Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 27, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 27, 1837 Page 3
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W, MT !fc & 3 XT Ul (0 3iT V It I D A V ,M O II N I N 0, OC I'OliBIl 27 Tlin Legislature will aljouiii on 'I'ltu r day next. Harry Bradley, Hq. nf tins town, has l)cnn elected Bunk Ooininbsiunor and In spector. Slate after state, in rapid succession, enst off tln collar, nml display the Whig Banner. Th- patriotic titiil excellent On.. Mi'.n, who, in the day of political doui m, , was ostracised, is now Governor of Gcr. , pin. Nnw Ji'.u-i:v rejoices in Whig J Legislature. I'l.N-iVI.VAMA lilts ll'drd j a Willi; Senate, and nltiest doubled her Whig representation in tin? popular branch of tlr Legislature. Ohio linn thoroughly j cleansed lirr Augean tables'. In both, brandies of lior Legislature there is a Whig majoritv. Ohio A slip from the Columbus Jour nal of ilu: 10th nist. contains the following paragraph : r,lnu,l from the taint of Van Jhtrcn. isml ! Whig majorities in bath branches of the General Jsicmbtij ! !--I'he iclnt in I'iiiiu n il the disltii'ls in'" ! M'l UToiu'il ; tml r"iiulin kiinun to show die Wins;- will i " ml'ntv nf at leail fnnr in llie Senate, ami us m ini' I This will ilu tin l i 1 ni'M October, wli'Mi tin Whig who were c.uilti nappim,' ' " "innbei ,;"lu,'" tics, will be found eer in in ill hi !- ' Eunng s return to the Senate of the United Stales, is certain as fate. Allen and Morris have recti ved their instructions ! I One .Si'ii.iliiiinl ami llnee Itcpici'iitatiw; Uis-, iiicls letnnin lo bcheaid Item. I'liey will ii(il).i-j lily nil icliiin V.m Uutiii members, j Gkouoia. All the Counties in Georgia hnvo been hoard from with exception of Baker ami Ware; anil riii,Mt:r.' miijority j for Governor is 1200 vote. The remain ing c unities, ii i- calculated, may dimmish i It 300 vote-'. Georgia liana Wing Gov. ortior for tlio next two years. Looi; out run Tinr.vr.. There can be Imle doubt that there in an organized jjanpc 1,1 horse thieves, ( xtonding from Canada line I hrnugh I h(! imt ire length of this State. Two ol them wore arrested ami noinmiiti'il to jail in tbi- town on Wednesday la.-t. another was m rested at Vergonnes tlio fore part of tin' week, and we are informed that horses have been taken at Cambridge, 1 1 !i-!urrh anil Derby within the past few days. The horses appear to ho generally destined fur tin Canada market, which lias been rendered active, wo learn, by Ibe demand of the government for a thousand Cavalry horses. One of the person.- committed here, we under.-.' and, Iir- given notice thai lliehor-e taken at Cambridge is now in Montreal CiMv."ii generally, and'y tho-e who own line horse-', should be n their pnaiii The following i a lit of all tlie acts passed at the .-pecml l'!loll of Cuiiirrci.-. which jus' tei-iiiiiiTf!1!. 1. An act to postpone the fuurtli iiislalincnt of drposiles with tlio Statps. 2. An act to authorise the issue of treas ury note;. u. An act making additional appropriations for the year 1!!37. 1 An act appropriating' $l.GOO,000 to the prosecution of the Florida War. 5. An actio postpone the payment of cer tain Custom House bonds. 0. An act to reirtilato tlio fops on the re newal of Custom Uoiim) bnnils. 7. n act for a settlement with the late Depo.-ito Hanks. J. ail to co-iliiuiciu force cerium laws to the end of the next session nl'Coii"rry, 0. A joint re-olulioii ri'gul.ilinr iuslaye by thu r,xpi(.'.-s mail. 10. An act prnvidini; for the payment of horses taken for I be use of the United Slates, from cci tain volnnleeis in the Flotilla War, 11. .'in act lei this ieliel'ol'1). I'. Madison. It in If) he considered that tins sec-inn was called, in the midst n'' eeneral, ur ni iro prop'urly speokini;. universal disiros'-. and that tlio people fondly h.oked to the action of Congress for some relief in i h (; i r cahimi'ies, or at leas', for Minus uaraniee nrrn ni.-t their recurrence. J!m auioio' ibu eleven above eiinni- ni'eil, lia'cln il hy i(. six weeks' incubation of our three hundred legislators, asisled by the voluiitdor an) ol the Secretary of the Treasury, who saved them all I he trouble of Iramin' thu bills, which were tscnt to the committees ready drawn, by thu linnil of that lucid and exac compociior; -wlmt nctsi. in Hie whole iiniii tier, have been passed for the relief of the people, and lor the benefit ohlm count rt? The Now York Express states that a public address to thu Whis of t he IJ States, prepared by n coinniiliee cboseu by the Whig members of Cnnyrcss, will hu published at Washington durini' the pres ent week. Its object is understood to he to explain the grounds of opposition to the prominent measurus of tho administration, nnd the designs ot thu adiniiiisUation in recommending the New and Untried Ex pedient which has been so hiirrmlly defeated Tub Stkam-iioat Huiimngion." Miis new .mil cleiinni Imal It ft Wliiulinlt on U'eiliHif. lay I.IM, at 5 o'clock, A. M ,, nm ,,..,f.., jj,lr. linglou (difliuiri) 73 miles,) in 5 Imnrs and 5 mm. uies. Slift lenniiiipil in turliiijiiiii 7 ininiiies, ami then stood mi fur Si Jolimi, Cilimanro 75 miles ) mid ariied ilieio in .1 1 2 liour iii.ikin ihn mi',, niii!; lime from Whiuli.ill io Hi imi ,"H0 m!( and ihiilj live mimiles. Wo have no licKilnlinn in saying iliat llie "llnrlinslon" in ihu most coming, dimis and elegant (loals upon itio waiem nf 1 1 lis or any oilier r.oiniliy. As lo fpeed, ii h Kind by competent judges, lliat sIib is equal, if n Miperior, lo in lie win Id tlio b.iv. i ii made plump 10 miles an hour in dead water, in I lie, ronrte of ilin d iy on Wednetday l.ii. We aie awaie some ofiliu tleaindwal on lie IVoi lb RUer, (Hood ami tide ujih ilirm) MW, made 18 or 20 miles llie liotir; but we do nut be lii'iclliut tbeie is n boat afloat, save llie Rnrliiij-1 ion, ill il can make l(i mili; an Ii mr in dead waler, J vn llii'icioiP niKO piiMFiiin in imii'iimciny in iiiui I nlilic lliil llie 1'iilcrpi iitmj iiwncis uf llie Menu lin il lini linyti.n liaxe llie IfIpI anil Iii'.I Imal in lCui i)ir or Ainei iea. Tlie Cli impl.iin Ti.uiprii tnl ton t'ompaiij nie as de.pi iii' of piiblie pauon aae im any .ifMicialioi, ofiiiri) w illiin our l.nowf cil;e. The haw been iiideOiliahle in si nsnii and mil nf fo.isoii, In make eiei llitn.' plea'iiiil nml lejieeablp lo all el,is-is of people who liae palimc ir.rd ilipir line; ami a hlicial and unelliienl pnlilie ban m aided to llicm llie pini.e of selling llie lio-t lables and keeping ilin inosl eleanlv boats that inoM! iipnn the American waleis. The Captains in llie employ of llie company weie Mjlcclcd by llie ino'l s.iaeimis nnd al lu board of iliiecloi thai ev er had llie niana;ciiieiii of llm cuiieenis of a slciin bo il comp on . Tlipyaie mhiiiiI, men, anil ihnv l el n jnl pi iile in Iiniii the bel cap lain nnd llie fapsl duals ill llie win Id. We speak (lie of s iIiciiics and Ii nib, when went lb. il ('bamplaill all oilier lakes and liwiH on die uiniiiienl of Amci icn, fur uonil ni.d cimimndiuu" Plcaiii-boais, good m.i.i'eis, yuoil eaiiic.', udoiI di bikini;, good sleeping nnd good and kind licain.eill C.ipiain II. W. S II i: KM A s ii epiillpinan so fa wu.ibli known lo llie public iu a s-le.iiii cap Inin is imilei of llie Ilin linginn.' H.iv be lon live to enjoy iliu fiiiilsofa well pained lepmaiion l'lnltsburgh Jlr publican. The New Vork papers iioiiiaiu 1 1 par ticulars of a most extraordinary case ol Piracy, cmniiiitled on the Philadelphia and Liverpool packet ship Snoqiieliannah, oil" the Delaware, Kr.NNnnr.c Dam, A most remarkab'c work of iniernul improvement has recently beuu nccoinplisnd at Aiignsia, Maine, on the Kennebec ISivur. U is nothing lesi than the construction of an artificial dam across that noble stream for the forma' ion of mill privileges. Thitj impollant. work has been long contemplated, but its accom pli'hment has b"en deenied by most people lo be utterly impracticable. A company was however formed lor the purpose of effecting the object, and the experiment, under the siipenntendance of Col. William Uoardman, of ISTew-IIatnphiro, ha- been I completely successful. On Wednesday, thei27ih lilt the current of the Kennebec I was arrested in its course, and the waters I were rolled back. The breadth of the ' river at Atign-ta is COO lect. and Ibe height of ibe dam 1.3 feet. The ln?in above, ex. tends, to Waierviile, 10 miles above, and after the dam was made, it was live days filling to the top ; and the whole volume ol water in the river now rolls over t he dun, affording a beautiful object for the eye, and a most extensive water power for all sorts of mills. The dam is substantial work, calculated to sustain the (looil and immense weight of ice that annually flows down the river. A canal nf handsome ma son work, for vessels and boais of large sine, connects the water above and belowi and mi'l privileges In an indefinite extent cm be coii-irucleil through lateral canals. i ! a work- of vast importance to Augn-'n, it will forever concent rale thee, an immense business to b derived from water puwc r fur all sorts of manufacturing pur poses. A NT I SLA N I0H V LHCTUHK Al the rripiest of several geti'Jenieii of this village. Mr. J. G. Uirney, formerly of Kentucky, now onu ol Ihe enrre-pon-ding m cretiiries ol' the Am. Anil Slavery Society, wii: deliver a L' CMiri on Monday evening next, at the WliPe Church, bo gluing at half pa-t 0 o'clock. Per-on- tie siriius of I eiriog, ere invited to attend. Oct. 20. I!!37. 11 A U II I H 1) . Man ieil in t ! i i - mw a, on ibe lfJdi in-t. by John ll.ii -low l'f(. Mr Francis Miiclkdio M i-n Sophia DcimIIp In UihlPiliill llie lOdi iiil by Itec .1. K iiijbu ly, Mr Samuel l. Wells ol II iiicbai-b Vt. lo M i-s Cainhiiu Mead oltlie I'm met' place. n; ii. In Pui-iol,(Ji:i. 2d, Sheldon I'aniielpp, a nipm hci ol ilie .Snplioaioie in M i Idlchafi Cullce. a-ed 21. . - ) In Cuopcreouniv, Mi-onii nn the 2(iib uf Hep- liber, ilie Hon DAVID IJARTO.N. 1S,"W booh: ST JSIS. Tip II H subscriber has just received, at IL the Old .Stand formerly occupied by ernoii Harrington, a new anil largo assort tmtit of Rooks and Stationery, winch he of ler.s low lor cash, at wholesale or retail. All the diU'ereut school books u-ed lu Ibt parl ol the country will be kept coii-lanily mi band, nnd special alieiniou will be paid lo the classical department by endeavors to ob'oin all hooks wan'ed either in Acad omioMir Colleges in their latest and best I'Muioii. Hi- -tor; eompn-e- ninny vnloa. hie religion- ami t benh.gical. law and modi eal book-, mo;.! f standard work- of Hiiglisb and American Ltternliire, together Willi a large ns-ortuiriit ol iiiis( work--, Voyngi s. Tiavels, Histories, Poems and Novel.-. Stationery ol ihe first quality will be constantly mi hand in quantities. ,A.VnS W IllCKOh' Rurliugton. Oct. 20. 11)37. 3w Clmsod and pluin (op linger Rings, mid I'mirl and (Jariiei H'ngs, beautiful iiu 'ation Diainoud Pius, in c In ters, and Pins and R-ngs of most all kmds wanted, received ai the Variety Shop. PAMilKlltN it RlllNs.MAIIl. October 21,1 Ii37 TO SPORTSMEN. rjrilll'J subscribers have on hand an J- assortment of Windsor inanufaciiired Rifles and Fowling peices, some in eases and finished in first rate ntylo prices from 12 to dO Dolls. LATIIROP & I'OTWIN. Jiurlinttm, Oct 20. 1 1137. Ainorican and Spanish Otter GAPS. 1 CASKS jiisi received of the above, iSl also 1 1 dna. Seal and Hai' Seal Caps latest fabhions. for sr.leat reduced prices by LATHHOP ii POTWIN. Cet, 20. 11137 Siieet Lead, lor sale hv Oel. CO HickoK Si C'Itmn. mjXIlAT well known and excellent FARM, -4 silualed on MiinsonV flats in Colchester, (! J-'J miles north of Itiirlingtnn on the clngo road leadmir lo St, Albans, containini; 500 acres with one largo and convenieiil dwelling llouso and out houses and one farm house, fivu llarus and onu fawMill. all nearly now. This farm is well limbered . wooded and fene cd. and tlin part cleared is under good eultiva. lion, soil excellent for I'.nglish grain and gra zing. ' tons hay can be cut per season. Those wiliing to purchaso will please call and examine thu premises for themselves. For terms apply lu the subscriber on the prom ises. HIRAM l!UAN Colcheter. Oct 2.3. 1037. fja ffS I'AIjF.S superfine and line Ingrain tsistsi (,arpei nigs, new and extra pattern-' jll-l repeived bv Od. 'JO. If!37. IiATiinoi-& I'otwin. wool wooiZ rU II R subscriber will receive wool on all .IL old debts, also fur all kindsj of Stoves that he has now on hand. Wm. IILAKE. Ihtriinscton. Oct 20. I!!37. CA M II into the enclo sure of S.fe F,.lf, Wheeler llie 21st of July last, a brown niarenboui 17 years old, with a blemish on one bind leg (having been broken) anrf formerly owned in Ibis town, the owner is requested to piove property, pay charges and tako her away. Charlotte. Oct. 20, 1037. Compound Chlorine, Tooth Wash. ann II K Compound Chlorine Tooth JL Wash i d' ciiially cleanses the teelb and moinh, speedily removes all canker or sorenrss. likewise the smell or ta.-te from the use of Tob icco, and all that is oflen-ive in the brenih in line it prc-erves the teeth ami tumuli in all reflect.- in a clean and In-all by condition. For a further account of Us -aliiiary effects reference is made to the recommendations of Physicians ami oth urs. attached to each bottle " nniFAiu: of uipositiojY. After I he original and Genuine Chlorine Tooth Wash had received ibe recommend ation of some of the mo-i respectable nhys iciau-' and cbeiiii-is in Ibe United .Stales, after it had acquired a lug'i celebrity m our principal citie. the name was purloined lo deceive the public and asM Ibe -ah: of -piirious mixtures resembling the genuine in name only. Imitations of this Wash have been noticed by i he proprietors, viz One adverti-ed by IJiiichins Pnrtsimmih. iT. II. ; one by S'.-tarre & Stoddard, New London. C oi ; two in Xew York Ci'y. one by C M. Olcolt, and one prepared united I v by Iliishton & A-pmwall, and N. Sinuh l'niiiiss; nnd one prepared in liallnnore. There lueiikn iiruiy preparations which partially n:-siiui" the name ol ihe geninne. such a-i Chlorine Den'ifnce, Chlorine Tooth Piiste.F.nrf ntine Tuolli Wa-h. Orris Tooth Wash, Imperial Compel. ml Chlorine Tooth Wa.-h, none of which have any con. nexion with Ihe genuine article. Tin- Ctuinminid Chlorine Tooth Wash is prepared only by L'lWe &, Heed. Iioslotl. inventors and ,-ole proprietors. It i- pir up in mould b.'Mes. Kacti boitle is stamp eil 'Lowe &, Heed's (JoinpoillKl Chlorine Tooth Wn-h.' and ibe seal to eneh boitle is statnpeil 'Compound Chlorine Tooth Wa-ii.' Attached to each bottle will be the signa lure u'L)we ey Heed, m the band v ruing i,of one of the firm. We have sold bottles of Ibis Wa.-b to Geiillein ii nnd Ladies who have iistl n for 'wo years and -peak highly of it ; lor sale at Ibe Varie'v Shop. l'.Mil!OHN &. llrtlNsMAU). Oel. 27. f!l.J7. ! RW (TJ O, (Tk T !-. -1 , ' ' V h HP LPilJ'O. na oi iiiuiM.Min i - now lecemng a heavy stick ol Dry Good. Gro ceries, Croek-ry ami Hardware, which will be sold lor ca-'h al a very small advance. Peari St, Iliirhng'ou, ) October 10. 1037. ( Cold Winter E. C. L is comino-. nASju-i ree'd (rum New Vork a gen-il-H. oral a-sortuient ol Morocoo's, Kids, Findings. &C. &.c. itc. A large quantity of Jicailier of all de-criptmns. which wiil be sold a- iisunl, Citeap for Cn-h. Like wise. 15 pairs of mens ihiek HOOTS at -'..lO, cash, a pair, first quality, of Ins uu u manufacturing liiirluigiou, Pearl-Street, ) Oct. 20. 1 1137. ( I'all and Winter (jooris. elCKOK & CATLIN are now . ceiviug their Stuck of Dry Goods and Groceries, uurcbiised low, and will be -old low for Cash. CALODONIA W.&T33R. rrjHK prnprimors of llm Caledonia -Ii- Springs have made iheir graiul d pot at St. John-, ami appointed n, hubseriberrt agents for Ibu sale uf the water. Any quantity can be supplied in boxes of one dozen boilliN each. Price, large hollies dj.j common sized bottle per dozn. A'p ply t" MOTT & PATTKK. Si. Johns, L. C. PURS, Caps, ."Mulls, IJoas, Gloves, .Mitts, Collars, &e. fir sale by Hicicoic it Catmv. 12 Bales linllhlo Uobes, largo sizes, lor sale by Ilu Kmc it C' Iuck Wheat I'lour, lor halo HiruoK A Ci i in jf m NOTJCIO. rjnilH Copartnership heretofore exiliog .5L iiudpr lb., firm ol' Ij'iniiel Ciir'n it ('o. is I Ii isj day dissolved by mutual con. '''n' Lr.Munt. (uiitis, CllAlll.lis lj. ClJItTIF. Hiirlington, Oct. II!, I!!37. All notes nnd accounts now unsellled, must be paid to Lemuel Curtis, by wle ui thu business will be conducted lis usual, and it is hoped all will sou the necessity of paying ilimu up imtiiPiliaieiy, as the bum ncs has got to be closud. L. C. & Co. 1000 "iur,1'i Nm'n!cotiti nnd Wesrcrn 2000 lin-hels Coarse Salt 200 Jtbls. line do lor sale by IIickiik 10 Casks While Loud, .'000 Galls Linseed Oil, for sale by IIicK'ik &. Cat;. in. NOTION. QITRAYKI) Iroin the stib-criber on the 3 10 h iii-i. a large rid COW six yeais old, uiaiked with lar no Die lelt hip, and! was lame lit her right fore leg. Wlmcvi will return said Cow, or give any lnl'orina t ion where she may be found shall be I handsomely rewarded KLHIIJ HUSSKL1,. Shclbiirn, Oct. 17,1037. p"w STOVES STOV.B3W, rn"HF Siih-cribers would inform their JL friend-' ami the Public thai they have just received a general assortment of Stoves, of various kinds and most approved patterns, which Ibey are determined to sell at the very lowest prices; among which are tlio Improved Rotary, Cooking, 2 sizes. Ilest Premium, (Troy) do. 5 sizes. Various kind ox, FJegant parlour Stoves &c. al.-o Sieve pipe of various sizes nnd quali ties, wholesale and Retail. Stove furni ture constantly on hand or made to order on short nolice. A small assortment of hollow w are suitable lor Stoves. Persons wi-hing lo purchase are invited to call and look at il.eir assortment, as they buve some ot Superior Castiiin'. STAR II $ "llOSTWlCK. Jtirlinginn, October 20i It, ) Opposite ihe Jail Church Si. S Two Horses Lost. BROKI'j Iron) ibe eiielo-ure of Samuel Fleicber on the 27ib September, one sorrel Mare, with n stripe in her forehead, one hind fool wbil" nnd ewilcb Intl. The other, a black Mare, with n Mpiaro dock. Any person who will notify Daniel ill. Lrowit. of toulh Hero, where they are, by letter or otherwise, shall be suit" ably rewarded. DANIL'L M. 15ROWN. S. Hero, Oct. 7, 11137. p3w Jam: Ki.ncakt, ) c .T"HN Ktc nr. ) yilKRKAS Jane Kinearl. of I5nr f ' liogion in the County nf Chittenden and blate ol eriitont. mih (irefered her Peilliou in tln Supreuie C.mrl of said Slate in xt lo he holdeii at liiirluigiou, in the County ami Stale afore-aid, on the Tnursday next urecedtng the lirst Tuesday ol J'ltiuiiry A. I). I!!3!!, setting forth that at'oresaiil on the 3d (lav of .lu ly A. I). 1027, sue wa lawfuily married to .mini hinenrt, then ol said I3urlin"tnu, bv Geonr.i l.,liin..,ii ll,., ., 1 .. ,.r , I... tu- i'eace witbui and for the County of Clui- h?or 1:1,0 "' l!r"fi,t lllu 0,(1 al"1 -- .fl -!-tenden afore.-aid. and Iron, thai time to od hwso ' 1,10 Ul' n P1' l,r uo'"t' the tweniieth ol September, A. I). 1 Ii JO men COOJ)! lived with said John in the strict .,b,ervanee Oo,, nd s Iver Pencil Cases'in reat varie ul all thu .nines required by Ibe marriage lv; gold, silver.sbell.poarland finely painted covenant. Alien the -aid John without any SnulV ii Tobacco lioxes; silver Spoons, ju-t cailse on Ibe part oftbe Petltnmer, , Thimbles, butter and fruit Knives; peail, u;'ulu and without her knowledge of his intcn- and glass silver uiounted Seals; silver mutinied ti.iu, left her at said llurlinglon. and went Dirks. Suis-'ors. Stilcltoe. Fineries and Wax to Spaui. wh -re be reimiuii'd iinnl July A l'b: silver Touih I'iuks, Whisilns and Italiles D. 1030, when he returned to the Iliiiled a vaiiely ..I' elegant pearl Watch Stands ; la States, and that be now re-ules at Wa.-h- dius' rich gold platen Head Hands, l.raeelcts logion in the Di-lrict ol Columbia. That I !""' 1!ol"llll!l Holders; inlaid rosewood and al ihe lime said John left said Rurliimton 1 ''i !r"lt1"''1 lowing lioxes; silver plated he carried with him all the property" he eelh liriisb, soap and shaving iiu.ves ; gold pos-essed. and left Ihe ,n., Pe.ii.oit.r n...l j M'Vr N '"'TvTi'vVY lau.ily, consisting ,, ue child il.en about' ,Vnr, ivory, siag, born and eoeoa handled two years old, wholly will support, and i o ;j and 4 bfadu IVn and Pocket Knives, of Irom that nine lutherm hath wholly ueglec. 'Uogcr.'," "IluutV,""Crook's.''"Hotberain" ted lo render the said Peli'mner and family , and Il.igshawV' maiiuf.ieliiru, du.-k, bowie any assistance or support, and that ihe! and pruning Knives; pearl ivory and slag said Petitioner ha- been obliged to rely for handled silver capped Duk Knives: a groat a meagre and precarious sub-tance 'upon variety ofKnghsh and French inaiiufacUiied her own personai labor, anil thu charity ol la.ors in eaos on cardsand Dozens, minialuro her friends, ami thai said Petitioner tint It Kmves and ScKiors; pocket, billion hole.natl, constantly resided wninn Ihe stale of Ver bleu and eomnion Seis-ors and She.iis, ofl'.ng. uionl since her said marriam: Willi ihe 'lsll,"IK' 'mi"in lli''iu of every form and saidJobu. " i quality; I "''"JJ!,".' Ami praying that t he bonds of matrimony I Vrolclu KngMl i Amoriii hair Rtusbes, he ween Ihe said Petitioner and Ibe said 1 ..fall possible varied size and finish ; clothes, John may by decree of ihe Snpreine imtl. hul. comb, shaving and bboe lirushes, of Court be disolyed, and a Hill of divorce great vaiiety ; t 23d and ;i row linu Frciieb, from the bonds of Malriunniy with said) Knglish and Ameriean Teeih llrushe.-; crumb John, granted to her and llosh lirushes. To John Kincurl of Washington in Ihe Jjv CO.1I US. triil (if Columbia, C! RllFTLXtt. Finn ivory Combs of all sizes and prices; l!y the authority of ihe Suite of Ver- wrought and plain shell Rack nnd Side Combs, mnut you hereby commanded lo make!rl,ul1 !,n Lufltilo lion. Twist Combs shell your appearance before the Supreme Court 1 ,v7'.1""1 'l',"", "'"t '"i1'5' Vt" . i.nvt to I. ii l,, .1.1.,.. ... ii.. i. . . .i nld n oi ii Pocket Combs ; si ver, Gin t am ' J, 01 "' li Ul " '" "'"Jappanned metallic Twist Combs ; jet and County ..rUi end.i. and State of Ver- J;U wi HlI,0 ri)11)1,Si J moiit. on llm Ihursday next the SOAPS, IMi R VVM 5t V AM) OILS, hrst luesday ol January, A I). 10311. Almond paste Shaving Soap ; "Kow's," then and there to show cause, if any youj while it brown Toilet Shaving Soap ; have, why the prayer ol tlie sain Petitioner, French transparent nml oxqiiiaitolyVerluiii should mil lr. granted, and further tojed Toilet Soaps, Lawson's coinpo" stsnil to and abiilo such ordur. iliiecliun 1 Soap for thu extraction of Oils from Cloth t and decree therein, as to t ho said Court American Toilet and Shaving Soaps, in shall seem meet; and in ease of default lliei great variety; real Farina, French and said Court will proceed exparty. American Colognes; L'nglish and French And whereas, it being iniido to appear to double instilled Lavender Wntur; French me, that ibe said Kincart lives without this ' perlnuied Toilet and liureau Cushions ; i. hnito, anil not within the reach of legal general I'sM-rim-nt ol Ihe Fn i i h i.Mrnci process. Therefore it is hen bv ordeted o' 11 im ts, loo niiiuer ui lo inM-m t , that milieu bo given to the said John Km Mmca - ir, Aii'Mie, Veg. i ibu .mi l.ear -cart to appear In lore Ihe Supremo Court O. Ii .r (it , nl I'ow.l. r l'u n next t. be holdon at Hui nigion, in the r, i , nu, , IJi, r ' . m r ami l Cdinlvul Chitttndtn and fait o! Wt ' I. in ,it. on lli. Tbiirsday next tircceding the firFt Tiii'(lay of .lrinniiry A. I). 103:1. then nnd there to how emi-e, if any lie Imve. why the prayer of the snid Petitioner should not In-gianled. anil in can) o' de Inult Ihe s-aul Court will proceed exparly, by piibli-hing the stib-lnnce ol srnd Pell lion and Ibis citation and order llioreon, three weeks successively in the Free Prom, n newspaper pruned at iliirl.ngliui, in the County of Chittenden aforesaid, Ihe last of which publications shall be at lens.1, i, weeks belore the time of holding said Court. Given under my hand at llurlinglon, this 10th day of October, A. D. 1037. SAM'L. S. PI LLPS. Judge of &U. Court H' "TA VM received a large ns-uritnont ol Fur Caps, Iluck Mitt mm. CJ loves, Cloths. Ca.simeres, Merinos, Vestings &c. October 0. 1037. 11 TKAYHU from the t'' ''i:'1 fWx subscriber soino ' ' L'' weeks since, an old red -r!i COW rather low in WTi .lJ,..ill,M tf,r ii, her 9'&P&k"-'u forehead and some wlnlu on oilier pans m um oooy not now ree- will he thankfully received. She was formerly owned in Richmond. II. 15. STACY. JSnrlinglon, ept. 20, 1837. 1)11. HORACE lIATClT OFFKRS Ins service to ihn Mihnbitnnis of Uiirling'nu and vicinity, in the practice of Med, cine and Surgery. Office in Church Street, opposite the Hank of lliirlinglnn. Sloves, Groceries Sec. Tthonew Store, between Messrs .1. W. Weaver's and Lalbrop ii I'olwins, Nos. 1. 2,3 and A Prophecy, Rotary and improved Rotaiy, various sizes, Oval boiler, Tup Oven, Rox, Canada I'o:;, various sizes and beau tiful patterns. Dumb Stove', fic. A select assortment ofStovo Pipe, 'l'in, Zinc, Stove and Hollow Ware, Axe, a superior article, Nail, Glas, Flour and a general assotl inent of Groceries, Siloes, Hoot- and various other articles for sale at a small advance on wholesale prices. SF.WALL KFNiNY. mooski. Sept, 1037. 3mfsl.) Charles James Kathrens Laic of Quebec, and St. Johns, J TIKCS lenvu mo-i respectfully lo ac- .tL? quaint the Ladies, and Gentlemen of IJiirlingion and n vicinity, that, having recently arrived in their village Inhere In niieiMw to re-mo, ne will give le-sons on Ihe I'ntih) horle. Violin, Clarineit Fiute &.: &c. to such Ladies and Gentlemen as may plea.-e to honor linn with their com- ma od-i. C. J. K. al-n desires to state that bavin; the acquirement of Thorough I?ass, he i ennliled in arrange M u-ic, and rnve insiruc . agreeably lo all the purpo.-es ol bar moiiy, and lintlier wishes lo add that, lo tunes piano fortes, rnrelully and correctly. li'i'cn Moiinlain lloit-e, Pearl t. ) Roilingion, S"pl. 21. 1037. ' W. W. M K S S 'E 11 , Sti 20!! V isinxu roN Si'iii:i:t, Hosrox. Importer and Diahr in Kntxlish, Canton, French, German and American Fancy Gouds. SUIUOIXF.I) is a Catalogue of some ofihu varioti l;uulso(,Goods W'.W. MFSSF.It is eonstanlly receiving I'.oui thu Foreign and Domeslie Mann fuel u ret. In soliciting Ihe ciiMnin of Merchants and Dealers, he asures Ihnin lhal he will sell his goods for Cash or Credit, al as low prices and on as good terms as can he found in anv Cilv '" I'nion. Having but rccoully commenced business. ho will bo pleased to soil for C sii al a much POCKCT IJOOKS, CAIlX3ASi:a, &C Plnin find inlaid shell Card Cases, peart and wrought ivory Cjrd Cases, gib and in.. n. re., tin. j Souvenirs, Nolo Cases.Mein iiraitdutii I'ooks, I'nblei. Thread and Nee. (n-es of beautiful fmi-li and oxtcn-ive vtriety; Indie' silver and steel luouti'fd Pocket Hooks, simple and combined wi'h Card Case nnd Needle Jlooks furnished and plain j Gentlemen's Wallets and Pock et Rooks, in a great a v.irniy ns run h found in thu city: Porcelain Status. Lcavts iiiui Tablets; shell Card IWket.- of beau tiful and varied farms I1KONKK1) GOODS. A great vririelv ol unique and elegant patterns ol Unitized Ink Stands and Ther mometers; broezeil Card Racks and Walch Stands ; bronzeiid Palilo Rtirners, tables llollt. (Cologne and Perfume Stands. DUSKS, CASKS, HOXCS, &C Ladie' nnd (Jenl leman's I i, 14, 10, I .'I, 20 and 22 inch rosewood and mahogany pent I inlaid nnd brass bound Writing Desks-, Willi beorei Drawers; Indies and Gentle men's richly furnished and plain Dressing Cases; leather travelling and lappaned Shaving Cases; ladies plain and inlaid. tarnished and iinlurnished, roscwoud, satin. wood, bird's-eye maple and mahogany Work Rfixcs; a variety of sizes and pat terns of pictured white wood Cotton Roxcs: travelling roll up and lock up Portfolios; perfumeiy, jewel, handkerchief nnd glove oasis . elegant Chinese Ten Cnddios. iii:scc r,Aiv i:ous articles. Read I'ags and Purses, silk and leather do silver piaied.gilt ami steel Purse Clasps; plated, gill, steel nnd glass Purse Rings nnd Tnsel; Imxesof Moiio Seals, embroi dered Rerlin Needlework, pearl, monilla, leghorn, sbrll leather, morocco nnd German Cigar Cases fancy Toilet Glasses; Boxes nnd Rasket-: fancy Album Hooks and Box. en; India Hnb'ier Rings and Balls; elastic Gnrters; Indelible Ink. Steel anil Gorniun Hones, Hngli-I) and American Razor Sirup-; lintiania and Wood Shaving Box es : Powder and Puff Boxes: Lucifer Mulches; Spool Stands; wood, ivory and iron Silk Reels; pearl and ivory Silk and Cotton Winders; boxes of Pen-, Inks nnd Sands; feather Dusters: wrought ivory, Chinese and feather Fans and Fire Screens: work. travelling.Caniou, French nnd Arner ican Baskets: steel Pens of all the most an. proved manufacturers' make: wax beads: coral Necklaces : safety chains: Pins and Needles; Pin Cushions: egg Glasses; sieel, gilt and composition Thimbles; pearl, bone nnd (Jan on Paper Folders and Holders: Tape .Measurers, gold nnd silver Spangle.-; Tranrparent, bronze and common Wafers: writing Ink and sand: Glass Inkstands and Sands; Billet and Letter Paper, and all. the vanet'es of sealing wax; Cloak Clasps; ivory, bony nnd cocoa Napkin Rings; Puz zles. .Mirror and Toilet Gla-scs: toy Watch, e-and Rox. s of Cliineo Toys. ARTI-TS' TOOLS AN!) .MATERIALS AH s ze-of best prepared Canvasses: Dry nnd ground Colourf; Mastic Varnish: Nut Oil Lion's Sab'e and Camel's Hair Brushes: pallet Knives; Asphaituin: all sizes French nnd Knglish Ivories; water Colors; Minia ture C.i.-cs. black and white Crayons: Por teravons and Drawing Boards. SHOOTING AM) ANGLING TACKLC Percu-Moii Cap-: Shot Bags; Powder Fink-; packet Screw Dr. vers; gun Worm-; Game Rags. Flagons nml Soorlsiiien's dunking Cup-, a very convenient article for travellers; Ft-hing Roils and Hooks. Ila-ki t-, Feints: Linen Manilla, Silk and Hair Line-: F.-h Gu &c itc GAISIKS AM) AMUSCi.ICN'TS. Splendid Co ut on wrought ivory Clicss men; Fn nch. Knglish and German ivory, bone nml wood duto, Che.-'-. Backgammon and Chequer B -arils, of Canton, Knghrh and Geriuun innke, ivory, bone anil wood Gin q'leriiieu : Cribbage Boards; Kngltsb, 1' rench and Anioririii P.aying Curds; wto t ivory, pearl, bone Wins' and L .o Counters, Dice and Cons, Dominoes. Loin. Solitaire, German Tactics. Fox and Geese. Battle dores. Birds. Coroiiellns. Game of the Gro. cos. Cup uiul Balls, Boxes ot Games, .lump Ropes, Boivs. Arrows mid Targets, Jack Straws', together with the following amu sing and iiisttuc'ivt! Di-eccd Puzzle-- ; wrought ivory and plain boxes of Chinese Puzzle.-; Man's of Ihe World, IIuropcAmer. ica and ilie United States. Buildings. Land, a.ipe.i. Manufacture of Tin, Grand Aviary, . nihigical Gardens. Slavery Abolished, Scenes in Paris, Telegraph. The Sorcerer, Scripture Views. Monnin -m. A B C. Har-ve-t Home, Pair Day, Billy Button, Johnny Gilpin, Threading ti.e ?V'edl'!, bine beard, Robinson Crit-oe, N ipoleou's Bivouac, A Year after Marriage, Hunt the Slipper, No plea-iug F.verjb nly, ite. J'ifi. N. B Order- from the Country promptly attended to nnd put up with great caroj D V. 15 I T, 1 T A T i: D V lOrAlTi'. S . f 'S 111) complaints pecul ar to the female JL part of the community, have been long siicces-luily treated by the adininistro lion of llie Aromatic Fills, originally pre scribed mill ei mpounded by Dr, Rki.vk. They cleanse the blood from those disor ders'of the lemale c I't-'itiiiion. for which the Pills, are mi effectual specific; thev nvioro a free circulation reform the irreg ii l.i r operation. of the sanguiferous system, and recti: y the disordered hnbils. The proprietor's confidence in the superior ex cellence ot this equally innocent mid pow erful preparation, i.- founded on the most decisive testimony from many restored pa tients lie can assuie this portion of the public, lhal u In n Dr. RclVs AROMATIC PILLS FOR FUJI ALE?, are regularly takui according to the direc tions accompanying them, they revive and establish lb. i desired healthy hnbils, and restore to the pallid cuuiiicnauct! the nalu nil glow ol health and good spirits. The Pil(i nri' 1111 prn visil general reine; dy in cases of Obstructions; Debility ; lly. pochoudria ; (ireen Sickness; Giddiness; Palpitation ol thu Heart ; bad Digcstiotis iiuihnig oi Food ; Pain of the Siou nch , Shortness of Breaih upon evtiry little mo il, m; Sinking i f the Spirits, ami its conse quences, a di jeetcd countenance, and dia like lor exeteiMi ami conversation. Married ladies will find the I'iHh equally uselol, i xcejit in eases of pregnancy, when Ihty viuil not be taken ; net her inn-t they be taken by persons, of hectic or consiimp t,v habiis. ",'iiey m.iy I) used successful hv en her i.i on.' omen in uii Ilypocho t , .,, J;' J" ,,, uns.'i Ji inle'S. In , i ,i nV'u n. 'i " P pnrilV i . 'i,, ,lt rd n d sy, , i i . $i -.0 a lu,.

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