Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 25, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 25, 1838 Page 2
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jjju J.m j in mi r ' iittiii',ALU!1r,"-iqjJM' i'Kl I) A Y ftl O II N I N G, Al A Y 05. The Steamer IJnrlinglon, in cou-rqiiencc of an accident to her nincliincry, lias been detained al Whitehall since Tuesday, and il will probably be some days before sho will resume her trips. In the mem time, Hie M'Dnnough, dpt. Phillips, will ta!(o licr place in I lie line Mr. Woodbury, Secretory of the Treas ury, ha? been nominated by Gov. Hill, to bc'Chlef Justice of ilic Superior Court of New Hampshire, and the nomination has been confirmed by I lie Council. Report say-? that Auius Kendall is to succeed Mr. Woodbury in the Treasury Department, and that Isaac Hill is to be Post Master General. The Treasury Note Bill has passed tlio House, 100 to 09. The nest day a rccon Mdoration was moved. Vote 110 to 100. The speaker voted with the nays, which made a lie: and the bill was rent to the Senate, where il was warmly debated, but finally pased, by a vote of 27 lo 13. So the government is in funds again-such as they arc . U. S. Cir.cuiT Coon-r. The May term commenced In this village on Mundiy. Judges Thompson and Paine, present. In dictmcnts, it is understood, were hid bo. fore the Grand Jury against Drs. Nelson (It.) and Cote, for alleged violations of the neutrality law ; but no "true bill" was found in cither case. The Propagation Society case from Westminister, goes up to the Supreme Court, on exceptions token by the defendant. -Windior Cfonnicle. VtnaiMA Ki.Ecvtos.-Tho Frcdricks burgh Arena is of opinion that there will bo a tic on the joint vote of the two houses. The same paper says that the election ol'a Whig Senator, lor reasons elated hereto fore, is absolutely certain. The National Intelligencer says, that Lion Hanks has obtained the return as Representative in Congress from Virginia, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resig nation of Mr. Patton. Ilia precise majority over Mr. Slaughter is thirteen voles. This is close- polling. Mississippi Election. Wo am at length enabled lo givo our readers the final result of this election. The Whig candidates, Messr3. Prentiss and Word nrc elected, A slip from the office of the Nashville Republican Banner, of the 13ih inst., gives the returns. PrcntiFS. Word. Claiborne 12022 11389 11119 Prcntirs maj. over Claiborne, Davis 10641 903 1381 270 710 Davi Words " Mississippi the thraldom Whig State. Claiborne Davis, therefore redeemed from Loco focoism, and is a MEXICO AM) THE U.NITEl) STATES We havo information from a source to be relied on, that Finco the proposition of Martinez, tho Mexican Minister, to refer cur controversies with Mexico to the arbi trntion of a neutral power, arrangements have been emcrcd into which arc hkolv to terminate in the speedy and peaceful settle ment of those controversies. Our govern ment at home finding a gale blowing about their ears deem il expedient to take in some of their canvass. The frst thing to be got rid of is the Mexican war. General Itcr.nAss. Tlti ila Charles l)u. r mil i crciied fcnlrnce of demli, In lie lunged on I lit' 2lih in-i. I'lie tcniaindi'r of the prisuni'is not Jt'l tried, In I ho niiinlier (if 01, ueic ilirn called tip, u In n die C'lili'f Jii'lici! in liis tiftial iitilc :iud clu 0,'ii'nl nj le, mliliPiijiril them on t lie ritoimiiy (if llie n hue in hirli lliey ueic riiangid, nnd enjoined i'iu ll.ein In liein pence ;md mrial h.u ninny, ( I I in,' foi tli I lie linpv leriilu (if fiicli a rninse. of I'ninliiel, " hit li n fiiii.-lit.'d liy info'tning lliem ill com-ii lii .it ittri of llin I'licitji'lici ff'ii In ninth liein u?ed to cm nipt tj-eir ininiU, ami in lenient. Induce of tlicii Conner liijiilly mid good conduct, lliey weiit p.inliiiicd. Tho only rniidilinii uliitli una i(i'iiird uf litem win to gitc fccw it) fur their gnnil licliaiiiinr fur thtre je.trc, ilieinelu's in 200 e.irh, mid two anciics cnclt of 100. Toronto Patriot. UniTiMi ArtJiv in America. The Btit ifh regular troops quartered in Canada, and at Halifax, nutnbor II 000 infantry and 500 cavalry, cxcluoive of artillery and engineers. Quebec, May 10. The people line are till In prep.tialion I'nrihe tercptimi of the new Governor Gcneiiil, I.nid Oiiiliain, He is io conic nut . it i tun!, w till ti splendor anil an rnulp.ige, tin: tike of winch has not lieen fcen in the new not Id since ihe dajs of the Spanish C.tuilici s tit Hup minla, and in Mrslro. Ilii" wile is lo cnimiM .if 300 person. 1 1 1 1 hotte?, litis, hounds, plate, &c. mtt all to rom with liini, and lie wtlltitilu rutifitinil tint 'natiM-H.' Tho ;itvla'ln line now, ilin guards hating cmne, the g' hutiri'hold iionpv, is iihiii'thcr F.wo. ilea n, (int lieu looks likti (-uiim t in in Finnre lliat the I S i it ft in, i It o taken, 'i'lie 1' it I nf Dailiain is lo lone iib liij rhaican, tho nn liainenl hon.-e, ilia gt e.i I rpcukltig r loin lo bu made his eating tooiii. Mis'ion to Canada. The Kingston (U. C.) Chronicle stated not long since that Mr. Vail was in that Province- on n mis. ion from the United Sln'es Govern ment. The following reply of the Sccro, lary of Slulc lo a letter, from ccrlaiu Phila dclphians asking for tho inlnrccffion of Government in favor of Dr. Theller, ex plains the object of Mr. Vail's visit. Department or State, ) Woshinginn, 23d April, 182(1. Gcntltn-osi Your letter of t hu 22dimt. requesting thii nierjiosiiien of this Deport mcnt in behalf of Dr. Thellcr, now under si'iilnnco of death nt Toronto, in Upper ('nntln, for alleged treason ogninst the British Government hasjust been received, I have tin' honor, to inlorin you, in rrply, that u special agent was recently despatch rd lo Canada, and is, probably, now there, who was initructcd to inquire into the situ at ion oroll perrons claiming to bu Ameri can citizens, who had been imprisoned by the local authorities, on tho charge of being implicated in tho recent disturbances in tho British provinces! and it is pre sumed that; if the case of Dr. Thollcr is one in which the intervention of bis good ollicnt is justifiable, they will without doubt, be exerled in his favor. 1 am gentlemen, Your ob'l servant. JOHN FORSYTH. The Presbyterian General Assembly, we learn from the Philadelphia Sentinel, met on Thursday in Philadelphia, and divided. After ineffectual attempts to heal lha (lis agreements caused by the acts of the last Assembly, Dr. Boman, of Troy, was cho sen moderator by a majority (new school) who then adjourned, to meet at another church. The minority (old school) remain, ed, chose Dr. Plumcr of Virginia as moder ator, and proceeded to transact business as if nothing had happened. Both parlies claim to bo the General Assembly. Riot in Piiiladflpmi a Destitution nf Pennsylvania Hilt by Arson A building was recently erected in Philadelphia, and called Pennsylvania Hall. It was situated on Sixth street, below Arch, was a hand some building externally anil internally, and so largo a to bo capable of holding 3000 persons. It was dedicated "lo free dismission on subjects not of an immoral tendency," and to attend its opening Mr. Harrison and several female obolilionists, persons of color wont from tho eastward, nnd among Mm number were Mr. Theodore D. Weld and Miss Angelina Emilia Grimke who improved tho time before the opening by becoming united in tho bonds of matri mony. They havo hail so far a honey moon none of the most placid. On Wednesday night Mr. Garrison, Mrs Weld, Miss Mnria Chapman of B. it-ton, and others, addrcssod a very largo oudi once on tho subject of slavery. On Thursday, during the day, fouiq two or three meetings were held in tho hall, and on thai day ar.d others, the presence of the abolitionists was advertised in Chcsnut street, ond other ftishionablo promcnatht of Philadelphia, by blacks and whites walk ing together. In the Hall, on Wednesday evening, whites and blacks were promiscu ou-ly seated. A large crowd were assem bled upon the outside, ond missiles were thrown against the windows, but resulted in nothing but the breakage of glass, as the audience wcro protected bv shutter the inside. The colored people in the hall wcro let out the back way, and when the other portion of the audienco pissed on', they were otl red no violence, but, nbuu dance oi rcviungs. u is saiu mat one black person was knocked down, but it ii not eiaicu mat ins injuries wcro conger ous, or oven serious. Previous to tho assembling of the aboli lioniets extract from their proceedings nt a previous meeting met our eye in tho Phila delphia papers, ono ol winch of Monday lies before us. One resolution is, that " abolitionists ,will tieo their influence in J having their colored friends seated promis cuously in our congregations and I lint when churches arc disgraced with side seats and comers, abolitionist will, cs much as possible, take seals with them " A sec ond "deems it a solemn duly of every wo man to prny to bo deliveied from such an unholy feeling pnjudico against color and to act out the principles inequality, by associating with them the black- ss though the color of the skin was of no- more const qtience than that of the hair and the eyes." Tho publication of these resolu tions and the practical carrying of litem out in tiie street, nnd in the flail prodtteetl a tremendous rxcitcinetil, which wa mani fi'stcd slightly on Monday owniny, anil grew more ond mnro strong, till the ca'as- tropltc on Thursday ni,'lil. During the day on Thursday the indica tions of popular excitement wore such thai the Mayor went to tho leading members of the society who own Hid building, and per suadt'd I hem nol lo open it. This was in the afternoon, when ihe crowd bad begun to culleci, and Ihe Mayor look the keys, addressed the mob, assured them no meet ing was to be held, ond rcque.-ti d them to disperse. They gave him ihrco cheers, hut kept their ground, and ho went to his office, having placed persons to bring infor. nullum; and called about him all Ins dis posoble force. The United Slates Gazelle sriy : Karly in the evening notice was given n rriuvil had eotttf! down the street it ml was allocking tho Ninth sido of Hie Hall; tho Mayor hastened up Fifih street lo Cherry with his force, nnd when he met the crowd, which was dense nnd numcroii', he sprung his rattle, and his police called upon the people to suain the mayor, but not one person oppearcd to give aid. It was i lion seen that thono who had assailed llio buildiii", had broken open tho doors nnd lower windows obtained entrance ond were beating om the upper windows. By this time the Mayor and his police bail attempted to arrest the courre ofdesiruc lion but they were assailed with clubs, and almost every one severely wounded. Col. Watmough, the shei iff. also made on attempt to restore peace, and savo tin' building, but be was attacked, teverely bruised, ond narrowly escaped. The Knquirer says: Toward sundown thousands from every section of tho city and country pott r nil in dffiio masses toward the scene, and by ft o'clock thoro miibt havo been a concourse of ten thousand perMins, of all classei, sexes, ages and conditions. Tho firtt de inonMrutioits of attack wcro made upon ihe windows, which were thrown tit from nu merouri hands and every direction. An entrance- haying been etl'ecled, ihe nexi step was breaking the scots, gollerios and furniture in Ilic interior. Tito fragments wcro hosiil) gathered together in the cen tre of the hall, and a torch applied. Tho gas pipes were cut nnd fire communicated to the Mreams that issued forth. The alarm of fire was speedily given and tliu vast multitude ro echoed tho cry. I'lio State House boll also rong out, nnd ha ettiTines and firemen poured in with their apparatus, which were ipecdily put in readiness for action. 1 ho crowu uy l his time had swollen to on immrnsu mag. nitude, and not only Sixth street, from Are.h to Race, presented a dense mass oi human beings, but all the streets and al leys adjacent wnro thronged with eager and excited spectators. The whole city was one scene ot tearnn interest in tho passing cvenulho densely populated portion of the cily in which the building Mood tho fear of collision be. l ween llio mullituiii) ami i no police ami all the natural emotion of mothers, wives, and sisters who dreaded what might occur to obsenl connections made tho night one of misery to every loniily. At nine o clock the buildinir was completely in fhmcs at eleven tho roof had fallen in, and nothing rcmainoilif8tondinrr but the incombustible nortionf'tlio walls. The Herald ond Sentinel states that when the roof fell "a shout went up from tho crowd, as if lib. erty herself had been set free." No enninos nlovcd upon tho building: one account stoting that the crowd would not permit the firemen to play upon it others that tho firemen themselves refused. Tho liulli perhaps lies between. They worked hard and successfully to savo od- ioinins buildings, wcro perfectly self pos sessed, and as last as the slrcngtn ot ono body of men gave way, their places were supplied by others. It is enid that the house of a poor widow adjoining having boon injurud to the amount of some fifty dollars, a collection for her benefit was sol on foot, anil money collected to the amount of four hundred and seventy dollars. Some colorctl persons stood on the out skirts of the crowd, but no violence was offered them. It is slated, however, that in tho early part of tho evening black wcro driven off tho ground. No accident is reported, except the breaking of ono mon s leg by on engine wheel. Ut tno crowd assembled tho Inquirer says, "we never witnessed so vast a concourse so passive and so quiet, considering the cir cumslances of tho case. The great major ity opprarcd to bo merely spectators; on willing, by any movement whatever, cither to increase the existing, or provoke further excitement. " At midnight all was still, and Ihe ruins nearly deserted. Going to Guinea. Letitia E Lindon whose poetry, over tho signature of L. K. fi., every body has read, nnd nlmoit every body has admired, is before this time mar ried lo Mr. M'Lcan, Governor of ono of the Knglish settlemcnta on Ihe Gold coast and on her way to her husband's. What will sho do for tho annuals there. Shall wc have an African Offorinrr. Child Munnnns. A woman of Phila dolphin nnmid Sirnh Conrad was on Fri tlay arrested and folly commuted, on the oaihot the coroner lor destroying a little male iilogitimoto by strangling n with a string around its neck, and then throwing It in tne sink. Un ua, ..nomination tl cnniesseu on. jii I nurstiay, o woman o Unltimore, named Elizabeth Jones, altos Scnit was anested and committed fur pre cisely the some unnatural oct. She hod I wo accomplices, named Kllen Kngles and .Miss Lrop, who were also committed. Dn atii i' CojiMomiru: Woolhev. We havo the-melancholy intelligence by letter trom unca tins morning, ot tho death Lommntlore Mei.anc tiion T. Wooi.'ev of the United S'atcs Navy. He had been indispnocd for several weeksfirst r(ini crysipila?, and tuon drotwy. We know not the exact ago of the Commodore, but he was probably not far from sixty. Com mercml Anvertiscr. The United States Bank of Pennsylvania uirougn us president, .Mr. Uitldle. transmitted lo our our Mayor, tho munifi cent floil most unluokcd fur donation of gJO.OOO, m old of our suffering citizen Wolnvonni words to express our dot' and greatfu' sense of tmeh a noble chariiv It will carry comfort where desolation now reigns, and cou--o the widow's heart lo sin for j y. Charleston Courier. UTAH the present Tory members of Cni!7e?s from Georgia except Mr Towns dcclino a rc-olcclion. CoNonEssIn the Hotifo of Represen lonves on Saturday, the Hon. Linn Ban! elected in place of Mr. Patton, rei-ii'iicd. was qualified and look his fcal. Mr Boon tried again fruitlessly, to obtain o suspen sion of the rules. The vote stood yeas 1 08 nays G3. The annual report of the Sec retary of the Navy on commerce and navi gallon was laid before the House, and 10, 000 copies ordered to be printed. A niconvuiir. Tho Jto t,.ii Tnnse-ipt says, "there is much difierenco between personal regard and purse-onal attachment, if ever you noticed it." New-.Yoiik, May 19. The lOfitmpiion ofpn cio pn litems by otir bmn Ims piodured no fensa. lion ttbau-wr lliing me, Itoiveier, tp.'iiinjj inoie nnd ni'jie fflthil. .Soiillii'in nnd ucmriti rxrltan. sea me Ki'lihts 4; ratlu.i II v luwerniid lower, nnd con. ndence i incieiiitiiij;. Our inh ifes, me 11 lliiln later fioin nnjli'tid, tun ilic political intplicnie in nf no iiiipuiliiiicp. Cnlldit, die Ki e.11 Hnple, ii with, out 111. net ml iiliriatiim, .Spieio i kiIII iirriving in cry late nnioiiiile, ninl hill on Eii;., 1 c ct. liiti! n Utile hener. The fjh in2 u;uC i4 panittn'oiT, bu 1 il h later iIih et,r than cutninun, " Your, in llie em ly p:ut of the work dropped lo 7 72 fin- ueaifrn, hut uttliin iic ,,,t f,,w ,,,jS eo little has been teeiied ptiicj have ndvaiiocd. The Quebec Official Gazette of Thurs day Ian contains Proclamations by His Ex'ccllency, dated May 7, amhnrhsinjr iho suspension ofspecio payments by tho Mod l real, British American, Cy, and Quebec Banks, for Iwo months. To tho best of our information, however, it is moro than probable thai theso banks will only nvail themselves of this pcrmbcinn for a much shorter period. Montreal Courier. Major James Robertson, better known as "Horso Shoo Robinson," died nt his residciico in Tuscaloosa county, Alabama, nn iho 2Uth of April, in the 79th year of his ago. DIED At Irnshitrgh, on Moml.iy, lOilt March, Mrs Jkpusiia Enos, widow of llio Luc. Gen. Roger Run.', ngeil OS jenrt". AIo, nt Irnshurgh, on llie lGilt Mny iml. Aire. Jehusiia Ai.i.en, widow of the title Gen. Im Allen, nnd daughter ofllta laic. Gen. Roger Rno, ngeil 74 jcars. GO'Editors nt ll.trtlbtd, Con. nro requested to publish l he above. In Sliclbtirn, on llio 23d instant, Mrs. Jkmima Anon, nged GG jc.irs. In Clt.tilotle, on llio lOilt i.t;t. Mr. J. Dtew, ngnl 52 j car! . (JCJ-Edilors in N. II. are icqneled lo notice) tltM (loath. In Essex, on llio 17th inst. Mi3 Marllia M. Wiuigli, aged 21 jcars. At Templclnn, Mas?, on the 231 nil. Miss Elilia Marill.i, daughter of Henry and llelsey Mniviit, nged 20 jc.irn and 7 months, (JjEdilors in the western part of N. Y. nrc rctpiojlcd to pnblirh. Blnnchard's Scythes, On Consignment.) QCifl do.. German Steel. Concave Grass and Cradle Scythes, sale at reduced prices by May 25. FollettiV HnAnt.F.v1 PAINTS & OIL,. 50 Casks White Lead dry and ground. 30 casks Verdigriso, ground in oil and superior quality, 5 I'lack Paint in oil. '10 bbl". Linseed Oil. for sale bv M ay 25. (HVKO K Se CA TL LY. LEMONS. C)r TJoxc juit received, onti for sale bv Mmi os tt.., t. n Brown Sheetings Tickings. r naies assorted qualities for sale by Mnv 25. IltCh-'IK Si C Tl.tN. nr fa.ieks IJdiry hah lor sole by JUST KftCEIVED. A T 'P II E JSTK w a TO It II , Ubhl Mdu Uliurch street, 2 doors above the snunre. a beautiful varielv of Chalvs and Mouchno de laine. a de liuhtful or'icle for evening or si root dresses. Rich figured Poult do soie and Reps silk.' ; which will bo sold very cheap for cn-h by "lay y.l WAIT & TAHOK. SILKS. irrEAVY BLACK ITALIAN. JET XX and I) loo black Poult do snio and gros grain Silks of superior quality, just received nnu lor sale oy May 24. WAIT iSi TABOR. French Calicoes and Muslins. A beaut ilul assortment in great varielv -a- of I'mterns, some entirely new style arm tine immouly low prices, lor sale by JIny 21, WAIT &, TABOR SHEETINGS. Kltfitt Ynrds super heavy 9-C and 4 4 Merrimack. Tremont, Gladding nnil I''lnrnln !l)pi!l inf Inr n It' clon l by JIay 21. 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LE PINES and common Watches, some new and beautiful patterns, extra Jewelled, with parachute and compensation, Silver Levers extra jewelled, Silver and Englifh Watches jewi'lit'd Verges, foiiio neat and good silver thai Lupine, all of the above are warranted We keep also good ono and eight day Wooden Clocks, and a bolter article than if usually found, also tho tmull German Sriking and Alarm Clocks and timo pieces. Watches antl Cl'ick-i carefully cleaned and repaired al ihe Variety Shop, by tlloy 21. I ANGIIORN 01 UIUNSMAID. Attend and Savo Cost. riHE person that took a plough from the shon of tho subscribers in Burlinton on tins first of tins mouili, and tho person that look one on the 19th inst., without leave, aro re quested to settle for them immediately or the law will be put in force against litem. IT llie one that look iho first plough sends six and Iho lont one five dollars- (the price of the Plough)-) there will be nn questions aked, if not they will bo brought before the Public, for they are known. R. &. J. WAIN WRIGHT, Burlington, Nay 21, 1C30, Cheap Looking Glasses. IlOR bed rooms, Kitchens &c. lor ICl . 25 and 50 cts., also, Glasses lo Shave by with a drawer under them lo put a Razor and Comb in for I2i, 25 ond 37 cm. cheap Lather Boxes with and without looking glasses in then) for 12 and 15 cts. good Lather Brushes for I2i cts; Pans for 0 els., neat and pretty Necklaces for chil drcn only C cts., Perfumery boxes contain ing, Tooth Brush, box looth Powder, but lie Perfumery and cako Soop, f r 25 cts., and many other articles aslow. Wo bought antl wo bell goods lower than cvor before ; call al tho Variety Shop, where gopds arc sell ing fast and low, pANGnon.N ft BniNSMAin. For sale or to Rent. THE brick Store, owned by by Mr. J. S. 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This preparation, for plenum uofs, afe. ly, expedition, ease and certainty, sland unrivalled for the cure of this troublesome complaint. It is to rapid as well o-s certain in its operation, a to cure this di-ocreeobl disorder most (fleet ually, in one. h'.ur's application only .' It docs not contain Iho least particle of mercury, or other dangerous ingredient, and may bo applied with perfect safety by pregnant females, or to children ut the brenrt. I'rico 37 1 2 cents a box, with amp'c itireeiions. DUMFRIES' REMEDY FOR THE Cff HE proprietor begs leave to rrcotn JL mend (which he does with tho fullest confidence) one of the 1110.1 vo liable reme dies known for this troublesome anil vain Jul complaint. Without going into dt toil. lie deems it enough to soy, he has in his poscesion tin) iii"fl undoubted iisoimniiial. that it has more completely answered the purpose fir which His intended, than any other popular medicine. This remedy is perfectly cay in its np. plication, to all conditions ages nnd sexes. Pull directions, description of the om plaint, Sic. accompany each packei. whch consists of two boxes, Ointment and Etec tunry. Price, g for tho whole or 50 ot if but ono of the articles is wanted. None are genu nc unless signed on the outside printetl wrapper, by the sole pro prietor, T. KIDDER, immediate successor, oftho late Dr. W. T. Co.Mvtv. Pur bale at his Counting Room, over No. 09. Court street, near Coucuit Hall, Booton, and also by his hpccial appointment, bv J. & J. II. PECK &. Co, Burlington, Vt.' STATE OF niRMOXT, ) DlSTIllCT Or ClIITTKNDKN SS. ( The Hun. the Probate Court far the Dis trill of Chittenden, to all persons eon. cerned in Ihe estate (J Spencer Cook, late of Wcslford in said District, deccaml, fiUKETINO. WHEREAS, Hiram Bellows, minimis (rotor do bonis mm cum 1 e.-t anient o onnexn, of the Esialo of said deceased proposes lo render an account of his admin iilration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a scsfion of the Court of Probate, to bu holdeu al the Probata nfiicu on l he second Wednesday of June next. Therefore, you are hereby notiliod to appear before raid court al the lime and piano aforesaid, and show cause, if any you havo, why tho account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 22d day of May, A D. IP.33. W.M. WESTON, RcL'hter. Laguira, Culm C flees, St. bv Domingo, and Wait it Taiiou. Pepper, Pimento, Pure Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves and Nutmegs by May 16. Wait & Tabor. JS$ Will CCF COI! K&SXE ONTARZO.-1838. TUB STEAM HO AT TELEGRAPH- D.I'T. It. F. CIIll.I), WILL ply the present tteason between Ogdon.-buriih ond Rocluster, touching at the inlermi'd'ittc ports, ond making ono trip between Ogdcnbnrgli and Gcncsco River, ond one triu between Kingston and Genessco Itiver, os follows : fl'MSO OP, I T TntP, LEAVES Odi'ii-'liiirgh 1'rid.iy 5 P. M. 51 p. r. Ktoninj do do 12 night r, k. m. Nuon, 9 p. V. rtc.nott Morrifinwn Itiockvillo Alcxiinili hi l-'iench Cictk Kinijiilnii Siii'ktMl'a Harbor ill do do do do S.itnrd.iy do do Osuejo Artivina nt Rocltejlcr Salnrd.iy night COMINO DOWN, 1ST TKIP, LEAVES Rnolicsler .Sunday 8 evening Onvi'jo Jlond.iy 8 morning S.irktil'8 Hiirbnr do 2 P. M, Atrning nt Kindlon Monday ufiernonn. aoiNG UP. 2d Tltll', leaves Klnjitnn '1'tiPfd.iy 0 p. f S.k ken's Ilnrbor do 12 nigli9 O-mrgo Wednrs l.iy 7 A.M. Aiiiving nt Iloelte.ler Wedncjilay afternoon. COMINO DOWS, 2ll TRIP, LEAVES Rochester Vedui'day 8 P. MV Otuvcgo 'I'linreil.iy 8 A. Mr Parketi's Ihttbor do 2 p. m; KinS'tnn do 8 P. M. rrentlt Ctrek do 12 night Alexnndiia b.iy Friday morning Ilioikvillc tlo do Mnrristnwn An do Ariiin2 ;tt Ojdcmltti'gli Friday morninj. QTEor freighi or pas-nce. apply to tho muster on board, or to E, B Allen Og. dennbiirirh ! W. Buckley. Sacketl's Har. bir ; 11. Ptizhu!b. Oiwogo ; and R. J. Van Dewater. New York. Ogdensburgh, Jlay I, 1030. X 8 3 8 THE STEAM BOAT m "M a a CAPTAIN SMITH, FAVORABLY known by the travelling public as a firi-t rate sea Boat, and distin-gtn.-hed for her cleanliness, good faro punctuality and despatch, having always been found at the place of her oppo.nmuut will run during iho season of navigation, between Ogdensbttrgh, LewUtnn, and Hamilton, lunching al tho intermediate, Ports, as follntvn GOING UP, LEAVES OL'deiijhurxli every Thursday 5 o'clock P. SI. riescolt Kiniiton do I Inn. -ill, ly OJ p, M Fiidny CJ intuiting Friday 12 noon Friday 8ecninjr Sainiil.iy 8 tiiuiiiin Sdttiiday 9 evening S'Uetls I (arbor do Oswego do Uocliestcr do Toronto do Arriving at Lewiston on Saturday night, and leaves for Hamilton Sunday morniujp at 9 o'clock. COMING DOWN, I.EWF.3 Hamilton cery .Monday 9 nVlnck A.M. I. ciu'ioon do do CJ o'clock r. M Um licster d i TuctiUy 8 o'clock a. m. Ojiipii do tin 5 o'clock p. m. S'krit.j 1 1 tit bor do , do night Kingston tlo Wednesday morn 103 Arriving at Ogdons-burgh al 1 o'clock P. M. touching at Mnrristnwn, lirocl; ville, Alexandria Buy, French Creek and Niag ara but li up anil down, passing tho Thou sand Islands by day light. OM'assf ngers leaving Toronto on Mon day by tho Transit, will be at Niagara in time for the Oneida on her downward trip. Passengers for Montreal by this Boat will arrive 011 Thursday, and Passengers for New York on the same day. This ar rangement will give passengers Iwo days) lo visit the Palls and return bv the satno Boa'. t Por freight or passage, apply to iho Master on board, or to E. B. Allen Og. den-burg, W. Bockley, Sacketl's Harbor, II, Pit.hiigli. O-wego, and R. J. Vaudc water, New York. LAKE ONTARIO. THE STEAM BOAT 'OS WE0. CAPT J OILY EFANS, GOING UP, LEAVES Ogdensburgh Monday Prescolt do do Brockvillo do Ah'xaudr a Bay do French Creek do Kingston Tuesday Sackelfs Harbor do Oswego do Rochester Wednesday Toronto do 6 1.2 v, sr. evening do 12 night C A. M 12 noon 9 p. M. n a. m. 9 A M. Arriving at Lewiston Wednesday night; leaving Lewiston Thursday morning al 0 o'clock ami will go to Hamilton. COMINO DOWN, LEAVES Hamilton Friday II a. m. Lewiston do 7 r. m. Yotingstown do 7 1-2 p. m. Niagara do 0 r. M. Rochester Saturday 0 A. m. Oswego do 5 p. ,m. Sacketl's Harbor do 12 night Kingston Sunday 5 a. m. French Creek do morning Alexandria Bay do do Brnckvillo do do Morristown do io And arrives at Ogdeneburgh at noon. O" Passengers leaving Hamilton and Lowiblon by the Oswego, on Friday, will reach Montreal on Monday ; passing tho St. Lawrenco and the thousand Islands by day light. For freight or passogo, apply to tho Master on board, or to E. B. Allen, Og densburgh, W. Bucklev, Sacketl's Harbor, H" Fitzhugh. Oswego," and It, J. Vandc walcr New York.

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