payment immediately, and those having claims a- I g.iinst the same will present them properly aa- I thenticated for settlement. I D. S. LONGEXECKF.R, Jan. llfc IS6I. Executor *>*}■■ ■ 4 3® ,gf. :,r;-A V<\~-? r ' : .^; \ AFKKII.M-AM) stomachic prf.par -1 'ton Oi IRON purified oi Oxygen and Carbon by romb -rum if Hydrogen. Sanctioned by tbe highest m. in. a.;. .:wrttiw, br'h in Eurm* and II. Lnited State ", ; ■ pi .-scribed in ? ; *j r pruc'iee. ihe experien ~i thousands daily pr >ves the' n* prepare. ion ol iiori can t e compared wire r. fmpu rifies ol the blood, d~pi ;. or Jvan '; t and o'herwise sickly complexiohs iridic.!° it, • cessity in aimost every conceivable can". Im, - rous in ail maladies in which it be< be°n Tri *d, * i a, proved absolutely curative in each oi' the : owing complaints, viz : "* In. Debility, I\rrvoi" Aff. etions, Emanation, Du%- "Constipation, Di'inhiea. Dysentery, Incipient Consumption, Scrofn/one Tnberruiosis, Salt H/ Mrsnitt,utrhation, WkiU*. Chlorosis, Laver Cmp/am't ( <-r„,ur 111 wiarhrs, Rheumatism, Intermittent Fevt* Pimpler on the Fare, In cases oi General Dvlihtv, whether the result r.' acute diseasecr of the continued diminution of net vous and muscular energy from chronic com plaints, one trial of this rMtortfirthas proved ue i "ss.ri, r o an extent which no description nor writ ten attestation vtouid render credihie'. Invalids so long bed-ridden as to have become forgotten in their own neighborbt*xi, have suddenly re-appeared in it e husy world as if jll- t returned from protrac ted travel in e. distant land. Some very/sig nal in-tances of this hind are attested of remain sufferers, emaciated victims of apparent marasmus, exhaustion, critical changes, and that complication ol nervous and dy-peptic aversion to air and exercise for which the physician has no name. in iServon* Affection* oi a!! kinds, and for reason familiar to trien. the operation cfthisprep-i idticn ol lion rnu-t neces-arily be salutary, for, un like the old oxides, it i- vigorously tonic, withou being exciting and over-heating ; and gently regut larly aperieni, even in the most obs'ir.ate cases of ro-tiveness, without ever being a gastric purgative, or inflicting a disagreeable sensation. Ft is this latter property, among others, which makes it so remarkably elfpctual and permanent rf remedy for 7V upon which it also appears to ex ert a distinct and specific action, by dispelling the local tendency which forms them. ° in Dyspepsia, innumerable as are its causes, a single box of these Chalybeate Pilla has often suffi ced lor the most habitual cases. I'i unchecked Diarrheal, even when advanced to Dvstentery, confirmed, emaciating and appaiently malignant, the effects have been equall decisive and astonishing. In the iocal pains, loss of flesh and strength, de. bili.afir.g cougii.arl remittent hectic, which gene ra !y indicate Incipient Consumption, this remedy has aliayed the alarm of friend- and physicians, Ln several very gratifying and interesting instances. in Srraf u/o.i.* Tuberculosis, this medicated iron has had tar more the good effect 0 f the most cau tiously balanced preparations of iodine, without any oi their well-known liabilities. i h" attention of females cannot be too confident ly invited to this re medy and restorative, in the ca ses peculiarly affecting them. In Rheumatism, both chronic and i n flora mat ory, in the latter, however, more decidedly, it bas been invariably well repotted, both as alleviating pain and reducing the swellings and stiffness of the joint* and muscles. In Intermittent Fevers it must necessarily be a great remedy and energetic restorative,(and its pro gress in the new settlements of the West, will pro bably be one of high renown and usefulness. No remedy has ever been discovered, in the whole history of medicine, which exerts such prompt hap py and fully restorative eflerts. Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength, with an unusual disposition for active and cheerful exercise, immediately follow its use. Put up in n"at flat metal boxes containing 50 pills price 50 cent# per box ; for sale by druggists and dealers. Will be sent free do any address, on re ceipt of the price. All letters, orders, etc., should be addressed to R. B Locke & fo„ Genera! Agents 20 CEDAR STREET, N. Y. July 20th, '6O. PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS. W H. G O U L D, -Vo. t>32 Che.of nut St., cor. of Seventh, PHILADELPHIA. PIANOS AND MELODEOXS. F.AVPV. !UCO\ Si co's., TTALLCT, DAVIS & Co'.^ su.vx's ,V clark's, and a. h. galk St co'JF * AiASCN ft HAMLIN'S, AND PRINCE A CO'S. MELODEON'S & HAL MONIUAIS. Tiaros and Melodeons to Rent. Second-hanii Plan-c. May 15,'60.-1 yr. -g- r. HUBER7 (SUCCESSOR TO J. SORVER,) —WHOLESALE DEALER IN— TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, -Vo S.\ orih Fifth St., above Market, Phi Pa.' Also. Manufacturer and Importer of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SEGARS. May IS, 1560.-1 yr. WILLIAM RAIGUEI., JAMES M. WHITBY, SAMUEL MOOEE, EDWARII A ADAMS, WILLIAM . SKILLMAtf, TIF.VRY P. ATKINSOX. RAIGUEL, MOORE & CO., LATE. RAtGt EL AND CO., IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN D R Y GOOD S, .V os. 220 N. 222 .Ynrf/i Third St., above Race,' IVest side, PHILADELPHIA. May 15,'60.-l yr. r3lHE WORLD'S GREAT EXH[BITION PRIZE MEDAL, awarded tuC. MEYER for his two PIANOS, London, October 15, 1851. fffff ■ 3Bgr C. MEYER respectfully informs his friends aad the public generally, that he has constantly on hand PIANOS, equal to those tor which he received the Prize Medal in London, in 1851. All order* promptly attended to, fand great care tuken in the selection and packing the same. He has received, during ttie last filteen vears, more Afedals than any other maker, from the Frank lin Institute—also, First Premiums in Boston, New York and Baltimore. r WpTOom. No. 772 ARCH S'reet, below Eighth, South side, PHILADELPHIA May IS, IfCU. lyr. JOIIS O MMIS, IS AC, . . KTERLIKO WM. C. KKNT, a. A. svtru, 11. . WKIJIH, C UARI. S r . (NTEK, SAVCL'KL WHITE, J. TOMLTHSOX. ■|AMi;S, KENT. V\NTP.F. 4. CO., ® lMri r.TLirs am> jorkkrs or DRV G O (H)S. •2.83 & 211 NORTH TH.RP STREET. ABOVE RACE, PHILADfI.FH Ms" IS '63 -I vr.

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