Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 25, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 25, 1838 Page 3
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SILVER! SILVER! CfULVRlt Dining. Desert and Pickle V ) Foil.', Silver Table, Desert. CnlTee on (I Ton Spoons, Silver Cream, Mustard and Suit Spoons. Silver I'lain and Claw Sugar Tung, Silver Hotter and Fruil Knives, Silver nursing Tubes, Ci'flin Plates; Rallies ami Whistle. Silver side mul back Combs, some beautiful Pattern,", Silver Tweezers, Scissor Cases and Silver handed Scissors, Silver Chains, Keys, llutgs, Pencils and Plaques, Silver Cups. Silver Vincgarcttes or perfume Bones, and other articles of Silver, at I ho Variety Simp. I'AManunN St nni.NS.MAti). May SilvcrSmiths JJnnch and keg Raisins, Eng lish Currants, Cilrnn and suit shell Al innntl. Nno Fruit bv Wait & Taikiu. that A few doz. Bettys Table Oil Fresh and very nice by Wait Si T Alton, X E am iii(ninc t superior assortment V! of Gumls in the various lines In which we trade; most nfthe articles which wo were out of in April, can now be had of 11., and lo our ureal variety, we linve nil ded very many articles, useful, necessary. and ornamental. No time, rxcrlion o iains. Inive been spared in tnaUinjj the no ccssarv additions to our extensive assort merit, and in selecting the various kind of now articles, suitable for the season, and to make our shop what it purports to be, viz a Variety Shop. More particulars, untie their appropriate heads in future advertise menls. fitid it's nntl rretiilemen ara invited lo call and look nt the Gootlsa the Variety Shop'. Pangiioun &. Bru.Nt-.MAii). Burlingion, May in. 1 11311. ALIi w! 0 are indebted to I lie subscriber whose notes and accounts ore due nrc requested lo pay them by ihe first of June next, as llmsc demands unpaid ni mni lltnu will b'j given to an attorney tor en lection. ROBERT MOODY. Burlington. Mil lfi. I J 1 3 n . PS?. BSE A clioito s.-licnon of Uvsiiii. Ilvsnn Sku Yiiini'T Hyson mid Puiichong j'oa New Cjrgocs for sale by May 10. Wait & Tabor. &2SW 6i GOODS. II. 31. GIDDINGS "H"S now rccniviiiL' his Snrinir supply of JL Goods, and oilers them for cash rer,y Hroad Cloth", Cas."imcrcs, Farnum's best dark and Cadet mixed Salinetts, heav Slipctitujs and Drillinir!--. Cotton yam, Dover nml Merrimack Prints, sup. French Print Printed Lawns, Straw Honnots, Round 'J'liinings, fancy Stripes and Suminor Stiill's. First rale young llyson and Ilyton Skin Teas, fupoior Molasses, Wines, Liquors, Lump and llrown Sugar, fine Liverpool Sail, Rice, Codfish, Lamp Oil, Sheep Tobacco. Also iOO krgH Nuih on consignment from tho manufacturers, Ames Shovels, Cast Steel llocs, Pignus and Wilkes' celebrated i.ih Powder, and a good afsorlmenl of Crock ery, including Ridgway's Dining Suts, Glass Ware, &e. Purclnsors arc roFpuetfully in vU ted to rail. Iiurlina'on, Pearl si., May 13, 1G38. DR. R. TTEXTOHER,, RESPECTFULLY informs ihelnliobi tants of Rurlington and adjoining towns that he still continues to heal the sick and cure diseases with tho Thorn Koninn R'llanie Svstem of nraclico, and that he from a thorough knowledge ant experience in t lie bu-iness firmly believe that he can give entire satisfaction to ihnsc who tnnv please to cive him a call at Pearl .t root, 2 doors cast of W11. I. Seymour hat store, where ihe genuine Thouisonian Medicines miy at all tunes bo hud o:id where the sick can at all limes be attended too. Mns. WiiiTcunn having a thorough knowledge of the Thomsonian practice. will at all times prescribe for females, fur nish Syrups, &c. A few doz. West India and Afrieon Pepper Sauce by May 10. Wait& TAnn 12 Doz Lemon Syrup new Drand wnrranlcd Pure by Mai 10 Wait tk.PAin St. Croix, Port ltico, Manilla Lump 01 d L"uf Sugars by May 10. Wait &. TAimn. Abijah Ellis' Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Dl.-IIUCT 01' ClIITTEMlBN. ss. S The Jlonaruble Ihe Probate Court for the Diitrhl of Chittenden, to all persons concerned in the Estate if Abijah Ellis, late of lluntingl n, ?';. mid District, de ceased, GREETING. WHEREAS. John Ellis administrator of the Estula of said deceased proposes to render an account ol his administration, and present his account against said csiato for examination and allowance at a scins'ioo of tho Court of Pro. bate, lo be holden al the Register's office in Burlington on thu second Wednesday of June next. TiiEiiKKoiiE, You are hereby notified lo appear before said Court at the Hum nnd place aforesaid, and shew cauco, if ony you have, why the account aforesaid bliouid not be allowed. Givcti under my hand at Burlington, this third day of Mav, A. D. IH33. Wm." WESTON, Register. ORNAMENTAL HAIR. HI It S . ST. JOHN, TtTANUFACTURES and keeps con- ill Btanliy on bund Ringletts, Puffs, wire Curls, Plain Hair, Sic. N. Cash paid for Hair. Whito Street, oppoito Iho Methodist Chnpel, liurlinoinn. May II, 1833. To Wood Choppers. GREEN'S AXES, A SUPPLY or tho abovo celebrated Axes, just received, and for sale by the dt'zcn or single, by th subscriber. ROBERT MOODY. HUNTINGTON & LYON, STATIONEHS. OULD respectfully inform their old customers and the public genera. ly, they have jtit received n choice lection of Book Bindery Stock and Blank Bonk Material, mid are m tcadincss to wait upon all that may favor them with their orders, mid will endenvor to do it in a manner thai will give satisfaction In all. They have also received the following article? of StoUonery, mz Superfine Cap and Letter Paper, Billet r .,.. ir.;,. .,,(.. vVcoiti, r....... m.. tins l'"Pr cl l trapping (suitable for Ink, Writing Fluid, Quills, Steel Pen", Sealing Wax, Wafers, Drawing Pencils, Stc. SfC. All of which will be sold on fair terms. Thankful fur past favors and would sol cit a continuance of the same. An Assortment of Blank Rooks con Innlly on hand at fair prices. 2 (fours Eatl or Free Press Office, CMegesl.. Burligton, Ft. May 10, 11133. TROUT FISHING. rinO answer the repeated calls fur arti- IL cles in tliis hue, we have been indu ced lo putchasu I gross Trout Hooks on gut Elrings ready Jur use, assorted, i do tlo do with fl es, 300 Trout Hooks Nos. 1,2, and 4. 1000 Fish Hooks ossotted sizes. C thz Rarrel Swivels for fiishinr.- Hair, Silk, Sea-weed and cot'on F1-I1 relies. Trout Poles in Cones, 6, 0, & 12 feet. Drinking Flasks wuh cups for Hun tors and Fishermen, at Ihe Vnrieiy Shop May in PANonon.s Si Biun-m.wh. Just Iteccivcd, A T Ihe New Store, we.-t side church st. A. two doors above the sqarc a genera assortment ol tiroceries, iiurcuased ex. pressly for family u-e. ty 10. WAIT & TAROR. Old Winchester Bar Soap, by Wait &. I Anon Wholesale and Retail. ENTLEMENare in. JC vited to call at Wvi I. Scsmour's for the pros rut New York City style of II ATS, first door east White Church, Pearl-st Burlington, May 3. 1833 Cuils, Ringlets, Caps, &, Nets. ' INGLETS, Wire Curls, plain Hair, " Mohair Caps, Nets for Children, iutt received at t Variety Shop by Pa.nguorn & IJuiNsMAin. French Iron Side and Twist Combs, also Shell Side and round Comb! Shell, Twist anil Quill back Combs, Shell Dressing and Pookct Combs, anil snmo nice Carved Shell Combs, Horn Twist and Q.uill back Combs, Horn dressing Combs, Ivory Pocket Combs, Gill and Silver Combs, at the Variety Shop Panoiiohn iv. Rmnsm aid, " hereby givo notico, that I havo given my L sun, Aloiizo G. Brush, his lime and liber ty to Riinliact fur himself in his minority ami shall claim none of his earnings, nor pay any Ueuis contracted by mm, alter tins date. JUSIIUA UllUSU. Fairfax, May 11, 1338. NOT I CBS. !TUAj ho Mild ni public Auction on Sal- V T urday the 19th inst. at Win Mann's Hotel, in Burlington, tho followin properly to wit. 500 yds Calico, 2U do Ilroatl Cloth, 50 yds Gingham, 50 do Muslin, list of 75 do Cassiincrc, and a quantity of young Hyson 1 ca. II. LANE, ComMle Burlington, May 13, 1338. V OninlnlK Cod Pish. 20 bbls. Mackerel, 10 do Pork, 200 do superfine Flour, 1 Tierces Rice, by Mav U!. S, WALKER & Co. 25 Bbls. Baltimore Gin, 30 do American Brandy, 5 Ilhds St. Croix Rum. Holland Gin and Siguctlc Brandy, 20 Hods Molasses, by Mav 10 J. &, J, h. PECK Si Co. Elisha Nowell's 'Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Dituict or Ciii iti:m)i:n. ss. ( The Hon. the Probate Court for the Dis met ol Uiillcnilen, lo all vcrsons am icrnedin the Estate of Elisha Ntwcll, late. al Charlotte, m said Dislriil, deceased, GREETING. f-VHEREAS, Ezra Meech, adminislra " tor, of tho estate of said deceasetl proposes lo render on account of his ad ministration and present his account against said estate for examination and al lowanco at a session of tho Court ofProbato, to bo holden at the Registers office 111 B ir lington 011 the second Wednesday of June next. TiiEiiEFonK, You are hereby notified to appear lietoro said couit at Ilia time and place afoicsaid, and shew cause, if nny yon havo, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlingtou, this Oth dav of Mav. A. I). innn. Wm. WESTON. Uer i A few boxes S Tauoji. now out wl'1" NEW & CHEAP GOODS. rrpHH Subscribers, nra now opening at Ji- genera a--sortmeni of DAY GOODS, purchased at thu late package talo in New Voik for cash, mid oiler them for solo ni prices much lower than I hey have ever beloro tic en filtered in this tnaruot. Mill 10. WISH. MlCKOK St CATMN. STOUIS & 3bTS7f GOODS. W A I T St V A B O R BEG leave to give notice that they have lakeii the iicvvlv fitted uu Store, west side Church street, two doors above Ihe quare, where they have just received and opened an entirely new and beautiful stock of Fancy and Slapls Dry Goods, cnrihisling in pari ol rich figured and plain Silks, Chalys,XiMou.scline de lainc," french print ed Cambrics and Muslins, English and American Calicos, Cloths and Cassirncrcs lordlier with a groat variety of fancv ar- ,icl,,!! - wl,icl' wl" bo sula Cheap for dtsh NEW GOODS. PDOOLITTLE is nuw receiving from New York his spring supply of Goods, eonsisti ig of a general and well scleotoil assortment of DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES. His old stock bavin" been principally sold out, he is enabled to offer nearly an entire stock of New Goods which have been bought at lower prices than ever beloro known. Doing determined not to be undersold by any one, ho respectfully asks those who have cash to pay for goods lo cull and examine his stock. Burlington. May 10. 18311. 3w NOW IS YOUR TIME. HAS this diy received from New York a la;gc assortment of Sole Leather Iroin 17to24cts., Morocco, Kid, Riot, Rintliii'i, S"al, Trimming, Hog and Lininir Sluus. Knives, Pincers, Stamp. Jiggers, Shoulder Such, Strip Awls. Pa tent Pen Awls. Awl Hlades, Rand Files. Punches, Sand Stones. Russia Hairs, Nail-. Welt Bets. Shoe Keys. Seam Sets, Shoe Hammer. Rrenkt. antl Key, Siz.' Slicks. Rasps. S'eel Tuck--. Kit Files, Webbing. Root Cord antl Lnccs, Galloon. Fitting Silk, Blacking, Pomp Clnp. Heel Ball, Bool HoMli&c &c. Shoe 1 bread, li'ern Hemp No. 10. Half Bleached No. 3, Ycl low No. 3 and Filling Thread. Lists and Boot Trees. Also, on hand of his own manufacture, Sole. Harness, Bridle, Upnnr, Top, Skirling and Band Leather, CallVkius. Horse Hides, bbcep antl Lamb fakins. Boots and Shoes of all kinds. The above named articles will bo sold (for cash) as chcop as Ihcy can be pur- chased in any place this side ol INow l orn. Call and sec. Burlington. Pearl et ) May 0. 18311. Boston Rum. Ilhds. Pure Boston Rum, 50 per dbl9 cent abovo proof, just received, a constant supply will be kept on hand through the season, hy T r & W L STRONG. May 10, '33 SEED CORN. EARLY 12 rowed or Dutlnn Corn for sain by C. GOODRICH. May 10. White Italian Mulbery Seed, For sale by C. GOODRICH. May 10. Farther Good News. Y Goods, the Importers said, were very cheap, thai I bought when the two Greni Steam Ships from England were at New York. Since I have opened iheni al home. I am very ir.uch pleased indeed lor the silks antl all such kinds of goods are owcr by 25 per cent than I ever Icucw them before; so that if I should sell at old prices I could soon make up my $150, Windsor Bank Bill loss: but as it was not taken from customers, it ought not to be chargeable on merchandize. So I will not try to make il up in that way, bul by being little more accommodating in showing Goods, with increased industry and attcn- livencfB to business I will soon make il up. at this healing and growing 'castin of the jcar. S. E. HOWARD Mav 10. 1830 BTTXaXi. A First rate annual may be found. Ihe ensuing season nt the Ram on North Street, known as the Riddle barn, his scr vices must command 75 els. down, no mis take. C. Richardson. Burlington, May 8, 1838 New England Seed Store, rtnti Office of the New England Farmer, Nouni Market Siiteet. Boston. T. F. & XV. 1j. WTItONCJ Agents, lluilingtou Vl. WHO have now on hand gulden and flow er Seccs in groat variety, Ruta Uaga, Mangel Wurtzel, Sugar Beet kc fire. Wo would call the attention of the public lo seeds from this establishment they liciug far superior lo any put up in the United States. April i. OAKUM. ifVN l'10 Mtk My onxt will bo sold by auc V-r lion without rcservo at the Slorcs of Iho subscribers, tho stock of lim House, of Indus, lry,coin-isling of 7 Ions very superior Oakum. t erms casii, bale at onn o clock, CUVILL1ER & SONS. .Uuimi, April 21, 11(33. POTATOES. 1" &. I). A. KIMBALL will pay ca.h M.J lor VUU iiusiieis nt potatoes. Burlington, May 3, 18311. S. WALKER & CO. A RE receiving this spring their usual J.M. stock of DliY GOODS, WET St DRY GRn-ERlES, nrtnt'h'unv GLASS Sc HiD "'ARE, which I her ,r .... . 1 'm'-roio or retail 1 hew . 1 al "'"olesnlo nnii,!,, i .Y.. 001 c,u 81 W and nmii l:.i. .W1 "".""ni chanim fn. . ' l"""."-u '"n in ex- n.r... h"'".'1" "H f'l or new accounts "uy -J, iuau, 30 Days Grace. 4 liL who nro indebted lo the under i. signed, whoso nolcs or accounts have become dttu arc hereby notified lhalpuy tnent must bt made to us within thirty ilays, or to the Sheriff thereafter. P F &. VV L STRONG. Mav 10. I fl3H. Dissolution. nplJE copartnership horoloforo existing J- between Luvci.v & Aiiiiott, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All per sons indebted lo said firm, are requested lo sctilo the same without delay, with N. Iiovelv who is atnhorized to sot tlo the business of the concern. NO OLE LOVELY, JOHN ABUOTT. Rurlinglon, May 9, 1033. The business will bo continued at the amo More, by the subscriber. N. LOVELY. Sheetings, Cotton Yarn, fcc. 5 RALLS heavy "Lawrence Mills" Sheetings 1 " Fine Dover do. 5 " Cotton Halts 2 " " Yarn I " " Wicking. Jict rcceivetl and for sale cheap by May 10. man. P. DOG LITTLE. 3 HHDS. Porto Rico Sugar 1 " New Orleans do 2 " Lump do 2 " Lamp Oil 2 " best Porto Rico Mulasocs, for retailing 15 chests Hyson, Hyson skin and young Hyson Teas. Together with a general assortment of oilier groceries for sale very low by MayQ. P. DOOHTTLE. DYE STUFFS. 'k'3' 'amilcacl,y Logwood 150 do Si. Domingo do do 100 do Nicaraqua do 150 do Fustic do 30 do Quercitron Bark, 25 do Maddor, 5 do Curcuma Ground, 15 do Allum, 10 do Blue Vitriol. 30 Carboys Oil Vitriol, 10 bbls. Copperas, Argol, Cream Tart., Flolant and Bangol Indigo, Press Papers, Jacks, Nut Galls, Cudbear, Sic. J. Si J. II. PECK & Co. Dry Groceries. u' Chests Hyson Skin Tea, CO half chests Y. H. do 25 Boxes Pipes, 400 Matts Cassia, 2 bbls. Cloves, 10 Tierces Rice, 20 Kegs Pure Ginger, 40 bbls Si. Croix and Port Rico Sugar, 10 do Lump do 50 bags St. Domingo and Rio Cofl'oc, 10 do Pcrmento, 10 do Pepper. 10 Tierces Saleralus, 50 Boxes Bar Soap, by J. Si J. II. PECK Si Co. Lorillards Tobacco & Snuff. Barrels P. A. L. Chewing To bacco, 10 do P. Si G. L. do do 10 do p. & G. do do 10 do l lb paper Smoking do 10 do i )b do do do 1,000 lbs Maccaboy Snuff, 800 do Scotch do 100 tlo American Gonllemans do, J. & J. H. PECK &. Co.-Agents. N. E. RUM. HHDS. BOSTON RUM, by consignment. J. Si J. II. PECK & Co. Dairy Salt. ft1 (T5V(73V Sacks Ashtons, by UyiSv J- Si 3. II. PECK St Cn. FLOUR. qnn bbls. Troy and Keesevillc superfine JUU by J. (Si J II. Pkck & Co. TOBACCO. 39 KEGS Plug Tobacco 20 Boxes Cuvcndish do by May 10. J. Si. 3. H. Pecic Si Co. Fruit & Confectionary. 50 BOXES Bunch RaUins 20 kegs Malaga do 10 sacks Almonds 5 do Brazil nuts 5 do Filberts 2000 lis. assorted Confectionary by May IO. J. Si J. II. fK.cit & Co GLASS. Boxes Chomplain. Peru and erico Cylinder Glass. 200 B oxes Redlurd, Saranac and Crown do By J, Si J. II. PECK Si Co, As-ents. NAILS. Keggs Kccscvillo Manu factured nails from 3 a lo CO 0. 200 Kegs do Brods from C a 10 20 a. By J. & J. 11. PECK&. Co. IRON & STEEL. IlUSSIA old and new Soblc b Swedes, English and Peru Iron do Ba d.lrou from U to U Inch HoiMtl do ' i to 3 do Sqmro do 5 10 to 3 do HifVo Shoo do Dafts of all inscriptions made lo order, Ihrse Nml Rod,. Siring, Cum, German. English Blister and American Steel- By J. & J. II. PECK Si On. For Sale, on Consignment. 00 bbls. no. I North Shoio Salmon, ulso, Fom.ett &. Bradley. Uurlington, May 2, 1035, 0w MY SECOND TUI1 THIS SPUING. OF THE CHEAP CASH STORE, w ENTIulho new Sieom Boat Bur linirton, Richard W Sherman Capt. which is probably 0110 of if not the very best floating Steam Rnnt on tho American or nny other waters of I he world, and re turned by tho judiciously well arranged nnd highly pleasurablo Boat Winooski, D. Lyon Copt, bringing tho exceedingly pleasing and intelligent news from New York, viz. the sale of his 150 Windsor money at 75 per cent discount the arrival in and intended departure from Now York of tho two great Steam Ships from Eng land, a great influx of tho precious metals, a partial resumption of specie payments by the New Yoik Banks, a declaration of dividends, rise on clocks, an advnnco on foreign exchange, n full supply of Goods soiling at low prices for cish, anil an innu merablo number of country Merchants from every part of tho Union making their purchases ; all of winch has had a tendency to restore confidence and creating 0 belter fooling among men of business which must and will be disseminated nil over ami through every cI .fp of citizens of our once prospering and will again be flourishing country, showing itsolf in increased indus try, intelligence nnd enterprise Now tho said HOWARD by being in that great emporium just at the crisis, fell in with tho lido and current of general joy anil partook frcoly, largely and bouulilully for Iim own intended bene fit, with a view to an accommodation ol his very many and innumerable cusloino s ; a full portion, assortment and stock of the very best the City afforded and from the whole of which ho bail the big!) honor and privilege of making his own selections by paying for them, which ho has an opinion will afford a great treat to visitors and cus tomcrs to view free of charge at his much I alked of and General Variety, Staple and Fancy, Fashionable, Dry Gonds, Grocery, Crockery, Looking Ghat, Gds ware, Carpntings, Paper Hangings and Furnish ing Ware House Establishment. One door south Bank of Burlingion Vt. May 2, '38. S. EARL HOWARD THE two story Brick IIou.e, formerly occupied by S. Bullou, one mile south of ihe village, applv to II. Lr.AVcrtwoRTti. Burlington, May 2, 1838. tf Mary Spooner's Estate. r"T10 ihe Hon. the Probalo Court for the JL district of Chitlundcn, The undersigned Nathan C. Strccler and Anna Strcetcr wife of said Nathon C. of Richmond in said District, ihe said An na being one of the heirs to iho estate of Mary Spooner late of Richmond, deceased, respectfully represents that tho said Anna holds one equal seventh part of said estate jointly with tho other heirs thereof, and being desirous to hold tho same in severalty she prays the Hon. Court to order a divis ion ol Iho said eslato and to appoint n com mittee for lhat purpose. NATHAN C, STET2TER, ANNA STREETER. By N. C. STREETER, Williston, April 10, 1833, STATE OF VERMONT, 1 District ok Chittemjen ss. s AT a Probate Court hold at Williston, within and for the District of Chilton den on ihe IGth day of April A. D. 1838, Nathan C. St rooter and Ann Strcetcr hav ing filed in said Court Ihe foregoing peti tion. It is ortlered by the conn that the said applicants cause ihe several persons interorted in tho said estate, or their attor neys if living within this Stale to be notified to appear before said court al a session thcreof'to bo hnhlen at the Eagle Hall in Willi-tnn in said dis! net on the third Mon day of May A. D. 1838, then and there 10 show cause, if any ihey have, why the said estate should not bo divided by publica tion of said pelitiun together with this ortler three weeks euccesMvelv in Ihe Free Pre-s a newspaper printed nt Burlington in said district, Ihe last of w Inch publications to be previous lo the said third Monday of Mav 1838. Wm. WESTON, Register rUST rcceivetl and lor sale, 1000 bushels Turks Island SALT, 50 bags Dairy do. 3 Si 3. II. PECK Si CO. April 'id, 1338. 18S8 THE Champlnin Transportation Company beg leave to annonnco to the public, lhat, having withdrawn I lie steamer Franklin from the liii",they have supplied her place with tho NEW Sicam Boat BURLING TON, which they Hatter theiuielves is not surpassed in splendour, speed, or safety, by nny Boat in the Unitod States. She will run willi tho well-known S'eain Boat WINOOSKI, until further notice, as follows: T II E ("APT. II. XV. SIIIMI.M.VN, Leave Wlii'thull every Leave St. Johns every Tuesday, Monday, riiuisiiAY,& Wednesday, & Satuuday, I'llIDAV, CAPT. DAN LYON, Leave 1 1 hitthull every I Ltuve St, Johni every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & I Tiiuiisoa y, & Fiuiuv. I Satuuday, n-Al one o'clock. P. M.JJI Burlingion, April 17, 1838. Fresh Ground Plaster. nMllE t-ubfCriher will hnvo 0 lull sup A ply of Ground Plaster, at the Plater Mill, Wiuuoski falls, from and after l Ins dato, Foi.i.ett Si Biudleys. Burlington, April 10, 1030, Just received and For Sale, , Uwler the Free Press OJice, ColUg,tlreti.) A general aiionment of IVIHPS 4- LASHES, from 0 ct. to g5,B' ruch. Also, a lupurior lot of 5aoaV SADDLES, TRUNKS, HARNESS. FALISSES, CARPET RAGS, SfC. Stc. Carriago 1 rimming dona lo order. Call and see. SAMUEL S. SKIjYJTER. O-Watilod, a JOURNEYMAN at lilt above business, Rurlinglon, April 27. 1838. If STRAYED. 'IROM tha -' it ubscribsr. on the 2d inst. 0 Bay Horse six vrnrn old. whitn --feSf4ia hin.l foot nn1 stripe in thu face. lie was las', heard of in tho viciii'ly of Burlington. Whoever will return said horse, or givo information where he may bo had, shall bo well rewar-. dcd. FRANCIS BARKER. Charlotte, May 3d, 1838. ft LEAD; IJrljft, Hundred dry White Load. ff e 30 keifs do. rrround in nil. April 26. J. Si. 3, II. Peck k 9sh' NOTICE. ALL persons having unsettled account with me, are respectfully invited to call at my store and adjust ihem piovious to th 15th of May next ; those who neglect to do so will find their accounts in tho bunds of an at torney, lo whom immediate pavrnonl must ba made. DAN DAY. April 27, 1830. nnilE GENUINE MORISON'S PILLS JL and POWDERS. Just rccoived direct from Goo. Tuylor. 13 Chamber st. New York, solu agent for the United States,! moro caso of tho genuine Mortsons Pills and Powders; making the 5th largo cSso ree'd this winter. The superiority orihcso medicines is duly ap preciated by an enlightened public. No soon er was il known that tho genuine Pills aid Powdors made by Morison tho Hygo st, could again be had in Vermont, than oidcrs trcro received from u parls of (he Stale for thorn t and loiters are very often sent us informing us that tho Pills icccivcd from us aro thu samo kind which were first sonl to tho United Stales by Mr. Morison, expressing in tho warmest terms, their gratitude to us, for sup plying this Stale with Ibis first and besl Vog. etablo Medecine. The salu of this medicine is constantly increasing in ail parts of tho world ; il gives perfect satisfaction, and it will continue to bo used by greater numbers oyery year, as all who uso it according to found judgment aro benefitted and do inyar'nbiy conlinuo to uso it wncnevcr tnoy necti mcdi cine, and recommend it to the fullest confi dence of their sick friends. It has cured in hundreds of ihounsads ofcasos whero every thing else lias faiica to afford relief. There is more undoubtedly of this medicine used at this lime in the world, lhn ol'uny oilier lhat has ever been discovered ; and what is moro im portant it is curing moro than any other raetj ccioo. Tho prices for this medicine aro For Packets containing over 115 Pills 1. For Packets contain i tig over 360 Pills $3, Having a proportion of two to one of No. 2 Pills in them. For tho accommodation oP thoso who wish lo got the No. 1 or No. 2 Pill separately they arc pul up also in 25 and 50 cent boxes, only one kind in a box. They can bo had also in quantities costing 75 cents and 1,50 cents. Tho Vegolablo Aperient Powder aro 25 cents prr box ; theso aro to bo used when the No. 2 Pills occasion thirst, or sick ness at thu stomach; and at all times they greatly os-hm! lliogood operation of tho medi cine Directions for taking tho Pills. Tako 2, 3, 4, 5, or moro of tho No. 1 Pills tho fiist 11 i r 1 1 1 nnd the same number of iho No. 2 tho two followin? nights and so conlinuo alter nately, one duso ol'No. 1, to two doses of No. 2's. when they occ.imoii thirst or retching1, make a drink of tho Powders, inixod with wa ter and su;ar. It is not possible to give direc tions, pcrfeetly upplicalitu to ccry possibla case, bul each person must uso judgment in taking medicine, and very boon will know whether 2, 5, or 10 Pill aro necessary to a dose in their cao. In violent, acute csscr, nich asTcvors.Coliek, Pleurisy, luflamalirins, Small I'o.v, Measles, i-c. fallow tho direction given nn iho wrapper r.ccoinpanying tho Pills. Moro full directions accompany each box antl packet. Paiehasers in Uih slate IP they wisli to got this be.-t and genuine medicine will ah irayt look rnd see thai (he box or packet it signed in icritinz by liangborn & Brinsmaid, if it is not so signed, do not buy il, no mat ter how plausible a story is told you concorn ing its genuineness. Wo supply this slate, and shall not lei a box or packet go from our shop until il is signed. And purchasers out of tho County of Chittenden aro informed that we have but one agent in a County, (said agent basilic privilege of leaving the inodicino in any town in his county, by taking $50O bonds of Ihe person selling thcni, thai ho will nut sell any other medicine purporting either directly or indirectly lo be this nrticlo ;) in ad dition to our tigimtuics, the county agent will sign his nmno upon ovcry box or packet sont to him unless they ato so binned do not pur cImso them. Uo not buy them of Druggists or Pedlars, for they have ?io the gciiuiuo uiliclo inado by Morison. See lhat tho porson pre tending lo tell tho genuine has a ccrlificalo tignod by us and cunlirmed by Geo. Taylor, colo agent for iho United Slates, aUo a priuUd ono signed by Geo. Tuylor suspended iu his. tlore. PA.Nti'n'iitN & Biiinshaid. Jowollers Burlington Vt,, agents for thu slate of Vermont, appointed by Gr.o. Taylor. 13 Chamber tt.. New York, solo agent for tho United Slates, sent out by the British C'ollegoof Health, Loudon. SUI1 AGENTS. Geo, II. Fi,h Middlcbury, Addison Co, O. A, Keith, Sheldon, Franklin Co. S. E. Morse, Craflhury. Orleans Co. John Kelscy, Danville, Caledonia Co. N. C. Guddard, Windsor, Windsor Co. M.S. llue.Maud, Hollows Fulls, Windham OrvH.t lloboits, Manchester, Uunuington II. W. Porter. Rutland, It inland Co. W. W. Cadwoll, Monipelicr Washington co Fusler Grow, Chelsea, Orange Co. April 27, 1UCS. Nova Scotia Plaister. E.'iTv lO.NS now uniidiiiir and lor tale by the subscribers, JIOARDMAN, CLARK, k Co, Mill on, Lvuer Falls, an, 2 3, 1833." ' ix 11

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