Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 16, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 16, 1855 Page 2
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can 'bo derived except from without tho I t...1 A . 1 ... 1 I- '....I animnl. A Host, trco. or beam, in iust M indispensable to tho support of n homo as to tho support of ft man intent on suicide. A , horso can't hnng littnsclf np in tho uir by tho 'errcta on Ids neck any moro than ft man can by pulling upwurd ftt his ncck-hatidkerchlof. Tho check rein should bo abolished. It wastes raotlvo power. Its uso is unhealthy, for It disturbs tho otherwise naturally nnd equally distributed vital forces. In shortens tho lifo of tho horse. It diminishes his speed and lessens tho freo and quick nction, 'ro ssential to the animal's safety nnd that of tho driver. It is of no uso, nnd cannot confer dignity or graco to an animal that was liuido by tho Lord. Had man got up tho horse, check rains and all sorts of contrivances would havo been not onlv allowable, but perhaps noccssary; hut tho work of the Great Artist cannot bo improved upon. Brethren of tho press, let us emancipate tho horeo from tho liritish check rein Buffalo Democrat. lUtcklji JTrcc 1l)vcss. For County Commissioner, Clmrlcs A. Seymour, r.urlington, For Council of Censors, Davit! Fish, '.Jericho. BURLINGTON, F11IDAV, FEU. 16, 1855. Chittenden County, Tho County Convention called to nominate County Commissioner, under our liquor taw, at tho Town Hall, Tuesday A.M., was not Isrgely, but respectably attended. There might havo been forty or fifty persons present all wholesome looking men and evidently interested in tho promotion or th temper, unco cause, Dr. Goodyear who has ably filled the wffico of County Coiuuiicoionel fel tho past two years, made a few remarks to tho effect that it was his iuipressiou.niid that of tho town ngcntu generally, that more liquor had bceu sold by pcreons in violation of tho law during tho past year than tho year before. His requirement that the agents generally should keep an exact list of all sales nnd report the saino to hlui from tirao to time, had done much, as was thought, to check improper applications to tho agents. Ho still thought too much liquor was sold for purposes of drinking. Ho could furnish, in due timo, u general statement of thequau. ity sold in tho different towns of tho county, with the purposes for which it was sold. A particular account would o voluminous, and no provision wns made for any such publica tion. Dr. Ooodyear's remarks were listened to with much interest. From tho official report subjoined, it will be seen that A. Sey.vioi'r, was nom mated for County Commissioner, Mr. Sey mour is a well known" and excellent citizen of this place, a good man and a strong friend of Temperance. Tho Convention for tho nomination or a member of the Councilor Censors, in tho after noon, was about as largely attended ac tho ono in tho morning. Tho intense interest fell by tho people generally, on the subject of amending our state constitution, was shown by the fact that out of five thousand otcrs in tho county, fifhi-.firc were present and ready to vote on the nomination. Whoeior " iiii'rc, a.ui irn.s. David nut, the nominee, is a worthy citizen of Jericho and has represented his town in the State Legisla ture with credit. II was vouched for by his friends, as a good man and a good mechanic; but of his views on constitutional -fucftionti, nothing appeared to be known Mr. SrliHnlN i:ir..lin. The intelligence of Mr. Seward's election was received with a great rejoicings l,v hl friends, throughout the country. Tho papers I rafntion tho firing ol salutes, and ether es- pressiors of joy, in Washington, Al! any .New i York city and in many places in thu Statu of Vow York. It is very generally lem.avWd, ! as a fignifleant fuel, that, in tin- couise of ( the canvass for this Senatorial election, very little was said in opposition to Mr. I Soward on the ground of his peculiar views respcctingSouthtrn slavery. lie wnsattnuked mi many other points, but this was compara tively Ut alone, ae if his opponents were con- scious that to assail him on this ground was 1 rather to strengthen than to weaken tfci Durubor or his friends. Hi election i i eoneidereda striking evidence ol thi.tifngth ' nnd impetus which has been given lo the i anti-slaTCry sentiment or the North by the j rapeal of the Missouii compromise. Die i Washington correspondent of the N Y. I Courier ij- A'jiyiiirn, says The nows of Smator Seward's re-election trrivod hero nt half pust one, und created a SB-nation of enthusiastic pleasure among his friends, of whom no man in this capital pos sesses a wider circle This is ono or the rnore immediato fruits or tho repudiation of tb.9 Missouri Compromise, and brings moro terror to tho souls of the demagogues who devised and carried through that outrage, It is a very deen mark, unon that monument '- any ono even, which It lias nrocluceil. of public scorn, which they have been care- lul tl rear In their -.Ml.. 1:. : ' " ......g. , The I'rcnch Spoliation Hill. The abovo bill passed the Senate of tho United States on Tuesday, tho 0th, by a vote of 30 to 17. It had previously passed the Houso. Its fato now rests with the President. Between the years 1793 and 1707, Ameri can commerce suffered severely from depreda tions committed by both England and France, then at war with each other. They captured and condemned American ships, with cargoes valued at several millions of dollars, each pre tending that tho property was going to its enemy. Our Government demanded restitu tion from both. England in 1704 made lion orablo indemnity ; but tho French Directory then in power, refused even to treat w ith our Commissioners. When Napoleon tho 1st came into power as First Consul or Franco, tho claim was renewed, lu tho year 100, a treaty wasmade with Franco.hy which,fbr suffi cient considerations, ourgoicnmiont rolca-rd Franc) from ilio obligation to make good the losses or our citizens by the French spolia tions and agreed to pay the claims itself. His over halfn century since it assumed that obli gation, but nut a cent has it paid on any of the claims to this day. The subject has been be foro Congress continually. It has been id ported on again aud again, always favorably. Bills providing for tho payment of tho just claims havo repeatedly passed each branch ut" Congress, but havo never passed both Houses at any one session, till now. This bill is well guarded aguiimt fraudulent demands, A lljird or three Commissioners is appointed to decid: on the claims. None are to be paid if not pusentcd und established within two years. In all cases of transfer no claimant is to roccivo an amount boyond tho considera tion paid. For tho paymcut or such o aro established, thu sum ol' live milliont of del. lais is appropriated. It is not, however, clear, as yet, that tho families of American Merchants, ruined by them spoliations, or those to whom they havo transfcired thoirclaiins, nro now to receive their honest dues. President Pierco will, it is slated, veto the bill. The bill haj always been oppooud by promineut Democrats. PictC'j himself, when In Congress, opposed it warmly ; moreover the claims are mostly held at tho Northland the Southern politicians -vho havo chargo oi the President's, have nothing to gain by their payment, which las', is rcasou enough for Mr Pierce to veto any bill ho-reyer right eou. Contention Tor Nninlnnlhig n .Unnber ofl . . ...... the Council of Censors FtnituAKr 13th, 18,15, U II. l'ENNIMAN, Chairman. J. S. ADAMS, Secretary. On motion tho Contention determined to proceed to the nomination of n member of tho Council of Censors by ballot. Mr. J. N. l'omeroy was then nominated by .Mr. Weston, of Uurlington,nnd .Mr. David Fish of Jericho, was nominated by Mr. Tnttle of lNcx. "v On cuuntlng tho ballot, the who!.' nuiub'-r of votes wero M Necessary to a choic, 23 David Fish, received H7 ). N. l'omeroy, 12 lovl Underwood, ;i Win. Weston, 2 11. H. Stacy, l Whereupon Mr. David Fish of Jericho, was declared to havo received the nomination On motion the convention adjournal, J. S. ADAMS, Secretary. The Convention for the Nomlnnllnu til u County (.'nimnissiom-r. The Contention called to noininato a Com missioner, to appoint Agents for the sale of liquor in tho Comity of Chittenden, usomb led in the Town Hall, in Burlington, on Tues day, the 13th day of February, 1 Mi, nnd was organized by the appointment or S. K Howard, Esq., Chairman, and W. C. Hickou, Secretary. The following resolutionwr.s moved by Mr. J.S.Adams, seconded by Mr. Wietox, and passed : Kesohrri, That tho Comiul-eloncr he rcpe-ted to prepare a tabular statement of the purpose, wlit tli. r medicinal, chemical or mechanical, fur which liquor has been sold tho taEt veer, and the In the si-vera! towns of the County. I After remarks by C. Adams, Win. etton, aim .iiiugu ii.u atow, the Uotivcnliou proceed cd to the election or a nominee for Commis sioner, w hlch resulted in tho choice of Cit A Sr.v.Moui, of Burlington. Mr. J. S. Adams presented the following resolution, which was passed . ItmhtJ, That tho County Cuuiiais'loncr be re. luested to requlro tho various agents appealed lor the sale ot liquor, to give bonds lor tho laithful discharno ot their duties, and to keep an accurate record ot tho amount sold by thcui, and to whom j and to wake- quarterly returns to the Commissioner ot tho cross amounts, sold in their vsrlviis towns, distinguishing as correctly as pnsslhlc between liquors sold lor medicinal and those for mechanical or other purposes. On motion of J. . Benedict it was litsoliffl. That a County Committee of three be appointed lor tho "car ensuing. Savcei. llr.STlS.UTor, Wm. It. Tease, O. YV. I1E.V1-KICT, wero appointed that committee. After which tho meeting adjourned. WM.C. HICKOK, .Wy ('oiigrr-. During the past seven ,liy6 Congress has seemed to show n trillo more conclouenen tlmt the closo of tho session is ut hand, though thu members have not been alarmed into any extreme precipitancy or activity in the despatch of business. The bills for the extensions of tho Colt revolver patent, and of Moore A Hascull'a harvesting mai'hine, and the bill for alteration of tho Tariff hac been killed. The bill appropriating half a million for improvements on the hakes, containing 11,1 appropriation or 8125,000 for hake Cham- plain, has been discussed some in the Senate, and recommitted t the t'ninuiittio ,,n dim. o.u.itui, n, my vUlllllllllL-'- UI1 UUia iiicrce. ine actinic lias pusseu a Ijiii to rfiuii j or lefund tho dutieson unbroken and original packages destroyed by lire, which were-imported between the ",7th or July, It3S, and tho 2Sth or March, 151. The mw bounty land bill giving grants of public land to sol diers of the war of isl2 has also i,.ised tho Senate., wltti an auiendme-nt excluding the ' soldiers of .Massachusetts horn tho beuedits i ol tho uct, on the shallow pretense that tho I tiovcrnor of MHssaehusctts once refused to j 1 call out the militia of the "tuto, milesi tlio i I resident would statu that tlio Foree-h wete needed to rencl invasion, 'flic amendment j movt'd )y Ilodgo of Ii,u, und Mi-l.iineel ! 1 by Mr. Cass. The Senate also pa-sed a bill ' grunting pension" to all indiaiis who hive 1 served in tho L" S. Army in time of war. ' The Hou-o has passed a bill, providing rix , 1 aud a hill" millions to pay the debt of T. xas ' 1 creditors, against the United Stati" The 1 Senate will not agree to the bill, it is -aid, : nor will Texas. The bill raising the sahries ot the Distnct , Judges of tho United States has pas-ed b.dh houses. Tho number ofdistricts in the Union is now thirty-nine, having been increased by j the elivi-ion or Ohio and Illinois into two i di-tnots each. Tho average salaries allowed i each judge under existing lawn is gl ,i23. By the bill just passed, tho average is $2,022. Judge 1'rentiss's salary is increased f00, frotn 1,200 to $2,000. From the rncillc. Tho steamship .orth Star arrived at New York on Thursday bringing ono and a quarter millions in gold, 200 patsengtr.", who crossed tho Isthmus on the Panima Railroad in four hour;, and tome interesting intelli- ,.,, glliee. The d.teb frora Californi a are to Jan. 16th. Tho Senatorial election was, to take place on the 17th. Tho Democrats wero divided be tween Gwin and Ilroderick, and tho Whigs had nominated It. L. Ed wards as their candi date Tho steamer Southerner, from San Francisco for Oregon, had been lost about CO miles below Capo Flattery. Her crew and passengers) were Saved Tnc miners were re joicing over recent heavy falls of rain, and washing was going on briskly. In some parts of tho State the weather was excessively cold, and snow had fallen from two to five feet deep. The Legislature had created a great excitement in the religious world by refusing to piy fur the services or n chaplain, and In viting all the clergymen or Sacramento, a Mormuit included, to ofiiciato alternately. Thu clergymen wero declining thu invitation Thu lat.-ct Sandwich Islnndi datce mo lo j IHc. -3d. Prince l.iholiho had UM'Cndcd the throne 'iho flinornl i.l' luual, mucin huel hi, n pi-tpjin'd until Imi. f, I'roni Acapulco, it in reported that a part of Santa Ann.iV iiriny. '.',11(10 innuuiher, hail do (cited and gone over lo Alvarez. A portion oT them hud reached Acapulco. I From 1'cru wo have tho important news that (on. Caiitilla has overthrown Kchcni.pie, and taken the government into his own Tho buttle which decided tho contest loiitit .1.111. o, r.cnemquo .-ought tlio pro' tcctioii of the British .Minister. 'leu Cabtilla I entered Lima in triumph on tho afternoon ol i tho halite, Lima hcing taken, u fore'o was i K'lit to Callao und tho ca-tlo and trpmetriin j surrendered. They have earthquakes in l'eru, I as well a- in .St. Johnshuryaud Ilalifas. The I lait win f'dt in Callao on tho tith of Jantiarv. I ffJTllov. Jou.v of Cabut, died very suddenly on Saturday the 3d inst. Ho I went out of his house about half past ten ; in t li e foienoon of that day, to harness and I m ito eiuv ins nor-c, lur sous excursion in tlio i vicinity, nud within twenty minutes ufter was found lying on his barn lloor, with lifo wholly extinct, from nBiiddcnstrokoofuppo- is sup,oicd, orrupturo of tlio heart. ' IIo had 6crved two years in the Stato benate, 1 und represented tho town of C'ahot two terms in thu Houso of Keprcscntalivcs. Ilisauocuiild I not havo been far from 12. His funeral took j placo on Wednesday, and was attended by a I I irgo number of people. Tho ecruion wan pteached by tho Itov. Mr liijrd, of Monlpo I lie,- Tho body wa9 interred clad in a full t drcis of black BURLINGTON FREE (ton Tiir. rum rnns. The Itccriil Colli Hniip, Mr. Voiron i Ai TuonUjr, tho Cth Inst,, was probably tho -oldest Jay on record at this pluoe, pcrliajia some of jour rentiers would like to know how tho thormometcr ranged through tho day. To gratify such, I rend yon the following memorandum. February Clh Therm e meter nt G A, M, 2J 9 t7 Jo, t rjjo, at 021, at 1010 , at 11 17, at II 10, at 1 1'. 31. 15, at 2 13 o , at 3 12 , at I 1! ,ut 517 ,nlC 18 t7 10, nt 819 , at 020 , at 1021 . The mean temperature of tho whiilo day, tins, 19 , nlilcli was I 3 colder than that of any Jay In tho jireceedlng 17 may ho eon by the following list of thcenldcit Jays In tlin.o temal years. Ycaii. Coi.iiht Day. .Ian. 30, Jan. 21, .Inn. It,, Jan. I, .Ian. 13, Feb. 17, Jan. 2;i, Ilec. 11, Jan. Ik, Jan. 31, Jan. 10, Feb. IS, Feb. 5, rcb. 8, Jan. 20, Jan. 20, Hoc. 22, lob. 0, .11 kan Tew fi . i'j - H o o -105 - il -115 - M 3 -I'l 19 1830 1S1U 1810 mi 1842 19ID 1911 181.1 1510 1S17 18IS 1810 IPSO ISM 1852 1853 1S31 1S55 lly this table It will bo seen that tho two eoldctt days In tho 18 succcsslic years, havo occutied the present winter. Hut wo havo lu former winters, soural times had a, longer succession of severely cold days together, the most remarkable, of which wus In Jan., 1841. The mean touqicraturo of 0 out of the last 12 dajs of that month, was as follows: Jan. 20-61 , V1-9J , 25-2JO, Iti-ti. 27 9, 28 J, 23 135 , 30 10J ,31 5J , the literate temperature of the whole nine days, being , below sero. y. rar'i'ur. Col n Snap Ourcxchanwsi-ev.r,! KOine remarkable descents of tho mercury .m luesday and Wednesday. Tho West point wo find reported is 11 below zero, nt West Randolph, Yt. As the mercurial thormomc tcronlyrocordsa8lovaeJOs below, at which point the mercury freezes, tho 1 odd degrees may bo safely taken oil'. At Northfield it was 37 below, at Montpelicr 32 s below, nt Island Fond 50 s below, at St. Johnsbury 37 below, ut Woodstock 35 below. In Toronto on tho 5th, n stage driver wus frozen to death on his scat, and another person was frozen to death in the streets. In New York a stage-driver was taken from his box so fro jen that he died, nnd thrco others wero badly lrozen. In Brandon, a cow belonging to Deacon Conant, was found on Tuesday morning to hav o threo of her teats frozen solid! Mr. C. has owned cows for moro than hair n century, but never knew n similar case. K' Edward J. Hat, heretofore tho iron. tlcmanly and capable assistant in tho Town Clerk's offico, has becnappointcd Teller in tho HUI. Ontlirlmlnn : I f ,,.M., ,.,,-.' l""eo ui uiiiiamr. C.r.swold, l -a il0 ret,r(!ll ,n . some timo since. H7-Tim otiikr siiik. Since tno".., r .,-nce in tho Free Press, several days since, of a statement, ot the request and on tho author ity of certain citizens of Williston whose names were giten, cautioning tho public against employing ono John Brown, and charging him with dishonesty, wn have been wait",j I , ' ' !.'.' a T0C- 1... 1,-.. n ii li I ? " -'" v.tergy.uan, ot I tjljiijjgii who inujrms us, that the voun man in question is his son, that no proof what ever of the charges against him has been ad duced, nnd that many of the best citizens of Williston agree with him in tho belief that tho authors of the statement arc at least mis taken, nud that gro-s injustice has been done tho young man, in this whole matter. Wo nroKl,.d know that them are two sides to tho affair. Hour paper has been the me dium or injustice, none ran i,-iei it ,... than we, Wh give, this counter statement 1 , .uu-,1 niiimsiv, anei rc'iuest anrmivr -,t 1 South or unyvvhere, which liliS ifoticeu the 1 " Caution" (if nny hasdonc so) to give "the other side" equal publicity. tC The Si' Bli, always good-looking, comes to us in n new dress and handsomer than ever Henceforth it gives its daily subscribers a double sheet every Saturday, and its weekly is the l.inreel news- . . v r..i i mi ,e I' lper lu .wn Jiiiauu. i nu 1,1 oiu jt:i,u ui ' ' .,. , . li, o Ker.nldieim nre eTeellerl in emerr.ri-.-. nnd ...w , , ... L tact by nonowpapcr publishers out of Now York city, that wo know ol'. Their pancr is r , " . , " . .. , emu ui e,,.i iiiMi-jimsauiooAiiianiii-o, 'l'l long may 11 noiu us career 01 suosiannai ana increasing success. run tni lar-c ircss. Definition Wanted. Mr.. Editor : A young man whoso lungs wero perfectly sound, but who had como iheuoiatio pains about the chest from taking cold, went to a fellow who profosses to euro Consumption, and was told by hlui that both Lungs wero diseased, but that ho would cure them for twenty dollars. A frlond, how ever, advised the supposed candidate for consonip ticn, in order to test tho skill ant honesty of tho medicine man, to tend to him another yuur.g man who never in his life suspected hluuclf of being siclc. lie was told, also, that both lunge ncro dls edied, but thht he would bo cured for tea dollars. Sow Mr. 1 of public dictionary by your profession, jou hare tho goodntw to give a definition of euch conduct toward b tho poor and ignorant, or of tho autkir of it Or Bbould I go to the lawyers for a definition; or U the ?Uto Attorney the irorer sourct) of information ' Q. j ine nixne interrogatory- Irotn a rot-potiM- bio source-ho pans over to our reader.. among whom wo number tho State's Attur. ney and lawyers nut a few, besides a great many nenstblo people, who are not lawyera that each may answer it for himself. Wis win probably supply a definition if nny unes dictionary g'nc uut befure ho finds out;. 37JHQiot;r-Ai'nic Count KiituTo, Wo IeensIiowii by one ofour citizen", a rcmitiT feit, or copy, of a bank note of one of tho Xevv York city hankt. made hy thu photo graphic process recently discovered. In tlii rocees, a likeness of the hill in liri-t taken upon i;lass, from which, upon prepared pa per, nny number of copio- may ho undo, Tho counterfeit nhown us was taken nicredy ii-im experiment, and not upon bank-note paper. Of its excellence ns u copy of tho original bill, it is only necessary to sav that it was i,iie, and pronounced u genuine bill hy good judges of I that they had lell Lowell on veiy short ne! hands. paper money in Sew York, nud hy three o'" I tic0' w"8 'I11'10 ncoe--:uv for them test was ' tho Cashiers of our llurliii"toii kinks 'Ih i 1. '''V;1-. direction about their busincM il.. I II,, r .i, ... :. r... .... I matters. I'aigo was willing to aco-iminnjatu. .,rr... . .... ,.., , iilcl n.oon.y sin- 1I1K, ktoppeel. lire long, however, certain .us pieioiis thing about it ; vignettes, signature, i I'lcious circuiiist.inccs led hi m to consult ii Ac., were reproduced with great perfection. ,u.""."'""l"-'''rf lawyer, to know what mis- It is evident that with suitable hank-noto ra- ' i . i"''' bo 'V0"'''1. I'tnvultd any Iwely ..... , , ... should trv , mid ho earned iuat il.ii Hut per, coun.erle.t, may be produced in any , if Sh.fiir r Vermont! (or ut Z other number, which defy detection hy tho eye ' Xtnto) undertakes to Iraiiepnrt through New Of courso such nn invention will soon lind Hh 'j""'l",,l'rii a citizen of MassachiiM'tt, way into tho hands of knavs, if it hn- not ' ''"v1"1 'rimo ami for tiial iii , , . . . "y 'ho (iiveriinr ol M.iss.ichusi-tts the s ii.l already done so, and produce incalculable sfierilf is him-eir liable- M bo im,"tc,l ami dJ. initclucf. Ihal sonic changes will havo to bo , taiuod unless ho tirst geta permit r iviirnmt oiado in Iho t,apcr I l")m.a Humpshiro justicethi. nlhuul much of which is printed simrlv in black anil ;h of which is r.riiiteil simply in black and ,Ti,jto, sc, seems evident Dills prinlod in col ours, and on both sides, cannot, we believe, ho counterfeited by this process. J3f" " Nor Pit to i;i;M.vpe " Thoappomt uient hy President Ph-reo of Augustus Cesar Hodge ,Seuator from Iowa, (of Neibiashi mc mory, reformed uut of his ecat by tho good scuba of that state,) us minister to Spain made and confirmed immediately last Friday, excites astonishment nnd disgust. Mr. Ilrcckenridgo of Ky., quite iincxpoitcdly dc- clined the appointment Tho succession of Tho succession of 1 Soule by Dodge is aptly illustrated hy tho ' fable of kiug stork and king log PllESS, FRIDAY EZT Bank Stock, Tho rush for Hank Stocks may not bo as great nt It Ins been, but tho following fuels, which wo Cuid in tho Windsor Journal nnd ltutland Herald, show that good bank stock is by no means a drug in tho market. On tho 2llh nil., there was u sale nt unction of some shares in tho Pus siimpsio llauk nt St. John-bury, and of the Orange County nt Chclscn. Fil'ty ! shares in the Bank at St. Johiisbury were sold, nnd twenty in tho Hank at Chelsea. The par valuo or tho stock in both Banks is ETty dollars a share. The l'ussumpsic sold for S'J and 5'JJ dollars per share, and the O range County for CO dollars, tho latter being ut it premium of 20 per cent. Tho Orango County Bank commenced eleven years ago, and has paid 52 in ilivi dends on each share of stock, tho average being neiuly '.'.J per cent, annually, on its pur value. On tho -7tli ult., thu books for subscrip tion to the new sdock or tho Bank or Hut laud, wero closed. It appears that about eleven thousand shares (,550,(l00) where sub scribed. About d,5U0 wero taken in tho j town of ltutland, and most or tho balance in t lluthind County, Or course, nil oer six , thousand shares (g3U0,0U0) wero set aside, I the surplus Bhares that uro cut oil' belonging I mainly to signers out of that County. Every town in l'utlatul County liiinlshed subscribers to this new bank stock; audit was mi encouraging sight to see fit mors, I mechanics, and traders so well supplied with " material aid" that they could sub-cribo for over half n million or stock, .and easily furnish ten tho per cent, tit tho tine of suh ! teribing. us- v-i.imi..m. v.-t.s. -it, iiic uaiuury icrm of tho Omum Couutv Court. IViltn Mmiw was found guilty of assault wi!h intent to commit a rape. On account or his ago and his hating been in jail iv considerable length of time, tho Court only lined him 525 and costs of pro-ceutiou, By tho sa.uo Court, Abucr 1 Towiisutid and William I'M, Wero sentenced, tlio lirst lo two and the last to four years in tho States prison, Ibr breaking j into n storo in Vcrshire, hist Nov. Fish has J served n term .,(' two years in thcStato prison before. JoMph l! V r . J ,.,,,!, p.,u r tu; j Moses hhau.pio . ie- ul-o .t tohtatr prion , for stealing and rccciiiug stolen goods from , the Builroad freight cais at or n.-nr the Braintrco station. Ilcbcrt ccnteiiel three 1 years, l'almcr two cars, and Shuiupin one l Jr- In I'laltsburgh, Joseph Ccntenilic was j tried last week for thu rape and murder of Margaret Kock, a sister of Ins wife, between I 10 und 11 years of age, at Schuyler Fulls. 1 The caso wa's ono or extraordinary character', ! not only on account of the relationship of .1 . . .. ine ueccascu and tlio prisoner: but ! count of tl,n r..,t tl I, .1 on ac count of tho f.iut thill ll,e ,n-,l... ..... I mitted in ono of tho most quiet rural dis ; tricts in that part of New York stale, at mid- i1-,. fn, rv rendered a verdict v -and tho Court sentenced him to bo hung ut Clinton County prison, on the 2-Jth or March i next. Ity our Ov-Meil Impress! By tho indefatigable labors of tho engineer of our Fxpress.woureable.togivo, in advance of all other prevs-s, tho rctilt of the Know Nothing Convention which was hcldnt North field, tho ilth instant. At 1 1 o'clock, in tho morning, about four hundred delegates hud in--cuible;d from every section of the state. J .lines .M. blade of Middlehury, was present ami presided, as ho is (irand sachem of "the Order" in this State. And this is not the only duty or this officer ho has pivver to grant and withhold charters, rente and destroy councils. Ac. On taking the chair he made a furious und absurd speech, which showed him to be a blunderbuss, and a know nothing. It wus deemed prudeMit to ded'er the iiuin- inatioii.uf.tjiuwtj; .''"VijV'.iivi imoli'd.eicinre I immediately proceeded to nominate candidates i Ibr the Council of Censors. Our F.prc. fails ui inn nrriiiu lo give inu wiiole llekel out lor Wu-hin-ton county they nominated Wil liam W. e lls of Waterbury This new party which pretend to dn-eurd old party hacks, and eschew old paiU preju dice", exhibited u curious statu of thinirs "at Northllcld Mich a state of nlfairsus Hill put at loggerheads the two wings of the federal Iriy. ine penpie lake notice iieur party. Let I lie people take notice V f'Hnl . c ' . i . randey of crgcnncs, prcent speaker o .1... li . .- 1 ., ii,jiiKU u, jie'iTcsenuiiiies, was uicret; 1 J II. Ilarrclt.editorof tho JliddlebiiryH"giser 1 clcrk uf "10 Senate was there, and many ; more who liavc Ion ing ligure-d I' in irof the feilerul-fusioti nartv. I te rOttt-IICst W in .iwiiioerememoercii.tmtLiarrettvva.ileleat. i el us iiision caruinaie mi crrtary el state last year and, consequently holds a grudge against the old-lino whigs It is already intimated that lirandw is to bo the Know Nothing candidate Ibr Govern or, and tho annihilation or the old whig party, is confidently predicted by his friends.' How tho old lino whigs will relish thin arrange ment remains to be seen Wo understand that an adjiiiiiied conven tion will bo held in a few davs. to nominate county commissioners. Our Express will be on the ground. Montpelitr Patriot. Inlcrcstiitc; fuse in Court. Justices C. W. Bancroft, Chas. Reed and (!! t.eoittt, i,,.rn i,n..n :!., r.. .. I t eek CXilmfni a,; , which U iiarticularly iiitcrBStiuE and imnor-1 , tant to farmers und produce deak'lf. to nit, the State ui' Vermont ya. S. Curtis and g,on i ' Lowell, M.is3.t on iinformut.iin by the 1 -tlit0 fl attorney. Thu rcbi-ondants were pro' dueo dealers, or agents to tcl produce con signed to them on comminidon ; and it i? charged that they bolkitod and reeehed con signments, reported hale from time t a time solar above tho market and actual price us to Btimulatn still lai-trcr coiihirnmc?ntf. nnd then failed, lcavinir tlio Verinonters mimix n ! largo iimouiit bay something like &.i,tUM in this county One deah-r in this wllnpe in lor nuout l,U!lt), und in i'on-i'iiie'n,' had to fctop Imsinc. ; u B.irro farmer win in ('or ,i7IM). 'I'Imj Ciii ti-es were arrettwl (n two cliarj-e- lur obtaining j.icmIk on fal, j.rv teiicen, ii ml fur ohtainin properly fir thu II? nrpotcs ot I'nilii'Zilenient. 'I hev me nKo ichl on two civil suits. I.v their i,rt,.ii,til ! ..lutiijie'iie-r unit Itarr" creilllor. Illll'Cr I'aigo madii the arrest, through a r.-ipiisition from !ov. r.iiyoo upon tho (iiiv.-rnornf Ma-R.icliusi-tt. Thoi-x.iminatioii before. he .Ins tiev? vvas of iipiirso pie-liniinarv unK-, In de terniiuii whi-thi-r tho rt-npomli-ntir shall ho hidd to unswi-r in Court. .Not vut lccide.. Tho caso nbovo ulluded to lias nought to light un interesting specimen of cw lliinip shlro li-gislation. Wh,-n ollh-cr l'ai-e- reachi-d Nashua, wu lenrn that the Curtief vu-rc vi-rv vi. ........I:..- t i, "... nnxioiH to stop over one traiu-dechii ofy"c Ketting out of the sherin OSSCSSIOll III SIICll ensi-. Unrn,l I.v ll.iw law, Paigo rocoeihil to arm hiuiselfuiih a ' permit," and just Ub the justice (who hup ponod to bo tho las-yi l was ii,m,,t, ,. if, document, a New H'ampjl.iro officer iippc-icl with a'.l t i ..rr.t P-ig. . '(un niomeiit," m-4 the lawyer, till I lake Mr I .ngo's oath to this document," t,ercii4ii administering tho oath nnd nllising his 1jsih- tuns "now, Mr N v. H,n,i-I i,,i, vv ill attend In V""' ! - " ( , ,- , , ,. New Hampshire was imi that nsoun nl ' loo late, und took nothing ly l is vvaiimii. U'o can eonceiio of no ueJeeMiy lur such n a.t.iu,,-, nun vuo is vorne no WISUolU III It ul.V'" 'aM wtli necessity nnd wisdom Hu.hiro now.lpe," be T good iiswhethir this tututo is dcsigui i.i ii ivi un inn.. ut eoino oi tlio Aeu as to tell igucd fur tho MORNING-, FEBRUARY 16. 1855. cspecinl benefit or rogues and whlto folks, or whether It applies ulso to Undo Sam's Mar shals and other negro catchers, and so may possibly help nn honest man to liberty. ft to tho latter, tho Slarocrats and Doughfaces' may as well turn their eyes from Vermont, nwhllo and look nftcr their beloved Now Hampshire Montpclicr Watchman. tcuniti'sroxtiENCE eir ins niKB i r.Kss.) Tlii'Stnto of Mississippi. .Maiiisos Po., Jlls., Jan. If,, IMS Jin. 1-ui rosi : I suppose this central portion of. .Mississippi Is tho finest country In tho world, and at this time It enjejs the finest climate. From all I can gather from hooks, It tlvals Italy In Its balmy atmosphere, Its cloudless evenings, nnd gorgeous sunsets. In place of ruined art, we havo tho uncultivated beauties of nature. Wo havo none of tho dreaded malai la, and even tho scourges of tho South, and of tho whole country, yellow fever nnd cholera, have nover mndu their appearanco here. Tho country Is very level, lying In very gentle undulations, and heavily timbered with oaks and walnuts, and numberless other trees, some of which flourish nowhero else but at tho South. Northern trees ottaln a perfection here unknown at the North. Tho country Is rendered exceedingly plclurcs'iuo by tho disposition of Its woodlands altd clearings, which Is altogether diircrcnt fiomtho North. In stead of making settlements 11I0113 In one line, and clearing the land back to a grent dhtnlice from the road, the settlements nrc made lu the middle of an estate, and many clearings oro hidden by Interven ing roads. Now tho road runs through some stalely forest of prtuiltlv 0 growth, now emerges at some plantei's residence, surrounded by a village of ne gro huts, the wholo In the midst of the colton fields, which vanish away In the distance, the stalks now dry and rusting In tho wind, but covered with the lat picking of their downy fleece, which a crowd of dark faces may ho seen bcn-llnguvcr, and with buy fingers transferring to their baskets this wealth of IhoSouth. Many of the fields nro surrounded by hedges of Cherokee roes, with long prickly branch' i-s bending gracefully In every direction, and cov crcd with h profusion of darkgiecn leuves, foiming uncfTcctual barrier to Intruders of every desorip llon. At present It eclipses all tho evergreen hedg. cs I ever saw, nnd In fiunm-r mot be tlio mo.t beautiful object in nature covered with its wieaths of flowers. Now the road enters tho l,,ieit, which turtniuales jut as you enter some pretty viiljge.whichjsstylcd preeminently the town ; here aro tho residences of wealthy Llanlers, whose plantations lire Intrusted to overseers. The modo of settlement Is unfarora. ble to the Northern system of common schools, and then fore leesl of tho diools of tho country arc In tiu-1 ilt-e, which Mio well supplied with thm of !.ub us grade.. 0iog to tbeab-enco of the iiopiulcd means of transportation, goods of ail kinds arc exceedingly high here, 'flic Central Railroad, fiom New Or leans through tho State, Is soon to bieak up tho monopoly, and change tho order of things. The road is rapidly progressing, for tho Soulh,butat what in tho North would be a snail's pace. It will be, when completed, ono of the mott important roads of the Union ; passing as It does through tho heart of tho .Mississippi valley, and uniting with tho Central road of Illinois, and tho roads of Ohio, and tho Kast, and ulso intersecting somewhere the proj-ctcd great Pacific ltoad, which at this timo l exciting considerable attention here. Tho Hirer, which is tho natural outlet of trade, seems this year to realize the saying of John Ran dolph, frozen half the jcar, nnd dry tho other with difficulty, aud the whole country is suffering fur its supplies of Hour, and otherarticlcs of North ern produce. Travel is at a stand ; threo weeks is required for a letter to reach us from jou. When the Railroad Is completed all will be changed, and another link added to tho bonds of the Union, it will give too to tho people of the Houth something of that haste and bustle, which 6trike- a stranger as being u characteristic di3"irclice between the people of the North, and South. Cotton is the great staple hue, which witii eoru fr home consumption, constitute almost tlio only crops. The cottou picking, which comnunccd In Augtcd, ib just over, and they are now preparing tho ground for the new crop. There has been no Inducement, duilng tho past car, for the Pouth to enter Into speculation, as at tho North, so that thcic Is uo attendant Clash, and the pressure in the money market Is only felt indi rectly, by sympathy with the North. Hold and siller aiu the only currency in this htale, eicvpt New Orleans bills, of Ji.dcnjimlia-t1l1oljei1qljer Jlj-J have not seen one since I left Ohio. Kiiiiw-Notldngi.iii seems to bo received with gen eral l.nor throughout the South. The majority of the presses laud it cures-It ely, rccegnlrlng It as the great movement, wliieh Is to break don 11 tho 0W1. fju.n.m of the North, and all other Sectional difler onco. Time will tell. A mole uuretriclcd inter course between the North und Houth would do awa with man unf.'rtunalo pit judices. One source ot n hippreliension I;, that the South lake tho tunny thing- said and ehme, lor lucre local elect, ut the North, as the real sentiments, of tho feople Ibe south enters Into politics, nnd other things which embrace matters of opinion, with an earnestness j unknown at the North, and cannot understand the .,..1 -n,i .,in,..4B.;nn.i nn.. :.. .1.1- nrc (ion., there. As an instance, I will give jou tome details of a religious uuntroTcriy, that bub como under lay notice. A Ujptit clergyman challenged tho Prcfibtorinn and Methodist Ministers to a discussion, on bapthta and church government ; they were backward in ac cepting thu chjllcuge. flic ross of the neighbor. Ing town, taunted thtui with cowardice, and im tired somewhat into tho merits of tho nueptiun. This drew tot oral church raembcri inW the dicuetdon, andfoicral newtpaper articles wero exchanged; for nhich ono party threatened to uhip tho cham pion of the otter party. Meeting blm at the pot cfhco, hi company with a lady, ono of theto gentlemen it i hcd a moment's prhato conrcrtatiun with bin., irhlle another gcntlcmun offered to tako charge of tho lady in the mean timo. lie tutjocting a plot and being unprepared, paid no attention to their re- quest, but prutected by tho preioncc of tho lajy, Hipped into bis buggy and droTc off. Soon he ap peared on the ftrtet, accompanied by tome friendi, fully prepared for eitheralternathe, "arbitration' nr an "appeal to arms." Some of the ouUido ein norV, who had cnjojtd tho fun, now o .TV red them telvoa iu mutm ;v?trtt nud proposed n truce; so peace nas declared. Set only laymen, but clergymen wero engage 1 In thU "holy war.1 In tho mcanwhilo tho challenge ''9 ttcn acceI'ted, und the combat Usuon to cmuo oir f"hich I will apprise je,u If e f sufficient In. tcrnl. uius, .te-., Oahiui. - - - Ccn. Cuss mill Doctrine of In-ltlli lion. Our reailrs nro aware that the Logislature of Michigan recently intrusted thcirSe-iiator- ... ... . ..... and Heprescntatives, to uc their best exer tion to pr.w-uro tho passage of the act pro o- (r I '. hibiting the introduction or exi-tenco i i, ...,:... p .1 'I- -.1 , . . ' Slavery in r.t.yof ho 1,-mtorles ; andi.lsoto (iiue-urr inu ii'iiue-Miuie ri-,i-ai oi llio act OI l-oO. Ocn. Cass promptly repudiated tho doctrine of instruction, ami flatly refused either to obey or re-sign. Tho Ilostuu Courier savs Tnr. Poe iKiii or I.nsiiii ition has bce-n the. arttically considered oneof the cardinal points of tho creed of tho Democratic party, though yiaetically it has never been much iu tho way of tho members of tho jsirty when in place. When John Quiucy Adams said that a Hen rescntativu should not be "palsied by the will ol his constituent," he wits rcpresenti-d ns uttering the mostalioiiiinable political heresy which ever came from tho mouth ol'u liepub. lie. hi, but wc do not remember that any, except William C. Hives of Virginia, evcrcoiiside-rcd lhat instructions from u l.cgiB. Inline which was oppjsed tuhitu in politics were woith tho isiprr which they wero writ, ten on. 'fhe Washington coi respondent of t'.n Philadelphia North Auieiicun, iu ufcr- rmg to tho e-iuo ol lieu t.ns,siys I ho instructions of tho Jlichigan Legisla tor to her Seu.ttois, rulutivo to tho Missouri I'liinpioiuiseaiiil tho Nebrasku act, givo (ieu. Cass u great deal of trouble. Thoy not only sp ak in terms of disapproval o'f his putt eourso Ujii the qiicstionsinvolvcJ in the lat t, r tn-M-iire, hut they diici t him to bring in.t I ill lor tho restoration of tho compromise, and t-i urge its u loplion b hi-, voh-c und voto. Of i-oursK tin- In ii, ri will di-olvy, for tho I' im i i l ie il,,i uiu, i.i.mi iii-i-in iutriii- in-iis ,i In onlv lo.asis ju vihiih Hi- i rilii1 l.i-giiiliiii-iiniriii-i opHisition h,-i a. l-irs, in which ei.inling. iii-v iho l.itlcr n1 in duty IkiiiihI to oh, r resign. Hut who i tl o ixjiitrarv to this ha p.ns, all tho Democrat has to elo is to ass. it that tho unijoiity who givo tho instructions uru Abolitionist!,, or higher or loivcr law men, that they uro too t.ll or toushort, loose constructionisttoriiils. constructionists, anything, so that they rep resent opinions and purposes repugnant to tho interests and feelings of tho person In structed. When Ocn, Wall oT Now Jersey was In structed by n Whig Legislature some timo nbout 18 12, ho rcfusod to ohoy or resign, al leging that, although ho believed in the doe tnnoor instructions, that tho Whigs did not, nnd, therefore, they had no business to apply tho Democratic rufo to him. Oen. Cass has but followed this groat De mocratic precedent. rZrlt.itNois. '1 ho Telegraph announces tho election by tho Legislature of Illlnoi.), of Hon. Lyman Trumbull, Kepublican, to tho United States Senate, in place of (ten. Shields, No braskaito. Judge Trumbull, the newly elec ted Senator, has been, until tho passage of tho Nebraska bill, ono of tho most prominent as well as ono of tho ablest Democrats of Illi nois. Ho was one of tho first to como out in earnest denunciation of that villainy ; nnd when Douglas undertook to stump the Statu, Mr. Trumbull was his ablest and most suc cessful opponent in southern Illinois. Judge Trumbull was the Republican candidato to Congress in tho Alton District, against Mr. Foiiko, Ncbraskalto, whom ho bent by several thousand votes Ilia election will be a bitter pill to Douglas, who has been intriguing to prevent tho election of nny Senator. Grf.atTi.mes in Min.nfsota . The tiovcr nor or Minnesota is in a fix. On tho ns-cin-bling or tho Legislature, Governor (lonnin refused to deltvcrd his niesaL'c. for tho reason. as was supposed, that tho Constitution nmilc it 1 obligatory Immediately thereafter to elect a pub.ic printer, and the choice of tlio mem- ! hers, it was understood, wus in favor of a j paper upposcd to his Lxcellency. .Subse quently he consented to send in his message, and then tho Legislature declined to receive it on the suuppuscd ground that they an; expect ing a now Governor along lo take Gavernor Gonnjii's place. His message however, leak cd out, and was printed in all papers, while up to tho Hlth. it had not been officially eio hvcrcd. Wo learn from the Minnisoliiin of the 10th instant, that a man by the mine of Collins, nn auclioncer of St. l'uul, called on Govornor Gorman upon business,in the course of which an altercation ensued, which ended by tho Governor knocking Collins down Tho Governor has been arrested for assault 1111J battery. Wkhiv oi mi. IH.Moer.ATlc I'.van. When wo look upon tho Old Democratic l'arty, and how strong it onco stood on tho rock-liko foundations which its illustrious founders, Jefferson and Madison, had laid for it, in the purest, wisest, and safest principles of justice und equality, that were ever cmbo died, perhaps, in ono political system, since civil governments wero instituted among men how firmly implantod it became in tho affection or tho people how disinterestedly thoy labored to sustain it in .ts purity and power, and how rapidly tho other factions of tho day sunk and dwindled intoinsignilicanco bef'oro tho moral majesty of its creed, and tho strength ol its organization, so long as tho great principles ofthat creed were kept in voluted when we rctlcct on all this, and look upon it now, and seojt broken, dissevered, wrecked, and ruincd,witli no hold on tho no respect, and finding no .defenders except among a hireling press, which the government natronago tho party now happens to wield has corrupted how great and lamentable is tho contrast ! G. M. Freeman. The I.-imcATioMj In Mr. Pierce's own stale. New Hampshire, tho indications ore very gloomy for those who planned and helped forward the Nebraska fraud, When the governor of the state, a demoent, was e-illcd upon, not long since, to fill a vacancy in the United Slates Senate, instead of giving the the commission to 0110 who would suisloin that net of the administration, he conferred it on .Mr. Wells. fr.m ,.l,o,n the fileiids of Mr. Fierce had vainly endeavored to extract an e-prcssion of even partial acquiescence in the measure. The appointment ot .Mr. Hells was a concession to the public opinion of New Hampshire. The governor might hive ap pointed a thnrouoli-piccd Nebraska man, hut tho people would not have borno it. 11, ii.o.,. r-,:i.u,cineiit his oeei. mode 111 tho northern -tale, smco ll.epus sage ot the Nebraska net which does not ad monish its authors und friends ul'thc falo that avians them. There is not n n,..l .!- r the limes Iroin which they can there i any hope ol e-cnping 11. Lvery succc-mvu election shows tint the repeal of Urn .Missouri Compromise gavu lusting edleiice lo llio people ol tho Norlh. There was no man concerned in it who his not lost llicir confidence lorcver. These elections which we chronicle from div to day are so many political executions, cou' 6i'iini2 thorn one ufter nnoiher t i,li.i,...l j dcilh.-.V. F. I'osl. Sri.KV Mr. Wisi:. Mr Wise is stumiiinz uirougn Virginia, as fierce as lire, and indulg ing, wherever ho goes, in what is felicitousfv il not elegantly termed "blowing." limit must be confessed that ho is not very success ful in his attacks upon the Know Nothings, lor wherever he speaks, immene numbers immediately join tho lodges. In ono speech lie niado tho rather startling insertion, that the Know .Nothing party in Massachusetts vvas organized by tho l!ov. .lames I'reeinan Clark and tho Rev. Theodore I'arker, the latter gentleman boing mildly termed - tho devil incarnate." What lierco things Mr. iso will do if elected Govornor, aro dimlv shadowed forth by that gentleman in ii truculent way, which must bo frightful to the Peace Society. " If I nm placed in charge of tho sword of Virginia," cries tho rampant N ise. " I will boar and forbear to tho last ; but if tho worst comes to tho worst, by tho (iodof Virginia, I will draw that sword and flesh it, and it shall bo broken in my hunU " This passionato outpouring confirms us in tho opinion which we havo always entertained, that in tho event of Mr ibe's election. -omcoooy win gov stuck. JJut Mr. Wise in !mS ir drel abolitionists and traitorous Know- ' Nothings with tho official weapon " tho I sworaoi Virginia' uut ho will invoko also ine uiu oi mo ncinp oi Kentucky "I will not stop witlun tho Hunts of the Stato, roars this most murderous of candidates, "hut every traitor 1 can catch, I will hang," This threat assists tho imagination in conjur ing up a most picturesque spectacle, A longdegged Yankee abolitionist, with tracts in his pocket, and treason in his mouth, runs from the wrathful W'iso, who follows in hot pursuit, with a halter in ono hand and the i sword" in th.i other, swearing dreadfully by " tho tiod of Virginia " 'I'l-u i.ue continues until tho ex-minister overtakes tl nimble philanthropist, pinks him with the " sword.,' in divers tender regions, nnd finally " fleshes" that official weapon in tins pcroii "ll'sorn llliil enueiui ul"Oll 111 I el pe-rsol 0, tho fugitl,e, who keels over and dies with outnerunt. it e hope the people of Virginia will not elect Mr. ise, for we are afraid ho would mako but a ferocious, ogrcish, bloody, minded, lnanslaughtcruus, Jack Ketch sort of n tiovcrnor niter all. "The sword of Virginia'' if there really is such n piece of military furniture is evidently too destruc tive an cmplcmcnt to bo entrusted to such nn explosive being. Boston Alia: t'ountr) Ni-vvspnpcrs. It is a very common thing for editors of country newspapers to urgo their readers to take a homo paper in preference to ono from the city ; hut tho following from tho liberal minded editor of Life Illustrated, wc were hardly prepared for that paper lie-ing pub. lishod iu tho great city "Wo occasionally receive letters," says tho editor, "in which tho writers exprcssan intention tu'stop' their country or village paper, nnd take one of our piihiicutions insis-ail. vv o always reject such intimations We think u man ought to sup port his own paper first, and then if he can afford to tako a paper published ut n dis. taiice, let him do so, and wo shall be happy to supply him with I.n E Ilu btr mn, Tin. country press, in our opinion, is tho most iuilHirtiint in its effects on the cnlighti'iiiiu-nt or the nation. It conveys in threo thousand nils, the intclliireucoof tho ngc, from the va rious smirevs of intelligence, to nearly i v,rv h in in the country. Tin- i-iiintry press ought to r reive a cordial support Mi ry plae-i-should try lu have its paper of such ii c'mrirtcr that the pcoplo e-oiihl bo justly proud of il. 'I.i this end, let them jay fromptly, ndve-rtiso lih,-rally, rei-ommcihl vviiriuly.'aiid iu i-vi iy way stand by their edi. lor " ' Is not that generous, mining from a city ' llui-d it, vc who prattlo ulioiit luuni. moth dollar weeklies. ff7LAif.ii Muni Mkxito. Thu Steamship 1 Omaha arrived at New Orleans on Sunday, 1 with later Mexican dates. A provisional government has been cstabli-hed at Acapulco, with General Alvare?, at tho head until tho arrival of Ccballos. Ooncrnl Bahamurdo (whoever he is) was coiitident that Santa Anna would bo shot by tho robels. Tho re volutionists at tho Isthmus or Tchuantcpee have declared in favor or Alvurez and Ccbal los. CohoNit. Bemon's Ori.MoN or Tin; Ti,le onvnt to Caiji oR.viA Colonel Benton being so strong an udvoeatu of thu I'arific railroad, is or course opposed lo tho project of a sub terranean telegraph to Calllornia. In Con gress, a Tew days since, ho said "These Digger Indians Imvo long, slender sticks with n hook at tho end tho olijcct is to pursue tho lizard running into 11 hole and bring it out with a hook. 1'ut down our fifteen hundred or two thousand miles, of telegraph, nnd they will dig up nnd cut up the wire, every inch of it, and make of It hooks to pull out lizards." ITK.11S AT IIO.Mi: AM) AIIIIO.U). Ass.vt l.T. Our townsman, 11. B. Sr.vcv, LVp, was again assaulted on his way home from town, about ten o'eloelt lat Tuesday evening, north ol' the Cump Ground. Two Irishmen, inTimated with bad rum, at tacked Mr. Stacy, knocked him down, and after boating and kicking him brutally, left him with tho comforting assurance that that would do for one night. Mr. S. is about to day, hut severely bruised. Tho Selectmen havo offered u rewind of "0 for the discovery of tho ruffians. Ocu Commissioners will do well to givo some attention to the condition of the road on College Street ncros the ra vine. The carriage wuv is too narrow aud slopes away to tho edge of tho embankment ill a dangerous way. As one of our towns men wus driving through thereon Tuesday, his horse fell and slipped from tho road under tho sidewalk, where the support ofstho walk wero all that prevented a fall of forty feet to tho bottom ol' tho hollow. By means of ropes passed round his body ho was extri cated, utnl drawn upon terra ftrmn, with little or no damage. The next horse that falls there the tow n may havo to pay for. Tin. -ruik ol' "lie Vermont K.iilroid has been sold at private sale lor S3 cents. It is tho ltutland and Whitehall Bond, leased by tho Saratoga and Washington Uaiiroad, which pays its rent. A MourL Scnum. llotsn. The citizens of Bellows Falls have recently erected a new school houso for tho accommodation of the public schools. It is of brick, 56 by 4ti feet, and two stories in height. The first 6tory contains two school-rooms 12 feet high, nnd capable of accommodating iv pupils each, with singlo desks. Tho upper room, occu- nied hr tho hich school, is 13 mxu ana contains 110 si-vr'- on a new, :. r..cci and patented plan. All the rooms as well ns tho entrances are warmed by heat generated in ono of Chilson 's furnac:s. The basement contains this furnace, room for tho storage of wood, nnd running water. The cost or tho structure was $0,000. A Dhsr.iTni to the Sentinel states that afire broko out in Hydeville, Yt., at 12 o' clock on Tuesday night, which consumed a large block, embracing Hydeville Company's Office, Post Office, Cabinet shop, Sash Facto ry and (irit Mill. Insured. The Knginu House and Uepair Shop or the Grand Trunk Bailvvay nt Gorliam, N. II., was destroyed by fire on the 12. F.ight engines wero saved : two engines in the repair shop, were ac-troycu, togctner with the tools. The j buildings cost about 5,000, and tho tools , 810,000. MeisE Lvw iv HiWTi.ciTo.. State's Attorney T. K. Wales, paid Huntington a visit on Satiuduy last, us the results of which, Messrs. John Cook mid John Derby. Inn Veej or. nnd .. keeper, of that town 11. hovelaiiu, store wero overhauled and fined law. 420 each for violation of the liquor Droiti.u Rev. John Moore, L'iiivcrsalist clergyman, in Concoul, N. II.. dropped dead in the street, in that city on Monday morning last, fiom a disease of the heart. Do at one time resided at Strafford.Yt. i and was colonel of the Strafford regiment, ! under the old militia law of Vermont. He was nominated by the Know Nothings of New Hampshire as their candidate for tiovcrnor, but was withdrawn on a,-count of ineligibil ity. Iho Watchman learns that a citizen of Strafford named Illaisdell, dropped dead a few days since. A specimen of the rcd-throot'd Loon, vvas captured under the ice in a brook in Montpelicr last week, and forwarded to Prof. Thompson of this place. It is :i rare bird in j Vermont, but one specimen of it having been obtained horetoforo, which was shot in Jiur- I liiigton. In a note to tho Montpelicr Free- I won, Prof, Thompson says . "There aro sev eral water-birds which are known to pass through Vermont, of which I havo not yet been ablo to obtain specimens, and which aro not described in my history ; and I shall ever feel grateful to my friends, who nid ine, by sending mo rare specimens in all departments of our Zoology. AVohavc, I havo no doubt. -era, quadrupeds, wtleh t have not describ- a bclonKinK t0 " State. I saw in 1842, tlt Montpelicr, two of our native black rats. Mus Americanus. I have been trying ever ! sineo to get u specimen of it. but have not I succeeded." i JIvisc l.vvv in Vervont. Tho Coin. missioner of Windsor County not Inning found a suitable man iu Windsor, willing to I tako the oflicoof Town Agent, one of the cit. ; izens ventured to supply this hick of service, i onu small scale-, for which in-iirpiitiunoTnii. thurity ho ,ir.l l.yiiw ,.,,il. ,,au to pay somo two hundicel dollars. The Stato'i. Attorney for that County is said to have been ' duing quite a business in such mutters. ,' In F.utland one night last week, a drunken j Irishman went raving and sToaini,ig through the street, and was caught und compelled to testify where he procured the liquor In con- , sequence, tho wife of Joseph Dongh.-ity wus urrcstesl, tried, and fined s-211 nnd costs, fori illcg-illy selling liquor. Mr. and Mrs. Fooley were also tried for selling liquor, and were lined $40 und costs. Twenty gallons of the liquor wasfoiind iu Foolcy's possession, which was spilled in tho street. The whole ' bill of furo'amounted to j51C0. (Previously Fooley had been tried and found guilty of selling li quor, before a justice in Mendon, nnd was liuid $17 and costs.) In thof.uue village, of ficer Gibson seized oOO gallons of liquor en the premises or Patrick M.ihirkt y. Patrick was fined $150 and co-ts, ami ,U lj,lllor WBS condemned. Otter Crock is deprived of this liquor for the present by un uppeal to u high. er court by. Malarkev. Two liishmni tried in : Mcminn hist vu-ek for scllln linuor I fined $17 and the costs, each. MaiNE l.vw. A correspondent of the NorlhBe'ld Mttstngtr vrilis fiom l)nri licnniugton Co.. t but on the llth nil , ono Amasa Wado w.i emit it-toil of unbivvrul selling ol- liquir, and fined $20, and costs. On Iho 23d inst , officer Hodge seized fijur g.illoi - ol'gin, ami g,il's of brandy, iH'loiigiugln Patii.k limns. Tim li.pmr was spilled nnd llui ns lost s2,',, f;n.. uu, ousts lly un error iu the supirM-iiplioii of the let-t.-r coot lining a bill of th s liquid, It w;1s handed to tho wrong person by the I', est Master. It was pure French Urauily ut lifiv ceuu per guuou M... .. fl I, ... lOlllltOll t,i ue'iiin 011 ine nicso.iy night, during tho lato blockade of the railroadi uiuiomv was III. nnn nine :oi 3 l,el..- ,n,n (.-, the sufferings of tho passengers on tho roads wero very groat, lnonocusi, threo cars weio torn to pieces fur fuel to keep tho passengers from freeIg, and on tho Illinois Central road the"passengersofa frozen up tiain,wero compelled to eat dogs to keep them from star vation ' On Tiitcold Tuesday, Llwird fijan of Wounsuckot, It. 1., clothed in a cotton shirt and thin pants, cut, split and packed overt cords or r0ur leet chestnut wood, between sunrise, and sunset, nnd won his wnger of .00 thereby. And on tho sumo day u party or young ladies nnd gentlemen, took a sleigh ndo for pleasure, from Kccscville to Plutts burgh, and back, returning (a 10 miles drive) at midnight in open sleighs with tho ther mometer at 32 ' below zero. .lw4rojf Jirvme, a workman in th- employmcnt of Messrs. Kingshmd l Co , nt their lower Forge, in Kccscville, wldlo cngag cd in moving a largo anvil block, recently , met with a sad and sudden death The an vil, which Weighed Mill) pounds, got tho ad vantage of tho men and lell on Jerome crushing his body about the hips, In a horri bio manner. He lived about two hours H i leaves a family. Dlitii or Piioir.ssoR L.vTiir.or. T Madison papers anuottrco tho death of Pearl Lathrop, M. D., Profc-sor or Chemis try and Natural Science in tho l.'nivorsity or Wisconsin. He died on tho 25th or Decern her, in the .'I'.'th year of his age. Fror 1 was n native of Shelburn, Yt . nnd was a graduate of Middlebury College in l00- In If 13, he met ed the degree of Doctor of Medicine, at Woodstock, Yt. In lr-15, he was appointed instructor in Anatomy, Phy siology and .Ilutany in Middlebury College, and was nftcrwaids Assistant Geologist of Vermont. Iulfl9, ho was invited to the chair of Chemsitry and Natural Science in Beloit College, and about ono year slnco ho was called to Professorship in tho Wis consin I'nivcrsity, us above. -Tin: Kiimor of tho Butland Herald just inuriicd, s.ivs "A pair of sweet lips, a pink waist ribbon, a swelling breast, and a prcmrc ur two of delicate hands, will as much unhinge a man as three fevers, the nieasels, a largo sized whooping cough, a pair ol lockjaws, several hydrophobias, and tho doctor's bill." NaKTiiriELD Institution. Tho Spring term at this popular Academy commences on Tuesday, Feb. 20th. A Teachers Class will bo Tunned early in the Term under the in struction Of lion. 1). M. I'.iir Tl.ouuuihor 01 scholars the last term was 113. John H Graham, Principal, Northfield, Yt Bitland. The Irishmen in Rutland seem to bo slightly fractious. On Sundiy evening or last week, Myron S. Clark, about sixteen years old, was without tho slightest provocation, knocked down, beaten and kick ed, by threo miserable, drunken Irishmen, who took turns in holding tho lad upon tho ground by his hair, while the others beat him. He was badly bruised, but no bones broken On Monday, also, in Rutland, Patrick Fooley was fined ,," and ousts, for assault and bat tery. His wife was lined 10 and costs for a like offence. On Thursday evening as a young man was escorting thrco young ladies homo to their boarding house, ono or tho young ladies was seized by one of three Irish men and carried n short distance, Lut was rescued by the young man The Rutland Herald, to which excellent sheet wo are of coure indebted for our Rutland news, says, that w henever a Catholic meeting is held in that town, drunken Irishmen are sure to a.bound in the stveots, uu.l calls upon the 1 "erin to teacli them the full meaning of "It ' i hereby enacted.'' Ae. The Supreme Court j commenced its sefsimi in ltutland, on Tucs- I day of last week Hon. Uaac F lledfield, I Hon. Milo I,. Dennett, and Hon Picrpoint Isham present. Wi.Mi-oii. The Chronicle relates tho case of a man from Heading, who a few davs I since, cro-scd over into New Ilampshiro and , and returned with a keg and largo jug of tho mtttr. Not being in a condition to guide his horse, tho animal went upon the side-walk, in the village, finally nrsetting his honor, leaving him underneath the sleigh. Some ladies seeing his predicament, rolled back tho sleigh, and finding his keg and jug, uncorked them, and rolled the ono down tho hill and held tho other up till empty The sioue of electing United States Senators in New York i somewhat peculiar On the day specified tho presiding officer of each branch directs that the roll be called Hitch member as his name is called nominates, i un l ore, tho man whom ho wishes to have elected. If a matoritv of the Sonntnr. nn,i. j majority of the As.ciiiblvmen designato the samo man, ho is thereby elected, and tho wholo work is done. Otherwise he is elected in Joint Asscmblv. A CorNiEKf Eirnts nest was recently broken up nt Cleveland, Ohio In tho stovs was a roaring fire, all of new bank bills, just put in, and about twenty thousand dollars of prettily printed bunk bills, all on Eastern banks, wero found ready for circulation, and a whole trunk full ready to be filled out. On Miner, tho chief of the gang, was found a letter from one of the gang, ordering a largo amount to ho remitted to him, as he vat going East via Philadelphia, and Haltimore, and could put it oil' like hot cakes. A list or retail dealers, customers from abroad, who were patronizing this Whohsal- II msn in rirt,-oirt,.t, s,as,,i-i, f,,j Sim Hoi-ion recently announced in Congicss, that it was doing him iujustico to suppose ho was catering Tor tho Pro i. deney of tho l uiti-d State's. Said he " 1 would not e-at.-r for any oflico beneath heaven Ptiuie.) Ilul, sir, I Inoic one thing if it u trr to h, thrust upon me, should malic a gicat many ihangis in some small matters ' Turr.E is a colored woman living i Hciiveltun, near Ogdensburgh, N. Y., who claims that she will be 120 years old next May. Her name is Susan Wadsworth, and sho was brn in Middletown, Connecticut She remembers tho leaving events of tho French war of ITod 57 5S, tho massacro at Fort William Hcniy by tho French and Indians under Montcalm l t10 fall Tf Wolfe at Quebec Mr.s. CastiE, at Albany, on Saturday evening w hilo iu the act of trimming a lamp with burning fluid nccidcntly let it fall, when it cxi lodcd and scattered tho blazing fluid orcr her clothes, lloforo assistance eouM reucl' lltr hc was so terribly burned tint 1 "!l0ll";J lu ' ' 1'ours. , -'km"ii jvaper thus traces the tensi 'lions or u reader or advcrtiseins-nts Tlin first iidvertiscmcnt He don't sco it. Tho second insertion lie sees it, hut don't read it. The third into- lion He reads it Ths fourth insertion lie looks at tho price. The lift It insertion He tiAiks o( it to his wife Iho sixth insertion Mn' is willing t-v buy Tho seventh Ho nielutses. A 1'Koiii.iiiiiBt liquor law was passed by the legislature or Illinois on the 10th Tho Maino law is also tho law in Indiana Tho prohibitory vteui is spreading, and , making friends as it goes

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