Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 23, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 23, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. JFHOLE NO. 6755. NATIVE AMERICAN JUBILEE. One Hundred and Twenth-third Anniversary of Washiugten'i Birthday. THE O. TJ . A ' s. GRAND CIVIL AND MILITARY PROCESSION. Its Reception in the Park by the Mayor and Common Council. SPEECHES FROM MAYOR WOOD AND GEN. COMBS THE NINTH REGIMENT. Imposing Spectacle at the Academy of Music. Oration by (be Ben. Thee. k. Whitney, and Letter Area the Hen. John Bell, dfCii &T a &C* The on* hundred acd twenty-third return of Wmhing ton'a birthday ?u celebrated yesterday with .greater ?pirit thin ha* ever before been otoerved In our city. All ?ho participated learned anxious to do all they could to manifest their high regard for the cbaraster, patriotiara and virtue* of the great American. Never before hM there been so much pomp displayed in the city on a similar occasion, and the observance of yesterday proved conclusively that the Father of hie country is indeed first in the heart* aud affections of hia countrymen. J'bern can be no doubt but that, as years roll by, the claim* of Washington to the htghsit posthumous honor* in the gift of our people will be more dlitinctly r<>rog nized and hia natal day regarded with the greatest re ference. Of tlila yesterday wii an earnest. APPEARANCE OP THE CUV <^LTn\ dUrinff the ha4 on iu ??'? 1^", *al from ever y houwtop flag. and .treamcre, covered with npproprinte device., floated in the broes'e. Below , ?! S51"? ^ "ith ^nZ'oZ dittona, anxious to see the proeewion aa it died pMt and crowding and .hovlog to get a nearer view of the gnU, ' draiad puadM. The .cene wa. mo.t enlivening, for during the d ay a constant stream of soldier* or tend .omely dressed .relations, adorned with rich ?nifo?,a ,nd regain. . kept marching an, I counter marching up tB,| down the street, while from .very qwter came atmin. of spirit . tiRin^ BUlllc> 7 ""V* U however, that .ome of the mu.ic might have very well been dispensed with, the demand ' " " "" 8reat tbat thing in the ahape of a ?u. cal matrument wa. pree.ed into .ervice. In.tru nt. of a most flu?.tionabI? and antiquated ?h?pe Made their appetranre for the first time in public, d? ur.iog strain, the mo.t lugubrious, gome or the horns ahrleked dismally, while the flute, and other wind in.trun.fnt. wer. sadly out of tune. But, still, there was for"".'!? th 'C',ien''nUHlC0Utt0 ^ "V ??'??"? JUi r n ,1,ortco,n,I,*, The ei-itemcnt an, I in. , Cf lbe ?POctntow continued throughout the day " ?0t ?B"} * UU hollr,n th.cvenln? were the struts JSode OUriOU"' r4tri?tiC ttDj The natioui! standard floated froa? every h. ?l thea Uwand public institution in the city, and m?y of the ship, fa the harbor were gaily adorned with ling. ?..) atreanm. of every diacription. The .treets were, for I New York, tolerably clean; they would have been con a dered extremely dirty in any otoer locality, bat our eitueni. hare got used to that k.nd of thing, and are thankful for the smallest favors in the way of clean or even moderately dirty street. ' The day dnl!ahtful-the air balmy and spring like, and the aky without even a cloud to ob.cure the glorious .anlight, u it fell upon tie waving banner. and d.ncutg p<nuous of the richly adorned proce.-ion, as it nwept Uiroug.i the ?treet?. FORMING OF THE PROCE33ION. The day wan Inaugurated in a booming mann*r by the \ eteran Corp, of Artillery, who Bred a national taluteou th<> Battery, at iuori>e. At about ten o'clock the vahou. chapters or the to ?*?'" "J**1 respective headquarters to Kn.t Broadway, ?l,ere they formed in line Tbev took up their line of march from there at about 12 o clock, an J paraded through Grand street to the Bowerv and down ChatL.itn strecf to the Park. The American I 'rote < taut As,oaiation formed on W?h ington Parade Onrnnd, with their right re.tlng oa Wavortoy p.ace. They commenced marcting about 11 o clock, atd proceeded through Waverley place to Siith avtnue tbro.-gh Bixth avenue to Fourteenth ?treet, o iT&ZSrr? to By#D,,e c> thr?i:*b ?* F";rth street, through Fourth street to Clinton, through Clinton to Grand, Grand to Bowery, Bow.ry to Chatham atreet, to the east gate of the Park, where *y T ?>ito the restof the proce.slon * oM wttran. met at their bead<,u.rteri-th. Star Hon.e, in Usprnard street- end m.rched from there to 'he general iendc-/vous in the Park THE SCENE IV THE PARK OS TBK ARRIVAL OF THE PROCESSION. Twelve o clock wa. the time.appointed for the arrival of the procession in the Park, but, a. u.ual *> ?,ch oc ca.iona, it did not make Its appearance till nearly an hour after. Over lire thousand people were asxembled in front of the City Hall to witness the pageant and the windows and balconies of that edifice were crowded with ?potatoes. A. these were favorable position, from I which to v ew the acen., only the privileged were ad | mittei, act ticket, were accordingly distributed to thoie I ?who came under th.t head Kverv one, hawever. we be ' lieve b.d a fair opptrtun.ty of ?e?ing the pageant, and | if n few bad their corns pinched, they were more than I compensated by the spectacle presented to their adminne gare. The Chief of Police, and a Urge port.oo of tb. I .oree, were on the ground to preaerve ordsr, and their i efforts were attended with signal mcce.e. We ob.erve<t I that on this occa.lon each ofticer wore his baton by his ^ side, like a sword-a decided improvement on the old . way of carrying (t. It gave the men .joite a martial ap pearaore, and added considerably to the whole ellect of their new uniform. At the extreme edge of the plat fine, in frost of tb? City Hall a, or step, was pla ed for the Mayor, on which a small white satin flag, witb the word " Mayor and the arms of the city upon it, was placed. Thle at once diitlngniel.ed him from the officials by Whom he was surrounded. About one o'clock, the Major accompanied by th member, of both branclie- of the Common Onunc.l. bearing their .taffi of ofBee, made their app?araac? and took up a position la front of the City Hall. Here the Mayor was Introduced to General Lectin Oo?bi ^ Kenturky. who was pre-e0, by Invitation, to address the veterans o( the war of 181.'. w|( dreued in a hunting .hlrt, such as wa. worn by the hooters of that day, and nhich wa. at one time la the poeees.ion of Daniel Boone. The Geo.ral was Intro- 1 dncei to the veteraae by Councilman Kidder of the Nineteenth district. *ho i. himself a veteran of the .a me war ? ?Bd ?nk ,B 1 fl!' tbr Veteran Corn. <X 1111, pnrmlt m* to Introduce General Leslie Combs of Kentucky, to yon. ' ?* Oenerai Gonne now camc forward and addre.wd them le followa:? i .fcort t'm^ Jie. I {[7.1?^.* It hae been enrh ^UdU,^ktl Jn?" th,t 1 ?? r^ctM to speak to you on the present occasion that I ?i?PM!L."e"iWr*M 1,1 hownrer. I ^ ' l ?*1,nf ?* 1 io> 1 ?houM ?en? to yonra^ Boy. of IMg, bow are yon f Uod bl??< ?*** whnn wn ahonkteted arae and msrake l to battle la d? fe^eof onr rights. In the first trial of the great eip.n nannt that afree oonntry oenM aanuin itaelf i. war a. la penee Owr enemy sale she wes the mtetreea of th or**"? that we ha J no right to trade, nc?pi wl^ge she permitted ; and she claimed the right to go on boanl of our merchant vessels, seize our sailors. anJ compel them to fight In the cause ot despotism, freemen as they were. It wa* iu vindication of our right to ?in vindication or tfae principle that the flag mack the ship free, and to preveut the Impressment of our citUens, that the country declared war. And, allow me to say there was another experiment that we pro red successfully. It wag doublet then whether the differ ent aim* of human industry would unite under the (lag in war, the merchant, the mechanic, tue manufacturer and the asrieultuiiit It was supposed by aotus, whea we delisted war tor sailers' rights, that the manufac turers of the country would fall liaok. and that the far mere would remain between the bandies of the plough. V lint was the result? Look at my own gallaut State l>*y<.nd the mountains? we had no trade upon the ocean ? no sons in British dungeons ? no prisoner-. In Dart moor ? and yet. when the tocsin of war soundel, and tb ? Irerideut of the United Statee asked the Governor o Kentucky to furnish him with five thousand meu, th hunter.- left the hills, the farmer* the fields, and the hoys in the shops their planes and hammers, and took up the sword and musktt, and fivo thousand men were muttered into the service without a finale draft And sllow me to call your attention to another Incident con nected with our btate, and illustrative of alt the Western Stater. The 1'resident wrote to Governor Shelby, o Kentucky, before Perry bad achieved his victory, but whin he had gone to meet the enemy, and he anticipated that they would soon be ours. In the Wostcrn States we have no ebbing and flowing of the tide? our streams are all rivulets until they meet the Mississippi. There are no double faced politician* there, but our men caine down trom the hills like our noble little streams, which never look behind them till they are lost In the Mediterranean ol the South ? the Gull of Mexico. On the 10th day of August, 1813, Gov. Shelby Issued his proclamation for five thousand men to meet him at Newport, opposite Cincinnati. On that day six thousand live hundred Ken tucky volunteers assembled on horseback and crossed the river to march to Canada. P.very county in Ken tucky except one was represented, and that one had forty buuteis on the way to uf. Then, at the close of the cam|>aign, (!<n. Harrison wrote to Gov. Shelbv Com l'erry was to meet the enemy, and asked him to furnish live thousand more men. They were raised and marched to the frontier, where we arrived In time for some of the Kentucky volunteers to meet l'erry at Lake Erie. We had never seen deep water before, and yet tome of our boys went on board the fleet to help Perry to lick the British on 'the 10th of Scptem her. Then we crossed into Canada, and arrived at Mai den on the 1st of October. Proctor, the infamous, who bad stood by and seen my brother soldiers killed and slaughtered at Kort Meigs, where I satv him stand un moved while the Indiaus were doing the work of death upon the priaonets? of whtm I was one, for I had the mislortene to be shot down and captured ? Proctor lied from Maiden live dsys before we landed. In five days after. General Harrison, Governor Shelby, and the Hunt ers of Kentucky overtook tbtra on the Thames, where we whipped the British crowd and killed a portion of the Indians, with Tecumceh at tfceir b-ad. We hail no sail ors there, I say ; but our soldiers became sailors in the emergency, ami fought upon the lake, do much for the West. Now, allow me to say, fellow- citizens and brother soliliere, the same experiment was made on the whole frontier, &nd with,the name success. At the beginning of the wsr they nentout Wilkinson, Hampden and Hull? Hnil w ho surrendered and disgraced himself? the others resisted. Then there were GcnerU* Harrison and llrown ; ?es, ftllow soliliert, and one of the boys who was with Town on that cccaaion it here now ? he lias got a spot ob his forehead which ho received in that war? there hu is (pointing to Mr. Thomas B. Ridder, Councilman from the Nineteenth district) and I see you have elected him one of vour Councilman. He swears he is younger than I am: but I don't believe him. (Laughter.) Now, I say the militia effected all this ? there were few regu lars. l ook on the Nlsgaia frontiers, where Pike and fcott nud Jesup and and Wool and others gained for their martial deeds a place on the page ol history. I don't pretend to recapitulate the events of the war upon. the ocean. 1 will not relate the incidents of the frent battles on that element : but the British said wa ad only a few cook-boats upon the tea. We in tho We*t felt a little delicate on that subject ? we did ex K>ct tuat your cities on the -t aboard? Philadelphia, i-w York, and others ? would he knocked into u cocked hat? that tlify would he bombarded aad taken. We had but a few fri.;atrs, and I recollect that Captain I 'acres said if Lo could meet the Constitution he would walk hei deck In forty minutes after. Weil, one day tUey dis covered a vessel sailing under American colors, mil be was delighted at the prospect, and that his wishes were so toon realised. The Constitution? for it was her ? came closer, and I (acres fired one broadside after another, but she replied not. i)acr?s expeued that lie would soon set tie lier hash ? and in forty minutes he jid nalt the deck ?but it was as a pritaw of war, and his vessel, theGuer ricre, wa* knocked Into "a cocked hat." This victory was hut the precursor of many gloriouqyriciorie* we (a n* d upon tUeor.o.n. We never m-t a Vessel of the British n lien we had anything like an eijual forcc that we aid not whip them, l'orty yearn h*y? elapsed aiooe then, aid you hate not heard of an American lielng pressed by a Lrltish man-of war. We taug'it them that lesson. Perry beat them on Like Erie, and Mcdonough on Lake ( bain plain, and on land, too, we prove I the ex pert? eat that a free government could be as succeeaful in war as in peac?, and that tier citizens could become soldiers when teijutred by their country. We felt that each mar. wasa sovereign- that he had a sovereign's heart within blm, and thut he wasgnot the subject of any man, or womar tltber, exattil his wife o~ seeeth'a.-t. (Laughter.) Fonoe < ere killed, it is true, but their nsimc* are Immortal and their cbildre.i are left to do for them whit they would do f'ir themselves were they heie. 1st n.e call Nour att< ntion to the results of that great war. They are seen in the increased respect we have gained from foreign nation ? in making us love moi - an 1 more the fathers of Americas liberty, who won our freedom- In making us all feel the t'orca of ths mot to of the Kentucky coat of aims, 'Tnited we stand? di vided we fall." I bel'eve, I nd I think I will ?reet a res ponse from t,verv soldier as I did when I addressed the Veterans at Wa Ling'.on, when I swore them to stand by the Union with all i'. - compromise' ? do you say that.' fa spontaneous "ays" was the reply givsn by the whole veteran c rps)? is there a negative here? No, not one. May that brul.t eyed god of day still roll on, and from Its uprising in the broad Atlaatic and go ng down In the placid Pacific, ever shine over a free, united and happy people. I have one sentiment, said General Combs in conclusion, which I wish to propose? Itls the sentiment which was adopted st Washington by the convention of veterans, on the ith of January last : ? Resolved, Thai while we deeply deplore the untimely death of so many of our brethren In arms, we pledge ourselves ever to aid and protect the le-reaved widows and orphans, snd here, ou this most interesting occa sion, we ester, d to ekcli other the right band of fenow ship, and bind each other by every sacred obligation to stand by etch other while we live, In defence of our rights at home ar.d agreed. The resolution was unanimously adopted, and three hearty cheers were given for General Combs, who, at the conclusion of hit address, shook hinds warmly with ( ouncilraan Ridder. THK PROCESSION AND REVIEW. After the lor'troing addree*, the rarioua aoeietiei, num bering about twenty, and known by the ireneral title o? the ".American I'rcteMaut AaaocUtion," paaeed in the following order tefore the Major ami Common ' oun .il, cub nociet y being accompanied by a band ? The member* wore acarf* of red, white and blue, and a pang led with ?tarn, and the open Uible wai carried on a velret cuabion at the head of each eoclety. The fol low inp ia the order In which they mar- i. e l, the whole force numbering between three and four thnn??nd Jnaey City I-o'lge No 4. N'ew York Lodge No 3. .letTeraon I/iJn* No. 4. .lackron Uxlge No. S. Brooklyn City I-ixlge No 6. Columbia Loo go No. 8. U alilea?? Lodge No. 9 lit nrv Clay I.odpe No. 10. Mount Vernon Ixxlge No. II. Phunii Ix>.|ge No. IS. No Surrender 'luerda No PnrrenJer Ledge No. IB. After tbeae came the different aociotiea o( the Order of Cnlted {American. an I aercral mil iary ompaniea aa fol l 'owe They were utder the direction of John 6 Helme, | 'irand Marshal ? nnaf imvimox. Continental Guard. The Honorable the ( hancery of the rttate of New Yor*. Ti e Honorable the Arch Chancery of the Lotted state*. The Honorable the Chancerlee of New Jeriey, ('/ nn.cti- ut. i'enneylvania and MaaaiihaeetU. I'aaaod Grand raoh*m? Orator of the Pay. ra??e-l 'irand Caplain. and Clergy, ia '-arriage< Alpha Chajibr, No. 1. Had. Waablngton Continental Guard Capt. narrow Waahingtoo Chapter. No 'i. Band. American Volunteer*. Captain Morgan W arren ( liapter, No I. ftl'OlTD DKIHJOV. Marahal, .lame* Van Brunt Ak'a, Willard H. .umr,U f. It. Wood. Band. American Continental*, Captain Tboiwaa R. Bull. Manhattan ' liapter No. 4. Band Boater l ight Gaard, Capt. Gorge Thompson. Lawrence Chanter, No 5. Hand. Military l-acnrt American Chapter No A. Colombia Chapter, No. 7. Band. I .bertt Goard, Captain Touag I'ntnam ( hapter, No. I. Bond. Military ftaeort. 1'aaMing Chapter, No. 10. TWian nrrnaoo Marahal Jaaapb Boeder A id a? J C. WaadoU, J. A Bentolle ?MM. LOW f*M Guard, eenwalat brOapt Bariocaen ContinewUi Chapter, No lV Haneoek Chapter, No 14. Latlngton Chapter, No IT. (UttowU Chapter, No. V. Charter Oak Chapter. No 22. Woodhnll Chapter, No. 24. Bunker IliU Chapter, No. 2T. POl'KTH DIVIMION. MarnLal? Benj. J. lieldeo, Ai in? Y. Spear, U. A. Nurae. Band. ] jodaey Utuea, Capt. Edgar A. Roberta. Kxcelalor Chapter, No. 24. Schuyler Chapter, No. SO. Jaaper Chapter, No. 36. Republican Chapter, No. 36. Tappau Chapter, No. 40. New York Chapter, No. 41. K Pluribua I'num Chapter, No. 43. KIl-TII lilVUilOW. Mnr<hal ? Joseph A. Footer. Aid*? W U. Brinkerbolf, J. W. Ouprea. Rami. I.. C. Stilea Muaketeera, Opt. Wm B. Freligli. Ironside* Chaptar, No. 47. Ringgold Chapter, No. 4H. Junior Bona or America. mrni mvimon. Marshal ? George W. Room*. Aida? tieorge H. Hall, Joaeph l<aboyt?au( Band. Military Kacort. Wayne Chapter, No. t>2. Morgan Chapter, No. 4, of Hoboken. I'leceding tl e Continental Chaptar No. 12 wan a re pre aantatloo of the Temple of Liberty, borne on a larx* wag* n, which waa drawn by four horaea. Tho temple waa profuaely decorated with atare, while sitting Inside wai a pretty little girt, dressed in the colon of the .American flag, and evidently intended a* a personifica tion of the Genius of Liberty. On Uio outside of the temple were four boy*, in the uniform of the Continen tal*, Intended evidently to repreaent sentinel* on guard. A nmilar exhibition preceded Lawrence Chapter No. 6. When the laat of thi< proceaalon had Dassed, tha Vete rana, escorted by the corpe of Topographical Knj(inaera, loriued in line; and after a^aln paaiing la review before the Mayor and Conim&n Council, marched out of the l'ark. PRESENTATION OP COLOR3 TO THE NINTH REGIMENT BY THE MAYOR. The Ninth Regiment, unJer the commun 1 oftUeut. Col. Kelly. were now reviewed; after which the Mnyor presented them with a handsome stand of color*. The principal ft a k *?" made of blue silk, and on either Hide the arms of the city were cmbroldorel with X'fuisite taate. It also bore the following iujtci., ,.i in: ? oooooooooooooooooooooococoo O () O .NINTH RKUME.NT N. Y. ?. MILITIA. O o Presented br o 0 TUF OOUOKATIOM OF TUK CITY OF NSW TORK. O ? o oocooo c ? e o o o e ooooooeooe o c o o When | renenting tlie color* to Lieut. Col. Roll/, the Major spolie as follow* ; ? ?< rue time since the Common Council voted the regl mect under your coinmanii n stand of color*, and In be half of the people of New York a* represented by the ' Common Council, a* Mayor of thin city, I now preaent I tin in to you, not doubting, air, that the confidence than ' placed in i he regiment uoder } our nunn ind, and in it* onicars, lias I pen in any respect mlariltwd. The civil authorities of New York are naturally uwarc that it i* upon the citi<eo soldiery they muat icly to enable them to preservu the pence. the pro|>erty, and the lire* of the community- and they are aw ire, too, judging from the act* of the citizen *o'd ery upon all occasions when their service* were required, that they can at all time*, anil under all circumstances, rely upon that soldiery and upon the arms of the citizen*. 1 can assure vou, ai the organ of the corporation and commonalty of New York, that it affords me the greatest pleasure to be the me dium of presenting thi* -land of color* to you. The Mayor cow presented the colon to Meat. Co! Kol* ly. who trade the following reply:? I regret air, tbaf 1 am unable. in conseq'ien e of the position in which I em placed, to reply in suitable term*, but I feel it my duty to ray that any confidence placed 1 hi the Ninth Regiment will nover ?'Abused, and that thete colors will n*ver be disgra'Md by any conduct un- | lecoiniug aol i*rs. i apeak this with (bat sincerity which ia justified by a knowledge or the character of the number* of that regiment, anl feel certain that, should their service* tver be required, as yon remarked, to pro tect the citizen* and their property, or t<> *ubiu? iusubor dtnatlon I feel safe in saving t'. at rhe Ninth Kegtmewt would be on* of the first to obey tha call. I beg leave to tender, on b*baif of the ofBcwra, their respect* for yon aa a man and their high appreciation of the services j ou have performed since you entered upon the duties of vour office. Lieut. Col. KeDy now took the stand or colors, which were hrrr^Ai the bead of the regiment, where they were carried duroig the re*t of the day. THE MUNICIPAL DINNER. The Mayor, the members of the Cjinraon Council, an 1 other nOiciala of tlie c ty government, now procee led to the City Hall, where Mr. Taylor, tba keeper, bal an ex cellent dinner jrepared for them, of which at laait ove ? three humlred p?r<on< partook. In one of the apart ments ? f> r the dinner wa< serve] In two? the Mtyor pre. aided, hating General iAslie Combs on hi* left, and Mr Baiker, I're* dent of the Beard of Aldermen, on his right Alter the more substantial part of tha dinner was di>cu!"ed. and the champagne mule lt*>ppearan<'?. Cen. Oomim rose and *nid? The dress which I have worn to day fonnsrly belonged to l'aelel f'oone, and tbia I* the very old belt that I had on when 1 w?t m ;idc prisoner. I make these remarks to rbow tfcat I don't wear a dr??s which is not ap propiiate to the ucca-ion. 1 urn the son of an eid hunter of Kentiuk . , and feel a pride in wearing a dresa whici wa? wirn by mv father before me. Yon will allow m?, gentlemen. tf. give you sa a toast ? "Tha Major of the city of New York, the great com melc sl metropolis of Ai:ierlc? tie h is aace rtaiue 1 al ready that the truest road to popularity is the pe form ante ol his duty. " To this tea t, which wa* received with hearty applaud, l the Mayer responded a 4 follow* ? (ientlerutn? W hen it waae igge-ted to me that I shoild rail up General Combs, 1 r art i Inly never thought he would i all mi up (Laughter ) I <an only say it at fords ir- perionaily a gr?a' deal ot pleasure to have Old Kt Dturky represented upon this OMssin, This day, an 1 have juat remarket to the geitleman, remln Is me tbat tbe day upon wbJcb that war waa declared, to which it | wit* Lis piivilrge to take such a very important and -on spicnoua ;art, waa tf.e day that brought me ioto ?*!* teme? :he 18th day of June. lNl'J, ami although I may Lave cried upon that occasioo, 1 didn't run. (Laughter J an<! applause i A VtK tr? I lat njon the crying, bat I am oppooe-1 to running. (Laughter; The M?fi n? bummn-led as I am by those who know me well, I may say that, so long a* I remain in the po sition I now occupy. I will endeavor to dUchargo my duties faithfully, f<..irl?<sly ani Independently. I have been placed in 'hit position for the simple nurpose of executing the laws as 1 Dud them in the book, and which I hsd no agency in enacting; and if 1 should dif fer from any of you, g?nt'emen, I nope you will peroeive that 1 am peifouning my duty without any intention of interfering your ndivulual rights. In conclusion. I give jou "The health of ti e i'r?*i?cnt of th* Hoard of Alder men. " Aldeimsu B'SKi" reiilUd; afUr which, speeches were mai*e by Mr losovv*. l'ra-<iaent of the Board of Couo cilmen. Mr. Dana, and others. Mr. Jon.v tfit'iiK >?.r recited th* following poem pi? pa red for the occealcn ? WtMtmTOM. Wa falfbra'* Ibe blHk of on* Wkotl lam* rnlarga* da/ by day. At"l, Ilk* the Winy. *nrg?ooa aim, llluu>e? ua witli Ita ccnatant raj. A* tlu>? ?b*ll b??, Ita eliding /vara 'iiaat Waaliiogtoii will Anl rexrtiad ohm 1 mm enaina aad teara Will Ilea* lila nam* *t*rnally. I <>r 1 *, the iwblriit of Mankind, l oTf rat utiova for truth ami right ; Anl m w Mil vlrtuea are enabroed Within our h*arta, with mafic might. A < liruiliaa warrior, patriot win* ? Ha liatUed for bnuanit/. O mar tb? uatxxia jet ari*e And blaaa him for ib*ir liberty. h r ho tba wl>* eitmpla aat* To e?*rv o ?< on of 'ha *arth Nor waa ft blind, unhallowed fat*, J bat ?*?* our Waahlnftno bi* birth. Ah ' no, ah ' no, but 'twaa that Cod Who H at In* : n -mili'imaly fr*a? W|o?* foutat*p* Wathlagton #'?r trvd, And tbrongn h'm gar* ua liberty. TVn let a* aolahfate tlx day An on* un>t?l pvoplo ? or, Aiii! thua our gratitude diaplay Yot 004 an far beyond compare And tat oa tbaak oar liod a bo re ? lhai Uod wtio arat hia only Bon? And afterward b?atow*d hia Ion* In glvieg aa a Waahlngtoo. BD OF THE REVIEW IN THE I'AUK. Altar tearing tbo City Hall, tba Mayor took up b.a poaiUoa ia front of ttat building, wbara he reria?*d Us* Seventh Regiment, nader com ma ad of Col Itnryea. Toia terminated tba p- <r?mme o' proce* 'Ing* la tba l"ark and la I eaa than half aa boar after I Be innrtix crowd bad diaappearr I. THE FBOCMMlOtf IN BROADWAY. After loaaiag tbo Park, tba procaaaloa AM up flraa-l way to I aloa aquara, aad from thence to tba Academy a t Mwie. Tba aMawatka war a rrawdad, tnd tba wia4owa aloof lb* root* praeeatad a brUliaat apa?U(l* 10*4 with tmtlaa draaaad la gay at lira. , Tba Watl?al Oaard left tba ^ftraaaiaa at White etraet, ?M >r arrbad to tba H*? Mty Iraanal, wbara thay war* ?' ? ?d aad drilled by tba afllwa ia aomatand. after ? i. tbey a*a4a tbatr o*ual keaaai parage. n4 tr?r* M.iaewJ at ? P M T i THE CELKBItATION AT THE ACADEMY OK MUSIC. 1li? proee*?ion of the Order of United American i retched the Academy of Muaic, in Fourteenth atreet, (where the grand celebration of Waahlngton'* birthday waa to take place) about 2 o'e'ock 1'. M. At that time tke whole itreet, from Uuion aquare to the Opera liouae, waa tilled with a crowd through which It wai difficult to make one'* way, and aroun l the doori of the building the people aeeking to galu admittance had aa aeiiibltd iu audi deuae uiamt* that it waa utterljrtmp >s aihle to etlect an entraaee. Indeed, aa early at l'J o'clock they might have been m?q entering In an unbroken itream, and when the three Hem of galleries hail become an crowded that a child could not have been wedge I In, tbe police rery properly cloaed the doora and refuted admittance to any more. To the activity and vigilance of a Htroag foice atationed on the *pot, aa well as to the eflorti of Individual oBicer* to accommodate aa nuay aa poislble, the public are much Indebted; and to their decision and forethought m >y be attributed the ab sence of any aerloua :icci<i< n1 ? i \ueh an i:amen*e aaaeui blage. Aa aoon aa the proceaiion arriveJ, tho military e*cort and various chapter* of the Order Bled ifcto the body of the theatre, completely Ailing the parquet and parquet circle. This occupied about an hour, ami when aU who could had taken their aeata, the apactacle from tbe stage waa one of aurpaaiing grandeur. Truly the opera houie yeaterday presented auch a eight a* it never pre - tented before, and will probably never present tgn'n Till* was the kind of opera which went like nn eloalrio shock to people'* heart*, and tilled the mind Ot it moat ordinary and oareleas apectator with wonder and with ?we. For there waa something woudrou* and aouietbing awful In that mighty throng ? the more Impreaalve when the oauie that brought them together was pondered over in all Ita bearn ga. Thi* asaemblagi1 w*a no party, or *ect, or cllqne? it waa the people. lhere were proliably fifteen tbouaaud peraona wltbln tbe building, to aay nothing of a* many more outaide, who sought admittance in vain The parquet and par quet circle, aa w? have aaid, were filled with the Chap ter* of the ordor. In the dreaa circle, second circle, gallery, proscenium boxes, and wherever stanlmg room rould l>e procured, waa the audience ? the whole pre "enting one immenre maaa of bead* innumerable The ladlee (and we believe that all the beauty and fashion ot New York were collected th?re,) occupied the mo.t pro minent *cata, the gentlemen b- log more in the rear. The atage, decirated appropriately with tha banners of tbe Order, waa Qllcd withUie ciergy, invited guest*, the Grand Marshal and hi* aO, tlie delegates from the Arch Chanoery of the Order, ofticer^ paat oBict-r* and num ber* of tbe Chanccry of thl* and other State*, and of ficer* of military eacort. The aombre light which now and then find* it* way Into the Opera llouae, gave an imposing aolemi.ity to a acene which certainly *ur paaned all former celebration* of Washington* birthday by the Order of t'nited Americans. Among the invited gue*t* on the at*ge, we .loticed the Hon. Fieher Mitchell and Jacob Hroonie, of i'lnladelphia, Judge* Campbell and Hi.fTman, Nathan C., K*q., I'aniel t'l' K*q., J.C. I'etty, of 'he.->tate legislature, Councilman Mather, James W Darker, kc. ; and here it may be aa well to insert tbe invitation eiteoded by Uie Order to uumerou- g'dtlemen both In till* a* I oth?r gta'i*. Sr w York, Keli 1, 18 .4 DuiSnt ? Till Ord<r of lotted Ami-rlcou*, in tUl* ' State, have in? > an eoijriiK'nt* to celebrate, ia accord- | 'of with their giatl cuitom, tie romiu{ anaiveraary I of th? Urth oi Wi Aloft od, i>y a puMIc pioi-etaian, ana ko oration by the lion ihomt> 11. V hilney. at the Ar vie in v of )!u?ic in thin city, on the --M luat., an I thiy r? ? l?rtfulljf Invite jou to unite with thun Ou that oe. a aicn . It i* the objret of oar Order ever to Uwp aliee in the 1 nut* of the people tie Uu:blngi <>' the larewoll A't <!r*,? Of the nutwta' Wmhlngtou. and to promote and eherWh a ffl'al love for th'? noble land of our Mr th. In the pir^mbk- to our Constitution, we nay, " We dlaalatm all a**oclatlon with party jolitk'n ? w* hold no cornier tlon with paity men? bV we arow distinctly our par joae rf dolop whatever any .rem beet to ue for?u< taining nur iati> Oil Institution*, for upholding our na tional lil ertii ? acd for freiiog them from ell foreign anil dideterlou* Influt ncee whaforer.'' With theae firinrlpl** our Or>l<r ha* rap'dly extended iteeli, and now nnmtera it* thoueaad*, a p reed over taiiou* parte of the I ulcn. and embracing lu It* ranka mar.y or the Mt .1 etingulahed MKti of the country. tV<- purr'M to agtln celebrate the birthday of Waih ir.jton with e* nt i uk nt? of veceration for hie memory, a |.rufoun<! reaper* for the pr< cepl* he taoglr , and to ra it' rat* our determination to linltite lii* virtues and ad here to hlf advVe. A?*tulrir you that it would i'ive ue mttrh plo??*ire to h"vejou i ren-nt with ue on the o.-oaaioo. *'? m- very t?"p*i:tlullr, \ our*, t'HA-w f. iltl.lUSlf.KVE.'l Uomia'ttw I GEO. II. RAYMOND, \ on I .MMJ* H. THAYER, J Invi'a ion I Ti e following gentlemen compoaed tho committee* ? ( COMMITTBB UV INVITATION A"?'ti NPfRPTIO.*. t. K GiMeralere, <>e o. II. Raymond, Jaa. II ihayar. COMMIT fl.K OF AKKASeeMBXT*. I'anltl Jfaclay, 1 red. C Wagner, (Jao. Y, llo.iner Samuel Hall, John B. f- liell' y, hteph?n It Thome, JohaWtUoa, Al^x fledney, T Mayo Ilartlett, J> bn R Valecr. <.haa KKua-cll, Kdw J. Knight, W ,lif?m ItotaM*. m WM W OSIIORN, I hn. ot Coai of Del Jnei rti C Rruut 1- . , CuAf. r tiiumiuv ,<K, )Pwr"l?Hea While the Order and fueata were being nested, Mh*i t?-n e American Bra** band prformed ' Wneh ng'.oa a CriodMar h " Alter which W x. W. O-'MOX.v, ti. t?. of C'. of the Htat* ?f New York, a4TMced in froat of the atage and a'lmled l.riely to the holiday which the people had aeaem' led to ~ele bra'e. He aaeounced the order of exercleee. the Arat 1-eioK the "Ode to Weleow," ?uag hy the people, lyay. ? r wae then offered ty the Kev. I.. J. Wood; after whlrh the fottowieg rec tatlve and aria from the "Ode to Waah.agton," by 0. K. Horn, waa ? ia/ With gre*t eflect hy Mri Maria T. Lyon ? KMC'IT ATI VK> TI ougb ahria'd in duet great Waahin(ton now Ilea, The memory of bia deed* a hall w\er hl<> nn ; Twin il with proud lanrela ahalt the oilve ri?e Ao'i wave anfadlng o'er hn honor 'd tomb To h.m, ye natlona, yield eternal fame ? Hr?t oa the heroic llata enroll hia nam* High on the enaenlptar'd marble let hlra "taat, The un laun'.ed hero of hia oatire land. ARIA. <i. ne'e' to man did bonnleoua h aven impart A | uier epirlt, or more generoua heart Ai l In that heart did nature ?we?\lr blent The ftail< ae hero and thd faithful friemt. letter* were read from the following among oiber >n vited g urate >-Kraatu* ftroolil ; P. K. B. Mora#, of Poagh keepeW; 0. A. Ccrogga, (eheera,; Governor Oar<lner. Wm H. Goedw n: J. V.C Hmith, Mayor of Ruaton J. C '.oo*1 rich John Hell Henator from Tenaeeaee Z. (.lark . of tlae Htate I 'gtelature Mark Hpenrer, Kenator t'haae, ?.! Ohio Mr. Dallae, e* Vie* I rent dent Mr. Wtntworth, of Mie Honee of Repreeentativee of Maeaachnietta, and Millard Milmore (tireat a^pleuee. ) The following ia the letter r*0M BCKATOR JOHN tWLl, OP TINKMHEI'. WAaMlsim.*, Keb 20, llii. 1 (;r?Tt I*w? The invitation you <lid rue the lienor to I addieae to me. in hebalf of the Older of Ceiled Am< rl ' i ana of thePtateof New York, to u^l ? them a , 'elebrating aecording to their uaual -%itoni the eorniog anmvrraar/ of the Birth of Waab ngloo tai IMMfM aeveral day* alnre and I muat beg 'bat yon will not ,1m pate lo me any Intentional dl**-oort?*y to failing to reply to it promptly. It waa aeetd'ntal. and the eona* ,u?nc? i of the i onataat aereeeeion of demand* upon the attea tloo of a uwmber al Coogre** near the ewae of a ahott caalon. Ia yowr letter of lavitotion yoo at* U tLat t I* tk* ob ject of yoar ot ler "ever to ke^p alive in the heart* of the people the tear bag a of the rarewell A4 !re?? of <be 1 Immoital Waablogtoo. ?r,d to promote >o rharlah a filial love for llile nobU lar 1 of ttieir birth ". '???? yo-i "prnpnee again to relehrate the birth'tar of Waalnogton with ?eotiaaente o' veneration for hi* memorr, a tro found leopeet for the precept* he taugh' aa I u> liter ate yo?r determinating to iniiUle hia vlrt iea an I *?! bere to bia adeleo. " No day In 'he yeer, aave one in my i'liiaotont at> well deeervea to be ot>?er*ed *? a m tional at. alvvr?ar? aod to he fwtrw CMMMMrotod with a^preprlate an<1 loipoa'ng eeremeoiea a* the of i Febmary, ey Amerlcaa elti#en* Waehlnrtoa W oor j airr iea to tlrtovr to the moaaeatoea ttr iggl* for natiooal in lep?ndenee To the authority of hta gr?e' aam* aod the jtet weight 'if hia roaoaola we are moialy .adehved for the 'on*titatH.?- ?? e bond of the unk/n bet eeea the ' Mate*. witheot,?bi- blood aod U?**'?re *ip-r.4e t . in the Rev?;uUoa * hove been uaovaillag eaerlfi'.**. a d ! whl.e to him i.. to Akaa to aar other ial vldoal, ?el. oga the fiery of haVTag te*a the I*?a4?r ef the I a too, the wlodoai of tfce waralag* aol of k:i Farewetl Addrvae? ajiieaa tho Amerloea per.ple aholl aa hapotly. forget to daly Maae hi* mewaory -will ee- ire fet him io after ago* the *oaera<Med riory e' ha<la? te.a Ha peoeerver. N thing, then can ho ienr- wiee, Ctriotie aod noble, lo Iko 4o*ag?* ef aay *?? atoa. ae to eherieb aod veaffc b * aleatory, to r. U'? . bt*, aod to lMy alive ia the heart* ?f tho people the W>ahkiff? ef hie farewell Addreea Indeed, the farewell Addreaa Of Wa?htogV*o ?boo Id he embeaoo* to the aoareeef taotractioa la eve ry mimmrf eaheol ef tfce eeaotri . la the 'art he* tad aaaee parMralor eaelaaat. a of the : obferte of yoar order, yoa 'I wow the MVrwtag poaoacta I fr? m tlao peeaaable ef IM eoaetltoUee ? | "We dkeeiaHa a* aaaaetet-oo *Hh party pei tiea I ft MW m P'IMUM ?lth frig yv ?%- II I trow, diatioetJy. our />urpoee ol doing vhaU-??r may j orric beat to 114 for aua't ainiog our natrjnal nitttutian., | for upholding our Ditioo *1 itbertiee, mid for freeing 1 them from all foi? gn and peraiciou 1 tntluroctn what ever." I'remiaing that, in jour dltVlaimer of all .mtociatlon with part; politic*, < <r connection with part* moo, 1 preaume Uat you atmply mean '? declare that jfou will r La iv no affiliation with tbe e*. it In J political partita, or party Itaileraof the country a* audi, and tlut tlM mom Mr* of your order, while they do r**t prnpo-te to !>?> merely paaalve agenta In Mir dl*t?tiuffatlon nf eeund tuiil wholenome m ntitncuU, on tbe cor/trary are da terwund to employ au organization mere compwit, ?ffictlw and powerful, thau any ordinary party .nworta tlon, and todo whatever may *t*om to tlirm b*?t in ent ry mg out Ihe object ? of the.rordcr, ytt that th*y aro, at the name time, equally rict<'ruiii.e<l to re*i?t. ami infer a* poa.Ibie, to avoid altogttl ei thou* view* of poliUr?l par tie* In g'ncral ftlilch nave tlielr origin In a width, iuer ctriary anil rn< vie ambition, and which tend to nieatly to degrade tUi m to tin; condition of nitre fac'.oa*, I ran Mono exceptionable fcatuie lu the programme of jour order at above *?t forth. Ontho contrary, to aua tain out natli nul in titutloiia, to upl.old oar national lilertiia, ami to ma d'aln tliein in their operation and prof real , free from nil foreign and deleteriou* influence* whatever, I con*it!er to U the imperative duty of every Ameilcan clti/cn. Aa to the mean a heetalopted to ettt ct the >e great purix>?e?, m?n may differ, ** doubt - le*s thera will heaomi- dlffer-nce of opinion In regard to them among the member* of your order; bat thut tliey may be to fortunate a* to adopt the wiiteal meana, and 1 tuch aa will aacute the aroonpliibmat o" Hume truly j national object* muni be the ardent wieh of ovnry true A met lean patriot. Appreciating highly the patilotla motive* and object* of your aiaoclktlon, aa declared in yaur letter. a< I do, I have to regret that my public dutle?, at tbu p-iilol ol the aeaalon, a* I ei-t.iiiale their obligation*, I uiuUle cllne to accept, while 1 am grateful for the compliment of your invitation to be pra'tnt on the occanlen of your celebration of the hirtbday of tbe I- other of hli Country. lam, gentlemen, wltb *ent!ment?of high reaped, Your iibd't ?er?ant, JSO. BSLL. Meaara f 'bailee K Qlldaraleeve (!eo. H. Ilaymond, Jaiuen H. Thayer, Committee, Aic., Ice. The hand played "Hail Columbia,' after which tbe fol lowing iiuarlettfl wan aung in capital atyle The word* ?ere coiupo.-.ed for the ocnminn by 8. K. Mllot, E*<( , and the muaic airangt d tj ltol. <}. W. T. Jouea - When aim-tied by out couutiy'a woe 4, Ho Ionic "> ailinco borue. Indignant Juatlce nlartily roue And laughed all fnar to aoorn. Throughout tbe foretU of tbe we -t hhe bade her ?on? write, And atrove to kindle every brea t, Though bound by foreign tie* , A guidi:ig*tar about brightly f< ith T" lead thoai herwa on. And rightly they eateeme<l hi* worth, The xlurtout Waabtugton. Like Freedom a b rd be *oar' l. Colunibia'a fall out rliild, And nn tbe lan l thai he ador'd Ibdulgcnt lortuue aniile<l. He nobly rheereu bla count rymcu When all their hope* were dim - ilia heai l Wat for lax country tin n . Iltw beait U now for him. And now bin bono ed aabet re t t'ulmaa the tonibitone o'er biui, Within the ever srateftil bre?.'. Of that bright laud that Itoie bin, Hljfh o'er thl* land fair freedom tl >?t?, 'lliongh now ber aword i? ah'tth'd, And liurhed are tbo?e wild warlike no'e< Which once of battle breath I Proayerlty Dodfaimed may rm,l?, Nor will her aimlen ? letae, Or aught dlaturb her calmne* <rh < I ? Her tlron* la 1I aied hv !>??* And while the prayem 0/ met and brave Are heard in In uv n abo.e, Our ?tan v banner atlfl will wava High o'er tbp laud w? Irve. Tfci' oration win pronouno"! liy the lion TaulU K Whitm r, PBBt Arch t;ran.\ Hacbnio of tl?* Arch i.ratvl CktnrM) of th* I'nlUfl MitM. Himnuigti bjr I in- thai tbi* w.m the annunl juhil** ot tb? <h In 1U te!< omtlou revived ami ?tilui*teU that t'>* of coun'ry which I* too oft< it *ul mtrifol in th* Amvn eon nil fid by th* fkorlnnllflii* Of goto tho toil* of btiallkM* >u l tha ?iT?Uity <>l nartfun furling, The loll* mart of tho Order Id tl uam* of (loom* Wa-hinrtou. It l? our > m to tmtiUt* hl? iWm, mi'! by foflntrlM b?* >x?i*j>'*?, to pre*' tve th? conftOerary of tin um ' kato*. It w.ia **11 In dopart tgi a f*? momenta from tL* duty of every day ilf* to ftkinfc IJ? caret r. Alur a Itf* paaee.1 10 tb? icrvlre of hlil enontry lie laid ''own t? fori a* a chut to *how oil tho io?kt in I quick- inda *M?b lie in our rourri- T-j tint point In lil> llf* th* orator <jl>l ha tonM t Ibi nilaiitlnn of hit au<lt*B' ?, and for mu tual benefit fca would read pun>"Bi of Wxlili.yl n ? farewell Adflre*? Ihree word*, though ulterod naif a ceutury ago, tmbtxly a Ut'og truth. In union la Itrraglh? la irtiregth proaoeruy, aafcty oad hajpineaa. It I* to our I'm n nay* W??blntU>o, thai t>i? enamla* nl oor government *11) 'lir? I their hattaria* Tha (ooiiuou . natlcct of ?? !' pieaerfatibn ab?ul.l t*i b ua b> dierounteoaore ee> n the iou tltat lb* I ain nil , be broken Riof HI, "aid he, a man "ho w?aM *4tO eat* the dlaeo'ntion ol the I'nlon ami I a* til ?how rtu a j traitor to lint npakUt. (Louil upplau-* I Trie I nmo KB' out of a parfarl annex of raroage, ai>l tb* (It r tu n Wate* awnr* to eaih ? to Ik- one to i ndfvrlaibl* an. on;; tin nation*. (The bun. ganl'rinau n* < ? a glow | llitf ak'trli of the [roprtaa nl tho I lUOti 'loaa IT1*' to (he jre*<ut ii?a j Fruai thirteen ittlM w* I haae nrt'B el to thirty one, ami uo?!er *or lunner a government entirely naar an ) unpino* la ut*?l ba* tien eal*lill4<e<l *hi h boa altra*te<l at o tea the ? nvy and*tl< n of the OM W"ild. Tl.e' nrat./r then rolled the att' iitb n of h a atniimira to tho arena* whereby the a/i* ilia of ile-^n ng loan might be mod*. Waahiogton aahl that thl* might !?* I >ne by th* formation of jarli** on purol* geo<r?jililral ground*. Hueb h*a b?e?( lb" fait anil tb* North act l^outh haaa been dieUloit agolnat aoab otlxr. Tbera la a i deep aeatMl bnatlllty annwiK our pe<>i !e, ir?e? I by |00|ira|'hl< al linoo a lio*ttlXy <5etr ineotal to tba ?a''ty of our iBitttution* and tbe npirlt of ti ?*><.., m not aaltU i out ita aotorlea on either aide TMi Mi be -auae^ lo port by er<<-mle* Irum ?>tb?ut aod eoeoiu* witbJo but it i* ? o t or: au'l foetared by poi'y aptrit. I itoa* tt>i? it i* pu' '! i?n liy the apir t -.1 jatri'>ti?m th>- ?orat fear* of V aalilm Ino may l>e raaliiei Tb* I nion la tha weak join', of our government; but It *OOQ*t be openly araaiiod 'Ibar* muat I* *> me pre(' *t fot a 'iHOrral Ibaflrat of theix pi* last* aa* fnuu'loil on th* 'art> <|U?atj?n. Tba aio-t violeol ???.t"?n*l d aputa* ar?aa? Mr ( alhoun opoo y Jealand bi* pfojoctor ?ae***> o? d * union eal a prx'niB'nt topic ml a bat tin- raatilt ?oul I have been I- i.nly laown lo lb* l<re?t tatherabova, ha I j not Ileary t lay? (load *pploo*e i? fonn<l tfce nn xoanf allay Inn tke'e aaciu iwbt. Who aboil la> lia pre rent ttmpeai' A few j?ai - paaa over, and aoetbar vul n> rahla [Ki.nt la 'i<. f.vei"?l Whao 'b' Kavoluli 'n ?** over, tbera aaaa fouo I a raile of tbe old gov*mun nta lo the ?bate cf AJiK-ao ala?> rv Tbo NortCara ^tate* r? Itemed iMBtaalrao of a burden at < n<* uoprofltahl* in 1 r< pucoant to tbe pnnripl** of tbe |/-ool* I bit abollt ? n aa* d. elated a* murk by intereat aa by nriociple Tl.* Afrlcaa cancot Ute In lb* Nortb, bat ltd< an agraa?bla climate la tb* foulli. Thia ?*? >.ri* great r^aann <th* orator aold; ?by alavary had o-A t?an aSoll*n"4 frtm tb* totally Ha tboogl i tliat if th? lo'e teat of tba r-outh ? ould t>o pfo*o4 to !/? the aljolitioa oi *lat*ry, that tbo** Ma'e* ?ooJ4 fra> lU >lav?a wit la aa m?rb ?U<r>ty aa d. I tbo . Hut lb* l?aue I* upon a* Tt* bad feeliog b*t?a?o 'h* North and Fouth *ha* l>a*n foatera?l by dOalgu.Bf m?u both at bom* and abiood, and a .late of poblh *a*U' n.ent haa boen eegoedeiad highly MMfWOaa t" our taioo. Ihia (oatimaat ha? teen aoliorl by paUU?lan?f *nd tb* people of ooa dl'trlet bare Iimii >!??'? ir*?l aa t?i ti e opioioBaof ll>e people of aaotber dl*trict Th* nam* of r*Tifl'>a baa beenaaed for too ?ai e purpoae -m?n haae tr liy 'pnt OB ? lir?ry of i/'-d ?? a?ir?tl,. ?Vil id." II* w*a oottbe apolvgial of aiavery under aay form ?bo thanaad Ood that It h*) l?en .a.pi a o*y 'mm X\t? Ctato. and ba wouM jray lo f.o4 ??.at it n> fbl r ne lay paaa aa>*y from tb* fata of tlie rartb. li* tooagbt that tl.e pa d minatory wrviM Of Afr'.< ao* ?'? ild '<* aa pr > Blai la to th* Mouth a* they ara lo ala vary. II* thoagbt poLtlcal ar lat on at tb* North via i horrkrr U> t aau- 1 patioo fa alloaioa to tk^ aaaortl'ra that tba aUtcry a* r a 'ilt 'ibou oar I'a oa had teen parllatly 'aa>*d by for *i|B 'afliieB'*. the orator ran) it aoa aa?- eptibl* if Btoof. About lha tear 1M0 tb* at"liU<?iita hero *are ae I t.jr aaaera! aa>;*<ta of <<root i'.iita n? a?n? r.g tboru ' eirje Thompfrro, 0 Bi'n'rr of l arllan nt In 1MM, Kroaar a Magir ne tail that tbe oeat war telewo M i ???) aod tha l a ?adt'tate* ao .Id ba 'ot tb* ilberaUoo of ?!,* rlava* ta An ?nta Th* n. ?, I ty of Fa?iaal. '!oiblt*< arroapt*-; by tba a. atevr* -.f tboeroon, tare aiao iLteifend a tha rnattar, ai d formed a great a<-< >#' r. ander 'he fat ruaa(e ot tba r?'l.?i '?f fotbit'aad Thia erx loty cat* pa<ae.l a r**?lut ? a rnag tha * ' ' ? of (> ijgrea* la relot oo "a ?l*tery Tbo anat" fa' V of lo* Urd ar* Ht |eo< laily pl*a?a! bf tb? B?t* "f '?* I" a t*4 Mala* (oofxae ?* hova an' ral aad y-* t .al *>a> to *B'?er lot b>?l to? ?od b*? a* i |bl to l*e. toro >ia Bpa.a tbem Til 'at i*. ?*? f?(l*o! I* if uBaaarltal Bad aba ??*** by iMulx, n a-r*i*grt.. ?oe:-?. ? alat.h* bo* o*ver Wen ahlo U> at "P.phar. bv il?>i.'?- U>at la, tba llaaol itaoo of ?? i I a oo and tba 'o?r-fall M oar go*er?B?eat ta ih vld la am ed agalaat tbia a pact*' <A ?a?f*r*. and tb* or a to kail nid t hot ta*Or4*r of I al'ed Am*r ?aoe ? aa tb* .B 'araaUca of tba pr a< 1 1* enur. .at*4 ly I r*a-i*at Jar* "lb* I.'B'OB aod ab* I M pro^read ' ifba or* / |> . lO'ed ir a (*? word* of ?B*o u r aa >w ? te> bt? Wo ?h?ra-.tte (M t. ?- *!<".- -tb* "r<?r of t'r> t*l Am?nraaa (A|| a->* l ar tg tea >'*r? It I a* l?"?*d w.tb of p? allioa ail a ad I* ao* ?ta?do I. gl. >a publ'r ra a|< ' l.av ? g tb* ??!t?ir*t<"r? of tb? g??4 arvt tba foor? ?!!?? aa ft <vaa< *e.' aod ll'h'roab it bao aaw *t*od fartb aa a pof' al forty t la tba gra*t eooaarratlaa atnt *f IH KMlty. Am) |af,i?'kemfca|| aa aa'- le |io4m* I ? 'ge* not Ilka lo?<Uaarka "f 01* or<*ar, fot that are tbo lawtawrk* a# oar govaranaeat Tbe ktar for too rogaearatioe tl oor oooalty boa - ataa Tba I B OO ? til aoea ta fit* ftoOl 'OTOtgB lotoa r.eo, oh* tr*r r*.ig *?* at pol Uoal ao-! I kao* that l am aot aay tag too ir oeh oheo I ooaart that tba 'li <01 'A f'aitad AaoaV'tao* alll )*faol *<aty 'tar that o^> raa that fag - ? try ftato la tfcmr I a.*o? ***ry prlaatpW af tb* t?a *tltoti*o of tbe>r or.oatiy ? KVodgod la a rtohteoo* f* aa* No povar tha? had <?* p**a* Kaailaaa wa 11 aaaat tb* i**i4iO*a foa, I ra a* a r?fk ta *taad i lad **4 *o a*t ** loaad. IM Jair liberty? ha kratkan b* Mr m..taay"* or?tt*a ta* w* wrmtm Bad grv ' 'ally deli aaa?/ iot doHag It* 4*b?*ry b* nt In I iot*i??>pt*4 vil% trad When It* retired f , am the platform <U?r? true U'Jtt criaa of " I llman. " 11 t'llntg ' Alter a Utile de.ay, tha I'lon IUmu I'i.iju* rata* far ward, and ?a? n>cel?,-l aitl. loud chaara. Ibaai.l ifi* Word*. a' ti.owladglng tha lift nor lone him, oaipliroeut ilig the orator of the liar, and ra. <itamaoding brotliere of the Order to car ""'uUjr trraaure la tliaar I minda Ihemaiimi ana trutha 1 " lied drawn 'rum tba counaala uf Waehmgtmi, and ao fa rclbly l-.cribel "The Star Hpnnqlel llaunrr waa then auug aa a quartvtta; after which a lirnHietla n waa prou iuucad, alien the iiintcnce au?U''uce d.aperat* ' Tha ttrrclaaa <?rupled nearly Hire* boure, ant war<r liatened to by at laaat a* ran Uioueanal UJ ra aul gan tlemen. A WALK FN MID Al'K It waa anaoanead aotna <!a/a aiaea tM '? IV>f?aao /?> nea BrFsrland would aatnnlxli tha drs<*? u of tba flawery by walking en a tight ropa from tba U'P of tba iiraiteh Ho(tl ta the Utriun tbaatrv oo lb* oppoaita ai<!e of tba atrert. 'tba perfot manoa waa to b* IK bouir of Waahiagtoa'* n.ital da/, and uiaraovar It waa to ha fraa gratia fur Bribing. long before the time as nonnead (? P. M.) a ra?t crowd had aen-mblH In tha Be wary to wltne?a thia peritou* feat, am<l the at real, a a far aa tha ajra could raacb, waa dentely peeked with a rather rough look tag caneoaraa of Unwary and but char boya, rnwdlea aad "fotifha" of all daacrtptiau*, toga tbrr with dowa towa factor/ girl*, and bare aad there a alray r< 1 ri>at utatlra of tha cmlfuh, who had aamtonl Ihllhtr out uf eartoaity, to wltaaaa Ilia atar Uiag pac tormauca uf Mcl?at l>o>t Tha roofa and aindawi of tlu adjoining lioaaaa waia Ailed to their mmoat < apaclty with all uiarnar o? people, analoua to gat a a tiro ana of tha eihibitioa. At a <iuart r pant ? a'flook VI t'arlaad m*4* hn ap peaiani e at the garret window of Ue llraaiU 1 Uriel, eat w.ia leceirad with great 1 hearing. At a gitren rlgual, h<- ootumenced bla jwrlloua perform ante, and walked alowlr forward, haaring iu tile bauda ? > alanotnr pula aom? III U'an faat >a length. Tba ?rnwd, whith but a ntoti.ent before waa i|ulta upror>?i.a, au4 driily became buebedaud *U11. and all gaaed with U-eath laaa attention on tba dartag fjraiiail, aa hecautioualy advanced etep by a tap Tlia iataaaet of tba rati aaatta bly at thia Ua*e Waa intrnau, aud many of the worn iu avorttd thair farca, frarful that at any rr.i m- rt Ua might fca daab> <1 haatMong tu tlia pavamaat halo*. Wlum ha arrivtd at tlia oinlilla of tha at'vat. ha alopi>?l, aa if iiit?olul? nud ttood halaamng himaalf for a f-w ?> matita. At tbi?, a miuiuur paa?a<l through ti.a crow t, 1 "H* la falling " "ba i? falllog ?" accouipanln 1 with con aidarabia f*rtt?aianl , but, au'ldeaijr aUauging h ? [>?>? lion, he alid doan and oat on tlia rnpa, whrr' jp ij tba rrowd aant up a wild hurrah, ' la ewplinnit to ku mlreitrfa* Aftai gyiattii/r and i lrcumgyi ating f"r mom tiira. ha r^aia"'! bl< fuoU.old, and aunc*<"tad in gaialniC tba ulhtr tula of tha atrat wiUtom fanhrr ?ufll ult/. 01a r>'ack!ng ha ?aa f>raatnl with loud au l (nag cow tiauad cuaarlng from tlia vaat aa>>inhla?p? la tba atraat I rlow Aftri WkiUng for aoiuc tin id vaiu ti ???? if tha prrtoi mam a would ha r*|K ttnl, llu trowl alowtf diapanad. THE BCi-NK AT NIOUT IN flit l'/?UK. Quit* a large trout! uKmbM tn tbu l*srt la tti? evening, to ?ito*a*, a* bad announced ia ?>m* of the i.ew?p?p"i*, tL? Illumination of lUo Cftr Mail ant ? grind UUp'ejr of flr??nrk?. In tbU tipeatet no th?f were dlfappointed, a* t'i* Hill leituioH in it# pi altiM ilarliDMi, ?0'l fhe grind dl?|l?jr <>r Drew jiki turned nut to Im Dm riplo* on of u few r<Msl?U, which k*pt llluil ?( up u IIII'I all, to III* g r?*l Kill. at.oo of tho eruwj, ibi w*t<b?il tbci.) .11 tliey lleatij^ff ia ?li?*rn of gul I aril tT' < n. A Iarga I f ? n ? |>kr ? sry. or?r tliirtj f*o' high bp fifteen eldr, ? III liri 'laii'ty III inilnalei] throwing ua4 the flgurv of Wn.llnplon in lx lit irtef I ul>m?ilk ?*? Hi* *lni|>l? luaeflplion ? "Ik/in Kebluary 21, 1732." Hjr niao o'< lock tho > rowd had Juperacd, >M ill *h i'orii i ?? ngaln. liming tu? evening a nuiubtr of iii'Kit' t< ia liell fea tlfill In Lnfcm of t)i? day lb* I.Uid?<]r fill.'* iufl . ?? lUc ?f'.?i ao?n ?? the ImI llroadnay Hou?e, an I partook of ia *?."ll?nt dianor, after ?)ti<h ?!???' be* W?I" made b) < spta a lt??x-M?, 11ion.*? Frle? nnd otlirrt, f?Wl>llf 1ll?niill?? o-? th?rtr n> 'Ileal ?pprararr* In Ilia pme?n'iro 'I be Oreaun* I nflai ("miiMJf, N n tl, parlnnk of ? (I an J ?U|>|>*tr at I, t/.J l1 In tl.r !????? n < at 1 o elock . . . TUB DA V IN mtOOKLYN. U? mUml color* wot* Jia | Wjrut (ruin tne C<tjr flail | ami o?h*r public bulldiag ? throughout ilia dtjr /aatar J da j , la mintarmneaUav af Iba malitiMrr of tbe lilrtb of Waabington II * ?iljr raili nUmN aul olh?t pubUa I contr/ ai.i ? > ? ?? ik* ,r,??r i "?lth uumttui (Ian*, ?? briMr i.f Iba uteri KiIIum' valuta* ?>r? bred al ii'?>? i fri ia the Height* l ? fifl ling ?n' i enm pmnf of artit Wy, anil trtim W*?i ?**<< u pari l ? ? apt f'rbaa* co?a M*j. 'Ilia curpa of Ifi iri"! 'if the War <>f l?l'i parelel ttiroairb tlie ?'r*e??, nada* ? "Maaaftd of I'oL Tbeo Har itrctnok. flie llri|i<iir ii' *iaJ <>l Iba carp* I* A bra* haaa V*r|>Ui<<l> am llm Captain lfenr> P. WilllaaM. Tl ,fj m*r'he<4 t" tl... ti. iieif Of* >irtia. u t at trarled *?n?-?al nafioe 1'e AM' H'an Volua'aera, aal ? arrtn I tm ;.l? r i? I .t ni?r.U?<t Uj ?? Vuft la IH? marafog tf> tli? mo*! of il finlltal kia<l TT*?> < *m tlavnlaf* aa<l otlu-r e< npni ?? ra/ion* I ?,/: a* ? oUtltin*, parmled, maklag ll>a dajr alto^eUaer a ga a aao TBK CKLKBUATIOM IN Al U V.W. IMBMUITH Pmri.AV Af TIU n ATM tAriTAL-m ItKATION UP ei-XAT?JM UOOOWIt. Hi *? Ataairv f#i > w. tMl. Th - 0?y, ' >nir c?ngi?lh<iriM ? lli? inn Um Willi of tbi ?!U. n?l '1, *m n??#r h?l I In mw tMHrliMw Oti ? patriate I?| aia tuia, |ariafc>a? of Uia ?t ? ri* n( tl.a or<-Miag, rary ?U'? n'.l from traaaar>ui? aa/ bo.loa>a. tla* f'*aata adiourn nr ?r*r jr.iarU j, and Ik* Haaaa h ? not ?!?/ It bain* aano.tta<t n ' h~ |aabllr ^rloli than "(??on * ba l ordrra I kta bat al ?.n> of " CVatinMUU" ata' h? r*. aa4 lUt tr?< La Uaa-lvla aroatd alabviata ?a tKa OMMlat, Ik* 'rftnl?*4 nil tarjr t<rrab?l op Um r hat t?|>hr 4b|>llJ 1h? dar ba.rig trl<bt, (.'???ant. aii4 varan, i ??' ktllMu nut %*?/ pr???ia* ai.yabat# i?4w-?i'ba (aaopta. #>#a vu/>.?a an. ? kit < i'0 taalaj ninth# ?? ii unuti o aiia# ><M t.a |Jar. lb* lr>llltary, I* tba aaori.ta* ,t- u 4 tfcr uah ?? na ol lb' aia'n aontaaa I al laa* i# "at* Hnat, fma* af Um ( a | iio). Haia tk*y a?i? m i# vaal l.y Ika (inniui tai la ? Liaf, in aot ari<m<i-a(i>?4 bi !?ia atari >a ?a f ira. Ilia f?f?il?W)r 4M n- t motet IM |>l iu* acfl laa'nar, Brttln |li'?d ?? tba l*aa| |in aaatitaarl A'tar a Way <-l ball aa I our, valtli r an aarort of tin (?an ?n ( aor.cil ol Ibla r.ty, lb* pr- ? aaat'.ri |>rr> * *4*4 ta Ika A"?; t - aa)?i vtaaf* ha raatlag of tl?* I travail Aiv'raaa aa4 aa aratie* ?#?? gaaa tbn?<gH alto I la tli# a f U ra "aa "Ham ? " ytm naaa i^[i*?ra4. lb r# vara foar rranpai.l#e 4r?ea*4 la ahat ?? laiaal < iiatli rn'al >t)l* niii |ua la appaai aa'#. aa4 a#r/ M 'laatiniliUI In ti ith <?**.;?? njr R waa Ma nali <aa ?11a | lajlr j aa> aaiilta* jr kaA?la>t(? Ihay a? bal rtlb >? a ? raaularlty ar.l | r~nli ?? aal 4?*#r?a4 ail ^a fir tba f :afl<l*n< j that iki ma4a .a t!a#ir maaaal awl mart ? ia>r lb# r#n a iaf r-aityai.i#a aaa 14 haaa affaar #4 mi rata thalt -r*4.t ha i ib? j Ml tbatf a . aarta la I Hot a aiviorr *a4 aa<1 lora* !' it aa civil am >*tlaa Tb a proaaa a tea al>a I r?ra#4*4 ta lb* Aaaaiaibly I bankw TSa arvv-f, a* a tb* ir'fiataf ailHMH I' ' aa a 1 1. 1 talatkm ol th# ?lty anil Ifca a abarba ha4 (*tbara4 V* vtlnaaa th' 4i*pl*? Tb* aiavlaaa la lb* Aula* My Ibamb'f >f tr * at ItHnll *a> tba arat.aa praa ? 1 1 ai.'*d I / t*a Hoa Hot n m H '-a-'la a, ?an?i ^ ray I i?>#blia( II * Tv#al> BiBtli t >MMt I ?>?>? a*4 loal but Ikabaw ?ml. tig# ???.? aia ! Iilaaa aa ??? Iit' a aaia^y ! a4 >**a a?vr.' ua?* l <if*>a lata tolaata, vbiab lovatbar ll? m 'b* fart that fc- ? a Hal iailal |.i?a liar atlwaa, aa4 ?la* i-o #'",*at of b ? yarfaet ail*a?o da" H# haa t?*a la lk*?aa'?- v# aaf, ffvri. tb#?a oo. >ratu>aa aa iat?;ra' aaa 'alt '? a la*** t a r"#l >#r/ of bia >ra I an laaar fcvfr r# on 1'ia-aiit II vaa lata I a t).? b? 'fa tba airaaf??na..i* all<iva4 bkaa ta |??'aa>', aa. 1 tb* ^*i.aa'a of tba yaal* ba*aaaa ?rai Ml |||< thar:? aaa Waabiavloa tba blatwi el tb* I ana trial naaa vaa aataataly I>aaa4 thraugla h'a j, iMI<- raraar -I'l. tr?tlihlaaaa *a4 i? uttif af h'a ta/ c ?4a a rvb ft"# af i akaiatra 4r*v . < ai, tl>a ray<arv? ? a^Mavav of Ika > ?a??t*<1 a?" aa a Haifota .aaiatblaa Ilia a* t< ir mabaiatof bla I'arata Ikraaglavtit lb# aaaU w aria vblab I ? a4i aa ia4 vara aa?h aa a? yataon ~?aU aftjaat ta,? aaaa all? a?*Mia( aa* aiiaaia* I# |Mm (ar'lai ra ia|*a* a* ta t?aia oa aklifai *aa liaa Iba > rata* a a'lraaa no traly nataoaai ^a It tat -??l>i la 'i** i?aat a>)?rt Hi* < La aaa vaa l??am#4 Aaamaa tbir.vf hvtat? a ?4 t* ot(li tta 'ifatarr >a ta?va aa a #1* rial* (>r tb* aav at-tar of pal l - ai a tb*r? vaa B'< a'lf l al ' b (at! frr* bla lipa bat aaary ^rrvn aallr* atnv* #4. ar *i?a, vaaM aba#r'*ll/ " a l* a Ik lVa aaaaalaa af lb# Ka< a vbo a.|*^>la t.ra*# ai'.a aatlvsallty ? Baaaira ta fka a<topt#>l rl< aaaa kaaa ? aaa iraal j 4taa| fvlat*4, a*4 va tk'a*. ar ???' ' -? THK C*B1 IM UTKM. ? r. ?. r#b n. Km. taat ai 'i a b itk4a> aaaia araarf vaa aal.krala-l k*f* by a f raa4 a> Ittary yaraf# aa4 Iba Iraaya vaia ra tlavaa by '??aaral Bra ? THB CELKVT? ATIOX Of (v?*o- fab. Ti, 1Mb Tba aaalavraarf a? II a Mrtb of Waak a(t*a vaa a% ?ar*a4 U> 4ay by *r a? af 'a aaaa a*4 ftaflag af tb* 'bi.icb UJ1# I* 'ba #'aaa?f a larva a*4 ball vaa bab* l? faaaail Ha I. a*..#* Ika aaaftava >4 tka Aaaacuaa aar ly ?.*a lloa.wa v> a amaa4 la tba atly %? 4ay, Uva ] ' Waor '???lb av4 -Hka? Alaliafa ahv4 i?4l*i uat* vaia J?.a*a? Ik* Mai) ??* S?a .t'fally laanraU4. aa?i a -??f* f.?p#af ?a>-ya^rba faal.riti#* ?f Um vara cfttNi THK CK1.RBRATI0IV IN FHII.ADBI.fHU. Nunuhi, Tib. M. IW latapiativii Mall vaa Uraally r# i?ava? ib>* aftar ??m by iba tttf OnmIi, it barkkc vaaa raaaaUy aa ?Wr*4 aa4 ? Mllavy af rvaalaUeaarr W#vka*# a44a4 W tba rata#* it I maatly -<?'*. Ma! tVa Xtrba#av< fTa y Win vara at aaa at av tba aanaai.a# aa4 vara la raw ally aaliaM>< by tb* Mayva ia a baaaDfal aal in a aaa i a? traaa vblab vaa ipfiap ?W? raayvtal to by (bH>)? I rvttav af tba Hua

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