Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 15, 1836, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 15, 1836 Page 2
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FMDA.Y MORNING JAN. 15. IMPORTANT FROM FRANCE. Frem tiro New Yoik Courier. Tlio packet ship Albany. Captiin John on, arrived last night. She sailed on the 9J ullimu. Mr. Carton our lato Charge i' Affairs in Paris ha returned in her. The character or the ncwa so far as it relates to French affair, will wo think, be contidercd conclusive as regards the pay. ment of the stipulated indemnity. All question as to the intention of France on that subject, must now be remove J; and the most sceptical can no longer doubt, that he has determined not to do us justice without a degrading apology from our Ex cutive. It only rem nun Tor us therefore, to resort to e non-inltrcourie ; and if for to doing, Fra.nct should venture upon a dec Uralion of war, wo must abide the conse quences'. We deprecate as sincerely, as any one possibly can, a war with Franco ; but if she will not comply with her solemn treaty stipulations, we are prepared to urge upon our Representatives in Congress the prompt declaration of ninintercourte This much is due to ourselves, to our na tional honor, and to the necessity which ex ists far tvery nation to cause itself to he respected sbroad. The consequences what smr they may he, we ahould be prepared to meet with unanimity; and under a full aonviction that however indiscreet were the recommendations of our Executive in ht Message of 1 334, thcr exists no just auic for the contumely and insult which France has endeavored to heap upon us, Frtn tht Journal of Havre of 2d Dtetmber, Vice Admiral Mackau has recently bean appoint ed lolhe command of our Weil-Indian station, and the Government of Martinique. This is nn np poinnnent ef which we liattin to express our ap probation, and which, in our opinion, indicates, mora than all that has hecn said heretofore, I lie Lite uml unfortunate niiriindcistnnding which tin arisen between France and the United Suites. No one if ware of the maritime importance, our little sugar islands of Martinique and Gaudaloupe noulj ac quire in cute of u war with North America, sis roada for the anchorage of prize, and as places for the victualing anJ refilling of our cruisers. There two colonies together with the little Archipelago alts Sante$ will possess a degree of utility lnch the Chamber of Deputies alone of nil the people of France, appears not eren to have understood. Ths admirable roadstead, and fine national bar ker, of Fort Royal, may be compared in a mara lime point of view, with the most perfect ports in Europe ; and situated as it is, al tiro entrance or the Caribbean sea, is perhaps one of those of which all Europe en ties our possession. The remilatinn tilitnh lit lr-. .t..:..l It ...I..... Jiss lately acquired in the West Indies, during Iris ' , fipg miuence ns commander ol our Station in thsie latitudes, will contribute, we hope, not a little to render easy to him the new service to which he Jus been appointed, through the confidence repos d in him by the Minister of the Marine; who is ell aware how greatly a service such as this, will require lite efforts and good will of the inhabitants af ftlll' Colilniea. Mihiimi 1 Mn.-l.-iu, ynnng a. lis is for the eteynted station which Ire holds in our marine, will be fully equal, we have no doubt, 10 II ihs exigencies of the active duty he has just la ktn upon himself. To bring into play the resources arbieh our two West India colonies are able lo af. ford lo us in time ef war, n leader must be popu Jar, vigilant, and experienced; and in these ihiee points of iew .Monsieur do itackau is the best person Government could hac selected under cir einnstnnees, by which our windwnid islands may be required lo protect once more lire seas (hat surround them, from those formidable privateers, which dur ing the lute war, rendered the resistance of our two enterprising colonies so happily conspicuous. The Ecleireur of Toulon of Nov. 25th contains the following article). Ifwenre well informed, a telegraphic express baa brought orders lo lire maraiiine piefect to ram plfls immediately a war establishment, tho ships f the line Algesiras 84 tuns, ami Scipion 82, & Ihe fiigale Artemiae of 52. The exnress tarttier Hies thai these ships are destined to make part of no .iju.uiuii.oi uuscriaiiou. Accoruing to all ap pearances, thl s squadion is to rendezvous on the Ocean, and lo bold itself ready to act against the Americans, We approve uiih nil our hearts lliis measure, lo vshicli our wishes hate long poinied, anil which we Late recommended hi least eight monihs ago. It ill arouse all our maratime population, and give them lo undeisinnd thai, from this day furlh, etery man must hold himself niennfrd for war. I.n mil Franca regie- the money which this wnr will cost err Oor claims to rediess me ns clear ns dav ear demands aie prifectly just and reasonable; and if the war be conducted with all tha vimir may be expected fioin such n leader ns Admiral Duperre. success it reriain. A I allevenis. we can not prepare oursehes loo serinuslv. or loo soon. Il is on Ibis' artount thai we npproie the measure which has jusl liecn determined on, nnd thai we nope to see u extended to the whole fleet. From Ihe Havre Journal of December I. The .Ministry is desirous of appearing, before the Chamliers, readv to face nil the consequences () ihe Amendment of Value, on the American ques tion. The papers of Ihe diderent provinces ami ounce, lhal preparations fur defence are going on in our sea-ports. Armaments aie in visoious pro gress of equipment ai Brest rind Toulon ; levies of itorb mn in tnc course of organization, on hII Hie roasts of France, Besides the fleet placed under ihe command of Admiral itfat katt, fifteen ships of he line, as many Itigates, and n large number of miner vesfcit, will oe eo imposed ns to ue reauy rot sea at the (hottest nonce. , 'rem the Galagaui of Dec, 2. " The Constitution):) tetnaiks that . as fur the A. "me. it-an diffeienres. it is "llie dtpaituie of the Admiral de Mackau with lm "posing Torres is rather a uarranlee of peace lhan "nf war. In presence of the French squadron "Genera! Jaekson mint come to a decision; Amer "ir.i would not hate au equal foice to oppose "France, and peace timal pievail the more easily- "train the cirruinstaucrs that the explanations de. "taanded reunite oothinj huroiliatinz on the part of "lb United Slates." It would appear that Ihe foregoing gas conading paragraph, is in fact the result of . setllod contempt on the part of the Tientili Ministry and nation, for the people nd institutions of the United States. If oihinjr but the idle hoistings and gasco tding for which the French Press is pro verbis), could have induced the publication af such ridiculous nonsense, as to suppose thai ''iri lb pretence of Ihe French Squad ren. Genernl Jackson must come to a de elsioTi" . itv favor of miking i,h apology which in its abtence ha hue firmly arid jiwt Jy withheld. And this language of men ace and of folly, wo have reason to believe finds favor with the Government and Peo- pie of Franco! How little do they know us, and how cheaply do they estimate our Patriotism, when they imagine that this people can ever form mere parly consider ations, bo induced to forget what is due to their national honor and to the character of our country abroad. Wo have no doubt that if war should ensue, the people will hold General Jackson to a strict responsi bility for having committed an error in his Message of 1834, but while they do so they will not prove recreant in their duty to themselves, and ono and all will unite heart and hand, in severely punishing the folly, ignorance, and deliberate injustice of France. But one solitary Journal of Franco has ventured to hold different laiguage; and that; the Memorial de Uordtaux, is abused without meastiro by alt its contemporaries The Courrier Francois says, "tho French "ships are fully equal to the American in "construction and equipment ; there is per 'haps au inferiority in the composition "of their crews, but that Ihe officers have "more theoretical science than those of Ihe 'United States, and that their experience "is at least equal. The American) know ' this, and the rupture between the two pow "en set probably be prevented by thii from "terminating in hostilities." We have no room to continue our re marks to-day, and must conclude by calling attention to the letter copied from the col umns of the London Morning Chronicle, the English Ministerial paper, of the 5th December, wherein il is expressly charged that the French Ministry themselves arc in favor of a war with this country. We al so notice in the American of last evening, an article from the Journal du Debate, wherein tho tailing of Admiral Mackau's fleet is referred to as a fact which had been previously announced in that semi-official press. It will he perceived that that very article which the American terms pacific, expressly declares, that "the King' Gov ernmenf strong in its rights by the excellent "position in which the vole of Ihe Chamber! 'has placed il, in preparing lo sustain with "energy the honor of France." "The force employed" it says, alluding to tho fifteen sail of the line and a proportional number of Frigates intended for the Fleet of obser vation "is not too large, for vittory must not for any length of time be doubtful ''and in putting our navy upon a respects 'ble footing, if there bo war, it will be "short!'' The American too, published a letter agreeing with all other accounts in roltUkm to tho reply of tho Due de Droglle to Mr. Barton, and asserting as a fact well established and admitted, that in refusing to pay the indemnity he accompanied the refusal with a threat, that if tho United States declared a non-intercourse, France would consider it sufficient cause for tear and has so instructed Admiral Mackau. the United States and Russia, and its con I frontiers with the Seminole Indians. The INTERESTING FROM PARIS. The following letter of a verv recent date from our correspondent will be read with great interest. lie is at present in Paris, and will keep us advised of the move ments and (peculations there with refer ence to our present relatons. Implicit confidence may be placed in the state ments of this gentleman, and his opinions and speculations are those of a judicious and reflecting man. Boston Alias. Paris, Dec. 1, 1035. When this letter reaches you, you will be as anxious In learn tho impression tho President s communication to Lotigros hits made here, ns wc art; now to n-ceruin its tone and recommendations. No one anti cipates tnal the President will offer any di rect apology to the French Government. No American wishes it. But should he with his message lay before Congress tho closing letter of Mr. Livingston, with Ins approbation of its positions, it is thought here that ll win tie no ungraualion lo tue country and all that the t rench govern. mem can reaeonauiy require, it winter lainly he satisfied with nothing less. In stead of this, and from some dark nnd not very discreet remarks which our Charge is reputed to have made, wc arc led to anttct pate it, should the President indulge in his former indiscreet and insulting tune, Ihe door of reconciliation is closed, and n most ridiculous and dUa'-troiischnpter will be ad ded to our own and French diplomacy, The spectacle will be exhibited to the worltl ot two great nations, once allies and now professing a mutual respect for each other, engaging in a war which mu.-t prove du a6trous to the commerce or bulli, and in vnlve the destruction of thousand') of lives and millions of property on a mere point of etiquette. It is a pity that old Tallev rand cant extricate the French cabinet from the snarl they have got into or the olain common sensu of another Franklin break through the court forms in which our re sequences, have been seriously discuod hero lor the past week. 1 no prospect, ot such an alliance has given the war question a more serious aspect and a much more favorable one for the United States. But no one who understands the long settled policy of our government not toform any entangling connections with foreign pow ers, can give the least credit to what is said. At thu same time I knew the fact that the Emperor Nicholas has expressed himself in tho most friendly language to wards the United Stales to such Americans as have been presented to him, and that during his late visit to Germany he openly declared to an American hi intention to place uttr commerce on moro favorable footing than that of any European nation, lie hat been loner anticipating a war with England or France and 1 havo no doubt one object of his late visit to Austria and Prussia, was to secure tho countenance or entire neutrality of those governments. His connection with the house of Brandburgh by marriage, renders him almost suro of Prussia, and his unstinted distribution of Russian orders and badges, and, what is moro effectual, of Russian gold, among Austrian officers and regiments, has, to my knowledge, left a most favorable im pression behind him in the right quallei. His feelings too have been deeply exal peiated by tho insulting and galling tone ot the bnglisii and trench papers. All this renders it hiihlv probable that should we be actually involved in a war with France, which looks likely to bo of long continuance, Russia would make a diversion in our favor. That is the opinion here and if we are once at war, on s point of etiquette, it will prove n long one. unless the people, whose lives and property are thu made the snort of ru'ers, decide nt hcrwise. And it is to be feared that their pride would voon gel involved, and then peace can only come from the intervention of some neutral power, for Ihe point of et iquette will grow moro formidable after a few soro defeats on either side. And whv can't the difficulty be adjusted now by the same means which must finally bo cnectu al ? Let us hone thai it mav be. If war docs come, it rrtU9t in its early stage, be moro disastrous to our com1 merce and our navy, lhan to the French The experience of the English will instruct Louis Philip, one of the most prudent mon archs in Europe, of the absurdity of enga ging our ships single handed The auperi cr build of our ships the gallantry of our officers (every one of whom fee!s that the honor ol the navy is on his shoulders) and the courage and experience of American seamen. Whose home is on ihe mountain wave. render us almost sure of victory on equal terms, or even when tho odds are not (ear ful against us. But it should not be for gotten, that the only advantage of a mon archy is the promptness and enrgy with winch its executive can act and the mo ment war is declared, (and the Duke de Broglie has announced that the French government will record an act of non-in tercniirsc as tantamount lo a declaration of war, while Congress is discussing the propriety of an appropriation to man our fortifications and increase our navy, a fleet of a dozen battle ships, will prowl along our seaboard and pounce upon uur mer chantmen with all their rich cargoes. This III I .1 l ' . I- . . win oniy oe uie msiorv oi me nrsi bix months: for who can doubt that the same gallant navy, which, under Hull and Deca tur, and the other captains of the last war won for itself so brilianl a reputation, will carry the American flair more triumnitatit. ly against a lees powurltil antagonist. Hut Ictus hope Ihe occasion is fur off when it will be called upon to gather fresh trophies publican President has entrenched himself. As the matter stands now, the European press pronouncca the position in which the bad management ot oom government nas nlac.-ri thn two countries, most supreme ly ridiculous, and if a war grows out of. anrli n mil l cause, most WlCkCll. It was thought-hero very strange lhal our govern mcnt should be willing lo peril 6 many millions ofpropcrty, for spoliations commit tnd on our coriiuicr CO subsequent to 1 tJOO while we reftibe to discharge the obligation we contracted with the French government to indemnity our own citizens for epolia- tirins nrinr In 11)00. Voti will see by the Pari journals, that the probability of a treaty offensive and de fcnrive, hiving hern concluded between Washington, Jan. 3 Tomorrow the session commences all that has been dune already is orgnnizttion and preparation shaking hands, becoming acquainted with each other, ascertaining how each man is to be labelled, hearing prayers, paying visits, and preparing to do as wo are bid by our rulers, which I take it will give us tho enviable title at tho close of the session of " our good Commons, favorite phrase of old George the Third rite fact is, we know nothing, can know nol hing there is as much mvstcrv. 6ccrccv and diplomacy, in and about the white house, as you will find at Berlin or St. Petcrsburgh. The government of the peo- pie as it is called, is merely a government of rulers, or rather leaders, and we are thankful if Polk, Canibreling, Beardsley or Vandcrpool, should, in conversation, drop a word or two, bv which we may clean what is to happen. Jan 4. Congress to'day has been supplicated by the abolitionists af Mass. through Mr. Adam their organ, to abolish the slave l rude in the District of Columbia. Mr. Adams moved that the House receive the memorial, and gave notice that, in ca?c his motion was accecded to, he would then move that il be laid upon the table. This was as much as the south could at this mo ment expect, and next to a vote expressing the inexpediency of legislating upon the subject, would, 1 think, tend to soothe ex. c'ncil feelings in all quarter. However. Mr Glascnck.of Ga. opposed warmly thn in troduction of ihe memorial into the House. Upon this a motion of order arose, on postponing tho debate upon the motion of Mr. Adams until tomorrow. Tho di-cus-sinn upon the puint of order continued until a lato hour in the day. when the House adjourned without coming to any final vote upon the subject. I have just heard aa coming from the hcid of ono of the most important commit tees of the House, that Mexico has closed her ports against vessels of the U. States Here is ono war on hand, and to-day the bocrcturyor the War Department asked Congress for eighty or a hundred thousand dollars to prosecute the skirmishes on our French affairs aro looking rather squally. Wo are expecting a epecial message from the President every day. THE CONVENTION. Tho Convention of delegates to act up on the amendments of the Constitution, proposed by the Council of Censors, met at Montpelier on the Gth instant, Hon. Ltman Fitch, the delegate from Thetford, was elected President on the third ballot, by the following vole: Lyman Fitch, 113; Phineas White, 104; Scattering, S. L. B. Hunt, Esq. of St. Albtns and Elijah 5mith, Jr. Esq. of Northfield were elected Secre taries. Rev. Chester Wright was appoin ted Chaplain. On Thursday Mr. Collamer submit ted a resolution declaring it expedient to adopt the 7th, 'dth, 9tth, 1 Oils and I lilt articles of the amendments. Th! 7lh pro vides that ''the supreme legi-lative power of this state shall bo vested in a Senate and house of representatives" the senate to consist of thirty members. The other articles define the powers ol the respective branches. Tho debate was opened by Mr. Collamer, and was continued by oilier members until six o'clock Saturday eve ning, when the question was put on Us adoption, and carried by four majority. A motion was made nn Monday to recon sider, but was lost by a majority of nine. Of what has transpired since Monday, we arc wholly uninlormed. P. S, All the oilier amendments are rejected. Congress. Heretofore it has been gen erally understood that neither House of Congress could do much business till after the Christmas holidays. But laterly, wc observe, it is differently expressed; and the letter writers predict that there will bo some business done after the members "gel over tho holidays." Wo shall therefore expect something of importauce in the course of the present month of which we will give our readers the earliest iu forma lion. Wc invile the attention of capitalists to the advertisement of the Colchester Man ufacturing Company. The books will be opened for subscriptions on Monday next, and it is to be hoped that every man who feels an interest in the substantial prosper ity of Chittenden County, will improve the present opportunity to promote it. The views of the Committee are sound and just. The feasibility of gucIi investments cannot be doubted at the present day, and their important bearing on the interests of agri culture arc too well appreciated to need il lustrating. The interests of agriculture and manufactories are mutual, and should go hand in hand. It is therefore peculiar ly appropriate that Farmers should invest a portion of their surplus profits in building up those hives of industry, upon which alone they can rely for a continuance of their present unbounded properi'y. Aside from local considerations, it 6ecms to us that men need not hesitate ; for if manufacturing can bo profitably carried on as il now is, on the sea board, by steam power, whore materials and almost every article of consumption is from twenty five to fifty per cent higher than with us, why should there be any doubt? There Is none. But oh, "this damning sill of unbelief'1 how much longer shall it freeze up the spirit of enterprise and blind tho eyes of this community to their true interests ! Bui a shorl lime, wo hope and belicvp. Even now we sec the dawn ; and in .the full as- sutance ot better ilnys, we urgo "every man woman and child, who has no objec tion" to increase thu value of real estate in this section, or to receivo twelve or fif teen per cent dividends, to go and toko stock in the -'Colchester manufacturing Company.' Tho United States Gazette informs its! readers, that the French Government has apprised their Consul al Philadelphia, that the British Charge des Affairs will, accor ding to agreement, afford the necessary protection to French citizens during the interruption of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The same order, we presume, has been transmitted to t lie sev eral French Consuls at the different ports in tho Union. Il would seem by lliis course that the French Government aro expecting either tho adoption or recommendation of hostile measures towards them, and are preparing to meet any exigency that may occur. From the N. Y. American. We have seen this morninr;. nn envelope addre-sed to Arthur Tapptin nnd gang, franknd by J. Speight, a nvmber of Con gress from N. Carolina, cniiianiing n piece ofropc with this sen-uble, liberal and manly envoy. "I herewith return your protect, ouchis. tng as leHlimony of my h'lL'h regard for your nrck, a piece (if ropi-. Ymi will no doubt dulv appreciate my motives. J. Speight Washington, 2d Jan., 1836. The paper thiH returned, wa Hip printed Protest of the American Anti-Slavery Si cicty, against thu denunciations of t h- Pros idenl ot the Untied States, in hi- Me'sago a copy of which had beun sent lo coe'i member of Cmirees, price first ; pay it, and you may bo suns you havea good ono. I thought that was a Watch Shop. It is ; but il is every thing else nice. What is the namn over the door? PANGBORN &. URINSMAID. Do Ihev keep Soap ? Yes. Lather Boxes ? Yes. Brushes? Yes. Straps? Yes, yet, yes, yes, every thing. Well, this is newi to me. Burlington Sentinel. M HUII2I). In Charlotte, nn Tne-day l.m, by Rev. William E.tmn, Martin D Miner. Esq. Attorney at Law, Jeriro, to Miss Laura L. daughter of Charlit McNeil, Esq. DIF.D In Ibis town, on tho lOlh inst, Edwird noaiwaoN, infanl son of President Wiieklir, aged 7 months. In Sliclburn, on tho I llli instant, UnOik Pir.aaoN, Esq. aged 73 year. Mulberry SrgiI. 0A few prill nil - of thn t'ein itte White Molhetry Seed, warrantwl to lie lislyear' growth, fur "ale at tin- iifI"rH, MEDICAL COLL liGE OF TUB U.VIVEItSII'V OF VERMONT rilllE Lyi'tures In Al 'ilicitl S uiliMiln in su ilii institution will b"gm mi the 9 h day of March, f 1130. and en i"ti" fmirit-i'n WMfk". L"C'uri' on Nn ttral Pliilii-upliv ami CIlmiimI'V will b- ;ivkii by Prut. (5. W Benedict : nn G 'ii'nl and tiin-cial Anatomy. at t Ph v ! l iy . mi Pa'iw' iijienl Anatomy and nn Surgery, by Prof. E E. Pntt.p ; nn Tnenrv nod PractiC" of M (It cuii-. nn Materia M"dicn nnd Pna'titafV. and on Ob.-.tetrick-i, by Prof. JuyKprj M Alt-II Fe- for all til" cmirnp of L 'Cure- jj! jO ; charge for cotllingent expi'li.i'- J2 ; 'iradu atiunfeegl5 G W BRN'EDICP. Dean nf Ihe Medical Ftrutly. OirThe North S'ai . Mmii poller Wntch man, M'tliiu.' Palladium. Montreal Gax-'tlu Franklin Journal, Rutland Herald. Bi-n-nington Gazette, and Braltleb iro Piiuentx. will give tho nbovo four insertions and send hills to G. W. Benedict. COLCIIESTKR .HA..NUFAC rUIilNG COMPANY. BY on act of the Legislature cf tho Slate of Vermont, passed at the last ses-ion thereof, Ezra Meerh, Jabez Penni man, Samuel llickok. E. T. Engleebv, Alvan Foote, Sidney Barlow, and Sinn E. Howard, and their associates, were incor porated for the purpose of manufacturing abandoned their homes, in grate alarm and Cotton and Woollen uooits within uiu sssemblcd at the different places where the County of Chittenden. The said corpora- "Louisiana Po-t," is I he title of anew daily paper just commenced in New Orleans. It U ol a largo siz", ele gantly printed, and gives promite ol being a useful journal. War in Florida. Wo regret to learn that the Territory nf Florida has become tin thentreofa petty war, in which already the blood ofindians &. whites hasbcen shed. A conflict took placu. on the I8ih ult. be. tween a party of Indians, SO or CO in num ber, and a parly of militia, 30 or 40 in num ber, near Forto Crum.J 111 which, of thu whites, ono scrganl and sevon privates were killed, and seven wounded. Gen. Call, with 250 men, arrived in camp on the 19th, and look the general comand' The Indians was in tho neighboring ham mocks, and a general bottle was t-xpectcd. Tho while familiet have, for the most part, lion have fixed the cipitol stock nf i-atd Company for the lime being at' g75 000, nnd have divided the tatnc into 750 shares of glOO each. The undersigned, 1 ppiinted a committee to obtain subscriptions to the capital slock of said company agreeable in tho by-law thereof, hereby give nctice that they have opened a book for receiving subscription! to said slock, and that my person desiring to subscribe to the same may have on op portunity to do fo, by calling on Samuel llickok, nt the store ol llicknK u uautn. where thu bunk for that purpose will be kept open until all of said shares are taken. The persons incorpo rated above, have nol procured said act of incorporation fur their own exclusive ben efit, but frutn a belief thai such an invo'. ment of cnpi'al is tifcesarv in placu tho agricultural inleresl ol the C innty ol Glut- inhabitants have erected, or are creeling, forts for protection. Al Newnansville.iho Court house is turned into a fort, and the jail into a block-house. At old Mr C ruin's Forte Crum are upwards of three hundred people, fit more coming in. Mean while, ihe Indians are said to have laid waste the country from Clack Creek to Fort King, a distance of eight miles. Massachusetts- The Legislature of this Commonwealth assembled on the 6lh, inat.. nt II o'clock, in the Stale House. The two branches having beon called In m Burlington order by their senior members proceeded to organize. In the Senate tin Whigs dtvi ded upon their candidate for President, bol on the eighteenth ballot elected llomct Mann for their Pre.-ident. Julius Rock well was re clectd Speaker of Ihe iluuse on the first ballot by a lnrac majority. In the Senate the Van Buren men and tendon on a pur with other counties of tho Antimasons clung with great pertinacity to . smte where manufactories have been esiab- their candidate: So that the Whig Pros- I ihed, and from a persii.1-11111 thai hitch 1111 investment would bo equally i-nl'e nnd more prndiicl tvo than tho slncls of any B,ok within this Slate, and add a proportionate value to every acre of land within the Coun'y. The principal cause of the de prcsMnti ofllte agricultural interest in this section of the state ij, that no portion of our citiz'-ns are etrte'ly consumers of agri cultural products all are growers ; of C'lur-e ' here is tin suffieiont ttnrket for a con-nbroblu clas ol'tln-se prodnns, which wtnni u'n. nil inmlplv rli-nteil liv n 11 1 1 r 1 ' Who' vole. There was evidence of a st net organization of the administration members the House: and the vote cast for their Speaker and Clerk may becon-nlred as an index ofthcir niimbe'. Wo ill nkthatthis vote exhibits all the strength that will be able to bring to bear on any purely party nestton. The numbers fur the speakers and the Clerk of the Iloue differed by a fcinclo vote. l'liere is but one ditncnltv in the way ofj m other parts of Ihe country off ird to Ihe the Whigs and this is their great strength. 1 fartnT a srreat source of prnfii. To estab. fhcre may be trouble from thvifion. Muj ir-, lr-li nnd nut into eucct'ss-lul operation thn ilics have always a tendency to fall to pieces, above branches of manufactures requires by over confidence, ond on indisposition to a aric amount of capital, such as is not cive way in small and unimportant matters. 1 within the power of any small number of I he committee npoonilcu to examine ins On Monday evening Inst the Black-smith Shop of Messrs. Allen &. Owen, near the Falls was destroyed by fire. Mr. Ciay has again introduced a bill pro viding for the distribution of the proceeds arising from the sale of tho public laud" among the several elates. The bill is sub slantially tho same with the otto ho intro duced inl832. It is only within a year or two past, that Ihe value of lhc6e lands as a source of revenue has been understood, and it is tn be hoped that the old states will be sufficiently alivo to their own in teres) to pa this hill in opposition In the scheme of wholesale robbery and agrarian ism proposed by Mr. Benton. A Washington correspondent ofthe New York American appends the following to one of his recent letters: The Presidential levep. on New Year dav. wis numerously nnd brilliantly atten dedov all the foreign mimstars, attaches 6ie. with tho exception nf the French Charge. Mr. Psgoot, in thus absenting himself from this national festival, not only did so designedly, but his conduct, other wise, was any thing but that of a man who felt how much was at stake, to hia own country. Ho paraded round the Whit House, tn show publicly thai ho had refrain cd joining in it, and evinced a littleness of ciiarecler, so unworthy ol tho station, he filled, as representative of France, as to bo viewed wiih mingled sensations of pit ana contempt. returns of voles fur Governor and Lieuten ant Governor will nut probably report be. lure Saturday; and the Mcs-agi! cannot hcrforo bo exuecttd before Thursday or Wednesday of next week. Jioslm Alias. AnrtAiitM I'nEscoTi', was hung at Hop kinton on Wednesday last, a lew minutes before 13 o'clock, in pursuance of his sen tence. for ihe murder of Mrs. Sally Coch ran, at Pembroke, in June 1833, Wo learn that there was a very largo assembly to witness the execution notwithstanding the severe cold, and stormy weather, es timated to amount In 5000 totlOOO p.nple ; not on ot whom, pmhamy, would now acknowledge that he derived the leal .'rat ification front tin; exhibition pre-cnicd a human being put lo ileal It according to the forms ot ihe law! Tin wretched man. we are told, .luweil mi kigu uf repi'Mlaneo or remorse; ho mounted the ccalfild with a firm stop, and viewed the preparation for his execution with no sign of fear or ngita lion ; maintaining to tho la;-t the same in difference to Ins fate, which he had main fesled during the progress of Ins trtuls ; not a word or n sigh escaped bun. Th" body having reinaiiii-il upndid about 20 111 1 n ill was tnken down and tleliverea to the friends ofthe deceased tur mienn.'nt. .V. i7. Statesman. individuals in this county to furnish, such an amount as cut only be raised by the united contribution of nil who can spare? tho r-uin of 1 00 tVinii tltHir ordinary busi ness. And as the fanners of our enmity have now an opportunity not only to make a safe and profitable investment of '.heir money, but to add to the value of their farms, it is expected with confidence that they will liberally aid in litis undertaking, and that every citizen of the county will perceive that his own interest nnd Ihe in terest ofllte county will b-; promoted by hi co-operniion. SAMUEL IllCrCOIf, ) s. E i i:i). L"m SIDN'KY BAULO V, $'"" Biirlnigttn, Jan. lilh, '30. Vermont Central Rail Road. ''IIIE undersiirncd coriiiiiis.sioiiern of tha A Vi-ririnril Central llai-Hmii Company, will moi-l at the Inn of Minion Cotirtll, in Montpelier, on the Gth day of January nexl, 2 o'clock, P. M The books for tubi-criplion to Ihe capital slock uf said Company will bo opened al the same place on Iho 7th dy nf tnml.irv miTt ill 9 .,Mnplc. P. 1 . - ... . v . . .... wfc .urn other places on the .Monday following th roininiosioncrs may al tint lime si.o fit to Oh ! dear ! dear ! dear 1 What's the matter, Charles' Oh! dear ! see my face; I've- beon trying to havn my beartl IifT; but have taken the skin and left the beard ! I never had a razor that would cut any; did you, Henry? Why yes. Well, I had rather be whipl than to shave.! Well, that's curi ous 1 delight in the operation. My razor takes my beard ofTas neat as ever a mow er cut the grass on your father's farm. In deed ! I cio wish I knew whero I could ob lain snch a Razor. You do.' Just go up Uhurch ct., go into that little Building where the Spectacles and a great uncouth, humbly Watch are hanging over the Win dowsthat is the Variety Shop, in which you will find indeed the greatest variety of fine and necessary articles yon ever saw congregated in one Shop. Enquire for good Razors; ihry will tell you the last 1835. Burlington direct. December 8 John N. Pomi rot. TlMOTIIV KoLLETT John I'fcx, LUTIIEH l.oiiMIB, Join SrU'LDI.SQ Timo: Hi'dbhid, Montpelier. J. P. Ahtlius Blask, Chelsea, Ciik.ter Haitkr. Sharon, Lewi-Ltman, llaitfoid. ICTThe books of subscription to tho above stock will he opened at tho Bank of Mont pelier on and for sixty days after Monday tho 10th inst. from 10 o'clock, A. M. lo A o'clock P. M. and at the Former's and Mechanics' Bank in Burlington, at the llank of Orange County, Chelsea at C. Baxter's store in Sharon, and at Lewis Lyman's store in Hartford, during tha same period and tho tamo hours ofthe day. January 0. J830. 25Uli3RFINB FLOUR, for sale by 3 H. W. POTWIN V CO,

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