Newspaper of Evening Star, February 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 16, 1855 Page 3
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evening star. local intelligence. t"?* Boo* CatLDRKA ?These pleariax little mil" rn* in ?"r dt7? 4nd *? o?n not raii.t calling to them tha atUatioo of all true lor?r? of tha drama They ara tha moat chaste d^%ton * chanuMari wa hive ever seen. Tha versatility o' tbef- ?? nine ia astonishing Miss Julia Daan and Dajanport will have to .bare their laurels with V??|the ?r th? ?uter??a erea ,BIWD*n-B?"j and play ^ ? chud-hka glee and fun, sudien'y transformed, at It were, into that vindictive ?nd incarnate fiend, Lndy Macbeth a. Ill ESTiBt0 the ear of tk* ^ !k J .i Ul* boa band, (who is personated b,- the older ?i>ter,) paaaion, ambition and thTLSLTJ^ vf*i?B*at*d lh* one forget. iiiir h#r ta *? *b? School for 8eandal theaa children are inimitable aa Sir Peter and Lady Tea?!e And in Komeo and Juliet, where all la lore ??d ?entimeat, the elder aiater, with ber gon. 1 tie beauty, i. so feir a Jaliet, that we woader w a mere child in years could have attained *> true a conception of thai sweat, womanly character. ao beautifuliy portrayed by the "immortal bard.'* Traly ?? it ia childhood'a lip and cheek mantling beneath the earnest brow of thought." Their graoeful attitudes, pei feet elooution, and simplicity of acting no doubt amply repay their mother for the fnde f*Ufi*ble attention ahe has bestowed on them We hope oar eilisens will liberally patron "Ivf"1 p*r,u?,? Saloon will ha well filled on this and tomorrow evenings. H^r*a^l'L.LASTwNl?aT PT#D 44 Forrest Hall, Georgetown by the George Washington ' ????**??? delight to the large company fT",LV w#r*ona hundred and fi'ty i-.V/.V r?*IU mt9P m *ben the feeti-i of *h? ???Ding opened, among them be ing qaita a number of the representatives of the beauty and gaiety of Waahington. The Georgetown ladiea, always celebrated for their m #il bearing, as well aa their ???f*?* ?ppearance on such occaaioni, aerer appeared more intereating. eotfnn^K^iU?bu> w" lh*c^rer andScolt's ^bJttii- discouraedtbemuBis; qu.drilles, Er ^ ' "d WJkl,,6f danced 7 **7 **d happy a company aa could ba. antil near tha break of day % During the evening we noticed on the floor member. of the Empire Club. Nightingale p!Bw' -^**blngton Pioneer club cuk^H, oii,"7,c""'' Club, btar Club, and a large number of the ; ?gle Club, of (Georgetown. Cpiiositib. or raa Paib -Among the cu r ar* tb? following: Two !? W^e of black loamfmiied with straw and baked in the ?un ; one . m. d ern. picked up on the banks of the Nile, a "a rl??7 'Vth* 6r " Ter* ?n??nt, dug <.ut ?Jt*pe#r -jJ v contributor, from tbe SrMk hi-Jnln UorodotM. tba oldest JJreek but onsn mention. and says was built by Asychis. who reigned one huodred veir* before AOraham'griait to Egypt ihe straw '* *"? ? P?f?? ? if mid. ,,.uri.y Goat skin water bottle, u?ed in the deecrt by the contributor. The warer in the skin is ^ fr?,n th# "d la pweet md toil In the warmest dav Chr\mt IW? laddie b,i"e br?<Sbt lD ?!d b0t,lM Deaert wddle-bags, made of camel', hair ?loth which John the Baptist wore, and which ia the sack cloth of Scripture. Pieoes from'g .. ?lir77jr," ?jMBthaemane The wood of the atumpa is gnarled withoat bark, hard aa a flint, and ia " nu- j?"m> """"t <?<? g Stompa may haye been there in Chrht'a The topa have often been cut off and uted out again like the willow. A apeci of stereotype printing aa practiced amon* ?a old Lgypuans Tbe^ intir^ting arS.l2 were depoaited by Key George W Samson ? . foojfjrraicATnp 1 Bcbglaus About?A family on M stree? a f*wgh .bMd lh0ir snd tran ^?'llty dis urbed by the piercing screams of the inmates of the euhaary department. The facta are theina : About 10? clock, tbe servanta TV* *'.*r"^ by tbe appearance of an indi vidual in the house whowas an entire Strang er, and only there by self-invitation. Mis ob 11 V togain tbe upier Tories, where he ceuld eonceal himself till all *r#UI \*? M aoooInP|i*h his purpose of theft and robbery, undiaUrbed anti unmolest S..a?v 7^ IT P^^bility of his diacovery. But the individual, after hit diacovery. beat a th# acr?ams of the servanta ?ounding in hu eara like the whisting a pia ol ball. I think this is a sufficient caution to all Imag on the unper streets to fasten their doori aoon after dark, aa we frequently hear of robbenea committed under aimllar circum Wbster.i Hosa Compact, No 1?Thia new ajaocianon of young men, organised in tbe p Ward for the service of the ci iaens and to aa?ist each other in seeking uaeful informa gzlxzt0 Pro,P?ring greatly, increaa. lag in numbers, and axe using ever* means to deserve the good wiahea and aaaiatance of the ? LMM',k t.\U" meeting of the company, held m their library room, tbe followin/gen tlemen ?ere eleoted officer* for the ensuinz term: W. Rigglea, president; E H Hanlev j" Ed'Wda, secretary ; j! b smith, assistant secretary; f. T. Wilson ?dTU; L.c T and C W. Drury, auditors; J. II. H??el. J K Spalding and J P Hughes directors. PlCKPOCEBTS AT THE PAia- La at, niffht u hU^h#r J>ocket-book Btolen from her while parsing through the hall of the Inatitu rh.?^/r ?no'ber bad her pocket picked in the afternoon. Captain Davir hearing of the ceee^ went immediately to the Inatitu: ion, and began a sesreh lor ibievea and eame odob two ,rriCBi' 7i? h6 fcrre'l?d ?d eon. vwyed to the guard hou.e Thia morrnre they were examined before Capuin Bi-eh who ?> them to the county jail t0 await ; final examination 1 hey gave their namee as Dennis creman and John Donnely, are quite young, and appear to ba intelligaat. n - ^ ? [comicaiCATa? Banap ron tbk Poob -Will you suggest to your numerous subecribera, that they supply themeelvea with bread ticketa to give, inatead ?ODe,7? *0 the applicants for eharity. Thia may aave some trom the temptation to uae tbe reoejve for that which only render. tha fate of their familie. woraa. No doubt, osrchantaWe bakers will uak. ? de-Juotion ib the pneeof ikketa if told Ibey are to be glveei to the poor. " II ? 8f lbs dip K Arrt a ?<?ur readers will bear ia mind that the liat of chanees in the splen did raffle for the automaton singing bird val ??d at $1.M0, with four very superior jr< Id watehea. ornamenied wi tb diamouda, ia rapidly filliag ap We advise all. therefore, to aPI,|y mmediately at the e?ablishment of Meeara.! Hiibua k bita, Star Buildings, whara the arti cle. eaa be aeen and inspected. I a Apditiox to tha ackaowledgemeat. al? [??dy made, the " Washington Highlande a" have to thank hia Excellency the British Mm. Vh* llb*?? donation of $10 for the relief of the poor, enclosed in a graceful note. They have also to thank their Colonel (W. ?/q..) for a iiiniUr doDAtion PcaaiSBiau Uorsa -Our friend, in tbe Northern part of the city should not forget that ^eears Bontt A Coomb., Seven b .treat, near I heap oa band everything in the houa? faraiabing line which they are prepared to diapose of ob the moat reasonable term, tj|fe them a call before porebaaing elsewhere. Still Abotbbk ? Aa Maoalluter a Soiree waa agaia oruwued, and hundreds actually en able to ebtaia admission long before the time of parformanoe, he gives another, Saturday tbe 17th, will greater in valae?$4!5? and 56 golden gift. Again we say, buy ia time, or agaia ycu will aa ah?i out. Pub at Albxabpbia.?We leant that the form of Maaars. Suliivna and Harrieon, at Alexandria. Va, were destroyed by fire la.: right. The joe* ;. estimated at $10 009. The fire 1. thoagbt to have beea tbe work of aa is-1 ?A Poo* Mxcuasas.?Visitors to the fair aboald be eutiott with whom they leave thaii orereoets, ulw they obtain a ehoek for it Last eveoiag, a gentleman fata aeoloredssaa ?ham of Hi ooat, when on leaving aad in Jinlriag for it, mm on* oIm had taken it, aad ?ft i most valueless ono tn its plaee. Thoes who go thara to practioe raoh disheaeatj should ua a litUa mot* oaation than was ex hibited on thia occasion, for on examination ol tha poohali, papers war* foand thereto gijing i clna to tha party. Wa would, thsrafore, mound him, to avoid tronhla, to ratnni the oo%t to tha door keeper withont delay. II ifl dangerotis sometimes to leave papers in one i pockets. - . ... A Villain ?S-jmo heartl^es villain scot a filthy valentine to ? joeng lady of excellent character, who reside* in the Seventh Ward Lnchily the father received it from the letter earrier, and aaapicioning it was net a proper one, opened it and saved the blushes of his daughter It is a great pity, indeed, that the villain ia unknown, aa be might reeeive from the neighbors a auit of elothas that would teach him better manners. Arrsvrr at Bnn?LAnr.?Ofltoers Kitcher and Sedgwick, of Georgetown, arrested a young aian named Wm Whit a, upon ausni cion of being oonoerned in the attempt to rob the atore of Mr Linthicam, in Georgetown, on Wednesday night last Hs was oommitted to jail bj justice Reaver. We are informed that the circamstaaees ar? very strong agaiaat him. Alaum op Finn ?Aboat 11 o'eloeh last night aa alarm of ire was caused by a light that suddenly illuminated 'he sky in the direction of Alexandria. The firemen roshed to their rendesvons to assist the sufferers, bnt finding the fire *o distant and the roads in ruoh bad oonditien, they decided not to go, and return eU the apparatuses to the booses. Finn Cigars.?James B Powers, Columbia Place, eorner of Seventh street and Louisiana avenue, has sent ns a bundle of excellent flavored o'gart. Thij gentleman keeps on band a fine assort met of everything in tha tobaoco line. Wavcn Revo***.? 1 .hn Donnelly, laroeny; jail. Dennis C rem an, do do. Frank Haw kins, slave, out afier hours; dAsmiwed Articles at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Intbttte. It is our intention, under this beading, from day to day, as space will permit, to give a description of the many useful, ingeneous and excellent articles on exhibition. Throughout the Fair this inventive genius of American art and skill may be seen, and a short deli neation thereof cannot fail to interest the reader. Saddle* and llarntts ? Hitherto it has been thought that in this branch of business we were unable to compete with Eoglish manufacturer*; but an examina'ion of the work of Luta 4 Beall will dispel this errone ous impression. They exhibit a race saddle, which, for beauty of workmanship, cannot be excelled. It weighs but one pound ten ounoea They alao display a set of harness, which af fords further evidence of 'he excellence and superior manufacture ot this house In addi tion. there are two gentlemen's sadd'es which will bear the closest scrutiny, and may be pro nounced to be nt plus ultra. Some magnifi cent leather trunks are also deposited by them, the whole of which are manafaotured by the*e enterprising young men at their establishment adjoining the National Hotel. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. YVHiarda* lle:al-&. t ktc. wiiuit. W H Ward, NY II hi J E Ward, ?i W Burroughs, jr, do EC Anderson, do J Levering. Mam J B Garim, NV E Fontaine li 8 Mo-her a la-ly, fio H King, NY J B D La-ier, do J A Thomaa, do Miea A Rockwell, do Hon J Brook, do Miaa M Lanier, do Mr Kidler do J Giting*, Md 8 t'arpenter, do J M Mott, NY Hon R It. bie, Ct C A Mott, do Hon Mr Pea>lee, Mnsa J Osgood, do Mr Knlder, Mass Browns' Ratal?v. ?. k a. aaowa, W Finhedly, Wu A L Kidstow, Ct J F. Gould, Pa C Alwater, jr. do A Pryrot, NY J C Su rime, NV 1) McDonald, SC DrWC Wilkin*, Mi B C Cutnming*, NY DA Aiubler. ?C G W Anderson, Pa II D Bank, re Mis* Llghtfcot, Va C A Fox,do W Poole, NY M Wiimer, do C Shay, do Mr Lockwoort. do J Murphy, Md Mr Conoell, do W O Steele, NY R Moore, NY W G Arthur, do F Sim, Md R W Higgins, AU J 8 r>uit, do W C Lillard, Tenn R D Arnold, do 0 R Pegram. Pari* J M G McLeod li family, Va J McLeod, do K tr te wood Iloaaa-J. n. fc a. iniwA1)* C S Sheffield, NY I C Stanard. Va C M Samuel*, Pa W J Meeoh, NV A L Den wood, do M Curt', do 1 B*lt, Va H 8 Mother, do R Hemphill, Pa Mr# Mother, do W R Gihaon, O 8 M iamM, Man J Daniel* a son, Del R T Holt, Ga B Go^dard, Ma s J W Hodden, Md Mrs Goddard, do P V Momla, do Mrs Richard#, do 8 II Robinson, Pit T Brooke, Md 8 A Royaton, do J W Stanton, NY W II Wlfg, 8C 8 8 Smallw???d, Ma'* J >1 Hall, do 8 P Cook, do Ui-lted State* Hotel?a. a. atr-ssn. J Glo**on, Md W R Kinchelo, Fla W W Dover, NY A Johnson, Tex J Thomas, Fa FA Kamadge, Kansas J William*, do J A Richards, La J Eddy, RI G W Eaverson, Md Dr Hill, Va G W Lentx, do W Huuon, Pa J Piatt, do FA >ohn?on,0 J B Beck, do f H Scott, Ml J Wright, Pa Ransleit Hoa??, Alexandria, Va a. hbwtow, raoeaicToa. H M Simib, Cal H C Wat kin-, Va R F Coalman, do E B Powell, do II L Turoer, DC J J Haydon, do J D Shafer, Pa J C Whitnell, Ny C B Smart, Va Mr* Gillingham, do Dr R C Amiiler, do G Cook, Va J O Marr, do - J K Varshall, do R H Dulmiey, do C G Mortimer, jr, do E W Pitman, do WW Herbert, do B Lodrr, NY 8 A Chancellor, do Wants. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITU A lion n* waiter in a pnvate family. Any on# wanting a p*r*<n will pleaae leave their ad?lr?*i.s al Otis sws. icb 19?It* 14, ANTED -A WELL UIUWN BOY TO V V lnarn tbe Printing haMiiemi Apply to tb< ^utMcriber, Pa. avenue, between Tenth and M?** entlwtreel* W. II. MOORE. leb 15-31* AN'lElllMMEDIATKL.Y?AT THE H<>8 vv pital for the m*an'>, one rook, two washer women and one chambermaid. Good wagn> giv?n 1 leb 14?31 SPLENDID RAFFLE. WILL be Raffled for aa soon as tiie r?qui?itr number of Chance* have been taken, Uie lol [ lowing spleiMi d and co^Uy article*, via: ' 1st Pnxe. One splendid gold I'auer Weight, containing aa Autonaioa Singing Bird and Pday CbrowNueter, ino?t beiiuufully decorated and adorned with en.unelle<l Pa in lings........1 ^ Hi 4d Pnre. One Lady'a Gold Watch, richly aet with Diamond* an J Painiing on Enamel... i'.l1 | 3d Priae. One Lady's Gold Waicb, richer *? I with Diamontia, and Painting <;U E< amel . I Ji 4tli Fr'ae. One Geni* Full Je weled Patent Lever (witli Compensator) col I Hunting Watch **?????????????? ????????????????<???? ? 10/ I inh Priae. Lady > Gold Hunting Watrb, dully cha?e?l.. Ui Toral value These will be Two Hundred Chancea, at Ten Dollars each The ralfl? will take place at Hilbm h Hits' Mu sic Depot, Star Buiidiu(pi, corner Pa avenue ami Uth -trcet, where Tickets can be procure and thr articles are on exbibitioa. P? raons de>-iruua ol puesessiug some of the bio.-i superb articles of workmanship ever exhibited, liav* now an opportunity n(Ter?xl th? m of obtaining aocli at an extreuiely low ptke. I "alt and examine for v<ur<?lve? at the Mu>k De l^it till.HI'S a IIIT/, t*lM( Itnil lingii, b-tw?-en me nour.< ot >1 u'clock a. ui. an<i 6 p. ui. feb 7-U SELDEN, W1TUER8 k CO. HANK NOTEd will be taken a? ea^h rates fiv P-?. HlanV Books, Pancjr fiords, Envelope*, and r.ll "ther >'m<" of Suttonery, by - WM. F HAVLY, Ne. 9t ? F?. svenv9il*e?. IIih and Itib ata. MMl [Conci-ieUd from fomtk page.] 18821 From Richland City by Fexton villa, Bfah laad Ontn, Rockbridge, Faaey Oraak ?i ?J*-* Yinoqna C H, 48 mile* aadbaek, Lmt* fciehland OKy TatKhr at 6 a m Arrive at Vinoqua 0 H aame day kjrlpn Leave Ylnoa a ? C B VtelneaJay at ? a ? ,. " R*hla?d Ottr raaaa day by A am 18822 Prom lidffij tj Prlmroca, 88 bUn lid back, oaoa a week Leave Kidmy Thuraday at 8 ? m ??'T,Jf ?r#* we day by 8 pa ^^Primoaa Trfiay at8 a a theOataaayoa rivar, Mkhi^^rlnfln)* M nneaota Alnatnn. Ai'fC Donjr lass, Hoo'htia, ? ni A1 .ocquln M nwlirniS too on Tor a?" La\e. Vagie hlv?r, and Ragle Harbor, to Copp-r fla bor, ? m'leaand back, onoe a week Bidder* will erate the dietAnoe and nam* a ach dale of deperture* aad arrival'. rr^poeah by the trip tor seiv.ce from No v. alxr 16 to M*y 16, in ea?h year, ara la nUd. 18824 Prom Pi hltrd City by Read'a Mll'a Pad axe aod W<*t ft trie to Ne*port on the Mia nmippi river, 67 mt!a-> ant baeft, once * Vitk I<eeve Richland Cl!y Twadty at 6 a m at Newport next d >y by 8pm L*ave Newport Tbur*d?y at 6 a m Arrive at Llchlan 1 City next day by 8 p m. INDIANA FVom Ju'y 1,1866. to Jutu 3>, 1868 ) U748 From Alexandria by Pnatville, Indepeo deaceand Jonee'a M ill to Jerome, 23 aul*a and back, onoe a week L*e a Alexandria Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Jerome same day by 4 p m Leave Jero me 8a arcUy at 8 a m Arrt't at Al Xaadii? Nune d y bj 3pm 147*9 Prom Attica by Haine*villa, Andrew ?dMn?Ur>ve, vor Parriah Giove,; to M ll foid, ill., ?3 mi e? and back, onoe a we*k LeeVe At ica FrLUy at 7 a m Arrive a' Mill.ord same day by 8pm leave Uitlford SatuiHay at T a m At rive at Atti a pnm"Uay by 6 p m 14760 ?-Cju Bo >oab -rough (eupj o el Pittab riugh.) Fayette, aid i'bnrnl ytv He, t> Lebanou, 1( mile* and back once a week Le*ve Boenabosoogo F.kl y at 7 a m Arrive at libation aame day by 11 m Leavj L banc u Fritay rt 1 p m , .-^r-T" at ??neoorough ram d?y by by fl p ra From Mrulo'a X Roads, by fietr>an, and Rua ee.l a Mills, to Covlngt n, 28 mile; aad back, once a we. k. Leave B un's X Eoadi Friiiy at 7 a A Arrive at C.vingtw rmn da/ by 4 p in J/-ave (J vington Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Br^ln'* X Koadi aame day hy 4 p n?. 14(6; From C.rlifle, by L nton, tj Worth ngton, 26 in lea and ba k, oar.j a'week. Leave Carlisle Fr d y at 7 a m Arrive at Worti i-'guin same day by 1pm Leave Wtrthmgrou aturday at 7 a m Arrive at Ciriiult Mnt day by 4 pm, That f-criion cf itisioute between Uubnaid Worthing oa tppxars to lie coV rel by ? xiat log fervi'-e; ii po, it may not be let. I'r ?p.> ^ ? 'tvi^ :or ae vice between Carli. l* and Liu ton 14763 From Clinton L?<? by Clinton. Indian F r naee, a d Bald in vll e, to Pan*, 111, 'U m le? and ba*k, oncej week. L??ve Clinton Lotk t riday at 9 a m Arrive at Pari* aame day ?y4 p m Leave Parti Sa'.urdiy at 9 a m Arrive at Clinton Lxk lanit day l>y 3 p m. 14754 Pr m JCl'aaUtcwn, Obio, by Harrison, Ind , Drewer.burg, aud PLi anthropy, t'hio, M?xer vile, Ind^ Conr. r.g, aod Co!hgi Corner, Ohio, and Q <dwin'a etore,'ind, to bvv hy Mi.e, 4>m.l?s and back, once a we*k. I^eave Klizabfthtovn Fiid-y at 5 a m Ariive at Be cnv Mire earn ? day by 7 p m Leave heecby Mire tatnrd y at 5 a m Arrive at ICiixaoetbtown t-tme d?y by 7 p ni 147?5 Krom Fa ro unt t ? Jerooe (luea.) JH nulos and ba k. ooc* a week. L?ave F irmou t F;iday at 9 a jn Airlv a; Jrroin^ naine day by 3p m Leave Jerome Saturday at 9 a m Arrive at Fdlrmo^nt day by !t p m. 14ict F.ora Flint to Orlatd, 8 UiIn anj back oi**e a weel. Leava FKnt Saturday at 1 r in Arri/e at OrianilHami day by 3 p m Le ive Orlaod Satariay at 3? p m Arriv- at Hi it same oay by 6^ p m. 14757 From Fort W yn-, by WariUg and Troy Fet tl*mei.t3. to l iberty M.lLs, 35 mile? aad ba^k, on*e a week L'ave Fort Wayne Friday at 8 a m Ariiv* at Li>>er'y Mil la Fame day by 6 p u 1 e?ve Liv?rty Mills Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at F..r Wayne ram? oay by 6 p m. 14768 Fr<>m Goehen, by New Pirn and Looke, to Plymou'b. 40 mil* aad bac i, on e a week. Le ve O *h*r, at 0 a m Arrive at P ymonth aam^ day ty 7 p m leave Mym^ulb .Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at G.a'<en . a-joe ('ay by 7 p m (T?w route appeart to be mosUy oovercd by No 14706; if to, U *eiU not be lit) 14769 Prom GrtencaaUe. by RujseMrille, Wave land, and Jackvuvil e, to Covngton, 10 BJil^e hui back, once a week. Leave Qrvencaetle Thu Mlay, at 7,a in Arrive at Cov nirton ext dav by 1 i m Leave Covington F ><?aj at i p m Arrive at Gi e?n<-ait)e n-'xt day by 6 p m 14760 From GtvenfielJ, by Harrington C^loaibu ., aod Mendon, to ?.d?n, 33J m'W and back, one* a week 1 eave, Pritay a' 9am Arrive at ISden Gume day by 7 p m Leave f den Saturday at 7 a m Amve at Greenfield aame day by 3 p m (PT'/pota * are inxriUd for tf.e tervice betwe'n G tenAe'd, by Harrington and Columbui, to Pin*I to t, 23 miles) 14'?1 From Green^l urg to BoFhville, *7 mllrp anl baca, '-00# a k Leave flre? n bu r Friday stS am Arfi't at Hu'hW le ? ame day by 6 p m L^Ve Ru.-hvi!le Saturday at 7 ? m Arrive at Gre?n?bnrg raie day by 4 p m 14761 Prm Pa;er t->wr, by Talton, I Ofwitv.lle. H wi t'a, W!nifor, Parker, FairvHw, aid Qiiin y, to f amde , 48 mlle^ and back, or ce a weak L. ?ve H*;-r^own Tburaiay at 7 a m Arrive at Camden n?xt <*ay by 11 a m L?av? C.mden Friday at 2 p m Arrive a Uagerstowa next day by ? p m 147C8 Frcm H- mil'on. ly Kichlaod. Yo?k, Clear Like, aod Camden No, to Beading, 30 r. ilije aad b?ek, once a week L- nvr ilaa ilton Friday at 7 a m AnSve at Heading same day b? 6 p m l-ear". Hra-iinn Sa nrday atT am A rive at IInm!lt"n aame dav bv 5 p m ll7tti From Mua:i gtonto Liber y MiJU, by Piank Bo:.d, 20 milee *#<1 back, onoe a week Leave Hn iti?gton Frida> a*H a in Arrive at L'b^rty Mill earoe day by 12 m Leave Lib-rty Mllli* Friday at? p m Arrive at Huntmrton ??me dav by 7 p m 14766 From Jerom?, by We?t f.ib^rty, B?ll<?, end Mblo*'.*, to Alrxaodria, 25 mile* anl back, one) a tree< I*av? Jerom* Friday a t am Arrire at AUlandriaa aam^ da? by 5 p m Leave Alexand ia Saturday at 8 am Arrive ht Jerome gam* o?y by 4pm 14763 Fr^ro taxing on. by New Fraokfort and Alpha, to i'aria, VO mi'ee and back, once a w ek L- ave Lexirgton Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at I'aria wuie day by 12 m Leave P*;ia ?ataiduy at 1 p m Arrive at Lexington a?me dav by 7 p m 14767 From L*tanon. by RliaaviUe, to Kirk'e X a-rala. 14 c lit, a> d, cnce a week Leave L baion fatnrd*y at 6 a m at Kirk'a X K' a 1* earn* day by 11 a m L ave Kirk'e X !lo?d? t'aiurday at 12 m Arrive at le-bauon i ame day by 5 p m 11768 From Lorka Station, by Bowdiaha'a Mdle. and Brighton, to Mongr^uinong, 11 mileaat.d beck, o ce a w ek I^ave L' rt'ation 8 -tur ay at 7 a m Arrive at Moagrqu noi.g aa<tie day by 10 a m L*ave Menu, qu uong Satu/day at il a m Arri<e at I onke Station eameOay by 'i p m 14701 Frraa Marion to Montp?lier, 24 l-i11m and one i a ?eek Leave Marten Friday at 8 a an Arrive at Mont; elUr mme day by 4 a m L ave M <ntp-1 er Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Marion aame day by,& p m 14770 From MartinaViile by Centreton to Moi ree ville 16 m lea and back, oaoa a weak Leava Mnrtinaville Biturda at 7 am Arrive at Mo re-vdlssame by 12m I eave Mo-re.iil e Saturday at I p m Arrive ?t Mart m<v lie ?am- day by 6 p m 14771 From Mount Vernon by lhomaa'a Mils, Mara!?nL'a Landing (on VVeat Bat>k of Grrat Wabaeh.) and New Hav.-n, 111., to Bal?igb,40 milea and ba:k onoe a - aek Leave Monnt Vernon FiViay at 9 a m Arrive at Bal?i?b aame d >y by 7 p m L?? ve Ralegh Paturuay a; 0 ? m Arr va at Mount Yei neu Mme day by 7 )? m 14772 Frcm Miidiebury to Vistula, 10 lull.# auid ba k. oiiv? a week Let^eMidilebury Saturday at lOau Arr v?- at Viacula name day by 1 p an Lajve Vistula Batnrday at 2 p io Ar>lvf at Middlebaay >anu day b; 6 p m 147'3 Prom Mnaci toaa by Sranrllia, Blackford, Mont;eli r, Bluff o and Orient* to Pott W?yee, 7' mil a aud b-ck, <n e a week L a ? Munde own Wedneeday | 7a a Arrive at for Wayne o*xt d-y by 6 p m la<T?i r.ivt Wa ? n? Pridav a* 7 a m Ar iTe a? Muni*?tr*n next l:y by 6pm {Thi* h<nitt, he mrsly cam ed 6y i-i vut; V I", ?t t; it H'tb lei ) 14171 I iiifi I UiJ b) Pi apect lu Miidiea, 1( ullai aid bark, onoe a weak L#ava l aoaa i acarday M 7 a m Arriv* at ch?i -am* day hy 12* L~?Te cbe bat iday at 1 p m Arnveat P~?L?mecay byopm 1,776 From PorUaad M Ua by nuaaaUvflle to Wa*?> land, if ali? Mi baok, im ? wm V?*T*Po?tlaa* M0U?atardayet8am Antra at VitiM mm it; by It a Leave Wivri<at aatnrdayail ?? Artivs at Portland MUHumL by Sam (WarffAA -z**- '??? 147T0 From Terrs Haute to Lewis, 20 aritaa and baek, onea a week* Laave Tarra Haute Fatorday at ? a a Antra4t L*wtosame day bvlla Lsare Lewia Saturday at 1 p a Arrhre at Terr* Haata Mate day by T p a. (lMinato aajmari to in wwM ty 1U?; it tci I rnttHut) 14177 From Union Ulty, by Tort lwotay, M ca doa, and Qelina, Ob o, to St Mary's, M afWs and beak, once a weak Laava Union C ty Tboatey at ? a a Arrtre at Ft Mary** aazt day by IS a Larva K *fary's F.l <ay at t p a Arrlva at Union C'ty naxt day by Tp a. Pr poaal'for taOaod tt* e time a week terries a-e lnvltel. 14778 From V *b>sh. by Inke'on, to W.raaw, 86 nil tS?'.d back* otce a a cab Leave Wabash FnCa? ai fl a m / rriee at V. a av a in? day by 6 p a Le?ve W?p?w Patu'Jsy at A a m Arrive tt W?baah nut day by 6 p m Ii77# ttom tipt >a. by Win llall, Jerma, X-oba. ank tumm-raet, to Wabash, 40 mi'?? and 0 k, cnceA week. Itave Tipton Fri av al fl a m Atriva at Wabash nna <*ay by 7 a a Lrav* Wabaah S^tuida- rdam A r.-ive at Tipton a? at day 1 y 7 p a. 14780 Froa Winnea?ac to Me4ary?rble, JO m l* and bock ono?a*erk. LeaV* vVir nrnj e Friday at Sp tt Arrive at M ?dai+s*il a.>ame day by 9 p a L-ave MedarysViil* Frldaj at 6 a m Arrive at W onrmsc name day by 12 in 1*781 From Hartfrr i C:ly t n (be ? o.*t d-rect r>nta, to W fraa, 18 mfl a anl btok, occe a we?k Leave f-artlbnl 0 it darurday at 6 a m ' Arrive at Warr n *-?nnrfay by IS a Leare W*rreia ffatt-f'ay at 1 p m Ar l*-at llattf M (1 y d*y by 7 p in; 14783 frm Knox, by Piqna ail t Gl tl MtaflOnl, to Bi?ar 8taik ooun'y. 31 m'L-aand* a wa-k. Iw Kboi Wain ?dav and aturiay at 6a m Ar lv? <(t KiTer .?iinar'aya 0*12 m L-are River Wedn- 5iaV am 8? nt i?j at 1 p m Afloat KarXmn aoaya by 7 p Hi. Proposals for thrn time? a vt?k servioe are in tit 1 MINNESOTA TERRITORY. (From Ju'y 1, 1851, to June 30,18 8.) 14024 From Pali* of St Anthony, bv Stephen's Mil e, at i.ake Minna onka. a&4 Walker's Landing, t ? ILnlarflon, 3 ? mil a and back, one- a woek. Lea*e Fills of St. Anthony Wednesday at 6 a m Arrire at Hendersrn name day by 6 p n L?ar?s Henlerron Thursday at 6 a a Arrive at F^lia vf St. An hony aama day by f pm 14025 Fr m Farribault, Minnaa. ta, ta Fort Atkin a >n, in Iowa, 113 aiilaa, cncs a wa*k Le?ri> Far' ioault .Motd ?y at 6 a ai A rira at Fort Ataintoa neat Iburtd>y by 8 p m L?*Ta Fort Atkins >n Friday aU a a Anira at Farribault nrxt Sunday by fi p ra Fid !er-t will naose be intarm?-iiat? offlcea to bf aapplled U026 tr< m Handerton, by Fort Ridffly, to tbe Bio jx Agency, 46 nWlas and baea, onoe a Week I rave Henieraon Tueaday at ^ a m Arri'ant 8ionx Ag??.cv next day by li m Leave Sioov Agenoy VV?Mln**l<iy at 1 p m Ardra at UeMde a n ant day by 6 p m 14027 From He<l Wing, on M fa a^iopi river, v.a Fa-rikau t, to Henderson, 80 mil-a and back, onoe a we k T*av? Red rting MnDdav at 6a m Arnrw at Port Kidgelj nt-r. W?dnea<iay br 6 p m I #?:>?.? Fort Rklgaly Thnr day at 6 a m Ar.* va at Ual Wing next St ur'a by o p m 14 >28 From Ht I'a .1 ti ^ort AtHinaon, !o*a. mi es aod bark, > ncv a ?eek Bid iere will aprcify a teb?da!e of d^partur^s and atrivala Pn?poaalr to ctd at Farrfbault ar? in vital 14U-9 Frrm St Panl, on >b? emigrant rout ,by Fo t R >geiy, to the Miaaoun rirar, 300mi'< s and a ek, ore- a m nth B JJ ti will n*m* a ecbe!ule of departure* and arrivals Propcpaia to commence at Fort Ridgsly are iu 14030 From Afl'.bony to Taylors Falls, 35 mi>s and back on e a veek L??ve ?H. Anthony Wednesday tl 6am Arr've at Tavlor'? F*'Ib ?a b? Jay by 6 t a l^a?9 Tay orV Falls Tiinr??ay at 6 a m Arnraa1 St. Antbmy same uaj by 6 p m. 14031 Fr m Traver.1* D^a Sioux to Arcadia, 55 miles : nd back, twice a mon'b L??r^ Travarre De? *iout on the 13t ani 15th ?f rorb mon;b at 6 a m Arrivoat ^rrad-aby tli? 2d snd lti.b cf svjbj month ty 6 p m Lea'e Aica.iiton the 3d and 17thof?ac*> montU at 6 a m Arriv? at Traverae d?i S'to x by the 4'b -nd 18th ovjthe : *?)? mosth by 6 p m 11032 From Wa' a b-ir by M'nn ^'ta C ty, sum* and Bro rcavil e to D coriab, Iowa 80 c. ilea and ba<-k. onra w^^k L itra Wabaa^ a* Tu' aiay at ? a m Anive at l4?t rrah day by 8 p m L??va Decorr??h Thor^ay a 6 * m Arri?e a' ** *b* baw day by 6 p nt Propria s to eiart from Br> wnavUle era In ad. NEBRASKA TERRITORY. (F'Wh Ju'y 1,1866. Ju t 30, 1?5?.) 1MW0 Fr-m N braska C ?y by Bel'erieir and Omaha Oi'y to Foi t Calhoun, ? rcil?e and ojc-> a 'a?k Bidder > will eta^a d ?t noe and proy-rea aebedule of dapartnrea arid arrivals K \NS18 TKRF.ITORT. (F om July 1.1886, to June 30, 1W8 ) IViOl Fnim Fort L**T?nWortb totleSae and Fox Ai-etcy, mil*s and back, one ? a wt-ek Bi dera will ata'adiatat ce a: d p opo ?? schodu'e of d< p* tu ea and artfYals. 15tW frc*? F.^rt S^ott to Fort Aikfnroi.? mi e* au l back, ore* a w<ek. Bid 'erj Kill flat* di*t>me an2 props* schedule af departures H^d arrivals 16203 Fort Leavenwor h to F rt Riley, ? mil*.-* and ba* k, on>v a ??>k. PUdars will stat-^ dittuwe ?nd prtposa cehedule of d? partqr-s an>i arriv !a. 13204 Frrni Port Sc:tt to Crawford Seminary, ? utiles anl tack, once a ?t?k. Bid h*rs wll i<tat. di?tao<e and propose aehalule <>f departure* and arr vala. 1 205 Front Wawpcrt, to Fcrt Scott, ? miles and tae'.f o~r? ? week Bi1d?ri? wi'l a tat db-t > c?and propose schedule cf depa t'i'e and rrira's. INSTRUCTIONS. 1'ornt of a jrroji u>U iohc e no change from advertise mrnl it contemplated by the hiddrr. I, , of , county of . Slat? of , propose to convey the mails on route No. , t roin ?? to , asrecaMy to the artlreitisemciit of the Po*tBiaster General, dated February 10, 1855, and by tlie followiiig m'<d': of conveyance, vis: for the animal num of dol'ao. This proposal is made wi<h full knowledge of ?hi diatance of the r'>nte, the weight of the mail to Ix; carried, and all other iiarticu*ara in reference to the route and service, and alao after full examination of the Hiatal ttioua and requiremeata attached to the ad vertiaement. Dated (Signetl.) ftrrut of a UruxranUe. The unieraigned, reaidin; at , State of , and? r ake that, if the foregoing Nd for car ryinx tho mail on route No. be accepted by the Postmaster General, the b'dder shall, prior to the 1st day of July, 1855, or a? aown then-after aa may b*<, enter inu> the required obligation to per form the aervice proposed, with good and aullicient aurftiea. This we 4o with a full knowledge of the obiign tinna and liabilities awumeil by guarantora under the 27th scction of the act of Congress of July 2, 1836. Dated. (Signed b\ two guarantora) Form of a Certificate. The undersigned, poatmanter of , State of , cert'ftes, under bis oath of office, that he U acquainted with the auove guarantor*, and knows them to be men of property, and able to make good thei' guarantee. Dated (Sign?d?) The ioidirieiicy of guarantor! on prnpoaal* may be eertirted by a judge of a court of record, and by postmasters. OmUtums to be incorporated in lh> contrast* to U?e rjrUnt the Department may deem proper. 1. Reran minute* ?re allowed to ?ach intermedi ate ofBoe, when not otberwiae spocillad, (br assorting tba mails; but on raitroa.| and ateamboat ronUi th?* is to be no more delay than is sufficient for an exchange of the mail bag*. 2. On route* where the mode of conveyance admit? af it, the apaetal agunts or the Department aim CX office hUnka, mail bags, locks aad keys, are to conveyed without extra charxe. 8. No pay will be made tor trips net performed aad lor eacb of auch om'seion* not aatisfaetortly ex plained three times the pay of the trip may be deduetM. For nrrivala ?o far behind time as to break connexion witb de}>Mn<lia<|( ui.?i)a,an.l not authcientl} awuxii, ihi* fourth of ihrcoiapt-naation for tba trip la sulj'-i-t to forfeiture Dedaetloo will alao he or dersd for a grade of performance inferior to that apeciHedia the contract. For rspeatsddallnqaencie* of the kind herein ap^eifled. enbu^*d peaaltiea. pro portioned to the nature thereof and the importance of the mail, may be mad* 4. For ieaTtaa behind or throwing of the mails or I any portloa oMMi ht th< adaisitPB of ? gin, Ina^ip* "7 tt-ss b^ IBIMmH II B , a ?, bapro^ptly and sattofcKoHly ?p,.tn^ *723? ?~f ?* >W|l*"'T>, or tba ifldtrltlof Other rn.1 If* PT?JU'> ** Mlig to irriTi in ooatrsrt lim* tor neglecting to take the .ail ftom.? M^riaf lt(??ta( either to th. rn t^ vlV?ln^0f^? p,*r* ** ra*"?" of <*rrr1iv reft^ V**?' *?***?*' roW**? <* lost; and for reruslny.afterdemand, to ?nnrey the aui M r~ jjuently as the onfi tractor riu, or to ooncernso ir ^n'ng. a ooach, w, or steamboat on a route. r r. .^}T*n*,',0*Bf,Tml,n,7 """nl th ,r?i<r, -t jyr repeated failures to run agreeably to eontis ?. tor disobeyingthe pott offios law*. or th- i ??t -rn> (ions of the Department^ *>r refuring to uif*har> * earner wb?n required by the Department todixx for iwisK'nin? the contract without tbe asarin of i?? nMlmiflFr QenersUfor running an sxprsss* ai>i? ,u>n*Pr>rt,,M? peraoua or cacfca^-u ? a / "attar P*? ?f the Bail. Genoral may order as i.nt a? ci wertIce o? a route by allowing therefor ? j ro rata toCTwwe on the contract pay. He may chanae ?T mrnTtl# 4'l*rtum. withrul ^ P?y, proriderf h? dans not curtail tb. ?mount of 'waning time. He m,y **? ,0 Increase of spaed, b? allowing, within th.- yartiic tions of the law, a pro Htl* increase of nav ft r Lb* additional sttek orcarrters, if any, The extractor may, bowever, in the case of increase of **^1 re linquish the eon tract by giving prompt notic* U the Department that be prefers doing no to can jinc the order into effert. The PoatmajrterGeneral n,ar si^o eurtail or discontinue the servtae, at pra rata d#> crease of pay, allowing one month's eatia com pensation on the amount dfepensed with, whet ?*?? in bis opinion the public interest# do not requir-' the ?amd, Of in eaaa he desires to supersede it by a difler ?at irrad- of transportation. 8 Parmsnt; will be 0?*1s toT the service hve leo yons froni, t* drafts on postzaastar*, or other om ^r fbe expiration at e?rh m*n*r?say in ary. May, August, and Novetffb?f. 9. The distance<< are given according to ?he he.t Information; but no increased pay will be illn*H should ibae be greater tban?drerti*ed, if the point* ?o be supplied be correctly stated. Bidders must in form theffiM|ti?j! on this pfint. 10. The Po*tma?trr General is prohibited by law from knowingly making a for the {ranspor i t a tion of tlie nuuU with any pcrM>u sb>.fl he** entered Into. Of propoe?d to enter into, ?ny c <mbii.a tion to prevent the niaking of any bid for a mail contract by dur ot?ier person of p^reons, or alio shaU hare made any agreement, or shall here #lr,.? or performed, or promised tb ^re or perform, eny eonsideration whateTer, or to ud Of n6t L> V> snv thing whatever, in ord< r to induce any o(firt pit# n or per^onj not to bid for a mail contract. l*ar#v*i*Ij%f attention is called to the 28th aectton of the an at 1830, prohibiting combinations to prevent bi ldiiir * M. \}*d ?<*? time, Tla; 3pm of the Ifttb Apr*l, 18a5, or without tlie guaranty require] l\ law, or thai txJTnbinfts aeteral routes In one cuai ??! compensation, cannot w Sna.?i1er?4 in with a regular proposal reaaonable Irt aTT bfit. l?. Bidders should, iu all cases. flr>t pr< f >.to f?n ierrioe strictly according to the advertisement, srd then, if they desire, rp-iratfly for different ?rw let-; and if the regular bid be the lowe?t offered frr t. e advertised service, the other bids may be conaidc'ed; if the alterations proposed are recommended by ;he postmaxte^f ahd Jnterested, or if ih? lOall appear manifestly right drrt proper. i 13 There should be but ode rtrttte Md fo. i^ ? prorosal. 14. The route, the service, the vearly pay, tit* name and residence of the bidder, and those < f c?< ti member of a Arm, where a company offers, slr.uid be distinctly stated, also the mode of convevanc >. it ? higher mode than horseback be intendi-d. H.? woMs "with dUe **?ertty, certainty,and secutJ'v." inserted to indicate tfi$ m6de erf eonr-yan.* *ilJ constitute a Mstar but." 15 bidd'rs are r<qnestef to us?, as far a* pi*?t< cable, t1 e printed f rm of p*op*>sal furnifhe^ : y *1 c 1?sp<rtmjot. to wtiieou; in m I the mm ' f h< ir bxl-, a d to re ain copies cf :bem. No a!!erd bid * can he considered, and ti W.a I oncc fu" u?r(ed cC i te withdrawn. Ka* h b d most be gu'arsntwd by two re?ion>n>l p?'s >ns Uen-ral g a antee* caon t t;e arttt f #t. 10. Th hii should b? Sfa'?'; ruperacribd' * Mil Proposals, State if or Tcrrfcry cl "("??? ?!-. case may b?,) a1dr?saed '*fr?oad Au>:. fo v manter Om rai ' Contra:' Offlce. asd se-?t <; n ^ ^y> t% "O azenf, and postmasters w. 1 no' ?uclose>o?la, (?t I'tt. rt ot ai y k<nd) io t' eir qaar crl . rrtur&s 17 The contracts are to executed and tvf.urn^l to the Department by or before the lit of A u^ust, 1 ti >, but the service nwt b c mmenced on the fciii! am next after that data, wh-th.-r the c ntractr leix ? cu!?l or not No p-op sition for trnn?1ers will be oon?l l<?-ed U"til the tvntracU are -aecnt d ?o due f >jt5 e.nd revived at the d-j-artment; ar d Leu r.o ? raisfers a 111 be allowed unities gcod and fui^c^nt rearons therelbr arc gi?j??, to be d-termlned by the deparLment. IS. Section 18 of an act of Congma, apyr< r^J March 3,1814, provides that contracts for tlie'tiLni portationof tbe maii shall I* let. "in every-a^to the 'o^eet bidder tendering sufficient guaran:i s for falthfiu prr*?r:a*nes, without other ref-renc*. io the mode of such trauspcJtatiOP thiui maytx ce> ? sary to prorid- for the due cedent/, certain1.}'. ?ii.d security of sur.h transporfation." Under tb?J? >w a new d-serlption of bi has been receded. It dr s not specify a mode of conveyance, but erfr?^e? 4o take the entire mail aacli trip with celerity, certain ty, and security, using the term* of the law. i'bes* bid# are styled, fJcii th? lfi*niier in which t_V y ar* lesignated on the books 6/ ti" I>epart -nenr, it;r buitand they will he <*oostrurd K< pi*t?din-' ft r tha entire mail, howrrnr Inrgr, and vhattWt lay I* Or* nj omiryunce nectary to insure iU " y- tUj, certainty, and txnrityn In all cases where tie !b#e?t grade Of serv?ce is believed to be sufficient, the lowest tU *?*U Ve t?yp. ted, if duly guaranti<d, in preference to a ?' ?'h2 i-* specific bi l. When the 'owest bid is not a star bid, and s -ec!fle? either no mods or an 'nadequatr mode of ocur-'yaaee. it will not be accepted, but set aside for a sr \ :tc b d proposing the neoe.^saiyaervioe. When the bid does not specify a mode rf con teyance, al?o, wh?n It i ropo.^js to carry "?<t rditif tMbe *dfefti?en?ent,"'but without such st e^ifca j?tb It will be oonsk'?red as a piciT'fal Prr bofrelu -k rice. 19 A mo<lifica:lon of a bid, in any of its c? t??j terms, is tantamount to a n^W bid, and car n-?t l? recelTed, in as to Interfere wifh regular comp. ."tj u. after the last hour set for raceiricg bids. ??iO. Po?tmast<TS ai-e to he careful nCt to -?*? tj the sufficiency of guarantors or su-etiee virioil knowing that they are persons of sufficient i<esn>>u sihility : and all bidders, guarantors, and sur?-. i -t a.a distinctly notified thst on a failure to enter <nt j or perform tbe contracts for the service propo**: ft r in the accepted bids their legal liabilities wUl be --n forcfd against them. 21 Tbe contracts will be ?ub<'antially In tli It rn?? berwt-ifor* u^ed in this Department, except in i ?e respects parti-nlarly mentioned in t.V*ti lMtruo Hons; and on all raiirondand ftearabuat routes tlie contractors will he required to deliver tbe ma'ls ii to tbe post offices at thv ends of the routes and iUt j all the immediate po?d offices, not more than eK'b-y r?Os from the railroad or landing. 1L Present contractor" aud persons known ut the Department, must, equally with others, procvr* guarantors and c-rtihcates of th?dr sufficiency sat. stantlally iu the torrns shore prescribed. The i-*'r tifr'ates of sufficiency mu^t be shrned by a po^twa.1* ter. at one of tbe lae?< b ? r-*i?>med. orajuu'gvo! ? court of record. JAMK3 C \MPHELL, feb 1*?14w Pos master 6#rer*j TnE LATE MR. MEADE'S PICTt KKS. 'IW BE BAfFLRIi Ft?R IN *00 CflANMjS L AT f '49 EACH. raiza no I "St. Thomas oi Vrll noeva. pvinz Alms to tlie Poor." a copy nf MuriMo, by one o( hi< puril" touched hy Uiai rr- at artist?said to be equal to .he original, eost ^4,0(10. rein " Th- adoration of the Wise Men of the East,* a genu ne Murillo ; cost .f3,00ti. raize 3 " Head of oar Saviour," by Correggio; t <m f \ ,w<0. raizv 4. " Heed of the Cl?e*?-d Vir,dn." by Curr??i< . c wt ^ 1.000. Mr. ff. A. MATLACK i< authorized to it ctuve subscriptions in this city, of whom tickets mty >? obtained, ??r of TAYLOR fc MAIIKV. All money received on account the Hi Hie ?:ll '?** deposited iu B ink until the drawing take* pi n e. which will be duly announced. From tk? National Inteftigenrer. Articles similar to the annexed we hare obeerv< d in several di?t\nl papers, contained in their Wu>li ington eonvspondene*. We are triad tn aee tin* a id^mbwr of the family Is wdling lo dispose of a prit of the rare collection of the letr Richard W. Meade, who, durin* hi< long residence in 8|-ain, had opp? r tunities, which hut opnlencc enabled bun t?indu'*e. for belct tinf many of tbe finest paintings hi Bpai i? that Ueueure liouse of pictorial ricb^i. The turbed state of the country at the rime, m?>re? v?r, made it favorable for obtaining many gems ot rtrt which would otherwise never have betu pnnrh a hie. From the Botion Chronicle. Curr n'cotvasa or Ast ?Several chef 4*u*e< of Murillc, Corrcgsio, and other mast rs, which w? re brought from H|?aiii during revolutionary tini? - the late R. \V Mea<le, have elicited the adn<ir.t i<>n of connoi^urs dnnng the past we. k in tha of the Capit"l. Tiiey are to be dispoeed of for :)?? benefit of a dxu htcr of Mr Meade, residing tn Xew York, after an opportunity has been given to t.?. public for an exaimnauau. feb ?? ti PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENT?" fpHE eobaenber haa always on h nd a sb-o t I mcnt of German snd American ANOS, troin the very beat maaufactarer?TF"jrV-P which I e offem for sale at lower prices' than can be purchased in the Drstrfc-t of tVihiaiMa and < n the-mo*t accommodating term*. All Pi u o? purchaefd fr<>m me are warrautad to give ?.u-fac tion. OM Pianos ttkn in exchange. B. RKIS4, Pruewnr of Music, 0, Iieiw. Pfifirteeiith and Piftwuth st*ccts C?3m* "POCKET and Quarto Dtariea for H*6 lor Ml* by j i FRAJfU* TAyJpb I TELKikAr*,, ftr it Hilj t ? I la;. domination af ffarvaid ' ? n tor, Feb 16-TW Boa.,I of of Harvard University held a a* atlBf ye*ter i'j *1 n*o?,Q?t?but9Wtalk* CV.tir "o*5 ??*!<>? of J edge Loving m law j ru fw,r to tbe B<>ord fcr f.p proral ar d .iihoat deHate a vote waa ta' *n whi^h resulted la hi, ration-j? la 30. Thi* reealt ?ai indeeed by Lotiag a pertici patiou in tba rendition of tha fugitive tiara Burns, and bi* rejection is believed to fore shadow hiftexpnlsioa fmia tba judgeship bj tba Legislature. Detention of Itnam by lea New Took, Pab. 16 ?Tha Haaaor Conoo tieet left Korwieh for this city oa Taesday, but was compelled to pat into Huntingdon Baj, L. 1.. od Wednesday, where she vai at last aocoaat* Several passengers who left jwtanfay, arrived baok bara this m >raing. Tba Commodore, which loft Stoniagton oa Tuesday night, was see a Wednaadar nght off S*cd ? Pplst, hemmed ia bj too, ud appai ently ia a di?*b'ei condition. Both tbo Cob nect eut aad Cotnm<0e aero sappoeed to ba abort of prorMoaa and fool La tor from Havaaa kc New OuttAKB, Fob. I3.~A4rtee* by tba Empire City and the Isabel eonfrn tt ? pr* viona reports of a conspiracy against lunoh*. It wa? reported tbeio tbat tba iliboeters, un dor Kiaaey at ebief. design icv?dig tba island, aad tbat QaHaaa and Henderson ar* among the prime merer*. Tbo iaapro ia ?aid to bar# been engaged to rootej a j art of tbo etpedkiea. raven hundred acie? of laad are offered- to aocb eoldier. Th- abore dispatch aasao obscurely tij pressed tbat we are not quite eons in of tbo locality of the report?Reporter ' Varine Ciaaatera raiL.40Et.rait. Feb 10 ?The steaaubip North Carolina, hence fen Liverpool, re uraed to tbe breakwater last night. It I $ supposed -be bas proved leakr, a* tbe came in ander Part of tba eargn of tbe Britieb barque ! Bligbtwood. rersntJj wrecked ba* bees saved, aoiceof which is in good condition Some hope* are entertained of being able to s?Te her boll. A Borderer Raanitad Ai.ijast, Feb 16 ?Aoo'her respite of tl ?-ce waek* bu i?eeo g-er,ted to Pbelpa, who wi to hnvo b%en bung this morning. Baltimore Market* Baltimore, Feb. 1ft.?Floor firm, at $8 *?7t for Howard rtreet, and $8 12* for City Mills? no salei reported Wheat?none ia mariet. Corn?3 000 t-ashels offa.ed. with bat sxaii aales, at 86o ; white, 87a?8o , yellow, 9<k Raw York Marketa New Icbu, Feb 16 ?Tha cotton market is unsettled. Floar continues unchanged?r*aia* of 3,000 bbls ; S uthern is heavy it f^.Tie 9 2o. Wheat is apward and firm The Cam market i? unchanged in every re*.poo* -saiea of 18.C0O bushels Pork is unchanged with a moderate demsB<l at previous rates J i* upward and firm Lard is an changed; l> rr*!a ai$9.62iif9 87i. Whiskey; Obio bat dev !> c-* galea at 33 oenta The Fraaheti PruAniLrAia. Feb. 15 ?Bo materia' leer, age ha* resulted from tbe freobeta i" rha boh u; I kit I and Lehigb rire-a Tbe 0 ?-a!? are C9irjured, and tbe ire bas broken up trl i- floating off At llarri'burg tbe Surqoehannt isetill ? bound. Oarf of Thieve* broken ap 6csQiEBAKifa Feb 14 ?A gang of youth ful burglars who bnve enrried or their d*p redation- f r a jenr p?s- in this vicinity, bas been broken up, and *ht prineipai parties ar res?rd Tbe.r have b??n doing a pretty ex. tensive bufinets. entering sto-es, and eommit ting petty thaf'son tber ilroad train*. Tbeir trMO*actiuns have bean most adroitly per form*J, and it i? probable (hat they would hsve atill e?*aped d*?eotion ifone of their par ty bad no'tur?ed a ate'e evidence and eapoaei tne gang A Iirge quantity of property, ato len, ba* been recovered. It irw aeaUy pack eJ and ready for a mirket. For bale and ?ent. 1?Oa EE*T?Tile HCBt*?'RIBER W|t?HCS . torfisp<?e at ir? nock anft 6tterr< of a Con fi*tiaa?y K?i?l?:i?h<ii? i*t ??* Ui*h, wi< d?pt?r irf>M? 8ri<*.^ i??r?-rt, G<-??rt? so*u. Tha ?laiid i? one ot ih? brs?, bring an ?>ld >-vtatiii'ctM-dKt?n?t, wult a g x?1 ?un ?ifcusinm To a ;v r?<n *??<> wt?h<w U* m b?i'iri< a fine chknCc a off-rH n. E, EVAN*. Ajen' ' feb 16?3t (Organ) l^tjR Ri:\T-A CONVFA'rRWT ?ledrra-betH, JP two ?tnn ar.d a?t?c hu-'k M<khm', m a h?mlthv ami p>oi| n?ithhoriii?'.| TV Ihwc inniain* hiih C>od intMno and a kii k?n. pors) y?r1 niuch<-d?ti?? n* rtjrare lia\in< liwn ik-cupinl I.M a 4i?t tw. '? a fOitd ???(?*? t ili?* mN will k' noU^rati "'?? t-nr.a app'y o R B IHO\h|I>K 35N Ninlii .rrct, or Room No 11 Getcr tl LxnJ (ilR;*. frh w-e* STORE F"R Rr.X'T?IN' BRICK ri'n.fti'MG on lb**. orn r Pa. av^nB? a"d fminoerii -t., 0;ipo??'r IVdi.nrrft' ff?itrl. a ??*?! I<k *u<m l<rw * fir I ria i< Ikr-k an I .""in'tiiitwy, Tailor, Bo?>t and l'n?f, or Fa???-v ^:or*. Pasvaisa can b. hid ihi m^diaul)'. Non** n?ed apply but tbn-r who can brin: (lit- l*M ??f rrfrnacra. Apply at W!MarJa, Hotel. feb 16?lw FOR RENT?THE STORE ROOM ft DWEL Ung on Eicbth street, tbrve doom !n>?n the avr nu?* ?n atdf, a'<d in lull rt-w of c>t<tr >lurk?.t. Off ibr iln? i. |ir?hiNv <*? of b< ?'-t Hu? nifwa r<ahib in Wa-liington. To a |(H t r.rnt the rent will b?- ma le low. Apply .o Mr. J. (J rf'ock. No. #99 Hi lith Pifft, or rh? ?m'^riurr, on Mtloe aveno*-. lew <loor? ?mi of thr Foondr*. feb 14?3t* RICH'D C. HRISCQE A DRUG HTORE F<?R 8AI. K IN O'-BUF THE moat dceirable no?nion? in Waahingt'ni, doing a fine bu*inri?a. With it there la a mo* ricdhat nnd val .ablr 8"da W airr Ap|>ar<t<i?. Tbr -"nla ?a ter buameaa 1* one >>f ihr beiK ia WaafeiagM. Ad dr^ "X W,n \Va?h;inpoo. frl? 13?gw Ft>R REWT OR KXCHAN??-Por G^orr. IOwn ort'Py Pmpertr, a naiall and wnll cullirated Farm in Fairfii, Va. ErKjui^eot J. ORME, cornf-r nt *r?dgr and CtHtgrrva , No. 8T feb 6?itf S~ TOR^E?Tbo-w having Parnitnre, Dry QoV> Groc<nr*, kc ,lohs stored, wiM 6?d ample a - rouini<xUti<?n? In tbe large, airy, flag atone paved, and Dry B?a. menu under Ibe f'tar olfit-e corn* r J" avenue m il Eierenib at. Apiily at tbe tltar oflic Jaa 31?tf Auction Sales By J C VrOVlRK, Aaetlantcr* SMALL AND DESIRABLE MARKET FARM at. Public Aui tio i.?Oa 8ATURU * V, Febru ? 94th, at IS o'clock, ai , at tnv Anrtioe Hahmt , i ?l?all til a 'nail a?rk?t fVne coetawing 84 at t , ??t?iated about MI milea dttaa' fro? tbr l'e> Marke', and one ba't aula frooi tb- f *? ??a air -. t Plank Ro?d. aad laioiedlaleiy oppo*it- the faru ?>! F. P. Blair, Phi Tile la<pr vanicr U coo??S o' a ?MaH fra?n? d * - - |i?S houtwi, U 'We, corn i-nb, a?vt otb^i ?? tf ouibuil tins* Tt??rr if a e-xt taring of w*i r a ih>' plcrr, ala>, m>m?r choice trait l'?*? in Hal-- pem*i*ort aad tttle t Twrm? - (Wl>l'< rn*b; the reaid-r fa at\ mj wti? tn?-rert, ?eroie^ k-r a it. 1 -?i trail on tke prrcnaee JAMES C MrGUIRS, Ibb 16?d A?

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