Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 15, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 15, 1836 Page 3
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- ( JVew Firm. THE subscribers having formed a co partnership in business in the name and at il u ul IATHROP & FOTWXN, nil having purchased the entire Mnclt of goods of II. W. I'otwis fit Co., will con tinne the mercantile busiiit'sfl at llm old stand recently occupied liy them in all its various branches. Having mudc arrangements to receive supplies of goods nt all times of the season carefully 6clcctcctcd by one of the firm, they intend that their Flore shall at all tinieB be flocked with the choicest selec tion of rich, fashionnble.iinry and ttaplc Duv Goods the market affords. They have a full and complete assortment of family Grocprin. such a Imperial, Old and Ynung IInn, Hvon Skin. Pom-hong. Souchong and Bohen Tea-; hull, lump anil brown St'Otn: Vi" '. S'i'' Giogor Cloves. Maro, Nutmeg. Siitcr.i!u, Cur rents. Prunes, Citron-, Box and Kog Rai sins, &c. ThV hnveal'SO in connection one of ihe firsl Drugg fit Medical f-.tabli-Omn'iits in this part of llie country, In whtch;di'pTt inpnl the most narticoln- atlentino will 1 ill lion's bf "iv.'ii PliMcinin mny al nil limes bi mpplH'il "''h nv nnr' in hr above lino on t In mo-1 'n-ni1Ii irtin. Oinr."- LtTtin.p, il V I'm win BlI'llllL'1"". Jio '5 nnlil niiE Sod c i. imv wj a ii- it ii liiun R tU "I I' U'l'iig'iig Into fi in ( II &. MEn- con 1 1 n 11 r tin' B'i-io-i- 10 n I o- brunch s nl lIlP foMII.'l Si' !'. tt II- S-'llfl- Ill'', Pttl ciiitii- "f t" r t n I Cu-Horo rs-. Mini Pin Che pf? Generally. Pi' a-" n'l nnd xnin jM,.. Pf.teii Chtirrti SI Jan fi I US'! G ROUND A 4fc T .11.-. .. ."LAST Ell. I it. .Mr, J o i I il t 1 11 tt 1v in.'.ii- I i.i rf be purchased of our inhoif 111 biok. no charge lor ini-ks Jan, 7. IIlCKOK St C tT!.l Groceries. 4 Hhd. P. It. M"ln-es. 10 Chests IJvmiii Skin TV n for sale bv Dee. 2 1 ' II A 1. 1. fit ' ZJ CREWS. HUTTS- LOCKS Ui-r HhihIIl's. iii irrenl variety and lari. kiT5ntilies. fur sale low, wholi-al-' and M'tnil. WOOD iV ABIJOTT. Save Your Stcingle. Tow. A quantity wan'ril iinmed a'cly, bv Abbott Wihui & Co. TO LET THE rooms over our Storu formerly oc cupied by J. Maeck Fsq. nec25. LYMAN & COLE. LYMAN &- COLE HI1AVB this dav received a lew balet. BUFFALO ROBES, of a superior jualily. Buckskin Millei's nnd Moccasins. Wadding, Morrocco hoes, Kid tand.ils. Burlington Jan. '30. SMITH AND IIAUIllNr.T(.'.S CATAIGITR or ciiris m as and new yeah gifts. riHE Diiittinrj Konm Srrnp Hook, (iiurlo,) A flfg.inlly iKtiind, 36 ilnir., whh il unrnlioni liy E. niiKin Sic. " rt'e rrft-r our rrndrr lo die I). It. S. II. fir llie iilil iha Yimi- ran r-ue." New Monthly Mag. Tins Clu Ktfpiik(!, rdiied hv iIih lli-v V. Elli', ih rnlogfd, 17 pl.ueit, 'liniiiid in .Moiuci-ii. KiiniiMiip'a OlTeiinf;, 12 pl.uc.-f, lir.niufullt bum tl in Murocro. Ac ke in m's I'M-gPl me nol, Londoii, The l!n?iun riiken and All.innc Suuipnii, 13 en giavingp, eililPil by S. G. Onndiicli. The Ainrii-i-.m Jmenile Keeps.ike, edited liy Mi. Ilujl.ind, 9 ilium minim. The Iti'l'i'ioiii' Soiuenir, whh por irnii uf Dr. Bid- II. TIib Mugiiolhi, n new uiih 13 Hipeih i-tctl eiigr.mns. ctcs.inllv lionnnd i Vmk. The Gill, t'hil.idclnhi.i. eililed li Nrw Mi Lrinlre, uiih iPn.-irniiims lip.uiiifully Imii.iN The L-.iiijii.ijc of rioni'rs.coliiu-d pl.ue. I'lurili Dittion.tiu edilcd h it l..idv le l'oill "n - inetiolinin cnji iiviu-".. The Lilly 6 colored illuk linliont. UilJlPS in cleg-mi oinuinss. i nc uuuu if Common Pr.ier, -wv il ft llie new Ps.ihns niie litmus, in lirh hin lings nnil t.irinus sites. 'I'll Woiks of ll.inn.ih Muie. The Geocr.iphicnl An, niial, a The Vnunsr l.udj's Honk. 7S0 pnjiinin"'. 'I lie Young' )n Bonk. The Young Lnilj's Sund.iy llonk. The Ynunjf, Man's S'uiid.iv It'Hik. fjiipoih AIIhiiih whh pngru. tines, I'uii l-'cilitiV ArAhi'rCiie tiiih lurk. G.ilte. ry uf Puinails, upwaids ol 2C0 1'uitiuils. Tlie Nniionnl G.illei v of I'irunre, liy the giem ni.iners ; kIhiiii fil'iy numi)en;e.iih roin.iinini; two splendid njrntinjs hy eminent nilinis : llie G.illtry of mod tin Brilith arlits, 17 nuniheis. I.uidjriipe illus. traiioni oflhe hihle, coniisling of tief of llie most lenuikHhle plarea intnlioned in llie Old and New .. . " , . t ' i' n.i. I, I 1 eilamenls, in 17 nniniiera. inufiriiiions oi ine Bilile, in 12 nuniler, horn painiings made expreffly liv lliihaid Westall, E-r R. A. and John Manin.'E-q. llie painler of Ki-Mv.tjt. n 's Feuii. Tha tvniks of lltion, Pop Sh ik-pnaie, Kok Whilr, ColeiidjP, J"liii-"il Coupe,-, I luiiiip. mn, Kiillin, I-IpuiiiiIi, ItiuiH, .1iho". Mi He. null's I'im'Uii. Mriiionsi f H.iunih Moie. I'm eil Skfiihes, tiy Jlfi.s l.ehe. link's utnks, 4 ols iinifuim. 1'nptil.n Jim-inle-, nh i lilted i il grmrlnjs u tnrieiy. UiiIiiiimmi Cmsna An. niul, illiiMinied HilhSOiliitarieiiflic cuts, nnd .o nuini of Defrt. Colltf Die. 22. 1S35. mALES of iho PEERAGE nnd the X PEASANTRY Edncd by Lady Dcr'. 2 voltim'-. For -nl.. hy pt 25 Smith & II tr.nt i FOR SALE. T HUE I'm- h t i" iiaiim ol 'li E Hi ni(!f I'oic- li coiiniri' lor y nr-i' ol omul viilnublf la'ol. Iih- oi il n la two noiv H oi-,' iuii "noil Inrii-.. n row Iioii, a 'mm ii'iii-H, nnil niht-r out lutiii-t. both necessary and convi-ni'Mii. Tin- pl'ic is well calculated for a Invi-ro -mod d .mi led nn the imiiu road from Burlingi . n i . K n Williston and about two iinh-s tr, m iln College. The locality and situation "I the place, render it a desirable stand for any one who may wish to purchase. The terms shall be made known by callins on the subscriber, WILLIAM WHITE. Burlington, Jan. 8ih. '36. Blankets. 1001 Plain and doublo milled Blankets for ttln by IIALt.ScSTEARA'S. it uimsrT Pew. pleasantly Situated in iho Kpiscopal l Church, Knq. of II. W. Poiwin U Co. WANTED 10,000 Whlto Oak Staves. 5000 A6h ,l0' Apply to, Hickok & Cri.t. Jan. 7. CLOVER SEED. 3000 lb Clover Seed fur sale liy J II II. 7. HtPKOK & Catmm. For Sale. J or 3 Single Sleighs, by Morse & Low OWRT. Painters of Sleighs. fiic. V. St. Jan 7. dash! Cash! WE wish you; if you owe us, to call fit will immediately. We want Mo ney and must have it. pAMIDOItM & BntMMAID. January 7 4 TKINSON S DKPILITORY for ro V moving limr trout tin! lace, neck nnd arms of 1. allies, without injury to the skin Atkinson's Curling Fluid, winch will keep lhu hair in curl whilst daircmg or in damp weather. Imperial Dye for changing hair In brown or black. Oils and oilier prepc-ration-". In miik the hair grow on bald In nil-: lo produce eye brows anil whiskers. Milk nl Roues fur removing frerkles and mo. ami i" t r i vent ilic fare from being iin.gli. For rile at I ho Variety S n. by P ano" n n Si Bhis-maid Tank Stock For Sale. rriWENTY SHARKS of ih-Capital JL Slock of ihf li ink of Burlington, be innging iii ihf i'MbIc of ihf liiie Na'I.Bniel Newel will b.i i old nl public aucllun, at II .wiiril'- II I. on Monihiv lh" 4th day ol Jnouaiv in M. a' 2 "'eh ek P. M. " KZI! MBECII. Administrator, S -Iliniii-. I) c. 10 li tl!35 Window Glass. II x- - (! ;.-- 3 qunhliea to wit: Ift I. .ike Dunmoro Sod Sulibury 3d Arqle. Various lze, manufactured at Salisbury Vt. jiiht received hv T'F. & W.L. STRONG, nurlliifiton Dec IGHi IH35. TOBACCO 4- SNUFF. LtMllLLARD'S Mucaboy and Scotch Snuff, do Chewing and Smoking To baccu at Factory Pries. T. F. &. V. L. STRONG. Iron, Nails, Steel. ftjfh TONS, manufaeturcd Iron con vtisling of a complete assortment of Round and Square, uanu and Hoop, Shoe Shapes, &c. 20 Tons Foreign Iron, such as English lire, all sizes, Swecdcs, Russia, Old and New Sable, Russia nail Rods, 15 r quins Rods. 500 Sells waggon, cart, carriage Si coach Boxes. Ilullow ware, of every do- crip! inn. 10,000 Pounds German. Spring Swccds. Cast and Engln-h blistered Steel, 50 Tom Cut Nail-i assorted from 3 to 60. Pota-h and Cauldron Ketteles, Cast Iron Ploughs, Brass Kettles &c. etc. which make a complete abjorlment of Ironmongery a nd which will be sold on as favorable terms as can bo obtained at any estab lishment in the Siale. Dec. 16. 1835. T. F. tiV. L. STRONG. FRESH GOODS. rTALL k. STIIABNS, have just returned X"J from New York with a Fresh supply of Winter Goods, which they will sell low fur cash, as they were recently purchased at re duced prices". Wo invite purchasers lo call and examine our extensive assortment of Fashionable, Dry Coods; consisting in pari of French Marcuos, plain and figured Cir- casnans, uomoazeiis, a large assorimeni oi Dark Prints; plain fiiurrd, and plain Silks of all colors and qualities, plain and figured Sal. !, - ,,.. Prnnpli Ititinhaziiin. hoplc rtnaver. &. red Gi,.vc t ajiC(, imcli Gloves, mareno and col- ton Hosiery, black and red Mareno Shawls, chally and imitation Shawls and Handkcr chiefs, lu dot a Satin, Lutestring and Gauge Ribbons, silk Velvets, bonihazine and satin Stocks. An assoitmcnt of Cloths Cassimers and Vcstiugs, 6, 1)8, 1-4 linen Diapers 4 1.4 Irnh Linens, coloured lanihrics. I, ace and Kugins Ladies down sleeves, cotton Wadding, Wicking otc. Church si. Dec. 21. 1835. Lint Seed Oil, For sale by T. F Si W. L, STRONG. Dec. 10. in35. Groceries. GO Chr-t-. Ilv-iin. Ilti-on Skin, Young Hjmm nod Souchong Tfos Suo-ir.j, Spies, T bjeen, Rce, Molu-ees. L nuois, Willi's, Herrings Rwi.-iiis. Stnrch. Iml go, Sal-teratus limger, dried. Currants, Almonds, Fiib'-rts. Biazill nulf. elc. etc, For solo cheap, hv T. F. Se JF. L. STOA'G Doc. IC, 1B35. NOTICE nnilE Levees and debtors of the town H I Iti,, ,i.,n will lib not co Hat their "' permanent rel et, until n ey uau maue . . i ..i.. ol Jaoii.iry io-xt. I'oocloal payinnnl is expec ted without linlher nol lie, NAT! I N . IIASWELL. Burlmetori. Dee. 17. IR35. Treasurer. Wauled. .4 LAD of about IHyears of age, who has il. been I in a stole (.ulficicutly lo he already . " . V. "... wt-ll n' qnsiolfd with bimui'i-K may hi.u a silu- 'V' L '. V : ' . g his mercantile .-donation, hy apj, ying 10 S. E. HOWARD. Burlington. Dtc. 17, 1835. Lvman &, Cole H, avo now n few doz, ol extra sea Ul. ter, Seal nnd imitation Fur Caps : fit also mens hair beal Uapa, large fizl-s. Asniall qoanlliy or spruce Burlington Di e 25. 11135 A N elegant assorlment of Diamond, Jot. XX. rearl, Panax, Emernld. Amethyst,! C'lrnnlian. Gold and olhrr w.. ii.jii.hi, uuiu uno iiiiirr iii c i- i i , HtnFfSEZ.'sf mjvtJS iusl ,cccWed ol Iho Variety hltop. Hno PINS. Pitnvottn & BaixsMitn. DISSOLUTION. THE Copartnership heretofore existing between the subscribers under the firm of II. SV. Potwin & Co. is this day dis solved by mutual Agreement. II. W. POTWIN. Jan. 7. '36. J. S. POTWIN. N. B. All notes and accounts due the late firm will be adjusted nt the old stand where the subscribers have commenced bn bincts under the firm of LATfinor&PoTWijr. GIDEON LATHROP II. W. POTWIN. JUST received, bv stage, some Watches, and very extra plated Spoons j also, silk Bont Lacings, and steel shoo Ornaments, All who wish for a good article of plated Spoons, can bo accommodated al iho Variety Shop, by I'ancborn St Bbinsmaid. NOTICE. THE s bsciibcr having closed his mercan tile business, requests all persons in debted to him on bool- to soltlo by the first of January, and all whoso notes are now duo lo pay them immediately. Those who neglect Hi i cull will nnd their nolcs and accounts witn an attorney for collection. Dec. 15. 1835. L. LOOMIS. ONE Case new patterned fur lined Shoes 1 ' Rob Rnv Shawls. Just re ceived by II. Dec. II. 11135 W. POTWIN CO. OIL. LAMP Oil ol a good quality for salo at HOWARDS. Dec 10. 1035. Worsted blond Lace. ALargt; quantity just rrreivpd at HOWARDS. Dec. 10. 1835. TO 2 ons of white western Plaster. ground and in bulk. 30 Pons ol Novafcntia do in Bulk, For sale cheap lor cash, by FOLLETT & BRADLEYS. Dec. D. IH35. Farmers can supply themselves by find ing their own caks, which will bca saving of $2 per ten. December 11, 1835. RECEIVED a new supply of Fancy Goods, filch as, Embroidered Thibet, Cai-hincre and cbally Shnwls; Splendid Figured Bonnet'. Satlins; Brown and Ma roon cold French Merinos; Merino Shawls; Salisbury Flannels; India Rubber Aprtns; Merino Trimmings; Bonnett nnd Cap Rib buns, by LEMUEL CURTIS. Rurlinglun, LUTHER LOOMIS has just received and offers for sale at his store in K-sex, a large assortment of G O O D S. Those wishing lo purchase may save both time and money by giving him a coll, ns the goods will be sold uncommonly Cheap November 4, 1835. Champlain Transportation Co. The stockholders of the Champlain Trans portation Company aro hereby notified, that ine annual meeting Tor the purposo ol choos. ing Diicctois for iho ensuing yesr, will be holdon al Iho Motel of John Howard in linr linclon.on Thursday Iho 7ih January A. D. 1836, at ono o'clock I. M. By ordor oT iho Directors, P. DOOLITTLE, Clerk. Burlington 211 Dec. 1835. rTVE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII Bv the author of Pclhani, Eucrenc Ar"m, England and the English, etc. For "al. tv Smith Si HAnniNGTON. CORN BROOMS, iuet left for sale at IIOIFAltD S. 35. Nov. 17. THE highest price in Uush will be paid for Sheep's Pells, by W. R. VILAS. Pearl ft., Burlington, ) S"nt. 11. IR35. !.,(-,.;., im HIM IUIIL iiiiuiiiiaiiuii ; to rERsoNS Airi.lcTEn with the vollowinu complaints, SCROFULA, s c i) a v i: y. Leprosy Festering Eiuptions, Sail Rheum Pimpled l aces Sura F.ycs Sore Legs, Scald Heads Ulcers Venereal Taints, when mere, has failed St. Anthony's Fire, Fev. Sorcs.oven when (he bones are affected While Swellings Violent Eruptions af ter meazles and all disorders arisinir from an impure slate oflhe Blood and Humors aio assured that DR. RELFE'S BOTANICAL DROPS continue unrivalled for the Prevention, Relief and Cuie of Uipso complaints. In proof of which read tho following : CP Remarkable cure of a case of 12 yean innrfi'inr. Extract of a Idler. Sir "My leg which before did not look hko a human limb, is now entirely healed up, (afler resisting uvcrv oilier application lor 12 years!) Pro i ion" lo taking your llelle s Uolamcal Drops, i i. ...i ......... .... .,n i,o r ,iir , ,. ,,,,,, U.. .Inoth-r Case. An agent writes--"'! Here in ncrsnn takinir l ie iiotamca Urons. ovi- dculiv Willi the "realcst advantage." He de. claics, to use his own words, "It is doing wonders for him," and, as it woro, 'suulchlug him from tho crave.' Numerous instances have occurred where persons we-e pininr away a miseranic exist- use oi t in auovo mva uaii o Mcaicine. so the best spring and autumnal 3 $ I. or 6 bolllcs ror five dollars, urines' urn rnv for I IIVJ RID Ul. physic. I'riro rm nn it ir,'tKtk iu , Ik ifci iSi ik iiA iitk W One oflhe most thoroui'h teincdins known ( It hnB more perfectly answered the purpose for which is intended man any oilier now in common "" immediate and permanent re. '''. ul Trc-m the disorder itself, and in ,', ,, 0raf , oinJ vertigo, htadach, loss of appetite,intiigetlion, and oilier marlis ol debility. ETl'nceil lor both articles uinimem k Electury or 50 cents tthen but one only is wanted. For Comforters. JUST Received at Howards 15001b. 4" Common Collon Balling. Good Ec. 7lh. 1135. GAPS. -w-i.,-i rii,. .. .i n ... .. t e a vl.i r-fcrj bc ' ,k,n Co,,8, al Pijmnon.VAnrirvci.srn PSJvonoR.YSt iin.v.5..jrn. lire. 36. uina. CIIK-iMICALE.H HUOCATION. WHIT WELL'S Truo ond -Original OPODELDOC Teste of the only true kind nrc : 1st See thai the certificate of the late Dr. Mitchell, LL. 1). of the city of Now York, ih on the inside direction paper. 2d That my name is ttamped on the bottle. 3d That tlie retail price is notices than 37 cents a bottle, all others arc but base fabrication. The above mny bo considered as infalli ble, in bruizes, sprains, rheumatism, stings of insects, vegetable poisons, cramp, etc. &c. &c. In a word, in ull cmca uf external injury. The public have been frequently most grossly imposed upon by spurious imitations of this composition. They aro made by various persons in their own names, nnd by pedlars scattered nil over tho country, They hove nothing but their cheapness to recommend them, being as useless as so much colored spirit, and so long ns they arc purchased they will continue to be manu factured. Il is the public therefore who ore to blame, and not the makers and should this stnto of things continue, the best medicine in tho world will be in the situation of a first roto bank, whoecnotes arc cine and all refused in consequence ol tho great number of its counterfeits. If tho first article had not become celebrated, there would have been no imitations. In dependant of this, thero is a constant rival ship among the host of imitators, each stri viug to undermine tho other. Tho worst and cheapest materials have been necessa rily employed, until ihey have nothing but the name left to recommend. Tho original article un the contrary, has never varied cither in quality or price, and is and ever has been in every respect, quito a different article from any of the imitations. To Consumert, The Irue article is the cheapest in the. end. Remember that tho' prudence may be a desirable virtue, yet that tho saving ofa few cents in a phial of medicine is but n pitiful economy, and may lead to wnrso consequences than the loss of money, therefore .'or your own interest and comfort, purchase not a binglc bottle in future, which has nut the tests above de scribed. To Country Traders. Dealers in medi cino will find more profit on the alcs than on nny of the imitations, besides having the satisfaction of selling to their customers the genuine article. Sold by all the principal druggists in the U. S. who also keep for sole tho VOLA TILE AROMATIC SXUFF. for many years celebrated in cases or' catarrh, head" ache, dizziness, dimness of eyesight, drow siness lowncss of spirits.liypochundria, tier vous weakness, &c. It is most fragrant and grateful to tho smell, being composed principally from roots nnd aromatic herbs. It is absolutely necessary fur those who watch with or visit the sick, being on ex cellent prevention of contagion Recom mended by Dr. Waterhouse, late Prof, nl the llmory and practice of Physic in Har vard University. Sold in Burlington by J. J. II. PECK, St Co. l'r'uc 50 rls. cV i!5 rh. march 7-1 v Consumption. DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, havo, Oom.lheir extraordinary enures iii giving instant relief, and in curing colds, coughs, asthmas, difficulty of breathing, whee ling, tightness of the chest, pain in Hie side, spillidg of blood, chills and shivcrings that prcccdo fevers and lung complaints gcncially ! becomo ono of the most popular uiedicidcs known, and are sought after from every part of the country, on account of the astonishing cucccss thai hasatlcdded their administration in llie abovo complaints, frequently curing the most obstinate cases, and giving the moil unexpected relief, after every other remedy had faicd, and persons had given themselves up in despair of a cure ! They have been known to cure persons supposed to be far gone in consumption, and exhibiting all the appcaranco of approacning dissolution. And such have been the salutary effects ef ihese Pills, even in hopeless cases, as bo far to miti gate tho sufferings of tho dalicnt, as evidently to prolong life for oven days and weeks, and give to it a posuivo comiori mcy never ex pected lo enjoy. J no operation ol Iho pills is wonderful in casing respiration, quieting Iho cough, and procuring comfortable resl. Common cclds are tciqucutly removed in a few hours. D'Although (save a person speaking of these pills) my wilu lias tried various nicui. cincs of the first celebrity for an asthmatic diiuculty or auection ol tho lungs, which ut times was exceedingly oisiressinc, conhtnnir ner to her house for days ond weeks iogolhcr, tho finds nothing Rives her the relief tchich Rclfe s Asthmatic I'tlls do ! caking her :cspi lion, puictins her cough, and niving her comfortable rest." And tcis is the testimony of hundreds or thousands. The relief which aged people, as woll as others, experience from tho ut-o ol these pills is truly astonishing, and renders tboin invaluablo to many, and aro in fact lo soma an essential euxiliary lo their commit and almost to their existence ! A :;,... :p.m. .1.. n.,.,:.i, ""- f .-i-.v.-, .... Sw him, lie "c"'"" " --" had reason to bclicva tho uso ofthese pills had been iho means of saving his life. Prico whole box. 30 pills $1 ; Halt do. r.'pUJsSU cts. .TIMFKIES' EVE WATER, ' i,,p ,nm nr inrlfimerl eves. Nnlhinir im-cs such iinmodiato and comfortable rcliof. On cycs 10 cfTect is most salutary. :t.:, i... i,. r .i.5. - . "'2. and in some exceedingly bad cases, tho j most unexpected and desirable relief has been . found in tho use of tins Eyo Water after every other remedy had failed, Persons who have used it nronounce it without hesitation the rireaaralion for these complaints they have ...nt .villi Prtf.n 1. rnnl, n ltnllln. C ill1 ji. - mt-it, mr A ir, tt" faXJJ T JyJW Tf AJTi. "lOM BS, cli'gant patterns -, silver Head 1 Band- Table. Tea. Dcsarl. Cream , ' 'n1, S'pnoTe; Mustard, Sail, Saup and Coffee SPOONS, plain U claw Sugar Tongs : Butter AniifJ Pickle Firks, Iruit nnd pucket fruit Knives, some ttiih silver and pearl handles ; silver Nursiii2 Tubes. Coffin Plates , Letter Seals, SnbfT Boxes, Vignetlf, Planursand brooches j silver top bolllcs nt smelling balls ; silver toulh picks ; and numernui other articles in their line, lor sale at the Varioty Shop, bv PANGBORN Si BR1NS.M AID. j"uo. i. Sihertmilh Corn Brooms For sale bv HALL V STEARNS DfC.2, WHS. DISSOLUTION THE Copartnership existing under the firm of Haix & Stkahnii, is this day Dissolved by mutual Cuneent. Persons having demands against the said firm are requested lo present them for Payment.- And nil Persons indebted lo said firm will make payment to Peter Hall, without de lay, wiio is fully authorized tn settle) thu Same. J P ktku Ham.. I II. Stearns. Burlington Dec. 30. 1035. WE the Eubscribern, having been ap pointed by the Honorable tho Pro bate Court for tho District uf Chittenden, commissioners tn receive, examine and ad just the clarnaiu and demand of a'l persona against the estate of Jonas Brooks, late of Claramont, Sulivan Cuunty, Stale of New Hampshire, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and nix months from the day of the dato hereof, being sllowed by said Court for thai purpose, v e do there fore hereby give notice, that wo will tt tend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Thompson Beaches, in Weslford, in said District, on Ilia third Wednesday of April and on the third Wed nesday of May next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., : on each of said days. , Dated, this 20 day of November, A. D. I I 135. DANrtn-iu, Azanaii Ler, t G"ommiionr - Alfred Day's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, District of Chittenden s?. s T7ie Hon. the Probate Court within and, for the Dislritl of Chittenden, to all per sons concerned in the estate of Alfred Day late of Burlington in said District deceased. Whereas the Administrator on the estate of said deceased, proposes to render an ac count of his administration and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Piobalc, lo bo holdcd nt E. Chittenden's Hotel in Williston on the first Monday of January next, and also said aclmistrator will then and thero make application far an cxten sion of the term, for settling said estate, ono year from tho day uf Dec. inst. Therefore you aro hereby notified to appear before said Court at tho timo and place afors said, and show causo if any you have, why the account aforesaid, should not bo allowed and why said time of settlement of said es tate should nol be extended. Given under my hand at Willislr n this 19th day of December lt!35. GEO. B. MANSER, Reenter, Cure for the TCH, HOWEVER inveterate in ono hour's ap. plication, and no danger of taking cold, by using Dumfries Itch Ointment. This pre paration, for pleasantness, safety, expedition, case and certainty, stands unrivalled for the euro of this troublesomo complaint. Il is so rapid as well ascertain in its operation) as to euro this disagiccablo disorder most effectually in one hour's application only. It does not contain the least particle of mercury or other dangerous ingredient, and may be applied with perfect safety by pregnant women or to children al the orcast. i'nee LSiJ cents a box, with ample dircclious. Dlt. Rkm k's ANI-HIMOUS riLT.S. For indigestion, loss of appetite, listless ncss, G'oitivcncss, Flatulence, Cholic, Bilious affections, fic. To comment on tho efficacy of these Tills after n succetkful experience of many years in England and America has established their reputation, is needless : Suf- fiico it to obscrvo that for redundancy uf bile, flatulence, coslivcncss, headache, they will undoubtedly 'prove far moro service able than those drastic purges too frequently employed, and will not only tend al the samo lo romovo tho offending" cause by gentle motions and strengthen llie digestive organs but improve the appctito and renovate the system. Price 50 cents. CI A.uiuci.vrt Tuu'rii-Aujit; i-ills Tho relief is immediate, without Iho least iniury lo the teeth. Price 50 cents a box. r, KKi.rrcs v lAi I. Ta HLf. Sl'EUIr'lt;, M-f Tor sick headache, Ac. Price 50 cents. Uj'Nonc ate genuine unless Biirned T KIDDER, on the wrapper, (sole proprietor anil succ(ssor lo ur Uonwav,) uy whom they are lor salo, at his Counting Room, No. 09, Court strt. lioston, and bv appoint moot, by J.& "j. H. PECK fz Co. Jeremiah French's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT ) District of Chittenden, ss S The Hon Hit Probate Court tcithin and for said Distriit. to all persons concerned in the estate of Jeremiah French late of It illiston in saw District deceased: WJheten ihc Admiui'lratrix of said do T ceased, proposes to render an account of her Administration and present tier account azainst said cstaln for examination, and ol. lotvanco al a session of said Court lo be holden nt E. Chitlcndcn'H Hotel, in Williston, on the Third Monday of January next. Therefore you aio hereby notified to appear beforo said Courl at the lime and place afore said, and show cuuso if you have any, why Ihc account atoiesaid, should nol ue allowec. Dated at Williston this 2d day of Decern' ber, 1835. OEO. H. MANSER, R'g. Probate. Wit "UXCS pSnT Jcrico Window Glass, Bedford, Saranac, and Crown Glass. J. fit J. II. PECK Si CO. 100 d. Dec. 9. '35. FLiOUK. w ESTERN and 7Voy I'lour t-onstanlly on hand, by J & J II PECK t: Co Nathaniel Knight's Estate. 1 STATE OF VERMONT, District of Chittenden. S 7Vie Hon. the Probate Court xcithin and for the tlisriil of Chittenden, To all persons concerned in the alate of Nath'l Knight, late of Hinedmrg m said district deieased WHEREAS the Administratrix on ih eMHie uf said deceased proposes lo render an account of her administration and present her account aguiusl said estate lor examination anu allowance ui a ses sion nf thn court ol probate In be holdon at IJ. Chittendon'rt Hotel, on the third Monday of December next. Therefore you are hereby notified to ap pear before said court al the tunc and placu ,.ri,rntuid. and shew any yon hava, why llie arcount aforesaid shuuld nol be ailnwud, Given under my hand al Willia- ion, thi "3d davnl Novrmc-cr, ium I D. FRENCH, Rrgnttr. London intinufuctiirod Funu CJlinr.niA squirrel tail Boas, Black Lynx do Grey squirrel Capes, Black Lynx do Brown Martin do Kwnnsdown and fur Cufft Russia Creamer t Men's Fur lined Beaver Olovea, Ladies' do do Just received and for snlo by Dec. 10. IIICKOKL CATUtf. Canada Dags. 50O Canada Bags for sale by UICKOKSi CATLUt. Dec. 10, 1835. FRUTTT&cii Ttl (IrTVfTW boxes bunch Raiiinn, ilk5 20 kg, Malaga do 10 Frails Almonds, l do Brazil Nut, 5 do Filberts, 30 do Figs, 30 boxes Pipes, b do' prepared Cooot 5 du Chocolat SO do Starch th do Soap SO do Candles 5 do do sperm iO do Herring SOOO lbs. assorted Confectionary, Genoa Citron, English Currants, h. Dec. 9, '35. J. & J. H. PECK St. Ca. PAINTS & OIL. FIVE tons d ty While Lead, 2 do ground in oil. French Yellow, Venetian R,t Mpanish Brown, Whiting) Ulueand Sand Pprr 10 hlids. winter strained Sperm Oil. 10 bbts. Linseed Oil, 10 " Spirits Turpenlins Dec. 9. '35. J. Sc J. H. PECK. frOg NAILS $ IKON. 1000 kegs Nails, assnited 150 do Brads do 20 do Wrought Nails, d 3 Ions Band Iron, from I J. to 4 !t 15 do Round do. j to 3 in. C do tquaro do. to 2k ia. 5 do scroll do. 6 do Ilorso shoo do 3 do Peru do. Foreign Iron, 10 tons English Iron, assort! 5 do Swedes do. 3 do N. Sablo Russia do. 4 do Old do do da 5 do Russia Nail Rods 150 pairs Cutler and sleigh Show 2000 lbs. assorted cast steal, 1000 lbs. German do 3000 lbs, Swedes do 1000 lbs. English Blister do 4000 lbs. spring do 100 doz. Hoise Hasps. Dec. 9. J. & J. H. PECK A CO. Teas, Sugars, Rice, &c. ES? chests Hysonskin, ti Young Hvson, and Hyson Teas, Si barrels St. Croix, Portorico, and N. Orleans Sugars 10 do Lump and Loaf io 5 tierces Rice, 6 da gilnmllli, SO bbds. Mulasset 150 Malts Cassia 2 bbls. Cloves. 1 case Cassia Buds, 15 kegs pure Cinger. 10 bagM Pepper, 10 do Pimento, 25 do Rio. St. Domingo and Java Coffees. Dec. 9. '35 J. Si J. II. PECK & Co. GROCERIES. ICN'BTTK BRAND 7, Doll. Swan. Gin, s St. Croix Rum. 15 bbls. American Brandy, 15 " do Gin. 10 " Marseilles Madeira Wina, 5 " MalBga do Sicily, Madeira, pale &. brown Sherry. Old Port and Madeira Wines. Dec 9, '35 J. Si J. II. PECK Si Co. Lorillard's SnulF&, Tobacco. XO barrels Maccubny, - " Scutch, SO Chewing Tobacco, 25 " Smoking do. Dec. 9. J. & J. II. PECK Si CO. Agent. HAS now received the whole of hit l-'all stock of Goods, tad rc-queata all purchasers tucall and examine a very xtenstve slock of PANOV tt STAFFS The following list comprise, a fe tt tkt leading articles ; Black, green, invisible do. salmon, crim son and marroou col'd French JUirinai, printed CircrtTJo.n--plain do. itfall col or's black, blue, urren, brown, pink, puraU and scarlet Silk VELVETS Cro de Na . Gro du Rhine, Poult do Smo uud Italian SILKS, of all colors nnd qualities tlit 1 mot extensive a-surtmcnl of rich dark ' PRINTS he has ever offered, from 1 1 la 38 cts 4, 5 and 6-1 white bub'l LACES. Quilling and Edging do. men's supanor Beaver, ivut. Buck .v. Worsted ui.urt:a. Ladies' Gloves of evury description 6, 7, 8. Sl 10-4 white, red and black Mei iito SHAWLS rich rmbr. Chally, Thibet, heavy Herii.ini, Gru du Nap, Si silk rauelio Dress HDICFS.XTai usual, tho most extensive stock of bonnet, cap. lustring, sattin, gnuz" and tafTeta R1BBONS datnask, brn. Iit.en cotton and woralei! TABLE COVERS hlk, blur-, my. Crreti steel mixt, olive, ad'aide and claret BRO. CLOTHSsup. Buckskin, imr erial cjirds, plain and London mixt C'iijsimfrtJdoiiicp. lie Cottons, Blenched fit brown do.--whitt, green and ecarlet FLANNELS ; Batting and Wadding i gontshair, imitation, eomuini CAMLETS ; superfine and com Bion Irish Linens ; linen cumb. and ik Hdkfs, j worsted, merino, & cotton Hose ; Russia Diapers and Towellings ; glaij Cambrics and Moolins, of all colon. Burlinglo'i, Oit. 13, 18:15. rrChurr'h tt. oppn. Pangbnrn A'Brinsmtfa r

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