Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 15, 1836, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 15, 1836 Page 4
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kHE lubscrlbors have just received ond offer for sale, cheait for cash or approv ed crodil, llio following articles: 8000 bushels Solar Salt, 3000 do Lisbon do 1)00 barrela fino do COO " extra auporfino FLOUR iOO " coinmoii do 7S " fino do 40 HlidK. New rtuin, 40 olicstw Hyson, Ilvsuiukin iu4 Young Hyson Ta 90 kegi Tobaocu 0 b oxes do 0 b ngf Coffee, 0 " Spico j() " Pepper kegs Kaishu, 0 boxes do 0 hhdj. Molasses, WO lbs, Loaf Sugar .' kegs Salcralui. S Ranks Lamp Oil. U boxes bar Soap 0 do Herringi j kits Mackerel tO bbls. do tO half barrels Sa!tno 0 boxes Starch 0 do Tipos 50 qtle.Cod I'isli fcnglipli IRON, flat and round, all lizei. Russia Iron, (Old Sable,) American flat and round Iron, all sizci. ISand Iron fiom 1 j to G inches wide Hoop Iron and Nail Hods Cast, German, English 13. and Am, Stcol Bpring Steel, Brass Kettles Shovels, Spades and manure Fork Waggon Arms and Boxes, Cross-cut and Mill Saws Tared and While Iligging, Bole and Upper Leather COO kess Nails, from 3d. to COd. Floor Brads, &c. egWhor with many other articles not cnuma Mled, The above goods will be sold nt a mail advanco for cash or approved credit, or will be exchanged for Rye, Corn, Oats or 1'oik, The subscribers will pav cash at all times for heavy I'ORK, CORN," RYE or OAT S, delivered at the stone store. Old Dock. FOLLETT & BRAULEYS. Burlington, Nov. 25, 1835. HAS now received the whole of his Fall stock of Goods, and requests all purchasers to call and examine a very extensive flock of FANCY &. STAPja The following list comprises a few of tbt lending articles : Black, green, invisible do. salmon, critn on and marroon col'd French Merinos, printed Circassians plain do. of" all col ors black, blue, green, brown, pink, purple and scarlet Silk VELVETS Gro do Nap Gro ile Rhine, Poult do Soio nnd Italian SILKS, of oil colors and qualities the mot extensive assortment of rich dark PRINTS he has ever offered, from 1 1 to 38 ctt 4, 5 and G-4 white bob't LACES, Quilling and Edging do. men's superior Beaver, Kid, Buck & Worsted GLOVES. --Ladies' Gloves, of cvory description 6. 7. .'I. & 10 4 white, red and black Merino SHAWLS rich cmbr. Chally, Thibet, heavy Ilernani, Gro du Nap. & silk muslin Dru$ HDKFS. TTas usual, the most extensive stock of hoiiuct, cap, lustring, attin. genzo and taffeta RIBBONS damask, bro. line1, cotton and worsted T.1DLE COVERS AU.bhic, inv. green trel mixt, olive, adlaide and claret BRO. CLOTHS sup. Buckskin, imperial cords, plain and London mixt Cassimerts domes lie Cottons, Bleached &. brown do. white, green and scarlet FLANNELS ; Batting and Wadding ; gnalshair, imitation, and common CAMLETS ; superfine ond com mnn Irish Linens ; linen camb. and silk Hdkfs. ; worsted, merino, & cotton rfnsc ; Russia Diapers and Towellings j glazed Cambrics and Muslin?, of nil colors. Burlington, Oct. 53, 1835. CTChiircli'St. oppo. Pangborn & Brinsmnid HAVE received an addition to their Stock of Winter Goods comprising a general rsortment of French, German and English merinos of llio most dcsirablo colors; German and English Goats hair Camblctsj Imitation do lirochcllat Princctla, Crape, and Ladies Camlets for Ladies Cloaks: Black, Whito, and Scarlet Merino Shawl?) Valentia and Cotton do Rob Roy Shawls a comfortablo and fashion. able article lor winter; Bombazines, Bombazets, Circassians and Moreens; Merino, Worsted and Silk Hosiery; Embroidered Black and Whito Silk do lioavcr, Horso Skin, Kid and Berlin Glovis; bilk Embroidered and I ick melt do Broadcloths, Cassimurcs, and Vostings, Rich Dark English Calicoes; Twillod and Shally do Muslins, Cambricks, and Ginghamrt Blond Edging; Bobbcnclto Lace, Footing and Inserting; Muslin Needle worked Capes and Collaret Lace do Shally, Thibet and Hernanc Hkfs. & ShawU; Flannels, Baizes, Batting, Wadding. &c. A great assortment of colored and figurod Silks for Bonnets and Dresses; Rupcr Black, and Blue Block do Dluo Black Fig, Poult dc Soir; do White, do Very Rich; Rich Printed Shally, a beautiful artiola for Evening Drcssc; Heavy Floor and Stair Carpeting) Floor Cloths, Rugs, Rinding, 4c. Cotton Carputing, a cheap article; Ono Case ofwhilo and col. Cotton Threads in II). Bundles; One Case of Wliitu do in 100 skn. Bundles, Ono do Spool Thread, Knitting Cotton, Col, Worstod, Rug Wonted, Cruols, Sec, Bleached Cotton Sheeting and Shirting, Lawrence Drown Super Cotton Sheeting, A large quantity Cotton Sheeting and Tick. ing by til o bale, pleco or yard, Brown and Bleached Twillod Cottons, A few Cases of Low priced Prints, Otter, Seal and Muskrat Capes and Collars, Buffalo Robes. Merchants can bo supplied with Cottons, Tick, Low priced Prints, Thread, 4-c. at Now York Prices. CASH PAID FOR SHEEP'S PELTS. Dee. 4. Avery fino assortment of Gold Pencils, gold tablet Pencils, a few gold Tliim blei. larga assortment of Silvtr Pencils, small and large ; heavy silvor Top Thim ble, tnd beautiful English chased do. PiNSBORN & DBINfMiin. JUST RECEIVED, a general assortment of DRY GOODS, CROCKERY & GLASS-WAItE, ....Also... Teas, Sugars, Coffee, Spices, Iqunrs, Fish, Salt, Nails, Glass, riour, X. n ton. Fur tmle cheep fur cosh or country produce. NYE & LANE. Ilurlirgton, Oct. 15, 1 Homo made Cloths. EMUEL CURTIS, wishes to pur- rhnsn .tono. ds. of Homo Made Cluths, 2000 yds, Flannel do. October, 23. 1835. DltY GROCERIES. JUST received, Teas Sugars, Coffeo, Cod Fish, Rico, Molasses, Spices, &c. Also, Lamp Oil, Tobacco anil SnuiT. Nov. 4. WOOD & ABBOTT. GrBiJOIiGE MOOflfE. HAS just received from N"W York on cxiensivo assortment of New Goods Coniing of DRY GOODS. I CROCKERY GROCERIES 1 HARDWARE COARSE St FINE SALT, FLOUR S;r. See. Which will be sold Cheap lor Cash, Burlington November 5th 1(135. SADLEBY, WHOLESALE i- RETillL, U S T received on elegant and extcn fcive assortment, very low. J Nov. 4. WOOD & ABBOTT. CUTLERY. doz. Knives and Forks ; 50 doz ''"VJ ti and Pocket Knives ; Scis sors, Razors, Sic- Just reeeived and for sale by WOOD & ABBOTT. DIIUGS & MEDICINES, A Froth supply of the above article jiM received by the subscriber?, and sell ing at their usual low prices. II. W. POTWIN &. no. I, E A T II E 11 Vv C?1 T it I... (ii i o'L"-'a ouiu ijcuiuur, uy J & J II PECK & CO. LOOKING GLASSES. Looking Glasses, of iheir own mannfbclure and of New York purchases, for sale cheaper than ever, by Nov. 1835. WOOD ABBOTT. SAW 4 MI L L, X cut. Circular, Hand, Pan n l, Back. Wood, Tenon, Pit and Whip SAJI'S, J ii ree'd nnd for sale, by Nov. I. WOOD & ABBOT P. ' Doz. Green's Cati Steel AXES w Jiiat ree'd. at uholesale or retail. Nov. 4. WOOD &, ABBOTT. MERINO SHAWLS 5, 0, 7 and !) 4 Merino SUuwls, black wliili; mid red Nov. 10 L. CURTIS. Briltnnia Lamps For sale by HALL li STEARNS. Dec. 2lst,835. TOOLS &, TRIMMINGS. TO I N E R S' Cabinet Makers' and fc7 Carnenlcr's Tools and Trimmings .Inst ree'd, bv WOOD &. ABBOTT. IF I o to c v 33 o t s . a Crnto ISrown Earthen Flower Pots assorted sises, just received by II. W. POTWIN CO. November 2G. c OL'D CAMBRICS will bo sold low- by the piece. L. URTIS. STATE OF VERMONT. Wellington & Hunting"! Chittenden Co vs ; Cour. Benjamin Higuec and August Term John Hunting. A.D. 1(135. TN this cause, it appearing that the dc A fendants at the time of the service of the original writ were out of the State.and nave not had personal notice of said suit and it being ordered by said court that no lice to the defendants bo given by publh' ing in the Free Press at Burlington, the tune ond place of auditing the accounts between the parties, and the sub-criber having been by said court appointed auditor therein: J herelore notice is hereby given to the Enid Benjamin Higbeo nnd John Hunting that the auditor will attend to the duties of his appointment at the Inn of Warren biblcy, in Milton, in Chittenden County, on the first Monday in February, A.D. ID3G, nt one o'clock P. M. ; and if the said delendautH neglect In appear at the time and plnce nfore.-au), tho atd Au ditor will proceed to take the accounts cf the plaiutiHs cxpnrle. A. G. WH1TTEMORE. Milton. Nov. 21!, !i35. Auditor. FRENCH LANGUAGE AND llOOK.KEEriNG. HE subscriber intending to pass the winter in this village, has laKen a room on tho west side of Court House Square, (which he is fitting up for llio pur pose,) where ho proposes to teach the French Language, and Book-Keeping in English and French, by double entry. Ro speclfully soliciting the patronage of the inhabitants ol'tlns section ol the State, lie hopes by strict attention to llio business, and his practical knowledge of Book-Keeping to merit their confidence. Ile will also call on families for the instruction of Lodics. Reference to E, T. Englebby, Guy Catlin, and C. Adams, Esqs. Hours of al tendance nt the room from 0 to 1 1 A. M. 2 in 4 P. M. and 0 to 0 eve., ning. for Book Keeping. Tho intermedi ate two hours from 1 1 to I for Ladies' in struction at their dwellings, if required, or ui iiiuruom, ii i lie jjuoies win inrin a class, which would bu moro advantageous to1 them. For tormt!, Ac apply at tho room. EI). (JARTIER, i Drugs 6? Medicines. WOOD & ABBOTT have received additions to their i stock, making their assortment very general, ond, as they believe, of very pure articles. They havnalso fur sale, Dycstufl's, Paints, Oil, Varnish, Putty, &c. Hardware Store. 1835 WOOD & ABBOTT. A RE now receiving, nnd will continue xjt to receive till the close of naviga lion, rresh supplies of HARD WARE, in all its ciidlcts variety, and will sell on the best toriii3, at wholesale or retail. J UI T RECEIVED, A V HOWARD'S AR I C 11, Fplendtd, and very fashion able nssortmcnt of French needle wotkod Collars, Cnpc, Pcllcrints and Aprons, witii work'd Edgings and Inert tngs ; also every width nnd quality rf blond and bohinet Edgings, Inscrl'mgs, Footings and Web Laces ; worsted Lace, worsted Knitting Yarn. Rug Worsted, Cruets, working Floss and Cotton ; with good Needles, good Thread, and good Silk: close Tuscan Winter BOAWETS ; fancy Artificial Flowers ; Velvet Hair Ribbun ; French fur'd Shoes ; lined India Robbers s n few pieces new French and Eng. Merinos; Goalshnir Camlets, and Broadcloths ; me rino Shawls, &c. 19th Nov. That valuable piece of Real E.tule, situated on the corner of am nnd Water street, known as the BrtooKs place, is now of fered for sale. There are on the premises a large and commodious DWELLING HOUSE, BAKERY, Barns. Outbuild ings, Fruit Trees, ic. and thMr location, directly nt the head of the New Wharf, renders this ono cf the most desirable pieces of real estate in town. But the present proprietor having left this part of the country, it will bo sold at u bargain, and tho terms of payment made easy. Apply ,'o P. Dooi.ittlb. Stray Colt. Strayed from the eub'cri her, ubout tho 1st of May st, a three years old bay marc COLT, with lunjr flowing mane and long tail. Any information in relation to snid coll, communiraled to the .-iih-cribor. or nt tho Free Pre. Office, will be liberally paid for. ORRIN REED Clmrlolle, Oct. ?.0, 11135. rrnlllS Smifi'is supeunr to any thing yet .IL knoivri for remu itig ihat troublesome disease, the Catarrh, nnd also, a Cold in llio head, and the Headache. It ouensand purges out all obstructions, strengthens the glands, and gives a free hea:ihv action to tho parts afi'ectcd. It is perfectly free from any thing deleterious :n its composition has a pleasant flavor, and its immediate el feet, alter being used, is agreeable. Price 50 els per bottle. Dr. Marshall's Vrgf table Indian Black 1 111s rlaister is unrivalled tor curing Scrofulous Swellings, Scurvy Sores, Lame Back, Fre-h Wounds, Pains in tho Sides, Hips and Limbs; nnd seldom fails to give relict 111 all local Rheumatisms ; it is equal if not superior to trnv Corn Plaster for Corns on the feet. If applied to the Side it will cure many of tho common Liver complaints, and if applied to the necK in season will cure tho Quinsy. The virtues of the Plai.-ter have been witnessed bv thousands of the most respectable individ uals in the States of Vermont and New 1 urn, woo iinvc icsicu iis cuicacy. J'ric; 25 ilspcrbov. None genuine unless sinn ed by John Marshall, in his own hand writing, on the wrapper. BTSold Wholesale and Retail by the froprielor, UIIAKI.US HO WEN. Mi dlebury, Vl. ; also by J. &. J. II. Pnci: &. Ao., 11. v. 1'otwin A- Co.. and Wood & ADUOtt. TIIK SPRINGFIELD FIRE IN SURANCE COMPANY, insure on the most favuruble terms. Dwelling Houses Stores, and other buildings, Furnituro,6i Merchandize of every description, noninsi loss or damage by 'fire. Application for insurance win receive immediate attention. WYLLYS LYMAN, 20 Wlids. N. E. Bum. 20 hhds. Rectified U'l, ;.t,nl. i- 1. u.. J.& J. II. PECK &Ce. Soya jfov fWiri-m. Avery extrusive assorlment. will be o pened, for Christmas nnd New Years presents nt tho Variety Shop. J AJrU liURN & BRINSMAID Dec. 55. 1035. wvmmAvk 1 (tTN OTICE. Til E public ore. respectfully informed that the Gristmill at Hubbell's Falls has been furnished with n now Rye Boll. a bolt for Buckwheat, nnd a Corn Cracker. I ho ferriage h the same as formerly for the people of Williston. cc. JAMES I. CUTLER. Essex, Nov. 5. 1C35. DAVID I It IS II HAS just received from New York n handsome assortment of GOODS, which he is disposed to sell at prices that will make it on object for people to call upon him. Ilia block comprises a gcnotnl assortment of OltOCHRIES, IIAUUWAKK; EAKTHEN & GLASS WARE, i-.ouiisii .Mackerel salmon, Flour, in bbls. and half barrels. Coarse Western and Liverpool Salt, Provisions, of all kinds, F 11 U IT & CONFECTIONARY, &C. &.C. &.C. Purchasers ore invited to call (at the store formerly occupied by Wm. wells & Co.) and examine for themselves. CASH Paid for good Butter. Burlington, Niv. .035. BUFFALO ROBES. I Q bales comprising various qualities, iu from g3 75 lo p : for snlc by Oct. 29 HICKOK & CA TI IN. RAISINS. SfH boxes fresh Bunch and Bloom Raisins, of the latest importation, just received and .'or sale by Oct. 27. ' DOOLITTLE. FUR, CAPS. T7WR Caps and Fur COLLARS, just J- received and for sale, cheap, by Oct. 27. P. DOOLITTLE. BANK OF BURLINGTON NOTICE is hereby given to tho Slock, holders oflho Bank of Burlington, that on each share nl tho capital stock of said Bank cii'hl dollars is to be paid in on t lie -llh day of January next ; and Hint a further payment of eiL'lit dollars on cacti share is to bo mado on lh .llh day of April next, at their hanking bouse. ISy order ol llio Directors. Nov. C, 1835. It. G. COLE, C'ash'r 220 STOVES. CTR: F. & V. L. STRONG no havo the , Q pleasure of offering lo ihoso who arc desirous ol muling llio mojcomlort and econ omy attainable in the use of stove-', a l.iruer more complete, and cheaper as'-oriincol ol'lhis arucic, man lias ever ucen ollureu in llns re gion of country. Wo respectfully invito all those who wish lo view llio degree of perfec lion now attained, as well aa ihoso who wish to purchase, lo call and examine these slotcs. The assortment consists of Parker's 'Patent Prophesy' Cooking, 4 sizes Mauley s notary op, do o do Parker's Gourd pl.ito do do Plat back do Conant's pattern, (or Back Kitchen.) Canada and Scotch plato Box, 5 sizes, Parlour Stoves, a new and splendid article, 3 sizes, together with llox Slovci of various kinds suitable for churches-, stores, olfices, simps schoul houses, five acre lots, Sec. fee. I'll'l: on hand, and all kinds of slovo TRIMMINGS mado lo order. Burlington, Sept. C, f,35. GOODS FALLING. Aou 20. W. INGERSOLL & Co. have just returned again from New. York. with a very extensive nssutment of fash lonablc DRY GOOD S. that hove have been purchased at much less price than at any time previous t his season, and 1 hey are determined to sell at such prices for cash as to induce all who call, lo pur chase. I heir stock consists in part of blk, scarlet, whito and blue Merino and Thibet Shawls, from 3 to 9 -1 ; raw silk, crape. Prussian nnd twist silk do.; plaid Silk; blond gsnze, crape, chally and raw sill, dress DDKS ; pongee, linen cambric, long lawn, Flag, silk and Ilalian Cravat? and Pocket Handkerchiefs ; col'd and blk Silkc; French, Gorman and EnglUh Merinos and nnd Circassians ; fig'd Circassians ; block Bombazines, a superior article ; black, blue bl'k. purple scarlet, green, maroon col'd silk Velvets ; black, white and col'd Metmo Hose; silk and other gloves; Broadcloths, Cassitner--, Salinetls; Cotton Wadding ; col'd Cambrieks ; Jacknuett, Mull. IJ !; nnd S'.vi-s Mu-lins ; Buttons: Combs; Sewing Silks ; Linen Thread, &c. Sic. ' THE subscriber, duly grateful for the patronage he has heretofore received, lakes tho present occasion respectfully to acknowledge it, and give renewed ossur once of his disposition still to servo them, both in season, ond out of season. But the time has arrived when he must again re mind them ofshort dnys, and invile them to call on Saturday evening or very early on Sunday morning; for it will readily oc cur In most of them that ho who has lo shape his neighbors' fjcos for church on Sunday morning, will hardly be able to turn his own that way, in lime for the morning service. During tho winter he will keep his simp open till nine o'clock, on Saturday Evening. LOUIS DKIIVILLE. N. B. All persons indebted, are earn estly requested to tnoko immediolc pay ment, that he may be enabled to meet his own engnfements. L. D. AN NUALS F 11 18'M. THE MAGNOLIA 13 superb Enrf. The Token. Tho Pearl, or Afieclinns Gift, The American Juvcnilo Keepsake, The Gift: Edited bv Miss Leslie. For sale by Smith &, Harrington. College st. Oel. 23. IiTMAN CUMMINGS Alluruey lit Law, and Solicitor in f:i Office, west sido Court House Square, Bur- minion Vermont. l)pC inoi OLNEY'S Geography and Atlas; Mai loBrun'sdo.; Peter Parley's Goorr. raphy; Brinsmoid's do,; JFoodhridgc's do.; IOodbridfje's nnd IPlllnrd'a fJnnrr,l,,.. Ilunlinglon's do. For solo by .'Yon. sb. pM,T & Harrington. ONFALL AND IVINTEIt IIAIiL,& STEARNS HAVE received ond ore now opening nt the old stand formerly occupied by Lemuel Curtis, n choice am! well selected assort ment of Goods, comprising Broadcloths, cassimcrs, and salinclt?, Silk, Vol. and silk velvet Vestings, English and French Merinoes, Circassians, Ginghams nnd Muslins, French, Eng. ond Am. Cnli:ocs, English nnd French Bombazius, German Gontshair camlet, Imitation do do Silk and Gingham Umbrellas, Jackonet and cambric Muslins, Linen and Blond Edging, Blue, green and scarlet Moreens, Worsted and Blond Edgings, Tickings, Towellings and Diapers, Italian and Gro do Swiss"! Blk & col'd Poult do Soir, co " " Gro do Swiss, Plaid Ponll do Soir, Plain & fig'd Gro de Nap Col'd Florence Si Sorsnct Watered and plain Satins, Merino and Thibet Shaicts, Cnshiucrcond crane Hdkfs. Blond and Lace Veils. Flannels, Baizes nnd Friezes, White and Black Wadding, Gloves, fur nnd lined, Merino and silk Hosiery, Silk cords nnd tassels, Bleached Sheetings and Shirtings, 3 4 Sf 4-4 brown do. Wicking and Batting, A genernl osortment of DRY G It O C E a I E S, GLASS, CHINA S; EARTHEN WARE. Also a well selected nortment of French SLIPS and GAITER BOOTS, Burlington, Church st. ) Oct. 15, U135. IMPORTANT filO per.-ons suffering from R II EU M JL ATIC COMPLAINTS. 21, t7e Lditur of the Enquirer Sir, On the nrm ci ile inculcated by the great and good Dr t'ranklin, to tlifnixe lis widely ns possibl every means within our power lo mitignt. or soften the nllliclions ol enfteriiip human ity, 1 leel it incumbent on ma to maki known ihrough the medium of your useful paper, that on reading therein on odver tiicmentof Dr. Jebb's Liniment, for tin cure of RHEUMATISM, I was forcibly impressed with a bellel thnl it was c.ilculn led to remove tho severe Rheumatic oflec Mini to which I had been for seven or eigh years subjected, some times almost depriv "'Ii oiu 01 1 11c use 01 my iiiiids. 1 accor dingly procured a bottle, and before I hn used the whole of it, found very Fensibh relief. This increased my confidence 111 it anil led mo to obtain nunlher buttle, tin use of which has completely removed il e swellings and pains of my limb?, tocether Willi the cramp, and restored them to their wonted vigor. I am rrpectfuily yours, Geo. '1'Avi.on, jr. Hempsled. L. I. March 24. Per.-ons suffering from the above com Paints, and in despair ol n core from the Ihilure oflho various remedies they hive Used, are invited In innke trial of tin. loo coienraicn medicine, winch tins in jear.- pan coreo nun reueveu. n 11 is now doing, Mioiisnnils wlio had despaired ol relief. rsotlung but n fair trial can giv an idea of its unrivalled excellence. Il is nKo one of the best applications known fur Miffuesg ol tliejomts, numbness, sprains nnd chilblains. I rice .on cents. K7"None are "cnuinc unless signed T KIDDER, on the wrapper, (sole proprietor and successor lo Dr. Conway.) by whom 1 hey are for sale at Ins counting room, No 09 Court street, Boston, and by hn special appointment, hy J. & J. II. I'KCK & Co 'Biiii- rirmoi .tisnui r xwuuu, wn .. on Ihu "ill of Augost by mutual consent di-solved. Persons having demands against said linn Arc rcquc-ud lo present tln'm for payment, and all demands due said firm are called lor without delay. Persons u i-lnng fui settlement, aro requested to call at Ihu Hard waro storo of Wood S: Abbott. JOHN ABHOTT, T. II. WOOD. Burlington, Sept. 10, 1U35. NEWPIRM. rui. suoicriuers nave inrined a connexion st. under tho firm and stylo of Abtiotl Wood Co. and will continue lo inanuf.ii.- at the Funilturo Ware llcim lately occupied oy Auuuu anu vimu, UAUINKT l UltM TUIU: and CHAIRS of every kind adapted 10 tins marKol. I heir constant intercourse Willi iNcw lurk enables them to obtain at all tunes the latest fashions : and .Mr. Panrrborn. on whom the charge ol tho business will prin cipally devolve, will uso every exerliun lo sustain llio reputation ol'lheold establishment lor superior workmanship. Their prices they will warrant to bo lower than fuinituro of equal quauiy can ue purchased at in the city of New York. Terms of navmcnt made easy. Purchasers aro respectfully mviied lo call. JOHN ABBOTT, T. II. WOOD, D. K. PANGBOKN. VALUABLE REiiL BSTAT3 For Sale. IN Willislon, Vermont, Ono Acre nnd halfof Land, with a large brick Storo, Divclling-house Taylor-shop. Store house and large convenient Out buildings, being iho premises now occupied by Fuller & Morton in the village of Willislon, and one of the best stands for business in this part oflho slate. Ar.o nlioul thirty neres of EXCELLENT MOWING LAND, fronting the turnpike, nnd near tho Acndc my. Ai,6o Ouo hundred acres of land called tho AUGUR FARM seventy acres of which is under improvement, ond in good stnto of cultivation, with a Sugar Orchard of 250 trees, and on Orchard!)! excellent Fruit. Ato, Forty Acres with o good orchnrd of about 75 apple Irecf. on it, occupied for pasture. One acre with a Small II O U S E upon the fame. 16 Acres of land in Bolton, about ono half of which is under improvement. Apply to t. j. v ui.oi.ii, w illislon, A T T.ITI r T.I. ,!.. or Jl. LKAVbiSWOU I TI, Willislon, Mai 1035. riiuriiHgton. 1 SIDNEY BARLOW. Has just received a heavy stuck of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, and Hard-Ware, which ho will sell cheop for cash, or ap proved credit. Burlington, (Pearl-slrccl,) ) Oil 2H I!I35. S ivCEW GOODS. A Choice Selection of Plain & Figured. Pattern S.iks. Plain Cy Figured Pink Sattin do. Rihbono, also a vtiricly of Bom hazinu Stocks, Ladies long Silk Glovca Worked Muslin Capes :c! &c. Just receiv ed by Stage, 11. W. Put win & Co;. Tf Case 64 English Merinns from 00 to 75 per yd. A few peiccs Scarlet. Crimson, Green ond Black French Merinos, Merino bordering frc. &. by II. W. Potwin ty Co, II. IIYiDE & CO. HAVE just received Irom New-York' an extensive assortment of coNaisTisr; nr. DltY GO(I), CROCK KRY, (;jtoci;uu:s, i iiakdwauu Slc. &c. &c. Sept. 30. 1ft35 N EW GOOD S A new assortment consisting of DRY GROCERIES. HARDWARE, CROCKERY, embracing a grcot variety lor tale on tin best terms, by Sept. 24. HICKOK & CATLIN. flTN. B. .SEED. Cash paid for Flax ii. & c. CAPS. BLACK O I T E It R.'st hlaek Seal Common brown Datl; Hair Seal FUR CAPS do do do do do a good nriiclo. For sale on terms to pleasa purchasers, by Oct. 15. WM. I. SEYMOUR. Caps made to order. Fur Caps, Collars, Boas, &,c. iNL rase heal and Otter Cap-, 1 " Seel nnd Russia Cuann (kins 1 " Capes, I!on-i. &c. Oct. 20. HICKOK St CATLIN P DOOLITTLE has just reeeived an . e.tenive a urlnn nt of Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, Crockery, and Glass Ware, Those who wih to purchase Brondclolhf, Casstmeres, English Merinos nnd Circas--inns, nre requested to tall nnd examine his GooiN. a good bargnios will bo offered. 2ih Oci lllOi F U K S. ON'E case Aineiicon Oiler CAPS, 2 Sen! skin do. Gent, nnd Lndies for lined GIocs. Fur-hned ShawU D urn Tinpeta. Sio Pel. 0. 11. W. PQTWIX CO. -hiiah. solar evaporation SALT, 6000 do steam do do 1200 bbls. Fino do do 50 bags Da T do do In .1 St .1 "II. PKCK & Co. BUCKWPILOAT FLOUR. lili'- Bm k in nt Fluor, for sale by I lie bai 1 1 I nr imuii il (). 23 III' KOK S,- CATLIN Hiram Sanderson's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. Di-trict of Chiueiiden. The ILm. the Probate Court within and for the Dislilrl of Chittenden, lo nil per sons concerned in the estate of Hiram Sanderson, lute if Milton in s'lid Diss triit deieasid Greclinir. VSTlIERLAS the nilmini-tra'ors on tho tslato of soul di ceased nr pose lo render an account of their ndmiui-traiion and present their account against said cs 'ate lor examination and Bllowance nt n ion oflho coorl of probate in be hidden at E. ChiHenden's Hmel in Wilhstou, on the third Monday of December next. J lieretorn you are hereby notified to id pear before said court al the lime and nlaca aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have. why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Gucn vnder my hand at Willistnn. this IGlh day of November. A. D. 11)35. U. FRENCH. Register. Kobinson Cruso, Animal. THE life and surprising adventures of Robinson Cruso of York. M urines with a binjjrn Dliical account of n.-r Illustrated Willi fifty characterist ir. rot. from drawings by Harvey, nnd engrayed by Adams. Jusl seccived by Sm BUFFALO ROBES. DW. INGERSOLL &. CO. havo just received a lew Bales choico Robes which will be 'old low lor cash. Burlington Jnv 1(135 Almanacks for 1836. GULLIVER'S Pocket Almanack; A tnerican Comic Almanack; Qt.oes Almanack; Crorkell's Yaller Flower Al manack: Ellons's Comic Almanack; For murs Almonnck; Christian and Farmers do.; Peter Parley's do. for Old and Youiig. Fur sale by Smith S,- Harrington. Nov. 211. 1J1TCHERR, Tumblers, Cups, Lamp Ladles. Snoons. 'Pen Pots. Coffee Pols, Syrangrs, childrens Cop, Ink-stands, Lather Boxes, sncar Bowls. Cream Cup. ti ?. . - -.. . optl lioxes, msiln wam uriuania, or ' " .nrieiy ouop, oy Pankboiin Si Ohinsmaid,

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