Newspaper of Evening Star, February 16, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 16, 1855 Page 4
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_ from tint pa**.} *056 Prom PaWtioe to Magnolia, 10 and bar a ??>k l*ave P*!e?tine irrary fsiaidaj ai lis m Arrive at Magnolia ?aa? day try If in '^aw Htgnrlh Saturday at ? p m Arrive a ~ fae-tine same dar by * p m 8060 Proo nontsriile by Oold Pprfrg. iwaftwoi Living r.? f]->?iTUl'. W to trill*, ZoTalln Hirtntillf, But' Parrr, La., Atr ro?*? Perry, (local) Hine>vfli?, (Iocs . HlnaeU?, Ob-neyrille, awl -Mn?| t . Red Rive? i andng, 360 mi lee ?< ???- amr ?w**k ? i Leave Hol ?rriDa every Monday at 6 a m A byY *t|^rd WT*r landing ?* aeventh day Vjm RWl Utdi*g ^ Mo?**7 ?t r a* ^oatrrfl'a an seventh dar by 9 n in Bid, 'o ?t I ?. Maxkevlll* La, uU raa \fr* tune* a w**k In font hor*e noe^hee, omittin* and supplying other luterm-dUte o^c-a, an^ to run by a propoeed schfdule, will ba con pmmtHI 8061 Frcm san Aaonio, by Port Oak, feontherland Spi in??, Yrrktown, Co'etto, 8ulpur Fp rings and 'lerpjiit Placa, to Viotwia, *0 mile and biek, three times a weak, In Ibnr horf. mnofct^ I^eave ?*a Antonio every Monday, Wednesday aad Mdav at ft m mass 11 sy, Arrive at Victoria next darn by 8 a m Leave Victoria e?ery Tuesday, Thursday aad Saturday,at* p ib Arrir* at An'oaie next days by 8am Bids to extend the service to Iadiaaola, aad to ran by a propo ad schedule, will ba consfd WfMl. W2 Prom San Antonk), by Hafena and Goliad to Victoria. 100 miiee aad back, ZE w?ek, in frnr horse coach e? ' ""?* a Leave flao \ctoalo every Monday, Wednesriav and at i % m '* Amve at Victoria next days by 8 a m u?~G!$'S?i*m** Tb?~1" ?? Arrive at Aatoul > n ^it days hr 8 n m Bids t> extend th? service to iodianola will he bj a Pr?l?*<? rohedu!,. wiJt Mco :*)4tMia a*iaBillt0 r?n ' * wwk w U *? considered ^ by BocnrilU, <,prin?"' W ?Pr?ngfleia hir f 1!" ' twk* * *Nk. Ib four hor*e er4kh*0 Lea?e W-ahin:Un "T^ry Tceedar. Iii*rs<l?v andSatnrla - at 4 a in Arri?? at ^p.-in?n?ld next day* by 10 p ? L?ateif,P ^4 * a"17 Tbm^' ?nd at Waahicgtoo next days by 10 p m l>i * tu?* eo<4 th? arrvice to H aoro \llia*?- Ti ndl?w fn- wilt be TDf-idered KlOiSUCKY. (fyomJu-g l,1855,(o June 30, 1848) 8869 Prom BlaaJtll!*, to Cairo, Iil., 14 mllwi n^.i tfcefc, onn> a w<*k. L*a?e B.?nivtil, 8atat..?f at? a m Arrive at Ca t" ty m Uara jaI.o ^atcrday at 1 p m Art .la at Biandvlk by ? p n? ' rem CaJp^iUT,l.e, ty NeatFTtlle, 16 mi e aud ba k, o c*? a week Leant Uampbe>.iTilie .-a'arday a'6tn ^rrtTe a Ne.^tstillf same day t? 2 m L?a'e N??:?TiJl? Hatuiday at 1 p m M71 Prm Co urn ia to Campb^lUuUe, 20 milae aad lack. tb?*e t mea a -*eek L7.V.Ct?il,Ta rue-*y' *?1 Patnr Arrre at -^mi b-llsTille same davj by * p m Lear? c ?!:: p?M l^rjlia Taeaday, ibofeda< ami b turdi - fct 3 a 11 ^uurwiaj, an?i R:;-? Vr Ti ^ 0Ow??'* <*bi? d?J? by 11 ? m barton'. 8tore,to Piston. 17 ja N? snd back, onoe a week. Uav? C aiV:l,n i K.>nl Monday at 6 a m ?vrilre at 83 l< c by 6pm Leave ??w.ou T^e-Ja,? a 6am ? "bc-Uud* tori bjdpn ':3' r !<L !?? 60 mile* an<; ?>*> ' -to a ?lrn r ur Jay at 12 m Arr. e at ?'r?.i:sTiii? ca^t day by 4 pm L *Te i^ ntsfiiie Wedne day at 6 ? m u.1\!rt" '?<?*/<-a n?xt day by 10 a m *'11" LiU'ty to *onti;e!lo, 42 m'le< am. ba k. oc?e a w-rk L*are Lioer y Saturday at 6a m Arr *t >loat?cetli taae uay by 8 n m L arr ii n> ^'j, |fr ^ajr at 6 a m aa,a 5l!! at, L'^ -T ?^y by 8 p m 83,6 f-rum Lcul^a i Lawreoci oonntr by Baa P.,le of Tag R"yX; 7JS& ?ti?i1UfwWfl orge Clark'a. Mo ah or lu-o?fc ore-k, \a., to Lonytli., Ky, 4v m!*?-a-?d La*k. v#nc? a week. l.<*ave liOn>e^ ?u?ad*y r t 6 a m a LonvUfa rtXt d^y by 11 n m W.Te i>>nvi , \.^dn-a?kjr al A p m V '?n'n- UI,Xl ^rTou""Ur>r "b> and Gardiner-, to Mcu.j 1 Jug r in Gallatin oonntt 2. m 'es a'id b*ck on<v a w^k '' Le%ra o*ent >i t bnrsJay at 9 a m Ainre *. of iug?r Creek^y 6pm Lo*ye Moatb o- -inga Orae* rriday at 9 am %ni?e at Otenton by ft p m 1,377 Sy?DJ loio,?to Winehaater, 20 mlli.a ir.i tllw |l-ea a w##k Lea?e . ari, M oniay Wedaa^Jay, and Pridayat 7am ' at Win :heatar by 1 p m L^ri, Wine .eetar Monday, Wednesday, and ' nday at 2 b m Arrrya at I'arw by 8 p m tor * ? u-obm- a 'waek s*ri;e are in 83T3 Pn m Pct-r^bar^, by Bullittirilia and Can siauce, to J nciuaa I, Ohio, 2^ miles and baci once a we' i ' Leaee I'ever-bnr^ Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Cit csma l by 12 m Le^ve Uncirjo ?tl Monda* It It m H-SL?* u ~ ^ *pi P n> ^ M*onl S?M? Pur waai. 0r#yv>n' mi,w ?c<? baakTonce a Sur Furnace Wednesday st 6 a m Arrtye at Gray* u eaiae day by 11 ? m Le**e Gray* n H ednesday at 12 m * ?L 1 urnac? tame day by 5 p m - ftw trrm Parka/sburg, Va, by B?lpre, Otle, L44 * Heeding, i ocki< gf-ort, B.ileyJle, Va., Long Bo.toa, obio, ^urrayryille, Va., Ka vanawoad. Pie <?ut Vi-w, I*tart Pal la, Ohio Graham - iuikn, 1 omeroy, Shrffield, West V^amM?, ??, Uhet^ire, Ohio, Qnthrle's ztzf'rrv-z'' . .Si J i "1.' J*? 80001 N?? Cast e. Ohfc), ?a ..a Cr*!-k, Green Bottom, Va., Mil ieraport, 'hi.>, ?4uaker Hottom, tfu??D?|->tte } ?? ^af ?g? 'Jr^uit, Uariing ot.,Oh?r> ChileUa barg, Ky. Gr-*n's Stire, Obio, Coal Groye. Amanda. Ky . lrantoa Ohio. Oaannc Kock Pr?ncb Gr^Pt, Gr?enap C. ii., Ky? Prankun Purnac, Obi,, WheU:,tur* ?priui?yi! Ky , Port*moatt<, Ohio, Friend ship, ?orVTi',r) V^ncebLrg. Uy., Kcme,<>hk>, Cou^rd, Ky, and M??tchaster, Ohio, to May*viil>, Ky., 221 irS'-a and back twice a w ek. ' ? L.aye Parker, hurg Suni?y an ! Thursday at 9 Arrtye at Maysyiile next days by 0 p ra L< a/e >l?ypTll e Taefday aid iraturday a'tia Arrire at Parteiebu g next days by V p m TKN'Midck*. (FrcmJu y l,lHi6 to 30,1858 ) 8940 Pro.n B. .H u:ioa, by M ?rristown, to Mouth I T*" W ai>" *"d "?,ck> oooe a week. f?ar- bean ifjtiou tatarday at 1 p m Arrire nt Mro:h ot Ch.rkj by 7 p m l^re -Mou i if ihocuy Batux-lay at 6a q Arn\e at B-a? a Station by 12 m T\J* **s by &Ws Perry, to Mor 1 ' ?Uta.?u<l b?ck, otice a weik. i*e?a Ueac 3 bia.ton Saturday at 10 a m Ariiye at Mrrriaioan by 1pm L*aye Morri tow . 8,tarda at 2 p m . '? l^tnti n ty 6 p m 642 Prum C.'m^oan. by Penree and Goodield. to Decatur, ^ mit?s aud back, once a week. L are Cain ui Saturday at 6 a m Afri*e at LUcitur by 1* m Leare i>ecatur ? *turday at 1 p m Arrlfe at Ca>Loui, b> 7 p m H64i *r.-m Cle\eiaui, by Benton, to Doaktown Copper * i miles and b?ek,onca a week I eave Olete'aud H< > da> at 8 a m Arrtte at Dti?ttowc Copper Mines next day by 12 ID I u 'ktowzi pper Mines Wedneeday at 8 a m Arri?<* at Cleye^aud next day by 12 ? l'rofoeale fo; tLr-e-time>a week aerrice are in vited. &644 Prom D^ersbaig, by Millu's Chapel, Begc's Cottoa uic, Qoinoy, and Dr. lick's, to Ma ?o*t < Groye, 45 nii'e; and bafik, onoa a week **?*? 1*7eiebor^ W ean<*sday at 6 a a *r.i*? at M:?>aa Groye by 9pn , ** Grove Tuesday at 6 a ? rr*T" ** Uy?<'ba;i{ by 9 p m 8645 From Dyrr,b? rg to Po?!h?s Point, in Dy?r n.?i*a r iid back, once a waek wM1 d''tanoe ani giya a schedule of depart a*n t ariimia ^ ^ if V?"'? Huntsyllle, to Jaaea town. fO iu!te-< and bae&, once a week Leare JarkaUm/ Thar? ay at 6 am Arriye a J^uiestovn text day by 12 a 1-eare JaiEt?town at 2 p m at J?ck?lor ' noxt t ay by 8 a m *6<7 From Jaeksb n-. by KlkGap, to Wlll^aabnM (Whitley C II,) Ky, 40 uiiaa and bnak, on J a we?k Le?ye Jsck'boro i hnre<lay at 6 a ? at Willi?au*onrg same d?y by 6 p ? La? y? a thin.". *t>or< Friday at 6 a a Arrive at J?ebe<j ro'seme day by 6 p ? p o,a i^bnno., by Cttitbage, Liringaton, Mon r ja A b'Dy, Ky., i^*at eel'o, and lonmst, to staa'er , 16? miles and baok, ease n waek Leae# le^tnna *taday at 6 a m Amee a' i?t?n ori next Wednaaday by IS ? l/ ays btatifcrd V?4s?;d?y at 1 p n Arrive at Lebanon Friday by ? f 9 Proposals frt a more ft*qn?nt wtflw ir? In vited ?M Trou Uwlou, by Unttie a?d Lowi**tlte. to Mtniril'j, 28 m'Jff tnt) h-.ek, obi? a w??k "??? Load< 'O Mot day t18 ? m Arrive ?' Mar - svi I# ? m day by t p a L ?te Maiy rvtiie Tuesday at 8 i a Ani ? at Lou ton wot day by ft p a '?M From MarysviW, by Vaan aiker's, to Tnek alecha< Oove, 31 mile* And back, ten a week 11?ryirtll? 1 uenday itfta Arrin it Vaektl cbee Got* by It as I wv? TscH'NhN iOTt Tuesday at 1 p a Arrive at Maryeville by 7 fa 8651 Prom Mo gas OH to Huntsvllle, If miles end back, ouca a wrrk 1 mi? Monran C U Tcesday at 8 a a Antw at t'untatiiio nor day by 18 m 1 rare Bumsvllle Tuesday at 1 p a Atrin a: Morgan C 41 day 1 y ? p a 8652 From l.'oum Vernon. by Lea's B ore, Jalapa. and Rlmbrough's, to Springtown, 20 alls* and back, enoe a week IteiTe Mount Vernon Thursday at 6 a m Arrivj at rprngt^wn by 12 m L?tf* Sprit f to* n Thursday at 1 p m Arrive a: Mount Vernon by 7 p a 8653 From Newport by Walton's Spring*; Hnskls tooth, L 'M Branch, and Uoakeville, to te vier C H, 80 mi lea and back, onoe a weak Leave Newport Thursday attain Arrive at Sevier CII *am* day by 8 p a Leave Jevier C II Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Nrwpcit stme day by 6 p a 66 A Ir>m Bmitbsvilla, by Crossing Carty Fcrk at mouth of Umaea's Creek, 'o Pakin, 20 miles am bask onoe a waek ?>*v? salthsv.Ue Saturday at 6 a a Arrive a I'ekin by 12 a L?ave Prkin Saturday atlpn Arrive a- Smitbevills b I p m 8656 From Tazewell, by Isaac Boehannan's and Ca ven Robinson's, to Joaetviiie, Va-, 86 alien and back, one a week Leave Tasewell Tharsday at 6 a a Arrive a' Jonrsrille s. me day b} 6pm I eavs Joneaville Friday at 6 aa Arrive at TaseweU same day bj 6 p m 8656 Prom Walnut Valley, by* Loney's Creak, to Ni kaja-K, 28 miles and back, onoe a week L-ave Walnut Valley Tuesday at 9 a a Arrive at Ni< *ajaok same day by 6 p m 1/aave Nickajaek M jpday at 9 a a Arrive at Walont Vallay same day by 6 p a MISSOURI. (Frcm July 1,1855, to June 80,1818.) 9039 Fr?m Athens to Fairview, ? mile and baek, once aw A Bidders will statt distarce and givs schedule of anivals and departures 90*3 From Blocmington, t?y Rice's Ferry and Milan to St John. 75 miieasnd back, once a week Leave Bluouingion Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at St. John rhu sdty by 12 m L-ave Ct. John Thuralay at 8 p m At rive at Bloomiugten next Satarnay by 3 p id 9034 From Bocnville, b> Bcoa's Liok, to Ola gow, 20 milee acd back, onoe a Weet Leave Boonvi la ha tori ay at 6 am Arr.vs at G aagow same day by 12 m Leave Glasgow ratn da It 1 p m Arrive a: Bo nvfle same day by 8 p m 90.15 FYom Cast ville, ly Ncah Boon's, to Neoaha, 33 miles and b<.ek, once a week L?av? Ca^sville Friday at 6 a m arrive at Neosha same day by 6 p m Lwvt Ne aha Tbimday at 6 a m at CaMviUeraume day by 5 p m 9036 From Caa?ville by Kine'i Prairie lb Moant Vernon, 38 miles Ani bark' once a Week L?*ave ''assviile riday at 6 a m Arrive at Moant Vernon same day by 6 p m Lea-e .Mount Vernon Thursday at 6 a a Arrive a. Ca Kvil.V same day by 6 p m (037 From Eminence to Thomaevtlle, 40 milee and back o; ce a week Leave Kilnencw Wedneiday at fi a m Arrive at TtomasriHe next day by 10 a m Leava Thowasvule Thursday at 12 in Arrive at Rminence next day by 4p m 903s* Fr>m Erie by Lebanon, Jericho, Haslewood, Cow?kin an! Big Beaver to Forsyth, 130 miles and back, once a week Leave trie Monday at 6 a m Airive at Forsyth next Thursday by 10 a m Leave Forrytk Thursday at 12 m Arr ve at brie next Sunday by 6 p m 9039 Frnm Forsvth to Carxolton, Ark., <0 mile* and back, on?e a woek Leave For yth Thursday at 12 m Arrive at Carrolton next day by 12 m Leave Carrol < on Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Foray th next day by 1 p m 9040 From Georgetown by Lnngwo.d to Marshall, otf miles *nd back once a . eek Le .ve tiuur^e oxa Tuesday at 8 a a Arrive at Marshall ssme day by 6 p m Leave Marshall Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Georgetown >sme day by 6 p m 9041 From Green iop, in Schuyler ooonty, by Hart ford to Centrevilip. Iowa, 40 miles and back, onoe a weak L -ave Green Top Thurviay at 6 a m Arrive at Ceutievill" rani* day by 8 p ui Leavs Centr^Tilie Wadn< sday at 6 a m Arrive at CJ reen Tap ?anie day by 8 p m 9042 From tisrmaiia by Gamxina'ie Perry, FrtJer kasburg and Bailey Crevk to Llns, 34 miles and back, orne a w*ek lieave Hermann Weiueoday at Ca in Arrive at' inn eiflif day by tJ p m Leave Lieu Thursday at 6 a in Arrive at Hermann name day i.y C p m 9*)48 From Hannibal to Napl?a, 111., 42 miles and bask, occaa week Loave ilannibal Monday at 6 a m Arilve at f^aples Fame dsy by 8 p m Lsava Maple - Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Hannibal same day by 8 p m 9044 Frcni Hermann by Msrr mac Iron Works and L ckiBg ti Hou'iol, Texas eonnty, 112 miles at d b* *k, onoe a week Leave Hermann Wednerday at 6 a m Arrive at Houston next Saturday by 6 a m l/tave Hous'oa Saturday at 12 m Arrive a: Hermann n?xt Tuaaday by 12 m 9045 From Jefferson city by Win. Smitn'a, Richard k'/wJan's and I^atham's t> Utile riney 65 mile.< anl ba:k, en< e a week Leave Jrfferson city Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Little Piney next day by 6 p m Lea e Little Piney WedneeJay at 6 a m Arrive at Jelf*rsoa eiiy next day by 6 p m 9046 From Kansas b7 ftiandotte city, ^braska, Parkville, Mo., anl Hampton t? Platte city, 30 miles and back, once a week Leave Kansas Tuesday at 8 a m Arrive at Platte city Fame day by 6 p m Leave Platte city \4 edne?day at 8 a m Arrive at Kansas ?ams d y by 6 p m 9017 From Kansas by Wsstpor% Harrison Villa, Papinetiile and Carthage to Keaho, 169 miles and back, cnce a week Leave Kansas Monday at6 a m Arrive at Mesbo next Friday by 6 a m L*ave Ne-ho Mooda* at 0 a m Arrive at Ka-sas next Friday by 6 a a 9048 From Kirluvilla tot offsevilie to Adair county, 12 iu l?< anu back, once a v eok Leave Kirksv lie Friday at 6 a m Arrive nt Coffe?vil)e by 9 a m l^avs (Jotf-e.ill* Friday at 10 a m Arrive Rir^svilis by 1 pa 9049 Frojs Uban o to Waynesville, 30 allee "V* back, once a week Lsave Lebanon Friday al 7 a m Arrive at Wayne-vill ? same day by 4pm Leave Wavne ville Thursday at 7 a m Arrive ?t Lebenon t*o? day by 4 p m 9o,0 From Lexicgton by An;nom Young's Elijah Gla.ic 'e, Freedom, Kiikpatrick's mills, and >oon->rt*r to Calhoun,60 miles and ba:k,once a week ' L*ve Lexington Monday at 7 a m Arrive a: Calhoun rest day by 12 m Lea?e Calhoun Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Lexington next day by 6 p m 9061 From Lebanon to Houston, Texa* county, 65 m 1-* aod back, occe awetk . Lsave Lebanon Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Hnu<t?n next day by 12 m Lesrve Houston Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Leb anon next day by 6 p a 9052 t rom Lit .le Prairie to Cra: e creek, ? miles and back, once a ?eek B'dders will rtate distanre, acd propose aehsdnle of depai tores and arrivals. 9063 From Liberty, by Mount Gil'ad, Pa*adiae, and Carp?nte.'p Store, to Piattsburg, 24 milssand back, once a weak Lrave Liberty Tusaisy at 6 a m Arrive at Piattsburg rams day by 12 a Leive Piattsburg Tuecoay at 1 p a Arrive at Liberty rams day by 8 p m 9054 Froa Nineveh, by Hartford, to Centraville, Iowa, 40 mliee and baek, onoe a week L*ave Nin-veh Tuefday at 8 a a Arrive at Oent-evllle tarns day by 7 p m Leave Oentreville Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Nineveh Fame day by 7pm 9064 Froa Meoahs to Albuquerque, New Mexico, 809 m les and back, ono* a month Leave Neosho the first day of evary month, at 8 a m Arrive at Albuqnerqoe in twenty five days Leave Albn^nerqne the first day of evcrv month at 8 a m Arrive at Nsoeho in twenty-five days 90 6 From Nevada to Li'^dley, 9 and baek, ones a week Leave Nevada Monday at 8 a a Arrive at Lladlty by 11 a m Leave Lindlay Monday at 12 a Arrive at Nevada by 3 p a 9057 Froa Oeeola to Hari isonvliie, 66 milee and baek, oree a weak Leave Ceeola Tharsday at 1 p m Arrive at Harrleonville next Saturday by 12 a Lsava Harrisonvllls Tuesday at I p a Arrive at Oeeola next Thursday by 12 a 9058 Froa Quincy, by Humansville and ? Mat tain k ton's Store (Core er evil Is,) to Fre aont, 84 ailes and back, once a week Leave Quincy Monday a 7 a a Arnve ht Fremont same day by 6 p a I*ave Freaoat Tue d ?y at T a a Ar iva at Quinsy same day by 6 p m *0M Richmond, by Union M?etiog House and ?i !*ln* HUHe, to Mar^sam's Store, 85 sal Us and baek, onoe a week '**? Kicha' n-I Wedaeeday at 6a m Arrive at Marquam's Store seme day by 6 p m Leave Marqnam's store Thursday at 6 a m A trite at "Richmond mm* days by 8 pin 0060 from -hflb> v 11#, bv John W. Boy's, LrdjjfV, ' * ?*?>, Mkir ?M?'I MtHs to Milan,78 mils* ?no b<ek, ouce iw tk f Leir# f-'helbyvlfls Mordsy itlin Arrive at Milan next day by 7 p m Iea-e.Milan Tuesday nt 8 * m Arrive at Shelby ville next day b? 7 p m 90f>l Worn Sprlngflell to Fremont, (0 mllu and back, oom n week LeaveSpringfield Tuesday ftlia Arrive at Frem jnt nett day by 10 n m L>are Fremont Wednesday ill pn Arrive at Springfield nest day by 6 pn WW52 From T;ak>n to Praetsvtlla. ?n Frasknn county, ? mile* and bark. opri a week * BMdsra will state distance and propoae s:bed nle of departure.* and arrivals. Fiom Bp ingfi-ll, by Lindas, Joel Hill's, Benwl Holt's Wall, and Prwaton's fit re, a-d 8t Leger, t) Salem, In fnMl bounty. Ark., 133 miles and b?rtft ??fc e W? I eare PprhsgfitM MoNky at 0 a m Arrive at *a'em n?*t Wednesday by 6 p m Leave Salem Thatsdey at 0 a m Arrive at Springfield next Saturday by 6p m 5*xV4 from Warrentor to Washington, 26 miles and back, once a week Leave Wsrrenton Thursday at 9am Arrive at Wa hington *ame day by 5 p m Leave Washing on Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Warrenton same day by 6 p m 9068 From Washbourne's Pr?iri?, by R. Kntor's Bridge, A*ner Jennings, on White River, a nd Lewis Thomson)'*, cn War Ragle, to HuntsviUe, Ark., 45 miles and back, one a a week Leave Washhovrns's Prair e Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at HuntsvIPe same day by by 8 p m Leeve Hunt<vH'e Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Wa?hboorne's Prairie same day by 8 p m IOWA. (FYcm Jn'y 1, 1855, to June 80, 1868 ) 0488 From Apple GrgVe by Delhi, Carlisle, and Green Bush, to Wiaterset, 48 miles and back, * once a week Leave Apple Grove Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Wintorsetmxt day by 12 m Leave WInterest Saturday at 1 n m * Ap?U 2rm ?fTt <?*/by 7pm 9439 r red /idel, ay Ponona, and County Seats of Auduhon and Shelby, to Magnolia. 120 milea and back, once a week. Leave Adel Wednesday at 0 a m Arrive at Magnolia neat Friday by 6 p m Leavto Magnolia Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Adel next Monday by 8 p m. 9140 From Boocsbcro', by Homer, to Fort Dodge, 40 mlle> and bank, onoe a week. I?4ve Bocinsboro' Monday at 6 a m Artive at Fort Do.'ge same day toy 8 p m Leave Fort Dodge 1 ueeday at 0 a m Arrive at Bocnsboro' same dir b/lpm 9441 From Blosmfit-Jd, by Drakevule, Unlonville, M>ravia, Iconinn, and Greenville, to Chari ton, 68 miles and bark, onoa a wtoek. Leaf e Bloomfleld Monday at 1 p m Arrive at Chariton next day by 8 p m Leave Chariton Walnesday at 6 a m Arrive at Bloomfleld next day by 11 a m. 9412 From Cam*nche to Albany (111.,) 2 miles and back, once a week. I?ave Camanehe Monday at 12 m ?Ar'ive at A'bany by 2 p m Leave Albany Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Camanehe by 10 a m. 9443 From Camaoche to Dewitt, 18 miles and bacfc, once a week. Leave Camanrhs Sa? nrday at 8 a m Arrive at Lewitt by 12 m Leave Dswitt Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at CamancRfby 7 pm. 9444 From Charleston* by Dover and galeih, to Hit 1'Iea-unt, 30 miles and haek, three times a week. Leave Chvrleeton Monday, Wednesday, add Fri day at 9 a m Arrive at Mt Pleasant by 8 p m Leave Mt. Pleaaan Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat urday at 10 a m Arrive at Charleston by 7 p m. 9445 Fiom Cedar Falls to Clear L*ke, 80 miles and back, once a week Leave Cedar Falls Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Cltw Lake next day by 8 p m Leave Clear Lake Tue dsy at 0 a m Arrive at Cedar Falls next day by 8 p m. 1*448 From Centr-viile, by O.rydon, South Inde pendence, County beats ot Ringold and Tay iot, to Olarioda, 136 miles and back, once a week. Leave Centreville Tuesday at 2 p m Arrive at Clarinda next Friday oy 6 p m Leave Olarinda la urday at 8 a m Arrive at Centreville next Tuesday by 11 m. 9447 Frcm \.entre*Ule, by leodium, to Chariton, 35 utiles and back, once a week Leave Ceutrevilla WeJneadsy at 8 a m Arrive attCh& iton tana day by 8 p m L a7e Chariton Thursday at 8 a m Arrive at CenUrviile earns day r y 8 p m 9418 Frtm Centre Joint, by Mary'vi le, Burke, Brandon, Fnnck'e Gr?ve, Rote-prise, Water loo, (War Fells, Jaynesviile, and Waverty, to Braaford, 96 miles and back ence a week. Leave Centre 1 oint Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Bradford next Wednesday by 8 p m lasave Kradforct Thursday at 8 a m Arrive Ceasre Point next Saturday by 8p m. 9149 From Coun II Bluffs, low*, to Omaha Ci-y, Nebraska Teriitory, 5 miles and back, three times a week. ? i-save Council Bluffs Monday, Wednesday, and Fiiday at 8 a in Arrive at Omaha .ity by 10 a in Uave Omaha City Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3 p m Arrive at Council Bluffi by 6 p in. Proposals f.r s x .lmes-a week service are in 9450 From Council B!i ff-?, by Walnut Grove, Cal houn, Magnolia. Ashton, County Seat of Wocdbcry, (aow Sergent's Bluffs,) aud Floyu's Bluff), to gioux I ity, 100 miles au l ack, three a w??*k. Leave Council Blufft M nday, Wednesday, and Ft iday at 8 a m Arrive at Siocx Citv next d*ys by 8 p ni Leave Sioux Cuy Mond y, W sdnesdny, and Fri day at 6 a m Arrive at Couscil BdIFh next day* by 8 p m 9451 From i lay ion to Lancaster, (Wis,) Ui miles and ba?'k, o&cs a week. Leave C.ay tot- Thursday at 8 a m Artive at i.anca?t-r rame day by 4pm L?ave Lancaster Wedntsday at 8 a m Arrive at Clayton same day by 4 p m. 9452 From Clayton, by Gamaviile, Klkador, Wag ner, and Clearmont, to Wsst Union, 46 miles and bat k, ol<-8 a week. Leave Clayb n Thursday at 8 a m Arrive a* West Union nex; day by 12 m Leave West Union Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Clayton next day by 5 p m. 9463 From Council Bluff-, oy Winter Quarters, to Fort Calhiun, (Nebraska Territory,) ? milea and back, once a w eek Bidders will state distance and propose schedule of departure* and arrivals. 94(4 From Dubrque, by Fort Dodge, to Bargeant's Bluffs, 325 miles and baok, once a weak. Leave Dubuque M >nday at 8 a m Arrive at Sargesnt's Bluffs next Sunday by 6 p m Leave Sar^eant's Bluffs Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Lubuque n>xt eunday by 6 p m Bids to run by a different schedule will be con sidered. 9458 From Dubmjue, by West Union; Auburn, and Oid Mission to Decorrab, 108 miles aud back ocoe a week. Leave l>uouque Mondav at 6 a m Arrive at D*oorrah out Wednesday by 6 p m Leave Leoorrab lhursday at 6 a m Arrive at Dubuque next Saturday by 6 p m MM From Dubuque, by New Wine, Strawbarry Point, K>te: boa's For J, and W?v.t Union, to Dec irrah, 100 inil< s and back, once a a e*k Leave Dubuque Men lay a: 6 a m Arrive at Dec rrah next Wednesday by 8 p m Leave Deeorrah Thursd y at 6 a m Arrive at Dubuque next Saturday by 6 p m 9457 From RdUyiille, by B uff Cre k, Irish Point, Berry, Columbus, Learning's Foint. Ridge way, and Braver, to Fort Dee Moines, 76 miles a?d back, once a week Leave Eddyvil e Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Fort Dee Moines nex; day by 6 p m Lsave Fort Des Moines Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Eddyvil le next day by 8 p m 9468 From Fairview, by Ridge and Jordan's Grove, to Paris, 18 miles aid baok, once a week Leave Fairview Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Paris same dsy by 7 p m Leave Paris Saturday at 8 a m Artive at Fairview same day by 12 m 9459 From Fort Dee Mr>ine? by btory C. H,(Ne vada,) to Rldora, 65 miles and back, one* a w?ak Leave Fort Des Moinee Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Rldora next day by 8 p m Leave Rldora Wednesday at 6 am Arrive at Des Moines next day by 8 p m M60 From Fart Dej Moines, by Nevsda, to Marietta 6o miles mu<1 back, once a week. Leave Fort Des Moines Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Marietta nex- day by 12 m Leave Mar etta Thursday at 1 p a Arrive at For. Des M ines next day by 7 p m 9481 From Fort M-dis a, by West Point, Rig Mound, and Utica, to Keosauqua, 42 aailes and baok, once a week Leave Fort Madison Mon<'ay at 7 am Arrive at Keoe^u^ua same day by 8 p m Leave Reoeanqua Tuesday at 7 a m Arrive ?t Fort M ?di> on same day by 8 p m M62 From Port Madison, by Frankli a Centre and Trimrcse, to Fa-mington, 27 miles and tan% oroe a week Letve Fort Madis>a Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Varmlrg'on same day by 8 p m Leave Farmington -aim-day at 8 a m Arrive at Fort Madison some day by 0 p m From Glen wood, (Mills ocunty,) by Mebra ka Depot, to Nebraska Centre, iOO miles and bark, cnoe a week Laivs Ulenwo d Thursdsy at 6 a m Arrive at Nebraska Centre next Welnesday by 8am Lsave Nebraska Oatre Wedo'sday at 8 a m Arrive at Ulenwood n?xt Tuesday by 8 a m 9W4 From Lewi*, by Qufnrj, to Clviodt, 41 ?n?? and back, once a week Arrive at Ghrlndt next da? by 8 a a L">aT? Clarinda Tairtiy at 10 a m Arrive at u?li Mit est by ?t a 9464 Proa Marvago u Marietta, Osnllsi sad back, mm a wad Lear* Marnip Ten ay t ? a a Arrive at Marietta next day by 6 p a l?ave MtJcUa tketdiy at 6 a a Arrive at ??n?|o a>it day by (>? 9406 h? Marenro, by ioie o, to Kldora. 76 alles andbsok. onoaaweek Leave Merer go Tue-day at ? a a Arrive at M fa wit day by T p at Leave Bldor* Thursday at 0 a aa Arrive at Marengo next day by 7 p m 94*7 Prom Maeedooia. by Bet bleb-HU0S Oleawoad. ailae a?-d baak, ana* t tttk Leave Macedonia Tbureiay at 1 p a Arrive at Qlenwood srme day by 7 p a 'aav? Ul*n*rood TharaJay atO a a Arrive at Macedonia same day by 12 m 9168 From Monoia, by Roer villa, to Waukon, 20 - mllos and birt. our. a week Leave Monoca Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Wanton by IS a , I eave Waukon Monday at 1 p m Arrive at Monona by 7 p a 9409 Proa McGregor's I andinr, by Blgiu and Went Uaios, to Bradford, 00 miles and back, onoe a week Lave Me irejor's Landing Mo- ds.v at 6 a a Arrive at Bradford neit Wednesday by 6 a a Leave Bradford Wednesday at I aa Arrive at MaGregor** landing next Friday by 8 a a 94*0 From McGregor'? Landing, by Monona and Clermont, to West Union, b miles and beck, once a week Leave McGregor'* Landing Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Weet Union aame nay b; 9 | m Leave West Union Tuesday at ? a a Arrive at McGregor's Landing saae day by 0 p a W7I From Os^eo'a, b/ P'a rle Grove, to Peru, 17 . miles and back, One* A weak '?eave Os-solA Thursday at 6 a a Arrive at Peru Thursday at I p a LOav i Pern Tharsdsy at 1 p a Arrive at O-cecia by 7 p a MICHIGAN. (From July 1,1866 to Juru 90, 18M.) 13162 From Adrian to Parker's Corners, ? alia and bask, once a week Bidders wlj state distance and nfta* a sched ule of departures and arrivals 18163 From Aloion to Homer, 8 n ilea and back, six times a wsek L^?vd AlbioxMaily, except Sunday, at t p m Arrive at Hcmer same days by 4 p m Leave Hcmer dally, except Sunday at 5 p a Arrive at Albion same days by 7 a a 13151 rom Allgtny by Trowbridge, Cheshire, BlocmituJaJe and Waverly, to Paw Paw, 2i miles And ba'k, onbd a work Leave All'gan Tuwday at 7 a m Arrive at Paw Paw same day by 6 p m ] lieive Paw Pew Wednesday at 7 a a Arrive at Allegan same day by 6 p in 131&6 Fr- m Battle Creek, by Absecta, Union City. to Coldwater, 30 mi!e* aad bick, three times a we-k Leav 4 Battle Creek Monday, Wednesday, and Prida st 8 a a Arrive *t Coldwater mm* days by 6 pm Leav<* o !<1 a'er Tuesday, Thursday and Satur day at 8 a m Arrive at Battle Creek same days by A p a 13166 From Charlotte, b ' Cheater, Roxana, and Daaby, to Portland, 2A m 1m and back, ones a woeft Leave Ckarlotte WedoasdAy a' 8 ? m A-rive at Portland same day by 6 p m Leave Por lind Thursday at 8 a m A rrive at Char otte same day by 6 pm IS167 From Corunna, by Humphrey wheeler's, in Mew Haves, to Chesaning, 16 miles and back once a week Leave Corunna Wednesday at 6 a a Arrive at Cheraning saae day by 12 a LeaVrt Cheeaaicg Wedn?sday at 1 p a Arrive at Corunna same day by 7 p m 13168 F om Dexter, by Ingrahaa Centra, to Mason 41 miles and back, once a week Leave Dexter Thur.-day at 6 a m Arrive at Mason aame day by 6 p m Leave Mason Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Dextar same day by 6 p m 13160 From Peeator, by Little Prairie Konde, Mar cellus, Union, Plowerfield, Cent'e. to Three hivers, 30 miles and back, once a weak Lave Decatur Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Three Rivers same oay by 6 p m Leave Three Rivers Thursday at 8 a m Arrive at De-atur same day by 6 p a 13100 From Dundee, by Bummerfield and I.unberte vilte, to ToI;do, Ohio, 24 and back, once a week Leave Dundee Wednefday at 8 a m Arrive at Toledo aame day by 6 p a Leave Toledo Thursday at 8 a m Arrive at Dunaee tame day by 5 p m Proposals for tri weekly service are invited 18161 Frcm Detroit, by Mount Clemens and Al in out, to Lapesr. (by the plank road) 6j miles snd back, once a week Le?ve Detroit Tueeday at 6 a m Arriva at Lapeer cam?day by 6 p m Leave Lapeer Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Detroit same day by 6pm Bidders will specify the intermediate offices to be supplied on the route Propoea.s for tri weekly and six times a week service are invited 13162 Froa Bagia River, by Beaaley's, Torch Laks, Por >ge Lake, and Houghton, to Portage Ku try, 60 miles and back, once a week Leav*f agle Uiv.-r Wed nee day at 6 a m Arrive at Portage Entry next day by 6 p m Leave Portage Entry Friday at 6 a a Arrive at Kagle River next c'ay by 6 p a 13163 From Grand Rapids, by Alpioe, Sparta Cen tre, snd Camp Lake, to Croton, -10 mi es *->d back, i noe a week Ijeavr Grand Bapids Wednnal* y at 6 a m Arme at Croton ame day fcy 7 p m Leave C.otoa Thursday atd*m Arrive at >rand ltapils rameday by 7 )i m 13164 From Green Bay, by Little Bay, k*To<iUtt, 11+ coaouba, Carp Liver, Keewena* Bav, Ragle River, Kag'e Harbor, aad Copper Harbor, to Fort Wilkins, 374 miles ani baek, once a ae-k Leave Green Bay every Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Fort Wilklna 16 days thereafter Leave Fort Wilkin? every Monday at 6 a iu Arrive at Gre?n Bay 16 days thereafter Proposals to commence at Carp River are in vito); alt-o, pccpsa'.e for service from Nov* in bsr 16 to May 16 in each year, are invited. 13165 From Goodrich, by Davieonvil'e, Davison Centre, Richfisld, Forrest, Vassar, Frank, n muth,and Bloocfljld, to Saginaw, 65 miles and back, once a week Leave Goodrich every Tuesday at 6 a a Arrive st Paginaw next day by 6 p m Leave Bagiuaw every Thursday at a a m Arrite at Gc olrich next day by 6 p m 13146 From Groveland, by Ros', Highla d, sndVil ford, to New Hudson, 26 miles and back, once a weak Leave Groveland Wedntsday at 8 a m Arrire at New Hudson same day by 6 p m Leave New Hudson Thursday at 8am Arrive at Qroveiand same day by 0 p m 131C" From listings to Woodland, 12 miles and btck, onoea week Leive Hastings Tueeday at 8 a m Arrive ?t Woodland same day by 12 m Leave WcoDand Tcatday at 1 p m Arrive at Hastings same day by 5 p ui 18168 From HnsMngs to Galesburgh, 23 miles aad back, once a week Leave Hastings Tuesday at 8 a is Arrive at Galeeburtth aae Cay by 6 p a Leave Galesburgh Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Hastings same day by 6 p m Propoaa s to supply Cedar Creek and Hickory Corners on the route ere invited 13169 From Hillsdal', by ransom Wood's Corners, aad Ca?, a Medina, 30 miles and back, once a ?e*k L*ave Hillsdale Wed esday at 8 a m Arrive at Mrdina same day by 6 p m Leave Medina Thursday at 8am Arrivs at HMlfdale saae day by 0 p m 18170 F -om Hudson, by Caw and Domestic, Ohio, to West Unity, 23 milej and back, once a week Leave Hudson Tu's'ay at 8 a m Arrive at West Unity sama day by 4 p m Leave West Unity Wednesday at 8 a a Arrive at Hudson same day by 4 p a 18171 From Lexington, by Bark Shanty, Cherry Creek, Whi'oomb's Mills, and Brakeman's Mills, to Point aux Barques, 73 miles snd bjck, once a week Leave L*xiu&t3n Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Point aux Barjues next day by 8 p m Leave Paint aux Barques Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Lexington next lay by 8 p m 13172 From Meaomlnoe River to K<>awenaw roint Lake Superior, 136 miles sad back, three, time--a month froai November li o May lb iu each year < Bidden will name a schedule of departures and arrivals Prop sal by ths trip are Invited 13178 From Minnesota Mice to the month of Onto nagon River, ? alia and back, onee a week Bidders will state tie distanoe and naae a schedule of departures and arrivals 18174 From Minnesota Mine, along the mineral range by tiie F <re*t aad Norwatk Mines, to Lake Ogoyibor, ? ailsi snd bsck, oner s Bidders will state the distance and name a schedule of departoree and arrival* Proposa's for semi monthly servios sr- invited 13176 From Monr a, by Flat Kgck, Taylor, Browns town and Dear born vil'e, to Detroit, S6 a la and back, tnree times a Week leave Monroe Monday. Wednesday aad Fri day, at 6 a m Arrive at Detroit same i*aya by 6 p a Lave Detroit Tuesday, Thu, sday, and Saturday K u am * Arrive at Monroe same day by ? p m Proposals to end at Daarboravflle ars ^MM 13176 From Mwkhw. by Aome?aet, Wbeailaad, and Plttatord, to Halr(?,SI mi'esand back, o>m ' - U??i Mraeow Ttdswdiy |ll? ? ; 4*iff# at HntoB nm day 6 ? Leave R?dm TktNif at ? a A^iaa ?> <"f?? nwaiy^lpa 13177 fr*m Ktnt CI to R?N,fii Plank Ku*J, 90 m<la? aai bark, thm liaaea tie k L?ave Mou?t Cbai'Bi mrj Mooday. Vadaf* daj ud Friday at 6 a m AiHrtatkfaoriBMdnikj IS ? Law Iwwo M? <ay, W?4a?da.T aal Friday *t I pm Arrive at Maut ClaWM mm day* by T vposal . ^ TtT*d. , . , 13 ft FroM On'oKgoa tP the soatbeswt quar'er of ' section tlnti, to?*?h p Fw'y kin*, ranf ftvty-one, in the ?nanty af wuUbh?j, ? mile* ltd back, omrt a auk Bidders will state tbe dielaoae aad mm* ? aebeiule of departure and arrirala. Proposals for etui-aeoLlfcly iwrioa in tot fitai 13179 From Pdrtip Ltki to L? Ana* Bay, ? Mil** aad bark. onoe a week Bid era will aiata the diet an** and MM a aahedaie of drpartarea aad antral* Pro potato far i emWmcntfc ly service are la rit d 13180 From Pine Run in Geneaea e ?a<j to Aiidi Centre, in Tuscola county, ? mil a and b ck ones a weak Bidders rill atkte the diatanee, and dim a schedule if depart eraa aad arrirala. 13131 From Pontine by Clarkatuo, Haala Lake Qoj - r eh, Daridsourille, baridscnCentre, Hush fie'd Forrest >nd Vaatar to Lake Saginaw, 100 milaa and back, oace a wet k L -are Ptntiao Monday at 3 a m Arrive at Lake Pa^iuaw next Wednesday by 6 P M Leara Lake Saginaw Tbur.*dav at 6 a m Arrfre at Pontine next Faturday by 6 p m ) roposala are inrited to end at Goodrich. 13183 From Btad'W to Fdinburg, Clear In diana to Mrta, 30 milea and bark, onoe a week Leave Reading Welnesday at 3 a m Arrfre at M?-ta same day ay 13 m l?are Meta Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at Reading aame day by T p ui 15133 Frcm Saginaw, by the eaa era tide of t'r lymoc Pen naula and Dun aa on Sheboygan Bayja Mackinac, 260 miles aad back, onoa a fail Bktdara will name a schedule of departures ^r^?l arrirala Proposals by the *rip are invited. 13184 Krom 8-uth Haver to ?a gatuck. at tbt mouth of Ralaaaasoo, iu AU*gan ooanty, 2u miles and ha k, occe a weak litnre 8* uth llaren Wednesday at 6 a m At rire at faugatuck aame day ?y '2 m I<eare heufcatu k Wedaeedoy at 6 a m Artiesa Son h Harenlamed?y**y Tpn 13185 From Swarti Creek, in Oeotaat county, by Gaiaes to Byron, 10 mile* and back, once ? w*ek Leare 8 wr rta Cre k Thursday atlas Arrlre at Byron rame day by 12 m Leare Byron Thured-y at 1 p m Arrlre at Swart s Cnek sen eday by 7 p m 13186 From Weat Ri-or by Aurelius to Delhi Centre, 3 milea aod back, o.ea a weak L?ave Weot River Thnr day at 8 a m Arrlre at Delhi Centre aame day by 4 p m i*are Delhi Centre Friday at 8 n m Arrite at Met! irer sane day by 4 p m. ILLINOIS. {from July 1,1868, to June 30,1833.) 13628 From Bloomingtoa by Pekiu, Canton, Ma comb, Carthage and Warsaw, IU, to Keoku*,. Iowa, 180 mfln and back, onoe a week Laare Bloomington Mrnday at 6 a m Arrira at Keokuk next Tbnraday by 6 pm L are Keokuk Friday at 6 a m Arrlre at Bloc u.ingt on next fcunday by Op m Bidders will n-m? tbe 1l termed at- oflic a. Proper ale for triweekly and all timee a week terrioe will be onnaksred. 13839 From Buffalo Grove by Brtokvilla, White OaV Grov? and Or.nen Grove to Pree,ort, 34 mil t and back, onoe a t> eek Leare Buffalo Grove Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Fre^port name day by 6 p m Leart Freepcrt Thursday at 8 a m Arrira at Buffalo Grove earn-, day by 6 p m 13&0 From Cairo by Santa Fe, Thebes and J K McOret'S to Jonea bo rough, 68 m laaard hack, oo3* a week Laare Ca:ro Tu?wday at 6 a m Arrlre at JuD?<bcrcurh next day by 12 m L*?re Joneab roufh Weon?r<l?y ai 1pm Arnre at Carlo Lext day by ? p m Prop?aala to e-tmaoaea at Clear Creak Laatl<uf are inrHed 12831 From Cari~ te Cha'lseton, Minouri, 14 milea and back, once a n??k L*?re Cairo Thursday at 8 a m *i at Charlertin same day by IS m Uare Charleaan I bursd^y at 1 p m Arnre at Cairo tameday by 6 p m 136itS from Cbarlas on by hulniaii to Decatur 80 m lesand back^ntea ?*tk LeareCba lepten Tueaday at 6 a m A;rire a Decatar next day by 12 m Leave L-t? a ur Welct aday at 1 p m Aririve et Charl?Mi<>a u? x . <tay by 0 p m 13 From Charleaun, by Olney, New Maaaiil o, Albion aad Urayrdle, to Aev Harmony, lu diaoa, 118 milea and back, cnaa a wrek. Letre charleaton Mcnday at 8 a m Arrira at Naw Harmony next Wednesday by ? p & Leare New tie m >ay Thuraday at 6 a in Arrire at Chariot u Brat Saturday by 0 p m. Proposals are isrited to oomuience at Grayrill 13S8t Frem Chittcnueo, by Little Mnddy <nd Oasge, ti F-aion.s, 'H wles and beak, once a wtiX Laare Chi.ta%d n Wednrfd?y at 8 a m Arr<re at Fraconia aume day by s p ax leare Fredooia Thursday at 8 a m VPArrir** at Chittenden aam- day by 8 p m. 1S635 From Clinton, by WaynrseilU, to Atlanta, 18 miles and rack, onc<> a week. Leare Uiiotoa Ihuraday at ? a m Arrira at At'.a?ta aame day by 12 m L ar? Atlarta Tburedayat 1pm Arrire at Oiintoa aame day by 7 p m 13680 From l-lyde to Union Gr^re, in Wbiteakir* coui ty, 8 milea and back, cn<a n week. Lear* Clyde Tuesday at 7 a na Ariire at Union Grore a\ui- day by 9 a M L?-t- Uni? n Gr >ra Tu?* day at 10 a m Arr*Te at Ci>de aame day by 13 m. 13537 From Clergtoat, by Striagt.wn, and Ft Ma ry'a, to Newtm, -4 milee aad ba:k, oner a waek. Propoeals to end at 8t. Mary'a are inrited. Leare Cl*rmont Wednesday at 8 a in ?rrire at Newton aame day by 4 p m Leare Neaton Thuraday at 8 a m Arrira at C!ermont aame day by 4 p in. 13633 From Carrolltor, by Apple Craek, Breees B dford, Monteartaa, a U ML ton, to PitUfieli, 3S m-les aod b?ek. once a wark Leare Carroll ton Wadneaday at 6 a m Arrire at Pittrfield am?- day by 0pm Le?ve Pittsfl Id ThuraJay at 0 a m Arrive at Carrollton aame day by 6 pm. 13539 From Fieeport, by Rock Hun. Howard, an? Harrison, to Rockton H- milaa and baek, ono a waek. Leare Frtapsrt Thuraday at 6 a m Arrlre at Be k io aame day by 6 p m Leare Bocktcn Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Freep.-rt same day by 6 p m 13540 P* om Fraep. rt, by Miil urore, te low Creak, llaalewood, Keat, Ward's Grora, Plum Rirer, or Dorinda, to Galena, 64| milee and baek. on^a a week. L are Frwepor. Tuesday at 0 a m Arr re at Gaiena n> xt day by 12 m Ltare Galena Wadneaaay at 1 p m Arrire at Fn epoit next day by 0 p m. Proposal* for triweekly aarri e nr? inrited. 13541 fcrom Fort Wayna, Indiana, by Koeheater, Hen??elaer, la~on, lllincla, Toulon, Naw Boston, Toolaboro', I?>wa, Wapellu, Waahieg t'n. uekaiooaa, India no'.a, and Wictaraet, to Council B aff, 639 mileaand ba k, once a week Biddera wilJ name aseLedule of arrirala aad drpartores. 13642 Prom GaJana, by South Hollow, to Dnnliath, 16 milee and baek, onoe a week Leare Galena Wednesday at 0 a m Arrive at Dunlivtb same day by 13 M Leare Donli th Wadnaaday at 1 p m Arrive ac Gale na same day by 7pm Proposals for tri weekly service are inrited. 13643 F. om Gokooda, by Big Bay City, to New L barty. 32 n<Uea and baek.onaaa week Ler veGolr>nd . Thursday at 3 ami A wire at New Libetty same day by 4 n m Leare New Liberty Friday at 3 am Arrira at Goleonda aame day by 4 p m 13841 From Gray ri He, by Albion, Parker'a, Pair neriOlnay, 8t MaiV>, Newton, and Green up, to Caarleatoa, 130 milee and back, once a week Leave Grayrille Monday at ? a m A"me 4t C nrl?#tOB w?dnMd*J by 6 L?areCharleaton Tturaday i)(am Arrira at Orayrllleaext Saturday by ? p m Propoaala for s?ml warkly rerr?c? are inrited. 1364% From Uu-aonrills, by Annapolis, to Ball Air, 18 milaa and bnai. oore a week Hutacnr'lla Saturday at 6 a m At rire at Ball Alraamsdsy by 13m Leare Bell Air Saturday at 1 p m A'rire at Uutaa^villa aam** day by 7 p m 13-^10 From Knoxvllla, by Maquon, Fab view, aad, to Lewistcwn, 41 milaa and back, cnaa a week Leave Knox v.lie Friday at 3a m A rire at Lewiatown rams day by 0 p ? L*ave Lewittova fa <vday at 6 a m Arrira at Knrxv He aame day by 6 a m 13647 Pram Knozville by the Foqua Bettlamtat, Kobin's Farm, Rrd Oak Gr>^> and Oam bridge Court llouae to Ganaaao, 41 milaa and hack, onoe a waek Leara faairllls Monday at 3 a m Arrira at Ganeaso ams daj by 3 p m Leave Gattaaa > Tuesday ai 6 a m Arrire at Kn?xvUie same day by 3 p m a?a??Maa_?aae__aaM 18*48 Proaa Moa dir g*s * lis ky Bapklaa* ia Iju? ni L * Utn Mould eg W4?; itlia Anht at Beaton i?aa 4a> by 3 p m ' ?iBaatoa Buataey at 3 a Intw itJIoaMI*^ aa* day ky 3 p i 13*4* Proa Mokaaa by fkeb^a, WalMagford Plana. Ble<av|U.>,f< to Kiautw Di^k, 3$ alia i i w?k Lrtn Makena Friday at 1 Arrive ?t Kaakala mm 4ay by I p i l?Tt KaakiUt MMtt at ? a A * Artia at Mofeaai aaaM day ky 3 p fryla ta Ni at 13660 From Mokeea b: Had'-y, Oavdlafa Pale a, u I. ml l? M">k?ne, Wain aad baek, one* a ??.k Leave Moktua KataiOly it! IB Arrive at Mokeua i aa> day by 4 p a 13661 Kioai Moaat Camel to Pilawtna, Indiana, It ail*> a 4 Wck, care a week Leave M^aat Cai w?J Saturday at 3 a a Ar.ive ar Prlaretoa aam* day by 13 a UiTe I'rlure.oa 8a;ar4ay at t p a Arrive at Mount Carrot aaica da> by 4 p a 13643 Proa M?eat Ca-roil tv Haaovtr, 13 alia aad back, ia t a week Leave Mouat tarrell Tueedai tit aa Arrive at Haa?ver aaate day by li m 1,.av? Uaa? ver Taesday at t p a arrive at Mount Carroll Maeaa> tyiya 13663 Fr? in Mor.ia by Maaca. Clan ?. ?w4 Fair mount, to Vwigbt, At aatles aad Leave Monte Saturday at 6 a a at Dvtgbt aa* day by 11 ai Leave 1/wtgki Saturday at 1 p a Arrive at kterrU aaaa day byTya 1S664 F.i m Morale ky Ltaboa, iiotaeraan'e 0 Newark, Milling toe aud Aafcbary ta wick, 34 aaUea anl beck, oaaa a w? Leave Morri* Friday at 3 a ai Ainve at Bandwi k raae day ty 4 p ia L>avi> Sandwich Sa tar day til a a Arrive at Morete eaiae *.ay by 4 p a Krom New Arm by W addna'e Oman nwL's Orov-, w m'low aad Uarty'a 6a Maa roa, Wleoon-?e4 M mil a ant u k, an a waak Le?v? New Kr a Mob lay at 3 a aa Arrive >t kiouroe same day by 6 p an I?ave Mont*aTuesday w #a a Arrive at Now Brio ?an?e day bj ? p a Proposals lor tri-aerkly *? vww wil, be oonatd* nod; alto, , rvpc-ale to *nd at WaMaa'i Uioveare invited. 13666 From New liavm to Benloa, 46 aUa aad t a* k M)<v a ??rk Leave New lla ea Friday atSaa Arrive at Boat a same day by 3 p m Lnv? B atoa Saturday at 6 a a Arrive at New U?tra ame day by 4 p a 13667 From Ottawa by Frai to C*atr*, upkir aad No tircve to Mandoia, Xi uiiWe aitd back, (nee a * ark Leave ut'awe Friday at 8 a in at MendoU >ame day by G p m l?ve Mendota Setotda ? at 0 a m An ire at Ottawa aaaie day by?ya 14664 F om Paa< la 8 alio , by Woo 'ford aad Mnta> morai*, ta Spring Bay, 3j mliee aad bark,ear* a we- k. Leave Panel* Thursday at 4 a a Arrive at Spring Bay taac day ky 3 p a I<etVr Sjricg Bay Friday ate aa ' a Pan* la same day ky 3 p a. Proposals toeud at W jodfonl are iavi'od. 13669 Prim P rj to New UwUt, ? aulas aad back, ore* a waek. ?.d .art wLl aute dntaara aad a ame a rkedala of d )ki:uM aad arrival a. <8360 Fr m 1 akin, by *>pring Lake, to Hsvaaa, M miles aa: b*ck, onoe a aark. Leave I okin M aday at 6 a a Arrive at Havana tarn* day by 6 p m Leave llavana 1 aa. day ai 6 a m Airive at Pekia aa ce day by 3 p an. 13141 Fr m Pw.t, by Mortaa aad Foraey, to Coa oord, ? mu?i ana back, onoe a waek. Bidi*r? wjlJ ?tate the dietar ee aad name a rchadnle of dopaitur a and arrivala. 13633 From Kobinar-a, by ublonc aad Willow Bill, to Newtoa, IS m lee aid back, onoe a Leave Robinarn Friday at 3a m Arrive at Newtoa taae da) by 4 p a Lmve Newton Ba nrday at 3 aa Amve at Robin *~a aaar day b? 3 p a. ISiOJ I rem KuaLville, by tScott'e Ml la, P? Ki1g-, > layroa, Bunt's M lie, Kincatra aad Ri kland, to Hannibal, Mi aourl, tC niibe aad back, onoe a week. Leave RoMbville Wedaerdav itlam Arrtvr at Hannibal ? ex. d-ty by t) p ta Lo*ve liaiiBibal Fiiday at 3 a m Arrive at hufbvill* i.e i day by 3 p m. 13561 Fix hi Scott, by Vienaa, Waapoaaie Orova, and Morrit, to Maaon, in Grundy coaaty, ? milea and tack inceawwk. Bi J ere wi ] atate the ? ialanee aad name a rcbedale of arrivala and departnr*. 13666 From Bavaaa by 8abnl?, Maqaokofa, Marlon, Iowa, to <?Vdar kaplda, ? back, once a week. Bdder? wul ?Utr the d'.etaace aad scLnlul? of dej-arturea and arrivala. K S66 Pnm Urba< a to Pa ia, ia Rd^ar eoaaty ,61 milre and back, oace a week. Leave trbaca Tae day at 3 a a A rrive tlPurW aext aay by 13 m Leave Parle Wedneaday at 1 p m Arrive at L'rt?aa^ next day by 6 p bl 135C7 Froiu Warren, by H ards Unv% lo Moaat Carroll, 32 m le* a ml back, oaaa a waak. Leave Warrrn Wnine day at a a m AriiVe at Mount Carroll aame day by 3 p a Leave Moua* l?atroll Tbnraday at 3 a a Arrive at u errm eame day by 3 p a. 1)630 From Wiocoe'ter. by Ox villa aad Baetav, ka N pier, 16 miloa aaj ba t, oao? a waak. Leave ** incbester Tbaraday at 3 a a Arrv at Naplei cava day ^y IU m L*ave .\apl-a Ibnrnlay at 1 "y in Ar.iva ae Wincbeeter eame day by C p m. WISCONBIIt. (From July 1, IS "A, to Junt 30. I *M.t 1H908 Fr? m Ajpl< tc n, by Centre aad El inirtoa, to Baviua, ? mi) a aad ba?k, oare a we?k. B ddcre will atate the diataaea, and aaane a ecbalu<a at drpartaraa and arrivala. 13908 Froiu A,ple;oa to Wau|aeo, 43 alio* aa< back, care a week Leave * pj>lrt< n Thuraday at 3 a m Arrive at Wmpaw eame day by 0 pa Leave Waapaco Friday at 3 a m Ar ive at App eton eamo^av by 6 p m Bidder* will name tbr taterm dla'a otBeei to be e applied H810 Prom t'bippewa CUy, by Cbippewa Falla, Baa Cijuu'b Millt, kan Oalla. and Nartk ivpia, to Roed'a Laa<llnf, ia M.acaoota, ? nn .ee and back, fiKv a we k BidJe-a will a'ate ihe dletau e aad aaaa a eelirdule c f ?]? pariarea ax>d arrival*. 13811 From llau (J?IU Mllia, by Sawyer aad Mid dlo, to l'p(Mr Menoa'Lee Mil la, ? milaa aad back, ra<v a we?k Bldd'ta will etate lb* dl?t*ac*, aad aaaa a achedu'eo? departure aad atriva'a 1J313 From Po t Atklnam. by Oakland, Chriat'aaa. a"d L'ttrx, to Bt^ugbton, SI mibe and back, oneo a waek Le-ave Fort Aikinfoa W dntedav a* 3 am Arrive at Stouftiton eame dar by 12 m Leave fttcughton W?dhe<day at 1pm Arrive at Fort Atkin*<n huae day by 7 a HS13 Prra Uewer'a Perry, in C. dar oouaty, by ^prinfdal-, to Waat Liberty, 13 Mkaaad baek, Oiee a week. Laayc Oewer e P. rrv Tbaraday at 6 a a Arrive at Weot Liberty eame day by 13 a Leave W?at Liberty tbvridar at I pa Arrive at Q wer** Peary aama day by 3 p a 12*14 From La Crorre to Portage, - milrtatd baek, oace a wo*k. Bid J. re will epeei(y the dlatanc* aad oflcaa to be rapplkd: alao, a erbaanl- of arrivala and departures 1381* Prom Madieoa, ky Albat y, Spring Orooo, and Rock Qr .va, to Preeport, IUiaobt flo miles and back, i ace a week. Leave Madieoa Taaaday a 6 a a Arrive at Free port next 4ay by 3 p a Leave Freepert Friday at 6 a a Arrive at Me>l)aon next day by 3 p m Proposal* to r^mmea a at Albany are Invited, ^ alao, ptapnaW for tri-week y eer'vxe betweea Albany acd Freport 1S816 Prom Man: too woe to Cbiltoa, ia Calasat oountv. 28 miles at:d beck, onoea week La va ManCoowre Wedoeeday at 8 a a A rrlve a* Chilton ame day by 3 p m Leave Cbiltoa Thursday at 8 a m Arrive a* M tni'oewoo eame day by 6 pa 13317 From Mineral Point, by Linden Highland. Pic', la'd Cant e. Mated AI H^ Bard'a Milla. Vinoqaa. Badaxe C B, Rj nagvilie. La Croaae, Onalnka, Albioa, Black River Fall?, Jack*cn C. H.. Oage'a Mil's Cbtppowa Fa la, Cblrpewa c H , OUalley M lla, Wll low Kivrr, a iee, and ^t lhrater t #t Paul, ia Minnesota, ? miles aad * " Bidders will etata the distance, aad rrbelule of departures aid arrivala Prosoaela to end at Black River Pa'laara la vtted 1?813 Fr a Montoville by OaleavilM aad Daac a ii M lb to Black River Falla, ? ailaa aad baek oacaa weak Bidden wilt atate the distaaoe, aad aaaa % ale or deptrtaras aad a- rlvala 13913 Prom Pardee viHe by Montallo and Doko*ao ka B'evwo'a Pnint ia Partip eowa'y 39 alia aad kaak, on* a w?nk L-ave Pardee vile Taoxlay at 3 a a at Steven'a P<dat aext da^y by 3 p a Leave Stevea'a Point Tbaraday at 3 a a Arrive at Pariaevilte aext day by 3 a a Prop-wale fee aad at Moatelle an iavitad. 13330 Frea Plover ky ?nad laatta. Ma Nat, Black 3iv*r Falla aad Oaetoekee feeLa Oaaa 133 ailea aad kaok, aa a waak Leave Plover Moaday at Baa Arrive at L? Croaee a?\t Tbureday by 3 p a Leava La Cnaae Friday at * a a Arrive at Plover aext naaday ky a a a Pn praala ta aad at Black River Falla are la* vittd [CoacWeJ aa tW w ]

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