Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 3, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 3, 1855 Page 3
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?FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. 9lO ft K Y H4RK1V, PBID4V, March 2?6 P. M. The ?t? k aiaiket wu quite bu yout at the open ing this moraiag, and there wtw in <ra activity bith at the B<ard aud in the street. Among the railroad stock i, itiaiirg appears to be the favorite. The tran?actioisi were Urge to-day, prin;ipa!ly for cull, at an advance. State tstocka and railroad bonda were mutually active, buf. prices were not ao firm as for the farcies. At the first board to-day Nica ragua Transit advanced .{ per cent; New York Cen tral Itai.Kad, J; E ie, i; Harbin, }; Reading Rill- I road, 4; C *7eiacd an 1 Toledo, |. Indiana 5's fell off i per cent; Illinois Central Bond), 4. Indiana 5's, Virginia 6's, *cd Ml?- nrl (j'?> which have been n*ed as deuoal'j for baL? ing purposes at the West, are coining upon the market in smalt loti dally So fai as the securl ' j of such investment* are cccctrred, there Is no' a question, but holders are a j little a'arrred at the qn intity daily offering. There iscogroar l for appw'iensi m a? to their intri nis j or nsuk'.t value. Notwithsta .ding the law 1 amouita " !d, prices ar? well nnintalnei, and the purchases aT? piir.cipnlly oa foeigi account. At tie sfcond board to-day vh're was ag?n?ril mpiovfa . ?,t in ptioej, without much activity in tratstc'n.ufi Every sUA,k sold was at better rates, ' ard ?ha nakat clcs' d firm, wita an upwaid ten dency. Illinois Ceutr&l bonds advanced 1 per cent, with vet* a*ge salcii; Mi-wouri ??*?, $; Cncitoa Com p&cy, .{: Nicfc-egua Transit, 4; Cninb?rland,4; Eiie Railroad, jj; Panama Rtilr<.ad( J; Rir'.nm, 4: Heading Rtilrcad, i. With such ftmall 8de>, tlii-f advance in Kim w at extraordinary. It may '??*!>. ; out a great de/i of stock to in rrow, and the a a mut j piCBsirji for sale may be larne ciouph to pus roe-* down?gaic. I: :s the opluloa of the broVr .jvu> I held large lets of the fancies, tha1; th? s?*at *r,d growirg abusdaTice of money iaus. n'ti uitety tell favciubly oa pikes and promoto "pecuUiiom. T tis is pl?urb'e re neoni"?, but, it must b? borne 'n ra< .d 1 that, the cu nide i arties who have h. relator# bam heavy ciutomcra ami carried big loads ot ttockt, weie encrmc-us Iobcm on the decline six m">tr'n bince, si a vave been tkinaod, cleaned out of all their mean0, and aie, therefore, unable to come in and take another hand at the game. Bat for this, vre shcul'. be of tie same opinion as the bulls, aad lock for an Important iofhtlon. As it is, they may be right. These who have los' m ney In Wall strae', generally $o tfcfre to get it back again. If they have lo?tit in faocy stscks, they try them again to recover it if pr .-bible. Thure is a larga class iu this comic unity who find it difficult to ke'.p ? jvay fr.?m faocy stock*, a:d are not content unless Ihey are ?.'abblixg !n taem. The transaction at the Assistant Treasurer's office to uay wcie as follows : ? ?130,60-' 12 1'ayir.etit* 16.">,4:!2 09 balance 4,058,429 62 The vo'.e in the Beni'e on th-5 tariff is considered a death b'ow to the bill as it p-wasd the House ; bat mi are Lot disposed to give it up so. The House has either tu back ont altogether, or agree upon a :omptcmiae. The (list is cot at all prolubb, and he la-0', net impossible. If the tariff ia taken np in Jetacled nection?, no pi ogress will lie made this lestion. It must be acted upcu as a whole, or not it all. There is still or.e day left cf the session, an 1 here is, tte.efore, a chance jet thai something will i e doce. I'he re eir.t* of the Hudson R'ver R'li'.road C .m pany for the month of February, 1865, amoiiUtMl to. $174, ">>4 "2 lime time '.??t year 1>>0, 020 47 Increase id I'tbrmry, 1855 $13,28 1 25 j The wa-raits en'trod it ts.e rrewury Depirt- ' r.ent, Wuhlngton, on the 2^'h of Feb uary, were:? tb* redemption of nlocU $170, 804 ?"! pa;, iag Ti*aaory debts :'.4,1i)9 62 lUr Caktuma 30,11) 7H ?ereil into !ie Treasury from lan ln 30,9 50 38 ? cor?rii,(? into the Treasury fr m cij?tom.i 9oi 0'> overinp '.n'o Trtaaury from misc. ao it rota.. U.Oi.O OO 'or the War !>i pjrtir.eut 44, < *1 00 I'or repn :?,<? rj the War Dt p.Mtiacut 2 4 !l 19 theSar.v Departaent 4!) 7'?? 00 i lepa1 ng ia ItieNavy Department 2,581 7*.? i ;he In'erier Department 1,044 85 The otsl value of men-bun i*e, Ac., imported ito '.bis port during tbe month of Febraary, 1V>."> $12, 407,302 mne icontli luat year ll,12i 980 n February, 1865 ....... $1,279,070 Of the Imports in Februa y th's year, II 101 4?5 an ia 'tee flOids; $8,315 203 ii du iab'e marc -an |iee; in specie, and 12,563,274 witbdra?ru om "warehouse. Compared wit'i the sane onih last Tear, there has bsm an iacrene of out r;ce million of dullard la frej golds'. aad a deleave of abaut oae ta Iti >n in dutiable df entered for oonsumptbn, and aa ln?reije of outoneatji a half million ia the withdrawal* |om warehouse. The value of go>ds enters j far ehcuf-e In '.he month just closed, was $2,237,394. It ttm is It ft in the mlad of any hon rable una out t ds to the unfitness of Mr. 1). B. St. Join thBtflkv ot Bink Sjperlntendout of thi-j 3tate, think -e it j-a-t conviotiin. Notnithataadlag 1 the c' arges which have baen brought agiinst ra.tbeie ate eccrea of others which bear with tatcr f<rce upen his cfll ial integrity and capa 1 ty. The provisions and penalties of the Free |aikixg, tegulatlng fc * duties, havi exjreisei control over bia act". In the f>?ce of the severest nalties bs his been guilty of the grossest breaches ti u??. He has suffered favored Indlvi&u&la to pu', n tbe c ma unity a paper currency not secn-ed he law diicctH, and ac's which ttte lav pun'shes thfltc etd iropiisonmerit hive b??n oftjimittsd v It impurity. All Ue?e tiiDga are inscBptibh of :of. ai d ?: e appointing power at Aibiny b been titled w tb if Dumerable inttaaccs of not only thj o^c.<*. teiifot of du.y on the part of t ie pfeaent uni'?? ' t, 1 ut tf the a-numptioa of power and the biuai.7 u.-e of it, not au'.hoiiz^d by the Lsgisla ?e. 11 tbe lixecutive is rot .?'a'Uflrd that the btst ,te;e?ts cf tie commuaity re'iuira a cbargs la tt.<* ted B<.nk Supeiiiitendtnt, we abatdea all hrpe his ?dnit>s'ration. It Is the duty of the lovernor to fill such Important position! with ?ho are Identified with the party in wcr, and whtse official conduct will reil'ct edit npf.n the government. He b^ing rtspomible the people for the ac s of all subordinate officers, rticulasiy of ticne whore appoiotu nt emanates om the Execative, It Is of tbe mist vital Impar ncsthathe sh.uld exctcise gre\'. discrimination d seucd jndpmf nt in tbe iclection of sultible isooa to fi'l placcs of high trut t. Iu addi ion to charges made sgiirs?. tne present Bank Super Undetit, which, in enr oplt'on, are enough to iik an; mo so deep Icto the dtp'.hfi of ofll:lal la ,my as r.ever to be b?ard of sgaio, we give itHy a m' re Tl:e Merc aaU' B ink of Miu | - to D. B fet. John to withdraw their iMl "nd ;<*ce li thtlr stead WtliWtM of deposit, hkh t>?y wete ailowrd to uo, in cons'der ?ticw of iyipg Wr. Ft Jr>hn a conimis- ioa, the sticks being 1*1 tn he Lrli&d City Bat.k, Toe Da '.cheat Om Bark applied f^w the<ami privilege>at of >)sg a c irmlosloD, when Mr. Ht. John rcfeircd ttrctoUwi law, ard would n-?t grant than the xve | i?nge. He a!ew:J th? Buk of tfe t on to withdraw thiir stocks, provided thej tulJ leave tl.e mvney on daperit without interm. e aiao a owtd the B?nk of North Amerl-ato ii draw htir ikck.ln ooua'. Icra'.ion of hla hivbg e pirrhasicg <>i the ato k to fub^tiintc for the oo k with irawn, ke to reccive a ommlstion for to irg. They were offered the st * k here for less than . .If In wa? author' to bar them, but ;ou'd n >. k* thfm ca aocount of BV John having the order. We 6rd, In let king ovtr the report cf tbs mana. us of the Reading Railroad, that afWr deducting :m the g ose receipt# of the company, the exoen?e? ivery litsciiptioo, including $.333,423 34, "paid r extraordinary o wges." the bi'aace was equal 10 per cent en the common ateck, emanotiag to 374, SM 91, with a teaenred fuel of $9!? 3-?2 C4. <j*e heno, so they will not heroe'ter otcur, if al ded to th? preceit year's business, tha dirtdand ftrad on the common utook will be equal to 21 j per cen?, provided there be no iacrea?s wha'ever. Bat u it !? rot likaly from the present conditio 1 of the coU market, and the ability of the company to meet the ; most exterdfd demand, that the local bntinaas will remain ataUonary, cr that Urge sums will njt bs re* I ceived from the contec'.io-.s made in Dacembsr l?at, we may look for an adrance in the groai receipts at least equal to the interest on tb*i beaded debt of the company, eay $575 292 00. I.aat ye?T (1864) the ^rona receipt* were. ..$3,781,839 91 Current expeneea 91, 442,473 Interest on bonded debt 646 904 Interest on mortgages 29,328 Renewal fund 129,984 Fin'ting fun<1 100,000 Dividend ou pre'etred stock 108,620 "Extraordinary charge*" 638,423 "Reserved fund'' 89,302 $2,938,106 00 Dividend luud for i&ft4 $798,473 91 But if the "extraoidinaiy charge*" an! the "re etmd ftind " arc added to the abors amount we will bave a dividend fund for tbe comin ?n stook ia 1855. amountirg to $l,42U,2C8 91, equal tj 21.j per cent, without any increase on the baslac.s ol U??. St tt. Tbe annexed citcular of Mr. I. O. Davii, gives a :t* e* of the Cincinnati stack market for the week ?di/g Tuesday evening, Feb. 27, 1855:? We have no striking feature to notice in n.?ne:ary af fairs dnriaglbe pa t week. Ouieaey >f anything u not j ?o plenty. ami fn ccuiKiuence kastern exchange ha* ds- ! clned a kliade and I* new rating at '? t) p?r cent pre- j iriutu liuyin? ard sei'lcg price, Time bills on the Ka?t and South arc Ntill io Mrmand at former quotation*. Mf r< ban'* nie disposed t> be very caution* the coulnj *ea-nc both as regard* buying and ael'ing, and nr* rte*f rouii of curtai'ing expensm as far a* practicable, cmi roeuaura'.e v itii their buklnea*. The practice of giving j long ciedita in becoming quitu unpopular among our job ber*. and a universal revn'ut on in that respect U *eri OulW talked of, and will no doubt be effected. In f -?ct, prudence sup^eM* suili a course a* being requisite to a health v state of *lnan:es iu time to coine. First clan* I riper {? nf w beto? discounted at easy rates. Bto:k:i have not been mo active during the past week a.i tlie one prece'inir, but the market continues buovaat and prioet are slowly 'ending upwards. We are informed that the Ohio and MiiMasippi Railroad Company, 'n making arrangements for the early cnmpl* tiou of tl eir road, have proposed to the city to Hell their valuable wharf jroperty, ( reserving enough for commo cioua t'epot*,) for $f"".0('0, the city to issue It* bond* in pajnient thereof A committee appointed by tl.e City Cot.ucil. liave ? xatnineil tbo road and made th ir r - pt rt. and Commissioners have been appoiute 1 to nego tlate with tbe Railroad Company, subject to the approval ff Council. The matter ha* now a very favorable ap fearance, and iu all probability the negotiation will ha consummated, which will Uav? a tendency to Inspire in creased conll 'en-e in this great enterpri-e The r?poit of the Miirankie a-nl Missiaaippi Rail read Compaoy, for the yew 1x51, his jjat baon pub listed. The capital, cost, A ;., at tlio oloso of ;h'j jear, waa aa follow:? MlLWAt'KIX AMI) Ml8>IASirn The construction account is. $2,188,581 48 I Kquipmenta 392,820 87 Real eatate and |a-r?onal property 113,214 00 Accouuta SLd bills lecetvable, andes'b.... 111,656 20 f. 61 r pij*'-V ? ? ? 888,085 M funded debt..... 1,417,500 0') Ne t income !or 1S04 14; om Bills ami discounts payable 2J3002 23 Tutul . . ,. $2,816,249 OS Ti>e w iu e number of the share* aubacrited i* 14, 240, iii* II1 *re teW by the company. Tb? city of j Mjl?aukie ]ioW 2,383, ami in Jirl lintl.s 9,322 The jn ount paid up In 81*8,60.1 32, Ifuv o/ jet to collect ' $4. J34 CS, of wl ich 5148,208 47 ii payable thin year. < llio gro?t rectpt* of 1864, were $u>? s^44 70 NCi, . . , , ,,,,,, #,,, #,,, ... ?07 rt T' 4 1 riiCs? of 1863wtr#, 226,919 48 Nnt 134)340 14 ?Shoeing an increase of 100 p<-r cent, with only an in creaae.l length of ainteen mile*. The re<eipti of ihe cur rent year are oupectfd to run up to $571,000 grosa, and >?42 048 n-t The c'mpfcny hare still bon is on ban 1 isnHold, to ii,? amount cr $30* 000. The *uccces* of the i* entirely !r< m its local busine**, i?. baing no con nectlng toada. Therepott b?\?: ? Heretofore tlie Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad haa bad to rely ?ntir*ly upon its local, without aid from other road*, and, fortunately, this hai beec 1 *i>flluent to sustain It* credit. The gain of the local bu- 1 'll"H proper on the line of the road, will l>e steady and conn >1< rabl*, and if we add to it the increase and t^ain bv Hie c? nnecting uads, it may be estimate, l at 2 < per cent on t he receipt* of the present year. Th * would iriv? receipts ?? follow* ? (.'roM receipt* of 1854 $tf>H04 78 Add Increa-e for 1855, at 26 percent..,.!.!. 11 4,'J1? 19 , 1o,?l 97 I'f'.uct 40 per cent for runniuj nx peine*. . . . '22H,432 40 Net receipts Deduct iuteieat on funded debt and taiei 14. '.,000 00 Remaning lo apply on dividend* 8197,848 57 lliii would give 19 per ceot or more, tipen a million of stock Tte atnexed aUt.mait ex ibitj the qnintity and vb;uh of foieign dry gojda entered at thia port for C4EH.mptiOD, f;r Wire trine, and also the with" 1 drawa!n fnm warehouse during the w:ek ending aid iucludlrg Thursday, March 1, 1855: ? Movkmkm-i in Forbos Dry Good?. RtcariTt UTtox KnUred for ('itiwmjition. (f< inn itij. I'alw M:<l it fart me* of wool 7 if, $232,526 " cotton K48 181.U72 " ?'"< 1,033 503 084 " flat 448 Oh, 1 4 1 Mitcc'.Uteoua f,71 144,134 To,?l 3,715 81, 149,254 ll trhdraua/s from Warehoutr. M nuf?( tures of wool 2t4 $78,281 cotlnn bio 124'.)'', 4 ?'ik 314 85.682 " flax 2T8 83,060 M'acellanem* 2 89H 33 7<V) Total 4,3'14 8J84.823 Entered for fVarehoutt. Manufacture* of wool . .. ?'{ 822 993 cotton 54 14!t79 ?ilk 1,04* 1M),Ih? flu 1 123 30,131 MUcellaneou* 2,123 "<3,109 Total a, 441 $3o4,f.9i Block Rltlinngr. Kkitmv March 2, 185 V tlCfiOO Ind Matr.'a a3 HO 700 sli* .Sic Trail b.H) l',\ If (00 do b3 SO 200 do 15 tt :w0 1)0 bCO 81 4o peon Goal G> . . . . loov 16000 Virginia 6s .. . ?6?? CM) turab Coal Jo ?3 3.;?, W00 Co a3 95'. 420 a &IW . 0(0 Missouri fa... D1 .00 do al5 33}. <0< 0 <^o 6 1 !? 9C NY On Rlt 93/ , 7100 IxuUlana < a. 84 fid .lo c. 94 1 1' 000 r,i* Bda of '75 Hi 1.4 1*1 l.k Weet RK. . 80 I ?<Kt<' do 00 H3'? 100 Krie Railroad. >10 4i ?: lOt'O Mi. h Fo lionda 99 lr,o do s?K) 4 . ^OiOJ'ao IHa 2d la. 101 ll'O do a.W) 4:, 7000 111 C'e RRBd.a3 74 1 00 do blO 45'^ 1? (MX) do.... V10 74 100 do. <3 4.V ..COO -*o.h'0af3O 74 l&o do . 4ft V 20* OWC RK txls c 87 \ 4 K) do *3 45 '! 1710 NY Cen 7*.... ^9*. do. ...blO 48V ; "0 do 9" '4 60 do *3 4M. 5< 00 Ind RanH bd? . HO .Vi ITarteai KK c 32 '4 iAAlO Ck A 8k I RR be "4 40 Kea ing KK 77 ?10 ib* MaoLat (tank 12<? lOO ,|o *30 77 24' llerlianl ?* I'aa* 11:1, K'O do c 77 5 Air I ich Hatk. 10,'. I.'.'hi ,lo a3 77 10 Co l?f.'; Hal do blO 77 24 lie'rop I'ai. ? .... lO.'v'^ 2"0 do b3 77 I 10 C< ntinental Itan* 101)4 2<>0 do'.W 77 10 Manbat (ia?fo.. l.T 8 M ch So KK 91 ',0 do 127.' 150 I'mami itK ... 1 <?7 , lOfan'onfo..,*:, 2\ 14 fire At I ItH RK 40 . .MO i '? 100 Ore * fol itR 71', I do b3 3: '( 100 do beo 7 J ; KO do.. .*10 3- 27 do 72 1M Nle Tran Oa. ,.a8 15 1? '.'j .lo 71 v I :o <>i? 16'i 12 rbiraffoJt r'i RR H?i ', ??KCOID BOaRII. t oco Mi-c nil <?* 9M4- 7 ah* NY <>n KR . 94 :i<(j llH -n l.R M. 74 '< f,0 do... *:t0 94 1 If 000 io... b?o 74', 150 Erie KR *3 46 ''a ??' "*!i .0<) Jo *3 4ri ? 2;'.') do 7 ft MO do... blO 40'. ??ICO do 1 0 75 15i do 44. 4< ' O ki e It'e of T6 8 , 30 1'anama KR JoH , f (biAm IiciK 11., 1M Hailem RR , 10n (anion Co ?> '.4 200 do ,00 .12 l?" 24 1 , 75 Ilndain R HR. . . ;jH I'" '1? 24 6 Nor Ind Const n. *8 1. ( Ni. ar Tr ( o. . . ?3 If , 25 North Ind ItK WO 50 Ci irb Coal Co . A 300 Heading i:K,.,.e 77'. 2' 0 do *1<? A4 10O III Cent IIU a.l t?'i 1 4 (XI I>nn * Lrh '/.iac I lro do.... b80 07 * 15 Mich ."omb. kK. 91 100 do .... *ln> ; CI.NCINXaTI -TOCK .af.FJI AM) Qf'OTaTI<>!?i, KgB'tf. *hv 2*. 1*46? RKroarau ?v 1. ?>. davii. filrcionatl n au.: I'ay ton Rli atock 70 < Ktelam*. Col imbas an>l finciLuatl KK a'ock .. l?ri Columbna ard Xei !a RR etrek 92', Cr.riniiatl, U ilBilr.gton and /^a.-tviile KK stock.. 3.1. Cincinnati! an l Chicago KR *tf":k I " | C'ntral Ohio KR *t .ek &0 I < ovirgtr.n srd t eiin ''.on KH stock 28 Ks'oti *ed Mamiltou KK stock 25 rcrt Va??e en.' Southern ItR *to< k Ida 12 Hlllator'. and Clnrinaat. RK *u>ek 25 ledlaoa ( entral RR atack 44 Indiaoapol.a and Cin-innati RR atoek 45 Ijttle Vlisiu RR atock >, 1 Mad Rnr and lake KHe RKeUeV I!!!!!!!!!! !! 37 ?* Marietta ecd Ciaeinaati RR ?toak.. *.!!'.'" 25 * Sew .Cbai.r a ad feb m RR ,'ock !.!!!!!!.!!! 20 Wh?o and Mi^lsaippi RK atock . 36 a .i0 ?1??2f ???# Mia pp 24mort. 7 per et Ma IS k lat. 1 000 C otttf r% k I 9\g n lac 10 Mr c t ^ 1 7 : 11 I \*000 in . 7^rctwr.......w^ Retail PHtfi of Wmr m Produce In Wuhlnf ton Market. Beef has a^min railed in {trier from one to three eeaU per pound on the mo?t commonly u?ed varieties. It 1* bard to understand liow the price iliogM hare ed vanoed while the martet remain* full of all kind* of nn'at, and the hale* have been diminished at laaat one eight in comoqueect of thla b-ing the l,*nt aeeson; but mi it !a. Pcultrjr and game remain at about the *am? ratra as reported lait week. Filh is very high, and aelli for more than it hai brought during tie paat winter. There la as advance of from two to three ceuti over the rate) cf la-t week. V< -;etable? mil quite high, a* do aUo api<>i, and what little fruit there ia in market But ter he* advanced a cent a pound, ard cheoie rera?in? at last w?tk. The follow' lj lilt hai been carefully cor rect* d ? MEATS. Ileef? Hrloin, roa*t, per lb lfi a H Rib, roait, prim* ? a IB Kib, chuck ? a 14 SiiN-in xteak* 1(1 a 1* l'orterhoune *t*aL? ? a 18 Rump itfaVi H a It Plate* and nav<d*. riwued 10 a 1" Mutton per lb. o 10 a 0 IS per carra-o " 0 O'.i a 0 10 I^inh " ? a 0 14 Veal " _ a 0 Id Veal, fore qoarteri. . . " 0 10 a 0 12 llind quartern. . . " 0 1.'; a 0 li Veal cutlet* " 0 is a u :3 1'orU- Fresh. per lb 0 10 a (I 11 Ham* smoked, per lb 0 12 a Oil Hhoulieri " " 0 Otf a 0 10 Sides, " " 0 10 a 0 11 S'de*. picV.ed, " ? a 0 11 i Jowl*, " ? a CI 00 Smoked beet, " ? a 0 It f-?U'i>g?*. " ? a 0 10 no. '? ? a 0 la Trlje, " 0 07 a 0 08 Laru, " 10 a 0 12 PODI.TRY AND OlMI Ti.rker* per lb 0 10 a 0 It Oee:.e, " 08 a 0 10 Duck*, tame p*r pair 1 26 i S(h Duel ", black, " ? a 1 12 Duck* redhead, " o 02 a I f(i l>uck?, ranvnanbick, p*r pa'r 2 Oil a 2 M Chickens, per p?tr 1 00 a 1 75 Yowls, '? 1 OO a J 2ft (iuitieii do " 0 TiO a 7S I'artrldge*. p?r pa:r 76 a 1 2.1 Quail, per 1 60 a 1 75 1(. bin" perdoi,, ,,0 75 a 1 (Ml Venl'on p?r ib o 12 u 0 18 Itat bits, p< r pair 0 M) a 0 75 Wi d duck*. per pair 0 62 a 0 75 Croupe, per pair ? a 0 87 'j rra. Shad , each 0 .'<0 a 0 75 Ba<s. per lb ? a 18 Bali but " 0 12 a 0 13 Smelt*, 0 12 a 15 WacJiflnh, " ? a 0 08 CodUab, " 0 (IS a 0 Id Pioberel, " 0 12 a ? Punfl-h, " 0 10 a ? Kel?, " ? a 0 15 Fetch " ? a 0 15 Flounder* '? 0 10 a ? full mackerel, p"r lb 0 12 a ? Salt liad, " 0l2,i,'a ? Smoked halibut " 0 10 a ? Smk'd mackerel " 0 12 a ? Soutul* and*, per lb 0 o< a ? Smoked *h?d, " 0 12 a ? Soured aalrui ii, per can 2 00 a ? Smoked palmon, per lb 0 10 a ? - I>ry codflih, " 0 04 a ? ?HKM.rtSH. Oviterii? rrin^ed' ba y, per 100 0 (12 J ^ a 0 75 Virginia * " 0 12>, a 1 00 ClaBii. (-brewibury, per 100 0 50 a 0 74 Little .Veck, " 1 00 a 3 00 lobster*, per ib ? a 0 08 Crab*, p"r do* 0 18 a 0 25 VKOKTAiM.ES. PotAtoen, pnr liaU peck 0 IS a 0 26 Mercer do per bbl i. 50 a 4 (M June do " a 00 a a 60 Turnip* ? while, per half-peck 0 '.'."i a ? Russia, " 0 18 a ? Do. per bbl U i o a ? Onion*, red jut half peck 0 26 a ? while " 0 10 a 0 12 Cabbage* ? new.eacti 0 12 a 0 IS ri d, " 0 18 a 0 -lH Savoy cabbage 0 08 a 0 09 fU ??!*, per bunrli (I US a ? ( mrom, '? 0 Od a ? Celery, " 0 12 a 0 18 falaJ, each 0 a ? '>y?ti r plant, p<r bunch 0 12 a ? l'armipi, per hl?l 0 01 a ? " (our for 0 12 a 0 18 ntl'IT. Apple* ? Ppit?en>>ergrn. pir bbl 3 50 a .1 75 Do. p?*r tin . : '.perk 0 SO a 0 37<f Greening*. per bbl 3 50 a ? Do. per half peck 0 30 a ? Box ruswt*, per bbl '?'< On a ? Do. per half- peck 0 25 a ? Cri>: ? rriei, per bbl 18 <10 a ? BITTER, CIII'KXK. ETO. Butter ? SMite, p?rlb. 0 23 a o V8 Orange, ?' 0 28 a 0 Delaware " 0 28 a 0 31 Chreie ? ner lb 0 12 a 0 15 Knglmb. per Ib 0 16 a 13 I'inrapplo, each 1 2ft a -- Sap*aj(o, " 0-6 a ? i F^rg* niLe for 0 26 a ? CITY TKADK REPORT. fdMT, March - I' M Ann* ? The market wan unchanged, *nl ??lea limit- 1. Bm*1KTC?> ?flour ? The nmrkt t : <<r common br?'i 'n wn.H fitnier, with *uh*?i of about 1 000 bb l<., iiicluJIiic 1 0[n di 1 ' u to choice Mate nt $8 a S 75, common to good Wot tin $0 a $0 oT- tx'tn ?' I/?uia $0 so a $10 40. and e xtia Genenpeat til h 1 1 2 ( ?i<?uUt) wan in miderate i in, kii'! for ronio uae, and Ilia ?.?!??? a* out HiK) hbln nt 26 a (10 iluty paid In bon I it wai h Id at $1 *5 a 10. Included n t lie aSote aalea ? re 001 bbln t-'out!i?ro, it $$ "5 a $ 0 14. Meal ?ai at $4 37. Kye (lour wn? 'loll anil nom u:il Wheat wiih tlrin, an I prime wiiit* Gecttti wan held at $2 00. Cora ??n in lair cunnrO. with na!e? of about ;;4,000 b unbel?. at06o. a l?7c. for itifved and wbite Foutbern; OSc. forPouthcn andjeney yellow and 07o. for Weatern mixed in eto'e Rye ? Sale* of 600 bunhel* New Jeraey were mvi? at 91 Ncrtb riier wan Laid at fl M, Uata wera un tliaipd. CoiKk.1 ? 1 he market wan flrra, and na!?? of about 1.100 bajn of wen- male at W'i<:. a lu',c Jim do. Marlcai'o at 1 0 V c l 000 ui.ita Java on private term*. 2'0laj(al:.o aklning*, at 0'4c , aud I'orto Illco, at 11 . (ViTToJt ? The nale* embraced about 1.500 bat'"' th>i n>?rket clon n* quit! itaady. itmm ?To Liverpool, 100 a 600 I ulaaof cotton were reported it 6 and ."-18d . with a ntnnl! lot roanl bait i, at 7 '".d '.(ft tl*rcen beef n? :!*. and 9o0 boia< h*<on, at J ?m. fid.; (rain *u at about .id , and Hour at 1*. M. in Blenien. 20 tonn uieanurement good* ?cr? ?tfagri! at llf., and TObbU. ahoe pega at 2* .id Hie!.' wa? uotlunK new to Loi don or Ha?re To California r?'i>? ae.e un' iiaii<ed I tit * i ? Mile* of i00 loui dry r t *in.< wer? ma e at |0 h $2 44, at I 1C0 do Ujern at 42 75. May ?Hie market wan steady at '?)c a !<">c. ikon ? 'Ibe naiket wan mote active. Tne tale* in elui ' >1 a caig" on pi ? .ate term*, ar.d tale* wer* mad* lo a fair utitt boalues, at $31 1 130 60, anil m ieta.l lota at higher rsten. llOIA ? ? Hale# of In l b I*, t'uba were m?de at .!! ? , 4 n.oii and 400 a 600 bblx New Oileann at %"<. a 2*c. N AL tTdaxi* wara <iniet. .-{iritaaold to the att nt of to tl In., at 42c a 42'tC Tb nin nil at $1 d? a II .'1L' wer" un< !iarK?-'l. 1 rovi-iuaa ? 1 b<- mlea ambraeed aboit 1 ,00 ? b'df. poik, itc!uli-:' In wbicb w?ra ;U',0 new prim-, at J14. (I d men* aold 113 6il, nn'l new at 116 We* tarn prima bi?m? wa? at $1(10 a $14 75, ami City at $1 I .'<0 a $K H?ef nan ritler noiet, the m ir'?et r"ina nin r fi'm ? I ' a 111 - ? .'or roi.ntry mean, and th n $7 24, au<l tl ' i" for VeiKont prima and $l'i<lo fornaaado fl c?({ii wan at $14 ;.0at1.*. Cut B>eat? ? Tha atock w..n lit, lit iind prica? firm Lard wan o*ly ??iln* in *<n\tl lotf at V",|.- a 6*, I The foUotrlng tahln nhona the *lcc* of jork and t?ef in packing yardn In N?w Yi.r* an'l Bmlllti March 1 IS.' i ? Old .Vew\ 0t4 A - " Potl. BUt. UUi. flee/ HU- lib* (lear. S92 I City mean.... ? $41 Maea. 22,'i<&0 $2H Oty pume .. II 4 . ? 1h n men... 21 2* Itrt. It'l mm :i"?1 4,27d I r:roe tut . 1 10 HotbtoModo JS J'.l Hank 6 Kailroad baef K I time 1W? .':'4 Itefuaa tnen. ia>i 1,0^7 i'l.mj.n *1 70 Hafuae prima 10 f-tfuae mena. 81'' .'jl f>ther refune. 61 '.'.'II 1 efuia pi ma .'?4 '? 14 frlmemeat ? 2 7<r? fith?r refuae liM .'tl 7 Couotiyme>a "o .Ht I'dwyNttd. ? 2,26'. I'o. prime . ? I . -'-4 Tota'i 26 1?5 3 A rnlr.npactad. ? 9.105 Total* 7 .0 21 'lit P.|?T. ? It hating ken m? e?l lent that t^a l??t erop o rlri aill prova materially thcr'., tnfetha* wltli t*la grai hie idrican fn m Oiarl*>ton that the art '.le had adratced contiderabiy thate, baa induced qMitaa more ment lera, etd tn-day nalae to '.he eit?nt of ? yo r I U Oaaela waie wad*, (i ^el to prime ia now hel l at 4 V a 4 ?i? (?ri.Ait ? Kalei of 129 btda. (.'nha were made ?t a ' 1 .c atd 4C0 to 6<*i do New Orlaaae at 4 '?? a . |, I Allow wan unchanged, and lo aalea of moment re p? r'ed. 1 t >? ? The public -ale of taa to day wan wall atteml'd. hut the I. 'hi r < wn n- t ?piiit?d n,e pricen obtained ?ir? aW.ut the ?arn> a? tha?a obta ned at pretrlom ealti 7ea. imported par Ufftfi *r, kr ? Tarmn nit n.' ntl ? lli?<n-.l h cbn at 2'.-. Voun* hynon? 4.1 lif eh* at lie 'i do 4' ,c 40 do. 4 i' ?: . 1 ? i do 4!'4 40 i*ei( 4*'e 2o i'o. Ii 9t 44 ilei, 36 '4e 21 J 'fo, -1'c l't* on. ?4\c 10 do, t^c 101 do, '12'. W do ?lc, 1.1 do, i* ,e, f.7I do. ? IIU '.O, 2"",e 59 'lo, .'ic .Id do 2"',e If5do, 27r 2'0 do, 26lic , "l"2 in, 2' 147 do 2.'. '.c 31 do 2I?, *?'! <*a, 24* .fi do, 2.1;?e *1 do 2-^ 4* <o, nxt 'I o lm.c It. "o. !?? ? I lo. iH 1" ma'a at 41c 144 ..o 4'ic <.npo* ler 37hf' jaat lti.|ei!?: z? bf ?hn at 4 do, c do :i V . do, .11 Ur ."l2do. 1< , 76 do 2'c Twaneey_"'i r it ?t l/.e 111 do. lit,- lft3 hf ehn 2'.C 71 do 21 e 167 do, l?e, 41 do, 12;, c. hnpaml hyaem I cba at j.'< ll-.non twauaay ? 1 6 bf cha at . <. Hjaoo ek! c - ? 7$ ? 1 ? 1 > ? h Wfw?r. ? Holder* of farwifti ha*a t*?n awal'inK tha ac t.?n of (nwtre** on Ibe tariff quention ??fore trytof lb* market, aa aearly alllmpotted daacr ptioaa art now in bond . The aroepaet In that no modiflraUon will ??''? from the |>rta?nt .'/? |*r rant rata, f'jt ?> will ba paid and oarealn pwt on tba martat, and we loo* for greate r actWIty h?r??flev T1?? n'pply of foreign bare ia abi ot IP.noo bale* Dementi' af So* -jnal'ty. T* ia (pe*l demand, wbilnt law wool, are n*fleet?.| Aalaa of tba wewk are 60.000 ib?. ADTEET1SKKE!?TN RENEWED ETERY DAT. ausmc ATKO inimlatiox. T-\lhKABK8 OK THK HKAKr. I / Can heart 4i>eaae b? cured ? Afr* vifitlofeoua ?il to tlio?e ? III lot 'd with d!*eaeea of the heart. Hy Dr. I f. 8. UlCfl, *14 liroadway, New York. There In, p. rhapa uo direaae, acuta or ehroaic, which occasion* to Hi' invalid more alarm and apprehen r ud tlian tbat ot the ! aal t Tlio.saoc'.s Imm tbiacmse, lire in hourlv (oar of death. Their physicians, it may be, lave told tbi ui that their il sea^e l? beyrnd the leach ot in* uicine, a: d thou?li, pethap.t, yet a hi* to lm a out and eien Vi engage ia tbr r ordinary vocation!, tbattbey are liable any moment to le atricken down aoi dir. In tbit awful appn lunalon llity sutler a thousand death*, lbe tciri'.l* rptctie haunts every l?vur ' f their mUe ? able eaiktt ice nu poisons evrrv cup of lile I'o auch 1 aiall <o address > word of em- >ur?'v'?v it that ?hiM if possible i r've thin spect-e from their path, aad bring t o them again the l<ylu sf hope Ily friend. hen: t ciaeaee may be cured. There ere very 'ew canes indeed tbat will not yield to a ptopar maii.nt trtiliwnt. la saving tli s, 1 aui u< t enc>>ui o^ing oelu t ie bepe by . al i g spcrulati ua, or abstract theories. Ikryeo totalise It e Iwl hut lieon ilemonktrated bstoie I ?i. owe eyes, atel n u>y o*n |r?ctice in rep?ated lu stem*. It is in lact an eminently curable dlaeaaa. It I tot Imp > . . n. but |>*culikrly wit.i'u, t'l* reach of inedl caltrtatuirt aim I ie?iri. ycu should be convinced of tlii* fact, lecaUM , i! ytu l ave this urease upon you ai.d ere cobm iji.i utlv nullnii g t'.n .?ou: 'y diea 1 of 'at a cop>? |U i? to iniltre you to bi sieve that it is curable in u> ci ntrib ,ie to it h cure l?j ?? no-irsgiug you tu make ? u *lf< :t to obta u rt'ie'. it ? ? i'UthU view that I publish the correspondence t>! ic*i will oi found below. lie une* and addre?aen in lull are given a\d If ary >l bt ii "ote laioed aa to their authcnlcily. the writt r? i ay nifi'y addreaaad. I kpec ally iriviv ur.y w o at Kiepthal to aatufy them itive* la tin - u.kiir ? r To moat J.etph? t e nflnei and operation* ai well ?a llie O.kt ??e- 01 the heart are 1'i'hrou td in a p" cular mykteiy lei hups tin- la .cird Incatinn here 1 of certain uental iimiiini aid u. r?l attention* may l'??e contributed to IL's mystery ami to in ti el thia organ wii i a k >u<! of .ier?lmii which beloi-g* tc ro other. It is, indeed, intimately Cliu.ecUd with the !? out vital |,i'i?e.<?e* of l'c nod by a 1 law aa wom'eiful an it it hiautiful, the uninterrupted ebb and How of fs pulse*, iiptn wlocli eaiatenca mo st entanly il* pete's, is p aced ?l? e the cout/olof our licUl" ?< M?, ami ieyi'iiu tin viclaillrdca of out carele?? Miyervlelon. \>t incomuon with every other part of the ti' y, it i- liible to -i a ?, and like t'L-m may be i ? Mi red to aounr m ?-t and tie-alt u >?hen dia?n ? ed. 1 Ilk V>IUII| a I'okMB A M> h 1 Mt*Tml" or II K Ml I llmtoil ? I wi'l point <ui urn., ol lb" ill e.i-e. and >h rengrnient* to aiieh it ? liahii ?n i tu. r respertiv itt< ndau' ?y ti.ptoiua. It ? H le hiT'.o in in n t .i * the olhce of I lie h*ai I in to propel the bioou ti tougti t' e eyatem It la a muveuhir kliucture, i vi'e.i ii.' i. tno pr naif al ' hvtnh. ? or apart n.enta, ti l' i !? ?? ana I' ll 1'he ri^iit t ie r elves all the woolly bb " . or the b:ooO lluwinfr back from the various partH i f the hi ily through the i< iu?, and propel* it to the luugH. where t ir 01' "nnted an l convert. I IroUi vi ni ii* to ar:era.. The |< ? t tine receives all the blooa frr in the ui>k'- "u I pn | < 1- !t throiiih the arteriea to eviry pa it ot the ayatem Tleae il/ht and left rhumh. ra are til. ina?l\ea each (Minted iutu t/roaput u.iiiti and f*p ? rat. d by valves. Ti e h!ood vessel, lead it% lo and Ir-uo the lu jrt arc ji-o furn shed with vaUe. which prevent t.e regurgitiniiu or lloalug back of v'.ie bltod after it I aa paa-ed the m 1h? bloo l is propelled l,i the allejDute rortrai tion an elation ol thehcut. liii-. trr lion ii conlrac'lrn and dilating, wc call the " U'atiOK'' (ftlie lo at The entire hloou 'nth# holy pastes ttiougb the In art once every three minuVa. ill e hrart la euriounded by a raei.brane, or "hear* en.*,'1 ak it i? ta''*d, tinned '.he jiertearninin and it i* Hued interoal'ji by a t milar membrane called th? i It will Uin? be acen that there is uoor^an of the body j morn iotltt-atkly a-Miratol with everv otli.r thin is the hi a1 1; ro one which la more liable to b i alfer led by any diaiuroaun s d.atempera, or, wlncli may lie any where | revaliinff Tliere is nut an organ, a II lire or a tissue, toil' hid by the hitod io ita circuit, that doer rot once in every thrie mli.utea re;ort Its condition to the heart acnil t! Itlicr tlm poUonoua ioflucn 'eof fti Oil rated atati- and tliere make a demand fur relief. 'Ilius, wliile tie lieartolt. ii lias disci es of ita own, Ind.-pan Ceritlyo' aa ociation or aympa?hy w.tli any other or l*ai h. yrt there ii lu other crgaa of the whole ii. ore influenced by tin cond.ticn uf others than in toy hiai t. . V? ?i"UiU w''i,1, "^turban.- or ilia asst 'Wz HmU V *" Uinrreaaea. it N accoropinlM b? * ?^ln?hi?If,. '""h ?? '??? Juo.H ,.,L, l?i i (t 1 1* t ii(i .6ft ni_f, rtiii mu^ u 'i to tin* .1 i i down thf ami In Pa progreaa tu'nv any In'".'1 i'mTi dl.lret.iD,- nn e()f fuii <??>> in tin- le't . i. . ? . ... I. .Wrlb.Ue ?f mLery w .h .fC.Tr abjMn. for Ir.atl, .;?lnK ,lp ,.r ..fa wn 1h" ""V * "y ?u.M. .. OU.-.1 ? li'.V/lT ' ' !"*'""?? "',l "?* thf lira rt In Hu'trrina Ilk* K. !f Al ,'"1" ll" h,'"r' ">?J II' m In .ton ?>?>? tlTtu or ?* d iri.tant, With * kind ofalio' ' | ,,v 'fad on with, bound ..,,1 lu.iiii h A, , ? lT ' ? ? ?? r ??>'!'? "f n llilrn rlr al,'p i? |?rt mr>t:Y,, of 1 he htir ? U ''" 1 ' iliBI ni l 1,1 1. 1 -?tlii nir iTj' H i'i'? " "" ?? ??lM ?.nl elilforallon .,?[ I ? r lota I. , J'1'." r, .. V' *" ? Iu?ennr n.' xnvx: "r.'p7: ,?? zzw *r"" fi ll' ?rl |> i, r'rri" t ''laltanipta In- ii|f l.tJlTi r ,bmn* "* J'?'l ? n t ,iir" bi atLiry Id a< nii>m?i Ihete I. moat t?rrih.- . .I? m inatir ea rull ami heart. ?t ollin , ,|.kri, ... . . natu.. Hbt Ibe'e may be nu te ? ?t.n? r> ilUs.rl n ?' I.f ?|| tie limit without pain Apoplexy ba? it'a "u" '0 the ear t ??? h fV. ,ltI, V|Iin' ,, ''"f ea,? du: of t?n tl. . I. the ,-a.e. In l,T, . l,'?ltbor.lp#,ranre but i irt inoi'i :r;;"a,iR,'! h> " ? ti... lit art, iin. char^i- tn tl>?- re?t?i t. j, i ' r funtenam-e will be bl.. I? , llvl., ar,.lt|,e.,M,w.|l?? w,,?rv ^ ^ P. it r" " f *,n"u,,t "nl? ? eli?l>t lni-r-0' <1. "ml forw of poUa. ami rnim |!,U It i ir ... l '?e.nto,r, :r" ,n,nv; ll'* Wli' #? ti i son i?,i ... . U.erba.ror be-. , n wl, , h tl.e lorallrt m,T ,,'t or " a -oma In-tame. t|,eM will b? a ?v,?r J,,) '"" i '"' l|'f ,'""'ti *ail in iiibi rn tin r, ij | ( ?;,! ?. rr. '.I,.: and In ?rm.ttlp, TJ,e .oi.n1- |,ro'l',^ l.l ,|' . Ui.Uq^ ?f the h-urt in ,IU,.,e ?r. *ar,?u, d.(,ort 0ir ' 1 " I" =ul '<? H.araotef Of ti e 'l|a?.?e or ilUt. irb . ? r"'t'DV,n' ' ? ' io i nd of J .i u'it: r t iDr, "> '??<* 11" ? there will ba ? >1111. Ir r "gt 'Onl tfiun t i.r p'rham i amotl.erel othM.lw,." ll''' Uk" !t,,t l.-,.lhrr I., I iV i! ? r.tapmv BO ?a. I a? li. Li. rni>l ea o?it from Ihe left oftb- be .ri In i ll ' if i till I, b nr.l tbe ball.,., or blo.lL, , r i r ow ? im.n s b*re ibe> e? ,t, |H, ? . I) |.la- n? tie ear ever tl.e he,rt 1 'ai ; i . i llkili Ih-iah ? llatinf at?Uil ?ot?.. irf the ?V V \1" t "" ?"?' ? r- -? "T C . ,(1 If , r ' -ly ?Bjr <li?Umf-ero' tbe lKKlr n?. I i.turb iln or<an. /Um? ||?|N? < kl*.. in i i ,.eart com mania in function. I .la I." mtt ir II pie palpltitK.n, wh cli unle i arrf - 'e l U w- i ti to i hronie A Hr, , or .1 -a e.l con^ltka of Iba Hvr mlli -nm?. t ir? , nr. p.lpiutlcin, aiiou.n... .rTaet. II." r r"n ?at n c: :b^ t,l<e,.| The bio.,. I a!i,g??hir ,, ' n b ^ With bib' ?n?l the heart fral. tLe fiUrm per, ID'! ? ?ri Ir.-rmae in , , Htnif ? to H'jalr lb* aia< hief, I t'l , u f a !r?i|teii' rai -e i t b.jrt Jirti |i . ri b#.;t .imfathire. Ol,l?l|. w,tl, ,b at ,n ,n ? tu , II' e ' l.e.e rf ?fc g. ? . J, ,.r .,?ir ^ l aJpItai.on. Ii.d geat - c alao linnaira Im I,1,'" '' '? ?"* heart .J,,, ?.? . mi Mii. ne.,, failir k of to- )<j*aU. ,4 m.?. r'l ' ' '?' I fTrr, !?> til n ? ri I fil" r r ' "I"*,' !r"' 4-f"U the ?.?,ib ?n'. "tier funale iliaeaae. 'finical ?ej,n? ? k '.?? "u ??? nnh^althycoo t on "f .be |.,n?.' */ .h ? .'I mil an . m..l bl tuie.i I. fere tbe heart -an be! to b-fcI b A Kwi oaimon caua* ..f baart iliaeaa. I. the utrore. V"1 1 ' f '? 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V., h?4? lo po?.t|t? o fan . ? . . .. m?' ...? to . n!arr> an. nt or d ta' ?r ea?* i'IImi ie? aeteradr ? il.,. k , B. , .. ' ' .""A? 16 ,'> '"*l'''a|l. n .,f tha hear' i.r a 1. p. .It In l'?r*- ' f bai le nr .n.lter, ?ni ' ? n until i- e.ttoyi I fa ibia ia , ,rry . *.B, if ?! ?ea-?. Ir'iii ti... ? ? ? It will be a*?a h<, w aae?? l.arlr .r. - laat it ia ibat ail diatarbaarM, or Irravularlt ?? ?f tha leart ? I.ikiM ?? at oa'? and pm*iptly att?n let an I Vif.u t.ftra t).?? re. .,i ,? a- ma'bin,' aaota TaiAT-r.' |^'"?tl,.?.,.,|tt , .I .e..., potnte.1 oat >. rr.e nf IU a7? pt.^,. ?t,| iu ^,J.? tl.e ro,. m, ..Mai- , r.a , tn t ,.J rnr~: ar.d m. Via' In re^ly t? tb- fl'M ,,e.- ? i ?Ithl a ? a a. I . -h tr..t ? it k V ? ill4 * * ",r* the .n, I I . ? "h" ,-#B t?e a th)efti of .'ire. of t .. . -a.a aadjabo faa bae, o? (h# , ii r llr.n I will r-peat her* what I bare be', r. .aid ' J-rreei' |hataba"he I.ottur .'J :t treat ,, ftf, ,, lk< a ' n. w re-. fo ba.a ^ a nit. r. ao.i Uim. tbat lata pi?ra4 f??*j .im, t? B '' ,U **M* *ith '"a.t.iatioo. plately kr. .en nt9u *T ..due, tad al tb. enaaaof tba ilfeT T) . tah^ta a?.u? b, rt m+< e. a .a.t>r. . to ae^odllio, ?f health It. .pe. ww. l""1"1 "'l the diurnal ra.k? -S .b la ?.-rf o. ?rra^-l rba ?a ttt^a oTtl?a I .f.'aa, I'li.a'el a?l t|n? iatrta. u T , , , u| lt- . nDKATlD IWHAL.uriOlV. circulation, which oftan caua* auloao death, I tak* Dii iDi to present. If the diaturbaoca ia oo? cautel by diaetaa or irragu* larity elaawhcre, the cau*a I ramora by prouip*. an 1 *t!i eicnt rtaadlM, applicabl to tha p%i tii lar c %*+. I al waya adept meaaarea to guard the I'ug* agr.foat taking en dla#a*?* ? tu anlarg* and at n rig then tUe Coast aod lu agt* ? to build up an 1 atrangtbeu t* ?? w!^U Matem- to pur if/ tl ? bhxal nod n*itor? tha whola bolt to M?uud health. ila\ ug dtrolai for inany ye.ii ? t?^r ti culai attention to tb'a diaaaatv *o diatr*a? m; aad alarm villi the opportunity ?f atuoying It furoUHad in the exaw t nation o? uio.e than taeuty-flfe ttiouaaud ? i%f?r Mt and r<ganing the alui<j*t uniform u c*>* wlin:b h?a attended tta ttaatmnnt 1 approach it with gr>*at c< ntwS oru in being abla to give the wuhrd rel h?. Iti taa'imony ? f ihr aucc*'* of my U**tuienl 1 have **ltctaJ for publication a va y ^ iott*ra fiotn the uitaa I hate, and tu t ?*m i do a?ucc-aly Org th? attaut \>t\ o I tLe invalid. I pr?*a*t?t *om?\ of cur** of aevet ai j ?? ai a ftrucVnjr, to abow that they arer e complete au . radical, and other* of a u on* r t;? nt data. ca** i ?a w-mi ->im; i AitRin lu viritHkt koi a, u. ?r. \ AN Ml AS. N*W I.i it ?, I . I , Feb tlH 1 H i r. t*. v Kitcli- '?tai *ir Hating m tall ltd exoeiMt'tigly ftotu (hat prevaieut no I truly alarming <*o*nplaint, dia e?M* o? the btart, I find words !nad(*<(nate to up r*i? try pia'itude fur the binrftl I ha- ?? di?r red fr. m yonr in\a!i\l>'e n mf .t-n. .\* m tiifliui? rrmunernt-nn for % our I ?? <'Volf*ii< #* and uncasing ? tertu ua an fre*h ,p?nt tn mv U lialJ, a^ well a* a dutj to an alHirtct rnni i uf tv. i ) i rt'by make a pitld c anUmiwlrdgmi'at of tin* farta <l my eaa*' Uuoa tow of ro In ttcf toetTo I of a< o'i>p!t*.< my ft t ? i-an-h, aod, by do u/ an ran m-nl' ail J auoiinr i u L tf. tin* longrl>ain of t antimony alrai'lv prixli.rid tu vimr 'avoi for Ur * .I'm n' uT chronic* atr^i 'If i a It V.o*< vcr by ihla bri?*f r?'ini ati .), I ould niii or ;illi'\ iata auttt *"ng humanity, nod ?*a<T a t i u I hatf <?? ti?o? - f u'.U t f aflhr' I ' I ahal nit n t r?ly fail of tin* nbji?ct a*, wfc'rb I aim 1 1?- *???ri .i < 1h *dii < ?><*, with a i "m| l -ahon oi ott.cra t?? i, nut in^ ita f i*?*rf til iavagi * up??n my *)*t*m an i |?- ? r r?s' ? , ti ? ? . tin e af'rr t .??? (tin* only an' miragi n?fii* -r i .u.# la t ion t ? !>?* i*i rlv? \ fn t n \*sl ijority of t ?* uudi al faculty.) that ot d?a'h in < n? ot another of ?* form? I ha vi* bfi n ? o n un* . oi let..' t ?> 1 ai t.. b ? font hp >. to th? bouff for front h .it a Mm# an.t fr?' |n? i.*!* *o ?m? I rd, ba\ ?? I f* n un?tc*r tha tr?*att.???t of van a phy i ciiiui* ail of wrlit: < arilirad at m .vly tti?- ? ?? r< a i?^|i anil left u>< (11 fed with t|n? n? st tarr bt?* - ho iboga to my fati* /t pifMMit 1 am b?*tt -r than 1 io> In cn fnt }?ar^ and thing he* dim io Ind cata ? >? tra dy cfcuri1^ of lmpr? \c - ? nt !-o that I am t?* . t? !???! tvat. with tlif t lrapii*< of ? ?nI, I rv?y "t "fill- tVf r?/ path ? f life, mi on/ to no unVno?n in tboaa that ? <l cullcHn^ alt tin*- ft ir ?* f mi.'ady, , t.?out ben; ni l.- .? ol taiu raliaf. I wouM nay, anbiott t? tha 'rf.'ttfntof Dr. Htcb, and \ u willao???i I couv nr*d of f.h? n pari onty aod cfflcii ; o. i .i pj;? t ea it navi rtht .? ?|UitcN liter a^ii'ic car*- and g'?ort jucKfuvnt on tl?* t? rt > tliH pat ^tt ari l a ? rict conipUun# with . i- i w. . r adfim. An?t n \\ a- I Hnr r. Ij b-l^ira, y i ?av? b? ? n the in^itr un.rr.t, t hroofrl) .. I. ii 1 I'ror <.?? ?? of ri* atcring m* to my pi?M?ot c< inft r;r- hlr 'i on i ' nu, p nn.t un- tb? rcfora to hop** t ?? t ) ou tna- ia ah It U and hap pir.CN b* \omi th? nvva ,a p r od allottad to unnon nirtli. and tliat you ni.?v- l>. i eflt ? .a a daftp >ud oi' farar aa ?r**atlv a* ycu* I ma f will elo^a f. my umut aiahi - for ym t v< t?reau pro^pcritv. Rcpa tftilb your -, A !l ?V. v \ % , ? I A I II ? ? I" J. II. fl'KVi OTT ? A 1 1*1 1, I \*H> O \'J lilhkJIH 01 Till- III AVI ?*|{? O 1mm, Nv , N. \ . Jan I is; It H S Fitcb? Itaar *\t I die u d U\f * r tti?a to >0U irloH' thla t.rri*, I lit f??r t'i? inttier* ot iiiv f r a< 1) i v w? ri* anx><"it ha* I ?b <?ild ??'. until I Mire I w si* f ? r *r? 11 o tin* r?> . to 'i. fc r* I abonld n.t v ut) l* irijc U it w < ulu? :+ ? ther t ? try jour rem 'en 'Inrt lid not bt-lii'Vf 1 , o?ld b* cuted, for tbe\ bad never Wi utrn ;i j?*r on b?v* l-M n rured tt tl?* o* tt l.r %r' Mch 1 li n?l , and I roally t one tlma f?*ar I n?'?*r *i uld lie. Hi t low, nil I hiii p -rfertly *.tiali*d thai you have hi Iped u.* va*i'y . ?ni I mi tilling l!?? public ? lioti !<I know it I wan, "era* tlm* a^?? t 'taoUfd With palpitation of tin* heart Mil ?* <juivt*-iof an 1 trembling of the *1cmu< ij. nil h n i ri n i y !*f t about >r My rptriU became n ry mu<h u? preened an*! ?t?? ?#? ** o ? m.c ety loat all it* charm* ???me. the wotl-i eetu.t? i dark andnlootny. I w.m eompi'fled toi'leronllnur my bui n upon the l?*aat everci*e, I tu< cm inp ^'idy pro?trat*f. iMMil '^.t no relief from him- am! phy^.teu*. n* iirew a'?*Hcli!y norn* I wo in Miltt condition riiMily t*o )* n nlii'D 1 w? lire n imud* \ Kigali an! *ee you ft *>.? in y la*t ri'Hourr#* Vmi ojunnin'*.) him, mi ! (|?ivh me roiM' t-nconrr tfi u-ent yon i(i*" ??'' vour r . ** .???? in I I followed jour direct on IM no n* moat, 1 i. < ? ebaOpcd mm. ai.d although it t. o to tun mil f/ r 1* j i <ar<% I .no ic. toffd to > * It *3 n My ? hi t wii- murh <nntrjict*d hut lit ni the U*** of mim hr* it ha* expand* . Mr- ioehaa Your h?*rt r< r or tor I* in loialuat me? ic ir e. In a t rr, vour iiuh'I n*nw r M ItM- ii ? ha ? in llit v t'l K r iijl.t hold of ltl< <i hall! in* ti|i I am now, air m ??* el er<t h^a'ih and hn*4 ?|dilt?. m *iatt?ud ff> inf l unar-* ??- * 11 ?? ? v#r I cmild i f? ' 1 Kieiit lv It** ? 1 t? ?t to )Ou f'l rt?*toriiMf n r to ? %Uh Mvn.n M'jv < jio.jM-r.ty ;%r lif* atr#nl jou. Hf ptt ttully, yout o*M??1 i nt ?*i?ant Kiinis mi K W i i oiT. um tu ? or i Li/x mitii k. c !,rnr*TK? * m.\m \ ?? nv H a a ht ii aw m kmi, Hmot l?M't i t; MovrriK t o. 1*4 '? 1 A. 1 Ir H. H. I I'rli ? I ?ar Mr It wilt *?# thrtr jfar* nft' rr ? ot h ^ii I cilbd to ? * * y *> t wan tlx ii |< r ? onir?' I in 1h* lafct fta/* of the b*?rt d >ra ?? by thr phriirlam ? f thin pl*r^. lh< \ hi.iI that f l??*i ? no fur" for me. I ?m * Let* inrfuci !.y I ? ? rntn-i'in r' 'or *? .ulianl Ut It o and *???? you v? t with v? ry litfi# t o; .? i.f h*ovifw -or- I Von fth \ r ti ?r #*?i Ir - ? 4-f , \v , win *h J ?o t fnllowe 1 yoor dlrortioii^ to th* letter ?'?'! n ?U mootha Uw f ci u'd a ay, " I MO well i ?*<?uhl tHi-n ?? <ir?**|ly j? lit t l ale nod on ir\ .*'t m ? a- w* I! a* ui? r hi whli 1. I ci-iild not do for ?? a? ? ffr*-v i n?. ? * n>y rnn? of th* Leurt -II ??!???, mar J hav* h?en indue*'! to *ty you, and *rveitil m<?r* ;?r* (?olnje to *r* y jti thit Our doe*OiM inu-t nn ! do a? I now I- j{<? that )OU ran cure that dim-rn* Voir ? truT Ctr/4umi K ri>MriT< Uf* nen I. J m?iii i\ im Aftr-ttir- r or rrift II; akt a>. *? \a n .. ? f x RKf? * ot* ? wdl to -? - * h i ? I'ftt- t from t'i" l?ttff wr tt i by Mm H n husband nu t)?Dr?t * p!(rati< n r?? ? S" Vani\, t? ulK n i u N V . k' %j 2*>t \h I I r H. Flteh ? iVar Mr M* wif^ b?* b*? n alwaye raH.? r atenrfer and Mib,*ct to hard eon^b wI*m? * * fro! told, ami trouble t wi h pnt| ltatlon o' th? h< a?t %t t m-? In Apr 1 la t*t ? b?* a a* *!?k eo wiVi ? v? * * rlo i-ot m.uuir of . he I tart The ? o' .?ud h?n?U ?i>ro flulQ and ih* ct - mat ion ? ? in* to h.?** ?*opp< -'i* *??? mo '? a?aiui*l hii'i **p.t for a ph^'if tao iao pr n aii?i*? t it ? tnlargetn* n* of the b?art ha? >?**?? f*ry on wall ? v* i a nee 71 ' * irt lurnpa ** rnMt ?f,*r **a' o^ f ! ? a load ?t th?* rtomaeli mm Ii pin an1 a hidf about tie n*ait baa ? *inLm,{ **l gon* if.' 14 at tb* *t< ma la, ' A*'*. #v ? * *? ti*att <1 * y ma, and on tor I to' Augn?i h?*r buebaod wtlt*a ? l?r M, Fit h f?*r? r ?lr It I* m th p??*nre ami i tartftil ^ra'Kuda to 1011 an t a mJ'?4 l*ro ?h *ora that f inform o?n that n ? * fi? b*" ?*> far ? rn re red from her *f?*l?o* a * tt-?t c ?- m ? uojt h? h?? 1 ?? ro happy ban be i n tot af'?? ' of ) our r. -hcin* t uat aha ronante r? !?*r? * If nb? ? t w I! - ?' ? > % ? -.?*.( p?- ! 1 t ?? ai*? icn* a?? it la 00W **? r oro t ?* ?li* via? an? ' the dent r*a papain* o p?ipHatt'iu?or jaro'in/a a'njot tti' I emit- only wh*n ?h?* *terel*eu r*ry ? ol \y k b# weaia tL* >h( ub ? tbrac** and aopt>#?rt*r y?*t. It aha I ut on tb* euppo tar ete rou' I not *<\ * tooni'ii! on l?*r far* an'l ao'tlielent i?a? th*t in tf umMi*. t|**f upon pott n/ it on mwdi* '*ly *bf eoold walk witi w??e A ?|? our rriM t rrnt'fnl tbanka It* ?f ?*? tfnl'y io?r?, lf? -Mi- * * f aMt * ? of MART M Rtmam-A nrar at or ttllf iiiaum ri an* No *< h hi rorrtii mirr S V fan i?t'.*v Ir h h > 'rb la ar air Idor^a'ij *atra that at# ry ' n* ? f tl * th* uaan'*a who ?'a ?uf!? ; r^ fraa ?. ? %*m of the h? art nay b* m?? ' a- <ju?'ot'd with tb* f*M that ? .1* On* *ar *4 1 r <* k tipn?>oi. oih t d ?*??* of tf* K*art wblrh had n pr?#r?oo n< 1 n*ora l? ? ly ?? Mr*i pbyai^ tan* of tola >\y m7 ?ui ??r lul . ?.i 1 1 tb* mi ? I ot! ?r? ? I \ij ' .4' >?? w*f* ?('?< tn! * ii h I'. lb" t* OKI , f-? n |>i Ulion o; th* lie* 1 , .. ih Urn l? | *in o IU> ml I I ?' ? rr> ? I li?i| t irrin ot taii)(i?( *li> o " ? I.Ar t VOIll'l l??t '01 ? llm<- If i.?t TI' Im tl_* i ! 11 f Mil ?o 1 1 ? ? >>, ?i , i.f alt 1 41- lb. r, an i i ?>, ? yin tr?*> ?t <ln?*ii? *yr r. I ??! ? < n i^." I ' in. l?l to C * Willi it nil lir.o fo a on/ 'imi> to I. i ly ap p " ? n? < ii of .tth 1 ban Irlrl til tli? i.w t..? I hv.|( sba I ko* m ' ?.u l<! vitbonl ml U.?y loiil m. I mutt ' ? V"u toM ? ? tt?t I '? I4 t?? ?? j r* I Th# n>?? ??? ' o I "o.jf'.t '?? tra? Bat f'l (*>" n.< t*o I'ltl ?? tl . ouf b?*4l' ? 01 1''- ' r ?tl I tc* th* m? ' 11.' T'? ? ?<? " *'/ Hi >u *1 It ? o <<t Ilk* kti ? all tlw tiifUnt fr>!la|n war* .(?? 'Ily 1 In a ??."! ' ? a*'! 1 ?? i?d r?m aid I hx. i.Rt D"l ? ? I I 'I "? "?T tw . my a at Mi* Ma> f I liOf< p" ? W??i lUt-n ???? Ha?*n inutli, I Ml at *la? ?i par.' "?? ! |hi i nt ?tark*<l r* < * I ' '*1 tl-fc .fcBI* * ? *j; ' *? of if !. a'* r rfi '< *. I f\* a* tl.. ?l?l' tk i' al ? l*o '>?*?! It ?r^?' ' j m ? ? t|.a ?.f' ? ? ?. ; ti n ?on'trif*! .! ?!.? u? I ?vi ,1 ? It. it ??uM aa<? ?ob< r. ? ? ' Iit?- i' ? ' oi lf ' ?'l aa t i ?? ' ? ft ?? than a f?? ' I > a ? ? j . hara h??n 1 .# o ?ar. ? ?.f i a. ma |i.|?ftf?l? J'*r? Ma at M II *' a r ' ? I ! ? Of ???? tl ? <1111 ' ? > # Vi?(# ? H? ?n??r of tba f?! o?Imj ?? >? a, j. a)b lr? U ' it >n I-.' ?I t'.a'al'Ii-'i.-l -iijil* 1 . t i ? (I > b?ai-. *f OB, }?* ? ' h | * ? ii ? M ? , | ..a?f ar.i ah< I #*, a (|r Itliri h ">t '?, ii^a*. [tM'r*'''i. 'it >W'*('b win' '? f'l A Ml ba ' la if.npa' 'ii id lh? "?*U *k 'I*. ??> 1 ?itb th* ?f>a f?U? ?t?a ?ai I '?aoiila'a Inf tt ilincl i/r-a'i' 41a** ? of tb* l.*?-t M*i .tur ? I i ?? b. ? w of v f l|*at ;? .* 1 >> 'j t> a *aa* lilt t . Nt ? uk ? ? " f.b 1 l?' ? I , H p Met r*if ? r "a1 'i I " '? ? f ' *'tb a )k? It. *a to Ut j'.u tb* ?? a ' i' ?? ? 1?rt* 'f ^.rtaailintK'i. in* i >.aa in ra t? i?.jf r*'orS *?) ? ill tUra Uarn tb* ' a ' ? I ?'? > la ? May al*l I trat 1^1*4 to INI *fW I ?i*, Ml b* .ii* kit ib.var a i* ? pbi .it a* 'a">? tij at tl . .< "?? a o' m. fi.??t? i . ? * i ? ?? t a M | to ont > . ?i > a | iij Id Ma ;ut; II* i at* ma ' ? if 'T*tf r.t"( Hut mi'/Ii a . ?aji'.iao - n ? l-.t aal ant* II ? ? t ' ' a ?** >o ittllti tbat I Mold mt put <19 a .boo Of I f, -t >,r ttafd Ofi m f f.*l Mk.i haiat tl. ? la tb*n >1' ?* ?a>irf tba". ha ..fold do atoll. ?# a?<f* (o* m * 1 tb.o f.a il?- jn-it 'a at a, aal "?ai>*iai?l ai'f.1 tb* n. ??{.?' #. '? ' 'a*t At tb* m>I o 1 tar** ?a aal at'*.. a(a am b*T? ha-' no lift. ' trial ??iforttf itl ak i?t >,r rti. a ara i?*aJa*b'a ??/?.?! oaald IMO'O aa* t/> ."O aith'.jt tl*? I fta *-'? ??!k a a* m vttboot lt'l|i. ? Ikat iftniif poJpitatioa a1 'b ?M? kapt aa. '.al a*', to tL* liooat aa l 'ut *-o* ? '.ogatbar to 'So 1 . <! t IB tk* aat kli/tk* aal|i l?fbi*l A ?j.t'h* ttaak. > f ? I rat*' ul t ?art aod bal'? ?* at* f '*?? ra tTaty, Mra L*> am, <.a*ai ,H in - - a ar* a a nam- a -rr' 1 1 ?M*a. pi'i.v in rti mar " ??* Tl 1* prraoa >*>d a?t *1 (*"t to lit* tar.* moat .a ht a a a?"*t ?"?o?pl ?b*d aal akafaat \?/.t i^wt ra Na/r-a ra I* J*v> r?a*ff fit all Vaa, to ? .'? I 'I.ana.'ktf alf |j*oltb ta?; happ a*>* aordt 'aa ??? 'aak!. lt|ft*a mf faollafa fit I *aaaat r* fra a fits ati-aa* a| raa. to at a -a f'l" m? fat ' *o ??.*? at a 'a'ara Ab*%t a 1 af'ttk* ffti 1 .1 tl f?* *a't a' ata*b I fi*K??t MKDICATKD INHALATION. tlii* lattar, I mwI; aiHictad witb wbat I ?up|M>?.*il to I* i'.i*aaaa ol til* heart. I ba<l tr.?l *rtrrtliiu? I ro.,14 taar ol. to?*lh*r with tha adrler of '?? of tha br.t ph/ aieiana m tb* cifr unt.l I wu utntir 1 1 !iv1 Joan muoh to Hit injur* to obt iln ? t*in|i"rar? r*li*f. 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