Newspaper of Evening Star, February 16, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 16, 1855 Page 2
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KV 1-N I N(i ST AH* W^MiIN?JTOBI OITT: FBIDAi AFTERS") S February It jy The Urge and oonvenient dwelling on the corner of PeansylTania avenue dn<i F.leventh street is for pent. Posse* ^ion pi Ten immediately. For terms ap jily At the Star offiee. SPIRIT OF THS MORHIHe FKESS The I'moh replies to the communication in yesterday morning's Intelligencer, alleging that that journal end the Nebraska Democrats of the Legislature are, for the most part, re sponsible for the defeat of (General Shields. According to the Union, the pubHcatfon in question involves an attack on Senator Don glm and his friends on the part of the friend of General Shields The editor warmly de nies that his coarse towards General S ha* been other thin the' of a sincere friend We apprehend that this denial is hardly neces sary. imsmuch as though the Union perhaps made a mistake in failing to urge the Qeaer al's re-election at the right timu, it it well known to all in Waihingtou that h% had no more sincere advocate* than those in the Union office The InttUrtftrtcer in nothing the mistake reference to the veto, made in the Star ye?terday, again lake* occasion to make ar -organ" of the Star We beg leave to say to our rospected neighbor, that the term isoffen sive when applied to os by the Intriligvnrer, as its conductors know well that the onlj organ-hip f-rtrly attributable to the St >r. results f. om our perseverance, industry and greater crtauce in caterirg to obtain Wash ington re*s for the Star's readers. We have no 'den ti fie at ion whatever, with the adminis tration, seeking only to give theof the benefit ot the [rcmuigAtion of tho truth in what we publish concerning public affairs. We should puisus tho -ame course with any administra lion placed in power by the people. We find in the IntrlUsfeneer the following note from ?ien. Shields, which, all here know well, renders but simple justice to those to whom it refers: WasaiHGTOM. Feb. 15, 1865. Gsstlembu: 1 am 'oundin just'C j to m> co'league in tho Sena'e, Judge Douglas, aoo <nhcr colleague. in the House, who professe' to be my friend-) in the late political struggle to de ! re i to be tny conviotion that through oui thi? wL le contest, which has resulted in my uet'eat they iia>e exerted then selves If he utm at in my behalt, have doua every tuiug in their power that was honorable to pro mote my tlec.ion. and have been quite as ..ucti dbapi> intod a: the result as myself. \n i it is but j?st to add that not only they, but evcu m.? \N big uolicagues in the House, wbu were politically o| pised to me, all acted tow iids me tbr-u^hoat in a spirit of candor ..ud pertect gcod faith Ihavoihe henor to be. gentlemen, jour obe-J-.aui servant, Jamks Shixlds. 1 U . .... I?. is4 said that certain well.known news p?per ag?nfs in Ann street. New York, have iv-ucd the prospectus of a rich" work, which t icy p;o|?v* to publish soon. The work is to tunii-b hitherto unpublished fragment* of the priva'e history and personal relatione ?1 tL'i Cnev -tlie * Wikoff, Fanny Elisler. the edi or of "'he Satanic." and othar character? oi the cam*; class The book promitee to be what is called "spicy," and a good specula tion, provided the publishers cannot be bought < f? or tritimi Jte ed. ^ c understand, however, that the editor of '? the Sataaie," on hearing ol the proposed njtotc. went "clean dati;" ' dom d ' and swore at an awful rata, and ?one i against the daring news paper agents Though a large portion of wha' circulation hu paper has passes through the r tid agecrs hands, be bas ordered the papers, henec:?rih, to be withheld from them, be the o cspquence* whai they may. Nothing short of the agents' unconditional surrender, and "he gup res.ion of ihe dreaded book, will ap } ease Jtim. \ .... Letters trom Paris mention a rumor ? h?t the Eroyess Eugenie is to be repudiated y l. uis Nap.leon; in other words a divorce wili be ebtained, for "high political reasons'* Do u biles a falsehood. .... The following are the names of the gen tlemen in he Pennsylvania Legislature who voted (>r Simon Cameron for U S. Senator : Mes-rs Crabb. Creaswell, Frasier, Fry, Halde man. Hendricks Killinge., Sellers, and Shu man. of the Senate, and Messrs Allegood, Barry Boal, Bowmio, Caldwell, Carlisle. Clover, Crawford, Cruwell, Cummings, of i'hiladelpbia Cummins, of Somerset, Donald son. Eys er, Fcaron. Fletcher, Foster, Frailer Free, tiros*. Guy Haine.-, Hubbs, King, Kirk Patrick K repps, Lane, Lea?. McConnell Men^ie. Aiorri >n. Muje. North, l'almer, Ree?e Ilistcbouse. Ku:ter, Sherer, Smith, ofAlle* gbany. smith, of Blair Steel, Stehley, Sturde yant. \\ aterhouse. Weddell, Wood. Yerkes Zeigier. and Strong, (Speaker,) of the House .... A correspondent, writing from Wash ington to the Kanawha Republican, Virginia tays: ? 4 A number of politicians visiting herefrom *.i iuup poxiions of the country, are anxions ha' the party should take up ard nominate ihe Hon Geo W Summers, ef Vir S'nia, tor Pre i Jent and the Hon. Solomon G Haven, of New York, for Vice President of the t niteil St-ited. Sucn a nomination wonld be rtj iceu at by the Reformers as well as by the fcutire Whig j arty of the country. Two abler or purer st^te^mcn could not be found." .... 'icn. Sim Houston has accepted the invitation cf the New York Mercantile Libra ly raoemtkm to ueliver a lecture before it, ? n tfce sut-jecc of the American Indians. Oa bis vi?it to the North he will discourse before the New England Association of New York, and then prcc-ed to Boston, where ha is en g"-* d by the Mercantile Library Association and by the committee for the course of lec ? ros on Slavery The subject of that lecture ??iil be ? Texas " The General has also en Ka^en>euts at Albany and other places before Li Le abie U add'ess the Mercantile Li fcraty AMociation cf New York. .... Mr DeLeon, of South Carolina, U. S. C'E.ul in Egypt, has addressed a letter to Dr. Gibtes, ot Columbia, S. C., covering a propo sal ot an lialiaa named La tis. who is en gaged in a^iicultural pursuits in Egypt, to revetlto t'ejeople of the United Sta'as a discover) he has rnaJe by which two cropa of r;ce can be ^town in a single season and with "great avi r g in the expense of irrigation rbe i: ?thod is very simple, and he thinks it may apply with equal advantage to other grains besides rice ? ? A gi ntleiuan writes us from Fort Laaren* worth Kansas Territory, and requests us to puon?b. over bis own signature, a letter de Conway, late of Bat <ht wt*r rw*nti7 p??> ed in th^ I.altimore Sun, purporting to an account 0f the Kansas^ elation,) in which he says Con; letter is alt * fibrwation, from begioninK to end " Oar cor respondent ad-omptnirs hia letter by ? lonr extract from a Kansas p?,^r, COouiiiBf an extensive flertificate from G B Panton and .Malc< ae Clarke, who went to the polls with Con?ay, which pronounces his statement pab lished in the Sun wilful and malieiou* false hoods. ....Bennett ii^hia "Satanic' rf yeeter Hay. is particularly and disgustingly parson slly abusive of Hon Henry A. Wise. ... ihe Philsdelphia Pennsylvanian de noui<c?ts Ro^?t M Carlis a, of the Pennsyl vania Legislature for having voted with Cum rbing? ai.i Fletcher for Simon ''"mrr a for I'uited Sia*e? Senator, and promises soma rioh J-relpp -m n-? about Cameron and the Winne b?.g<) v.!at;m-- We sball now laarn why the C?mer<>ti met are oaJied -* Winnahagoea' aad '?he honorable gentleman the chief WAIElWOTOn HtWS ASD 0068IP. Protection to the Frontier ?It is not to be doubted ?hat, in the next ten yurt, the pro tection of the overland emigration to the Pa oifio ride will cost the Nations! TreeiUry ten times il much, if essayed by military mean only, as if the plan of Senator <i win for the establishment of a weekly elprcM be carried out. The troops utalwli will be required to prevent the molestation of the emigrants pass lag over that route, cannot cost, year by year, less than a million of dollars per annum, il the line is left without frequent settlements sleng it. In ope year after the proposed ox. press commences to rub over it, hardly a Gov eminent soldier will be required there. Under miliUry supervision lone, the line will be safe only where the military may happen to be present. So, unless military posts are kept up well nigh within a day's ride of eaoh other? whioh would cost millions On millions annual* ly?troops only, will atfurd but a semblance of the relief necessary If ten thousand erni grants go over tbe tottte during the next spring, but few wore will pass over it in the season next following, under the ordinary military protection, which, owing to the manner in which Congress accords such protection, is notoriously insufficient to the end proposed. With the settlements along the route oontem plated in Sonator Qwin's bill, the emigration must increase enormously every year, until, in three or four years, it will be so great that there will be no need whatever for the pros ence of a single United States soldier on or about the route. Xheee facts are all self evi dent axioms, and demonstrate to our mind: with great force, the prime importance of making the bill of Senator Gwin, above al luded to, a law ere the end ot the session. A Very Valuable Astronomical table ?A valued friend; who is himself one of the first astronomers of the age, has kindly sent us th? following note and table, whioh we gladly present to our readers: Editors of the Star : I inolose a catalogue of all tho minor planets, lying between Mars uni Jupiter, in our solar system, that have been discovered up to November, 1854. I do n >t think that the who!e list, is yet printed in any book or paper. There are many who would be much pleased to see and have the whole number. Can you not give it a corner in your paper ? Q. Ditc&cered. Ceres 1801.. by Piazsi, of Palermo. Pallas 1802. .Gibers, of Bremen. Juno 1804. .Harding, of Germany. Vest*. 1807.. Olbers Astroea 1845. .Heneke, of Germany Hebe 1847, July.. Heneke Iris 1847, Aug..Hind, of London. Flora ....1847, Oct..Hind Metis 1848. .Graham, of Ireland. Hygeia 1849. .De Gasparis, of Naples. Parthenope....l850, March..De Gasparis. Victoria, (olio.).1850, Sep..Hind Egeria 1850, Nov. .De Gasparis Irene 1851, May..Hind h'unomia 1851, July. .De Gasparis Psyche 1852, March..De Gasparis Thetis 1852, Apl..Luther, Germany. Melpomene 1852, June..Hind. Foriuna 1852, Aug..Hind Massilia 1852 Sep. .De Gasparis. Lutetia 1852, Not. 15..Goldschmidt. Calliope 1852, Nor 10. .Hind. Thalia 1852, Dec..Hind. Themis 1853, April 5..De Gasparis. Phooea 1853, April 6. .Chacomac. Proserpine 1853, May.. Lot her, Germany Euterpe 1853, Nev. .Hind. Amphitrite 1854, March. .Marth, Germ'y. Beliona 1854 Mitrch..Luther. Uraoia 1854..Hind. Euphrosyne..... 1854,Sep..Ferguson, Wash n. Pomona 1854, Oct. .Goldsmidt, Paris. PolymniM 1804, Oct. .Chaoomac. The Lieutenant General Bill ?It was raid yesterday in the Capitol, that, by reference to an old law, the bill conferring on General Soott the title and rank of Lieutenant General alto confers on him the privilege of creating four additional lieutenant oolonels in the Uni ted States army, to be his aids, and four mili tary secretaries. This being the general im pression there, and it beigg well known that there eould not be a particle of duty of any kind whatever devolved on the proposed Lieu tenant General as such, or on any such addi tional officers in the army, it was thought that the President, in order to give Congress an opportuui'y to oorrect what they were sup posed to have done by mistake in enaoting this bill, would veto it. Simon Cameron on f lavery ? It is asserted by gentlemen now in Washington, and who defy contradiction, that Hon. Simon Cameron has written a letter, in which he pledges him self, if elected te the United States Senate, to vite against the admission of any more slave States into the Union, to abolish slavery in the Distriot of Columbia, to repeal the fugitive slave law, and to extend the term of naturali sation to twenty one years. It is said that the letter is to be published at once in the Penn sylvania papers. Our Foot in it!?In the absenoe yesterday of the senior editor of the Star, (who makes up its Washington news columos,) a friend, just before we went to prois, brought to the offioe what he erroneously believed to be pos itive intelligence that a veto of the spoliation bill had been transmitted to Congress. This accounts for our publication of that inoorrect news item in a portion of our edition of yester day. Its true character was, however, disoov sred in time to enable us to work off most of the Stars of that day with the paragraph ex punged. For the Mediterranean Squadron.?The barque Toung Turk has been ohartered by the Government to transport naval stores from Boston to Spessia, for the use of our squadron in the Mediterranean. She will be ready for wa as early as the 14th inst Those desiring to send letters by them should send them [post paid) to the care of " the Naval Insti tute at the Navy Yard, Boston, Mass." The Hew Picture ?Powell's celebrated pic- j lure of "Do Soto discovering the Mississippi," iras uncovered in its place in the rotnndo of the Capitol, to day, for the first time, and up to this time has attracted a orowd of wander ng admirers. We saw among them the dele gation of the Winnebagoes, who reached Wash ngton on the night before last. They were in til feather, of course, and were lions in tbe Capitol all the morning. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department ?On yesterday, the 15th of Feb.,J here were of Treasury Warranto entered on Ae books of the Department? for paying Treasury debts $10 00 Ifor the Customs ? 2,221 85 For oo veringinto the Treasury from miscellaneous sources 444 96 For the Navy Department 3,775 73 For the Inteiior Department. IT 17# 12 For repaying in the Interior De partment 1,875 44 For entering an appropriation for the Interior Department 444 9? Th j Mistake ef C ingress ?We have satis* fed ourselves, before going to press to day, that the Lieutenant.Qeneral bill d??s give Ontril Scott the power to add four Additional Lieutenant Col?ela and four military Mora lories to the anaj of the United State*, with fall pay. emoluments, Ae., bat trith ho duties to perform, aa a staff of honor alone Ibr him ?alf # CONG KKSMIONAL. In the Senate, yesterday, after we #enl to press, the Indian appropriation hill Wu duly passed. T&4 Pacifie Railroad b0I was then taken np, and Mr. Qwin addiessea the Senate in favor | of a substitute for it, which he presented, and which waa adopted. The question then being on agreainf to the amended bill? Mr. dbwaid spoke at length in favor of a railroad to the Paoillo, and Mesne. Geyer, Chase, and Maton against it. The Senate adjourned without taking the final question on the bill. In the Hottia. the question of giving the proposed notioe of the termination of the sap* plemental contract to the proprietors of the Collins line, was debated in Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, ^Mr. Edger ton in the ohair,) the ooean mail steamer oill being ander consideration The giving of the notioe was advooated by Messrs. Smith of Va. and Letober, and opposed by Messrs. Olds, Walbridge, and Cutting, ere the committee rose and the House adjourned. Proceedings mf To Day. In the Senate, the bill for the relief of the captors of the private armed brig Qen. Arm strong was taken up, by a vote of 33 yeas to 22 nays; when it waa shortly afterwards again laid on the table by a vote of 24 to 23 The bill for the relief of Capt. Vorhiea, U S Navy, making compensation for carrying out -O their respective destinations, an Ameri can Commissioner to the Sandwieh Islands and another to the East Indies, was next taken up and debated by Messrs Mallory and Tou [ cey for it, and Clay and Slidell against it, ere we went to press la the House, on motion of Mr. Benton, by leave, the Senate bill providing for an ad ditional term of the cireuitoourt of the United States for the District of Missouri was taken op and passed. The House then proceeded to oonaider Mr Cutting's pending resolution to close the gen eral debate on the ooean mnl steamer appro priation bill in two hours after it should again be taken up in the Committee of the Whole j on the state of the Union. On motion of Mr Haven this resolution was amended by striking out 11 two hours," and inserting in lien thereof " one hour;" agreed to?yeas 107, nays 56. PROM ORKOON. Win tar in Oregon A Portland paper of December 23, says : u We have had copious showers of rsin for the past week, raising the Willamette several feet, in consequence of whioh steamers are enabled to run on the Upper Wallamette." A Family Butchered by their Father. The Oregonian contains an account of a horrible murder having been committed by a man named Burris, a foreigner. His family oonsisted of bis wife and four children, whom he brutally murdered, and then set Are to the house, oonsuming their todies. That paper gives the following particulars : " Burris has lived for several years in North Luality Plains, hu been ?irj intemperate, and lately has been oansiderod partially in i ?ana. When drinking he has bean considered a dangerous person, and some of the neigh bors had remained at his house on several oc ? | cations, even up to the night of the murder. Burris, after his arrest, staged that he had killed his wife and children, four in number, to send them to Heaven ; that he had been directed to do so by the Devil, and that he was going to be hung at Hillsborough, and go to hell Since his arrest he has attempted to dettroy himself, but failed to accomplish it." Highly Important!?Rumored Organisation of a Filliboataring Expedition against Van* couver's Island. A correspondent writing from Sohlalam, W. IT, says: ''The most interesting news I can give you is that a filibustering expedition against Vancouver's Island is on foot in this section, and Dame Rumor says that the Rus sian Government has agents among us actu ally engsged la getting up a party for that purpose. Their movements are characterised with the utmost decree of oaution and secrecy, yet enough baa leaked out to warrant the be lief that the party baa already considerable strength, and is gaining ground rapidly. Our people bear the English nabobs of Vancouver's Island no good will, and nothing would give them more pleasure than to oust them from possessions which of right belong to us, and whioh will be a source of trouble, annoyanoe, and danger to us as long as held by British authorities. If it is to oome, let it come?I'm in for one It is also said that certain parties from Oregon are taking an aotive part in the movement."?San Francisco Herald. FROM WA8HMGrOH TERRITORY. We have news from Oiympia, on Puget Sound, to Jan. 2d. Working of the Coal Mines. Energetic measures are about to be adopted to develope the valuable ooal mines on the Sound. Of the progress of the Territory a corres pondent writes : '? Our farmers, after gather ing a bountiful harvest, are busily engaged in putting in a much larger orop than former-' ly, and although Washington is reported to be a sterile oountry. yet she will in a few years, produce an astonishing turpi us. It is true we feel somewhat the pressure of hard times; still there is a degree of activity, bustle and enterprise among (he people here not found in any part of Oregon. Iowa Ssnator?It it pretty generally con. j ceded by the papers of Iowa, and by the lead ing men of both parties, including Governor Grimes and Chief Justice Wright, that the election of Mr. Harlan as Senator from that | State is utterly void. The Dubuque Express informs us that Senator Badger, one of the ablest Whig jurists in the United States, has Siven a written opinion that the election was legal and of no binding foroe. Many other members of Congress of both parties, unite in this opinion. The constitution of Iowa re quires that in all joint meetings of the legis lature, a majority of each house shall be ne oessary to a quorum. But fourteen of the thirty-one Senators were present, and one or more Whigs refused to be parties to the fraud. The fusion legislature had better repudiate the whole thing, and try to get up a new eleo lion. If they do not, the democracy will set the whole thing right two years hence.?Chic. Tribum*. About fifty Americ ins who had been| seduced from A istralla to Peru by big gold storiea, finding themsalvea " hard up," aided with Castilla against Eehineque, and it ia said, wore the main oause of the groat viotory achieved by the former on the 5tfi~of January, when Caa'illa and hia army entered Lima 41 with acelamationa of the Peruvian world." Our brave* are expecting subs tan, tial rewards. The steam "skwlrter," aa the Philadel phia boys call the newly invented Are eogine, waa tried in that eity on Monday, with auo ceas Steam was raised in five minutes after the fire of tarred wood was kindled, and water was thrown from 176 to 200 feet. To Coos Faozsw Potatoes ? A correspon ded ?f the Syracuse (N. y ) Standard, aays when potatoes are frosen eo hard thev cannot be washed you may turn them into boiling wa tor, add one ounce of salt, boil them qui'e fast antil done, then peel them, and ne person ean toll that they wore ever frosen > Sthtchkiw* avd m Ajtvidotb?In lb* last number of tke Medieal u4 Surgical Journal, published in Rick mood, we nctioe an article la it ofi tk? abdvtf powerful and sodden pol <on' ^r- Ta?ka?bary, of MiIm Ha sajt: -Tka frequency with wkich atrjobni U 22!L!.L,!eSrH P?rP?*?? kas extracted tka sertovs attention not only of medical men bat iV-Wl *fD?rai,7 Th. deadly certalntj rl?*k ?V !?.U' v of ?d?mni?tra'lon, and tke difficulties wkich rurround every a? tampt to prove with pocitiveoertaiaiv ita pro ?aoe intbo stomach, all anlt? to girt this drug adraadfal notoriety. ? "Dr. T then proceeds to maotion instances or his being called to aea paraooa who kad taken wilfully and alao by mistake dosea of ttrrobal*, ?rf tk.t h. ^ tb.?.bo" two taasoooofalla of aataratad aolotion of cam phor with manifest effect and prompt relief Ha alao triad it br way of experiment on does, and foand that whenever ha oonld administer tha camphor speedily enough ha waa anooaaa ful inpreventing tha poiton from causing death " ? Sam Houston 05 Rbligioi*.?1"I mat "says tha Washington oorraspendent of tha Cru I sader, "Tha lion. Sam Houston, and was plea?* ad to aea and converse with tha hero of Tax I aa. Ha haaehanged mach in appearance, and ?aema worn ont by aoma aarioua anbjaot. He manifeatad to ae hia deaira of leaving forever | public life, and haa a mind to reaign aoon hia offioe of U. S. Senator. He told me that hi* mind ia continually troabled by the idea of predeatination, and ia sincerely converted to religion: in private life he will find that peace and anjoyment whioh ia denied to pablio men who like him are too muoh surrounded by politicians." ' A New York letter in last Wednesday's Pennsylvanian says: "A horrible aoena of demoralisation pre sented itself to the notioe, last evening, at house 103 Mercer atreet. An ofiloer having official bnaineaa there, discovered aome thirty or forty men and women engaged in a dance, in a condition of unqualified nudity. Aa aoon aa the star recovered his senses, he proceeded to the chief's offioe, and proonrad a potse of polioe, who went intc the den, and took tha whole party to tha Tombs." I3P*Always have a pencil and a piece of pa. per by you. Dr. Johnson said that soma of j his best thoughts were lost, because he was too lasy to go into his study and hunt up a little Csolsctp. Agriculture has been introdooed aa a subject of study in the publio schools of New Hampshire Books upon that science have been ordered to be supplied to tha pupils. There are fourteen papers published in foreign languages in New York city. HUMMEL'S ESSENCE OF COFFEE. ( )Nf.pao^ '*thi" Esaence at 12V* cents, will cave 3 lbs. of Coffee. It clears the Coffee, and at the same time i in (tarts an agreeable flavor. Dealer* and others can be supplied by the dez< n, package or grow. HALL &. HENNING, Dealers in Teas, Coffee*, and Ppicet, No. 510 Seventh street, 8 doors below Odd Fellows' Hall. I?0 10 - it D^O 'TOHS OF SELDEN, tflTHEHd & y^r"Thc ondersigned will pay the hishct LT'oJr 72 U!?nnd Do,U" of Se'den? Withers ?. Co's Ceruhcatpg ot Depojiie. , . , HAMILTON G. FANT, Banker, feb 16~3t 43a Pa. avenge.' CIGARS .'?TOBACCO! "JAMES E. POWERS, Colucbia Place, corner of "eTfnth street and Louisiana avenue, ha* iu?-t received the(most extensive and varied a?sortment ot Cigars toJ* tound in this city, and invites ail who desire anything in his line to call on biro. All the favorite brands of Cigars, besides several new ones, can be found in hia stock. A larg* supply ot ?? Rough and Ready ? Tobacco also received. feb 16-eoA* St5) WARD.?Strayed from the premise vlPc/ of Jaines E. Johnson, on 4# st south three COWS, one white Buffalo, one black EHP* horned, and one r?'d speckled cow horned BQh The abova reward will be paid for any information s?> that I can get them agaid feb 16 3t* CARUSI S SALOON. GALAXY OF JUVENILE GENIUH, THE BOON CHILDREN. The-e celebrated children, three in number, ANNA 1BABBLLA, I. OU A GORDON, and MORDAUNT BOON, Will give an ? y'ertaininent at CAKUSrS SALOON, FRIDAY BTBNINO, Feb 16 In which they will appear in some of their favurite characters. Tenth scene from JULIUS f Kg AH. ?ru,us Lora Gordon Boon <-asius Anna Isabella Moon MACBETH. ,?cl>eili ....Anna Isabella Bioii Lady Macbeth Lora Gordon Boon HOBBY MOOS, SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL. And conclude with the Song of the LOW BACKED CAR, And a genuine Irish Jig. Admission 30 cents.?Children half pricc. Doors open at 7?commence at 8 o'clock. feb 16 POTATOES AND APPLET JUST received and for sale? 1000 bushels White Mercer Potatoes 5000 do Eastern Mercers 100 do do Pink Eyes 150 bbls assorted Apples MO boxes Messina Oranges 100 do do Lemons 600 lbs Gwhen Butter, a verv superior article By T. H. EVANS k CO., ^P04' Pa? av., Washington, feb 16?3t (Organ) ANOTHER GOLDEN SHOWER! Hundreds bi-ini still unable to procure admission to the Golden Soiices of the great MACALL1STER Another mill greater in value will be given at Odd Fellows' Hall SATURDAY EVENING, Feb. 17th. Gold Jewels, Six splendid Watclie*, Ring*, Brace - lets, fcc.?value 9435 ; 55 rplendid gills altogether will be given may free. Still no increase iu the price ?f tickets. TicktU only 50 cents?to be had at Gait & Br*.'a lewclry Store. Pa avenue, where the. presents may be xeeu; at KirkwooJ House, and Odd Fellows' Hall, day and crening. Tickets limited to the alze ot the hall:' Huy in time or you will again be shut out. feb 16?2t? * SOIREE DANSANTE, AT C A R U S 1 ' S SALOON MONS COCHEU begs leave iuforin Lie ladies a id geutlfiueti of this city that in consequence ot the iuclemency ot the weather his 8t iree that was to be last Monday will take place next Monday the lUth instant Mons. C. takes this opportunity to announce to the parents wishing to have their children taught in the true art of Dancing and Waltzing, that his last session for the season iijuM coiumeuccrt, and would be happy to receive a couunuation of their kind patronaga feb 16 Si* C. WABRINBB, WATCHMAKER, NO. S30 PA. AVENUE, Between Ninth and Tenth atreeta Washington, a. c. feb 14?dtNov4? CIDiR, POTATOES, Ac. JUST received from New York, per railroad a few barrels of Clarified Champagne Cider wfairh I h..e fo, d,.u,h, at SO e5S^VJ5?T* bushd' * ' Mercer Poutoes at #I 75 per Prime Baltimore cured Hams at 12* cents n?r i?. together with , general asaortment^ of SSf ELiv Groctries, whic.i I am constanMv y * fcb ^^ 'rr0^' ?4 7,h my feb 16-3t GEO. W. it KK^f.v GREAT ATTRACTION fPHE artist fer the purp.?c ui inftinLi-' , I siylr nf Crayon DaSJEKRE( >TYp?2 wilM^ one aell tne above stvle of iniLTtlkj * fbr the low puce of ONE DOLLAR piCtUre* <mT h ?'??!?! No VANp.^?.N?8 ?*P>crrean Gillerv, f?b 1^-J^ M corntir ^ si. [ni?*0L.CT10B nr OOPARTIBB* MS SHIP.?WOOI>WARD h. OUT, by mutual consent h**t thM day dissolved copartnership. Ail Iptranas indebted to, or creditor* of th late firm, Will pt ???-<> rail at the old stsnd without dH?v. im L ih?*ir .rcotmm. fcb id?3l ? -ttir their Not t C Mm?Wf. beg leave to at ate that we bare this day purchased the entire at *rk of gnods o( the taw Arm of Woodward h. Guy. consis inc of Hardware, Stovee, Grates, he , and will continue Uie ustnees at the old stind of the late firm. JOHNSON, GUY fc CO., Pa. avenne. between 10th and 11th at*, leb 16 3t ? NOTICB.?C. WOODWARD bavin* sold on bis sfock to l< b .son Gn> ?t Co takee thia op portnaity of thanking hia friends and the public ten ernlly for their part patronage, and respectfully ao hcits a coatiauance of the same to the new Una. feb 16?3t t OFFICE or TBI INSURANCE COMPANY OF NORTH AMERICA, PHILADELPHIA, JANUARY 8, 18S5. BTATBREIT OF THE AIIRTB Of tbc Pros (dent a ad Dlractera al tha lnmraact Cnaapaajr ef North Amerlea, Publi*h?d in conformity with the provision* of the Act of AaaeSibly. MORTG tGES All of which hre ftrst Mortgage* $352,500 0' LOAN BONDS. 940,000 Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company, 6 V par 40,000 (X 10,000 Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company, 1853, & V 87 8,700 00 35,000 Lehigb Coal and Navigation Com pany, 5V per 25,000 00 1,000 Schuylkill Navigation Company'* Boat Loan, 6V 75 750 (hi 10,000 Schuylk II Navigation Company convertable, 1852, 6^P 75 7,500 On 50,000 Phila, City Loan " par -30,000 (X 25,000 Cincinnati City " par 20,000 (*? 19,000 Phfla., Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad Oo., jf lrt.oui (*? 20,000 Delaware and Raritan Canal Com p^ny, and the Camden and Am boy' Railroad and Transportation Co., 6 V par 20,000 ?0 11,000 Alleghany Connty, 6 V par 11.000 no 90,000 Penn. Railroad Co., 6 V par 20:(?nt? (m STOCKS. 63 shares in the Germantown and Ferki omen Turnpike Road Co.,50 3.15W uc 54 " Schuylkill Navigation Co. 20 1.0S0 IM' 53 " ? Prefeired. 1852, 23 1,06-J 00 50 ?? Union Canal Co.. 1852, 53 2,500 Or 35 M Ch->apeak> It Delaware Ca nal Company, 100 3,300 Ot. 85 " Lelnch coal and Navigation Company 50 4,250 r* 50 " Philaielphia Bank, 100 5,000 (M* 100 " North Pen wylvania Railroad Company, 50 5,000 CK 150 " Pt nneylvania Railroa-I Co.50 7,500 00 5 " Philadelphia a >d Havre dc Grace. Steam Tow Boat Com pany, 50 250 C< Cape 28 " Cape Henlopen Steamboat Company, 25 2 " Philadelphia and Savannah C.impany, 25 700 00 adeli Steam Navigation Co., 5^0 1,000 0 2 ?' American Sti amship Co , 500 1,000 00 MISCELLANEOUS. Real Estate, 22,000 < 0 I Cash. In Bank and on hand 15.927 <> Note* receivable 191.544 Of Policies, the premium of winch rt main unsettled and debt* dnc in account <3,267 ij f809,179 82 By order ot the Board: HENRY D. SHERRERD, Secretary. I1CORPOUATKD Iff 1794. Capital - - - $500000! MARINE, FIRF, AND INLAND TRjINSPOR TA TION ISS URJISCE. CHARTERPKRPITCAL. DIRECTORS. Arthur G. Coffin, William Welch, Sam'l W. J one*, Francis Hoskins, Edward Smith. H. Austin Allihone, John A. Br'?wn, E- Bow*n, Sam'l F. Smith, James N Dickson, ("harks Taylor, S. Morris Wain, Ambrose White, John Mason, John R. N*ff, Geo L Harrison, Rich'd D W??od, Francis R. Cope. ARTHUR G. COFFIN, President. Hrrrt D. Sikrrerd, Secretary. S. M. ReKK A N, Agent, corner Seventeenth street west and New York avtuue. feb 14?eo3.* LAW PARTNERSHIP. SUPREME COURT OFTHE UNITED STATES ROBERT J. WALKKK and LOUIS J A NIK have formed a c partnership under the name oi "Walker and Janin,-'for the argument ot' oas?*s m the Supreme Court of the United Siaiea, at Wa4i ingloncity, wbeie both will attend throughout tie future sessions ot that court. They may be addressed at Washington, N. Yor? or New Orleans. jan 19?Mta* WATCHES! WATOUES! IF YOU wish a warranted timekeeper, at a reasonable price, yon are invited to calL and examine uiy felect^d stock' of fine English and Geneva Watche* for I idiua an?' gents. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th 4s. j an 18?eotMar4 Table cutlery, albata forks-axi SPOONS, kc. Just received large assortment of" superior TA BLE CUTLERY of every variety. Also, every style of th?* finest quality ALBATA FORKS, SPOON8, TEA SETS, CAKE BAS KETS, CASTORS, kc? which will be found the best substitute for real silver ever discovered. M. W. GALT h. BRO. 394 Pa. ave , hetw. 9th and 10th at*, frb 13?6t (News) SILVER PLATED WARE. COMPLETE Coffee Sets, Castors, Caks and Fnu Baskets, Waiters on white metal. Table, lie sert, aud Tea Spoons and Forks, double and tri|4, ptared on Albata, the best substitute lor silver, wii ranted and told by II. SEMKEN No. 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and lOt.i *t jan 19 A BOOK OF GBEAT VALUE ft IK 1KB EST Cyclopedia of missions, by Rev. iia<ve> Newcomb, 1 vol., large octavo, donbie columns 784 pages ; prio- J|3. Embracing a compreheifeivt vtew ot a 1 the Missionary operation* in the World, with geographical description", condition of the mi evangelised, he., together with the reiiciou* move menu of the age, under an alphabetical arrange meht, illustrated with thirty-two Missionary Mnp " The Cyclo|w.!ia of Mission*, by Rev. Harvey Newcomb, I regud a* a wo k of great permanent value. It contains wi<hin a moderate compi**, ami in a convenient form, a large amount of ju?i the kind of information, historical, statistical, end illus trative on the subject ol Missions, tvhich every Min ister, and erery enri'tian lav man needs to po^es^, and which could be gained only by laborious re search in books and documents, many of which are not easily accessible. Gro. W. Wood, Sec. A. B. C. F. M.M Agents for the District: GRAY At BALLANTYNE. feb 14 498 Seventh *C WATCHES, JEWELRY. SILVER AND PLA TED WARE, AT REDUCED PRICES. In anticipation ot the approaching du'l gg reason we offer our entire stock or elegant JHv GOLD WATCHES, RICH JEWELRY, PURE SILVERWARE, ?c., at greatly re duced rates Persons would do well to examine our assortment which is by tar the largest, most fashionable, and beat selected ever offered to our customer*. M. W. GALT fc BRO., 394 Fa. ave., between 9th and 10th feb 14-?t (News) SILVERWARE. AVERY pretty a**ortmentof Silver Coffee Sets. Pitchers. Goblets, Cup-, Creams, and all kinds of Spoons and Forks, and a variety of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for pre*ctils, via: Soup and Oval** Ladles, Crumb Scrapers, fish, pie and cake Kaivr?. Cream and Sugnr Spoons, etc., is offered at low pi ces, and warranted sterling. H SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet, 9th and 10th at*. jan 19 MR. BUSHNELL'S SCHOOL, So. 441 Thirteenth dreti, Mween F ami G tU )HE uezt quarter will commence on tiie l'Jth in stant. Circulars may be had at the principal bookstores, an 1 at the 8chool rot ms. feb 10 eo2w ? NEW POLKA. JUST published and for sale atHILBUSkHmt1 Music Depot, the TUNER'S POLKA. Compoaed and dedicated to Jacob tlilbos, Esq., by J. Eoputa, embeihahed with a beautiful and cor | ract likene^a of the veteratf tuner. Price SS cants Toe trade auppli* d on very liberal terms. feb 4?tf H. SEMKEN, JEWELER, Ma. 330 ai'swnr, hetwmm 9tA mmd ltMA Offers for sale a magnificent nanm DIAMOND JBWBLRY, Gold Braceleta, Breastpsna, J Wedding Rioo. FobTSVm Chaten, 8n^a Lock Ma. Pencils, Thimblea, Trinke *^iiTl^. Th'"w**?Trinketa, etc A" artMoe are warraotad a> rvpre A inn?mum b NATIONAL THEATRE. MR KEEN4N Hugs In*)! M inmmnrt to die Liiit* and Gen'tu men Of Washington. that be bus, after (ml MWiows roa^lfN hia Compuny, iM Ml mw enabled w? pro? ?lore, hi natllmi style, the r?Vv? Ul" T*f tic Drams, taliiM , . TRUE SOUTHERN LIFE; OR, UNCLE Ton jg HI IP! Thl? Great Moral Drama, with it* MIX TA ILKAI'X , AND THIRTY SCENES! Concluding ailk tbe ALLEGORICAL ASCENT OF EVA, I WiM ke presented for the Aral ime, lATVttDAV KVKHII9, jr?b. |fih. Tht ehamcter of EVA.tbe Flower ??" ihe South, by LITTLE LOUISA PARKFR, (<hJyt ) TV ri-ndiuut of till- beauufal rkanctn k) ? child ao young, kw famed the e?o?*mai of *11 the |irea? of Baltimore and Philadelphia, tad won for her the tula of the IIHIT PROPIQT. The Stage Department will he under rhe intmedi - iUr dutrtm of MA. JNO. WKATRR, late Manager ul Sarnum's Museum and Welch Hi National Theatre, Philadelphia runt or A?ni*?toH. Private Rotn +4 00 I >r?-? Circle and Parquette 50 Ticket* admitting a lad) and gentleman 75 ?>rcbevtra Seats 75 Second ni t Th r?i Tki tS I ckw' -d lidhry......**....... m.. .................... M Door* open at 7?to commence at 7\ oMork. fell 15?Iw A LARGE LOT OP FLAX SEED just received r\ and for salt- by " SAM'L RAOON h CO., feh 13 ."Vvcnth sc. and Pa ave. $101 KVt'AHD.-l^it, between Washing ton and \'? xandris, a email square HAIR TRUNK. The alwve reward will h* paid to any pvWHi wl?? wiH leave it u RENTER'S*, corner 6th *ireet and Pa. avenue. fob 15 St* NEW FANCY STORE." HUTCHINSON k. MUNRO have for aale at their n< w More, next door to Mw. Waller Harper b. Co., Pa. an>f, between Mi and 10th atreetn, every description m Pane) (i?od<. Perfume ry, llosery* <Woven, Porte Muauaies, Card Caet, Jewel ltoie?, lie. ? Alan, Metallic and Papier Maclie one and eifht day Clock*, Minlel < irnament*. be., Uigether with a large aseoitment of Shell Work the whole of which will he solo at the |*weet New York price*. HUTCHINSON k MUNRO, 310 Pa. ave., hetw. Wh and I9lb au. feb 15 Iw (Organ 3t) FEKUCH LAH0UA0X AMD DEAWIMO A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, a graduate nf th* University of Pan*, ia desirous k> fiw LES SONS in hi* native tongue, and DRAWING to school*, classes, i r private pupils ia this otty and vicinity. H* is alao willing to give complete in?tn*c tion in the above branehe* in tompen?au n of board in a respectable family of t)u? city. 1 he advertiser feels confident to undertake the foil .wing engage in-'Dt. via : If after a course of 40 lemons bis pupil has not acquired the fhcility of speaking an<4 under ?landing well the French, he will continue to give instruction free from charge. The highe* teatimo nials of character and success in t?a< buig will be given. Address "P V," at this office. feb 14?lw* WAtBIJOiOX 4 ALSXA*DftIA~~ (STE*MBOAT?The rplendid and _^commodious steamer GEO. PAGH will resume her regular tnpa THURSDAY, Ftbru ary 15U-. Great attention pa-d to Preight. Fare FIVE CENTS. Latham's splendid line of Coaclie* connect with the bw. E. A. RYTIIER. Captain, feb 14?7i* ILF.3'REGISTER FOR AMERICAN STATE Papers.? A conp! te set of N lies' Register, 76 vol*, or any other Rooks will be given in exchange for the ?* American StNte Taper*" and h American Archives," or they will tie purchased at a liberal price. TAYLOR k MAURY'S feb 14 Rook*tore. near Ninth street. CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE PERSON'S wishing to decline housekeeping, and d^Kirin; to avoid the trouble and < ipense of an auction, we will, if called upon, pu cbaae tbetr en ure stock ; or.those having a surplus of articles in the boo* keeping line, will And u* at all tune* pre pared to pay the hirhest cash prices for such arti cles as they mav wish to sell. Call at BONTZ h. COOMBS. Cheap Furniture Store, Seventh street, between I and K uiteu. feb 14?3t A SLAVE MAN FOR HIRE ? Enquire at room No. 'JO, first fioor of the General Post Office Building. feb NEW RESTAURANT, Pranayivanla avrna*, North nde, bettreen Third and Four and* kmlt d?. (Formerly the Metropolis,) NOW THK ELDORADO RESTAURANT. / \CLEMENT REYNOLDS, I RJ (late of Willards' Hotel,) Begs to inform his friend* and the public generally, that, having leaatd the hou?e formvrly know n ns the Metropolia Restaurant, two doors above United Htate* Hotel, noili side Pa avenue, lie has re fitted, le-lurnished, and re organized the same in a neat and handsome style, uudrr the name of lite "ELDORADO RESTAURANT!? where he invite* tb< ni to call, a? he can furnish them wiih first qinliiy Liquor*, ?urli a* II It A N Ul ItS. WlllKKlKS, CUHIMAL8, \\ 1 X KB, ALKf, dkc. ARID CIGARS. f?i evny l.iand and to suit all tastes. His long experience in this business at Willard*' and cl-ewliere, justifi -a him in assuming to have such thorough knowledge of it as will enable him to present unsurpassed attraction to bis VMtutra. (IIS EATING SALOON will at nil iiiue* contain every delicacy ibe market aiul season afToid*, selected with an ? ye to quality an<l which will b?' prepared by a ma*ier1> hand. He ha.- organized h<s ?- tah!i?i.iuent so iliat geatlc m<* will alway? enjoy quiet nitbtiit ob ruaion by any one. and i? determined that it shall always si Dibit order, enmiort, and rase, combined with ele ganoe and every attention ln>m those in his t uint^y. feb 15?if 1 DISSOLUTION. ^HE partnership of Barron k * irine is lios <i*v _ dissolved by mutual con<?>nt. All account* d ue tiie concern must be paid to II. Rarron, he being au U hi need tn clone tlie buainens o| tbe firm. HENRY BARRON, February 3, lfeV>. THOS. ORME. Tbe undersigned w wild respectfully request an those indebted to the concern to come forward and settle their bills by tRe 6th of March, as it ia very important to linn to have tbe busines* cloned by thai time.. All account* left over at that time will be p?t into the hands of an officer lor collection. All ae counts dne by the concern will please be presented for payment as smn as po<a We, as I am ready at any time to meet the same. HENRY BARRON. P. S.?Tlie undersigned wouli respectfully say to all tlie customer* of the late firm, and the public generally, that there will always lie kept a stock of Wo id and Coal at the <dd stand, Green street, and ?olioits a share of public pntron-ige. Believing U to b ? be?t for both Ni>er and seller, be has determined to make the term* cash, or on short time to punctual customer*. THOS. ORME, Agent fob 5 Great indvcicments. CANFIELD. BROTHER fc CO . 1)19 Baltimore atreet, Baltimore, W., Oiler to buyers, previous to taking ibeir annual ac count of stock, a large stock of neent'y imported g Kids, ruch aa WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER WARE. JUSOt* sad Plate*t Qosds, C'lirti, Brtue, 1'?-???, Mmmrml Boxm. Dresden Chimm, dr . AT PRI CES TO 8UIT THE TIMES, WtTHOUT Alt QjjJLD TO COST. jan Jl-tr NEWS FOR THE~MILU0N. MESSRS. RYDER at PLANT have Ukea the old and well known confoetionery establish ment, No. 4VV Seventh stmet, opposite Odd Fel lows' Hall, where they will be most happy lo receive their friend* and the public generally. We will keep consia iljr un band a cboscc aeiec tion of all kind? of CONFECTIONERY ADo, dealers in foreign and domestic FRUITS, of all kinds. We hope by a strict tuenl>o? to buaineaa to win th:approbation of our friends, and merit a liberal A. ? am dies supplied on the share of patronage generally. N. R. Bull*. Partfea, and Pi mt reasonable and satisfactory terms, at the est notice. RYDER A PLANT. feb <?tf BAIDI8 H0UI1 or FAlio ft VOVBtX, Opposite Cwdfed Statm 7Vresnrj T>ONPS, Stocks and other securities fa.and sow. Interest at th* rate of six per rent per annum at lowed on depiwtb. wb?a Mt !?? tO dap* *r Innnst )aa H tfc .

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