Newspaper of Evening Star, March 15, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 15, 1855 Page 3
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! : ? ivn STAR. " ? ~ ? ? - Local 1111eiligeuce. la* Clcse or T3& Fair.?The ceremonies at the close of the Pair last evening were 1111 )<?ing in the extreme. When the audience had gathered in the le3ture room, the band rang out its most jubilant strain*. as the Pres ident of the Institu'e all the officers, and the various committee* ascended the platform. Prof Henry then made a short address, after which the prize a *?r? awarded. A copy <f the addra'S ??' requsstcd by unanimous vote of the assembly, and will be published at an early day ; otherwise, we rhould as usual have given a report cf it in to day's issue In regard to the prizes, and the recipients of them, we must refer uur readers to the morning papers, as their reporters wore al lowed to copy the list befnre they were given out, but under promise 'hat they should rot be published until the close The rime privilege was accorded to us. but we deemed It useless to avail ourselves of it, as the more irg is.-ue wculd make the whole sufficiently p iblic The exhibition bail vras also crowded, and wLen the exercises in the upper hall were concluded, the scene presented a dense mass of human beings, moving round in a ceaseless promenade, while ?7ery prominent point and mil the recesses w?rs occupied with spectators 'I he pianos were ihtmpcd mott unmercifully, one yourg man especially, with a very shiney hat, seeming to tako especially delight in ex tracting " Few Cays" and " Jordan am a hard load to travel," fr. in the various instruments on exhibition, lie has been indefatigable in his attendance, and ha. thundered ou< " Pew days" in every variety of style and move ment?largo, adagio, cndmte, nlI*gre>to, sllegro, pres'issira , aCvtuoso, dolorand brilliant? with the varying degrees of force f'om pianissimo to fortisaimc?'? Few dayj" on the upper notes and " Pew days" on the cen tre ones and even descending to the biss keys. There was not much cf a display by the left hand, probably being ignorant of ounte;point but the right made up for a'l deficiencies Mow that the fair ii over, we hope the pianos and pianists may t>e allowed a breathing spell?at lenet for a "few days." There was singing by ladies, too, which may be summed up in one brief sentence?good, bad. and indifferent There can be no doubt, however, but the arrfy of female loveliness exceeded any public display in Washington for a long time. Everybody, too, seemed to be in the b*st humor, and smiles and jokes ware the only current coin in thai va.t assem blage homo mad wags circulated .? rum.r that Tenth street bridge had broken down, drowning seven men?very eeverily This caused no alarm, h wever being in'euded as a gentle hint lh.*t our city lather* would do well to have an eye to that soma Tenth street ?nidge, by puttirg d cent steps on either side ? >f it At a later hen- th.^n usual the fair broke up, and thus ended iho second exhibi tion of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute Improvements.?Tbi< city has lanj suffered for the want of suitable halls for lectures and concerts, Ac Lately several halls havo been erected, acd their owners havo found tbat they have m3da profitable investments Lut durit g the past winter every eligible hall has been occupied, and others would have been engaged could they have been had This has been noticed by < ur enterprising tnwnsinin, Mr Kich&rd Ilill, who La.- nca-Iy finished a buildirg on the Avenue next to the Star office which will contain the finest ha 1 in the city. The new ball occupies the entire secotd floor, is 50 by 80 leet. will bo lighted *ith gas, and an eye has been bad *.o its aiapt ition to music; i: having been construote 1 on the hints on ac cou?tic* given in the Smithsonian lecture room lb? fl>or is so constructed as to make it a fine ball room, while its fixtures for ssata will render it one of our most eomf ortable lec ture rooms. Tbe lower part of tbe buildirg is divided for two 5tore.r. These are fine loca tions for bu?inerS. anl if fitted up in a? fine a style as our right hard neighbors, Hill us A Hits, have fitted np taeir establishment, will do much toward making this sit.e of the Ave nue as fashior able as the other. The dim?n siots of these stores are 23 by >0 feet. Tbe ba?.k part cf Mr. Hill's nt* but'ding wo have leased as a press room, as there is not sufficient room for our fre operitioru in the Star btilding* jproi'cr. AisriL C : - f.n< k"F5t.?1 be Medical De partment ot Geursretown College will hold its ar.nual commencement at the Smithsonian this evening. The exorci-es will bo opened with music, then will follow the leading of the Commission authorizing Georgetown College to confer the degree of Doctor in Medicine, by Prof F. Howard. Dean; then miuic i;;aibi a::er which the decree of Doctor of Medicine will be conferred by Kev. Barn a;1 A Mag lire, President. After another place of music, the Annunl Adure-s to the Gradua os will bode livered by Prof. J. M. Snyder; when the ex ercises will be closed by music. The toll< wing gentlemen are to be graduated: Joseph C ll. Clarke, of Mirs.uri; Joseph A Smith, of Marylani; Lewis .^aur. of the Dis trict of Columbia; James Grey Jewll, of Mis sissippi; J Edward Willett, of Maryl&ni; Charles K Oue^. of the Diairict of Columbia; Johnson V. D. MidJletoo, "f the D.etrict of Columbia: O. A Dailey, of Washington city; and Michael K. Shyre. of Wellington city. We expect to see a fine audience at the Smith* sonian this evening, to witness the exercises. Woclo'ht cell his i.iiiTaKicHT ?A letter writer for a distant paper saya Old Kip Van WioLIc has generally sus tained herself very well, in the encounter of border jjkea at:d wits which have so long in volved ncr with her neighbor " the Old Do minion," she is theief .re ex} ec'el to *? come back " cb the jorjetration of the following: A goi'd story is told by (Jen Bayly, of Vir gima Never having suffered himsjlf to be don* by that notorious character Beau Llitk mtL, who is very much of a wjg and a genius in bis wiy, the General was accosted by ??.-aa on the avenue, tbe other evening, for a "quarter," and by way of persuade/ called for it io the name of Old Virginia, and as a Virginian ?-How dare you call yourself a Virginian to me. Lean, when I know you to be a North Carolinian ? ' said 'he General. "New in a ead cf a ' quarter " 1 will give you a dollar if you will never again call youisetf a Vir ginian but will call youiself what you are, a North Carolinian " "General, ' replied Leiu. " dc you think I would rail myelf a North Cxroliniin for nut dollar! No; I can't take it." Mo.ituly State men r or tub Baltimore asi? <?hio P.A1LUU.4D Compaj"v.?Tbo regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of this road was be.d yesterday. Tbe ifficial re port of the business on the road was read, showirg the revenue cf the month to have been the following: Mam ?|em. W.i-li. pr Totals. F<>r pa-? 'nsf r* . .<<3!i.07r? ttt l!x i r? l'rjr Irrigtu l.%>J6.". -24 M/?;?_? ?.h? MJjati 16 J5le?>.4ll .">7 ja.M. 161 4tj .<rJI6.90'< 03 This shows a decrease i d the main stem, of paaeecger*. $1,113 37, and freight, j9i!.30l 41; on the Washington branch there is an increase of Sft.M'J ?'<3, leaving the total decrease on the entire road, $^,265 57, for th- past mon'h a3 compared with the corresponding month of last year Compared with the m >oth of January of this year, the decrease in February is iloO.oSii 0# on lha main branch, and $1202 25 on the Washington branch The Navt Yard.?Prof. Heller's gift dis tribution at the Navy i'ard tonight, is well worthy the attendance of our friends reei litg io that section of the city. Exclusive of tbe splendid gifts, the prozramme is a very rich one, introducing the " Drum of tho Spirits, ' 44 The Marvellous Orange Tree ' 44 Suspension Chloroform." and the ajtonirhing 4* Second Sight" mystery, which to -ee are alone worth threefold the admifeion f e We say, then, "Go. without fail," aoi secure,ono or more of the valuable gifts. Tec CfRcrH was throng d a-raiu last night by tbe beau'y and chivalry cf this city, to witness tbe fea's of tbe imitators of thi au cien's io their Olympic games and oiher *p >rts of the gymnasia Le Hue and King received a benefit, which mu t have been something mora than mere ccmpl ment *^I\L 7-?ar *l|| b? gri.ifisd to leirn ihat Kev. Dr a K Coi president of Madi*,n College arrived hi . *f' hi^d 1^)kiDg h.?art7 "d well. He bu \t ^ J^"ie~ al ^'iontowD to Attend tbe ^Ar^l&Dd ADcual Conference, now in seuion .nterl!flf?hl ' n * V wilt ?P"???nt the nterwi of tbe college. It will be remembered liii .K-r43 d 10 Uk? charge of the ool iZTJh ? ?^t0r of th# Methodist Protestant r \n Ueor8?tow?. and ?u installed as president pro trm. When the General Con it ence met last spring a memorial was sent ap. signed by every student at tbe college, asking ;hat Dr. Cox might be electcd presi dent. end the request was granted, lie ex pec's to remain but a short time here, but we hope to hear him again, both in this city and a' hi# old church in Georgetown. Forth* Conference.?We met with a num ber of rererend gentlemen, ministers of the Metbodijt Protestant Church, this morning all on their w*y to attend the Conference now sitting in Alexandria. Some of those gentle men wei have rot seen for years, and w^re glad to tee them in good health. The lay delegates we presume, are nearly all at their posts, as well aj the ministers-this being a session ef the Conference in which much interesting bus wtll be transacted. Death ha* removed i-everal of the oldest ministors of this Confer ence during a few years past. and among them ' *1,1 i u ? ReeS8' the ta'ent?il and much-loved President of the body, whose death we announced a few wc?ks since -cu idk.?\ esterday, a man named Crat'y, who resided in the Seventh Ward, committed miside by shooting himself with a gun We are t. ld that a moment before he committed ihe fatal act bs said to his wifa that it was his intention to j ut an end to his existence. >he ran for ussistariee, an i while at the door, the report of tbe gun announced that he spoke truly bbe returned, and found that he had liio: himself through the heart. He assigned no cause for the act Mr. Cratty was employed at the limekiln, and. we are informed, was a dusking man. The Roans to Market?Our citiien* bad unpleasant roads to travel to the market this morning The heavy rains last night filled the streets with mud. and this morning it was difficult in mar.y places to fi8 1 the footways from side to side of the streets Ladie-, e?pc <-ia .y, were annoyed by the condign of the waiks, hut necessity compelled a very lull at tendance. ____ Robei:bt.?Yesterday, a youpg man named ; n ^arl was arrested by a Mr. Fenwick and turnel1 over to Officer Allen, for robbing Mr. j5 * M'*?n of a geld watch and chain, val ued at $j<0 He was taken before Jnstice Catcs. and by bim committed to jail for court. J no watch was found on him Tub Light Infantry ? James Y. Davis fci-l , formerly a lieutenant in this old and popular corps, has accepted the office of cap la,n; * "hiS,h he wa ?l?cted in the place of Lapt; t. C Carnngtcn. resigned This is an cxcel.ent selection, and h?s infused new life and spirit into the compaDv. t Wat? llETfRNs.-Notrialaat the guard uouse this morning. The Green Bay Advocate, February *,ves g'?on>J news from the Lake Superior mining region The Portage Lake Companies are said to be entirely out of powder, and unable to go on with their operation. Lar 'e parties of men ha l been discharged from the mines, partly on Pccount of tbe news of the commercial and financial crisis which had j-m been received, and partly on account of the want of supplies and tho high prices of produce. or ArsTitalia ?The miners of Australia ar? rather uneasy under tbe exaction of a croud of tax-gatherers. There is a sort of 177G fi '.rit growing there, which will make itself one day felt All that may save this colony to Lnglantn* the complete application of the principles of self government; or in other words, tho complete abandonment of that verv policy, a dogged adherence to which in 1776, cos,, ijreat Britain her favorite jewel. A Town without bread ?The laet Parkcrs V <iszart? 8<l>8: Monday and list our town was almost entirely destitute of breadstuff*. 1'lcur and Cora Meal cou.d not b* procured at any price. Many families have been ecmpelled to do with out bread of any kind These are truly dis tressing times Corn Meal was felling yester dy at only one dollar per bushel and Flo it at fJ JO per barrel. ll.Y'iL|D i'1,0*0" -The Fredericksburg (Ya.) Herald states that wild pigeons in great num bers have made their appear in;e in Spotsyl vania county. The forests in tho neighbor hood of Dr. J E. Chancellor's, cXriue 1 urn ace. Ac . seeju to be alive with there r ??WiDg Vl81tor! .Th? favorite point for r > kt>cg appears to be in the vicinity of Cath arine I-urnace, between the route of tbe Fred PfankK^ad ?0r<l0nfivil,e Kailro?d, and the foTr^; j; r^,n" t - "'T if -v^r, foil, to tn; ???"?*tl.m. It aeido... i ?- ?mlh* i k ?>w*i> aijj j.^riii -?%#?'! i r el iff Tl -t I* inwt ha? (>e?n preotre'1 br Z I) (Hi u t v ^i , SaSSSS r,u, ot 1 M.MV * H '"rthor*''?? <['T *?" tor .0 h , bH,.? L l^uVrUruT^v"^ m "ei'? ii r,?',Ulre,1 <>* be??t. W',,5r"4'r ? 0*.^ m,0>LAXU'h CSLKBKATfcI? (.tlJJI.iX BIT I i,'"W tb,n" *hlc5' ?fford iii tli tu ' down t<? v, rite* . HAiu * r .w . i . + landUcruivn oourt?^ln'auu'r:rrtob uV. ?old mIjp by Dr. C M J U'Ksov ,? r'1 ?ml lM?Mverti?fiaei,t. ranr 2- 3ui wU,rU to OA kTKU'M f f * XIM I X ! t KK*' ' * * 'lke Ui4<R Mr. K b ,j-4eu, lurm.rly ?vf tile Astnr Holm New Y,.rk ??.(l Ut?'Proprtrtor tefo. L,,,,, Hotel. Ulckm,,^ Y?' ? lit? ul tii^ )iUti<Jr?.|* h tv?. b?*?*n n.rJl - ? - ' ? ' bjrCAKlKa.t >pamm, 1^xt? i!e.' neu Mac. in* -or* I,r Ilk* rr<nmmeaii<ht it to numb< r? of otli ?rt, Who were ?aBerliiK with n?-<rlv r??rv , . witfc th? buM ?on>1?rfaI "*"* ?>rm of He ??> ? it i> the mo?t extraor'liuarr m?airi,.. i - v.. ^ BMd. ,^.| the h?.t piirihrr kU',? I ''e h'', ev" ? Iv-rtuemeia |u .nother . ..Iiimn, 2^"*|rKB,> TOT,IK ??*ME*.-GOOD XtWS KOli TIIK "K DTKJXCU'H GOLDKN KIIMUI.T PII.I.S ?l.e l.e?t *'?'! ni.^t inUJilhle reiueily ever dl?. over...l for re in* au.l ciirliijj <11 painful, <li?' - ?r??iuir, aud men V'l " """I"*",' al Chatruiti..u?, a,:l >r re^ularli.M mrtfius frcia .?baim.'r uiim The-e I'lllt ?ri a coiu^ktc TKIl lll'H IN MfclllCAI. SCIKXCK. ,r(" ,,'rP<*'*"l by a pnrw which . ..iir..ntr?le? the a?iuall hulk, tho* raB<Url>K It uunar^-eaai) ?r' .7. " *:kr Ur*" io"* of I>r. l>U|M>n< t> ? Pili? ar? tti?? ie?:? t of over THIRTY Yl> ks* K-41'KkIfei.SGK in th. treat.*., of .h. d.^a.e, ,T Vmah , ri.*> heve been a-lte. Uw4 for a little o?e, oaa real vet TllolSAMl MO\K? ' ' 1 .are a.rerlr keen .old, ,0.1 ,h<. deruM.1 lor them rapidly crea-w wherever Ihey b?-ume known. They have I?p., chariu' W',"i"nSu",? ?D<1 *??l?d to act li^r a em^^Ii'rl^ v' DrU4*'*t* ,0 Watl.lnjtoo, U*or**towu and Al ^ * mar 1??o3iu* BEADY MADE CI.OTHINO PuK UKNTUVtJ) AND NOAHtnred with taoUaud ele<anre by , , * CO ? uu,1?r Browne- Hotel. Their atock ra--- t ? PaliUjt or 5orU...t Overcoat, Ov-r?a< k?. el.aped a...l tMkni/?!?*., black and bin- Cloth Dree. C,,at., s Mot v"f . I, Ulun*M" ro'"rs, Camiliiier, Busings# e' ; Veeu, Mlk., Ac., black doeakiu lW?.nier and plalu Caeeiiuer PauU'oon.. K?r the yootli Jarnete, Paata, Veete, Overcoat. Mr A. t1!. v *-e their own nianof^tur.r. they are e?.l,|^, >a4 wtlVwlllt th* wry ko?M?t |?rtcm. hhtru of i?up?r1wr fit Collar* (ilr vn Ttm, *c., of .ate .,,1? ai way. i.^nd. ' 1 ^' J~~ fBKHIl MS AT THE K\ 1 KM?W'llITEHl'RST'S US et.ll li, the ai. end .ace - I he ?,irle. of Hcho7 li l.U fair* at Baltimore, Kichuiood, and X?w York awarded the r h..-Le.t premium, to j H. W. for th?lr .uperlor'y of Pho uxrapba, f?.ere</.< ..pee and D.i^uerreot7pe< exhibited Mr. W. a'M lec.ived two *e.!.l. at Uie World'. Pair Lon don, and a premium at Crystal Palace, Mew York Al#.., the dr.t award, ol tbe Maryland lii.tunte for llirw yeai. |>a.t. W uitehur.t'. Gallery In tbli city 1. on p?. ?? hetw and 6Ui .Ireet. fcbll r Jos receive, an tbe new Book, and K?w.? paper, a. f?Vt aa ptibll.hed. He la a^eat for Ha: per', au 1 all tbe other Marfaxlnea, an t onr reader, will a'way. dud ? Urge and goo I a.aortment of Blank Bo. k. ?nd Stationery at kla bookatore. Odeon Bonding, cor Pa. tv?unt and 4)| .i Ty?A PHENOMENA IV MEDUTIIB-B onchltu, Con?h, Dy?pevela Lleer CowpUluta, Hcrofula. Ac.?For all d'eeaee. of th. Perna e Hy.tern it .tand. pre em'nent. A GlerKyiuan ja.t inforva a. it ba* cured him of Brouehitl. of a de?p? ate odi.racter?nartlc'a-. hereafter Hampton S VKOETABLE TISCTl*B&-By.lta rnlld ac tion on the .tomacb, Mid kidney., will cure Dy.pep ? la, Conx'i, A.lbma, Broucblal and l.un* Affection. Pala. in ti e Back, Side and Brea?t, Cougumptlon Hcrofula, Kheu matl.iu, Oont. Neoraicia. Pi.tula, Bowel ComplalnU, Pilee, Worm., and Net von. Iiebllltle*?wltii all nrieiuf from Impure bl .od, and I. tbe (rea eat feiaale medicine ev er knew n. To!, lnvalnable medicine I. working wonder, upou lb? littiuaa frame. See aU v*rUa?aieat to-day. marl A ARRlfCC< On Tuesday, the Itth inst . by lite Lv If stun ley. Mr. JOHN M MARTIN to Mis. FR ANCIS A HIJTCIIINSON, both of this city OlKU. This morning, at 1 o'clock. after a linccrin* ill a,.,, WILLIAM WORMLEy"'??JS? iitSnVl^k ,r"i'ake P'ac* ?n Satur.l8/arternoon Pre.hy^nan vl??. ,he FiU' *nU?t rtaMht.'r r?VaA/'" lhe }4ih i,,stant? ELLA, eldest {5SSil?5aBd Donci,,a 6ancock'in the fuT! Bnd re,ativM" we invited to attend her res <' |"orn,n?' ?? H o'clock, from fhe EfiShon Pa3venue'belween 12lh M ' piSS^ "J*"'1*' ",p ,4 ?- ?nst, JOSEPH "m 1'the yar of hi* a?e. rhe funeral will take place tomorrow (Friday) ,'j'1(!!**'* Vk ck>,rom Sl Patrick's Church. friends and those of the family are respectfully invited to attend without further notice. M!"iV-rp\m * ?nJ"e'd'lv t-ven',?e- a' 8 o'clock, Mr. JEREMIAH SI LIJVAN, in the 60th year of u.8 age, an Id and respected citizen. Al hough distant from his relatives hU blamele ? character had secured for him numerous friends, many of these with affectionate attachment re ?named with him during his last illness and bv their kind attention, contributed largely to the ul eviatimi of Ins sufferings His funeral wiil take place this (Thursday) a'Vr noon, at.{ o'clock, troni Mr Hugh Lnnghrey'a, on East < apitol st, Capitol lli!l, to which his friends are invited. ? ?.n *!ir. ,4"' i*'?taiit, RICIIARl) H. CORDON, in he ,f3d year ot his age. l is friends and acquaintances are respectfully in V l? d Id attend his fune al Friday, the Kith m>fant, 4 o clock p. ... , fVoiu the residence of Mr. O. Mockahce, o ? M, between 12th and 13th sir- els. Wantu. WANTt;nr A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER ?? and Miiliuer wishes a permanent situation prefers a place a privatx familv as a seamstress. Enquire at this officc. mar 15 -It* "117 ANTED?TO RENT A HOUSE WITH A TT few acres of ground in a heallli* location, near Washington or Georgetown. Apply at the of ftce of the Sfar, or address ?W F G." Georgetown | Po/tOffice. marJ5-3C UOUSE W \ N T E D?THE ADVERTISER wishes to purchase, for cash, h 8o?mJ two story I brick Dwelling, suitable for a small family, situated north of p .treet. Address "S F A," through the I o>t < thee, stat tig location. price, kc. mar 12?lw* Bearding. BO.ittDlXL'.-Six or eight genteel boarders, bv the month, w -K nr dav, r;in be hcciuiimiu I dated :.t Mrs. DEM EM'S. No. 47 7 I! m.. opp I the vie ropolit :n ofii *e. mar '* - '|\y* HOAHDINO.? MRS. DUVALL, No. 331 I a. avenue opposite Browns' Hotel, has several ; v'r> desirable rooms, suitable f ?r families r)r ?in~le e<'utl< men, which she would tent with board, im r a-ouable terms. She ? an also accomm date tj or | v s? ntlemen with meals, without lodging. Wanted, a po'd dining room servant, that can [ come well recommended. mar 8?tf I IDARl ISt?.?MRS. CARTER, Capitol Kill 1 > wi.l b. prepared to accommodate boarders? I permanent .?r transient?immediately after the ad I j iiirnmenf < i oner ess ami the Supreme Court. ResidMice No. 4. near North Gate oi Capitol. iiiar,,)-"n^?r* For Sale and &CEt. l^OR SALE OR RENT.?Mil*. HUMPHREY'S I Cottage on the corner of'Jih and II str.-.-i- is for sale or rent. Enquire on the premise.. | mar 15 - 1 w* ]^10K RENT?TWO OR THREE ROOMS, situ . atcd on one floor can be obtained without board a. a moderate price. No. *y5 Ninth, between D^L Mrects. ?iar UARM F<JR SALE OR EXCHANGE.?The aiT JL r wishes eitlier to ceil on i.,ir an I reason able t?r ter-us, or exchange f. r property in the city, rami, -it'i.iieit about live miles t:oui the Long I'ridge, <j:i the Columbia i urnp.kt, aud m ar Hay le>'- >- Roads. It contain 151 acres if land, about ti.irty ot which is cleared, :md the balance in hard timber*?a (Ui?, iet t quant,-y, it cut Mid s?ld upon the land, would pay tor the entire tract, lie also wiche- to purchase, hi Washington, a comfortable li'?u>H, arid ot >u?licient dirii?*n-i m to accominrNlRtP i iarfiii friniily. Huqmre WW J. HHoVACGH on F. sin et, near Temperance Hall, in ir 14?3.? ' T?OK RENT?A SMALL COTPA'IL COM t iming four room', situated on I st., Iietw> en 1 th and 16th streets. Enquire at the Family Gro |c"> Z_M P. KING, tliar ^Vennont avrnue. *''OK SAI.i.-\ ALl .\iii.E REAL ESTATE in J V\ ashington. A two story Ilriik House and Lot No. 2 70 II st West. Part of Lot No. 15, in Square 532, on T .ird st. Lot on Sixth street, between Louisiana avenue | and C st. Abo, a thre. -uory Uriek Hou>e on High st., near Brnii??? >lrtct, (jf'orf?p|own. Will b" sold low and on a long credit Apply to E K LCXDY, N'o. 1/4^ Bridge street, Georgetown. i;iar 10?tf OR Rl.NT?FOL'R NEW AND CONVENI J ent Crick Houses, brown mastick fronts, ion '??nrf parlors with marble maiitels, <Jiriin-? room \i.cheilf servant s room, and live chambers each! I rl-Itnatea oil Thirteenth sire, t, Island, near tne p?Wic grounds, convenient to Pa. awuue and the 1? pirtnients. Kent very moderate. An ,!v t R II. CLXRKE'S Lflice, ctruer of Sixth Street aad Loin-.ana avenue, or at D. B. CLARKE'S Drug | M ?re, I.I vent', street, Island. mar C-eotf " r^OK RENT-THE DWELLING AND STORE i on 111 h street west, one door from Pa. avenue, north side, adjoining Earn ham's Hook store. \,,.,iv to GEORGE A. W. RANDALL, mar -J?i ott corner lStk and ') sts. VRARE CHANCE FOB A PROFITABLE IN vei-taient.?For sale, a two ftory frame House, with attic, ooi'taining ei^iit rooms, exclusive of oel iar kitchen, situated ?ii L between Ninth and Tenth h-treei* north, a pleasan location, near to market and ail ihr Departments. For further particular., apply to ? , WM. |?. SIIEDD, I ancy Loo^s and Millinery, 302 Eleventh -t. mar 6?eo2w 1 >I'ILDINC LOTS FOR SALE.^A T'ARIET I >of liuildiiig Lots in flie vicinity of the City Hall Al-o, in all other parts of r ,e eitv. on accommoli.t ternn. Enquire at Mrs. ADAMS' Roardin-' House, opposite to Browns' Hotel, to be seen from rf io J a hi, or 3 to 4 p ui. \!?o, an aJdre^s throifh the Po<t Office will receive attention. mar 5? eo2.ii DAVID MYERLE. THE LAST CHANCE. {F the remaining Lots in Square015, and south o' Square No. 915, sruated on Maryland avenue I between 8th and "Jrh streets. Capitol Hill, are not hi.J by the l*t April, tiiey will be withdrawn. Terms, .?<j3 or .^5 per <;eo. F. D\ER. Othce on D, next to corner of 10;h street. mar 8 -ro2vv "K 8AL,B "N ?^aoonailk \ two s-o y frame House, with back building. | containing six rooms, on 13;^ street, between B ao'd G ttreets ?outli. Apply tu C. A. DOUGHERTY, next door A three etory Eraiii-, with ba^elllellt, on N. York avenue, between 4th and 5th sts.. west. | A three story Frame, with back building, on I *t. I north, between 4th aud 5th sts. we.?t. Apply for the two last mentioned to JAME* W BARKER, 011 II street north, between 12th and Eftli [ sts. west. AImi a two story Frame, with hack builditi" on Montgomery street, G orgetowu. f r DICKSON & KING, feb ? ?-otf George.own. STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry G.iod Groceries, &c., to be stored, will find ample ae' I coiiiuiodati.iiK in the large, airy, flagstone pnti and Dry H.i-< menu under the -tar office, corner Pa [ H j'a.'n^ 1** tf ,"*ievel,ll, Apply at the Star office. \1 ARKF.T FARM FOR SALE.?THE SIJB ITL scrtber wishes to sell Ills Farm, situated in I mice t..orw's county, Maryland, and on the ;tage road from Washingt 11 to U, per Marlboro'. It is in i healthy location, and coinin* forty one acres,and wo.:ld make a capital market farm for a competent person, being but ten miles from Washington. The improvements on it consist of a new two story dwelling houae, a good baru, aud all the necessary out buildings. Not being acquainted with the work ing ot a farm is the reason for offering it for sale, ind it will |?e disposed of to any one tfir inhch less than its real value, for cash. ? ar9 'kV* J AS. H. CRANDELL. HOMES FOB ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, iBiul spring, be bought it the exceeding low price of $7;?, payable $3 per month T 1 tie indisputable. Union l and Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jan tf-6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. CONGRESS & OTHERS. q.I t^E PO,,N'S| FOKKS, IU.-M. W. ,Z\. r ,V. ,,IVI e ?|*eial attention to their Sdver Table, Dessert, and TeaSpoons and l-ork-'. Ladles, Bu ter Knives, and all other ar tides ot pure Silver Ware, wh?l,'is larger and more varii d thau ever odered to tlieir customers. a?AD M' VV: r?AET k. BRO., feb ?Vl-'nue betw. 9th and 10th sts. ??m i rnj. 11 _ Jg"iJ? LPiil * r h~JL W* Auction Pa^r?. B> UUTUWELL * BROWl, Aacti. SALE OF HOUSES, 6lc , BY ORDER OF THE ?>rphaiis' Court-On SATURDAY mornidg, the ! . th Instant, at 10 o'clock, in front of our Au?. non store, near Centre Market Space, bv order of the adminiatrator of C. W. Stewart, deceased, we shall sell? Two line Horses, suitable either for caJdle or har ness A lot of saddles and Bridles With sundry other articles Terms : A credit of 60 davs for all >-j?ns over S25. ROTHWELL at BROWN/ mar 14 d Auctioneer?. By J. C. McOVIRBi Anctionssr. Choice old wine?, liquors, stock k Fixtures of a Confectionary Establishment, Ite. On FRIDAY morning, March 9th. at 10 o clock at the Confectionery store or J. 11. Eberbach, on Pa avenue, between 21st and 2-2.1 streets west, I shall sell? Giass Cases, Counters, Drawers Shelving, Bar Counter -, Oyster Botes Candy Jais, Bottles, Scales and Weight*, H.c. ALSO, A QUANTITY OF Madeira. Sherry and Rhine Wines, of superior quality, which h s been in bottle some ten years. ALSO. A small lot of Candies, Prunes, Raisins, Olive Oil Pickles, Pieseives, Nuts, kc. Terms : $20 and undor, c isli; over that sum a credit ol 60 and'.10 days, for safisfa.torily endorsed notes, liearing interest. JAS. C McGUIRE, mar 6?d Auctioneer. Mjf Tba above talc Is pngipjntd un til MONDAY mornim:, March '9, same hour G. KEPPLER, )... WM.RUPP. j Irustees JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 15 d Auctioneer, By ?HM.ACSj A SCOTT, Auctioneers. Household & kitchen furniture at Auction.- On WEDNESDAY, the Uih inst , at 10 o clock, we slid I sell, at the residence nt a gen 11 em an det-linn.g housekeeping, on the south side of North II, h t.v-en t?tli and 7th * reels west, Davis's Row. an ? \c? 11* nt assortment of nearly new Furni ture, viz: Mahogany Sofas, parlor and rocking Chairs Do dinmj!, sofa, card, atid other Table* Do dressing and ?ther Bureau One hue walnut parlor Set, in plush Feather Beds. Bedding Mai tresses and Bedsteads Fine painted Cottage Chamber Su Maple, cane and wood seat Lhair Wa?hstauds, Matting Parlor, | a*sag* and chamber Carpels China, Class, Crockery and Plated Ware Looking Gias*e?, Waiters, and ivoryuandle Knives and Forks Stoves of various description? AUo, a c<*h1 assortment of Kitchen Requisite ? With many other articles which we deeiu untie c?ovy to enumerate. Terms: Under$25 cash ; over that nun a ered* of Mity and ninety days, f..r notes -nti.siaciorily en dorsed bearing interest. GREEN & SCOTT, mar R?d Auctioneers. I ? S. I he house I* alr?o lor rent, it being tiie ca-t house net. io the alley, in Davis'- row. on south side of II,between bill and 7th street*. Inquire ?it the prenii-es, r?r of Mr. II. S. Da\ . ? n 9 h, betw. II and If streets, or of (.'recti fc >eott. G. fc, s. ''be fcbove nn|? I? p itipnnrd un til FKIiJA Y, the 16th in>iant, hi 10 >'Jo? k a in., when it will positively take place, witlnut re-aid to weather. GREEN N. SCOTT/ mar lo \ ;, || jucpc. Uy ORBKM SsCOTT. AmIIssmm. SALE BY OP.DER OF THE Oiphan* Court, of Saddles and llamaes?? hi TUESI? \Y, the -JOih i list int. we shall sell, at 10 o'cloek a. in , by order of the ? rpkaiis' Court, at the store lately occupied by J II Thompson, deceased, ail the rlock hi the store, viz: Double and single Harness of ever* de . rlption Riiiing an I Cart Saddles Hridlt s. Co lars and Whips Trunks rfev ry description, lot of Saddb Hardware, Sewing Horses Stools Wheelbarrow, Vices \\ ith many other arti* les wliich we deem nunc ce-.sary t? enumerate. Terms: ?25 and under cash; over that mm a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. GUSTAYUS WATERS, Admin'r. GREEN & SCOTT, marl4-d Auctioneers. By OttlCEN &. SCOTT, Auctioneers, InVO TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSES AVII Lots at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 9tli inst., we shall sell, in front of the premises, *t 4;^ o'clock p. m , two good two story Frame House*, with brick basements, containm? six conveniently ar ranged rooms each, and the lots on which they stand, being pa t of Lot No. 19, in square 1-J6. One lot fionts 16 and the other 19 feet on north K, lietw. 1'th and ISih streets west, ? mining hack 113 feel to a ten fe< t alley, with a four feet ai.ey between the b'liiii fiii the convenience ot < aclii Title indisputable. Terms : One third cash ; the balance in 6 and 12 months, on notes bearuis interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN ?v SC< i'I T, mar eo&ds Aue.iom.'crs ?.t:ovf iitlt la pnit .^nn?d un :il il LSD\Y, the 13th iiir I in*, same hour. GREEN k StMITT, 10 Auctioneers, ft?- Tin above an]a Is furibe*? pott* poned io conscience of the rain, until FRIDAY, the 16th infant, at same hour. GREEN &. SCOTT, mar 14?d A uclKiucers. By J. C. .llcUUlllto Auciloucer. rpRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT.? . "" 'THURSDAY afternoon, March 1st, I855, at I o'clock, on the piemi.-es, by viriii ' oi a deed ot trust t > ill - subscriber, b> anng dale the l ltli May. and duly recorded hi Liber J. S., No. 40. ?olios 4.'i8, 4119, and 4 W, one of the land records tor Washington county, I (hall sell the north halfoi Lot No 19, in Square 293, fronting 23 feel 4 inches on 12th street west, between north C and D streets, running back ICO feel to a wide alley, with improve ments, consisting of a substantial brick dwelling house. Terms: One third cash ; the residue i,i six and tw elve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. NICHOL AS CU.LAN, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, f?b 12?co&ds Auctioneer. Tli* above sale Is iKOSfnonsd until "i'LESDAV. thv'iOih M;.rch, s.une hour. NICHOLAS r.ALLAN, 1 r.i-iee J AS. C McGUIRE; Auction, er. mar 13 eo&dn By J. t'. JUcOUIRK, Auctlodter. rI1RUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROPER ty:?On MONDAY afternoon, April 2d, at a o'elo .k, on the premises, by virtue oi i wo deeds ot tiust to the subscriber, one d it* d May 10. 1847, and recorded in liber W. B . No. 134, folio 163, he the othee dated June 10. 18-17, a id recoruod in libei W. B? No. 135, iolio 470, &c., two ot the land records lor Washington county, in the District of Columbia, I f ball sel , on the premises, lot-" numbered 10, 11, 13,14, 15, and 16, in square No 355,1 renting mi lltii street west, between t and G streets south, with the iuiprovemei.ts, c? nsi sting of au excel lent two su?rv brick dwelling house. Terms : One third cash; the re_.i hu in six, twelve and eighteen mouth -, with interest, to be secured to Hie satisfaction of tin: trustee. NICHOLAS CALLAV. Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 7?en Auctioneer. DKAV'AJCSH CURBD-TI.' following n takeo Irom Scott'j Weekly: DEAFNESS -We understand that tfkO iilKCCaS which has followed the use ot SCARPA S AtOUS 'PIC OIL, in of' Deafness, ha < been asf>nich ing, thousands of persons i avuig been cured, whose cases were considered hopeless. 'I lie calls for this medicine are from all parts ot the eountry, it being, we believe, the only article betbre the public lor the cure of that distressing disease. lie particular and buy of D. CILMAN. Wash ington. D. C., and S S. II ANTE, Baltimore, Md.,as there is a counterfeit article :n the market, feb 28?2ni BOUNTY LAND-ADDITIONAL. ALL my old friends for whom I obtained Bounty Land, iu less quantity than 161 a-.res, are here by informed that tueir names and a record of the evidence, with the dates of their certificates, aic on my book, so that I can, with facihtv, m tke out their declarations for additional land. Tho.-e w ho tailed to obtain any land for want of ^ufficieni service, many of whom are now entitled to 160 a.res, can find the time allowed recoide<l by mr. ??ther? will find it to their interest to call or write, and I will send forms and instructions for reasonable and fair compensation. Any old Soldiers, or their Widows, unable to pay for preparing their papers will be instructed gratis by calling at the office. JOHN D. CLARK, mar 6?lin Agent, Washington, D C. IMPORTANT TO PERSONS HUE \KING UP Housekeeping.?Persons removing from the eity and wlshmetodisprse of their Furniture and House keeping Utensils without the ir. ub!e of sending them to Auction, can do so by callui" upoa us at ? ur store, No. 31T Pa. avenue, n? we arc preparul to tuy all such goods as may b? offered. R. II. JEWEELE St CO, ?u?1" 9 No. 317 Pa. avenue. STEWART'S SKYLIGHT DA GUERRE AN Rooms, over Gait's Jewelry Store, Pa. avnue, is where the public can have splendid picture* taken at more re.tsjna le prices than at any other room in the city. Call early. Satisfaction ajway* given, mar 7?*iu Auction Sales ?y J- McGUIKE. A tttllomar SV!S?-. H >8fE^'?(>,> ORAV1) PIANO. CLE 0 gant Cabinet Furniture, Splendid Pencil plate ?>t-urtaiua. ( aipets, French China and tut-g i?s Warf, Cosily Wines. Superior Carriage Horse!". *c.?On WEDNESDAY ir mine March 21st, ? t JO o'clock, at the residence of hi* fixceiim cy J. M. Tirado, the Perm tan Mimstrr, on Penn?y|. vama avenue, between 83J and -24th streets, I ?hall cell ail Ins elegant House oold Effects, constating o( Superb Rosewood Grand Piano, by Hu tikofer Magnificent suite ot solid Ron wrod Parlor Furni ture, upholstered in green and fo|<1 satin dam ask, comprising thre- large medallion back Sofas, one siesta Sofa, six large medallion Arm Chairs, two Voltaire, and six Parlor Chairs Splendid Gree n and Go!d Satin damask Cuitliai to match, Comice, Lace Curtain*, fcc. Elegant French plate Mantel .Mirror* Costly mantel Clocks, gilt and bronze, with side piece* to match, Vase* Rich Gilt Ga.? ('hand* Iters, Candelabra*, and Brack em Fine Tapestry, Rrutse *, and Ven tian Carpet* . uite ot Rosewood Reception room Furniture, up bolstered in cana y colored satin damask, consist..!, of a pair of French So a*, 4 Arm and 6 snu.ll Chairs Handsome nirtatns, Cornice, &c to match Rosewood Ov,tl marble t p Table* Walnut Extension Dining Table* D'? Plush seat Dining Chair* Damask covered spring sent Couches Mahogany hair spring seat Lounge*. ('ham t ane scat Arm and t'ottatje 1'hairs MarHe-top Keaufet. Butler's Trav i>cant oioi oii and liand Dinner Set Richly decorated China Tea, Coffee and Chocolate Service Heavy Si r (field plated Waiters. Cake Banket*. Tea ami Ci flee Service Ricli Crystal Cut gla.-s Decanters, Tumblers, C .am pa-tics, Wines, Cordial, Finger Bow*, Wa ter Bottles, Claret Pitchers, fcc. Mahogany Writing D.>k?, Book Shelves M mo'-co and dama-k covered extension <"?iairs Mahogany Dressing Bttnans, Fiench atid Dalian Bedstead* Marhlc t.-p Wash-lands, Corn* r Stands French China and Granite Toilet Set* I'. vt hair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows, Ri d Clothing Sm?i.- Iron B<-.|st< ad-, ?'ofa Bcdetrals Bt d and Fable Linen Sirens, Fire I,"lis. Lamp* Handsome Damu.-k Curtains, Window Shades Knriiitiire hi servants' r?M?ms ? Hlc'oih, t '<Mtking and other Siovca Coppi rs, Cooki: g Utensils, Jre. At 4 o'clock, In lioni ot tlx: residence, a -pl.-oilnl pair of dark fray Carriage Horses, between six and seven team old, perfect y sou-d. arid kind in single or double harness, and said t" he the finest carnage hnrs?s in the District Also, t in ci r ?11? t e I y nfier? In the dining rocm, a choice lot of the highest quality Wines, in tsittles,eonipiking ('Intiupagn**, Port, .-htrry, Madeira, kc , nnjioite.! eAprnsly tot private use. Terms >) sale: $:*>and under cash; over that sum a < of sitiy a<d ninety days, for notes saustae tOlllv endorse*'. Itearnig lli'ere.1 p. s ?The house will be open to visiters on the day previous t,, (|lt >a|,.# J \S. ( . McGUlRE, 1,1 ?' \uctionecr. B.- ? . KeotVI9B. ImttMMW. I^X PENSIVE SALE ??F EXl ,'ELLENT FCR jmtui*' ami iIou?.. kn ping Ellects.?OnTIIURS DAV morning, tlx pi;( March, m 10 o'clock, at Uie residem c oi J. II. Lhetbich, L q.,? :i I1;: avenue hetwe. <? JDi and 221 streets, I - hall sell, without ? ? .-er\e, 4.1 of iii?> r urnilure and Eff? ct*, compns 1 air ol liand>< me mahogany >prni2 S ' 'lie dozen mahogany spnni! seat Chairs Marble and mahogany top c-nire and sofa Taldcii ?Jilt ane malfgany framed French pla'e Mirror lland-oir.e Mantel (.'locks, Gran .ole.-> Daiiia-:< and lice Curtains <'orntce and Fixture* \ em ian Bliuds, Traiisparent Shades I'icturps, t 'handelii.r<, tias Fixtures Mahngut) d:nmg ami centre Talde< Spring seat Lounges, cane seat ? hairs II uidsoriic Brtissel* parlc.r and stair Carpeu Three ply arid iiigrain Carpets. Oilcloth Kuc*. M uti le. Stair Rod-, Clash Knamt lled t'ottage Set viahog.nya d w;dnut French !'.e,!i>t<>a's Dressn e an 1 plain l!ure?iis, Washstauds K.ueili m double and single Wardrobes >ecret.\ry ai d Bookcase, Rocker* Superior denble and -inj?|?- Fe.ther Beds Best hair and Im-V Mat;re-res (Bankets, Comforts, Counterpanes Bolsters an.! Pillows Irc ns, To.iet Sets Hands me jJa* fr<;iit China (*I.'fet H*>f? !?;? ator, Sidel<oard, Side Tables French and Stone China Dinner end Tea W?re Gla-sware, Table I 'utlery. Castors Cooking Range, suia!l Cook Stove Parlor t.nd < 11amber Stoves, vaiious styU* LxcelS it epper and tin Cooking l.'tensi s Together with a large assortment of Kitchen Re quisites. Teiia^: $3i) and under ca*h; over that sum a cr< dit ot Gil. ami 1*1 days, lor note* satisfactorily endorsed, bearing iutere&t. JAS. C. McGCIRE, n,IU '^T *' Auctioneer. Tiie t Dove sal* ts | oitponed un nl 1 I ESDAY, March 13, at the same hour and place. G. KEPPLFR, , U M. RI'PP. \ Trustees. J AS. C. McGCIR tiiai I? Auctioneer. *#- The ?.bov? ?ate l? furtliar post P'.i.e l, owiir; to the :llne-> of Mr. Eberbaeh. ?in:il I RIl'AY tuorniii;, March 16th, -ame li< ur. U. KEPPLKK. i... _ WM. RI'PP, prurtees. JAMES C. MlGUIBE, mar 13 Auctioneer. By J. C. Mciil'dlE, Auctioneer. I'LKNirCKE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS. On THURSDAY morning, March 15ih, at 10 * 'clock, ct the residence of J. W. Reed, Esq, cor ner of ] 1th and L streets, 1 sliail sell his Furniture and Effect*, comprising ? Mahogany hair spiius s? at Sola S:x do Parlor t ?ha-i> Do R.nkers Do Centre Table, Curtains and Carpet* O randoles, I lock Looking Glasses Mahogany Sideboard, D tinnr Talde Cane umi wood seat *'hairs, Odclo'h Bedstead?, Bureaus, Wa.-hstami Hair and hu.-k .Maitri s c? Bolsters and Pillows Cookinc Stoye. Tin Sate Together with a general a*?ortiiient of Kitchui Re?ji|l-ltes. Terui^: $20 and tinder cash; over that sum a credit of 2, 4, and 6 mouths, for nores satisfactorily eu<ior.-cJ, bearing interest. JAMES C. McGlJIRE, toar I?d Auctioneer. (c/-The fthove Sale la poit ponrd until M< DAY MORN I N(?, March 19, same hour. JAS. C. McGUlRE, mar 14?d Auctioneer. ?> y URUIbM * SCOTT, Auctloiucrt THVO FIMME HOUSES AND LOTS at Auc JL lion.?On THURSDAY, the 15th instant, at 5 o'clock p. in., W" shall sell, in front of the premis*;*, pnrt of Lot No. 2, in Square *'J7, with the improve ments. wli ch are two frame house, one containing three and the oilier nine rooms : eacli house front ing l'J feet on south G, be ween ?th ard 8th street*, west. With a five feet alley be: ween the two, in ik itig the whole ir' iit 29 feet, tunning hack t-6 lect 7 inch- a. Title indisputable. Ti tin- On?:-D?iirth cash; balance hi 6 1*2, M and 2-1 months, on note* bearing interest. A deed given an i a deed of trust taken. CREEN k SCOTT, mar 1.1-1 Auctioneei.. By J. C. 9IcQl)lRl?i Auctioneer. \FALU ABLE BUILDING LOT ON PE.NNSVL vama avenue.?< ?n FRI DAY afernoon, the 9th imtant, tt 5 o'clock, on the premises, I shall ?ell part of Lot No. 5, .it Square No. U>6, fronting 291^ fc? i oil P< ntuvlvaiii i avenue, between 17th and ItJth -trccts west, runniiij back one hundred and twenty Km t. Term*: One third ca<li ; balance in six and nine mouths, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. JAS. C. McGUlRE, mar 7?il Auctioneer. {jf?- The above aala la postponed un til I'HURSDAY aft.;.-noon, March I6t'i, at 5 o'cl'k, ou the premises. JAMES C McGUlRE, mar 10?d Auctioneer. By J. V. MeGl'I KK? Atutlontn. r'tEREMPTORY a?ALE OF FOUR OF THE ni'Mt deairatde Building Lots in the First Wari*. On THURSDAY afternoon, March 15th, at 4% o'clock, on the pr? mises, I shall sell, wit outre sotve, Lots 3, 4, 5. and 6, in square 1C6,'routing each 28J4 feet on north I street, between l7th and 18th streets, minting back 147\ feet to a twenty leet alley. These lots are delightfully situated, with a south ern front, alsiut the centre of the block, ou eitliar side of which have been erected first class houses, and offer greater inducements to persons desirous oi se~unng unobjectionable building sites than any property that has been < ffered for sale at auction for years. Title perfect and sale posi'ive. Terms: O-ie-third cash; the residue in two equal payments at six and twelve months, with inte est, secured by a deed of tru t on the premises, to the ta'isfaetion ?-f the vendor. If the terms of the sale are not complied with in f ur days tV< in the day of the sale, the pmpe ty w ill! he re-old at tiie risk and expense ut tlie firct purcha ser All coLveyancing at co*t of purchaser. JAS. C. McGUlRE, P**r #?<1 Aacuoti??r, telegraph ic. KErorrcp rot TBS DAILY EVEWUfQ BTAP Arrival of tht Afr:ca Hiurtt, March lJ.-Th, C?.,4 M..., Afric. ?,rir?d k.r. Hi, wiU -d.jl later huropaan newg. Instruction of Limber by ?i*. Baltimore Mirktti Baltimorb, Mareh 15 ?Floor?to ... were reported this ?orning nominally the unu u y*M?r(i,_ *** C*iPt" *ogIaif W#r* fBir red Bt $2*2 Ob ; white Bt $J JOal 23 Cam small sales ; nixed Bt 85.Wc ; white at a:?* ?nd yellow Bt 8?e per bushel. The aewa ?f 3 etsrday presented general activity ol tL. pert of buyers Raw York Stock Market. Nkw ^ orb, March 14 -^Stocksopened hotter Bed cloeed fiia Moe.y u ab?odant Erie Kiilroad, 46 ; Cleval*wi k Tolsdo Railroad, slUr"k;. sr:"4 c""ab" -i K?v York Markets. AndKt*i.VoRV Majcb lb -C?tu? ia downward Bed dell; .Blea ?.f 2 000 bales. Flour?Sal?a Of good Ohio at 37.* 81; Scathe Wh* ??J ? bar ?!' ** J*?torday's riufc Wheat isuiwardard prices are a trifle hichor C^L Tk ^ V *** 40' ?*?* ?% *?' V,:. s&sTjjsg*- ?????-* Fatal Result of the Meredith Accident Cosi wo, (N H ) March 14 -Letter* from Meredith state that Jame? W Danran Ueor** o'M LNa5rfhJ^,fNi0hO,-\5 M Toci will7 u m Ladd died from injuries received Tester day at tbotown ball feanj others a>e not ezpectod to survive. Or?r one hundred per sobs had bones broken. The Hew Hampshire Election Cobcord, March 14 -Returns have been received from 18L town*, more than throe aaar< ietio? the Sta e. Metcalf has thus far re ?eived 27.?i)l votes Baker 21,102. Bell 2,40V Fowl r Metcairs majority over all others loo fu|| mtjontj from the whole t in? ' probably be between 2,500 an! M|"Uv As far as heard from, tbe Knew Nothing iaveclected 187 Kepreetntativee to tb* Loci', a.ure. the Democrats aud he Whin 5 A 'ar?? portion of tbe Know N?thing7are elected by U big and Freetoil \otes. The on position candidates to the Administration are ali probably sleeted, as well as all Member* of Congress, all State Seaators. and will of oourse elect two United States Senators also opposed to tbe Administration. - ? ?q??? ') O !* ** w The undersigned wtll psy \i *BC4Worn*.', 1 At.., Al.hl I.IIASL, purchased by It**- late Owen, *k|k 0| Thomas and Richard llarve\ executors ot I honia- Harvey. For uie last ogtMeea' mouth* ?a d ?out:tu was in Geoiietown, ?he ia aow hell, ved IK be III Alexandria. She i* about aixty >? ars ?if a^e; is black, and about five feet four incB?-? ntirfc. The a!?ove reward w ill h- paid oir delfVerv- to tbe i?.ri ,al L'?,lH"r *?r!boro\ Prince Geof??.'. co.. M;' ? , .. JNo. c. mulliiTiw, mar ?? ??* AilaiiuiArator of Owen Norfolk. LOOK H 1RI!!! Mokf. bounty lam. r^jtu. vbn in war since 1T90, wheiiier a? (Hlmt|er-, 8 liloiy. Murine*, Clerk", Indiana. ( UaiJ wm--, \\ as .n Ma?trr#, Teiawtvn, Lnudnai. n, ("or th? ir widow* <<r minor children) wl... |,BVe not ?ei received full I<i0 acre^, ?nd have betnt in service 14 4aya, will ?t<. well I., wnie f, d, and ih*ir l.nnd Warrants wi I he t>awarded to iheni tor the ah jve quantity, and no cliar-e if tt?.y ,\o not gtt lt LLOYD k. CO., Oaiin AsentV Office, opposite U. S. Trea-u?y, U aa*hiiigt?.n City, P. C mar 6-3ni " EXCELSIOR IS OCR MOTTO. WL have ju?t received a frr-li lot ..f I'RL'VKH t Hi.-, ORANGES, LUXIONM, fcc. Al?o. a la^e ot SAKitlNKH, put up in superior ?t>1e. ui\e u> .i c<tll ami judfr f.?f vminelve* * V. B. BalU, Parties, and Painiline supplied OB the ?Vi*t rea^ n a We and faH?factnry iz-ruir, at the abort e1 l,"u1tc\ BYl'KK Si tLAST. mar I ? im IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. I) AY UolU of Militia entitled to Bounty un de.- the act of Congree^ Sept em her St*. IH5U. coin [tied troui rolU in the Audtto.-s iibce at fcieh inond. Mu<4er Rolln of the Virginia Mitnia in the War ul ? 1,12 a !kUl,P',,n|cut to the pay roll*. A tew copie* lor Mile at R PAKNHAM*9, ***? "venue aud Uth rt". AIhi. ?t 1 KLXCH'd, AlexanJna, Va. m-tr 8 ClLOCItj?, CLOCKS. VLOCKt I?If you / want a ^a>d Clock, uarrarit-d to keep unie, call at the store of J. R< ?BI NSON, C . .. l'&* ave*? ?I'Po- Browns' Hotel. jeli 28? dim PIANOS FOR RENT. f \YO superior 7 octave Boudoir PIANOFORTES I tor rent or ^al>i. Apply at illLKl'M B. HITZU He pot, where they may he seen. mar ? FRUIT AND EVEKCiREEN TREES.f x/ The uuderoirned lia* a - ? ?? ^ lock ?.f ail the standard Fruit Tree?Qjii?. . -.'/TS vigorou* and thiiltv, vn : 1'crtv.ti Trees ol very *U|M:i;or ty. all Uie leading kirnld ? 1rs, V'iples, Duum, Cherries, Apricots, Grape Vines, fiic. WJ,C09 l.i gli-li Lancashire <? mm'herrit*, the large sIh>w kinds, fine aud strong 20,000 Currants. Victoria, Ued aud White Ilutcli, Red aud White Grape, Hfack NajHes kc. 10,000 Kaspherrie.-, Paatolff, Red and White Ant werp, Ike. l.OQU Rt.iitiarb Root*, Pimcc Albert, VictoriaCbaoe paisne, file .^hade Trr*t, of best quality *Uch as Silver and Su ear Maples, Kuropean aud American Lindens | Kuropean Ash, Mountain Ash, He. Lvcrgreens *n great variety and rarest kinds, vis Arancar a*. Arbor Vile, t*edrus do <'ara, C. J.itiam, h uimbral Cypres*. CrypUxiteiia, J a I'Otuca, lit* Koya I'atacoma, Lihroeedru*. < hilenau. Princes Chiuibra. P. exceUe, p. G. rardiana, Picea Webbiana, P. pindrous, P. Pichu Abies Mencienii A. Morinda. Irish and Kn^li.-li \ cii} with many oilier beiiitiful Ev ergteens, all at moderate prices. JOHN K%UL, r?ced Store, corner 7ili and II sw., WidiiMSi mar 14 ?eotit* ' WRECEIVING SFEIKO^B0PPL1XI. L are now opening m-ny new and desirable Spring Goods, to which we invite the atten lion of purchasers generally before making tbeir se lection* We n;?nie a few leading articles? 75 pieces tine plaid and plain Cambrics, chean 10J do neat style Chintzes and Freneh briJ liants 00 do Manchester and other stylesnice Ging hams ?>0 do Richardson's and Barklies' 8birtlng Linens 200 do superior bleached Shirting Cottons ^-4, 10 4, 12 4 Linen and Cotton Sheetings A large lot ot Towellings, damask Napkins and Ta ble Diapers Also, a lat of light stripe and plaid Dress 811 ks at greatly reduced prices. Spring Mousselmes. Cbaltev De Laines and Ba rege De Lames, all of beautiful designs With a general assortment ?f New ^ we will sell at fair prices lor cash, or on short urne to pMuipt purchasers. O^-All articles sold at our establishment are war ranted to prove as represented. Vn *?????- COLLEY fil SEARS, ..... w ? ^ventb St, 3 doors above Pa. av. mar 14?en 1 w KPIWItD tlUAHS = -u , *>ar'*ls powdered, cruslied and clari6ed Bt' W -a KS Just received and for rale low by BARBOUR * PEMMEB, li?eo3t Wo. 67 Lmiixsna avenoe. Flour. 75 bbU superdae and fsauly FLOUR In store and lor sale law bv BAKBOCR fc SEMMES, uiar 13?eo3t Wo. 67 Louisiaaa eveaoe. , WENTYOB LESS SHAKES WASHINGTON f and New York MagneUc TeW grauh stuck ku sale. Addre- Box 947 Po? Oftct, per!4-?o** R'

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