Newspaper of Evening Star, 23 Şubat 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 23 Şubat 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY AFT1MMOW Febriary 23 XT The Urge and convenient dwelling on the oorner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Eleventh street is for rent. Posses sion given immediately. For terms ap ply at the Star offiee. SPIRIT OF THE MOBHIHG P&XSS The Inttlligencer if to day devoted to newt. The Union criticiaea the letter of Senator Wilson to the editor of the Organ. WA8HIHQT0H 1TZW8 AKD 0O88IP. The Celebration In Alexandria ?Our gcod neighbor* of the city of Alexandria "kept" yesterday, the 22d of February, as they, of all people, should keep it. It wai with them a gala day, reminding us of the good old time*, when the anniversaries of the marked days in oar national history were, all ever oar ooun try, daya which were dedicated to the true American duty of renewing and brightening the memory of the events of the timea that tried men'a aonla, in the hearts of the youth of America. On thia oocasion, Edgar Snowden, Eaq , of the Alexandria (Jazttte, than whom onr conn try poaseeaea few men of more elegant acquire menta, geniua, and exoel lent taste, wae the orator of the day. We refer the reader to the synopsis of hia addreea to be in our local ool onana to- morrow. Aa a local hiatorlan, though making no pretenaiona, be baa few superiors, I an J bia auditory, oomposed of thooaanda of hia townamen and townawomen, were, censequent ly, treated to a flood of reminiaeenoea of the an cient dajs of the glorious old Burgh, sufficient to render all Alexandri ana and Virginians proud, indeed, of the city commonwealth aad land of their birth. Alexandria waa the abire-town of Gen. George Waahington There Braddoek landed, and at that point Washington flrat met him. Prom thenoe they started out upon their periloua and disastrous campaign. There were in the oompany that assembled yesterday to listen to the address of Mr Snowden hundreds whose ancestors were companions in arms of Washington oa that oocasion, and thousands, It may be, whose fathers and grandfathers were his companions in arms in thenar of the Revolution, and his immediate personal friends and acquaiatances. It waa in old times a local trait of Alexandria to teach ita growing population familiar (un written; facta marking the history of Wash ington, and of his times and revolutionary compatriots. Mr. Snowden, therefore, had an auditory who appreciated the flood of le gendary lore with which bis eloquent and classic address was graced. At the termina tion of the public exercises, some two hundred of the company proceeded to Newton's Man ?ion House, where they partook of a genuine " 13d of February" dinner?cf such a dinner as one never sits down to outside the bounda ries of Virginia and Maryland. The reader will find the bill of fare in our local columns to-morrow ; and if, like our selves ho ia a lover of the creature oomforts of liie, ani experienced in Virginia cookery, he will comprehend the fact that beyond the re gion of country drained by the Po tomao, it ia a rare occurrence to ait down to each a dinner as that of the oelebration of the 22d of February 1BW, in Alexandria, Va. 9 The occasion was graced not only by the presenoe of the Hon. Wm. C. Rivea, but by an after-dinner speech from that gentleman, j We have frequently heard him in Houae and Senate, as well aa on the atump. Bat we never heard him as eloquent and effective as on this 000 as ion His theme was the impor lance of oherishing the principles of George Washing, ton, and that great man's identification with the town of Alexandria. We need hardly say that he enforced, in words whieh sank to the hearts of all present, the results of Washing ton's sagacity, patriotism, and integrity, as exemplified in the existing condition of our country and its people; and brought vividly to mind the times when Washington's pres ence and personal influence were as familiar to the inhabitants of the good old burgh, as are now those of its moat prominent eitisens cf the day. There standa in Alexandria the old church which he regularly attended, ant the old pew in which he sat?just as his death left both. The old ball room in which he dancei? and no one waa more inclined to en courage such amusement! than George Waah ington?and the old tavern at whioh be usu ally put up, and the old chamber in which he usually lodged on ooming up from Mount Vernon But we fear we are tiring the pa tience of the reader. Our only regret ia that all the Star's readers could not have beard the eloquent, graceful, and patriotio speech of Mr. Hives. I be venerable George Washington Park Custia, too, delighted the oompany aasembled Around the festive board, in a speech upon the progress of our beloved country. The dd-man-eloquent alwaja waxea warm upon that his favorite theme, and is really one of the few Americans of his age whose hearts, ?ouls and minds keep paoe with the ideas of the times in whieh he now lives. He discoursed of Alexandria as be knew her before any one l>raaent aave himself was born?of the timea when ahe was the oentre of the refinement learning, and high-toned sentiment of Vir ginia, and then reviewed the progress of our ffreat country sinoe he first krew New York, then a little dilapidated looking Dutch town The good old man grew eloquent, indeed, as he oontraated the condition of our oountry with its condition then; and, prophetic in hia prognostications of its future eareer utened to with profound respect, and th* oourtw7 consideration of Lis highly intelligent and public spirited auditor*. Un th. whole it waa a gIoricw c.lobratl#n cf the anniversary of Washington', birth-day such a commemoration of ihat great and fio rioos occasion as can never be wim^ oal * the limits of Washington's good old .hire town of Alexandria. [COMKCHICATID. ? District Affairs helm Congress.?The few remaining days of the present session leave bat slight hopes that aay business oonneeted with this District, will be acted upon before the ad journment. It anpears that there is, in connection with other District matter, several wuitaM* claims pending against (fee Government, from eitiseni of this city, arising out of various eaesst, that ought to receive the aotion of Congress before the adjournment As ti-r eitisens are deprived of the adran-' tage of a delegate in Congreaa to represent ^heir interests in (hat body, they can right v complain of neglect on the part of Cob* I greai, which has a tendency to ffoduoe a de ls* in the settlement of their jaat claims. Lv ?#t*? Houses will, m it i? desirable they should, devote bat a angle day to Dis | triot matters, all business connect ad with thia I city and its citiisns, can be diapoaad of within I that apace of time. Citiixh I Washington, Feb 21. The Washington Monument Association I Election Teaterday.?Under the rulea of the I association, the board of managers of the Wash I ington Monument Society are elected by all I who, having paid their dollar into the funds, I choose to vote in the election. For the ensu I ing year, it came off yesterday. The Know I Nothing lodgee of this city, desiring to obtain I the oontrol of the work, passed resolves that I their members should pay each a dollar, be I come members of the association, and vote I for a ticket which had been secretly determ I fned on. As no one else dreamed that the highly reapected and efficient board of man I agers was obnoxious to any one, none others I but those in the secret attended the election. I The custom has been for half a doxen or so I votes only to be polled on these occasions. I In this oase seven hundred and fifty one votes I were polled, seven hundred and forty four be I ing for the ticket secretly nominated as above explained. The result is, that Messrs. W. W. I Seaton, Elisha Whittlesey, Peter Force, P. R. Fend&ll, J. Carroll Brept, Thomas Carberry I and other such gentlemen are turned out ef the Board,mnd Messrs Vespasian EUia, John M.. McCalla, G. Plant, F. 8. Evans, Dr. Busey, and other such gentlemen, are elected in their stead. We ainoerely hope that the enterpriae may continue to proaper. Indian Battle?The following dispatch has been received at the Adjutant General's office, from (Jen. Garland, dated Santa Fe, New Mexico, Feb. 2, 1855 : I I have the honor to report that I have juat received a dispatch Irom Capt. R. S. Ewell, first dragoons, stating that on the 20th of Jan nary he had a fight with the Messoaliero Apaches at the Sacramento mountains, and killed twelve Indians, llis own Iops, I am sorry to say, is one officer killed?Capt. Jienry W. Staunton, first dragoons?and three pri vates. Gem. Jobr Gabland, Commanding. Coi.. S. Cooper, Adjutant General. Marine Corps.?Meases Khtors: Only a few daya remain of the present session of Con gress, and 1 ask, through the means of your popular paper, if the Marine Corpa is to meet with no consideration, as usual. An increase has been reocommended, time and again, by the Hon. Secretary of the Navy. If this branch ef the service is useful, does it not behoove those in authority to make it effective. Ithas been alearly proven to the most susceptible that, as the Corps is at present, thia is not the case; that the Guards aboard each vessel are entirely too small to discharge the duties inoumbent upon them. The Army has been increased, and, likewise, let the Marino Corpe. D The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 22d of Feb., there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $1,108 95 For paying Treasury debts 1,962 00 For the Customs 70,493 45 ForcoveringintotheTreasury from customs 11,461 40 For the War Deportment 1.605 00 For the Interior Department 4,666 00 CONGBKHMIOiKAL. In the 8enate, yesterday, after we went to I press, the Invalid Pension bill was considered, I and the House amendment thereto was adopted* I by a vote of 20 to 19; whereby thoso widows I of revolutionary officers, Ac., who married I after 1799 receive fire years' less pension than I those who married previous to that date. The I said bill was then passed. I The bill of Senator Joaes, of Tenn , allow I ing a credit of thro* years (without interest) I on duties on railroad iron, was then again I taken up, and was discussed at great length I before being passed by a vote of?yeas 25, I nays 18 I The House bill ?o authoriie the construction I of tour additional revenue cutters was then I paised. And then, after the consideratien of other I business, they adjourned. I In the House, the bill granting lands to I the State of Alabama, in aid of the construc I tion of certain railroads, was laid on the I table. The House then went into Committee, and again taking Lp the Civil and Diplomatic Appropriation bill, various amendments there to were discussed and disposed of. Among those adopted was one to appropriate $100,000 for a cast-iron centre dome for the capitol building, and appropriating $34,532 for the completion ot the District of Columbia Insane Asylum. An amendment proposing to appro propriate $200,COO for continuing the work on the Washington aqueduct was rejected. When the Committee rose, the House ad* j turned. Proceedings of Te-Daf. In the Eenate, to-day, Mr. Brown moved a joint resolutipn for the termination of this ses sion at midnight on the 3d proximo. After debate between Mr. Brown and Mr. Seward for it, and Messrs. Stuart, Rusk, Gwin and Badger againat it, it was passed. Petitions and reports were then presented and disposed of Mr. Jones, of Tennessee, gave notice that on Monday next, at 12 m? Mr, Cass would present to Congress, on the part of the family cf the late Gen. Robert Armatrong, the aword of Gen. Jackaon, worn by him throughout hia military campaign in the service of the United Statea, which aaid aword waa bequeathed by Jackaon to the late Gen. Armstrong. On motion of Mr Touoey, the bill to protect United Statea officers in the discharge of their official duties was taken up, and was debated by Mr. Toucey for it, and Mr. Chase against it, before we went to pre as. in the Houae, a large number of reports were made from committees, and bills were introduced and referred, among them the bill ^J^udatory ^or better security of life and property on board steam and other ?easels, and a bill (Introduced by Mr. Benton) to impose a stamp duty on bank notes of small denominations. Mr. Perkins, of La., reported back frem the foreign affairs committee the resolution call ing on the President lor information concern ing tho so-called Ostend diplomatic congress, whioh was duly passed. ?P*The Baltimore Hun, of this morning, says the fallowing nominations by the Mayor were rejected by the eonvention of the City Councils: Edward B. Coleman, for police officer of the 11th ward?ayes 7, noes 22 James T. Bishop, for assistant police officer ayes 5, noes 21. Ebeneser Stewart, for lieutenant of the south ern district watch?ayes 0, noes 29. Dr. C. Steinhoffer, for vaccine physician of the 16th ward?ayes 12, noes 13 Dr. S, was alleged to be a German by birth. E Faxon, forjudge of election for the 11th ward-yeas 8, najs 21. (Mr. Woods, of the 19th ward was absent) The objection urged Hfrinst Mr. F. was that he is a Catholio. The eight Democrats in the Council alone voted for his confirmation, and he was rejected by a stmt party vote. J l>ier10*.' for Judge of election for the 1 ? u ^ over. on wlJin2?.noai?^ioM m4de b7 M*yor . ^V.^k, 258 havo been confirmed, end 31 rejeoted^nd l laid over. ' B^Ihe.faUl number of merchant vessels of aliolasses taken up by the English government for war purposes has been 2u6, of an aggregate burden of 20j,3# tons, their average capacity being almost exaetly 1,000 tons. PERSONAL. .... President Robert* of Liberia tu bom in Petersburg, Virginia. Before the year 1825. hid mother, " Aunty Roberta," aa >he was called, emigrated with her sons to Liberia In time, Joseph J. Roberta, one of these sons was chosen President of the Colony, and still continue* in the office. ....A man who oalls himself Captain Wes ton, and saya that he is an English officer, in valided ob account of wounds received at the battle of Inkerman, has been held to bail at Pittsburg, Pa., for robbing a fellow boarder at Proudly's tavern-, in that oity, of $100 in $20 gold pieces. ....There is a firm doing business at St. Louis, (Mo.,) under the name of " Grinn and Barrett." .... Cyrus Barton editor of Burke's " Old Guard," died of oongeation of the brain, just as he had closed a political speech .... S. Murdoch, brother of the tragedian, is giving Shakspeareaa reading! at Philadel phia. .... Mayor Wood, of New York, is now af ter the railroad accidents; he secures Toot Sassengerb' lives, also, by lately oiTering live undred dollars reward for a fellow whose furious driving occasioned the death of a little boy. .... Green, the wealthy banker of Chioago, who was accused and cenvioted of poisoning his wife, has destroyed himself. He disinher ited all of his children but one son. .... The remarkable Miss Coutta, who has so constantly followed Mario, is not going to Europe with him; she will remain in this country for some considerable time at least. .... It is said that Minister Dodge has_se lected Prof. Dimitry to go to Madrid with him in the capacity of Secretary of Legation. We sincerely trust this to be true, as no one is betier qualified for the place. .... Gen Houston declined a public recep tion in Boston, but received the oalls of the citizens at the Tremont House. .... John Eden, of Northampton, the for eigner whom Governor Gardner appointed a justice of the peaoe, decline* the honor. ....Mr. Edwin Forrest is performing in Providence, R. 1., to densely crowded houses, in Forbes's new theatre. So enthusiastic has been his reception that a prolongation of bis engagement has been demanded. OEOBOKTOWM COKHKSPOSDEXCI Celtlralion at the College ?lion. Mr. C/tattil ter's Lecture?Fair, <VC UioRflRTOWn, Fob. 23, 1855 Yesterday being the anniversary of the birth of the Father of his Country, but few of our citizens seemed disposed to enter to any extent into any kind ot business. Early in the day many visited your city to be present at the election of officers and managers of the Washington Monument Association, and see the sights; and a large number of ladies and gentlemen attended the celebration at the College by the Philharmonic Scciety. At the chapel, at nine o'clock, a. m., Washington's farewell address was read by Georgo Merrick, of Md , who prefaced the reading with some very appropriate and patriotic remarks, which were received with applause by the audience The oration was delivered by Charles B. Keny, of Pittsburg. It was well conceived, and de livered in a style that would have done credit to a much older person, In the afternoon, in the main hall of the college, the farewell ad dress of Washington was read by Scott R. Smith, of Ya , who also' prefaced the reading in a masterly style. An oration was also de livered by A. H. Loughborough, of the D. C. This oration was also excellent, and frequently brought down rounds of applause from the auditory. The College Cadets were on parade, and went through various military evolutions, firing salutes, Ac., in a manner which would have done no discredit to a corps of veteranf. A number of the Scott Guards of your city was present. Agreeable to our anticipations, Forrest Hall was filled to its utmost capacity last night, to bear the lecture of the Hon Jos. R Chandler, before the Yoong Catholic's Friond Society Mr C. hastily reviewed all the chief points in the charaster of Gen Washington, from his first appearance upon the stage of public life, until he closed his brilliant, and eventful career, amid the shadows of Mount Vernon; and ahowed that in all the relations of public and private life, whether as a war rior, statesman, citiien, friond, or christian, Washington was ever loyal?no inducement, however great, could for a moment tempt him to leave the path. At the oonolusion of this branch of his subjeet he remarked, that in China, Japan, %nd otier semi-bar barous nations, the only great name known iu the annals of Amorican history that they bad no need to ba told of, was that of Washington. "Tell us, (aay they,) of your present Prince3 and nobles; of the great Washington wo have already heard." He then took up and reviewed at some length the various species of disloyalty aimost every where manifest?religions, political, civil, eo oiil, and domestic. These he argued at somo length, showing to what deplorable results they would ultimately lead, if not checked, and admonishod his hearers to avoid them all by imitating, as far as posaible, the unsullied character of the great and good Washington. He then addressed a few words of timely warning and wholeaome advice to the mem bers of tho association, and closed by thanking the audicnoe for the patient bearing they had given him, apologised for the length of his lecture, informing them that he should have been more brief had not the President of the Association informed him that Georgetown audiences were possessed of very great pa tience. The fair for the benefit of the Briantown Mission Sabbath School is moving on finely, and their rooms are nightly orowded. Their success so far baa exceeded their expectations, and the only regret ia that they have not more room for the accommodation of visitors and the display of their many useful and faney articles Tho supper given last night by the members of Mount Zion (colored) Ckurcn was truly a handsome affair. The tables groaned beneath the weight of good things, and the be3t order prevailed until the cioee. The offerings of beef cattle at Drovers' Rest this week has amounted to only about a hun dred head, moat of which were sold to District butchers, at $3 50a$t>.50 on tbe hoof, equal to $7a#ll net Sheep, $la$i.S0 per 100 lbs ; hog*, $7.25a$7 50. No ohange in the flour or grain market prices nominally tbe same. Spectator. 13**The Rev Floater Williams memoralizes the legislature or New York concerning the St. Regia tribe; not now for the race of the Leuis, but for the weary, wandering, wasted band of men. In bis memorial he saya he is a mem ber of the St. Regis tribe of Indians. "He is happier," says St. Paul, "so to abide." It is not often that the life of a man vibrates be tween the olaim fur a throne, and a question about aa annuity. K^*Ihe Toledo Blade says there is, in the interior country, on the farms, eonstattt de? mand for more laborers than ean be obtained. There is an hundred times mora food aotually waited interior daily than would rapport the thousands now in a state of starvation in the eastern cities. Food is abundant?laborers soaroe. This we know from long personal ob servation in the interior. Artificial Fish Brbeduq.?The French Minister of Agriculture, Commerce and Pub lio Works, lately paid a visit to the College of i France, to examine the apparatus for hatch ing fish, established by M Coete. He found 250,000 recently hatohed fbh. 150.000 of whioh had just been brought up from the establish ment of Huntinguen All this large number was conveycd to Paris at the same time, nnd with a ac ireely perceptible los*. itcoaaiait of oommon trout, trout from the lakes, salmon from the libine, and trout from the Swiss lake*. I mi i i mmmmmmmmmmrnmmmmm ALEXANDRIA COBKXSfOKDXVCX. Celebration?Procession?Oration ? Fights ?Dramatic?Magical ? Ball ? Eeltgions Lectures. Alexandria, February 23, 1855. Never dawned a more auspioioui anniver sary upon oar oity th en that which rose with the son of yesterday. An nncloudy sky?a bland springy-like atmosphere, the earth dry under foot, and the heavens bright over head. Nature herself seemed to have arrayed her self in holiday garb in honor of the day Business was almost universally suspended, and from noon till twilight, our streets were thronged with pedestrians. Hundreds of ?wr fair countrywomen, added beauty to the va ried scene; and seldom has there been so well kept a 224 in Old Bellhaven. At 11 o'clock, the poceesion, consisting of the Mount Vernon (iuards, Capt. T. W. Aeh by; the Orator of the Day, Reader, Mayor, Ac., in carriages; tbe Hydraulion Fire Com pany, with a sprinkling of citisens, formed on Fairfax street, the right resting on Cameron street. Taking up the line of march under the command of 13 1 Plummer, Esq , Chief Marshall, the prooession moved though the various straets of our city, enliveniag the air with martial music, to the Lyceum Hall. The hall was soon crowded to excess, tome four hundred of Virginia'spatriotiodaughters occupying a prominent position. Mayor Wise called the assemblsge to order, and after a p. ?ropriate religious exercises, Fendall Mar bury, Esq., read the seleoted portions of the Farewell Address. The orator of the day, Edgar Snowden, Esq , was then introduced! and for two hours held the attention of the audience in a clear, forcible, and occasionally eloquent oration. At the conclusion he was loudly applauded. Tbe "old man eloquent" of Ar iington rose to a call from tbe audience, and delivered one of those soul stirring ad dresses, rieh in reminiscences, which always form a beautiful feature in our celebrations of this day. The assemblage was then dismissed with the benediction by Rev. J. N. Danforth The evening was varied by several fights and some arrests When darkness fell, Kee nan's fine company, at Washington Hall, pre sented to a large audience the drama of ' The Factory Girl" and the farce of "The Omni bus." Heller, at Liberty Hall, opened bis Balace of magical wonders; whilst at Sarepta Jail, music's clearest, sweetest strains kept time to tbe bounding feet of tbe graceful dancers, who thronged the birthm'ght ball of the Mount Vernon Guards, making midnight joyous with their glee, and carrying pleasure far into the morning. Luring the pa.?t week, the congregation at tending St. Mary's Church have been more than gratified by the lectures of Rev. Messrs. Byrne and Boyle, whioh have filled their church with crowded congregations three evenings of this week. Ami. Ai rival of Kissane the Bank Forger?His Movement*?Recovery of *6,500. [Fiom ihe New York American Times.] Sergt. Hogan, of the Reserve Corps who some days sinoe. was dispatched to Clarence Hollow, fourteen miles from Buffalo, in com pany with Mr. Parsons, first teller of the Chem ical Bank, for the purpose of bringing to tbiacity Wm. Kissane, the Bank Forger who had there been arrested, yesterday returned to the city with the prisoner, whom he had had taken on a warrant issued by the Court of Sessions, on an indictment found against him for having obtained $14,800 from the Chemical Bank, on forged paper. On his ar. rival, he was tsken to the office of the Chief I of Police, and locked up in a cell. It appears that after his escape from Mar shall ltuffin of Cincinnati, in September last, be miide bis way to Rochester, disguised as a newly arrived Irishman, and from there pro. ceeded to Buffalo, where a friend took him thence to a larm house of one William Spar row. fourteen miles from that city, where be remained tor five month3, working on the farm and occasionally visiting Buffalo with produce. He concocted a plan to make money faster than he was then doing, and soon commeuced pas singaltered Link bills, some of which he gave to his employer, who in- thecourte of business passed them to another farmer named Zant, and this man preferred a eomplaint against Sparrow, and caused his arreat. To clear him self, Sparrow stated that he had obtained the notes of Kissane then known* ai Lynch, who was arrested by Zant. It was then ascertain ed that Sparrow's wife bad in her possession, some money belonging to Lynch, and upon its being demanded she handed over thirteen $600 bills on the Chemical Bank of this city. It was then suspected by the Buffalo police that Lynch was tbe notorious Kissane, who had defrauded the above bank out of nearly $15,000, and they secured him, and telegraphed to the chief of police of this city. In the mean time the prisoner was kept with hand cuffs upon him, and in that situation he was conveyed to the city. On the way, he stated that Sergeant Reed was in no way to blame for his escape from Hornellsville, in Septem ber last, he being at the time in charge of Marshal Ruffin, while Reed was asleep in an other part of the oar, he having been de prived of r?8t for nearly twenty-four hours previous, and had placed his prisoner in charge of the Marshal while he took a nap. Kissane is also charged with having obtain ? ed $lyoo, from the American Exchange Bank on forged paper. This took place, it is alleged about the same time he male the draw on tbe Chemical Bank, lie is a well educated man, of good address, and a smart business man.? llis trial 'vill piobably take pla?e at the next termaof the Court of General Sessions. Farm er Zant, it is understood, will claim the reward which was offered for his arrest. Articles at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute It is our intention, under this heading, from day to day, as space will permit, to give a description of the many useful, ingeneous and excellent articles on exhibition. Throughout tbe Fair tnis ipyentive genius of American art and skill may be seen, and a short deli neation thereof cannot fail to interest the roader. lmptovfd k'laning Machine.?We are al. ways pleased to give publioity to any inven tion that possesses real merit, such as the ' article bearing this caption. We have wit nessed its operation in the machine room, and can say it performs its work most admirably Its apced is most wonderful, planing 25 feet per minute. But this is not the only saving effected?as another most important one is the manner of fastening the stuff upon the bed, which is by a dog worked by a wheel, with a avow attuched, which does away with all need of a hamuttti lyr driving in dogs, thus saving the bed at leabt fifty por cent. This machine is designed tor all Icings of carpenters' work, pattern making, piano forte work, cabinet work, As. It has been tested by practical mechanics, nnd are nor/ being rapidly intro duced into all parts cf the United States. Messrs. Gray Jfc Wood own the exclusive right, and are the only manufacturers of tbem. Stone Dressing and Polishing Jtf.achint. Wo have often wondered that our govern ment has not offered a premium for an inven-, tion to supersede the hand labor of dressing and polishing stone, for the immense building that is continually pr?gressing in this our me tropolis would speedily have paid for its oopt. But as thev have omitted to do this, and as there is a machine of this kind at the Fair, we trust they wi}l commission some gentle man to call there and examine its working. The Peek8 are so arranged a* U strike over on* million slight blows per minute; produc ing a peireot edge and dressing the thinnest slab without fracturing it, and leaving a more even surface than can hp obtained in the or dinary way. It will dress the heaviest blook of marble or free-stone in a like manner. It is calculated to do the work of thirty men. It ' is simple and durable and don't require any particular mechanieal skill to work it. Mr. Avery is the inventor, and Mr ). J}. Broomly is the proprietor and manufacturer, who ts?fs great pleasure ;tj exhibiting its work to tiiose who call upon him in the machine room. The Western Virginia papers state that catile in that Motion are positively dying for want of food. Tbe great drought of Jast set son Lai cut off hay, grass, and other crops,' and the coaatry U too mnota cleared up to af ford browse for the stoofc. Uhe snow has been ] deep, and remains long on the ground. IHTBBlBTUre FOREIGN ITIMS. ? M. Sanvage. of Ham, whom the French represent as the inventor of the ?erew pro pellor, hu become insane. ? Him Harriet Marti oeau has latel j been giving a eeriea of lectures in the Lake dietriote, illustrative of what she consider* dangeroui to the peace and well-being of the world ? A soiree on the 30th ultimo, at the resi dence of Connt Bool, at Vienna, wasatteoded, to the great astonishment of the company, bj Prince Qortchakoff, Prince Demidoff, General Count Stakelberg, and all th? attache* of the Russian embassy. ^ ? A letter ef the 30th January s?y>: "Mr Soule, two days ago, demanded nia passports, and, at the same time, an audience of the Qeeen, to take leave. He has not made known whether or not Mr. Perry is to be charged with the affairs of the legation. The Spanish Ambassador at Washington assert* positively that the American Cabioet entertains no hos tile intention* towards Spain, as is generally supposed." Rachel hss resolved finally to qui> the ?t*ge. Her remaining performances in Pari* are already numberea. From March to August she will take the repose necessary to enable her to accomplish the voyage to the United State*, where she is engaged to per form for about nine month*. After that en gagement I* terminated, she will retire into Srivate life. So says the London illustrated lews. ?The L niter* announces the oonvereion to the Roman Catholic faith of the Rev. Edmund rfoulkes, of the I'nirersity of Oxford, where be was nominated Margaret professor of the olegy at Jesus College in 1853 The new con vert, the Ucivors states, is about to publish a pamphlet under the title of ' One more Return from Captivity, or my Submission to the Catho lic Church," in which he will explain hi* mo uvea for leaving the church in which he had been brought up. Account* from Hamburg of the 2(kh Jan. nary mention the arrival of Jenny Lind Gold ?kL ^ 7!IOwWith **er hu*band gave a concert the night before at the Apollo Saloon, which wa* crowded to suffooation A marked differ ence tn her vcioe was, however, perceptible D?uW an* tbw? P?iniy days when >he th? ePith?* of " the Swedish . bb.? 'tended giving two more 0,1 li WM nnd??tood, was to be for the benefit of the pcor families who sutiered such losses frtm the memorable inun dation* on New Year * day. ?A continental correspondent of the Lon don Morning Advertiser write?: "A very un fortunate event ha? just occurred at the Hague *T?Dt of *o dwtreaaing a nature that I should hesitate to narrate it but that it comes nnJi(lu?sti3nable authority. The King of Holland lately went to visit one of his mistresses and found one of bis aides-de camp ctoseted with her. The king ru?hcd upon thi officer and subbed him; the wound, it iasaid has proved fatal, and great exertion are being r ?.i!D , placeB to tradeedv from the public. We have not seen tbb or any sunilar statement elsewhere. K-ITAn.EI!g,j"h.offi?er' now 8 Prisoner in Se p ? *. tter, Sent him ^om a young lady in England, to the effect that she "hoped, when he took Menehikoff prisoner, that he would aend her a bufon trom his coat, for her to keep as a relic." The letter was forwarded by tlag of truce into Sebastopol, with other -1? . ?A?r Pr,1^ner? ?n the enemy's hands This letter lell into Menehikoff s own hands of course, to be read ero delivered On cominc to the above passage, he immediately cut a button from his coat, and sent it out under aig or truce, to bo conveyed to the ladv with a remark to the following effect: "That he J-#t ?f ^'"8 t&kcn prisoner; but rather than disappoint a young lady of so sim ple a request, he would fulfil her wi?h himself before that U me an ivoi ' ? WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANT V.-You are hereby notified to attend a meeting of the "'A ?n?'"?ber 13 expected to be present, as bus. ne*s of importance w.ll be brought tor ward for your consideration. u l* hfi'rj feb 23?It* BfcLRS, Sec. m NEW BUILDING ASSOCIATION is now being formed, which will be orsar ued as soon as -J,000 .bar,* .hall l,e euUcn&d avlui,?henn0i1Ce Wr'1be *lv" n wi?hing to w^n findT^rtr i opportunity now afforded, FR's ^,rr a*AUo'Cr,,>tlon opened at K. <\ DY Pi h . ?Pa :iven,,e between 12th and | lJth stress, a?d at T. M. IIANSON'S Office 51* Seventh St., opposite Int. |lig.?,vr Olhce. C * I I?U ?Oi* _ on t,,,: u5,"? I M" on'rK^v KvKKVvr^.?0""' R"*'a and Constantinople. celiU?r?r ?ale at tbedoor. I f?b '-1?3t^ (Umon&.Intel] T OST.-VVAS LEFT IN THE OMNIBUS rim \j ning bfjwten th?. Capitol and a packa?e directed to L. J. Miller. A'exandrri Va . .. 1 ' a loir of line ltni i'i-vj -""aia, va., containing a pair 01 line UOUI.s, green morocco fruits an,7 Janney's stamp on them The person took will please returu them to the- Maker. Icb 23?It FANCY GOODS, PERFUMERY 1TUTCHINSON MI NRu are^i;,,^;, LL their new More. 3 1 U !>? , 1 yih and 10th streets, ncit door west of MeWrV\Yal' ter Harper k Co',, the fines, ??d chew ^ ?! ?? Hie above line .Ver Ofli-re.!,.. city, und they cordially invite tlnwe alKiut to mir" chase to call and examine iIm'tILv i .1*" their price- before buymj el^ w h'ere Til.r are th* first quality, arid were bought' f^ r^,, per cent, discount and can be sold so mucMowir feb 23-6t "'^niNSON.M^!^: ? l a. avenue. ALIj SThANGVIls vim the City Should tee Hunter',. Cat aiio. I u liescnption of Powell*reat Picture W of the curiosities of the Patent cilice feb 23?Im* jj alt A M tHCktl POTATOK1. 1,000 ?ackd G. A. Malt ?>00 sacks fine Salt daily expected 2,000 bushels prime Mercer Potatoes just arrived per schooner J. W. I>od?e, and for sale by f-K oi Pl F* .BKKRY * *ON, feb ~3?ec Jt \\ aterwt , <;? rgetown. BUKOL Alt A I'D POVVDItU- PitOOP LOCKS. ALI. who are interested in secure Lrrks are in vited to examine the ones exhibited by the suoscriKer at th,' Hall ih. Snmhsoiiiaa In.utu tion (uader the managemeiit of the Metropolitan Mechanics luMitute) embracing "Jon#s' Patent combination Lock" and "Hall's Patent Anti-Cun potvoerLo^" fthe key ?o larger than a tSh wa8,P,ac' <Hn Her?in#?n Safe, sccitred w !rld^ P ,>V| i'rks' wlu'n un Cktoibiti^u at ills Wond s Fair, Lmidon, tu iBil, and offered as a re ward to any on<! who could pick the locks or oren fire9t,e Th ?l'" b,,t on" was ?onml S eewmit^in the art oi look pickin/ to ob .in the money. 1 he juiy awarded separate Medals for Ivaiiil k; a- also at lite Uoi d s Exhibition in New York, in 1$S3 4, which can Le secii H.ili the Sales at th-? above exhibition SILAS C. HERRINq, pa? ntee FIT7iiirr.Il pav'i LMvUf9"""'ri Voik. tt-Vi II . COY LE, No. S10 Seventh ?reet Washington, D. C , Agent. leb 23? lw* ?' LARGE NEW URASS KEY THE .IS;"1 K- t, TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS & OTIIPffd ,nvi ? special attention to their """ 9Q-D M* W? GALT * BRO., fcb 23-Tf aV"'n,Je b"XW'<J,h a,,d 10U*tla T^B-KNOH kll IliT BOtOM8.-A large X. and com^e^ assortment of French Hurt Bu? oms this day opened at - , ? STEVEN S'fl Ha'esrorni, feb 23 3t Brown*' Hotel. For the spring trade, gent?s ho blECY ANo UNDERGARMENTS.?STE VENS, Bn>wus'iloid, now openinc a freehand large variety ol Gent's L'udejsLnt-- sod Drawers. Also, a large assortment of silk arid cotton Half Ilose, plain and fancy. STEVENS'S Salesroom, feb 23- 3t Browns' Hotel. COITCKRTI9IAS. T*vo of the above line Instruments lor sale low at Uie iduaic Depot of HILBUS k HlTZ feb2J corner Pa. avenue and 11th s'ts. 1 DO?LER'S HlfPKRloIV FLUID. P Pn,r- Wood's Hair Re iorative, Barry4" Tnco? pberous &<*.,jUPt received. r U. BUTT, I>rnfgi?, * ? ? ?'Hner Pa- avenue und Twelfth street, feo Ji opposite Kirk wood House, Amusements. NATIONAL THEATRE. Letiac *1" J- A Ki Acting ft ktage Manager.. John Vnw First appeai a nee of MR. \V. C. PUNNAVAN T It MB. JAS. SHERIFF. FRIDAY BVBNIRO,rtk.?3l WiU Ik presented Mi akfcpe are's Tragedy of OTHELLO. (Hhfllii .... Mr. W. C. Dunns vim lago ...............Mr. Jm. Slienfl Amelia ....Mr* John Weaver To concl?de with FORT* WINKS. Tultiv l!?nUfm>r John W> ?m PRICKS or AOMISSION Private Bote* , Dff? Curie and ParquMir 5} e irs ; Tickets admitting a lady and rentleman ?S r nu; leowd and Third Iter and C lured Gallery i$ cull. frb? FUHKEST HALL. GEORGETOWN. TWO NIGHTS piLY I HAMILTON'S SOIT&Efil SEfiEIADIfiS. Mr. HAMILTON would ami rerpretfaNjr u nounceto the nnzens of Georgetown and ncmiiy that liu splendid troupe, numbering nuir talented and versatile vocal and instrumental performer*, among which are Mr. D PoKTER, the world re nowned Hone Player uid Delineator of EttMOfiiun Comicalities, late of the \ ugtnia Minstrel*, an ar tist of nine year* experience on the stage. Mr. M. THOMSON', the celebrated Fancy, Horn|?pe, Jig, and Reel Dancer, late of tlie liar no* eons. Ma*ter DCVALL, the Champion Jig Dancer of hit ace, laie of IIand? V Serensders, an J one of the beat Quartet Companies, low extant, will five turn Grand Hotreie Etliiopic, .>? Kit I DAY and IATVRDA1 KV?.klhO<, February 23d and i4th, on wkkh occ.ntton thev will produce tplendwl ImIIs of attrar tiou. SAM'L LEWIS, Agent, feb M?WPS** Boarding. MISS K. U. BIUCKHEAD ha* several !arp<- and pleasant rooms now vacant, which siio offer* with board. Apply at No A 4 K aire. L feb 2*2?3t* BOAKDI9IU.? A laity bavin* taken the band so in.' Dwelling, No 3, (Tnion Row, on F atreet, between 6th and Till, can offer fine large rooms lor families, either furni?hcd or unfurnn.h?4 Also, ban rooms for gen Iemen much larger than ore generally appropriated to single person*. Table boarders and permanent or transient per son-; will be tccominodaied on ilie iuort reasonable tetnis. feb 91 ?9w IjtOR T If K KPItMO TRADK.-N( )W 1 opening, n larre, fre?b and elegant variety ol' Gentlemen's Belonging* lor the spring trade, of new importation?- and styles, and of ili> best tjiialiiies at STEVENS'S Salesroom, feb 22?3t Brown's Hotel. KIO GLOWS.?A fre?h supply of Gent's light-colored Kid Glove*, at STEVENS'S Salesroom, feb H?lit Browns' Hotel. DISSOLUTION. THE firm of J. L. Rider fc Co. is this day dis solved by mutual consent. J. L. Rider is an thonzed to receive all debts he. due said Ami, and will pay all claim i again*t the firm of J. I. Rider It Co. ISAAC PALL. CHAS. H BROWN, J L. RIDER. Wasdington, February 21, 1K?5. J. Ij K1 DieM would respectfully announce to the customers of tbe late firm of J. L Rider h Co tliat he will conduct .the Grocery butanes* hereaf ter on In* own account, at the -arue pi are, and tbey may depend on being supplied with evsty article of the best kind usually kepi, i i a well reculated Gro eery, as cheap a? can be had elsewhere, and re spectfully solicit* a cont nuance ol then i?ationafe. (jd kIs d< !ivi red tree ol charge. J. L RIDER, Corner Pa. avenue and iHli stfeet. feb 22 - 2t* (I kgan) READY-MADE CLOTHING AT REDUCED PRICES - A* the season is ad vanced we have determined to sell off the re maining portion of our winter stock at greatly re duccd prices; therefore gentlemen wishing to con sult economy iii purvba?iug fine Overcoats. Talmas Dres-, Frock, and Busi-M-s* C?ais; Black and Fan cy Cashmere Pants ; Velvet, Silk, Saun and Merino Vest*; L'nd'-r-iurts and Drawers, HU'< all other ready m&le ?armeiits of fine quality, will find our present variety to be a* well assorted as iii the b - ginning of the season, wi>li tbe advantage ol' mncb lower price;. WALL k SIEP1IENS. Pa avenue, next t<> Iron Uall feb 2-i (S?*?itiiielfc.Xews| 6TEWAKT * DAOUKBBfcAB BOOMS OVER Ca fs Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue. Pic tures taken hi all weather* and at redu< ed pri ces from ??? cents upwards. We invite the public to call. Satisfaction always given. feb til?Iw* INUIA UlUBkKPl'KK.Turk, Dressing . Side. Neck, tind Children's Lone I'dsil*' at feb 21 ?3t ESMOND'S, 7th ?t Account* with tho iiouis of Koprcsovtfttirw Clkrk's Office, February 16,18T?5. PERSONS having Wis cr other account* arainst the llou^e of Repre^eutativvs. are ^peetlulljr requested to present them prior to the 28th in.tajii, !?o as to allow time for action by the Committee ou Accounts before the adjournment. J. W. FORNEY, Clerk Hi u.^c ol Ueps. United Stales, feb 17 ? dt?* h PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1. MR. FREDERICK PROSPERI hep leave to in form hi* friends and former patrons that tins baud ha- be? n tuMy rt oijanized and is now und-r In* direction, ai;d !:?? is fjlly pr?p?red w th a band of the most Scientific Musicians in tbe citv, to fur nish tuusic for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex curston*, &<?., at the shortest notice ponsiMc, bv ap plying to FREDERICK PROSPERI, Leader,CH A*. PROSPERI, Con luctor ; IIII.BUS h 1IITZ> Mu sic Depot, or at PETER YAI.T \Vl'L*S, oppotate the Garrison, Garrison street, Navy Yard, feb 19?3m* FOR THE MECHANICS' FAIR AT WASHINGTON. THE THOMAS COLLYER WILL make regular trip* to the above Fair commencing on Tuesday, February 20tli. Boat* fare lUJf cents each wsj. Coaches will take persous Irom and to the boat. Fare 6 cents. Leave Alexandria at CV? p. in. Leave VVasliingiou 10 <, p. m. SAM'L GEDNEY, Captain. Alexandria, Va., feb 20?d NEWS F<JR THE MILLION. MESSRS. RYDER k PLANT have taken the old and well known confectionery establish meal, No. 409 .Seventh street, opposite Odd Fel lows' Hall, where they will be most happy to receive their friends and the public peuerally. We w ill keep constattly on hand a choice selec tion of all kind'of CONFECTIONERY A!*o dealers in foreign and domestic FRUITS, of all kinds. We hope by a strict attention U> busiaeja to win the approbation of our friends, and merit a liberal dnre of |witronage generally. N. B. Ball", I'artks, and Famdies supplied on the most rea-Hinabie aud sausfactory terms, at tlie slioit est notice. RYDER fc. PLANT, feb 6?lm GRKAV !SnUlKMKMT|~ CAVlrbLD, BROTHER t CQ . U 4 0 Baltimore v/rrrl, UaUtmort. Mii., Oiler to buyers, previous to taking their annual ac count of stock, a large ?tock of recently imported rood*, such as WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER WARE, .fiiaU and FlaUd Goods, Cloc*?, Bronxm, Votn, Mutual Bom. Drnden China, 4c , AT PRI CES TO SUIT TliE TIMES, WITHOUT Rfi GJtRD TO COST. jan 31?u A LARGE I.OT OF FLAX SEED ju? received and lor sale tijr S.VM'L b\COV > feblS? 1 in Comer Seventh st. and Pa. avc. C. WAKRIIBI. WATCHMAKER, NO. >30 PA. AVENUE, Retwtvn Ninth and Tenth streets, WSSHlNaTON, d. c. feb 14?dtXovl* BANK IN Q HOUSE 0* PAIBO ft 10USI*. BOmxilr Untied Stain Trt im?r% ? ONDS, Stocks and othor securiues purchv*^ and sold. Interest at the rate of six per cent per annum al lowed os deposits when ftft (or JO days or longer, jan 24?biu BOOKS OF HOUSE OF KXFBESXITAT JVSJ. Librakt Horst nr RrnttuirriTirii. A LaRPE number of Books belonging to the J\, Library r *Hon* of Representatives have been drawn by members *i,J by their orders, and stnnd clr-rged to their accounts on the books or this office. It is important lor tbe preservation pi tbe file? that they should be rt turned Wfore the close of toese^itm. MATTHIAS MARTIN, Librarian qf the House of Re preventatives, fab abditd '

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