Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 3, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 3, 1837 Page 1
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NOT T II U 1. O H V O F C ,1! S A K ; HI' T T II ti W K I, F A UK I' M JBY'iS. I?. STAoT. " FRIDAY, NOVKMBlBffJ, 3, 1837. LEGISLATURE OP VERMONT. mvo nf abscond- nfior SUN ATM Wr.nMt iY, Oct. 25. Prnver liv I h chaplain. Report" By Mr. Converse, nf a bill Copper li'ug pftrtitr rs, 1 hat lliu -nine 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 nut lo nn Bill, mi motion nf Mr. Cm-vor-e. null timiii'lv pmtp -ntjcl ; nf I In? cum iiiiMi.iiii- s lo tittt'iiil the iiiiiiiiiil exnmiiri lion of lliu Un:vor.-iiy nf Vprmoin. rec vcd and rend by tbb ns-Lstiinf seerelun Tho report give's a favornlilci stniometil ol the tdiileund prospects of Hie iiisi'lnlMHi recommends uii increase of th" faculty nnd tin enlargement of lb'' financial re-onrees nf the u?' it ul ion. Koferred lo e inmiltee on finance; bv Mr Rannoy. of bill relating to cime house, superseded by Hip tn--ngo ofu sinnli.r Irll; 15 v M llowtj of (Iip bill to pny .loilulhnii Loouiis and oilier.-, the piiui I'ni'iiiioned. in favor of its passage; ! Mr. Piproiiint. of i hi couiuitteo on leuioerauoe niPinnrials, a lull providing for this punishment of driiiik"ii"pss making n ii n offence to "''II liquors between Saturday i,i nit Monday morning or sell to hnbit- ilrmik urds nt iuiv time, &c. Ivn 1 twice, and made tho order fur to. morrow morning. iewtifmnv-Ny Mr Howe, for Win rice i urn nt no II nditnr in tin; treasury depart mm!. Innl upon tlm lablu, and subsequently withdrawn. jzj,. i lat ttiir to the levy of executions u.,,1.1 n third nine nnil passed : layman ..... Inmi. in Brndlevvulo. It"ail and referred to the eniinnittoo on land taxes tupny Joduth'iu Lnwnis and others l he .-inn tui'iii loned. .Mr iinwo inane n suin'iuum of fads in i ho case in compliance with call from Mr. Hammond. Il was a ca nfiMii nil" under I ho former suspension nut nf the lo"i.-laiiire. Tho bill was bud npnn the table: bv M" I'heln--. "I Hip coinmiti on mililarv nff'nr-.n bill ' if I he government ,,f I Iip :ntl'iia ni Hits btate. Lain upon the lablu and 300 Copt..'- ordered to b minted Er. Edgeri.m moved a recen Milorat ion nf i tin vole of ve-iprihiv. on Hip h'll laving ii tax on land- in Tinv. Rpcnii-iderei: mid the bill recommitted for ii meiidment. Afier m 'ding P111' n--"mb'v, on tn i t ion of Mr Pierpnint, the Senate Adjourned. HOUSE OP REI'RESEN'TATIVES. Prayer by M K".lngg. Mr Sherman of llup-rt look Ins sunt. The auditor oi account.- : j n 1 1 1 t II: S'niP, Innl J.e.ivo of absence from and a ftp to morrow. Mr Needliain ntovil to rennit-'iilor I ,t , ve-'erda. i ici'iiriir I lit, re-o 'ir inn ,,(' M r. S"V lll 'or. ivp to I lie (IkI rillil i mi of miIiooI III OieV. l.PL'.iMVHil ?rri"v I'v III" Jtttliri'irii coiiiiiiilli'p Hiai anv Ippi-I''"''!! mi Hi! Miiijeel of pii tall w ini'.vpedient. Hy tin; eomniitleo of CVm'ni, bill- lo pnv ThoH. Ptnersoil and ot linr', 15, ordered to third rcaditii; ; nirain-:! bill to pnv (J. I! AVatFim. ihtMiiit-ed ; tiv'tmi pennon oi Joseph lleeinaii. Alter a cin'cinetit of fnels by Hip chairman nf Hie cnmniiHec, and remarks hy .Mr. Smith of St. A. the (lelitinncr had leave to hriijrr in ,., .j. Hv the commit ten "f Wmji and .Dlitini to pay .Install 15ate .'.01 ordereil lo a 3ii rending. I$y Hip ,'')' Tiv coiiiinii ipp, hills loini Urainirop nnil .Vi-wpnri, orilpr nl to a third readiep ; iinnni-t lax on (5ffheii Gorp and a I"" "f Ciiuiiirw!... dl.-mi ed. Por Hip relief of Jjph-t ("ira nnd o'lieis. ordered to n llnrd reathiip. IJv the seleot cvitninillpp. bill ndatinir lo lift of New Haven, ordered to 3d r:tlni5 ly Hip cotniiot'OP "I Inwlrrnnj. i he Sennip hil1, rplniinir to jail-'. &; . wuh nini'lidtni ui, extPiidliiir limn- to Hie i xieni of conniips. laid on Hip lahle. Rill p'tisnl I'elatiiiL' to town inepiin"- -rulal hip lo done- of .Indies of the Sn lireme Court cninpeii-atmir Hie s-iiperlti-tcndctit of tin.' Venn nit Stale Privm re lattntj to pedlar io pay Hnrypv U'-ll. The nenaie r' Himed the lull tiixuiif ' Wenlock wuh a pmpo.-ed nniendinoni - concurred in. The teporl on Hie University of Ver tnon', wn referred tn tin; cnuimillee of Wnys and M. nn- On innlinii nf Mr Olniietiden. the nvern p,ip' coiiiiiiiHpp mid 'Uavi! to t-. during; the M'-slop of I lie house. Seveidl piiii'oii- on i Ii o licence laws, an i t-laveiy. nnii Texas, &c, referred. The Seiiale came in and Hie j mit FPinbly procn.-ded lo llio eh'Ctiou of cminiy ofilcern. Ont.itANS County Samuel C (Jral's. Moiely 15. Kimball. Geo. Wortlnnplon. jr jail cmnmH-ioners, I'hilit) Plunders, Chester Carpenter, Sam uel II. Ilovey, James Salisbury, hop in pecture. CAI.r.nnNlA Cou.nty. IMarcns O Piher, As-istnnt Geo. W. Deiiison, Jusltcea. John Currier, Sheriff. Joint I'lnltpP. HipIi ltmliff. Geo, C. Cahnon, SlateV attnrnny. Samuel 15. Mattocks, Judge of Probate an' the district of Caledonia. Samuel Sins, Ceo. V. Drew, Salma Davis, jail cotutnisMoncrH. Calvin Merrill, inspector of hnpa. Hknninciton County. Moaes Mellen. inspector of hops. Esskx Cou.nty. Artemas Cummmijs, ) Aesis'.ant liriihhnm Pike, ( Justices. (Jrcenlcaf Webb, SherilT, Goo. W. Gates, Hisli ISailiD. Win. Heywood, jr. Slate's attorncv. Joseph Glcason, Jtidpc of Probalu. Tiiim. Pairclnld, John Dodge, Moody Rich, jail commi68iouertj. James May, inspector of Imps. Windsor County. John Pcttes, Sheriff. Fiiankmn County. Cornelius Wood, 2d, Assislanl iuslico Mr Allen of W. introduced a resolution Mr Seh .ff hail to ill irriuv Mr Neoillnin called up Hi" bill cxicndiiiL' Hip liiniis of j ul ynrdi mid it was. ordered a llnriJ ipadiusi The bill iiliiilisliiiijr iiniirisoiiui-nl for debt wn-nl-'o called up. and. on moiion ol Mr. Kiilrulire hud on the table. Adj Skna it.-o'clock, p. m. Reii'irls By Mr ! ipp.-'. "it Hie p'slitinn of tuliabiinnls Ppriisbiiri;h. Inr M'curin; trial hy jury to the I pie of tin-Stale, Hint no Ippi-- ativc action w r. itnred upon tin subjpc.l. ami tlf pet'ionur nati leave to wunuraw their p"tton-,1 the bill from Hie house. rp'aHiip I" Hie judiciary, without amend, tneni. which, on motion l Mr. Convprse, was laid upon the table; by Mr Wnicrtnan of tin; c iinuiillui; on manufactures', a bill Por T In education of minors nnd apprentice:), which was rend a third tune, and on motion of Mr. Onbb, laid upon the table. llcHituthn Prom the house, 'that the commit lee tn make up the grand list, be authnrii'.ed to deduct thirty polls from the .'isi of Hie town of Guildhall. Itulerred lo committee un finance. Bills-- I5y Mr lngals, lo piy the town of Sutton Hie sum mentioned. Reail twice and referred to committee on claims : by Mr Converse, relating to notes and con tracts, providing Hint notes falling due on Sunday, shall ho regarded as payable on the Monday following. Head twice and referred lo committee on the judiciary ; by Mr. Cobb, relating tn duty ol hank com in ittue or bank inspector. Read twice nnd referred to ciiminiilee on hanks ; from the hoiue altering the teriiH of the county courts in Orleans and Lamoille coiiuttr. altering the term of the county court the county of Grantl Isle; relating to the duties ol the juilpes ol the supreme courts to pnv Harvey Hull the sum mentioned compensating the siipnrintondant of th state prison; relating lo pedlars referred to appropriate eommillees ; lo repea net relating lo bank in-pecior on motion of Mr Pierpnini, indefinitely postponed. Adjourned IIOUSP, OP RBPRHSP.NTATIVH5 The cli nr announced the i; iinintt'ee to make up d"lipiitinos viz Messrs. Kitlde Vhpelodi. Webster, I5aldwtn. Carpente ol P. Killett, Plajg Vincent, Darling ' irr. llopkinion, lJrown, ol h. Rich M.. IJutler. The peinion of Norman Cleveland, and others, was referred to Hie general coin uiiltee Several temperance ineiunriala reterred Rcvilutinns)y Mr Kiltridge, as to the expediency of purcha-ing cerium painting (copies of Stuart,) by Mr Hopkins as stoning to. morrow, to elect auditor of ncenuiiti .laml the State. .M r I!rew-ter called up Hie bill relative to divi-mn of .r-iiool money ordered to fill rending. Tin' hoii-e proceeded to c.nn.-idur the bill incorporMing Hip Wallmgfonl uianufnciu. ring (Jo. when Mr. PipIiI of W. moved an iimeinltiiPtii providing hut nil notes, nbli- itioiiJ. (V.C. niui'i tie (leeniuo the net in; M'CHon, and nsignnd Iih rennin tor he motion. Mr Pierpmnl said it might bp' fl'icult in d' fine Hie offence gentlemen 1 1 ii ll nrnpo'O aineiidinciHs. Mr Converse withdrew Hie tnoli ui In amend, whci' Mr helps of Wiiidli'ito moved su to amend Hie sec'inn n to en In, ipe all cnse, in which he inebriate "beci'in? drunk," liable to tin- payment of a line. He was opposed lo lo'ri'slntive prohibition of the manufac ture and sale of ardent spirits, but would go for I "no punishment of the offence ol lruukennos, as he would for theollencn ot Imfi. Supported in debate by Mcsr.- jonversc and I'lieips ot winiiuain. oppos. d by Messrs Pierpoinl. Phelps of Wind sor. Yonitp, IJ'lggs, mirion, wniie nun ,11011 uioiioti lost. Mr Ratiney renewed the motion made bv Mr Converse, lo sir Ko out the sHclion. anil supported the tnntlon in remarks to the Senate, Supported, al so, by Messrs I'helps of Windsor, and kinsman, opposed by Messrs Howe, htecle, Pierpnmt and Young, mot ion lo strike out negatived. Mr Young movcu an amendment, defining the extent of in'oxc cation to render the subject liable to the fun! to read "so far tnloxicntctl as tint lo control his passions or his limbs." I- further reflection, tin motion of Mr Pter- point. the Senate, (after receiving a propo sitioii to amend, from Mr Waterman, pro viding (or imprisonment not exceeding htx days, in ca-e of default of payment of fine.) resolved lo nass over, lor the prooni, the section in discussion. 'I he remaining sec Hons of the lull were -everallv considered. when, on motion of Mr Pterpuint, the bill was laid upon the table. JIciagci, from the Governor, trans milting a report on the slate of the militia annnuncing the appointment, by the Gov crnor, of Allen Warduer, Treasurer of Hie State Hills from the Tlnma laying a tax of 4 elf. on Lands m Duxbury; read twice, and on motion nf Mr Simile, read a ad iime. Lnying h tax of 4 cis. on Innds in Grnnby read ti fid lime. Laving n tnx of 4 els. o lauds jo Granville; rend and cotnmiiicd Laving a lax nffJets. on lands in Guild hall ; rend a 3d lime. To pay Samuel 15 Hnoih ilGOO ; reail twice, and referred to cointninee on claims. Providing for a rc vision of the laws of this flute, with amend nienis, in which the Senate resolved to concur. On motion, the Senate Adininned. HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES On milium of Mr Parker, the reading 'i Hie journals, hereafter was dispensed with i(7. -By Mr Parker, for the relief of Joel IJeiMiianlaid on Hie table ; from th Senate, relative to the levy of execution relerred lo the Judiciary committee. Mr Elliot, after remarks in explanation and defence i f his views, ottered a resolu Hon declaring it expedient lo nboh-'n sp cial pleadings in civil actions; suppurtei hy Mr Elliot and adopted, ayes 1-10, noes 39 The Governor announced the appoint ineni of ALLEN WARDNER. E--q and bciicl'iN of the inM notion, and advoca ted the pas-sage ofihe hilllaid on the ta ble on mill ion of Mi Howe. Ihlh Prom Hie hoii-u, relating to coni tnnn schools, providing for lliu distribution of school money ; rend twice nnd referred to committee on education. To pay T. Emerson arid others the sum mentioned! read twice and referred to committee on claims. To pay J Hates I lie sum mention ofindividual uiembeis of Hie company rnwl i Tronpnrer. until Ihe.v.icnncy can ho filh Hint their prtvniu properly he liable to aliachni'Mit for I lie deb's oflho corpora tion. Mr. Killridge. moved to po-tpone Hie lull in the next sos-fiou agreed to. The lull to incnrpnrnic Hip Springfield niper (;,i. was inkeii up when Mr. Pield n' W. moved to lav Ihn hill on Hip table, wuh a view of prop leing uinundmeui ngreed lo. Ileint'l IJv Hie committee on Rands and Ciinnh, bill allowing Worcester nnd Elmore furl her tune to complete a road tn 1 1 1 on Hip tnhli.. Rills To pay Samuel 15. Hontli taxing land- in Dnxhiirv, Granville, Grnnhv and Guildhall. Mr. Carter introduced a bill relative to finding bees, which was referred to the general committee. Mr I5rew-ier called up the bill relating Ii, i ho Grand List After n proposed .n,l,e.,l In- Mr I") .woe. Mr H 1 1 ' Ol . tin Ol I 1 "' i ,..',i,.'.-. n. i,,n,v,ii,,ir,vM innl ! PipI'I "f W. N laid up oi i lit Inhie Mr Pn'riilg." called up the re-olunotis. introduced -one day- since, relaiivo to hank-, declaring 1-t the pn-ent hanking sv.-ipiii in t:i iio-iiIp, Sir.; '2,1. that the hank charier tire liable lo he revoked; 3d. that hni.ks lend m siieculat ton. Sic Ph. thai Hie legt-latiire po-.-i'ffC- the power, and is humid lo exerci-o it. lo mod l I'v and improve nil let,niiuu which needs liiipriiveineni. Mr Ilnggs moved to refer ii rePnluiioiis to Hie coinmtileo on banks oppn-ed bv MrPairidge and supported bv M'-is. liriggs and Kiitredge; Mr. Pmrhnuk- moved lo muke the resolution" the order fur lo-morrow aftoriiooii--ngreeil to. Mr Den cnlleil up the i esololinn, declar ing thai the legi-lnlure has not the consli tiHional right to inicidict the manufacture and sale of ardent spirits in tins Stale after some di-cussion hy Messrs. Due, lviitredri;, Smith of St. A. and Tracy. laid on Hie table. Adjourned. SENATE Tiiuk-day, Oct. i!0 Prayer by the Chaplain. Reports ly Mr White, of the committee on batiks, on the bill relating lo hanks, that no legislative net inn is rcnired on the sub ject ; by Mr lleywood, a list of bills appro vco oy i ue uovoroor. Resolutions l)y Mr Howe, inquiring in. to the manner in which fuel.Htntioncry, &c is furnished for,lhc legislature, proposing a committee for that purpose read and pas set). Committee, Messrs Howe, Kinsman Si Converso. mils relating to innkeepers and retail ers, tuken up, being the order of i ho day, and considered as in committee of the whole. Mr Phelps of Windsor called for the rending of the bill, which was read and acted ti poii hy sections. Pirst suction im poses a linu lor intoxication, not exceeding relative to survey of town lines once in 1 icn dollars, nnr less than three, for Hie of ten vcare. adontcd. I fence. Mr Converso moved to strike oul -j i in Hie manlier pointed out in the constitu t Kill RtptrU I5v Hie Judiciary committee Senate bill for a revision of the laws of this -late, wuh an amendment, providing liiai Hip Governor and Lieut. Governor .-hall appoint five per.-ons to perforin this duty- ainentlinenis adopted and hill PAfifthl) Ily Hie Grand Liit noiiinnllee, re.-olu linns, nil property owned in Hie State, with certain restrict ions, lo ho put in the Li ni Ion per cent, including property minis &c made Hie order of the day for tin nlterimon 15 y I he cnmtniiieo of Claims bills, to pi Goo. 11 Peck S(2!i, in pay Harvey Attn worth 100 and Harri-on Bancroft $17 ordered to a 3d lead 15y Hie cominiilee on Agriculture, a bill ir. encourage the rni-iug of wheal. Mr) Field of W. moved to di.-iniss the bill, mo upporieil )V .Messrs Chittenden, dhain and Partridge, and opposed by Me--r- llazeiime, llrown of W. Seymour, II plfiiis. nml Pairbank-, and carried, ye 1 3 line- G7 so the bill was' dlftlll-ed. Tin' bank connni-sioner-' report was rc for red to Hp- i "mm 'ee on hanks. 7.s passed '' r iiip relict of Jnphcl Gray and oine, relative; to common school to pay Jonah H ues V2.0 lren. Hug to Grand List of Newln.ven taxing lands in Newport, and ltiatnlree extend ing limits of jail yards. Adjourned SENATE. 2 o'clock, P. M In our journal of Tuesday last, on the resolution introduced by Mr Porter, the object was orroiieou.-ly slated. It should have been, "giving I ho county courts dis cretionary power in release prisoners con fined in common jails for fine." Reports Ily Mr lngals, of several bills. referred to comuiiltec ; by Mr Hammond, ofa bill relating to the A.-y Inm for Hie in sane, nt IJrattlehoro', appropriating $1000 inr mo ueueiii oi inui iiisiiiuiiou; ny ,ur Steele, in lavor oft lie resolution for d'ednc ting 30 militia polls from Hie list of Guild hall resolution passed. I!y Mr Hammond, of the bill compensating Hie siipuriu'.endant Vt. Mate prison, in favor of its passage. Messrs Kinsman and (Jo lib opposed the passage of thu bill, when Mr K. moved lo lay il on the table. This proposition was supported by Messrs Cobb and KiiiHiiaii, opposed by Mr Van Siclcleu, and laid on the table. Resolutions By Mr Piarpnint, providing for averaging tho grand list passed. Rills in repeal an act preserving fish in waters in w iiiiamsiown ; lo repeal an act preserving fish in IJurlin pond ; repealing act in preserve iisn m wiiiougiiuy lake soverolly read a fid tune and passed. Ap printing glOOO for the benefit of tho Asy. Itiui for the Insane, at l5raltleboro', in this state. Mr Howe objected to its passage to bo engrossed and read a 3d lime. Mr i Phelps of Windham explained tlip waute rend twice and referred lo committee on finance. For the relief of Jnpliet Gray ami others ; rend twice and referred to iniiniltei; on finance. Living a tnx of 4 cts. on Innds in Newport ; rend twice, and, on motion, rent) a third time. Laying a tax t cts. on lands in IJrninl rpc ; rend Uico, and, on motion rend n third tunc. Relating the grand list in Newhaven ; read twice and referred to committee on finance. Ex tending tho limits of jail yards 60 as to in clude entire count v ; rend twice and refer red to llni committee on tin; judiciary. Relating to intemperance, taken up, Sen. ate acting, as in committee of the who further considered, and amended, wh'en Mr Van Sicklen made n motion to strike out all fter the enacting clause, and inserting a new bill, enacting Hint any person selling ardent spirits in less quantities than a bar rcl, lie subjected to n penalty ot 20 mo tion lost. Mr Waterman called up his I proposition of amendment, introduced in the forenoon, providing, in failure of pay ment of fine, 6 days imprisonment motion osl: Mr Porter moved an additional sec. Hon, making it lawful forjudges of County courts to grant licenses until April 1, IU38, nil oil licenses granted after the passage of the bill, In cease after the 1st of April adopicd. Another nnieudmcnt was offered by Mr Purler, to the 3(1 section, prohibit ing retailers from snflering any one to drink to excess upon their premises withdrawn. Mr Waterman moved to add n 10th section, requiring the publication of notices of nice lings of said ant horny, to act on apphca lion for licen-es opposed by Mes-r Young, Swift ami Converse amendment adopted. The committee ot the whole re ported the hill mid iimcndmculs, and Hie Senate, concurred in the amendments ; the hill was ordered to a 3d reading, 10 to 19 ; bv Mr Cobb, io enlarge the jurisdiction of justices ot the pence referred tn judiciary committee: taxing lands in Troy, reported by Mr hinlhe, with amendments, amendei nud I he bill passud ; taxing hinds in P.rnd leyvale reported and passed; to pay .Install Wales Sa.: 04 passed ; to pay Jediitliuu Lnotnis and others cnllcd up by Mr Kins man, facts Mated by Mr Howe, and after remarks by Mr Pierpnint in opposition, the Senate rejected the bill; relating to ped lar licences, reported by Mr Hammond supported bv Me.--r.s Pterpoint. Converse and Van Sicklen, opposed by Mr Howe. Adj. HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES Rip:irls Hy ia Land Tax committee that Hie bill taxing lands in Ivjfl Haven uo ruterrcil to toe next session, and il was so referretl. Tho committee of Waits and Jlcans, ported a hill for Hie reltef'of Allen Smith- ordered lo 3d rending : bill nppropriatiiu $5000 to complete S'nte House laid on tho table. I5y 'he coiuiuiilec on 'liriculturct a bill for Hie promotion of agriculture, graining certain sum ol m iney anumillv to coiiuiv agricultural socieiies. to he expended premiums for agricultural products rejec ted on second rending. liv Hie committee on Rundt nnd Canals bill relative to road committees, laid on Hie table. ny the committee on Litumiion. again? Hie bill requiring division nf school money on or before Hp; h'st of .March annually -di-ini-sed A resolution irom thu Senate relative lo grand h-t, was concurred in agaiusl the hi l in addition to the fchoo net- rejected on 2d rending: a bill to pur chnse n port rnit of Wafhlugton, notexueo 100- laid on the table. Hills Jntmiitirctl. tiy iIr I nrtrulge repeal the repealing act relative to endors 'rs tnaiiiltilinog actions m I hetr own nnme referred to Judiciary committee. Mr Weh-ler culled up the bill relativ to road committees, laid on the lalil nfteruonii amended and ngniu laid on the table. Hy the General Coinmitlee bill inenrnn ruling Orange Co. tanners nnd mechanic mercantile nfsociniimi, with an amendment ,-iibjec.ling the corporation tn future legtsln lton--,Mr I' leld ol w. moved to disinis oppoed hv Messrs Colby Kitlridgo and Hmwn o W. supported by Messrs Field and Dillingham, nnd carried, almost uiiaiit mtiusly. The House proceeded to elect auditor in the treasury department, as follows: Charles Davis. i lit Andrew McMillan, 91 Mr Partridge called up his resolution relative to Hanks, &c. and supported them at considerable length: Mr Hopkins moved in lay them on the tnb',e--carrted, when M II. uttered n substitute, declaring il mexpe dtcnt and unwise to legislate upon the sub jeel ot banking nt this session, ftlr Vila objected that the amendment was nut in order: tho chair decided it in order. Mr Smith if St. A. moved to lay it on tin; ta hie. After some remarks by Messrs Dew ev and Hatch, agreed lo. Mr Peck introduced resolutions, dnclar ing that the Legislature has tlio power elect n state treasurer, and assigning Sat urday noxl fur that purpose. Laid on tho lahle. Mr Smith of M. moved lo reconsider the vote rejecting the bill for the promotion agriculture. Laid on thu table. Adj. SENATE. FitinAv, Oct. 27. Prayer by the Cliaplntn. Petitions Hy Mr Van Sicklen of the Vermont Anlt-slnvery Society, praying thu spcuriii'r to all poisons in Ibis stnle the right of trial by jury; read and referred to select cotiunitteo on Hie the fuuit'cl Reports lly Mr Convcree, on the bill relating lo extension ofjnil yards to couo lies, that it ought not to pass. Mr C. lated his obtectiuiis to the hill, and on a motion of Mr 'lerpoint lo postpone indefi nilely, a debate ensued by Messrs. Van Sicklen and Young, when Mr Pierpoinl withdrew his motion nnd the bill was lain on the table, lly Mr Raunev, on the bill relating to lines of Ehinru and Worcester with tnneiidiiiente, which were adopted, nnil I ho hill rcntl a third 'itno and passed. Rcsolutior. J!y Mr White, relating to schools and money raised for their support; read and referred to committee on cduca. tton. Rills, to pay Jedutlnin Loomis and others tho sum menlinned, called up uy Mr iriggs, on his motion the vole of yes terday was reconsidered, nnd thu bill laid on thu table; bv Mr Eaton, providing for tho local mn of buildings in Franklin conn tv; road twice and leferred to committee-' I5y Mr Young, in addition toads relating to" probate court.-; rcatl twice and referred to judiciary committee To pay Thomas Emerson und others the sum mentioned; read a 3d time and passed. Relating to highways; taken up ns in committee of lliu whole, considered, variously amended, and debaied at some length by Messrs. Young, .Pierpnint, Van Sickltn and Converse, i when Mr Briggs moved to amend the bill by striking out all nftcr the enacting clause supported hy Mr Wriggs, opposed uy Messrs. Van Sicklen, Jeniiess and Porter and withdrawn bv the mover. After fur t her lime spent in considering proposed niendtncnts, and in debate. Mr Pierpnint moved to amend the bill bv erasing the clause dispensing with highway survey ors amendment adopicd, and on motion of Mr While the bill & amendments laid on the table. The bill reported by the coinmitlee on Temperance memorials was taken on, and rendu 3d lime, when M Eaton moved the commitment ot the uni for intendment, by erasing the section providing a penalty for drunkencss, accntn panying the motion with his reasons, am bjectiug to the propriety ot puniMiinr. drunkard- by statute, while nt the warn time trnffic in ardent spirits was protected bv legislative enactments. It seemed to htm !c holding out one arm of the law to pie out the cup, and the other to punish its acceptance. I ho motion prevailed, nnu the bill wns committed to Mr Eaton for amendment. Relating lo pedlars, nnd periniiting citizons of this state to deal in American manufactures without special license; read a 3d lime, opposed by Messrs Stnihe, Howe and Porter, supported by Messrs. Van Sicklen, Pierpoinl and Con verse, and passed yeas 17, nays a. Adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Prayer by Rev. Mr Kelley. Mr Smith of St A called up the bill for relief ot' Joseph Weeinan. anil il was refer. red lo the couiinitlee ofclninn. Mr Vilas called up the resolution limit. ' the iui reduction of bills after Thurs day. Saturday was .substituted and the res. olution ndoptetl. Sundry petitions, tem perance, anti Texa-', military, &c. referred. of II. Williams nnd others, to annex part oI'Morctown and Berlin to Northti.'ld, to select committee of five. Mr Elliot offered a resolution instructing the committee on the judiciary io drull a hill in abolish special plending--opp.ised by Mr Smith of Si A and rejected. .Mr Ad ams of G I introduced n hill, to pay Tun . Po-ier. referred to committee on chum-. Mr McLaughlin had leave of absence nf ter to morrow. .Reports. By the select committee on e subject, a bill authorising the assistant judges of Windham counly to purchase n certain piece ot land tor the use ol 1 lie coiinty--ordered to 3d rending. IJv tin" .-elect committee to invesiign'c hanks (as to the payment of the per cent on proliis to the Suite, as required by their charter-) a resolution directing the hank committee ami coinir.issioners to investigate and report fully on this subject. Mr Hatch moved lo lay it on the tttblo--agreetl to; when Hie minority nt the cotnmiiteo made a report, concluding with a resolution, sun. Inr to the ; reported hy the majority. Laid 011 Hie table. Mr Ilnzeltinn palled up the motion nf re consideration of the vote rejecting the hill tor the promotion ol agriculture, hup ported by Messrs llazeliiuu and Keith and rejected. Mr Field of W. called up the resolutions instructing the coiiiiiutteu on the grand li-t to report a hill providing for a goueml appraisal of property tn In; put in the lists, &.c Mr Smith of Si A. moved In lay them on the table, ne.iitived. Mr Fullain moved an amendment requiring lists lo be given in on the 1st ot Feb. annual'v; dis cussed atsomu length, when Mr Kiitredge moved 10 dismiss the resolution, supported by Messrs. Kiundge and Patndge, opposed by Messrs. Fullain, Field of W. Tracy, and Needhniu, ami Mr K. varied thu 1110 tton, so as to recommit the resolutions lurther debated and superseded by 11 1110 t inn to lay on the table negatived. The amendment nf Mr Fullam, substituting Feb. for April coming up, Mr Adams of G. I. moved 1st Juno 111 place of Feb. tnoro discussion. Mr Bnggs moved to dismiss the whnle subject; unsuccessful motion to adjiHiru; motion lo dismiss negnttved. Mr Adams withdraw Ins amendment; an unsuccessful motion to ndjuiirn. Tho nmondiuont of Mr Fullain was rejected, ayes 17 noes 1 0.1 Unsuccess. fill motion l" adjourn, ayes CO, noes 03, Mr Dillingham moved to strike nut the exceptions of household furniture, tools. &c. in I ho first resolution, adopted. Mr Fisk moved tn except nil wearing apparel. Mr Kiitredge moved also to ndd "nnd funning utensils" cnrrii'd, 5.1 lo 4?. Mr Dillingham moved to except nil ' mechan ical tools." Mr Briggs moved lo refer the resolutions to committee on the grand list negatived. Another onsuccesslul motion lo ndjourn. Mr Wood moved to reconsider tho motion excnpinj 1 fattnipg VOBi. XI No. 54-1 utensils." Mr Dillingham withdrew his, and tin' motion for reconsider- ni ion prevailed, and the exception ol farm '. . .. . tn . M..1.1 . Illg utensils was rejectee. mr r isi; s amendment to except wearing apparel was; agreed to, and the resolutions were adopt cd. Adjourned. SENATE. o'clock. P. M. Mr. Fuller had leave of absence fur the remainder of the session, from and after to-morrow. Reports liv Mr Hammond, against the bill requiring an minimi report of the treas. ury. indefinitely Of the bill lo pay Moses King the sum mentioned, that 11 ought, to pass rend u 3d time and passed. OF the bill relating to tho li.-t ot new haven, that it ought to pass, rend 3d time, facts) stated, and the bill passed.- hy Air Howe. on the bill 111 relation to the support of the poor, that it ought not to pass, laid noon the table. In favor of the bill to pay Harvey Bell the tutu mentioned, facts slated, and the bill read a 31 time ami pa--seds; Of a bill, ill relation lo poor houses mm the poor, in lavor ot its passage, rend, and its passage opposed by Mr Rati ney, on the ground that, in Ins estimation, it "was a bill for the ntitii-htiient rather than the support of the poor. Mr. Briggs- dis- cr.ted in opinion Irom Air. il and spnKo 0 support of tho bill, as providing no economical plan for tho support of the. unlortiinaie poor. Mr llanney teplied to Mr 15. when Mr Purler advocated the passage of tho bill. On motion of Mr Hammond Hie bill was laid on tho table. 15vMr Phelps of Windsor on Hie the rc. solution relative lo tho Vt. S'ate prison. with a report of the facis in thu case, laid upon tho table. By Mr Ranney, on the resolution relating to Franklin Co. shire, that no action of the Senate was required, By Mr Jell, 11 number nf acts which had received the hignature of tho G.iver. By Mt Steele, of the lull for Hie relief of Jnpliet Gray and oilier.-: facto called for and stated, and the bill passed. By Jr Briggs, the bill altering term of counly cJtirt in Grand lib; co. with amendments, which were adopted, bill read a 3d time and nassed. Of the bill altering terms of La moille and Orleans Co. courts.- read a 3d nine and passed. Of the bill relating lo duties of Sup. court, that it ought nut lo pass, read and laid 011 Hie table. By Jr Converse, in favor of tho bill relating to notes and contracts, pas-ed lobe engrossed. Bv Mr Briggs, f n bill providing that the judges of co. courts may renin fines anil penalities 111 certain cases, iaiu on me table. Resolution, relating to the State pris on, and providing for the appoiutmeii of a committee lo settle wp h tin; late superin tendent, called up, and mi motion of Mr Pnelps of Windsor, laid on the table. Jdcssnzc. Prom t he governor, atinoun cnig Ins approval of sumJry acts passed at the pr. -ent sc.-sion. Hills. From tlm house, laying a tax of 4 cts. 011 lands in Duxbury read a 3d time nnd pa-sed. Taxing lands in Granville laid on th - tnb'o. Tax'tig lands in Guild hall read a 3.1 time and passed. Cum-pen-attng Sup. of Vt. stnle prison taken up, when Mr. Cobb opposed the passage of the hill, alleging that the sum allowed waa more than mi .adequate reward of services performed, Mr Porter supported the bill on the ground Hint the compensation was ju.-t, and ',111 hl'olly earned followed by Mr Phelps of Wind-or, who staled the uiiliire nnd extent of services performed by the -aid niperiiilendatr. Mr Kinsman spjke in opposition to the bill, regarding the salary as loo high, (350.) Mr Mam. mom! corrected Mr Kinsman as to his un-pre.-sion that the family of tho superinten dent was provisioned by tho c talc. The .-alary was all he received fur his services, and if thai wns loo much it could be redu ced. Mc-srs. Pierpnint mid Edgertou -poke in lavor. and the bill pas-cd. Rills p'isstd. Relative to innkeepers taxing land- in Newport nnil Brighlon---relative todun;s of J .i.lges of Sup. court relating 10 the s-ue of executions;. Bill-order, d 10 3d reading, relative to the education of minors and apprentices, relative to poor house.-, itc. From the House, to pay Harvey Ains worth 4100, Harrison Bancroft 47, Geo. 11. Peei; 23, for the relief ot Alien Smith, empowering Judges of Windham Co. court io purchase it certain piuco of land, severally r. mi twice and referred lo the appropriate com mil lees. Senate adjourned 10 meet this evening ' HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The chair announced the following com mittee on tho petition lo annex part nf Moretown to Berhn, viz. Messrs. Gibson, Colby, Avorill, Koichuui, and Carpenter. The senate relumed the bill taxing. Troy, with an amendment, concurred in. Wlli pissed. To pay Geo. H. Peck, H. 5,inero''i an I A, Auiswotth, certain sums, for relnfof Allen Smith, to author i.-B Windliiiin county assistant judges to buy certain tract of land. Reports. The eoinniitlee of Ways and Means reported a bill for tho relief of Biishee, laid on the table; lo pay the Ver. tnunl A-yluui for the Insane $1000, laid on the table. By committee on Education, a bill in ad dition to the school act. laid on the table. By the eouiiuitieo of Insolvency, that it is inexpedient lo pass, any further act rein, live to iis.-igniiunis (n bill on Hint subject being already before the legislature) By iho committee on Road and Canals, bill to incorporate thu Centru Turnpike Co,, laid 011 the table. By Hie Genera! committee, against tlm' hills relative to tho finding of bees, and in addition tot ho act regulating tho collection of rates, di-sinissed; the bills repealing tlm fox act, relative tn boundary line of Wil mington, Rcadslioro' mid Searsburgh, nl lering imino of John Wnkefield, severally! ordered lo 3d reading 5 that it is inexpedi ent to rcquiro n survey of town line r 1MB, nsd every ten years tv(t after

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