Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 11, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 11, 1837 Page 3
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Tub Rtr. Mn. CnANn's SkminUv The examination and exhibition of the advancement of t lie pupils in this Seminary, took place on Thursday and Fridly lic 27lh and 2Bth of July. Having hkd the pleasure of witnessing a pi"- "f it. 1 would take this melliod of expressing llio high gratification il afforded to myself and others, and of inviting thu attention of the public to an Instil ion, which, though modest and unobtrusive in its pretentions, probably affords as inn ny advantage ns arc to be met with at any similar Institution. From an acquaintance with domestic nod in tcrnal arrangement-, nnd (rum what wns manifested in the c mrsc of tho examina tion, it in believed to combine, n- f n" practicable, the ti il v u ti I n r "' parental oversight, ndvice, and government, with n systematic course of iust melon m "I" eolid and ornamental branches of science nnd literature. Tim school isptrictly a fomily (-clioni. TI).,. young ladles are nil reonid. il ns iii'Mii hers of I he tiimily and us eie-i t-rn I" each other. The pre-erva'inn of i he health noil the improvi incut of the manners of tho young Ladies, logether wilh theiun'ellet! tual and moral culture, appear to he con Ntant objects of solicitude on the part of tin- Principal and Teachers. BURLINGTON T MllE next term of the Burlington male Seminary commences Scptom ber 1 3t li . Pupil- are requested to enter nt tho eiimin"oei'ini'iii ot the term. COMITI'i(v- OF AHMITAi-CE, Boarders vpo per quart, r, half payable tn mlvaoce ""Tins Mini entitles llio pupil In beard, loilgllia. r..Mll relil, tiro, lights, lie :, twi lii iiiltmn III ii ii V or nil branch.'-" inclu ded m thu extensive course of English .indie- pursued m tho Seinnnry. anil Emm Kxlra charge- tire made lor nin-io. (inclii hog ,miriir.-;5JI2, Drnvvin gu, 3. Singing g. 7 ruslees, Footi"., I N. 13. I1a-ni:m., J S. I'oi wi.n. I IIbmiv iMavh. G. W. ISemmmct. I Tn:... 1 M.tii-ii. Hahhy Hhaim.kv. S E. IIowaud. .Burlington. August 10. 1737. notice; To Tanners $ Curriers. WANTED i ilieiely. oi.o t two Jnurnevni.'li Tanner and Curriers. !o whom good wnges. will lie paid in Ch.-Ii. None need apply but i of sternly lahit.-, E. C. I-OOM1S. Burlington, Aliens! II. 11137 AFKW BI5ES. liEEE. AImj. fn i role HAMS, can be lound ul the Market Iloo.-e of 1). & D. A. KIM HA LI.. Burlington. Augo-n 1 1 . !137. H ... a(5. liarrcis. just received lv .;. $ J. II peck .v o "Worked Muslin Capes mid ( ollars A Great Variety inr sale ehonp, by A LM'llltOP & POTW1N. Aorriivt I 1 1!!37. & 1 - I. I".' lit I.V.i 1 AUlJtUl llMIS l-'iSjliHU. 'E the siib-cnlier-. haviiio been np niiuiieil by the Honorable iho I'm bat1 Court for the District ol Choienileu. commisstoner-i to receive, oxamnie ami ad ju-l llio chillis and deinnniU nf nil pernius. gainst the estate of Alnjah li Ii- Sale of II uiittng'nn. in sun! Di-uici, dec n-ed represi'Oifd in-otvent. nod 11I-0 all claiui 11 lid demands exhibited in offset 1 herein; nnd hx inonilis irotn the day of llio hereof being allowed by said Court (or thai purpose, wo (h iherefiire hereby giv- notice, that we will attend to the bu-iries- nf our nppniiHmcnl, nl the dwelling IIoum of Harry Williams, in Huntington, 111 said Dist net, on the second Monday nt Jainmiy next, nt 10 o'clock. A. M.. 00 said day. Dated, tbi 17ih day of Julv, A. I) 11137 JOHN SNiDBlt. ' ) Cmmis HUN YON HRADRY. iri ESTRAY, r Ali'-u up by t no sub JL Bcriber, 11 small III n el Mart1, with n star nt tin face, three or lour p his o il, lii-il a slinckhi oi In-. 1 turn f.iol. The owner can find her .it lb" Grei n M ii' inio . LB WIS IIKJHLB Pntlmjrlon AoeCl fl 111.17. i(TK'i-;. Ihcieby critify. that I have given mj son, David ll.ftavliu jr., his time, lo do and to act for liiin-ilf. This may further crrlily. that I shall pay no debts of his cool ranting, nor demand any of his earnings afier this date. D Wll) II. RAVI.1N. Fairfax 11gusl 1st. llJ7, Attest Mo-rs I'ariar NOTICE TO HHI3UrTATIO INVATIDK PBRr-'O.N'S sufi'ering under heumtlic Jlf. ftelion are respectfully assuied, thai they can obtain of the proprietor and hi ngrnis a afo and ndmiratilo remedy for HIIEUMA TISM, however obrtioato th'odisuidcr umy bo, and in all its different stages, JTDIl J BB'S Rheumatic Liniment! will afford nuimidialc relief lo thu patient, aril has sometimes been attended with such rxlra ordinary success as tu euro the most disliess sing Rheumatism in lwtnlyfaur hours, oven when of ycais standing. This highly valuable Liniment is recom mended with a confidence founded 00 the ex perience of miiny years, not only as a euro for that oxcruoialmg disease, but as tin oxci'llcnl application for r tiffnkss of the joins, Nuin. mess, fJrRAiNf. Chilblains, A-o. Among a mass of testimony in favour of tho success of the Liniment, as a thorough romo, dy for Rheumatism, the proprietor sulects tho following as presenting genuine instances of iti afficacy New and surprising cases. (LT A gentleman, Mr. R. of CharlcMuwn, who can bo referred lo had boon confined to lis bed most oftho tinin for a week, miflering most excruciating pain from Rheumatism ; a('. tor having had rceourFo to the round of anti dotes usually resorted lo In this complaint, but without bcnclil -, and while in this Mate of suffering, and no prospect ofrehol, Mr. Caleb Symmcs, wlio was his neighbour, and wno. owing to llio extraordinary benefit ho had hiinselfexperienccd from its use, recommend, cd tho arliclo with such confidenco as induced Mr. It. to make use, of it, which he did, with tho usual success attending its administration, viz: immediate mitigation nf pain relief and cure ' BjTMr.T. oflhis city, was attacked with a very violnr.l Rheumnli-m in his hack, which an iipnlirnlmn oflhis Liniment on going to lied instantly relieved, and cured by morning observes ho nercr used anything which gave him so mil' h ami mi j re ii i relief. UjAii old Itev'ihiiioiniiy Oll'ner near Ho. Inn, was soielv iifiliclctl for yo.irs with then iniilic complaints, especially in hi jn His and IiiiiIh, which wero fi. quenlly miuh swollen. could obtain only Icinpuriiiy relief from inei. ical advice, or tin. u-,0 of various icinedies, and had disp'iired nl help: when u friend who had wi'iiosscd ihu wonderful cfTecis of this l.iin ineiil, advicd him lo make use of it, which he did, wilh the ino-l happy effect ; it rtduccd tin: swilling in one nihl. 7 lin nrtirlc is Limsuhrrd sosvpirinr tn every thing ilsc, and In posit si such ttncumiiwn rirtuts. that it is ordind from dulanl fails if the. coun try. 0Au aicnt leccnlly writes : "Plearo send mo a furlhor Mipplv ofjehirs Liniment the first opportunity I 1 1 si 1 1 pioli.ilily kcII a consider able quniillly. ,is it is rtcummtndid by sum', of our physicians very highly. I j-Annllier aL'eol writes: l,I wi?h ynu lo forward me soma more of Jehh's I iiniinnnt, whicu linn recninniendcil ilsulf very highly." Price 50 cents a buttle. Tho Pa'nful ami Debilitating Complaint of Ti U PIL1 S receives imoicd.ato relief, and in numerous in stances has been thorouuhly rurci. by the u tl in I n is t ra 1 1 . ii of DUMFRIRs' I1E.MKOV l oR 1IIR 1'II.ES. rfllllS approved coiopound also mitigates JL and removes the syinptoms which fre quently accompany that di-ordcr, nnd increase the dauber ol Hit.' palicut,viz. ; p-j ins In Loins -Headache los ol appetite Inuijjestion, and olluii iniirlis of debihly. A icheved I'ntiiMit writes fiom a distance, 'Il is Lull jn-ticr; lo you to inform vou, that I have iiM'd your Duuifries remedy for the 'ih'-i for sometime past, and have found il cm. incilllv successful " An Olficcr in the Army observes "IIhvo liei'ii troubled for years with the Pile-, nnd have never found any remedy that would compare wilh yours. Il gave me al- mui'. immediate relii f."' A Physician nnd Drugffist writes. I h.ive sold all the inpilicnin you srnl inc. which is sj highly recommended for the. Piles. I wi-h you tu scuu me one dozen inuro hv Hie bearer." I'hn remedy i quite innocent, and may bo ndministered to nil lines and bull) sc.xcs Plain and ample Diiecliuiis. wilh n description ofllic complaint, nccompai y each paeliagc, winch consols ol Iwu bares, one e.iilainiiir an Oinlment, and the oilier an ICIecluarv. -Price f 1 for liolh urlcles, or 50 cents where but one is wanted. Price $ a bottle, or G buttles for 5. V1, None get uhin unless signed on tho outside printed wrapper by thu.Wf Proprietor, I . MlJUhll, immediate iwrtmor to Ihu lalo 111. U'.T.Cosh'iv For hale, wilh nil llio 01I1..1 "('niwiu Midiciius," al Ins Counting lloom, No. Oy.iu'M door lo .1. Kidder's Droit Stoic, comer of Court and Ilanovnr streets, near (Innerrt Half, I'oslon ; am! by his spe cial appointment, by i.lzi. H.PLCKitCo,, Unrliiiyl on VI. Letter an.l Cap Paper, Ruled and pin in, for sale hv I he Renin or single Quito nt the I! ik Hinih rv. hv HUNTING PON & LYON. 2 doors earn Fiee Press Ollice. ) Aug. 4, 1II37. S SCYTHES. DOZ. warranted ScMhe-- hv J. & J. II. PUCK. L tho subscri'je.-s having been appointi d V r by tho llouorable the probate Court fur Ilia district of Chittenden Commissioners to receive examine, and adjust llio chum and demand of all persons against the B-tniu of Joseph liiowii, lalo of Jericho, in said d isti let deceased, Iteprosented insolvent, and nNn all claims anil demands exhibited in offset there. to nnd six iiioulhs ftom the l?ih day of July l!i37 being allowed for that purposu by said (.iiurl lo llieielore hereby give notice that wi will attend lo tho hii-im ss of nur ai.poinl mi ni at llio lalo dwelling of the deceassd in .lericho in said District on the ".5th Day of M'plomber and 22d day ofjunuary Ncx, 10 o clock A. .M.on each nl saic days. Dated at .I.nicl.o this lilsl dav of .Inly A. D IJ37. PK I'Lli MAIJTIN. ) n ItltOWN. l'0,nrs- Spencer Cook's Estate. W? so h-ci ibers. having In on n i point' d by (he II 0 I he Piohnli (J' urt fur the District ol Cliitlciuh'li, con missiuner-i to icceive, ,v n 1 1 1 it 1 nnd udju-t llio claim- ami C. innnil. ul nil perron- against the estate ol' Spencer Cook, Into of Westlord, in saul Di-tricl, dec n-ei), rep resented in-olvenl. nnd nl-u all claims nnd demniids exhihiied in off-el Morel"; and IX uionlhs from the day ul the dnle hereof h nig nllowi d by snul (Jonri for ihal pur posr , vve do therefore hereby give mil tee that wo willniieod to the bosiue-H of our npiiointnieni, nl the dwi Ming of Win Woud in West foul in said District, on the first nnd inn r! Ii Tu.'sihiv- of December next, nl 10 o clock. A- M., on each of said days, Dated, tins? Mill 1 ny of July A. D 11)37 Wm WOOD, ) Commit liKU. S II ALU sinners innn 0 K4u1, 15i,1h- ,o i"- iilin lJJKJ, ilu)ljt.r. 300 Cimeh hair Brushes, 12 red Plumes. JjG Silver Pen oils, nml a lew hundred sheets fin.- Tissui Paper, of vnrrious Colors, received nt the Variety Shop. July 22. P ANfiiinnN & Hutv-,MAin m 5f it m a? w b T CURTIS &l Co, havo again recoiv jJLi, ed I wo eases more of Hounelle, com prising Florence, line Strnw, Bleven Braid Dunstable, Tuscan nnd Snttn Straws. Burlington, July 27, 1 837 fJIO the honorable the Probate Court I A for the Dinirict ol Chittenden, conie? Henry P. Htckok. of Burlington, in eaid district, and shews that he is legal guar dian nf Mortimer C. Uiicll, n mule infant under the age of twenty one- years, nnd of Maria A. Hucll, a female infnnt. under the ago of eighteen yearn, both ol the town of Burlington aforesaid: that the said Mortimer C nnd'i A. are seized ns tenants in common in their own right in fee, of a certain parcel of hind in Jur lington, being tho whole of ono tern nod .mo half of one icre, with the tncuage and appurtenance--, known as the Riddle place; n rid I tin t. n solo of said parcel ol land is conducive to thebosi interests ol hi said words. Therefore ha preys Fniil court to traot him hceiim and rmpowcr him to sell tho said land nnd tiic4.-iingu.uiid your peiiiom r will ever vrnv. HRN'IIY P. II1CKOK, Guardian I Mm i n' t (y, and Miuia A Hucll. Burlington Jluguil I, 1 1137. STJTF. OF t'ERMOjVT) Dl-THICT or CIIIT'I F.MIEN. S The Proliilc Courtor the tlistriil if Chit icmhn, tn nil -person to wham these prts sent shall nine. fiiiKi'.Ti.Nfl. HBNRY P. HICKOKof Horlinolon, in the District ot Chilli'iidch, (iiiar dun nf M. rtiiner (J Hucll. n male inlaut under the ngn of twenty 000 yiors, nod Mn riu A Hucll, 11 female infant under the a ee of eight eon years, having represented "i ibis court thai the said Mortimer C. and Maria A. arc -eized ns tenants in common 10 ihmr own right 111 fee of a certain parcel ol land, in Burlington, being the whole nf one ncro, nnd one ha If of 0110 acre, whiHi 1 ho mes-nnt'e and iippo'ienai'icos, known a the Ruh'le place; and ihal 11 sab; nfsiiul lin'cel of In tit) is eooiliK'ivu lo the be-t imprests of his said wards. Il h thereforo hereby ordered that said implication stand lor n hearing bolore said Court nl 11 session I hereof tu be holdeo nt 'lie Office 11I' t In Register of this Court tn Hnrliuoinn, on ihu second Wedne-ilay of September A. D. III37; nod that notice thereof he given to all concerned by pub lishing tin- order together wilh the sub. -lance 01 said pennon, 10 toe f ree I'ress, newspaper, pnnleil nt Burlington. hip iiuiiiv 111 uniiieniien. two we. -iiccc-sivelv. I he la-t ..f said nubhciii ions b" not le-s tlinn two weeks pri vious to aid liny ol hearing, I hen nnd there lo ap pear bolore said t our! nnd slo w cause, il any they have, why the prayer o! soul pel 11 inn should not bo giauied. Given under mv hand and the scnl of aid Court, at Burlington. 10 the District f Chittenden, this 1st dav ol August A. D. lf!37. CI1ARLBS RUSSBLL. Judge. CONSUMPTION ! Asthma ! and Catarrh ! Tu Mini long tram ol discuses which seem in grow wi'h toe growth of civihz-'d ocieiy. CONSUMPTION lake- the I. nil n i; relentless inroads upon human life; y. I this dreadful disorder is en-ily oveieetne in lis .arlier singe-. It is only when inn eled tliiil It arrives nl ilm l.'rrific iniiluri. ' which sn nlien bnfiles the snuncilv nf prutcs-ionnl fcience. An obstinate rough tlie cii-iouinry forerunner ol llio rut. Mo- ,.nv cn.N-u.MPnoN. Improper ne.'leci in he timely ndminisl ral ion of simple ami nlotary remedies, i- sure in be leprnved bv u dretid'ui succession of innsvmnlive ynitnins: oppre-sion of the lin a-l ; green ii) nnd bloody spiiih-; nlcernipii lungs and heelic lever; -hrivelled exi remii ie-. and general emaciation ot tlio whole body ; prostration of strength ; flu-bed cheeks; wnllcn lent ,-iuu legs; nod ut Inst, in loll possession of the mental faculties, anil while luipe still whispers her fluttering Inle cold exi remilies. and a premature death. I or the various stages of ihi- complaint. nnu of the most approved remedies ever V"i (Ii-c vered is Dr. RctfVs Asthmatic Pills. This exceedingly powerful, mid vet erptnllv sale and inunreut preparation, has ffected tlioruugh and rapid cures upon pniienis piipposeil in have hi'cn lar no vauced in a cunfirmed Consumption, anil who have exhibited Ihu appearances which usually indicate u fatal termination nf the llfirder. I)R RBLFB'S PILLS hnve also oh- lain.'d the highest character n a Peitorint Medicine affording the must uoexpecied eiief to I hose labouring under the cum- mull Ciugh, occasioned by nerid hiiiuiirs irnia tng ihc thront. or by defluctn ns on i lie lungs--symtoms which deprive the -nf lerer nt sleep, nnd graduallv introduce ilie onglramol Pulmonary aftections. The Pills nnpease the cough, promote easy ex- I ecinrotiuu, very essentially relieve, anil lien eoHr.'lv cure llio mo.-t nb-i imii nnd i.tresiiig ea-es. Common Colds urn tisii ally removed by i he Pill- in n few hours. In the harra-sing mid suffieniiug com 'la II ol 'lie a-tiima, the Pills give mi in dime relief They mitigate Hie com ilaiot. and generally fleet a cii'e. to those A-ihiuanc oitncks cliaracterir."d by diflicnhv of lireallnog, liehiue-s and long--, oppressive flatulences, wheezing, coughing, hoarseness, eusliveness, nnd ninny nther ns'hmiitio sympiums A- the Pills ri quire in ordinary enses no confinement, they may he administered with confidence nnd safety In all ages and ehis-es nl penple. Unexninn'ed success has hilherin attended their ailminislrnlion in n great variety of cases ; and the Pro prietor can refer to a niuliiiiide, which ie-lify lo their eflicney in reviving the emncnted victim I'roin the bed of discusc, ami rest. 'ring Inm in the blcrtiug of uc ctisi. uned health nod activity. TUB BBNKFICIAli EFFKCTS Resulting from the administration of Dr. Relfe's Jhthmatic and Consumptive Pills, exhibited in (he following vines. 0A Physician, M. D. and Druggist, recently writes: "The Asthmatic Pills (Relfe's) are invariably well spoken of by ihoso who use Hiem.'' 0 Mrs . of this city, was ihreo yenrs formusly afflicted with consumptive s'ymp toms, as pain in the side, aluiiist periieiinil cough, spitting of blood, general debility, &c. in this distressing bUite, unabhi to bit up, and not expecting tu hvo many days she wns advised lo Inlio Dr Relic's Asth tnat ic Pills, and also Dr. Jcbb'd Liniment ba applied to her side, which the did, and to the lUnniehinent of every one. in a short I time wn perfectly rrstored to health. HP Jl Lndyfrom Framingham, wai ee verely afilicled with cough, spitting of blood, nnd general debility, on taking two hot l lus of lliesn fills, nnd one box of Dr. Itelfe'fl Antibilious Pills, wns restored to perfect health. ("An elderly person in this vicinity, who had suffered much for years by n most distressing asthma, had tried almiHt evyry thing recommended, which only nt time nve temporary relief, nnd usually a more violent roiurii of Imr complaint, has recent ly made Use or tho above Pills with more beneficial cfTt'clH than any thing the has. ever used before. ID A Young Lady nt M , had boon troubled with a very bad cough, so violent ns at nines to rack and harrn-s her ex ceedingly i a consumption was feared, (n her mill lit; r hnd died of that cumplnint) -.she was immediately relieved, and sub--.quenily eniuely cured by Dr. IlelleV Asihtnatic Pills, Price g fur whole boxen of 30 pills, nnd 50 cents lor half do of 12 pills, with direc tion. VNonc genuine unless 6igned on the outside printed wrapper hv the me Prottri. rlitr U I II II I'.IJ J... I ... ctnr, T. KIDDBR. immediate suaessor ti the late Dr. . T. Cowav For Fale. with nil the other "Comuw .Mctlirinet." nl In- Coiinling Riiuni, No. 00. next dour to .1. Kidder's Drug Siorc. corner of Court nod Hanover streets, nonr Concert Hail. IJi.Mon; ntul hv his special appointment, by J & J, II. PUCK. &. Co., Burlington Vt LAMSON'S Patent KcMbe Sun' hi-, by J & J. II. Pncic St C... Silver Thimbles; and an addi tional n-!oiiiueni ol Sword- ; josi rec ivi d nt the Vuricy Simp; nl-o fur sale I iron furnace. Panchou.n & BniNsMAtn. July 2fi. TO WOOL C ROWERS & DEALERS. TBHFi Suh-eriher has opened n nr.eoT JL. run tiik iu:cr.eTto and euiii.ic SALE Of AMKI1ICAN AM) reKEION Wool,, in Hie C'ty ol New. York. The First Sale will b. aoiiouneed a.- early u- practicable, and afierwurdn eoiiiiuued at regular periods as inny be deemed e::pedient. The exii'in to which the growth and man ofuctoreof Ins nrlide has arrived to I his country, foimiiig us it does, ono of the staple- nf production, as well as of exten sive importation, renders the establishment of n regular market, where the Farmer can avail himself nl the full prices paid by manufacturers, nml where Manufacturer's may. ol slated periods find a full supply, anil suit their purchases exactly according lo their wants, is nut o.ily desir.ible, huinb tolutelv necessary for the profit and con venience of both clas-es. To the Farmers e-p.Tully il is nil imporiiint, that they should enjoy a regular market and the ad vantage ot lull coinpeiiimn, in-lead nl being euinpelled to submit In the prices nib red by spccu'nt nrf. whose inliinate liiinwlulgc nl the wunt-s of Mnuiifael urer.-. and who.-e mi er judgment in tne articles, given them great advantage, and olten cuinreiled u great sacnfiuu on thu pari of the I'Hrmer. The city of New. York being by far the greatest tnaik.'l "here Manolacinrers find a sale for their f.ihric-., it is placed beyond n iloiibi, thai, if the growers and dealers in Wool, avail Hieui-elves extensively l thi iippnriuniiy of offering their Wool fur sale, it will bring logether. us purchasers, u I In principal Manuliieliirers of the North ern Sutes: and give, not only in the hover nnd siller every advantage that can be ollcren. but regularity nnd stubilny to Ihc maike'i which h,.snot beluro existed in this country, and which in other wool growing countres ha been productive of thu great est berelit to all classes. Saii-factory reference given nn nppli cniinii, anil to tbost' who desire it, an advance m cash for a limited Period will be made. Persons wishing tu limn their wool in price, will have l lie advantage ol a private sale in the best murkei . it the prices ul public sale should not reach their expectation. Persons wishing to enter their Wool fi Sale, an desiied lo correspond early with thu sub-cribur. JOHN A. PARKER. New York .Inly US, 1 1!37. i Corner of Wall & boulli Si. 3m Frederick iJuell's Estate. STATE OF FER.MOjVT, ( DnsnicT or CiiiTTUMir.N, ss. The (lun the Probate Court fir the Uis Irirl of ChiVtnden. to all prisons con rimed in the estate of Frideriili' llurll late f liurlinglan in said District, de teased GREETING WHEREAS, George P. Ma-sh. ndinin istiniur of the esia'e of said deceu-ed proposes in render an account ot ht nduiifiistintinn. and prcsrnl his nccoool against said estate for examination nnd allowance ot a sessiun nf the Court of Probate, lo bo holdeo ut the Register' ollice 10 Burlington, on the third Wednes day of Aognit next. Therefore, yon are hereby notified to appear before said court ut tho Hmu anil place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any yon have, why thu uccounl aforesaid should not be nlhiwed. Given under my hand nt Burlington, 1 Ins s:7lh dav of JiilV. A. D. 11137. Wj. WESTON. Register. NAILS. Ku'.'s Nails, assorted sixes, a 200 MUieriur nriicle. jus', received on coii-ignuieiii, and lor sale nl the lowest price l,v II M. GIDDINHS. Rutlington. Pearl si June 'list, 1 1137. A T a meetiiig nl the Directors, nl tin 1 C Icheslor Manufacturing Cuuiinuy. duly hidden H was ordered Hint nn as -es-ment tifTen DjIIims. ho luid on inch Shnre of thu Capital Stock of said Cum pony, to paid on nr before tho I Oil) day of Augiifi next, and a fun bur iis-essniont of 1 (Mi Dollars, on each share So bo paid oil or be ft re tho I5lh Sept. and u further a-, soesnirnt of len Doll.ns 0.1 each sharo to bo paid on or beforo tho I4lh day of Octo ber, A.D. 1037. SINEY BARLOW, Clerk. ' July 18th, 1037. Ozias Buoll's Estate state or p-Erijaojrr. i DlsTMCT or ClHTTI'MIEN, sh. s The Hon. the Prnbnlc Court for the T)ii triel of Ciitltndtn, lo all pennns con ccrned in the estate of Ozins Duilt lot of Burlington in said Distriit, ileir.nul GREETING. WHEREAS George P Marsh, uomii istrutor de bonis non of tin estale . -aid deceased proposes to render an nccotiti of his idministrntion, and present hi- n cnoni ngiiiist said estate for exnniiiiotiui ami iilh.wance nl a sossinn of the Court i Probate to be hidden at tho Regi-inr' . ftice in Burlington, on thu third Wedne- dav of August next. Therefore, you nr. hereby appointed ti appear b'foro said court at the lime am plnco aforesaid, and shew cause, if nn you hnve, why thu account aforesaid bIidiiIi nut be nil iwed. Given tinder my hand al Burlington t!n 271 h day ol July. A D. I37. Wm. WESTON. Register llinesburgh Acudeui). rflUE fall term of thm In-tiiiition wi JL eniiiniei'cc on Mnnday the 21st o' August. Tin. Board of trtislees hnv. engaged A. .t Siiui-oo, A. B to lake tin charge of the Institution ns Piecepior. Tuition. Pur e- iniuoii Engl h brunch ' CJ.SO. for tie higher brniiches, tuclodinv the Inngungin t 00. French will b. taught on si.' u it; conditions an other Inn gunges. Board nnd incidentals will be furnished on retisnnable term-1. Such book- ns are used in the Acndeniv can be-purchased in ibis village, ifde-i ed Mr. Sum-on eomef n c.imniemlod with tesi imoinnls which give the T'li-lees lull confiilence in his ability and sk'll m tench log, nnd fmm In- experience in kindred Io-liloions, we fl, liter .Mru'lves 'hat those who favour htm wi'h their patronage will not be disappointed. F WIIiliSON. Set Huicshnrgh, July 20. KI37. BXPK nSillENT. Hilling li ii- l luo cxpei iini'nis iIim fi'.i-iiii Ji.ii HniKed well, I f jn-i been induced In liy ;i llniil ol'llie s.uii" l,iinj, uliirli it lien lold II is, l lliuik jiiii ill pei feeilv n;iee iih me in l'ie -in. Il is now nn li'- or inme lluin ilnst I went nlT lo Np v Vmh in Mrfirb anil oi ;i lev Nevv (ioikIs nml snM iliem fur e,i-li, ihon in ,iy I Il led llic s.une iliiii mei', nml found il lo unit cipiiilly well; iIipii Ii.ii iny lb il ilieie was .i gie.1 in.iny ineilv Aew (iu"d- lo lie sild iciy chop n New S'mk fir c.isli, 1 was nfl' -ind nin'ii ln, leai. lie iIp.ii '-r, w lui Ii e.ny hud says will be die e.iseby nml bjp, wi'lionl llie limei yel heller, fni win know I !'- ineso haul ili I'.ip. nine-, nml ipiipln ciniiui oik now. t ,1111 a fiienc In li.ule nnd liupe all I hose ulmuitli 10 bin d in I tie expprinipiu mid ge: Mieli ilt 1 ohm .i" iliey u.iiii uliili; iliey em, fur if 113 nunc (ii'.il- sliniild be inaile, it would be a "ici pity lo be olibijed loco unbuilt. .Mv Bsppiiiiieiit n mil like the -pe.'ie biinibii 1111 li.ilf u.n liiHiiir ol rlmuM! ibriMib llie in-lei iiiv, Inn n ' u.u 1 .lin ed lo hmli -bow OK' .mil toce out, in die iloinu nf llie ubn li llie ip?nli, seiliiiieni mid depoiite pin ilni'eil, i the leal niiicle 10 be de-iied, 7. : II. ip piiiej-s, eoiiifnii anil rnjinineiii All 10 hp bv iipplyin at die (;iieip.''ii-li!iiii.ihtc-l-'!uic-l)iy. toiod d iiihiH cnei-.i! V10 iply-iluie.lO'liP'louiid.'Ciiic'iniui'iil, Kepi bv S.' KARL HOWARD. Iliiilinaiiin.Jiily CO 1S37. N EW (IOO I )S AGAIN. IOVELY & ABBOTT hnveju-t ree'd A I'r.iin New York nn aoriinont of Pongee anl fancy 11 ill; is. Ladies' plain open work and Kul Gloves, Bouneis and 15'inoel Ribb uis Silks. &c.. French work ed Capes and Collar, Thread Edging- and luserling--, Umbrellas. Ladies' and Mises Parnsulls, French Mo-lins, nud Gingham-. Calicoes, Tickings, Sheetings and Shirt ings. ,Sic. &c. Burlington, July 'JO, lf!37. BURLINGTON Stereotype Foundry. ItfRllu Stereuiypc Foundry Inrmenv car ried oil under III.. ng. ocv of G. T E.i I o it has passed into the hands of II Johnson &. Co., and il will in future b carried on in ronneciion with their Book and Job Ollice. Lends of all size- ami Blanks of all kind- furni-hed to order, n great variety nf eiii--, large and small, on hand, nnd in fun, nil kinds ol work u-irill called tor 10 11 .-'iin'iir esi,-,bi-hiiienl, :,,n with niatiiiv-s nml de.-pa'ch. All ord. r iiddresseil tu the fi 01 wil'- ho prompilv nt tended m. H JOHNSON & Co. 'hirlmoion. Julv 19. (i.J7 Uuniinoii Manuraclurcd duill.s. at whole-ale or :il the Variely Shop. July 21. I'A.NGBor.N k l!ai's.Min Dissolution ol Parlneriiliip. NOTICE 1-hoiehy giv, n 1 lint the Co. panner-hip heretofore e.l-ling be tween Sihis B, S b'ey nml Warren S1I1L at Miliuit Fall-, m tih. 'I'anuing and Shoe Making hii-nnes-, under the style of S B .Si W. Sibley, has her n ihw day by iiiuinai cuiisenl dissolved. All deb's, accounts, nml not.'H duo said linn 11111-1 he sillied nnd arranged wilh Warn 11 Sibley. bv ulium nl! debts, against said firm will hi iltschur.'cd. ii B SIBLEY. WARREN SI BLEW Milton. July 20. Ifl37. N. B- The husine-s heretrifur curried nn by the firm of S. B &. W. Sibley wit lioren'ter he cimtinucd in all its hrnnclics Warren Silib'V. Henry L. Reynold's Estate. WE the siibscnlieis having been appointed h v I lie 1 1 nn nra hlo Probate C nut for the district of Grand-Isle cinniui-siuiii rs to receive examine n'ld adjust all chiim- ami deiu inds nl all pcismis ai'an si tho uslale nf Henry I,, Bey, nobis, late of Alhurgh in said dislnct deceased leprespiitcd ins.ilveut, and al.-u all claims and demand- exhibited m ofl'-et tluiielo, and s. months I rout the day ol'llie dat.i hereof being allowed by said Court for that purport! wo do Ihureluro horeby give milieu thai wi will nt lend In the biihiness of our appuinlmeiil al I In dwelling hniiso ol howls Soules 111 Albiiri'b. in said district on thu second Monday of Oc. lobar nexi fiom 0 ..'cluck A. M lot! P. M. Dated nl AlliurgH llns 1'Jih day of July A, D. 1837. IIKNKY ADAMS. ) FREDERICK IIAZKN. CWj. HABYEY HUXLEY, ) Hearth IJnisbes at 7 1-2 and SO cIb. each, for sale al the Yaricty Simp. July "I. I'.vN'nnoiiN ,t Hiii-s.mvio. Packago low priced Aiuuriciin l'rtuio just rocoiyed by LiTIIIinj li POTWIN. Homan Devereaux's Estate' WE 1 ho Kul) c I re, 1 ving been n5 pii ti'rii by I'. ihu Pr" nio Cuii'l for (ne Di-tritt "I Chitiende" 'tnm'F '.eesin rcci ive, 1 .VHmiii" and nd' ust the eluioH and ili'inands olull iiersons, a must the estnie nf II "inaii Di.vereHiis.lntu 0 llichinonil.iii said Di-triet. ih cea-ed.rep r nl ciI insolvent, mid nl-o all cluim- and d 'ii.ind;! exhibited in olF-ol therein; nnd B x. inunlhs Irom the bv nf the date hereof, b eg allowed by siinl Cuurt hit Hint pur. pe, we tin therefore hereby give notice, t it we will attend to the btfine-s of our iipoiiitmeiil. nl the tile u f William P. Hrtggs, in Rtchinoml 111 said Di-tnel, o'i he I Hh ufS. plcmbnr and on tin 13 Ii of )eei'iiiber ll M. at 10 o'clock. A M. oil neb of sattl i.'i.ys. Dated, this 14-h day of June A. D, HS37. REUBEN NIMS. ) C. M I1UVTINGTON c"mm"- ARTE MAS FLA GO. ) William lilanchard's Estate. JYPE the sub-enbers. having been np pointed by the Hon Judge of Probate Court fur the Di-tnct nf Grand l-le, cum-inis-iunerH to rec' ive, 1 .v niiiiie and odjurt 'hi chums nnd (li inatid" of all pnr-ons, ignm-t Hie es'at. nl Wm Blonchard Inteof Isle La Mott. in sa d D'-mc', decen-ed, represented iti ilveni.niul nl-n all chums and I mils exiiilnn d in , li'.i t llu'retu; nod -i.v months irom ihc -2-1 1 thy of May A. D. 1 !I37 being 1 Ih. wed lor ihal purpose, we do therelori give not ice, 1 hnl we will attend 'o the bo-mo of our iip iotui nu iii, at the dwelling I1011-1' nf Win Siephenin in Isle La Moil mi ihe fir-i Monday of October 1. .t. Irom 10 o'l.luck A. M. to -1 o'clock P. M. (iiven iitnler nur hn"i!- nt Uhj La Mott this 2-2t day of M,iv A- I) IIJ37. Wm. STEPHENSON. ) Commi's. NATII. IIOLI'.ltOOK. jr. ( Asid Harris' Estate. STATE OF FE R.MONT, DIsTIUCT ' V t(UTTBM)i:N. , The llminrable the Pi abate Court for the Distriit if Chittenden, lo all persons in-irerned in Ihe Estnie if Ami llurris late of Coli tester in said Distriit, de. 1 rated GnKirriNO. WIIEIiEAS. R't-sell Herrick ndminis trnlur of the E-tate of said (h ceased proposes lo render an account nt Iih ad ministration, and present his account of Iih ndinini-lrnlion. and present his acceunt against said estate for examination nnd allowance at a -ej-inn of Ho Court ol I'rohnl". to be li"li.'en at Burlington on the second Wednesday of Augu-i next. Therefore. Yon ate hereby notified to nptirar before -aid court at the nine nnd place r.lore-aid. and shew enuse, if any you hav why the account nforcsad should not In n'lowi d. Given nude! mv hand al Burlington this I iih day of Julv. A. D 11137. WM WESTON. Register. Tor tho euro of Colds.. 'Isthmus, II hooping Cough, spilling of Jihnd and Consumptions. ICr.LAN'D MOSSgto.vs plentifully in tho I-larid of Iceland, from whonee it taken its name, and in all ihn high iiuithcrn la li tudnsof Cur ope and Asia, where its Medicinal qualities have been long known, and highly appreciated' This plant contains n leargcs proportion of Vegetable .Mucilage than uny other known substance, and in combination with it is a bitter principle which acts most beneficially in givingstrenglh ir cases ol'grcat weakness and debility o Ibo lungs, l lie knowledge ol many ofour musl valuable mod. icines, lor the cure nfdi-cu-es. have been ob ta.ned fiom ob-erving their elFecl on brute anim.ils;-so in tho case of this most invaluable Moss. Its virtues were first discovered by lliuir cll'i'i'ts on this hardy, longlned and -agaeinus Hum Deer. whn.h derive-its prin cipal uurislniicnl from tho Ireland .Muss, and whoso mill; become.- so Highly imbued wilh. ils virtues, tlntt Hi- used with the grente-l coi.liilenee a a -oveieigu remedy by 'lui inh.'iti. Mills ol'all I ho-1 countries for tm euie ol all disea-e - of llie luiasl a nr' lungs. In France, this compound ha- i,iii In en known, .mil oxteii-ivelv ii-i djanri 10 its sa lui a rv ell'ecta as much us to the -nlutn tty ol he elunali , is, pobnbly owing Ihe very s-iiiall ntimber of in' rncA ol consumption in ihal countiy compared with ( i rent lirilnn niidthe U mull Siiiies. 'Phis Syrup contains all the medicinal viituei of the Mo in tin nio-t eonecntraied Innn. nud is prepared fiom the ungual uccipl from I'.iris nnly hv. B. 1 1 L"l; 1 1 1 N G S CO. RaUimore And none i- eeniiii e unless it ha- tlnur lao-' -'mule upiiuiMcll bill ofihreelioii also upon tho "iivi lope, sealed with tlnur seal. J. ,t J. II. PECK A: Co. "wholesale agents Notico is horuhy given, that 'In Set. c'iiumi, will ii 1 1 ii 't nt the Town room in llnrliiifiiin on Suiuidny ihe 5lh day of Augu-i in M nl IU o'clock A M to bear nppenls Irom the jt.'i of stud luvvu nr nssessineiils rmnle I lit- present year, and ,il-o tn r ceive ilisclosiire- nn oath nf all, persons aggrteveil by nsst ssinent for monies on hand, or upon linere-t it is required hat the applicants give personal notice lo one or iinno ofihe Iner- in iiitend. S - M V E I NICHOLS. ) Selectmen Wm. A- GRISWOED of 1 1 E M A N 1 iO WRY. ) Rurli'nglan. Builinj'oil. Julv CO II1.J7. l)C 11 1 ) R A C E Tl A' L'C II. OFI'T.US hi service- m the inhaluinois of liurliiigtoii mid vicinity, hi the puniiee ul Med. cine and Surgery. Ollice in Church' Street, opposite tho I i u iik of nurlingion Burlington, July I, Ifl37. Work, Dressing Cases Perlutue Cases, made of Ro.-e Wood, lui iiishi'd or niiliirnished Inr sab! nt the Voretv Shop. also. White Wood and other kinds ol work boxes unfurnished. P.tNnnoiiN & Bni.Ns.MAii. July 14. Earwell's Gaiter Booty, Walk ing Shoes, I, ndies & Misses and French Kid Slips, Gentlemens pumps. Children? Shoos, &o., eoiibtanlly kept and furrnichy Hovelv vt Ahpott.

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