Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 25, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 25, 1839 Page 2
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FRIDAY MORN IN G, JANUARY, 25. Finns. Wo have hail nnno tin week! Tlio prominent, nrnl nlmost only topic of discussion in Congress for tlio pasl ten days has been tlio mode of appointing the investigating committee. Tlio friends of the administration at first insisted that the cemmittco should bo appointed by tho Speaker ; but they wcro soon driven from this position. Thry then demanded that if tho House appointed its own committee the voto should be viva voce, in order that the deserters might bo marked. On this ground tho battle has been (ought and the victory won. On Thursday week the final question was put, and decided by a vote of 113 to 105 that tho house should appoint its own committee, and that by ballot. The result was, the election of four whig, two conservatives, three administration men, and one nullifier. Mr. Wise is chair man, of course. The session is now too far advanced to admit of a full invcsliga lion ; but unlcs the Treasury offico is burned down, or tho committee locked out, wo shall get a foretaste of a dcvclopomcnt, which, when it comes, as enmo it must, will astonish the civilized world. The land bill, which virtually gives to to tho new states tho remainder of the public domain within their limits, has passed the Senate, by a vote of 27 to 22; but wo cannot but hope it will bo defeated in the house. Tho N. Carolina Senators have present ted tho resolutions of their legislature; but inasmuch as the word "instruct," is not contained in them, and they aro not ex pressly commanded to resign, they announce their determination to hold on, and violate the known wishes of their constituents. Mark this. Mr. Calhoun. Thcro socms to be but little doubt that Mr, Calhoun is preparing for a new political movement. We find tho following paragrph in tho Richmond Whig. 'We have received accounts from Wash ington confirmatory of the rumored dissatis faction of Mr Calhoun with the administra tion. That gentleman, it is now confidently asserted, is preparing to take another leap. Tho initiatory steps have been taken. What new position he will assume, we will not undcrtako to predict. He will "define" it himself, or some of his Lieuten ants in the House, will do it fut him, before many moons.' Pennsylvania. David It. Porter was inaugurated as Governor of Pennsylvania on the 15th inst. Both Houses of the Legislature had a quorum on the previous day. The election of Senator in the district composed of the Counties of Cumberland, Franklin and Adams, to supply the va. cancy occasioned hy (he death of Mr Cassat, Whig,rwas to take place on the ,5'h. John M'Farlane, Esq. was the Whig can didate, and Gen. Thomas C. Miller the Van Buren candidate, Both reside in Adams County. The National Intelligencer says it is re. ported that Dr. Sturgeon, (V. B ) now member of the Stale Senate, is to bo elected to the U. S. Senate as successor to Senator McKcan. The Hon. Daniel Webster has been ro elected to the U. S. Senate by three fourths the votes ol the Massachusetts Legislature) Gen. Worth passed through town on Sunday, on his way to Pittsburgh, to re lieve Gen. Eustis, who is ordc;ed south. of COM. DAVID PORTER, We observe that several of the papers have mooted the question of reappointing Com. David Porter to the American Navy It will be remembered that several years ago, Com. Porter was suspended for spiking eomo guns which lie found on shore, in the West Indies, while pursuing some pirates The guns, unquestionably were a part tho armament and force of the piratical ecoundrels, but as the United Slates thoritics had not then the precedent which has since been given by the English nu thoritics in tho Scholosser affair, Com Porter was court martialcd and suspended Capt. Drew, McNabb and olhor English pot valiants, fur midnight arson, murder cowardly and unexpected infraction of tho law of nations have been knighted, or otherwise honored. Com. Porter, a gB lant and honorable officer, for a technical infraction, aa wo have noted, was suspended end in consequence threw up his comrnis eion. The government of the U. States had no motive in the matter but a strict and honorable fulfilment of their duty to weaker powor; and in this instance their conduct contrasts honorably to tho nation with the disgraceful courso which has been pursued by tho British authorities and British subjects in relation to McNabb Drew Si Co, After resignation of his commission theU. S. Navy, Com, Porter entered the service of Mexico, and since his return to his country ha been residing as Charge do Affairs at Constantinople. Having! again roturnrd to his own country, tlio -ubjoct of app 'inling him to tho navy has been ngilatrd. Tho enemies of Com. Porter or tho friends of soino one or moro of the present officers in tho navy, have urged ogainst the rc appointment of Com Porter, that his entrance into tho service would supplant officers of every grade from that of Post Captain down, who hnvo a right by seniority, to promotion. There is, wo know, much in this argument, but the urging of reasons pro and con upon the subject is rendered unnecessary hy tho fol lowing letter to the editors, which appears in Saturday's Globe, over Com. Porter's name : Sin: Tivo articles hnvo oppcared in your paper, each from friends to the navy, on tho subject of my return to that service, and which appear to have been dictated by the kindest feelings toward mo; but as they have led somo to believe that they were published wiih my consent, I now declare most positively Hint I had nothing to do with tho articles, and was ignorant of them, until I saw them in print ; rnr hail I an idea of tho author until informed this morning, that one was the production of a highly esteemed Iriend. Of tho authorship of I lie other 1 am still ignorant. To prevent any erroneous conjectures and surmises on the subject, I now declare that I never hod any wish to be restored to my former rank in the navy, and that 1 havc invariably rejected nil overtures made tome with that object, and shall, it is most probable, for reasons well known to the Government, which it is unnecessary to repeat, always reject, should they bo renewed. FLORIDA. Charleston papers ore now received a day curlier than formerly. By the Mer. cury, received yesterday, we get the fol lowing, received via Brunswick Georgia. It is dutcd Garey's Ferry, Jan. 2 : Dear Sir- By tho Tampa express which came in last meht, we lenrn that there oru nwards of 200 Indians in ot Fort Brooke. As soon as Captain Abcrcroinbin nrnves, the eminrolion will commence, ii is arri vol is shortly expected. Report says that there is a larce bodv of Indians in the Ocklowuha swamp, "full o( fight." Col Twirls, nnd staff, leave today for Silver Spring, ond if favored, may h:ipu to indulge I in anliciontei cnunseint'iH wuu me Indians. The probability now is, that such an event will soon toko place, should such be the case, you will be opprised of it, by I ho earliest opportunity. G n. Taylor was at "Deadman'a Bay" on the 5th and was to scour the country to the Sawannee, in pursuit of Tiger Tail and his followers. A. Y. Sun. FROM TEXAS. By Houston papers to the 20th Decem ber, which came to hand yesterday, a few Tcxian items worth recording were received. Conk, tho individual engaged in a murder in Mississippi, ond lor whom a reward was offered, lias been arrested at Galveston, and is now in chains at ihnt place. He stoics the name of Willis Aus tin, mentioned in tho advertisement relative to him is not correct. Tho name of his accomplice is Willis Alston. Mr. Wilson, a bonaior in L-ongrcss from tho Harnsburgh District has been expelled from his peat by n vote of 10 to 1. I he grounds upon which no was expelled were, profanity, invokiog the vengeanco of God on any one .vhn voted lor o certain uin, cfusmc to como to order when desired, and divulging proceedings ho was bound to keep secret. "A personal rrcontrc took place a lew dnys since between the two clerks of the Senoteinthe Hall between the two Houses of Congress A pugilistic combat caused him who came ufT second best to post his antagonist ns a coward, for refusing to receive a challenge. Upon meeting in t tic Hall, a scullli! ensued will) canes, which terminated in exchanging shots without I effect ; n second shot from one of the party brought his opponent to the floor, wounded in the back. Ho Wb9 taken up supposed to be mortally wounded, but is since recover- 1 ho Uamanchc Indians ore still com mitting depredations. But a few days since they succeeded in carrying off five persons, two or throe of whom were children of a Mr. Lnckhart, residing west of tho Colo, rado. They como down lo liastrop but a week or two since and stole several horses wiihin the immediate vicinity of the (own. These aggressions will soon terminate, as a bill is now before Congress establishing a chain of military posts olung the frontier, which will rtl'-eiually cut off the Indians from the settlements." Somo of thoTexian editors talk of the probability of a union between Texas and the adjoining Mexican States of Coahuila and Zamanlipns. Not very probable. INTERESTING FROM MEXICO. Tho New Orleans Bco of tho 7th inst. from Salom. Massachusetts. I -.!--!.. 1 MM.n I mnllnn, city nas oeon entirely vacuuiuu. - - - ...i.. ,:.. Mexican troops aro enenmped .1 the dis- Thomas Buchannin, fcq , hoo e rv ices mnrn of thrnn miles, after hovinir pillaged , on a lormcr occasston were m eminently Emigration. The editors of tho Ger man paper published in Philadelphia, have received letters from Bremen, which fur Dishes tho following information: " A parly, consisting of seven hundred persons are at Bremenhaven, ready to emi grate to the United Sintes. They are Lutherans, entitling themselves "the old Lutheran Congregation," who have left t heir native country, Saxony, on account of religious intoluruiice, and intend to settle in one of the western slates. They arc an industrious set of people, and aro said to bo in possession of rising half a million of dollars. J ho parly consists pi incipally ol farmers and mechanics, including sixteen ministers of tho gospel, and four school masters. Tho New Orleans Bee, hitherto the leading administration paper in Louisiana, has changed its proprietors and its politics, It is now adverse to tho present incumbents at iho head of our great national olficcs, and their political creed, brings us dates from Vera Cruz to tho 23d December, received ot Now Orleans by the Spanish schooner Buliza. The mnin features of tho reports in relation to tho attack on Vera Cruz, tho wounding of Santa Ana, &c, aro confirmed, and it is Mated further that tho city ond costlo of San Juan dc Ulloa hovu been evacuated by the French. Eight days wcro allowed to the French residents in Vera Cruz to leave the town, and sixty days to thnso in tho in terior. It was further currently reported that the Government had determined on the expulsion of all foreigners from the republic. The blockadu of Vera Cruz is now re sumed, though but four vessels remain lo enforce it. No vessels whatever aro per mitted to enter. Tho rest of the squadron have left Vera Cruz to renew the blockade of the other ports except tho corvette Creole, which had sailed for Havana under command of the Princo do Joinvillc. The French Admiral had chartered a vessol to leave Vera Cruz in about ton days from tho date of these advices, with the French residents in Vera Cruz. The squabble bc'wccn tho Federalists ond the party now nominally in power con tinned. Mclamoras was besoiged bv tho Federalists, but no action had taken place Among other rumors, a letter from Vera Cruz, dated tho 18th, received at the same time as tho advices to the 23d, stated that revolution had actually taken place in Mexico, and that a treaty with France would probably soon follow. All other accounts have represented the Fcdcrolists to be as much opposed to a peace with France as tho other parly. The annexed extracts arc from the cot respondent of the New Orleans Bee, dated Vera Cruz, Dec. 21st. It is hardly neces sary to remind the reader that some allow ance is to be made lor tho writer's violent onti. Mexican prejudices. Afier iho capture of the castle of Si. Juan D'Ulloa and the generous cipitula tion granted by tho admiral, alter our sail ors had shown o generous rivolry in behalf of the wounded Mexicans whom ihey were desirous of retaining in the castle, in order to extend to them all tho attention their situations required, finally after the admiral himself had again opened I he way lo peace bv addiiinnnl concessions, wo have been poined to sen tlio Mexican govurnmnni not only persist in her blind obstinacy, but lo resort lo decrees ol expulsion only worlhv the most barbarous people. The order of expulsion accorded lo the French hut three days to leave the city of Mexico, and one month to reach the port of Acapulco (on the rncific ocean.) A3 it wn impossible for a thousand Frenchmen to find in that port ono available vessel, it is evident their massacre was intended. All the represen tntives of foreign nations hastened lo pro test against an net of such horrible injiiS' tioc. The rcpult of their solicitations was. that they worn permitted to go to Vera Cruz. No lime was allowed I hem to ar range their afT.urs ; they were divided into three columns on their way since tho lOih inst.; the greater number of thorn on foot. Imagine to yourself these unfortunate peo ple on I heir way in tho midst of a hostile population rxci'cd agaiiit them by the emissaries of the government. While these things were passing in Mcx ico, the population of Vera Cruz had, in consequence of ihc capitulation, returned to their houses; but the city wus the thea tre of another import ant event. Santa Ana han b;en invested with tho command in place of Gen. Riocnn, who was recoiled to Mexico, to bo tried bv a council of war. Arista, who had approached near the cuy with his division, was charged with suslnin mg the operations of Santa Ana. The taller, stationed in tho vicinil v of Iho place. learned that the Prince do Joinvillc had landed, and moved Itnmcdiotpy toward Vera Cruz, with General Aruta, giving orders to close all the gates of I lie city, and to 6cizo all tho French officers and sailors who had come to lav in t tie i r provis ions under the faith of tho treaty. His orders vere executed, and three officer wcro taken nt Hie gate of tho Mole. Im mediately tho French, anxious fur thu fate of the Pfitico. rushed to tho gita, deter mined to force it, to facilitate his escape fortunately this precaution was unnecessa ry, the Prince having already embork"d The squadron was immediately informed of this vitiation nt tho treaty, as well a the danger that threatened tho French and nil s'rongcrs by 1 1 u arrival of Generals Kama Ana and Arista, (several armed until were in a short limo near Iho Mole, and their imposing nttiiudu caused i tic imim-di nto release ol the nflienrs taken. Tho ad miral informed General Sania Ana that he mtist immediately submit to the terms of capitulation, or he would forthwith recom mrncc hostilities. Santa Ana declined civing any answer unul next morning Tho admiral was well informed of tho in-ton-e excitement that existed in thu city and of serious danger to which all strati- gem were exposed, required that they should he immediately allowed to quit the city. Santa Ann was compelled to absent, and they immediately departed without having luno lo carry away iheir boggige Tho next morning at six s'clock tho adiui ml lauded n thousand men In ken from tin different orowr, liavuiL' at their heud Hi Prince de Joinvillc; they were to destroy t lis batteries, spike tho cannon, ond secure tho tumorals banla Ana and Arista. In two hours iheir duty was performed. Gen Arista was token prisoner, and Sania Ana who appeared at Iho head of 200 cavalry fell covered with wounds. He was carried oft by Ins soldiers, who retreated in crcut disorder; the next day it was underfttood his left leg and iho fingers of his left hand wero amputated. The government has iust sent General Codellos to roplaco him, with instructions not to submit lo ony arrangement. Tho In tho most scandalous manner many French houses. The chanco of pnvornmcnt in favor of tho federalists that has just occurred in Mexico is far from giving us any cause 10 hope for any favorable arrangement. 1 hoy aro oil, without distinction, imbued with tho same hatred of all strangers; tho proof of which is, a petition was circulated thro' tho streets of Mexico by which tho general expulsion of all strangers without distinc lion is demanded, and on the lOID instant was covered with moro than five thousand signatures. It is understood that in ino other departments tho same course is to be pursued. MURDUR AND PIRACY. The Salem (Mas.,) Register of Monday brings us the details of tho murder of Captain Charles F. Wilkins, and n young man named William F. Babbagc, of the Salem ship Eclipse. Tho murder was per pctratcd, ond tho vessel robbed by the Malays at Tra Bangun, on tho coasts of Sumatra. Capt. W. was a man highly respected and beloved in Sulem. The Register remarks in relation to tho event, that permanent protection is rcquirad by our marines engaged in pepper trade. The affair of the Potomac is already almost forgotten by tho nntives, or alluded to with scorn. 1 hey say elic is the only vessel the Americans could send, and that she wa9 borrowed from tho English. The annexed particulars arc from the protest made before the American Consul at St. Helena. The properly stolen amounted to $30 000, and the loss is covered by in surance ot various offices in Salem : Tho Eclipse arrived at Tra Bangun from another port on ihe coast, on the 22d of August, ond nn tho 24ib, preparation wero made nnd everything arranged for weighinc pepper, which was commenced on and conlinucil through the following day, The chief male and four men were engaged on shore in weighing, and while there, resided at Ihc fori of the Rajah of I ra liangun. Un the 26th the weighing was continued, and about sundown of that day upwards of eleven Malays went on bnatd Ihu ship, having with tliem several bags of pepper. Two of these men, Oosoo (Ihe head man and brother of Sumnt,.whoin Capt, Wilkins had hired as his assistant, according to custom on that coast) and onnihcr, went into l lie caoin lo converse with the Captain on business, whero ihey supped with him. About eight o'clock ihey commenced weighing two bags at a (Iran; and on the third dratt the Malay beijan the attack by stabbing ilie. second mate and the hoy liaouage. The latter fell, but Ihe male, not being severely wounded, ran lo seize something to defend himself wiih, and in going aft saw Oosoo stab tho Captain. The Malays in the mean lime hod seized Ihu nioj-kfls in tho round house, Willi nil tho weapons within reach, and Ihe crew being overpowered, were obliged lo save themselves as best they could, some of them jumping overboard and others retreating up tho rigging, j lie pirates then common ced i he plunder of Iho vessel, the cook William Reynolds, talking with and appa rently ossisting thi'm. They left iho ship between ten ond twelve o'clock, lokinu with them 2G 000 or $27,000 in specie, two ciiests oi opium, two iruuK.s ot tlio cap tains best wearing appnrcl, two sold watches, a fowling piece nnd case, two spv L' lasses, the ship s colors, all the canva ami cotton cioid mat could nc loiiuu, sev era! mtirkcts. some ammunition, the cap lam's writing desk containing the chief part of his papers and accounts, with several other small ar'icles. After the pirates had left the ship, those of Ihc crew who had remained in the ves sel went on deck and discovered that the conk had gone with them, mid as was believed of his own accord. Ho had fro quenily been heard lo toy that he meant to go and live with ihe Malays, and lor several days previous had often been seen in close conversation with Suniat, and they wero apparently very good friends. The Eclipso arrived at Salem on Satur day. A letter from the Captain of the Salem brig Lucilla, who immediately re paired to the scene, that in communication with the natives, he learned that all the plans were matured on Ihc 25th, by the fellow "Sumat," who wrote a letter to his brother, giving It i in tho plan of attack, and tho dispositions of the ship's arms on board. &c. From this letter wo learn that another of tho crew of tho Eclipse died from a wound received by a gun's bursting cTmVonTzation. Elliott Crcsson, the disinterested agent of the Colonization Society a gentleman who makes no living by his agency, but gives himself as much to the objects ol the Society as any man in tho country, and probably more, is exciting a great deal of attention to (ho subject in Boston. We notice that he has been beforo a commit ten of the legislature, in reference to the African slave tradu ; and that the facts given in Ins statement huvo attracted a great deal of nonce from the press. He has olso received many donations for tho causn, and in a lute Boston paper acknowl edges the receipt of $100 from snmo tin. known donor. Tho following circular from the committee of the Society in this city will be read with interest : Tho ship Saluda, tn he navigated by colored men, nnd employed bp the Coloni zation Society in the transportation of emigrants to Africa, is now purchased, and the colored crew being nearly completed, she is expected to sail in a few days. This vessel will be commanded, during tho fust voyage, by Captain Water, a white man of high respectability, an experienced successful in regulating the ofTiirs of the colony nt Hassa uovo, nno ouicr seme tncn'.s olnng iho coost, has recently been reappointed Governcr General of tlio va riotis coloniop, and will embark in this ship oi 1 1, !, m.ri. with n fow emirrants, and call i ........... , n .... mii. ot Norfolk. Virginia, tor mo rusiuun. i on purchase of this ship and tho outfit will necessorily cotisc very cnnstdcroblc ex pense; therefore contributions from the friends of the African race arc respectfully solicited, ond those who hove favored the society with subscriptions, by pnying m tho amount will materially promote our cause. Bunk also on different subjects will be thankfully received at the coloniza tion rooom, lib" Nassau si. CANADA. Montreal, Jan. 19. Yesterday morn ing nt nine o'clock, Pierre Thcophile Do coTgno, Ambroise Sanguinet, Charles San. gurnet, Francois Xavter Humelin, other wise called l' ci u unnicim, mm Rnhori wptp ImixTcd in front ot the now gaol, in pursuance of the senlenco of the Court Martial. Uecoignc was a notary ai Cliaicatiguay. and was token prisoner at Napiervillo along with Uaptatn worm ono others, with whom he was tried. i no other four wero found guilty of High Trco. son ond of the murder ol Mr. WaiKer, under oggravatcd circumstances. Do coinnrt addressed the assembled crowd o his "Dear brethren in Jesus," and stated lint had ho taken tho advice of Ins "good pallor," he would not nave enme 10 an untimely end. Ho did not confess that he was n traitor, or that ho was sorry lor being so. all hough he begged that his countrymen should take Ins I'ato as a warn ing. The other wretched criminals ap peared engaged altogether it! religious ser vices, ond with the exception of Jacquc- Robert, met their end like men. Uecoignc in particular, was uncommonly cool and self-pnsseflcd, and did not betray the slightest symptoms of fear, all hough what was reported of htm during tho past tew days since his sentence was officially inti mated, led u to expect a very diiierent demeanor Jacques Hubert was so dread lolly overcome and nervous, that no requi red lo be supported until the fatal bolt was n which ushered them into tho pres ence ot their moKcr. i netr suiiering were short, the hangman being more ex pert at his profession than on the former occasion. I no gouowa was creocu or. the top of the gaol wall, immediately above the gate, and the bodies were sus. pended outsido of the wall, so that the Canadians might be lu'ly satisnou mat there was something more serious than banging in efiigy, as is currently reported in the country parishes was tho case wuu Cardinal ond Duquette. When these worthies were hanged there were only four hooks on the gallows, but they are now inci cosed to seven, from which it would appear that they aro to be used. An im mense crowd witnessed the executions, it being quite n novelty to see so many indi viduals hanged at the same time. There were not many Canadians present although all those who wero on their way to market Willi iheir produce were stopped by the crowd, and forced, to a ceriain extent, to witness the proceedings. It was not until the actual hanging had token place, that the habitant really believed the sentences would be carried into effect, and one who was standing beside us exclaimed. "My God, they ore reol men-" There wa-s nothing in the nppearanca of any of the uiifoi lunate criminals which would have led ony person lo suppose they were capable of committing such barbarities as were proved against them, os detailed in the cvidenco wo this day publish. Herald. The Kingston Herald states that on at tempt has been made to poison Iho whole militia on duty in Brockville. The baker who supplies the troops with bread, discov ered something singular in the appearance of the puncheon of water with which he was on the point of kneading his dough. An examination was made by a medical man, who pronounced it so strongly infused will) arsenic, that every one who might have eaten of the bread would have been inevitably killed. Intelligence has boon received at Mon treal from London, U. C. that of the pris. oners taken at Windsor, one, named Hiram Ci.uch, was hung un the morning of thui dav. another wm to suffer on Iho I lib, ond a third on tho I -Mi, these being all for whoso execution Warrants had ben rc ccived. It was expected 12 or 14 more would be executed. The letter mentions that another invasion from the Amorican Frontier was expected. The Toronto Patriot states that five men of tho 341 h Regiment had deserted from Amhnrt-lburgh, three of whom were shot down by the volunteers while ntlemp ting to cros Iho ice to the States. The oilier two gave themselves up rat tier than be shot down. The Quebec Gazette mentions the arri val ot thai place ofiwo detachments of the C5ih and 93d Regiments from Nuw Bruns wick, ocrnss thu "untl'sputed territory." The Oth Regiment from Jamaica, and the 27th and C9lh from oilier parts of the West Indies, are expected at Halifax from whence they will also pass lo Canada over the "undisputed Territory." From Prescott Martin Van Slyke, ono of the released Prescott prisoners, has mndo tho following statements Having had my irial nt Kingston ond having been acquitted, I avail mysulf of my hberly to coinmunicato through the columns of your paper an account, ns for as has come to my knowledge, of such racts as may have a tendency to disabuse the public ear. I was taken at the. wind mill on the 14th November, and carried to Kingston: when first token wo wcro roughly handled, and heard considerable abusive language. Alter our arrival ol King-iion wu wero confined in a building in the Fort. Our treatment was generally numoiio nothing was token from the pris onors but money, which was put into the hands of iho Sheriff, Mr. McDonald, fur tho nee of thu prisoners, ond which, to gether with such donations as come to hi hands from this side. I believe were hon estly ond foithfully applied in relieving the wants of the prisonors; and permit me to obscrvo that the whole conduct of Mr. McDonald has been humane and upright, and I shall olway. remember him with gratitude. The whole number of prison ers was, an for os I could asccttsin, ono hundred nnd fifty four, of whom two have died. Ton have been executed, two hovo been released, and one, I undftrstand, will soon be at liberty. The trials by the court ,i;,i nnnnor )', linun been conducted with fairness, nnd the prisoners hove had all tho opportunities they asked for procuring witnesses. My business is to accuse none but lo spook tho truth. I am of the optn that ony farther oltemptstn invade Canada, or threats of retaliation, will operate un favorably on the condition of those Blill m confinement, and I most earnestly urge and request my fellow citizens, in behalf of my late suffering fellow prisoners now in King, ston, to obsioin from nil farther act9 of war or threats of retaliation, os they can only endanger the lives of those whose fate now depends win lly on the clemency of the authorities of Canada. M Van Slyke. D. D. Hucstis, a prisoner who has been convicted, will, it is said, bo hung. Tho Watcrlown correspondent of tho Cotnmor. cial Advorliscr thinks the Alburgh affair may cause tho death of maoy of the Pres cott prisoners who would otherwise hovo been released. These men may be con sidered 03 hostages rntivincd by the Cona dian authorities, and their lives depend upon the forbearance of the "patriots" to make ottacks from this side. Scrub Racing in Mississippi.-TIio 'North Alabamanian,' published at Tus cumbia, gives the annexed detiala of a re cent race : 'A few days since, at n i6u& race in Tirhmingo county, Mississippi, tho sports, men introduced a new mndo of trying tho bottom of I heir steeds ; which, by I tic way proved us disast roin ns it was novel. They took it into their heads lo run four hor-es in opppositc direction? at Ihc some time. Off they went, in high glee; but on arriv ing half round iho track they were sudden, ly bronchi lo their senses or rather, their enscs brought to them; when on the com. ing together of their horses, with n tremen dous crash, Ihey found themselves sailing in the ground like a hawk after a chicken. Two horses killed, and two men in a con dition but. little better, was the result of their temerity. New York. From table appended to tlio annual report of the Comptroller, we learn that the value of real estate in this stale is $502,834, OOfi; of ihc personal csiate, $124,680,783 -louf, $627,544,894. 'ihe aggregate taxation of ilia state, exr.ppiing of the counties of Allegany, Rich mond, Clinton, Curil.ind, JoOerson, Oneiil.i and St. Lawrence, fioin which ilieic me no returns during the ypur. unioumctl m 2,700,553 62. The aver age r.ue of roinity and lown Mix was 3 7.10 mills on ihe dulliir. The liiulit-M was paid in Franklin county, 12 6 10 mills ; ami ihe lowest if Queen's county, 1 1 10 mill. The number ot acres taxed in the city of N. Voik is 14,000 ; 1 tie value of eiiaie is eel down in S194.543.359, and of i lie peisunul estate !G9,G09,5S2 -loial, 264,152,941. The nggiegate taxation is ret down .it 1,214,972 15,btingatllie rale of4 8 10 mills on the dollar. The nmnlier of acres of land in ihe state, acemding lo Hurr's Atlas, is 29,329,936. The number of acres of land taxed in the different counties, wiih ihe exception of those enumerated above, is 21,83 1 ,010. It is said that Richard P. Robinson, the murderer of Helen Jewell, was killed in an affray at L ittivillo, a few days since. Standing Armies. The Inrgcst stand- iiiir armv in tho world is Kent hy iho Chinese; it amounts tn 1.200 000 men. Riksio has 650,000 men continually under arms, and f ranco 310,000. Tho army of Great Britan U upwnrd of 90.000. Counterfeit. Tlic public nro can- tinned ogainst receiving counterfeit five dollar notes of tho National Bank, of ihis city, is-ucd in imitation of the plots used by tho Hank. 'I he paper is thinner, and the filling in and iho signatures very badly executed. JV. Y. Sun. d i i: i) . In this village, on the 21st inet., Henrv Martvn, infant son nf James and Sarah Mitchell, aged 5 months and 19 d.Uh. At lesl In Jesus' faithful arms, ft rem as in a pe.ieeful bed, Serum Ohio all iIik ilieadful slorms Which louud ihis r infill world are spread. In ihis ullago, on the p.ime dav, John Petkini, son of Mr. (lilbert Peiktuat aged 5ear. In Ihis lown, on Saiuidav mornin;-, Major Ehen ezer Blown, ngeil 67 wari, one or I lie oldest and m .si respectable iiiluloiiiiii of IJui Imgioii. On tin same , in iIih village, ai the icsidcnro of her , Jiilin Itrad'ey. Mm. Uroinon, lelirt of ihe laie Col. Ilioiison, of Sunderland in this Stale, agcil 84 jf.irn, On l lio fame day, in litis town, Mrf. UollUter, relict of the late dpt. Ilolhsicr, aged 59 je.irs. Ticrcnwmctrrs, at tlio Variety Shop. Panod mix & UrtixM Alt'. LAMPWICKS FOR Astral, Store, Hall and other Lamps nt all si7."s, also for the Brit tnnia Sioro Limps, 12 1-2 cts. per bunch, at the Variety Shop, nlso Chimney Glosses for A"iral Lamp.-, blacking Brushes, for sale. Jan. "a PANC.Iln &. BlilNSMAin. Fresh Flour. PTNR subscribers havo remaining on A hand n few haiuiei.s superior quality superfine FLOUR, warranted made from neto Wheat. Persons wishing o choice article, will do well to call soon. Jan V4. L friinor it Potwin. VANTEi5 IN exchango for goods. Flannel, Sheep's Grey Cloth, and o few Tons of good Butter. LATiinoi' & Potwin. MnnsfiolpVs "Premium" Shoes WHICH for durability aro not equalled bv anv in tho world. by anv in tho world. 500 pairs just received by the subscri- i ihis, mm, uauer Uoois, misses ooti in fanta SIiocb, &c. Latiirop &. Potwin.

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