Newspaper of Evening Star, February 16, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 16, 1855 Page 1
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VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1855. NO. 662. CSHED STATXS MAIl* ^ onto "ggSSfow*-} ? - - tv? m?a? of ?? om P??22B?'**>>? ?'?-"?,MT' th^kwt^roetwin the State* nfJfAINB, VER iOHUEETTS, ud NB?T YORK ; fro* Jaly 1, ISM, to Joae 30, 1856. oa the following routeela NKW JERSEY, PENNSYLVANIA, DEL AWAKE, MAKYL1ND, tod OHIO; and from July I, ISM, ti J bo* 30, lft.-8, ob the following roatea A ALABAMA, MISSISSIPPI. ARKANSAS, LOCISI ANA, TEXAft, KENTUCKY, TKNNBMH, MIS BOTRI, IOWA, MICHJO >N, ILLINO?*. WT?~"T BIN, (IfDIANA, and MINNESOTA, NEBRASKA, ml KANSAS T?rri?ories, w 11 be received at *h? Contract C?oe of the Pout Ofll ?e Department, Wa.b lngtnn. D. O., uuM 3 p. m, April 10,1356, to be tlw <ided by 30th of the seme moath, (hang fir h* moat put, rom'fj rstobtuhed by cct of Aujuti 3, 1M4.} MAINE. (From Jm*y 1, ISM, to Jum 30, 1857.) 141 From Haynetville, by Barrroft Plantation*, to We<ton, IS wiles aod berk, twice a verk Leave IlayneeviHe Tuesday and Sitnrdeyatl P> At rive at We tMae day by S p m Leave Wert.a Tuesday and Saturday a Tarn Arrlva at Hayaaaville aame day by 12 m 143 From Richmond, by Richmond Oorn r, L'trh fl Id Orniw, nd Saba tna, to Leaistoa, 21 aaileo and back, three t mee a week. L<ar< Richmond Monday, *?ia?day, aod Frl day at Sam Arrive at Lewi-ton wb? day by 1? m L-wve L?wle*nn Monday, Wfdaeeday, and Frl day at 2 p n? Arrive at ji>chmond fame day by 9 pm. 144 Froa Soutbwret Ha:brn by Cranberry Iale", 4 uil'ea aed be k one- a wewk. Leave 8ou:bwesit Harbor Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Cranberry Mw fame day by p m L?ave Oranberrv I H ftaturlay at 3 p m. Arrive at S -utbw?st Hrbor sime day by 4i p m 145 From Narr-g'ta-e*, by Deb'ol*, ti Be<ldingt n, 30 or lee and back, once a week I/tr? Nan?gu*_ <s fffdnd 'ay at 8 a m Arrive aiBedJiug'on s*meday hylpm Leave Bedding.oa Weln*slay at 3 p m Arrive at N? rrsguagaa aame day by 9 p m 148 From Maehias by Nortbfleld, Wea'ey, Cr- w fort ani A lexander, to Princeton, 49 m tef an 1 back, out a week L-ave i;acl<l*s Tneaday at 4 a m Arrive at Princeton samed*y by 8 p m Leave Princeton Weinaalay at 4 a m Arrive at Mach a' same day by 8 p m. Pr prml* to terminate route at BailayvlHe, omit'icg Priacetn, are invied. 147 From Ma hiaatoMarii aaport, 4mllwsandb uk, three time* a we k Leave Machine Tneaday, Tfcur?day, and Fatur day at 8 a m Am teat Ma nia?port cam* day by 9 a m Leive Machisap rt Tuesday, Iburaday, and Saturday at 10 a in Arrive at tfachlaa mme day by 11 a m Proposals tor aix times ? week aarvice are in vited. VERMONT. (Fnna Ju?f 1,1865, to June 30, :?57.) 48b From ?riogfnld, by North :-prin$B?! 1. to Gas sett'a Statioo, 8 aiiles and Nick, aix time? a week. Leave gpringflsll daily, ex-ept Sunday, at 10 am Arrive -tGaesett's Station tame day by 12 m Leave Gaaeett'a Station dally, ex? pt ?un Jay, at lpm Arriv at Springfield same day by 2 p m. MASSACHUSETTS. '( From 1,1864, to June 30,1847 ) 709 From Nafcant to Lynn, 5 miles and ba-k, a'x tine* a *wk from June 1 tc oetcb r 1, and three timis aaexk re idne of year. L*ave Nanaat daily, except t^a day, at 9 a m Arrive at Lynn Mute <tay by 11 a m Leave Lynn daily, ex ept ?und?y, at 12 m \rrive at Nahant same oay by 2 p m Leave Nabant Tueeiav, Tbnraday, eai Satardiy at 9a m Arrive at Lynn same day by 11 a m L-ave Lynn i'uesJay, Thortday, and Saturday at 12 m Arrive at Nahaut same day by 2 p m. NEW YORK. (From July 1, IMS, Jo June 30, 1867 ) 14H5 From Castile, v'.a St II- lena River boad Forks, aad Brook a Grove, to Tuicarura, 13 mib?? ai?d back, on e a week Leive Casti ? Situr lay at 1 p m Arrive at Tusc trora came day by 5 p m l>?ave Tu'carora Sata day at T a m Arrive at w a'tile s?m? day by II a m Bids for two trip* a week will be considered. 14S7 From Lwkport, via Coom*r, to Wil.oa, 11 mtlee and b? k, ouce a week Leave Lock port Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Wil?on same day by 6 p m L-ava Wileon da'ur4ay at 7 a m Arriv? at Lockport eame day by 11 a m Bidders thouid apecif^ the int-rmMiate olBeea. 1468 from Otago tn butternuts 12 mile* aad back, ? nee a week. L>ave Ctsgo Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Bnt'ernuta rame Cay by 12 m LeeV' Bnt>rQUts Monday at 2 p m Arrive at Otego same day by 6 p m 1469 From Rou<h and Beady to Wnite'a Corners Pennsylvania, JO mil-aaod bask, once a week Leave Hough and Beady Ihuraday at 6 a m Amve at White's Corner* s*m? day by 11 m Leav* White's Corners Thursday at 1 p m Arrive a> Rough ard Ready same day by 7 pm 1470 From Tranaansburg, by S?ar<>burg andgtaan bur(, to Ncrth liector, 12 miiea and bac)>, twW-e a week. L*av? TrainaasHarj Tue -day aad Friday at 1 pm Amve at North Hector same days by 6 p m Leave North He^or Tu-sdiy and Friday at 7 am Arrive at Trum*n?barg same day* by 11 a in 1471 Froai L'licf, via D??rtield, North Gage, aad Grovertvll?, to Russia, 14 mllej and back, twice a w-?-k L?t? Ctica Tneeday anl Friday at 3pm Arrive at Maseia earn" daya by 7 p m Leave Kami? Tue day aad Friday at 7 a m Arrve a L'ti.-a aaiue days by It am B.ds or three trips a week are in*.tel. NKW JBKSEY. (FntrtJuiy I, llaS, to Jane 30,1866.) 9111 From Printer a to Law<encev,l)e( S milee aad back, tbrve times a week L-ave Prinoetoa Tuealay, Thursday, ani Sat urday at 8a m Arrive at L%wr*nc*ville same days by 10 am loave Lawrenreville s?me days at 4 p m Arrive at Prlncetoa aame daya ty 6p m Propo-ais f#r s a tiuics a week service will be e. n-i lered 9112 From Wash'.ngtoa, by Taylor's M il, Keris ville, and F?uiin?: aad B a y's Mills, to Vi enna, 10 Billet anl lack, twi.-e a week Leave Was< lugtua Wedne day and caturd'.y at 3 p m Arrive ?t Y!enra same days by 6 p m Leave Vienna Wednesday aid Saturday at 8 a an Arrive at W&chin^ton rame days by 11 a m PENNSYLVANIA. {From July 1, 186V<, June 30, IMS) ? '?4 Fioa Fn d-neburgo to Mtiuylkill Ilaven, 4 milea ar.d back, three times a week L*ave frie<seBsburgh Tueeday, Thurtdav, and l*atarlay at &a m Arrive at Sohiylkll Haven same daya by 7 a m laave Schuylkill Ilaven aam* days at 12 m Arrive at Priedeasbarg same days by lpm Proposal) for ?lx timer a week ?ervtce will be coasiiered. ?6M Froai Bcrdon^villa, by Intercourse, to Pat, 6 m,lee andbaek three times a aaek leave Gordon ville Ta-sday, Thursday, and 8a! jr ?ewt 11|^ a m Atrive at At same days by 1 p m Leave Hat am* day* a. 8 a m at Gordonaville same daya by 9*^ a m rropoaah tor aix t*me* a week lervlce will be eoaaMera 1 96S6 From C<li>mb:a, by Manor and 11 ighvilla, to Safe fTaraor, 10 m les aod back, three tlmai a week # Leave Columbia Tuesday, Thursday and Satar diy at 8 a m Arrive at ?afe Harbor aam a days by 11 a m L?ave Set Harbor aam" daya at 2 p m Arrive at Columbia rame days by & p m Prupcaa'a tar six timej a we k* w>ll bs eoaaOered 9667 Frofa Christiana, by Smyrna, May, Quarry v lie, and Marha&ioa' Urore, to Cbeataut Level, 19 a ilea aad Va k, three Uce< a wnek Laav- Christiana Tae d?y, Thur day, aod Sat wrdaj at S a m A'i? at CheMBut Lcvrl same davs by 12 in b>a*4 Chestnut Level same daya at 2 p m Arrive at Christiana same uays by * p in Proposals tor six times a week serviae will be ooaakWed. 9S0S From Eii* r'g by Wllliamstowa, Harriaoa t>wa, Spriagweli Mills Hat aal Mount Hop, * lo Intercourse, 7 milei and back, ones a Leave Stater's Monday at 11 a n Aenve at latereoarte same day by 1 p an Leave (??srosirw same day at! an Arrive at R Inzer's sam* day kj 9am fiepnea s tor Ibrae times a week will b? e ?B'11 red 9609 From fat Hsrb rb/ I ib rty 8q*iareto Buck, 19 aailes aod ba *k, twice a we X Leav . Sate Harbor Moadey aad Saturday at 4 am Arnva at Bn k tame daya br 12 m Leave Buck Tueeday aad Friday at 6 a ut A-rive at Fats Hi b r Mmadlfl by 12 m l'ropofals 'or three >.im-? A vttk service will considered. 9700 ftm Tort Sa'pbur Springs by Bermudian, Hal> and Davldebnrgh to York, 20 mil's aod back, cnr# a we*k Lea ve York Sulphur Springe Paturday at 8 a m Arrive at York ??ma day by 2 p m Leave Y ?rk Monday at I a m Arrive af. York Sulphur Sp.iags mom day l?; 2pm J>7M From Straabnrgh by MertiiuvilJe, Now rrivi dence and Camarso to Querryvflle, 9 mlra an? back, three timee a week Leave tt'o*t?urjh Tueeday, Thunday and Patr nr'ay at 8 a m Arrtv- at Quarry vllle >ame days by 11 a m Leave d?ys by 12 m Arrive at Strath irgh same ays by 3 p m Prrp aalsfor pi* times a week en-vice will l?e considered. 8702 Frrm Ster fngville by Lynn to Nichclaon, 18 mllr* and la -k, t nee a week L#ave Sterlingvl Je Tuesday after arrfval of ? western mail, Fay at b a m Arrive at Nichols same day by li m L?avOflcho iT?ieed~y at 2 p m Arrive at same day by 6 p m 9703 From rebrerfb .r;h by ShafTnt'e iit?re to Hom.l -dorf, 9 miles and back, twics a week Leave Rehrertburg Moniav and Friday at 8 ?m Arrive at Wnme'sdr: f ame day by 11 a a Leavn Wome'sdcrfsaiu- day* by IX n Arrive at Rehrer bu h ?amn days by 3 p m. #704 Fr m Rehrerebargl y Mo nt Aetna and Mt Z.on to L*b*non, ? miles And bak, ouce a week Liate Hehrerfliur^h Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Lebanon seme day by 12 m Leave Lebanon Wed* s3ay at 1 p m Arrive at R*brer?burgh fame dsy iv 7 pm, 8705 Frcrn M..r-1-n 1 by Middle's Settlrm nt to NfwinsMtilla, ? mi'es aad l>a-k, once a week Bidders will state tbe dls'ance acd propose a schedule of departure* and arrivals. 87C6 From Moerlem by Coxtow* t0 PrinoetowD, 5 mi "S aad back, cncea week L-ave Mcselem W> daes-lay at 7 a m Arrive at iTinre own sami day br 6^ a m Leave brincet .wn WrdnMdAy af 9 am Arrive at Moseiem same d y by 1"J a m Pro? aals fnr twice a week service will b? con sideied 9707 From Ranaem by Milwaukle nnd PAld M^uitf to Clark'* Ore* j, '.3 m lei and back, twig* a w?wk Leave Kausc? Monday and Friday at 8 a m Arrive at C ark'fOre?n tame days by 12 m l eave Clark's tin-en same <iavs a: 2 p m Arrive a- K*nsom sam? by !pa 9708 From Holliday bugh toMarUr^burgh, 12 miles and back, six times a wt^ic Leave flo.lidayeburgh (fa'ly, ,xcep*. Pundiy, at li m Arrive at Martin?turf>h same days by Si p n L??v? Msriim-burgn daily, exc p: Sund,y, at 8 am Ari?v^ et IlcliidAjfburgh fame day* by 111 d fh. 9709 From LaGratge by French's Pood t Fastorv Tine, 8 anl-s aad bacK, once a week Le? ve U Grange taturday cn arrlva of Tut?k? bannock mail, ta, at 1 p m Ariive at F*cU.ryviU? same d y by 3 p m I/?ave rtetornitle Hfurday at 4 p m *'* w,*Dgc Mice day by (J p m 9710 From Canton, *y Ogdeasbur*, to Liberty, 16 m?l-*s and back, once a week Leave Canto i Saturday at * a m Arrive a? Liberty ?tme day by 12 m L ave Liberty Saturday at 1 p m Arr ve at Cai.t.n same day by^pm 8711 From Tio?$, by nammoni's Creek and M?pl? Hn?^,to Stely ,lre<k, K. Y, 14 milw an I la<"k, onm a w?-ek Leave licga Mo: d*y at 8 a m Arrive at t?ely Creek same day by 12 m L??ve 8e?|y Cjeek Taeaday at 8 a m Arrive at T1osf? fu-me day by 12 m 9742 From 8n w iho?, by Kyt*rSo*n an 1 Orahsm tou, toClesrfeldi. i7 m In atd lack, twice a we*k Leaee Snow Shoe Tuesday andTtur'd?y at 11 am Arrive a*. Clearfield same dayf by 8p m L#ave Clearfield \Vedn*?da7 ar/d >riday at 8 am Arrive at Snow <sbo? same days by 5 p m 9713 frm Mer-ersbarg. by rylvan, to llaceock. *id , ^7 mil'? aod ba-'k, ooce A week L-are M?rcer?burg Monday at 8 % m Arrive at Hancock *am" day by 5 p m L-ave UaincfKk lue->'ay at 8am Arrive at Merger burg rame day by J p m tilt From Nefl's Mills, by W^st Itarro, to Pine flrova Mills, 10 mll?j anl back, ouc a week I-eave Nefl's MIL. <-a urd y at S a m Arrive at Pine Ortve Mi'lla s?ms day by II am L ave Pine Grove Mills Fatord*y at a p m Arrive at Meff * Mill) rame day by 5 p m 8716 From Ilarlen-burjr. by l'l?i<i Or tin Slipperv Rock, Borard's Mill-, and Ananda e, to Nerih Hop?, 25 miles and back, ooce a we? k Har^e sburg!? StturJay a* 8 a in Arrive at r?or'?h Rope same day by 4 p m i<a?e North Hop? Monday at 8a m Arri*e at H rlensburir ram* day 'y 4 p m 8716 From Kiitaoing. by C crao'n Mil a. to Apol 1 >, S4 miles aad back, ence a Wfefc Leave Kittan r.g W*dua*:av at ? a m Arri?e Mt Apoll same day by 5 p o L?ave Apil o Tuesday at 8 a m Arrive at Kittaning ^aice day by 5 p m 9717 Fr. m H'o>lcork, by Teepl ,V *nd Fr ay's Set tiem?nt. to Waierford, 23 mi'm and back once a ?e*k 1 l? .ve Woo-lro k We?ln' sday at 7 a m Arrive at Wa'erfcrd faiu* dav by 4pm l^ave Wa erford Thursday at T ? m Arrive a: Wood-xvk fame d<y by 4 p m 9718 Fr.^ MuhUnbur*-", by Rw, Sw^et Yalley, and Lake, to L -hman, 18 mil s an 1 bank one* a w<-?k k**ve Ma1 lsoburgh Monday at A a m Arrive at L-hrmin seme dav by 2 p m I*aye Lehman Tue?d?y at 8 a m Arr've at Mn'i enb'irgh sam* day by 2 p n Pr >po#?l4 for twico a week service will be rot> A dered. ? DELAWARE. (/Vow June 30,1856, to June SO, 18MJ) 8814 F cm Newark, by Cooch's Bridge, Glasgow, and Summit Bridge, to Middl'town, Ma., 17 miles aad bsck, three times a we?k Leave Newiuk Tuesday, Ihor'dny acd 8 tur day itlpm Arrive a" MidJletown same Jays by 7am L-ave Mid ii-town ?am* days 11 7 a i* Arrive ?t Newark sa-?e days by 12 m Pr.'pc?ala to tan sji times a week will be' ron sidered. MARYLAND. (FVffw July 1,1<66, to June 30, 1866 ) #947 Fr< m Aoa. ogt|a to Mount W?lby, 4 mi lee and hack twice a w?*k Leawe Anacof tia Monday aad Friday at ? ft IS * Arrive at Mcunt Welby eam<t day* by 8U a m lxav? .Mount Welty same days at 7 a m Arnve at Anaooatia tame days by 8 a m VJ48 From Mornt Airy to l'arnvcus, 7 miles an l ' a~.k, toe a week L?ave Mount Airy .??* urday a; 12 ui Arrive at Damaecus raaue ?i..y by 2 p m L??*e Damascus Saturday at 7U a m 9M8 rS.? V/t?i?nt Mry J*,re by9 ? ? rTIT n M,wke,t 10 Cr.tcbett'e Ferry, a wirT5 ' Pt>an,y') 8 *nd back,once Laave Ka*t New Market Saturday at 8 a m 7m* ** F'rry rame day Ly 19 Uave Ootebeft's F^rry Sa'urdse at 12 m Arrive at Kast New Market sa'tne day by 2 ^ ?a?A'.fIin, by Fu oace to ftiuoea" Ann, il miles aad back, once a L aT? Snow Hill Tuerday at 8 a m Arrive at Ann ti me day bv 8pm Lea?e Princtse Alu W-dneeday at 8 a m Ariive at 8ocw liil seme day by 3 p m. 9)61 Frem White Haven to Bea svilie, iln 8om crsat oounty,) ? mtlej aad ba k, once a we?k Billers will eta^ the and propo?? n rcbedul i of d'pacturws a>-d arrival* ?9^2 Frcm fambridxw o buck*own, 1Q m 'es aud back , on *e a week Leare Cambn Ige Wed leielay at 7 a m Arrive at buck'towa bj 10 a m L ave Bu<'k?to?n Wedoesday at 3 p m ? Ajr veatCanbr d*e rams d*y by ? p m. Fri mQlvu by H.t'le '*A ttrt.h'e Mills lo ?atche t>*r, 13 nUUsanJ back, >br?a im*a a w^ek. 1*fT* ^ ^ck Taewjay, Thar d*y and Satur ??y at 10 a m by* 1 f m -iMiltr laiBtdATi itH ti in Amf* ?? ?*. - ? PropnmU for six timet a week service will be eomide-ed. 0B1>. ( Frim Jviy 1, 1S55, to Jtme 30,1866.) 10490 Fro hi ftlooming en to Crow Rotda, 4^ miles aad bftci, nece a wei>k Leave Eurmioiton Saturday at 1 p m Arrive it Cross R<aln same da/ hy ij p m I/?ftTe Croes Head'* aturday atOpm Arrive at Bloctrting? a same days hy <4 p ill nop sals for three times an I for six t me* a week are. invi;?l 10481 From Cannon burg to Ada, 12 mi esandba k, once awik i.?ave Canhoatburg Saturday at 8 a b\ Arrive at Ada sant? day by 12 m I.<>ave Ada Satn cay at 1 p m Arrive at Cannonxbnrg earn* day by 6pm 10432 Frcm Cincinnati, (b/ riv r,) by iligglnspore to <leo*getcwn, 61 mile* and b?ck, once a week Leave Cincinnati Saturd.iv at 6 a m Arrive a Georgetown tame day by 12 m Laave Georg down Saturday at I p m Arrive at Cincinnati st?jned(iy by 8 p t?i Proposal* for lor:? and for Fix iim?s a week are invited 104'3 from CircleviPe by Daibyville and Five P^i ate to Mount S'erli g, 21 miles and bsck, twice a week Leave Circleville Tue.?day and Friday al 9 a m Arrivf at Mount -terling fame days bv 4 p m Leave Mount Sterllrg Mod .ay and Saturday at 8 ft in Arrive at Circleville same davs by a p m. 10434 From CircUville by last' RiBgotu, Hedfe' Store and Tea Harden to Lichopolis, 19 mi e* and bnck,ocr>ea *?ek L'aye Clrclevlli* Fiiday at 6 a m Arriye at Uthopolis same ^.ay by 12 m lieave L'thopolis Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Circ eville surni day by 7 p m 104U* From Freeburg t0 Louisville on Ohio a d Pecn y.vania railroad, 8 milea ana buck, one* a week L av? Freebug *atutday at 12 m Arrive at L">ul \ ill** same day ty p m Leave L->n'sril!? fciturdae ?t 3 p m Arrir. at Freeburg named .y by p m 1043b Fror.i Gree- li. id by Gocdliopeto Wa hiogten. 7 mii'sat'd back, a we-k L ate Grcf-nti-ld Saiurd iy at 1 m A a Washington came day by 3 p m L t.\a Wan iugtoti .-atur?'\y at 3| p n> > rri?b & '' ee niie d same day Ly 6? p m 10437 FromLonton by Lawreucw FuiLafe, Mouat Verton Furnace, olive Furnace, Dickerson's Forge and Wellington Fun act- to Oak ilili, 32 mil's ?ud back, oto? a week L-ave lioot?n Irioay at6 a 01 Atri?e at OaV Ilil!eani? dAy by 5 p m L at e Oak liili batnrdiy at 6 a m Arri; e at Ir utoa same day by 5 p m l'r^p faMfo. m ;re frequent tipsare invited. 10438 Irjm Ironton by Ballard's fcilLi, IceCre.k, Greasy Kldge, Rankin'* Store and Northrup'i to lipo id, ??5 miivj and back, one s a week Leave Iront n Fiiday at 6a m Arrive ut Oailipolie same day by 9 p m l.?aveG>ll pods datuiday at 8 a m Airive at lionton ?ame day by 9 p m P opofalsfor mere lr^iuejt trips sr* invited. 10439 From L mi tj Arcadia ani Mea?'o,, t? Mer csr, .5mil-s ana back, ones a week. Leave Lim- Friday at 8 a m A:nve at Merc-r ?me day I y 4 p m Leave Mero-r S uirday at 8 a m Ai rive at Lima SKine dav by 4 p m 10140 from Malvern, by Oneida Mil ? and Leavitt, to Leet-vi'l ?, icl mil-sand back,oace a wo k. Leave Milium Friday at 9am .?rri*" at L?s-vin- eaaio day by 4 p lii L ave LeesT<ll ? antu day at 9 ? m Ariive at M^lynrn same day by 4p m. 10411 From Miifor?, by Belfaat. Fdt nton, and West WcodvsUe, to iiianchester, 24 mil s and back, once - we? k. I* ?ve M lford FriJay at 8 a n ^I^Arriye at Dlan b?<ter same day by 4 p m l<e? ve lilanohester Saturday at 8 a m Ariive at Mil '-rd sam? day bjr 4 b m Prop<)Sfcl* f.>r twi'e and thr?c tiiiies a week Str vle-? are i vited. 10442 From Mil ei>bur/, by Oxford, Kilbuck, Van Bareo, and to W.irtaw, H2 mU-?anl back, once a ?cek lieave Miilersburg Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Wa saw tame day by ?* p m Lieave Wa enw datuiday ai 8 a m Ar.ive at M U^rsMJrg came day by 3 p m. 10443 From 2cio, (UairiM)u 'Ointy.)to Csrroll'on, 14 nijlee and hack, one* a week. Leave Soio Saturday a. 7 a m Arriy? at C*rr ll^.n -a-ue d-?y by 11 a in L -ave Carrol:ton Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at ??t^ tame day by 6 p m 104*1 From llainebon aglk to Xraaqn;ilty, 21 mil's and tack, ooc? a week. ^Sv-M Leive Ba neborough Friday at 8 a m A rive i?t Tra^.qu L:y sam^ day ty#pm lA'jtve Traorjuilay Saturday at 8 a in Ar ive aUia n^b rou^h same day by 3 p m 1014? Fr m Kepublic to Bu^rus,l? mile# anl back, cneea w-,el: Leave uepubiic Friday a' 9 a m Arrive at Bucyrus fame day by 4 p m Lt ave iiacyru Friday ?t 8 a m Arr-ve at lieptiblic snme day bj S pm 1044S Fr.m R!ih<non1 Dale, by Gille?pie*i 1*, Ea^le M'll ,anl Blooming v,.le, to lx.t?n, 4> milej and back, once a we?k. L'-ktc KKbucnd Dal* Iriday at o a m Arrive at L^g: n sam ? day by 8 p m Le va Lj<an Satard y at 6 a m Arrive at Richmond l^?le fam^ day l?y 8 p m. 10447 From St-nbenv lh, by Bar.ers Sfcop, to Monr.t Pieaa.nt, 26 mllee and b.ek, once a week. L ave ."}t ul>enville Friday at 8 a m ArriV'-a Mount .sant tuude day by ?* p m L-?v* Mount fleaiant Sitnrdav at 8 a m Arriv- at ^t> iibenvill < n.m? day by 4 p m. Pr.ij ?>?als f r twiuo a week serv ce are liivit d. 10448 Frvm Van Buren, by P>rt*ge Cr*M Koads, Ten Mile Creek, North Kidge, and .telme e to Kidgeiand, 25 o-Jles and ha-fc, on e a werk' Leave Vaii Buren Friday at S a in Arrive at Uid^land aa.ueday by 4 p in L-ave Ridgeland Saturday at 8 a m Arriv, van Bureu earn.- day by 4 p ni A portl n of this ro .t* appe re t0 be cover- d by existing service ; If bu, it m?.y not be let 10449 Fiom Bank Mills to W.stbcrougb, ? m:lss and bi ik, oiii jj a we:;k. Bidders W'll s'at? diutiuce a"d propose a scUe-l ula of departure and arrival. 10450 Circleville, fcy K ngiton, Cicnp Char *nti C!c*r reei,to Amanda. -i miles and btckt tbr>*e tiui^s a w?ek Leave tV' ieville Minlay, Wedn nday, ant Fri day ai 7 a m Arri e at Am tnda same days by 4 ? ta Lsa.eAina da Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur day at 7 a ui Arrive at CircleviUe Same days by 4 p m. ALABAMA (F.xmJu y 1, Jfefo, to june ^ ^ 71T* l^rw?kn a U8i* t0 MU Pn' n,? and ?*>oe B'scheduTe.'1 "Ut" 'h? <?1'UBCT' ? 7176 IromOarrollton to BriJgivUle, 14 miles and back, - ute a we. k V orriUt?? ,cr*ry M?""?ay itTam Arrive at Bridg-vula Mm; Jay by 12 m Leave ?ridg#,<ills every Monday a 1 p ni mih r'"11' Oarr-vllt n iim? dty by 6 r. m by. Jl?an.gan, 10 Cave Spring, Gn , in'l-s ant baek, once ? week Leave wentie every Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Cav ? >>pnng sam* dav by 12 m Leave Gave Spring ??very Tueeday at 1 n m t i1'*? #t'Centre same day by 8 p ta ' if?'t Vh"]*fl"n ? by U'ue ilidge and Flat rtocjt, ta Bowdon, 30 miles and back, one- a Leave Thulafinne ev ry Tuesday at 6 a w Arrive at Bowdon cam ? day by 6 p m Leave Bowdoa eve?y #e<laesday at 6 a m 71-.1 i T* J1 ^huliflnoe same d.y by 5 p ra FrMn Slvtou, by Fire Mill, Abn^r W?V.. tU <Crj? Roa l?, aud Saadtr'.i erry, to J as p-'r, 50 milee ani oa:k, one-* week L-ava tUyton every Tut day at 2 p m Arrive at Ja<p*f next day by 6 p m , ave Jasper er?ry Jd >n<tay at 8 a m ' ,ei. Lr,V? next d?y by 12 m 180 rrpa J#utaal., by B^n'.Cr ss Roads,Goll-n aVU^onc^a'w^r^ ^ B-?M..Te" *** th? disUw*> propose a 7lHl ll?Omiilr*rVlL0"n,rich#^ ,n R?-*?oou?ty, l , ?A- bl,ck'onc* * Artir- fM *r'Jy rue*^*y at b a m Arrive at Oswichee saui? day by <2 .n * 9rery Tu6J y - " "lH-2 ?-r*T? " P ta ?T, '?? i,-.'. t A ????'? ?? TIM Fr( m Gr?etvlle, by the rm h Sf 2?'"' hill Pr-olnct and I^dbaSJo^wert ^ Co*-0^-?*'rroy Bidder* will statu the ditanc*, tod pr<~pow a rt-AMtil*. 7181 From JoneaVoro' to W*ldrop*a St'?!*, la Jeff?.-, son county, and bark, a *wk Bidden will state tte d atance, and > r po~e a mMbIt. 7186 F oS Louis vi la to 8. roggiarville and back, once a *?' k Bidders will state the dl-taoee, and prop ae a teb? du!e. . 7186 FrcraLon rvil *, by tho Free 'ridge., to Skip p'naville (t'id In it. once a wevk 111 (lf? willitit' thi distance, and prrpoae a hi bed die. 7187 Fnm Millvillr, by pkain's 8lore aod Bayn?" -Bridge, to Andalusia and back, t nee ? wrtk Bidders will state tbedi* a ce, and rnp >*i a atffcedufe. j 7>88 frrrin Newton, by IIish Biuft, on the Ch?* ts hoochee rlier, to GeneVi and bark, nice a week B dders will itate the distance, aLd propote :? H'h du'e ] 7188 From Op? ika ?y L?lavett*, Ml Itowr. Lm.l?. Weeiowee, Kotfc dale,'and Oaklus*y, ta Jack aoiiv;He. and ba k, cnoeaweak Bs<ld ?'* will state the di'tauce, and prep as a schedule 719U irom Uoger ville to Couct'afcd, It wH??i aad ba:k. ones a w?*k L aTe fiogen>viIle Tue'day at 8a m Arrive a? Court'and fa ue day b> 12 ra L?*a*e Ocurilatd Tuesday ?U pm Arrive at li^ge avl e same da> b" 5 p pi 7191 Mr m IWaloora to Harky' Cement's Mils all l back, one ? a week Btdlers wi 1 atate the aiatancc. .InJ p~"fJo e * tch-.dul'. MISSISSIPPI (Frmm, July 1, IP**, t?Jun* ??, 1838 ) ? 74?6 From O j*a, or the of the New Or leans and .Ta-ke< n Railroad, by Bro-kliav n, Gall tiu, Stiady Grove, and bewfc.r, to J.i k a^n, Mi-s. 91 mil a a> d ba k, dai y, in lom horae car cbes Leave Osyka, or Terminuj of Railroad, daily on tbe arr)?a of the oar* from N?*w 0.1 *u , pay at 2 p hi ' ' Arrive at Jackson nex' *ay by 10 a a Leave Jf* k?on d ily at 7 p~ m Arrive at Oayka.. or T? rminus of R*?l oid, m *t day by 3 p m. (For conruf.ig rai'ro.d route, w. 7805, Li n n and.) 7467 From ihe Terminus of the Mobile ;md Ohio Bad oad at Quitmau, by Merion, DhK ,1b, -no Maro-^to Col >ml US14* tniles and l?ck, tfcr ? tiaits a week, in four hor e voeerwe. taxveTerm'nua of aiiroai atOuitnun oi he arrival cf th* 'irs at Mobil-, <? t Mo-d ys. W adnetidayj, and Fz id ys, say .it 2 p m Arrive at Co.umbas second day (|8 hour?) b'- 2 pm L-ave Colambas Mo days, W?lau'iya, ard Fridays at 3 p m Arrive at Quitnaa se ond day (48 hour*) by 3 P m Bid* to run by a ?iilkr"nt schedule will be i">n a?3ered. Proprs-ils for a!x times a we k ?ivice wi 1 b? c u?ider*d 74t>S From Columbia, by ^op 'a Mills. Red Ore k, and Larinier a. to Miaai?sippi Citr, ? mil p snd back, otirea nek. B dd^rs will ?t?te the dls'an^e and prjpo^t; a pched le. 7169 From G;iine ville, by Carbon and Pas-) libriV tian, t> Mis'l'3-ppi Wy. 94miies and b^cft, once a week. L?a e (iain?t ville Ucaday at C a in Arrive at Mi?,d<s:pp! Oity Weii et-lay by 1J m Leave Mt ?i ?ippi >,i?y Wednc?d >y 2 p a Arriee at 0 ine tlile Frf^ay b* 10 p ru , 7 470 from Grenada, ty takla ?d, Pan'-I*, an 1 Her nando, to Mriopbis, Tean , 110 n il a ndb.rk, on e a wrk. !><>ave Orenal* Vonday it At ui Arrive ai Memphis next WeJneyiay by 12 m I eare Memj-h'8 <* ed jesiay at 2 p n Arrive at Gr-ral* ? ext Jrtday uy lo p m. ,7471 Prom GaW?* lie, by 8hi ldsKoro'ugh, Ta ? Cbr stan, Miffciaspp' C ty, Biloxi, at.d tran hp.-inpa. to Pa eacoula, 90mil-wand bar-k.onre a WN-ai. L*?-'eGaiH'av'ill> Tims lay at da m Arrire at Paacag u'a next diy by JO p m Leave Pas agoula ihurnUv at 6h in Arrive at Gain'sriile uextdav by 10 p m. 7472 F - m Paaldi g to R.tlei~h. 3S miles ani bark. np :c a we? k. Le ve Paul log ?i id y at G m d Arrive at tt lei^h s me diy by 6 p m Leave Kal>ish Saturday a* 6 a m Arrive at Paulding fa re day by 6 p m. I 7473 iroji Denver L?a? to tfa^ksvil.e, 16 tniiesand b?rk, one* a week L"k*e B?arer Data 9*turd*y at 3 a m Arrive at V&cksv.lle s^iae day by 12 d l^av. Macksville "a uriay at 1 p m Arrive st Bearer Dam ?ama d?y !?/ 7 p m. 7474 FrO't? Be iefuata ne,b/Pit s orou^h, toOxford, 72 mi.ea and, ooce a week L'aie Bell>-fon'air.e VonJay ?t o a ni Arrive at Ox'ord ur \t W^-tn^eday by 12 m l<eave o* cxd 'A io i da> at 1 p m Arrive at lie.ieioutilne he4 Kit, vbvlOptn. 7475 From Urn-U. by ^ittsb rougb and Hart'oftJ, toSarepta, 4 6 mi^e and b ca,once a week. Le v Ben la Tu^sdsy a' 6am Ar.ive Kt Jra ep*4? next day by 12 m* L^ave t*a epta Vfedue^d -y by t p m A rhe Booela ne*t day by 10 p m. ? 7476 from B lt xi, by Lt ebburg a>.d J rVeon C. II" to Mobil;, Ala, 8) m<lrs an I l?..k, one* ? %e-k. L">av; oi oxi Mon lay atHsm Arrive at Mob 1< i?ext n?du?eday >,y 12 m L ave Mo -ll-i \>edn-eday at 1 p m Arrive a' B lox u. xt Ki d.iy by 10 p m. 1 TjT7 yrom ** tliur, h, b* ^s-s- U In Philadelphia, 3 inilrf and b-ck (inn w vc Hullurtah Frii-y at 0 a ni Ar ive at hila-Jelph da* by 7 )? ni L- v 1 I'hi) ad ? pLi i S -.tuid y at 6 < oi Arrive t Bullu tab s hi - day by 7 p m. 7478 Friin ( atthafe t> Usiuu, M mii-a aid lack, once a wrek l.eava Carthage Ta eday at Ram Arrive a'. Union earae day by 7 p no L ave ilnion We<la*aday at 6 a ui Arr ve at Oirlha;resaaie oav by 7 p iu ! 7479 from Sal. ni by a ? ann s ?ilL", (lora!,) llott'1 il ea',) In-k.jry I'ia'*, and il cky Ford, t" Latayeltt Springs, 4>> jallejaud back, once a we?k L ave Salem Monday at 6 a m Arrive at L*f?ye ti? n?t diy by I') a in L?ave i.afayette Spr ngs Tu fday at \i in .krriv? at aale^i next day by 6 pm 7180 1V>=1 *le?o, <*y Si. uate, (local,) an 1 Broc. k viile, to Crtw oidsril'e 5<J mil -a and ba ? k, one? j a wrek Leave Macou friJay at 6 a m Arrive at Cra 'for svHe next day by 11 am Leave Cra arlcrdsville ifatur lav at 12m Arrive at Mac^n next day by'e p m 7481 From lancla, by Caliioroia, Oakland, and Preston, toG.anada, Mi a , 46 mlhaandb ok. three timee a week LetvePanol. Monday, Wednesday, an 1 Friday at 6 a m A'rive at Grenada fam > days by 9 p n Leave Grenalal'ue day, Thursday and Satur day at 6 a m Arrive at Paaola same days by 9pm 7482 From eobi>, A'a, by Wiacte u-r, Mia?, to avruiiouM "1 tn? Mobile an t Ohio Railroad,? milej and ba-.k, thr*o tunej a week, in rail road ciro Leave Mobile Monday, Wod jeelar, aud Fridav at 8 a iu J Arrive at Term in us nf Railroad bv 1 p m Leave T-rminm ol Kai if.^I Monday, Wednes day. an i Friday at 2 p m An ive at Mobile same days by 7 p in ARKANSAS. {From July 1, 1865, lo June 30, lb5S.) 7613 From Am ty to JIo. Springs,30 miteJanJ bask, onee a week. L?ave Amity Monday at 7 a in Arrive a: Hot Springs ?amc day by 6 p ni Lea e Hot Springs To* day at 7 a m Arrive at Anii'j same day by 6 p m. 7649 From Antoine by Me a art's Store, and CapUiu p, on L'ttle Mia oari river, lo Camlea, 60 mile* aud back, on ?? a w>?k Leave Antoine Tjexlay at 6 a in Arrive at Camden uert ay by 6 p ni Lea/e Camden Wrdueiday at 6 a u Arrive at An olne n?*t elay by 6 p m. 7650 From Aberl^u by Mouni Cltv, to Memphis, lenn., llo milt*.* and baek, on e a week. Le ive Aberdeen Monday at 6 a in Arrive at Mempbia next Wrdno day bv 7 D m L*ve Memphis Thntsday at c a m Arnva at AbarJeen neat ca'nr Jay by 7 p m. ; T851 From Ben oav.lle. by J. M. Hoge?-, to Fayette ville, K miles and ba3k on e a week. L are Bentuavillo Friday at 8 a a Arrive at Faye te7ilUs am? day by 6pm Letve Fayettevlll e-erv . ahrroav at 8 a m Arr^e a. d- fc. iv l!e-am?? day ?y H p m. 7652 *.wn lie, oy KtehwrooPa, t Wa-Lake, and bosage'rf MiU, io Pine HU3, 50 m?iee and bask, oaea a we k Leave Bra vaaville ln^aday at 4 a m Arrive at Piaa Bluff aa?e day by 10 Rm Uave Fine Bluff Wadnatday at 4 a m A- rive at Brown-vil>e itrrrm day by 10 p m. 7*58 From Camden by H.txj l?n, Wanao. a-d Mot) t cello, to Qain?*'* l.i-tdinf. ISO mil*' and back, on e a week ? t. ire Ca-n.en Moti ?*y at 6 a in Arrive at Cain*- '? Landing ne*t W??'tte~d?v l*v 10 p m Loa e Ca n s' lj*i I'nz Tbnr?d?V *? A a ni * rrive at Cat deb i ert Sa'nr av bv 10 J ?* 7??54 Fr m Camd n, by Huena Vint* The p^ai..a v, and Fsnd Hill 'o Ma nol a M ml *? j d ta k* O! e? a woek I e?re ainJen Fr'day a' 8 a in arri?e at v agn-1 a 'ante -*ay by 9 p in f*?are Ma-rn I a fatur?ay at Sam At'to at Ca t d>?n Mmc tiay by 9 p ui 7<155 From ' am Vn to Reoctf Cre?k, in CLuk oonnty, 28 miTe* and ba k ?w* a wci. !<??'? Camden We in ?day at Ca o Strife '' Bi-ft! i Crwk Minx (fay bv *> p in L "tT? P?iri C^?*-k Tbt r?d y at 6 a m Arrive at a -4> n tiiic 4*y hy u p m. 7G56 F <>m Carr ll'.oa, by Wi th, (;? Hr?k Bridge, S.'o. 10"/ m a <1 "ba k on* a We k Lt-ve ' anoll'cn Mo- day at ? a in A? 1 ? at r rrV Ujidgt ue.t He n s'ay by 10 p ra Loire Rok Br dgaTutf^slay at 6 a m Arrive a'. Ca rollibii m vt ?a uriay M )* p ra 76? trow "aovTa. by Pove- and It ufl on, to.Mil t'jflO 4 > in Scot c*>i. ty, ? in b? and 'wk rote a Bidders will t^a'e the di 'S' <v, and p <po . a ? ehedobof deparic r<?s ?ui a ?-|t 7ti3S From !>? Arc bluff in' ree t<? gnul fary frtl, n? ir Cair n e ry, by t'je *ay of Le?i l#m 'ne? Ferry a d D*r an-W, to F.-rt SR k, iOO m b-? an 1 I ac\. < nc a we k. I<eav* Des Ar* tiu<T Monday a< 6 a in Arrive a F;?it ? m th cext Satutu* f bv *> i> m L?*v?" Krr th Mo d.-y a' 6 a m Arrive at v* Arc Bit IT ri 'atordav ' y 0t? m 76W Fr ui ?a r P ay, b, CMC- Mill -, to i Weaav ile it! m ;?? and ba k, on< e a week. I/?ive l-alr P a> ??turia> at H a m Arrive at O'euavjlle <a e dr.j by I'i in L ave OaenavHIe fm urtay at 1 p ui Arrlte a' Fair Pl-y -aw-e Hv ' y 5 p ni 76W) Fiom Otani I.ake by Ma-oii a. to C>--rri. i.l, La 60 ii>il*?a U U' k oi cv a week. I-?* e O and la e M< u<1?y at 6 a in Arrire a' UtT'tiJ wi ilay by opt,) L-ave Tee-f el I W?4Lt ?? y at 6 a m Arrive a! Urnnd ?.nke i,e.\t dav by C p m. 7?i*>l 1 rcni * unUv Tle, hy U V\ Th< iV . n War la l?. J nni p?V on White ij-er, an! n?!?a> bid?e, to U .iajbourn?'? Piai-le in; i?w an.! ba?-k, onoe i?. - eek. L*avc Hunt vill: Ta?<Jay *i? z rr Arrive at VV a; .boarijt-'? I'ra iij ut**t t'ay bv )2 m I-eave Wa bb Jrn V Prairi. W?-lnesd*v at U p m Amre at Uuntsvii e ne?t dny ly 10 p m. 7fitji F.ia Ja k?onport to Will ilau , coun v, :o urkt ..nd bark, on?v a vertc. Lcavo Ja?kp<. po-t Monday at 0 k in A'lira at old Haul nextca? by 2 ui l-^ve W lil Han 1'uee :.iy a* 2 ; m A riv?? as Jack^onpor D<l day by 10 p in. 7t?03 Fma Ja-k "??p 't ?" .Ncrr etown. lo? ami ta.'k ' nee a ?i?k le'V:? J-ck 0*3port >.'on 'cy at 8 a ul At Ve at Nor n own nex? Wtnlcesday by 10 p i? 1 nave f>orri Mwu Tnu tiiy at 1 ? in" Arrve a* J ?ck onjor" n >\t .^tardcy by 10 p m 7t64 From Ja pv, by Kinntw, to iiiD^Tille, 40 ni e? ar.d I a k, on.?- a ^eek. L?*'.v Ja per Fr Jay a t> a in A; 'if* **? if art tLI ? pa&ie day bv 6 p ui Ix-*^e Utint-iiile S*tur .cy at C a 111 Arrive a? Jaajer nicc d 7 by 8 p in 76?5 Fr m Kan a<, l.jr I'a.k } 1". W aod^tt, an 1 iUnipo-t, Platte City, \fr>, wljej ai d la k, on? v a we k. Pi'l'b;rj *ill rta'e <>i*t?i e?, and pr.'po?e a f h oU'r (?* aid ? rrtia'a 76C0 Fr^m L' t e Kick by tt tl?< lanvi.lo P? r K?'aburg, le, and ? h*ii*fi'>at to fo t fmlth jt5 mil s and back, ra t .1 week. L ave Litt c !(ock Mcndav at 6 a m Arrive eJ F.'? rui'th next catur<lar bj 8 p ra I>ave F rt Sin.tb at a m Arrive at Litt e l?o,k nil. S?furdav by 8 p m. 73*7 From Le'ian n to Dover, 60 in lea and b**k, . in ?? n aeek \r%~* lebaron Tu?fdar a((an Ar ive at IH,v?r nex* < ay by 12 m L-ave D ver Wi-dirruiy M 2 f m Arrive at tebano^ n?xt day by 10 p 7665 F? ni Lrh^ii, by liusbw< oJ f lorer f f4io, ? mil?? a d ba k o cea a.ek. Bki !er* wi 1 tata t e di t nr?e. and pr ?r-o* a ec.'.t lul* ef df pa: t-iree ?; d arriial'. 7669 From Lcbor, Vy Vt nut |Jo 1?, Cnibnun, Va<? ncha. ami L*or b'at. t-> T'ai-vjMe, lb uffl. s aud back, o ce a ? e.*k. li?ave Li b:n Monlay i'(am A> rive at LewiRvil ? "nex* da by 12 m !.*?? ? L?w>ville ft ??Uy t2rm Arrive a L 3vca r?"t ;1*y by 10 p l?. 7670 Fr? in f apol o-?, ty Jo-'n ?r F ?emanV, Da^'d Wei a, anJ ?arr Mil tama>, on IKt^u II r tbol mew, to Wileyviile. 40 m le- and la*K, rnce a weex. Leave ?? |".|??n Fri !a> at 6 a m Arrive at Wiley ille fa ne day b,? s p m I^eave \V I y :lle *a ur ay at 6am Air T? "* ?ap le>a ta* e tav I y 8 p in 7^71 From 1> j7, ly >Ialiocy a Fe ry. Jam'3 Hud ouV, v m H. vvilntR'n, * hn B II Bras y Hrr<l<. Srrar'V.and jo?m * L it fOOlV, to (. * uiden, t-?; 1,1.las aud ba-k o ic: C week L- ?'t' Pine Bluff docd?v a' 6 a in Arrive a' Cam 1-u i*?*t tye<Ji?*sday by 12 ni Lmith am b- i V ?? in .-a ay at 2 i> C Arrire at ; ine i'b IT tex Fr d<y by 10 p 111. 7972 1 rum l'<>wl?at<ti, t?y J a rue < C:J!dre >ta < taint; *i Is. 44 mil ? an i ba<*k, t>u a w?jiu Leave Poarl. t?u Sitnnliy et ?. ? m A'tit?(t Uab aviil auie d?v by 10 p m L.'iVe (? ai. ?rii 1 ii?i;iy ,-?t t? a m Airive at l'i<*h?-?.tn ism*' day by 10 p in 7073 Frjm .? -y. Ly Au^u^tn aod W tU'riir^. *0 Ma?phi?, ?*ii'i , 1 uiiiej mul latk.iu u Wee''. I?Mive penr. y Mo ?d?y at C a m Arrive ,;t M>-m,-bia n?*xt ??>lii-il j by l-i p n Im ve V.-'nji i* Ihu sljy at ii 1 in A^ri^e at ?*? rvy neit !? tur bv IU|iia. litif t> i?>iuui lite at Asm ?u and at Wit a b-?rg will i"?e u<l ?-d. i'hr cLetule-b >1 d Of pr jo**!. 7674 From "eriry, hi ViCl'xi!**, *0 ? baton, 'O tB I f a id lwa?k, once a w.ek I. av?* ?e?rrv Monday at ft a m Arritr at Cliit 11 n xt day t y " p hi Lesv-s . 1 uton V e i e day at 0 a ui Arr'.v?- ata ey next day by 7 |> in. 7ti7a Fr m f in t vjlt^ Ly Poaba an,? Lildr^ i-. Vfan H> ker ? Sett em^t tir en?b ro , am 1> Sivai, to Sa 11: 1'raJcV, 1?W mi.w< a j I be k. 01 r: h w k. 11 Lenre SmiC villi! Moaiay at 6 * in Arrive at Faint Frsmci. u?*xt Wetne day by 12 in Ivjave Saint Fratici- W?'lne day at 'i p d Ar ive at tniithvil'e uei Frioay by l.? p 111 7676 From Mtony I' int, in 00 .nty. t-. <Ju't man. in Van Harm <?unty,Sa mil-e ai d la? k, once a week. Leave Stony Point Friday at G a in Arrive at Quitrsan atm> day by 7 p in 1/eare Uuitman Sa'.oid y ?t 6 a m __A at ttony Point tAine day by 7 p in. T61 < FromWajLingtoa, Ly . t-wis Mania anl La mart'ne, to Magoolia, 60 miles aod bark, oh c a ?? ek. la?i*e Wa'hinpt n Tu ??day at 0 a m An ire at Magno'.ta ce t J'-y bv 7 p in Leayj Magnolia Tti<ir<Hlay itt>aw Arrive at WasbiDgton cext rfay by 7 p iu. 7C78 Fr. in Wa.-Iiisut n, by AI' any, to Lim<rt ?e "A m )?< a ^d back, one- a we?k L*hve Waobin^ton 'I hursday at 6 a m r rrive ?t Laauai tine next day by 12 ui Lea?e L iu rt*ue iril y at 2 p m Ar.ive a* Washington netcday by 10 p in. 7d70 Fn-ua WilJb.mV,by Cation,toIteniiett*Bayou, In rultosi c uoty, 31 miles anJ lark, olos a w? k. L are Wlid' am'<? Monday at 6 a m Arrire a IV'inettV B?yoU tauie day by 6 p m ljeave B nirtt'a Bavon Tue^lay at ? a ni Arrive a' Wibiham'x aauied?y by 4|>w 76H0 From tufLt an 10 P<^-abo .taa, 20 iiiiiet .a&d btet, od<v a week. I e va t'owbaun Friday ai 4 a m Ar ive at :*oc .bootai nm? day by 12 m Leuve Po .ih .inta-? Fri by itlpm Arrive at P wbatan fame day by 10 p m. 7981 From ^ luhnigx u, by Spring till, Lt-wisvilie, and Wa'nut Rill, to Sbr^vep r , l>a., 120 m .?* and back, tb:e? timei a week in tw^b.-rse euacb-a. Lrate Washln^on Tuae<l*y, Thuraday, and Sat urda at 4 a m Arrive at Sbr^vepoi t naxt day* by 6 p ui Laive fihrereport Tuaaday, Tuorcday, and aau urday at 4 a a Arrivat Washington naxt days by 6 p m. Bi s to carry tbe mail infbar-hon* coach**and a sot ran by a different anbeluU, a in ueotn skier d. 7682 Fr&ui N'aprle n by \?liite Buer ht Cb rica, Ca b Ooe, M^uut Adam*, aud Crock, a* BiulL to Aberdeen, 1^6 buW ana Uck, tbre* Ua??a w??k iu f 'eamboa'.a K41* N?foi-oa Tnsjday, Tb?rad*y, and Satw day at 3 p m Ajrriva at Abacifom naxt days by 10 p ? Laaaa Ait t * I In dt.T at * ? m ? A-neo at Napoleon ae .1 ??- . f.m. B di (o r id bv i prcpoaad f ?W t W i R)?r 4; wdilntonin i trk 74M Froai LI U* Pork, by Mar* u >?l_ Ab-fd ?. 4t mil#* an ?--* ;*w *wk,lattgrh r?< c * !/?? Link- R. ck Mob ay, B 'May, ud Fri tKta - Arnw at AbrnWn aut <?;? y If B Twttej, Tbvndtr, io4 htar Arrive at Uu*e iLotk Mlt day* br 7 p ? Bad* tonii by a wpooed antedate wi I be ?<? *W fwL ? 4 rron Ab*r4?>n by Otf b4o%. W&kBrftV, Lake Bluff uuvall'e Hatt. Da*. At*. Amur U, Urant ula.r, W^b J e^pnVaad Chi Tr tcK to i7j at m kt<i t?ck, toifo a we,k. iki riBftc u. ti Jaek?, nportl and ri^Muf lu 4-b'tw ctiaaotiaj Leave A*erdeen Mon<*y mi Welaaaday at 4 A.rne at Batfaville mt d?ya by l p m Laav* Hateeville Moniaya and ftaiort pat j Auif at Aber <?rn next day? by 4 ft an Bida to ran by a prcp:tfl Mb* 1st* ?.llkt^? riJered, aaa alao to run three taea a week LOUISIANA ? (PYom 1,MW, t* Jmn? SO, I Hi* ) TTTWi F.*ra Batoa Itou**. hy *?v*rt Hoad?lX1i Lit in *l?a ?"nria:i, Coalfc. ibe Pr*a-? ?a?Ua maui , aad B?:?u HarbarV. ?*? Bar.rfft id, 40 n?Hi* an t ba:ff! ,j??* a we b Lr*v<* Bites H.?(* ?oa4aj at 4 a ? Arrt?e at. pr ngfield i?t day by IX m l??T? ?pHc(rft"Td Tueeday at I p m Arm at kaioii Roug* *?? .t day by 10 p m 7707 FioiB he'le 4 w, br i>eika, Oreb.rd U ova, La-.earltte, M;nl<> DaU, aod I^'flM-at, b M,e?oh$, Arkaaaav to miWa Mil ha k, <mc* A vera L?t<> MiWf'io* mi; Taeed >y at 4 a m A rl?e at Macaotia neat day by ? r in L*if? Maicn-'l a Tbuntday aiCim Arrt ? at H'l e?l*w n it day by 6 p m 77fcl trr ui La^? ctmtW. .a th<- lariat, of 0?'caai#?, by Water to isou'h of Cancan** aiiir, to Sabia ? I'a-*. in Traa*, fu u, lie* an I i?ok, oace a *n k ItiT Lake l';iar>i Von l?y at 4 a ct Arrl\' at 8tb l* t?a* next u?? by il p an Leave Habio- r??? VVrloeafai atlam At lire r t La** Ch*.h?- ueiaday *?? 11 r ni ;j-J9 Irom N w OrS ?^by B. m f'M ni'i.l, In |?1 qo?mni* rarli'H,? ml-a and Uar\, ouca ? ?t?k icbtdnl* 7^00 Fmn Fi ?? K-.d in Wii'B Par|-h. >y Oray'a 8 or#, to Voakt Ia Ubjii, 40 aril * r nd back, i ??ra a ve?k L a?" Iln *iU? fr. 'ay ?t 4?m A Titf at voust ? ? b n c ia af da* h- I? p 01 L?<*? 44* ??nt ab? on r a 'ailar ai 6 a m A ri*a at *'4r* IJ; ai.n da ? by 1m p ?? 7<?.'l Kroaa fcbr n i^rt. to il?Bd*r? n, T>x*?, 7i iji!w in-1 b <k, ? ?.<? a fir. tfcra> jorT Mo id y at 4 a in Arri'* -it t>\ikre on ixrxt day by 11 p ta 1 U?M i?-r*Tt ',V?ids?w-daT at?'?.. rn /, rr ^i> xf >ur?? ?'|r?"t rn*xt by 11 p v. fid-) }?' r' IB rl'.'.T I' nf. t\ I'i in A I *<la, ia L;\in;-t r Para' , '*U= M Blur's ard Id ward lamji'is ifi *p?i '*i? '1,24 alir* aad b Ck or*.* * ??> 1 t-ai* l?:oiiy I'oiot ?rM?y a 6 ?? w Ar i?? a" 8 Tinfe''. U* n ? cay : y . p m J^. .t? fcpr *atur a*- a' 6 i l. ArriTe Kt y f<?int din'* 0?? b 7 p ni 7?"3 Kroui AVtibi ia, hr cut'lr,C o-'Vr5'i'l- and f .|?> B<-?*ril!a t> -Nat h t^bo ?, 8j ? l-a and lark, thrw tSint* a w.rk, in l*# hcraa e aefa*-. L?aTe A1 Xiv'ria Morniay, WrJn*iavand fri da> at 6 a n Am * a< ."'a. bi:- rl>iv B'*y? Jar* I'I 6 r 1,1 L ?v? Na>- *Ovb-? J.-oaday, \i?4kti4?y, acd fcrid-t? 4 a BJ Ami' ai AleXi'Bdria nrxt ^ava br i* p m Mia toe-wrey :b?- inai ? Sn four b- i>a n?ta ? i' l ba cii idd-n d Ti 04 *>>a ba r'a Y?ttt, to In*tri, -i> ratl?? aad back, obc? a ? rek Lm ?? BurrV K? r y Frilay ?tCan Arri?9 at ra o>-o aaiiir d?' by 9 p in l.raTr Anvo o 8iiunlay at A a ui ArriTa ?t BurrV Fr:iy-ami d y by ? p ?? 7805 Fr m New r>??" '? 8*a?* L B?, I'i m lw and hick, da ly in lailroad eara l^t'* K-w > lean< daily at 8 a in ArriT?- at Ftatr Lint. aua af rai'r ad) by 1pm ]??u ft-ate Line (??TBiirna ef raitraad) at 3}^ P ? ArriTe at Now Orl ana by a; p m 7R0? Frrm A'.? *?rdria by R-.nai. WlnfSetd, faliaa Mill*, fine Kidg?. Saliu- Bparta. Mount La ba^aaant Atben* to ilotnar, 1&0 rail-a and tack, twiea a *eak V-rv* Alexaa lK.a erexy MoBlay and FrSd?y at 7am A< rl?a at !T??er e*? ry Wedneedav and ?aa il'T by 5 p ni Lea?r Homer er?ry Motd.y and TMiadi y atT a in Arrlta at Alexandria erary Wfdnead?y aod Fa Brd?y by ft p Ui Bida to ran by a diflerent aeb?-lale wi!l be cob lidrH. . ( For (dftKfrtia; ?<??"?? ut*. *** 74? 4 JfiWtrnfj-t i 1KX 46 July i. 18ft^.?o Ju**-* Sutn Frrin Br^Dbaiu by f/"rj Not, bn PMft, Potter Holiidw'a. Lesinaton and A iaw r*iw.,\ to le rjp4nrn, ?00 Kilaaand i?k, ?nra a *f?k B enbsm iioaday at 4 a m ArriTe at ?>e"r/etown i?xt day by 41 p m Ideate Ow>r?t:t '?n edaeaday at 4 a m Arrive at Br i?ba?n nen* da* by II p m ?OiO Fr^si GrAH-ii'l to Mara^ali, W ail " aol brck, cw*< a a ? k Laara Oc?a*:?uia X. ?*day a* fa w Arrive at MarA-ll rani* dif i y 6 p ra leave Mar^h^l Wr lnead-y t a m At;re at <'offe?ri'l? ?atteday by a p n| SOi? I' m Ore?n i le ly .M'Knifht'a, a?"dern Ti? <*, Co?aiacV Mi''e and .MoKinw-y to Ait- n. Ci cd ?a red back. ?n e a *e?k I/tare Ore nvii ?? Sfcada? at fi a m / rr at Alton Belt day by f p m I.eaTtj A't??n \\ tnlnea 'av A*. 4 a ni A:r *e at f?i ???ii*il e w?*x* d 'T bv 6 p in S)?8 irom J-n r on I v FN yd a I erry an He' rWi, to Fu t..n, Aik., VJ ia !?? t-a t bark <<uor a wrek Imni .?*i?f?e,aon \J ?i ar at 4 a in Ariire jt l ult- i t .. adnrfdav ky 10 a m I. av Pulton V\rd> a day at 14 an Arr;r<* al JeT n -.if I'r'day Ly 6 p m Mi# Krt?? MiUn by I eia t'et'?, Mam y, I/1" and Fort Je tti> t-i ? raud k itir , OA ?ni!w' ?Ld baes , (Ben Wfrk lf?iT* \ii>as Tn-i^a at 6 a in _ Arrir?* H'?d O ?i?d K m t ? ext day 1 y < p ri Leave Uraul M i^tdia * '?y at 4 a a A at Mila? n?*xt a- b 7 pm F o ?? Faa Ant.u o to Fn- *-r.e-.B -aiC, ??? '* an I I ?ck., cnot a ???rk ] rjTr A. t ni ? VtVl ealay at fi a w A rriva ai F ??i. i k i air/ Luit day by k p a L*m?o Fri-drn *aob t rida at f- a in at Ant nio next day by 8 p m Frv4u to lien ?-:acr, U m ?i ar.J kifk, on >? a *k LeiTi) M eLf*i !r Mo: dav at t. a u Ar;.*e ?t B n !er ?n n. -t J.y Ly 7 . *ti Lei r llnij ia a >n W wtnr-day et ? c an A'r.ra at ?I etbvtilie p??*t Car ?.y 7 r au 30iJ F mil ll>>T:lle ? y layr ek'<* J -rr> to ?r*i?d Acor?, Lo- if a -a, U) nulea an-t L-ct, ? nee a v Lra e F rl vr IV1 uaadav at 4 a ra Artl* ai ?? "and /eora n? ?t ay ??} 4 p iu UjaveOMtd i<oraTtura"a* atO a ni Arr rr at heliralll ee-t ny by 6pm 8<?3 Frcm T wn 111 iff by Ma?u I a fpr np, ? .rt ? land, Bel^i ada. La , ana i>mpaey> io { a? ryviUe 140 ?iia? '??<? a ' w ^k I.?* ? Town BlnC Mon 'ay at C o m Arrirr a* CbeDeyv lie 4th day ky ? ;? wt L at " Itriw-yr i? U<?d?y at 6 ? m Ar ivr at loan iiluC At . iiay by V p tn R0i4 From X?w Orl?ana by Brrw ek to Pabiaefi'y, 400 m lea a: o bark onoe a ? ?ek Bid. t) c ia-ienre at Cera irk will 1* ron?;d er?l Le*?e H?-w Orla i.a V ndiT at 8 a m A.rive ;>t 8-1 me City nrxt W-drr?dJT i.n ? hour by 4 a iu Learw Sabin- il y Tb' raday ^t 8 a in at N?-?? O le ni ?ai >itday^?i 4b bt nra) by 8 a m viftfl Fr ia Tylar by Hambur*. bn-wn?l aa- A^b-Ba, a1 d Orr i-ejiua br l>r-?}?B t>? a aero \ illap, \ Imi mi <* a d b4? k, ttiare Uriea a aaek, ia t*c. bora* n ?'?>. * Leave Ty er \ocd?y, W.^o?ajay anj Friday at 4am Arri e at W.? oo V.ilape ?*?ry fo irA day by 4 a a leave (A"a--> V lia ??? Mondaj, IV eta*'day aod Fi i ay a*. r a *-? Arrive at Tyl r a .itb <ia> by 4 a in Bida to lUi ply otb?r lut-rnn diatr ifloa* aol to ma by a dlffrr?Bt a?h*4> la, aall be <^n?d ertd. 8044 Frooa Wrilii p a Ferry by Ontt n Tlant, F'v donta to Haider <>a, 4# mi >4 a d rack, ? "?? a w<?k I^eave Wa'.li~5> Ferry Fr'day at 4 a m Arrive > t ll*aid>-r*on d-y > y 4 p ra l^aavr [le'dar ou B.itnr ay a- 4 ? m A rrivo at M .i lltm'* F. rry ?an e c'ay i y * r an 80i.7 From AnaLaia by Soar Like to to mi i?i and bark, en a a wr?k I aave Anab?ar Moaday ?( 4 a an A rrivo at Woodvl.l# next d y by 11 p m Lante rtoWi 1- Balaa d^y at 4 a m Ar Ive ?t Ava'?ar ai?xt ay by 11 a aa 8*34 Fr m Llvia<at 'n t? ati dvllla, 4u ?i-?- an! haiA. a Leaw U?la|>.too >? e)?e<day at 4 a a? At*.T9 at Woodv?4 av e day le-1? p at Laava Vrdnila Ttwrrcay at 4 ? m Axriva ai liviasMa mm* day by ? V ?

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