Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 3, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 3, 1837 Page 2
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By tlio Judiciary Commillcc, I ho hill 'dative in the city of Vergoniies, ordc.od 'o 3il reading. for the roll )!' of L'.-wis Tuckur, noil tt was) By committer? "I G7fM, against mo uiu reiectnd Several remonstrances against tlio nx tension of tin: ehnrtpr of tlio Passunisic turnpike Co. were rolerred. Mr Killredgo called up tlio bill relative to tlio purchase of n purtriiil nf Washing inn Messrs. Km rctljjo, Partridge, Koith. Dillingham nntl Neodham sttpp irtoil, mid Messrs. Fiold of W. rind Vtlns opposed tlio bill. It was ordered to n 2d reading, nycs 106, nays 03, mid ordered to n 3d reading Mr ViIih uinvnd to reconsider tho vote rejecting tlij lull for tlio relief of Lowis Tucker, agreed to. and after Mr. Scofield bad supported the bill, it was dismissed. Mr Field of V. introduced a bill to pay John Roberts, referred to tho committee of Claims. The senate relumed the bill establish' ing boundary line between Elmore anil Worcester with amendments, concurred in. Mr Match called up tho resolution re ported by the committee to investigate the banks, &c. atiu moved to substitute for it the resolution reported by the minority. (The majority resolution requires the bank commissioners and bank inspector to report annually tlio amount, of had dobls ot each !mnl.- I tin rust nf ti-inl'inir linnciva undivided profits and wholo amount of surplus or profile. The intnnrttv resolution ronuircs ' r ' ........ tho some officers to examine bank, miners and officers ol banks, to ascertain whether I the State's share of the profits has been received, also whether any banks have invested any of tiioir surplus in stock, and on that stock hnd paid I In: stale Us share; and also concerning the cost nf banking houses, plates. &c ) Messrs. Hatch, Partridge, Field of V. Needham. Hazel, tine and Hewett supported the motion, oppnpd by ,V..-srs. Iln-tings, Smith of St. a. l Hire-anus, uoiuy, i racy ami uopi-uis. The motion was carried, ayes 1 04, noes 75.; and tho resolution as amended was adopted. Mr Heche had leave of absence after to morrow. Adj, SENATE Friday evening. The bill providing for a new and more efficient organization nf the militia, was considered in committee of the whole. (This hill ullows 50 cents per day to the military, mid requires exempts to pay g2 per year.) Satoro.w, Oct. 211. BE NATE. Prayer by the chaplain. Bills passed, relating to notes and con tracts, providing for deputy clerks of su preme and county clerks, "to pay Harvey Aiu-worlh, Harrison Bancroft, and lulus Campbell The bill relative to minors and anprenti ces was indefinitely pu-tpnucd. The bill relating to common schools was reported by Mr Eaton, amended, and final, ly rejected. Adj. f TOI7S P. fll.1 RRnDKCPA'TATIVRs! Prayer bv Rev. Mr. j nmpoworing inejuuges oi winuiiam cnun Dills introduced. By M7. Monlton. !-v ",,,rt " I'"'01"10 n 1ccrla"1 , l"0 of amendment of act incorporating village r l;'ul-read a od ar.d passed. In ad. Woodstock, to genera! committee; hvllri"""" a", act . duhl""K what shall be. Kittredge. for relief of Win. Busheo, order , 'leemeil legal settlement, an. relating to edto3d reading; bv Mr. EUiu. nholUliing . removal " .pawners-rcai n ... tune, and special pleading . mv.l causes in certain , P'P-neu indefinitely. In addition o an cases. .!, jiidicwm. committee. i acl L,,a,(i" t0 cmlrLs tf "ba'c--"'!" n.g l n, ....... r.r.rnwl luitlwnii r.m.l I l" sherifT's fees, severally pnM poiH'.l indeli nig, lo committee m military nfi'iirs ; bv I Mr Martin, to preserve fish in Peacham, to General cmnmittee. Bills passed. Reponling the fox act altering tho nnine of John Wakefield. The bill to purchase a picture of Wash- ingion was mpported bv Messrs. Elliot, K'.ii .,ir.n n...i,.., n."i. -...i rj.,.i I ham, opposed by Mr Field, , i and reieclcd, ayes 1)0, noes 99. Sundry temperance memnrfals referred. Ilcnorls. Bv the auditor, nf tho r.neonnt ,lf y ,' .,., ... ,pc.. ii i i 1 uuici uiivililtlll. ,11 i;i,im UI'IISI-, WHICH. wo 3 toad, by the Beluct committee, on I I5y the Beluct committee, on (ireeu Mountain Turnpike Co., that the! resolution directing a suit of scire facias, ought nut to pass, but the resolution was adopted. By committee of Claims, bill to pay N. II. Robinson, also John Roberts, ordered to 3d reading; against bill to pay Wanonj Miss dismissed ; bill lor the relief of I Joseph Beeman, ordered to 3d reading. By thu General committee, bill repealing net altering name of Charles Hardy or dered to 3d reading; against bill regula ting sale of shingles dismissed ; tho Sen ate bill to regulate iui-ptction of provisions passed. I3y committee of Ifc.ys and .Means against bill for relief nf Ilonj. Allen and others di-smissed ; bill to cancel n note of $2000 from University ot Vermont to school fund, laid on the 'able; bill to pay David Pierce $50, rejected on thin reading. By committee on Manufactures, n bill incorporating Jericho Ueet Root Sugar company laid on the tabic on motion of Mr Field of W. By the Judiciary Committee, bill to nboh ish special pleading, (without expressing any opinion, for or against it.) uppoMed by Mr Elliot, opposed by Mr Tracy and Field of W Kittredge and Peck laid on tho table. The 'lenatu bill, relating to innkeepers. &c. was referred to committee on temper, mice. Tho Senate returned the bill nltering terms of Grand Isle county court, also re lating lo executions wiih amendments, concurred in. llctolutinns. By Mr Dillingham, two; first, rescinding tho resolution for thanks L'lving, and tho second appointing tin. 3d I burs. lay of November as tho day of thnnksgiving. By Mr. Monro of N. aslo taxing nun residents adopted. Mr Pun ridge asked leave to introduce a bill (in pari) regulating tho militia negatived, aves 02, nocB CO. Adj. SENATE. Saturday, 2 o'clock, P. M. Resolutions. By Mr Kinsman, instruct ing and requesting our Senators mid Rep rPFcntalivos in Congress lo procure the Httiug ot the District courts at Alnnt poller, instead ol Windsor mid I'm In ml laid on i he table, on motion of Mr. Kinsman From the House, empowering Hani; com missioners to examine, under null) of offi cers nf the Banks of this statu, as to their coinlition--riud and referred to coiuinittco on batiks I nftiUitinu n mil. ngninsttho Groin Moimlniii Turnpike Co , referred to solocl. committee of three, Messrs. Cno- ViTfil', HNggS tlllll Ollllg. ltfi.'CinillllSI Urn resolution appointing ' day of thanks- jt t V in , nun nnoinor rosuiunno uesigiuuuie, the 3d Thursday of Nov. next as the day concurred in nntl passed. Mr. Steele moved a reconsideration nf tho vote rejecting the bill to pay tho town of Sutton the sum mentioned, mid the bill was laid on the table. Hills. For tho education ol minors and apprentices taken up, and after debate, committed lor amendment. Relating to sheriff's fees read twice and referred lo judiciary committee. To pay the town of Sutton the mm mentioned, reported by Mr Pinrpnint, who stated tho facts in tin oas", and the bill, niter debate by Messrs Ingnls, Kinsman and Picrpoint, in favor, and Mr. Brigg-i against bill rejected. For tho relief nf Allen Smith, reported by Mr Hammond read a 3d limn and passed. Relating to the prior, and the erection and management, of poor lunges read n 3d time anil passed. From the House, re pealing an act for the destruction of foxes read twice and referred to committee on agriculture. Altering namo of John Wakefield---laid on the table. Extending limits of jail yards in llii statu laid on the table. For regulating and governing the militiaculled up bv Mr Phelps of Windsor, and considered. Senate acting as cmnmiuc; i m w mr n,, ,, - b chair. Mr Roll moved so to amend ..'.,.. ...!...!.. it. i the bill as to exempt from military dutv the faculty and students of college-', and accompanied the motion with remarks in its lavor. Mr Phelps of Windsor replied in opposition to the motion. Amendment adoptod. After numerous other amend ments, On motion, the Senate Adjourned, SENATE. Monday. Oct. 30. Prayer by the Rev. Mr Converse of Burlington. Hills. To pay Unfits Campbell the sum mentioned read a 3d time and passed. To regulate and govern the militia of this state taken up, when Mr. Pierpoiut moved Ihat tho committee of the whole be discharged from further considuration of the bill for the present, and that it by enm- milled to the committee on military affairs for amendments, which he de.-ignatod- bill committed, and Murs. Piurpotnl and Converse, on motion of Mr. Phelps of Wtnd-or. added to the committee. For the education of minors and apprentice'',1 reported by Mr Young, wuh nmendment read a 3d time, when Mr Young explained the provi.-ions of tho bill, anil addressed ' tho Senate, showing the importance of i I pruvi-iuu by law lor the education ol mi-! nors employed in manufacturing establish- I iiienlw in ibis Mate, and the bill passed, Taxing the county of Franklin, bv Mr. Eaton read twice, and referred to Sena-' tors from Franklin county. To locale the j public buildings of Franklin county, repor- j ted bv Mr. Rniiney indefinitely postponed, i I IHU'iy. lL'Ul'li iii ,;ui"tii .luiiiiirn in ui; fixtures, amended, and the bill ordered In be engrossed and read a 3d nine. From the House, extending the limns ot jail ynrds so as to embrace entire county, taken I up. Senate acting as in eoinmiitee of the whole, variousiy amended by the comma- tee, and among amendment era- sing an will, iiiu uii'iuiiiii! i;iuiiu, .mil .-Hie . , , ,, " ... . ,, . . , .s liuilll! L ll u iif.iianiti3 ,ii i in. unir imiiii the Iloo-e, m relation to imprisonment for I debt and concealed or ahscoiidui i with variations from those lulls debtors with variations Irom tnosu mils a-' pa .1.,. II,,,..,, Mr I),.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,..,,1 I 1,01 3 ., , ' ", n . , . ' . , ' , tlieuiii un inueiimieiy p'isi poucu, ami iw r iSm.'lie demanded the veas and nays. The motum was lost, yeas l(J, nays 19. when the bill, on motion of Mr Pieri.omt, was recommitted the judiciary committee for amenduiMit. I'rom tho House; to pay Henry II. Rohnison tlio sum mentioned, read twice, ami roierreu io coinniiuee on Claims. I'm rcnei ol Joseph l.eeinnii, read twice, and referred locum. on finance Repealing mi i. cl ol ItJG, altering name of Charles llari.'y. read twice, mid laid on I he table. In addition to mi ael passed in I nnn ...,... ihn f'niltri) 'I I, r n m f.. -I Inn.., to .!,P,,n., mi of their road, rend a Jd tune, and pas-ed. Petitions By Mr Swift, of the inhabit ants of Sliorehiiin. prnyi.'ig the prohibition of the sale of ardent upim - laid on the la hie, Ily Mr Burton, of inl.'abUnnt of Bun ninglon count v, praying an allowance ol 3 quarts toll lor the grinding "I grain, per bushel referred to coinnunittt. u on manu factures. Jlcsotulions relating to schoil money, reported by Mr Hell, of the coinn'itiee on education. By Mr Swift, the rei'iliiiion relative lo an institution for the education of females, with .i view to instruction ask ing that the committee be excused from further consideration of the subject exens i'il. From the house, relating to duties nf Bank commis-ioners mid Bank inspectors, reporteil by Mr Porter, with proposed amendments, empowering the inspectors In ascertain and report to the legislature the rule by which the several banks ascertain their profits, on which 10 percent is paid lo the state. On tho proposed amendment M r Waterman demanded the yeas and nays, and tho amendment was adopted yeas if I, nays 9. Mr Phelps of Windsor moved the following amendment , And, as tho lato President of the United States, by unwise and unauthorized meas ures, and in defiance of the expressed will of Congress, has deranged the currency, and thereby involved the country in distress and ruin; mid as the present President of the United States, pledging hun-olf to fol low in the footsteps of his predecessor, has in his lalo message declared that it is not within the c.iiietituiional proviucu of the general government to regulate Iho ex changes or relieve tho embarrassments of the country; mid as the banks in ibis s'alo, by reason of Iho derangement, of the curren. ey, have been compelled, for the timo ho nig. lo suspend specie payments; that tiud hank committee and commissioner bedircc ted to report to the next session of the leg I islaturo Mime plan by which the peoplu of this slate can be again furnished with such safe and siable currency as will enable the holders ofauy bank bills to convert said bills into specie at pleasure. Mr Egerton demanded thcycasand nays, which being taken, were as follows: Yen 5--Messrs Allen, Bell. Bnggs, Bur ton, Converse. Elton, Hammond. Howe, Lawrence, Miller, Picrpoint, Phelps ol Windham, Phelps of Windsor, Porter, 1? annoy, Steele, Swift, Van Sicklcu, While and Ynting--20, Xays Messrs Cobb, Egerton, Heywood, Ingals. Junnoss, Kinsman, Palmer, Smilio and Waterman 9. So the amendment wn adopted. Mr Cobb moved so to amend tho resolution as to require of the Banks the gross amnut loaned to stock holders, other than otlieers of the banks. Opposed by Mr Egorlou, in rotnarlis, supported by Messrs Van Sicklen & Phelps of Windham, and adopted. Mr Cobb moved further to amend the resolution by requiring the number and amount of all sums loaned to individuals over live theus- and dollarssupported by Mr Phelps of Windsor, and adopted. Adj. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Praver by the Rev Mr Kellv. Reports By the comitlee on Hanks, hr reference of the following bills to the next session, and t he v were referred, viz . to in corporate Washington Co. bank ; bank of Cnstletnti; bank of Bradford ; Bennington Co. bank ; against the bill relating to banks ; referred to I he next so-sion. By committee of Education, that the res olnlmu relative to the llth see. of the school act be referred In the next session ; it was ho referred ; in favor of the bill to give up certain nolo of $.'000 to university of Vermont. By committee on Military Affairs, bill organizing the militia of this state, (same ns'lhc senate bill,) laid nn the table and made the order of the day for to. morrow morning. Mr Kittredgc, from the committee on Temperance memorials, made report ac companied by thu senate bill 500 copies ordered to be printl. Mt Dewy, from the committee of Ways and Means, reported three bills, assessing lax for supporting three bills, nssesing tax for support of government, and authorizing the treasurer in burrow certain siiin-sev orally ordered to 3d reading. By the Judiciary cmhmittce in favor of extending tiie right of trial by jury, and the petitioners had leave to bring in a bill. Mr Adamsof fJ. I. moved to reconsider the vote rejecting the bill to purchase a port rail of Washington laid on the table On motion ot ilr Colby, the liou-o reconsidered the vote of Saturday, con- enrring with I he Senate in pertain amend- mom to the bill relative, to Craud Isle en. courts and tho amendments ol the senate relative to (ho time of the law going ihto eli'ect, was noil concurred in. Mr Smith of'S' A. called up the motion for recoiijiileraiion, made some days fcince relative to Franklin co. buildings and the motion for rpconiideratinn, was withdrawn Tho collate reioriii'd the bill relative to deputy clerks of supreme and county courts, wiihaiiiimeiidmi.MiL; concurred to. Tho hountc bill, relative to support of the poor, was referred to the general com 'nitieco. Hilh jmssed For relief of Joseph Bee man repe.ilniL' acl altering name nf Charles I lardy 'o pay II II Rot;in-on in addition lo acts incorporating Centre Tornnilti! Co The Senate bill relative to inn keeper.- j and pedlars was Jead, laid on the table, ! and ordered lo he prio'ed. Mr Smi'li of St A. by unanimous eon sent, introduced a bill to pay Augo-tuii' Clark, referred lo committee of claims.--Ay Mr Town-ley. relative lo scliooli --referred 'o comuiuiCi'i on Education. Mr Aopkins, by unanimous con-ent. in troduced a resolution instructing our dole I'Hlinn in nomrrps- to n-i nvprlinns , lo pJ(,(.llr(. ,1L, passi,,r(, f ponsin ncl ; ,lllirac(1J, .,,1,,. jonnrv ,diers now ,,X3,or by iho acts in force adopted; . ,Mr Dilling'ham inirodiice a resolution re reports of bank inspector and com im()ller l() 00 wuU, ,i) 1st day .f ,1.,, Ms.i()n niiuallv. referred to committee on bank-. A bill relating to trial by jury, iniroduc nil on leave, was oj.lered to a 3d reading. (This hill gives "fugitives from," i. c.. i who escape in Hi tale, iho right of trial by jury.) Mr Field of W called up the bill relating to assignment sup ported by Messrs. Dillingham, Traev, Pari ridge and Peck, and opposed by Mr Kntridge when Mr Kittrigo whon Mr Kuilh moved lo refer it lo the next session I supported bv Messrs Keith and Smith of M.. oppo-ed bv Messrs. Field of W. Need ham and Fullam. and negatived; bill sup ported bv Mr Field of W, opposed by Messrs. Dewey and Hazlelinc and laid on the table. Mr Rich of Shnrcham had leave of air sanco for tho remainder of the session Mr Tracy moved to reconsider thu vole reject ing tho bill to pay David Pierce; nirred lo. Senate, 2 o'clock; P. M. Hills Annex ing part of Canaan lo I ho town of Leining Ion; read a 3d lime mid passed. To pay Samuel 15 Booth the sum ol'GOO claim i row ing' out ot former acts ol suspension roporli'd by Mr Howe of the committee on claims: facts slated, and after debate by Messrs Lwrence and Hell, in favor, Messrs. i'olps nf Windham, against, the hill was road a 3d tune and passed, ayes 15, nays 12: laying n tax nn lauds in Gran villc, read a third time mid passed; to pay Jediiihuu Lnomis mid others tlm sum mentioned, called up by Mr Kinsman mid thu Ante rojou'ltng I he hill having been re considered, M r Howe stated tho facts in the case case similar to that ofS B Booth, read a 3d liino. opposed by Mr Jenncss, who demanded tht; yeas and nays, sup. potted by Mr Porte-, opposed also by Mr Pierpoiut, and followed by Mr Kinsman in favor of the claim. Bill passed, yeas 10, nays 10. Declaring cer'ain machinery lo be fixtures called up, and suppoiled in debate by Messrs Porter. Briggss, Pier point, Bull Jenncss mid Yo.ung opposed liv Messrs Egerton, Converse. Phelps of Windham and Jlcywoyd commuted to Mr Briggs for amendment, providing for existing suits or con tracts, amended and passed, yeas 22 nays 5. Regulating anil governing the militia of state-. taken up, mid the amendments proposed by tba com tnittee stated and explained by Mr Pier point, and the lull considered in all its sec. lions, and variously nmended.laid on the table .and on motion The Senate Adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Mr Smith of St A had lonve of absence after to morrow. The bill from tho sen ate, to pay Bufns Campbell, was referred to a select, eommitteu of three. Hills passed lo pay John Robertsfor icliofol William Busheo reducing into one I ho several acts relative to levy of ox. ctitions. lleporls--y tho select commitlco, that the communications from Misseiiri, Gcor. gia and Maine, required no legi-lal ivo ac lion ; on the communications of Massachu setts, Maine mid Mississippi concerning the franking privilege, the committee re ported resolutions instructing our delega tion in Congress to endeavour to procure tho extension of the franking privilege to the Governors of the several stales ; adop ted. By the committee on Jliltlary nff'airs, against the bill to repeal certain act iaid on the table. By a committee nf Ways and Means, bill for the relief of Charles Plastridge, or dered lo 3d reading. By committee nf Claims, to refer to next session the petition ot Lebbcus Egerton so referred. JJy committee on Education, on memo rial for aid to Middlebury College, a bill to loan $-2000 to Middlebury College for five years without interest; laid on the table. By select cninni tlcc on grand list, bill, taxing steam boat stock, &.c. and the bill was discn-fod at length. The bill embra foreign bank block, steamboat-stock (ex. ccpl ferries.) loll bridges, manufacturing and turunike stock. A mction to exempt foreign bank slock was madu and rejected; a motion to reconsider this vote was also mode iS- negatived, 112 to 50. Tho bill was passed. The bill from the senate, relative to minors id factories, was referred to the commit tee on education. mhe bill relating to mucepers, tVc. was made the special order for lo morrow morning. The bill making an appropriation for the Vl Asylum for the insane was also made the special order for to morrow morning. The bill relating to assignments was was emended and made thu order for to morrow. Mr. Rich of Maidstone introduced a res. olntion relative to milleage, requiring the eommitteu to make up the debcnl nres on the mileage given in at this session adopted A resolution from the Senate, authori zing I In treasurer lo audit an account of David Pierce, was referred lo committee ol" Claims. Mr Seymour had leave of absence after to morrow. Adj. W. W. M ESSEK, No. 00!! W nsiiinoton !5Titi:r.T, Huston. Importer and Dialir in F.nglisli, CtniUm. French, German anil .lineritttn Fancy Goods. Q1 UIMOINED is a Catalogue of some nflhe k5 varum- I;iikI-o''(;oi.iIs'V. W. MESSKIt is constantly receiving Com Iho Foreign and Domc-tio Manufacture). In soliciting thu custom of Merchants and Dealers, be as-ures lliiou thai hu will sell In gnods for C.ih or Credit, at a- low prices and on as good terms as can Uu found m any City in the Union. 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Bead Hags anil Purses, silk and b ather do silver plated, gilt and.-ioel Purse Clasps; plated, gilt, steel and glass Purse Rings and Tassels; boxes of Motto Si als, embroi dered Berlin Needlework, pearl, manilln, leghorn, shell leather, morocco and German Cigar Cnses fancy Toilet Glasses; lloxos anil Ba-bets; fancy Album Hooks and Box. ps ; India Rubber Rings and Halls; elastic Garters: Indelible Ink, Steel and German Hones, English anil American Razor Straps; Hrittania anil Wood Shaving Hox ps : Powder nnd Puff Boxes: Lucifer Matches; Spool Sinnds : wood, ivory anil iron Silk Reels; pearl and ivory Silk and Cotton Winders; boxes of Pen-, Inks mid Sands; feather Dusters: wrought ivory. Chinc-u and leather Fans and Fire Screens: work. I ravelling.Ca nt on, French and Amor ican Haskcts: steel Pens of all the must an. proved manufacturers' make: wax beads: cornl Necklaces: safety chains: Pins and Needles: Pin Cushions; egg Glasses; steel, gilt and composition Thimbles; pearl, hone and Canon Paper Folders and Holders; Tape Measurer-', gold and silver Spangles; I ran-parent, bronze and common Waters: writing Ink mid sand; Glass Ink-laud- anil Sands; Billet and Letter Paper, and nil thu varieties of sealing wax; Cloak Clasps; ivory, bone nnd cocoa Napkin Rings, Puz zles." Mirror and Toilet Gla-ses: toy Watch, ps nnd Hoxes of Chioee Toy. AKTITS' TOOLS AND IH A THU I AT All sizes ot best prepared Cauva--e-: Dry and ground Colour.-; Masiic Varm-h: Nut ( )il Lion's Sable and Camel's Hair Brushes: pallet Knives; Asphailuin: all sizes French anil English Ivories; water Colors; Minia ture Cases, black and white Crayons: Por lernvoiis and Drawing I! mrd-. SHOOTING AN I) ANCLCM! TACKLE Perciis-eui Cap- : Sli t Hags ; Powder Fln-k-; pocket Screw Driver-; gun Worm-: Game Bags, Flagons nod Soorl -luen'-driiikmg Cup-, a very pouvenleiil article for travellers; Fi-hing Rods and Hooks, Ha-kei. Floats; Linen Manilla, Silk audj Hair Line-: F'-ll Go', &c & C.A.IIMS AND AMUS-OIKNTH. Spli'iiiiul Cnoliio w r 1 1 u 1 1 1 ivory Clies.-.j men; French, English nod German IV ry. j bniip nnd wood dnio. Che--. l;iel(giiioiono and Ch'-quer H 'iirds. ol Canton, Lugli-h nnd German m ike, ivory, bom and wood (Jilt qoenncn : Cribhagi' Board--; Eugli-h. French nod Auiericm Playing t,'a ,l-; wro'i ivory, pearl, bom Wins' ai.d L m Count' r.-, Dice nnd Cups, Dominoes Loto, Sohlaire, Gem in Tactic.-. Fox and Gi ee. Hatile (lores Hut's Coroliellns, vlailie "f tho (ira. ee-. ('np and Hails. 1 J . . x s 1 1 G ames, Jump Ropes, Hurt'-. Arrows and Targets, Jack S'raws, together Willi i In following mou sing and iii-iroe,,ve Dt-sec'od Pozz'es ; wrooghi ivry and plain boxes ol Chinese Puzzle-; Man'- nflhe World. Eiirope,Aiiier. icn and tin United Sia'e-. liiiildirig-.Liiid. -aapen. Manufaeuire of Tin, Grand Aviary, V. Milogical Gardens. Slavery Abolished, Scenes in Paris, Telegraph, The Soicerer, Scripture View.-, Munnmeni. A 15 C. liar ve-t Home. Fair Day, Hilly Mutton, Jonnny Gilpin, Threading liie Needo. blue beard, Robinson Crusoe. Napoleon's Ii.veuac. A Year after Marriage, Iliint the Slipper, No plea-ing Everybody. iT.,r k.c. N. H--()rder from the Country promptly attended lo and put up with great care. Charles James Kathrcns I. .lie of Quebec and Si . Julius, J 13 1 EGS leave mo-t respectfully to nc- n ii n I ill I lie Ladles, and Geuilcinen of liurlingioii nnd its vicinity, that, having recently nrrived in their village (where he intends to re-ule.) be will give le-son-- on I he Piano Forte, Violin, Clnriiieil, Flute &o &c. to such Ladies and Gentlemen as may please to honor htm with their com ma ml C. J. Iv. nl-ci desires to slalo that having the acquirement of Thorough Bass, ho is ennhled lo arrange Music, and give instructions-, agreeably to all the purposes ot har mony, and fuither wishes to add ihat, ho tunes piano fortes, earoluUy and correctly. Green Mountain House, Pearl si. Hurling! on, Sept. 21, 1!137. , Stoves, Groceries &c. 4 T the new Store, between Messrs J. W, t Weaver's mid Lalhrop & Potwins, Nos. 1.2,3 and 4 Prophecy, Rotary and improved Motary, various sizos, oval lloiler, Tup Uven, llo.v, Canada Hox, various sizes and beau tiful patterns. Dumb Sieves, A select assortment of Stovo Pipe, Tin, Xiiic, Stove and Hollow Ware, Axes, a superior articlo, Nail, Glass, Plour and a general assott. menl of Groceries, Siioes, limits and various olbor articles for sale at a small advance on wholesale prices. SEWALL KENNY. Winooski, Sept. 1037. 35uifsl wooiTwooET ri HE subscriber will receive wnol nn all X old debti, also for oil kinds of Stoves that ho has now on hand. Wm. MLAKE. Uurlinqton Oct 20, 1837. fUOlA)HALE GROCER,ai2&o Iliv- t er at reel, next iloor to the slum nr. copied by Converse V Iluddltslan, baa just iccuiwo nun oners ior ime. an cntiro now mid well selected slock of Groceries, prin cipally purchased at. iho lalo stiles in New York, which he offers very low for prompt pay. 25 hhds Porto Rico, Trinidad and Eng. li-h Island Molasses: 20 liluls St Croix mid New Orlenns Su- f) boxes Hrown Havanna do' 20 bo!:cs Lnnfond Lump do 40 bags Porto Rico, Rio and LuMiirr: Coffee; 150 chests and half cho-is. Hyson, Young Hyson mid Hyson Skin'Tcas; 40 sacks Nuts, a variety of descriptions and quality ; 300 boxes and half boxes Raisins: 20 kegs do 20 kegs nnd boxes Plug Tobacco; 100 quiiUals Codfish: 50 baskets Champaignn Wine, pints anrV quarts, of'Auchornnd oilier brands: GO quarter casks Sicilv Madeira, Madci- rn,Mierry n nil Alnloga Wines : 25 boxes Muscatel Wine; 20 half pipes Cognac frundy; 55 do Spanish nnd American L'fan. dy ; 20 hhds St Croix Rum; 10 pipes Holland Gin; 10 pipes and 20 bbls White Baltimore Gin; 40 boxes Pipes, wi'h Shot, Lend, Pep per, Pimento, Sinrch, Pepper Sauce, Pa, per Tobacco, Snuff, Nutmegs, Cassia Cloves. Genoa Citron, Mu-inrd, "rincipo anrl other Segnrs, Soap, &e &c &c Troy. N. Y. Oct. 11537. STATU OF r'EIlMOA'T, ) To the Ho7. GuNt I-i.k. Cou.vrv, s-. f Supreme Court next lo be holden at North Hero within aod for the county of Grand Isle -n the third Tuesday of January in the vcar ot our lord one thoii-and eight hundred and thirty eight . The pennon of Joel Allen of North Hero in said Grand Isle County respect lully represent!, lo your j honors ibat lit; is Icgnl guardian of Eliel j Allen of Grand Lie in mud Grnod LI' j County, npersui nnn compos mentis, or lunntic mid incapable of inking care of himself mid hi-- properu t huT tho said Elial Allen is seized in In- own right in too ! oi a certain parcel ol land lying nnd being in said Grand I-le nod described as follow" lo wit, the lir-t division Im ol h,nd laid oMlrnwu lo the original right of Solomon Strong No. 144 and nboui two acres Iving West of, and adjoining said lot, nnd North of and adjoining Willard Gordons orchard the whole of .-aid parcel ,,f l.-nnl bounded North nod we.-t ot A-a Lyon's land Soiuii by lands owned by Wilhml Guidon and Grindnl Reynolds, nnd nn ihc ea-t by a lot ol land called the Cooper loicnnlaininir about sixty six neres mid thai a -nlu there" of is necessary nnd proper lor the -u )port and m.imiatnancL' nt conducive lo the best iniere-is of, nnd lor I In; payment of lln; ju-t debts of Im.s Mild unrd. Wuerel'ore, I he prays said courl lo grant Imn liceu-e j and empower I t sell the same for tho purpose- al'ore-anl. I Diteii at Norih Hero aforesaid this Old I dav ol October A I) IK37. j Jor.i. Ai.i.en Guardian. I Tun foregmeg ppiiimu iiiivng bei . i(. -en'eil l l)V tin go inloiii iih H I- ordered that the Mib-r.-iM'.' i ll.'llllCtl ol Hie s.iiii,: publi-bid in logi'ilior with ilu- order In no- no. inijMoii i' rii' ires-, n newspaper pob'i-iieii at Hurling!, .ii in the enmity of Cniltendeii. ihree weeks siicce-sively ' the la.-i of winch publications j., hi m" Ipnst. sixty days before t he .-es-nui of ib,. court to winch I he -ame is uini'e. a- above staled whirli shall be sutiicu nt. noi ice lo nil con corned in Hie matter of I he aforesaid pennon. Gi inder my hand m Montpclipr in rhe eounly ol W'n-li'og theG'li dav of Out obi r A. I). I!5;57 ISAAC F. REDFIELI). Judgt if Supreme Court. The Ladies Shoe Store JS removed lo the buihl rt ,r rpceullv oc- JJ. coined hv Doet. B. J. Ileiiieberg, West -ule Church slreel. Those who have hitherto lav.. red the subscriber wuh their custom, he hopes to see at Ins new Store, and nil who mo wi-hing n supply of Shoes tor the sen-en nre tespectlullv invited lo call and examine Ins ussorlmeiui which is offered on iho mo,-t rca-onoblo terms. n. A. B Pi A. MAN, Church St. Burlington, ) October 13, 1037," ( & 7i 1 E hnvo received several beautiful " lone.) lo.-o wood Jhrordton's II, 10 and 12 keys, most nil kinds of Mushal Instruments and Instruction Books for them; Pocket Book-'. Wallets, Memoran dum. Card Case-, Portfolios, Rodgers & Wos'cuholine-'s fine Knives nnd Scissors, lino Razors and straps, good I'riimna 'Pea Pols, Tumblers mid Pitcher-, fine Stocks, Collars and Mosoins, good Quills and Cap. Paper, Soups nnd Perfumery of most all kinds, Mustek. Convex mid Concave Spec lacles, mfi and hard Toolh Brushes, Tooth Washes nnd Powders. Hair Oils. Powders and Brushes, Chain Dog Collars, Bnltania drinking Flasks, Boots. Shoes and other Lacings, double bottom and double Cnsed silver patent Lever Watches, some 13 holes Jewelled, silver and gold Lopino Watches, of fine quality, 4 holes Jewelled, English mid French Watches of good quality, ready Pen Makers, Maynard &. Nnyes' black writing Ink and Ink Powder, Indelhble Ink, silver top and open top Thimbles, Music Boxes, Snuff Muxes, Plated 'Pen nnd 'Pablo Spoons, Visiting Cards, &c. Violin Strings and Bass Viol do. with other goods, not necessary to mention. To which wo shall continue to inako additions as long us navigation is open. Most nrticles which we havo ever kept for sale, can be hud at tho Varioly Shop, for cash only, at iho tune of purchase. P.r-nonN it Bp.insmau). Ll'MAN&COLE il7lLL receive Wool on debts and for " goods, lo be delivered at their storo Burlington, Oct. 0, 1837.

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