Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 13, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 13, 1837 Page 1
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-S NOT THE GLORY OF CESAR; BUT THE WELFARE OF ROME. BY H. . STACY. FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 1837. VOI,. X No. 499 A MOM'. CONVENIENT SEASON. BY MU8. S100UIIKF.V. Alono lie wept. Tlint eiy night 'i'lioimhiissndor of, God wilh earnest ten I Of elonucncn hud amcil him lo repent 5 And liko the Koiuau lit DiusillaV side. Healing the trulh ho tieinbled. Conscience wioujjhl, Yet Bin nllorcd. 'I lio sliujgln tliooU him foio. Tho dim lamp umird, tire hour of niilniu,li( toldj Tiiiyer'piuight for cnlrnncc. hut 1 lie hc.nt had closed lis diamond viilic. lie threw him on his couth And IjiuIo llioepiiil of his God drpnit. mm iheio wiuwiir within him, mid lie fig lied, "Depart not nicily, tlion Dieted! Return when youth is passed, and inukc my soul foreici thine." Willi kindling blow he trod Tho haunts of pleasure, while the iulV oicc, And homily's smile, hi. jojoiis pulscb woke. To lova ho knelt, und on hid brow cho hung 'Icr fieshesl mjillo wrcilh. For pold he fonghl, And winged wealth indulged hint, lill tho woild 1'ionouncrd him happy. Mimhood's vigorous pi inic Swelled to in climax) und hid biuy d.ijs And ic.Mlo.-in niglilH swept liko 11 tide nwity. Cain Kliuck deep loot mound him, mid each tliuol Still etiilun;: eaitlnvaid like (ho Indian tree, Shut 0111 uiih woven (-hades llio eyfi of hciiicu, When In! 11 incsfiigc from the Ciueified ''Look unto 1110 mid liie." I'mieinR.ho ppako Ofwraiincrrf and liatae, mid want of time, And duly to hid chiliht'ii, und heamigltl A longer I'pnco to do the work of hcnicii. (od ppuko nyuin uhrii itpu had elied iu kiiow On his unn templed, nnd die palsied hand Sliiiiuk fiom gold galhei iii. Hut iho rigid main 'Ofhuhit hound him, nnd li" Mill imploied A inoio lomcuient tcason." "See my ttcp Ix fu 111 iiuilfier; my iin(iii-nilied ryo dolphin i'u view this pleasanl woild; nud lifu with niu M-iy for many jc.ira. In iho culm hour Of lingering eickneos, I can bctlrr fit I'oi vast cicinily." ' Uiscaa nppro.nlird, And ic.imiii lied. 'I'lm 111.1ni.1t: strove with death, And gnippled like 11 lietul, wilh fin icks nnd 1:1 ics, 'Till daikue.-s euiolo the cychal'i, and llmk ico Clunid in mound Ilia heart-sling. The pool clay l.nj viinquitdicd nnd distorted. l!ut I lie tool Tho houl uliocR pioniifrod !-ra.--oa never came 'I'n hen ken 10 hi.-i IMukciV call, had gone To weigh hid puffrriiiitu wilh hid own abuse Ami bide llio uuilil. MONEY, "l'tit money in thy puioo." Siukspccirt . Wc "Inko otir pen 111 linnd," nsniir good old grnnfnthi'rH 11.-1 il Id say, in writing to I heir awl-el hcnrls In wnlu n i-lmpicr 011 money. It in a fruit fi 1 1 Fiihjcl, j tin f-111 11 clt II h it is Iho governing principle (if wo 1 1 1 a In; allowed I lie e.v p r o.-h idii) of mankind, und the axis of linuinn iiinbiiinn. Money id n good thing a kind t-ervaiit 11 bud master a thief in n temple ol virttii.'n minis luting s-pirit lo Ihc needy 11 villinn in dts gutRO ;nii(l withal n mhI rnko. Wltnl builds tii fool,? in Hie opinion of llio world? Money. Wltnl caiii-ci- Indies to look kind 'y upon ll 0 advances of u young tiinn lo d blooming dnughler ? Mniny. Wliut bring--complimentary reiuaik-i from Iho old, und ncknnwledguiciitd fruin I lie ytiu ult ? Mon cy. Wltul is I In) criterion ol' light titul wrung Money. What is the eiiuu of u'rntinlinif. strugling, client ing, browben ling, frliuflling and bn.iuy, fin prevnlcnt (utiotif; iiiiinltiiiil ? Mmioy. Wliut in fuel Hiliuyrent t-lnndnrt! of liuuiaii afTuct iuii ? Money What iiiiiKch llm printer slriif; lo 111 llio tniin ol' polnicH? Money. Wlmt IcndM llio I'Milor to infoitn the ptib he of Ilii'hO faulh? Mutiny. !J.j Do y"u lake, sir ! You arc the very tnu:i wo wili lo form. 11us6i.n IhvKi.t.t.NGB. Tho cflsotncnlK of tho Rucsiati log liuuscca aro double n luxury which thutild never be dispensed with in this country, as they save in fuel in 11 few fccasons inure than liicir original cobt. They hnvo uleo I wo tels of doore, closely fitted and whrn 11 pcis-on enters a dwell in;;, he cluncd oiio door behind him belnrc lio upeim Iho oilier, The apartments ure all warmed wilh lliicinn xtovur,-, which con sonic 11 nun velluiid mmll quantity ol fuel. When at I101110 by utghl or by dnv, thuv ncvor Fuller from I he cold in any pint of their dwellings and when they gu nut, they nro clotelv wrapped in furs and culler no incunvrniencc when thu Ihcrtnometcr ? 50 degrees below zero. In Mimtner their liouscu are comparalivoly cool, as the heat of the sun more cn3ily peuclrates llin thin walldufuur Iioubcs thnn a inns3 of Folid timber. Uy refusing to racrifico conveni ence lo beauty, their comfoit, ami conse quently tucii happiness, is mcrcaecd. lstruovtMKNT or Coi fi:u. Many things have been proposed iks HiUdlitiitcu for Cof fee. Rye, nnd other grain, beans, jiens, chicory, heels dried &c, have in turn been propired and llieir quallitica valued. For some yenra post there lin-i been old in PariH, tiudnr the pompous nninu of Coffee Mowers imported from .Qmcrku, n, dark powder, n pinch of which really coininuiii. cnlcfl lo collbo a very ngrccublo iirotun and nllowHol'n liltlo diminution ol llio quan tity. I hnvo examined this powder, and find it to bo only tugnr cnroniclizcd, or rather, ulttiofl cmnplelely chared. A Muall qiiiinlity of caroiucl produced precisely tho fcauio oflccl. Clicenut deprived of the envelope, cut inlo fragment!) of tho eize of cofl'oo gruins, dried nud mixed with real cofl'eo, roasted and ground together, arc the bent substi tutes I hnvo found. I liavo used it for thirty yearn. Some mix thorn iu equal pro portions. Hodin Do La Piclionuerio. There id u dog belonging to the couduc tor of tho train on thu Dedliairi branch road, which accompanied the train to and from tho city every I rip, and always keeps n rod or two in advance (if tho Hnginc II m Bneed lion been once ur twice trtod for a mile run, on a straight lino, nnd he has rocli time- heat UiQ IOftCnl0l!V6. TEST OF GOOD SOCIETY. Wo find llio following Tory sspicnt par ogrnpli in tho Doston Ccntinol, Tliobodyof nn unknown man was found on point Judith a few dnya sinco. He was woll dressed : wat evidently accustomed to good society, il'ntliro can do coiibidcrcd ovidencu of rcspcctubilily." How men dill'01 about testis of respectability and also about respectability itself! Many think thai a fine drcbS is Iho best lest, und think ho hecausn llieir minds arc too uncutti. valod to comprehend any other. Follow lliis iruidc, Ihuy nro in duily danger of running foul of black. legs, under the supposition of their being gentlemen- An innkeeper in Baltimore onco icfuecd ac commodutioiH to Mr.JciVcreon, tlion Vice ('resident of the United States', because his very nlaindrcss bespoke a vera plain fanner and then lot the accommodations lo a horso jockey and gamester who was vory smartly attired. llio poor lellow was terribly mortified on discovoiing his mistake Now Mr. Jefforson was 0110 of tho bosl bred men in tho world, had associated, and wan then in correspondence, wilh tho most distinguish ed literary and Hcicniifitk men in Europe. So dial tl kucIi men consilium "good socte. ly" he was accustomed to it. No rcalgcn tlumuii. in any condition of life, would havo taken Sir. Jellerson fur any thing but a gon tlcmati , ortho well diosscd fellow whom tho landloid ptefcicd, for any thing but a black guard. Hut the poor landlord knew no boi ler, nml tl wc inoy juitgo from tlnn( napient remark of Iho Ccntinol, neither docs the od ilor of that paper. When wo meet a man very particularly and studiously well dressed, v cry carefully in tho fashion more especially if tho fashion be ridiculous, as for instnnco thai of wearing moustaches, or hoots with liouls liko dills, if wo set Ii 1 lit down as a gambler, pick-pocltot, or Boinu such tiling, an ignoramus in educa tion, a ruffian in manners, a brute in conver sation and a prodigal 0 in principles, we should not in alio many mistakes. If real gvnllcinci: in any occupation, can afford to drcfs well they aro distinguished from coun terfuits by tho modesty and decency of their dturc l'uulic Ledger. A PunsEVKRiKC Student. A small M stopped into n book store nnd enquired the price of ' Wcbstcr't) npclling book.' Ilcinc told that they ivcro 0110 Bhilling n piece, nd being poascefed of only nine cents in the world In; wna entirely nonplussed. Al longili an idon struck him. Wnys he 'Mis ter, cant you Itnd one that H torn, that you will let me have for nine centb?" The book merchant looked in vain. The boy was dispirited. Al length another idea -errnod to have struck him. Says he, I'U.'Ubf, Mister cant you tear one. General Washington on Siccaiina. The most c.vpresivo sign of a low brod man is a habii of tswcnriiig. Independent, llio .sin il is in the very wort taste, and indicates tho fel low.' oiji of had company. In no country in tliu worm is Una vice so prevalent as our own, nud nlthutii'li the mode of swearing may be extremely picturci-qtio yet the quaintness will not excuse the profanity. And habiii Mvoni ni'r !h mi intolerable nuisance, and wo recommend those who aic infected by lliis shocking and vicious enormity, to weigh well the order which (Juncral Washington issued V) his army in view of checking llio habit at its commoiiceiiiciil. J'-very Hung wuic'i biought to light day by day with icspccl to llio father of his country, bhou-H the purity and uprightness of his s-oul, and from his wri- tinirs a textbook might bo formed whereby lo regulnte the manners of llio gentlemen, as well as teach his duly as a paluot. JVV I. Tt unto i pi. Acoust 2d, I77G. The General N sorry to ho informed thai llio looii.-ii una wicked practice 01 swearing a vice hithurto liltlo known in an American army, is growing into fashion. Ho hopes the olheurd will, by example as well as inlluiico, endeavor to check it, and that they and the men will reflect that wo can havo liltlo hope ol the ulcMiug ot iioavcu upon our anna il wo insult it by our impictv and lolly. Added to this It is a vicoco mean and low, and without loinptntion that every man of senso and character detest and despises it. A laughable nll'uir nn practical phrenolo gy nlioul to tnnuiiintu seriously, occurred lately nl llio I'lirouulngical aociely ot I'ar is. Doctor Gnuhcrt, to show hidsugaciiy, pronounced a lemale skull ot a woman re cent ly deceased to iudicatu considerable prominence!) in fuvor of execdive avarice and cuiitiiug, I'uMialiing tho tuinc, I lie lady's Iriendd came out with a severe rejoin der upon tho votary of Gall, and denounced iho boetety ad having surreptitiously pur loincd thu cranium from iis grave; that the Doctor had calumniated her memory and thai they would iuiuicdiuloly commence u prosecution iigaiiinl the whole concern, und the Mucsngcr des Cliambrea for publishing the f-amc, ui uamugca 01 '.'u.uuu unties. Abolition. A bill is beforo the Lcgisla. luru of Missouri which provides that any purson who shull, in that htnlc, puhlish, circulate.or cause to ho promulgated, cither 111 writing, or otherwise, nuy matter calculnt cd to excite slaves or other people of sedition, rebellion or rcvolutnn.shall for tho first oflcnco, bo deemed aiod treated as a vngrant. Upon information givcu to any magistrate, he is bound to issue his warrant forthwith to apprehend tho accused. When brought uuloro linn, a jurry is to bo summoned, to try whclhor the accused be guilty; and if found guilty of cither of tho ollunccs set lortli above, tho jury arc di reeled so to bring in their verdict, and to declare for what length of time lio blmll bo sold as a vagrnnt, not to bo less than threo nor more than iwclvu months. The offender is immediately Id be offered at public sale by the bhcrill or other ulli. cer, 011 tho warrant of thu mugialrute, to tho highest bidder ; when thu usual pro cccdings lake pluco to sccuro tho payment of thu moiioy . For n second offence, he is sentenced lo the I'enitcntiny for n time not exceeding live nor Ic-h than twnyenrs. j '2i!''t ('om' THE U13LLOWS-M UNDER, nr miss iiem:n maiiia wtti.iiMS. My history is composed of tho most Bin gular circumetanccd. Condemned by my birth lo vegctnlc uniong beings ol tho most abject clat-s, my elevation was thu work of human malice. Thnt vice ol society which ruins so mnnv fortunes, laid the solid foun dation of mine. I am tnnrricd, rich, and happy, from having boon tho docilo instru ment of un extraordinary net of mischicV' OUSUCS0. 1 wan born in some of those liltlu bom i lets, eiiuntcd in the neighborhood of Mon- tclimart, in Franco. My fathor had mndo! many n fruitless clTnrt to raiso himself a. bovo indigenco. His last rnRCiirco in his old ogo, nroso from tho exercise of a talent which he had acquired in his vntith: Hint of a bellows mention Thi-, though not n vory brilliant occupnlion, was the profes sion to which I was destined, at that timo of life when I was thought capable of corn ing my iivcitiioou. Haiisticd, at liret, in following my business undor tho inenoction f my father, naturo had ondowed mo with dispositions for industry, and 1 soon rival- icu, ami oven oxccllod my master. Ambi tion led mo lo imagine, that my tnlcnts wore fitted for a wider sphere; nnd some of my excursions as for as tho nates of Moutclitnart, succeeded boyond my widhes. Aficr furnishing nil I could snaro for the support of my father's old ago. I found means lo amass a littlo sum of money, which enabled mo to underlnko a journey to Ly ons. I mado my appoarnnco in that great city, amply provided with such articles as uoiongcd to my profession ; and tho most crowded streets soon reeounded with my CrtCd. I was VOUnrr. nnil flnxtnr.niR. nnil well shaped, I sold ray wares rapidly, and becamon ffonerarfavorito with ihn rhnm- bor. maids; which was, the utmost of my ambition. Returning home lntn nnn nvaninrr In mu i:,.! r .7-7 -'7. ft iuiu gurrui, wmcii sorvcu me lor a ware house ns well as lodging, I was accosted by four well-dresBcd young men, who seemed to bo taking an evening walk. Wo were in the most solitary street' tho of ouar- nr nf Sf. CUniw. Tl,.. ,1 .... ... .u.,. i ucjf iuiuw uui a lew ploneantritrs on tho Inlcness of tha cvoninr. accompanied by FarcaBms on my profession or bellows niondor, which I answered In o stylo of raillery at which tlmy appeared surprised. I saw them look at each other significantly; and immediately after, heard mom buy i ins is our man:" i own that thcao wordd made me start ; lindiiur oolf ilnnn in ' tvUIIUUt OIIV IlieollS ot resistance, and at llio mercy ot four. stout young men. wiiai would become ol mo ! was llio reflection that occupied mv mind : when one of t hem who guessed nt tho caute of mv torror. bOoii dispelled it by nceostiriir mo in n lona 01 uiiuoiiity Torourou,' (.the name which the people of Lyons give their bollowfi-mendors) Tcrourou,' said he, 'you probnbly hayn nm aupped: nor wc either; oui supper is runny, win you go ail fill with iik? Our intention is to do you mop Hood t linn von have any idea of. (Juine and sup with us; nnd nf'ter Mippor wo will Inlk with you. Do not bo afraid: wo are gentlemen; if you will not enter into our schcems, wo shall only require your prom iso oi secrecy, which you win run no risk in keeping.' There was something in the voice of the person who spako lo me, ns well as in the proposition i I self, so seducing, that 1 nc cepled tho offer without hesitation. My new acquaintance, oftor having mado mo crosscvcrnl streets, brought mo into nn nparlmcnt elegantly Airnished, where wo found six other young men, who seemed to havo been waiting for them Impatiently. A short explanation took placo concerning me, nnd wo sal gaily down fur supper. I had the honor of making tho company laugh, by some of tny nrch observations ; nnd confirmed them in Ihc good opinion, with which it wns neccdfnry they should bo impressed, beforo they would come to nn explanation. Tho servant withdrew, afirr having placed the desert on the table; nnd, during five mitmlc.-, a profound silence prevailed Ihrougout tho assembly, which till (hen had been sufficiently noisy. At length ho who presided ui the repast nddrcsscd mo in tho following words: "Tho ten persons with whom you hnvo supped nrc all citizens of Lynns. Wo nro engravers; our joint profits with what wc oblnin from our families, afford us an easy independence; and wc also acquire by our talents, n considerable sharo of reputation. Tho happiness wc hnvo enjoyed has lately been disturbed by lovo on one sido nnd pridn nn the othor. In tho i-trppt of St. Dominic lives a picture-merchant, who is, himself, un ordinary personago, but who has a dnughtur eminently beautiful. The city of Lyon?, extensivo ns it h, contains not nnotltor master piece worthy of being placed on a level with this charming crea ture. Possessed of every accomplishment, nnd endowed with every grace, nil her amiable qualities nrc ehnded by ouo single defect; nnd Hint defect is insiipportnblo pride. Vuin of being t he object of general admiration, she fondly imagines (hot none ought to aspire to her hand under tho rank of a prince. Her father, who is a tolerable good connoisseur in paintings, but has a very limited understanding with respect to cvory thing else, has entirely spoiled her by adulation, amounting almost to idolatry. Novels, her loukingglase, and habitual in. censo from all nround tier, have rniscd self lovo into vanity, and vanity into arrogance, and tho most lofty disdain toward all who aro not decorated with marks of opulence or the distinctions of rank- I had tho lion or for why speak in tho third purson, when it ia my own history which I urn relating 1 hud tho honor of engaging her notice, from my connexions in busincdd with her father, Sometimes sho accorded me the singular privilego of giving mo her hand nl tt ban, or unending her to the theatre. These slight fnvorn turned my brain; I thought myself bulgved, because I was pre f'errcd to others; and ventured lo unfold my pretensions to her father, who lent n favorable car lo my uflere. Indeed my family, profession, fortune, and situation, gave mu n right to proMiino that my alliance would bo ngrecablu to the young lady. Judge of my surpriso when on thu first overture respecting marriage, iho insolent girl, in my presence, answered her father in a tone of the most hauhly arrogance 'Do you think, sir, that n" young woman liko mo was born fur nothing better limn an engraver!" I confess that thid insolent and impru dent remark extinguished every sonlimout of lovo in tny bosom ; nnd lovo when fled is easily followed uy rcveiigo. 'My menus, I exclaimed to thoso who now surround us this disdainful girl has in my person, com mitted a general outrngo against us oil. Hspouso my cause, and lot us form smell a plan as shall servo to show her, that sho hns not, indeed, been born to tho honor of becoming tho wifo of nn engraver !' 'Such is my hiotory : do you feel suffi cient confidence, and think yourself endow ed with sufliciont discretion to merit being raised above your prcsom condition.' Ilc ncalh tho abject covering which disguises you, it is easy to discern that you havo 6omoeoul, and no common shore of under standing. Will you venture to become llio husband of a charming woman; who. to attain perfection, only lo havo her pride morliflod, and her vanity punisihed?' 'Yes,' answered I, wilh firmness; ! pni fectly comprehend the part which you would havo mo act, and will fulfil il in such a manner that you will havo no reason to blush for your pupil.' Tho following day wo conforrcd togeth er as wo did ever after, with extreme pre caution. During a wholo week, I bathed two hours, morning and evening, to gel rid of my tinkering skin and complexion. In the interval of bathing, tho most elegant hair drcescr of Lyons gavo my tresses the lorm most in fashion. My ten mends fur nished mo with assortments of llio finest linen, and the most elegant dresses for tho various seasons; and wcro soon eo fond of llieir work that we became inseparable. Almost their whole time was employed in giving mo instructions. Ono taught me to read, another to write; another some notions of drawing; a few lessons in music; a little, in short, of every thing. So that during three months my lime, thoughts and attention wcro wholly absorbed in my studies,; and I soon perceived that this kind of life suited perfectly my tastq. I felt, ' br ut most nruotlr to carry to pcnection Ihcse ursl rudiments of my new education, which had become my choif delight; nature had furnished me 'not only with a disposition for study, but with a memory so retentive, thai my young menus observed tvith as tonidhmenl the rapid progress of their did ciplo. Al length I hey thought mo sufficiently accomplished to carry llieir project into full execution, and 1 was removed from my little clodcl, to tako possesion of a spacious suite of apartments in ono of tho first ho tola in Lyons. The bellows-mender dis appeared lo make way for the rich Marquis ui xvuupuron, principal proprietor oi iiiu minus of Dauphiuy. It was under this ti tle that I presented myself to tho picture merchant as a purchaser who paid but little attention to a few louis, provided he met pieces that were originals. A most per fect imitntor of my experienced tutors. I hnd learned to twirl my seals, display my repeating-watch with an air of indifference, show the brilliant ring which I wore on my finger, or handle an elegant snuff-box on which was painted a fancy portait, which I modestly observed was a picture of a be loved sister. I was desirous of pleasing and easily succeeded. Rut it was not enough to im pose on the father ; in order to fulfil the views ol my patrons, thu daughter must al so bo deceived. While I wns meditating on this point, the picture merchant gavo mo notice that ho had just received n su perb collection of engravings from Rome ; requesting mo lo call (hat tame ufur niny , eiucc lio would not expose them for sale till I should havo made my choice, I hastened lo his house, uncoucious of the falc that awaited me. instead of be ing received as usual by tho father, it was thu daughter, whom till then I had iu vain wished to see ; or rather, il was beauty it self which stood before my eyes iu thu form of that lovoly young woman. My dear friend, a feeling heart often beats under an unpolished form. More tuscuptiblc at tny agu of libertinism, my palpitating heart fell all the power of beau ty. A new world unfolded itself before my oyea; 1 soon forgot my borrowed pnrl: uiiu bculimcul absorbed my soul, one idea enchained tny fucullics. Tho charming Aurora perceived her triumph, and seemed to listen wilh complacency to tho incuho rent expression of pavsion winch escaped my lips. That interview fixed my destiny forever ! All ditiicullius vanished beforo thu new emotions which animated my bo som. A singlu instant inspired mu with the resolution of devoting my days and nights to study, in order that, posdetsed of thu advantages of knowledge, 1 might be less unworthy of tho huppiucss to which I aspired. Kvery morning I found some excuse for a visit to tho picture merchant ; every tnor. ning I had soino now trinket to exhibit, or 801110 object of ta.ilo on which to consult Aurora. It was tho season of (lowers, and 1 pre sented hor every day with a boquot, com posed of such os woro bosl adaplod lo her stylo of beauty ; my Iriendd often added tho sonnet ur madrigal, of which I obtained tho crotlil; and 1 sometimes turpriscd tho line uyew of this charming young woman fixed on mine, with tho expression of len der approbation. Six mouths patsed in this manner; the ungravors boiug too de sirous of complcto revenge, to hazard ! ning il by precipitation. livery cvoning they required an oxact account of my con duct, with which limy wcrcso well satisfied that they furnished me with funds far br yond tho wants of tho personage I ropro soiilcd. I received nt length a formal in. vitalion from tho picture merchant to a fete, which ho gavo in iho country, and of which I wud led to think myself tho hero. Tho vain beauty behaved eo respectfully toward mo, loaded mo with such disttn guished attentions, wns so lovely, so en chanting whether as mistress of the fete or Us brightest ornament that tho mo ment that wo wore alone, impelled by cmo tions which I was unablo to suppress, I throw myself nt her fcot, nnd mndo her nn offer of marriage. Sho heard mo with modcal dignity ; while a tenr of joy, which dimmod for a moment her fine eyes, con vinced mo that prido was not tho only feel ing which agitated hor hcnrl! Yes I dis covered thai I was beloved! After having deceived tho daughter with respect to tho person, it was decoory to blind tho father with respect to tho fortune. TIllS Wllq nilt lltffinnll VncenecnA nf litlln penetration, he gavo full credit to tho story wmcn i rciBicu or myseir. my father, l told him, lived, retired nt his seat in the farthest part of Dauphiny. Old nge and me goui deprived him of tho hopo of ac companying his son to tho altar ; bul ho gavo his consent to tho marrinirc. and so much the more willingly ns Iho fortuno of ins uouse iiad been considerably increased, from tho interest which his son had al ready taken in tho mines of his provinco, dwelt with secret complacency on the words without portion; alleging that tny foiluno was too considerable to think of augmenting it by that of a wife, Before tho end of this conversation, wo Dorfcctlv agreed ; for I felt him absolute master of the conditions. All I required was the avoiding any expensive nnd unnecessary eclat, as both tho family of Aurora and my own were nl a distaco from Lyons; The marriage, it was fixed, should tako place on that day fortnight, and I undertook to orrnngo all tho prchminnry articled, Having with some difficulty obtained per mission to leave Aurora, I flew to Lyons in formed my friends that the drama was has toning to a conclusion, and rotated all that had passed, They overwhelmed me with so many compliments, that, had I onlv pos sessed n Blight tincluro of vanity, I might have believed that they rallied mc. Tho evont, however, proved that they were so rious f and their revenge on Aurora was as expensive ns it was singular. That very morning they sent in my name, to my mistress, the most magnificent bequest ; a watch, oraceict, jc.vuia, tux. r .:.uiu'.t. fineness.forming a present sufficienllv snlen- did to complcto tho deception both of the father and daughter. Towards tho end of Ihc week, tho contract of marriago was iramcu, tn wmcn i took care to sign mv real name; precaution which, ynu will perceive ucrcattcr, was not useless to me In Hits contract I consented to certain stip u mil us in my urtues lavor, winch I was vory far from thinking would one day prove so mucii to ncr advantage. I deceived hor; bul llenvcn is my wit ness, it was not without remorse ! In nrcd ence of the beautiful Aurora, intoxicating love mnue mo lorget every thing but her self; and when I was wilh mv joyous friends llieir pleasantries, their bon-lon, the kind of dependence in which I hey held mo, llieir services, their instructions, rendered mu thoughtless with respect lo tho future. Hut in the stillness of solitude, sophiblry and passion disappeared, leaving a dreud lul perspective before mu! When I asso ciatod the idea of Aurora with the miscra blc (lock-bed which was soon to bo her portion, when I figured lo myself her deli cate hands employed in preparing the coars est nourishment ; when I beheld her, who deserved a palace, lodged under the thalch cd roof of my aged father; I shrunk back with horror, or started up covered with a cold sweat. More than once I resolved to throw myself nt the feel of the injured An. rora, make a full confeisiun of my crime, and cover mysolf with tho infamy, which belonged lo him who could so degrade him self as to net Ihc part of o villain. Dot self-love und passion came alike to my uid. Lnchaincd by the lasinnttng enjoyments of the present, my imagination gilded with some rays of hopo tho gloom of the future. " l lio unlioppinesd ol Aurora," baid 1 to myself, ''will bo but transient: love will softon itd bitterness. Her mortal enemies aro blinded by their desire for revenge. She will, sho shall bo happy in despite of them! They will leave mc somu money and the means of procuring more by iudus j try I should be a wretch, indeed, it I did not devote my lifu to tho tnt-k of strewing flowers along hor path ! When sho learns who I nm, her resentment will no doubt ut first be vehement; but when hor good tense shall perceive that the evil is irrepar ablo, resignation will comn lo her aid ; lovo will supply tho plucc nf riches!" Such woro my reflections, during eight days previous to that on which I conduct ed my mistress to tho altar, At tho moment when sin! pronounced the vow to livo and dio wilh mc,u sudden shivering ran through my veins, a general trepidation seised my whole frame; I had 60 near n view of vil Inuv. I should infallibly havo sunk to the earth, if n flood of lenrs had not como to my roltof; whilo tho silly crowd who sur rounded us mistook this lost cry of expir ing virtue for nn excess of sensibility. Aurora hcrsolf was deccivod: I foil from thu warmth of her caresses, thai tho vain pcrtonogo was ambitious of appearing ns much my mistress as my bride. Thu en gravers, in order to roward mc, as they said, for tho ability with which I had acted my part, pormillcd mu to prolong Iho en chantment for a fortnight. Exccts of love ahwilo batmhed from my mind the fa tal catastrophe, which was fast approaching. At length, after varion co.fullV'', with tho implacablo c-.omics of Aurora, it was decreed ihnt .vo should set out on cur iiiumc" to mv native soil. In proposing to my wifu an excursion of which I lorcsow all llio cruel consequences 1 1 could not prevent a deep sigh from escnp ing mc, to which the credulous Aurora. paid no attention. Ilor lively imagination waa clalcd wilh llio idea of trovclling by mvsido, in a miignlficcnt equipage atten ded by her women, escorted by sewnnta on horseback, nnd finding means of indul ging, nt onco, her prido and her love, ideas cxcusnuio enough ai cigiuecn, wnicn was llio aire uf mv wifo. Sho wns dolinht. cd in making preparations for a journey. tho approach of which was lo mo distrac lion. More than once I implored my pat rons for mercy. -Tho obligations I hat! entered into woro laid hcloro mo. Wo began our journey. Two of mv friendi served mo 03 couriers whilo he who had paid his uddressca to Aurora pushed his impudence 60 far ns to offer himself to mo ns coochirnn. It ifl true, that a wig dexterously stuclt on his hair, nnd n plnstcr fixed on his right eye, so disguised him that even his friends did not recognize him ; threo oilier 01 tno young engravers gaily rode behind tho enrringe, as lacqueys. Tho other four detained at Lyons bv their affairs, consoled themselves in not being ot the party, oy making tho travellers promise to writo to them where wo should slop to rest our solved; nnd this wo did, frequently travel ling only by short stages, fioarccly couii! these wicked doTiestics contain thoir mirth when they heard my vain brido, wbo always spoko to thorn with haughty di. lance, addressing herself to mo io tetnw tho most rcBpcctlul ; Inquiring uw .nawio of tny chautcaus, tho extent of my estate, and of my 6clgnoriol rights of buotWag ond fishing; dwelling with coraprocoocy oa ray mines, which to her lively npponcflaion wcro almost equal to thoso of VettL vn subjects 6uch os theso turned 'oor con versations: when throo loaguoe oeyoua Motitcltmart, wo perceived tha narrow lane which led to a village, tho steeple of which appeared distant from the high rood. This poor village nlas ! wna mine. Tho critical moment was appronchlng ! Wo passed over lands that certainly wcro not minjo ; nnd after threo hours long and difficult travelling, our coachman too well instructed, stopped tho carriage at tho door of a miserable hut. An oid man, clad in the homoly garb of poverty, was on the thrcchold faking tho uir. In this old man I discovered my venerable father! No my friend, I havo no colony with which I can trace this original scene ! Figure lo yourself tho trembling Pcrourou on into side, tho haughty Aurora on tho other; and six insolent young inenccremon ;fMui.i ,inni,.B t.or on old broken chair, with mosl insulting bursts of laughter; and with pleasantries the mosl aggravating, re fining on their vengeance, and her morti fieatiou! Figure to yourself tho pretended coachman tuking off suddenly his plaster r.nd hid wig luloying Aurora wilh nn oir of buperiori'y 'No, madam,' said bo in u tono of inconceivable disdain, 'no, you have not been born, or brought up for an engraver; such a lot would havo done too much honor to your birth, to your fortuno, and to your choice. A bellows mender la worthy of you; and 6iicli is he, madam, whom you have taken for your hucband!' I was about to answer, but tho preten ded coachman was already on hid scat ; tho live others then threw themselves into tho coach, choked almost wilh laughter; and wo eoun lost sight of the wholo equipage. I expected tho cataslropho would be bingulur enough, but less terrible than il proved ! My engravers, whilo they taught mo my pari, kept their own secret. They carried off every thing with them, liko the scene shillers of 0 theatre, who lock up the decorations after the piece is finished. As for thu unfortunalo Aurora, she 6nw nothing of this, llur former lover con tinued speaking when tho no longer heard or felt ! Tho ruffians left her in a deep swoon. Judge my situation! Recollect that I had now acquired a considerable share 01' sensibility and delicacy from tho instruction that I had received, and thu manner of life to which Iliad lately been accustomed. Ala? ! in thoso cruel mo ments I trembled nt the thought of losing the woman I adored, or of seeing her res tored to iife. I lavished on her iho most tender en red, nud almost breathed wishes that my earns might be unavailing. Ah ! my friends, I thought for a long limo that my dreadful vows wcro heard. Novertho less, after bulbing copiously iho pallid faco of tho lovely and delicalo Aurora with water, eho resumed for a moment tho uso of her senses. -Her frenzied eye met mine 'Monsicr', sho exclaimed ; and her senses again forsook her. I took ndvau tnge of this eeconil swoon to rcmovo her from the sight of the spcctnlors (composed chiefly of women with red countenances, who might have passed for witches) and laid my pluiulivo brido on a liltlo fresh straw, with which a compnssionato neigh, bar strewed the Hock-bed of my old father. When sho had ngnin recovered tho uso of her Fcnscs, 1 commanded cvory ono to leavo ua in order to have no witness of tho explanation nnd oftho dreadful utory which I was futed to relate to my wile. When I had didcmbarrasscd myself of Ihc crowd, I took Aurora in my nritu; I pressed her to my heart my 6Clding teara bathed her check. At length eho opened bur eyes, nnd fixed them on rao mino rhrunlt from her glnnce ! Tho first uso 6ho mado of speech, was tu request mo under pretence of taking reposo, which we both wanted, to defer till tho nuxt day tho dread' ful detail oftho plot of which sho had been the victim. I yioldad to her request and and withdrew, leaving with her tho niece of iho Curo of tho parish, whoso kind offices she seemed to receive with thauktul- IIC53. Thriving and Thouing, a infeiiori are ad dressed concluded jiext week. A vein of load oro of suporior quality has recoully boen dicovcrod in"Morgan eo, Missouri. 1

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