Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 22, 1836, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 22, 1836 Page 4
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rest IN HEAVEN. fc'huldd sonoiv o'er lliy brow lis tl,n kcneil tludous Hiiir, And hopes rliccr lliee how. Die in ilicir caily pprins; Should plc.inirc Ml itsbiilh I'iuIi- like llic lines of ee, '1'iirii llioii away fmm earth, There's lestfor ibec In llc.ic.i. If nci life shall seem 'J'o thro it loilfome way, Anil gladness cense lo Upon its clomlcil day ; If like llic wen i led time, O'er slioiclcs dritcii, Itaio limn lliinc" rj c nboc, There's lest for llico llc.nen. Ilnl Oil ! if ilintiglillrn tinners Tlumighmu lliy p.nliwaj bloom, And sully fleet lho linum Unstiimrd liy rmilily p. loom ; Slill let not cw iv thought To this mor uuild he gitcn, Not nlnays lie fill ROI 'J'liy better I est in Ilcntcii. When sickness p.ile t lty cheek Anil ihinj ihy htsiinus rye, And pulscsjow mill weak, Tell ofnlliine lo ilio : Saci-i hope fit. ill whisper ihrn "Though limn finm r.mli be iicn, "'I here's bliss hrtoml lliy ken, ' There's lest lor litre in llr.ien," Anecpotk. Tito following oncci!otc, though very ol. I is yet quite foo(lt nnd we arc not nvviui; that 'll tins ever been pub lhct). A clcrgymnti who had considers lilu ufn (arm, as wn? generally I lie cose in our forefathers' dnvs, wont out Id see one of his laborers, who was ploughing in the field, and found him silting upon his plutigli, nnd resting his (com. 'John, 'said lic'would it not be a good plnn fur ymi to liave n stub-scythe here nnd be hubbing n few bushes while 1 1 to exen are rcstine ?' John mndc no reply, bill with a countenance which might well become, the divine him self, instantly returned Would it not bo well ei r, for you to li.ive a swingling board up in the pulpit, and when they arc ringing to swingle a litlle (lax? The Reverend turned on his heels nod raid no tnnro about hubbing bushes. Northampton Gazette. A PnonAni.F. Cse. A lawyer once in addressing the chancellor, found it neces sary lo illustrate his argument by suppos ing a case. Suppose," said "tho lawyer, 'your honor should pick my pocket." "Not a supposablo can'," replied the chancellor, fidgetling on his seat, "not a supposablo case, sir." '-I beg pardon," rclurnod the attorney. "Wo ill alter the rase; sup pose I pick your pocket, sir." "Ay, ny," replied his honor, ' quite a probable case quite probable--proceed, sir." A Lucky Clue. Of ull the instances we havo heard nl persons attaining wraith by lucky accident, none equals tho follow ing : A poor aged woman, who had long earned her livelihood by knitting, one day coming to the end of her worsted half, found it to bo wound on a piece of an old newspopcr, which flie had the ruriosity to read: when lo hur n-lonishmcnl and de light, she discovered it to contain an ad vertisement respecting herself as the heir ofa lorge properly. A poser of an argument Tho people ol" Camuray, France, when called upon to im prove the cross road-, refused, saying their fathers before them had done without them. Coak tint necessary for smelting Iron. It will be unnecessary for our iron masters to (rouble themselves about coak, if it is title that the late English mode of introducing a stream of hcotcd nir into the furnace, rcn dors rough pit coal as good fuel as can bo used. Russian metrit. Total amount of gold produced in Rus-in in l!!35, 10,509 lbs.; of plalina, a metal of the Russian mountain.-, 4145 lbs. A Natural Curiosity. A sheep in the possession of Thomas W. Short, Esq. (if Cambridgcport, has two pair of horns. Iv toutant to Aliens. It is notgenrr oily known that at the last session of ihe legislature of this Slate, an act was pas j f.u 10 uuauiu resident iiiiciih to uoiu ano convey real estate, without restriction as to location or extent. It is to continue in force for five years only. Ulica Observer. We learn from Ihe Naval Chroniclo that the command of the Exploring Expedition lias been tendered to Captain Tiios. Ap Catesby Joists, nml ncreptcd. The Mac edonian, now repairing ut Norfolk will bo lho principal vessel in ihe service. Snuff & Tobacco. Lorrillard's IWnccaboy SnufF, in bbls. kegs nnd Jars. Do Scotch. Do Bladders. Do fine cut and sinuking 'IV buccn, by the Mil. or doz. at tnanufuctur crs' prices. T. F. Sz W. T.. STRONG. June 23. Liverpool Blown Salt. OH SACKS, just received by T. F. St W. L, STRONG. June 14, 1C30. KHUN & EVANS HAVE just received from Now York, their spring tupply of good, nom prising a choico selection ol CLOTHS, cassimeres, VE.yrNas, trm- MINGS, SfC. which with their former stock, makes their assortment the best thov have ever ufiurcd. And nolwithstand ing Ihe present unparalleled high prices ol goods in market, our arrangements are such that we shall sli'l be enabled to furnish our customers with very superior articles ai h small advauco from former prices for prompt pay. We will lake tho present occasion also, to correct an erroneous impression, thai wo sell only to. those who employ us lo inako their garments. This is entirely a mistake. Much as it might gratify us to do our friends justice in mfil, as well as tho fabric, we shall nevertheless bo equally happy to furnish the materials for ihii.c wno may una k muro cunveuicni to employ other mechanics. Uurtinghn, May 12, 1330. The Varktn Shon. At liurlington, Vermont,' West side Chutch Street. i it P. Imvo tprnlvnd Inrrc additions to our VV Slook of GOLD ami SILVER Watches, Chains, Keys, Pencils, Pins, ear Rings, Clocks, plated Ware. Uritlonia, Castors, brass nnd plated Candlesticks. Snuffers and Trnvs ; plated knob Lamps ; small go lo bed Lamps, lamp Wicks and GlasscV, baskets, bags anil purses, iiiiuu ry goods, perfumery, hair oil, shaving soans. razors, lather brushes, pots, etc, fine razor straps, fine cutlery, pen makers tin elegant assortment of fashionable slocks ...II... ..,.1 l.nsmne nrrnrdrons. mUSIC UOX r. unnll (irrrnns, nnd all kinds of musical instruments : hair,.tooth nnd all kinds ol brushes, veiling cards and casrs, a great vnriflv of sizes mid colors; backgammon hoards, cliesuipn, playing cards, quills, sil ver and Etcel pens i steel brass .vood and lehnno busks, norrow whalebones, slay and boot lacings ol colton and silk, India robber suspenders, patent and common elastics, thimbles, needles ond pins, ther mometers, tosewood dressing cases, work boxes, portable desks, dressing cases for travellers, manifold writers, matches, pocket tmdor boxes, dressing room mirrors, pocket and French mirrors, merchants' Tags, paints, brushes, pencils and all articles in that line; pictures, varnish and whilcwood boxes, baskets &c. for transferring, fine engravings and prints for framing, &c; miniature cases nnd sittings, pWtots largo nml small low and high priced, dirks and clasp knives, large and tmall telescopes or Spy Glasses,'; plaques of various patterns which arc rapidly superceding waist buck les, powder horns and flasks, shot bogs, table mnts, slates, canes and umbrcllos, to gelher wilh a very large and elegant col lection of fancy articles, some of which will bo more particularly enumerated nt some future time. To strangers visiting Bur lington we would jii6t say, that wo have an assortment, selected with great care, which blnnds, we believe, unrivalled in these ports; and ihose wishing forfino Watches, Jewelry, or liny Goods we sell, v ill save both time and money by calling at the Va riety Shop, where Watches nnd Clocks are cleaned and repaired ; silver Spoons are made nnd constantly kept for sale ; Brands and Stamps cut at short notice ; trunk and coffin Piatt s made when wanted. I'ANnnonN Si IJniNSMAtn. NOTICE To the inhabitants nj Burlington Sf Vuinily. rpIlE nnilersgncd has rented the store furiutrlv occupied bv Win. Wells, and the last year liy Divid Irish, where he is now receiving from IVew Vorli a general nortmcm ol" DRY GOODS. WET and DRY GtlOCERIES. CROCKERY, GLASS and HARD WARE, which he will sell for cash or most kinds of country produce us cheap as the cheapest, lie hikes this opportunity to thank the public for the gmirrtl support ho has rr. crivod (or lho short time ho has been in business, and ho hopes, by giving good bargains and navinir strict attention to business, still to rrreivotho same general support. SOLOMON WALKER. Hurlmgltm. .Vai Ml. lf)3G. iElna Insurance Company. RjIIE Mibscriber continues lo insuie all kind of rral and personal properly as agent or said Company, lo whom ap plication may at all times be made at his OUice in Burlington. lie established reputation of this C impany for stability, fairness and liberality in their dealings needs no further commendation. Wji. A. Gniswoi.u. Burlington, April C, 11130. 5ff5ffij boxes Chaniplain, V ,,urilt ntl( Jerieo Window Glass, 100 do Rodford, Saranac, and Crown Glass. Dec. . '35. J. &. .. II. PECK & CO IMPROVED Rotary Stoves, rilllE subscriber has just received from -L the Foundry of J. D. Ward, Ver genncs, No. and 3 Rotary Cooking Stoves & Trimmings ; Box do. Coldron Kettles, Ploughs, &C. &c. which aro offered for Bale for cash or ap proved credit. P. S. lie wishes to call the attention of the economical, to tho fuel and labor-saving properties of lho Rotary Stove, nnd its peculiar adaptation as n Summer Cooking Stove. By the use of the grate, a very small amount of fuel is required for tho culinary operations of any family j less by one half, il is believed, than is required by any oilier Stove in use. Its form and height is such that it admits of being pla ccd in lho firo places of ordinary kitchens, so that most of tho heal and cflluvia from il passes oir by the chimney. The saving of fuel effected by Hie Improved Rotnry, in one year, over that of almost any oilier Cooking Slove, is fully equal to its cost, besides lho superior facility and care wilh which the several culinary operations are performed with it. Also, Tea and Alarlin Kettles of various Mzys, cast expressly for thrn Slow. GEO. PETERSON. Rurlington, .March 21 , 1 830. Linseed Oil for Sale. TBI HE subscribers have on hand Linseed X Oil ol tho, best .quality and will be nt all limes happy lo supply Customers cither nt Ihcir storu on the west side of the Court house squire or at lho Oil mill at the Falls. IllCKOK & CaTLIN. Burlington, March 10, 1H3G. INDELLIBLE IHK FOR marking clothes: without n pre paration; il has been used by persons in this town for about threo years and doos not wash out. Perkin's Indclliblo Ink to be, used with u preparation, ond it is war ranted not to wash out, Williston's Indel ible Ink warranted to stand tnop and water. Perkins" Counting IIouso red and Black Ink; the beat in use. Indian Ink. at lho vnri. clySliot PAisanon.N & Dni.NSMAiu. Dye Stufls. j i- r nnf..J. rrrmind Camncnchv Lou- XOU ...nnd. too do do Nicarecua. 100 do do Fustic. SO do do camwood. 10 do An nurrilmn. 12l1il(ln lmrWOOd. SO do .1., Mflil.lnr OS iln fvinnnrna. 15 do allum 15 do.biuo vitriol. 25 carboys do oil. 2 lbs nrito . 2 i i cream tartar. uuiea nut galls. 5 coroons Indigo. Clothiers' brush cs, tent hooks, nnd press papers. J. & J. H. PECK & CO. Juno 10. Drugs and Medicines. LATIIROP & POTWIN have receiv ed their Snriutr simply of Genuine Drugs and Medicines ond are now ofTcring them lo the pnblic, nt wholesale or retail, on ihe most reasonable terms. June 3. Boston Rum. 20 lilids. pure Boston Rum. 50 per cent abovo proof, on consignment, and for sale by the hhd. hbl. or gallon. 7'. '. ci IV. L.. STRONG. Juno 23. Groceries 1fin CHESTS Ilvson t-kin nnd Young AVJV-' hyson Teas. '20 bags CnflV'. 10 do. Pimento. 10 do. l'.'p.-;r. 30 hhd. Boston N. E. Rum. 20 do rectified Whis key. 12 bbls. American Brandy nnd Gin. Signelt Brandy. Holland Gin. Pure St. Croix Rum, Wines, role nnu Urown Sherry. Pure Old Madcria. do do Port. rcnorilte. Canary. Aicily Maderin. r rench do and Malaga. 25 baskets Champaign of a superior brand. 15 cases Claret. 50 Uuintcls Cud l-'ish. 75 boxes Herring. 35 do Bar Soap. 20 do Starch. 30 do Pipes J. 6i J. H. I'-BUll . CU. June 1G. LINENS. 2 cases Irish Linens compris ing every quality from 37 1-2 jjl 25. 2 Bales Crash lor Towelling. 1 do. Russia Diapers, for sale by Lemuel Cuhtis h Co. Juno 23, 103G. Twist Combs HELL, Horn or Silver, at the Variety Shop I'AiNononN & Brinsmaid S Gentlemens' Summer Hats. A CASES Super lined and trimmed gen- llemcns' hats, 2 do. coarse leghorn. L. CURTIS & CO. June 3. FOR SALE. THE House and lot, on Pearl street, known as the Slorrs place. For crms. apply to U. MOORE. March 23, 1030. DOCT. WH1CHBR, FORMERLY from Dover, N. H. takes this opportunity to inform his friends and the public thai ho has opened a Botanic Injir muryai thu Oruun Mountain IIousn, in l'earl street, Hmlinglon, Vermont, where ho has lilted up rooms lor the accommodation of the sick and infirm, and will piactico in strict conformity lo the system of Doct. Samuel Thomson of Boston, who has now become so celebrated, nol only in the United Slates, but in Europe. "The Thomsonian System" has nol only received lho cnlirc approbation of all who have tried its merits, hut it has al re ceived tho unqualified approbation of many of the regular I'raclitioncrs. Uoct.W. would beg leavo to say lo Uratigcis, in regard lo his qualifications, thai he has spent three years diligently studying the principles of his pro fession, with Doct. Thomson and other dis tinguished practitioners that ho has visited all the Infirmaries in New England, and can con fidently offer himsull lo lho public as well qualified to administer to lho diseases of lho sick, so far as preparatory studies and tho best advantages for information, will onable him to do. Mrs. Whiclicr haviogbcen at great pains to acquire information in Botanic practice, and having had Iwo years experience in lho nro. fession wilh her husband, will take chargo of inn lemaia ucparimcm oi inc intirmary. Doct. W. in addition, would be? Icavo to report a number of cures performed undor his own Hand, h irst, llic euro orWilliam Walk er of Franklin, N. II., who was entirely curod of tho Rheumatism and Strangcry in their worst stages, in tho courso of twelve days, auor oaiumg mo suiii oi all mo learned doc tors in tho country. Second, the caso of Robert Salby, cured of a Daa eye, in uvo aays, auor Having been do prived of his sight for a very considerable iimo. Third, lho euro of Kidolia Elkios of North field, N.II. deprived of her reason seven years. was restored to il again after a treatment of eighteen days, and lo perfect bodily hoallh. Fourth, the euro of Adclino Ham, bad eyes for six yours, exceedingly sore entirely cured in fivo days. Fifth, lho euro of Martha Scrutin, swelled ncck.buiijicsed lo bo KingxEvit cured in five days. Sixth, Ihe euro of Mr Maro. Thi n, n caso of Astluna.which had continued one vear and was cured io four days. Seventh, lho euro of Sibil Wallon, wap a caso of Dyspepsia, Rheumatism and Crouji uuitiu ill viiu uuyh. Eight, lho cuio of Elmedia Oiiimln- m,n,l of Consumption, after having been givoti ovor uy uii uiu unciurs in loo piaco. Cure of Jacob Sawyer of Dover, N.H. cured of Dropsy and Fever Sores, scvonlcon years standing, m four weeks. Tho caso of Amelia Whichor, after twenty ycais sickness of Dropsy, Dvsnensia i,. ralelio shock, and of taking onium Bix vcars u,. fliiinJ It. lu.nI...L... J .vmd vuiwu . n..,jl UUJTS. Mr W. has had two hundred patients and has given belwocn four and fivo hundred courses for complaints of all doscriplions.with onliro success. Mr. V. is satisfied that hja modo of treatment lias all tho beneficial effects of a visit to lho springs-whilo it gives lho patient in many cases, an enormous oxponse. Mr W. would inform his friends that ,0 has on hand a comploto assortment of Botanic Medicines, from tho hand of Doct. Samuol I hoinsoii, 1 hat ho has also family rights and Doct Robmson's Billcrs forsalo. Mr W.acls as agcot for Doct. Samuel 1 homson oflloston. not Ilnninmir, ti of Concord, N. II. nor Jcsso Thompson of Mount Vernon C bar cs-slmri. rwi N B. Patienlsthould aliynv.i,A.'-i oflincn whcnlhcy put thcmsolvcs under his April ., 1630. Lint Seed Oil. 500 gallons of fresh quality, by T. F & W. L STRONG. June 10, 103G. 75 doz. Blanclmrd Scythes. 20 dozen Horris, do. on consignment, and for sale by Foi.lett St Bradley. Juno 24, 1830. (Iw Cotton Yarn. lbs. ot Uotton Yarn, as sorted numbers, from 5 to 10 of the Man Chester Manufacturing Company's make, by Ijemuel CoriTs tc Co. "Juno 24. Wines, &c. OLD Maduirn, Sicily, Madrid, Lisbon, old Sherry, Mcrsailcs. Madeira, sweet Malaga. Muscat and real old Chntnpaignc a choice H'nck. ALSO Brandy, Rum, Gin of 1st and 2 quality nl lowest prices, wholc-nlc nml rrtinl. T. f. 6t W. L. STUUJWi June 10, 1830. POWDER GO kegs Powder, assorted qual ities, nl iinnuloi'liir,r nuiv. T. F. Si If L STRONG. June IG 2000 lbs. double refined loaf Sugar, equal In quality lo the best English, for salo by FOLLETT St BRADLEYS. June 24, 1830. 4m Carpetings. r BALES sup. Ingrain and Venetian 0 do India matting for summnr car. pets; Oil cloth do. Wilton and Brussels rugs. .Bindings &c, just received by L.ATHKOI' 6t rUTWIN. June 10. NOTICE. THE subscribers have formed n copart nership in business, under the linn nf Lemuel Curtis Sf Co. at the old stand of Lemuel Curtis. LEMUEL CURTIS, CHARLES L. CURTIS. Burlington, 10A May, 1030. Lemuel Curtis & Co. ARE now opening their Spring and Summer Stock ot Goods, comprising a very large nnd extensive stock. The lollowing arc a few of the leading articles : Black Italian, do. Uro De Swiss, plain. fig'd and plaid Gro De Nap, Silks ; blk. and col'd Camlets; Pongees nndSynchcuns! French Muslins nnd Cambric Prints; Eng. and German Ginghams; book, mull, Swiss, cambric and Jaconett Muslins; Bishop Lawns, long Lawns, Bob land mole Laces; Erminctts, Princcttus, Bombazines; brown and stripe Drillings; blk. and mix'd list ings ; buck and tnattcwan Vrisus ; mole Skins nnd Fustians, Linnet) Shirtings: do. Sheetings ; birds eye Diapers ; 3 to 10-4 sewing Silk ; Hermcni and Ipsola Shawls; 5 to 12-4 Merino Shawls, blk. nnd red ; 3lo7-4 Thibet do. do.; Gro De Nap nnd oilier Hdkfs; a large stock of bonnet, cap and Faffelas Ribbons; foundation Muslins; book do.; common Linnings ; 1 case blue, scarlet and Green Moorcens ; 8 do. cheap Prints, from 8 lo 12 1-2 cents; Sic. Sic. Burlington. May 12, 1830. Botanic Infirmary. Burlinglon, Vt. OCT. BENJAMIN THOMPSON, foun der of the Concord Botanic Infirmary. feeling a deep interest in lho causo of suffut ing humanity, and, determined lo use his ut most exertions to complelo that reform in medical practice, which has already so glori ously commcoced, has opened an Infirmary in the Mansion House, on Builington square. Tho unparalleled soccess which has attend, ed his piactico in New Yoik, Boston and dm. cord, in which places he ha had several thou, sand patients under his care, (more, probably, than any other practitioner in the civilized world in tho same Iimo.) will lie a sufficient guaranty of lho confidenco of lho intelligent citizens of Vermont. Thoso who aro acquaint, cd with tho Thompsooian system of practice from personal knowledge, need no commend ation of ils truly wonderful virtues. "To such, (as says the" venerable Dr. Bonj. Walcr houso, for many years professor of Materia Medica in tho University of Cambridge) il is lho anchor of hope tho most invaluablo of earthly blessings." But with thoso who have never had an opportunity of witnessing ils health-preserving and restoring influences, it is Ihe part of common senso and discretion, candidly loexairiine its claims, and nol fas has loo often been tho ease condemn lho Bo tanic 1'hysiriati unseen and unhcaid. Dot l. Thomp.-on. although ho is unwilling lo assume mid defend lho inal.practii'c whirl) has rh iraetcried some of lho preli'iiili'd Thoiiipsiinian practitioners, seeks nut to hull himseirirom public scrutiny, but solicits iv.-.-and lair discussion, and a fair comparison ir tho Hiilanic wilh tho Mineral puieiiee. This course ho has always desired, anil h repeal. edly, in his former cnntiiiiinii'uttiiiis in lho public, challenged llin regular physicians in u comparison ol' lln iiht'Is of llmir ro.-peclivt systems. He who candidly enguge in lho investigation of thu syslcui.w ill liml n ihcory ol disease simple yet supported by sound reasoning its practice based upnn and in accordance with thai theory, simple yet cfiect. ual, and the success thai has attended it, wonderful boyond any thing which has pro. ceded il in the history of medicine. Tho Fcmalo Department of lho Infirmary is constantly under tho supcrintendanco of a femalo, who is competent to perform all lho duties assigned lo that doparlmcnt. 7Vrwu Threo dollars per week for board, and threo dollars for each course of mcdicino, and if only ono coursu nroves nceessarv. nnn dollar extra is charged. Wo accounts will bo opened. Payment must, in all cases, bo mado in advance. N. II. A general assortment of gonuino Botanic Medicine, for salo.torrathur with sev. oral works on tho Botanic System, which have noi ocioro uocn ottered lo tho public, for which Doct. Thompson and his brother in Boston, aro solo agents for lho principal part of tho New England Slates. Furlhor particulars hereafter. BENJAMIN THOMPSON, Botanic Phtiiciqn. May, 1830, Tobacco and Snuff. nc KEGS Plug Tobacco. 15 Boxes Cavendish do. 30 bbls Loriillnrd Chewing nnd Smnkinf Tobacco. 70 Jars Lorrillard Maccaboy Snuff. 5 bbls do Scotch do, for sale by J.&.J. rr. peck St Co. June 17 Winooski Patent Block Man ufacturing Company. rjIHE Directors of this Company res JL pcctl'ully inform their friends nnd the Marntimc public of the United Slates gen erally, that they have purchased the whole of the establishment formerly known as tho Livingston Patent Block Machinery, with nil the extension of the patent rights recently granted by Congress to Thomas Blanclmrd, Eq. thu original invonlnr and patentee, together wilh nil iln; late int. provements made and patented by Inm. Tliev have manufactured and now nffer for sale n largo slock nf machine mail", olid, riiiiiiiHin and bushed Ship's Taikle Rl'iik' from 5 to 9 inch'-, inn' innr.hitii' niH'l. Plunk Blmks. frmn 7 to 10 inches, ii" "" ' . h i"n on inii-oiiiiirc tonus. Tin". ,,.f nt'., mi the public I hat thov ftVf nude ntiiiiigiiniri's for removing Mo'ir riini'hiin rv from Now York lo the -ilfol n now mill wilh nn 80 horse power wnter wheel built cspres-ly to receive il, nt Burlinglon. Vt. in Ihe heart ofn conn try abounding with the finest nnd best of: limber for their purpose whence Ihev in tend sending to the New York market n large, constant, and regular supply of these and other articles in the Block making line, incy lurtiier add that it ;s their intention to increase the machinery so ns to meet the present nnd future demands nf the block-making trade and inaratime public throughout the Untied States. This Company has lately been incorpo rated by the Slate of Vormont with a laruo capital expressly for this purpose. A large discount will be allowed lo the trndc, nnd a liberal discount to ship chand leics nnd others. iCPOrdors addressed to William Serrell, superintendent at the company's office and store, No. 84 South street. N. York, will meet due attention. Burlington. 21st March, 1830. Paints and Oils. 1O 00O lbs. while Lead. 10 bbls Vcne. lian Red. 10 do American Yellow. 10 do French do. 15 do Spl's. Turpentine. 0 do uiuo, szuuu glls. sperm Oil winter and fall strained. 500 do Refined do. 15 Bbls Linseed Jo, by j. si j. rr. peck &. Co. June 10, 183G. THIS Snuff is supenor to any thing yet known for removing that troublesome disnncn. tlm Onlnrrh, and aleo, a Cold in the head, and the Headache. It opens and purges out all obstructions, strengthens the glands, and gives a free healthy action to the parts affected. It is perfectly free from any thing deleterious in its composition has a pleasant flavor, and its immediate ef fect, alter being used, is agreeable. Price 50 els per bottle. Dr. Marshall's Vegetable Mian Black PLAISTER. Tins Plaister is unrivalled for curing Scrofulous Swellings, Scurvy Sores, Lame Back, Fresh Wounds, Pains in Ihe Sides, Hips and Limbs; nml seldom fails to give relief in all local Rheumatisms ; it is equal if not superior to any Corn Plaster fur Coins on the feet. If applied to the Side it ill cure, manv ol the common l.irnr complaints, and if applied lo tho neck in reason win cure i lie liiinsy. 1 he virtues nf thu Plnisler have been witnessed by I housaiiiK of I he inoi.1 resiiprlnhh. irwliti.l. uals hi llmStutes of Vermont and New Ynrk, w ho have tested ils efficacy. Price io us per uox. imiiii; genuine unless sign ed by John Marshall, in his own hand writing, on the wrapper. ErSold Wholesale nnd Retail by the Proprietor, CHARLES BOWEN. Mid dlebury, Vt. ; also bv J. Si J. H. Peck Si Ao., II. W. Potwin S( Co., and Wood d Abbott. For thu euro of Colds, Asthmas, Whooping Cough, spitting nj Blond and Consumptions. 1 CF.I, AND . MOSS gtosph.nlifolly in the I laud of li-uland, from wheiiru it it- tl'il in all ihn hi!h ii 1 1 r I It i-r 1 1 Ijli-"d- - pi and ia. where ils Medicinal ipinl . i i.m ii..i n oiiLr known, and highly il- This plant eonlams a learger iiiiijiiiilinii of Vtiietable Mucilage than any oilier known substance, and in combination with it is a bitter principle which acts most beneficially in giving strength in cases ol'great weakness and debility of lho lungs. Tho knnwlcdgo of many of our most valoablo mcd. icines, for lho cure of diseases, havo been ob tained from observing their oiled on brulo animals;-so in tho case of this most invaluable Moss. Its virtues wcro first discovered by their cfi'ects on lho hardy, long-lived and sagacious Rain Deer, which derives lis prin cipal nurishincnt from tho Iceland Moss, and whoso milk becomos so highly imbued with. llsBalsomic virtues, that il is used with lho greatest confidence as a sovereign romcdy by tho inhabitants ofall thoso countries for tho euro ofall disoascs of tho breast and lungs. In France, this compound has long been known, and extensively used ; and lo its salutary effects as much as to tho f alubiily of tho climate, is probably owing tho very small number of fatal rrrtc of consumption in that country, compared wilh Groat Hritan and tho United States. This Syrup contains all lho medicinal vittucs oflho Moss in lho most concentrated form, and is prepared from thoongnal receipt from Paris, only bv. E. HUTCHINGS CO. Baltimore And nono is genuino unless il has their I'uc simile upon each hill ofdircclion also upon the. envelope, 0"and scaled with their seal. J. fc J. II. PECK k Co., wholesale agents- Take Notice. ALL persons who arc owing me by note or book account, will call nnd clots tl.c came and save cost immediately. LEMUEL CURTIS. June 3. Tin Plates, &c Tin Plates ; Russia, English and American sheet Iron ; iron Ware ; sheet nnd bolt Copper; shea Zinc; tind, nnd blk Rivets ; wire Vellum, etc. ALSO A full assortment of Tin Ware, at wholesale or relnil T. F. St IV L STRONG. June 23 Fine Summnr Mocks, The Vaiuktv Shop. JUST ripened six doz English hair cloth Stocks; silk and bri-tlc Slork-, whilo, striped, green and black, stripi-d blue, and macK siriprn nnd plmil striped thin summer Snicks: -mill' leaihiT bound at top nnd bot tom. These, with nor envered and trim mcd Stock-', make the best assortment wo 1 vithnd. Also slilclu d, corded nnd plain Cullnis and bo-urns. Plea-e call and look at Inm. Pamjburn & Brin-maiis. Jon- 24. LOOK! ONLY 2 I 2 cents per light for window sash where 50 windows nro sold, or 2 3-4 cents fur a less number ; warranted to be rqtinl if not superior lo any manufac tured by hand, fur sale by the subscriber, north side the Coutt-hottso Square. VVM. BLAKE. Burlinglon, May 10, 183G. Salt. 3600 bushels Turks Island Salt. 100 Bags Dairy do. by J. St J. II. PECK Se CO. June 24. LIGHTS. 2000 galls. Winter and Fall strained and refined Oil. 5 boxes sperm Candles. T. F. Sf W. L. STRONG. June 17, 183G. To Farmers. Scyths and Snaths, hay Forks, Rakes, Hoes, Shovels. Snades. cast iron nlonrtlu. wnnl Twine, &c. T. F. St W. L. STRONG. June 10. Tar, Just receiving by J. Si J. II. PECK & CO. June 24. A VALUABLE SALVE FOR Wounds, Bruises, or Sores of and kind, even thoso which haie long been troublcsomo ; an immediate euro for Burns of Scalds, Salt Rheum, Chapped Hands, and the boei thing that I have ever known used for Sore Eves. It is also good for the St. Antho nics' Fire or Irrccipolu. 1 had a child very much afflicted with it ; I applied many thingc, but lo no effect until I made use of my Salve, which cured her in one day by rubbing ilon lho poits affected. In fact il may be used foi every thing ofa sore nature to good cfiect ana with perfect safety, and no family ought lo be without it. It would bo found very useful on board of Steam Boats, or vessels of any kind, where accidents may happen ; especially such as Scalds or Burns, for whero applied, draws out tho pain immediately and heals the wound quicker than any thing else 1 over knew used. In case of sickness, where persons are under tho necessity lo have, blisters drawn, this Salve is the best application which can bo mado after the flics are removed. If you wish lo have itdiaw muchsprcad tho plaster thick; if to heal immediately, spread it very thin on linen : you need no other applica tion. Prepared and sold by A. RUTHEF--FORD. Burlington, Vt. Price 12 1-2 cents per cake. This mav certify to all that it may concern, thai I liuvi! fur about two years past, made use of A. Riilhcrford'H heal all Salve, in my fam ily, and I consider it preferable to any salro 1 have ever known manufactured; us utility will apply lo fresh wounds, old sores, soro eyes, scaids and burns, Elwood Irish. I do hereby certify Ihr I 1 have mado use oT A. Riilhnrfnrd'N Salvo for neatly two year, and I never found any t'litiir nvc r equalled it fur a burn or scald, or a Iresh wound , and for sore eyes mere is nolliiiiir that ever I tried n hich will restore the eyes to their riolural Into in so short a lime ns I Ii is- Hu've. 1 do therefore recommend it fur the benefit ormnn. kind. John L, OOAN. Burlington, May. 1830. Tho subscriber heieby certifies that fur mon th. a year pa cases, nf wound-and bruis. cs-. ho ha- frcquenelv made use ofdnd experi. need llii-s.ilutary effects nf A. Rutherford1 silvo aril has also witnessed the same in oth ers, and must cheerfully recommend it as a valuable salve. E. W. Siear, She.buiii. May. 1830. We the undersigned havo used A. Ruther ford's salvo Cor moro lhan a year, and have known mhers to uso it, and cun recommend it lo be ihe best thing wo over knew for burns, scalds, ir.-sh wounds, bruises, or old sores of any kind ; and we forthcr rccommeod it lo be superior lo any thing elso, for sore eyes ; and wo do think A. Rutherford's salvo ought lo be muro publicly known for lho benefit of man kind at large. Nathaniel Howard, F. W. GniewoLD, Luciocs Hendrick. Vcrgenncs, May, 1830. rjmf3juno THE SPRrNGFrELD FrRE IN SURANCE COMPANY, insure on the most favorable terms, Dwelling Houses Stores, and other buildings, Furniture, k Merchandize of every description, gainst loss or damage by fire. Application for insurance will receive immediate attention. WYLLYS LYMAN, !sBBiV5sSSSiBSSSSBVksBSSPB9Dk

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