Newspaper of Evening Star, February 24, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 24, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR sfe , WASHINGTON CITY: > i - ^ . - ? SATURDAY AFTERNOON. ..February 34. OrrrcBs Fo* Rbnt.?A number of ad mirable offices and unfurnished rooms, suitable for gentlemen's lodging rooms, are for rent in the commodious house on the routhwest corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Eleventh street. Possession given immediately. For terms, apply at the office of the Erenwg Star. Storage.?Storage will be taken in the fine large dry basement, corner of .Eleventh street and the Avenue, "Star Buildings." The central location and ?asy access to this store-roum makes it the most desirable place of the kind in Washington. Terms low. Apply at the Star office. SPIRIT OF TBK MORNING PRE8S The Intellig nur ;i;s of the action of the Bouse, yesterday, in adopting Mr Letcher's amendment to the civil and diplomatic appro priation bill: :'Tbe proposition of Mr Letcher to engraft upon the general appropriation bill the Tariff bill reported b j the Committee of Ways and Means called a ooropromise, if concurred in by the House will proseat matter for grave ?reflection on the part of the Senate. In the latter body it will be remembered some of the prominent members of thedominent party Sve intimations of an apprehended crisis ;eiy to grow out of the alleged ulterior par poses of the Allies, and they warned the peo ple to be on the alert and watch with jealcufy the movement of the two great naval Powers of Europe If the apprehensions tha? some what oracularly expressed are well founded, tie great American constituency will cataral Jy begin to irquire into the soundness of tho policy which reduces the revenue and at the same time leaves the defeners of the country in an imperfect condii ion We cannot believe, however, that, with to brief a period for con sideration. Congress will consumate so radical a change in tho revenue system of the country as to reduce the national income when both the navy and the army s-.em to require a heavv augmentation. " 3 The InttUligenrer also say a, for Mr. Seaton, that he did cot vote at the nominal eloction of offioers for the National Washington Monu ment Association that took pltos on Thursday M represented by one of our evening co temporaries. The Union discusses "the objects of the British and French Allianoe"?and the able and remarkable sptech of Senator Ca?s, de livered a day or two since on that question, and also devote? a column to a demonstration of "Lord Elgin's attack upon American in ?titutions." WASHINGTON NEWS AND G085IP. An Exciting Day .?1 esterday's eewicn of tee Houso T.aj one of perhaps more excite ment, while taey wire in Committee of the ^ hole on tho elate of the Union, than had oecurred in their hall previously uuring the present sees on. The occasion of the hubbub boo was Mr. Edgerton s amendment to admit very coarse and very fine wools?such as are not grown in this country to any extent?and railroad iron imposed in the next sixteen months, and such as has been imported in the last twenty months, dcty free. Pennsylvania set her face against ii, and succeeded in sub stituting for it the original bill for the general reduction of the tariff, reported by Mr. Hous ton, from the Committoo of Ways and Means Bo far as Pennsylvania is ooncerned, her dele gauon universally conspired, as it were, it aeems to us, "to bite off her noso to spite her face." She produoes some forty-five or fifty Billions worth of iron annually, about two hundred thousand dollars' worth of which is in theshapeof railroad iron Her delegation v jted unanimously to decrease the dety from thirty to twenty four per centum, for all time, on the whole quantity and every description of iron she produces, to prevent railroad iron, of which ?he makes but two hundred thousand dollars' worth per annum from ooming in duty free for sixteen months! Our opinion was expressed at the opening of the session?indeed, before 4he session opened-aa to the better -policy of admitting railroad iron duty free unUl after the end of the preaeat disastrous season for railrcads under construction and about to be undertaken. The deleat of the proposition, it strikes us. must be the signal for the stoppage of nine-tenths of the current work on progress lag railroads, and the prevention of the com mencement of nine-tenths of the railroads which otherwise would speedily be put under contract. As for the contemplated Mississippi railroads, the man is hardly alive who will see them fairly under way without some such law as that proposed by Mr Edgerton. Pennsyl vania, by her movement, has simply labored to shut off all demand for her railroad iroa~ to cripple her customers for that article. Had ahevoUd on the other side of the question, she would, on the other hand, ba7e so strength, ?ned them and stimulated their operaUoas, as i hat their demands for turn-outs, sidelines, and other railroad paraphernalia, which she man ufactures, would aave required far more than two thousand dollars p?r annum for us supply, and at her own prioes. We think, therefore, that in 4 going in" in a body to de crease the duty from thirty to twenty-four per centum, for all time, on all tho forty-live or fifty millions of dollars' worth of iron Penn sylvan la produces annually, in preference to the proposition of Mr Edgerton, they have made a grave mistake, indeed Ahead ot Time ?There can be doubt of the entire Illegality 0f the election of a new beard of managers for the Waahington Monu ment Association on the Jay before yesterday. The first board was chosen in 183i under a constitution requiring a new board to be ohosen ?rery three years thereatter, until the com pletion of the noble work. This brings the proper time for the election to February 186? instead of February, 1865. The constitution direct t! "J*0' lhW ?xUtin? *>o?rd shall th* n ? Mcce*dlDS election to be held at utkoritj k> u> do, th*n Indeed, no member of the board of ??w it IB tho uompopon o?.t Lhe j the individual named above. Under these ciroumstances, the action of our over sealous fellow oitisens who, ooth#(Uy yesterday, fancied they were turniog (ieneral Vfn-field Scott, (ieneral Archibald Henderson. Col. Wui W. Seaton, Mr Psttr Foroe, Mr. Ellsba Whim#,.,, Mr B H Snuth th#ir so deeply respected fellow oitiaen, aad Mr. F R. Feudal], neck and heels oat of the beard, proves to have been a wute of time?nothing MH i ? A city cotemporary, in its zpai for the desired change, haa fallen into error in representing that the action of itafriendi met theianctioaof Gen. Henderson and Messrs. Seaton and Fore*. Wo know, of our own knowledge that no i others in this commanitj more emphatically disapprove it Those three gentlemen went up to the City Hall to ascertain upon wha'. nu'hority tbe call for an election had been issued, and were as much disappointed as any others to find some hundred* of people assembled there t-> rote the affairs ofthe Na ticaal Monument Association into their own hands, with as little legal authority so to do, as, on that occasion, and in the same waj to voto tho present Government of Lho United | Stntes out of office, and their own secret nomi nees into their several positions. Finding their retreat blocked by the crowd thoy were forced to pasa on with the crowd, to tho ballot box, and when there, by way of amusement, took tbe only ticket to be found on tho ground two of them vote* i:, as opening the easiestand quickett escape from the pressure of tho crowd in the rear. We regret the faux pas of those who started this attempt at an illegal election; inasmuch as it surely involves the defeat ot the bill ef Mr. May, giving $200 000 from the National treasury in aid of the work. We regret it farther, because while their efforts though abortive?bid fair to prevent I those not sympathising with them, from here af-er subscribing to tbe fund of the sssocistion. teeing a failure it will not bring into the fund the money which the friends of the movement I would probably have subscribed, had they suc I ceeded. We fear that their devotion to the I memory of Washington is not strong enough I to superinduce tbe subscription in aid of tbe I work thej contemplated making, unless their own nominees rather than tho so universally revered and respected citiiens now in the board are to have tbe future management of tbe fund. We trust it may terminate other I wise, however. Nous vzrrons J Accountability for Army Clothing ?It is 1 held by the accounting officers that the opin I ion of a Board of Survey, is not the evidenee I required to warrant a oredit being given at I tbe Treasury for clothing or any other public I property lost or damaged while in tho posses sion or an officer The thirty-sixth article of I war makes it the duty of every officer to pre serve the clothing and other publio property I in his possession ; and the third section of an I set of Congress, approved the 18th of May, I 1S2?, ?regulating the accountability for I clothing and equipage issued to the army of I the United States, and for the better organi I sation of the Quartermaster's Department," I requires evidence under oath that proper care I was taken of the property by the officer claim I ing a credit for its loss or damage, to enable the Secretary of War to relieve him from the I accountability. j Tc? meet the difficulty of complying with t'je formality of an oath at frontier stations, a deposition before a Judge Advocate or He corder of a Court Martial, an Adjutant cf a regiment, post or battalion, or in the absence of these, before any commissioned officer, is deemed sufficient testimony, If it is set forth in the deposition, that no eivil magistrate or other person qualified to administer an oa-h was at hand or within reasonable distanco The object of surveying damaged supplies, under the regulation of the Quartermaster's I Department, is for the information of the Seo retary of War as to the actual condition of the supplies; the naturo of the damage, and. as far as practicable, its probable oauso ; and I to assess tbe amount ot damage, that the or I ders for their final disposition may be given with judgment, and that the amount to be charged to the officer liable, if charge ii to be made, may be determined; it is, further, fcr the security of any officer receiving dam aged supplies, that he may not at some future time be held accountable for them as being umtjured at the time of their receipt. In Ciices of doficieLcy by aooidental losi, theft, or otherwise, no survey is preBc ibed, though, it is perhaps better for an officer, when a defi cieney of property in his charge has oocurred under peculiar circumstance, to fortify himself wJh an official examination by his brother officers The Claima Court.-The great unanimity with which the House yesterday pafeed the bill for the establishment of a Court for the preliminary examination of claims on the 'Jovernment of the United States, proves that Congress (the Senate having previously passed the bill) are at length fully aiiro to the abso lute necessity of doing away with tbe system under which they have in vain attempted to legislate upon private rights for the last ten years, which has been but keeping the promise of justice from the National Government to tbe poor and comparatively friendless. The untold thousands who have lingered on hope deferred for tbe last quarter of a century, not a fow ol whom would otherwise soon die in bare garrets and almshouses, owe a deep debt of gratitude to Mr. J. Glancy Jones, of Penn.1 sylvania, whose firmness and s^acity gave a triumph yesterday against the earnest ap peals and protestation of, it seemed to us, nearly half the House, tho impres-ion of the so vociferously protesting members evidently oemg teat the bill could not then be considered without consuming two or three days ofthe brief remainder of tbe session. We need hardly add, too, that Mr. Brodhead, to whose energy and industry they are indebted for not only its passage through the Senate, but for the actual oonception of the measure, has labored before it so as to deserve their thanka for a life time. But for him, Mr Jones could bot have got it through the House. He fought for it for months in the Senate contending1 every inoh of ground and winning it too, from a host of the most talented and persevering opponents in publio life. The Debate in tha Senate ?Yesterday's debate in the Senate over the bill for the pro tection of U. 8. officers in the execution of tha fugitive slave law, was the most ferocious of the present session. Its ehief feature was the debut of Senator Wilson, in the abolition arena. He declared tbe purpose of himself and other New England new lights to be, at all costs and hasards, to abolish slavery in tha Distriet of Columbia, and wherever the Inited States have exolusive jurisdiction Such was the "git" of his speech of the day. ?aval Medical Board ?A Board of officers, consisting of Surgeons Thomas Dillard, James *? Gteeoe and Jonathan M. Folts and Passed Sur???n ^ A Uenderson, has been Phul i t'w eonvene the Naval Asylum, SurreoLPf ^ tL* "1 Assistant ?* Madtoal corps of tbe Navy. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department-?On yesterday, the 23d of Feb., there were of Treasury Warrants entered on th? books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $49,355 281 For paying Treasury debts ' 9.052 45 For tho Customs., 6,791 00 Fereove*iugintot be Treasury from mlsncilaneou? guurces.... 10 00 For the War Department 22,100 88 For the Navy Department 2,998 S6 For thelnterior Department 21,741 62 For repaying in the Interior De partment 2,134 72 ?ONGKE?9IOItAL. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to | press, the bill for the protection of tffisers of the Governmont in the execution oi the laws of the United States was discurscd by Messrs. Toucey, Walker, Chase, Benjamin, Badger, Wade, Douglas, Wilson, Fessenden. Pettit, Stuait, Cooper, Bayard, Gillette, Jones, Wei ler, Seward, an 1 others until midnight, when they passed the bill by the following vote : Yeas?Messrs Adams, Badger, Bayard, Bell, i Berjimin, Bright, Brown, Clay, Dawson, Douglas, Fitzpatrick, Gever, Gwin, Hunter, Jones of Iowa, Jones of Tennessee, Mallory, Mason, Morton. Pearce, Pettit, Ruak, Sebas tian, Shields, Slidell, Thomson of New Jersey, Toooey, Weller, and Wright?29. Nays-Messrs. Brainerd, Chase, Cooper, Fesseoden, Gillette, Seward, Sumner, Wade, and Wilsen?9 whioh, they adjourned. ^ In the House, reports from committee* con tinued to be made until the list had been I called through ; all of which were committed. ' On motion of Mr. Letcher, his Committee on Frauds wasgiisoharged from the farther oon sidoration of all business that had been refer red to tbem. Mr. Jones, of Pennsylvania, reported back from the Committee on Claims tho bill to es tablish a court for the examination of olaims prior to their final adjudication by Congress ; which was parsed?ye? l id nays 49. Mr. Houston reported b tck from the Com* miitee on Ways and Means, the bill making an appropriation of $277,000 for the payment ?jftbe Hiuaunt due to British subjects, under he joint commission lately held in London. doing into committee, Mr llibbard in the I chair, the consideration of the civil and dip ' lomatic bill was resumed. Mr. Edgerton moved an amendment makiDg dye stuff*, very ooarse and very fine wools, aud railroad iron duty free; ruled out of order. Mr. Edgerton appealed; and the decision or the Chair was overruled?ayes 81, noes 87. Aftor debate, in which Messrs. Edgertea ;?nd Banks advocated the said amendment, .tud Messrs. Witte and Ho wo opposed it, Mr. Pratt moved to include raw silk in the free lint. The amendment to the amendment was rej' otcd after a five-minute's speech from Mr. P. lor it, and another from Mr. Millson against it Mr. Letcher moved to amend the amend ment of Mr. Edgerton by substituting therefor Mr Houston's project for nn entire revision (reduction) of the duties on imports. And then, after debate between Mr. Letcher for it, and Mr Ingersoll against it, it was adopted ayes 102, noss not counted. The committee then rose, and the bill, as | amended, was reported back to the House, and 'he main question (under the operation of the previous question) was ordered to be put, pend ir.g which the House adjourned. Procrrdinyn of To Dny, In the Senate, to-day, Mr. Seward presented a petition for an appropriation of public lands in thie city for a site for thceroction of a mon< umcnt to Thomas Jefferson's memory. Mr. Mason reported bask from the Foreign Affairs CommiUee the House hill of Mr Per kins. of Louisiana, remodeling and reforming the diplomatic and consular system of the Government, without amendment. Mr M , moving to put this bill on its passage argued with great earnestness in its favor, and in the course of his remarks, paying warm compliments to Mr. Perkins, the author of the | ' measure. In the House, Mr. Giddings rising to a cor rection of the Journal of the day before, moved to have it io amended as to show the fact that he had protested against not being permitted to explain his vote upon the bill making an appropriation to carry out the awards, against the Government, of the joint commission lately in session in London. The Speaker overruled the motion of Mr. G to correct the journal. Mr. Giddings appealed. Mr. OrT moved to lay the appeal on the | table ; laid on the table. Mr. Disney asked leave to report from the Public Lands Committee varioui bills donat ing lands in aid ot the construction of rail roads. Mr Hamilton objected, and leave was not igranted. The House then proceeded to oonsider the amendments to the civil and diplomatic ap- i propriation bi'l, reported from the Committee) of the whole on the state of the Union, in which th-y were engage! when tho Star went to wre?s. ClVjMAMS JLB1LEK AT HaRI'SRB Fsrut. On the evening of the 22d instant, a compli mentary supper was given at Harper's Ferry in commemoration of the abolition of the mili tary rule at the national armories, and in honor of Hon. Chas. J. Faulkner, M. C. froji that district. The festivities wont off with great spirit Hon. Mr. Faulkner addressed i he guests in a speech of about an hour. Re marks were also made by Mr. SternM, of Springfield, Mass., and Mr. M. W. Ciuskey,of this city. PSKHOIVjIL. .. .The editor of the Pennsylvania says: Col. Forney is in no way connected with the the Pennsylvanian, nor does he write a line for its columns oither as a correspondent, contributor or editor. Col. Forney has no more Knowledge of what appears in the col umns of the Pennsylvanian tnan the editor of the National Democrat. ... Mr. Edward Fry comments at length io tho New York Tribune, upon the secret dispo sal of bis libel Euit against Bennett, and says: And now, in conclusion, let me assure James 1 I Gordon Bennett, that, poor as I am, and rich as he is, I have still the means and the de termination to continue the euit till he shall be suitable punished. Politicians proverbially base and time serving, raiy quail before him; craven managers of theatres may still pusilan imously pay him vast sums of black mail In | over charges on their bill printing; iawyere may fear him, and some witnesses, like vile coward8; may not dare to give the testimony that would effectually blast htm, but still I have full faith that another intelligent Jury whether composed, like the first, of N4W York mechanios, or of the claa* whom he has syste I matically vilified under the title of the codfish aristocracy,' will not only award as large a verdiet aa the first, but will give one for the whole amount I claim. I am determined to go on with the suit, be the time longer or shorter, till I get Justice, and he will live to loam that there is one man, at lepst, who I does not fear him, aud that man is Edward] P. Fht. ,.. Jaliien was giving concerts at Oxford, Eng , at last acoonnts. .. A private letter from France states that tho Hon. Pierre Soulo, late United States minister to Spain, accompanied by his family, arrived on the 6th inst, at Bordeaux, France, where they would remain a oouple of days, with Levi K. Bowen, Esq , the United States Consul, and then proceed to Liverpool, and embark in the steamer of the 16th instant, for New Yerk. ... .Bourcicault and A goes Robertson have concluded engagements with Mrs Sinclair,of the Metropolitan Theatre, San Franoiseo .... Paris letters report that the health of Mr Masnn is gradually improving Merely hU onvalesoence is complete; he yet labors under a partial paralysis, whioh renders loco motion impossible, but the muscular move- . meets are gradually resuming their naturar ! sower and there it i fair hope that theae, too, are sueceptible of a complete restoration ... .The new Know Nothing periosteal for March?the American Monthly contains a biography of General Houston. The author takes the ground that Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston are the moet ong< nal of Avutxcau statesmen, and olosea with expressing the opinion that the latter will be Qeneral Pierce s su:ces*or eiORtXTOWl 00*BK?r0IDMCI City Council?Sale by Messrt. PtclrtU? Funeral Sermoit, <Vf. Gbobqbtoww, Feb. 24, 1BS5. The City Councils met last night, and tranr* acted considerable business. A resolution of thanks to the presiding officer was adopted, to which he responded in some appropriate re marks, when the Board adjourned ?m? Hit. [K full report of the prooeedings, which are crowded o?t to day, will be published on Mot* day] Aft* After the adjournment it was discovered that some important business concerted with the gradtng of the streets near the E street bridge, oyer Rock Creek, had not been acted upon. The members then signed a petition to the Mnyor to eall a meeting this evening to act upon it. By an advertisement in another column, it will b? seen that Messrs E Piokrell A Co., will sell out their stock at auction on Monday next, the 26th inst. The objeot of these gen tlemen in selling out is to change their busi ness. This popular firm will be suooeeded by Messrs. Hyde k Davidson?young men of in dustry and enterpriso. At 11 o'clock to morrow (Sundaj) morning, the Rev. Mr. Sutherland will preach in the Methodist Protestant Church the funeral ser mon of the Kev. Dr. Reece. The excellent choir attached to the Church, led by Mr. T. A. Newman, will sing several excellent pieees suited to the oooasion. Flour is held nominally At $8.75 for stand ard brands. Wheat?good red 91 85, and white f I 90 Market for both dull and droop, ing. SpBCTaTOR. M ATTENTION WASHINGTON LIGHT I V fantry.?You are hereby notified to meet at your annory THIS EVENING, at 6 o'clock, for t kcort duty. By onler: II. RICHEY, O. 8. feb 24 - It fcTHE AUTOMATON BIKD, BY SPE _ cial n quest, having been sent to Philadel phia, on cihibition tor a few davs, it will not be on exhibition at our Store until Thursday, the let of March. HILBUS fc HIT'/, feb 24?2t ,FIFTH PRESBYTERIAN (JIIURCH, corner 5th and I streets ?Rev. Professor lit NTiBoroN, of Columbian College will preach to morrow (Sabbath) at 11 a. m feb 24?It* ^NOTICE.?THERE WILL BE A meet _ ing of the Standing Committee of the Frankiin Fire Com ay ny on MONDAY EVENING, tlie 26th instant. The officers of the engine and hose division are requested to be present. By o'dfr of ROBT E. DOYLE, Pres. feb 24 .SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION LEC TURES. Oliver P. Baldwih, Erq., of Richmond, Va. will deliver a Iccture on MONDAY EVENING, the 20th instant. * George Washington Parke Cijstis, E?q., will lecture on WEDNESDAY EVENING, before the United States Agricultural Society. feb 14?at ,A NEW BUILDING ASSOCIATION is _ now being formed, which will be organ ized as soon as 2,000 shares shall be subscribed when due notice will be giv^n. Persons wishing to avail themtelves of Ihe opportunity now afforded, will tind hooks of t-uh-cnplion opened at E. C. DY EU'S Store, *250 Pa. avenue between 12th nnd lJ.ii streets, and at T. M. HANSON'S Office, 5 1 '4 revenlh st., opposite luielligeiicer Olhce. feb 23 ?if i LJ TOLKN.?A perfectly Mack DOG, of the New O Foundland breed, called ''Sancho," was taken from my house at the junction of the New Cut and Drover's Rest Road, on or ebout the 1st February. A liberal reward will he paid jo any one who will bring him to the subscriber oi the correspondent of the Star in Georgetown. B. L.HODGES. feb 21?3t SALT ?SALT 225 sick? fine and ground alum Salt, in good order, is store and for sale low by WILLIAM M. CRIPPS, 61 Ln avenue, betw. 6tn and 7th sts. feb 24?3t 1A AAA PACKS FINE It COARSE LIV 1U,UUU ERPOOL SALT, filled ten to the ton, in ?tore and for sale at very low prices by FOWLE a CO., |Vb2l?dlw Alexandria, Va. OR 1C PROSmiPTIOl* -THE WAY DAVIS, a' the comer of Ninth and E streets, is turning out cheap Tea* and Gro.eiies, for the cash, is a caution to haid tun :s. Ca'l and see. feb 21?11* ALT, 4kc. 1200 sacks G. A. Salt .'*00 sacks Jeff 17 and Darcy do., fine 300 do AMiton do do 200 bbls 1, 2, 3 and 4 Mackerel 150 do Herring 50 do Shad For sale by S.H.HOWARD, Southwest cor. High and Water st., Geot'n. feb 23 ?Pt TO LOVERS OF BUTTER. T" HE attention of those fond of good BUTTER is called to the fact that I have just received 149 kegj of prime fresh BUlTER, which is offered at the lowest possible prices, either ? holesalc er re tail. 1 am constantly receiving fresh Roll Butter, which can te found at my stalls either in the Cen tre or Northern Liberties Market, and my Storo, at cor. 9tli and L sts. W. C. JOHNSON, feb 24?eolm* BOYS1 CLOTHING. IN order to sell off our present stock of Boys' and Youths' Winter Clothing we have determined to ofTer our large and line assortment, consisting ofev rry desirable style aud quality ot fashionable Ready made Garments, suitable for dress and s hool wear, M' S at greatly reduced prices. WALL STEPHENS 395 Pa. ave., next to Iron Hall feb 24 (ientinel&News) FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. IOST on the Steamboat running between Aquia j Creek nnd Washington Cily, a Purse, contain ing the following described draf.s, he.: One draft for ?1200, payable to Rayl 8i Vanuxein; Knoiville. Tenn. Do do $100, endorsed by Horace May nard Do do $200, endorsed by C. Wallace and Mcpherson Do do $500, endorsed by the same. Do do endorsed by Lea L o |Jo $25, endorsed by Rev. G. W. But ler. Any perion finding the same and returning them to Messrs. Uayl S. Vauuxem, No. 20 North Fourth street, Philadelphia, will reccive the above reward ard all expenses paid. The drafts will be ?>f no use to the finder, as pay ment has been stopped. feb 84 GAS FITTING. THE subedito r has secured the services of seve ral superior Gas Fitters, and is now prrpanng to introduce TubiHg into Dwellings, Public IIalia, &t., at moderate c.iarges. Orders left with my foreman C. II. Myers, at hia old shop, on 9lh street, or at my store, will receive prompt attenlion. * On hand a handsome asortment of GAS FIX TURES made by Cornelius fit Baker, Philadelphia, which will be sold at the manufacturer's retail [ni ce#. C. W. BOTELER, Iron Hall, feb 24?eo3t Lost?a large new brass key. the finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at thi? office. feb 23 FRKNCH HHIHT BOSOMI.-A large and complete assortment of French Shut Bos oms this day opened at ? . STEVENS'S Salesroom, feb 23?3t Browns' Hotel. For the spring trade, gent'b ho siery AND UNDERGARMENTS.-STB VENS, Browns' Hotel, is now opening a frwh and large variety of Gent's Undershirts and Drawers. Also, a large a soriment of silk and cotton Half Hose, plain and fancy. STEVENS'S Salesroom, ftb23? 3t Browns' Hotel. CONCBRTISAS. Two of the above fine Instrument# for sale low at the Mur ic Depot of HILBUS k HITZ, feb2:1 corner Pa. avenue and 1 lib ita. II. SEMKEN, JEWELER, No. 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and IMA streets., Offers for sale a magnificent aarortmcni of DIAMOND JEWELRY, Gold Bracelet*, Breastpins, Earrings, Seal Rings Wedding Rings, Fob and Vest Chaius, Seal*, Lock eu, Pencils, Thimble", Trinkets, etc All articles are warranted as represented and sold unusually low. - Jan 19 LIST ?f LITTIM /Uwammi m OJ^ct^JFatktniton, D. C-, [ Ordered to t< in (W " BvfKtR* Bt**," agrtmbU to tk* following lection of tk* Po* Of*ct llW|U? nevrpapcr Kneing tke lartestewc? Imhon ofommimly paper wuhlitked in H'axkmgton: Src. 5. Jrnd k it further enacted, That Uif list of letter* rrmaiaiafrancallrd for in my poat office in uy citf, tow?, or vtllnr<', where newspaper* aball be printed, (Ml, hereafter, be pohtashed once only in the newspaper which, htlnf issued weekly, or pftener, shall kmre tk* largest circulation within the ren?e of the delivery of aaid office, to be decided by the (>ofUPaster nt each office.] nrr*ranuirfl7<Ml)>r l*ttor* la the fallowing list, wll plaaaa My they ara itrilTUU. LADIES* LIST. Arnold, Mri 1 Ashton. MIm H W 1 A tons, Mr* B Adam*. Annie P Adam*, Mies Louisa A'llBS. MlSSSuMoah Hood. MIm Harriet Keals, Mr* Hor*f? lull, MIm Aletha BUI*. MIm Mary Birch. MIm Margaret J Bo.m, Mr* Ann* BmII, MIm (Umentha Beck, MIm Mary C Bell, Prudence Bam. Mr* B W Brown, Mr* M**llt Ram**, MIm Llssle Boesyour, Mary Butkely, MIm Lon*M banned, MIm Margaret Brook*, Mr* Ann HrowMd. MIm Lldla Bouwo, Mr* Marl* Boston, Mr* Thursday Butler. Mra Sarah Bryant, Mr* 6 W Butler, Mr* 0 Braady, Miss KUa Coy la, MIm Bom Cooroy, Mr* Oolllns, Ann B Call wall, Mr* Coventry, Mr* SuMnah Pa*i*. Maria Y Pukeaan, MIm SeroptJ Penolioo, Mary Dixon, Rllxabeth Ponohoo, Mr* A B Darby, Mr* Mary T Plnsmore, MIm Mary t Darall, MIm Virginia Dod;1>m, MIm M J Dad*. MIm Mary Ann Ponn, MIm Yhoodocla Dame*, MIm BeUi* | Esmonds, Mr* 2 Esmonde. MIm TerMa EMU, Elizabeth Fuhey, Mr* Thomas Fresher. MIm Oatharlua Ferris," MIm Bom Goldeborogh, Joaephen* Glumer, Mim Anm Green well, Mr* Mwciv M Greenhow, MIm Florence V Garrison. MIm P Oriffln, MIm Mary J Grayaon, Mr* Carolina 4 Gandolfe, Mr* Angela ) Gazola, Maria Hall, Mr* Q C Houghf, Mr* Jane Hon;h, Mr* Mary FUen Hick*, Mr* Margaret Hoke, Mr* Soaan Heard, Mr* Margaret Hava, MIm Ella Hugh, MIm Cordelia A Hogg, MIm Eliza Hunter, Mr* Buahrod Hunter, Mr* Ann Hlpklns, Mary L [ Hlldebrand, MIm Paulina Hoi ton, Mim Francis Haffcr, Mr* 0 ?arrlson, Mim Maria L HnU-hen, MIm Hoojier, MIm Sarah Htnlan, Mim Adalla Hilton. Mr* S HumphrlM. Mr* S O Hubbard, Mr? F.lleLa Hallanan, Anna Jnnei, Milt Emma Keefe, MIm Nancy L*?, MIm Lee, MIm M Isabella Lynch, Mia* Mary Leddy, Mr* Hngh Lo??!*?. Mim Barbery Mar*h, Mr* G C Monro, Mia a Lnelade Ana Moor*. Mr* Com R W Mad, Mim Mart* Maal, Mra L Moor*. EllMbeth A ? Moora, Mr*Carolina Marshall. MIm Mary 3 Manning. MIm Catharine Murrav, Mra Madden. Mr* Mnlrey, Bridget Miller, Mr* M M t Mora* Mr* BIlMbetli Marshall, MIm Mary ? Made11*. Mr* Millar. Mra Malllken. Mr* Mary Mottle, MIm Emily MUurum. MIm Mary MaryMaa, MIm Martha Margin, Mr* Emit Mangan, Ellia HcOnvu, Mary Ana McBlnster, Mim Chlisty McCeualaod, Mra Margaret Meale, Mr* Ann A Nelan. Mary Nicbolata. Ml** Mary Orrleon, MIm Sarah E O'hsrs. MIm Mary O'Onanor, Mr* Mary CConnor, MIm Jana Pach, MIm Martli* Paaae, Mr* Martlia Porter, Mr* Mary Terry, Mra Harriet E 1 Proctor, Ml?* Sarah Peterson, Mr* Barbara Unlgly. Margaret Redmond, Mr* Ellen Burden. MIm Elian Bowlaad. Margaret H Rollins, I.ulnda Rigsvay. MIm Julia Sly. Fill* Jana Scott, Mim I Seers, Mr* Jm W Swain, Mr* taaec Smith, Mi* Mary Smltheeii. Elisabeth btwart. Mra Jo**pbana Seymore, Rachel S< anlan. Ml** S'Clear, Mr* Hchareman, Mra S A TboniM, Mary L Toney, Mr* Harsh Talbot. Mr* S R Turner. Ellubath VauBuren, Mr* Verant, Mia* Mary J Webb. Mr* A W*l*h, Mim Mary M White, Mr* Harriet Wier, Mr* Rebecca M Welch. Madame Wright, Mary Jane We*l, Mr* E L William*. Mre Margaret Walker, MIm A Wllaon. Mr* Mary Ann 3 W||*on. Mrs Sarah Worrel. MIm Bell Wilkinson, Mtaa Mary Walker. Mre Jane A Withe rail, Mra Rebecca S Williams. Mary Ellen Wealey, Mrs Christiana Warriner, Mr* M C Wagner. Mis* M R Watson, Miss Flaiella Toe. MriED Young Mr* A T GENTLEMEN*- UBT L J Abbott, w H A'bton, W**li ArmlatM'l, W K ! Aldrlck, T J Allau, W F ? Armstrong, T Alpha, R J Anderson, J J Allen, O'l Jn<> Armstrong, Ja* Ames, Geo L Andrt-ws, 0 Ashman. K 1 Adam*, James AJaMtt, C H Alt.rlglit, Chas 2 Antani, B A j pleton, A 0 P A.n.rers, A A B Arnold, MaJ L fl Raratnw, W A lSUncbard. W Bt-cket Win Ileal!. W K Wm Bell. W D Beile, Wm Bell, Msj W H Broderick, Thoe Borland, Thj* Bailey, R Rrinnsn, Bobt Bartlett, R Butler, P P Bre*nan, F H Heavens, Isaac Bosel, Jno Bruce, Jno BaH, Jacob Brady, J H Brooke, Capt J P BuMer, JimM Bogg*. Jno W Beatley, Joa Brady, Jno Brlntcn, Jno P Bradiibaw, Jno Bryce, L W Bordur, J J Graham, Jame* 3 OriniM, J T Gray, James Goggln. J M S Goodrich, Jno H Green, H W Green, B P Garvin. B F OriOith, A G ttearey, Patrick Hansrom. W L Plarca, Pr W S Plemmons, Thcs Picking, 8 Parks, Robert Pratt. Orson Pieroe, P J Peck. L R Pipalco, Lnrlaa Porter, Jno Porter, J G Porter, J V Humphries. WMley Potter, F H. A Co Hardey, Win C Hamilton. W Hamme, 4 E Harvey, Samuel Hamilton, Mr HoblM. Mr Hsri-hy, M Harrison, Lewis Haydeu, 9 Harper, J C Hoping, Louis Healer, Langdon Hancock, Jno Headley, Jno P Htunact, J D Herborn, jno Hulls, Jno A Hug in*. Juo Holme*, J R 3 HamnU'.k, Juo H Howard, John Hogers, Jno H Hammontrse, H B Hunt). G G Hamilton, G B Heyden, P Hamilton, Edw Mall, E?of V. Haw ley, C HempetMd, Got Hayfan, Dr A D Iretou, Michael Juhnaon, W H Johnston, N D Jonas, Lj W E J add, L 9 PhiUIpe, Chas PacotU, A R Pu ksrd, Amo* Port*, Adsai Plnkerton, A Pollard, A ruu. , De P Powers, Tbos Quinn, Richard Kesaegina, Jno B RawlinK*, Wa M Roller, Wm Radford, Wm RugglM, S B Rn**ell, Robert 2 Beam, B L Rannaberg, Robert Bo*e, Robert Raiford, Col P H Btcliings. Peter Richmond, Juo M Koee, Juhs Ram?den, Jan es Rattllf, Jno W Robertson, Jna H Roose, J W Rudd, Jno B Ryon, Jere Rlelly, Jno J Rain My, Pr HAS Buppert, Mlcbaal Boger*, Edward Raborg. C Rust, Albert Sardo, M Strong, Wm Slrrpaon. Wm P _ _ Jones, J Rankhs'ad, Gen Jm Johnston, Jsrces M Htewari, W'lsoa Bud'liugtou, H J J JonM, J WMley pbhIi, Win Joeep, Joeeph Sands. Wm Johnson, Henry SulliTau, Tbos Jackson, Frederick Stewart, T T Jonea, D T Stilwell, T H Jone*, Clancy Smith, T C, jr J' nM, C G Stewart, Schall Johnson, Charles Smith, 8 Keegsn, Philip Kauoedy. L J Karnee, Jno Knhl. Dr J 3 K*y*er, J A Key. PS Eennedv. Danld Keut, P H Kelly, Chas Loary, W G I.omax, W H Lea is, W D Lawrence, Wm B Latimer, Tbos Langly, Th'S Baley, H Blackest, Oeo Bickert. Geo Hlan hard, Geo Beulley, Oao A Baldwin, Geo W Barrett, Gen R Burch, Kranklln 3 Brent, F X Bere*, Fred Bildeu, B Brown. Daaiel Boyd, C Beckett, C Buall, B B Burt, A P Btec*, Am Browne, lhos Ox bran, Jiio Cookl, W P Cralgln, W J Clark, W 8 Clements, Wm Cum back, W Collins, W II Coverda'e, Thoa CUanowlth, T B c'ummingr, Tbos Canly, Thos Choale, Rofii* Hanctxi, Nlchclat Smith, Ma) Jno Shale*, Jos Sharwood, J H Scute, Jno 3 Stewart, Jno M So aim era, J C Ssmmes, J B bhermaa, Jao SteTens. Joe Btokely, Jos BbaflervJos Smith, MM M S|>anldiug, Jno C Sibky, Jno G 2 Lee, Hubert, adm'r S|?ncer, J Lewis, Lawrence hauliers. Henry Lyons, Jno Larcomb, James Lane. J H Long, J G Law,Juo Lots, Jno S 3 Clemrnt*. J Fran** Lynch, James Cowing, J P Carter, J< Caali' il, Jno T Cba?e, Jno Calloway, James Carter, John C Conual, J G Creightoii, Jm Coddlugt^n, Jno B Clark, J co Cooper, Harvey Cameron, H Caprera, G Clarke, Geo Culver, Geo Croswell, K Clarke. E C Catos, E B Calvert, J C | Clasett, Dr C Crawford, BenJ 3 | Chamber*, A 8 Punkelttou, W H Littleton, Jos Leacb, Jno L^'mbard. H V 3 Lewis, H O Lentx, G W ItNaac, Qarli Lyttle, B P Lacie, Addison Longdou, George Larcomb, Georg* Moland, Wm 3 Mundsy, W T Mills, Wm Mead, Wm, jr Miner, Win Martin, Tbos nails 3 Mora, Bobert Moors, O F Moore, Michael Mauuel. Lewis Mauning, l.?uis C MKbliston, Jnu En Iiurall, Pr Wiih'a Mitchell, Isaac W Pelahunty, Thos Dillon, Richard L>o no van, Rich'd Pym.o, R C Itsvlk, Juo E Plx, Jno A IMzon, Jno P? Grofl J E Piviue, MaJ J Pnnn, G G S Plg^s, Geo A Morrison, J R P M'>rrl?, Jno D Morgan, Col J B Miller, Jno P Montgomery, Jm Marllu, James Mack, Jno MaMey, Jao H Moore, Jauies R Mitchell, Geo M Morgan, Felix S 3 Pon^las, Frederick Mitchell, Geo Mason, E K Mitchell, C 3 Morgan, C Morrell, B P 1 Morris, A N Morrison, Allan Murray, AUrsd McCarty. Deunis McEwing, Jos McConnelly, Jno McConafly, Jno McLean, J B PaboU, C L Peggett, MaJ A W Pawns, A.llen Eichlsr, W Elmore, Bicbard Eanar*, Jno S Edwarda, Jno W Lrusntraut, Jos EaglehMrt, Jao Emmons, Lt Geo P Knula, P Everett, E a as, Daniel lis, D C Erkard, Alfred Edmnndson, Josiah Newman. French, Elhelbert Kelly, K C Ford, Va Fsasrlck, Wm 2 Flood, 8 D Flaherty, Patrick Fr?yne, Jno Fleetwood, Isaac Fletchar, J W 3 Fairbanks. Jao Fallen, Jno P Fowler, J J FitxgcraM, John Fletcher, Rev J C Fouke, Jacob Frank, Jos Fowler, F Fountain, Col k. Piror, E A Fishsr, Chas P Prayser, C E Fairfax, Lt A B Grssfer, V Green, Jno Grafton, Capt Joa Sbe-kells, G ? A Smith. P8 Schooamsksr, ?;b't Shaler, Maj E Stanly. Edward Seymour, E W Handford, Daniel Sumerlckhour, D B Staply, Chas Bohrcppler, CMpar Joa Stantsu. B Bml'h, A G Sedwlek, Dr A J Schell, A SeidenStrieker, A B Thomson, R E Thomas, T. jr Tilm_u. Thomas Tbouipaou, R E Thoiuassy, Raymond TalmadgS, f) P Trattoo, Msrk Treaty, Jaooh Thomaa, Junta Thompson, Jo* Taylor, J?uies Tiiompson, Fnrd Thayer. Daaial Thomas, P Taylor, Dr Win Tarpley, luago C S I'phaiu, Dr J B I ndarwood. J B I'inba ugh, M H Tenable, A W Vincent, Frederick Vermilion. Richard Venable, W P Volbert, M Ward, Win T 3 Wright, Wm Weir, Win T Whelan, Wm 3 Weir, Ttioa J Whitney, Thos R Willogghbjr, S A Wallace, Robert Wilder, M P White, M M 3 WiugQeld. Major Whitely, Welch, Lost* Weeks. Lome WMhingtou, L W McTery. Lawrence Wllliama, I*aac 3 McBryda, 'Tm Ifoonen, Jno ~ ? Nixon A Norland Nooney, Prof Jm Nicholson, J H Nour*e. Rev Jos ? Naser, Henry Nighteogals, H 8 Naves, Geo S Nemegyel, Pell* Newion, C A O'Brien, Henry Owti, ? Ware, Jno C Whitaker, Jn<> R W?*ver, J W 3 Wain wright, Capt J 0 Woodburn, J Waters, John Walters. Jno Williams, James Walling. Jm B Wright. Dr J J B Wheeler, Rev J R Wlnslow, J F Whistler. J ansa* Whaley, J C C O'Connor, Maurice Weld. John O Ponnovan, Jar* Owens, James onhtt, J T C O'Neal, Daoals O'Connell. pannls Oskea, Phas H Oat lay, CliM Powsil, W H > Psrry, Wm U Prout, Wm iver, Jno Wen worth, Edward Wright, D A Waters, Rev C R WorcMt*r, B P Young, J Thoa Yonng, Jm M Young, Jno ? Young, HNS Yatea, GUM F INITIALS. Consul of Hanovsr ; Dame Rx. Committee ; Stona utters Association, Pub. of City Dlroctory^ Southern Pre**; Na tional Counsel to Washington ; Bec*ty Nat Agrletil. Soc. AmbaSbador ban Montevideo ; Ambassador from Bnenoe AyrM; South. M A. M; S B. E . A. B A. S, Secty Orlua blan Lodgs; Noble Oraad Oolambta Lodge, No. la, I 0 O Ah 34 JAMBB O. BRBRET. P. M. 1"0 MCMBER8 OF CONGRE38 St OTHERS SILVER SPOONS, FORKS, fcc ? M. W GALT It BRO. invi e special attention to their stock of pare Silver Table, Deaaert, and Tea Spoons and Fork*, Ladles, Butter Knives, and all other ar ticle* of |.-ure Silver Ware, winch la larger and more vaiied than ever offered to their cnaumiera. M. W. GALT k BRO., BS4 Pa. BYcaue hetw. 9th and 10th st?, feb 13?tf Amusements. NATIONAL THEATRE. liVVEDll, WJN ho pwaented TUK IBON CHKIT Sir Rdwird Mr. )m Khfriff flanche........ Mm John Weaver Comic Song by Henry Mewiit ?. To conclude wilh the (real uior&l drama of TUB UKl'flBABO. Bill Don ton.. .. Mr. John Weaver riucM or tpiuimii. Private Roxes $4; Preen Circle and Parauetir .Vi u* ; Ticket* admitting ? 1?dy and gentleman 74 ee-nts; fecond ami Third lier and C lored Gallery 25 c?Mi. feb >4 FOKRBST HALL, (tJORVSTOWy. TWO SIGHTS ONLY I HAMILTON'S S0STIK1I SIBIIAfillS. Vr. HAMILTON would m-vt respectfully an houuce to ih> ritiifM <if ti'*or? clown and vicinity that hi* splendid troupe, numbering nine talented .ind jremuiie vocal and m*trumental performer*, amonK winch nrc Mr. D ri)RTKR, thr w orld re nownt-d Bone Player and Delineator nf Ethiopian t;>HOK?lilK*, lite 'if the Vuetma Mmasrels, annr list of nine years experience on thr stage. Mr H. THOMSON, the celebral<-d Ftnci, (lorai-ipe, Jig, and Reel (lancer, late of the Harmoneons. Master DUVALL. the Champion Jig Dancer ot hi* a?e. laie of llandv's Serenade!*, and one of the If it Quart* t Companies n'iw extant, will give twoGrai.d Soire ? P.thiopic, oa FKIDAY and SATURDAY KVa>BIIAC8i February S3d ard 5.4th, on which occasion they will prodace splendid Nil* of attrac tion SAM'L LEWIS, Agent, feb 91?WPBSt* FANCY GOODS, PERFUMERY, Ac. ? TUTCHl&SON fc MUNRO are now selling at 11. tlieir n? w More. 310 Pa. avenue, between 'J h and 10 Ji ?trccts, next ducr west of M?-nri Wal ter Harper K Co**, the finest and cheapest stock of good* in the aliove line ever offered in this ? ity, and they cordially invite thwr ?b>ut pur chase to cab and t \ amine their go*ds and learn their prices before buj iag elsewhere. Their good* ?re th ! first quality, and were bought for ea?h at 'JO per ccnt dtfcount and can be sold so muck loner. 1IUTCU1NSON k. .MUNRO, feb23 -6t 310 Pa. avenue. VLL8TUANOKRS vid ing the City Should see Hunter** Cat also. I'is Description of Powell's rreai Picture atogue of tlie curiosities of the Patent otlice. feb 23?1 m* BIROLAK AMH POWDKB-PHOOP LOCKS. ALL w lio are interested in securc Locks are in viteft to examine the one* exhibited by the subscriber at the Hall of the Smithsofiian Institu tion (under the maoarement of the Metropolitan Meehintta' Institute) embracing <4 Jont-*' Patent combination Lock" and ''Hall's Patent Anti Gun ptwier Lock*' (the key n<> larger than a tooth pick.) ? 1 000 wai placcd in Herring's Safe, secured with the abov>- Locks, when on exhibition at th? W ?rld> Pair. London, in ISil, and effcred a* a re ward to any one who could pick the locka or open the safe with the keys, but no one \va? (bund skill ful enough in the art of lock picking to ob-ain the money. The jury awarded separate Medal* for Heinnc's Safe and Hall's l?ock; a* al?o at the World's Exhibition in New York, in 1S53-4, winch ean be seen with the Safes at tl*?* above exhibition. SILAS C HERRING, Patentee and Manufacturer. New York. FITZHCGII COYLE,\o. 519 Seventh street, Wa hington. D. C-, 4r>nt. feb S3?In* BOGLKH'H IIY HKRlOH Pl.l'ID, Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative, Barry's Toco pherol!*, Ac., just received. W. R. BUTT, Dnirgist, corner Pa. avenue and Twelfth street. feb 32?3t opposite Kirk wood llnm STEWART'S DAGCERREA1I ROOMS, OVER Ga t's Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue. Pic tures taken in all weather* and at reduend pri ces from 25 cen's upwards We invite the public to call. Satisfaction alwavs riven. leb 21 ? Iw* ' Account! with the llouae of RoprwratatiTM. Clerk's Ornra, February 18. IKiS. PLR!*< INS having bi>I* or other account . ipiiM the House of Representative*, ar?* re?pe< tiully requested to pre-ent them prior to the 2fth in.tant, so as to allow time for action bj' the Committee on Accounts before the adjournment. J. W. FORNEY, Clerk House of Rcp?. United Mnt-?. feb 17?h1i9S'|i PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1. Mr FREIir.RICK PROSPERI begs leave to in? form his friends and former patron* that tl-is band ha? been fully re-organized and is i.ow nnder Ins direction, and be is fully pr> p&red w-th a hand of the most Scientific Musician* rn the citv, to fur nish music for Balls. Parties, Parades. Pie N?es, F.* cursions, Ac , at the sborte?t no'tc?- pcasitle, by ar> l?Ainli5 JRE^ERICK PROHPFRI Lm4er,CHAI>. PR' ISPLRF, Conductor; HILRCS fc IHTZ1? Mu sic Hepot, or at PETER TALTAVlfLfL opp.^ua th? Garrison, Garrison straet, Navy Yard, feb 19?3m* ' FOR THE MECHANICS' FAIR A T WASHING TON. THE THOMAS COLLYER M II.L make regular trip* to the above Fait comm-nom- on Tuesday, Pebruarv 9Mi. Boats fare 12^ cents < ach way. t oaches will uke persons from and to the boat. Fa. c 6 cents. [ Leave Alexandria at 6^ p. in. Leave Washington 10-* p. m. si , . ? _ BAM'L GEHNEY, Captn.n. Alexandria, Va., feb 20?d NEWS FOR TIIE MILLION. ^ TLANT have taken the ol<l and well known confectionery cstatdish inciit, No. 400 .Seventh street, opposite odd F.l lows Hall, M .s? re they wiH be uiost happy to receive their Uieiids and the public icencrallv. i.. U'u w,1,1l consia illy .hi hand a choice selec tion oi all kind? of CONFECTIONERY. Also, dealers in foreign and domestic FRUITS, of all kifulft. 9 We hope by a Ariel attention to business to win hi approbation of our friend,, a,,d merit a ill era! share of patronage generally. N. B. Balls. Partb s, and Families supplied on the most reasonable and satisfactory terms, at the short "feb??Yw RYDER A PLANT. Grkav irdccbmsiiti. ^CANnELH, BROTHER A CO . nm,A . Battimert t*rrrt, Halhmorr MJ., Off.r to buyers, previous to takmg then annual ac count of stock, a large stock of recently imported W?rV-%^ A7?HES' SILVER \\ ARL,.9U>ata and Piled Goad?. CM,, flron^, Shrml'n cklnn- . at rni sinni E W'lTHOCT AC GJRD TO COST. 3|_u _ . warrubr, WATCHMAKER, NO. S30 PA. AVENUE, Between Ninth and TenUi streets WASHiaoroa, p. c. leb 14?dt\ov4* BilKIIfl H0U8K OF FAIR0 4 NOURSK United SUU* Truuury. ONDS, Stocks and other seennues purchas* d and Hold. i r*le ?f #?* P**1" re?t per annum al l0^(d20Jn^P?(i?? ? tien felt for 30 days or longer. BOOKS OF HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. A* Hqc?e er Bcpekscmtativbs. LARGE, number of Books belonging to the Library of tie Hou?e of Represent an ves hare Deeii drawn by member* and by tlieir order*, and stand charged to their accounts on the book* of this office. It is important for the preservation of tt>* files that they should he r. turned before the close ol the session. MATTHIAS MARTIN. feb ^ U" ,*00"P ** Present at i ves. FOR 30 DATS, FOB CASH 0HLX 'j.PERlBS, Riband*, liress Tr inmings Ei and Fancy Goods at dan, less than com, hall price, aim. st *ivinr away Goods. MAXWELL k. BRO commence to day to make room for smmr supplies by ofTenng their choieesi Goods at half nnce and we have some old and indifferent stock accu yf>rsr^rr u,,t we *r? Tni? will bf a rare opportunity to secure rrttt bar gains, as we are dcternunt d to reduce our present ?ttaj'f rice M dl,,pr>w 01 eTrr> cim~ * enum*'rale prices, but in co!"e and ^ qauBities of Go ds that we have placed upon our counters and marked down at priccs that will certainly sell them. MAXWELL A BBO.v v Bibai'd and Trimming Store, , U i *vrnu<;? ??etw?en feth and 10th st. feb22?eo3t 8PURS?SPURS?SPURS. A\:V.,V.ABIF- INVF.NTION, an improvNl . rlJK, is now offered tor ?alu, either mi Stste or County kiglits. Enquire of JOHN F. CI.4RK, Sole Afent tor William Everdc I. Jr . A niftn t, corner of E an I Eighth streets- ft-h 22 - rcf? * rpilE NEW CiTY DIRECTORY.?'Wa4iirgton A and Georgetown Directory just published,. . * taining 0ie Congressional Dirri-tory for the Second oewion Of the Thitty third <>n*re*s r u TAYLOR 1 MAURY S feb W Bookstore, near ?tli ?i

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