Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, February 15, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated February 15, 1861 Page 3
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"*V-" i* W OUBLtC JL? . I J[ V .*&> By'+irt'ie. x #sn order j n f me Orphans' C\ArNji, the un-. will foTSfcljßt Public Vendue, on ! 1 he premises,on--'*>■ - ! FKIOAY,'TSG£Ii DAY OF MARCH ■ .ji, next the follovijl^^escribeil.Valuable R<jl Rs-j tte!situate'if£ft>nroe Township, | adjoining land of.RejnanCClajtatjfc'b Cor nell, -Tqhft*F I etcher and tLequarfl Nycum, €ON TAINIIH* 254 ahaut 6 acres pfcwWich are good meadow, balance in state-oUcidtivation. The improvements area ; two storV Plank House, a double Log Bam, Wagon atrfd. and other out-buildings. The purchaser can 'have possession on the Ist ol April, 1801. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock ol said day, when the terms will be made known by JOHN NYC(JM, Adai'r. ofWm. Nycum, dec'd. Feb.lsth, '6l. STATEMENT OE THE RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES o the Bedlord and Stoystown Turnpike Road Company, lor the * car ending 2d January, 1861. 'fo Balance at Settlement 2d Jan.'6o. $97.20 ,i am't., ol'to'ls colieftted uurii.g the year, 1573.16 $1,670.36 £y am't. ol Expenses during the year, $1,622.39 Balance in the 'Treasury, 47.97 s u. I $1,670.36 No dividend made. FETFR 9CHF.I.L, Feb. 15th, 61. Treas'r. VOTICE. ~ All persons f • hereby notified, tot to interfere with, molest, i -turb, remove. Or takeaway one grey mare, harness, and wngtw* bagatelle table, and apparatus for ma nufactbtlfig Mineral water, the bottles, boxes, barrels, ma chinery, ttwils ahd instruments, and every thing thereto belonging, now in the posses-ion of-Jolm N. Munshower, in the Borough of Bedford. The above property belongs to me, and remains in tiiS ftosftes aion, by my consent and permission. ' N. A. ELDER. ■Atifflintown, Pa., Feb. Bth, '6l. 4 DMINIbI RATUR S <'-* Letters of Administration upon the Estate of F-ancis Aic'Jirr, ia'e o£ Juniata Totffc-bip, Bedford county, decease.!, having been granted to the subscribe; by the Register of Bed ford County, til persons having claims against snd eitate, ra- hereby notified to present the same properly albtheri'icated for settlement, and ali per sons indebted are requested to make immediate payment. OWEN McGIKR, Administrator. j Feb. 15th, '6l. Bedtord Township, i I • The Stockholders ol the Bed- ! ford and Stovst own Turnpike Road Com pin y are! hereby notified, that the annual E'ection of the Cool- : pny to elect Managers to conduct the affairs of the company, will be he 1 I at the house if James Pra ber, in Scbellsburg, on the first Monday of March next, between the hours of one and three o'clock, P. M. PETER SCHELL, Scbellsburg, Feb., 15th, '6l. Secretary. I ¥^LETION.— „ An Election for five Mana gers of the Chaoi rstiurg and Bedford Turnpike road Company, will be held t the Public House offJ. McDonald, in McCnnnel'sbtirg, ou Monday the •4th day of March next, at 1 o'clock P. M. T. B. KENNEDY, Chambertburg, Feb. 15th, '6l. Pres't. j r/j so .v' $ Mountain Herb Pills. AlKtvr, ITR YOII with % PERFECT lik*ncW A\ A chi*'f r.f k tribt* of th" TTRUNSP* Artec Vat • *. that OT)F+ RULE.] Von will fin-L a full account F HLNI FTIIU LILA PEOPLE in our Pamphlet A at I ALNIAU.SV — T.* BE HAD gratia, from THE Agent* fr these Pill* The Inventor and Manufacturer of ••JuUe-OU's Moun tain LLrb PilU." HAS apent the part of his liie IN travel NJR. HAVING tiailed NEARLY every Conniry in tlai vrorld. IF* "pent over IX Y-.'IRS BOIOD; ti** luriinn* of THE lloekjr Mountain.* and of Mexico, and it W;l* thus that LIRE ** MOUNTAIN HKKII I'ILLH' WRE DISCOVERED A very inirrestm account OF Ll* adventtire> THERE, 3011 will fin ! in our A! in ana 9 ,nd Pamphlet. It IS an •staMUliM fact, that all arise from IXPMCB JIL.OOD J The fIT>R*D i the life] AND win any FOREIGN or nnhe*LßT marter JROT* with it, /I I* at once distrihuted TO every < r;ran of THE Erorv nerve feels the POISON, AR. I RI! the vital NAN- qntrkly complain. The STOMACH W, I ANT DIRECT the fond fierfertly. L"he liver CE;SES to **eor*'te A sufficiency of bile. THE ACTION f the HEART I* •-AKER.WT. and SO th.'* CIRCULATION is H*EHLE. The lung* S /**cor ne with tin* matter ; HENCE A ' ■ —AND all from A alight impurity at THE fountain HR.I OF life — the LL'D ! A* if you had thrown V , •arth. for INSTANCE, in a pure spring. fr<m whicii ran A Ury rivulet, in a FEW minute* the whole COURSE < f the j BEEXNEA disturbed and diroolnrf"!. AH quitklv | FMPHRE FTY to rrery part, an I LEIR*T IT* % ?>EL IID Ali TLIO PNN?ES BECOME OH#t rncted, MI l IMK-SS T I .E OTXSTRWTNUI IK REMOVED, the lamp of life RNHIU di** 4>T. •HEO IRT only purify the hiool. HUT REYENRR VTE all AER.RETIUUSOF the B'nly; THEY are. thoref re uurivulied COTIB FOR 111 I,IOL S DISK ASKS. Liver OM* aiet. Sick Headache. H I* AnCi- fiili -us MA-LFCINE cxpelafrom the blood the hidden SEED* -f - IS * R . RENDER* ali the fluid* AND secretions pure ar. I 11'ent, cVearinjr and RUHCITATINIR the vital orjran*. RI-A*ant if.-'.eed, \% it t- u*. that we arc ABLE to PLACE within your reach medicine like the • , M<cv?AlS HKKK that will POSI directly to the afllicted parte, I.TROUCH THE HLFXI MID fluid* of the body, and cau-E TH* ■nflerer to BRIGHTER*, with the flush of beauty AJID health. Judtnns Tills are the Best Remedy in exist ence far the following Complaints: By* Complaints, DJrtity, Jnunrd Weakness, fyu*ikt y Fnrr and Apt'. Liter Cnmp)ainir, < ids, 5% /'*vuu* Complaint T, Iwnnt SpirUt, * hat Thtua 0 Tile*. Cotiicene.xt. Jnrivjatwn, Stone and Gravel, J"7TT*u, Jryffurma. Secsrrulary S>p*f> J*%arrh<xn," Injiamvuiium, U/nu. Irrtpsg, • * • m E • GREAT FEMALE MEDICINE! lemales WHO value health, should never be without TSEM Pill*. They purify THE Mood, remove obstruction* • F all kind*, CFEAUNE the skin of all pimples and blotches, •ND bring the rich color of health to the pale cheek. FTLF The Plants and Herbs of which these Pili* are tnade WERE discovere<L in A very SURPRISING way among \I CZUCATTR ' * °' ABORIPUES IN Mexico. (JET the Almanac of our Agent, and you will read with delight, the very interesting account it eontoina of the GREAT ■EDNXK" of tbe Aztecs. Obwrre. — The Mcnmtoin Ilfrb Pillx arr put up in a Wrapper. Ecu K U/x r.mtains 40 pill • and lirtail i 2S rant* per Ut. AU genuine, have o*c tvjnaiuve cf F. JCD SOX <5- CO , on each box. B 18. JUBSON 8c CO., SOLE PROPRIETORS, j j No. SO Leonard Street, IfBW TOKK. • *e TOR RALt nT AU. lIETICINF DEAtJSS. } To be had at H. C. REAMER'S Drug j *nd Book Store, Bedford, Pa. ■hn. 11, 1860.-1 V. . 1 A TTENTION ! BLACK PLUMED IRI MJ I\_ VT.EMEN. —You are hereby ordered to meet at the School Houve, in Scbellsburg, 011 Friday the 22d of February, 1861, at bjgdfl 10 o'clock, A. .M., in Winter Uniform, f|i (with plume,) and ten rounds of ble.nk II I rartridge. A full turn out is requested, ylj By orjer of the Captain, If W .M.J.SMITH, O. S. *<!, 8, 1 S3l. KECEIPT3 AND EXPENDITURES— Of Bedford County for 186b. WILUAM SHAVER, ESQ., Treasurer of Bedford i Countysjn account with raid CountVj from the j ind day ot January, 1860, to the 7th day ol ■ January, 1861. TREASURER. DR. ' To cash received of collectors ; John B. Zook, Liberty 1857 sl4 11 Solomon Steel, Hopewell 1858 10 00 ! John Morgoef, Cumb. Valley, " 40 00 George F. Steel, Liberty " 1 32 Michapl Bone, Londonderry " 34 87 YVm. Carnelf, Monroe " 81 11 Anthony Smith, Napier " 20 00 Wiiliam Kirk, St. Clair, " 78 92 Jareii Hanks, Southampton " 31 00 John B. Fluke, S. Woodberrv " 4 95 Isaac Mengel, Bedford Bor. 1859 250 00 Michael Tetter " Tp. 662 67 Joseph Evans, Broad Top " 140 00 Micbael Diehl, Colerain " 204 73 Jacob B. Anderson, Cumb. Y r al " ,1.98 57 David Miller, Harrison " 158 12 William Young, Hopewell 133 031 John Gillespie, Juniata " 149 00 George Rhoads, Liberty " 40 00) j Levi Carpenter, Londonderry " 181 25' Philip.Snyder, Monre " 107 761 ■Ybram Blackburn, Napier " 427 25 I Davtfl Fore, Providence E. " 117 00 i Jacob Barndollar, Prov. W. " 125 00 ! Jacob W. Mi'ler, Schellsb'g bor " 58 52 John VV. Hoover, St. Clair '• 424 00 i Adam Shaler, Snake Spring il 93 6D John Bennett, Southampton 1 §59 245 6+ John Fickes, Union u 153 72 Geo. B. Holsinger, Woodb'y M. " 556 79 Jacob S. Brumbaugh " S. " 562 00 A. Bedford Bor. IS6O 282 02 Al. H ilderbaum '• Tp " 367 00-, Samue! S. Fluke, Broad Top u 72 85 Siinoq Stukey, Colerain " 125 00 I Samuel Boor, Cumb. Valley " 236 00 Hugh Wert2, Harrison " 80 00 Wjr.. Cypner, Hopewell " 60 00 Leonard Bitnvr, Juniata " 65 00 Isaac Keniinger, Liberty " 90 00 W'ilheltn, L'irsdonaerry " 140 00 Ptulip i'elten. Monroe •' 162 00 Joseph Blark, Napier " 81 00 Win, Lvsing. r, Prov. IL " 75 00 Danipl Kitchey " W. " 165 00 : John Uflo, Schellsburg " 20 00 Jacob Herkheimer, St. Clair '• 280 00 ' Joseph Disbrow, Snake Spring J" 128 00 I Puilip KJin ; "rman, South'ton " 135 00 | Abram Croy'e, Union " 71 05 Rudolph Hoover, Woodbury M. " > 261 00 Jacob S. Brumbaugh " S. ♦' 120 00 Amount received ol Samuel Davis $33 71 Win S. Fluk*-, juty lunds 140 02 D. Shuck 1 40 ! M. M. Peebles, o.a estrays 3 93 i Att'v. Mower c n judgment against Fred Stdiler. 212 40 Amount on unseated lands 353 21 $9131 62£ CR. William Schaler, Tr°asurer of Bedford Coun ; ty, Cr. by amount of moneys paid to sundry persons ou Urafts draw n by Commissioners as j follows : Bv amounts paid for re- bur., $263 28 ; Election board and return judges 78.9 00 Road and bridge viewers 262 20 ' Assessments on insurance ol county | buildings 50 70 " 4t Darnages on " " J " OOK I A mnnnf frutJ GSaronOi o *ZD IV | A.J. Baylor, late court crier 26 50 t Levi Agnew, cleaning and atlt n ding Court House 25 70 Charles Merwine, for putting iti cellar and chopping wood. 65 00 Joshua Mower repairs to Court" House 4 25 Marj' Morris, scrubbing commis sioner's office, ike. 15 00 t John Lesig lor spout stones 7 11 Henry Sellers, white washing Court room, ike. 1 v 00 A. B. Cramer, bill lumber lor re pairs to Court House 10 10 B. F. Harry, stationary 8 2C John Border, hobbles lor prisoners 6 00 H. C. Reamer, oil and paints 9 28 1 For repairs to public buildings 18 77 D. B. Troutman holding inquest on dead body of man unknown II 97 ' M. M Peebles, holding inquert on body found dead 3 71 ■ BY AMOUNT paid County Commissioner's as follows : 1 C. Evans, 65 00 j J. Beckiey, 78 00 ; VV in. Pearson 62 00 J. Feightnrr, 13 00 220 00 * By amount paid Commissioner's for sale ol Pool House property. O E.Shannon 21 00 Joseph B. Noble 6 00 John Nycum 6 00 33 00 John Mower, Esq , salary as attor ney to fornmiss oners for '59 '6O 100 00 Werner Herkens making cushms for injury bo* • 3 50 William S. Fluke, costs in Com monwealth case, and boarding prisoners 892 03 Reamer ik Way, stationary 4 02 J. Charles Dickrii, Esq., borrowed money and interest 636 60 Interest on money borrowed ol sun dry persons 438 00 Samuel Davis appropriation to Bed ford County Agricultural Soci ety, 100 00 For building and repairing bridges 320 lb F. C. Hotter, binding Ducket* for Prothonotary's office 42 25 I William S. Haven, new Dockets lor Prothonotary's office 27 40 i 8. H. Tate, Prothonotary's fees 183 71 i State Treasurer on deficiency ol as 9essment 752 37 j Samuel Radebaneh. costs 3 72 1 Moneys refunded to collectors 82 39 *' " Simpson 44 18 O. H. Gaither auditing Prothono tary's account 18 00 G. H. Spang, costs in Common wealth cases 42 00 J. Strayer, costs in Commonwealth v Thos. O. Mock 31 75 Supporting prisonei in Western Penitentiary 96 22 H. Nicodemus, services as clerk to commissioners 180 00 H. Nicodemus, costs in Common wealth cases 34 22 B. F. Meyers, printing 273 50 David Over 4< 232 25 Premiums on fojc scalps 315 89 £ Petit jurors 906 23£ Grand 387 95 Constables attending juries 95 00 Levi Agnew, court crier 45 00 Exonerations and escapes 248 50 Incurrent money ol G. R. Holsiger 5 00 Treasurer's salaiy 185 00 Levi Agnew attending auditors 2 00 Miscellaneous 55 00 County auditors and clerk 70 00 Balance due county 161 78 9131 62 STATEMENT of moneys due to the County of Bedford, on the 7th day of January, A. D., 1861. Abram Snowden, Cumb. Val. 1854 $39 79 Jac. A. Nicodemus, M. VVood'bv " 78 23 John Dasher, Hopewell 1850 60 56£ ; John A. Osborne, Broad Top ISS? 79 90 James Smith, St. Clair < 548 04 • Lemuel E'ans Broadtop 1858 227 OS John Morgret, Cumb. Valley 109 24 | Solomon Steel, Hop-well 225 20 Jared Hanks, Southampton 37 23 Jacob A. Nicodemus Woodb'v M " <22 11 Isaac Mengel, BHford Bor. 1859 91 83 Josepn Evans, Broadtop ! ]67 47 J. B. Anderson, Cumb. Valley " 83 01 David Miller, Harrison ' 44 48 VVm. Young, Hopewell < 90 00 John Gillespie, Juniata " 29 03 George Rhoads, Lib-rty 115 44 Levi Carpenter, Londonderry i( 74 72 Philip Snyder, Monroe " 157 48 Ab. Blackburn, Napier ' 15 75 David Fore, East Providenca ' 66 86 Jac Barndollar, VV. Prov. " 109 27 J. W. Miller, Schellsburg bor " 16 15 John W. St. Clair 17 56 John Fickes, Union < 163 35 J. S. Brumbaush, VVood'byS. 157 61 A. J. Sanson), Bedford Bor. 1860 462 40 M. Holderbaum " Tp. 553 62 Samuel S. Fluke, Broad Top " 319 20 Simon Stuckev, Colerain 418 85 Samuel Boor Cumb. Valley *• 316 46 Hugh Wertz Harrison i 219 70 William Cypher Hopewell 272 48 Leonard Bitlner Juniata " 331 28 Isaac Kensinger Libert" " 91 28 John VVilhelm Londonderry 216 91 Philip Feiton Monroe " f 3iß 45 Joseph Blackburn Napier • * 506 53 VVm. Lysinger Providence E. " 249 6n Daniel Ritciiey (ol J.) Providence VV. 169 55 John Otto Schellsburg Bor. ' 86 73 Jacr' 3-ikheimer St. Clair > 376 00 Jose; j Disbrow Snake Springs ' 236 87 Philip Clingerman Southampton " 324 '6 Abram Croyle Union • 349 12 Rudolph Hoover Woodbury M. 731 57 JacobS. Brumbaugh, Woodbury S. 555 19 10034 34£ S(atemnt of money owed by ihe County ol Bedford. To John Sill, 2000.00 " Elizabeth Rea, 50.00 " John Brice, 5100.00 $7050.00 BED t'o* o LOlw-i-v ** , Ihe undersigned AlJ citors, ot sai.i county, do hereby certify, that in pursuance, of the Acts of Assemble, in siict. cases made, and prouided, they met at the Court Hou-e. in the Borough of Bedford, and did audit, and adjust, the accounts between William Shafer, Treasurer ol said county, lor the year '.SCO, as contained in the loregoing statements, and that we have examined the toiegomg account, of money due to and owed by said county, an<j that we have found Cue satnc, to be correct, as witness our hand, and seais, this the 7th day of January, 1861. JAMF.SC. DF.VORF., DANIEL FLETCHER, GEORGE FAUGH MAN, Auditors. ' ATTEST : % J. VV. LISGENFEUTER. R EPORT of the Auditors ol Bedford County, do the Auditor General, January 7th, 1861. \ V illiam Schaler, Treasuivr of Bedford Coun ty, in account with the Commonwealth of | Pennsylvania. Treasurer. DR. Tax on Real and Peisonai Eitate : Aggress! - amount of said tax out stana inff at last settlement $7662 59 Agorega tea mount of said tax asses sed for th.? year IS6O 8127 50 Amount r-ct '>' ed on unseated lands 314 79 Amount di'e Treasurer Schater 13£ SICOOS 01 £ CONTRA. CR. By amount paid S'a.'e J reasurer as per receipt 543/ 80 Collectors commissi on? lor iB6O, and previous year 340 95 Collector's exonerctic ns as per cer tificate of commissicne rs 107 37 Pi, id B. F. Meyers puh/ish ing no tice to retailers and di alfors 3 00 B. F. Meyers, publishing list of re tailers 1-5 00 D. Over, publishing list of 1 eta iters 15 00 Levi Agnew, mileage as tile appraiser 12 00 Lfevi Agnew, services as mercan tile appraiser 20 62£ Trea.-urer's commission on 5977.78 59 77 Amount uncollected for tbe yeai 1860, ar.d previous years 9993 58 16005 014 Retailer's License. Aggregate amount of said licenses for 1860, as per list furnished bv mercantile appraiser 449 00 CR. Cash paid State Treasurer 210 00 Treasurer's commission 22 45 Cash paid Stite Treasurer 216 55 Tavern License. Aggregate amount of said Licens for the year iB6O, as per return of Clerk ol Court oi Quarter Ses- r sioas 650 00 i CR. By cash paid State Treasurer as pe receipts 550 00 ■ Treasurer's commission 32 50! Exonerations of John A . Snively's license ' 25 00 ! Cash paid State Treasurer as per receipt 4.0 50 | Eating Houses. 650 00 To aggregate amount of said license 110 00 CR. By cash paid Stale Treasurer 60 00 Treasurer's commission 5 50 Cash paid State Treasurer as per receipt 4.4 50 110 00 Distilleries. Aggregate amount of said License for 1860 50 00 CR. I Cash paid State Treasurer as per receipt 47 50 Treasurer's commission 2 50 50 00 Venders of Spiritous Liquors. By the quart 75 QO CR, By cash piidState Treasurer 7! 25 Treasurer'* commission 3 75 S 73 00 B'llinrd Rooms, To aggregate amt., of sard License for the year 1860. 17 00 | CR. By cash paid State Trea-ury as per receipt jg 45 Treasurer's commission, y5 17 00 Ten Tin Alley.. To aggregate amt., of said license 38 00 I CR. By cash paid State Treasur}' as per receipt. 3P JO j Treasurer's commission. 1 90 j 88 00 | Conftctionorirs. Aggregate amount of said license 35 00 I CR. By cash paid State Treasurer 28 75 Treasurer's commission 1 25 Exoneration on P. Devore 5 00 Hawkers rind Peddlers. To aggregate amount of License 8 00 CR. By cash paid State Treasurer 8 00 Banking Houses. a Aggregate amount 10 00 CR. By cash paid State Treasurer 9 50 Treasurer's commission 50 10 00 BEDFORD COUNTY JSS The undersigned, Au ditors ol said County, do hereby certify, that in pursuance of the Act of Assembly in such cases made and provided, they met at the Court House, in the Borough of Bediord, end did audit, arid adjus , the accounts between William Shnfer. Treasurer of saul csunty and yh* Commonwealth Pe-.nsy |r d . " ia - Vfttiito ArtfeaTs: t&TJ Vtb day of Jan uary, IS6I. JAMES C. DEVORE, DANIEL FLETCHER, GEORGE BAOGH.MAN. 1 ATTKST, 1 J. W . LISCiENFKUTEi:. SALE— I'he subscriber offers at Private j Sale, all the following described valuable Real Es tate. situate n Bedloid Township, Bediord County adjoining laid o George Reighard's hei-s ai.rf George BiddK containing 215 acres of good lime stone land, 1.5 acres cleared and under fence and in high siateof cultivation, the balance hemg'val liable limber-25 acres good meadow The bin I dings are a gwd LOG DW ELLING HOUSE good bank Barn, siring house, and other out buddings also, a good s„w mill, and apple orchard of 20(1 trees, 150 of /hick are of the best grafted fruit and a never filing spring of goo d water,'n-ar he door. Also, nother tiact of 15S acres of timber Land, adjoini g the above. Also, a tract of Moon ta.nlrnd, retaining 273 acres, lying convenient to said larm. mae to suit purchasers, and one Thou sand d 011.,. o the Ist payment can remain in the property it neaed by the purchaser. Pos essionsvll be given on the Ist day of April next, ,j sold enre the 10th fay of March nex* Persons desir.g ro purchase a valuable .'arm at a great bargain,will do well to call upon the unde-- j signed residinjin the property. ' . , 0 . , JACOB BiDDLE. I beb y. Bth, IITOTICE.—j jrtic- is hereby given that I have purchased (Fjy. Jth, 1861.) the lollowiugurop-. erty, at Sheriff! bale, to : One Hack ' one Gray Horse ( b4t.) °„e other Gray Horse, one K'dng Sudle,ae Bridle, one Two Horse Bled One set Don bis brnessone Sleigh, fifteen tons of I laster at Poo" huse Mill, and Ten tons of Plaster at Hopewell, altl which said property 1 elect to leave with Joln'eison, during my pleasure and hereby caution II persons against interfering witn the same. 6 _ WM. s. FLUKE Feb. Sth, ISCI jVOTICE OP\CORPORATIO\.^- .. ' . , All persons interested are hery notified that at the present wm'he of t , he , Le,ature <" Pn'a. an applet ion will be made for 1 passage of an act to be enti tled "An act to orporate the Glamorgan Iron Company, givinmch company the privdege of holding lands in htingdm and Bedford connties and of carrying oihe business of manufaciurn.' iron therem, in wh bill the undersigned will'be the corporators nad. S HAR w!i S SAM EE 'SETT. it. B. WIG ION VVM P rißßicrAr JOHN FULTOH L. T. WATTSON irporators. Feb. 8, 1861. 1" OOKING C.IiSES, ftRAVINGS. 'ICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, The most extensiand elegant assortment at the very lowest ratos.-xsses in store of every de scription. AFAHOGALRAMED Glasses, for country sales. Print and Po LT frames, Window Cornices Gilt Mouldings, et Estimates for furnishing Glasses to fill every BY MNIL ON APPLICATION B Engravings for Orec and Antique Painting,.- ' Catalogues gratis. S. E \RLE fc SON", 816 Chestnut St., Phit'a M*y 18, '60.-1 j I AYER'S FT RSIJ CATHARTIC fee I J ILLS. *"** ' '* * (/ Are you ou* .!' /*Sy}{ order, with yonr y*t*ai J. £ ' sij couiiortbief Thwe yrii|>- ! • toiuK are often the prelude t Cs/j> '' w * rir>llß Hl'w. Borne tit of £ • B * c k ,M ' u| creeping upon you, I a,lc * *houM by n V iß&y * timely uw of the right rem fyj, ! f | Take Ayer'i I'iJK an ! i >< t.'**'£-** cleanse out the <litor>!re<l liu ! more—purify the blood, nod ■ ~ 7d_,• SVAJ;■ o? let the Auide move on unob jti jJ| itrueted In h*alth again. . They <tlUfa late the function* Tfifa* body into vigorv. uh ae *YT?r tivity, purify the Rytitew from >> JIW I *■ the ob structions which make dterab. A colt? eettlee somewhere in the body, and ob struct* It* natural functions. These. f not relieved, react upon themselves and the BU/TOUmiing orrn*. pro ducing ge- rat .ftzravalion, fluttering, ami disease. Uuilrintlji oudi< u. oppressed by tho derangement*, take Ayer's ...aii see bov directly they restore the natural'octiu of tin- svst DI. and with it the tfioyant f-—ling of hea k Uu. What is true and so apparent in ,xii< trivial vn. 1 mun complaint. i* also true in uuury of the deep-* it "i •■ ul dangeioue dwuhtpera. The sauo Turgative eftecC ex'* In them. Caused by tdmibar oust rue inns tuid derangement 5 of the natural functions of the lv, tbey are rabidly, and many of them surely, cured j 'be name mns. None who know the virtues of the** 1. . \riil neglect t*r employ them when suffering from th- ;-orders rh-y cure. * omenta from h-ifdinr phyricfens In soma of the priucqjiJ cities, wad fruu other well kaowu public per sons. /dram a .trvxirdiiiff Merchant < f S?. Lotcit, Fb. 4, 1556. Da. Aim: Your Pills are the parage* of all that H gi it ir medk i jo. Tbey have cured my little diictgiifcer ot ulcer .'s 80i es upon h-r h.mds ;in<l feet tiiat ha 1 provt-J iucurab. for yeatw. Her mother lias been long griev oualy aft ol with Notches .iti-! pimpieson her akin and In lir-r liar.. After our cbiid v.ts c red, be als> tri.d your Pilln, , 1 thev have cur,i her. A; A MORGRir S. A a Family Physic. Pram Dr. A. IT. CjrUvright, New (Jtitan*. Your Pill;? are prin a of purges. Their excellent qualities sui as any cathartic we possess. They are mild, but very certain and effectual in their action on the bowels, Wtilch makes them in\aluable to us in the daily treatment of th>a- e. llcadaclie,Sicl llendnchc,Foul Stomach. from. Dr. Ddwjrd lis yd, Baltimor''. Pinr. Ruff. A VRE: I cannot answer vou what complaints I have oottf with yra:r Pills l>fter tiian to nay all that tve 4xxr <1 >t with qpurgatifx mt/hcine. I pLace great do pen deuce OL an effectual cath irtic in my daily contest with disease, and believing as 1 do that yonr Pills afford us the beat we have, I of course value them highly. PiTrgBCRG, Pa., May 1,1355. DR. J C. ATKR. Sir: I hav been repeatedly cured of the wont headache any body can have by a doec or two cf your Pills. It secma to a ise from a ioul stomach, which the? Cleanse at once. Yours with great respect, ED. W. PREDLE, fieri of SUamer Clarion. Bilious Disorders Liver Complaints* From Dr. Thtodnrt lid?, of \> w York City. Not only are your F'lis admi 'ably aJapt4-d to their p*r- ax an aperient, bi.' I find their beneficial effects u\ *i til© Live." very mark* 1 indeed. They hav in my pr. tlce proved more effectual for tho euro o. hdvms com plaviU thau any one remedy 1 can mention. I sine, ely rejoice that w have at ienzrh a purgative which i wor thy the coufitience of the profession and the people. DEPARTJCEXT OP Trip INTERIOR, > D. C., 7th Feb., lboti. ] SIR: I hav used your Pills in my general and hospital practice ever since you made them, and ;uuot hesitate to Ba.v they are the best cathartic we Their regu lating action on tb liver is quick and'decided, conse quently tbey are an aimira6le remedy for deraugeineuie of that organ. Indeed, I have found a ca*e c>f bilious titrate so obsduate that it did not reaiily yiel i to them. lihternally yours, ALu.NZO BALL, M. D., Fhysidan oj the Marine Hospital. Dyifutery, Diarrhora, Relax, Worms* Fiiwi Dr. J. G. Green, of Chicago. Your Pills have had a long trial in my practice, and I L Id them in esteem as one uf the Imst aperients I have •evt found. Their alterative effect upon the liver makes tbem au excellent remedy, when given in small doses for bilious dyseuU j and diarrhtsa. Their sugar-coating makes them v ry acceptable and fu. the UAO of women snn children. Dyspepsia, Imparity of the Blood. From Dev. J. V. Himes, l'astor of Advent Church, Boston; 1)R. ATER : I have used your Pills with extraordinary fiuccesa in my family and among those 1 am c died to visit In distress. To regulate th organs of digestion and purify the blood, they are th" Very best remedy I havo | eve known, and I can confi recommend them to my friends. Yours, J. V. HLML^. WARSAW, Wyoming Co., S. Y., Oct. 24, 1855. DEAR STR: I sv. - using your Cathartic Pills in my prac tice, uid find tbem an excellent purgative t cleanse tho system and pur\jj the fountains of th* blood. JOHN G. MEACHAM, M. D. Constlpation, Costlrcness. Suppression, Rheumatism, ii out, Ncuralgiu, Drou • y* rsfalyih, Fits, etc. From Dr. J. 1\ Vaughn, Montreal. Car ado- If Others of ur fraternity have as efficacious ' I have, they should join me in proclaim ing t tor .he benefit of the multitudes who suffer from that com plaint, which, although bad -nou S h iu itself is th" progenitor of others that nn v>rse. I believe cis fi'-rrtrzs to originnte iu tho liver, but rills affect tha!t organ and cure the disease. Frt.m Mrs. E. Suart, Physician end Midvrifi. Tbshm. I in. or two lnr-o <Ki> of Tour PJKs. taken .it th. proper true, are excellent promotive* o<" the noturo.' seen (•on Won wh lly or partially ao.i al™ verv ehecfn,l to ci'a;isr. the stomach ami rrp.l tro, ins. Thev are ao mm tithe physi; * have tLat I reuouituemi IJU other to my patieute. Prctn the Rev. Dr. ilawkes, of the il-thnaist Epis. Church. PIXASKT flocsE. .Savannah. On.. Jan. 6. lx.sf. irnvoßEp S,r.; I ahoolU he ungrateful for the relief your fk'H has broneht me if 1 di.l not report mv case to von. , cold settled in mv limhsun.l bronght on exent ciatiDjr neuralmr jsuna, which ended in chronic rh'unia turn. .Votwiths'andins I had the best of physician* the disease s rew worse and worse, until bv the advice of your exultant spent in Rdtimore. r. Mackenzie, 1 tried "vour I ills. 1 heir effects were slow, hut sure. By perseve'rinc iu tlie use of them, 1 am now entirely well. SKXATT CnAMDfjt. Baton Ronee, La., 5 Dec. 1855. DR. ATKR : T have laxm entirely cured, by vonr Pills, of Rheum*,tic C,W a (.ainful disease that had nfflicfod ma tor years; VINCENT ShIDELL. "*' r ' ll" 1 PIHs in market contain sTercnrv, which, although a valuable reine<ly in skilful hands, ia canßerotis m a public pill, from tho dreadful conse i|nen.'S that frequently follow its incautious use. Thasa co-vta.n no mercury or mineral substance whatever. -'rice, 25 cents per Box, or 5 Boxes for sl. f. * ared by Br. J. C. AYEB &. CO., Lowell, Mess. R. F. Hairy, P.eilford ; Barndollar it Son, Bloody Rdn;G. B. St. Clairsville ; J. Brenetnan, Uoodh-rry } Geo. Gar.lill, West Knd ; J. Il.Colvin, Oct. 12, 1860. A LLFGHE NYV? \ LF. A\ D FEMALE SEMINARY, HAIIYSBSIRii, BScdford Co., Pa. REV. .W . BRIM, A. M., Principal, _*li?s A. L. BRIM, I', Miss S. J. BRfM, Teacher on Piano Fort. Ihi institution, under thp supervision of the at hove named persons, assisted by other rompeten 1 eachers, affords a full course in Mith matics' Natural sciences, Languaees, and Belles Lettrex" in music, I ainting, &c.,ir gives extended instruc-' tion. he next session will commence on Jan. 22 JS6I.. admitted at anytime. Habits of health, system, and piomptness , views, moral, so cial, and domestic, are here made prominent ob jects ot education. That the physical powers, as well as the mental, may be cultivated—Calisthen- IC exer 'ses are necessary—here the Stui r.ts meet each day for systematic physical exercise. <§oo "Xl I Will pay for board, including} fn-- j r nished rooms, room rent, fuel a, i tuition in common Fnglish, per term of eleven weeks. Kxtras, ,t modera'e charges, even less I than heretofore, or than the circular calls tor Students prepared for the highest class in col lege. For Circulars, or particulars, address rx „ w . BRIM. Dec. Rainsburg, Bedford Co., Pa ifASTHAT. STARTI.V, C. H. IfAMRtCX, J. A. 1.. MORP.SI, (StO. R. PECDLK, S. R. MARTIN. P A. BAKER, * WITH MARTINS, PEDDLE, hAMRICK CO. , —IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY,GLOVES AND NOTIONS, xr ~ V "°" 30 A'orth. Fourth St., Phil . May 18.'60.-1 y r . ' Jj] XECUTOR'S~NOTICE. u % I Lellprs tfstarnenlarv J" P, TE N WSB D TOF , HE SULSR " B -' Md -11-;• .-2 sr •>", —•'RV: thenticaied tor settlement. Jan. 11, gl6l. D - 8 ■ "WGESIiCKER. ■ ' 1 ™ m * ! 1 8' \•' ' r stom \ch At.on of IRON , rifled of oxy " a Hr!' a by combustion in Hydrogen sLiL„ i a 2* highest medical e .oritiVa both w I V , lhe VnUe* Stales, ana < he experience c honsjtios daily proves that nn ss&ss itrrdr IL R and otherwise sickly '. ' a <= -lexion: indicate Its ne-* cessity hi almost every c ieiv i,i- \ j l ' l Dr * x ' lt y> N,.t„cu,AlJ,' 'om, Evidci nor D vt . | pepsta, Constipation, T)iarrhau, L>y,r,u<- , Ucivient i Srrofulou. T^,rJ, osit ,?:.R£Z j rnaUern., IVAifaa. Chlorosis, JJ, - , GW.e WWaeW, Rheumatism, Inter ! Pimples on the Fare, tyr. | In eases of Genera/ DvSi/ity; whether the result of acute disease or of the continued dim i nervous and musclar e„er 2V ffoitf Xo "c com S^r: of^ r r i ' #1 ' pto'veri suc o an i xtent which no tfescriistion nor writ a' f ta,lon w °ubl render credible Invalids i b svS ; hav " Si,dden 'y re-appeared in eil traveT ' a '" 4t ' et!,r " e '' from pintrae ! travel a distant land. Some'' nal instances of this „indare attested oMemafe sutf-rers, emaciated victims of apparent marasmus sanguineous exhaustion, cnticaf changes, and thai a- iTe °' r rVo 'V S and dyw f' e P tlc •version to a for which the physician has no faunharTT" A /"! io " S ° f kinds ' an,t foT rea,on £ "/,! medlCttl n,en ' the "Ration oflh.sprepa V/ r m ' ,?t " eCPS<ariiy b " Sd l J ' ar y, for, u„- l ie the old oxides, It is tome, withou -• .n, exciting and over-heating : and gently regut cosV,r" en, ' r n ' n " le mosC obst 'riate cases ol or inflict r"' W 'i ' PVer b " lng 11 P astnc purgative, or inflicting a disagreeable sensation. make* it' property, among others, whie* rernedV for !7 arKab,y efieclua < "J permanent a remedy for Piles, „po n wb)ch jf afsQ , ppeirg t0 ex . local . \ nct and .'l*" 6o action, by dispersing the local tendency which forms them. • ini i pep \ ta ' ■"numerable as are its causes, a single box of these Chalybeate Pills has often suffi ced for the most habitual cases. In unchecked lharrktra, even wher. advanced to Dvstentery confirmed, emaciating and apparently malignant, the effects have been equal! dec'hsive and astonishing. In the local pains, loss of flesh and strength de bilitating cough, and remittent hectic, which gene- Ira .} in mcate Incipient Consumption , this remedy al ;ayed the alarm of friends and physicians, in j very gratifying and interesting instances. I v Tuberculosis, this medicated iron j has had far more the good effect of the most cau tiousiy balanced preparations of iodine, without any ol their well-know liabilities. I he attention of lemales cannot be too confident ly invited to this remedy and restorative, in the ca ses peculiarly affecting them. • 'in both chronic and inflammatory, in the latter, however, more decidedly, it has been invariably well repoited, both as a.leviating pain and reducing the sweilrngs and stiffness of the joint? and muscles. in Intermittent Fevers it must necessarily be a great remedy and energetic restorative,[and its pro gress in the new settlements of the West, will pro vr one b 'Sb renown and usefulness. No remedy has ever been discovered, in the whole history ol medicine, which exerts such prompt hap py ana fully restorative effects. Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength, with an unusual disposition lor active and cheerful exercise, immediately follow its use. 1 ut up in neat flat metal boxes containing 50 pills price 50 cent? per box ; for sale by druggists and dealers. Will be sent free to any address, on re- A*p p. lCe. to AH ietter *. orders, etc., should be addresse B. B Locke & fn„ General Agents. July 20th, '6O. 20 CEDAR STREET, N. Y. PHI LA. ADVERTISEMENTS. I E. G O 0 L D, ~ -A'o. 03-d Chestnut St., cor. of Seventh, PHILADELPHIA PIANOS ANDMELODEOXS. B * CON & C .°' S - • BALLET,DAVIS & co'g., 3 OLAEK S, AND A. IE. 6A*I K & CO's. MASON & li AMLIN'S, AND PRINCE & CO'S. MELOLEONS N. HARMONIUMS. Pianos and Melc to Rent. Second-hand Pianos.- May 18,'60.- yr. fl'. H C B E R, ~ ;- i TO 2. SOfIVRR*,) —WHOLESALE DEALER I\_ TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, . j S *\orth Fifth, St., above Mnrkt, PhiVa. A,sol"i\fanofartnrer and Imp ter of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SUGARS. May 18, 18G0.-1 y r . WILLIAM RAI6CCL, JAMCS 31. WHtTB*. M*KL MOORK, tDWARDA ADAMS, fUi 1 -';!'"• sa ' lirsav r. atkissojt. MOORE & CO., LATE, raigcel AND CO.. IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, Mos. 220 & 222 Xorth Third St., above Race,. West sic/f t PHILADELPHIA. May IS,'CO.-1 yr. WORLD'S GREAT EXHIBITIO.Y • PRIZE MEDAL, awarded toC. MEYER' lOa nil tvto PIANOS, London, October 15, JB5l. UR respectfully iriforms his friends and' the pubhc generally, that he has constantly on ham* PI ANOS, equal to those for which he received the I nze .Medal in London, in 1851. All orders promptly attended to, Jaad E re#t care taken in the selection and packing the srme. He has received, durins the last tilteen vears moro .Medals than any other maker, from the Kr.nfc lin Institute—aßo, First Premiums in BosUou New \ ork and Raltimcie. Warerooms. No. 772 AllCHS';tt, M„hfh South side, PHILADELPHIA -Bath. May 18, !86.-lvr. ?XIST RA TOR'S NOTICE— . Letters of administration on the estate 0 f Mrs. Rebecca Shi >ner, I,te of L.non township, dec'J , hav.nv beer. fhTn'n r to ' P?Ul 7 rihl ' r - r,,?id,n Z " said" tow n f hip. notice i hereby e .ven to all persons md-bted eStrtt V° ,n " k " immediate payment, c <> tnose having claims w.!! pr e Sent , hetf) du , auth ticated for settlement. p . o lu ., JOSEPH IMLER, reb, S, 18(il, at Adnimistratcr

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