Newspaper of True American, January 25, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 25, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12 CENTs. NI;W OIlLEANS FRIDAY MORNING, JANUARY 25 1839. Vo..-VI No 1866 -,---,..k-- ---=-V " "- - V n • Ternst of the .ANvep repr Preses of .VYeo Or/eans en Hnit r l: oge-'dt Ittlot It n hellr I l it , li the Propttrielores, bh I on Ithe Itli of llerrh. 8:17. Suanscot ra.,i. - l'.,vle t rl ii for it doly eie per annultn, l 1 ttle ,nia . tli-l llHll ' in nilevtm : tenl dollars for the ri-weetliv on litre tar,i tinllle one year in dvalnce, where no city refereltee it tivel. 0., a ibscription will be dihlcontioned until arreargies are settled. In case of di cotillnlance, one week's notice idn mrilcng must on invarsab y given, previous to th xpiation or slsoeripoion. AnvtRrtlsto.--Onl dotllr per sleanrn for ihe firstl nsertion, and half that price hfr each slbceqa1ert one: an) naterial alteration from the original odvertiermen will Ir cltarged ne a now one. YaatLV AVeRTItaRtn.-Merechannt cod Trm er, arty dollars ftl English alone, nnd mixtv Itr Ibotlh Inn g,ta es ianks, nsorcaae Ofie, and nother imia pubic Institutions, fifty ddlnrs in 'Enelioll only, at," eighty for both languages; Ship and teamnlt,ot Pae tors, or Comlnmission merchantts sixty dollars in English neo and eightyr rbotlb langnuages. MA anatOEt, I)BnteAtv NcTICEs., nd nOrtiled sol ing tie attention ouf the puillic to tletn o propertv, cards of pasoengors, bheoeit., &e. de. will heu lllrbn ' one dollnr elir square ro the bret insertilo io caolt tan Ugo e. CoMeMUeICATIOs , or Advertisemento, of aIno pentsn Il neore,. when odatissible, elutll be eltnrged double, end in advance. A deednction of twenty-five pereenlt. will he mae tle Aucieolcers, flier%, Itneicerse \LV ill,ool \Inriorhnlao octlten of real estnte, outlinlclle in hbth lo n.eI., and 50 per cent. in Eaocthh aloeet: Ilolr i( t. oil mhos at other peoperty. AtIeavartSlEc Te ont of the direct line of hulcin.ll of the advertiser, such as lenal, tllltitnl , tnI lltlll e Oteil sles, rtltaay sl cne, etnyll :llilllt, SteS. will bec rogeil for sle tu lve ,t ll c ni it tn lo vit l rv e alt-t. Ao.lvatTcnIEM.'rctI tleti'ifeeItc t tl hilllue, toil ie po' lllLscd onue itonlt, llltl adll eerl atoctr lillely No adveitistlllc atto ltbtllntkrlittcite teill l bttpblitedl in ay ttesr, inc leis Caido Sire Irsil .ccs oIr ielicth'e, pIayentgrrteed d artee tcrecpttseitetrlt sut t retsatene nandotlhr tlooe tnl ,tttecinu -l, cttlvoreiitty tnily corteke Cniete. to lite ciorllgd $ti fr lo it Inhi o lor, eand $t511 in bulte tngactoeon All atsucenottlett ofttl etclini:oafr tytit eol tttiten will lie carged dessbleed e pricgef othl'r advortine Owing to) the oluenimt 1111 ihnl ed IbyW n )ewp8er p eorei'tllcrt, tihe ilyece nti: tt, tec liie.lll eni til r a ned of pers:unl wltst neoetttthlve be itco ott' tro buithi, Ke tulck afte Aireiniunlll Irrvall ie *1 od 11 kn uwi io far los eraotcal, el to each tl t l'e-- t ohli mti h , theslbscriteto a fisrther tor thilt fr" such odlia ust it, whle.s in er retall ano'e pavymenats. (aigned) J. C. leh SJT. I. ettiIS J. IIAYIIN, I'. 11. E. It\. J. C. I'III'VI)IERGAST Jt)lltN ;Iliti). i.e "I-IeI',N. ireekly Presl.-- re, the illlleroieI, aires t nlde by the ocunelitiotn, a~ lyr ase tthey Ilre nllltictblte to .ignel n A. II. L lX'IllCi,C SIý` aa tulcrip~tiumn ore tLoll c!rt IT t It..lnti . l l6llouthti. mljettors nmul, tll i case 1t le pok paid. NOTIC E TO TIlE PUBLnIC,-Ut tlocded N roter oe tile otttiietttcl+ l italVng col1 notel, or discottsterl l tit ld ldtittt ltottn entlllliollted GARDEN SEIED sTl.lE, [laving been moast ioduetrinluly ciclil tcld by srl. interested parties, tele liascrlbcer logs Io asure Ills frisds gecnerally, tod the IIic l IIat large, hat ll I still contitlllcs within twit dillllcrc of hiti ite, or lortlr esilnll, to ce furlishliI with a full llnd c-+ tensive salltlt y f i i all te etlchtltll d tll kicll of kilc llt u or vegetable .ieardeo Se1todt, ot tite growth and ilt. port of tho preenlt iec.t.Oll, 1837. Since the uearly p rt tn Sitteoic'e , libe rh . eeived ample suppaI. Icy cthe p, eklt ehips Vleis. burg, Koutu iy, anod Arkn tot, ,l trr.eil in short passages, diroct froe Now York I1W teo Mlatoti. Sipipi and another plcket. lie i Iu exlpteta. lon of a snplly of Ftrlit 'l'reles iltod Aitltriagsi Roots, esivig nalready received i'ootoecs ltheroll by mail. 'it'h saiscriber begs fnrlther to selrte tlit, tltlllii Steele, eilhecr cwholetiotle or rt:tailt. Ito h ever wai oineo tis first eotsalith.lllcitt l IitioI icy, 1822. l Unslclry Icc.i lers a tLI l ,r1 t, It i i l-. il ot i rdrt t filaed at t he i itc iiltt•| lid' .t rttc.ct It o r tct t ccnotettd t otit tt l it cc ( ltalulg ,S i:ih,r ,u Fr ·,..h ! or I':-',;lhni. Intv always be accoltitld ctt p+,..", ,I lle lcciel tt to t\'Ill 1111 'll, NTtti I'I .--.d r i . cIitl .C l tlllt c I'-iC t S c ir. Il -tl tr .t.:...d Irl w r cl, t! . toctlnO 0 I nti mud c tcltt . t. II l.', n ll\u \ I hll" , I II I Tl ', Iil l t,'! l l J ic . J l, C e nere talaifn o e C ) , r.n Iany alit, or.. Vn-.r.' I"" , ii , a r oom I i llel a e ht 7rI, 11ri 1. . t Ih . io Ir I t 'e a .1 i, ru1 1 t ,a xlllIh t JI illI 1. , InI; tlolll', t ..d lIt a la olltI.x , hlc to i t t I-_irl gutl g aI o'l lol ll , Sdil lel I I t11a , l lll t I I lt 11t, .1hla IIIt r iIII: - dll eu IaIM, y givi I tt.1 I J111. - 7I1 l III .1' ( 1-. 1 8 1·111 l111811 ' II 'III . I)·lrljilll)' II .IIii'II 'IIIM III I IIII(P-- II I ~"I'l r I ici;. l~ l ini11111 dha i i nly IeuLIl. IiIo llhll- - hI II t t i - ml nkllhtl rlll gllnla i n h, A nl l l laln I i .l I, I ,dd' r, l wIel t.ti, ll,,lli+ U .re hllrlal , Irtl u 'lll t11 1 l I, (1· lhl'd1 I l''i,,i< -, i e .upil eoll thi e 8Iu llllhe T' ll,.,t w l thi· AnllI I .(! IIU leroBI r ?!.VllliO),ll. .lliCh lll( R n ldly f, ll,,w his ,libe'-e• Dysceps cases orci iie Is o or llte" pr 11v s eilhotur t nt ulre el , ere r.,r i N W rrrll Y Ki1n hte ii h uvol u s, e l lh u t An Ie iIr the n h th.: r i a.y loin Ai h u I11 ll tI tire. alllt t lllYjxell Il lllu-e cxa e Ih.. nelve tlls iurlll cIleal l. In i.. nllllille.t.Žoe1 i SoI t dlllld ly l. Jl tl. tll ii Inlvl .111 I Itt lxi tllollre hati ng an II . llll.tiul of 1 I't ~l-sae,' , IiiI lllrouIt do well by t ivida L)r. Jl u-o111 1111 i all 1 pro r e Ieh .inen lor ielltr ellre in illlt t llt r lt l tlll' a Ib le Illp ttilh I ri lle t dir. ltisltll alltlltheir ii-ta. Otice oipen flout 7 In the inuilg uat il IlO o'clock a1 AIItF.-ITIIt"'e 1oY JlP rl': I IXI'd . opilio e thIati Ilill at lllc i t tile ilt.. l-e llitI illl lft ml8l klind 8rigl tite ill tit r1711. II(:tlt. Tai- i. x r ~ls IusIredIt ll tt. Bi IttU III a 1.t lll1t f i8 I i11i o m11.11 IiI f,1rly da flar lhell ret vlt io lehiil flllloe1 Ii lI 18 1s 1: Lob l fit dajp t i e t e, l elllant t -t,. olllo , rt"n I ft - 1 ceh,l in ina Ill ia t 1yid" C.ICe,.t i ItIhe tle.I lli ila c i" na IIn to llxeleep Iril lli111, of t e 11 llv.r n, iiiiii It 11 eare l w here i lla dlta ' Ol Ur " a t -tli v: h. it i h I wn t , exi.t• 'tllic nedcilti mlllI not bit l.llltr l iltlllD n the Iel,: ofqaclletk altru 7lr l ell e ecaiwbf hoT at's lII et it I. t lht utarop le c a 1r 11ldntha d, Ii it-h - I 7 t1. f !ll.' li , w eaelur. tI sd by til l tte llft, atllt Ivt-elllll. I Ix trclttlgtn oI th a systel , uIth1 chIe I ' Iilf thle oI , nnll it few blll 'l' teln i'coo. he in ,s c i tllrlnlmel inc.rl 1of fuiure leriod. NeW YOIK, I:Ih \un.ll.(, 18 s have been rouhled, In ,r.. ,r len:, with I,. l~e: l .HI fIr In n y e n re; Ilir tile | 1l $l th lre e e l - mIlly' a u t llil l.i I I wi vl . he e l i l l l l llo r t n b l e . I h I o .'e t , i , d . ev r r. tII iI y - lic l , , , • J u a uatlerOf' qulcRk 1elli.iu,... W Ih w Its ,ller vh, nn;; benefit. I d.'pauiled of,'v,'r rill di,,.| , ,, Ile .l- ,.elC relief, anll r.'sigllnld iyll f' l th iont hItIeI-I h' de-p ,lilr I)rplell I" . tltr. I have. owlvlhi liahe1 I' futlih intl reitor Ing Ill Ihlt, tint 1111 he Ittll'h I ullll Il f;I ~ver. tellnd ule hallf a dLn.'n btilll- e t I nnd raelic, iy t ll la lk f il !h '* O U h[ e v e : i i i r r e d Ib y r e - storing luni to plt'llct health. rihe a gent tIsa in hie pn s e-. a , .i 1eve it. , h hed te. Jotullnll ', 1411 tol. 5il ,. (ll-l. i l OV.. i PRO. ['E("I'UA. TIlE subscrihber p-.p; e , t lp tlilh. in titen he ginning of the onstumg winter, a Comldensatio.t It the twenty volumes of the Old an i 1 w Series of MartLin's Loulsiana Riports, to ,be comorti to fair voldhnsto. 8.., necording to the modul of Peters' Condosod Reports. This work is now it preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Esq , of thin city. anitMod by Willitn, F. Brand, Esq. 'le Editor is also perlittud by a distinguished retired Judge of the ouprltoime Court, and by one of the sitting JudgZes, to expect fIrn their personal supervision all th, andvaotaco whlich may naturally be raped from tOheir exprioene. Such a wtrrk is bouecming every day mtose no cessary, as tilhe original is vollllinous, expl IIIv and scarce. An iutcraasintt curi. sity too is Iutni" tsht, in the other States of the Union, tt reflretce to the peculiarjurisprudence of LIu.tanta; and the circnmstance of the nttmerousII prtnciples here de. cided in thL adjusltment of conllltts of la nn, makes lthe knowledgeo of our adjudged caes of pIrioe uti. lity to the jurists of the whole ULion. Moreovet, the rising republic of Texas hast adopltd our e.ieos, and thuts there is a grealt dmoand for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quartor. Convenient notes, indtcating theo parallel cases decided in JLouisiana, and ocessionally thosen o the msore authoritative forunms of the other States, will no added to each case. The work will form four volumes, royal octavo. and will be delivered, boundl, to subscr.liwr at $6 per vol.; in case it shoul I be fouotr pralticable to comproess it into three volutns, the p-ice to sub scribers will te $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM McKEAN, p cor Camp and Cooammso ts. NEW UtLIl"NA Strnm and P.teni Bierritt Br..ery-Waters and IlInili,. No. gO,,nloa.ln (eler lte iP oi tnrtriia Rail Ilo:,d.) Pilot nnd N.avv ruI, hld.i uillld Vnolllt Itiecoit, S.hllr, Butter Ml ord ;lld Water CrI.ckrer. All tIle b wve articles aro r wlrrante.l to be of thl irs q tllity, and i. kInop in any clinto, being co lpletily kliln driedll. Al.o,--Clni d.iolI corn mail. Ordeorn lt ilt G. \V. Pri cll rd and T.Igs t, .r. norner M ig zialo anod Pydrlas streeol, will recive prompt attention. Sainll kega put up expresoly fior finiaily uIe. 15iav tL.OUiI--1000 barrels landingi i I an sd br 3 ala by i. IUIl..b l-. dl" 44 Nrw I eve NN AZI. -7, )0 ke ns Nail,, ....v l .ll .nl.r. . .le by A dli I00 t.l t a WIIIT \!1., k;7 Grvirrt. d 41U.v)lol- Iirwi.nppi ui F tikenat 7, I Le " wo, Ior ,rncerl·w. d15 tEInIlY . 7.i bl des Kern'yt, EOL--5 Irr- .ll'antri Oil, :.I, clik W eIIII (1ll, " I40 caannlll t nirieiiJ in, CA.I)LES-J'II00 buses sperm CInnllesr. or le I. II . F, 17 9,:l Ct na, o lit t priie Pork 20 1 lhl prime i ,F. l n lin l by Cli i) ll·Il.)i" I G 1) i 1(t 1 l , i t ii ii ..I(J.lEl ?rlT t sr of all"ging, the (Ii1 nr II III Iiiilli i ;I i i rl. i , Ih e, t l i .vi'i ii l: hn " nriipl l Irlo11 (7lh.-7 v, I llll 1'r Ai rvv.rlll ye:trs p rl l i:,. n F,, ia hI hlma c l(Gll la;,w. nle I ,lllnrv er-el tirot I er s;'. 'I'" ti'lli t ltc l hl i vI C Ii le llob w , on . iJ -- ,, .. 4 ýt IX 1`1111 tt-1110 dl·ze " IlIox ('heirs·, jIet r:" anI iv ,I , an d ,Rilnh: tir 1 hippin2 f0' F1 RIb 4 1 1[ 1 IIoi k I na uruiluu War t ]in noI Il ý7i":W 1 1'5)'("1-V lp leu I'+ i)I ~'.I-ý ev in ,_ EI( FUrnirnA, ( 1',. I 'Uft", i 444+; Th.- 1104 I , 11 elli - f, t;( . 1 I4( ' d'4 tiný "I inI d, 1.1 n 'F 'b U+II t'I'', '.n- 1l; ItII I'y'a ChristuXP'n, 'c0 for 1071: j,1+, rcrrived as 11 i fur1 I, t ' l on r'nr~f '!.'n'n, v 'n non 44)., LOUISIAN I. IN$'I'I run:.. º/\1 111 (n)III) lJI ~n ter hrII( r", Un,"nl I in n' c 1I(I-/9 1 "e1', . ,i`44 '/ll 4'4 I r o' *fI· nII "" I'rll I' r,1 , 111·1111 a,1 -, nt r ,. Ihn,4, nci r, t""v f f 414' " tlrtll , ,4 44a444, r 444l II" r4,.44l41 I,,'rl,,'I. i I' · I toioI rI .,o ( '" erlin Illr n1,ra,;'', '4.44 tt ," l r ti. l, o nII ne II ' 'II 4,4' In 1,4· '41'4'4''f, i '' 1lr 444444 Iof F14, 44444 4' t liarl 1 11n1, 1 tl44'4""rilc 4 e . C1 I'd 'Ji) C iLIA N , I,'I 'IreI'ail- SIA el Snt, Loaiiaa Gnellege, Jucasllnn 'kie cla-ir'1 dr.: rtuqr. , c O Ilpn llrnig h J'n aern, 1:rr'"r, I·ne' ·'r w i utn h il I IJ R'iI ICh , p '', u d Irin nI I62 1 ' 1 ', ' I-oon r I (') ~iII,'llte: '41)3 ICv-q.'ol 'cal' 0,-lea,,,. iI~t a It I '1rts i h ''It 2 ';; [ei n nnr t I le I u n l d u1 h r n d e t o 1 ', , n I: 'r t . F 1 ) , - 1 ' J I (I l 1 111 1·1· 1II·A \ V , A M . 1 * 'I PI. ''''iNII, &l· Ii e 1 'c'i1n 111 .1\\()\, Louisiana College,·I! )) ·(i-; ('1111( L(' 4II ,44,' 3,',,,, J .11*· 1'(. ((·I1III: N l;-q. Vent Orleans. c 1111- '''14.4-I ll I 44 111'I'-i& I'CIF Its n1. Snlller it- 1. 1 ,,' ed, 'de I:c,,- n 14, 44,4.1 444 '444t: - I :, ,1 n ' I ''''' I , I. 1 Io I'n II'Ir'' I'! , . 1 . il'lll \i - 1t1 a--+- , 'e, cll-i it p. t 'rll, .- I i tc c> e tlllllt '1-' lbt-tlll hill1ll11 '1 1lhllliI a+ Y'lll jil I i\ii t 1 c Coi1tic "i zile-t, t . ill ' keg Ian tin, ;roan I unl S d t sale by u 1).1Lt:+, 1 , L jal U 44 Nlew Leve l'1.t\I CI' tdlcs -1j0t ioxe-i c Nec, v flti r I, j)+ re re- ' l I -a , .t l y il1 jI . i ' it IN' 110 96 lttnzine -t - .I 'i De I . L. cII A] t -- ,.m lr E I|i -rr.c t J ,lic, JIc t ltav ,.i.e . rn lt1e -. s i r I t n I acirtllI + tii P I)t&ec IIIX & Fi iyr L .es. etl1c>hr, -u Jo ici ly toiter it dc ietcantj -c- [, t , . par ,I ,red t r:q11. tit( '..s ie bl eo Ce1I ell t S ulr., llli. ti, ll C..t . 1, at II I t' 111 l '~ I ,l t de ta er c , 111) t 1 It t- i., t , t( 1 1 I it ll1d , Jtihln Il ,oi Fi tr i l'Ic. i :itrail pa- e d b- I . t, a tu" i. i i-i cs , ir e s ty l .. e nctilt i.'c deb u- i. h de lcl , . i )i -wIei t c tllr.l . iqr.-l - -u 11 ll die -'n td.e l(+ite r. ilt- It . nunh i cuts .. tll . - et 7 Pt ...cBL , t1:, De,i G-li ler . Ti ii )F Ite)ll IL \.-l.-- iisiusi C.llt oI lhe I1Tri -h uI l d ilv of i t. w tc lll.-- PI'rlti l 11 nI ll hare .h.tltn' ll. J.nl1ee. N . 11:8 , e' l I hil" l trds , i lle= rldlrll - nd hlll ill talli ors d' J ll ll ( anI thlll crh o r l l ob.r (i | i Ia It It is rt,l err, lhltl s,,i I Jti d ce I hi tt l ls .I I -I B Cct:e , I eiqr ,,e It I hic , ol .r iN ly tic 4 111I * i f a. i a t 18.18, hn adl| Ihb.l tludebttltbete upon lI ei ti Il its i fth i -l e , telillit. cie moms ti e all 1, (ocecd g, ulll al i tIlls. ipe, n a.I..l l11'.1.ilIV al \,11d \e nll . IlJte-l 1da n itl - lced -It tt , tInti r ord jr c tti t 1t eht,iti ticlbtt ¥ alt Ici cg eli ai e lllted t r c re'n the i l sell t creditors tll d:cii s .1 r :. r ) tPIctTOTe, elerk. (lerk''s ml)ir L, )cemelll 1-. 1.38. T T r F LO tISIANA- -Fi st Ju 'int Dii trict C I rt. Jl ob. ,lay ustI. er vi Il.I 1 ci ld tors and the t edit. rs I ll I eVenq' . I" telr. Tit ll rel l oIs II J Iln r1stl Fuler itTllo f e1itVeunlcl Fo-te'r u1e lhereti ni i i " I ,ln n ,.eai. , ,l i .i t In r11 tl o .. t .atu vlr 11 ,h j" 9At1111 ill n lt\ltII I' l-I a. lM. lllte i4 ll - tIc, th,x hlave, w va-ll l lJ h t t tli t F'.-hr i ittitll l ,1l the hln ita .if it.; iaiw.e tn, I, fr the rtiti t ..fI i c.iio .lt d intll a . i nll d" l tllllll t. 1 t l idc; cC ,e ill I I ita ,.-. ar, e up.ul . eli l ti riapieseuI th.e j ent ai t l, .., r ll - t Is l ord+rI.filhw putith ti', 3d Dern. e, IT T.e der7-3tnlf.ýke I' i..U lel, i., , I v 1l1ek. r I el ('ourl . T hor-d 11 h' t e th ,l'l I I o..\ lv:lllm .. I 'rse ntLi. hil n l Io . ,1 Ilt.llchT ei l .I I,i." Le. .\1. Ili, lio J v",bJ - v It ,l ) I I I)I PSC lit, 411.. Inl llt lilln olf .l.t , It, s' q if llllC" .nnL·l cI-r I.targlol( l sy ri l l t.rltr l.r s olS ult' roi'I il llllu t eellll AI ll lth rs Amer, 1.I,. she. S f ir d llt.. l g t, t l o w ld ti e f u nl l d i lti ullu e d i n un . co nure thrlep 1 A'VI'A T D" L 1 I 4)UI i % n ,,t , ... tr i.,e P,,, v Nl. . ier-F-No tl. - " 11,0 .1 Itn 1' , r, I w it 1 l.r', ide Rrxt. rll. illn C.alp tllr' l in tl e can'Ill rtr, n tr :l Ia fire aon r dons ,x j .tr. de hin trl, i .uit-e. de rue h(r Is -i cu l ar -f ils Ip11oo I'.tl.ic ~lo diht lll'llt l rII. 1rtil al. 7dec I'.0 Lo BL1\NC, ,,i* tir. ,lir, the1r partic+ulars ppt'I .a Itirs r at,, ththi., paper. .1ei r1 .1 i -i . '\rI S i oi DNF. ; 4 IliE1UTI FlI ;. headr flinir i b th·e rndelrl t nrna menet bellonilr;ne., II t llln: Ln tBalni. flow xfrrnoe Iv Ilhr ]Oin ol it ,'hon e., llP eflinpcn lCnn,ie, and] promnol Ilrrlv lbrines nn t ho nflt Pnlrl l lr of old ag-,' c u .vn to sll l. :,itV to avn ld tlhe pesi. .ItirI I eoe of their nequlliltannP e: thri rrmnilnder n I (hir liven are r'on trei'n lly rpo ,l ien rl. e rnP r I 11 . r t, not rvn lhel Ins:,, fl pcie fil en chre iueecfulii e i vn': with hnt riprvv inlcne ri nlm . I 1e I 1, Ih lhin of :ij hIis i l'oioverit l i e ll, a clln n t ii i ,rininn e. i) 'iii lve'i Rl 1 of t'nl mhi si i le I n.i r fmr,, fll;_ei )ff,:n 1, I fir=ii nlilillirni, n ii i', c"I% h Ii l r,,i,nri , it IniIi. II likr..ia,, p lrr ele e, ehllowwr nli e wilJpi'i ; i .'i r.iI thie ninr frnl fIininh rtr.rC mvIn e if rnrll hnetnli t lle, en ýi erc' it 11hn'n rnrton. 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Mi c pper , cir 'f' ii ilv of I'hiiidi.i igr, etlle ibr x ,v i crlirf hll I nI- D ll ac lleIncied wil II srs J Ini li' ..hi, h I'c d Lie avnd etI lId cr1 C. yr. Thopackes. minii !: I towed ep l tilnod d.w n t rhe M v o ,tic le ll, o l i]l'ro .ig ,,r .i l Clc ,,.le rniC Iv, lllv li s cl ul l rroilh -h,,vn : ll, - oh, r I " i,I eq ,,rlly as Ito. cnl I rw ,,Iir Iht^s ":,1 ,' lt e il t, be licet e l c.i [I. " ] " ItlIIl ,':'l' \V ll,\l:7'lt lN,.lvllr. lli:1lll'm n ho ,r~t. ,b l cle lih, (;,ien e s Io g as i , iif r' quired 11n n \\·(,Ilhnl nli l lrp ol" which is i r ':I - -, l 'te t io, 'I'll !,fllr ot ýi I.n ( hi' hIcli' ill led the iIh le n I , ch ,r c' veiny mion. F l"hlehen f 're t or l, i r 1 n i, llh n tI,( l p, ,oi. h1 1n . he r I'cr o 'l ,l r, llle l dmo by) IiiLn dn,_,P l a : fi t '.t (:- ,ll SLi ol 11- Pr 3i l l liec io , ti.s IIýx bleen xo'll l tly b L 1,o rnl n iht il.allr a ve (Ilr,. and wdll I; -. l e, dof .hdlle draft or waIlter: ;cm (lnllloi· t(lllliollrl fi ssrll ( rllr:t ln , al1 d ( e y a d v r fort. N. ll . AdvcI cl i ic:ll g i mll i i ci vcti cm, 'ue..Illu (i,. rolto. 415 . s CLIb t.. I I rating, Ceirol I in, 411C idh S LcidiC. l, Chiirh' nin. l 3 1 do 2) 7Ilridge, Sooilpill, 2111 d1 o J Ilolwler, Th i Iu.,ve ship. llrenil1 now, of thLe tlrst oss.% of g,'at rxpcriri~ have.l. l . Inre Q: ccl· li{dlill. J A ,111 Rill 1"T, 52 IIilI',* atL. .II.... . 11'.i 1 , 1 1 ,rw ' _- . 11 1 - .1 1 ,. . 111 " . . . RUTlITIOIN - & \'PIN.iLLI - j .'OuI'UNDI I'ON I: IkI'UItI:.-A peedly I ncud ce.i, i curll i l or I iii F, vr alld Ague, rlleitte t and iiit: I Ille ll li.v'iet ; prIoprI d t 7l ! Ithe o,rmgial ret'lp. Uli:d \;iih tll i t Ia ill uit vers). success tit 1833, by Ipert. oi tt (c1t high i ti t i r tslp.tlllthitv i t lll+ city, tts itated II th i elllllxcd Scl-lficale s. Tils ..,dicilln is highly ree'o.nendtd, and ihasi Si.ll I.' tLIIn IIiei .y UsI III tilln te bi disceasIs w ll SIttch dlitilgutshdl suedes, tthait the proprietor ofl the recll e hai III,[ ll IIdUCed Ito iffr 1t tllo thil e pul. He io its I ircn ini the hI tilthlt it mly be the (.lniicit s of I'rlllrl g tl lly of who I are sutfi ritng uldr thu sieltLrge, o tf our i.ldtiry. It is t nrdelic sstl ng grut virtue, land when tIUt, cclllilllg to lhti 'thrrtcll s has wv.'er 1,l1.11 of eti1tl . t.cure, e n tUll ie mosyt hstlinule ttttIage p i rsl ofl the wealkest sllto ahI, :orni chl ldllen mayill take It with inl.t y. Iit lrengthens tlile dlgestiv oIrgansll cr .ates al l IIapp tltl, and triditl rleires iumore tllall e1 +, ior . i . sull l .I s, 48two lllttiles to effect it cure. 'Tiet't o it ni itl r i erutlt r'y iltr arselllcy i thel tiei.., ol r any tlcuig lnjuious tu the hlula lllsl tierultio. tn a proprlietors ipre Iso .itel cll r Itlce l uIte. p ll . cy., tit t Iltcey grclt. to retlud the prc' tf Lvery bottle which e l.ts elthi tk.,ll ItI t cigdanei: with the tIrctiOins d a dthea nIt rt :cld ni ,i pert" Ct olr f ll" Il lr & " .gue.i A. OLIVER, evite l.tit tor" Now A. rle:ul, lit Ils w iiltstlll , lre tlail c rlg llli, i ul tlld eu store, \c rilmer l It u . llnCII tl ll.t: rre ll treet.c i'tr Ulstrlellt I Agencitls iapply l '"tie I"L"slU5ýi T. W, I I'1, 48 Contii t. Fancy li't ket It)ll kse'- dr th. n IhIad ti lI,.11 irul. l l l l dd var Lty of dl l s' uld g.lll t lein'sill it) k t bucks, note ,' rd, uede lland thread clasesl rFancy c.lrks. u'l:pend rs, &c.--f the llatest :patter,, and wt' superior qua:Ily. ctlnsltung of'l ih - lnd figured s.tlll, boumb.,, velvet uld cloth Sstocks, linen boalns. pl. I, and faney with and witho rutiller, shirt collars, suslpeders called \l'ashilglton lspentlrs, talo, gull clistic worst. I'd and eutLontut do, with aid without rollers, pantahloml straps w ith wIre.sprin g.; and i1 groat va. runty of genthlln'l's wear, ii.,de expressly for hill: melt\hs-A general and Complete nesornten . fc,).bs fru,,, their man 'cttory.Asu, Etgl!hs ite u Frunell dressing conks, Ioc. dlI27 U I"",, " ,'l . - 5n"n,. ... o, f ,,Und a, lurrgo sizes, recem,\ d Polo -,l p .e'rs.)), d tlsl I 11r h\mVI .-n . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. FEANICLIN INFIRMARY 311,1. d Al ,,pili I"''"""" 1III1I~illl~lIll nLi~l l'j'iyyaidlhl;uC i iI 1 Irze l t la ,lcl-loi l~ in iw, iid,. nod ~ Ii "lui liailaithons 11'loe i pitian utt liv plIhI i~all lfll tliliul InIl, n uIi II III ' 1'rinutr rulllla ,,,:LY ho hod Ls C'Lllllrl en tit five dall Ini' Ie, ia *ilih lleua a'cc. S.a '1'crllls ilrIn th r wary e ,,·ud-, no lllllura ppr day ýInre, also twitt dolla rsl. jj,,,,il Polx iii fil e irdl lli wards, lire delie rib ASt caio "Igip oea alb xt uppiicntion lir hAl IItl'l e iP do. ur to Itr(: C 4 l.InzrInl·I· r ·g, l I:I11~IIII t lrc t. pleL I 51 ,11 1h h\ . ollFI-.ld in-Bi ng itvadvrrl. e ....l allipt'lc l In n il l pare~ to in it e lhl I 1l1g : 1..l., of I.,wi"i Lee: by E E %Iloo-,unthurof 2 1 e1uy uud It 1.11 ' ,n1101~111 lit, t rc to seltu J lun n tr. Io r lsir b 424L'it, lllt i b -b ·) n 1.2 o .cu ke., derv ring, htndi g an ll for axle b. eachtee, in loil',uu for sale byl~, lo· :,r l jn4 n1 t, 1 & liC_ i i. 9( \' g~ir at p il1 ý S 1 i { n·sc~- n-:ea BItE ftJRtlt IOI S. JI AY'S LINI.MENT.-Nu Flction.-Th'iis ex. .l traordilnary ehlntie i cowlp ltiou, tihe resut of oeieSne, and the levilltil e a c olebrated iiedi, o;ll oIs, the introdue n of whichi to the publ c was in:vected wit,. ihe nolllleluty of a deathrbed .i.qllst, haIs since gaielC a replutioon uinparalleled, hilly sustaining the1 currectness of the latelnitd Dr Gr(lley's lat colislul, o llhat l " ho darud iot die without givilng to iposterity tile benefit f his klowleudge on ts lll.ubject," and ho tlereolr. bsqueathed to his fiiend ilad ttondait, Soloino,. Ilays, tlhe eret of hlis discovery. It is now used i the prirncipal hospitals, and lthe pirivate practice ii our cuountry, first and wosn certainlv hir the cuie of the Piles, and so extew tavely aotd eff.ilually as to baffle credulity, uoilo.. wher.' its efiects are witnessed Extrnalily in thi. followiai. coliplanlts: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swellings-Reducing tic-i in a few hours Rhlounatism--Acute or Chroolie, giving quick ease. Sore Thront-By Cancers, Ulcers or Couls. Crioup andl Whoopuing Caugh-Externally, and over the Cllet. All ruuises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing il a ofew hours. Sores and Uleers-Whether fresh or long staldnll, and fever sores. Its ,ler.llios uponi adults and children in redue ing rhl tu n ii l si wellilng.,o d loset ull.ioIglllog l lld tightn.lles i. the llesit y uelaxtin ll of the parts, lien beien surprisiog l'beyond ciiieiptinii. The elnullii reiCarli of t.,o i who have used it il tie Piles, i( " t acts hlio a ellarul." TIll E I'lL ES-The price, .l is refunded to any person wlho will lue a it tle eo II.,y'i Linioelt ilr lle PIles, and return the emlpty bIttle without bitig cured. 'lihose are theI positilv orders of ith prilipiteor to the Agents; lad out o mnilly thou. sands .old, not one has b, eun Ilunlllccvsll. W i .iiiglit inert ceriltaile itusi to lily lenigtit. but reier that llu a i who sill the artiLle:l, sould ue ilbit thl crigrli tn l l) e lraii trs. CAUTIOtN-Nine can be genuine wiithout a pleld lloengravid wrallpper, on which is oly lnaci,, and alltli of the Agents.OLO AY. SOLOMON (LAYS. Sold whnlesale ancd retail, by COIST''OCIK & Co, New York, and by onl Druggist in every townl in thleU llon. FIr Sale ely t,: Wlholesale Agents, corner of (oI Inon & 'I'eioaupltoultsa stioet, alid by tile ApItlihacries generallv. jol3 .- Ci)-, xir.'\INltVlili'TICIE.. ,' I uI s .. er-i.:,>d hae lit IN, lay bH: d a co-part I rs . n ,r t'te trII,- Clin 01"co of a enl'llil 1Co€mmr..s 'inll lal d bIo.)n lini i ill Ii iti:i , ill tf.i ,ti y, undll r ItrhI fIck stow, No. 9t, laa In t l.i " ( I.i 'yI ra, J I.) Rejrcnrces: JA II· Ia.S i itUWN. I' ,. 'hall. \1w I )nRLEANS. t('roketl a..r lei. John lufild : (;'rige.s (.L iel 'lilln , JOSTON. Chas 1' hl1n:e " I nu. I&0 , Phtina P .ladel . Johntl, r.q. Chil iciulh, U. h.ll&teuntlu, lllNl 1 N ahville, Tenn. l ,'il ', ' .t n Il . io - r l \ ille In In Ntll -Or run'-I' O. -Ilnlt ' u I a at .l ) t. . E &AILnaeatLuu O .:. +n. . d.2·ivill','.Pen ent I' ln I.o Ilr Chalrles alanrin, lug.--.AuI1lit:2 ca le I lker, n.t., Ilr 'n· d,"te,' , c,,ntr l sa ere l. t r:--.ur Iclt et l- peu rois, rult eUt r larIn Peitin ut in,li ait .atihilIut'ir', i tat ii ardili tu'tili .t.I I". in . llll ,l r 18,9. i i liix i ules iII ll llill all d1- dcilal:rrr stir I,:. uit .ires de l'inl ,,if l lt+; el Ienntlte ,htl't it Ie bnti litli-unP elt i . , lronli, su.I uI ttl s; :tt L. iuai v i etl-t lat.naine piuTr repllretrll r il ce tciers alt sen. I';irau dllelta cinnr, l, . rti IIu 8 dealS Aa Iu 1 1tI i,, Dip Grffinr. IA 1:I I ' i .-1 IAA. Ii i , D ot rt 1',r .e v ar al l ni t 'it of Ntew I lllln-: lpre.-elln the : I |F IIaIi llll' i l* ii.tun ' l Uttiltur , irE illo Iw llia utiii tiolvt,It h It ul t not be dise ag.d nce.r i i o lainw IlII i ll ii - uInllii till iioueenedines i KnilIst II ,lc l aiwl Ir 41" . 1" r sti ed. It i I urthu r da ile as-t Cliditiri, by oni'l 'r ofthi tnlIu Clu . eA. I'A l'Fu r, Clerk. I tln 'kst)Ri a [tan. /l1, I155. The I No,-crilr hIIFa in 'mleai fev br'1el; of ; ii:n i Pe I n nntelll ai I I ti, a III,., ili a ented aIt ,\tvw *'1. f lew lrt.t n l= oftltt . et t a p h rdt·t llt lll il l ' IM tes: tlt ,11 ttl tlad hit- .salii Idil i l hat It) 11 lls. of . liut + i a t to ; 31 It, ,, 1. ',. RItan that in La.: a e drr t t nlhe i. diei .'It, ill rl lllog or ke l ill, It h ., I ,'.f Ia ,, t n; lu h sl. - dilple, tslahlr "I he dl rt.tU t, lhe rtt Wtleter .l,,id thle purcha I 'A lI b,rk I,Ir tilhe Iu: llI'.he all;,, w'hlllen was p t oilu b lnend ni hfre I .st dt S. Frto v. l ofr a applr, aliy to S Lt+ ICK & Co. No 1 Frlllt F t N 13-11- l t b ts a tt aim can unly he Illt rrdl to lllne =tenml bul, until we get a liurt r supply whicl widl h, a ten d.ys. E, JOINS & (:O, ,,, jTvIONEI'o IIAId., corer,,f 't. Chnrles not C-.o n o0I steets. T e she s ubsrllibea Vllaing recesv led null III~ iln l ate their l it.l ortlnol of gllld- li' II l'.lelllnd, FltIIe etl I o te.'trthi , uik ; tr fIr ul the t fU, IOt t wllttti llnt ditt rele rvt ta,.ii and denty, feltacp., lttler papvt' ex. Ilrn el lill "+eilItlle; I blutte laid; do a ,i l (:, .~y e In e r i e l at, all siz es, Lotldon n.t dl.t-Il Ilt ald; t, f icy letter and note lpapler, lain, etmbssed andI cocal br Ame. cti cll lp, .' tl d t n riilg paprs frollll P Itt ,te raei tlla 1 It I lit at, Perail Len' a elill lik llaatai t a L P itekrl i ll; o nd Is qIleit' t uSia' t ral ' orocot En'grv ars writ uing waxd, 1uperior qulsm! Iv; Tralll inel I,. del trlyind r illnin s cllislil, Are rce-Ialt fl,, F tdl l uiilt , Itali 1an , i' nodg or.% L I.o.'s cn i cit g ily ci s l ,lsil i, ri.., Iet r ivel at.dtlk k lve ru d LP,1-k0.t busk.Baind Tao Unller' asia l idMorocco E all alit I w era, aitl acaltin tl, uior l Al a a r r &d P yITNE V. 7l tt'aaa I NDREW MITIl & CO.. rnualattaty ...ccns l tei r t raivell ad ll sk a1 p lie tillillll Clt-r, a itt A keary n tteys alttl o anilstlO UlesY natdlre pL,.i, let atn Sieat Itnd Wat.,af eaty tdecrntiptan, a c ll s c lIpper st llllta, k tlet, all d llllpmll , t leallll. DrUttwi hto.,t v dae httt anlitd titsh ud Anser Ilne s-- ' 'L gli-h, lreO ,pU " unish, Italian, 1,.r ncat titlllut. Il tet tllsc, sCrCi hi lasL-, e till tllwl r laiyii olf aallt rkI ch a i iry. bv. cl nv. I is Jii.'O & f "r. Ialt 1 1 z1:ci c;ttoter Tatttd te, r aa ttetding, . fonrt bie eoxd all oJer kid. f work " n their linr ,rit ia iabuia , tl p li iln ceracte at uIta thy oSAil L thNl ALk ANACk hp, 19 h to. Ih t I, tip ter mill, ketl , I0 tltp , till bath.c ii A io I, aid nil calS, of all sort T a11 sizs, alnd all t hher tll o lcti rctat'rn li ant ie . t-n;rlc ,lr, rsa' o bve'ly dll crllillpt t., 'l illu a stlellll. ki i tell T, l t at ttwol tllt t ,neys, breech. ait T lete'i tI pips . l'Itcy waill ao io atl ind a out door workAl lnrinte t n i tati.. ii ti A e 7 A a e.i.DID L-t1.lllt .lclllaa,-'at lok oftltg U ut l . lltt'tat at'l a ih aiai a e c F tlldeU's ttaleltx, laUn rtdu 'al fr every tiy Sltl - I- t t ikt i lte olnLe; tltllt Cla-,-rleIts nd Coin on , stms. \%' 'rly li",' slkte,- I'.e I, )eriaK; S iri nal \ , ma il; tor.' t me \ g, Jora Jrd n 1'r e 5ra Alu. t; t i ' , lr i c l 'tu lr,' .t n 1 1 , i; u un rc l lAn n u a l ; I.~ pltte a .t t ile "ci.tnttlaltit"ale.g. Thet Ia tlie i l tlatallt t 1aia c tll u lG-ti . its Mrs Giln mh'.g uun t tllltl Itfre v. ll. ouse ile Ahnanac jhniN.Aii,UkLS , (.LASS, ItiiUtII¶.r, &hO.-,u, 0. lending from ship CuistitutiuI, and line elrle viz: 16.1041 fet uiltinss, beet quality, flrom 8X111 t +2X2; :1111 kegs whije lcd, pure; ')O di. green paint, in 25 libr. kens; Yd4dozte joedtiantiiraigou;1iiiI) lithi c 2)) don splendid 1110110 ground irushe , aln uf0hl0f ull Ih00 du; tcres ierr ti giree in powder, superioir iriulP .no do to nu lur; it hirg assortmeit of eaotlcttai if everty Sine mill lloili\: Sllie Irj o odin u I o:!; lct oIlurkiao Ibrushes~ ltrmerclnnnts; artist's colors in nil rtenlh lrc otrri,iti inrxea,fitted i ill all aeceous.ry brun~in; ais'stole, 1ta. F'latk:,otl ttdattitioml uti 60 Ilnks oldleret; white nold yellow wa~x; guru urchinl; and it largo and choice a s-R alttiet Itt of paints, dle colors oilturpentine, venusit, &o.,nrna sale,iluleoe and rtdail, attihlate lo ttprice, Ity 1lJNltEILt, nate 58 tramip cc. tiItt cel't' I, u. NEWV EDITION OP TIIE CIVIL CODE OP LOUISIANA. T hant been fr some time me tde known In the publce liat the nterlb=nhebre e erne etled in prepericng for the press n new edition of the Louiuana (ivel Code - They wern'. tr, n the fira, nware of the crent dilienllty and respllsuliilkts stlrelling . he publication oet tle work, and it wles not withoult great liPllIllon that they con ceeted to the lndertekinel t the present edition, antotinlite to ;lot ttcree thousand copies, and wlich hld eEst the State trner than thirity litoaUd dtllt s, was entlrely ollt of rint. For llere than two ersl. lasl, the n1dsal p.ine f thlle work has been fronm thirly to fitnv dollalr. It i ia yetetnm f writtenl rles wtnilh C' iellmedittlety operates [lun4 every inldividual of the itule, inerested either inl atiettlum or olllerle .lad which orverns tI ,dip.qOsition of so ltlIc +property ols linl to ui'trllS other tiflaes, 1Ibnt-- uolh ke nI'lIl+O. a u Ilhelr t.llil- II ),,H |;ow--ii is n1i lmucth the tall-beak "mill InIoId IHl of the merllllnut ol tthe lanter, ea it is of the private gentle ma.n nod the profesionul mlvto: tn. Slrhe hlwyers of telt idjl)illig states, and ill fet of nl inlse -lote':ipl t the hit, amid is isipe i rivers cilc,, lind a mart trft their pro tl.e in tO Lo isiana. rive . nra - qenit n.ce. sity f ret"erelte eto the rPode, ad Imak it Iu hicenlinntlle reqet;site te their lie:ekris and in lhe 'ite of New rln e e s el bccook icae kialt e ttlee feutltd in Ite terehlent's eutteing rlotnl, is tup n hIe lesk of' thle tlh.refle tlhll Ihe l frst editi ' n t of t e .lrte wns e so ltirk ly lipolllsed l; IIte d lll. e .e' le alltk re reprint it t ,'tll 1 ill. leeet measure tup.lily Ithe rpublic lecce,estic yeP it would he iper et and uneeh .clite ere nl t n;tnllteed wilh ileibrllees the R Ieport- anId l St'.ned e ,iln (r! r to emn rclee tie numer eIu nmendll le ts llw) i cl;e b en mltldel by tile t.,eislstlleno, nld thle important dllltlcoln ani comltnlrcliel$ which htne been giv n uponll tutly ite articles by the Sllrellle Cleort. Thlvepubllishers hne secured, ftr the general sutper inteodele ante editorial deparcteent of the wtork, the Irelt'sntenal relicevies ol lrrllelk S Utolt n, E. tie t Ierol tie New (trluetn Iiar. P'lie lc.e. ec t Ilullrnd, .lnd-c lerudes, nl d llIn (eradge llasltis, hove each kindliv acesiteeld ,ir pton with thei vlntable nles whlth the, il ave roll'et:ed int the nourose o their etatl lie an esl rietep nlld tt Mr N It .lennntise artl neor lieill all Whlct iS allsor e aeetgId i t(le wlrSilted bye S.rtcwcl teclge, ieq.Itee cn'resented tkec reat eetas efe eteie I . o nHelltlioed in c ir oi f (icee I f eoli' tii o , tn - wuitlch nae been made e ey ine decieg th kcwh1eoeeele pi ol his ir:inguis to hbed rrk sinl labor. Thli r e pubish- i ers etcta titertnefc c er'll trnlt [ie t ,t t ennnettiktc of EIe lk ttwork twill Ice' ne l Ihtiut ieelctet c' c lltlhecttcessi.eted by Inptll t ioa foftll'ill Ihis Ir cnema' llamt , olicitingll rn," s uiberbes to thle work, cno tccelclieltc netrlte pride n the' fit t that the l.evishlture olf lloisian has n thorized the oerllr to ornl.r one thmltsntd topies of iet fl1r the future ilse o tee :tate. 'lThe rentlinet n i'b which this eetee'rc, e C elvae of'tle Edtrkealc they elcc hviet ext d ed that contellttcle ill Ithe ability olf the pdblishve' and cdihlrs which i is 1e0 d e f is nit whtlUV tlldrsrved. The work will he printed in French and Enhlglh, upon enet paper iad with clenr It'lee nor will anlt ex plle lc reaen Ie spared to Ile tlhe lewt lle tlecllliCal exetulcr n f ilt rtcreplid wit i relP trent cinlrtaeeen It will pcroablcn bee rcndt fie r de!itrtV in httl n11tcleee e e et cn r next;" icn. d lce eprice lctill e, iln nceebscrilr fileeen dolllars-five dollars tu be paid at the tle of sub tericing. ' 'lte ubseription list.s once cloed, the store price Jill be twenly dullars Per oe p ,r ne Ik I' .ItcllNt n Ct. l'cclisklre n." ROWAND S IONIC MIIXURItE, .'rl FE'rsR AND otc, i , EN years hoav not yet. elapsed since it was first regularly sthbmittet to the public; but it lha autlined the highest reputation; and has sup. u planted every other mediecine for the Ague, wherv- i a or it has been known and apprre iated. Already has it been carried in every drecteion throughout " the United States, and etill reali.r. more than could Iuive heen nticipated by its must sa.nguinoe friends. 'Tousands of persons have not only been relievedl, but restored t he lib ald vigor through its agen. ey; and they now cheerfully testfly, t Itvery op portunity, to its derdeod and suprelum efficacy. 1: is composed of suchl meldicinal principles it are calculated to renew the healthy letlion ofthe stou alc, liver, and olther imlportar;t digeslivo organs, I the loss onl whlllc harmolony i the ilellUldiat cause u of the disease. It is apparent also, that it prodl. cos an entire change in tile colndition of the sysltem, I iand certainly tdes.roys tlhe native liability to relap ses of the utaff,:etion. Wncn the Ague is attended i with any other comuplaint, the employment of thie 'Tonio MIlixtutu will not interlbre wstlh the treat. uuent of the otlher, but, wi I oven afford as. '·st:,nce by lurnislinug strength nod vig tor tu the s bolly dulrilng the coure lof treatmellt. Thlose who nke ulse of thllii mdicino may e lassured that Ihero is no Arsenic, Ilarks, lleruery. or ally other rticlo in its col)mposition ultnfriond y to the hulllim constitutionl; beiung entirely a vegeltable extroc; I und they may have additiuonal cofidence in the I u,Ie thereof, when they pereruvO that t t has too of colf a gent e laxattve about the tim half a beot. t he full ha.t been taken-iin conuequeneo of whlieh, here is no part of 'he medicinu left to linger in in bowels to cause obstruelions, andi otlher evils, ,rising liom the use of lmanty of the remediers now ,f.tred for the cure of this atffetion. It has been Isled alo. a proventive, by many who were sub ,,et to a periodic.l recurrence of tile Chlills, and it su invu.riubly waruded off thl npprelluended attl.el. Obsetve! The Porop. i-utor, fully attisuied with tile u1npiar lhleid auhd ulllversa uceeds veicu Ihas col. tautly attended a punctual and regular use ot the Tunie Mixture, in all ecres of Ftveer and Ague, euele warranted in eng ,ging to refund the price to ,all thoso who have t.lteln thie utedicill 1in trlet ac cordance wilth the prescribed dlireetions, without having been perlb:ctly anut lastingly euredl. 'IThe rubscribers ore the whliloale agents fir the South Westerln States, aitll have Iow on hand six ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted freish and genuino. For sale ut the manulhetucred Irices JARhI 1 , A.iutlItVl W, Wholesale D)regirts, uoV7 ctr Common & T'ehouupituulus strect. JO.V~E' ol T rE.rr cCOT v G'IN, HEy tle I'iltelltco, NoI. A53 XIo.iose shoe, N IWl ()rlenns "i'OB1E .IANLFACTIEI:tEI) EN NI-,\V VOIlK 1EY RIOBIEJI.Ir IU11 &1 CO. SCALE OF PRICECS-lDonble Gins. For a dIotile Gin of S0 satws or mlote oil each, y)lia'der, osmking tGO s os in the sita114, will Ielldr , haids, &c. at $I pr sIaw, or $9050 U) For a Ihl ,e Gin of 61 sa vs n a oo lis.ider, ml4 01t saws itll the stamd, leal:ls, &c. a G pe'r staw, oit 720 00 For de.ul of sawson dol. or 8 saws ins stlad, alt $6 O5 per staw, or 50) UP0 For do. of O saows o dou. or 4O saws in a stald, as 6.50 per su, or 260 I0 SINGLE GINS. For single gin of 50 saws or more, with one seot ofl'ledus, boads, &o. at $6 pe $ sarw, $48000 Fordo. of 60 saws, with leedrs, &r .at $6 90t per sw, 390 00 FI"I do. of 4, saws, with feeders, &c. $6 T'tS sIaSaw, 500 Oil E'l, is. ssf)Z1s:lws, withl fieedlrs &.c. .t$7 50o per. saw 150 l.1. I xtl' tes th'ils leer dlesirled, ittr EI sei s, ppplid : IilI cents rh; thle lum r ol'tteth hillg ablout equal, io lte iullllber ol'f sl . )llse set of lesrtl , is is .'l sidlecd ilowverT, will arn: out two or three sets of s Ih.: G ills rdesed, -i sii l siuli'red to hlle gents o p I;lllla5 in lliV o llf sIhe sl Ilport lo 'ns of ltle cottlll pl - li o1,n Sl lL. oII a ite isv 'sll'tes I L' g : lts IIss Ilsi i I ils' l'tsht oS tite stois Irlilo sew fork, 5 lls secoili: 'y re rsp. l h l tht-heua t of "the ( . . I;i s, i. A i h will e s int with tile tiit ii ill t i t l ,n upii whi re d - silredltlhe c lhargs lsot whose sterisc will ,be extra;. bils mslos ningiger. :sre tis ordered whrr desired. oil .Iaso nII " tssis. billt willl Isi l cih iorlllhtsisa. Eolir. itrists. Sallts ItIl engiLnes ca alt lso bse ordered if id It it .desirabll, whtn plannsers .ive orders for Gins, thIy shoull acconlllalp thmll wil th uhiir views ill rgari d Ltolunrrallgellllll It Lasws, Ill-ssts, blrlshes, Ic. Is is li uniii they silfel opinion.i S nnii dii sil's 5Is s o |lulger diatitiss" ihi:, othiers. ThEe iisit coo '.t O si ia Uor oll iollles;s sio" me1 Will lls the l 1 inches. S111 wish 5 sor Ii Iws. LsI esiso l o an asslt, a bile i1 not want more th.,a. 4it most. Some wish sauws willh ir9L telth to thle inch, while oiterswsst WssIlor i I. \V , uchlhdscrlrplcv, wr prefe'ir thle, shonllld, it the timne of gaing orl.!Es, llurnish a ststmenlrt iof thil wishlle, nl Ille l:'ll nturer6l C I lil tl them inll sele 'i'ticlltollsr. WIherl it is left to our discreitiol, e shsli siaikelh it o ollthel mos moderln alll approved pl.:n. A, o ordelr len.l IxeCuted, fromlI the ti lliP t is receireid, iit the smace ofrirht orlillsnewe'ek, a.l. ithe Ginl il tlle pslacudi tihe hads of tilte lltor. To be in imee Ior tle nIext c'rop, aill ornles oullglt to g e in lthe hanlls of sissi smoislaurisioisy the first or msislie of .11;., A vlas Itl I'slllsstwellltl retlhey ire late in commellcii to lick or ginl cotton. N. Itl The Patot tls5, h ' itr any oe il of tih ct-55os a 1iog States, wtillbe sohlou otll r-tsiasltts, sonlGsqs AlN'Ulu . I : I FA. IA.1 " i. Ml.t TlOIIN'S Compomlt Il a t ofl'Co iba land Salsa Iirilla -A cllrtain, sate, tanld ms s t I.l i al"sellcal Is ,ver 0 00lierner.d fir" the el ie of (GtoIrltt'h t, (,lootas, Striotstas, Whiltes, Plains in the back anasid ,ois, s.ema wveakIness, :aiictiuols of the kiduier, gratael, scorbutII eltllupti lns, Ie. In tlhe ilntrtluctionl oil meldicine possessinllg the usefu nit actitve virt' e of th<e tinea tlOW tisst to the Ipln iir, tle Iproprietor blt to lreblr to tle ll l numerous rcoln Inendatlion rlceied lfront the most eminent a1 the me dmile lheally in .omope, belieing that it +ill e1 bltd) sts' its credit ifro ti e dlistke whi p.· l ie, ts It 'nlel. i expres.s rIelmll. -diln its di++nlgnlcl.C' tlste, tlsml: : n11I(( r pIlducr l III lt, he b Is o uel s anis LItosP h, lall it. ;ll:agetli.l'l inflliietcit NH use. d in the inlitlmnl:atory stage. 'h pr tpri or i :s made to ss mit t is ot " tlho Itst.a:, lti ing tth at the mo stliatte' itsioIes I thtombh betl, h mire concentratted and more usefudlly:ll Illrl. all ill thle llpreset. statlll e. The I oI e med 0l clllombine iu glledients s liCuh re in tile hlilh t lrepute onlo. lt!+ mollst scilentifcl and t:l ,ed in the p''li' l, iel drll't i the' lomlptosi otilsti n il this pro t i pa.1 ltio i s elllt'tl'' lie lie n.t ' the ot her, ls produca l utt it l t'stsltsI at l nt t nishing,: ta ttit 'ssi bg t at 0 ' mo s's i t ane s, po ts silatl t s th . tl lilme thell a lltt atg o itts behil0 oI ftlhe albove dlis vlise, Fihe t' ot' llinent p~sll\' eiitl ls tllllt utll'rlollnsof the pl'essla dlol xs lress Isi JIe:i I+I af pen :oinnllt in ,ti fll f Sar tt'trtil'aJ, ", illht its utrY ill t.e lris ipal itosptals .sl public mltlot' institutions ha arm:lR l'n lllll l+iylll Ithth lciehsttXll Il lls l'(ll hJ n ili td+ Vllrr l' l cclr i cim'I , l amtI. l lll t ll . os ,ll) l lt+ ll ".1 l l ' i I t' r m Is s it i r I ed aslt . o tll e st II tl' Is t 15t-5' 0 I I C 5 Ill a'inl h ien submi 't ] llt l th est andI explRI.etc" ox |ioh 1 ·It'ntsat sisb siitaosf iitsi exrII ari is ryit ica ll ' la llI l lIl ln i;l lul II:-, pral:l+.. '"I l' O 1.r +'vatI"++;IIIIl b+ +I~l'' Id 10IIf01,-r I'.t II+rwelld bly J It ''lout lt,, Cbr:held ..Londo. i'larice S1 o i p ola' o it. "l'E%'Y1I "l O\ I AI.S. Fr'smt A 11 S. nito , 1sti , F IL , St S rgtas ' to llt. Mt ' sisitas liio o lta l, aa e . I l e t i ; l uhic I l'400 .+ " ,;w !,t+ ,,I ; \ iiI rl' :.:, ill n a lal I t cas't rs, bolth malt ttit' .It :l' ett, I tos t t-s t k ' prtmit l iog it tone Otl the m s htlu h" s ol tll a l renelll ies et, l tl.rrl to the public,, toola le in a it , I.rmo exles o ,oe, 1 call plhi : i urvry riiat lllte, 'lllasl It ol, s m1o iIlI II2IIIC It IIhe t:une illp , aeiall 12 CIi; ts, B usait . x I"rot G Itcl i layt ta' It C StI Phytisia m to tihe St Ms'to lebite Atispesa'l S o l take . oaat pSle . in a listng ny t t0 n, ito ttae valuable prop .tit s of your prepa'raiit, wislng, s ou the sleeess oiu to fully deslve, inll ntiplle retla lldd :hei lar',s expens cinctui'sedl in blringing it to say i . From \\"' l Cooper, F It S, Surgeon to Gui's Ios The uniform l stcess Ilich has aIite S lldl th.II p ini youI so well desel e, :u.tly sad spcctlily re ,:y olt for FrneosS i A Cati per, F Ii t S I tC S, tc ste. lIh ing been imnduc to toy yas ttyit'o s.'tcsali seasof riolent Gonhssrat ,a, tilch had hithler, b:,SlC c 1 Is '' t 'os" . ) oill a ttll llli lli t sl. t sl't s'le IIIby I t:l sil ot 1 sa11N 4 sill'. iand <i-vtlV ,:,t .·s tIetl'td bh It, ill a few I" s I tice bosth public a'nd private rttecmu 'ld sttd use mon sroml G \VW llair, I 1), Physici.n to Guy's Ilo Tpi.e strict test which I he O'iv Ytourt' megicis . among ttl p.i tiscnts, i ad its va:riiabltl: ,aces, tj u l ts Is a1 will im.bce ne to Ipersevere in its use, s l, I dee m it but asi::ltlt of justlts e ll of d1t t1) ullt l a l feeble tcti o'iAl illo.a nitntdat o(i f itlsvir' tues. tI i'tt1 ls'1 1 I.:I s tlllalr t'tllk l.r t valuahle pre est nl's ii :Extract'l l ticltre .llU ' ( .i a nnOrht , tt . I ellt l g It:tl 00 1 t ltn h le :II Istt Iao'l s'hl a l ell icitml ilto luse hllich will provca desid lersatt long sought11i in the medlll ic;; \at : hl-- sure, sncedl :ad etlf tllluilal cuert etre it necessary, the protnpilelto coul dhre fulrnitl tulllll. nle %. mor li11Ots i ia s P(IIl:lll, its 1nc lnlelltl:,I11l'. N I s the+ i %il(lie; bill t usls tlhlll itaglrtat succes s hi lhe!It th lc:l. d"& expense ati which it has bonl , l epalrelLs t ill Ipromtei greatest recomnmendation among a liscrnilg Iullic. Oltte ,(eclm me1.l t se thlis pIll. lellp :lli'lll t llj 1b[,ts 'o il nhm ls is its solt, pirtat. e It~lmn--llltr ll ill pIts--tl, tilde in whleh it may be tken, el.ein, both ea"s Iu p Ilea nt--itst: stel natl.ure, with no re.llrictinl1 ill diet or continenl, lt hron b iess. 'lre;lelers espeti.dly wm, t llf .id this l, diine highly ilL :\ l oilh 1'1i ml v to Ie nlito . i'dedIl, 0lith a Pllleto liO I pos<,sesing the aid vatlln ges which thle prIl lesl on:l colllines. S r\lea vulr."ý 'co1thillng full ald mlelh dlreticn' For sole b w1S; .S n tt). i l . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . .. . . .. •r l t 1n ! 1.; clir A.o A IHALF Ti, , Flrom Mobile (Allobartin) to .Ailgnlsta '('eoJ I - I '1A V\ I . ,l o ik e· l i ioth e r d on, , Iolla ll l ,:I C :lft' ' tile I lris il olf the f'ronl Ne:w t)inslli Iel' it, steim ll iiioME.IIiIF, to Illukel. achesto 'ens c.. tclllll s (per Pil 'coi o Stii l III Isl miill ll Ihor. Iu iucui'ec r lLleu lisi) to IiedUi iIif.) comiliil iio ,e i .. )lltariannii , i h:ilulciiii c.c , (IIklircrl ... molnut r c vill, tIo Ai gu. stia. A Icssicc grtiii , ins sei t ati .i11- 1 i1 hile is iIn no dai e ..LII biing thrown oC or1 li oing :. ' ipr ecillll " the ichioulitigllu iiriiiic tus, ccii LO 1 h e LINE is hut ollne. llen, ncld usmde le cul lIt S throilguiut, alid imay rcI Wllir tIErTAINiT iniilI `ci I iouricait Augtiin in time uccified, chroiugl cit alwcath S!i r amtl-la anllll season, I, lilis m ll mostil lli 11iiien ta troiphe should occur. The (:relat New Oileas .Mai S11 is carried I % this romne. The Agents lut r acclnlonda tioi, '' iuls, ( ioaches i i Divers ar ct siilliipassedtl tilhe snothern conlllrylv. r. The sml.otih, ht:ud, natural ronus, the at.:lnd inter au is1tilg ater ci ictionthle time iand ncenonmmldation, No illird the tirl'ele speed, certainty, comfort, nod a ple.s sa ing va.:rie\ ; c:nlit.ctel:tS it were with the Ilail oI!i ' tfil Chi:i.,stnii S. C. :iuld the slte:l ollkletsol New .Y.r.,. fi tlra\Ils cnlll rea New York fro Nll w ()lhIcaIos tlh LEs -i LiA I I licrsc-\i'asllington i tit inl 12. i to Frmnl Clta..oochec, Floridu , cuh1ia trac II i ILiliy \·ia Q'tiiic) Rild ":a!l~llahasstL· , to St ,lILZks. , bd eto oiit cnal:lcllh s, also tw o I I -anches froum Ila ,lk ,nlssil l olr to Alilledgerille, and one to \Iacuolll, light two hrH. Pr .co. STI'O Cl '(1X S & co. nn Iitacilic i, I iN w O to . luo'il i, 15i 0 i il i Mobile to A..gnSit, 54.1 AAi usta to Chaclesioni, 1i. c O (hlel'lvslon to New girk, i 'itl- i15( t lTime, Nw (Irlan to ,ln ii,, 111 h1ra tloile to Aigisiia, At sta tio Charlletoin, 1'- " Clcarles.on to New York, .5- 258 - Mlaking 1it8 miles per day. cr 7 miles per lhor, cinh silo of allstolpllges, 10,o 1,II N. It. llig larue to ilnfIorm the Iuclil thalt i - bridges ver thle Ch"iiahnokeswtmlp. aldtl Iclard in i. creek Ilailoust been cuideleiCd the genrllial grcill mc lt, (i u ii) osultlcles ioperrtiig agaliislthuis rti'ale a i s 'ee rout e utht huply i llvt'; ulit i ii ith i hri i1i liillie iiiom i elnsucil.l toc lrl ar Ilnlc1; it is adl lilt illnnicltdies be:lllt. 'ii sil.cti . I'he brid.Es Illrougl t i tiG t'frgia have alsolIbenll.cllrlpai-.. .1 \1 C 1 IAKIi ticokyst UAW re . n n '1ARBLE CFN1MNRY PI .CE \Wae nrse, t SCius.tomliouse street, opplosito te poat-tllice. The uhescribers are now receiovng romin their lI.c. twrins it' New York, and will keep eoinstantly un Ihnd la general assortment ii lMarble Mantle Preces ofsuperirr wkalnllllpi, andi of tlhe htet patterns, made of the best Eiyplian, Italian, Irish and Amiericlan maiirble. Al.a., aonimientei, TombI andl Grave Stones, mouild'med all plain cilis and iht:t.s. marble facings, hearths and hunld.try " i-n, pl.,ster of Paris, Rt & Hyldri:lie Clement .na La.:. tg Ilinetr, together anilh a hl '!,iihdl'i..iint ,' br,.s mutItied and paiu (;raltes and Rnussba Iro: Grates of'lbe nlewest end lmt appruved paattrn. Letteri.e done in the ei'tteit manner and it the shortest ritice. They Ihai e liret ratie iuikmn:r. ti set the rauboa work. ire5 AMES RAIN & STROUD JPARKiI.R'S ROCKY MOUNItAINS, &e. OUIR.NA'. of a Explureig Tlour b.yod the Raeky Muintains, ndIehr the d.ratei,'i.i on theI A' B C F M, perl'arled in the. years 1835, '36 and 23; coltaimigi a description il ' the geurap)hy. ge. alog', cllllt.tO l and prlductione atlld the nlnler, imilners and al ntis llio t ne Itivtmc; Witai It MIap of Ore'gne Te"rritary, by R- v. Sanuel Parker, A dl . hlie River and a D'esert; or Rectlledtions at the lRh!oie and theli hlartIerue; Iy lM'. Pi.rdoe, authlr ofthe I ity of. Sri tan, &c. it i2 vols. The Rbbtlr, a Tale, - the author ol .tchelioiio, Tu.. GIypsy,. Attia; it 2 - I he "t'.o Flrtl; er Ad. -lure in a Country liouse, amd other Talcs, by Lady B:essington. E lI Bnlwer, Mrs Nortn, Barey, 'eriwall, Mrs Gore, C.ptitnm Medwin, and niotlr ee; in 2 vols. Trh Llth ani Advetuaree ofi Nieolnl is Nic'leby. edittd by Bao, rwith Illustratians by Pnuz, No. 1. J ust re, eived and Ibor esal Iby Itt12NJ (O11'ASr'S, 'ItIt o.tiI i EC.RS, II'.1 - re i cOl'l'E:, &c -Just received onl fr sale It Win. M~cKran,ecolr ar it Camp and ConIIIm n streets. a genrnl Iassll.lll, ow ~nt Fr, 1+ : IY'st IlI'naS e i i hllnitilticill li.roui'it, rleiing tl'nt. Spaliug tiv'dllls, lirig Bar tens, Iv ryne nBr e ry Pro Irolv ietlels ', inl;trels Sc:icl. , (lites Tl'rianl, l s, I anrllel Rulera,mlicio-cop.e, 'Iiaheninmore s,. Canmlta Obllaera, Survtn i ('hain,. lecoenerina Tl'apee A dl N. York &. Baltimore rackets i]IJACKEi' TS FOR NESW YO1K -Nw Line. o. sail punctually ervry nocood Monday during te.rt a in, full or not full. :lisp Orleaon, 599 toon Capt. S. Seanr, Ahip A i.thema, 474 dir C. C. Berry. - hli Arlknanas, (127 do E S Denrnis. Slip S rboga, 544 to W HathaWay, Slap I shvileo, 549 do 1) Jocknson. ntk 10 291 hr. 025 do J Bunker T'1m iabve slips a i of tie first tine., coppered. and cr'01ppr 'slreoid, ord horirinhg be builtin NIw \'i ex, rrsly 6,~r fi.le tr dr, tloy are of light c!r,.ft of u".ll r ate' lalIt invariably crors the ber i hoot. yi) drlut ion. Thleooolollmderrare mo* or p01 gree experlienc,C ant l toripa; wit. alwoysba. towe 0'd up t!"" ow r t eRliooissippi h7 rtelamboats T1(rolo-,v hIem iutiniiilidorolcornnmr'aione, itll rcl, s of tht nlot dorrrIptitrl llllaWlys be furil-hir . . The ecilb~o passage~ is 990 withlout Illon r or iiar, aln hellnre is rlliquor furihlled to the, eficrrr or crew. For trigit lor porcage appily n ror ho C AMES, 48 Caop at. The0 shlip(1 ere not accr00rtolula f'or breakaga of gas", hiollow wire, marlilo olr girai.itr·, cooplerage of Lin·,re r. rr o 1.(;11 or 'lol, nor rrolrlrjsle fur any I'"cc;ng"· -r p stet;, oolve a regular bill of lIding 0s EX: rwed ti.i e'( r at the 20".1 of th1e eat.. r jell?- NEW IY uLEAAN.,, I, , \I.TIM'IORE LINE OF PAL K E'TS. TI',, le wi;l cIonFt of the following vessels, ;x lhwh b.,vr been hul.t or p~urchuse:d t:xlressly fLr the trade, : S:;,"-·.re ,n, Cpt. Miner, 1u,,k Mry, Nickersng * ad l'erry, rnw , Sievens, t aontuol 'alttaS, , Latham, T.r ., Ar(.·n ( ct, n , ( r,.y. lr -a. vwls tare artli first clnss, have hand. Z',r.l¢ f :r,: -L,. r,( :,:,ihn:,{:l! H,.', anld .re of a light , eI , r, lro a t, a adi,,t oaf their receiviug and r< :har;_i,:r h(ier e,,gu as in altintm r , at the city. Fright will be uaki' fur plarts on the Chesuapeake or Jatwrs' River, at:d tfrwariatd by tihe ngnts, Mlsir. CLARKE & TIELL (tG, at BatUnitore; .xpIet:. ota gooas srh;pped will b advaon~ed when r, quird!. 'T=e price of passage ;s'fixed at $60, auilr Rtore.: of thr [ rt qity wll be provided. b:ca.t p tand down thlie t1assiasllppi will be taken Fur fricght or passagc, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, n22 itenville st. 'RNEW Y(nRK. f[(Luisiana aid New York Lio of Packets ] SII Ships tcompo.ingt this litte wall anil from Ntv Orletad s an: d New York on every other Mon it ,y--etr. encitg oi thie 50th November--and to or the punctuabty in the lime ofsailing, the 'a t ill li.retfter ctie t it t offivte ships, viz: .tip Y zoi, lt'pitain r'eask, to leave on the 20th S' p Louivdale, Captain Palmer. to leave on the 4ihi Dcceriner. Ship Iltlttsvtile, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 8lth l Deceehel'. Slip V, klburg, Cptanin Woodhouse, to leav on the 1.t J aIuarV. Ship 11:tsi-rtppti, Ca:itain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. Tile above are all new, of the first elasr , copper. dit and copper fli.tened, ,.ud upwards of 510 ltone ntthen, are of hlght draltght of water, being built ill New York expiessaly for tlhe trade. The price ol pssae is fixed at 100l dollar.: their cabins are filtld lj in tie mIIOat I proved and convenient plin, aud litilhed in a neat noad elegant style Atle stores of lthe first quality will be provided, ,tl eveiry regtrd pad to the comfort antd entliro -,tisl, ctlti of passentgers, who will please take no. Stict that t II h birth call o r scured untll paid for at thie oflce of tl rtolletners. 'l'T:,ei viselIs arti ctimnarcded by reptains well axperic:lctd it thie trade,, a ho will give every at. tontiin and . xert theimselves to neonmledate. They will at all ttltne be towed up and dtown the Missis ahlpi by sotlamblLats, orad the striteslc punctuality ,b-,,rv,:d in the tlile of s:bthlg. iT'lc owaers therse slht a will nlot be responai. bhe or ant hitter, parcti or package, sent by or pit on bmoard olf thuli, unless a regular bill oftlading ne aig:ced thiereor, at til counrling house of the ag'ent r w:eri. For parliculars applyfo J 1) DEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Crnmnon st FOR NEW YORK. t [Luioia.a and lNew York Line of Packate.) u t, sbilps '.'.,[t'ni ul;; tll his t ll asoil root il.l [- oteCIt.llE l t t: 'tl noveter, an'd tto insure the =hl:lleo lIw-i ol iti i er I i of ll lailing, thei line v ill Iternorolr eotourist of Ifive lhipla viz: thiop olno, t npollolu Ila:-k to leave on L th, .tl nor. whip Loutisoille, Caftaio kao mrt, to leavl on the 4thl Slip ltu::ls[i/le. Captain Eldridger to leave on the ShtI Vitcksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the .".t J.ll] r. . Slhip Alis tistarpi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th .I iuýu r v. 1IF''-Te shloove ships are all new, of the first c.lasl ropppered and lopper eotecntd. unld upworrds of 500 tone bhoh te, au,"t I ' tu .ht of ttverr, being built itn oeo forlk expr,.'lt fi r t:e Itolde. l'iar prol. of pts i sneef ill .edl 81 oines utndred dollars. 'l'lir cabins are fitted up o1 Ie mast inpmoved aool cnvemient plan,and fi i.s d inll it n.ot :od eleitat slIe. AlltoO stoire of the lfirt qtlllltty will be tlrovidlrd, anld Oevf regard hand to 11e cotort andl elllrte enritohtetioof psengers,who o ill pli enP It n. iro that no. berth anl be secured a tIl patl pai tor :it the oiti e the con tgllnes s. '1 hI e I wt;o to are conal:nllded ty :aptaintt well ex perientted ia the tlde, who iltll give evervy atention, cl exert tlemowivrs to naccntt tdatte. iltey will at .ll tilole be toer up ao1 idoon thle Mhississippi by :o:utml,lly and the atlllest pulllnctuality obsorved in the blue of salienT. ITh oto Ierts of these li)ps will not be responsible for oL-: lt er, pricel or poekage oCt0 by or put Otl boltrded Sthae.,udle, a rezu:ltr ihdl of idi0t0 Ihe oigned therefore ot the entillg home, of t te agenta or owners. Far it . trib r tit up - l o, apply to it BEIN &S A COIIEN; n: v 13 yl Conllon slt. PE1\S.ACOLA M1IANSION HOUSE .NEW CITY, PE+NACC)LA. T 7lIF tu3,sct thee. nrirg puer hl ed rhoe ltret - nd fur: I.lttrc zd' oftlis Hell cluacl enablihleut, front hlr Ti: rii,, ithe tli. lIpr Iietor, \w)i bo crudy to receive vi, itel's I ~ c the It .-I April nest. Niwlouts an!d coistl iml.Trverments will be found in the eacrr igmirlnts oi ti e clansion oise. New and m cut cumoleiouis huilhing h IIF ue will be built, and allm b thi wal; Le iriorteiud at all hiurs. A stabie iili hle Oriel:liile to Ihe It.e, with Rued accommlda. tiw,:s Ifr Ihorses and carrices. Ititi rate li hses annd ciiirnici wili also he kbipt l.i hitc at ;,de.ieraterics, oI:,I fti and iow bhctc, wilh pecr.b lto manage them leth" oir.' I - Ol'l l:. tcl. liillinydsantd Itles amuseatent tsliiv IId It Ciatriig places, Cill laobe h tarnished, :d z* er teltllz:e t t t to i ter ere with tile i co ulrrt and htiet ot the boarder.. "]'ht winos and liquors wiUl t of the beit quUlilt, and to ensure a uill plyv of .: care, ha .!reitd i:,.eceordred, lhitvi willi arrive of lu.+tt tie, u-t afn Jliar. yt i'rriý i-t k lI ciicanl. %icc fnrmeil) kept me popula t h, t.: - it \1a.lhtzi: vicii, will rondicct thin h ei for the." , -steer of lal \ t ,·ul', slid Ilia rirtelda gelerta ]y, that hitt i ill r'.eve ac +:eI pssibie attenrtion; and tnereby , :- t Cis a ' ral salisfaction. the l j,,ca i rdvntii:nec of thl holuse pro too ielt n:ew i lye,. t t tt ,: d c~ripficn ihere. Tne t;els t'at l'rn.:.,cln is m:e ]bret- naval station of the civi rilnciti liie gitl I rei.clndeczi:tns the Ciueth(suad. rn; thie a:.Iu. Iy uL! IR celn:lte relhshled constantIlV du till lin it llllir nll tlilE by th.I.tiolet I ree.e fict als Ih*- ;ill; t:, !,:.itii u"' tr ie u and ithe neighboutiag tlied ocld ciicn the ali uldaicci ncud tcicicacy oi the ilh i'ihIlich i'll t c rtore .iiijund; ni ices priximity to cih, besct douthetn Iinurirei, l'rPenaola the pre lori'enee oter nilt otler p:aces i !the-a latiludes, a a il y fwdi1. uh li.hintln u!:lmeti l trrI. tirst tite bIets c ill , betweeiatu I'ecscal and 1Mo ieile., ld w ill at all thies ie I eLi to take the fri tiie N o Orler.sta iLoot. Nn ARNOLDW. Penrenn!i, Feb. i:8. -1 Gieltiecern ci.hsiiig tc engaga rcccm for t tir tnilie- r.en adesrec the trielaritltor, at Peniacola. or 1Mr Sewell T Taylor, thie fcrmer proprietor, at New Or; Referernes. T S.,iiCErd, eq, . lr C Cc:ull c, R MlrAlpin, E.q., Lt. 1ihbev, in l1eb le; S T Taylor, P P Ii-. Eeq, in Ne,, itrlrens. I' S-A letter bha, to receivre ecmmlunicatitns for perr.oir it the Imce hotel, is placed at tGer Whitman's oflice, I1 St Chair Iee Exch oge. FohIanDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. L I' Travellers deir.laus of tiakine tle Florida route, tia Pet.: ;culcnti tihe North,are irlf,crmed ahat fir rate: htiis cil e i,,stttly crun f rc. Alcibile t Penenela, Ircaije Mobili tnd Pensecol eetye cther dty after th cat of Mai. G.cod states wili aliewan he pravided l ;hdle ciicerl ereto he ic recadi.iesi ttake plasnnpgarell'p \i.4ii, ic vant of the failure of the hoeat N 1i A h NOl,D. Theit ecctnclat (C'humpin e eset !til:e er Pe·la lcvcrcec a week, fSb S IT

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