Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 14, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 14, 1837 Page 3
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Ono who has not devoted his particular htttntinn to the subject con hardly realize tlm extent to which Excciitivo unrpation tins been carried for the last eight year?. The assumption flint llio President, and tint Congress, is the exponent of the Peo ple's Will, has led to the grossest viola tions of principle and law. It has been the cause of all our present calamities. Jf Congress had legislated for us, and Congress alone, we should now ho in the enjoyment of a sound currency and n pros, porous trade. Hut Tonv principles have triumphed. The power of the Cr.owN has liccn augmented at the expense of the People. The Toiues have strengthened the Executive, and annihilated the power of all the co-ordinate branches of the Gov ernment. Thus the MoN.tncincAr, prin ciple has triumphed over the Democratic. The President and his agents linvo been supreme. All authority has been concen trated in their hands. Congress Iia9 been a cipher. War has been made upon the Judiciary. Every thing hns resolved it self into the sovereignty of the Cuown till tho sovereignty of the People is but the shadow of a shade. For the Free Prcss.J THE DEVIL'S PROCLAMATION CONCERNING HIS dun. Wc, old Nick. S.ilnn nr Salhnmi?, Apollwm, Lucifer, Abaddon, (We'tc manv oilier ni'nsM, 91 on rogues jon know h.ic had 'cm.) Ho issue this nnr Proclamation To nil whom it rnnreinelh : Tin given at our infernal I)KN, Not lli'U which ever burnetii, Bill n rool ple.inni habitation, A summer lnin-r deliciniH, A ri'tip.n from dint anil heat As our licet fi lends could wish us. Wc ask i lie Ladies of Durlington Anil esee I lie grnlleni" n, To e.ill some pleasant nfieinooii And lake tea ut our Den. Wp'ic always to sen our friend--. And seldom ue fioin home are ; Tin: Devil had a 01 1 may think him, Is a licticr host than sonic aie. Snmc.storics arc nliroad wc know to our discicdil. 'Tis slander all, and un arc euro No gentleman will heed it. We've left off all our youthful tricks Aie plnady an a Deacon ; We don't go toat inj; lounil ciention l'o catch poor rogues and cat 'em. Our personal appearanrc Ino We think should not lie sneezed al ; Our oulwaid man, tlioush not (lie best No one nerd be displeased ut. Our bonis, nay ladle do not start, For lioins aie worn liy many, We neier goie or push with them, They need not frighten any. Our tail we'ic lold Incut it off. Our friends all mv us high time, lint we can't ihiuk In pail with it Now in I he midst of fly time. Onrhnof is twofold we confess ; Hot sheep's anil caltcs' aiedillo. You know that they am harm less things And fo he sine aie uc loo. J'ti! call and fee ns al our Dkn We'll have a jovial meeting, A nil you may all depend upon A'utvilish lieaily greeting. 0H Nick is supposed lo mean ihc cave not lit of Hie village. The Randolph Will Cat. The Special Court of Appeals yesterday affirm rd the judgment of the G.ineral Court, Judges Hrockenbrnngh and Mason concur, ring, and Judge Cabell dissenting. This decision establishes the will of IfiiM , with tho various codicils up in Au.usi, 11131, by which the slaves of Mr. Randolph arc e m a n ci p a t ed . Rich mun d Wh ig. John Neol. in one of his works snys, ,,Ti is in vain for any innn to tell me. that the writer of a letter ftels, when I find his i's all dolled, and I's all crossed. An itinerant lecturer on abolition has been treated to a ride on a rail at Cham hersburpli Pa. His title in the Hook of Martyrs will bo Ihc Great Rail Rude. Tlx Doke of Wellington's income is estiiniU'd at three hundred and fifty thou sand dollars per annum. So much fur cum paignmg. "How happy the soldier that lives on his pay." A Mr. Ioot in Kentucky, recently about to light a duel, was n such a trepidation when his second placed him on ihegrnuiid that he shot his -own loo off. Ho is now Mr. I' oot the no'loe-rious. "My dear Murphy !" said an Irishman to his friend, "why did you betray those. cret 1 tout you "Is it betraying you call it r "bore, when I found I wao'nt table to keep it myself, tlid'nt I do well to tell it to some body tliut could ?" 2'te Reverend Isaac Jlill. The Con . cord Statesman says, a pious lady in that place being solicited to become a subscri. her to a religious periodical, replied Hint she had fur some limo been a subscriber to one religions paper, the New Hampbhire Patriot, but as she could never seo that the family was mado any better by it, she had no faith in them are religious papers. 'Gen. Jackson, wo hear, is heard daily to lament, that the scono of the Indian war is not Tennessee. The Old General can. not think of going to Florida after the red devils ;" but let them be brought lo the Hermitage, and ho promises to thresh Ihem soundly. "If you want your pota tatoes dug, fetch 'em on," said a loafing servant to his master ; -'do you think I can run about tho fields after them!"--Louitville Journal. PRUIMhS, Citron, English Currunts, Dunch Raisins, Rrandy and Ginger Preserves. Dates, Lemons, Changes, Al monds, Filberts, &c. &.c, of superior qual ities, constantly on hand by tin; MihfcriliGte LATflROP & POTWIN. July 14. ill A It It I K 1) , 1 In Montreal, on the. -lib int.liy the Hcv. Mr' I'eikiiM, Dr. II. J. 1 1 E I N E n E n o of this place, In Miss CtiAiii.orTE StiVMoun, daughicrof W, II, Seymour of Hie former place. In Willi-ion on Siindav Inn, hv Rev. Gen. G. Inger-oll, dipt. Wm. I'. j'HILI.II'S ofSleuin.lloai .McDonougli, to 91 its Sauaii Talcott, r WiI Iisioii, Al Snrcainpp, (Me.) Zcplianinh Wiser Esq,, In Mios Hannah E. Head. Two heeds hi e better than one. Since Wisdom prompted ihem lo Hcd, They weic not her dc-pisci- The husband look an txlra Iliad. Thn lady was nude M ifi". In Cambridge on the 4lli till., after n protracted illners of some months, Amanita M. ivifoof Joseph 1 1 aw ley ngrtl J 4 yeais. DnoWNKli. in llie. Aii'nbln river. Kcescville. on ill" 111) iiil.t l'zra 0. (. Allen, ugid 7tp.iig, son nl Anson II. Allen, editor ol Iho keesevlllc I In aid. In .Icricoion thcOJ nit. Mrs. Judith Graves wife nf Mr. Eli Graves, formerly of Greenfield Macs, aged (iijyc.ars, Trailers in Vt ami .tlass, arn requested kc. In l.nn, Jlich. nn Iho 2Sl I nil. of Ihc measles. Edwaiio I,., son of Mr. Gaius S. Dean, for merly oflhi (own, aged 17 months. FOR SALE A Dwelling house and Int sit uated on the west side of wa- Iter street, a few doors north of tho incw wharf. Enquire at this office. joiin Mcknight. Hurlington July. 13. 18.17. GItASS SCYTHES. Til B subscribers have Just received a lew dozen MeN'ainnres Shear and Geiman Steel Scythes, ol n superior qtiul- Hv. Lovely &. AnnoT-r. tti Package low priced American Prints, 4k just received by Lath noi Potwin. July 14, 1 037. Farwcll's Gaiter Boots, Walk ing Shoes. Ladies & Misses English and French Kid Slips, Gentlemen pumps, Childrens Shoes, &c, constantly kept and lor saie liv Jjovci.y iv. Aiiihitt. Work J3oxcs, Dressinr Cases Perfume Cases, inntle of Rose Wood, fur nishetl or tinfiirnishetl. lor sale al tlie Voriety Shop, also, While Wood nntl other kinds of work boxes unfurnished PA.-SGIlOnN &, UllI.NbMAIIl July 1-1. Pomatum and Hair Oils, of inn.-t approved kinds, for sale at Iho Variety Shntl. Pisnnnnv Xt II-. .... Wheat Bran and Shorts. 1 Cf ngs ft r sale bv IIlCKOK &, CATI.1N. July 12, IC37. Ascl Harris' Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. IMSTIUCT OF CHITTKMIEN. 7 Vie Honorable the Probate Court for the D'nlriil of Chitlnulen, to all persons lancernca in Hie instate oj Jlial Harris late n) LulthcUer in said District, de. rraml IIEREAS, Russell Uerrick ndtninis tralor of the K.-talu of sou) decea.-ed proposes In render nn account ol Iih ad ininii-tratinti, and present his account of his iitlininit ration, and present his account against said eslate for examination mid allowance nt a session of tho Court ol Probate, to he hidden nl I5iirlinlon on ihc second Wednesday of August next. I herelore. l mi arc: hereby notified lo apprar before said court at tho lime and place nliiret-niil, and show cause, if any you have, why Iho account aforesad should nut be allowed. Given under my hand at Hurlington thi 1 2th day of Jnlv. A. D. lf)37. WM WESTON, Register. Price SO Cents. A fresh supply just received by Lalhrnp &. Potwin, Unrlington Ueek wilk C. Dyer. Sclesbury-A. P. Rotcoe, New Haven M. W. Hutsley, Moukton M. Hull, Ilincsburgh Fletcher &, Wood. man. Wiilistnn C. 15, Martin, Charlotte E. Lyman, Ferrisburgh L. Bixby, Vcr gennes Fletcher & Miner, Rridporl lien Wright, bhoruliam. Joseph Brown's Estate. STATE OF PERJIIONT, DifTiucT or Ciiittkndkn. ss. A T a Probate Conn holtlen at I5urlinir im. ton within and for tho District, nfiirc. laid on the 2th day of June, A. D. 11137 in Instrument purporting to ho the last Will ond Jcstatnciit nf Joseph llrown, late of Jericho, in said District deceased, was presented lo tho Court hern for Pro bale, by Polly Rrown tho Executrix, there in named. TiiEnKKonn it is ordered by said Court, that public notice bo given to all persons interested therein to appear before said Qourt, at a session thereof to bo holdcn at Hurlington on llio 12lh day of July next A. D. 1037, and contest tho probate of soul Will, tind it is further ordered that this order bo published three weeks suc cessively in tho Frco Press n news paper printed at Hurlington, in Ibis State. Ihc the last of which publications shall be previous to the day assigned, us aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand nt tho Register's Office, this Dili dav of Juno A. I). 1037. Win. WESTON, RvgUter. RTioRAciriTVTcnr OFFERS his services to tho inhabitants of Hurlington and vicinity, jn tlm pructico of Medicine nnd Surgory. Office in Church Street, upposile the Rank of Rurlington, Hurlington, July I, 1037. mm Hound Rules for Counting Room Desk- mid Marble stands anil Rules for the stiine, for snh m the Vnrieiy Simp. PA.NflllOIIK &. BltlNsMAItt. Juno 15. K 13 It IV & KVANSj ZVEX10XIANT TAILOIIS. HAVE just received from New-York, a splendid assortment of Ootids in their linn, cnnstsliiii: of Broadcloths. Ca-i. mores, Vostings, Sinr.ks, Collars, Bosoms, Suspenders : together with many other ar ticles not necessary to enumornlo, all of whleh will bo sold chenp for Cash. They will, ns usual, nttenil to making, and cutting for others to make, gentlemen's garments of every description. Church. St. Turlington, ) May 17. tr37. ( BURMBJCTOUr PROVISION STORE. rilllL subscribers feeling themselves JL capable, through experience, of con ducting tho above business, will open on Mondny the lOlh mst., first, door Wet of J. & J. II. Peck & Co. The store will be open from 5 A. M. until 12 at noon, the remaining part ol the day H will be shut, except on Saturdays, which will be open Irom 4 1'. M. until :) in the evening. D. &. I). A. KIM 15 ALL. N. R. Cash, and Uostnn prices, will be paid for any number of firn niinhtv ol fat oxeo, on nplicntioti to I). & I). A. It BOSKETS A Few Flotonco, Tuscan, nntl Grecian iJL Coltajjo Runnels, received this wet: and selling nt verv reduced price, bv Ihc subscribers. Latiiiiui1 & Potwin. Julv 7. 1 037. A Few J mis good Table Butler, for which tho hii'hest market price will be paid by Lathop Potwin. Jnlv 7. lf!37. Juil.N G AUKKTT Si, Co. Chittenden County VS Ham. & Stkauns. Court. Jlnrch Term If! "7"H EREAS John Garret and Rodman " Mitchell of the city of New York bv iho name and firm of John Garret t am Co. at the August term of said court 11I3G commenced I heir act ion on Honk account demanding in damages tin: sum of three hundred dollars against Peler Hnll, of said Nurlmgion.ond Horace Stearn.lale of suit! Hurlington, bv Iho name and firm of Hall and Siearns. which action was entered on the Docket of said court at said Angus' term, and the plaintiffs nppunred by Iheii Attorney J. N. i'otneroy, anil the sail Stearns being absent from the Stale al the time of Hie service of said writ, tlx said cause was bv order of said court con tinned to tho Match term of said conn 1037, at which term the plaint ills ngair appeared by I heir said Attorney, nnd it not being made to appear lo the said conri that llio said SleariK has hail per.-onal no tice nl i he service and pendency ot tln suit, the same was again by order of faid court continued tothe August Perm there of 1837 nnd the said court also ordered thnt fun her notice he given of the tip rr tlency of this suit by publishing tin: sub Manco of the Plaintiffs declaration in the Hurhuglon Freo Press n newspaper print ed in & it id Burlington, lliree weeks suece. sivolv, the Int-t of which to be twenty dnv before the silting of said court, whiel shall ho deemed sullicient not ice lo I In said Siearns to appear and answer to said suit. Dated at Hurlinglon aforesaid this -lib dav ol Julv. li!37. J 'W 1 1.1.1 A MNO 15 LE. Clerk. St. Albans, Montreal, Essex. and Manchester bank JjiiN taken at par lor Goods by L. Cuktis & Co June 30. IV JEW GIOOBJS. TBIHE subfcuber has taken the Store, i- heretofore ocupied by Mr Sidney Harlow, nnd bus the pleasure of offering a heavy stock of Dry Goods.Croekcry. Hard ware, and Groceries on very favorable lenns. Mo.-t kinds ol Produce reeeivi d in exchange, and good bargains given for Cah. IIAWLEV M. GIDDINGS. Rurlington, Mny-l. 11137 Isaac It. Chittenden County vs. CotirJ Rf.nj. RtTimuN. 3 JIurchTi rm 1!I3 "TOTO II EREAS Isaac R. Harrington, o W Huffnlo, in tho Stale of New York, at the Align! term of ChiitendenJ Coun y Court A. I). 11)30, commenced his aeiinu against Henjamin Rathburn, of Hullalo, aloresaul, in n plea ot the case, lor money had and received, for money lent and nd va need, for money paid, laid out and ex pended, and fiir goods, wares ami merchan. due, sold and delivered, to the damage of the said Isaac R. five thousand dollars, which action was entered on ihc thicket ol said Court, at said August term of 1!!3C, and the Plaintiff' appeared bv his Att'v Charles Adams, nnd the Defendant being abst nl from the State al the lime of the. service of tnitl writ, Iho said cause was continued to tho March tern ofsaul Court 11137, at which term the Plaintiff' again appeared by his said Attorney, ond it nut being made to appear to the Court that the Defendant had had personal notice of tho said service auu pendency ot this suit, the same is again continued by said Coutl to the August term thereof 11137, und the said Court also order that further notice ol thn pendency of said suit bu given, by publishing tho substanco of tho Plaintiff's declaration three weeks successively in the Hurlington Free Press, printed at said Hurlington, tho last of which publications to he twenty days before tho setting of said Court, which shall bo deemed suffi cient notice to the stud Henjamin to ap pear and answer to said suit. Dated at Rurlington aforesaid, this 4th day of July, A. D. 11137. W.m. NOHLE. Clerk. SALT. Rush. Coarse Western Salt. IPOU do Turk's Island tin 500 Rbls. Pino do 200 dii Coarsi) do ,1. & J. IJ. Peck & Co. by Wanted Immediately. CASH, lair wnges nntl cnnstaiit employ. HH'tiL will he L'lveti In n rofnl Spinner by II. W IIITCIICUCK. St. Johns, June 27t, 11137. 1 Case more Fine Florence Hrnid lliiuuclts, Grecian nhtl CnUngo form by L. CutiTis & Co. June 30. LAMSON'S Pntcnt. Scythe Snathes, bv J. & J . II. Peck & Co. " ESTRAY. CAME into the enclosure of the sub criker, on the 17th inst., n white French Mare, about h years old, the owner H requested lo prove properly nnd lake EfSIIOiN HAJNfUUU' June 'in. 1 1137. Medical Lectures. " rjlllh Medical Lectures at Dartmouth JL College will coininenco on Thursday, the ttV(Zday of August, and continue four teen wee lis. Anatomy, Surgery, nnd Obstetrics, by 11. 1). Mussky. M. I J. Physiology. Materia Mcdtca. and Medical Jurisprudence, by D. Omvkii, M. I). Theory and Practice of Physic, by J. Dki.a.m ATKn, M. D. Chemistry and Pharmacy, by O. r. HuniiAiii), M. IJ. The Lectures on Theory und Practice will bo delivered the first 6ix weeks of the term. Fees for Iho Course. $50. Mntrictiluting Fee. i. Hanover, jV.' II .June 13. 1337. William Pease's Estate. E the subscriber-, having been ap pointed by the Honorable the Pro bate Court for the District ot Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine nnd ad just the claim nnd demands ol all persons, against the estate of William Pease, late ol Charlotte, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, anil nlo all claims and demands exhibited in offset, thereto; and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Mrs. Slatira Pease, in said District, on the fir'.t Tuesday of August, nnd on the first Tuesday of November next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days Dated, thw 241 h dav of June, A. D l!)37 NOHLE LOVELY. ) Commis S II E LDONWH E ELE R . ( sioners. NEW MEAT MA HKE T. TllllE subscribers having opened a Meat Market, at Mrs. Durkeu s old stand, on Church. Street, ask the patronage of the public, as tliey intend at least, lo try lo givo satislac lion, to all those who may lie' di-oiosed (o fa vour Ihem with theircustnin- Will the citizens of Hurlington and vicinity (who wish to buy Meat,) just irivo them an opportunity lo ru deem their pledge. ALFRED PITKIN. DUDLEY PITKIN. X. R. Qasii paid for Sheep and Lamb's foils Farmers having fat C.illln, Calves. Hogs. Sheep and Lambs, ate invited toeallott the suhserihers. A. & D. PITKIN Hurlington, JuntIZ, 11)3". 1 ILL'S COMPLETE PRECEP'I OR for iS Iho Wccordeoo. no an entire nov.' nnnui pie. by which a person may learn themselves, whether ttiny have a knowledge nf notes or not. A good luned rosewood Wccoidcnns, much lower than heforu sold. It is now a good opportunity logel lids beautiful lustiu. incut, l'orsalo at tlm Variety Shop. PAXGDOHX k. JJIILVSMA1D. June C3. DISSOLUTION. rinllE partnership heretofore existing Ji. between Iho iiudersit:iied under the linn of Al'en & Owen, is hereby dissolved, lo take effect on Hie first day of July 1!!37. All persons having unsettled nceounN are requested to make immediate settle ment with Jacob Owen. CEO. A. ALLEN. JACOB OWEN. Burlington, June 30. 1337. 41176k july mo A Beautiful Engraving of the, 'Declaration of ludepeiitleuco" containing a correct likeness of ail of the signers, the plate is ac companied with a key, by which any per-on may find out each individual signer, the key is accompanied with each signer's name, in the fac siinilio of his own hand writing. The i'liite is now in tho Window of the Variety Shop. I'aAGDOU.N k BltlNSMAIll. Juno, 23. spoot7stan15 SINGLE and DOUBLE ONES, for sale at the Variety Shop. l'A.NonriiiN k Bkins.m.ii, Hay ltakes and Forks. T the dozen or sinh: J. &, J. II. Pkck &, Co. June 21. N. E. HUM. II lids. Boston N. E. Rum, just landed, for sale by J. Ai J. II. I'eck & Co. Juno 21. 1 Case fine English Straw and Tuscan Bonnets, now opening and for sale cheap by LATUROI' & POTWIN. June 23, 1037. READY PEN M.'KERS. to make a pen at ono cut. Just received at tho Variety Shop, a few of the useful and ingenious instru ments. Wgetl persons can make Pens with them without Spectacles. For sulo at the Va. rioty Shop. PAXGJ10RJY k HRLySMAin. NAILS. AAA Kes Nulls, assorted sizos a miUt? superior nrticle, inst received on consignment, and for pale nt tho lowest prim by II. M. OIDDINfJS. Hurlington, Pearl it. June '2U, 1111)7. JVKW GOODS. LOVELY A13UOTT, B AVE just relumed from New York with a good assortment of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, Crocket v, Glass and China Ware, &c. fee. which will bo sold vcrv Low for Cash. May 25, 11137. Pocket liook and Money Lost, m ETWEP.N the Limekiln of Mr Dcm, on 3 thn IliiiPhbiirgh road, nntl the Court Mouse tnunro. n eallslvin Wallet, fontauiing fifty fivo dolhiiK and a half four leu and two live dollar bills on the Farmers and Mi rhiin ielis Itank, one five dollar bill on St. Albans Kink, and one half dollar of American coin. Whoever miiv have found said money, shall bo entitled to Ten Dollars, by leaving Iho same at the I'osl fjfiico in this village. JOHN VAN Slt'KbliiM Jr. STOCKS. w!,v) ' lioiubazinu just received by 1j. UUK J IE. K UO, Juno 1, l!137. 1 Case more Elegant FLO HENCE J TUSCAN BONNETS COLOSEUM ) 2 " French Wreaths, by L. CURTI-' & Co. Juno 1, 11137. FRUIT. INK APPLES, and LEMONS, for sale P nl ivn'IlHOl'&l'OTVVJN. lime 23. HAIR. SILK & SEAWEED LINES, Fish Hooks, Rods in canes, Slntc Pencils set in Cedar; fine India Ink, the best article we ever had, jirtsl received nl tne Variety Shop. I'ANC.nonN IfniNe.MUn. Plated Spoons. PLAT EI) TEA AND TABLE SPOONS. Plated Cream Spoons und sugar Jongs Plated Salt and Mils lard Spoons of different kinds fur sale at tho Variety Shop. .lone 15. I'ANrinon.N iv. BntNMAin. June 1st., 1837. Wr-W GOODS AGAIN TIOYS UL are pleased to inform our vounj. Wi! customers, lhat wo did not forget their orders, whilst selecting our Variety, but have brought 2000 Alley and other Marbles, some India llub'jer lialls, I orpedocs. iVo. expressly for oun customers, nt tho Variety Shop, I'anorokn fc ISitiNs.Mun. WOOL TWINE. TUST received by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Juno 21. John Wing's Estate. WE the subscribers, having been np pointed by the Honorable tlm Pro bale Court for the District of Grand Isle commissioners to receive, examine and ad just the claims and demands of all per.-ons, neainst Hie estate ol John Wing, Into of Alburgh, in said District, deceased, rep resented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in off'-el thereto; and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court, for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will nliend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling bouse of Han uali Wing, in Alburgh, in said District, mi ihc last Saturday of October next, from 10 o'clock, A. M. till 0 P. M. Dated Albtu.h. 22d May, 1037. W.m. SOWLES. ) Commit JOIIABOD N1LES, s sinners. Scythes. fR DOZ. Warranted Kcwhe bv fj0 i& J 'II. PECK. Temperance School Medals. SCHOOL MEDALS, with the Tem perance Pledge nnd other teulperanco devices upon them for sale at the Variety Shop. P.V.NOIIUII.N (Si Bltl.Ns.MAIl). .nine 15. Crockery and Glass Ware. rSHIO subscribers arc now offering a large -Q. and splendid stock of Crockery und Glass Ware, and it is their intention lo keep .such a slock that the public will know where lo come and select llteir lull supply any time, and at satisfactory prices. We have Now, Cut, Ground, and ) plain Astral, Glooe, all and LAMPS. Stand ) Dining setts complete, white and prin ted, Gold Band, lulu and bronze China sells. Cut and plain Cliainpaiiie J Lemonade, Whip, Wine.aud CLASSICS. Ccleiy ) and in fact almost every article in the line I.djiuki, (,'uutis k Co. Burlington, May 2.5, 11)3". LYMAN & COLE H'AVIJ ree'd their v'i'o,!1' and Summer (Jonds coiiipiioiiii i yeiiei.d .irroi lliicnt of Dli Y GOODS, Anion; ubirh are a splendid ni..-ni imeiit of Cali coes, Clinch. inn mill Piimeii Cimbi ics. FigM, cio-s B.oied, mill I'liin .Muslim. Suiss imill, .liiconei, and I'l.ud .Miii-hns. I'l.iin, Dud's Bui, ami I'l iid Ciinhi ics. Bub Plain unci Binbiuiduied Sill, llnsiriy. do. dn. Cuiiiin dn. Gluves, Silk, Kid, l.inen, Picnic, and Cotton, SIRS, Blue HI u k, Fiiied and Plain Gin de Siv i.., and (im de Khine. Col'd und PI. iid (!io de Naples do. Silk Cainbli'tj and Pongees, piimed and pl.iin ShulUs. ' ' Ladies fancy silk Ci avals. Tambour und French uoikeil (Japes .mil Collar. Plain mid Fig'd Sh.dly ll'dk'fs and cry i irh. Seuiiij Silk do. do Fiji'd silk Crape, and rich Ilcinani, ll'dk'fs and Sliiiuls, Tnflel.i mid fiainilure Ribbons. Sewln Silk and Tuisl. Ilio.idcliiihs, C.iseimcie and Vesliii"?, Domestic CTooTjh, Broun Cotton Sheeting, Shining and Oiilliiig. Ble.wh dn. dn. do. Tirk, Wickiup, &, A ni)d asMiiimi-iil uf rummer Cloih, liuichella, Piuicellu, Kimiiielle, Vink .Mixtuien, blue Drills, fancy sli ino Skin kc. ' Siipeifino l.inen, IiMi Jnm Sliirlin;, aiiiTiiiix -i -i iii iu -i uiue. Wiuli eju Diaper, do, Napkins, anil l.inei. Diiui.ijk, liiistia Diaper, and ciash, linen table Cloiln Brown and IIIcicIhnI, Iliiiliii-iiin, .May L'Sili, 1S27. Gold and Silver Pencils, and Spectacles; Tonlh Picks, Thimble. Bos inn Pins. Finger Rings. Eur Jewels and rings; Chains Key nnd Seal &o. at Un Variety Shop. p,ifinoit & BiiiMM.tit). Rounds. Wreaths, &c 1 CASE Sup K'rnw iiiiw.'to T.i.cnn nnd Fmr. nre ( n ' Criiiinion Tu-ean ruil ('ollo.'-nui do French Flowers WrrailM e bv LEMUEL CURTIS Co. Mnv 2J. i urn. NOTCV, AT a meeting oi ihe Direcior- of the Colchester Mnnii'iiei uring Company duly hidden, it was ordeied Hint, nn n-'e--ment of Ten dollars be laid mi each slime of the capital Monk of stud Company, to he paid on nr before the 2,M day of June A. 1) 1037, nntl n further iis-e-f tneni !' five Dollars on each share ofsaul Cap't'nl stock to be pit id on or before tin: -,t duy of July A. D 1337. SIDNEY R A R LOW, Clerk May ID, 11137. :iw Artificial blowers, very prolf.; Mohair Cnjw, fancy colors, S'ny nn I IJurt Laces; Wood, Sieeland WliRlelionu Bu-i.-s narrow Whalebones, Elastics, Suspended ; Parlor Ralls, Battledore's. Looking Gln--rr (fiir Toilet I'nble' and Betl Rooms,) v h Drawers for Combs. &c. under them, Curls, Ringlets, &e. Variety Simp. P,iff?nnn.- & I5ui.vm tin IifFJS! 1)11. Jo.NA. MOOHK'3 32G&ttt of SLfft. 40 CENTS PER EG "ITS. 73 Til E most highly esteemed medicine that has ever been discovered for enno Cnughs, Colds and whooping cough,, if taken at the commencement of thu disease, may ho cikbiI in a short lime. The lulluv, im' are a few of more tlrm n thousand K i:COM31IiN I) ATIONS. The undersigned ministers of the Go'prl in the county of WiudliHin, Vi. knowing the sal' utary cdieacy, of Dr. Jonathan Moore's !' Fence of Life," liavihi; Used il ourselves and in our families, consitlcr il a valuable composi tion; particularly useful and cineatious in re moving complaints of the lungs, and indeed a safo ami restorativu medicine in the various diseases named in tho Doctor's uccompai.y label; and do most cheerfully recommend i's general use, believing it well worthy the pal rona-re of the public. Signer! Hosea Beckly, Duinmerslon ; Syl vester Sage, Westminster ; Jed. L. Si;.'! . Brnttleboro; Elislia D. Ainl'ew, Putney; Chandler Bates. Philctus Clark. October 'J, 11120. To all uhom it nwij concern. Wc, (ho undersigned Physicians, who have, proved thn efficacy of Dr. Jonathan Mooie's E-seucc of Life, conceive it our duty lo pal. ionize the medicine, and are of opinion thai ifgenerally used, it will bo of public utility. Sigmd Abel Duncan. Samuel Siearns, Dumiucrslon ; Jonathan Badger, Wm. Towe: irestnituster ; C. II'. Chandler, Andovcr Prescolt Hall, Chesterfield. dTho above medicine is pro- pared by IIENIIY SEVMOUIl, of ll.idley Mas. from thu original teeipo, by the direction of s'lid Moore, and sold by him and the p.inci. pal Druggists in the United Slates. Li Ah (here are many spurious articles iu circulation, for the benefit of the public, he wil givo the following This may cetlify to all whom it may concern that I, the subscriber, residing in Iladlcy.Mass. have made tin Improvement, in the mod chip in v, iil eil In inn, and denominated "Dr. Jjtia than Moore'.- E coco of Life,'" and havo com municated thu llecipn to Henry Seymour of said Dudley, andtohim only. The United Stales is Fit i I of the sophisticated article, any this is lo givo notice to the public tluil if they wi-h lor the gentium Essence of Life, the'd must apply to said Seymour or his agents and he pailicular lo inquire, for that prepared by lleiuy Seymour. Dr. J. Moor.i.. 1 1 ud Icy. Sepl. 0. I!!33. Sold, wholesale und retail, by J. k J. II. PECK k Co. Burlington, wholesale agents 'ur tho slate of Vermont. Uj-Ordors-will receive piompt attention, ami any quantity of Medicine immediately furnish. , ed. This medicine is put in boxes of one or two dozen each, convenient and safe for trans. I portal ion, and labelled with the name of lieu ry s-uy uionr, lladiev, Mass. April 14. " Cm FiYBS VATE3!?. Dr. Adams' Cihbrnt'd Ei,c Water. 1 Wuirautctl an effeelual cure for sore, weak, and inflamed eves, nnci: 'J.3 ci nts pen viw.. rjpMIS celebrated article was invented by I .it one ofthe most disiingiii-licd phy-ic'tios I of the age, and durii g an exlensivo praelie,, . of 30 years, he invanably resorted to il in all cases of sore, weak and inflamed eye--, that I eamo under notice, and so great' u eelt-ti-I rity did ho acquire iheiiby, dim n. cauietn I linn from all parts, and in no instance w.ts it ' ever known to fail in producing thedesind ctlect. A short lime only Ins elapsed sun e the article was firt introduced to public in lice, and during thnt period, upward- u. Til KICK TIIO(ISA.M) JtOTi I.KK have been disposed of, and thn demand lor m ! is rapidly increasing. Sosuru and speedy i .' thn elfeel produced oy this ai lic1, that one eye, though various remedies h..i! for a '"fle-'NtW" timo previous been rc-oried to, lint in nin Ample direction1- nccuinpan I he ai licln, a.v well as letters nf recommendation from the most respeeinblo pbysieuiiis iu the eouutry With a view lo insure its usefulness in a more exleiifive way, the proprietor has appointed llio following persons wholesale Agents i thesalu of it. where iho public may rest as- t;i ed of proeunng tlme,euuiuo article. JOSEPH FISH 1. It. proprietor, Tib Sc. lliiiionwood, JOHN K. BOWAND.C10, Market k E A. IIOSKINS, 37G Market si, eels, Ph lidelplun. DR. W. L. ALTEE, Lancaster. J. k J. H. PECK .V: CO., Hurlinglon, Vl. As will nf all driiggisis and storekeeper throughout the Slate. Orders thankfully received nnd punctually attended to for eyn waler or drugs, Philadelphia, JuucQlS, IDJC ti. yEtna Insurance Company. f;UIE siibsOMber cnnl limes to insure m vh kinds nf real nnd peisonul prnpeily as agent tor said Company, In wlioin un plication may ut alliums bo made at Office in Bnrliiigiun, Tl'o iiabh.-liel rcpuinliuii ot Hit.- C. uipauy for sinlnliiy fairness and hhernlny m Hieir dyalin..'s uei'db un luriher eoieii(iilAiinn. W.m. A. Gitmvyiu.o Hurlinj;'"!!, Aprl u. liUJG.

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