Newspaper of Evening Star, February 23, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 23, 1855 Page 3
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5k V KN 1 N(t STAK. LiU A L I Sit: LLWESC E. Pbilbarmomc Society?We have bttn in formed that trie Philharmonic Society will repeat their concert on Tuesday evening, the 6*k of March The great deaire on the pert of enr citizen* thet this concert should be re peated. and the many urgent solicitations which have been presented to them, have in duced the Board of Managers to take this step; on which occasion they will present eome of the choicest gems of music frcm the old ma;, ters that have ever been perfotmed in Wash' ington The programme embraces the beau tiful cantata by Romberg entitled the " Power of Song " and the equally tine composition of Bishop?"The Tramp Chorus,'' in which the marshal tramp of Clan Alpine's legions, and their battle shout?" Clan Alpine's cry is win or die ?are delineated with Much surprising effect. The favorite singer of Washington, Mrs Franklin, hes kindly volunteered her services, which were so highly appreciated by the audience on the occaeion of their left con cert. Other favorites will also perform, pre senting altogether one of the most attractive entertainments that has fallen to our let to record. Tho programme will be announced at an early day We predict for the Philhar monic an overflowing bouse. I i. r So Election.?We take the following from the second section of the Constitution of the Washington National Monument Aseociation: "The officers of the society shall be a presi dent. three vice presidents, a treasurer and secretary, with thirteen members to be chosen ?s hereinafter stated, who shall constitute a board of managers, all of whom shall be resi dents of the District of Columbia, and who w shall be tri annually elected'by ballot by the members of the society present at its anniver sary meeting on the 22<1 of February, 1835, and on the tame day in every third year here after." Consequently, the election which came elf yesterday is null and void, as the regular le gal election does not take place until the 22d of February. 185tJ. Ono good wrs acoemp lished by the voting of yesterday, vit: a cot siderable addition to the funds of the associa tion. There will he several disappointments, as we learn that there are already persons getting up petitions as applicants for the offices in the p- gift of the association. We are informed that the clerk had no au thority to publish the advertisement ordering the election. WasbixctoVs Birthday.?We stated, yes terday, that the Scott Guard were to celebrate that memorable day at Georgetown College On reaching there, they were received by the Cadets belonging theroio. After viewing the various attractions to be seen, they were con duced into their hall, when Mr. Lough borough, one of the members of the Phite damic Society, delivered an elegant oration appropriate to the occasion, which was follow ed by Mr. Smith, a member of the same So Iciety, who read Washington's farewell ad f^reis. Shortly afterwards, the company sat J down to a sumptuous dinner, which, having . full justice done to, Capt. Garnett, of the Ca dets. proposed the health of the Scott Guards, which Cept Jamie>on replied most felicit ?wely Excellent music was provided, which -pJejeJ during the entertainment, and mirth and conviviality pervaded the whole proceed ings Officers er the Natiowal As S0CIAT10K ?Tho following ? re the names of the gentlemen who were elected yesterday to we-iJe over the affairs of the Washington M^fument Association for the ensuing three Jfears: ** Vespasian Ellia. First Vice President. .* Geo H Plant. ThifH \ ice President. Charles C. Tucker, Secretary. John M. McCalla, Treasurer. Managers?S S Briggs. F S Evans, lienry Addison, Charles K. Belt, Joseph 11 Bradley, J N Craig, Thomas D. Sandy, Samuel C. Busey. James A Gordon, llobert T. Knight, fcamuel E Douglas. Joseph Libby, Sr., and Thomas A Brooke The following are the name* of the old offi cers superceded by the above list: - Oen Arch Henderson First Vice President. Thoa Carfcerry, Third Vice Pre3ident. J B. 11 Smith, Treasurer John Carroll Brent, Secretary. Managers?Lieut General WinJet* Scott, Gen. N Tow?$b, (decaased,; Peter Force, W. W. >oaton, W. A. Bradley, W. W. Corcoran, P. K Fendall, Elisha Whittlesey, John W. Maury, (deceased,) Gen. Walter Jonee, Thoa Blagden, Walter Lenox, M F. Maury, Jud<e ! Hartley Crawford, and Benj. Ogle Tayloe Poetry by Kobzrtscm ? Poesy thua gushes from the roul of UobcrUon, editor of the Truth: "Tfuih Crushed to earth will rue again" ^ So't will be with Robertson's Truth Y w bo l?a- through so much pu.n, Since h* was a poor and humble youth . Cod has been bit oiity friend and ;uide And has Shcllded bllM, by day and night? II?- Angele ii always at his Ssue? f The aching Jiiui in alihinps what is right. And ?lien fVr fiom The Trutb he world stray lie < 'hecks him by b:.> ?puit and woid And leads him from evil to the way That escapes his Ju-t and Vengeful sword. Such is the Chaiacter of the man? That Ood ha* ra-sed up to do much gooJ. 1'y Seeking out a wise and true plan Which by l?ods poor, will be Understood, That is, to proclaim The Truth tu a.l And Say Thus Saiih The Lord ?<*] to man. In Je-us >ou are Saved In m the lall And that is Cods Just and only plan. Tub Servant or st, and Kditor of The Truth. Washington, F? b. 18S5. Answer ?rs Kdtior$: To your in* qairy in reference to the statements and in'. ainuations ot Joseph Walsh against me 1 re ply : the record proves them to be unfounded, and it is open for inspection. Tendering my ^ thanks to you and other editors who have re fused to publish his card, and highly appre ciating the regard for principle manifested in not yielding it for pay, I assure you 1 shall continue my efforts to elevate the staadard of public morals, and thereby increase the pat ronage of the papers that best subserve that cause N. B Xmkthrop. Bcildixo Association ?Efforts are now being made to forzn a new Building Assooia tion in th;s city. As siiailar associations have existed among as for a long time, and, on ao oount of having to pay a large amount of mo ney in cash, it wa? almost impossible for any one to join them, and, consequently, but few enjoyed their benefits An opportunity is of fered now to those who may wish to invest a I small amount of money monthly By reference ! to our advertising columns, it will be seen %where share* c&n be obtained. * The Lecture of Hon Jos B ChanHer, on the oharacter of Washington, was delivered last night before the largest audience Forrest Hall has ever held. It was considered by all aa the best lecture delivered before the Yo^ng . Catholic s Friend Society, and was rtccived with great applause. After tho lecture wax over, the members of the Society held an in formal meeting, when the health of Mr. Chand ler was proposed, and in answer to it. he u-ade aaoit eloquent epcecb. We will give the proceedings more at length to-morrow. Awa'tixo a RsgoisiTioa ?John Lapine, alias John Bans, Ellas John Bangs, was ar rested by Officer Keeso, and committed to jail by Justice Goddard, to await a requisition from the Governor of Maryland. He U charged with being concerned with the party who s< brutally assaulted Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, ol the St. Charles House, Baltimore, some twe months since, and is the tame fellow who wai arrested a few evenings since for insulting ladies in the streets. Tab Chios Choir AaaooiArox will giv< their regular monthly rehearsal on next Mon day evening. in the Tenth street Baptist church <p?r Mr. Hill's) The Board of Manager hold their monthly meeting this evening, in ~ the same ch irch, when the question in regard to the antijipated musical convention will b< definitively acted upon f Cohmittbd ?Yesterday, Captila Carnell owner and captain of a schooner lying tS thi Navy Yard, was arrested by officer Allen foi foroibly detaining and assaulting a female Me was taken befere Justice Crandell, wb< Committed bin to jail for trial. A Crowded HoiJ??.-The National Theatre I wm mora orowded last evening by an intelli gent and fashionable audience to witnees | Murdoch ? 0unlet. lh?. .. nmembw .to to.have teen it before Every seat and stand ?ng plto? in that immense building wm ooou piad Numbers ooald not obtain admisrion, the crowd wm so groat. Tba immense bonae .?7 V? tPPUa*? mast hare been truly gratifying to tba eminent actor. V\ e never mw Murdoch perform batter Ho wm in boo voice and health, and rendered each ?ceae exquWtely. Jefferson?the fun making Jefferson?appaared at homa and in hi* glory. A friend at oar elbow remarked The mantle of old Jom retti with grace on the shoulder* of young Joe." We learn that the house netted orer 91,000. A Cask Dismissed.?This morning a caaa wm on trial before Justice Goddard, in wbioh two of oar old citisens were concerned, Ed ward Owen vs J. D. Clark. It grew out of a case on trial befora Justice Clark, in which a I controversy occurred about the testimony of a witness Expressions were made that excited , the Justice, and caused him to take hold of | the complainant and put bim out of the offioe Mr Owens, supposing the act to ba an assault and battery, got the warrant; but after trial before Justice Goddard, the caie was dis missed MBRCHA*Ti Exchange.?A meeting of mar-, chants was held in this city on Wednesday night for the purple of forming a Merchants' Exchange, and wm organised by tba selec S??* ?t Samuel Bacon m President, and J. P. hllie, Secretary, and a board of twelve direo I tors Assault with Iimirr to Kill ?EugeneI 0 Connor wis sent to jail on Thursday even lag, by Justiee Goddard, oharged with an as sault and battery with intent te kill bis wife. When he wm arreted by officer Keese, a, loaded pistol and a sharpened bowie knife I were found upon his person. The 1*8am Altujm.-?This splendid es tablishment has beeu opened under the charge of Benjamin E. Gittings, Esq , late intendant of the Washington Asylum. A few evenings since, a number of unfortunates were brought to thia city in the cars to be placed in this new isy] a in. This will be one of the most popular asylums in the oountry, no doubt. Tub Prbsidbnt s Lavas.?For the benefit of the numerous strangers now in WMhington we would state that there will be a public re ception at the President's Mansion, this eve ning from eight uatil ten o'clock. A \\ omdkr.-? A Know Nothing wm seen using foreign pepper on bia oyetera the other day at llamlins popular restaurant Watch Rarr**.?There wm but a single I name on the docket at the guard bouse this ! morning, J. G. Reide, drunk and disor derly; dismissed. Wanti. ryAXTBD?TO HIKE A SERVANT, TO DO, I JUL i !r rn7al ^u-eworkof a small iamily, from the city?a slave preferred. Address 'F H," Washington Post Office. ico 23? I YI/"ANTED?A WOMAN TO DO CHAMBER- | T ? w?rk, and make herself generally useful in a private family. Apply to W. F. Price, No. 8 North A street, Capitol Hill. feb 22 2t* I O DRUGGISTS?AN EFFICIENT DRUG ? Cist wi>he* an engagement to take charge of a retail establ aliment or otherwise Address "P T " I Washington Post Office. feb 22?3t? VIr ANTED?TO HE BOUND, AN AMERICAN i I ! ,rP',aa Boy, 13 years of age, to a mechanical trade, lor a period of s?ven year*. Address "Ap prentice Boy." p0;t Office, Washington. feh 22 ?Jt - IjKVIOtam*' PERSON having four OR I I )\f j. IVe Hundred Dollars to loan f<.r a limit ed period, on good .ecurity, will please address "A p at ihe office ol thu paper, feb?d? WANTED?AN INTELLIGENT AND IN-J dustfious youth of 16 years of age, who writes I an ilent hand, and has *.ine knowledge ol bus iness and account*, wahts a situation in some Gro-1 eery or Dry Goods House. A moderate c iupen.?a-1 ton will suffice, as his object is to improve himself in bm-ni- and make himself useful. First rate ref erence given. Address John C., through Post Office 1 feU22 2t* "1 117 ANTS? A LOAN OF FROM $ 1300 to ?9000 I * ? wanted for one year The person desiring ' this loan will give a de?d of trust, unincumbered, on I real estate on 7th street, worth three times the ! amount, for tlie payment of the same Address throngh the City Post Office, "S II J." ' 1 leb 21?3t WANTEU-AN ACTIVE WOMAN TO DO | homework. One who understands house keeping preferred. Cood wages given and good re- , Uxnmeiidations required. Apply to No. 354 C st. I between and 6th st-t. feb 21?31 WANTED?IN A GENTLEMAN'S FAMILY a Good fining room Servant. A slave pre | frrrid. Apply at thi* office. feb 21- 'Ji* WANTED-A YOUTH, OF 16 YEARS OF I age, wh> is a first rate penman, would like I to have a place as bookkeeper or clerk in some rej ^pectibl- business The best of recommendation* men. Address ??/. Y X," Evenii.g Star office, or '?Henry,'' through Georgetown Post Office 1 leb 21?3t Auction Bales \Uy tiUICKM * SCOTT. Auctioneers. IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCT1GN.-ON WEDNESDAY, the 28th instant, we ihall Fell, I in trout of the premises, at 4 o'clock p. m , part Lot No. 3, in Square 4^0, with the Improvements, which are a good two story frame House, containing five good rooms. The above described property fronts 13 feet 6U I iuciics on the north side of New Yotk avenue, be twe? n Sixth and Seventh streets west, House No. Itf 3. Also, at 5 o'clock, same evening, we shall sell, I hi tiont of the premises. Lot No. I, in Square 413, at the comer of G street south, and 8th streei west, containing :i,(154 feet. It is a desirable corner lot, well set with shrubbery, young fruit trees, fcc. with the improvements, are a fooi Frame House, con .lining four rooms. Title indisputable. , Terms: One-third ca*h ; balance in twelve and 1 eigl teen mouths, the purchaser to give notes for the deterred payments, keaiing interest from the day of I the sale. A deed given and a del J of trust taken. GBEEN St SCOTT, feb 23 _ Auctioneers. A UCTION I ? AUCTION I CiLOTIIING?Coats, Pants, Vests, Shirts, Col i lars, Cravats, Undershirts, Drawers, Caj*, a.c , I and in fact everything appertaining to Gentlemen's Wt ar, at the Buck Storv opposite the market, bet. 8th and 9ih streets, Pa. aveune, commencine on THURSDAY morning, at o'clock, and con'inuiiig from day to day, and Irom evening to cveuing, un til the 1st of March. The-e goods are new and well made. feb 2l ? 3i *. 8. WIilUllT^Awcttoneer. UKOKOriOWN Extensive and peremptory sale of I Groceries, at the store of E. Pickerell h. Co., Water street.?The subscribers i?tending'to change their business, will sell, without reserve, at their vvar.-hous.;, on Water street, on MONDAY next, the 'JtJth instant, at 10 o'clock, their enUre stock, mostly in * hole packages, consisting ot? Hhds. and bbls. of N O. and P. R. Crushed, Pulver ized <tnd L'?t Huaars HhiN ai,d libls. of Molasses Coffees, very fine Teas, Candl* s, t' .rdage Si ap, Spicea, Starch, Pipes, Baskets, Brooms Salarntiti, writing and wrapping Papers Brandies, Gin, V\ bi?key, Wines, fcc 200,OuO Imported Segars, line Chewiog Tobacco Bbls. and half bbls. Mackerel, bbls. Herrings Pure Cider Vinegar. With a large assortment of goods, too numer? us to pattlffttiarize in eu advertisement. Terms liberal and at sale. E. PICKKBELL k CO. EDWARD S. WRIGHT, feb 21? - Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUlREi Aactleaaer. SMALL AND DESIRABLE MARKET FARM at labile AijftKm.?f>n SATURDAY, February 21th, at 12 o'clock, in , at iuy Auctioh^tooms, I shall tell a small market farm, oontarniig 24 acres, situated atout six miles dittaat from the CenUe Market, and one half inile from the Seventh street plank iioaU, a^d immediately opposite the Farm of F. P. Blair, Fso ! rr The improvements consist of a small frame dwel ling house, log stable, corn crib, and other necrma nr outbuildios*. There is a good spring of water on th-5 rlare. also, some choice fruit trees in bearing conditiou. Sale peremptory and utle perfect. Terms: One tlurd cash; the residue in six and twelve mouths, with interest, secured by a deed ol trust on the premises. JAMES C. MrGUIRE, fe|) 1^?d Auctioaeer, [ Concl*M from fvuftk page.) 14821 From Richland City by Feltonville, Rich Med Centre. H<?ekbri<*jr*, K?ncv Cwk id4 Kiekapro to Vicf qaa C 11, 48 miles and back, once a *?*k Leave bishljiid City Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Vlooqua 0 H aaoia day by 8 p m Vinoqu k C il We:o?fliayat 6aa A riv? at KirhUni! City racn? cay by 8 p a 18822 From lUdgway t> Primrose, 28 mllw and b?r*. nnee a w?.-k Leerj RiJ :*tsy Thursday *t 8 a m Ariiv* nt Prim row-* <Iht I y 8pm Leivs Prlmro;e Friday at 8a m Arrire at Rt<if;<r?y same day by tt p m 13823 Protn Shawdau, Wnoonrin, by the Month of the UaUnaion rirar, Miohlcaa, Forks of On tonagon, M nnrsota, Adventure. Ast^e, Dong Ksa, Uoafhton, and Algonquin Minss.Houjh toa on Por iufc Lake, Kagle Kivrr, and Eagle Harbor, to Copper Ha*bor, ? milesand back, onoe a w*?k BilJeri will statd the distance and nimt a schedule of departure* and arrival t. Proposal) by tha trip for service from No* v ember 16 to May 15, iu each year, ara in vittfj. 18824 From Fhhltcd City by Read's Mills, Bad axe and IVest Prairie to Newport on tbe Mil sissippi liver, 07 miles anl back, onte a w<ek Leave Ricbland City Tuesday at 6 am Arrive at Newport next d*y by 6 p m Leave Newport Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Richlsnl City next day by 8 p m. INDIANA. i P, on Ju'y 1,1855, to June 3), 1858 ) 1*748 From Alexandria by FratvUle, InJepea de ite and Jones's Mill) to Jerome, 23 milts aud back, once a week Lea?e Alexandria Friday atOam Arrive at Jeroaic rune day by 4 p m Leave Jerome Saurdsy at 8 ? m Arrive at Alexandria fame d?y by 3 p m 14749 From AtU<a by UsiiiteviUi, Andrew Hlxnn's and Fine Qr.-ve, ^or Parrish Grove J to Mill ford, 111., 33 mi ei and back, cnoe a werk Leavj attic* Friday kt 7 a in Arrive a' Mill.ord fame day by 8 p m Leave Mill.ord Saturday at 7a m Arrive at Atti a rain*day by 6 p m 14750 Fi-om tto >r>tb jrough (suppo ed Pittsbroogh,, by Fayette, aad l'borui?y?v llj, t> Lebanon 17 miles aad back cnoe a week Leave iioousborocgb at 7 a m Arrive at Lebanon same day by 12 m Leava L ban u Fri Jay itlpm Arrive at ocusborough tarn d?y by by C p m. 14761 F:ou l ruin's X Heads, by Bethany ani Rue hj'I's Mills, tot'ovlngt n, 2* milei and back, once a vra k. Leave Biuiu's X Uoadfl Friday at 7 a m Arrive at C.vingt m someday by 4 p in Leave C^viijtou Saturday at 7 a in Arrive at brain's X Uoad^aame day by 4 p m. 1475 i Frcm Carlisle, by Linton, ta Worthlngton, 26 m lof ac l ba-k, occa a'week. Leove Carlisle Frldiy at 7 a m Arrive at Worthiugion same day by 4 p d Leave W?rtblngton raturday at 7 a m Arrive at Carlisle fame day by 4 p m. That portion of this loute between Listen and Worthington tppc-ars to be c<>Veied by exist* lag retVue; ii eo, it may not be let. I'rjpo saNa.e invited lor se.vice betweea Carlule and Lint n. 14753 From Clinton L*ck- by Clinton. Indian For nice, a d Bald#in-vil e,to Paris, 111 ,22 m lei anl ba k, once a week Leave Ciiatcn Lo k Friday at 9 a m Ariive kt Paris asm* day ty4 p m Leave i'ari; Saturday at 9 a m Arrive at Clinton I<->:k same Jay by 3 pm. 14754 From K1 zabvtown, Ohio, by Harrison, Ind, Drewer^burg, a ad Pt i anthropy, uhio, Mexer vi le, ltd.. Ccntr r?s, and Colhga Corner. Ohio, and Qxdwin's J?tore, InJ, to U?? by Mire, 4) m.les anl back, oucea week. L^ave Llitabetbtown FricLy at 5 a m Arrive at Be--c^y Mire sam- day by 7 p m Leave Heechy Mire fnturd-y at 5 a m Arrive at Hiizabethtown eame d?y by 7 p ui. 14756 From Fa rmsunt ti Jeroae, (local,) 20 mil as and ba -k, a ww-k. Iieave FciruR.uot Friday at 9 s m Arriv* at Jerom? came d?y by 3 p m Loave J**ronio Saturday kt 9 a m a. F*iroijxnt uoi ? djy by 2 j, m. 1176b F...m f Mnt to 0.1a. d, 8 miles aud Lack, oace a week. Leave Flint Saturday at 1 p in Arrive at Orlaudsaius day by 3 p a Leave Crland Satarlay at 3J p m Arrive at >iiat same Ca/ by i\ p ia. 14767 Frcm Fort W.yn?, by VVsring and lr?y fet t:?mer.ts. to Liberty M.lls, 31 mile-j and back, on:e a week. I*av* Fort Wsyae Friday at 6 a m Arrive ft Liberty Mills tame day by 6 p m 1 e*ve Liberty Miila SatarcUy at 7 a m Arrive at F? r: Wayne sam* Jay by C p in. 14768 Fmn 0?shon, by New P?r.s and Locke, to IMymou'b, 4U miles aad bacx, on e a week. IA *ve tioshen Friday at 0 a m Arrive at P-ymouth Bam? day by 7 p m Leuve Plymouth Saturday at ti a m Arrive kt (losben rawe bay by 7 p m. (Thit rou'e ayprnrt to be moztly covered by No 14700; if to, it wiil net be let.) 14769 Prom Urcenr-wtle, by Riusellvilie, Wave land, aDd Jacksonvil to L'ov.ngton, Ml ntiles and back, onre a Week. I.*ave Gru-ni'antle Thu ?<lay, at7 am Arrive at Cov.nston leXt day by If m Leave Covington Fiiday at 1 p m Arrive at Qre?ncastle next day by 0 p m 14700 Piom Greenfield, by L<arrington. Columbus, FendUUn, and Mandon, to Lden, 33| miles and back, one a a week Leave Greenfield, Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Kden same day by 7 p m Lt-avd iden Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Greenfield fame day by 3 p m (Pr.yoi?i t are invited for the service btlwm (i *e field, by Harrington and Lolmn^tus, to f>ncLjnn, 2J ttixlet) 14761 From Greeiicturg to RofbviUe, V7 miles tnd bark, cnoe a *?-K Leave Ore* n^ burp Friday at 8 a ra Arrive at Kushvi le ?amo day by 5 p m Leave liuxhville Saturday tt 7 a i:i Anive at Gremhbuig eauie Ji.j by 4 p in 147tis? From Ua,er_tjwn, by Dalton, I^M'jtv.lle, H wi t'rt, VVinl.-or, I'arker, FairvUw, and Uain>y, to Camdec, 48 mile? and back, once a aeck L*-ave lia<?rstown Tliursday at 7 a m Arrive at Caoiden r.ext day by 11 a m Leave C*mden Fridiy at 2 p ui Arrive at liagerstown next day by 0 p m 14703 From ll>-mil'.on, by Hithlaod, York, Clear Lake, and Camden. M a, to Reading, 30 miles and back, onre a w<?k Leave LI a cm ilton Friday at 7 a ra Arriva at Heading same day by 6 p a Leave Reading Snumlay at 7 am Arrive at Hamilton same day by 5 p m 14701 From lluutlugton to Liber y Mills, by Plank Romd, 'JO miles and back, once a week Leave Uuritlngton Friday at 0 a m Arrive at Liberty Mill? same day by 12 m Leave Liberty Mills Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Huntington same day by 7 p m 14766 From Jerome, by West Libtrty, bails, and Nibloa's, to Alexandria, 25 miles anl back, once a weok I>?ave Jerome Friday a: 9 am Arrive at Alexandria s*uie day by 5 p m Lsave Alesaud ia Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Jerome sau>e day by 4 p m 11700 From Lexington, by Ktw Frankfort and Alpha, to Pan?, VO mi'es and back, once a week Leave Lexington Uatonlay at 0 a m Arrive at i'ani same day by 12 m Leave Pali) Saturday et 1pm Arrive at Lexington s?me dtv by 7 p m 14767 From Lebanon, by Klitavill-i, to Kirk's X Foal*, 14 mi.1*: and bvck, onae a week Leave I^etanon Saturday at 0 a m Arrive at Kirk's X Rral.? same diy by 11am L>avo Kirk's X Roads Saturday at 13 m Arrive at Lebanon fame day by 5 p m > 11708 From Locku Ststloa, by Rowdishe's M'llr, aud Lrtghton, to Mo^gcquinong, 11 milssand back, o ioe a w?ek I^eave L>Cy.e Station 3?tur ay at 7 % ta Arrive at Mong- qu'norg sa>ae day by 10 a m LiaVrf Mongcqu.nong Saturday at 11 a a Arrive at Loc^e Station same day by 2 p m 14709 From Marlon to Montp^-lier, 24 mil?3 and back .oncja Leave Marion Fr:day at 8 a in Arrive at Montptlivr day by 4 a m Leave M:utpel>er Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Marion same day by 8 p in 14770 From Martinsville by Centreton to Moore* villa, 16 Blilet aud back, once a ? eek Leave Martinsville Siturda at 7 a in Arrive ?t Mooreevilleeanie by 12 m Teave Mtrreatll'e Saturday at 1 p ia Arrive at Nil'*, nay Ue earns day by 5 p m 14771 From Mount Vqnon by Thomas's M Us, Mara ball s Landing, (on West Rank of Onat Walxiah,) and New Haven, 111, to Kalaigb, 4Q miles an4 back, once a -evk Leave A].unt Vernon Fiiday at 9 a m Arrive at RalMsh same 4 ?y by 7 p m Lek ve Ka'.e'gh Saturday at 6 a m Atr've at Mount Yemen name day by 7 p m 14772 From Mildlebnry to Yistula, 10 iuil>e and ba k. ouce a week Leave Mid !li-bury Saturday at 10 am Arrive at Vistula same day by 1 p in Leave Vistula Saturday at? r m Arrive 3?iddj_i ujy (nine <Ly t,y 5 p w 14713 From Muaci-town by OraovtlSe, Blackford, Montpali?r, Bluff o < and Orieota to Fort Wsyi e, 7 i mil s and beck, cn e a week L a?e Muatla'own Wednesday | |an Arrive at fop Waynj ntU day by ^ p nt Ld*ve ITiit ?Vayne Friday nt lam .Arrive at Munctetown next day by 5 p m (Thu rid* is lupptedlo U mot'ly cy*e sd by txit'inp service; if se, it vrilinctb* Ui ) 14774 Frcm f'aoll by Prrapeet to Natche;, 13 nol^ and bacjj, onae a weak Leave Pac>U Faturday at 7 a m Arrive i.t N'a eh>z ?ntnj day by 12 m L?are Na chei Satuiday at 1 pu Arrive at Pel li sainecav by 0 pm 14775 From Portland Mills by Ruaeellville to WaV* land, li mil 4 ?nd b*ck, once a week Leava Portland Mills Satarday at 6 a m Arrive at WtTdand mm<< day bj 12rn Wavel ?nd 84tarda j at 1 p ni Arrive at Portland Mil seame de> by 5 p m (Thitroute am^ari to be cot-red by No. 14761; if *>, it wa11 not be let) 14776 From Terr* Htu'e to Lewis,*) miles end bask, once a ~ L avo I err* Hants 'atarday at 9 a m Arriveat Lwis wee day by li m L-ave L#wi$ Ha?uKiay at 1 p m A -live at Terra Haifa rame day by T p m. (IV* route appfirt to be covjrtd by 14688; if to. it id I not ue let) 14777 From Urlca Otv, by Fort Heoovery, Mtce-1 do3, and Celina, Oh o, to St. Mary's, 46 miles I and baak, oaoa a week. Leave Union C ty Thursday at 6 a a Arrive at St Mary'< next day*by IS m 1-erve Vt FiiJay at 1 p m Arrive at DnlooC.ty teat day by 7 p m. Proposal' for two aud tiroe time* a week setvioe | are Invite 1. 14778 Prom Wabash, by Lakelon, to Warsaw, 38 j ml>s acd back, once a week Leave Waba?h Friday at 8 * m Arrive at Ha saw8one day by 6 p m Leave Warsaw Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Webaeh same day by 6 p m. 1477? from Opt in, by Windfall, Jerome, Xeaia, | ?nk Summerset, to Wabash, 40 miles tad b ck, once a weak. Lea re Tipton Friday at 8am Arrive at Wabash rame day by 7 a m Lfm Wabash fleturda* at6 a m Arrive at Tipton Bum a day ly 7 p m. 14780 Prom Winreaac to Medarysvilla, SO miles and bark, onoe a week. Leave Winnem&e Friday at tp m Arrive at Medaryavil'e rame day by 9 p m Leave Me4aryavi:le Friday at 6 a m Arrive at W onemao same day by 1'2 m 1'781 From Hartfcr l City, cn the aott direct route, I to W-rren, 18 mllee end back, once a waak. Leave Hartford City Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Warr n mud day by 12 m Leave Warreu Siti r 'ay at 1 p m Anivsat Hartford City same day by 7 p m. 14732 Frcm Knox, by Piqoa an 1 01 n Mannord, to Hirer 8tark oounty, 81 miles and bick.twica a wt*k. Leave Knox Wednesday and ?aturJay at 6 a m Ariive at River tame days by 12 m Lrave River Wednesday anl Sttur lay at 1 p m Arflr# at Knox mwe dsjg bj 7 p m. Proposals for three times a week service are io-1 vit d. MINNESOTA TERRITORY. (JVoea Ju'y 1, 1855, to June 30, 1858.) 14024 From Fall* of St. Anthony, by 8tepbea's Mil's, at Cake Minneonka, aud Walker's Landing,, to Hcniarson, 3J mil a acd beck, once a week. Leave Fails cf St. Anthony Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Hendersr n name day by 6 p m I*a?e Uen4erson Thursday at 6 a m Arrlva at FtJIs if St. Anthony sane day by 6 {in ?rem Farrlbault, Minnesota; te Fort Atkin ?on, in Itwa, 1.13 miles, c nee a waek Leave FarHbaslt Mondsy at Sam Arrlva at Fort Atkinson next Tharcday by e p m L*ave Fort Atkinson Friday at 6(D) Arrive at Farrlbault next Sunday hy 6 p m Bidder* will naxe the intermediate offices to be ?applied 14026 Fr.m lUoderjCD, by Fort Ri Igely, to the Siojx Agency, 46 milos and taux, once a week Leave Hen ierson Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Sioux Agency next day by 12 in LeaTe Sioux Agancy Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at Headers >u next day by 6 p m 14327 Prom lied Wing, on Mifs ssippi river, via Farrikau t, to Henderson, 80 mil js and back, oiice a we-k 1 tare IUd V> ing Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Fort Ridgely nex; Wedc^day by 6 p m I eave Fort Rldgely Thursday tt 6 a m Ar?* ve at lei Wlug next SarurJa' by 6 p m 14038 From St Peal t) Kert Atkinson, Iowa, *203 mi es aad bark, cnee a week Bidders will specify a tchedule of departures and a'rivals Proposals to erd at Farribaultare invited 14029 From St. Panl, cn ?he emigrint rout', by i Fot R'dg'ly, to the Missouri river, 300 miles and ??tek, olc- a month B ddars will name a schelule of dentures and arrivals PropcsiiU to commence at Fort Ridgely are in vited 14030 From St. Anlhony to Taylor's Falls, 35miles and back, on e a week Leave St. Anthony Wednesday atCam Arr ve at Taylor's Falls fame day by 6 ^ m l.eava Tay'or*ii Falls Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at St. Atit^any Eaiue {"ay by f> p m. 14031 From Traverre l>e^ Sioux to Arut lie, bit miles and back, twice a month Leave Traverie Leu Sioux on the 1st a"*< 15th of each month at 6 a m Arrive ut Arcad.a by thj 2d and 10;b of sama m >nth by 6 p m Leave Arcadia cn the 3d and lTthofcoch month at 6 a m Arrive at Traverse des Siocx by the 4th and] 18th of th? rame month by 6 p m 14032 Fro;n Wa*a?b*wby Minnesota C ty, M .ntt auuiaand Bio^a.svil!e to D.-corrab, Iowa, Co u>il?s and bai:k, once a week L av* Wabasha? Tuesday atSan Arrive at Lies' rrah nt xtday by 6 p m Laave Deccrrah Tburaday a'. C a m Arriw at Wabachaw n?*xt day by 6 p m Proposas to start from brtwustille are in* Vi ed. NEBRASKA TERRITORY. (From July 1,1856, tj Juie 30, UJ8 ) IKHhj Ji oui Nebraska C'i^y by Bellevie# and Omaha City to Fort Calhoun, ?? miles and bask, once a v t-k Biddtra will dale distance and prop<:se schedule of departures aud arrivals. KANSAS TERRITORY. (F. om July 1,1866, to June 30,1866 ) 1G201 From Fort leaven worth to the Sac and Fox j A^ncy, ? uiil?e nnd back, olmi week Biiders will and schedule I of dfpj>tu;e? and arrivals. 16302 ?*rojH Fort ?<<-ott to Fort Atkinroa, ? mTej an l back, oicu week. PilJtrj will stati distance and propose schedule I of departures and arrivals. 16203 Prom Fort Leavenworth to Pert Riley, ? miles and back,onoe a week. Bidders will eUU distance and propose schedule ' of departar s and arrivJs. 16204 From Fort Seott to (.Crawford Seminary, - milaa aud Lack, once a week. Bidlcrs will stata distanre and propose schedule I of departures and arrivals. 11205 Prom Wes'port, Mo., to Fort Scott, ? miles I and lata, o&ce a week Bidders will state dutr cs and propose sohedule | of depa^taraj and arrivala. INSTRUCTIONS. Form of a propoial where no change from advertise Hit nl it ronteirf/jlated by the bidJer. I, , of , county of , State of .propose to convey the mails on route No. , from to , arreeably to the advertisement of the Po*tma-ter Central, dated February 10,1855, aud l?y the following mode qf conveyance, vi<: for the auuusl sum of dol'ars. This proposal is made with lull knowledge of tho distance of the route, the weight of the mail to lie carried, and all other particulars in reference to the route and service, and also after full examination of the instructions and requirement* attached to the ad vertisement. Dated (Signed.) /brwi of a Guarantee. The undersigned, residing ut , State of , uniin ake that, if the foregoing bid for ca; Kiny the mail on route "No. be accepted by e Postmaster General, the bidder shall, prior to j the 1st day uf July, 1S65, or as soon thereafter as may be, enter into the required obligation to per form the service proposed, with good and sufficient I sureties. This wc do with a full knowledge uf the obliga tions and liabilities assumed by guarantors under the "27tli scction of the act of Congress of July 2, 1836. Dated. (Signed bt two guarantor*) Form of a Certificate. The uudersigned, postmaster of . State of , certifies, under his oath of otEce', thai ho is acquainted with the bbeve guarantors, and knows them to be men of property, and able to make good their guarantee. Dated (Signed.) The sufficiency of guarantors on proposals may be certified by a judge of a court of record, and by postmasters. Oondition* to le incorporated in the contractt to Ut extent the Department may deem proper. 1. Seven minutes ars allowed to each inton^edi att office, when not otherwise specified, for assorting the mails; but on railroad and steamboat route* (here Is to be uo more delay than is sufficient for an exchange of the m%il bags. 2. On routes where the mode of conveyance admits ?f it, the special agents of the department, also post office blanks, mail bags, locks and keys, are to De conveyed without extra charge. t. No pay will be made for trips not performed, and for each of such omissions not satisfactorily as plained threj time* the pay of the trip may be daducted. For arrivals aoftr bahlnd time as tohreak connexion with^epaniingmaiK.and not sufficiently excused, one-fbitrta or theeompeuf ation for the trip Is subject to forfeiture Deduction may also be or dered for a grade of performance Inferior to that apecifi ed in the contract. For repeated ^If&quendaa of the kind herein specified. et^argedoM-ualtles, pro portion*) to the, nature thereof arid the huportanct of tha maU, may be made. A For leaving behind or throwing off t be mails or any portion of them for the admission of passengers, or fcr b*l&? cooesrh?d in netting up or ruiniii. ?xpremt convoying commercial iSuiH^ ; ^ ft ^ske w ?** ** *????*. of ft. Fines will h* import, unle>i tb<| a.,, b* promptly and satisfactorily explained b?ZSfJ ot postmasters, or the ??^TlU^fotW^3 iteNe poxof for foiling to arrive in contra* ?!!? for aegl xrtingto toko tie nu] f^. or dS,^?,' into,* poet office; snffe-in* It (twin/ either *n twl it) to U iBjur^i, destr.r^, ro' bed. or loot rsftuing. after demand. to ^nTcy the mail m fW quent.y astbsoont'art.rruns or is concerned in J?n2. poac'1? car, < r Kea&iboat on a rout* for\L 'LL?l'n?*ttT annul the contract r* f"?ilure? to run agreaabiy to contract; HnniTfTh'0 n *7** 0O0e Uw*? ?r the instruo of the Department; for rofusing to diseharre ? carrier when required by the D*partmw?ttodo*I for assigning the contract without the anient of the Postmaster General; for running an sxprem ai afore ??id, or for transporting person* or packages con. Jelmstter out of the mail rt * ?08tn,B>t'>r Oitneral may order an increase fnrtllli0? ?n ,avrout<' by *Dowi?g therefor a pro rata increase 0n the contract pay. lie nif ch*n?. the schedule ot arrivals and departure without inci^ase of pay, provided he does not curtail t? ?mount of running time, lie may also order Zl increase of ?p<?d, he allowing, within the restrict ^??ot ** h"> ?P?> raU increase of pay ?ft?e additional stock or carrier., if any. The contrLS may, however, in the cam of increase of rncwj r*. linquish the contract by girin* prompt notET^ t? Department that he prefers.loin# so tacarrvid* the order into effect. The Postmaster General mav.? ?urtali or discontinue the service, at pre rata de> crease> of pay allowing one month's extra com psnaation on the amount dispense.! with, whenever in his opinion the public interests do not require the ??me, or in case he desires to supersede It by a differ ent grade of transportation. j 8. Payment* will be made for the service bvcollee. afi^r th0ID' ??r drafU on P??tmasters, or otherwise after the expiration of each quarter?say in >ebm o'? ^uf**t?and November. i ?" Th? Ji?t*ioei are giren according to the best ih?TtVi Y 00 inor*MHd l'*y will be allowed should they be greater than advertised, if the points ,kPP1 correctly stated. Bidders must in form themselves on this point. 10. The Postmaster General is prohibited by law tlb^n ,1 f?7h 'y ?*k,n1? m Contr?c? for the transpor taUon of the mails with any person who shall have entered into, or propowd to enter into.anv oombina-1 t on to prevent the making of any bid for a mail r?Hh? 1,7 ?ther rer!"on or Persons. or who KUy HT*"""' or Shall hhve given performed, or promised to give or perform an* thm* V".10" w,h*U,Ter' or t0 'io or not to do an/ thing whatever, in order to induce nitv o?her person or persons not to bid for a mail oon Wt. 1'articuL^ i 18^, prohibiting combination? to orevent biddinr *nr!i iw-R re'*,TedRfler time, vis: 3pmoftLe 10th law nr t h I ?r *lU,out ^e gmranty required by combines several routes in one sum of oompen'ation, cannot b? con-idered in competition w V?.ular P?r?08*l rea-onable in aroounc 1-. Bidders should, in all c^scx. first protyse for th^??r'5?Ct,I ?ewnim* to th" ??Ivortl^m^t, and i 'r !! y de,mrv' seParatflv for different service and if' the regular bid be the lowest oflercd for the ?f t*h' Yf Serrice'the ?ther bid* may be ' Oi>sidered oo.uILf ,0n? ?r? r-'fomtnenled by the posttaa^ers and citii-n* intertjled or if they shall ?PP^r-n-nifesUy right and proper. 7 pr .pof!* ,h?yld ^ but Pne rout- for In a 14. The route, the service, the vear.'y pay. the name and residence of the bidder, and those of each member of a firm, where a company offers should Wf1 hor8,u< k ^ intendwl. The u 7 ^ 1U? ce,ent3r- certainty, and security" inserted to mdjeate the mode ef conreyance, *h] constitute a "itor hid* ' ,allf* ?idd,trf a;erjHlUe/>toi to vs ', as far a* practl ? V?"* 1 ,rm 01 furnifhed by the deptrtiueL t. to wute out in in 1 the iuu of their bhls, and to re ain copies of them. , No alter-*! b?<l? cau b^ considered, and no lids ome nu mi'te'I ran te withdrawn. Kath bd must be guaranUed bj two r^poaaible k?? c"u t fw tlmitied. 1 lb. lh *bi i Fhoutd b? sealed; snp^rKcrited u Propose s, State of or T?rritcry of 1 ?/a? tb? I ?Me mar b?,) aidrcssKl " !<econl A^istiut Po.^ not b>, or t?, ,m a^cnt. and postmaaters will not p-opos.s, (or irtterj of any kin J) In their quarterly retuin6. *??L' 0f:utraf^ to be exc-utedand returns! to Uie Department by or before the 1st of July. 1855. out the h*r\!<-e ruu.-t in c. mmercd on the mail aa? cu^ orno. No p.-op-iMtion Jor trau-:yr< Wj]] oon.-iJeri d u^til the ncntracV era . aecut^lTn due trl?sf ? .f1 the d.^nrtu,ent; and hen no transfers will be allowed unless t-ood a?id mffdent .w,0,.0-8 .rt''0f *re ^Ven- to ** dt termined by the department. 3 mrfrh^rVfc^r 18 ?f. ?D Y1 r,f ingress, approved M^ich 3, 14U??, provider that contracts for the tran* portaUon ol tjw mail shall be let, - in every ml e to ^ f tef!d,'r,n? puffirient guaranties for faithlul jK-rformance, without other ref-rence to the moiic of ruch transportation than may be new*. sary to provide for the due celerity, certainty, and security of su. h transportation." "Under this law a new description ol Wids has lieett received. It does not specif/ a mode or conveyance, but engages to take the -ntir- mail ea-L trip with celerity, certain ty, and security, usin;.-: the term? of the law. These bids are stylet, trom the manner iu which thev ar? I , ou the bof'.ks of the l>epartment, "itarl and they will be construed as providing for the entire mail, howrrr Urge, and ?hatner way be\ tfu mod* oj corivtyanc*ruottun/ to insure itt " celerity certainty, and tewity " ' In all cases where Uio lowest ^rade of service is I believed to be suiScient, the l^aest bid will be a? ep teu, if dul y iiuaraLiind, in preference to a " star-' or sp.*citie Li 1. When the lowest bid is not a *tar bid, and specifie. either no mode or au inad,..jtuUt mode of conveyauce. it will noi be accepted, but set aside for a ruecific bid proposing the necesrarv bervice. W hen the bid does not specify a jmode of con ve>ance,ah;;u it proposes to carry "accordinir to the advertisement," but without such specification it wdl be considered as a proposal lor horseback ser ?ice. 19 A modification of a bid, in any of its essential ternw, is tantamount to a new bid, and cannot be reived, so as to intertere with regular oioauetilion, ?iter the la.?t hour set for re<*ivioe ^ds. Postmasters are to be careful not to certify the sufficiency of guarantors or sureti?* without knowing thai th|*y are persons of suffl.-ier.t respon sibility ; ai?d all bidders, guarantors, and sureties are distinctly notided that on a tailure to enter into or perform the contracU for the service proposed for in the accepted I ids th. ir legal liabilities will be en forced a/ainat them. 21. The coutract* will be substantially in the form heretofore used in this lae^artment, except in the respects particularly menGoned iu Giese Instruc tion" ; and cn ail railroad and steamboat routes the contractors will be requin-d to deliver the mails into the post office* at the ends of the routes and into all the immediate post offices, not more than eighty rods from the railroad or landing. 22. Present contractors and persons known at the Department, must, equally with others, procure guarantors an.l certificates of their sufficiency sub stantially in the focxun above prescribed. The cer titrates ol sufficiency must be signed by a postmas ter, at one of the (ItMi btl. ye nuaad, or ? judire of ? court of reoord. JAMKo CAMPBELL, fob lfl-F4t Postmtster Genenl. For Balo and l-entt I^URMSilED HOl riE FOU KENT?ThaCcooi : ui.alKHii llotue, \o. ?50 H Street; eontatoiu ( eleven rooms, with bath room, gas tivtures, &.o . completely furnished in every particular, is for le hi Appl> to \. M. McGULGOk, Furniture Healer, 7th street. lefc <3?u For hale?the frame building o\ the lot now occupied by Mr. J. \V. Forney, in 8th s'reet, near E. it is weli calculated for an r.f fice, has two roofti-, i? p'a^tfied, papered, &.c. The purcltasir! le expected tu remove it fioin ul^r# it stands. _leb ?i-."n ri*? LEr?THE L \KGE HOL'^E ADJOINING L Dr. 1 tiouias Miller, avenue, three floors frotn corner ol 141^ ttteet, wilh extm ive hack building, thr^c rooms deep on first floor, a'aVle, io Possj sloj given immediately f?u22?3t Furnished house for rent.?The rub scriber will re?t his house with the Fur.ii nre, and the, to a and punctual tenant No. 4U5 1 hirtcenth street, Ic.ween ?i and II. It r.'ay be r^ami ted and the term* ascertained at ihe house. For sale, a lloise ainl t'arriase. feb g^-tf C1IAB. DUMMER. Notice?a merchant engaged inThe Grocery and Liquor ilUHnriv, who has otlier views, wislies to sell ai private *ale tus enure Stock, Fixtures,fcc. The stuck is a select one, well assort<>d, and was purchased upon the best term* The location is a very eligible one, upon one of the tie?t business street* in Uie city, wfih a goon custom, and to ? per son wi.-hing to engage in the business offers induce ments rarely to be met with. ? A line addressed to 44 Business," with real name ot the person willing to purchase,wiUmeet prompt j attention. ftb ?-3t A DRUG HTORE FOR SALE IN ONE OF THE most desirable positions in Washington, doin^ a rtnf buriness. Willi it there is a most excelleut and variable Soda Water Apparatus. The soda wa ter business is one of the best mi Washinrton. Ad dress ''X VV," Washington. feb 13?8w ?10R RENT OR EXCHANGE?F<w Georgetown L or City Troperty, a small a^d well cultivated Farm in Fairfax county, Va. Enquire of J. OHAIE corner ot Hri<'ge and Congress sis., No. ST. feb 6?tf ? 11 QM ?t FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily ll located BmWIs; Low, 54 feft ftomjiy r? fect deep, on graded streey, can, until spriim, be bought at the low price or ?TsTnavabte A3 ner moqfh Title indisputable. 1 ^ ^ Lilian Lattd <>flr?*e, 7th wt:, - ? * - * above odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9-fcu JOHN fox, Secretary. TELEGRAPHIC. Kiprtwlr fcr':? Dilly Kml?| iul tasw fttoim ia FhiiadrtyfcK fta. Pfct u?nniA. Fob S3 ?A f'onr e mmenood here this aonii;. Thf UcbBoM Blow will atart for home this rflsrnoon. A iplndid toUrtiisBtlt Wil g.v :n them laat evening ? Baltimore lirkiU BaltiMOM, Fob. 21 ?Floor la 4*11, ia held it yesterdays quotations of the set board: Howard atreet at $8 M; City Mtlla $8 26; no aaloa reported The reeelpta of grain are light. Wheat?red ia qooted at fl .BO a $1.95; white at tl a $2; oboice for family floor $2.06. Cera -white 84 a 84c ; yellow 87 a 88o. Oata?Virginia at 48 a 62*. Few York Market New Yoau, Feb. 25.?The oottea market la vnohanged, with a limited demand at previoa* rite#. Floor ia unchanged with a moderate demand at previoua rate*. Saloa of 3,000 barreli at yeaterday'a quotations. Southern fl >ur is quiet. Wheat ia upward and Arm? saloa of Southern white at $2 26a2 St. Cora ia upward and firm ; aalea of 6,000 baehcla Western mixed at 94a95. Pork ia apward aad firm. Beef ia unchangtd. with a moderate de mand. Lard ia downward and dall. Whiakj ?Ohio ia heavy at SI ia32 Mew York Stock Market New Yeas, Feb. 23 ?8 locks are aetire aad money is abacdant. Ohio Slzea, of '74, 104) ; do. of '76, game; Kentucky, Fifteen year bonds, 101; Missouri Six**, 04; Indiana lire*, 81 ; Pennsylvania Fires, 87; New York Cen tral Railroad, 04; Michigan Central, 80 Beading Railroad, 75i; Erie Railroad, 46| ? CleveltiLd and Toledo Railroad, 69i. Charleston Marke t. Obaulustoh, Feb 22 ?The Cotton merket opened buoyant, but closed heavy ; sales for tbe week 14 000 balee; good middling, 8*e8|. Receipts for the week 10 300 balea. Stock, eaoloaire of shipboad, 28,000 balea. Rice has undergone no change?aalea at S|a 4f Receipts for the vfeek 2.100 tiercer. Stock, exolusive of ahipmoata, 3,800 tierces. Freights on ootton to Liverpool, 7-lOtha. Htw Or leas a Market*, he Naw Orlkaxs, February 22?Cotton?the atesmer's news depioraed the market aad pri :es are weaker, but not quetably lower; saloa of 8,000 balea. Roceipta from all South ern porta are leea than last year by 204,000 balea. Tbe schooner Ellen, from Baltimore arrived here to day Poor Houee Burnt. BirriLO, Feb. 22 ?The Erie county poor houee was deatroyed by fire yeeterday. The 6U0 inmates were all remaved safely. Senatorial Election in Indiana Cincinnati, Feb. 22 ?The Indiana Logia lature held an election to day for U S. Sena tor. Tbe Senate elected Iseac Blackford, bet the Hou*e amende! by inserting the name of Joseph <J. Marshall. The Senate refuting to conour, great excitement ensued There la tut little hope of a compromise Election of Cotfnty Officer* Sybacusu, (N. Y ) Feb. 22.?At the town election in Onondaga ooun'y, on Tueeday, eight demoorats, aix whiga, two free aoilera and two know nothings auporriaora were electcd. ?? Gen Houston ia P ovidone* Proyidxnc*, Feb 22 ?Oen. Houston arriv bere laat evening rn ront? for Bocto*. He was waite>l upou by the Speaker of the Houae oi Keprr 3>ntsti*ee thia morning, and invited to vuit tbe Legislature, but dedlined for want of time. He lefi by the 11 o'clock trala for Boston. 1 he testimony in the great ladia Rubber case, closed this morning, haviag decupled the Court and jery one month. The aumming up of counsel haa commenced. The Senatorial Queation?Indignation Moot, ing in Eastaa. Kaston, Pa., Feb 21.?The old kine Demo crats hi!d a meeting last evening at the court* bouse, for the purpoee of adopting reeolutiona denouncing Major Fry, of the State Senate, for supporting General Cameron for United States Senator. Wm U Hotter, editor of the Argus, submitted a series of resolutions to the effect above indicated. Mr Fox (Ameriean Democrat) moved an amendment to the reeo lutiona, whieh was rejected; and then com menced a scene whieh beggars description The result waa that the American portion of the meeting drove the old line Democrat a out, and then pis?ed resolutions oommending the euuree of Mr. Fry, and Instructing Meaara Bubj and Johnaon, of th* Houae, also to aup port Gen. Cameron ia the oonvention to reas semble on the 27th inat. ARRIVALSAT PRINCIPALilOTELS WHurd*' (lotei-a i S t c. viutu^ lluii W Elliott, SC G F Mernaui, I'SN Mim Ellmtt, do I' Mttrbunl, MJ Mi^s E Elliott, do W U Bates, Mase 1 F Lay, Ya Mm Hater, do K Johnson, jr, Nd J T Power 8 C William* J V Fowler, MY L G Starkie, England J V Parker, do T <; 8ieiueraad servant. W D Micker, do do TBKing,)rlUtt C Cowley, Mass Browne' Usui-*, r. a it. mow*. 2 o Ko< k, Va V Dtui?ead k lady, MO Corn rag'', Mr* A I^niut-ad do Lt Hruot, do T8 Wilkinsoa k taaaily, B M l.tverman k family, \Y iin J D Brown, XC W il Wright, Va Miea Wilson, Pa Mr> V E Wrijht, do J G Stewart, V* J Gt.-ou, do J M McDowell, Pe G Gibson, ?lo i C MrLiauaban, do ? G I! Moore, NY * Mr Murau, UY C I) Miiiul,?;? L Ya!<-, jr, do P E Peers, M . J P \Vii?ua, Md J G !l .rria, U8N J II Lee, Va I U DeUplane, Va ?? Fl D Terrell, do i J Qjodwiu. N'Y W Uunte, do J F Wilson, M l r. E Blalrey, do I H S ymour at family, Ct K F Grey, do J 8 yil-!?ee k lady, Md W Steele, HC i J Jefeiiou k :ady, do AD Bnxs*. Maaa ; M?m? A Gr. h?in, do J A Ljle, ay I W Ellis & lad} do H W Hi.Man Panama II J tiiouflei, III Ccai Vabderbilt, NY W K ( <:n?table. Md P K tYaecu k lady, NY E M F?-athi r.tou, do i Cooler, do E llyatt, ff?> J * Baeksdate k Isdy, Va W Giver, do M ts* Glover, do F 8 Jackaon, NY R Cornehue, Pa ( ttitart state* Hotel?a.s. noon. ltl*cou, Md J R Weat, WI J P Effingrr, Va B R Taua, do D Beegar, Md T B Cau, do J IVtiny, do J Coryell, do J B Plultip k wife do E Salliday, Pa T R Muttiag'y and lady, C W Hunter, OL Mm D T Dangler, Pa R W Byou, Md ? Mefcee, Ky H N B? auwiun , Pa M tlaivuan, M I Johnoi, Ky L Wallace, 1M J R Hark dale k 2 ladiee, T W Corey, do Va - ? * ? analon Howes, Alexandria, V*.' a. hbwvon, raopaiaroa U F 8amj?on, NJ DrQW Lewia, Va A A Lutie, Va O H P T?rrtU, do C T Gravw, do J K Maraball. Uo Mia* Grnve?, do ?' ' W C Marrt?al?. do Miaa Campbell, do 8 Iletto, do Misa Campbell, do E B P?we"? E Berkeley, do LwmSS^Va A Cordon, do ? " ***?_' 2 W Jonef, Ir, Md w c siriVii'ig, va J K Marshall, dp ??*,*> ?wrajM> If IIDWfTi, (r? P O Butles, do A G McGouegal, DC Df D H Rokbuw, t'ol T B Jojea, NV

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