Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 27, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 27, 1837 Page 1
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T II U (J Ii O R V () F C Jli SA It: U V T T II 15 W K J, F A UK II O M I). BY Ff. B. STACY. PRSMY, OCTOBI3R, 2T, 1837. VOHi. XI Wo. 540 N O T LEGISLATURE OF VERMONT. SENATE. Wkhmisday, Oct. 10. Prayer by Rev. Wright. Mr Palmer appeared, wug qualified and took hi" scot. Reports By Mr Phelps of Windham, relating to a rrvisinn of the statute Inws of tin? state, of n lull for that purpose Rend the first mid second times, and after remarks by Messrs Phelps, Briggs. and Howe, on inntinn of Mr Pierpoint, tho bill was laid upon the table. Bills By Mr Van Sicklcn, taxing bank lock, fti ntnbont stool;, nnd vessel", incor porating the provisions of two bills upon tin; same subject; read the first and second tunes, and on inoiioii of Mr Briggs, after remarks hv Mossr" I'lcrpninl. HriLfift. Vun Sicklcn. Phelps ol Wiiidiinni, and Converse, was hud upon I ho table. ,;VM.;,c--Frnni the House, concurring in the resolution relating to claims of tins Stale on the General Government, for rev. olutinnnry services. The Senate wenl into joint assembly for the appointment of county uflicrs and the remaining part ol the forenoon b ei u ; occu pied m joint assembly, on returning, the Scnatu Adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Praver by Rev Mr Kelly. liills referred. By Mr Hatch, relating to banks (10 per cent.ol profits of all hanks logo to iIip slate) referred to the commit, lee on Bmks: by Mr Corey, repi aliug ncl altering Charles Hardy's tiuuie, lo general committee. Resolution BvMr Ilntch, lor a com mittee ol five to report the proper entire to be pursued to recover certain motiev from bank", (assuming that some, if not many ol the bank" have not pud into I ho treasury n'l the per cent, required on their profits, divided or umlivided,) laid on the tuble on motion of Mr Smith of Si. A. By Mr Ames, as to expediency of exempting $300 of every person'" property from taxa. tion rejected. By Mr Vilas, a1- to the ex pudieucy of supporting pauper by counties adoptnl By Mr Partridge, that the present banking system i" unsafe for the people, nnd ought ii, be niodifi.'tl: that the bsnk", by the suspension of specie payments have forfeited their charter", and ought to be mollified or revoked ; that paper money cau-cb sudden expnn-ions and contractions and a depreciation in prices &c. ; that governments- are instiluted and laws made for the general welfare, anil consequently any law inconsistent with that ood. ought to be repealed or tnoditiid by the law ma fclnir P nvor Inul mi the mlile. The Senate rnme in. and the joint as-si-mldy made the fnllnwing appointments. AIIt"OS couvrv. Samuel II Utillv, ) .'U.htnnl (J i! ' v 1 1 , Solace. Justice. Wighiinnn Chapman. High Bailiff. Ethan Smith, S'ttnff. E. N. Brigg", State's Attorney. Samuel Sw, It. judge of probate for the district of Addi-nu Harvey MuimII, judge of probate for the district of Newliaveo. Joel Dooliitle, Ira Stewart. Dornstus Woosler, jail commissioners for the jail at M'ddlcbnry. John I'icrpoini, Elliot Sherrill, Harry B. Seymour, jail commissioners for the jail t Vergeuiies. n r. ' .v i . r; t o n countv, Gardner II Smith, Sheriff. Nathan II Bottom, flish Bailiff. Samuel II lilackmer. Stair's Jl'tl'y. Marlin C Dcming. judge of probate for 111" di-tnet of Maueili -ler. T C Iltibbell. Jeoa Hoot. Stephen Rob. itisoti. commissioner- for Benn n.'ton jail. Wmlow C Waison. John 0 Roberts, Fowler Iloyt, commissioners for Manchos. ter jail. On the cleclinnol probate judge for the Manchester district, Aaron C. "Robinson was nominated hy tho county Convention, and Arieinas Maiteson was uninitiated bv a majority of Hie members in the t-outh whirr. After much discussion, principally by the Bennington county delegation. Senator I'icrpoini moved to refer the mailer 10 the Senator and members from the Bennington probate district --carried. The Senate withdrew, and the House Adjourned. SENATE 2 o'clock, I'.,M. Reports Uy Mr Phelps ol Windham, of tlie bill in addition to an act incorporating the village of Braltluboroj read the firbi and second limes and passed in ho otnrros. ed for n 3d reading; hv Mr Converse, of llio Dill providing lor Reporter of the dn cMnns of the Sup. Court with a salary of tt-iftn .....1 ..,...,! : J .. JJ.V.U, i i iutiiiti iii-viiiu iicik upon till! samo subject ; read the first, and second times, and on motion rf Mr KiiiMuan. laid upon the table; by Mr Phelps of Windham, of the hill relating to Ihe prisoners in jail yards, thai the same ought notto pass; or million of Mr Cohh Ihe hill was laid upon the table; by Mr Briggs, the bill relating to the dischargo of mortgage deeds; pas-ed to be engrossed for a lliird reading ; by Mr converse oi iiioscviral resolutions relating to lauds granted to Moore's Charity School, anu osKing mat inc. committee on lliojudi diary bo discharged from their further con sideraliuii; committee discharged accord ingly. Message, from tho Governor by Mr. Manser, secretary of civil and military affairs, informing the Seuala that Norman Williams, E-q. declines the office of Trcns urcr of the Slate. Bills By Mr. Porter, incorporating the Springfield Paper Co. with a capital of $50,000; read tho first and second times, und refurrcd to the committee on manu factures j by Mr. Briggs, lo pay Win. T. Russell the sum mentioned, read twice and referred to the com. ou claims. Resolutions By Mr. Hoywood relating to the grand list ; by Mr. Phelps of Wind. or, asking tho Governor to forward tho report of the adj. and inspector general of hist year; by Mr, Liwronco. requesting a copy of the Quarter Maslor General report ol the last year severally passed. Adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The resolution ol Mr. Iltilch relative to thostale's share ol the profits of I ho banks, was amended so as to insti'iiie an inquiry whether an v of the banks had withheld payment, and adopted. Petition--For lax on Trnv. nnd Lowed. to land tax committee; of "inhabitants of Mount l abor lor their share ot the Mir-, phi", laid on the table; of citizens of Mid dlebury. relative to trial by jury, to judici ary committee. On motion of Mr. Tracy, the judiciary committee were discharged from further considering the question of I ho constitu tionality of prohibiting; the traffic in ardent ,-pinl"--r.lMi from Ihu resolution relative to meridian linesalso from the bill relative to assignments, and it was referred to the committee of insolvency. Reports Bv the committee of Claims, a bill to pay John T. Wiggins-- laid upon the table. By the Judiciary cmnmiltc against repealing the usury laws ; again-,! the bill increasing juror's lco. bill sup purled by Messrs Fairbanks, Hopkins am; Hasting", and opposed by Messrs Tracy (who moved to dismiss) and Dillingham, - when Ihe Senate came in. and tin; joint assembly mad.; Hie following appointments ntAMvl.lN COU.NTV. George Green, Assistant John S Webster, S Jo-tices. Jep'hn Bradley. SherilT. Richard A. Shatluck, High Bailiff. Gen. W. Focter, Slate's Attorney Win. Bridges, judge of Probate for the district ol deorgia. James Davis, Bales Turner, J, II Brniuard, jail commissioners, Orville Iv i in pi mi , Inspector of Hops. Oil AM) IsI.E COTNTV. Samuel Adams, ) A? Wm. Wait, Justices. Henry B Molt. SherilT. Beiij. Gordon, High Bailiff. Frederick Ilnzen, State's Attornev Joel Allen, judge of Probate for the dislricl ol Lirand l-Ie. Win. II. Russell, Eliliu Porks, Irad Allen, jail coiiiinissiotiers. John Reynold", ni"pi'ctor of hops. Olll.U.VN" COUNTV. Alva R. Freoi.h, i As-istant John Iv i nihil tl, s justices. Jacob Bales. Sheriff. E. CJ. Strung. High hailif?. (Jharles Siorv. SiateV attorney Joseph Wiggins, judge of probate fo lie (hs'iict of Orleati". W-II1'11I1S COUNTV. Roderick Richardson, J Ass. slant Pliny Curit". s justices. A'vao Carte', Sheriff John Pour, High bailiff Paul Dillinjjhom jr., Stale's Att'y. Daniel P. Thooip-on. judge of probate for the district of Washington. Thnnia Necdhain, Silas C. French, Daniel Baldwin, jail commissioners. Lnigan Loo Lamb, hop inspector. Ambrose L. Brown, of Rutland, Sur vcynr General. 1st.'nt. 2d ballot, A L Brown 109 1JI Andrew M'Mlltnn !I9 'Jit John Johnson '21 !! E Jewelt 5 0 Scalterui" 23 Z 3;!0 David Pierce, J udiln,' of accounts against the Slate. D.ivul pierce, 123 Daniel Baldwin Scattering 99 0 220 E. N. Briggs. (Jims. Ilnpkuis. Com'radeof and dumb. Levi Ii. Vila", ) The Senate retired a communication was read from the Governor, announcing 'Hint Norman Williuui", declines accepting the office of treo-urer,' and the House ad journed. SENATE. Tiiuit"AV. Oct. 19. Senate Prayer by the Chaplain. A Communication from ihe Quarter Master General in relation to the Arms of ihi" Slate was read hv ihe secretary.. The Anns are in the U. S. Arsnel tit Ver gennes, some of them in had order. Commonical ion laid upon the table. J'etilinn'iUy Mr Swift, of ihe inhabit nn's of Beniiiiigioii. on licences, liv Mr. Miller, of ihu inhabitants of Wiilistou. slime subject, severally referred to com mitlec on Temperance Memorials. Resolutions By Mr Phelps, of Winder raising an examination into a centnict for support of persons in the State prison. Referred lo a select cniuinilleo of three. Messrs. Phelps of Windsor, Rauney and Miller: by Mr Howu, that Ihu cominilleo on banks be instructed lo inquire into Ihe expediency of an alicration of the law re lating to hank commissioner;; passed. v Mr Rauney. requesting or the Governor ii statement of the condition of the Treasury. Alter remarks bv Messrs. Piernoini and Rauney, the resolution was laid upon ihe table. By Mr Phnlps of Windham, in slriicliug the committee on Agriculture to make inquiries on tho raising of wheat, and other branches of agriculture; passed. Bv Mr Converse, on Ihu subioct of distri htilion of arms of Hid Stato, passed, and referred to the committee on Military Al fairs. Bills By Mr Converse, to alter tho terms of tho Courts in Windham and Windsor counties. Read the first and second limes and referred to the commit tee on the Judiciary. By Mr Pholpa of Windsor, making it the duty oftho State treasurer to make annual report of tho slate of the treasury ; read and reforred to cominitteo on Finance. Tho bill taxing foreign bank stock, steam boat stock, &c, called up by Mr Van Sicltlin. and ordered to be engrossed and read ti third time. By Mr Brigg", a bill repealing the net. re. luting to interest, the same ought not to pas": laid upon the table. Reports liv Mr Brigg", ofa bill tn nd- lition loan net regulating town meetings, and the power of town officers with n pro posed auumilmeui ; Ihe amniidinent was adopted and the lull ordered to bo engros sed and read a third lime. JlcAolutian By Mr Foster, that both houses nii'iit in joint assembly this after noon, fur the purpose of eh-cMng a Treas urer of the Slate. Mr Howe opposed the omiIuIidii, on the ground that the joint ns embly had already discharged I heir cou th duly up'in that subject. Mr Pierpoint bU.-taiueit the -aine position bv remarks declaring that, in Ins opinion, ihe i"sem!)lv had already done all they could Mu-titutionallv do. upon the subject ; and having done so, l he duty of appointing a Treasurer devolved upon the governor; that further action by the general n"seni ly, in ihe present position ol nllairs. would be an assumption of power nol del egated to them and an unauthorized inter ference with that which had become Exec ui i vo authority or duty. Mr Foster call ed for Ihe reading of the constitution, up on the subject, which was read when Mr Foster addressed the Senate, in favor oftho resolution. Mr Briggs was sup porting the view of the subject taken by- Mr Pierpoint, when a resolu ion I rum the house came in by their clerk upon the same subject, and presenting the same question, Mr Foster's resolution was hud upon the table, and Mr Briggs resumed Ins remarks upon the rrsolutioti from the house, assigning Friday, to morrow morning for the election of State I reasii rer, in joint nssemb'v, and in oppo.-ition to a concurrence on the part of the Seiia'e. and moved to atii'-nti the resolution afier the word Resolved, and substituting a res olution that Ihe appointment now constitu tionally devolves upon Ihe Governor. Mr Foster moved that Ihe amendment and resolut ion be laid upon the table. After jomarks by Messrs. Howe, Converse. Phelps of'Windsor. Pierpoint, Porter and Foster, the mot urn to lay was lost, nnd the pioposilion to amend was resumed, when Mr Kiiwmau expros.-od Ins views upon Ihe subject, and gave hi" opinion that 1 lie duty of electing Slate Treasurer, still devolved upon the general assembly. Mr Porter regarded the question us strictly a consti tutional one ; and, the provisions of the coiisl itiition, in his insinuation, had been complied with on the part of the general as-cmbly. and the olfico now being vacant that vncincv should be filled by Evoculivu appointment, lor Ihe present political year, and was therefore in favour of the amend merjl. M r E iton said, there was nothing but a plain common sense view of tho iib ect ri quired, and he thought the senaior from Washington Mr Kinsman) had tu ken thai view. Mr E. spoke at some length in oppo. sition to the propo-iliuu lo amend, and ad vocated tho right, of the assembly 61 1 1 1 ID elect either of Ihe three candidates voted for hy the Freemen. Mr Phelps. ofWmd iiaui. replied to Mo-srs Foster and Kins man, in favor of ihe motion lo amend, and cimmeuteil upon the provisions of the coii-i notion, apolicablo to the question in debate. Mr. P. expressed his views t i 1,-iVnr of the propo-ed a ineu'lnienl . giving 'he apoiti' iiienl , n did ihe coliilllution, In the Governor. He regarded the views of gnuileinen, m opposition lo the nineiid ineiP. a- virtually in-erling a clau-o in the constitution, mil placed i here by iis trainers or ihe peinile. Mr Kinsman again oil dressed the Senate, in opposition to ihe motion ami in illustration of ihu views he bad already expressed. Mr Pierpoint re- nl'e.ltoMr. K, followed by Phelps, of Windsor, in favor of the amendment. Mr Simile, spoke in opposition lo the motion io ameeil, believing the assembly had mil vet di-charged, the duly, devolving upon it by the constitution. ' He thought the power to i. loot one of the remaining can dida'es for Treasurer voted tor by the people, i ill remains with i he joint assem bly ol both houses. Mr. Converse replied io ,M r S,, and in favor of the amendment proposed, when Ou motion of Mr. Pierpoint, the Senate Adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Prayer by Rev. Mr Kellogg, The chair announced ihe following committee-: On the b'ink inqairij Messrs, Hatch, Sinch, of St. A. Fairbanks, Chittenden, li'aiiley, T average gr)i(i's7-Mcssrs, Chittenden, Ellsworth, Birber of Powual. Seaver, Field of Chester, living'ou, E iuce, Good rich of II F'isier, Cuiiiiniups Sears ol M Appleton, Corbin. Tho Governor communicated the report of Ihe quarter master general, and t he re port of ihe survey of Ihe Conneciiciit and I'assnuipsii) river railroad roulo. Five hundred copies of the laller ordered printed The juror's fee bill again coming up, was further di-cussed hy Mr Kittridge, agaio-l Ihe bill, and dismissed. Bills introdurrd and referred-- By Mr Elliot, in addition to the road acts, to com mitten on mails and canals. By Mr. Ilay.elimo, repealing ceriainc acts, to ju diciary committee. By Mr. Palritlge, re pealing Willoughbv lake fi-h act, to geits oral couimitlee. By Mr. Bncnn, relating loju-tices of tho peace, to the judiciary committee. By Mr Sleeper in nddilmn to ncl extending jurisdiction of constables, to judiciary cuiinniltne. By Mr Brown, of W. lurther timu lor hunoro and Worces ter to maku u mad. to committee on roads and canals. By Mr Richmond, to repeal Gth and 7th sections of justice act, of Nov. 14, IB2I, to judiciary couiiuitltec. By Mr Town, altering the name of Seymour Aiusworth, to general committee By Mr Scott, repealing Berlin pond fish net, to general committee. By Mr Smith of Monkion in addition to notary public act', to general committee. By Mr. McMillan, to pay Ohver llarri", to cornmiltco of damn. By r town of Woodbury, to alter ihe name of Samuel Aiusworth, jr. to general couiinillee. Jleinoriats A largo number, on intern Iterance, slavery, Texas, militia acts, re. furred. Alexander Johnson, and aecouiit of Ii F McFarlaud, to thu cummitto of Claims. Mr. St. John of Hubbordtoti had leave of absence Irom nnd after to-morrow. Resolutions ly Mr Town of'M. for a joint oseinblv to-morrow morning lo elect irensitrer atioptcd. By Mr Dee, declar ing that the legislature does ijoL possess the power, cnnstiuitionallv, lo, pa" any act to prohibit the iniiiiuciure ajid traffic of ardent spirits; la rl(on the table. I h lull to pay John T. Wiggins was ordered lo a "d reading. Reprh--ly Hie Judiciary cominitteo. the bill relative to the surplus, and the bill al luring Hie name of Jctsey Fling-ordered lo a 3-1 reading: ag iiiisi. the bills relative to rights ot witues-c". and to high crimes and misdemeanors dismissed. Bv the com miiteo of claims, bill, for relief of Nathan Danforth--ordered to 3d reading. By the committee of Ways and Minns, bill for re lief ol Silas Webster, to pay sheriff of Lammlle for distributing the laws, &c. ordered to 3d reading. By the General committee, bills annexing part of Canaan to L'-mingion ordered to 3d reading, in relation to statu house, halls to be used only for legislation and purposes imme diately connected therewith; Mr Partridge moved lo admit stale conventions sup ported by Messrs. Partridge ottd Dilling ham, and opposed by Messrs. Kittrtdge. Elliot, Dewey & Fullain, nnd Inst ayes 5!J, noes lis Air. I'alrulge moved to lav Ihe bill on the table lost: the lull was further d "cussed by Messrs. Neetlham against, Mr Houghton fur the bill, when n motion to dismiss was made, and lost, aye" noes 120; and Hie bill was ordered to a 3i reading. JJv the comm. on grand list again.-t the petition of Wm. Bridges. The Governor communicated the report of the treasurer and auditor of accounts "iipermtendant nf s'.ute house, superinten dant of state prison, bank commissioners--laid on the table1. Adj. Sr.N tc 2 o'clock, p m .Mciiahrcs- Froni the Governor, communicating the annual Reports of the Quarter-Master General. Treasurer of the Stale and su perintendani oi'the Mate prison. Rss'ilulinn By Mr Briggs, instructing the cnui'iiMiee on education, to inquire in to ihe r rjiedienoy ol purchasing u painting ol WMiUnngiiiu. l'.issoil. Toe question pending at the adjournrn nieiit, on mnimu of Mr Briggs lo amend Hie resolution from Hie House re'aliug to Hie appointment nl Treii.iirer of the Si-ite was resumed, when Mr Briggs withdrew the mo1 ion to iiiiieinl. and ih- question re. curred concurring with the House in the pas"-age oftho resolution ienl up to the .Senate. Ou thi" question an able anil a r. gumen'ntive di-cus"inn ensued, on the power delegated by tho constitution, as applicable io the case. Messrs Burton. Young. Briggs Van Sicklin H iwe, Porter nnd PierpoiiH npponnig. ,M r Phelps de uiandii.g 'he veas and uiiy the million to concur wa e-;t, vea-- I I, noes 19 Bills The b II fur the discharge of m-irig ige deed- was rendu third lime &. passed; a nl-o Ihe bill in addition lo un act incorporating Hie villnyo ol Brattlebo- On motion of Mr Edgcrlon, the Senate Adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Ou million of Mr Scolield. Hie select committee on the town hue of Worcester and Elmore v ere discharged from further consideration of ihe resolution relative to county line" and Hie resolution was re. ferred to the general cummiMee. Bilh )f(?C(--Establi-hiug tho flag of 'he slate -lor Ihe re'iel ol iNathan Dan-forth- ol Si'a- B Webster -altering ihe name of Jul soy Fling. The judicial)' Cuiinuitteo reported n gainst the bill, nllowing the appointment of persons residing in a probate disirid lo appraise estates on Hie application of guardian bill supported by M.ssrs. Tra cy and Smith ot bt. A. and di-mi-sed. Petition For lax on Diixburv, lo land tax cnmunllee of Ilarnsun Bancroft, to I committee ol Claims. Mr Wi b-ter introduced n bill locating Franklin county building" at Sheldon, & asked n select 001111111'. tee of live. Mr South of St A. moved to dismiss the lull, and called for the reading of Ihe report of the cuininillee, appointed at the lust ses sinus, on ihe subject ami 11 was read. I he million lo ilisiiu-s was then with. drawn, nnd Hie bill laid on the table. Mr I) ilhy introduced a bill relative to bills ol sale relurred to judiciary commit. The following bills were received from the Senate and referred in adiliimn lo act incorporating ihe village of Bratilebo. , to General eoininiliee. The committee of Claims reported against the account of Lawrence from. ard. Mr Field of J. introduced n resolution. a" lo the expediency of making all able bodied men, between 111 mid .!., liable to military duly, or to pay nu equivalent in lieu oloucli tlutv adopied. Aihouined, SENATE. Fnin-.w, Oct. 20 Prayer by the Chaplain. Petitions By Mr Ranncv. of Charles Phelps, and .'50 other inhabitants nf Wind hum county, against the annexation of Texas to tho Union. The petition wus road and referred to a solcci committee ol livo, to Iio appointed by the chair. Of run dry inhabitants of tho same countv. on the subject of slavery ; road and referred sumo cominitteo. Ol other inhabitants same eotinly ngaiitit Blavcry, read and ferrcil aa above, Meisagei From the house, by Mr Mi ner, their clerk, informing of i be passage of sundry rn-olutioti", (to bo found in the proceedings oftho house.) ;,7.cjy Mr 1'ierpoint, lor repealing part, of an act of last ses--ion, incorporating a Rail Rnad Bank nt Rutland: read the lime nnd referred lo I he committee oil Bank"- by Mr Phelp", of Winilbaui, con-1 . r cernui" partners, nnu requiring myiiiuin m ( nartners. and reuniting payment partnership debts before division of profits; rend I he first time and reterroil lo commit lee on the judiciary : relating to prisoners and jail yard", called up by Mr Pierpoint. amended' on Ins motion, and pa"sed lobe engrossed and read a third time : from the house, for concurrence, lor the relief ol Nathan Danforlh, read the first nnd second limes, and on motion of Mr Steele, rule dispensed with, and the bill read n third time and passed: altering the name of Betsey Fling, laid on the table; for the re lief of Silas B. Webster, read Ihe first and second limes and referied to coininitleo on finance; providing for a revision of Hie stat ute laws of this stale, passed to be engros sed and read a third tune: providing f,)r reninting the decisions ol the supreme court of this s'ato. passed to he engrossed and read a third tune ; by Mr Eaton, in nil dit ion to Ihe act for the dii ribution ol the surolus revenue, road the first and second 1 lines and referred lo committee on finance; relating lo the choice and duty of town nf- licer", read a lliird tune, nnu on minion 01 Mr Steele, laid on the table, taxing foreign bank slock, steamboat slock and vessel read n I bird time, and on motion of Mr Waterman, laid upon the table. Reports By Mr Briggs. oftho commit lee on rules, an amendment ofthn rules of joint assembly, which lies 2-J hours. By Mr Converse, ol a bill alietiug Ihe term ot Windsor and Windham County Courts, without amendments. The pa"-ago ol bill was opposed bv Mr Phelps of Windham, for the rea-011 that the inhabitants ot that county did not desire the alteration propo ed in the bill, nnd supported by Mr Porter for the reason ihat the despatch ol liusines and the convenience of Hie farmers 111 Windham County would be promoted by the proposed alteration. Air 1'ierpoini hoped the two conn lies, through their sen ators, would ultimately agree upon lb subject, and op his milium the bill was re ferred to the senators from Windsor and Windham count ics. Resolutions Relating to the appoint meiit of Bank commissioners and inspector of bmk". amended bv substituting Tueday next for the dav of appointments, and the Senate resolved to concur. Bv Mr II .vend, rela'ing In bridges over streams con ueciiug uvo town", pa-seii anil referred j committee on road" and canal" Bv M Phelps, nf Windham, instituting an inquiry into t he importance ol institutions lor tin lucat mn of instructors of common school ami academic. ii r r. accompanied tlic pre-eniation of the re-nliition with remark on the propriety of ediiea'ing females with a view to their becoming instructors in -chools. cecnideil, in In- remarks by Mr Phelps of Windsor. The resolution passed, and was referred to the committee on edu cation. On motion, the Senate Adj mrned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, Prayer by h i v. Mr. lv-llv. Bills introduced und referred By Mr. Dewey, taxing tiiii'dliall, lo land lux coin, uiitiee; bv Mr. Beckett, repealing Will lianistowu fi-h act, lo General coinmiitee: by Mr. Richard-oii, in addition to Ihe high way acts, to committee on Roads and Ca nal"; by .Mr Brown of W. repealing school act of Nov. 17, l!!.'5, to committee of Ways and Means. On motion of Mr. Tracy. Ihe Judiciary committee wii" di-ch irged from considering ihe petition of Ah xauder Johnson and n was referred to tho coinutltlee of Cinuil". Reporh of Committee By Judiciary CinnmillfC, against hill repealing act per nuu'iig justice, to sign blank writs di--uus-ed ; against, repealing Gth and 7Hi seci mm nf justice's act of Nov. 15. 1021 hill dismissed ; ngaiu-t giving a hoard ol three jiisi ices of Ihe pence jurisdiction over crimes and uil-deiiiuanors, punishable by fines not exceeding i, or by imprison tneiii tn the couii'y j id bill suppuried by Mr. Bacon, opposed by Mr. Tracy, and dismissed; against In I limiting 1110; lor taking out administration hud on the table; against extending jurisdiction of con-tables bill disinised ; lull relative to taking out alias execution" against property of persons in jnl, with amend, infills concurred in, and bill ordered to a HimI reading. By comunlleii on Education, the bill changing day of mewing of lni"ee" ot Notwich University, ordered to 3d reading", lull 111 relation to common schools, one fourth part of school money to be distri buted among districts ; recommitted; against the lull relative to cuininiHees lor locating school houses Mr. Patndge sup purled, and Messrs. Brewsler, Colby, nnd Tracy opposed the bill, and it was dismiss ed. The cnminilteo of Insolvency made to port of hills, niie extending Ihe limits of jail yards, another abolishing imprisuiunent lo: debt and a third 111 altercation ol net ngatn-t trustee- laid on the table and ordered lo be printed; thu hill relating lo assignments hud on Ihe table and made Ihn order for lo morrow morning. By f.nnd tax coinuiilleo reviving act taxing Elnio'o,--laxing Brunswick G ct per acre ordered lo 3d reading. The Senate returned tho resolution for n joint assembly, to elect Bank comuns sinners, with nil amendment, substituting Tuesday in lieu of Wednesday Concur red in. Bills pnsscd--n nddilion lo act relative lo the surplus, in pnv sheriff of Lamoille I for distributing laws &.c -annexing part to1 of Caiman to Lenungton relating tu state ol, house iMr. rnrwiugo ninveu to reier 11 ro - jto first January next lost, without n I count to pay John T. Wiggins. Petition of inliobit'ints of Warien r0' ferret) to committee on the subject of licence". Mr. Dee called up the resolution, dedar ing that the legislature has no constitution al power to prohibit Hie making nnd sab of ardent spirits supported by Mr. Due. Mr. Robbies moved to di-iuiss it Measrw. Patriilge. Fullain nnd Dee opposed, anil m... . ... n ....... n.n.....i,n i i.'. ei - . - s - ,!. - . n.i-nuy-, u ;;, . imiPh supported the motion, and the motion wnj withdrawn, and the resolution laid on the table. Adj. Sbnate 2 o'clock, p. sr. Petitions 0" 111 hi bit 11 n ts of Chester, against sluvery and the admission of Texas into the Union. was referred to se'"ct committee. Of inhabitants of Berlin on intcmpcrnuco, referred lo committee on teniperuuce me morials. Bills Taxing bank stock, &c. celled up by Mr, Steele, and on Ins motion commit- d to committee on finance; relating to power and duly ol town olliccrs, having been read a third lime, was committed for amendment, winch mutton wa" withdrawn. Mr. Waterman moved Ihat it be indefi nite! post potied. After further debits, this motion wa" also withdrawn, and Mr. Van Sick'en moved the comuiitinnt of lh bill for amendment. Select committee nn petitions enainit Slavery and the admission of Texm into the Union, Messrs. Banncy, Howe, Yountr, Heywood nnd Waterman. Bills passed : providing for a revision of the laws of this Stale, bv three persons, to be appointed by the Governor, read a third time and passed ; rela'ing to prison-, ers and jail yard", read a third time and, on motion nf Mr Briggs, laid upun ihu la- Ii 10 ; Irom the House, annexing a part of Canaan to Hie town of Lemmgiou, read twice and referred to t tic committee on the judiciary; lo pay John T. Wiggins, th'j um mentioned : read twice anil relerred to committee nn claim-:; relating to the Stat ll-uise. and devoting it exclusively to pur noses of legislation, read twice und referred lo cmnmiitee 011 roads and canals ; for dis tribution of laws and other public paper, read twice, and on motion of Mr Pierpoint read n third time nnd passed. In relation to the surplus revenue. Read twice nd referred to committee on finmco ; relaimg to bank commissioners and inspector. Mr Pierpoint. moved its inilifinue postpone ment. .'Vr Cobb opposed the motion. 111 debate, followed by 1essrs Howe & Pior. point, .'lition to post pone withdrawn ami the bill, on motion of Jr Converse, hid upon ihe tabic. Adj. Jlcsiwzcs From the IIousci by Mr Miner, their clerk, announcing the ps sage of 11 resolution providing for audit ing the accounts of the Ftiperintcnilani of state house the Senate resolved to concur; instructing our delegation in Congress to claim payment lor the services of the militta of ' Ins state nt Pl.ntsburgh d.iriiifr rh" last war, relerred lo comm. on military affnrs. Reports, By ,Ur Porter, tin bill relating o railroul bank, that the bill ought to p i-s. Rend, in c.omp'inneo with the call of Mr Rauney, explained by Mr I'icrpoini. and passed 10 be engrossed and read a third nm. The commi'iee ou elections tnadu report, finding bv the votes all the returned member of the Senate du!v elected. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The pennons of Harvey Aoi"worth and Joseph iiiruham were referred to lh committee "f Chums, The 'and lax coin'lee reported a bill axoig Wedlock irdered io3d reading. Resolutions By Mr. Peck, as lo tin e.Viiefiieiiev ol extending time for new tri al by Mr. Miner, respecting committee to lay out road- bv Mr. Snider, instruct, mg delegation in Congress re-pecting pay ment of Vermont unlnia for services prior tf and nt t ha battle of Platlsburgh br Mr. Tracy, referring the accounts of the siiperinleiidanl of the state house to thrj auditor lor settlement all which were adopted. By Mr. Town of M, requesting the G ivemor to appoint Thursday Dec ", as a dav of thanksgiving laid 011 tin; table; by Mr. D-wey. to allow 2t mihti pulls on Hie li"i of Guildhall referred to commit!' n grand Ii"). Mr. irewster introduced a bill to add 12 per cent io the average of lands in the ,st" for Newhaven ; referred to the aven ging committee. The coinnutiee on mili tary affairs reported a lesolution, that hereafter all able bodied mile" between the age" of If! and 1j. (except ollicers who have held commis.ioii, 4 years, and been honorably discharged, and iiiinisie'rs of the gospel) be requited to ( o military duty, or pay nn equivalent therefor. ,)r. Towns ley moved to amend, by substituting -JO in lieu of .15; h'si. .1r. Deo moved to in clude only while pi rsnps ; rejected. Jlr. Field of W. moved to Mrikc out 'ministers of Hie gospel " negatived, and the resolu tion adopied, 1-12 to 5-1, The report of ihe ireu'iirrr and superin tendant of the .Slate house were refered to the cuniiuitleo of Ways and ,1eans. Adj. SENATE. .S'ATUIUMT, Oct. 2t. Prnycr by ihe Chaplain. Bills By Mr Ivauney, directing, tlm rreasurv to pav Rufu" Campbell Hie sum therein mentioned, rend twice and referred to cominitteo on claims. From the hmio. 111 addition to the acts for tho distribution of laws and other public pipers', read a 3d time and passed. Relating to railroad bank, taken up read the third time, and on motion ot'.lr Edgcrtnn laid upon Hie table; by .Vr Porter, declaring certain machine ry In lie fixtures, reml twico an il relorreil tu committee on nanufuctures. ReinrtsBv ..Vr Swill, nf the cntnmiltse on education, of 11 bill, authorising Hie pur chase 01 n portrait nt uen. Washington, road twice, and on motion o' Jilr ingfja laid on the table Hy Vr Howe, of the committee on claims. The bill to pay Win T Russell the sum mentioned, with a pro posal to amend by insciiing "one hundred and fifty dollars," which as ndoptcd, or-

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