Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 11, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 11, 1838 Page 3
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is rarclv mnilc available ns it ought lo be by drain, ng thoo liiio compost bed or Imp pen. Nor nro nnunnl bodies always buried in tlio enil a I buy should bo to cnricb the Boil with their gnes, instead of tainting the atmosphere. JJtH n lecturo on saving manures mnv bo altogether useless it Mons. Jnuflrct has found out n way to make tbcin in nny quantity out of nothing. No wonder we hear siich complaints of the Slow Mail. Thorn is too much of Hint nondescript nnd ponderoiM material on board called Pun, Doc, not yet analysed or classified, but supposed by the following to bo n production of the vegetable kingdom Viva l'Agriculturc ! Ti.n niiin v.rtnU mini (tint one liunilrcd nnd lldr- r.. r.?i,fMii iintinil iliiciii3li ihe nnM office of nl.irn .1 f liui I lime fincc, under die fiatik of n member nfCoii!;ic... 1 liu packages ucic utiiy marked "Pub. Doe IT A Fact von Contemplation. The Pongli kecpsic Journal says ol our 1 cecal elections in thi.-i initio dif. irinlinrr town or incorporated village ha been -.nried by the loco Incus. 'I ho strongest holds of iho nitiiiini.-lralion have been ovcrnirnnl, and ilirnugti the full list each displays the Whig llnnncr of Victory." M A U K I H 1 In Shclbnrnr-, on the 31 inM. by the Rev. E. G. Drake, Mr. AbelCigcof Stanbriilgo L. C. to Mrs. PruJcncc lluilis of the former place. In Peru, N. Y. on tlio. Ilih of Match, by tlio Rev. Mr. Kitcbcll, Mr. Lyman L. Lord, formerly of Bristol, Vt. lo Miss Delia A. Marvin of the for mer place. In litis town, on the 7ih Itist. by the Rev. John Pegs', Mr. Hiram Hamblin, lo Miss Hannah M. Castle, i) i 1: i) In ilinrptnirgh, on the 7ih inft. Daniel Marsh, I3q. ngtil 7 i c,ir.. lie was one of the firfl set tiers, nnd lived nnd died 11 consistent Clu NEW STORE & NEVT GOODS. W A I T Sf T A It O R BEG leavo to give notice that they have taken the newly lilted up Store, west 6KJ-1 Church street, "two doors nbovo the f-qnare, where they have jn5t received anil op-'tiod an cn'ircly new ami beautiful stock ot Fannj and Staple Dry Goods, consisting in part of rich figured and plain Silks, ' L "Mouselinic tic line," frencli print ed Cambrics and Muslins, English and American Calicos Chillis and Cassimeres together with a great variety of fancy ar ticles, which will bo sold cheap. May II. NEW GOODS. P DOO LITTLE is now receiving from New York Ins spring supply ol Goods, onnsi-i 1 lg of a general and well selected nssnriimnt of DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES. Ilis old stock having been principally sold out be is enabled to offer nearly nn entire slock of New Goods which have been bought at lower prices than ever bolore known. Being determined not tn bo under.Mild by any one. ho respectfully asks those who havo cash to pay for goods to rail and examine his stock. Burlington. May 10. 11)31). 3w NOW IS YOUR TIME. H. . ZsVOmiS, HAS this day received from New York o large assortment of Sole Leather from 17tn21cts., Morocco, Kid. Boot, Binding, Seal, Trimming, ll'ig and lining Skiri". Knives, Pincer.-, Stamps, jiggers shoulder such, strip awls, patent peg awls, awl blades, rand files, punches, sand stones, niscia hairs, nails, wlt sets shoe keys, seam sets, shoe hammer, breaks nnd key, eizo slicks, rasps, steel lacks kit files, webbing, boot cord ond laces, galloon, fining silk, blacking, pump clasps, heel ball, bunt ho- &c &c. Shoo Thread, green hemp No. 10, half blenched No. 3. yellm? -Nu. 3 and fitting thread. , Ir.s-if- uii"' frees. Also, on hand of his ovrn manufacture, sole, harness, bridle, upper, lop, skirting nnd band Italhcr, calif-kins, horse hide-, sheep and lamb skins. Bouts nnd Shoes of all kinds. The nbnve named articles will bo sold (for cash) as cheap ns they ran be pur chased 111 nny place this side of New York. Call and sec. Burl ngton. Pearl st., ) May 9, 1030. lioston Rum. 1 1 lids. Pure B Mon Rum, 50 per dSlvsy cent nbovo proof, just received, a cmiMnnt supply will ho kept on hand throng'1 'be season, by T F &. W L STRONG. May 10. '3D SEED CORN. ARLY 12 rowed or Dutton Corn for sab-by C. GOODRICH. E .Mail 10. AVhite Italian Mulbcry Seed, lor sale by C. GOODRICH. Mnv 10. Farthor Good INews. MY Goods, Iho Importers said, wore very cheap, Ihat I bought when the two Great Steam Ships from England were tt New York. Sinco I havo opened them at homo, I nm very much pleased it'.dced, for tho silks and all such kinds of goods nro lower by 25 per cent than I ever know them before; so that if I should se.ll at old prices I could fooii make up my gl50, VVindsnr Bonk Bill lossibut ns it was not Uken from customers, It ought not to be ehanreablo on merchandize. So I will not try to mako it up in that way, but by being B 1 It lo 1110 ro accommodating in snowing Goods, with increased industry nnd attcn tivencts to business I will soon mako it up, this healing and growing season nl the r. S. 13. HOWARD. Mny 10. 1333. BULL. First rote nnunnl may bo found, the ensuintr season nl the Barn on North Street, known as tho Riddle barn, his scr vices must command 75 cts. down, no mis .take. C. Riciiaiidson. Burlington, May 8, 1030. 30 Days Grace. LL who nro indebted lo I ho under A signed, whoso notes or accounts have become d 11 - nro hereby notified that pay ment must bs made to us within thirty days, or' to the Sheriff tliorcaftor. T F & W L STRONG. Mav 10. 103n. Dissolution. THE copartnership heretofore existing belwceii Lovki.y &. Annorr, is thin dny dissolved by mutual consent. All per sons indebted to said firm, are requested lo settle tlio same without delay, with N. aovclv who is authorized to scttlo the business of the cdncrrn. NOBLE LOVELY, JOHN ABBOTT. Burlington, May 9, 11)38. The business will bo continued at the same store, by the stibicribcr. N. LOVELY. Shootings, Cotton Yarn, &c. 5 HALES heavy "Lawrence Mills" Sheetings I " Fine Dover do. 5 " Cotton Batts 2 " " Yarn 1 " " Wicking. Jut received nnd for sale cheap by .Ma; 10. 1fi3!l. P. DOO LITTLE. 3 II IDS. Porto Rico Sugar 1 " New Orleans do 2 " Lump do 2 " Lamp Oil 2 " best Porto Rico Molasses, for retailing 15 chests iiyson, iiyson skin and young Hyson leas. Together with a general assortment of other groceries lor sale very low bv .7lf10. P. DOOL1TTLE DYE STUFFS. riyfjvy Uo's (Jatnpcacliy Liogwood v -w ciunncu, )sv chinned. I0O do St. Domingo do 100 do Nicaraqua 150 do Fustic 30 do Quercitron Bark, 25 do Maddor, 5 do Carcuma Ground, 15 do A Hum. 10 do Blue Vitriol, 30 Carboys Oil Vitriol, 40 bbls. Conoeras. Arfol. Cream Tart.. Flolant nnd Rann-nl Indigo, Press Papers, Jacks Nut Galls, Cudbear, &.C. J. & J. II. PECK &. Co Dry Groceries. Chests Iiyson Skin Tea, GO half chests Y. 11. do 25 Boxes Pipes, 400 Malts Cassia, 2 bhls, Cloves, 10 Tierces Rico, 20 Kegs Pure Ginger, 10 bbls St. Croix and Port Rico Sn?;ar, 10 do Lump do 50 hag-s St. Domingo and Rio Cuffy e, 10 do Pormento, 10 do Pepper. 10 Tierces Salcratus, 50 Boxes Bar Soap, bv J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Lorillards Tobacco Snuff. mci) j!arr'is i'' A; l c'jow'"2 t"- 10 do p. & G. L. do do 10 do P. & G. do do 10 do i lb paper Smoking do 10 do i lb do ,l 0 j,, 1,000 lln Maccaboy Snuff, "DO do Scotch i'.o 100 do American Go nllomons do, J. & J. II. PECK & C0.-.4 ;cnls. N. E. UUM. HHD3. BOSTON RUM, by consignmei it. L 3. H. PECK & Co. 40 Dairy Salt. Sacks Ashlons, bv J. & J. II. PECK & Co. JLOUli. orvr bbls. T roy i.nd Keeseville superfine bv J. & J. H. PKCK& Co. TOBACCO. KKGS Plug Tobacco 20 Boxes Cnvendisli do bv May 10. .1. &.. J. H. Peck & Co. Fruit & Confectionary. 50 UKJ L'.OXES Bunch RaHns 20 l;cgs Malaga do 10 t-ncks Almonds 5 do Brazil nuts ii do Filberts 2000 lbs. assorted Confectionary by Jny 10. J. & J. H. Peck & Co GLASS. 1)0X03 clia,,'Ploi". Peru and lllif) Jurico Cylinder Glass. 200 Bo.vs Bedford, Saranac and Crown do By J, & J. II. PECIC& Co, 4gen(j. NAILS. AAA K'-'gR8 Kecscvillo Manu lUvv factured nails from 3 a to CO a. 200 Keggs do Brads from 0 a to 20 a. By J. & J. 11. PECKfc Co. IRON & STEEL. RUSSIA old and new Sablo Swedes, English nnd Peru Iron do Band Iron from 14 to Ah Inch Round do to 3 do Squaro do " 5 10 to 3 do Horse Shoe do Drafts of all discriptions made lo order. Horso Nail Rods Spring, Cast, German, English Blister nnd American blcol- liy J. & J. H. PECK & Co. For Sale, on Consignment qq bbls. no, 1 North Slioic Salmon, also, u 15 bbls. Tanner's Oil, by FOLI.ETT (Si BllADLEYS. Burlintrlon.Mai 2. 1033. Cw cMHHMMmnn 250 30 do Atncricnn Brnndy, 5 llliils St. Croix Rum, Holland Gin and Siguetto Brandy, 20 Mods Molasses, by May 10, J. & J. II. 'PECK & Co. Elisha Ncwell's 'Estate. STATU OF FIHMIOjYT, ) DCTIIICT or ClIt'lTr.NDCN, ss. s The Hon. the Prnbnlc Court, for tlio ) trtel of Uutlcnilcn. To rill person ran cental in the liHntc of Elisha Newell, litte if Charlotte, in said Dislrirl. dcrcnud. GMMTIjYG. WHEREAS. Ezrti Mecch, adininistra lor, of the cii'nto of said deceased proposes lo render nn account of his ad ministration nnd present his account ngninst said estate for examination nnd nl lowanco nl a session of the Court of'Prohate, to be holdcn nt the Register's office in Bur. Iington on the second Wednesday ol Juno next., You arc hereby notified to appear before said court nt the time nnd place aloiesnid, nnd show cause, it any you havo, why tlio account aforesaid should nul be allowed. Given umW mv band at Burlington, this 9th day of May. A. D. 11)3.1. IVm. WESTON. Resiiler i Ellis' Estate. STATE OF FER.MOjYT, ) DlSTtltCT OK (lit TTT.NDBN. SS. I The Honorable the Probate Court for the District or Chillent'ten, to nil persons concerned in the Es title of Ahijnh Ellii. laic of tlunlinglm, i;. said District, de- ceaied. GREETING. IIEREAS. Jjhr. Elli, adminislrator of the l'i'iatc of said deceased proposes lo renner nn account of his administrnlien, -and present his account against said O.V ato for examination and allowance nt a Session of the Court of Pro . bate, to be holdcn at the Register's office in Burlington on tlio second Wednesday of June next. Tiimir.m'n.n, You are hereby notified to appear bei'fire said Court at the time and place nforf raid, and shew cause, if any you hav- why the account aforesaid should not be allowr d. Given under mv ham! at Burlington, this third ill y of Mnv". A. I). 11)3.1. Wm." WESTON. Rcghlcr. fldvertisemcnt TO TUP. ASTHMATIC AM) CONSUMPTIVr.. rjT HE most prevalent and fatal ol nil the jl diseases incident to civilized society -the Consumption may generally bo t raced to the leat alarming nf disorders, a slight but neglected Cold .' By cr-limation, it appears that one iiumjiif.d and fiptv thousand persons die nnnunlly of the Consumption. Most of these dreadful results may bo attributed to common Colds, and n negligent treatment of I ho harrassing C-ivgh that general! v en-mcs), which n usually followed by difficult brciithius. pain in the side, and at last Ulcerated Lungs. Violent nnd repealed Asihmaiic ntlncks also bring on Consumptive symptoms. One or two dollars expended in the pur chase of DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, and a little attention to their timely admin islralion, will usually ensure a mitigation of these disorders, nnd generally pflect a cure. The Pills are nlso an tay nnd effectual remedy for the symptoms preco ding nud accompanying tho A-Hhnn and C-iu'uiup'ion. F-r cold--, coughs1, difficulty .he chest. wl,e,..,ng.uaini.i.l,,. side, spit ting ot liltiod. iV.c. l't;w cn-es can occur .if nny of this cla- of disorders, in which llio purchasers of Dr. Relfo's Pills will not find a ncii return for their trilling expcndi tore. Price whole boxes, 30 1'ills, il ; half do 12 Pill-'. 50 cm. TO THE3 2LAD3E5! WHITE and sound 'l'eeth aru both an nrnnment and a blessing. 'Plic best njui my ,ur nu.r auvimugu in 10 ue luunu BRITISH ANTISEPTIC D EN TR IFICE. Plus elegant Toilh Powder, with a very littlo use, eradicates the Scurvy in the gums, and prevents the accumulation of Tarter, which not only blackens, but loosens the teeth, and accelerates! their decay. Tho Dentrifice thus removes the prevailing causes of offensive breath, prs- erves the healthiness and II iridness of the gums, and renders the teeth beautifully white. I'rice 50 cents. 'Nona gnnuino unices signed on the oiit"-iiln printed wrapper by tho sole proprietor T. KIDDEIl, imiiulinlt suctcssor to the late Dr. V. 'P. Conw.w. Pors.ilo at his Counting Room, ovo: No, 99, Court. street, near Con cert flail, IJ.iston, and uNo by Ills special ap pointment, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. 1,2 OAKUM. ON the 10th May next will bo sold by auc tion without resorvo at the Stores of the suhscribnrs. tho stock of toe Ilotisoor Indus. try,conisting of 7 Ions very suporior Oakum. Terms cash. Salo nl one n clocls, GUVI I jIj11.11 K SONS. Montreal, April 21, 1038. Wholesale and Retail. GENTLEMEN nro in. vited to call ot Wm I. Seymour's for the pres. ent New York City style of HATS, fhbt door east White Church, Pearl-si. Darlington, May 3, 10311. POTATOES. D&. D. A. KIM HALL will pay cash for 200 binhiils of potatoes. Darlington, May 3. 103(1. S. WALKER & CO. ARE receiving this epring their usual stock of DRY GOODS, WETS,- DRY GROCERIES. CROCKERY, GLASS Sc HARD WARE. which they will sell nl wIioIomiIu or retail as cheap as can bo bought at any other cs lablishment in this place, Fleece Wool and most kinds of produco taken in ex change for goods, or on old or new accounts. Burlington, May 1, 1038, MY SECOND TRIP THIS SPUING. OF THE CHEAP CAi!l STORE, WENT in the now Steam Boat Bur. linglnn, Richard W. Sherman dipt, which is probably onn of if not the very best flonting Steam Boat on the American or any other waters of Ilia world, and re turned by Iho judiciously well nrrnnged and highly pleasurable Boat Winooski, I). Lynn Cnpt. bringing Iho exceedingly nloai.ig anil intelligent news from Now York, viz. Ihosnli! of his $150 WiniNor money nt 75 per cent discount I ho arrival in and intended departure from Now York of Iho two great Steam Ships from Lna- land, a great influx nf the precious mctiiK a partial resumption of specie payments by the New York Banks, n declaration of dividends, rie on clocks, nn advance on foreign exchange, a full supply of Goods scHiii? at low prices) for cisli, and 1111 miiu mcrablo number of cnuniry Merchants from every part of the Union making their purchases ; all of which hn had a tendency to restore confidence and creating a better feeling among men nf business which must and will bo dwcininnied nil over nnd through every diss of citizens of our once irospuring nnd will again he flourishing country, showing itself in increased Indus try, intelligence and enterprise Now tlio said HOWARD by being in that great, emporium just at the crisis, fell in with iho tido nnd current of general joy nnd partook freely, largely nnd bountifully for his own intended bene fit, with a view to an accommodation nf bis very many and innumerable customers ; a full portion, assortment ond stock of the very best the City nff irdcd and from the whole of which ho had the high honor rind privilege of making his own selections by paying for them, which he has nn opinion will afford a grent treat to visitors and cos lomors to view fr 0 of charge at his mtuh talked of and General Variety, Staple and Fanry, Fashiowtble, Dry Goads, Gioccry, urocicerij, i.wwmg uiaii, fit? ware, Carpeting. Paper Hangings and Furnith ing Ware Home. Establishment. One door south Bank of Biirliinrmn Vt. May 2. '3D. S. EARL HOWARD Tl 1 13 two s-i.irv lirtck Houe, formerly occupied by S. Dallou, one nilo south of I ho village, npplvto H. LuAVE.Nwor.TH. Ihtrlinglon. Mvj 2, 1.113. tf Alary Spooncr's Estate. npO the Hon. 'he Probate Court for the JL district of Chittenden, The undersigned Nathan C. Strcotnr anil Anna Stroetir wife of said Nathan C. of Richmond in said District, the said An na being one ol tho heirs to tho estate of Mary Spooncr late of Richmond, deceased, respectfully represents that tlio said Anna holds one equal .seventh part of said estate jointly with the other heirs thereof, and being desirous to hold the same in severalty she prays the Hon. Court to order a divis ion of I lie said estate and to appoint a com mittee for that pu-.ricise. NAT' IAN C. STEETER, ANN I STREETER. Uii N C. STREETER, Willhton, Apri 1G. I!I33. STATE OF VERMONT, DitTiucr orCiirrrr.vnEN ss. S AT a Probate Court bold at Willilon, within and fir t lie District of Chilton den on the IGth (ay of April A. I). l!!31, 1 Nathan C. Street',- and Ann Streeler hav ' ing filed in said Court the foregoing not i- " ' " fl applicants ciu-c the several persons neys if living witun tins State to be notified lo appear before said court at a vession thereol'to be liollen nt the Eagle Hall in Williston in sauldisirict on the third Mon day of May A. I. H13S, then and then to show cause, il'a:y they have, why the said e.itatc should nc! be divided by pnbiica. t ion of said po.itioii together with tnis order three wccVs successively in tho Free ,, n,nv.nar(!r nrii.lnd nl P.nrlMmtnn in said district, tin last of which nuhlicatiuns In be previous la the said third Monday of Mav 1030. Wm. WESTON, Register. SAB.T. I"UST received nnd lor sale. t 1000 biHhels Turks Island S LT, 50 bags Dairv do. J &. J. H. PECK &. CO. April 2G, K130. THE Chanip'nin Transporlaiion Company beg leave to announce to Iho public, that, having withdrawn the si earner Franklin t'rotn the lin they havo supplied tier place with iho NEW Steam Boat BURLING TON. vhich they flnller themselves is not surpassed in splendour, speed, or safety, by nny Boat in the United Stales. She will run with Iho well-known Sfeam Boat WINOOSKI, until further notice, ns r.dtows: T H E GAIT. It. W. SIIHIUI.VN, Leave Whitehall every I Leave St. Johns every Tuesday, I Monh.w, Thuiisdav, k 1 Wkdnesiiay, k SATUItlJAV. I PlllUAV. CAPT. I)AV LYON, Leave U hitchatl every I Leave St, Johns every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thuihiiay, Sc l-'miiAY, I Satuuday. llTAt one o'clock, P. M.JZV Burlinglon, April 17, 103!!. Fresh Ground Plaster. rilllll subscribers will have a full sup ply or Freh Ground Plaster, nt the Plaster Mill, Winooski falls, from nud after Ihis date, Foi.lETT & BltADI.ETS. Burlington, April 0, 1838. W!!EIJWriWimW!ISJrrr Just received and For Sale, Under the Free Press OJicc, Coll'pc.slrcr.l ) A general nstorttiieni WHIPS SP LASHES, from G cts. to j55-c0 each. Also, a tupunur lot of SADDLES, TRUNKS. HARNESS. VAUSSES, CARPET RAGS, $c. a. Carriage trimming done to order. Call and see. SAMUEL S. SKINNER. OTWnntcd, n JOURNEYMAN at the above business. Darlington. April 27. 11133. tf STRAYED. PROM the subscriber, on Iho 2d inst. a Bay Il'irso six VOnrs (llil. ivtiitn Wa53fe3S- hlI1(1 f00l' stripe in the face. lie was las', heard of in the victii'ly of Burlington. Whoever will return said horse, or civn information where he may be had. shall bo well rewar ded. FRANCIS BARKER. Charlotte, May 3d, 1033. (fh Hundred dry White Lead. 30 ke.'S do. rrround in nil. April 20. J. 'd. J. II. Peck fe Co iYO VICE. A LL persons having unsotlled accounts la wiiii mo, nro rcspcr-.tlully invited lo call nt my store nnd adjust them ptr.vious to the lath of May next ; those who neglect lo do so will find their accounts in iho hands ofnnat. lriney,to whom immediate payment mu-t he mauo. JJAN DAY. April 27, 1033. rruu: genuine moriso.vs pills. JL and POWDP.flS. Jusl received direct from Geo. Taylor. 13 Chamber st. Now York, sole agent for the United Stales, 1 more case of the genuine Morison's Pills nnd Powders; making Iho 5th large case rce'd this winter. Tho superiority of these medicines is duly ap. or was it known that the genuine Pills and ' Powders made In- Mnrison the II voist. mold again 'jo had in Vermont, than orders were 1 received from tdl parts of tho State for them ; and letters are very niton sent us informing us that thn Pills icccivcd from us nro tho Fame kind which were first son', lo tho Uniled Slates by Mr. Mnrison, cxnrcssin-r in Iho warmest lnrm, their gratitude to ns, for sun plying Ihis Slate with this first and best Vrg. ctablo iMcdecine. The salu of this mcdicino is contanlly increasing in all parts of the world; it gives perfect satisfaction, nnd it will continue to be used by greater numbers every year, as all who use it according to sound judgment arc benefitted and do" invariably continue to use it whenovor the.y need medi cine, nnd recommend il lo tho fullest confi dcncn of their i-io!; ftiends. It hai cured in hundreds of thnnns-ads nf cases whero every thing else has laden to afford relief. There is more undoubtedly of thi: medicine used nl this liuii! in the world, than of any other that has over been discovered ; and what is nioro im portant it is curing more than any other mod ccino. The prices for this medicine are For Packuts containing over 1 lo Pills $1. For Packets containing over 3G0 Pills 3. Having a proportion of two to one ol No. 2 Pills in them. For tho accommodation of those who wish to get tho No. 1 or No. 2 Pills separately ihey aru put up alo in 2j and 50 cent boxes, only one kind in n box. They can bo had also in quantities posting 75 cents and 1,50 cents. The Vcgotahlo Aperient Powders arc 25 cents per box ; Iheso are to he used when the No. 2 Pills occasion thirst, or sick ncss at thn stomach; and at all times they greatly assist the good operation of tho medi cine. Directions for taking the Pills. Take 2, 4, 5, or more of tho No. 1 PilN tho first night and the same number oflho No. 2 Iho two following nights and so continuo alter nately, one dose of No. 1, lo two doses of Nn. 2V, when they occasion thirst or lelnhing, mako n drink oftho Powders, mix-d with wa ter and sugar. Il i not possible to give dircc. lions, perfectly applicable to rery possible case, but each person must use judgment in taking medicine, nnd very soon will know whether 2, -j, or 10 Pills arc necessary lo a dosn in tueir can. In violent, acute cases-, such as Fevers, Colick, Pleurisy, Inflamatinns, Small Pov, Measles, .-e. follow tho diieetion given nn tho wrapper accompanying tho Pill Moia full directions accompany each box and packet. Vin chasers in this stale if they with lo get this hu-l and genuine medicine will rrn'ji lon'j and see that Iho box or packet is ligned in xtriling by Pangbom & llrinsmaid. ii il is not mi Hgncd, do not buy it, no mat or how plausible" a story is told von concern log ''s genuineness. Wo supply this stale, and .-hall tint Jet n hnx or packet go Irom our shop un' tills signed. And purchasers out of '.j Cotii'1 j of t'hi'.tenden aro informed that wo h ivo but one agent in a County, (said agent basilic privilc-.) of leaving the mcdicinu in any town in 1 'j countv, by taking $500 bonds ol the per.-oi s-ellin- them, that ho w not sell any other 1110.1101110 purporting either (lireellv or indirectly to lie this article ;) in ad ditinn to our signatuies, the county agent will sign his namo upon every box or packet sent lo him unless llicy ato so signed do not pur clu'o thorn. Do not buy them ol iJruggi-ls or Pedlars, fur Ihey have not the genuine aiticlu made by .Hanson, Seo that iho person pre lending to sell tho genuine Pill has a certificate signed bv us and confirmed by Geo, Taylor, solo ngeul for Iho United Stales, also a printed one signed by Geo. Taylor suspended in his store. I'ANunoitN x Uiiinsmaid. Jewellers Burlington Vl., agents for the stalo ol Vermont, appointed by Geo. Taylor 13 Chamber st.. Now York, solo agent for tho United Slates, soul out by the BritUh College ol Health, London. SU15 AGENTS. Geo. II. Fish Middlcbitry, Addison Co, O. A, Keith, Sheldon, Franklin Co. S. E. Morse, Craft-bury. Orleans Co. John Kolsc.y, Danvillo, Caledonia Co. N. C Goddard, Wiudsoi, Windsor Co. M.S. Iluckland. Hollows Falls, Windham Orvis.t Uoberls, Manchester, llenninglon II. V. Porter, Rutland, Rutland Co. W. XV. Caihvcll, Monlpelier Washington co Foster Grow, Chelsea, Orange Co. April 27, 1038. Nova Scotia Plaistor. TONS now grinding nndlorsaio fl hv I lie. subscribers. UOA HUMAN, CLARK, Si Co. .Vi7on, Loirtr Falls, Jan, 25, 1838. mm ill J . r 1 . J tl Jin , fiJANUFACTL"llES mid keep con. IV. statu IV "ii hand Rbiglctts, Pufjs wire uuris, J'tam tiatr, oic. fs. .-- Ciih paid lor Hair. White Street, oppoito the Methodif-t '.i-npel, Burlinglnn. May II, inSB. J. LEWIS WOULD respecirnlly inform tlio pub lic that lie la now ready lo nrnticrf in iho nbovo business. From n. perfed-i know ledge and practice ol the btisitiebs ho feels willing to affirm that it will bo duno 111 1 1 0 neatest manner. Culls will be strictly attended to nt Ihcif respective dwellings, or at his rooms two doors north of. I. MitcbpP'n. Church street. Burlington, Feb. P., 1G30. ursvr BOOKS. rjnllE followiiigreeeut publications have JL been lately received and nro for sale at i he Book Store. The Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella S vol. 0 vo. Lockhnrt'a Life of Scott. Arabia Pclraca and the Holy Land 2 vol. 12 mo. Ware's Palmyra. 2 vol. 12 mo. Retrospect of Western Travels by MUa Mariiiicau, 2 vol. 12 mo. Ernest Maltravcrs, 2 vol. 12 rno. Sequel to do, do. Lolia, 1 vol. Corinne, or Italy 2 vol. 12 mo. Life in London, do. Life in Paris, do. Gentleman Jack, do. Martin Fabor and oilier Tale3 do. do. Modern Socicly. Love Token for children, by Miss Sedg wick. Youth's Portfolio. Chrislinn Retirement. Woman as she should be, by Hubbard Winslow. Sherlock's Sermons and Discourses. Murdock's Moshcim's Church History 3 vols. 0 vo. Butler's Analogy, with Barne's Essoy. Real Dialogues, by Abbott. Christian Pastor's Manual Phila. 1037. Irviug's Astoria, 2 vols, t! vo. Humbugs of New York, by Dr. Reese. innkce Notions, by Pun. Titterwell. Shakespeare, Boston cd. 7 vols. 0 vo. Hannah Moorcs' complete works, 2 vol. 8 vo. Russell's Modern Europe 3 vols. 0 vo. Robertson's Works, do. Mrs. Ilemans' Poem', complete in 1 vol, Sigourncy'8 Poems, ?few ed. Characteristics of Women, by Mrs. Jameison. A new stock of praver Books nnd Bibles, has just been received, man v of them put up in elegant style. Those who wish to purchase books, nre requested to call and examine for themselves, ns quite nn exten sive assortment of standard, Miscellaneous and Religion publications not above ore offered for sale. JAMES W. IIICKOK. Burlington. May 4, 1 033. LUMBER. nnilE subscribers have on hand on the JL Dock, a la'go quantity of common Lumber, which Ihey offer for sale very low. Also, on hand at their Mill Yards, 100.000 foot of Lath, which can bo delivered in any quantity wanted. Fom.ctt & Bkaulcys. Ilurlmgton, April 2G, 10J3. TIN PLATE. Boxes, 1-3 X just ree'd and for sale by W. 11. & Y. C. VILAS. April 25, 1030. 3v nnilE subscribers have on hand, a full XL assortment of Broadcloths of all qual ities and colors, Satinclts, Flannels. Ken tucky Jeans, carpels fcc. i-c. which they aro prepared to exnhango for fleece or pulhd wool at liberal prices, or wool will bo pur chased for (.ash or sold on commission. Growers of wool nud country merchants will find it their interest to call. Apply to TO UN ELF. Sz HALL. No. -15 Fulton st., 2nd door from Pearl st., city of New York. NOTICE. nrillE adjourned mooting oftlio Median Ju ics and working men, will be held at the Green Mountain House, on Saturday iho 28th iiist.ntC o'clock P. M. AUthoso who wish to join this fraternity, are re quested to attend, and nil native American Citizens, who have not as yet been inform cd ns lo the object1! ol this association (who are mechanics, or Laboring men) are rc quested to attend. "O FITZGERALD, being desirous ofclo iTAL. sing his business in this place boroby informs "the public," that bis stock of JEW ELRY, Ml LIT. 1 11 Y and FA JVC Y GOODS, ivillbe ibid tn a winner "To please the Peo. I'Lr. ! !" N. II. Those indebted as abovo aro remin" ded that Uncix Sam must have his rent on iho lif day of April, and Idan't like the Laicters. March 7, 1836. H. Fitzokr lh. New England Seed Store, rirui Ojjicc of the New England Farmer, Noiitii Maiiktt Kin it. r, Iiovro.v. T. T'. Ar Y. It. STItONG Airents. lioilini'tou Vt. nn ItTivn nntv nn trardcn and flow. 'I er Scots in great varicly, Rula Baga. Mangel Wurt.el, Sugar licet kc. &u. Wo would call the attention of llio public lo seeds from this establishment Uuw being far superior lo any put up in tho Uniled States. April o. Best business stand in Town rjplUE subscriber oilers lor sale the Slorrt JL Ilniiso in Church st., recently occu pied by D. W. Ingersoll & Co. nnd nt present in the occupancy of Lovely & Ab bott. Possession given 1st August next terms of payment to suit tho purchaser. J. S. POTWIN. 15 Ilhds. MOLASSES US'P lauded nnd for snle. by j. & j. ii. peck & ca J 20th April, inso.

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