Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 3, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 3, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6763 > MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. METROPOLITAN AND SUBURBAN AFFAIRS, SCENES AT THE MAYOR'S OFFICE. IMPORTANT LEGAL INTELLIGENCE. The Young Cuban and the Literary Libel Suits. Anthony Burin and flh Friends. Serious Conflagration in Brooklyn. FIBES ? ACCIDENTS ? INCIDENTS) A*.. <**., &c. Progirw of the Municipal Revolution. COMPLAINT AQAIN8T A GAMBLING IIOUSK. OliTfr C. Pierce, residing at f>08 Brcome stroet, entered a complaint before Justice Onborn against Henry Woobjr, George WoodrtlT, James Reed an I Thomas MeCarni, ?owner* of n liquor Htore at No. 40 Bowery, for keeping a gambling house, whore faro and garnet are played with card*. He aleo states that be has been frequently there, that on the evening of the 2'Jth of January last, he 910, and on the l&th of June he lost $101. An affidavit sitting forth the?e facta waa sworn to by the com plait ant, and warrants laaued for the arrest of the partiea A SIIOOTWa CASK ? KOBTI NATB K8CAPM ? AKBK8T 0>' TIIE ASSAILANT. w",,,UiTnt **" PUte"d ^^8terd?y at the Major'., of fice Wore Juitlce O.born, by John U Mltche.l of 172 Broad W.jr, agamst John W. Thcmp.on, whom he 'chtrg,., with having violently assaulted au.l beaten him It an atlhe afc 0Te#i baJ 4n ?"?.?tlon with him *nd 7 .T P ' Sfter Whi0h Thompson loft when he was o"r!l?^ *1* ^'T1 '"'I"?', then presented the pisto' at .TIwbP,o? *napp?J it, but fortunate! 7 t L J ! *" " ,br,,aRt discharging the content, Fa r? ? e*PloJel without struck Mitchell several time* nl th ? I* ,lttcmPt, he ioi. The fXwi^ affl'lavlt wa. .wo? V W plalnant before Justice Oiburn mf ' the com tached to t he "oKlef '1^ Office ?'belnff "T0,*or&* I'?"'klns, at and ..v?mi on ti.s 2d day of Mlrch'lM?^ d,p0,fl" tracteu to the odlre No 172 ?,!. a ' 65> h' WM at when deponent wtnt in and fl, b' ,l crowS, info Custody, and convrved them to thin ?ni " pVtl'H exsmtuing the nistoi tinr! witiV!t ofli e and, on potent found the same loaded with ndw^r mT' de' ? 8?0ni >. I.fot. MatcL 2 Police Justice. ' B- w- Osbobxe, OH0S8 Of'TRAOE PPON A TOI'Vfl (in., HEPUT1B1.E noes*? TUB KKXl'BK n? .. V TED TO PRISON. *' m ?* ,T COMMir nUlnt """f 8.ir1' ab0Ut fourteen y?"r? Old, made ? com Sir ?r. n "! the M',r?rN *""??< * bar M?s , T' Wl'? W1H ,n U,e ???Ploym.nt of C4 All " ma.?' ?f * h?U!": of Pro,titutioo, at So U Albany street, and whom she charges with hav' j? r ~~um .. ? h? fllJ 1 aPP<hrs fUUment that her ?jame m Innocentia Flel !.? .n i ?l 4 . l?r? a month. After remaimnJ 1,7 *et twodol without rfceiviog her wa<( < ih? l,.ft InH*" !"??*?. Mrs. Lonls. Bushman, wt^Wns twA!^ ""??f* 7'ta tt'J;. Kir? 5 !i" ? iie was to co kitchau work \v , . . ? . . , wao,n retta loik and another woman, name.i Kli/a H?ll?r ?sir ssarvssa rd wH SALL or THE VAMTOWN KA\<fKRfl-TnK POI U-r AMONG THE DANCERS? RIO (IT 01" THEM ABKBWED. ' Amon,{ the various balls which took pUce in this great uWioptU* on Thursday night Ust. that of the *Vamtown Kanger* was not the least distinguished, ^ far a* the cha; actor or the company |? oou:.rne.l. It wai ranSned to a particular class 01 the ciminunitv "U "T ,l*rgMt P0^0" of the gentlemen r,e-ent' .hough holding nooflic al position themielves, are still well known to many of the public characters about the , ,4 T ' b0""er' WM 't kept .ven from I | .hese that .t was known only to folr or hv? two or thre, days before U came ofl. Io f.ct, M erijBnt tUt ^ , Ti?T, !Tr" 1Dt'n'le l t0 Cut the,r ac mlntanee, | and but for the vigiUnce or CapUin, the pub lie would hartrtmained in ignorance of the affair even 1 to this day The following is a copy of xho tickets I which were Usued for the occasion ? oooooeooaeaosooaooo fff o e o o o o ! n*W A!f?rrAl bail ? of the VAIITOWN KANOEIW, " iuu, ronxia or mkmiv a>oo livm flTt-:CTs 9 7i?. , T/J,PR8D,*T MARCH 1 185^. 0 j Tickets jOcfotfi ttKih. o <5T?.5KHO3O9eSO9O?OO?S33O0S00? The ball romraerieed about eight o clo-k. and as th-r? were not mo,, than rorty ladles and gentlemen present, /Uie company, as we have said, being very salact. ) there I was none or that jamming ? nd crushing which gon.r,||y attend t ho -e held at the Academy of Music and oth? .eroits of the codfish aristocracy. It Wa? no? whit 1 might propirly be oallej a bal but there was iit'Ttrluelesa. great diversity in dress, and ths Udios in' I particalar wrre remar! able for th- sho-ln . of n?.i kjrts The floor manager, Patri.-k M< iv.rmot? ' id Uie honor, or his poiwtion with an el?*?n ?anj 'a hOTed wUh p?atqU'"itM ?r Ul,p*r ,e?'J""""'Kht have weiealtni'.tel, and soon arter CapUin l)itchstt of the idrt w..? "A A' ?"? ""pro- I led with a tic -et there was considerable dirtl*ultv a. ' j ch" company* W** ' ^ "SK^S "Ticktt," said the doorkeeper "pUJ U,P Particular em Ticket repoated the janitor. \ ou d? d rool, shut up," whistiered ? .< ui. ' ?< Ibow, aud the captain, tak ag ridvan' -i tr nf ihL 1 ' ...on of tbe doorkeeper, aepp'f into thfr,^ H not long here Wore he I?ognMI -even or (mAS! I Ikgentlemen, with whom he bad been formerly ac'^a nt' 1 ?"<> having s it . tic i h.m.elf of their ,rMi' , H soon after left, although on- or the youn,- Ldie- It an J\y ,s s partiir ror a the n#**t ?Ait/. I>n i' / thf* . orij. ny to imov tliAm i WiUrTton CO lrt h# with I lf it#Q*nt 1 i hJl il'il.o, offlc*r Clark, io the reaU iran'., wh?re 1 ?*,d* thaaciao1** n>oie intimately acn i?,nUd with ! ,!?. wl'? *cc*I'ted to dr preisiog invi ' boase r.'f?Pl,' Ei*,".in V" ward s'ation I! i ~l,#/oUo*ln* ?r? tbe names o' tho-? who were ! Ih -vL ^*'0"4 wi,!l l!,e ?t*?t .-n ' C,p- mvh *k!n McTteraoHL^SSI' rV .MeD*n"oUl,'*t M I)*r,n',u, 1 'l^. Lhn o i lb" M-- Donald, Wm ,K?lly, John Gallagher, John B Smith It apisars the 1 floor manager Mr. P MeDermott, wm e, !? lT^iVi Ji. I uant at th# warthj captain for not rr. ??.* \ i# f bif un-'orm, anT said that ir it wt h" 1^' i,' Urs bs would have the f,;t re, orded "n- of I ? Not that he wa. ?ppo,H to hi. w.u th? ooin?rnMth?t *tl.a * ?CC",on"Ur. but h. was o' (lh# opinion thai ib? If ?jor a or l?r? *ho iM b* atr>tlv ^??forc?* 3 to regard to tbrtr nlfora. ^ ?> "Never min.: lb. e^nenae, .aid on? of he fM?nds_ j' it won t co?t you anything the ptpers will nut it >11 i /a for nothing, be ad/sd, r? .tIously pul ,l ft" 1 Aa the floor manager wa. the list or 'he part* de 1 "ay the captain In the re?tauran?, *.h? o nrany ' aiip stair, tieciidie very un?a?y at hi. atoenee an ! on i ?Jmr'ttatning that h. wouM nut be hack for an ndeflnli. B(.>ntth 'I time, they concluded to take their lepartur* ?flliis was etl*cted n a somewhat different m toner rrom Bjthe tuns! way. It Is grnwally th. >? >>? ror the com pany to 'eave by tba front iif>or, but on this occasion tb.y consuMed their feeling, rather than tbe strict ? rule* of etiq'UtU, and left by the U rk Th. , (Biers '?ere oppo??l to this, and ised all their powers of p?r 'susaion to prevent them. One young man n?mell>an:el 'i Rrien. wa . foond literally " on the ren ?, and ws< r? 1 1 Rrien wa ronnd literally 'ieved fi'om bl? embarrassing poaltlon by l.ient WlUlston n. too slept that n-ght at the fourth ward ?rat,on _ f' tv# ladle., not being Invited W ai-omp?ny H them ma le the best of their way hom?. and tho ball Mr i rf ke ut> ?t S rather enrly hour, as none of th. gentle ** In who were toft ?eem?d desirous ofrMainlng any alter the sniVton departure of their frtenda. Yesterday afUmoon Captain I?tehett in company with bia (Jmwanmi 4m int. viatUd tbe Mayor . o?. o, Vher. he Introduced thm I# Juftlca Oihern', who fur ni*bed them gratuitously with ticUet* ofalniinioil to one of ( ur public institution* ou Flack well 's Island VVV* understand that it is their intontioa to remain here for aixty i'?y? (luting which time titer will doabtle*' be etisbl'd to form some opinion of It* character. The next t.all they hare it in tlieir intention to send an invi tation to Captain Iiitcli?tt in return for the favor* be ba* ao lavishly glowered upon them The only objec tion which the captain bad to the character of hi* fiiendil*, that they wore somewhat too fond of borrow i UR other people'* money without their consent, and that they always forgot to pay This u certainly a se rious charge; but we doubt if it i* as serious an that brought against aome of our ''moat respectable estab lishment*," aad particularly against a tew shirt manu facturers. "The Vamlown Rangers" are not the worst in the ccmmunity. TUB COMPLAINT BOOK. I.. B. llosworth complains that Sixteenth street, be tween First avenue and Islington place, ia encumbered with ptlea of aahea. Refeired to Couimi**ioner of Struct* and IjimpH. .Hires Hyatt, of lf>fi West Thirty-ninth street, com plaint, that ashes and garbage are accumulating in great i|u*utitiea In Thirty ninth street, between Seventh and highth avenues, from the fact of no carts going about In said neighborhood for a great length of time. Same rifeience. Carl Klaubetg, of 196 William street, complalna that ai-litnen depoiit aslies and sift the Maine in vacant lota in Thiitr fifth and Thirty sixth street* between Uroadway and Seventh avenue to the great annoyance of the neighlttrs. Captain Haunegan, of the Twentieth ward, notified. The 'dime perxtn complains that Mr. Mc(>lynn, con tractor, Masts rock* in .lot U7 West Thirty-sixth street, carelessly, thereby endangering the livr* of person* in the neighborhood, as well as those passing in til* vici nity. Captain Hnnnegan notified. Isaac I'latt, of 10 Rutier* place, complain* that he re eelvnl a threatening letter in relation to paying military fine*, he baviug paid tae yearly tax of seventy five cents find received n receipt for the same. John Nichols complains that dogs are allowed to run at laige in Fifty seventh street, between liroalway and Hxtli avenue, oftentimes biting people as tiny piss. Referred to Captain Witter, of the Twenty second ward II (>. l.ivingHton complains that consert < are given at the icsdeiry of Design, 3H3 Broadway, on Sunday even ings, and cay* that "nothing tends more to enrotirage a dbregttdol the Sat bath than Sunday evening amuse ments. The mukic,' be add*, "in nearly all of a secular character." A lady complains that the crossing* in front of Peck slip ferry ure so encumbered with carts passing an I standing that it is almost impossible to gain admittance to raid ferry without danger to life or limb. That John (i. Flammer, butcher, of No. 31 Mott street, allows the blod and filth to flow from his slaughter home over the sidewalk, thereby creating a perfect nuisance. That the planing mill in Rank street, south side, near West street I* a nuisance, a* they burn shaving* in their fnrnscea and the cinders cover the whole neighbor hood, makiug it v<ty difficult to dry clothe* without their being covered with sinut uhd black spot*. It alno Rifts in at the window*, coveting everything n?ar it. Ccmplamaiit hopes that the parties will be obliged to cover the top of their chimney, and keep tin dust within their cwu premise*. A MISSING Ilt'SItANP. Mrs. Ann Iloran desires the Mayor to advertise that her husband, Thomas horan, of 7? Mulberry street, left hi* house nn Tuesday, the 13th of February, and has not been seen by her since. He was last sean in Brooklyn, on the name evening, at 11 o'clock, intoxicate 1. He is of light complexion, ha* red whisker*, light hair and Hue eye*. City Intelligences Tim Firht or Spring. ? Spring lias been ushere J in gloriously, with weather, the like of which we hare not had for many a long month. Old winter went out grim ly, and blew an icy-breath upon the city during the last week, ai a patting gift, to remind u* or what ho had been. But an the flrat of March approached, tlio cold relaxed and we were favored with mild, balmy suuny days and night* of solemn splendor. Broadway, for thi last two daya, liaa presented a moat animated spectacle; crowd* of faUy dressed people, a* If wa^m*! into life by the sun'* inspiring my*, imm along the sidewalk* and cluatcr around window* and *tor?* In which are display ed the tempting array of rich good* and costly apparel. Already spring fashion* begin to prevail. Tie warm tippet*, raufi*, fur* and overcloaks are giving place to lighter garmenin, uivm la ??.. or.l?nci> with tb? auaon, and the ladie* are be minting to lay aitido their dark co lored dresses, and Indulge in tint* of a lighter hue and gayer texture, A walk from the I'ark to C'nlon a |uare would do much to make a believer !n the hard time* In crcdulou* At every step lie may *ce ladie*, whose "mnke up'' conni't liavi> cost less than from live hun dred to a thousund dollar*. Where the money couia* from la of course a niyst ry, and mnst not t>? inquire 1 into too curiously. Tl.o only drawback to the *pl>iDuid weather we are now enjoying, is the 111 '.hy condition of the street*. A* there I* very little likelihood of another -now storm. it would be well for the city authorities to tale Immediute step* for tbe purification of the city Where are the contractor* .' Will the Mayor see tha they do their duty? A rilOTKBT AGAINMT TltR RkMOVAL OF TIIK t}C AS A VTIVK. ?On Thursday afternoon tba Chamber ofOomnnrce held a meeting In the Mechanic*' Bink. A memorial against the removal of the (Juttrantine from btaten Island w is presented nud referred to a special committee, to report at noxt meeting of tbe board. A committee wan also appointed to report resolutions against the removal of the C.ty Hall from the I'ark to Malisun square. Tint Vb?try Strkkt Mktiiooiht Episcopal Church ?Tha congregate n lately worshipping in the Methodist Church In Vealry street have entered Into contract* for tho erection of a lecture room in Seventh avenue near Fourteenth street, which Is to l>? completed by the 1 Ath of May Tlie congregation will occupy this lecture room until their new church i* built. Nortjikr.v IiimtNUAnr.? Tbo report for February, 1855 sl ows tbe whole number treatel to have been 1,282 ? at disp*n*ary, 807; their houaea, 475 ? of whom 477 wer? male*, and 806 female*, with the following re*ult ? Cured or relieved, 1.048; d.ed, fl vaccinated, IS:) hospi tal, 7, remaining, <12. Of these there were born In Ire land, 724, United State*, 47*; Knglan I, 2ft; Scotland, 21; Germany, 2 2; other countries, 12. The whole number of prescription* put up waa 2,49'i, gr*atest number in any day, 120, least uumlx-r in any, 37 ; average per day. 104. Th* I.ati Arnnmrr to tiir Brig Rcsir.? Thursday the brig Ro*h, which ?a* sunt about a week ?/o by drifting ice In the Fjiit river, foot of Iielancy ?tr>-et,*was raised by the bcom derrick, when the bodies of tbe two sailor* that .were drowned aboard of her were found in the cabin. It will be remembered that the captain and re malnder of the crew earapej before the vessel ?unk; but tbe two sailors in question, being below in the cabin, ? ere carried down with the brig before they ci ill make their exit. An inquest will be held upon the bo lie* of the deceased to-day. Fatai. Ai 'inwrr. ? At half past six o'clock on W*da*? ilay evening a young man. named Thomas C. Ferguson, in the employment of Spaulding Vail k Co , 28 liarelay street fell from the fifth llo ir of that bulldiog and waa ins'nutlv killed. He su?taioei a severe fracture of the ? kull lieceaaed was eighteen year* of age, an 1 resided with his parenti in Thirty fo irtii * tree t. A.\oih>:k Fatal Raii.koaii Ai < iiikxt ? The boly of an unknown man was found yesterday morninjj. In the Harlem Railroad tunnel. n?ar Forty fourth street, hor ribly bruised and mangled a* if it ha I been run over by the tngini aad car'. How he came there i* a mri trry which, It is to be hoped, will )>e cleared ip by the Coroner * inquest which will be held to day. The boly *u removed to the Twenty-Drat warl station bouse. PlCKUM a Lady'h I'o< kkt.? Captain Smith, of the ahip Hendrik Hudson, while crossing the Brooklyn ferry Thursday, saw a fellow attempt to pick the pocket of a jottivg lady in the cab.n. He caught the felloe In th* act, and letainel blm until the boat rea?b*l tbe sho ?, whsn be had him -onveyed to tha station hon*e, where he waa locked up for examination. Klrra In New York . Hrk i* th* Foi RTti Avxjrr*.? On Wednesday night, about ten o'clock, a Ore took place in a shanty corner of Forty eighth street and Fourth aven'ie, owned hy l'atnr.k Mcf!aiiiara. Th* lire eon*iimed the whole of .t together witb it* contec's. I<oss about 10", in; tailing the shanty. No insurance Fin* ik M ail'** I.A.v* ? Tli ureday evening, between s x and seven o'clock tfce Mali bell *track the alarm o' die ?n the Seventh d.atr'ct, eauaed by a lire having be-n >!.* i. overtd by policeman Orphtis, of th* Second ward, la a cellar rear of *1 Mai Vn laae, under the rejr of the --loth store kept hy .lam.s W Plnkney The police end ett'reo* suixeoltd in extinguUhing the Are with a few hockete ct water, before It did any damage. The lire was fourvl to have taken from some atraw in the cellar, who.h spread to a wood partition erected to keep c?al? *oirw of the board < eere found to be b irnt nearly through. A tort on of the rear bull ling i* ooenpiod by *everal fatn'llee and the r*Uar Is n*?d by th-m. but whe<herth' ttre waa the work of in incendiary or tke result ef Met dent I* not yat a> ?rtained. Tha Fire Marshal has the .are nnder iinestigation A Pieor o* Fl*> ?Between 7 and ? o'clock yest?r>lay Kerning an alarm of Bra waa given In the Third diatrict, <*au??d by a Ire taking place on board the aloep Warren, lying at the foot of Christopher street She had a eargo of hay and th* Are ia *anl to have taken from the (tore pipe, a Are having been kindled to rook hr?aklast Th. principal part of tbe hay wa* deatroved before they sue ceeded In ecuttllng the ve?*el. Intimated loe* from |4()OtolMO. The '*rge belonged to M' Murray, of Cherry *treet. No insurance, The captatn was part ower of th* veaeel with Mr Trowbrllge, of Nee Haven. There waa no insurance on the aloop Fia* m Hutu Hrmnrr ? At near six o cloik yesterday morning a 8 re waa dtecovered in a cellar, rear of No ::44 Sixth atieet, eauaed, aa la euppoaed, by the care i lesaneaa of aotne of the tenant* flre to aom* straw. The b.uidlng la oempied by aevernl poor fan j Ilea. N'o dameg e of any eonaejueoce i United fcUntea DMrlrt Court. TI1K CASK OK T11K VUUNO CUBAN AND T1JK SPANISH OONKUI.. Uefore Han. Judge IlJtts. MiRcn 2 ? /'ratio/ A'/iaj Htrnandtt by hit next friend, rl. t) ancu Slovyhlon, /Spanish Consul, ami Cristobel Vamoveli. ? The Judge rendered an elaborate sad inipor tact dcc'aiou in Uv* ca*e dscharging the Consul from bail witbou*. co*t?, provided he enter an appearance in the auit for falae imprisonment. The other defendant Caruoveli was discharged troui arrent with coats, upon be ground that although he might bo a trespasser, yet he waa not a consular agent under the treaty or statute*. lWfore giving his decision up>n the points of law, hi* Ilnner went over the facta of the caae as they hare been ft forth beietofore. but aaid that be ahould make no decision upon the (eneral merita ?f the ca>e, but should dcch'.e it only uj rn points of law, aa follows: ? 1 Consult, by the law of nations, can claim no privi leges or milium tiesrr cfficio, not common to all citizaus ureubjecta of the governments to which they are ae credited, and in civil ami criniinnl caso* are subject to t lie local law in the name manne? with other foreign reiiden'1 owing a temporary allegiance to the rita'.a. (I K?nt, 44, (i,th ed. ) and notes. Wheat. Int 1, aw, '293.) 2. Ibe Cor at! tut ion and laws of the Unite 1 Slates, however, appoint the national judlc ary, in exclusion of that of the States, as the one authorized to take o >gni zanc* cf suits against cotsuls. (Const. Art. 3, ^ 2. 1. Htat. at 1 aige 77, 1'.) 3. Ily treaty of Oct 27, 1795, Ait. 19, it is stipulated between the United States and Spain that "Consul* ahull be rrcl|>rocilly established, with tlie privileges and powers which those of the moit favored nations enjoy, in the ports where their consul* reside, cr are permit ted to be." (8 Stat at I-arge, 150.) 4. It has not been made a point argued by counsel in tlili caee, whether the above piuvieion is restricted to the privileges and poweis enjoyed by 111* consuls of other nations at the time this treaty w.ii adopted, or ex tends to future stipulation*, aud embraces the privileges conceded to tlie Consuls ol Fiance by the treatv of Au gust 12, 185."., article 2. (lOStat. at I.arga, 111.) This case will lie decided without touching that ques tion. 6. The consul being by the constitution an I st ituto lans of the I'nited States suable in a .federal court, ex clusively of the State courts, actions against him in ty ho inain'.aiutd therein, without regard to the residence of the plaintifi In a State dillen nt from that of the dafeu dant. or to the alienage of the plaintilT, aa la the case of unprivilegul par' lea. If this was not so by the municipal law of this country, the plaintilt being a inner might perhaps clilm to lie an inhabitant cf a Spanish colony, aud to be entitled to his action in this court under article 20 of ths treaty w tb Spain of October 27, 17U5, in which " it is agreed that tl e inhabitants of the territories of each party shall re spectively ha\e free uccera to the courts of justice of the other, and shall be permitted to prosecute suits for the recovery of tlie'r properties, tli?* ptyment of their ili I N, and for ^obtaining satisfaction for th# damages which they may have sustained, whether the persons whom tliey may sue be subject s or citizen i of the coun try iu which they may be toun I, or any oMisr persons whatsoever, who may hu re taken refuge therein. " (10 htat. at large, 150.) 6. In my opinion the plaintiff produced In the first in stance evii'ence that the Spanish Consul bad unlawfully | mused his detention ami imprisonment, sufficient in taw to authoiixe process in hia favor from this Court to J hold the Con*nl to bait to answer that complaint. The merits of that charge cannot be tried on this motion, j And tie defendant having given strong explanatory nn I exculpatory proof on hla part, tending to snow that his actings in the matter were under the authority and at the request of the 'atlier of the plaintilT, pn l not at the instigation of the sutlioritiea of Cuba, or from any un | lawful or improper motives of his own. and also in on sid) raticn of his official position and responsibilities, I shall direct the orcer heretofore granted to hold the i Consul to bail, to be di charged, on lii* entering hi* ap ps at a nee in the cause. No coataonthis application al lowed to either p..rty, 7 The evidence r?ad in Court satisfactorily proves that Carnovell was no way officially attached to the Consular office a* a domestic, a pupil or consular agent, and Kin any way *ubor1inat> to the Cotsul, or acting under hi* command, or at hi* instigation, In the arrsst an 1 con lini ment of tbe plaintiff complalnodo f, lie became there by a ro trespaen r merely, and not a party suable only ! in tie United States IMsirict Court 8. This Court ha* no jurisdiction in action* at com nion luw b< tw< ??> ??'ll?idoal suitors. ex'ept when th" defendant is a consul, the pupil of a consfli, hi a ecu sulur ageut, (1 Slat. at 1*rge 77, *ec. 'J: 10 ibid 115 ) The alienage of Carnoveli is a particular in no way con duriig to bring him within the jurisdiction cf this Court. It mi/Tit ree'er him liabln to arrest In the Cir cuit Cotrt, If the plaintiff lias a legal capacity to main tain nn action against an alien in that tribunal (1 .--tat. M Iatw 78, tec 11.) 9. Whether the euggeatlon by high authority, til Xel Jfn K , 6" 0, Vnimiio *a. lhoinpaon,) that "van i con mil ami another individual are necc*a*rlly co de fendant*, tbc ex -lu-iv" juri?dictiim oi the I " o i t ???! ? Diatrn t Couit* over auitn again*'. conaul* brin ??? t'ie o Cvtm <i l t withm that juriadiction by unavoidable fm plication," be or not a aeund exposition of tho act of Congre**, and of the authority of taU Court, It do?* not meat the pre*ent cane becau>e partial tuncfraiM m a joitt trriptu need rot neceaaari'y be united in the nine action, but ure ?uable s-para'ely or jointly, at the op toll of tin* proaecutor. (1 Chitty PI., 7V 1 John a. It , 2S0; Ijvingaton v*. Riahop, 4 Danlo, 245, Norton va. Ilaye* ; 19 Ji bD., *81, tiulllo *a. S van ) lion Court. therefore, having no jurl idiot Ion of the -nit aK?iD-t ('jrnoTHi: u|?in th<> Tart? )n pro-rf it in o ? dered that he be diaclarged frcm aro-at with the rout* ot thin motion. Ike dec i (Ion having been rendered, Mr Pedgwhk. counsel for the plaintiff, rix|ne?te-l that th? Court would male* tli? uaual proviao, that no iuit for fel-ie Impriaon ment ahould b<- brought by Carno*eli tlr. EdwarJ*, for the defeLdant, *aiil that the Court having derided that it bad no jurisdiction, could not now mako lut h an or J?t. Judge licit* finally, at Mr. .-^nlgwisk 'a re.|ue*t, laid that the order should not be definitely entere 1 unti I to morrow (thin) morning, and he would look at any ai thcritiea which aboul I he han led him ineauwhile. The Literary Ub?l Suit. 81 TKRIOB COUKT.? PART KIHHT. * Before Chief Juitice Oakley M **< ii 2 ? Fletther rt. Xerion. ? Tliiicaae, airaaly no ticed, haii been on a'uee Monday laat. On Thuraday, the Rav. Fdward Bi ight wa* called for the defendant, and d*ix ?ed i hat he ha.1 known the late Dr. Judaon and hi* widow for many year* . Mr*. Judaon died on the let of June, lHt4, at bar re-Wenoe, in Hamilton, wltnea* wa* I tine ot her executor*, and alao one of the gnardian* of her children an 1 knew fully and exactly the amount of her eatate hia dcpoaitlon ha<l rather overatated the amount of ber eatate; the income thereof did not exceed $1,000, Pr Judaon died In 1*50; the intelligence reach ed t Ml country in S-pterr.ber o! that rear, witneaa had formerly been a hookfell' r in I'tica, N. Y., until 1H40, after that he bacamc a clergyman the intelligence of I?r. Juda-na denth w*a oi 'iiu , i ni?%fe ?! to the Executive Hoard of the Amirlcao BapUrt Miaalonary I'nicn, under whw aaiction a lt!e of him wa* directed to b? com menced thia w*a deaired by Mra Judaon, who had expreaaed a wi?h that Dfc WayUnd ah iuit write It in ord* r to give the innftei great- r weight, a tote waa pa**id by the hoard, r?'|tti*ting him to uo ao, witnena Uid before the board a letter from Mra. Judaon re<|uea'ing that tbii might be ao, the vote in the Fxacntii e ' ommittee waa unaniinoua in faror ot apjointir.g I'r. Wayland. tfcey lerru. naled their conection with t Hi- merrolr iu IMa, i-eoanae Mr?. Ju laon re<(ue?ted th<m lo do ?o aa the de?ir? l to relieve them of turtier trcuhie. an 1 war wili ng to take upon beraelf the rea |ionaihility ef puhllahlni' the booa there waa nothing ex prcaed to tb* ? ITe< t that there wa* any doctrinal differ ?n .e l/etw> n I'r Judaon and f?r. Wayland no two great | men have ever differed leteon great fju?ationa Mr? Jud aon -electe'l her ptibli?her with my concurreo'*, but not with my advice piopoeala were received for the puhhea tion fr< m Cornuh, I^mp-Tt Ac Co , of thia ' liy. tbey of fejed at I'rat lo give a l tl.e protita to Mr* Judam, but alterwarda withdrew their offer, ami proponed to give ber a per c< n'age, which waa larger than that of i'hiilip*. S*m;?cn k 'o, ; there were no pronoaala which offered a larg> r >bi w of piotit* than from tLia firm, though more u.on? JT par volrme waa offered bt othera Mr*. Judaon decided who atioold be ber pqbhalt' ra on ber own reapon ? bil ty w.tneaa did not know whether or not I*. Way land rave her any advHe; Colby A: Co , of thia city, made (erinoln which wa* not batter than Pbili^a, Samja?.n a Co'a , wi'ne?r had a aon In thia, Arm whan the !a*' edltii n of Itr Waylar.d'a volume wa* pubiiahed , at the time He contract ?>< made hawever he wa- not In the tu'faee*, an ! had no int*nti?o of being to having datermlnM 'o atu ly law witneaa had no recollection of , bavng natd an; ifcing to Mr*. Ju i .on about Mr FMtbet'i haraifer there were three or f r r thing* that conali t'ita> a go?>d effer ? the charae' r the publishing Bouae the prtre at which the i.-,.,k i? ? ' . told Uw ml to he ?t|fiw?l totne trad*, kr and in vitw of tu<ae r> <j jiremen'*, the oiler tf I'hllli,"*, "nr,t jn \ ?, the tieat made, witneia had r id tue [-?f. e to I> Wajland'a bwk, andthe fa -t- ?' <-r :< ,-a'' ! .- f ?r .e. The witjie?* then gave eviiicB-e a* to tl e amo in M * Judaon a propeity, wblrh d d n'd it,. or ally r fr m bta d?p?>*ttion He alao m o' ne 1 that a |.)r".on of bar property waa precan'e t<< har hj fentlem?n in Calcutta. In token of thai, ,ei ,e. t or the manor* of ber huabar l. ?rd that the Air.'- ( . u Maptiat Mi*aion?ry I'nion w?* m? >? her rea lja.'yl?. i tee. The total receipt* from I?r Wuflan1! a b*< 4 ba ? reache<l |U,6f*i eotikJ n/rt ear biw many -o[ 'a were ordered In adeanee. Mr Fletcher wax on- of the com pa titer* for the pnblicatlon of It w ay 'and-* wir ? tal offered a larger aura than lliilii a ja^mpa m k < ? lhe plaint ifT* r.onnael then ailed the llev R. P. M. : dWItch. a ISaptlit wno dep.-.! thi.t a the author of a work entitled '* Hurmali * fir I ? aioeary, ' which had be?n *ugfeat?<l by Hr F>t .or erxm aftar I'r Wajlanl'a wark wa> pul l ? -! a general exprenaioa in ante i>iar'eri that the b- ',? d I not w.e- t the wanta of all wbo 'e.ired a ltf?- of Pr J . ! ? en, partly to account if certain viewa heM by It Waf land, the witaeaa held Ik ? apWiW, and had h" ral per aon* eipreee the lime to the plilatiff one otejej tia-a waa that It waa a large work, more of a oanpila'ioa then a couplet biography, there ware aUo aertem rleta M I'r. Wayland therein reepe- tin the ptvf r wye'* o' inff mieaiawtrT lahaara, and with reape-t ilao t j ' 1 * i ilale Coeiety which ha-i reference t< ewrtaiB diier I c-aarf opania? eater' a qi ) %j miekeri ef the liaftaet Hect, there were opinion* in Or. Wayland a book gener | ally ?up| oaod not to be euterta.'tie I by Dr. Judion. t'i? witueaa then rend certain extract" trom l)r. WtjrUn l I work, tending to Nbow a difference of opinion between I>r. Judaun and the author on the aubwt of coiinounica cating relig.m11 inHtructinu, the former being in faTor of |>ii blic preaching, and tb? latter of religioua publication!; there w *? rn not half a dozen facta on one page of matter in the plaintiff* fc<Kik that wire original to Pr Wayland book, and ia in a* aenti- an abridgment of the latter; in < tb? plaintiil'a book the witneaa made uae of laolated i factrt enly, taken from Dr. Way land 'a work, nod naver in mi re than half a dor.en inatancea. w tneio." t'*J un dertakea thia work two or thrte week* after the yablica tlon of Dr. Waylaid'*, which be had not then thorough ly read, bat a part only . lie hxd read lh? greater ,-?rt of the original n atter, but ronld not aUte exactly bow much; the journal* incorporated isto the work w?rr fa miliar to him already ; he endeavored to avoi 1 avaUnr; Inuiaeif ol aoy fact tbat he had aeen in the other b ?? , and even taferred to the newapapei* or jourual* i* which much of the matter tncor|>orat*d into Dr. Way land'l book had originally appeared, rather than to | make uae of the latter In compiling htaown;ln uilug facta i.enved from Dr. Way land 'a leiok he ua?.l hla own ; language, and not that of Dr Wayland, in ordor not to infringe in the elightcat degree upon the righta of Mr*. Judaeu , witneia had written the prefare to liHo?n work, ftnd all the facta therein atated lie ateadfaatly believed and belie vei to be true, he had boen a member of the | Itaptlit church in thii country for nine yexra, and ?:ii aware that the whole of the foreign correajion Jence of I inlaatonariea 1* not atwaya published in the religion* | uiagarlne of that *ect. Other wilneaae < deponed that the* knew the plaintiff ' for year*, and that they thought trial another boo* on the Ufe of Dr.Judaon wa? neceanary In conae<|iieure of difference of opinion exiatin.f iia to the beat method of conducting miaaionnry ao>*i*tiea. Th* Judge, in the course of bia charge to the Jury, Mid that, ax fur ai the milter of th* publication U con oemed, the law diemi it to be lit>ellou*. The llaptiat Church haa been mixed up in thin affair, and it it ha I i been at peace with Itielf the Court uorer ahould have betid anything r.f thia libel. Theae church quarrel* were never for auy good. He never knew one that wai not irore or lea* damaging to cither aide in th ? en I. Id thi* cam Mr Fletcher hua a right to aay. and he doe* ' aoy, tbat there waa nothing like an exclusive light to write a hook on any particular aubject The law gave a copyright lor a biok, but any Dumber of men may wtlte book i on any given RUbject ?o that neither of thein infringe upon any edition for which a copyright haa been granted. | Looting at the evidence, It did appear that the book writ i ten by Dr. Wayland waa not the one calculated to be 1 moat uaeful aa a life of Dr. JudMin, and toeViaaon la. It waa too voluminous and it waa considered tbat Dr. Wayland bad given undue prominence to th? particular view* he entertained on thu llaptla* Churoh fili ation It the jury thould come to th* conclusion that thu tin potation i n Mr. Fletcher waa Juatlfled, the pHlntill | would not be rntithd to recover. If tliev came to the contrary conclu?ion, thi u he would he liable. The de 1 findanthad publiahed the letter without comment*. Mr. Wayland did not intend toe letter 'or publication, but Mr Norton thought proper to publlah it, and he inuat at and the ron*ei|iienci>*. Mr. Wlllard aaked the Court to charge the jury, that If tb* defendant wrote to l>r. Wayland, forth- purpose of exacting from him an accusation of thia \ind against | the plaintiff, it waa an aggravation of the offence. Ti e Court ? Undoubtedly, gentlemen, that ia an 1 lie juiv, in about ten minute*, rendered a verdict for tlie defendant. Coroners' lii<|ae?f?. Tin Latk Fatal Rraiunsn Gam is tiik Korirrr .xtii Ward.? Coroner O'l>onn?ll held an in'|iiext yeiterday th?boui<? No. 135 Croaby n'.rn?t, upon tli* boiyof the jrouoK man, James Mnflill, who cam* to hi* death from th* effects of h stub received in the wrUt with a pen knife in the hand* of l.uke Mc.Cabe, on the IStb ult. Th? evidence adduced went to show that th* deceased *nd the prisoner who were old acquaint tncei, on tn? ivan 1 ing in queetlon were *l? y !sr' in(f <m th? sld*walk In front of their dwelling place, when the prifner drew a pen knife und flourished It around t'm linad an l arina of ' thei'icraaed Mcfiill then retreated, and at the s?m" | time begged lfoCabe not to he no reckless with the knife, ' a* he might out him; hut the latter el'h?r did n it h -ar the warning or did not hee. I It, for he follow*] the de ceased some distance und finally wounded him in th" v rist. The wound at the time van thought to h" quite ellgbt, and on the name eren ng the accuse l*n<l de- I cear?d were together again The wound of Mm' lit I get- I ting tar J painful at the end ot the week, a dootor I *"? '? ? 7*k" ??'?"'nUtered to him the uxual rem< lie* for ery*ip?Ta?, tinner of which he wait then suffering, but t ;e dis ease, at-aumiog* fatal form in a few day* afterward* medical aid lied but little tdeet, at th" dec***ed died, ? uMerrig at the time Inteuoly from the inftammitlnn hro iiil t about by th* simple cut with a penknife The in lileal testimony went to show that the dereaned waa III I or >rg under inflammation erysipelas that the iirm an I mi -to' the deceased had suppurated that lh? bon-'i of the wilat were much diseased that the decerned also bau p< I. rm'ltin and congestion of the lung*. The dot* tor gnve it aa hla opinion that death waa caused b/ the stal> above m< D tinned. The Jury in Mi a case r-n lered a verdict of " death Irom wound* inflicted with a knifa in the hand* of I. uke alcOabe." Uipin the rendition or ' the verdict the pri>oner waa cominitteil to tS-> Tomb* to await an eiaminatiin. 81 tag* ?v IIa.wimj ?Coroner O'Ponoell held aa In i quest yesterday, at th? boarding house uwrner of Water and Olivar street*, u|>on the body of John Anderson, a nativ* of (lermaoy, who came to hi* death hy luegiug himself while laboring under the effects of intosi ition. I Iwcraaed, It appeared, lor niorn time paat ha* been en ^?ged in drinking very fioely, producing fit* i>f delirium tremena, and it wa< in one "f thene 111* of temporary derangetcrnt that he committed suicide. Ver Hot -3ui cule l y hanging while in a deranged state of mind, the ? *f!e< ts of continued intoxication. lie eased was 'ij year* of age I ataI. AccibSnT. ? Coroner O'ltonnell alto held an in- I ?luest at 31 Jame* ntreet, upon the body of Thome* II. lie/, a natire of Cln Innatf, Ohio, who inn to bl* death frcm the allect* of a a<'vere fill, resumed while in a atate of intoxication. It O Hanlou made ?u eiter mi' elimination of the body ot deceued, an' g ive it a* bi< opinion that deaih ?ai cau?e-I by coif atlon of tlie train. Verdict accordingly lie-' a?**l w.ii hy o :upi tlon a leeman, and wa* only 22 yeai* of age Kn.i i n fit Taluiu TakOCoH a tLiTCHW a t , ? Coroner ; Hilton held an ln<|Ueat yeeterday upon the l^ely of Thorn** C K"r|ju??in, a lad about nlnetoen year* of age, who can.* to b * death from *e?er? Injuries received on i Wednenday erenlcg laat, by accidentally falling down the bat' h way of th* atore So '.h iUrcUy street. The deceased, it appesra, wa* employed in the abov? store, slid wh le at work m the fourth sUry lolt* *c.cii|entally i fell do* n the batch way to th* Mm t How, breaking hi* ?kull, sod causlnf instant death I ea**d live I wit. i hi* parents in [wtnty fourth atreet where tlie ie'|ue*t ws? held, and was their only * irvmng son. Venllst, ai cldental death. KaTit Vlf-Tagr.? <>jren*r O'Donnrl! held an in i|i:epit Th;r*day upon the ho-ly ef Maiy Anne Bysn. a child about seven month* old. who cana to ita death from an over <loae of lad*num admtsls'ertd to It h? b?r motl *- through mi>t*'?e It appears from tb" endenc" addu el on th- in iiiest, that ?n>- irctl.? r of deceased had jro ired t? , tiaofmedi i #e from the drug store, fur the b' Mtt Of th* >!?''ea-e.1 i wbo n*a t' eo sick. 'Ine was a hott> of laodanurn, an t the ot!.' r * l>fitt!e of the ayrup of ipecac, both of which were iab' llcd that on We lrieaflay night, the ehlld having a -i v?r? lit of rofigblna, *he (jave her a t?a *p?onf il >f | th* ;?m ?num tbio igh mistake, int*ndln( at the time to tl.e infant a do?e of the ayrup of peyMt. The 1 mi'take, 1 1 eour**, reiulted in th* d?ath of the chiH In 1 a f?w hoar* after the polesm h*U be?u a>'rnimateie<l. Verdict ac ording to the above fa-ta B< i ^Hi "i frsTK ?Coroner Hilton held an Inquest j Ibur?Uy. at No. 33 Colombia atreet. upon th* body ol | Margaret < oberty, a native of Ireland, abo it forty year* of *>?*, ?bo --sn.* to ber death from th* effect* of a aver* burn* rf*.?eil tn the 1'ith ult., In coaie^oenrf of iter i ?tbiag at. hing Hi* at the stove. Verdict is ac :orda*ce with th* above facta. Knpramr < ourt?ln I lianiherl. A KOTaL fMIHTIKK. Befor* Hon Judi'e ( lerke. M ? ? i U - /Verferv* Milium A in,, *f Prmttim, r?. UrinrrXi A hnruK Hermann ? An applicet on wee mad* < n behalf of the King of f'ruiala for aa order for the ?r tea* of tie defendant, who ia harg*d hy the roval llain'if! *lth having obta ned moner hy meaoa ?/ f ? c*t] trrdei |raate4 ? Irreejr (Hp InKlllgrner, Mi - im. t I ?i*<i^i Rtron ? Th* report of Mr Bii* i it jr M*r?).e!, I.<. -ra that peraone bar* hewn *.mn ' ?*.'. iLe !?i >i ' C?P ftiaoa daring III* month ot f ? ' ?rj ,?at ?e U t o'Trncea as f'tilowa ?! rjei*e B*? 'r-.iia aal !;?/rd*rly, 10. diaoriarlf, a aa ? s ? "kng, ?. ?* ndlibg 'I a'aping 1 J I. j?e . vagrancy, . h*r*e raeiag Is itra*t<, 1 *>, > ?' c r g far . .y. 1 !??-? *g ?' g* 'I su>ptr.on of the". | .be a a y of 'be pttanaers U aa foilow* ? lr?Uad. *' Ka? ar ' - ? rneay, t iranre, 1 and I'aCed rtalea ' of *1 !. nuniter I ??i t U>r?l The n-amb r o'.Bt.ei n 'k* ??m? jrl'in .? rei.iawy, 1*44, waa M W llllawtiinri City Wevea. p.a ? -? Iket *? e? . 0 and twelve o'epvA > t ? day ti t. a bi* broke c it la s dwelling hoaae a J*' a ? a . in! te%i lorV-wr, In the fifteenth ward, dvh and I '.v K?e?a?1 Malta wb,-b wa* ewtlrely if : e !.<,?? i *>??'?< t .'/< n? for tMOIa the '.' lintnc C?sipan? ?' w lllamsburf. 1i . . were b- t thrve flr*. n the f utini dUtr t <! tag Hi* r.onth of Kebriary levt en^ y ? ol'e* ' aavranee 111 fw P< ?rr'v a?r. Immn *? Vt u>u ?A boat taw o - * ? n Tb*r*',sr r a '.ftlaf e?ter*>1 tb* bo..** '.I Hetry Je|**a -/rner ! alos a venae and Krm*?n atre*t, aa 1 atf/e attety ?v* dollar*, fr?m a bureau drawer ia aa of jer roami The thief la daweeding the stair*, *a*t V: Raiyea. when he attempted to atab him wiU a large aslfe Mr C*ly*a wanted *6 tb* blew, la d..iag ?kl?l he rveivad a aerer* eat la lb* *(? ^ Ue**f ay. .eel fd ia paklaghl* istap*. Anthony Hums, ttir L(brrnt/d Faigltlrr ft '??? HIS OWN ACCOUNT Og II IM fcdCAl'ft? HM AKIth. T? UKTrH.N TO TUB .xOl.TIl AM) LII1KKATI0N. About fifty pcrhonn, one half of whout were white aaariubled lo tho Hev. Pr. IV oniegton'e (colored) i cbuirb, corner of I'rinco mil Marion atree'.a, 'aft eve* ning, to hear Anthony llurna, the fugitive elave who waa nrreated Kime mouth* ago in Boston, an ! d.illvre-1 iLto tin* poaaeaaicu of hia owner, >u aoc irilanno with the reijuireinente of the law It appear* be Is now on Ilia * a; bark to lloitnn, lo company with Iter. Mr Mcllride, who waa aent to the Houth to purchase hint, and by whom he waa bought from a man named MacdotiueU Hirt.i* made liia appearance about eight o'clo-k, ao I aJter the MOT ting waa opened with pruyer, pro-jated'vl to aiWiei.a the aodienre. lie la a tall, powerful m in, about ] twMaty eight jreara old, nnd pw.teaeea conai (arable natu- I rial utility In fact, aa a apeaker, he protnlafa imn to become a rival of Kred. lxmglass. Tlee following la aub ?dantiaity the accoont he gave of hlinielf, leal eveni n{, hi* lauyuagv beini; prem rvod throughout ? Kind friend*, raid he, I am very glad to have it In aa y tfcat I am oaoe more in the laodof lile-rty; that I a? with thoao who are friend* indeed? thune, too, who I truat have daily mourned fur th? epproaaed In far oil I countries. Yea, I hope you hare l>< an abeddiug many tmra, aud making many prayiranod much auppilca ti* 'ii J* to (iod that he uii|lrt cauesi inr to be ilelivereil J fiom bomleg , I aay I rejoice that 1 am ta a land of liberty, that I pm now able to aay luy * uf ia o.y own. (Applauat.) I waut to give you, thla evening, a aiu?ll hlatory of my journey to Virginia, after I waa taken from Huston, and before that tluie Win i? I waa alxmt trn yearn old, belog unacquainted with Col and i hriat, truly I caied not much wklths-r I waul ti?, uutil it cam* | ao 1bat fiod and ( hrlitt itroek uv with humbU convic tlon, ami united within me a new heart. Then I cam ? to feel the lien aaity of both auial at,d body b<-li?g fre.. I hai heard, for many yrara, there waa a Northern country when no in llvidual ohiM Wy violent ban la upon me and -ay, "Vou belong to me " Aa I grew thit feeling grew within me, t.ll 1 rathe to a re* ilutioo, inylri ' 1 will if <;< .) aupporta uie, do my andenvor to ri ach that land." fApplause,^ Well, meeting with a golden oppor tunity, in lite coune of left yenr, I took it upon ruyaelf that I would pay tliia viait ?(laughter) ? and I came into the land of lloalon, hearing It was n benevolent city, will re char ty UowimI, When I gut there, truly I I didn't make myeall known aa I ought; but Mm aa many ol ua la, 1 didn't w.iut to ray I waa a fu ri - live ? at li'uat , you know that 1 might, th nkmg I wan t< IHtig a fiiend wl.o I waa, he tolling .t foe, au 1 he mi{bt 1 Iny v loii lit hand a upon me. I kept It to mvaelf, an I alter a little while ? about a luonto or ao when I got into btiaini'ki, oud thought I would try an 1 atrive a little for myrel.', na I never had an opportunity of doing ao before ? well, then, aa I w is trying to do a little lor ; my body and ton), behold the tiiei?? came gad laid ' l an d upon me I wan going up, nni night, to the dwellirit wlere 1 l v?d, und 1 heard lome peraona rnnnliig alter me, and crying, "Htop, old fe'low "' an I on loairag om my leit ibcildir, ? man u d hand* up<>n me. .-aid he, "(io back?you are the fellow that broke Into the ?Iver?mltb'? shop." hai l I, ' Vou , are ml.itnlii n " lie told me the unni of the atreat but I aald I hail never l>ren there " Hut you mnitcoTin along, nnd il you are not the one n? want," aald he, ' "we will let you alone " After I alar ted, I found there ?a? ?ome alx ? r neven had laid hold of ni?, aud they i ar ried me alonat olf my feet. The n*vt place I found mi ?ell waa In the court houae, wlieie they aet ro? down In a cha r, waiting for the ailrei mi'h to eomo In. While I waa fitting there, I began to conai^ 'r what wai the diDI culty and about half an hour aftor I heart arma ?rett walking in the pai?age conii'ig in I he door ?i< opan (d, and in wall.i d a man. who aai 1 I wai hie. When he run e in ho mid, "How are you. Mr. Rurna,' lie 1 no reilatnnce, and if I had. it would have lie -n unl??, bat behaved like u aheep under the ahuarer, or a lamb under the ala ughter, deposing upon (itiil to arrange the m a t<r It came Into my rnlnd to dlaown blm hut I called him, a* we do down In Virginia " Maeter " lf< t Lei 1 me then if 1 thought there would be any trouble in ta king me be':.U and I told hun I dldn t knaw. lie then 1 aaul bow much money he had givrn m and I told lilm be had givn rneutw j ewee at the i-nd of the year Kev Mr. I'l^.tiaiiTON here m alat he would like to have an eipriaaiin of opinion fruui the aui'o'ii e II th"y would like to eora for l'i 1 , centa a jear, w ..m th?y re ? ponded "No. ' ' Iti UN then cont Que l aa f?dlow? ?I rnul 1 not al?e|. night, fur ruy lirait waa dit ourai/.eil and I got no thing to eat. Will, n.oroing the* lolU ui* any mait'-r aeid I w.ih hie Kurly ii-at morning 1 waa la-.'-.* donn to the court room with my bran-lute on -aet tb"<e gold onea which ym ladle* war but atewl. and I ran ? bow you the aiaia thnl they gave mo. Well, the law eia Inaisted upon me that I ?hnuld hav a cOuueel, hut ccn?h!erod that tie worda wh' !i I Urat atxik" had r-i n ed mo, there'ore I Mid unto u<y frtende i ere is no uee ? Idon't^ee wherrby any H-d could lie doiao ev-ept U rou(h Almighty rioil. ' VWI1, tley Inalate I U|/*in ni", and at Uat I consented to it aitho 'it'll it | ro'itel na ! n> t hi I g. They ha I t*o bitmlred of a body guar I aro nil mat to k?ep me, and ?ome < ne tol l rue th < ' r>, I ip? an I | (iarritoti and all thoae wero "aiine of b a, but I f< n I they were the only men who n?? I n uy (tertlona for iny lr<ei!nm Well, n??t morn ng a MJx'r cs ia up, tn wblrh It w.ia itat'-l that I eal'l I wmt-l to go hack, that. I wlnhe-1 to n-t irn vi-ry mu -h Ko?, -at. in himaelf If be Uad come out of the pit upon the the ? arth, could not hare told a bigi ? r lie. Sua Iwmt to a?k y< 'i white, or blat k, who ofyitn waaia t< go in'o a den of I una ? who wanta to go Hit j aiavery ? ito am of yon ' (No no > fThotliat haa had, aalhnl the lih.iel tr'ckl rg down my bnck from mjr n?ea to my h?<-;> Ihey gave me live hundred la-hea besniiaat 1'iey .aid I inaulted? I ua ii Med ther.i tire I mired laebei ' ? h<w , rracy would it take to ni\i.<; l.iem mi l ? Wlio wanta t i be in tide pnalticn ? ia lU?-re one mari here* No ' no Well, I waa cat r ed 'low ii to the I'jtvenue cut t?r (roai the court houae, in a delgi.tful manner the won ItI il llurna Honie aatd Morns 11 we have overcome voir ftienda, the abolitUinleta but we will buy y i an<1 lifirae vou back We have got monev an I your maa'er said lie would h t ua have von (aald I no MM* b?l eve | tl ey would hr ri|( me ba? k to Kaiaton th in I ? '? il ! By otl the deck of the boat <>n my wa . tn Nn-fnla they f? I mo with line fan ? ? hot aa a<on aa I .trick the wbarf, J waa hrac-Jeted and put into )a I Honw of tl.?m aald *' We have llurna, the lino, Mw.' and ill waiked on the deck one fellow aaid, ? aime no* damn it waia, walk up >tep u|i ? vou are not In Hoa ten now. 1 Wall, for th* twodaya I waa Ii prtaon I did rot eat more than aij axiathfula and 1 waa >*pt with bra< elata on my arma aad run* <>n my legs that a it m* to the bi ne, In Traal*ra ,ail. .n Kithmead, I got freah water ? nly once in two da s and tliau It l'<oe| as I It j would scald me Many time, did I ra.-*e my vowa ip to ? ?id that he would net 'Iiwar'.i me, aa t> lid Ttaniel and tha old piopbe ' a At the and of theae tu it m-mtha th*y ' ame tn a*,l me and. aa 1 o ! i u lh?- bl-i .. oLe miri raM Ix.rn in* If ] la! hloi li" ?'raM ba worth anoaa |l,4</0.or IIVjO. 1 aaya aoothar. "If ba ba-l MHI M*B t'l lloat'in I couM RMI ???"iiljr fl?a b?rr?l? of ri.m oot of biro V?a, and I ? ill bt? >> . r ??! bin to th? furrowa. Tli'ii again otbara aaul, rbl? a tha gri-ot lion, Burna? *b, Huraa ara jo ? th- nun " I win jut op, an>l the Irit bl<t ?w ? I. . |mii; 1.5 goir.g- fiog at li ? awl I auppoaa I ih r'l?r at Iklt for tha iota '.f thra? .uarlara an hour i oma ??. I l.a hat ? ??n ol to th* '?< r'h, an l l.< ?aa talc tad. i Ia jgh!?-r*?u ! Biplaoaa and OUMrt u " if h? b?I MVar aaan tbaa* abolition lat? b# **?M hat* I *?n of his* aarvlra I wa? at Uat Kil'l fer f?)t, anl tl.aa I waa e?rrl?l bt i l/i tilwin again Jill th' j war* r??<ly t? n.? to North ' arollna M j ma*Ur Mir), wl(?n ha waa ma ? lt? blir that I moat awaar bafora man a/il '.o>l L that I WfiuM lira with h'ln an ! i?lt> bin. >? a alto, an 1 that I would ba t?ry aubinl*?,?? I '"Id bin, br o<> maiia 1 would mak* b m on ptalgaa '.af< ra m/ (fr* I , I 'it I "I baling to jo i ton can whip in" to '?iHi If /on plaaa*- but if joti taka ma bom* ? tel traat m* aa a nun ' <i|rht t<i bo traatad, I will t tj to do a I ! > an an4 in/ maanlBf waa, wblla I ataj?t t?.?r? (laughtar ) I ?n J? mi.rh itatarBifiM t? im ll>" U'fl '?! Ilaitbi in ' iaa?li ? train aa ataf I *a* to ?*?? tb? auaabioa ao<l a?*?i Ui ? ( ? I><1 ?,y laja i. f.nn'ta*- aa t had loaa ha'i'iaa I ao*w what tba aaja?yn?nt 'if ' Intr. ??? Tha Mian who bosfbt i> ? waa 1 ai ? 1 Maolooal I of North i'ar> I aa l"baj aaat ? a 'V wn la a ha'a. an I I tbaugbt I waa do n/ a tig baaiooa a Blffaf, pi kaow ?r. ? ilda a a ha ? n'fi Maj Wall, | waa romf awajf a* ma aa ' ?i,.4t>| hj? llmoa 'oil 'bain 1 !.?/ ?r? atari n< 'ath at tl.a N> itb *bat ? a fatt jn . kmi". Ilirsi I fat to Jfl rth ('atollna i>?t t <Ja f, a fit tad an' lh*r fr.?c I to I r n? boui? in aaUa or I'm'. I waa 'at*r m a* 1 1 1, t'\ tar| to th? Noffi aifalo if I ba-1 t >< ?a<ta ?p v. iu/ aack In Mood, rod I wp U *o ?) fr.aada t? lull Ikati Hnfia In r?,a' loalori tbar.tad k ? au'i?t-? fot lit* IB t?r?at tl ?y took h> bin- a^ar tlkb ? Mllattlia iaa "ak?a 'i| to 'a'raj t ??(#! aa to Boat/in aa bo i.'-aa ia a a*art l.'i lafitr, ?g T>a j<. a paid for bin waa IIM ? iffOiriii'.r1 ii rut m nxi camm. rnniBUr' 1 tlfcat "B tbo -la; A tba raa-!it>?a of Burn*, ? J'liia ? 'lit u tba ill fl?; of Ctaa/laa Marab ? rr at, of I'.of* Jfj, i>b> 1 *<t an II Ra, waa a> ? a .1 *4 by tio I' raa ' naar tb? -oraa/' f !!??? ? bacta row In ?) ? ,'j aa . mi mi:; tai?i?4 Ilia ?a ! w*a brtt hi* 'a ? . ? i ? b a a' arp inat/ioarit ' ? K? a e' >a! 1 ? Bkit. l, o -oaaa-.-iar.-a, >? aai } bo l* ' A a?:t j aa r??o br iaht for taao*^c*<a, .f 'la'ral oaaaa ?4 }Mt?Ha; ? tft* r1 ipr?o<a ' ourt fia i ?at. Ih' a i t I? li'.iabt afa.Bat If J. V C. ? ?. ?? I aa''? " a'a< a ? -?oman. t>,a ' ? Mar ?! aa ? ' apt faaoa wk ' I.?ari 1a.J tba H t\t n A try Tba taMN art laid at UH,0M (%ar !a< M > R?'i af j<aa/?-T f/.-r ha (!?.a ??(? ar.-l <r<'ap(*d two r? ra i b:a t?o r. ? [ loo ta? t).? |f wd that tbi ?? ' ' tla ta'aB'laa'a ?a tba OMM if .ha B?rna ran < t<B, w-ra ?fal To '.ax w '.aoa??a w.ll baatama*-! ' j ? j la attff aa t tkatr al w.ll LroWblf 'oaUa aa f',a/ I or Ita aya ? ^ !??. tfar'b 2 thi ntidL of 1 1 r?,i iniM. T ' ? l>"t?B ' ?*r??r of ita la? aat blta off tka t*>of, I .-a if < '? tla argtoaaata for aad a(ata*t tba 4 ??. ?aa I 'fa I / ni| (of '.l.a part iia U-,a a tba r?w?t. n of ' b* uaia Aotl.oay Huraa i<af*fw a "t tb? Hioa'l aHlta I*n < atnra. .a tba foUov af atpM ? Tb-a laraa waa rapaatad jaata* !a; t/Uf5' a. la 'ha RaptaaaaUUaaa ' / an. bar A Oa?d af aaw t-tr?nrm?f > ata Bad tba m4.bc rbarartar* -wMobart Ibarr a ap l*aiad aa " 1/fM," luokafd fUHrwtb aa ?ba *??' r WVpHb1 AbbyVataw aa tba Mlaart l^df Jofca 1 II tiotbali aa " bajBataanka Tbaa lar? Har*ar aa ' fHU I ?<4?, Alalia faaaa aa " Capu a a* Uaa MfBBi^, k.wba Ma; a*? ia UVa|W#ar ' ?*l M aa tba " r?t<* Tl>? farca whirh it a poor thimg ? it ? roara plot to il aplar* ? ju 1K> k li i him a !miul?t<?r*vl tb* ?'Ord||n to tba conatitutioa uular which h? Ii?w< ai)<l bi* natli in bcivrn? but it attract* larg* aui).an~*i*, anil t hat j.t-rbtip? i? aU auf!icU*tic. Tha l**ui%is from Alabama. talo |'<*r r-onati* 1 ' |i?nipb'>ol? ia % p^rf^ct flat, ami if tliiifc* who form*"! tha " hf*n?*h of law'' apprw I -lotf.l the Ili?n t) of thair poa.llon, tbt-y would not ba?w , tfTaird blm to r pi?t li > n?,u.l To ?how that tt ara not utmva tba lo?r-t kin of law ' It U I onlj ' oera??ary to a my that the Uliaf J??t t< a .? ?IU > 'upw th.. '? > itinnnWirr' to ripounl tb* conaUtuUon anJ I raply to " IfoaatliVa'' I'ompan .m Mr illilratti ?u? ta>ua<l tha 1 1 of th?' " Angry W< man to a rtiarm, tot tbe lift'- Mi l'?fa?r il'mf in?<l b mtalf with hla arrua toma.1 l> >ni|iiiity, liumil tv an I awaatnraa of ti-mpm 1 hi* fare* ? " "P'attfl on Tuaaitay nail. an I tt la t > j t>< liopt.l t. 'At all tha lorara or ncmaauta trill b? Ibort t> i? It PoUm i I, i . i i it . ... . cniVAI.Rr I BV l?kl? CIIAI I.KMilM# TO V'JKTAL OOHItT. A |?ri?n Miw ^ M?ir<l Marahall r??i lur* at N j. I HI frhrTmerlunn ?ti **f Ibooklyo, wai anr<t?l jntwlaf by rtltci-r Martin, a' lh* Hacoral dutricl polira court, <larj?d on llir com Wa'nl of K liriawoM, of 1J I Huth trenua, with 1 raring ant hlti a written challang* to tight it dual Tl.<" complainant and *'cu??.l, it ap paara, Imir baan on , wl trrina in otiwiuanra of aoma *ll|>bt i|?aml that <j iturn-il Ix-lwriti tliain ? a yrnioy la.ljf I.I cuurar, In-lug i hlrf cauaa of the |tiarr*l It ia alltga.t Yij l!r. lirtiwntl thntjhii nh ??;*?'! ttia fol.owinf aplatla lr<r?,tha at cuaa.l .'iiallrnjfin^ turn to mortal com bat ? nuMiKlvn, ISb 18i5 Ma. f i v in w fit ii - Sit lla\ 'x; duly cotiaidaml th* affair upon whlrh *? paaatd aoni ' ?rmda a fr. day) alnra, 1 liana n ii.r to il.a c n lua.'u \ i*i tt ili'inaoi'a tb? raaaat* mrnt nurh rwma of intrrl. aloaya d??arre. I thrrrforn ihallrni* ton a n?-*t m?, on an/ itujr wilhla nan wi-ra frxm thia lar, and oa any hour of th? aaraa, > rt'r aurh <?? >t" tn aa Jt'H fli.M w, far a roinliat of tbi* mini mortaJ natnrr aa notbiaar uliurt of tin* 'ttwriu nat.ou of jraut lit* or mtno will a if or . 1 ma tba aaMfcfoctlmi I .1, jtrr lar tba (owarilltr tiiaotla tun ba?n oil. rail. I tlorpfi r* liopa that j #>u w.Il no havi? \ hn rowu.'Mty prtxiuiripl'ftri to trrit thii (irofoalttofi with uliat ownr<U mil "ulmnl coottmpt, for fnlh to N?ll?v t!>*t auytltiiu Uir Jng thrfnim of iritrt ?!?n th?* rowMtllj wu oma to b? 'otitrolUi \,y flu* <onit?? l f w?*ak *ol I'taiil worm, or ???? k ? *h??Tt?r ?> n?1??r tb#ir { Mtit oatn I jT?%I!# tb?'r??foie h prompt itrnwr Uili, an 1 d > lhfirf? r?* aolftnnly iilftln#' my aril to t * on th" i|?<it. lat that plan* he nhari* U mi;, provulml ? lx* a rrtirmt **4 proper ofia I MaFHIIAM., No. 1h| ychrrturrl.orn n trafft, Brooklyn. Tlio .nrcua* d Mawbrmtflit lor* Juat if# Mrontian, at t It h Jaffcraon Warki-t politr rourt, who, uft?r h??ail?ic th#? atntfin^n1 of tb* nnmpUilnaDt, b?-l?l t ia ac:uad<l to batl In tb# auia of fl <V to anaw?r tho c liar if* ciuior or oimiN monev vavmi rAi?M* pev TftNiRH. < Itirar Hut, of Ui# I ?w* r li<*a court, arr?"it?<l two brotlo'ia, an<) Mi? haal (<ill?*n vhn ira rbargail, on tba cotipUmt of Jatn?a Oilb ti wilb bavtn^ ?ial /au?)f<l blm out *?f flft, by praUn^M and fraudu l**nt rrpffto nt-itU'i)* Tb# complainant all?*f?? that ko fiurrha^' I tb" alocV, flat'ir** , an'l ???<? t wtll of th* pMUif"**' N'?. T. Rait" ?trr?'t from Kratoif fillUn, for tli?? auin of |l<0 that Wt< h?? H)llUn tb# br"th?r of Kranna, pir?*mt . t tb? nala, ami #ntm??v?1 tba pro c#*? mg , that ?(('( UviMjf in | |?*?aa#a? OD of tlM g ft*fry atori* f??r t ? ?tayi?, lllrbarl (nll#n ?nt?f#4 th# prtmiaca, ami forcibly fj?rt^l Ilia r?fni>laloan* #n f bi# ckiL fro#i tba nt.ra, an?l would o*t allow tb?*m ?*'?la to *otcr, "ayin^ that tha plac# ?ll I not ImiIoo^ to til# brother Kranri? pn?iO'i" f'? t If *alc that il belonged to h'm, (Mir baa/,) ami that a* b? had rr?t aol-J It to roai plairiHnt. tba pro^rtr could not lawfully l?a In b<? p?ra ??aion O at be ?a? a oaurt^r, an I aocordlmrlf !?? r< ul'l not think of allowing him to remain piopr???t4#r ui tb# yrortry any lonK#r. Trte f ott| lalnan' , acting bow h# bad littn tahnn In. oad# bia way to tb* pollcc ?^irt, an-1 mad# a romplaint a^wiant both of tb<?a? men ^bo, on lela^ taken befi re lo?tie# < mt oily ???nH hell t*? l?all In tbe aum of ?a ti, to ai,??>-r the ? A!. LI <irv> II.IMAL *t*,llUI or Q 00 1 HI. Y**t?v4fty two man. Jo|jn M fcrlar ant WIIU4M Thompson, *fm hy ofty'?r llorrtj(%fi, of tho lowar polf.r court, cbftrg'"l r 4i?i fombly latati imrNiilon of Ub 'MO n^ar*, tVa pt<r?p*vtjr of Att(ui( Ha la?rt, of No. 196 Willi** ?tr*?t *n?# ?*ornpiaiaant ataVM tlml Iba ?c umt\ riiwi to hU plva of bualua** an 1 M* '! nit <<r'Ui for tb* itxivw <|uu)til]f of w^in tba4 on btfl raftifti&r to 'lal tl??* pr Mr(r 00 ttui or Ur pro* b*???4?>4, Ifc.jr I*.] tJIJfct Un alionl-t !n?ttritlr fl*f> up tb* property, ?o<i *t tr.ln tin**, it u ?(>??>?] TiiMu^n 1* lil b? waa an of) ?ri'Ur>.| UiU M*nn? < ourt it4 ba<1 authority to tak* j?"m?iioii of Wbrra upon, it is furUiar lUvnd, tb* forcibly r*rn>??al th?* ?a!>! prooau ty to Um- ?M? t ?lk, with l Jtr inUuU>n of curifng It off, but w* . ? pr#vro'?d froi u 90 tljiof 6/ tbft pron f<t art 1 < it of lha cMtlUm ?nt 7b? mr<- um<1 war* ror??*y*'1 bt'Of" Ju?U?t < "iim lif, at tb? low mr n?4$cm court, mho hfM t!.rm t ? io?w?r tb? rharga j?r*/?rro4 Ngrt firt tlirrn cimjmjk or Arimmm Kxroft7fo? tii* mitADwtr mi m.i: tP, rum wtifr* Y*>*W<9ay "fhc+r Wa>bb, of tha J /w*r pot ioa nurt, irro tr<l a iran Thotua* I. OrioaHy, alJ*fa.l to be on- of tl?< e')lt?<r? ?o?i propria t#r? of tha l#'/ki /?, a waok if ournal of *mi?It nal'io# ebar ->o Ut? r tun I' la I c> t of I'r ? II IIomI", ptMia'.rr of Uii Itrr^drntg /rllt, alth hatlo* in ? ??niaa<-t!i.n alth "t?a ii"q?? Itunipai.a at ?ni|.U>t t' iil i' nrn ? fr-an him, ii j Uiimi.iiiDf If tin It out ? '*inyly with th?lr l?'| 'i*ot*, lit |.i ? I ??> IIMlnui irttrlM him la Um Wm\w. 1 lit ti ah" la I *t ; ? th Ormahr In Ui* attvrnpt it ? atortl'n bi?? n- i bwii trml?4 It I* an <*?r?li ml ttal lb* UtUr U in r)i:U4aUhla '?rm<l<7 m%m liroaghl 1*1' rn J a tic I mmilj ?' Ui* l?w.r poll/1* <unrt ?h<> li?l I Mai to b*i! la tb? >'ia of VVM t? ?*? ? *>l It ? 1 t ?n? 1 n a nil k or Kim rmrtM i<. I'itvtlil Juf r ??> iriMll l I'll.f'i; bl 11(1 ?! fVlfU, i/ltUTolwtlinH rbargft *itti U?? 114 ?b U.rr l |U?I f marili at I froi i 4lfT*i?nl un"'?r (?) ? r?i-? It Ii ?IUr?-l lb*', tb* vcgwl mil litai lltt tlun lot n ll??M ':l Ninth ? n<l f?l f? tl ?t H? Uft/l Krrj ligl bf Ik* f.lf? man of IIm Ompaar So M for IS? (mrpiM* if |.u?' baa>n( a la ?. ai t ipltt?.m, '>li Ulo*>l lb? a?m? It ?a , ift>tHf4a iH?e"???T?<1 thai tb* ?;l??n?r ?I?-J oo> bab'Otf Ui tb? "im^anf la <(U*at wa, ard L?-l t*< ' ' ?? n autb' ria*<1 U> |>urrlia.? IS* proytif. (it| ?r ri p j.Uln'a of a ai ,UI?r nature wi* n.?/? *?*;??! 'b* ?a?ua?4, aaa 1 mnntt.1 to pi la ia 1ut tn?" L U *K .t 01' l'KIUt;il\ . Cam a. I 1 all* a ?aa wamnM 00 iba'p ?f pvrjurf, ?i tl ? 1 i. irt 1 f l-p. al HaaaWna, jaat.f lar t<?.'ara Ju-t/* -tuart, b* Ur<u| It ? aU??>i1, aworn falulf to lb* par r ha** of a ailrar atl b, liluaH at I1! It f^paara tlaat a II. aa uaUM'1 I' ? wallial a<i ? n h ? trial I 1 laalia* Ibi* art It la. ahicli * an nrlf I Unllfal hy tb* "wo?r >b*aa lb' pi, ? al.a'i an. upaa-1 a*or* Jaat b* ha^ auld t to ti>> man ia Ir ai, Ir ( at tb* tl a* lo ?*? llnam tkaj nut of bit 4 1 ilt; but ha f*i,> I, m* tt.? l*t'*r ?a* ? ?bl to Ilia J.?iill? . iarr ?M ?n*f> imnarir T?op?ransa a*ti*l ? atlaanaa '< .%? ait-i Vita I'taro*, ? ?|a allNtil Th. 1 /??!?/ b; lb? H'H, ?a'< p .us* rhatg r <1 a ill. ha t n^ - 1 Wf rotla-l A'l.lli VtM>i of M7 *? I '.orji aa.l (Hilai ajpaial 7b* M/I/Ipulnaat *!!*(?? that tb* a?-?a**J *?t?i*l h?r rwm *? *i Aa'hoay ?il*a I ai l *b i* lh* mal* |f>* ?!*? ??*??! (??? tk* fa uial* r?it<a>a tk* h noaa an ! '\ *?>m, an4 '.W*i(a?1 all tb* ra*h an I laliail'a ah* ha I la t|?? n?.aa Tba at itad ana iraaaifbt i?for* Ji.aMra 1 nn'.'.y, at tba laail p.l .1 aoarl * bo ' Ii iai .1*4 "la* 01 fwMlinai tlaa, la 'tafaoji af II Wl ball. HrtMaklyrt flip N?wii [ inn iti 1 >:aa ? 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