Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 13, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 13, 1837 Page 3
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pan into the Union, possnl tho Senate on ho -Mi insl., by n decided volu, It will 'pass tlio-ol lier House, ol course. I lur votes nrc wanted, and that consilium! ion is suffi ciont. We will next wools give our readers n part orllio whole of Mr. Wkiistkii's very oblo and conclusive speech, on llie subject of the Treasury Circular. Population of U. Canada. The pop ulution of I his Province, in April last amounted to 31)5,3 1 2 showing an increase of 25,400 for the preceding jenr. A resolution has been adopted by the House calling for icifomirtl ion ns to the condition of the deposit Uanks, and tilso the nnttuc of U. M. Whilncys agency in the management of the public moneys. The friends of I be ndmiuist ration opposed this measure until they round their own rn tilts broken, when they fell in, and voted for unanimously. MlMTAnV. At U IllCCtiltrr t' tllC offit C 6 tifllie 1st Regiment, 2d Brigade and 3d Division of Vermont Militia, on I lie lOlli inst. IlKNnv Thomas was elected Colonel. Kion K. Howard Lt, Colonel, and .Lime, A. LamisiIhuk Major. From Florida. The Indians continue to oulwit and deci-tvc I he while man, and the hope of the war's coming in an iinme diatc end, is again di-pret-sed. Intelligence has been rfviwd al Jacksonville, Prom the army, the amount of which is, thai Gcti, JcMip hhving reached the Wahoo iiwninp had marched 1 1, rough and through it without finding a jolhory Indian. All had left the swamp. F mm this it seems thatOscola has nl last abandoned hisotrong hold perhaps to seek '.nuther, or to retire to the Everglades jack cadi: ism. "Wr, John Citle, rn titvil of our stipp ifeil f.nlipr, "(Or riiitur fur firalnii! a '"'do. of liiTriiigs,) 1 1 1--1 , i i f 1 wiili tin; i-'piiii of pulling iluun K tn-j-a nml trinci'i, villi. ml inn I! "( i v.ilisnii!) "I inn iililt- lo i I nt tf much ! "(No ii'.-l ! oflli.n! I Ii.hp ECi'il liiln whip ped iliiu" in.iiKi'i il ivs toi'iliri!) "lit; tn:iu ilii'ii ! fur niiiii - r.ipMin is liue und o! n fin Mtti. I w'illl make il Iblmiy lu ill ink Fin. ill Ik-it. All lln' ir.iliiiS rll.ill tit' ill Ciilillllnn, nml in ChcipKi li" tliiill my i illVny go lo grass. Thr-ie I . 1 1 1 bo mi .iir-r iimhh'j: nil .-lull cat anil ill ink on my ton e ami 1 ill apparel llii"ii all in one lurry, nml iliry ."lull unrrliip tin; an lord ! 'Tlie liisl iliiiii; we do, lelV kill ilie l.uvycrs 1 "Nay I iiican to ilu! I il mil a l.iuir-iinitilr iliinj llial tlir- hkin of ail inn..c nil I. mill .liuiil.1 In; In. nl limt'iil. and linn pairliinrni, luiiii; smb.; Iilcd oVr, c-ltuiittl Undo a ui.m ;" "Tim rutinl r i iii.iinnil, anil f.lin logn wiilia fl;i(T, bin flit piiisamu hulil il up!" "If l: inr.lll In tliritu anil 1 1 . sniiil, hi cult open llip aaolK and In out ilie pi ifom-r ! "It.ii mil tnitrrnnt IhrcV "Away I. hi n nil the record of the real tx, or ,iixhiiig' ilifiiij jl iiiuiiili rlt.tll I tin- p.u i,iiiu:iil ! Ami lii'miliiu.iiil all lliiui rli.ill ln in ('.illinium!' W 1'art Henry VI , Act IV. Scene 7. One would Ihiuk, luul Shakspoare been four day, and lind solccird subj-c's from wiir'lieiuif-pliere for Ilie di.-jilay of Ins gen ins. thai the prototype of In. --.luck Cad"' might have been our "Tutu llrnlon." I was vtry liirctbly struck by ihis n 1 1 c i i i n while lislening to what (ell fioiii that inns' conti mpuble ili inaungu' , dining the di - cushion of the Michigan Admission Dill, in llio Senate Chaniber, this morning, li was a bold cud uublu-hing avuwol of prin ciples, idi'iiticiil with those shadowed forth to the quotation from Hhakeepear above cxti..- - J. . The subject under discuss-ion unsM' Grundy's bill to admit Michigan inio the Union. Congrcs, it will be recollected n' its last session pas.-ednii act ailmiilmg this Territory, on certain conditions. The legislature on receiving the net, iuimedi ntely called a convention to pass upon the conditions annexed to the bill. That Convention thus (utkil convened AM) rejected tiii: comhtio.ns. In December 133G, months afterwards, a second Conven tion, called by no legi-laiivo no', isrind ti have convened, in all ilie counties in Mich igan but two, and decided to auceI'T I hose conditions! And it is llio acceplanco by this lart umvcntiun, so called. that the Bill now introduced by Mr Grundy is based up being the condition precedent intcn- deo oy thu Act of Juno last! And it will be seen that tliis admission lakes in ih whole ground assumed by Mr hallns in Jus letter on thu power ol'llio people to ab rogate the laws of a legislature, as well as that taken by the Maryland disorgaui aers last summer. 1 11 is doctrine ius this av rou.Ni TWO SUI'I'ORTERS I.N THE SENATE OK TIIK United Statu-', in the vkiuons or Sen ATORS BuCIItNAN AM) BENTON ! The former advocated atlcngih ihopriu ciples aHumcd by Dallas, in his letter, and made a most impassioned speech in eup' port of the prcamblo of thu above Bill gTas especially corroboratory of, and sane ,tioningmost fully thoso principles. Denton look the ground, in so many dis tinct terms, thntU.Tan assembly of the pen pie, st any time.--in any place, how cvor callctl, could abrogate any law of any former legislature, without roforenco i to lime, limitation, operation, guarontry or consequences. The people wore t ho do poeitarice of sovcricgn power, and could use that power as they pleased, without i reference to written laws nr written con Istitulions. They wore not bound to re gard any charters, or rights vetted by act of legislature, if they should bclicvo that those charters Bhou'd bo destroyed, or (he holders of those rights should be dives ted of them. Laws wcro but parchment Charters but ropes of sand, and the Constitution but a reed of rush. Ho said ho had thought it impossible that his opinion of Jlr Buchanan's states manship could posr-ibly bo raiscdj nbovc what it. was before his speech just uttered. He had been mistaken in that thought ; and it was his humble task, he said, upon that occasion, to bring proofs and authorities in support of that Senator's positions. This he did, to his own, and to Mr Van Duron's. and Mr Nilcs's apparent satisfaction, He was followed by Mr Preston in a glowing speech, on the side of tho Con stitution, of (loml Order. Law, and Pub lie Faith, and the floor was then taken bv Jlr Mutris, of Ohio, also against the rev nliiiirwary grounds taken by these two Cades. Pending this discussion, it grow very late and there was an obvious dc termination on the pari of thu ultra ISen lonites to sit out the night. But the good sense of tho majority prevailed, and the Senate adjourned at 7 o'clock, Mr Mor ris being still on the floor. Washington Correspondent Jan. 3, Post Orrice Il seems that the Post Otlicc Department, within the eightcqn months, has cleared its outstanding debts, and has now a surplus of about half a mill. ion. This fact illustrates the enormity of the corruption practised under Major Bar ry's administration by which its resources wore squandered, and the department in- volvcd in a large amount of debts. And still, he il remembered, Major Barry was continued in oflice, long after these frauds wcro exposed by a committee of Congrcs?, and when finally he gave place to the pres ent incumbent, it was to be translated to a foreign Court. L-jt these facts be remem bered. The Chicago American has an account of I he remains ol an ancient ci'y, lately discovered on the Crawfih, a branch of the Rock River, in Wisconsin Territory. Phe wall in lis present tlalc. is four or five feet high, I? feet wide at, tho base, and built of burnt brick, ai-d supported by but tresses every five rods. It encloses the remains of three large buildings and about "0 others of smaller si).e. This wall op- p-ared lo be the citadel of the city and is enclosed by another of about three miles qua re ; Such is the story.. Tho New Hampshire Patriot says llio Dtmocruvi' of that S'nic never was in gfoutcr danger of defeat than at llio ptes cut time. Hear Gov. Hill's paper; It h lime for tlio Deuioeralie nartv to ook nb'iiii them nnd exam me Hie around on which ihey siuiiil. There nro dangers in i he pni li The same c.iuscs which pro ilnei il ihn nml l..,ninii of llio Ueuincimic paily in I In.-Siaie,- m III!i4-0. ire in active operation nnd rapullv tending In Ilie .-a mi.' result ! ! ! ! " The meaning of ilns is, thai, there is a hungry swarm of Van linreniles who are tired of waiting for their turn al the ti ens. ury pap, and the old full fed "blanks nnd twine'' geuiry are in danger of being crowded awav. Massaciiusktt--. The Legislature ol Massachusetts convened at Boston on Wednesday. In '.he Senate, Horace Mann, E-q. of Boston, was reelected lo the ollice of President, having received 21 voles, against 13 for L. M. Parker, mid two cane ring. Julius ltockwi.ll was ree'ec led .Sneaker of the House. Tho votes were, for Rockwell 357, Robert Rnn- loul 216 i and three scatteri 'g. The sue- -Inl candidates in botii Homes are Wings. .Maryi.ano, Thomas W. Vea.y, who so dirtiiigiiishcd himself and his State in quell ing tho Revolutionists of Maryland, has been re elected Governor by tho Legislature, ro- eeiviug 70 out of 01 voles taken. South Carolina. The Legislature of this Stale adjourned on llio 2lsl of Decem ber. During the sr&sinu several incasiircs if importance were adopted. Amourrst them, was the snbrcript ion of ono million of dollars to llio slock of tho Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charlstun hailroad Com pnnij, and the gtnut of banking privileges to l hat company. 1 licso acts place bo yoml doubt the accoiuplismont of that stu pendotiH undertaloug. INcarly hall a mill ion ol dollars o( money wcro appropriated to various objects (of which sixty thousand dollars the College,) still leaving a surplus in t lie rich treasury ot the btato. Atlas, Another load mine has been discovered in tho town of Fowler, six miles from Gouvcr- nour village, St. Lawronco county, on lha rango or tho highlands leading from tho St. Lawrence to Lako Champlain, and Icavoa no doubt but that this wholo section is full of valuablo minerals, Death of Black Hawk, Tho Galena, (.Illinois) Advertiser says that tho celebrated Indian Warrior.Br.ACK Hawk, was drown ed in the Iowa River, by the upsetting of his Canoe, when returning from a Treaty. Tiik FATiitcn or American Nkwspa rr.ns Tho Maryland Gazette of Thurs day lait, completes the ninety first volume ol Hint pnpor. J Ins is doubtless the old est paper now published in tho United Hlntcs. MARRIED. In Colclicslrr on Monday Isil, Mr Robert ccotTjOI mis town, to nirti HVLUAn It m ley. DIED. , In Albany, N. Y. on the &d intt Ilnnnah Glad ding, in (ha 63d, year of hor age. Colchester Manufacturing Company. NOTICE is hereby given to the stock holders of tho Colchester Manufac turing Company, that their annual meeting for the election of Directors for the ensuing year will be holdcn at Lyman & Marsh's ollicc on the 14th day of Pobruary A D 1037, at 0 o'clock P. M. CARLOS BAXTER, Clerk. January 13, 1837. Notice. AT a netting of the Directors of the Col. rh fitter .MtMuTiwturttitr holden on the 26th day of December 183 U u j urusreu laai an cuKumeni orjive uaUari be laid upon each $hare of the CapUtl ttotk of said Comnnnu in hm mutiil am nw .L . .firit mi. al 4twii assessment nj ttotlart Vpon each there of j " ; . rj utmi uny ry warcn 1 037. UEO. P. JwJIRSH, Preit. De. 26, 1036. OARDI. Cardt for Ball Tickets, Merrhanti Cards, r mini's ana i-rinimrr i.nnit s,r. (( doz. packs fine polished surfaco on uu amellcd Cards. 50 doz tillimr Print inir C.MrA 20 (Ioe fancy colored onammolled Cards iv ooz goiu ooroeu lace Cards. 6 doa gilt edged cards, 2 do perforated ronnd cards. 6 do2 large cards 4 k 6 inches Tat ri vcriifomcnis, 12 doz new Conversation card, I doz nlil At tho Varioty Shop, f AtitiBonN & BmnsMAin. January 12. Notice. ANY person haAingony demands against ...., viiviii ,iir liny- incut. A number ofsmall accounts are due US from HCernl iniliviilnnl ...1... ...til please call and pay them. We do not do a crediting business no do not wish to. 'ijujsuhjv St BRINSMAID. Jan. 13, 1037. PAY. fpiIE subscriber is under tho necessity of cnllirtfT nn nil no...... k..i ... I- . . iiiul-UICU II O lllni. Ilt llr III nnlnn. ... I ! . j w, , uuun i lllaKa mediate payment. His ncccssilicd being - , , u I,, u, ncuj, no connucn. ly hopes this call will bo promptly answer. Oil hv all rnitM...J ' .... . C. BENNS. j-uningion, Jan. IU, 1037. Silk and Worsted Belts, tor sale 01 1110 Viiricty Oliup, P ANGtlORN & Bni.NBMAlD. Clocks and Watches OP. many kinds and Prices, for sale at tho Variety Shop, all kinds of Watch, os and Clocks cleaned, repaired and regu lated at the same place, by Pa.NGUOIIN &. DntNB.MAID. .Ianiinryjji NOTICE. THE snb.-crilier iniciidiiig to make a new arrniigmcnt in business requests nil thoso having unsettled accounts with him to call and pcHIc the same without ,!t,i'y- W. R. VILAS. lan.O. I ft37 4w NOTICE. ALL ihoso who are indebted to the uudorfigiied and whose accounts or notes have become due are hereby noli lied that payment must bo mado imme diately or such demand! will be. handed to attorney for collection. . T P & WL STRONG. Burlington, Dec 20, 1036. IKOTESTANT JESUITISM. For.alo by V. HARRINGTON. P 1. KUANS & PATRICIANS, By tho author of-'Old Maids,'"-Old Bacholors,'' &e. kc, 2 vols. Received and for salo by VERNON IIAURINGTON. Jan.O. I0J7. FLOUR. 100 131ls Surperfino Flour by T F ff W L STROJVCl, SALMON. 5 Tierces for sale by T P & W L STRONG. Nails and Iron 10nO K,!P" cul N1, asaort'ed 3rj xkjjj ,u 00(1 . 10 tons round Peru Iron 1-4 to 2 J in. 5 ." Sqr. do - to 2 in. 5 " Band del J to 6 4 " Horse Shoe do also Nail Rods, Hoop Iron, Steel Sleigh and Cutter Shoes &c. &c by January fl. 1037. CLOTH LOST. T OST on ;VidayUio 30th Dec. last, bo JLi twocn Jmlco Cornori and Capt. Joseph Sinclair's In Essox, ono piece of wlno colored pressed CLOTH, containimr about eluven yards, labollod 2. Bruce, Williaton ) also a piece of snuff colored fulled Cloth, containing from clovon to thirteen yds. marked J. P, B. with linen thread, on ono ond, and directed to "J. I . Jlockwith, Williiton to bo left at Jeri co Corners." Whooror will deliver said eloth toZ. Bruce, Chittenden's ferry, Williiton. or givo information where it may bo found. nan oe iioerauy rowaraeo. J. P.BECKWITH, Z. BRUCE. Williiton, Jan. 5, 1837. i. nan ON Friday last, a largo grey PUR CAPE, lined with blue-black silk.- Tho finder shall bo suitably rewarded by leaving it at tho Hook Store. Decern, 29, 1H30, A PEW BOXES STEARIC N.9UM offered to the public as a new nnd uMp-sir aiiitiu, mcy Bro extremely hard and whrte and are warranted to burn longer than t Sperm Candlo with a clear bright flawo j ...hi . . .... ui,u wiiiium running, l ney were contnftn- ed tO US for cnln Iminrf ann,. nk-lhi Manufacturers and having ueet! tho article mm oyiuu inuc, WC IIIIIIK UlCy Bfe 6 WCM . pA.NniioRN & RfttKsMAtn United States Sale. DISTRICT OP VERMONT. Rrt BY virtue of a Decretal Order from the Diblrirl fnnri .f ,t, tT.,...l U.. for tho district of Vermont, bearing date ukv. , iuju, i win sen ai puonc auction, at tho auction store of N. B. Haswcll, in thfi town nf Itllrlinntnn inani.l .li.l.inl nn Saturday the 14th of January next, at' 10 O'clock A. M. turn hnvne. inntnininr If. D ieCOa Broml Plnlli O ninnra rinlmniniiii.t - r- """"'"".i llMMHin Ilin.nJ.n u ' n...l!. ..i.v.iti.u.iwiiui;D, DUIAUU JJUIIIIIIUII n nio ivin aay or iNovcmuer last, tor nl kgti violations of the revenue laws of tho uiuicu amies, j crms or saic. casn. A. W. HYDE. Col. of the Customs for the Dist. of Vt. N. D. Habwf.ll, Auct'r. Burlinglon Dec. 30, t036. Ertgine Comnanv No. 3. ' flnHtRannual mectinrr of unid X will be holden at John Howard's hotel on wcuncsday evening next, at 7 o'clock P. M. , WM. WESTON, Scc'y. Dec. 2D, ,1036. Otter and Seal Cans. &,c. WE have two good caps for sale ; as they are the last we will Bell them i ins uozen price, ai me variety chop. ' Panoborn & BnirmtAit). 20 dozen Whalebone Busks. and narrow Whalebones, juit received by r AKGBORN & UtttNSMAIt). Vol. VII of Vermont Rqiorts tor sale oy vernon Harrington. Dec. 23, 1036. Cash paid for Barley at the Burlington urowcryby K. N. t LACK. Dec. 29. 1036. Common Prayer Various si- CS and8Dlcndid bindinrrs. far Cliriatmns nhil and Now Yeaf's presents, for salo by V. II A 11 KINGTON. Proper Lessons to be read at morning and cvoning prayer, on Sunday and outer noiy-aays throughout the year. Tor salo by V. HARRINGTON. Parley's Almanac, for 1837. The American Nun, for salo by UOCZV. V. HAKKlNUTOiV. December 29, 1836. TUST received and lor sale low by f TTiovely.oi Abbott, 10 doz. Duck mittens, C do do Gloves, 6 do do and Moose skin Moccasins, 6 do patent wood pails. An assortment ol Farwells sailer boots. working shoes and slips &c. &c. NEW GOODS. 20. 1036. OWING to tho increaso of busiuoss, the llliarlilinrc ll.tvn linon lnrli..o.l l ott a vcrj largo and splendid stock, of Fash ionabla FALL AJYD WINTER GOODS, consisting of Droadcloths of all colors and shades rtlnid nnd nlnin Pnusimnru nn.i a.,. tinotU Vcstings Pilot Cloths Petershams, ii, iuk ii-i nose uianKets green and wuuc iiorso uianKets uarpcling. Lamp Mats, etc. etc. "OUSTED STUFFS. nrmnn. nlain and fiff'd Merinos, rirm.rinn. Unmi,,' Zolts, goatshair and common Camlets, black, brown and olivo French Uombazincs ; brown inucpenaants, a new article . black, red and whilo Merino Shawls j Thibet Shawls and lianUkcrcluoh-; merino and worsted Hose. SlliH. UUOUS Iilack and bluo irros dc Sivlsa. ermm ) Nun gros do Rhine, poult dc Soi, Lustring, Ital ian, and siuchaw Silks, black satin Lovantins, black .and groy silk camlets, Tonccs, cvory varicijr ui diuck anu coioreu suit and Tabby Velvets, ladies' and gentlemen's cravats, silk Gloves ami Hose, black Chally for Dresses, black white and coloicd chally Shawls and iiaooKorcmcis, spoitca l,uco, biacK lace Vuils. blick. white nml irrnrn til. ml Voile blond Edgings and Footings, also a great variety ,qf figured, plaid, and plain Sattin, iubkiiij; uiiu jjau.u iviuuuiih, oic. An cxlnnsivn nspnrtmnut nf f'l,i,, ni,r,, and Glass Wart. Looking Glasses, etc. etc. U1U (iKUUlSKlKS. I.onf. Iiimn nml lirnwn Sumru Mnlnciiu Imperial, Old and Young Hyson, Hysonskin, "i"i uuuu iub , uox nnu kc raisins ; barrels, half and quarter barrels Mackerel ; i.ounii: irrounu ronnar nml Snirr rsinrror NutmOBS. cloves, cassia ! nlurr nml nnnnr i uuuucd, uic. uie. LOVELY tS ABBOTT. 100 Barrels PcVsaltjby .ftec43. Superfine Flour II. HYDE & CO. Fire Notice. THE members of the Burlinglon Fire Comnanv urn Imrnhv nniiliml ihnt ihn annual meeting of said company, will be uuinen at j. uowaru s noiei, on tlio fourth Wednesday ft ho 2Ml ilnu nf Jnnnnrv in. Slant, at 7 o'clock in thr nriornnnn. f ir llm choice often Wardens, a Clerk and Trcas. urcr, and tor tlio transaction of all other (justness required by tho Charter. A nnnctual attnndnnnn nf nil Ihn mumhnfu is desired as business of importance will be laid beforo llie tncctinr;. JJy order of the fvaruono, LYMAN CUMM1NGS, Clerk. Burlington, Jan. 3 1 037. Settle, pay, and save Cost TUB robrcriber insists on a settlement, nd payment of all debts duo him by the first of February. WM. I. SEYMOUR. Burlington, Dec. 29, 1036. Cash for Pork TlllE Subscribers will nay cash for nork -I- delivered at (heir More on Church-sl, Wee, 'iO, Lovki.y . Ahiiott. Hctctor G. T MAM P VKRMONT, ) The hnnnrn rrTHH: v oi' Oiht, .m.i ,i. is... biA-e tmK wMrin and for 'the District of fenniciwuh to tfio creditors nnd others lor Ifcteof JMksonville, in the state of Illi- HKRIiAv. Hrron M ww 4 -. ... ... i a, , miliums TT tfttHr llm noli ..ti.i 1 i hAln IHtln ammI n, nn , .1.!. . . ' hJ iZC .u....8Vu.iri, to ex V , ""u ",n,lcu ior mamtig payment . . .u ul.iU,atu 1 1 a ilium ns from this date ; ond the third Monday of :u"u'j " ucing ussignou tor a iicannf in the premises, at John A. Willey's hotel in Willi3ton, and It having been ordered that notice be biven thereof by publishing t? 18 orcr hrcc WCC,S successively in the Free Press, n newspaper printed at Bur linrrion. before tlm limn fivml rnr i, . Therefore, you are hereby notified to uujjuar ucroro sairj ruourt, at the time nnd plaCO aforesaid, tlinn nml tlmri In n,tn nt. jection if any you havo, to tho said time of payingni ocmg luniicr extended as afore said. Given under my hand at BnrllnRton, this 29th day of December. A. D. 1036. WM. WESTON, Register. rWIO the Honorable tho Probato Court for the District of Chittonden comes Hunrr P lli.knt r n... -i district, and shows that ho is locjal guardian u. iuuruniur j. uuei, a maio iniant under tho aire nf twentv nno innra nn r m..:. A. Bucll, a femalo infant under the ago of yigiuccn years, dom ot llie town or Bur lington aforesaid; that tho said Mortimer C. and Maria A. arc o inmnii in common in their own right in fee of a cer- miii iiuruui ui innu ana tenement thereon, containing one half of one acre in the town of Colcheator ami Oiot ri nfnmani.1 i.n,.n ded north by the road leading from tho l . aBBU nnu commonly Known n? the Back placet and that a sale of said par. eel of land fa. Pnnmi'ivn in, k., of his said wards. Therclore he prays said rnn.l ,n t.n 1.1m. i: .1 ' . . v-..nSii.ui uiiu nuL-iiau nnu empower him to sell the said land and tenement. And your petitioner will ever pray. Hr.Nnr P. IIicKott. Burlington, Dec "27, 183G. STATE OF VERMONT, ; District ok ChittEkden, s. The Probate Court for the District of Chit tenden, to all persons to whom these presents shall come, GREETING. HENRY P. HICKOK, of Burlinglon in the District of Chittenden, guar dian of Mortimer C. Bucll, a molo infant under the arC of twenty nnn vnnro nnd Maria A. Bucll n. fcmnlo infant, nmlnr Ihn age of eighteen years, both of the town of uuriuigion niorcsaiu, Having represented tO this COlirt. thnt the nill Mnrtimnr fl and Maria A. are seised ob tenants in com mon in their own right in fee of a certain parcel of land and tenement tlWnnn. mn. tainim? ono half nf one nrrv in thn Iniiin nf Oulcliualvi und Disirittl n,aicl, hnnndo.1 norm oy tne roau icaaing-rrom tho Falls fo Essex, and commonly known as the Back Placet and that a sale of said parcel of land is conducive to the best interests of his said wards It is hcrebv ordered, tlmt lion stand for n linn n session thereof lo bo holden at Burlington on tho -llh ftfonday of January.A. D. 1037; and that notice thereof be given by publish ing this Order Intrnthnr with Ihn Kiihulntinn of said petition in the Free Press, a news- paper printed at Uurlington in the -county of Chittenden, two weeks successively, the last Of said DUblications tn hn lint leu limn two weeks previous to said day. uiven under my hand and the seal of said court, at Burlington in the L. S. uisinci ot uinttcridcn, tins 27ih day of December. A D. IMG uiiAKMSS RUSSELL, Judge A NNUALS for 1(137 ree'd hv l. VERNON II ARRINOTOM. The. Magnolia, Friendship's Offering London, The Fairy Book, The Pearl, The Gift, Tho Token, Religious Souvcnjr, The violet &c. die., Dec, 522, 1036. Bank of Burlington. NOTICE is hcrebv given to the stock holders of tho Bunk or Burlington, that their annual mpotin.T fur tlm nlnntim, of Directors for llio ensuing year, will be iioiucn at incir Hanking house, on the third Tuesday of January. 1(137, at 1 o'clock I) At I, i . . i .u. uv uruer ni in iiinMnrs. R. G. COLE, CWticr. Doc. 15, 1836. NOTICE. THE Lessees and debtors of the town of Burlington will take notice that their rent and interest falls duo on the first day of January next. Punctual pay ment is expected without further notice. NATHAN B. HASWELL, Tovin Treasurer. Burlington Dec. 20ih, 1836. Cold Weather Articles! Al the Cheap Cash Store. BUFFALO ROBES, Fur Caps and Capes, Mittens, gloves. Moccasins, Ovor shoes, Satin Beaver, for Bonnets', shawls, &c. 2000 lbs. Cotton battinp. Also a new stock of carpeting and woollen yarn. Brood Cloths, Cassimcres and Sat tinctts, all for sale very cheap by S. E. HOWARD. P. S. Wanted--A first rate English Ingrain Carpet Weaver. Dec. 2S. "10MMON Britania Tea Pots for75cts. w ui cis. gi uu fli so $i uo each at the Varioty Shop liec. 22, r ANOnoRN &. BrinsMaid. ASTORIA, or anecdotes of an enter prit-e beyond the rocky mountains, bv W shington Irving, in two vol. For sale V. HAnitlNOTON. 10 llientia ItntV tinI nlrirrtini nnt. - - J- -" fctVjl.l terns of Figured Plain und Sattin Striped Shallys. just received by LA Til HOP ,V POTWLY, TULOGY on the Lire and Chcara tor of Jnmes .Mndi-nn. By John Q Adams. For sale by V. II arri.noton. Dec. 15. JOLMES' POEMS, just published M.M nn,l fr salo by V. II Arlington, Dec In, 1836. Truman BurritOs Estate To the Hon. tho Probato Court for the Dislrict of Chiltenden, conies the sub-cri-bor Harmon Burriit, Administrator of tho cstato ol Truman Burritt lato ofHincs said district, deceased, and rep. resents that the personal cslato of said ceased will not bo sufficient lo pay tho debts thcrcof,& hereby makes application lo said court, for license to sell said estate for that purpose. Harmon Bunntrr. Williaton. Dec. 19. 1836. STATE OF VERMONT, ) A District op Chittenden, ns. T a probato court holden at Willistnnv in said district on tho 19th day of Do. ccmbor, A. D. 1836, it is ordered that nil account bo taken of the dobls, and also the proceeds of the personal cstato of said deceased, and that the heirs and all persona concerned in said cstato be notified to np-. pear before said court on tho second Wednesday of January next at the office of the Register of this Court in Burlington nrorcsaid, to give bond for the payment of debts, and show causo why tho license 'ns, aforesaid should not be granted, and' ihnt r ch notice bo given by publishing tho auovo application togolhcr with this order three weeks successively as Boon es may bo in the Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, in said district. Given under my hand, tho dav and year first above written. WM. WESTON, tieglster. Alfred Day's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. ) The Honor Dist, nt CiiiTTfeNhEN, 8s. s able the pro bote Court within and for tho District of Chittendr-n, to the creditors and others concerned in the estate of ALFRED DAY, late of Burlington In said district, deceased. WHEREAS Wm. B. Munson. admin, istrator of said deceased, hath mado application to this court, to extend the time limited for making payment of the debts of said deceased, twelve months from this date, and the eleventh day of January next being assigned for a hearing in the premises, nt the Office or the Register of this court in said Burlington, and it having been ordered that notice thereof be given, by publishing this decree three weeks successively in the Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, before the timo fixed for hearing. Therefore, you are hereby notified td appear before said court, at the time and place aforesaid, then and there to make obiection. if anv von have, in ihemiil nmn of payment being further extended as o foresaid. Given ilnilrir my hand ot Durlinzlon, thi 20th day of December, A. D. 1836. WM. WESTON. Reir'r. To the Hon. the Probate Court for tho tyountyoi Uhillcndcn. comes Henry P. Hickok of Burlington, in said District, and shows to said court that he is leal guardian of Mortimer Buell, a male infant under the age of twenty ono years, and of Maria A. Bucll, a female infant under the ago ofoigliiccn years, both of tho town of Burlington aforesaid ; --That the said Mortimer and Maria A. ore seized as tenants in common in their own right in foe of a ccrtnin parcel of land in said Burlington containing about sixty acres, lying upon tho lake shore, at a nlaco called the Rod Rocks, ond known ns tho Wood Lnt of Ozias Bucll, lotc of said Burlington, deceased; also, of a certain other parcel of land in said Burlinglon, upon the Interval, so called, containing about thirty acres, nnd bounded by lands of John Pmncroy, lands of Juhn N. Pom. croy, and the road leading ncross the In. terval; also, of n certain other parcel of land in said Burlington, containing about two and a half acres of laud boun ded north and east by lands of Moses Catlin, west by thn road leading from tho Square to 'ho Falls, south by tho road leading from said last mentioned road by Moses Cnilin'sto tho Winooskl Turnpike; And that a sole of said thtco parcels of land is conducive to the best interests of I1I3 said wards. Whercloru he prays said court to grant him license, and empower him to sell the said lands. And your petitioner will ever pray. Henrv P. Hicko. Burlinglon, Nov. 2J. 1836. STATE OP VERMONT, ) IJtSTniCT OK JlllTTI-IUlKN, ss. v I1EREAS application has been mado W to the Probata Court for the Dist. aforesaid, by Henry P. Hickok, Guardian ol Mortimer Bucll, n male infant, under the age of twenty one years, and Maria A. Bucll, n female infant, under the ape of eighteen years, for authority to sell ccr'. tain lauds therein named. Thcrcrnro it is ordered by said court that the said Henry P., guardian as aforesaid, give notice lo all persons concerned in his said application, to appear at n Probate Court to bo holden at Burlington on the third Wednesday of Jtnuary, A. I). 1837, then and thcro fo shuw causo if any they havo why said application should nut be granted, by publishing the substance of the subject matter of the same in the Frco Press, n newspaper printed nt Burlington in the County of Chittenden, two weeks in succession, the last publication to bo nut less than two weeks previous to said third Wednesday of January. Given under my hand at Burlington, in tho District nf Chittenden aforesaid, this 2lst day of Dccembor, A. D. 1836. CHARLES RUSSELL. Judge. Looking Glasses, Portrait & Picture frames &c. THE Subscriber has now ready for sale and will bo constantly manufacturing n splendid assortment of LOOKING GLASSES, from 25 cts. to $10, made by the best city workmen, and will bo sold at New York prices, at wholesale or retail. Portrait and picture framos, and all gold work in tho line, done on short notice and in llio best manner at his factory over the Hardware and Drug Store. R. Moouv. Biiriingtuii, Decern. 7. 1836,

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