Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 10, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 10, 1837 Page 2
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I U A V M O II N I NO, NOVRMUKU 10. Thankshivino, it will be eocn, is r.p , od for 'l'liurstlay next. Our patriotic urnor intends that the Green jUpun. Hoys shall Imvo the first'cul at. pump- (lies and roast turkies. this year. VNU iKSPf.CTOU AND BANK COMMISSION . Mi- Ilitiry Hrmllcy of Burlington been .inic:l hy tliK !r-iliiiino lo llio above. "Oici's. ,i mlMnkc not Mr ISinilley Is n l.uo MnrUliolil- .1.. I.'.. .....t Mm-lcutilM U.ltlk lit Hut IlllU- uml ii'niterior. It In left lo tin- dn-cielioii of iciious ImUli.ila'KHollitw In direr-1 Hie fliitu o ' iioytofilu ii ii inforitntioit iisimiisi miy '"-. point ion w lui-ti i-li.ill exceeded I In pownj netl to lliem or i.iiumI io compiy " ...... j,iPi-j. Ii U then lefi t" me uiscrc of the fcjiiiienie Coin! lo t! the. r h.iiK'is nr not. In tin) appointment otw Iniidley lie nil Imvc suuiifd lo llieinelc. mi cXHiiipl ion nny foifeiuno id their cli-ntflm. mom J nine toHispend nicciu p.iymci.'l.i lliro' llio '" gnilly of iinv other violation ol'lheir charier?, i is ii triumph' of ilie bank inmiopoly parly orr ,ieople. It is undoes for llio people to complain depreciation of ihe ciincnry, the favoritism, llio ihc minions pr.iclicw of b,ink. It i lo complain of the evib of the piescnt ban.mi;; i-m throughout the country, while fo many men reitcd in the cniitliumnee of llicio evils nic etce o innke laws nnd appointments lo ottice. Ucn ;ton Gazette. The above is a lair specimen of Tory -iilor and regard for truth. No opporlu y is neglected lo distort nnd misrepre it every circumstance calculated to prc- l.ce the public ogainat the itiatilutions of ! country, and tha prcoenl scemi to bo . isidered the favored occosion for every !! erimtnr to hurl his fire-brand. It -h - paltry and pitiable, in the extreme ; alike honorable to the press, and disastrous) to j best interests of the country. But ad tting the Gazette's facts : hov extremely .nplimentary to the minority in the logia ure, that they should have acquiesced in o appointment of a person legally incligi to so important a trust ! Really, it ) bad to spoil so good a story ; but truth juires us to say that Mr Bradley ij nei or a bank director, nor docs ho own, di ctly or indirectly, one dollar of bank ok. To those acquainted with Mr. B. i unnecessary to cay, that the duties of .3 or any ether oflico entrusted to his tida will be discharged with fearlesn fidol- Tho Watchman publishes tho following inifeeto of the patent democracy of this nte, touching the now dictributinn of .ices. Aa this is a family affair, we have disposition to interfere Wo may be milted to suggest, however, that thero uld socm to bo manifest propriety in iting the Collector here, nnd vva pro. .10 that Mr. Lyman would not object to :h an allotment. The patriotic cotisido- Uoiib urced in favor of a cton"t!. must! conclusive j and when Mr. Van Buret) mes to bo apprised of tho immense polil -:l riled these nprioititrncnts will hove, he mot hesitate a moment. It id intimated it Mr. Barber is the author of I he paper which wo mentioned in our Inst, drew pub lie. ntipiiiioti nrctiv L'ouornllv to tho oxpoc tod doings of tho day, hut nohndy, be yond llio initiated, cuuiu uo more man guess aa to what they were to bo. Thoro was no public notice ot tnu meeting nor any general knowledge or oven auspicmn of "its intended lime or place. Somebody, (wo know net who, but presume it muni have been a lineal descendant of tho foth ored limed thnt whilomo saved tho Roman capitol by cuckling, who emuloun of Ins fiimiius ancestor's renown.) had scl up banbilla calling a meeting on the Placed' Ariin.'H at noon, "to crush rebellion in the titid." lint na thr imnd tintllllo ill ceiicral did not know whore to look lor the said rebellion, nor yet to whom to look as their nil lender in the LTtishinrr proces-i .recommended, they very widely stayed a. 'way. Belween 12 uud 1, parties of the t delu liberie" began to collect nl BoN.vci na's dratn-drink'ng establishment, at the corner of Noire Dunn nnd M'Gill Streets, nnd finally formed themselves into a men ling, secure Ironi Constitutionalist eyes, in n yard behind it which opens into-Crent St. .Tumps Street bv n Halo and door, both of which wore kept curefully shut, to the strict excl'iatun of oil except tho faithful. Till about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, ino meeting continued doggedly enough within thu safe enclosure, while groups of Con stitutionalists, somo with sticks and others without, were waiting disponed up ami down tho ftreet with exemplary patience, to see the end of it, r.ud know whether the promised Tricolor mm destined to appear or not. At about -i o'c'ock, t lie gates ol the yard wore thrown open, and a body of some 000 men and boyn, more or less, be ing wo suppose gIuioiU tho whole ol the meetinir, ruahed into tho street, but with out u Hag of any kind. At tho moment, thoro were perhaps 100 pcrson-i scattered about the street in small groups, thrrugh its whole length Upon llavu the fds dc la liberie made an immediate charge, with bticks volleys of stones, and tho discharge of ootne two or three oiatulr. Tho mob then nibhed at doublo quick time up the street towards tho Pluce d' Amies, and broke n number windows on thoir way, the ecattered groups skirmishing with their strogglera as they passed. In one of these skirmisher, at the corner of St. Francois Xavier Street, Mr T. S. Bnowr. who had previously made himself extreme ly active, met with a pretty severe thrash ing, and was carried offinto an adjoining house. But for I he interference of Messrs Gundlack, Lyons and Ashton, he would have been beaten much more severely than l.o waa. Mr IIonysTETTr.n, ulso wa.j con siderably bsatcn at the same place, by tho other party. Immediately on reaching tho Placed' Armes, and hardly ton minutun af ter leaving their place of meeting, the main body of the riotera began to make it self scared, the greator part hurrying off' up the St. Lawrence Main Street. In the mean time tho ConititntionHlista were collecting about Place d'Armeo in consid ernhlo numbers, nnd began lo eeok in vain for llielr vanished enemiej They pasoed along Notro Dunn Street, a few Htones being thrown in passing nt Joshua Bkm.'s lioio, and then up the Mam Street, into tli-i St. I.avvrenco Suburb, whuro tl.oy fiiind, Inroad of opponents, a flag, a sword and tlueo guns, one Dinglo barrelled, one (loublu'bai relleil, nnd one sevoii-barrellcd, belonging to the "fiL- do la liberie." in a house in Dorchestor St reel, which haa been n drilling place. Returning, by wov of BoiiGccours Sired: thev pat-sod. ,nr m tho more imnortant posts, ns it I shore, near tho Galveston pass, by two Is to station smnller bodies at thoao of less j Mexican cruisers, and proved atolallossj importance Could Mr Paimnuau succeed L )nt0 R0,0 in t10 Gulf of Mexico, i .i . r . . ..... m. i.... lit. Kxcellency Martin Van Daicn, President of ' ,l" Fcw " ,u v blu' m lie United States : ' r..u s hnupi;, where, however, the groat -in At n iiicciins of the Dcmoerntic inomlicM , man was not to bo Been or heard of: and !i LccUluiinc of i he fitmo nnd oilici s, liuMcn at ! then proccei'ed to tho Vindicator office, npelier on ilie SOih day of Ociobcr, the follow. w,jc, thoy broke open, and out of which rewluunn. ere adopted : . they threw a quantity of the types and pa- 'Rco ed, I hat wo lio il too punciplc of lotaiion 1 . ' . 1 3' i. r,.i,ii,.i :,, a n-,tm ,,! s-,i,,i., pes into the Htreet. umiij ouiuru uiw, uowever, me nmgis tralcs, had called run the military, and read the riot act. A strong body of troop.i with two pieces of arlillery werti parading tnc citv, nt the very time when the above prneeoiiings wore going on in tho Si. Law renc" Juburb; mid they had just returned lo thy bnrnickf, whnn ihe attack wa? made eu the 'indicator ullico. They were marched out a eeconi! luno in consequence in hrnnttlnn III! e.VCrV rCf?imllt into dotadl monts, boforo winter, he might be said to havo n chnncju. i"1 favot of M'9 Pronlisutl country rising. . This chonco it will never do to Rivfjjfffn. But as soon oh fresh troops como in, (and they arc expected daily,) we shall look to sec further distributions taking place. Let the troops onco bo molested, or their active Interference onco bo called for, nnd then nnd not till then, the business of ofitation will be in a fair way for immo. .n-in Let neither Govnrnmcnl nor loyal subject he then lound wanting, (and we believe thev will not J and the act iinmoni will h,. nromntlv made nnd finally. ii.n nnnwAitn" nl the "tt dc la liberie" will never Rlnnd licforo the "stkady" of those that will be agninst them. Montreal Courier 1 Montreal Cavalry were out last ! niirhi nmlur llio command of Mr. David, nu"n nniml for ihu citv and suburbs. W learn that thoy turned out under the sane. lion and at tho request ol inc civil nuiuor Hies. Ib, Yesterday was a buty day for Madam Rumour. The good lady mado it a thou sand and one nrettv little storiid at the least, of great thing's that wore to grow nut. of tho disturbance ot tne nay ocioru. pr nnranlvpi. wc would havo people slow of faith to believe, ontl hIow of tongue to cxaggorolo in llieso inaitors, but not slow f.r i,,rnri nr hnnd to net in them as may be fnnnd meet or neccssorv. Tho cause is to be served, not by morn unsifted gos-iip m ., h,nudn. hut hv that of nine' ..,,,;,iirr.r Ihnrnuch nrrf nnisntiot). wiltcll would ensure success, "even llmugh the oi n,i i.iio.i f,f tlio current rumors should fall short of the reality, and which I can do no harm, though all the bravado of our opponents should, as is far more Itkoly, provo to be mere bravndu. Uo who takes every prccautiou m good time, i"J least m ho husv with nrccaulion, at the hour" when ac'ior may be needed.. A pretty strong body of the independent mechanics of Griffintown pairolcd the Directs for some time last night, pretty well prepared for all emergencies. Thoy could find nothing to do, however. Nobody was out at night to execute tho threats of the day. Fno.M Pr.oHiDA. An official report has been received from Gen. Jcsup, dated St Augustine, 22d Oct. in which ho states that Asscen Yahola 'Powell) is his prison er, with nearly all the war spirits of the nationthat chief came into the vicinity of Fort Payton on the 20th, and sent a mes seneer to Gen. Hernandez, desiring to seo and converse with him, Tho eickly sea son being over, and there being no farther necessity to temporize, Gen. Jesaup sent i party of mounted men and seized tho en tire body, and now has them tccurely lodged in the fort. He has Ematha, (Philip,) Coo Hnjo, Micco-po-io kee, nnd Fiiichen Billy, all principal chief"; Coacoo elm, (Wild Cat) Asseeu Yahola. (Powoll ) Chitto Yahola, Tuatenukoe, .and rievoral other important personoges, nib-chiefs, willi morn than eighty first rate warriors; and he han nlso guidea who can lead the army into every fatiieM in the country. tho Tom Toby foundered at her anchors in Galveston harbor, nnd tho Brulu was driven high nnd dry on shore, with four feet of water in her hold, a total loss. 'This looks like sweeping tho Moxican coast from Brassos Santiago lo Yucatan before next April ! Another Whig Vicloru in Maine From tho Boston Atlas of Friday, wo learn thai to the last trial on Monday in tha se ven districts in Maine, which had tailed to make choico, Mr itnbbins Whig is elected in the towns of Philips, Salem and Akron; strong lory 'towns. In Jay and CantW, nnd in Summsr and Can. I here was no choice. In Jay Mr. Hnyford (Whig who lacked 50 in tho last trial, imw wanted but 15. Vho whigs have linn cIio-pii 97 representatives, and thu lo co locos tit! Probability almost certain that Ihu whigs will elect three more, ma king 12 in joint ballot. NKW-JEItSBY." William S, Penuiiiition, Esq. hoc been elected by the Legislature of this Stato Governor lor tho cnsuinir year. Mr is a Whig; and spoken of in the newspapers as citizen of high standing, possessing qualifications for the alatu-n 'of tho first order, anil his election alt6other agrceu bio to the people. Ml Southard, it in said, will "resign his cai in the Senato of tho U States, nnd tho Whig journals anticipate tho election of Mr v ri.'linghuysen, at the present ses sion to supply hi place. Tliia would bi an exchango of one good man for another; a change notthcr to be dreaded nar de sired. ,U operation mid dial it should be irgimki! 11.4 -.1 in Executive appointment as in elections by , , people. tirtoltcd, That all offices beinj cieateil liy iIir pie lor llieir own benefit, it i. not only ifcj'.n bnl tollable thai their wUhp should bo coiiihcd in .ition 10 llio innimbcnls in beFelecled lo till l!io.e Yes when llio power n( appointment id leinnvcd a them." In nrrordanco with llio Epiiil of tho n ipsoIm ,13, tho umlet signed fiicniN nfihe ndmiMrntion, poctfully if commend lo nur IXccllencv for (-'ol- or of CiHionn for llio Diflricl ofWnnnnl, flden itridjjo K-q., of Norwich, for M-nt-linl, A mill i.ddinj Kf. of Montpoliri-, and fur niatiic: Aiior- , Willyj" l.jnian C'ip of lim linton Wo hrlirw it llirt-e men are well qualified fiir the k-ncimI cm in lo which wr tei'oiiiiiienil ihein ami ihu llieir lointmenls will ha cntiicly aalisf.icloiy In the icracy of the, fe'lalt-. Wonio fully i-.iiii-fiid o iipplinuion ol iho principle cxpie-i-cd in ihu ."'0ID2 revolution-!, in rclniioii 10 1 110 appoint an in ipicsiion, will hao :i siion? Icmlency 10 Hl.iiioimd at Sleller', Mtiino Hliei: 0 Ilie (loinoriiiiie paity ol tlio ftiato, thu usccn. Holiui Ii, at liovdV, I'laro d Aunt I icy nt the next eleriion. Monipelier, Nov. J, 1837. of it, hut nil was again quiet before they reached tiio spot. A party ol the Magi3 tntea headed the Mtlitnrs, and among them were Mes-irs. Donkoani and Diui-vti:i;n-. How fond eoui" enemieu of the law and military, are apt lo hu of their pro tectioti, when they need it ! During Monday high1, magistrates, with hodicti of I'hoih under lh(r ordi'is. Were ft 1, Lawicuro and nt ItiH- tel's, Qncliec. tjuliui Ii Noihni, however, ocrur led 10 ili.-linli ih iuiei nl'llii- (My, In it'i'.iril lo Hie iiioceriliiiiM of the dav. and rPWn undprstand thai tho water iv ill bn e.-pecialli the ilcsmiciion of piopenv 10 which ii t into tho canal nt Winoocki City, on ilurday, at two o'clock. Canada. W wo c.iii only rxpres our icimM 1l1.1t ihev fliould li.ue plisco, VVIii-ih llio fault lies, how i-i er, u clear nioili, The broflnila of llio gland imt-tiiij in ISonaciua'a aul weio tlio fust a'jicii.'jiH, .mil 1 lie coii-equences of llieir Hgi Cs siou weie les rerloiu nfu-r nil I' llicy may be Cllid Ol l,:,w, ,!,..,., v,l 'I'l.n .,,. , ,1 f, -, ,., denlly approaching n crisis, and llio of iheir attack would ilotthtlnu have bronchi upon llieiii a lai ne.iMer leclluuiii''. hail nut llio Mown- ijivo below llio Inlo-t ws from " hi- -en' of war." Thing are lilil pollrooiieiy of llieir iclieat enabled most ol ! lliem prininall) lo escape il. The uiiack upon 11 piimin oflico wo icyiei paiiiculaily, becaiiFC it , may to e.Kily bo union ineuns of slieiiyllienlhg llio hauiU uf ihc puny nllaikeil. Tin; p-iriy, however, 1 has appealed 10, and indeed been iho firm (0 , ne, violence, has no leal rijhl 10 complain of the first uiuin of their own coin thai in made lliem, 1 0 hope iho pioceedinii ol ihu d.iy will nl nncu make tho "fits we la liberie" morocliaiy of ,'e movi nients indicate that Mr. Pnpineau preparing for decisive notion. Tho nut :e committed on the Vindicator ofiice is a mil mistake in I he loynlists, and ill do more lo benefit the pnlrio s than most nny event that could havo happen I. The following ntlicles are copied I im thu Courier, a loyal paper, olid lima thoir proinien, mid our own puny moie oau-ful of lerefuro ho tnkon wilh tome grains of !"0M' '"saniaiion. ii.kI ihe ( Piiiutmu,ilisis . ... . ' been oruauiznl in ihev oulit, an iixsuiIiul' body of lOwance. Wo have as yd SCCII lio other j imilmciam, like ihose ol Monday, would never have ereion of the hlorv. Iiad iho upper hand even fin ihu leni;ii of :i kingle ' Muk-thpii tVni. n "Heel, or for iho epaco of nun ten minuted: nor niorvTREAr., imu.ii ()d the f,ubeipieut piojie 0(11 ornur own Contrary to tho expectation wo exprcs-1 (,-u,mU uso ihem open to die cl.aiijo oriiaving Jod in our last paper, the proceedings ol ihenu'elvcB played iho rioter, even by way of re. ia "Fills de la liberie" on Monday last.i tnliatiou. 1 1 lead 10 i-oiiiii breach of the public peacn j10 uccotints which enmn in from day to 1 id to tho prompt mmmniiH of the military day, from tho country round, and tho ncMi. .. Ila Mnnislrnlru 'I'llo tin I II r I, n f I II 11 I...T. .1 l..fu. I.. I !.. .. i . Y "H" uuui nuuii 111 ,3i j inula in (in 1 1 iuu i il i, uru U n F O It K IGN IT K M S . FruNCE The King of Ilauovar lies orderod a report from his lord chancellor, on the question whether the existing con stitution iy obligatory upon the crown. Tho chancellor it is said, declines a posi tive ntir-wer lo this grave question, but suggests a modification of tho constitution to render il more acceptable and tiervicea blutoboih King and people. Tho King has not yet inede up his mind on the sub joct. Tho Spanish Journals announce that ilie Queen Imp signed the treaty of peace and friond-diip with Mexico. By this trea ty Ihe crown of Spain nbandous all pre teiiMtn? to Iho sovereignly of that terri tory. A tnlogrnpic despatch of tho 5h from Toulon, brings intolligenco from Africa. 'I he I' rench finny coininene'vl its inarch on 1st. commanded hy tho Duke de Numuurei and Gen. Dninremont. The intent ion wae, if possible, lor- all Ihe corps to unite bel'oro Iho walls of Constniitiun on the Gt h. Tampico, Oct. 8. The private infor mation wo have from Mexico, represents iho coun'rv io be in a mot deplorable eon dttion. Marauders nwnrm on every high way, while I hi; government despite its gmiil intentions, cannot cneek robbery. Tin; couduc'n from Zncntccas, was nt lacked by 150, and the lender, after having 12 men killed, fell grievously wounded On the other hand, tho assailants lost 10 of their party, but possessed llicnisolvos of $30,000. Il is said that a similar encounter took place on tho route hot ween Mexico and Vera Cruz. Commerce is at the lowest ebb; tho feeble government ofTrs no secu rity whatovar to mercantile affairs All that I can sny, adds our correspond ent, is that Mexico is rapidly falling into dissolution. From tho New Haven (Ct.) Herald. 'lllemnl nt JIurder and Suicide at Wood bury On the afternoon of Tuesday last an Irishman travelling with a bundle, came lo the public houso kept hy Mr. J. P. Mar shall, in Woodbury, and mado some inqui ries about thu road. Ho left his bundle in the bar room and went to tho office of Charles B. Phelps, Esq, an attorney and magistrate of the district, to whom he said hu had como to deliver himself, aud wont on to state n lon; incoherent account of tho abuses ho hod received at Zoar bridge ar.d Merritt'a bridge, having been robbed of six dollars in money, a pair of boote, and of being chased through a cornfield. Mr. Phelps supposing him to bo intoxi cated. referred him to Judd, a deputy slier iff. Ho went off, but soon roturned, hav inp divested himsell of most of his clothing in the street, and again went into the ofliae. of Mr. Phelps, from which he was ordered out. About half past C, no returned to Ma hall's bar room, armed with a knife, whore without any quarrel or provocation, he assaultod a vouns man named Daniel Peck, inflicting throe wounds in tho breast and ab lomen. Ho olso attacked Mr. Mar shall, giving him sereral dangerous wounds in tho nbdomen, Mr. M then gave an alarm, and fled into tho sitting room where vvuu Art-. Hvvitt, the wul.iw ot Dr. Swift ol Bristol, Tho assassin followed, and struck Mrn Swift with the knife through the rio'ni cheek, to the tongue, and fi.iin in the ornasi, which fortunately struck 3te'l busk, and thus lost its elF-'Ct. Mr-,. Pre-ton, an aged lady, mother in law of Mr. Marshall, hearing thu alarm, came into thu room, unil was in her torn nfoulted, receiving a severe nnd danger ous wound in the abdomen, from which the intestiiK'S protruded. The ussns:in then retreated behind n door, whore In: cut his own throat, the knife poking near the carotid artory and wind pipe. Several persons had by this lime assem bled and attempted to seize him, but he resisted powerfully till ho was knucked down the cellar slairs, where he entrench cd himsolf behind a door, until a ropo wuh thrown, by which ho was noosed, brought lo the floor, and hound. The (-cone presented a shocking eight. Mrs. Preston it is thnngln is wounded fa tally; Mr. Mir-h" dangerously, aud Mrs. Swill severely, hm no' duugerniisly. Mr Peck is woui.ih'd in the iunis, perhaps la tally. Tho assassin win whoring in blood but the extent ot his wounds was not n-- j cenamed at 1 1 o'clock on Tue.-duy night. The letter from which we obtain Ihc above particulars says; it is probable he is o iiinuiac, escaped from confinement. He said nauiu his wns John De Wise, or Dn Wive, and was going to Vermont. Ho is a perfect model of muscular vigor, and lias probably been a soldier, He ppoke of being shot by n Court Martial, and pul himself in tho attitude uf that military piiuedimeut." Mr. Desabaue, hit wife and children. Plie death of this family in the wreck of the Home, is another of those aflltclions which, awfully as it strikes even at the first glance, deepens immeasurably in inter, csl when contcmplatcd-with all its attend ant circumstances. Mr. Dosabavo had long bocn known in this city as an accorn plishcd and. eminent professor of music. Some years ago ho married tho heiress of a southern plantation, then on a visit here. Some embarrassment in Ins wile's estate, growing out of tho troublos of tho limes four or five years ago, induced him to re solvo upon returning lo his business of a musical instructor, lor tho purpose of cn. tirely extricating the property from incon venience, and settling his lady nnd the family in perfect security and independence. She horself acquiesced cheerfully in this creditable ambition of her husband, and accompanied mm, with their children, to Now York. By a system of porscvoining industry and resolute self denial, Mr. Dcs abaye had realized the sum of which it was his intonlion from the first to become pos sessed by Ins exertions, and he was return in thu steam packet, with all his chil dren, excepting one, whomjie left with ner rotations in inow xorK, to paes Ilie resl of his days in elegant repose upon his plantation. Ho himself, his devoted wifij, and Iho other beloved children, were cnnl scqucntly not iho least interesting among tno numerous victims of the storm: and few there are who will bu more sincerely mourned fur. JV. Y. Sunday JVetov. Black Fish. A small party of fishor men at Squam had glorious ns well as prof itahle sport on Wedne-ilay afternoon in capturing a school thirty six Black Fish, measuring from ' to 20 feet in length. The monsters wero discerned at no great distance from the shore, where twelve or fiftoen men took to their wherries, pursued and hemmed them in, and then forcing them towards the beach fnto bhoal water, they commenced thu attack with pitchforks, spears and other weapons. The work of complete destruction woh accomplished Th about un hour, after a hard fought battle, and none being left to relate the tale of butchery to his brothers of iho sea. Onu man with tho true courage and fearlessness of an "old salt," throw himself upon the back of one of the largest of these danger ous monsters, and.cbftimenced tickling him under the gills with a bayonet in such n manner as to induce his acquatie majesty to behove that he had been mounted by aii ugly customer, bent upon mischief. It was an amusing sight, us wo are informed and can roadily bolieve it true, to see thia man silling astride ono of these enormous ri-h, sailing through the water with great velo city, his liatr streaming in the wind, with ono hand holding on, while with the other ho put in the "licks." When his victim was fairly conquered, the conqueror mood erect upon his back, and with a loud voice shouted to the admiring spectators. "J did it!" at the same tine flourishing his old rusty bayonet above his h-'ud; his garments were drenched with the gore of his foe, and his comrades by all means should hove dub. bed In ri tho "'Blood Rod Knight of'hu Black Fish." The oil these fish will yield my bi val ued et between 3 and j$400 Gloucttler Telegraph. Important Dechion. A suit was brouglit io the Circuit Court last week, PROCLAMATION. i sturbanccs provod, however, so very s'jTerent from what tho youngsters above uamcd had promised us, that our preilic on can hardly be said to have been falsi. oil as regards its general intent and loaning, whatever may havo been its lerbol hnrt comings. The tri-color) was ot hoifled, nor wero tho 6trcets of Mon. cal paraded, in spite of Iho boasting of io "embryo.rcvolutionist" heroes, who id so often assured us thoy were going to il both, Tho Proclamation of tho Magistrates kind to shew that mutters arc on tho very point of reaching that crisis, ut which thu long dosired active and decided intorventinn of the government will hecomu nt once pos. siblo and necessary. We have not chosen to deal out every report that wo have heard upon the subject, ht'causo wo uro aware how very liable those reports aro lo bo ox OL'iroratcd heforo ihcy repch 119. No time ouiiht certainly to bu Inst in stationing body of troops at St. Johns, and indeed, if wo aro not misinlormcii, none will uo lost, It is as necessary to keep a eufiicicnt body Tkxan Buavado. The Houston Telo- graph says, before six weeks tho Texan Heel will sweep Ihc Mexican coast from BrnssoB Santiago to tho extremity of Yu eatan, and boforo April, unless pence is made, tho army will display its banner wesl of Iho Rio Grande, and shortly the editor says: The Texian rtiJJet shall mmge in uni son wift the thunders if the Pacific JV. Y. Star. This is very valiant indeed on tho part of tho Texions, especially Iho naval por tion of it, since the Texian Jleel, which is to do 6uch wonders, is absolutely, at this moment, a non-entity. It consisted originally of four vessels, viz; tho Independence, tho Invincible, tho Brutus, and tho Tom Toby. Tho Indepen dence was captured by tho Mexicans; the Invincible, spite of its to me, wis driven on I-'iom ihe Now bury port Herald, Nov. 1. Mki.achoi.v Siiii'wiiKCK.-Tho sohoon er humhard, Koheri Blmchlord mn.-ter, fr im Karl purl fur Boston, wit It a loud of rriuilsione, mistook the Iti'hls on Plum Islond for Capo Aon, on Thursday morn i ill? and went nshoro nnd filled, on the outer li-ncli of Plum Inland, about half milo south of the lights At daylight the keeper of tho lights mado a signal of dis. tress, and assistance went irnm town, uui a tremendous cea prevented any hn from reaching the ver-el; the cen r inniiied chin'inir I" 'ho rigging. Ill-'1 sea making a cli'nr breach over them. At noon a largo number of pooplo resorted lo Iho n-land. and boats worn carried over the land lo bo Iniioehed from thu beach opposite tho wreck. Ono of the crow, a hid of 10 or 17 yours, expired ubimt that time, and one was drowned in Iho cabin, probably when shu struck. Two wero yet clinging to tho wreck, nnd heforo a boat could be launched, one of i hem was swept ofT by tho sea and lost. A whalo boat was launched, but stovo almost immediately in the surf. A wherry mannod by Messrs. Jos. hunt, pilot, J. Somerhy and Mr. Ames, after wards put oft', and rescued tho innster, the only remaining survivor, in an oxhaustod condition. It was molaiicholy to behold human be ings perishing so near tho shoro, and wilh. in hearing of thoir piteous cries. From tho limo of thoir first discovery, every effort was made for their rescue. Tho nameB of thoeo who perished, wero Pickoring Ward, Win. Colo, and Polor Tidd. The vessel bolonged to St. Johns, Judge Ford presiding, to recover damajres sustained by the ownor ofn small dwelling noiMo in mechanic street, in consequence ot un attempt mado hy the defendants to blow it up with powder, io order to stop the progresi of iho great firo in thiu city last year, Alter full argument hy able council, the jury returned a verdict, under n charge Irom Iho court, in favor of the plaintiff. So that it would seem thero e.tMs no legal right to destroy buildings in order to arrest tho progress of a eonnngra tion. Individuals who do this, miut do so under tho liability to pay ail damage. The North River Insurance Company, of New York had issued a policy of msur mime on ihe furniture uf a Gorman board ing house, destroyed by the same fire for 41000. Soon after tho keoper. (Rowers,) pre-ented an invcrilory of goods lost, under oath, to tin; amount ofjiGUS, nnd received iho money. Tho company sub. sequently ascertained, that most of them wore actually rescued, and brought their action to recover back Ihe money. Aflor a trial of ilimo days, the jury returned a verdict ol goUO lor tho company, the courl having charged that insurance companies are liable only for that pari of the property covered by their polices which is actually dentroyed. TllEATV WITH THE WlN.NEB AO0E9' A treaty with thu Winuobagncs was signed yesterday at tho War Ollico, by the Com mibsiouers of Indian Affairs, on tho pari of iho United Stales. Their title to land cast of the Misst-sippi is extinguished, and they are to romovo lo (hat pari of tho noutrul ground, wet ol thai river, which was convoyed to them in 1032. Thoy so relinquish thoir right to occupy, except for limiting a strip ol land twenty miles in width, ailjoiniug ana west ot llio Missi-i-sippi. They aro to receive in goods provisions, agricultural assistance, uduca lion, Ihe payment of their debts, and the claims of their relatives or mixed blood, and in permanent income, secured by in vestments in safo stocks jjl.500.000 In cotiNcquetico of the indisposition of thu Commissioner, but few public councils havo been held with tho Wmnebagoes, From Ihe Globe At the request of tho Sonata and House of Representatives, I horebv appoint Thursdsv. tho sixteenth day of November next, to bo obsorved throughout this Slato as a day of public ThanKsgmng, I'faiso and Prayer; requesting tho pcoplo to assomblo, on that day, in their several places of pablic worship, and thoro offer to Almighty God unfeigned acknowledgements for. His goodness, for His continued protection and preservation of obY lives, and for the bountiful products or anoth er yoar. Lot us tncro, while wo suspend all avoca tions unsuitable to Iho occasion recount tho unmoasured kindness of our Heavenly Father: thank Him for tho health so gonerally prev alent i mat no devastating sickness has visu led us; that amid tho multiplied acts of His kindness ho has signally blessed us with a government of order and of laws, depending' upon the moral sense and power of the peo ple for its support and continu.mco, and socur ring to us the quiot enjoyment of civil rights and religious freedom. Arul vvhilo wo thus render thanks, lot us not forget, that to the smiles of fliscountcuanca wo are indebted for nil our social, civil and religious privileges: that il was His' guardian caio that upheld4 us in tho infancy of our national existence that hath protected us from llioso and' tempusts which havo convulsed and over' thrown other nations, and thai His overruling' providence alono has preserved us, thuu far, from serious divisions and internal commo tions. It bohovos us to thank Gon for Iho means afforded, through our system of cdnealion, for transmiltiiii; to.llioo who hiiocuod us tho true principles or good government. Let us pray tor those having chargo of our schools and seminaries of learning, thnt thsy may rightly approoiato tho responsibility of their stations, and so teach, that oach tmccoediag generation shall bu a generation of Letter men aim oonor citizens ; over rcmemucr'.'r)g,-th&l to them, in.rtgreat-mcasuro, is committed tho1 futuro destirfy ofoUr Republic, " ' L,el us pray for our be.itved counirv fnr thoso who role over i. Tor all our frco insti, lutions. -That tits foul btain of sla vnrv mnw bo speedily washed away. That God would' vouensaie lo extend his paternal caro, and restrain all tho disorderly tumults of wicked men, and say to tho tide of human passion, ulhus far shall thou 20 and no farther." That our rulors may buguidod by wisdom kuui in uui imtiutiui councils 1 iiey may uo icu io 1110 uuopuou 01 wiso ana salutary meas ures and that our institutions may remain uncorrupted and continn-j to oxert a healthful influonco lo tho latest period of timo. aiiu wiiilo we thus otter up, on tho public altar, our prayers and thanksgivings, let us icmcmbor the circumstances of the poor and distressed, nor forget, that in addition lo our sympathies and prayers, they need tho practi cal luinimcnt 01 llio injunction, "bo ye warm. ml bn un fillnH ' A.,,l C,.,ll l.i .... Gofatfr nil mir AniilVHimitu nnrl Inuinrv nutto 'all animosit,J vvHI and unfriendly feeling, let us, in the language of inspiration, with uiio vuiuc vxuiaim "vs givo inanKs unto tno I, okd, tor no is good, tor his mercy onduioth forever." Grn under my hand in Executive Chamber, at Monipelier, this thirty-first day of Octo ber, in Ihe year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven, and of the Independence of the United Stales, the sirlu.second. S. II. JEN1SON. By the Governor. GEO. B, MANSER, Secretary. PllOORE-S OK TUB CsOMtll IjAMOOAOE. In the year 700 the Lord's Praver be. gan thus. 'Uren fader line art in hcofnas, ei guknlgod thin noma, to cyrncth thin rick : sic thin willa sue in henfnas and in erihe."' Two hundred years after, thus: "Thee uro fader the ert on heofnum si thin nnmagonal-god. Cum thin ric. Si thin wills on yorthan swa, on heofnum."' About two hundred years after this, in the reign of Henry II, it was rendered thus,, and sent over by Pope Adrian, an English man : "Ure fader in heaven, rich, Thy name bo hailed ober lich, Thou bring us ly michell blissc ; Als hit in heavenly doo, That in ycarthe beono it also," tic. About ono hundred years after, in tho reign of Henry III, it run thus: "Fader thou art in heaven blisse, Thine flelyo name it wurl tho blisao Cuiuen aud mot thy kingdom, Thine holy will il bo all don, In heaven aud in earth also, So it shall bo in full well Io tro "tc. In thu reign of Henry VI, it began thus ; "Our fader that art in henveus, hallowed helliiname; tho kingdom c me to thee; bu thee will done in earlh as in heaven." &c. In 1537, it began thus : "O, our father who art in heaven! hal lowed bo thy name. L.'t thy kingdom como. Thy will be fulfilled, as well in eorth as it is in heaven," lie. Visitant. Titcomb'h Tiuai., An adjourned term of the Court of Common Pleas for Merri mnck County nus held in this town last Tuesday, for tho trial of JOHN S. TIT COMB on an indictmont for tho mur dor of I, II. Russell at Ilopkinton in April last. The circumstances which ap peared from Iho evidence left no doubt as to tlio fact of the Prisouer'a having beon guilty of tho killing; it also appeared that tho prisoner had for a number of years been subject lo fits of mental derangement, and had for a long timo labored under the delusion that his friends wero plotting his aesiructiou. ne nau expressed this ap prehension in numerous instances and so riously charged many individuals with cn torlaining such a design. The trial occu pied tho Court two days, and many wilnes. bos wore examined. The Jury gave thoir verdict without leaving their Mais; "JVo ' Guilty by rioii otuKimVy, JV, , Stater Jlbernelhy's advice to a Yankee. "I nev er saw a Yankee didn't holt hu fond whole like a bou conductor How call you expect t digest food that you do not take thu trouble to masticate? It is no wonder yon losoyour teeth, for you nev er use them; nor your digestion, for you overload i',nor your saliva, fur you expend it mi cirpeis instead of your food. You, Yankees load your stomachs as a dovon shiro man dues his cart, as full as it can hold, and as fa-t as ho can pilch it in wilh a dung fork, and drive off; and then you complain that such a load of compost is too heavy for you I'll tell you what, tnko half the timo to eat, that 'you dn to drawl, chew your food half as much' oh you do your filthy tobacco, and you'll be well in a month." Rail Road Accident. Au accident happened on the Worcester rail road on Monday afternoon by which the engine, tender, and milk car, were thrown off from the track in Newton, near the Charles rivor bridge, and considerably Injured, and the engine man, Mr Farwcll, had his hand so severely wounded that it was necessary to amputate it. No othor person waa in jured, and tho passenger cars were not thrown from the track. It became neces sary to send lo town for an other engine lo convey tho train to Worcester, in con equenco of which it did not arrive until late hour. Tho downward train waa also considerably delayed, Boston Daily .fld-verliser. Domestic Bliss. A sea.farring man has returned to Portland, after an abionce of ninlecn years, having been cast away among savages, and finds his wife tho hap py partner of fanothoi aao.

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