Newspaper of Evening Star, March 3, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 3, 1855 Page 4
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_ -!._?! [rnntiiriD n?i errPLiMRirr.) ?>41* From Oovlagt by Middle Ud<e, Oak Bill, MeDoaiugh, ud Doable Cabins, toGri&a, m.1^9 and bark, oaos a week. Um? Covngtan Monday at ? ? m Arrive attiriSn mum ivbjlpm LeaveGriBn Tces-'ay at ft a.jE Arrtre at C <viagtoa an* days by 8 p m ?414 From Lytbnnia by klat Hock, to White Ucuse 14 m!le> and fca-*k once a week Lmth Ly tbcnta Friday at Tim Arrive at \fcnita Bouae t Oaj by 12 m Isave White Boom Friday at 1 p m Arrive at LrtkMih ^Nn day by 6pm 6414 J**"* *> Abridge, 0 nil** Ud W* OBW A w^I. laave LytboataTburslay at T a a *t Rockbridge same days by 9 a m. I eav- Rockbridge Thursday at 10 a m Arrive at Lythocia unw days by IS m 0416 FromStone Moaa<?ia, by Yeiiow River and ?"? ,to Law ret ewilie, *0 mile' and back, eii time a wet* *ount;ln; dally, except Sunday, Arrive at LawrencevUie fame days by 11 a m L#r?e Liwrtert(11.? daily,except Sunday,atK _ Arrive at Btoae UoBBtaiu saaae days by ^ p id Ml* Frvm Stone Mountain, by HnckneyvilU;, to W?r'??, 18 mile* and back, ence a week Lent r Stone Mojntiia rday at 1 p m Arrive at Harsaw rase day by 7 p m. Leave Want* Saturday at 6 em Arrive at Skis Mountain timi day by >2 in 6418 From PwUur, by Pcnthersrille, Tucker'* Casta, aad dtockbrijge, o MvlXmoagti, i7 miiM anl vack, once a week. Leave Decatur Friday at 8 a ui Arrive at McDoaongh aauw day by 6 p m Leave fccCr-ou^h Saturday it 0 a m Arrhr* at D-atur Fame day ty 0 pm 64 9 bpra?' to 10 mllei and back, once a week. Uav McD.nooirb Satar .ay at 8 a m at axody Ridge same day by 11am Lear. Pan*? Ki.'g* S. tor.'ay at 11m. Arrive at Mc Jonou*:h catne day by 3 p m Qi2j Frcm to Jotesb ro\ 14 m le aid ba>. k. ill tinier a week Leave MeDvnoogb caiiy, oondiy, at 8 1 a m Arrive at Jraerboro 9 ma dayj by 12 m Leave Jon. b ro dajiy, except Sunday,a', lj a Arnre at ?.tlX noa^h same day by 6 p m 041t From Wasningtoo,by L'anbur<, l eterstarg, falbnuns.Malls,* C , and I eb4 urn, tc At b.-iilIcC H, <3m Iff endba.k. twle?a we k Leave Wa-hiogton Tuesd*<. and Saturday at 1*4 a in J at bbr-ilH C il rame days by 9 p n L^? Albtfii>>r U U ilcud y and Friday at 8 A trtve at Wa bingt -n Fame daya by 6 r m !'rrpoealaKr d?dy fcnij* ar? invited, w.tb / ren trt convey tLegreat Nor bern anl S<> jth ern ira> e, at a fp #4 of not 1 tt than b m le. an bour. Frrm MaUorygvil'e, Fi^hJun a?4 la da* llill, to Hb r:cn. simile, aid ?'?ck, omac a we?k. laave W^yhioig^n Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Ultxrtua s*nie day by 6 p m. L?ave Alb rtou Saturday a: 9am Ar.i?e at V\a hicgton day b/ 6 p m 6423 Frcm w unbitrz'nn to O ntrev II,, la mi e; ,nJ mcI, C'joe a i??rk. L*aTe Wa.hiogton Friday atlpm Arrive at Ontr^ville s?me d iy by 5 r m L?tve Centreville Fri lay at 8 a m . Arrive *: WaJhiaptoa a?m ? djy by 12 m <W Fr nlUj .i'le, by Uatb'rv.lle t^ Lin-rl^ ton, 11 ua r? and back, t?i? a week Leave Icay?v Le lue d^y ?nd Thnredny, at 11 Arrive at Llneo.'atrn rame day<bv3pi0 Uare Lircjlntjn Tu vday and ttar d^v at 6 t m * Arrite at r!ll<*am* dara by 10 a in e4i> From L?xlBgtjnr by Point Pete-, Br ai R ve , J IN rton, ' larmony, I'ojj Watt-r, MooUv dco > v.^-re n, S. C.t Rock Mills, and Mcanu n tww'a itk ? H' Ci m'1^ t ac.v, l^ave Lexington Tuesday aaU Friday at ? a 111 Arriv- at All -rton .ame days by ? p Vi Le: ve Ll&erton Wedt^Uay atd ialurdav a' 6 am Airive at Ar !r*n C II same days by 9 a ra ? is "*rr'"?n * u? J*-T antl Friday it 5 Arrive st Rlberton same davs by 9 p m L BT" flUberton Wedoeed.y aid atnrdav at 5 am Arnre at Lexjngtcn jam* dar bv un'm ??? Li a mil?s ana i a k. twelve '.Itaes a we. X Ux n-rton d-tiJy, ex-vpt i-u ,C?r. a 7i a m 1 i' to J - ? Arnva at Lexlarton Depot-.? n? am ana 2pm ' ' 1 1 Lear-Ux^ajtnn D^,>.U:.e ?:j. ?t ^^uiav at 9 am an 1 3pm t?^nujay, A/riv-at liexing^i .3m, . ?? ?? IJ j a atd 1 p in i 64iT Frcm Vh-nv b/ B-o bel. *l,r amy Ur v Maypn.lw, jtiUn j jPup..-cipr; ^s/.(u / S3KS 0Ur"""''" "5 L**v? AtteDS Tuee Ut at 6 a m a* Ciarkavi \. next dav by 0 p m Le?ve CUriavtlle Thur <day at 6 am Arnre at Athene next day by 0 p m * Au^n?. Jef^r^oa. Pond Fork and UL" .1t"oTa"<1*-*' 5k,r?J" ??1 s??r. Arr.v? at 0ain?sTlU3 sa ns dav? tv 2 d m day'atS^a6 Mond!y' Hado^sday sni rri Anri*e at At ~ans fame davs br ( an 0429 from Ath'Ee, by Dex&e sviile aad Mad'son fwnDg,V Carxa*aw:ll?, ?8 milea and back tbre^ tiooe3 a we*k LTyatl6*aVU,?l,1*X,Taan,JV "n< ^tGr" Amve at Caraesviiie same days by T p m at Atlieu s?ae day bv 7 d m 04JO Fftim Atb?*as, by Panter's fctaul, to Ftrt iJ^aVh*4 "t*' *cd b4clt' 0,1 ? w?<k Leave Athena Tuesday a: S a m Arrive at Fort Umarsamiday by fl pm Leave Mott Limar H edte-day ats a m Arms at Athena tame day by o p m 042! From Ms tosa ^ pr n|I8. by Frank'.ia gpr!a,s, it miUs and beck, cue* a week. . ,y M. *??'? "pnn.s Tuesday st 9 a m AnlT# ?at liac.ej s ate re same uay by 8 p m UaaLij's 11 ,re 6 ficetday at 4 a m Arrtra at ?la1ison i'prir.^ eatue day by J p m C132 From Bays>iil*, by Orova Lav L Duahville " <> U.M.J. wlS, u iiilt dala, 44 mi and back, onoe a we*k. Laavs ytaysvllls TLurtday ?t 3 p m Arnre at AFeadal; nex cai by 1 d m l*a*e Al e'.Ji.V FrMsy ?t 1| p m Amve at Maysviile n xt day b/2 p a 04Ji Frcm (iaia^vule, by War Bid, Oills'llle, Bcdsoa and WainntiliJ^to C&rn^villo, 38 ar.d ba<>k oa 0 a waek I.-ave Gameivi is Frulay at 6 a ra Amv- at Carneavil v e*m* day bv 6 p la Leave Carne?vill? Saturday at tt a m Arrive at Lai^wjTiliat*mi> dsy by 0 p m 6414 r,?T ?,*UMTilIl^by New Br?lga aad Aurena, to Diblone *a, m:Ls ?ud back, three timas ft Wft L LF^ti?^Tl:i* >,cnj47. Wedcasday anl rin*y at< am Arrive a: Dahlonegs came d?ys by 2 p m Laave i>ahlenega Tneed?y, TLurtday as 1 ?at urday at 1pm Ani.e at UainesTilia j an- days by 8 pm etJi From Oaiceavtl e,by Crcs?vil>, SmithvI'lr. o52L V*v r1^ Torw' Tr^. w'r? Bu?[?t, n. Canton, F star mUs aad UBagQal, t? Jttowah, ti2 miles and back, on^ a weak. Arrive at B tow ah next day by 7 p m Leave Btowah Banday at 4 a m *f G?hia?viUa n?xt day by 13 m ?4M Vr jm tiatnetville, by Du\ne tiast, UClarks villa. 40 mi:es aad back, three times a week Leave Ga oaeville Tu'sday, Thorsday and Bat urday at 3 p m Arrivo at Clark?viile satae -iaya by 11 p m l??ve C?ark*tilieTu?" ~lay, Tharsdav aad Sat urday at ban ^^ArrtT8 at 0?ia#>villa sama day by 1pm **?7 From Qaia> evails, by Araa, to folksville, 18 miiae and b tt, oace aw ek Leave Q?iaesvv.\? FiiJay at 1 p m Arrive at Folksville -ame day by 7 p m Leave P lksviUa Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Oxia^Tiile same day by 12 m 64J0 From Ceraaaville, t>y Ba'd Spring and Erastas to Jsff. rsoa, 30 mile*aad back, oacu a week Leav? Caraeevdle Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Jefferaoa aema day by Bp m Leave Jeffers n Fdday at 8 a ra ii?i D ^er"atvllie same d?y by 6pm From M' a*ley*s Store tb W.lton'j Ford and Dacx, otce a w<*k ataie the diataace sad prrpese a C4U) From Dahlonf** by Coopei'. Cap.Gad.tii.towB, like uah. HiUgcott SloriantOB, Hot Boqp#, Hi?a?eae,ceFFr aine, i.aa, BruMbCteek, Higdon a Sure and ParkavLla. to Bentoi., M ?ile>a aad ba k. <>oce a week Leave Da hia^ga Tnselay at 6a m Arrive at Bantoa a?xt lbarsd?y by IX ui Leave T eatoa Tfinroday at 1 p m Arrive at Dah'oa?ga next Saturday by e p m A04I From Dahl>nega te & und Bill, 13 mllei anl hack, oace a week Leave Dahloaaga BaturJay at 1 p a Arrive st Bonn? Hill same day by 6 p m Leavw aouad UiU Saturday atlam Arrive a' f>ah) <aega same day by 1? m '44'? From Dahlone^a, by A sleaieia Cata^vs, Hrurw Fdward,Cart>cay, Iu?jay, Talis Cr??t,ifiil C?3awati r, t> -pnaj t'laes^ 6'i mU e atd ba.k, oase a area Lo0Te Dahioaega '"elcoa^ay at 5 a m Arrive at Sprta* Place n?xt .tay by * p m f^ave Spring Kir* )loo-lay at 0 a in a* <tv? at l>aBiODe^a next day by 0 p a< ??< 8118 Cr$K?4, nirDHdina, and Jaao, to Baftlrwga,^) miles and bHr, e>neaa wnX Canton Saturday at 6 a tn Arrive at D hioarga Hat day brim VI u%bl:iD"f? Friday at 6 * at A rriTo at Canton same day by 6 p m ?w rr-ni Jeff-Tarn, by John i a )dolph's*nd Cains, Cumming and back, onoe a week Blddsrs will i tate the distance aad propon a Nktdak 6446 Prom .?prn< Place, by Oadar Rikfe, to Dalton, 12 mi fee and back, three time* a week !*?*? Bpr nz Place Monday, Welaeslsy, ard aad Fr day at 8 a at Arrive at fialtcn earn* dart by 19 a Leave Dalton Monday, Wedaesday aad Friday at 1 p m Arr'.vo at Spring Place eamr days by 4 p m 6446 Frtlni Bialr?vilft by Choestee, Loudsv.Ue, and ? I'>?s >ant Fetrest, to Pahlonega, 34 miles aad back, once a week Leave Blairrrl'le Monday at 6 a m Arriv> at I ahlonega aame day by 6 p m Leave Dahl^nera l'needa? at 6 a m Arrive at Bial'-arille ram? d\j by 6 p m 6417 Fiotn Blair**ill-, by Young Cane, ti Morgan too, 20 mitee and tu^k, twioe a week Le-ve B;alr;v,ile Tuerday anl Fridav at 6 a m Arrive at Morgan'oa came Cays by i*2m 1/ are M rgioton MonJay and Friday atlpm . . Arrive a' B'afrsviliesarae days by 7 p in * " ? C1a> t n to Blairsville, 40 miles and tack onoe a week L*?ave Clay r>n Wedne~day at 6 a m Arrive at B1 tircrllle same day by 7 p m Leave B'airsv 1 a Thursday at 6 a m at Clayton ram? day by T p m 644a From Merguntown to Mtifphey, N.C. and back once a week Bidden * 111 state d etarce and propore a ichid* ? ? r i ? 6450 From Ball Ground to Eileiay and bask, ?nee a week BidJars *11 ctate the distance and pronr*? a ached die 6451 From M'r*anton, by BluelMdie, White 1'ath, Bi ejay, Talking R,ck. Fa<rmount and Pine i-'g. 10 CajBnlle, 6U miles and back, twite a wwi Leave Morgan ton Tuesday and Friday atlpm ^triv? at CaesviUe n?xt day* by 6pm L avij Canvill? M nday an?* Thursday at 6 a ui Arrive at Merman ton neit daya by 1*2 m 6452 Fir m Y. wag Cane, by Skelnah. Stock IIII, TfAenetly, and Cart:cay, to Talking Rocs, 42 mil-* and back, rnse a w<*tk Leave loun^ Cane Wedr e'day at 7 a a Arrive at Talking Rock ?*me day b* gp m Leave Talk n * Hock Tuesday at 6 a m arriv. at lcung Cane eametdav by 6 p m 6133 Irr>f J Fp(r to Cafgville and boot, once a week LiU-rn w 11 sUt* tie distance and proio ea schedule 6464 From Lawrenceville, ly Ctia'a aad QogM un lain, to UainesvJle, ol miles and back, th:?e limes a we k L?ave Lawrencevilla M>tday, Wednesday and Friday at Ui in Arrive at O inrsville 'am? day* by 8 p m Loave Giine *il e Tuef ay, ihunday and Sat* urlay at 3 a m Arriv? at Lawrdncville aame davs by 11 a m 6465 From La?rercrvi le, by Ctinquepn Gr ve, Auburn, Mulberry, and Yareas, to JeQaaxb, 30 a iles an 1 bark, once a week Lawrenc. ville Friday at 8 a m Arrive at .Jeff r?on fame day by 6 p m Leave Jeff-rson Snturdjiy at 8 a m Arrive at Ltwi\? ceville sa?e day by 6 p m 64W Frr m Lawrenctv.lle, by ^nwaanee, Siel o i ville, i-av?j Cretk, Cummi:.g, and Lew ??..n, to High Tower, 36 miles and back, twicwa week to 9l>eit?nville, and cncea week the r?j idue Leave La* rnce.ville Tuesday and Friday at C a m Arrive at Sue tonvilie aame day* by 11am Lea'e dh?l onville Tuesday atd Saturday ?t 1 p m Arrive a' Laxrenceville cams day ^ by 6 p m Leave >b?liO?vilie Friday at 12 m Arriae at ILgh Tow*r iame day by 7 p o Leare liigh lower Saturday at 6 a m Auive at ^heltoaville same day by 12 m 64i" Fr >m vlf unt Yocah, by Leo. tkit.V Alou-t.Vu. and Polkvilie, to Pi p ar Spring, 25 mil?3 *i.d back, on - a week. L<?are Mouut Yonah Saturday at 6 a m Arii?e at to lar Spring rjune day by 1 p m l^eeve Fo(l*r gpriuf 8?turdayat2 p m Arrive at MouLt Van?h tame day by W p ui 6158 Kr-m Mh ti, by Uitoy,randtown? Cam^-be 1 tuu, Dark Corner, Villa Uloa, and liickery I>evel, to '.'arrollc n, 00 miles and back, Un;? times a week. Leave Atlanti Monday, Wedneslay, and Tri-J y at 1*. m Arriv* *t Carroilton next da?s by 6 p m Leave Carroilton Sionday, Wedn-aday, and Fri day at 9 a in Arrive at At anU next days by 2 p m Propoeals to iuo by Flint Hill and Sand IH'.L Hick -ry L^vel.a e invited. 645b 1 rom 3sarietta, by Koswell, Lebanon, Fr.j,a houie. Big ere k. Cuiming, Coal Mount* o, CroaAile, anl Au aria, b? Dabloce^n. ? miles and b^ck, three times a week. Uave Marietta Monday, Wednesday and Fri day at 9 a m Arrive at Camming earns days by 7 pa Le?ve v ummiog Tuesday, Thursday, and ??tur u'ay at 7 am Arr ve at Dahlone?a satae daya by 3 p m L?ava Dahlooejia M.nday, Wednesday, and I'ri day at 8 a a Arriv* at Ju ic: n etme days by 5 p m Leave Cam i u * . undey, Thursday, and ."slur day at 6 ?* m Arrive at M rs^ .a < (?yc by 2^ p m 6430 jlati' ta, -j,; Mil, "a} and Wood-?ok, tj Caatcn *21 ju'e. ax u back, three time < a w?k. Leave Marietti Tuaiiay Ihuraday and Satur day at 7 % ai Arnve at Caa -me days by 1 p m Leave Canton MonJay, Wednesday, and Frxlay at 7 a m Arrive at Marietta same days by 1 p a 6iCi Fiom Marietta, by Powder Eprings, f ait Sprinar*, 17 miles aid bic\,twicea we?-k L<Miye Marietta lueeday and Friday at 7 ? ra Arrive at J*:-It ^prin?> fame days b7 12 ra Leave .-alt Kj rings 1 uesday aud Frida> at 1 p m Arrive at Marietoi^ams days by 6 p m 6162 From Marietta, by Los. Mouutaia, to D^'l is, 18 miles an i back, once a week. Leave 5Ioxiet'.a Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at D lias sam- day bv 7 p m L?aye Da'ias We<inesday at 7 a m Arrive at M^rfetta fame dav by p m 0463 From ^artaraviiie, by atil^aborS, to Van VV.-rt, iS mil's and back, twice a week. Leave Cartemviiie Tuesday and Friday at 9 k m Arnve at Van Wert ame days by 6 p m Leave Van Wert Monday and Thursday at 91 m Arrive at Cartersviile s*ma days by 6 p a 6464 Fr<m CaasviUa, by Little Prarie, ^ouor?, I'.^d bod. Free Bridge and Holly creek, to >pii ig Pl?ce, 3tf miles and back, onee a week. Leave Caa:vHe Saturday atttam Arrive at #pring P.ace f ame day by C p a Leave spring I laoe Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Cas*ville same day by C p m 6465 Frea Kingston to Rome, 18 3-5 miles and lrck, six times a week. Leave Kinjpton daily, *x*ept Funday, at 8 a a Arrive at Rome same diys by 9J a m Leave Kom?- lai y, except Sunday at 5 a n> Arrive at Kingston s?me days by 71 a m 6496 From He^aca, by Sn^ar Valley, Vi lan*n. :.a} fayette.and I ond Spring, to Friek's Qjp, JO miles and ba-'k, once a week. Leave Fe*a~a Friday at 0 a m Arrive at Frirk'sQap save dav by 7p a I eave Fr*rkV Gap Satur Jay at 6 a m Arrive at Re nca same day by 7 p m 6467 From King^eld, by Woo<l p station, to I tfty etta, 24 nri es and bark, a week. l.eaye Ringgold Monday pnd Thursday at 1 pns Arrive at Lafuyet'o same days by 8 p a Leave Laiayt tt* Monday and Thursday et5 am Arrive at bin/gold same days by 12 m 6466 From C&attun oga,Tenn.. by Rissville, Oa , to Pnek's Gap, 46 ui eeand tack,once awes'; Leav? Chattaaroga Wednesday at 8am Arrive at F/iCk*s Oapoaneday y 6 pm I>iaye Prick's Gap luevday a' 8 a m Arrive at Cbattancoga s?me day by 6 p m 646K From Chattanooga. Teon., t-> Head cf MrLe more's Cave, Oa^ and ba k, once a week. !'? Ifl'ri will stvte th? (listmce, and pmno ta schednV 6470 from L'fay*tt*by Fcrk fprtni and Hnow Hi'l to Kossville, 22 miles and back, ones a week * Leave Lalkyrtte Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Rosavi le same dav by 12 m Leave Rosrville Tuesday at 1 p m A'rive at Lafayette same day bv 8 p a 6471 From La'ayette by Chestnut P'ats to OorJon's Springs. 9 mile* and bsck, ones a week Leave Lafayette Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Oordon's Spring ? same day by 9 a m L-ave Cordon's 8prinfs Satnr >ay at 10 a ui Arrive at Lafayette same day by 1 p m 6472 Frtm Rome by Armuchee, Dlrttown, Moan Hickory, Summurville and Tri n Faetory to Litky-tt* 4t miles and back, twice a w?*k L-ave Rgme Monday and Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at labjntte tan* days by 7 p a Leave Lafayette Wednesday and Friday at 5 a m Arrive at Kom* rame days by 7 p m 647J From Rrme by Vann's Valley and lAke ^reek to Cedartown, 20 milts and back, three mass a week l>eav? Rome Mon-lay, Wednrsdty anl Fii'ay at 3 t m Arrivs nt Csdxrtown rame davs by 10 p m L ave Cedartown Monday, We Ids day snl Fri day at 6 a m Arrive at Borne sam* day by It m 6474 From Rome by Thomas's Mills, Cedar Creek. Oceola, Alv, ard Howell's Cress Roads to Csn* t ra, 40 n. lee and back, once a week Leave R m ? Friday at & a m . Arrivs at Centre day by 7 p m l^eave Centre ^atmday at 5 a m Arriv# at Rjbi- same day by 7 p m oi.i rroa C??Urtcwn PuiiipkinkiL, 8 m '.es vn l back, ?acc n ^ar?k I eav- Cedartown Frldty at 2 o m Amve at Turn;kijp li same ur by See Leave Ifumykinptli Fr day at 1 i a m If rive at Cedartown raaeday by 1 p m 6470 From Palmstto bj County Uoe an! Oda* Branch to River Town, 23 alln and beeSr onoe a week teave Palmetto Friday at 0 a m Arrive a^ River Town same diy hr 18 m Lmitb ElwrTown Friday at 1 p m Arrivs at Palmetto tarn) day by T p m 6477 Fr"?m Niwaan by Scluda to Kklron, 12 *H?? and ba:k. twfc.a week ^ mN**r"in VVed08id*y and Satsrday at 11 Arrive at KiJroa tame days bj 2pm LeeTe Kidion ifedneeday and Satarday at 7 a m Aariva at Newnan wtte d?y? by 10 am 0478 tr?m Newnan hy Lodi, Rnt&eHbrd, Bowea til I* and Tall Pirn to Carroll con, 27 mile* aad back, onci a weak L?ave Newnan Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Carmllcon same day by 6 p m L-ava Oarrollton Friday at 8 a m AttiW at Newttan name day by 6 p m| 8478 From Newton by Willow Grovs and Corinth to Ashbury,20 miles and back, iwicea we*k L?vra Newnan Tueid y aLd Friday at 6 a m Arrire at Asbury same days by 12 m L*aTe Asbary Tuesday ?t?d Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Newtan Flme days by 7 p m 6480 rrom Newcan by Rio and Enon Grove to Franklin, 21 mile* and bark, onoe a week Ltave Newnan Wednesday at C< a m* i Arrire at Franklin name day by 12 m Le?vs Franklin YVedn-eday at 1 p.m Arrive at New a* n sam-dny by 7 pifaa 6481 From Newann by Paria, Location and Har al*n to ?ri?, 20 mi ea and back, once a week L ara Newnan ?a'nrday at 8 a m Arrive at Krin earn* day by 6 p m L?ave 1 rin Friday at 8a m Arrive?t Newnan a use day by 8 pm * 64S2 ? rom L^ Grange by ONeaTe Mill*, Cochran's Cr?n Romji, liiAiltot and Castalato Col am bin, 45 mil>w and ba^k,daily Lemve La U .-vnge da ly at VJ a m Arrive at Columbus fata*- days by 9| p m L?ave C, lumbus dally at 8 a m Arrire at La Orat g* dayaby 8pm 0433 From La Grange by Vernon, *ntioch, W? had kee, Ala., R^ck Mi 1) and Roanrke to Wado wee, ? 6 mile and tack, onoe ? week L^ave La Ur?n*? Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Weedowea next day by 0 p m Leave We*do?eeTharsd?y at 8 a m Arri>e at L* Grang* r?xt da? by 11& m 6484 From La Grange by Houston to FratkUn, ti miles and tack, twice a week L-are LaQraageTu aday and Saturday at 1 pa Ar ve at Franklin nam a dayeby7pm liftave Franklin Tu-s )ay aud Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at La Orange name days by 12 m ft'Sft From Villa Uica to Van Wert, 21 m lea and bark, onoe a we??k L'are Vil a Ric? Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Van Wert Dame day by 12 m L? are Van Wert Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Villa Rica tame day by 7 p m 0488 Fr m Villa Rica, by Pu*npkin Vine aad Dal Its, t> Hunteviile, 20 sil?s and back, a week. Leave Villa Rica Monlsy at 6 a m at Huntsvillj Fami day by 12 m L*ave Huntsville Monday at 1 p m Arnva ?t Villa nica same day by 7 p m 64o7 From Villa Fia, by Burnt Stand. Crpp-T Hill, Tallapoosa, Oak LjvpI, Ala, and lUbblt Town, to J.ckeonviLe, GO miles and back, o ce a week. L*avc Villa Rica Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Jacksonv 11 j next d?y by 6 p m LeiVrt Jacksonville Friday at 8 a m Arri?e a^ Villa Kica next day by 0 p m M 8 From Villa Rica by Long Le?f and Etna, to Cedartown, 32 miles and bak, ones a wark. Le%v* Villa bic-t Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Cedartown fame day by ti p m Leav* Cedartown Tue day at 7 a m Ariive at Villa Rica fam? day by 6 p m 489 Fnm Villa Rica io Flitt 11:11,6 milee and lack, once a week Leave Villa kica Weiu?eday at 10 a m Ar? ve at Flint Llill tam?> day by 12 m Leave irlint Llill We lnes-lay a' 7 a m Arrive at Villi l.ija asm* day by 0 a m 6490 From C*; roilt >n, by Laurel Uill and Union Mill*, to Frankl u, 57 miles and baok, once a week L?aveCarrelltcn Wednesday at 6am Arrive <it Franklin same day by 6 p m Leave Franklin Thomlay at 6 a m Arrive at Carrolltcn name diy by 6 p m 64?1 From GreenvilK by Farnrer'.J,"White Sulphur ^Springs, King's Gap, and Goodm n's Crow lU-ads. f) Co:hran> Croe? Roads, 24 miles and baok, twice a ne k Greenville Wednesday and Saturday at 6 a m Arrivjat C.cbrau'# Crow Roads sa me days by 12 m Leave Co.hran's Crow Roads Wednesday and Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Greenville fame day* by 8 p m 6492 From Greenville to Warm Springs, 12 mil*' and back, twice a week in J una July, and Augu.-t, and once a week the reridoe of th? year. From l?t Jane to 81 tt Ararat. L'java Greeivi'le Wednesday and Saturday a1 Hi am Arriv- at Wa:m Springs ?ame days by 3 p m Leav? Warm Springs Wtdn??lay aad Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Greenville same days hy 11 a m From 1 ti .5'epttnlxr to 31 tt Ifiy. I>eare Greenville Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Wtrrn Springs same day by 11 a m Leava Warm SpriQgs Saturday at 11| a m Arrive at Greenville sam- day by 2 p m 0493 Frem GreenviUe, by Woodbury and Magda lena, to Pltatant liill, 27 milts snd back. onc? a week Lear? Greenvill* Frilay at 8 a m at Pl#a^ant dill same day b7 5 p m L-'aVe Pleasant Hill Saturday at 8 a m Arriv* at Green vil e tame Jav by ft p m 641)4 From Jones's Mills, by iocky Mount, to Tolly. It mil-* and back once a wee*t L*ave Jon<-*'a Mdls Saturday at Sam A: rive at llolly arme day by l'2m Leave liollf Sk ur lay at 1 p m Arrive at J we*. Mil's ?am<? day by 5 p m d9j From Plea*aut llill, by^llevje, Klutf^p la**, H?v.*'ly Hell, and bUcrsTille, to Columbus, 40 mdes aiid back; twjje a week L?'*v? Pleasant Hill Wednesday and Saturdiy at 7 a m Arrive at Columbus same days by 6 p m L"?ve Columbus Tut- ?day ana Friday at 7 a m Arrive at fl'.-MantUi i same days by 5 p m 64% From Knoiville by HoiewMl, to Jta'S' llriile, )2 mil's an't back, tncea week LcaTeKnoxvi ki waturlay stS a m Arrivf%t t U5'? 'lviJI? rame day by 12 m lx>ive KufarllvilleSatanlayat 2p m Arrive nt Rnoxville rame d*y by 8 p m 6487 From Knoxtitlato Hammock'-, Ca'lo dm, and Waynmansv.l e, to Thomaaton, mile' and b ck, twice a we*k Leav?< Knoxv-lle Mooday and Friday at9 a m Arrive at TLomM.on Kami dayaby 6pm L?ave Tbomas'.on Tuesday and Saturday at C am Arrive at Rnoxville same day* by 4 p m 6596 Frem Knoxvill.*, by H!rk<?ry (In'c, Uoo^ns vlll?, Oursotr ville, Fratrs'jurg, ard Centre, to Telbottan, 'Si mll#<8 ind b ick cnee a week L*?ve Kcoxv lie Wcdneida- at 6 a m Arrivs at T*liott. u Ftn;e dsy by 7 p m Leave Talbot on Tbura Jtiy at 6am Arrive at Knosvllle same day by 7pm 6493 From C<l unlus, hy C ttaga Mill, /aiBes'own, Baonaha rh^. Lunpkin, <'uthburt, and Cot ton Hill, to Fcrt Ga:n?s, 79 milaa and back, three t.m*fl a ww-k Leave Ocl no bur Tuesday, Thursday and Situr day, at 4 a m Arriv* at Frrt Gaines same (fays by 12 night L?-avelort Gaines Monday, Wednesday and Fri day. at 4 a m Arrive at Columbus rame days by 1U night 6000 From Coluiubu*, hy Piedmon*, Mu'berry Grove, Mountain llill, and W hitwvfll>!, to We*t Pbint, HO ml'as and back twice a waek Leave Columoua Tu oday and Friday, at 6 a m Arrive at Weit Point same days by 6 p,m L-ave W?st Point \Ve'n*siay and Saturday at 6am Arrive at Columbus saTjf days by 6 p m 8501 Fruai Fort Gainea, by blikely. Pine Ridge, M-am Mill, and Argyle, to Chattihoocfcee, Fla, 78 milts and be?k, twice a week Leave Fort Ga'nes Welneiday and gatarday at lpm Arriv*at Chattahoochee n^xt days by 8 p m Leave Chattahoochee Tuesday and Friday at 6 am Arrive at Fort Gaintfa next days by 12 m Fbr lint of pottmatttrt a/? Georgia atUAon-fxt to otr* tx/y to t)u lumoimcy of guarantor t, tot* Imbrue tiont" anmtmod. FLORIDA. Biddert are nested to examine carefuUy the in itructfyns, farms of proposal cfc., attached to this advertise nent. 6801 From Charleston, 8 C, by Jacksonville, FU' Mandarin, Magnolia Mills, Mid Jle >vrg, Piso lata, and Orange Mills, to P latkalOO in ilea and back, twiek a ?e>k Leave Charleston Tu.*.!a.v and Saturday at 3 pm Arrive at Jacksonville naxt '1 ays by 12 m Laave Jacksonville Wednesday and bundiiy at 12 m Arriv* at Pilatka next days by 6 a m Law Pflatka Monday and Thuroday at 8 a m Arrive at Jaokaonvtile next days by 3 ? ci Leave Jacksonville Tuesday and Friday at 4 a m Arrive st Charleston nc 11 day a by 10 a m Rid * to extent to Welaka are invit'd 6;02 From Jaoksonville, by Barter'?, Allies tor, L'ttle River, Mlneial Springs. Oclanbaa, Madison, Sandy Pord, aud Alontlcello, to TalUhak-'ee, 191 milea and back, twice a week. Leave Jauk-wjnville Fund y anl Wednesday at 7 pin irriva at Tcllnhas ee lc 48 bcurs. by 7 p m Lewa,TalU|?(fea runday ard V4 &dn?iday at 8 'am * Arrive at Ja?-knonvllle in 14 h >ui?, b; San 88W From 8t Aaguitiae to Pioolata, It mils* wd b*et. frurtimee a week Lf?ve 8t Aa?usiice Sunday and Weineadsy it i 8 am ud IS m Arrive it PMtti mm day by 1 p m Ml 5 pa L^?ve Pi-olata Moid*/ and ThorMay at 6 a a and 12 m, Arrive at ftt Augustine na? teji by 11 ? a ?ad i pm ?801 From Pilatka, by Orange Springs, Qtup ?B*er Oeala, Oamplaard, An Bjta, Pierccvill*. Me'.endea, ud Fart Tay . to Tampa, 169 mllea aod back, twiee a weak Leave Pilatka Monday and Thnraday at 7 a a Arrive at Tamp* next Wednesday and Satar day by 4 p m Leave Tampa Monday and Thursday itt n Arrive at Pilatka next Wednesday and Satur day by 10 pm Proposals to omit Silvr Fpgng will bo cn sldareJ. 6806 From Pi'atka, by Welaka, Volusia, and Kb tarpr ra,to M> Hot) villa 1*0 milel and back, ?nee a week, in steamboat l*ave Plla ka Monday at 8 a m Arrive at M? lonvLle oaxt day by 11 a m Lire Mellon ville Tuesday at 1 pm Ardva at Pilatka next day by 3 pm Bids to commence at Welaka are iu vital 6836 From Knte? prise to New Smyrna, 30 miles and back, once a week Leave Enterp-fse To adsy st 6 a m Arrive a( New Smyrna suae day by 6 p a Leave New Smyrna Mocd-ty ?t 6am Arrive at Rntrpiiee same day by 6 pm 0 07 From New Smjrni to Iodlan Biver, ISO miles and back, twioea mon'b Leava New Smyrna on the 1st and 3d Wednes days of each m nth Arrive at Indian River in 6 days Leave IidUn River on the 2d and 4th Satur days of e?eh min'h Arriv a at New Smyrna hi six days 6808 Pr >m 'ndian River, by Miami, 189 miles and baek, once a month Leave Indian Kiver oa the let Friday of each nmnth Arrive at M'aml in 6 days Is?ve Miami on theSU Friday of aaoh month Arrtve at lndi ?n River in 6 days 6809 From Key West to Miami, 200 miles and baek once a month Leave Key West on the 8th of each month Arrive ht Miami by the 13th Leave Miami on the lvtb of each month Arrive at Key West by the24lh 6810 From Newnansvilla by Fort Clark, Waca heotie, Micanopy, Flemlngton, and Newton, to Orala, 67 mil?e and back, twice a wetk, supplying Wacahootie only on the return tr'pon Frilay, and omitting Micanopy on , that trip Leave Neenan ville Wednesday and Sunday at 7 am Arriv - at 0;ala next days by 10 a m Ijearc Ocala Thursday anl Monday at2 p m Arrive at Newnannvilie next days by 8 p m 6811 Prom Newnan vile, by Ellisvills and Provl deaca, to Alligator, 40 miles and back, twioa a week Lea a Newnansvilla Thursday and Satarday tX 9 am Arrive at Alligator i am* days by 8 p m Leave Alienator Tuesday and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Newnanavllle rame days by 5 p m 6812 Frtra Nawnanevilte. by at Louis, to New River, Si miles and back, once a week Leave Newnao< ville Thursday at 1 p m Arrive at New Rive"'earn* day by 8 p m Leave bew River Thuraday at 6 a m Arrive at Newnansviile same day by 12 m 6818 Pr m Newnapville. by Tustenng^e, San'a Fe, Clay Lln!in/, Wacisaara, and Loig Poi?t, to Ataena Otie, 119 miles and back, once a week Leave Newnansv'.l'e Wednesday it 7 am Arrive at AtfenaOtie next Saturday by 8 m Leave Atsena Otie Saturday at 11 a m Arrive at Newnansvil;e next Tuesday by 8 p m 6314 Fr m Newnan-vWe, by Fort Harlee, to Mid d!evurg, 60 mlW act back, cnce a we?k. Leave fiewnansville Wedn?-day at *2 m Arrive at Mlddleburg next day by 0pm Leave Mlddleburg Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Newnansville next day by 11 a m Bids f>r semi weekly service will be eon si lered 6S16 From New River to Middlcbnrg, 30 mllet and back, once a week I-ear* Now Kiver Wednesday at 7 a m Arriv ? at Mlddleburg sams day by 7 p m Le?ve Mlddleburg Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at New Kiver Mine day by 7 p ra 6816 Prom far/'s Ferry to Port Harlee and back, onae a wee t Bidder-) will r.tate the distance and propose a scb<-dul4 of df>partur3s and arrivals 6817 From Alligator, by Durham and Oiustee, to New Kiver, 46 mile* and baek, onoea week Leave Alligator Friday at 6am Arrive at New liiver Mime day by 10 p m Leave New K'ver Saturday at 6 a ra Arrive at Alliga'cr same day by 10 p m 6318 From Alligator, by Suwannee Shoals, to Biouvt's Ferry, 3? miles and back, once a Leave Alligator Friday at 5 a ra Arrive at Blount's Ferry same day by 6 p m Lejve Blount's Ferry Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Alligator same (lay by 6 p m 6819 From Aldgetor, by White Sprrace. Ja*per, Belleville Jeoni*gs, Ch-rry Lake, Hamburg, and Clifton, to Montic.-llo, 96 mllea an * back odo-j a week L'ave Allgator Monday at 2 p m Arrive at Monticwllo next Wednesday by 9 p ra l?av* M n icello Ihunday at 6 am Arrive at Alligator next Saturday by 1 p m Bide for semi weekly service will be considered 6820 From Orange Springs, by Morrison's Mills and Fort Crane, to Micanopy, 28 miles and back, twice a week Leave Orange Springs Tuesday and Friday at 4 a m Arrive at Mteanopy same days by 1 p m L;ave Micancpy Tuesday aad Friday at 2 p m Arrive at Orange Springs sam^ days by 10 p m G821 FromO ala, by Long riwam?, to A lamsville, M miles and back, onrea week Leave Oeala fraturi'ay at 6 a m Arrive at Alamsvdl-t fame day by 6 p m Leave Adam ville Friday at 6 a u Arrive at Ocala same day by 6 p m 6822 From Aiara villa, by Puis Borcu?h aod Lake Griffin, to Fert Butler, 60 miles aad ba?k, once a week Loave Adam .ville Friday at 3 p m Arrive at Forr Buticr next day by 7 p m L*ave Fort Butler Thursday at 8 a m Arrive at Adamsvllle n'lt day by lx m 6825 From Aug??ta o Ilcmosasea, 12 miles and back, twice a week Leave Augoeata Wednesday and Satarday at 8 a m Arrive at Hoiuosuca fame days by IS a Leave Hcmotassa Wednesday and Saturday at Arrive at Augus'a same days by 6 p m 6804 From Melendes, by Cedar Tree, to Fort Dade, 21 miles ana Iacx, once a week. Leave Melendes taturday at 1 p m Arrive at Fort Dade lama day by 8 p m L*ave Fort Da :e Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Mi lendei same day by 12 m 6826 From Pk-reevllle, by Springfield, to Day Port, 16 miles au J back, ouce a week. It ave Pierceville Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Bay Port same day by 12 ra Leave Bay Port Saturday at 1 p m Arnvj &c e samo day by 7 p m 6826 From Homorafsa, by ?."rys;al Kiver. to Long Pond, 40 miles and back, once a week. Leave Homoeas a Friday at 2 p m Arrive at L >ng Pond next day by 6 p m Leave Long lV>nd i hurtday at 6 a ra Arruaat llomorassa rext day ty 12 m Bids io extend to Cl?y Lauding will bs consid* ered 6827 From Tampa to 3!anatee, 42 miles and back, once a wet k Leave Tampa Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Manatee next day by 12 m Leave Manatee Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Tampa next day by 6 p m (1828 From Tampa to Old Taunpa Bay, 30 miles and ba-k, once a week Leave Tampa Monday at 6 a m Arrive at old Tampa Bay same day by 6 p to Leave Old Tampa Bay Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Tampa same day by 6 p m 68S9 From Tampj, by Kennedy's store, to Lche puckesassa, 30 miles and back, cnce a week. Leave Tampa Thursday at 7 a hi Arrive at Ioh?huckerHssa sun* day by 6 p m Leave Iohepuckaria:*a Wedne day at 7 a m Arrive at T&mott sameday ry 6 p m 8880 From Iehepncke3asaa te J<rnigm, 62 m ias tfml back, once a Week. I<eave lch?puek'sa>-e* Friday at 6 a m Arrive st Jrrnigan next day by IS m Leave Jernican Saturday at 1 cm Arrive at Ichepoekesisea next day by fi p m 6831 From Melloavllle to Jernljan, 9) miloe and tack once a week. Leave Mellonville Tues lay at 12 m Arrive at Jernigi-n asm* d*y by 8 p m Leave Jernigan Wedneeday at 7 a m Arrive at M'HonvUlc s?me day by 4 pm 6832 From Tallaha see, r y > ewport, to St Marks, 33 miles and baek, three tim?s a week. Leave Tallahassee Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 a m Arrive at St Marks same days by I p m Leave e>t Marks Tuesday, Ihuraday, and Satur day at 7 a m Arrive at Tallahassee sams days by 1 p m 6813 From TallabaMee, by Mionsnkie, to Bucker'a BU1?28 miles snd tack, twk > a week. Lesro 1 allahaFsee Monday aad Wednesday at 6 am Arrive at Bunker's Hill same days by 6 p m Laave Bunker's Hill Tueeday and Thursday at t Arrive at Tallahassee asaa days by A n a 6831 f r. m Tallaharsee to Waukeenab. 18 itifi baok, twioe a week, '-??v? Tallahassee Moodty and Wadneaday at 0 am Alriva at Waukeenah samo days bv 12 m L?ve Waakee&ah Monday and Wednteday st ipu ? - ? Arriva at Tallahassee same daya by 7 p m Arrire st WkUw next dav by 12 ? Lwvi Wilkw Tbnndiy at 1 p m Ah-tte at Taltehaseee out day by t p * MSB From TsPshs?s, by Moose Bee*]*.'* the Telsgss river, to ftfcHeyaville, u4 Wet, nn IVMt. Bidden will ?tata Um distance and propose a . iA-nlale. _ MIT From Btillep'* to flibollovay, 30 mites h bid, once a Lsave Stfl'sfiea M n<t*y rtSam Arrirs at Flaho lows] ray seme My by IS m Leave Flnhol oway Monday ?U?b Arrive at iti'l-pk* mm oar by 8p m 6839 From Madi?m, by Charles Mill*, Chart* F*r ?, a ad New Buton, to Clay Landing, 90 miles and bMk, mea a weak Leave Madison Monday at 7 a m Arrive at OUy Utdin( aiaxt Weinseday by C p m Leave Clay Landing Thnraday at 7 a in Arrive at Madison next Baterday by 0*p m 6S39 From Madison. by Hoaabarg and Clifton. ?o GroversvlHe, Ga., 30 mil** an* back, oace a week Lear# Madison Monday at 6 a m Arrlva at QrorersvNle same day by C f m Leave Grpver<rill? Tcsday at 0 a m A*rl?it Madum acme day by 6 p m M40 From Waukeenah by Veaatoy, MONiv f?'l aad Stilkp'ca to Malison, 52 milei and back, o*ce a wa?k Leavu Waukonah Thursday at C a m Arrive at Madison same day by 6pm Leave Mails n Friday a: 6 a tn Arrive at Waukeanah eama day by 6 p m 6341 From Quiacy to Cba'.'ahoccbee, 21 miles an* bark, taree ttmaa a w?ek Issare Qiincy Monday, Wednesday and Friday vt 7 am Arrive at Chattaboocbe fame days by IS m Leave Cattahoocbee Tue?day, Thursday an J B atwrday at 7 a m Arrive at Uaiucy Mae days t y 12 in Bids to commence at Tallaha?e*sre invited. 6841 From Ba'.nbri Jge, Ga , by Chattaboocbe 11.?., Ccbeaee, West Vinton Ri Jlevcvllle, R ck e's Bluff, Iola aad fort Oadslen to Apelacbuo la, 2o? miles and bark. three timet a ?i k from the 16th October to ltth Jane of ? l? year, and twice a week the residue, in fir t class fteam boats, wita the privilege of u?n? two bor e coacbea from B&inbriige to Chaita hoocha when the river it too Ijw for naviga tion. From 16Lh October to loth June. Leave Ba abridge Tueiday, Thunday and Sat a:day at Sp m Arrive at Apalachlcola next Wednesday end Friday at 4 p m, aad M onday at 11 a m leave Apalacbic la tuadey, Tuetday .and Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Bainbridge rext days by Sam From 15th June to 1 btA October. Leave Bainbridge Tuesday aad Batarday at 3 P* Arrive at Apalachieola n*xt days by 4 pm. Lave Ap&laSbi'xla Monday at 10 a m and Wednesday at 10 p m Arriv; a? Bainbridge neit Tuesday by II a m, and Thursday by 10 p m 0843 From C;tnt aboo:hee, by Marianna, Crowe'l. Campbelltoa. U?n*vo, Ala. Anderson's Mill, Fla~ Geatsville, Almirtnte, Milton, and Jk>r? idatovn, to l'>n.j?c. It, 200 milrs and b-vk, twice a w?ek Leave ChaUahoo:hee Tuerday and Baturd'y *t 8pm Arrive at Penssoola next Friday and Tu?M j by 4 p m Leave l*enanrola Tu'sday and Friday at 8 a ci Arrive at Ch?tUhoochee next Thursday au-1 Hunday by S p in 6844 From Apala h cola, by Chattahrochee, to Co tumbus, Qx.. and back, one; a week. Bidders will ftate tie d ftance, name interme diate ofBee*, and prrp-se ? ecbedala 6?45 From Marianna by Oranfe Hill. Ver oa, Doug'assville, and Knox Hiii to Uchfe Ant.a, G4 mil* s and back, onoe a week L**v<4 Mariaana Thorsdxy at e a m Arrive at Uch'ee anna next day by 6 p m Leave t'ohae Anna Tueslay at 6 a m Arrive a*. Marianna next day by 7 p m bids tar femi-Teekly service will be oonsi V r?d. 6846 From West Winton, l-y Aspen Orove. to Abe Bpriog, 22 miles an 1 back, onc?> a week tasve Weet WlTton Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Aba rii?K same day by 12 m Lave Abe Spring Moud-y at 1 p m XVrive at Wt-t Winton same day by 8 p m , CS47 Fr.<m Varnoti toBt Andres's iay, 45 mile* and back, once a week * Leave Vernon Frilay at 6 a m Arrive at 8t Andrew's Bay aarae day by 8 m Leave 8t Andrew's Bay Saturday at 6am Arrive at Vernon same day by 8 p m 9848 From Milton, by Coon Hid, Nathans* il!*s, Ala , and fort Oiawf. rd, to Pparta, 70 mil^t and back, once a week Lomve Milton Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Bparta next dayby 6pm Leave Bparta Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Milton aext day by 6 p m i 6849 From Mi ton, by En*t Kiver and AJaqua. to Ucbee Anna. 89 miles and back, oooe a we-k L^ave Milton Wednesday atfi a m Arrive at Cchee Anna next Frid?y by 10 p m Leave TTebee Anna Saturday at (i a m Aniveat Milton next Monday by 6pm Bids for eemi weakly service will be coosid-red 6860 From Pensaoola. by Plakely, Ala., t? Mob la, 57 and hack, daily L*ave Prnsacola dai,y at 12 m Arrive at Mobile next day by 6 a m Leav? Mobile daily at 7 a m Arrive at Petuaoola nrxt days by a m 6S61 From Pensaccla to Warrirgtoo, \t miles and back dai'y Leave Penmco!a daily at a m Arrive at Warringtoa same day by CJ a m Leave Warrington daily at 7 a m Arnvn at Pet ravda same day by 10 a ni 6802 From New Or eans I>a, by Pensaoola, FH., Arpdla^hiiola, St Marks, Cedar Key, T*m pi ar.d Mana tie, to Key West, 1.0G0 icil* ?nd back, twice a montb. in steamboats Leave New Or eacs on the 10th and 24thcftach month Arrive at K*y West on tbe 20th and 4th Loave Key West on tbe 10th ar.d il'h t f each month ^' . Arrire at New Orleans oa fSe 20th aad 4th Mrr list of p?stmcu(>-rtin FUrrida aut'iorivi to certi fy to the tulficmncy of guarantors, see '? ln<:mc ttont'' annex d. INSTRUCTIONS f\rrm of a proposal vhere no chingt /rem aivn tise ment u contemplated by the bidder. I? ? f of , county of , State of , propose to oonvey the mailt from Ju y 1, 1855, to June 30,1859, onrnnte Mo , lr>m to . egreenbly to the ad rer'isement ot *he Postmaster General, rfated January li, 1866, and br the following nrds of conr yance, vis: for thn annual sus of dollars Thia proposal is mad* with full knowlod/e ofthe diatanoe o. thi roare, tbe weight of tbe mail to be carried, and si! other paiticulars in reference te tbe routs and service, and alio after full examination of the instructions and requirements attactud to tbe advertise m nt. Datod [Signed.] Fbrm of a Guaranty. The undersigned, resiling at , State of U' dertake that, if ihs foregoing bid for carrying the moile on route No. ? be a ctp el by tbe PotJin .s ter General, the bidder shad,prior to tbe 1st day of July, 1*56, or as soon tber?af er as may b?, enter into tbe requirsd obligation to perform the service proposed, with geed and rofflcieot sureties. This we do with a ful knowledse of the ob;iga tiona and liabilities assumed by guarantors und-r the 37th esctlen of the act cf Congress of July 2 1836 Dated [Signed by two guarantors.] Form of Certificate. The und'rswned, postmaster of , Ftate of , certifies under hia o?th of office, that he ia acquainted with the ab,ve guarantors, and knows them to be men cf property, and able to make good their guaranty ? Dated [Signed.] The sufficiency of guarantors on proposals may be certified by a judge o? a court of reocr J, and bv poitr ?asters at the tollow ng po t offices, and no oik>n ? Inthe State of VlitaiblA, postmasters of offices at the court house or ooanty eeat of each coun.v ? K?k^ty Bpringa, berryvilU, Beth Bridgeport, Brownaburg, Bcckban non, Ohnstbuaburg, CUrksville, Columbia, (an ^|!}e' y".T" ' FairmountjFaJmoutl^Parm OMliSll fl 'S.'* GortSonevUle wrelgsTille, Qura^do te, Barter's Ferrv rimk. Middleburg, Lynchburg, Morganf>wB New bra Uin fl^ rr 8t*Pfc^"bMg. Sorth Mcon P?tl'r >?nr5 ' O^l a1*1 CuOlf0rl' PittOBS^Urg. r ' Salem, SccttsvUe, Bhepherdsuw.. i uT V.rgiois, Uppervi le, Warsaw, Spri^i' ' Hayo-,b*ro'? Westcn, WhiU Bulpi.^ Cumberland, Frederick, and Ua gwseowB, Md; Uniontown and Waahimrtcn. P*. ^loiintcville, lenn^ Waahiugton and Goorgetoarn, In the SUte of WORTH CAROLINA, paymasters cf offises at the court hou?s or count * eeat of each ??1ajntJj *nd at Chapel Hill, Oa vide on College, Kn fla d Payettevill*. Franklinton, Gaston, Gaddsb ire' Greensb: ro*. Henderson, Kecans'ille, Milton, Mm* fteesboro,' Oxlord, Ba\am, Be tlaod Neck, Wil iama ton, Yanoeyvil e. In the 8tau of SOOTH CAROLINA, postmost-rs ofofflcta at the c">ur^bou*e or seat of justice ol ?ach district, and at Aiken, Bennettevitle, Bishonvi le BlacksvlUe, Chsraw, Cckesbury, Conwayboro*, Im Wert Corner Oeahamevll e, Granitevii;- IUmburw. Mar's BlaS, PendleU-D. Society Hill, Statrburc ??tervtUef WaiUrb W, Wumb^, Ya'. hlSk?3? Knoxvlile, Ten 4 Clayton, Ga. rJ* 'ha iUta of Q K1 iRQ I A, postmasters cf effirea at tbe court house or eounty-seat ot each couatv ? , Mi .t MdrrllU, 41b..,. Qartavrllfe, FrankHn, Fort Wml Or tnrvflls, IbAh Ipringa, Montr fun a, Mary's, Hoctol Ctre??, Mom 1 Starknlla, Ttutl Hill, Wnyassrl 11#. Wsat Point, 1? npiBiwv, Udomi and Beaton, Trnn ; CMktra, (Mote, WmA* was, and Jirkf?Tlll?, Ala. In tbf tet? of FLORIDA, . at th? ronrt boai* or coat; M*t ?f ? ?od at Appt'tchleoU, Mk-aacpy, Bsilwilto, 0m? bill'oti, J*'per, JfoalBti, Miidtrin, Mos?lj ItU, Newport, Nee Smyrna, rvolato, ftmpa. Uehs ABM Oca la, /Ilatka, Quiarj, Vatrinflea. QmdUvmt t* JV irwpmrUM in <V rrtent On Department mcy i 1. minutes *r? slVwed t*? each it ?f? oflw, ?b(? not otlMrvlw lyHM, tor i the nail*; Hut m rsilro-d an<l st ram boot there i# to be bo mere delay than Is ?ufflc?ect ft* tft exchange of the mall bag*. 2. On rout?? where the moJe of oonseyanc* i ?f ft, the special agents of the Impertinent, post oflW Manks, mail bar*, bHts and k*ys, ars to be con re red without extra char?*. S. On rallrsad and steamboat tinea. British ?d Canada mails. whan oriered are to be sooveysd with out addition* I pay; also, the route agents of U?e De partnieut, fur whose exclusive uv while travailing with the wails, a < '>mmodi<<u> < ar, or apartment In I ha centre of a far. properly lighted. a armed, and furnished, srd adspt-d to the convenient inwi fsnt and due security of the mall*, I* to be provided bp the contractor, ui?d?r tbf di ration at tba Deport ment. 4. No par will be made far tripe nc t performed; and tor each of aucb omto?fc>as not satimactorilp ex plained three times the par of the trip may be deducted- For arrivals to fir behind time mm' connexion with depending malfs, and Bot*aflrWitlj excused, one f nrth of theeompensnttoa for tba trip if subject to forfr-itnre Deduction taay also be or dered for a (Trade of f*?*rt ?rmao?* inferior to Chat specified in tbe contract. Forrepeattddelinqcn aeiw of tba kind herein si>e< l!W, rnUrpd iieultiN, pro portioned to the nature tb?>r*>>r aM the impottaaet of the mail, mar be made. 6. Tor leaving behind or throwing off tba motto or nay portion of ttiem (or the a>lt? lesion at paassagva, or for being concerned in vetting up or ruaaing an express conveying commercial intelligence ahead of tbe mail, a quarter'* pay map be d*lucted. 6. Fine* will be impoaed, unless the delraqaeacy be promptly and satisfactorily explained by certifi cates ot postmasters, or the affidavits of other crad itable peraena, for failing to arrive in contract time, for neglecting to teke the mail from, or deliver It into, a post office; Fullering it (owing either to the unsuitableDess of the place or manner of earning it) to be injured, lestr yed robbed. or lost; and for refusing, after demand, to convey the mall as fre qnentlj a? the contractor run*, or h concerned in running, a coach, car. er steamboat on a route. 7. Tbe Postmaster General may annul the contract for repeated failure* to run agn-eabiy to eoatzaet; for disolwyingthe post office laws, or the Instrac tions of the Departmfct; for refusing to discharge a carrier when required by the Department to do so; for assigning the contract without the assent of the Postmaster General: fot running an sxpressns ? Mid; or for transporting persons or pockagm veving a ailabls matter out of the moil. 8. The Postmaster General may order aa ii cf service on a route by allowing therefor a p*o rota on the contract pay. lie may change fhe schedule of arrival* and departures, without in.Tewe of pay, provided he does not curtail the amount of dunning time. He mey also order an increase of speed, hie allowing, within the iati In tions of the law, a pro rata inrtvsse of pay for the additional stock or carriers, if any. Tbe contractor may. however, in the case of in<*rease of speed, re linquish the contract by giving prompt aottos to the Department that he preferadotnr ao to rarrytag the order into effect. The Postmaster General map also ?urijtil or discontinue the service, at pre rata d* cr?*se of pay. allowing one month'a extra coa pensation on tbe amount dispenaed with, wheosver In his opinion the public interests do not require tba aame. or in case he desires to supersede it by ? dUw> ent grad? of transportation. 9. I'aymects will be made for the service by soileo ti? os from, or drafts on postmaster*, or otherwise, after the expiration of each quarter?aay in Pebro ary. May, August, and November. 10. The distances are given according to the beet Information; but no increased pay will be allowed should they be greater than advertised, if the potato to be supplied be correctly stated. Bidden mart in form themselves cn thi* roint. 11. The Postmaster General is prohibited by tow from knowingly making a contract for the transpor tation of the mail* with any p?*rson who shall have entered into, or pr^posrd to cnte; into, any combina tion to prevent tbe making of eny bid for ? moll contract by any other person or persons, or who shall have made any agreement, or thall have given or performed, or promised to give or perform, any oonaiderauon whatever, or to do or not to do any thing whatever, in order to induce any other person or person* not to b.d for a mail contra* t. i'articular attention if- called to tbe 2?th section of tbe ?ct ef 1838, prohibiting combinations to prevent bidding. 12. A bid reoejved after time, via: 3pm of the 10th *pril, 1856, or without the guaranty required by law, or that combines several rr utes in one sam of compensation, cannot be considered in competition with a regular nroposal reasonable in amount. 13. Bidden should, in all cases, first prepcaa for service strictly according to the advertisement, and then, if they desire, tejmrultly for different service ; and if the regular bid be the lowest offered for tbe advertised service, the otlier bids m?j be considered; if the alterations proposed are recommended by the postmasters and citisens interested, or if ther shall appear manifestly right and proper 14 Then should be but one route bid for hi a proposal. 15. The route, th? service, the year'y pey, the nj-me and residence of tb? Lidder, and those of rerh member of a firm, where a company offers, should be distinctly stated, also the mode of <4bveyano*, if a higher mode than horselmek 1* intended. The words ''with due r<ebrity, certainty,and seearity,'* Inserted to indicate the mode ?t conveyance, will constitute a "star bid." 16. Bidders are requested to us ?, as far as practi caMe, tbe printed f >rm of proposal fin u?bed ly the a?pmm>iit to wiiteout in fu 1 the mm of their t^d*, and to re aln c^pim cf ihem. No a'tcred bi b can b- >-onsi<t ired. nnd nc bid* once su mi't-d ran witltdrawa. Ka;h b d mu-t U ty t*o responsible (if?*ral cua?antee# ana-1 be admitted. 1.. The bid should be scaled: sutn-rscribed '? Mail cf addnsmd to the Sec . ll. ,Unt p?rt??*ter General,?? Con ra t CUBee, bj' ?r U>' an ??f*nt, aad poit* f neiwe proposalc (or letters sf any kind) ia their quarterly ro'arus. . " oftntiwcu are to be executed and returned k'I*rVu,'Ilt t?J or before the 1st of July, lb*6, ?Uft b* c m&?"*don the mail dar whH>J*r ,Le e nttacts be tie cu ed or not No prop sition lor transfers W^ll t*e ?onM'Jefvd until the <xntracts arc ex*?.ted in due form anl nceivtd at tbe d*yaitm?nt; and hen no transfers will b* allowed unices g'" '1 and ruftcient depa?rtaienV^fcr K'V>n't0 U ^'toraaord by the 19. Postmasters at offices r.n or near railreadh. but m(M-e than eighty rods fiom ? htatlou, will imme. ^.,^r ^ lwth of April next, report their niSfSh* ^?m lh? r"*aie*t "tstion, and how tkTp^-f^^r w,th th" townable the Postmaster General to dine- a mail mi-smncer supply from the 1st next. ?????? ^0 Section 18 of an act of ' . _m r . , Match 3,1W6, provides that contracts lor th^tranr portation of the mail shall U iet^S ?e^T?2^to for fiuhM tendering sufficient guaranties th/mi ^ Krtr:iinre' ??hout other Pef-rence to the mode of such transportation than mar he neoee J ? ? transportation.'' Under thi few io? JfTnpUon ?f ^ ^ >"*? received. It (toe* Sa- Ik0 7?? m ^ 0f ??nTey*n<v, but engageeto take the entire mail each trip with celerity, wrtain J- an l ? using the terms of the law. These bids are styled, from ths manner in which they are ESP*?!? tbe book8 of tbe DepartmentT" jEJ and they will be construed as providing for ths ^ 1*^, ua wluUeaer u 10 ,n~" "? ?? <"<??. the lowest grade of service is ti if^uJ^ lowwt Wd be aooep. Jpeeiflc bfi^^ ' 'referen'* to ? "?tar" or sitheVLt^!?5>W*rt ^ U*0t ? ,Ur W* a ad specifies It will or *n tiui'ieyiMU? mode of conveyance, oronos?M th ????pted' Lut ft* ?tpec&c bid n8 the necessary service. ve^nce Si <X?F 901 "*** 1 ^ ?? 7 whefl it proposes to carry "arvwrdin* to the advertisement," but without such spertfiewtk n ?ice 00M*d?*^ m a proposal for horbeback ser? *t. A modification of a bid, la any of its eawntial t?rms, is Untamount to a new bid. and eaanot be received, ro as to interfere with regular comMtition. alter the last hour set for receiving wtf th?' .?0rtmm*Vr! ?"? to be careful not to certify ?now.^??KnfC^?f ^^ton or sureti? without l*rWM of sufficient respen ribilitj , and all bidden, guarantors, and sureties are nerff^^?0tiflWi 'bat ?n * fw,ar* to enter into or FHsrform the contracts for the serviee proposed for in ?*? ^ sul**tantUlly in the forms aned In thto Deps.tmmit, exoept in the "?TPWtd pvta-ulcrly menUon^l in these iastruc * on all railrnadand steamboat routes tha th?^? mWU1 ^ "quired to deliver the maiis into the a *ad* of routes and into all ?Jss5aw2ar'?? co"trmctors and persons known at the guaranton and certificates of their sufiUtoMy sab. tMtf.^Va ? *, fona8 ,boTe prescribed. The oar tiftcxtos of suScienry must be signed by a pot Unas ? tor, at one of the 0icN b^rs B;?< r ? oonrt of record. or ?wfiyy*1*"*4 ^ ni' ot footes on wh'sh they th"tk the present mode of conveyance iu-deqimto. will weijh the mall each trip for ax successive wsaka on weekly roctos, sad three weeks on otlier r?atoai sn<Treport the result by CAM) . jaa 39?|ltv Pcatwaster Ueaernl,

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