Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 15 Eylül 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 15 Eylül 1837 Page 3
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ELECTION REMINISCENCES. 1 lir some reason or nlher llio election in this town tlio present season has been limited to with no little intercut by people abroad, find wo are assured that in ninny of tlio tuwns in this county it hnd been nn engrossing topic fur weeks. Nor was this interest confined to our own State. The regency men at Pittsburgh seem to hnvc made the cause of the Van IJnron candi date their own, niuUuch was their ennfi dencc of h'n success that arrangement were made for n grand salute at Hint place. McNeil camo over on the night of elec tion, Tor the purpose of communicating the intelligence to Tort Kent and Platteburgh by signal. I3ut, alas! the Inst, laid plans of twee nnd men do sometimes fail. Wo eaw the gnllnr.t Colonel on that, memorable occasion! and, sooth to say, he was ns quiet and modest a man as one would wish to see. The gum were not fired, and the last wo saw of htm he was on his way to Gilman's in search of the republican parly ! In this town similar arrangements had been made. The powder had been pur chased, the cartridges prepared, the sun was even charged, ready fur the match.--! Oh! woful tiny. Hut the Woslfurd Tories seem to have been moro unfortunate Hill. Some how or other a report got afnat thereon Woilncs. day morning that the Van 15urcn candidate hnd succeeded ; and nl it they went gun, hells, boms and hurras ! were all put in requisition. Out went n whiskey cask, nnd tuth a blaze ol glory wa. never before Fcen in Went ford. Before noon, however, n change came o'er the spirit of their dream l hey found their victory, like n ghost at dawn of day, dissolving into thin air the Whigs were grinning in all directions, and euro enough, the devil was in the butter milk. Ti c gnu was instantly spiked, and forty or fifty men disappeared very sudden ly ; "whereupon the Wing- gave nine cheers, and, wo doubt not, cnrriedonl the colebrj lion in a manner smtul in I ho occasion. sAUHATii school anivp.rsatiy. TIii- S.ibh.uh Si li"ttl- imrler tin- rate of ilie lini linnm rj.ibb.ilh Sili -ol iiiiuni, will Iwld then- An- IWMSII', )IIIhI(M1CU plMlllllllll, I'" W fl!liP!ll.l ..x, on i, I,, ilii! mIuic Clmtih. at h.ilf past in T... I. A . .M. Tim n ci-iou, coini-lnn; of hIidmi -100 Sill -In" mill Timi'Ik'i's "ill lie Oti 1110. 1 . ,t. I linimnl 10 u'elmlc A. M. Addie.- I vi I fiiini Upv. iM-si--. Ii.-K. of i:,Vs, N. V. ii (SooJiinn "I' t'liiiliiuc. The friends ofsiibb.idi m lunik nnd the public griiemll) , rue ic-pcetltidv inv iii'il n mu " I I'.tn lintuii Srpi. 13 li 1S3i. .il a i: i: i . At Si. r.inl- Clin. tli n .Moii l iv die llih hut bv tlie IS i . I!iv li-li"l' lll'l'Ml'J. 'I'- WlMMM ICix. nf liuv.ilinii, to Mia Uaiiiakim! Ki:mai.i. oflllis llil.-e. . Iii Minu-l.inv nn ilie Odi in-l. by ibe Kev. Mi1, lil'lh r..i.i .Memli Jr. i.f .-liclliiu n Oi .Mli 'Jill III. I II. e.e. ll.liyllllT (if (.'.d. I.fM i'i.ii.p, ,,(' ,lu I'm-iiift- nl. ice. In 'I litnrii'k-, IN. V. mi ilie fib Sepleinbcr. by J ilie Hew Mr, I'li-stim, John C 1 1 am i i.i.. ilUI- (iflllp lillMIMISIell (i.l.l'll''. In MissSAMll.- ta Sin uwoiiu, il.iiibti'r of Li'imiel Slieiwoud, Ef(l nf lloi-nh. In Hiib.irilinnoii t'i 31i Itcv. Mr. A.mps. Khasius V. Duunv, 1--U ,1-dinii' "f ilie.Mid illel nu Allies, in At is- Kvi:i.ik V. llortriiN daiil.tei- of D.iiml 0. 1 ! ton I) I V. I . In Charlotte, on the loth out ngp'l (i" "' In Mitiimin, on tlic 27lll till acid 42 rais. Eli-h.i Neucll, Znrv 1,, nWAItn litis-timn inerijlv lo sav that hunirivcd homo from Now York last cvctutiir. with a foil and complete as.ortiorot ofPAlili (JOODS, which were bought low, ami will bo 'old cihcai. t-'etitM. I.i37. WANTED. "FMMr.DIATr.LY by llio mb-cribcrs a hoy Jl sixteen or seventeen years of ago as an apprentice to the tin w ess, none uer.d ap plv thai cauuol couio wi II reeouiiiirudud' W. It. & P. C.VILAS. Sept. In. 1D37. (Jhinose jMtiiberry Trees. rFVilE snbsrrib'-rs have lor sa'o 15000' JL Trees, nf the Morns M ultioiilis 'i hose wishing to piireha-o will do well to apply soon, nod direct their letters to F. A. Porter &. Co. save. w. porter, fri:d. a porter, CHArf. E. PCPTEIt. Springfield VI , Srpi f,. 11137. Stoves, Groceries &c. AT the new Sinre, between Messrs J Weaver's and Lalhtopfc l'otwins, W. Nns. 1, i!,3nud -1 Prophecy, Jlolary and improved Rotary, various M7.cs, Oval itoiler, 7'up Oven, l!o., (Janail.i V.ox, various bizes and beau tiful patterns. Dumb Stoves, (cc, A sclent assortment ofStnvo Pipe, Tin, Zinc, Stove and Hollow Waro, Axes, a superior nrliclc, Nail", GIas, Flour and a general assotl. nicnl of Groceries, Shoes, llooti ami various other articles for eale at a small advance on wholesale piices, SEWALL KL.N'NV. Winooslti, Sept. Ifi37, finl'sl-; I5ST11 A Y, "1AM li into l lie endo. ifii rc of the suhsci ber on or about I he l"ih dny of Juno last, a bay Horse Colt, nbout three years old, black main and natural tail. The owner is rrnneied to rail, prove property, pay charges and tnke li.m away. EUAS UARTLETT. Jeruhu Centre Sept, 9. JU37. CLOVER SEI.CD. JUST received nud for sale by IIICKOK & CATETN, SEED WHEAT & RYE. ON hand niid for solo by JQJIN I1ARSTOW. tl ESPF,OTFULLY informs the citizen iL of llurliiiglou, Hint his second eotirsi of lessons in writing will commence nt the mom over Lovely Ki Abbotts Store, on Wednesday Sept. QOlh. Hours oi nlteudnnen Irnm ) to 1 1 A. M from 0 to 5 P. M. and from 7 to 9 in the evening. Persons wifhina to join either of those clnsses, will have the jjooilncss to leave their names on or before the above date. N. 15. No pupils received for less than n full term, nnd no discount for lost losuiis except in case of sickness. Mr. E. would say to thoo parents and guartituns who wHi ihwr children benefit ed by his instruction, that it is necessary llio pupil should be at Ihc school room be fore the lut hour of exorcises, ailenil at lea-t hnlf I ho term, nnd pay -tome attention in his bu-iuoss while in school" Whoso rendeth lot hint ttiulijrf t ti ml." To lltf. linn, 1'rubulc Court for lite District of Ctiilltndcn. HMDE undersigned AscI Harris of Cnlchcs. JL. ter nisaid District, one ol l lie hcir ol llio Instate of AkoI Harris lalo of said Colchester, deceased, ri'iiprctfully represents lhal ho holds one fifth ofsaid L-lnlc jointly with the other heirs (hereof, and being dusirons lo hold the same in (severally, ho pravs the lion Court to ordrr a divi-inn of the said Estato and to ap point a commitlFo for that purpose. Dated at Ituilitiglnn in llio County of Chit tenden this Ollt dav of August A. I). 1837. A3F.L HARRIS. STATE OF FKR.VOXr, ) At a Prohato District or Cihttcsdhn ss ) Court hidden at Ilurhiiglno In said District on llio 9th day of AttfiUnt A. D. Ifil", upon application of Asel Harris, one of the heirs of the Kslnto of Asel Harris late of Colchester in said Di-liicl deceased requesting a division ofsaid Estato. It Is ordered thai said nppliaiit can-n the several persons intoicslcd in llio said Estate, or their ailomics, if living within this stale, to lie notified by publishing his said apphea. lion, together wi'li this order three weeks successively in the Ficc Press n new-paper piintud nt linrlinglon in said District, to tip pear before said eouilnl a session ther-of to lie holoen at llio olhee ol'lhn Regiilor of said rourt in said lliirlui'.itnii on thn 3()ili day o j September A. D. lii3G, to maUe objtetion to suuli divtsi in il thoy seueau-o. (iiven oinler my hand nl Burlington this 9th day of August A. I). lS'.T. V.m. WKsSI'O.V, Rrghler. Pf.l.U-flA II iloi.linooic vs. (' I lor.iinooic. HEIIEAS Peletiall Ilolhrook, nf V V i'mrliiKjtoo, in the county of Chit tenden, am1 S'ale of Vermont, hntli prefer ed hi- petition to the Supreme Court of said Siaie, next to ho holden i.i Hurling. ' il, in the County nud Stale aforesaid, on the Tlllirsdnv next preij.jdllH' the, furl 'I'liesilav nt .l.inii irv, A. D. Jll.J!!, setliii'r I'orili lhat :il Hurliiirjlon. in ihe dimly nf. Chittenden, nlnresfiid. on the fourth day of iMny A. I). If!34. he was In fully mar ried n Chine llolbronh, of Madison, in the Co'io'v of (ieaorja. to the Sta'n of Ohio, by John P.arsiow. linn n jo-lice of ibcP.rtie within the county it v ill Chilton- den ntore-atd, nnd from that, time to nlenii Ihe first dny of September, A. 1). 11131. lived with said Chine Hnihrnol;, nt said liurhugton, in the strict observance of a'l the duties required by imrruige covenant. when Ihe sani tiiloe llolomnK, nuyjn-t eau-eoo the part of the Peiitinner loll 1 1 1 1 1 1 at said Hurliiigton. and forthwith .vent to the town of Madison in the County if Genuga in I In.' Stnii! of Ohio-, and has ' re-uled m said Town of Madis-m rvi r since; and that said Cbloe II Ibrnok, sine her sntd depnrlurc, has nevr returned to snil liii'iingion, nor neen W'.tiun 'ins r-tnie, i 'iii"r pninew ,u unriniiiin, 10 inl and thai she now lives nt said M idis'ip in I Couniy nf Chill Ion aforesaid, the last nf the Stole of Ohio. And that said Petition er is n hoi.-e lioldei in said IJorlinioti. and has a latnilv of several Children; nnd has til all tunes since Ihe departure of said Ci.loe been in "ruit need nl Hie gucieiv and as- sisttinoe of said Cioe in his ilomcstie alfiirs and ha--at all times 1M.(. ready li! receive and iiininliiiii said Cbloe. if she would re turn to his house and lamily; and I lint hi has been nt great expen-e and Irnnb'e in .1 ; . . r 1 . . - 1 1, ....1.. ..,i ""- i.i"-'i-ii.- .1,-........... ...i,i in, mi vti''nj 011 n ri;. hi ii-i iiu-eouu- u- aforesaid, and that said Petitioner hai con lanllv resided in said town of Ijtirliogton upwards of twenty yonrs last past. And praving Hint the bonds of Matri mony between 1 lie said Chine may by decree of 1 ho said supreme Court ho dis solved and a bill of divorce from tin; bonds matrimony with said Chine granted to htm, nud that said Court will decree! tn said Chloo all llio property of every name and nature which she pos-essed nl the time of her marringu with thu said Peti- tinner, nud no more. To Chloe IIollimn!, of Matlimn. in the County if Gtuugn, in the Stale of Ohio. Cni: ktim;. Hvlhe authority of the Stale of Ver mont you tiro hereby commanded tn make your nppenraoei! before the supn tin; Court next to be holden at It 11 r I n;t on, in llio County ot Chittenden ami Slate of Vei u.ont, on the Thursday next p'ocodin.? Ihe first Tne.sdny nf .1,1 unary A. D 1 intf. then ami there to slmw cause, ifuny you have, why the prayer of llio said petiuiijir should nut be grnmVd; and further, to sltioil tonnd abide such order direclioo nud dc cree therein ni lo the said Court shall s-eein meet, nnd in ease of default, llio Cutirl will proceed expnrly, And being made to appear lo me. that llio said Chine Holbrouk live without this Slate, nnd tint within the rench of hnl precess; Therefore it is hereby ordered that notice be given to said Cbloe Holbrook tn appear bolero Hie Supremo Court, next 10 bu hidden at llurlingloii in the County of Chittenden nnd Slate nf Ve'tnuui, on the Thur-ilny next preceding Hie first Tuesday of .Inn- unry, A. D. 10311, then nud Iheie to show cniisn, if an she may have, why llio prayer of tlio said Petitioner sbonl I not bo grant ed; nud in case of default the said Court will proceed cxparty, by publishing the substance of snitl petition, nnd this cita Hun and order I hereon. three weeks sttc cessively in llio Free Press, a new- paper printed nt llurlingloii in I lie County of Ciitlonden aloresaid. the last of which publications shall be, nt lent, six weeks before llio time ol'holding -aid Court. (Jiven under my hand nt linrlinglon, Ibis 12th dav of September. A. 11. 1 11.17. SAM'h. S, PHELPS, Judge of Sup Court Et.lZA 15. EtlsON l vs. Au'tin Entov. ) HEIIEAS Eliv.a P.. Edson. of Col. Chester in the County of Chittenden and Stato of Vermont, Imlh nrefered her Petition lo the Supreme Court of said State, next to he holden at IJtirlingion, in llio County nnd Smte aforesaid, on thn Tliursdny next preceding the first Tuesday ol January A. 1). 1II3H, telling forth that at Mom-Mown, then in the County of Or leans, now in the County of Lnmoil, nud 'into aforesaid, on I In; first day of July. A. 1). Ifl27, triie was hiwl'u'ly mar'ied in' Austin Edson. then ol said Mornslown, by D.ivul P. Noyes. ilien a Jn-tico of the Peace wn Inn nod for llio County of Or leans iifore-aid, nnd from that time i about the l-l day of June, A. D. 1 1530. lived Willi snid Austin Ed.-on, at nttl Mor ristown, in l!ie strict olwrvanco of all the iiulies required by the m irri.ige covonani. when the mid Austin Edi-on, wi'hout any ju-l. cause on (he pari of the Petitioner, and without her knowledge of lii ioten Hon, left her nl said Morn-town, and went lo llio Town of Sirnfl'ird in the County ol Orange in the Slate aforesaid wbre he re muticd about two mouths; that said Attstfti then lefi i-nul StratToril and went lo ihe imvn of Hangnr, in the State of Maine, where he now reside-; that at. Ihe lime s-aid Austin left said Morrls-tnwo he earned wiih him nil the properly he pos-essed, and left the said Petitioner nnd faintly, con sisting ol one child thou about iwo years old. wholly without snpnort, and from that tune hilherio hath wholly neglected to to render the said Peti'ionnr and family any assistance or support, nnd thai I lie said Petitioner hath eotisinnlly resided wiihiu the Male of Vermont hinco her said niajringe with said Aii-liu. And prayiOL' 'hat the bonds nl matrimony bet ween i he said Petitioner and the said An-tin may by decree of the Supreme Court be di-'oivetl, and n liiU of divorce from I he- bunds of Matrimony with said Austin rrnuiot! !u her, and that the said Cmirl will decree to the said Pothunter such aliioiiiiy as said Court shall think jtisi and proper. To Austin Ethnn, of Bangor in the, Sliitc ir .ilitme. (,. y the authority of the Stale of Ver mont yon are hereby enuiniaiiiled to innhe your nppenratice before the Supremo Court nei. in he Imhlen at Hurhugion in the County of Chittenden ami State of Ver mont, on the Thursday next preceding ih" lir-l Tue-day of January, A D. 1033 then and there t i show cause, if any von have, why the prayer of the sam Pet il inner should not be granted, nod further lo -loud to nnd abide such order, direction nnd ilecrr I herein, ns- to the siiid Court hall s "I'm meet; anil in casi; ol deluull Ilie aid Court will proeeed expnrly. And whereas, it being uiado to ripp-ar lo ii", that the snid Ed-on live without tin lfeiate, nnd not within the teaeh of leiral is herrbv ordered process, i nereioro a that notice he "tven lo the said Ausm Edsun In appear before I be Supreme C uirt ne.t In ho holden at J-urlitietou, in III County o Chitienilen and Stato of Ver- ui'int. on the ii"t preceding I'm fir-l Tue-day of Jaimary A. 1). )i!3!i. then and there to show cau-e, if nny he have why the prayer of the said Pot it t should not he granted, and in case o' do f.iuli the -aid Court will proceed expnrtv by pnbli-hiug the -iihstnnce of said Peti tion and ibis cilalion and order i hereon three ,'ei'ks successively in the Free Pre--- which publications shall he al least, t-ix J weeks before the time of holding taid Court. I Civen under my hand at Rorlinglon, this day ol, mtn'r. A- i u,n. SA.M'L S. PIIUIjPS, Jwlge of Sup. Court. I C;is!t paid for Wheat. I O ICKOK & CATLIN will pay Ca ,jr heat.aeeording lo (l ialii v.del.v hv ..., ,1,., ( . , f , ! , ,, i.i,. h or nl their store. Piiirll'irrinn, S"nt. ft. II 3" LOUR Irom New Wheal, joal recji 1? ed und lor sab- bv IHCICOK & CATLIN. Sen'ember fl, 1IS37. AUCTJON SALE. WILL hut-old in lots to son purchaser al the subscribers Wurn house on .he Wharf nn S.i'urd'iy Ihe 15ih in-i. nt 2 o'clock P, M.20D Sicks- of Liverpool Silt. Foi.i.r.rr &. Hiiadm.vs. September 7. U!.57. WE havu several small aeeounls, againsl diff-renl which wn wi-h Ihem to call and settle immediately , at the Vuiiety shop. P WOnORN Si lJItlKSMAID. Septumher 8, 1(1:17. STATE OF VEIiMOXT,) DI-'I-HICT or CHIT I T.M1KN, ss, AT a Prnbalo Courl holden al Iiiirhng ton, within and for llio District alore said on the Slrt day of August A. I), 11137 nu instrument purporting lo ho the last will nud Tesinment of Lot Newell late of Chnrlo'le in said District deceased, wn presented to the Courl here for Probate. by , Anms Cu.rk ihe Lxeclor, I heroin nninei Titi'.iti'.rnnr. H is ordered by said Court, that public niiltce he given tn a p,.,,,,,, concerned therein to appear befoio smd nsoss nn thereof t h l,l,ln m Hurhnginn on ihe 'J, I. Wednednv Sepicm her A. D 111-17 and comest Ihe prulnie of said Will, nud it is furllier ordond thai this order bo pobli-heil three weeks sue cessively in the Freo Press n news jinper pruned nt liiirlingiou, in this Stale, Hie lasl of which shall bj previoos In llio dny nsfigoeil, ns aforesaid for hearing. Civcii under mv hand at Iho Register's Office, lliisil-f ti"ny;:r Aiiijust A. D. IH37. WM, WESTON, noisier. Harry Scott's Estate. STATE OF FEIUIOMT,) IMSTIUCT or (I it an i ism: ( AT a prohnto Court holden at the pro bate Ollicu in Norlh Hero in said dis trict on the Hlihdny of August A. D. 1U37. Present the Hon. Joel Allen Judge. An instrument purporting to be the Inst will and testament of Harry Scotl, Into of Isle La Motto in said district deceased, being presented to the Court hero by (icoriro Seoll, nun of Ihe Executors there in named for Probate. It is ordered by said Conn that till persons concerned therein be notified to appear at n session of paid Court, to be hidden nt the dwelling bouse of Jodedinh P. Ladd. in North Hero, on the fourth Monday of September next, nl, one o'clock in the afternoon, nnd shew caiwe il'nnvlhey have ngninst the probate of said Will, fur which purpose it is further ordered thai a copy of I he record of this order ho published three weeks succrs sivily in the Burlington Free Press, n newspaper printed at liurhugton, in Ihe County of Cliiileutlen, ns soon as may be. A I rue copy of record. Attest. A. KNinilT, Rrzhla: THE members of the Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Company are hereby notified that, tlm following nsscssmenN have been made by the Directors, on all notes in force, on the following days, lo wit : Nov. 19. tn3G, 1 1-4 of 1 per cent, Dec. !!, " 1 2 " " " Jan. 13, 1037, 14" " " " March II, " 14"" " " March 26, 12" " " " May 10, " 1-4 " " " " Milking 3 per cent, assessment for thn year; which be cast on the origin nl atnoiint of the premium note, without relercnee In any endor-ctoeiil, nnd Ihe ame to be paid lo the Treasurer nt his of fice in Mont poller, on or before the tilth day of October, 11137. An opportunity will be presented lo forward assessments by Ihe members of the Legislature, and those who rlect to forward the nmounl when due, are reterreil to llio litli Hee. ol Hie ct iitnched lo each policy for the consequen ces. Uy order nftho Directors. 1 10. ME 11 W II EATON, Trcas. M'Mltlieller. Ann-. 10. 11137. TO WOOL GKOWEKrf &, DEALEitS. rrjIIE St.bscnlier bus opened a depot -D- roii Tin: and ruiu.ic S.W.n OP AMKtllCAN AM) I'liUKIRV wont,, in the City ol New. York. Tlie First Kale wi.l b? niinnunced as early as practicable, and afterwards cunt itiiied til regular periods as may be deemed expedient. The extent tn which the growth and man nfacture of 'his article has arrived 111 I his country, funning ns it does, one of the staples nf product mo, ns well as of expen sive importation, renders the establishment of a rerrular market, where the Farmer can avail himself of the full prices paid by inariuliietnrrr.s, and where Manufacturers may, at stated periods find n full supply, ami sun their purchases exactly according to their wants, is not only desirable, but ab solutely necessary for ihe profit nud con venience of both elas.-eu. To the Farmers' e-peei.illy il id nil important, thai they should enjoy a regular market nnd (ho nd vantage .!' full ", ...stead of h-nir compelled .0 submit to the prices , . . ofl,red by speculators, whose totiuiate know ledge of Hie wants of Manufacturers. ami whose nicer iiiii''ineni m tne nrttc es has given them great advantage, and often compelled n greal sacrifice on the part of the Farmer. The city of New-York being by far the grealc-t tnaiket where Manufacturers find a sale for their fabrics, it is placed beyond a il inbi, that, if the growers' nnd dealers 111 Wool, avail I hemselves extensively n this opportunity of iillerins their Wool for sale, it will bring toucher, us purchn-cts, all 1 he principal Manufacturers of tlio North ern Siali.'a: and give, not nnly loihe hover and seller every ailvanla;o thai can 'be offered, but regularity and stability tn the uiaikei which ha.- not before existed in this country, and which 111 other wool growing countries ha-been productive ot the great est benefit to all chis-.'s. S'lHslaclury reference given nn nppli cn.inn, and lo thu-n who desire it, nn advance ill cash for a limiid Period will bo made. Persons wi-htng to limit their wool in pric, will have iho advantage o ti p'lvate sale in ihehe-i in irkul . if ihe prices nt public sale should not reach their cxpoc'ntion. Persons wishing to enter their Wool f..r Sale, are desired to correspond early with the subscriber. JOHN A. PARKER. New York, July I!!, !!37. Comer of Wall & S.uiih St. S fim Stereotype Foundry, 'p,llE Stereo, pe Foundry fiiim.'riv car ned on under the ag -oev of (. T K.ilon has passed into Ihe hands uf H. Jolui-iui &. Co., and it will in future he carried 011 in ronneelinii with their Iiol mid Job Ollicu. Lends nf all sizes and Illnnks of all kinds lurni-hcd to order, a g'.-nl variety of cols', largo nud Miiall, 011 hand, and in fine, all kinds of work usually ea'led ior in a similar esiiihli.-hnieui, done with niatness and ile-paich. All order nililressed to the Iroi will he prompt Iv nl tended 10. II JOHNSON & Co. "urliniilnn. July 0. III.I7. iV'J V DiEA T MA UKE 1 rBIIP. subserihers haviiiL' opened a Moat H Market, al Mrs. Diukeo's old stand, on Clinreh. . Street, nsl the patronage ofthc pujilic, us lliev iiiieun nl least, lo try lo vn miim.ic. I tun. .to an ti.iin whn msy tm disposed tufa j voiii ihem with Iheiroiisloiii. Will Iho citizens '' Horlineiou and vicinity (who wish to buy nm-".; josi ivu iiiem an uppurtunilv to ro deem thuir jilcdgo, ALPItKD PITKIN. DUDLEY PITKIN. N. R. Cxfii pnid for Sheep nnd Lamb's Pells Farmers having lal Callle, C.ilvcs. lings,. Sheep and Lambs, sue invited lo call on thn subscribers. A. (c 1). PITKIN. llurlinglon, June "3, lfl.17. T A Jv , Barrels, just received by J. J. II. PECK St Co I) K MILITATED P E M A LKS, rjllIE cumpluinls peculiar to thu lemale A pari of the community, luivo been long successfully treated by the ndminl'lrn. lion of the Aromnlic Pills,' originally pre scribed and coniputinded by Dr. Unr.rr.. They cleanse the blood from those disor ders of the female constitution, for winch the Pills, arc an effectual specific ; ihej restore ft free circulation, reform the irreg ular operations of the sanguiferous system, and rectify the disordered habits. The proprietor's confidence in the superior ex cellence of this equally innocent and pow erful preparation, is founded on the most decisive testimony from many restored pa tients, lie can ussuro tliid portion ol the public, that when J)r. Rdftfs AROMATIC FOR FEMALES, are regularly taken according to the direc tions accompanying Ihem, they revive and esinuiisli the tiesiretl heallhy habits, and restore lo llio pallid countenance the null) ral slow of healih and good spirits. The Pills are nn approved general rcmc. Eea'hing of Food ; Pain of the Stou neb , Shortness of Hrentli upon every little mo tion', bulking ol the Spirits-, and its conse quences, a dejected cotiuteiiancu. and dis like furexeiei'-e nnd conversation. Married Indies will find Ihe Pills equally useful, except in eases of pregnancy, when they must wt be taken ; net her mii-l they he taken by persons of hectic or consump tive habits. They may b' used successful Iv by either men or wntnniin all llyjmthon ilriac, Hysteric or Vapourish disorders. In nllcases ol'ilns description, the Pills portly, invigorate, nud revive the disordered sys tem. Price 41. 50 n box. (trl'UBMC ATTENTION! fj d most respectfully solicited, by the sub M. scriber, to an Iuvaluibla Preparation, the merits of which have been tested by ti.mi:, and are su.-t.ini:i nv undoubtco tcstimonv. Dr. HvJfcs Botanical Drop's! are. every year increasiurr their long estab. lisbed repulnlion. 'I bey have outlived many rival preparations, and are continually gain ing upon public eunfidnnei;. Thu lliitaniiul Dropi havo bceo surccss fully nriiiiinistered fur many yeat.s, as a thorough remedy, for that well known and prevalent class uf intcteralo diseases, which oiigmalo from a vitiated habit of body, or an hereditary pirdi-poi ilion in the palieut, and generally appear under the various nnd dis. tressimr siinpes nf Scrofula. Salt Rheum. Lrp ro, St. Anthony's Fire, Ftvtr Sores, White Fwillings, Hciirn, Foul and Obstinate Ulcus, Sore. Ltgsand Eyes, Scald Head, and Vcnere' nl Taint. In the lasl inunlimied condition of the sjslem. the Botanical Drops will be found 10 eradicate the lurking poison, where Mercu ry hat- totally failed, and thus prevent Ihe pa. rent from entailing Ihe seeds of an heredita ry di-easc nn his offspring. DIl. RELFE'S liOTA.VICAL DltOI'S are successfully used in cases of violent eruptions after (ho jltaslcs rctt tlolilits pimples on the faccJcstcring eruptions on the skin and other diseases ol the external surface, and ate one of ihe best Spring and Autumnal plnjsks known, tofice the system Irom humors. O" Striking Instances of Success, Extract of a loiter from a Physician of the first respectability, and extensive practice. 111 tins vicmilv. member ot the olassacbu' fcollH Medical Society. June IGtu, 1029 Dear Sir: "This child, before ho was a vear dl1' I;c.,'amu "fil!ct,:,d willl il 1',,l,ru"s dieof ! 'V'T "'" W "1,ih s-'radually tocreased so that when about three years old, thu whole sllr(.,l(,c ,)fll(; lKI(Iy wa)no or,utinued sore, 1 allotlded will, an ieboruus discharge, prod... cing great soreness and intolerable itching, which became almost insupportable. A great variety of tlio most approved external and internal remedies were used withnul any per. mancnt reiinf. .Much interest was excited in behalf of thu child, and consequently dlfi'ei. out medical advice was solicited, but with liltlo or no advantage, the disease progressed with unabatuig violence, and sconiodj in defy the healing art. Al length the parent was induced by the advico nf a neighbor, who had been benefitted bv the article, lo Irv Dr. marc's POTANICAL DROPS. Se'veral h'lllle.s were given nccoidiug to the directions, before the least abatement of the disea.-o was obse.ved; but by a persevering use of them, the ichorous di-charges began In ahalu, the scabs lo givo way in places, and fall oil". The Drrps were continued until tfie boy became perfectly well, the skin resuming its natural and healthy aspect, se.-ining indeed like a ren ovated skin since which tiuiu the hoy has enjoyed perfect health, and his euro is ascn bed wholly to the Drops, as no other medi. cine, was used m ennjuclioii with them.'' Thu original Idler, with additional par ticulars, may bo seen by calling on the Pro printor.J Gentleman of this City, who had bceo at. tended u long time by nur must celebrated and experienced practitioners, and who had been reduced to almost the la-l stages of ex islenco by his complaint had lost one eye.' and dreadful ulcers began lo destroy his I'g. and. spread over his whole side, and lo llirialin a most painful and lingering dtatli .' in com niiiiiicatmg his case al large to the Proprie tor, makes thn following elo-ing remarks '.My ca-o was pronounced by my physi. oiaiM lo bu one nf uivelcratu Scrofula. Il is mil necessary to inquire whether other means would hav efi'eeled thn euro. I can only say dial Dr. Kelfu's liolanical Drop were the only means I made use uf, nfier the physicians had e.liaiisied thuir skill, and have nu reason In doubt that under Providence the Drops wero the iiienns nf relieving mo from onti uf ihe inosi nfil eling diseases that hu. inanity i called to unduio." A Physician of eminence who had wilnrs, H'd the elficncy of this article, had the candour recently to acknowledge to the Proprietor, that hu cousideied il the best nictiiciiin known, lor llio complaints fi r w Inch it is intended, and that ll ought deservedly to stand nl the head of thu whole class ol such remedies. Price $1 fur whole boxes ol 30 piils, and 50 cents lor half do of 12 pills, with direc imiis. Op inn eh. under, ali.-r hiving h.iflh il ilie skill of ihe in.isl eminent phi. ri.ins.u.el wiib-touil l tie nio-l liiliU irruuuiieiidril pri'p.uiiiiiiiK, h.i been checked, reliend, nnd cur id, in n inuubti- of hisl.iiii't'-s in nnd uliuiu llio. cut , h ii-iii" for a lurl lime Dlt, I! I I.C .'s vi:(.i:rAiti,i: siT.nno, and ani'iiui.- 10U.S I'll.l.S, in runiipxi.iu, niTiiiding to llm diirctiuns nrrmu poniuj; llm .Specific II ii. iiho one of the In-. I iiirdicunv known Inr iSicrV Jltadacltf, Sickmss al the .Vfonnirli, A'uusfn, and l-'l.iluli-nres. No eoiiipl.unt is peili.uis iiimn pievaleiil In litis nr any country, lh.ui Headache. It ia telduni ufl primary affection, but nritcs from n varielL,. caioes, sncli in fiippirssi.m nf ujtomnry evil ' lions. ii!).lriicted ncimuMi ion. &c. It i titoni not iinfi(iiii'iiily sunptoiiuilio of indigrMimi, for o "real is llio rjiupailiy lietvtccn IIib lir.iin tied slonint b, llii.l il inifirn difHotill lodeii'rinbio uli'cb ii re.illv in f.inll, nnd when it nrhrs finm a f.til ftnln of ilie flriiiMrh, it i.i (jem-riilly Iniiimd vib lii'.id.irlio, wliith will be speedily irjicu-d by ilijj Specific. A ii'inaikab'o raff- ! rncnlinnrd in t)r. ConnajM painpblei, of 0"A Lady of U.uwr rs, who ImiI li-eii iiflholrd most of 1 1 to lime for "0 u.,ir. uiih a sir h lie.ul.iclic, w,u cine J by part nf ti box ol llii .Spl'l'ifil!." Price u( lite Specific nnd Pills CO cents each, W-Tlli: TOOTII ACHE t '1 1 1 i 3 : i , , i i i z i i i diFouler it cured in its niot painful nliiijn, by one of ilie ino't eimplu n well .19 powerful lenieilir'H known in niiiilcin tiiaeilre. The CAMUMAN TOOTH ACIIK Plf.r.S iifToid i.iM.inl ii'lii'f, without inlliniin; thu sliglilrgl injury on llm teeth. 'I'liey me applied externally la ihe purl nfleeled, wild (lie gtLMiet cast! unit expedition, nnd ci'iierally npeiiue 113 a tooihing loiiiiive (0 llm pulferiiig paliciu. Price 30 cents u box. White Teclh! and healthy Gums riIIOSn wlin would iclain, or restcic, lbec -- di'sii'iible iiilv.iiilases, nic iiMiiml no roinpo.ilion run he obiaineil fiipoiinr to tlis P.ltll'sjI AiTISKI' I'lf; DBM'll-'mCH. This i nn eleiiiiut nud ple.ifaul prrp.inilioii in eeiv iMppci, niid has Ihr m.iuy cwt p.ut, n'oen fiili-firlion ulieirtfi- il bicn ii'ed. The Antiseptic Dentifrice i cNenipl fioiu nr-i J and oilier delci.'i inns in.r.lirnt.s, 10.1 he (iM'iiily enlcr 1 In 1 onipiuolion of tooib powdrif in i iitiini'iii me, and il wluien diB cnainel of iln; treili wiiliout do urn i 1 he Ii'.hi injiir. The 1 f-311l.11 u-o of ibis ndiiiiii'il powd. r, 1 1 v iiurif,iii! the uioiilh mil piowiiiiii'. ilie nrciiiiiiilaiioii ol tin tar, nprinlej in I no be-l picciiiiti! of ilie Tooril AcHf.. Tlie Dentifiiic irmuvci ilirotonr.ilimi( and in. si. lie the lie.iuliful natitn w hilrni'ss of the cii.iiuel. As ii.s npplir.ition briirr.s an I .tirlijibrns die Gum's, it centres lo them ilieii- lie.ddiv anil dm id hue, nnd by lemovin nil ciffenfivi! foirin nrrninii. I ition fi oni the lecili. pie.-eies ilie naliirnl swccl- nes.sof the hie.ilh, Pi ice GO cent?, An Invaluable Remedy Icstcd by experience, and sustained by testimonials ! MOST people have a remedy for CORNS as well as other complaints; hot the proprietor of tiie long known and justly celebrated Albion Com Plaster! (as prepared by the late Dr. Conway,) has been made ucquainted with no instance nt Us proper application, in which it has not been preferred lo all oilier lic.MnDins for Cons-, thn-c painfuldisfigiirers of the feet, and enemies to locomotion. The Albion Com Plaster softens llio corn, however old nnd tough, nnd extracts it In i he very roots. The relief afl'urded is vrntle. immediate, and thorough. The Proprietor begs leave to submit the following cae, from Mr. Stowell, who is well known to the inhabitants nf Ibis city, e-pccially at the south end. and at South Huston, as a very worthy and respectable citizen. A CASE. Sin I do not hesitate to givo my most unqualified approbation in favour of your valuable Albion Corn Plaster. J5y the use of less than a box, Mrs. Stowell has been cured of a corn on each foot, which had been cxcecd'tigly troublesome and painful for years, and 1 ihink it but justice to your invaluable preparation to udd. (for the en couragement nf those, who owing to re pented disappointments' in Ihe various rcur edies resorted lo, have finally despaired of a cure,) that your I'lnsier cured her corns after trying other highly recommended remedies to no purpose; nnd what increas es my confidence m the itiperiurity ol'your Plaster, is ihe fact, that it lias been used by seyern I of my neighbours with equally good fucccss. A man advanced in years, had become so crippled with corns, as to he ob'iged to cut liMes in slims to ease his feet ; he had long suffered great toiture and inconvenience has lately been entire ly cured by the use ol' your Com Piaster, so that he can now walk with comfort, and in whole shoe--. Another Case. A young woman living near me, had beenmo so lame in consequence of corns, ns not lo be nble to go up and down stairs without great trouble, is now n-itig thn Pla-ter with the mo-t happy success, and prospect of speedy rure. 1 could refer to several oilier cases, were it necessary, hut I have seen enough ol the Plaster lo satisfy me n is Hie he.-t prepara tion in tin, country, or perhaps in any oili er, for Ihe cure of Corn--: and were irsj vir-" lues generally known, I doubt whether jou could prepare tin; article Inst enough to meet the public dennnul (Signed) SETII STOWF.LL. Keeper if the Toll house, South Boston Bridge. M r. T. Kinnr.n. Proprietor of the Conway Medicines. Boston, J une lh, 11129. VTnco &0 cents. None get nine unlrss signed on Iho nulfiidn printed wrapper by the sale Proprietor, 'V. KIDDEU, immediate suiccssur to Iho lalo Di. W. T. Gonwav For sale, with all the nthiir "Coniray Mtdicincs," al his Counting; Room, No. OU. next door lo J. Kidder's Drug Store, corner of Courl and Hanover streets, near Concert Hall, Itoston ; and by his spo eial appointment, hy J. ,V J. II. PI.C'K lz Co,, IJurlingluii Vl. nr.MFRins' rijUli; extensive sale and established repu J talion nf DUMFRIES ITCH OINT MENT, encourages, iho Proprietor to recnoi. mend il with renewed cntifidence to the pub lic, as a most ianocint us well as poirerfnl application for Ibis annoying disease. Tlio most inveleratu cases have been curco is met: hour! by this esteemed Ointment. It contains no Mercury, or oilier noxious ingre. dient.nnd may ho confidently npplied even to Ihe youngest children, er to piegnanl female?. Pi ice il"i cents. SORE ripilh studious, thu weakly, nnd others, .IL who are troubled with snrenets or in fiainmalinii nf thai delicate organ, will bo able lo ubiaiu a uibsi pleasant and mvuluabln application, in DUMFRIES' This woll establi-hed If ash for the Et,n, i ' peileilly iiiiiouent. and givts iiumcd ato rrjliof, even in veiy aggravalt d cases of io.ooew j anl iulUnimalion Pi ico cuntf.

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