Newspaper of Evening Star, March 19, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 19, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. |rOB TBS STAR. THE LOTCD OHE OVER THE SEA. I am weary of trail.Bjf?of waiting For lovtn* tones spoken to me; And mv spirit w pini?*?still pining For ?o'*< lit eyes o'er the blue sea. There ar? niumc strains on the air thrilling, Anl liauntingly sweet though they be Far sweeter t<> me is the trilling, Ofa lov^d ab-tnt voice o'er the sea. 1 am weary of listening?of lutenin? For bounding steps coining to me; And tear*?wilful tear*. will be fall ng. While they tarry ?o long oVr the sea. There are so.t, gentle steps lingering near me, riteps light a? the morning to ; Hut 1 li-t l ?r the sound thai can cheer me? A firm, springii g step o'er the sea. I am weary of w? ep;ng ?oi" weeping O'er hop?s withered by the decree; * ?f a late that has cruelly banished A warm, loving heart o'ei the sea. Then how can n?v brow be unshaded ? The world is al! sadnev* to me: For a brave, tried, and true beart is drooping Far over the blue, sunny sea! Bat 1 a:n not weary of praying? Of praying, beloved one, for thee ; For i know tbou . r: me in thought, love, I know thou art weeping with in?. And it I ne'er gaze on that form, lave, Xor hail th> e fVom ovr the sea ; Till death sti.istHs true heart's last throb, lev?, It.- prayer shaii lie otferci for thee. Jkspik. Washington, I> L,'., 1S55 Josepit 11 the. ? This distinguished man, the tidings of whose death were brought to us by the steamer Pacitic, was born at Montrose, Scotland, in the year 1777. IIj was educated to the pro fession ot a surgeon, and in about the year 17?te entered into the service of the ?ast India Company. By dint of un wearing application, he acquired a tho rough knowledge of the Indian dialects, and amassed a fortune. In 1808 he re turned to England, and then made the tour of Europe and Egypt. In 1812 he was electcd to Parliament, and he has held a seat every year since. He was remarkable for his energy and persever ance, and has always been noted a3 a reformer of abuses, an enemy of monop oly, and a friend to the extension of polit ical franchises. In linancial ability' he was surpassed by few. At his death he numbered 73 years. B'Jlwer leads a bachelor's life in Paris, and many singular stories are told of his eccentricities, lie is at the age of tifty, the same dandy he was when he wrote 44 Peihaui, " anl really makes up exceedingly well. His fortune is very large, an i he performs many acts of un ostentatious charity, lie is a fatalist, and believes tinnly in certain periods lieing hazardous to his destiny. One day, full of gloomy foreboding, he was seated at his solitary breakfast table, when the new housekeeper, who hap pened to bear a striking resemblance to his wife, entered,?" S r,M said she, " 1 shall do every thing to give you satisfac tion." 44 Will you, madam ?"' cried th? Baronet, and ringing the bell, he ordered the valet to pay the housekeeper a year's wages, and her pas>age to the most dis tant place she would consent to go. The lady happened to have a daughter mar ried to a New Zealand Chief, at Loorako, liiy Islands, and hither she was dis patched at IJulwer's expanse. UT A b-.ll for the proteo ion ol hotei-keei. is be! -re the Pennsylvania Le^isla'ure I pr ividei that guests at hotels shall daiuei their money, jewelry. anl oth-ir va!ua bled, into '.he a.'.uu ci^toJy ot th? proprietoi or his proper "gent, ar i on leaving their rjuini are to deposit their k.-ya a: '.ho ciii;e, to hok the proprietor liable for rnohcy or clo'hicj stolen. It further declared that persona be. cotuic^ gufrs a. hUeid, without raeaus topaj their billJ, accruing from any time notljngei than a Keek, anl not giving ioti-e of any sacl inability, a.e vagrant.*, and as such thai b< subject to conviction before an aiderzoaa o justice of the peiee, f>r any period net longe: than thirty djvs. and autho-izes tho propria tor to det 'in such def.nqaent until the propei officer be obtame I. The bi.l also gives to ho tel keeper? a lizr upca the baggie of gu:al for accrued debt for a pet:ou of tot locge thaa one we? k ? MOV EMLSI < OF OCEAN STEAMERS '?? Istte For Z)uy*. fa? Ui?r V.w \ oik....^Livt ip*H)'....V1ar. 2 Al i..;i .1'- >-.<?.i Vvtrpn-d... Mar. Hi Paari. L!?? rjjO.J..N \v \ ork...Peb % H???t inn Crtrnca....Now Yo.k.. Fi b. \?> Atlantic -Liverpool...New York..Mar It ? hi Haore Nrw York.. Ma/. 1< A - 1a i.ivirpool Boston.....Mar. I" America l.ivrrpocl.... Boston .. .Mar. 21 {JfJ-Yin-- Chi .'oraa attain-r^ leave New York on tl?e dui a? 1 Still of each mouUi. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS Wtllard*' &1ov?1-h a U J. C. WILLA49. IS Bail, \Y J K Wtwya anl !aJy, Miw A S;s.are, .lo do Mr iiilbert anil daa^tera, Mrs D.- J'flltr, do J<> M. J>ine4, do Mr McL"m >nt, Can J L U?i>ka a:id ly, NY Mr Ciapiiane, do Wane^t, Ma?? II >n O M Hyjc,Mich II I. Harrington, Mil u hi; ?:u ?> Pki , NY C U ilayrfen, Va J Va Mr.- M irJcn, do VV l> Robcr*.3, Jr, do .\?I1oiiaI lloict--K D. wii.lard &iartiu, M>u A Ban^i, Fia I IlayAard. F.i Mrs Ufulau, Ky J J IMckia>??n. Va J C Urtacen, M*1 fir Bon Blackford, I'a I. M?.r?is, do J (i B'ackf^rd, Va C NY Mwa Dickin<- n, do \V C t'eyton, DC' Mws Lewis, do II Thi run, do ?:?>s HhnvesbW], do ( rain, MJ G W'Mvtr, do t; Forbe , do A W do K 1. Va?on, Va K ( oi.tev. Mil \\ L W?-bster, do R T llirru E llicgiu*, MJ J G B.)i?d, NY J I? B .llou, Wis 'I* F Bennett, Ml J I* Seniersou, Pa Brow na' Hotel?t r & m. brows. IV w BoVkie, .M l J ? VVeili, NY W L P?>wtr?, NY K <? do J EMridjr \V J I. Willis, I'a II Oewwt'U, RR L WWmarth. do A liot*, Aik U Tou.'uf, I>r F A K?*w, A!a i> F Ffi'??. Ga F. ilartM.11, NY W V Hiniili, do J Torse jr, Vt J J I.iad?ay, 'IVnn J J Wil.iaaMi, Vt. I'r II J Mat ou, NC 11 I. WiK?en,do J I. I.udwick and lady, C J l.ei^b, NY La Mr P?-rtrr and ly, M l>s Kli Uwqod Itowae?j. h a t. kirkwoob. f. *"a11' ^ W F Ri. hi*?ond, Va ' r VlM,ivk' N Y K S ll'ildrn. NY i r ^ A M Kr>?* i L "Sff* i? *' v Tliomaa, NR j4 11 11 . Md L I>?H? \ a J W U- lcb?*r M O lU^d *, J W R-S/bV G K ll- nilitni. Mass J Mili, ,!o i Mtlcd ktiteairrrel-a. . niC,M1T Rf W llamni nJ, It J I'utt r?on NY G C kinn^y. Ill J f* and lv I II Ulw. Va II P.M ., Ml II II Harris aad laJy, N\ ?? W T >n;mjr <j \V II t.'oil.?fe. Tf* It Ma:thew?. Australia J K.I?mi?oii, Tmn J M J on n-ton. |? 4 J I inila>, " tV M Owen, Ala C Kruiu^r. do K Wilimnwf.n.fla W K etnuth, Me W R Kupp, 41a S V\ ill iiu>"u. Australia B W T?>p*, Mi?* G W Todd, Va A iohnaom and ly, O K Martin, SJ ;.?nilo<i llnu??, Alexandria, Va. ?. *?wto?, wtorrnrro*. J fl Ifume, Va P f t??a<ly, Va t? N Ga.wooJ. do ^ If ird n*. do I. L Wells, NY M J H Papie, Va ^ rri.l"r'ull, do V.' II Fiizbuah, jr, Uo ?i * Hulen, Me J Q tiarr. do L/r H ti Loiaaz, Va }lt racidn, lad DU. KOKSTB m VitiORATING com AL A PHENOMENON IN MEDICINE. tt?ALTU RESTORED A*tf) LITE XL LXNGTHVN1VD. by i>R. kL>?ir'-K'K INVWOHAIiVO ILIX S OR COKPLAL?At lirrt 'L.e proper tiee :.ttribnt#d to Pro'. I*mOOBATTNa KliTXlft OS CO ID LA L were ueentd r'ibaltar. ftie public ortea d*o**l?et, itiiJ icZ bt ''v: t*.c i up cubitus IratL* ?naac1 hv 'h * i Wfr ? l?Ui f*ct% un l^ciabl# j> atiMted by vriti.esos* Oi cigasftt rUii aad rharact?r, are now tr!i?mr-h inj over all aoabt*. I* CRUDULITY IS OVKO TflROWN by a dm c f tMLaiouy wi;'?h perfectly IrrMlatabl*. The Kux;sr*s:ed>9. !r. * 11 csj-?z, *hs dt^lortVe rrih' kibiag tro^t amk^eor ?bu.?e ti the varioue rrf*:.- witich riake up machine cal>J It reirtor*? to laH v ,?r every d-ll:a'? lac?-' ih>0 conaeoSed with ti.?>t n?y steiioue c; apound ag*acy c?ftr<?tter cxlad, cro'-aaary ??*> tLerfjpiv ilucf.m a/ in'uan /f/k. To p#-:H!tt* of feeble taui>:u-1 iar fta;a", or d??Ki-u:t In fiu*l power, It 1* racoo osndci -- ,i the cnly ra? :m of cciaaiu^ea'.ij^ thui energy which is MMamiry to the pr -p?r enjf,yEiet.t ot ali the nalurai apj>e..U*t, a? wei 1 a? the higher uif-t-.l attribu* :j. Its bersticial eifecaj aierctcoa 3n?d to either sex or to zvy e.70. The frehla ^irl, 'he ailicf wife, tue ernsr&teit yoath. th* ?/?er*c -a raaa cf basic.:?6j, th* rictiia of nervous Je aression, theindiTlicul nuffe-iiu:: from : Esril d olUty, or frvia th* wts^ueasof a *'c<ie fc.ifftu, wii! ail itaaisdiftfe peruana... t relief iroao th< saee of thi* tacoatp^ridd* remoter. To tt?c - whc hare a piidlfponik'S to r>a V? .?ia it vili prove * complet* *nd 'jai'aula^ -iifg d battorri hie x.a'. i J /. Tfcer? ar? T2A' 7, ; -rhf?pc ..Lo hivre 2: triced wiUx liieu- crtistitnt ; rj?, that ihey thick 'hems Iff?? beyoai "e-'h j;" rcedioiiM. L t *? n ?T9C tbeee d>,r??!r. 1).* K'5rir d vlj nith di <e*zt i' Uoxi*w, viiiicat relVrr^ ;- ?.?? cr.v&**, tni wil" not ?nlv r*siore tlie i: ? *. BiiBurtr Tim caxkn ir?:s tu ;; >n The ienkagantntc oi Hm ayaten, ! inn/ to ::er ?cus iisea^??, ioi ih? &ria3 cf .r;\^at> ?li: ..-8 it ?elf. *wiOBuaeTOCs ** n!irvjairt aro'aai to enunerRte the cialiiSi' <r whieh prepare rail .a fespoo>fio. A t ?. r, i. t?iui' ra'.ei, r.3 : n-ara'^U. tic lei- i-is.hea'k ! - laci; i*nt par?lvr i<5, hyet??i^, pa;pit -i;^n ??? ilie ?" n?^ aSrctscci., mosvUlMr le.iuir , tren^ra, C?tuir i.>? apru>la{MMIIlMialhfll . to-p. \ it* oi ta tirer, mental depi**--;-.^-a <:??'?< f !h wiii, iuli*p"< >tk?n t* ,a" -ilu-r e.'-vrjiti brofe-a iti : rerrify".- ? di u - . . iHltl Jo t' xair incii" , .cee r p 1. ?*.nr'-e of -bs prr Tt?fcllTe ci(<*as, **??;< !?. taelaaaiioly. ?oaciaaiii*. floor alluJ, the ntomaeh, f? jiaJe irrejal&iiti^' * c'.rov.ic -il^ary to nzi'-c ri&j:*, eDS%v.iatio"i. ?r. t r.r< vintroat . a tree iadulrfeoee of tb? . ..." io and ?>t:iena . thktdoe* na?. pi"***? i trcui cttj*.*-''* L-y.a. the r.-aoh of vu*r' '.c.u*. Wbrnovr tH'? < rgr.r? ? b? set i /-e f ? froBai '>0 il mm in n that yiasr? IXv'ICCRATINQ EilXifl ?will ieplace wctkoeft* Witn str?-c :a. ,Tiojacity wl;> ?fi^iency, ?rrcg4?iArit/ viU nnii. :m a-si ua.u'al %?? iTltj^and tfcl? n:-! ? r.'y ? jfV .. uxar' c i vu with lh*p?y en th? i. r - r::- n.:" r ?<flWr it fiiiu i-_hil a.' c.,;l.iAi- , v.Le.-4v> ' IV a he j?erT a<? 1 . t%ii> i?d thn? 4t paraiiutlon ri tb? aenr.-* w r, t oa ?ed to uition i physieai dea". - < i .jst for ? T?r kind of cerT'T-' vr.. f. r" ?*. I.1 tl. on^y r-sUab.e >T'T- i?*i? . . : CA I'TIOjS. De.Mtiij'iUmimi f ? CanIm bmi keiTeiteo ij onprlL ..pi i r-crp* cr. la fttture, all tj ? > ->i *1*1 viJ ht .-. J proprialor'n f-j finite pa tl .>v-r *' r ^oiii ? * MM.aad tk* W ???;? fi? blows Is tki c ??= Dr<) Mont'tlsvii - C. tl atn.-? ?. "=? C9*The Cctli?" 1 vi 1. .i_- "? pint botties Ifioe.?fS per v ?. uo '< .? ri V. t -' MHtf; 1 !' * ?' " r r ? iV?, >.'? Bold hy Ere.-ri-etr ?*.? f -ikJ ???*??* 0?n*4w, and i. e^t livV. ?. AGE.NT". \7vtIciVn--'5. L *J?. Rt,ltia>or??ft. 3. , iiluhc.*.ad ?liwN . ". nsr PKOPOS '.LS FOE ' HI: o 1:; F01S T* E PFF^i.; ?':iNjr?0 O/rirg St'PitR: v-^ ??:> sr 1 : kmc Lrotinu, Ii:-, ;.. lii.nnty v'l lf,Vv IN pur?u1^''<, of flu- ;? ;vi-k??h of i i.r art ?'ntitle I L "An m Utf ?? k.??viiiii<? tr?!i in priotlr.?,'' St. . \iil: -t I\V2, -ir:ilcil will i.?- rt*. rive ! : 1 nia rike, h rhi- r r. Hoi, until Wed>u s.lay, t!: ? 2Jth ?!.?>?? 1 Mnrch ??? , at l J o'--'tirk n. , I'.r t'nr;..-!?- ?: *???? <Ac i?-:; <*? tiiie-" and iV?<Ti(?tiorw c,\ ur 11 ? ;i:ii? r. o wi< : rcaoui, weielmi^ ~ .. tuitu ; |?*r n .i!;?, ami ir.i :? earing 1'J 1-4 .> 111: |p < 3,10-? fn.", weiehinjfJQ i?uni>U p? rr? r:? 1 bunnt; lb !i> 2." lttclu-s 1U) reairi-s, w;iymrJI p.?un?'--|s< r rvani, amliii'-a ? iir;n^ lp by SJ mcbeti 010 ream*. *? ijliini J-J |H?uiidrf {?.-rr .;ni, :? !? J nn-.i furii?; 1^ !iy 1^ n.-fi-' 4J0 reauH, l-'p< i;r, r r :uni, :ual m ? suitn^ 1J by IB .i.cli -.4 AX tii? r pa;*-r t-, I nil.! - f ii..- [. .[ and 1ni?i?td in th?- !i"-i nniiitfr -\mi ir> r from aHi:! t raf ion \ I'jntin 1 v.i.i Im . 1 ten d into lor :i > plying t;i- qatiiti: 1 -? r-tai?-d. t ?hp1i liju'w as lii pubh : vt r* f.- may ??nuir<* i>nt tl.- privili-j; ? i* ri> MWWi '>' or 'e rM| a sr> iJtr ^saMny uf 41,1 r ?. a ? >t r <{iian?. / r. >| :r: .!, ., . . ?iad in <j 1!??>< *i * 1 ,.i\' i,. t|ri ,n ij i daai^'itM o< cicb kiu 1 >1" |ki. -i inu-i accoui, eieli l.i., aiiJ pr mud Kieipli xaU.t . rraii-ini tv?i to |W 1,0 ???? .f po or otiu-r eiiniit* Eich pro. tu !?i . ?g-.f il !?> tiic u..iiv: :;j i or fi-iii nakm? it, ainl -*u? t .;,?:cify t!ie pric ; pound, an.l wit: c?,-!^?-iju<'iit ;>rii:.' p r n .i?n (at;:! 1 >i <mr price) ofea?.-!? i.'-?i 1 .jn: .ii ofp iptT. AH lli ? papT ar.i?t ri.-lr,- f.l *t such jilnoo rt plac^j a.? may i??; de.i^si *:?;<! in VVa-tiui-'ton t ilv; in uoou <>'?< r, tn:f ot all ni t*v? ry <-xira 1 !.ai|{i- or ??* p?'?i-f, fibjfft to tli" in?p*'-Mon, count, wrr^lii and lueasureiucnt ot lli" ^upei:nteu<lent, and be 1 all re p?M*t.< eati/factory. Biank rorm- for i?r >a > J wi'l be rni-iixl at :l> - offic ? to p i*Oii.? a .j? ling tortiiein ; and n-'tji: will be tak?-n into ration imitu su!).?Utitiuiii' agrt-en:^ therrwirli. wuli ;.jipruv .! uj.iip.^ wiii b.r required and the ?upplyin .. of au infi-rior art: i?-, or a t'.tiluic to supply :???? quantity required at any :iim uili conhtderi d a vioiati->n ot tin: contract. K u:h balder is rt quired I" turni-h v.itii lii? p-opo sai_< satMtartory ev?denee of hi- anlitv to ? tec ut?- it, and any prupibal ?i'iai'Coiupani..*d wnh mi?1i tvi di-nce hiSS be t?-ject?-i4. Pr()j*i-?h will I. : .?ii !r*.-He.l to tl?ir ".?'ajK riiitrn'l enl of th Public i'linii:^, Capitol tin* Unit'd Stafs, VVailiuijfton, r^.d endorn d ??l'rup-ifu! i tor Supplying Kaner. ' A. Ii, SHAMAN, Sup. tint Ti;l? ill ol" tiie Public IViuiinij. jan 5ft?eotd TO LOVERS OF BUTTErT | HE ntt- ntion ot'thos.- fond of ULTTEU i I called to the taet Uiat I h.ivn ju?t n ceiv- '1 M!? k ip* ? f pnn. fr. -Ii 11UPI'ER, whtMi i- ollVrud at lln lowest posi.tdi* prices, ?-:iti?rr w holesale or re tad. 1 am constantly ri-eeivnit; freuli Uol! liuttpr. whk !i chii 1 ?? found .t my . ta'is ? ither in the t.en tr*' or North-rn l.ib. ,ti. Mark, t, and my Store, r.t eor. Utii a.<d I. i>l. VV. C JOilNSON. febOl -ALit , Lj A J \ill?i.\, F:oti?t and Nur ^ scynian, lc;ii Ftrcet, roniw of M? ^a.Ouo Fiuu Tri'i't, Ever blooming II *rs, ^:. ? P.o. monthly Moss Stnndard !'? rpetu d Kiciaainx Loaf, 4 to 6 feet Lit bci^tit, t'liuibiur; K >.es Orn.i n-ntal Si.rulw for nation; t.iid eardi ns ^Several thou .ted Dwart I'ear;-, A,4>.?h, Clierr^i, 1 inviti ill atu ntija ?.f t..i> paid: * to thi* coilec U'.in, a ? it i<t.r i.uldj th 't ct.ilection of fruit trce? RiiJ c*20t< ?? i ) < i?f An:; ri -.i. All [da. t< or tree* warranted true to 1 tme nn I of nr?i quan.y. i,.ar 'J -c<.*2w THBMUiOALFIti Iill KAVQBCOHFA* HY OF Tiii LalE ^roy COLUMBIA, / ^IIARTRRI"! hv (* j, . |(| jjj,. ,j. 014 iiitji <W ill** 1'tMlicl fal'er ami clir^^T mean, ofia^urance than any oUkt (Joaipany I ?.YS<I!S WA1ID, Wtfuioem. 1 II \ ^ iV Hecrfiar*. MAT HEW G. E hElty, Treasurer. XtRiaitig. 111 y Ward' John Van Ri<wiek Thomas ll:a^dea P. VV. lirownia^ *? How r l, MaUiew G. Emery. J. V. Mi Keldea. <iflii:e, C.iluwbia l'lacc, corm r Eouisiaua aveauc and 7th ?lre??t. Office hoars iritm 3 to 6 oVIot !i rt. ni. frb JG ?eotf ORN A MENTAL 1 REVS FOR SALK. a < M thi* best quality, lor btreel^, avenuesmw cemeterien, and lawm. They are all seed JL Imfs Iree powth, free troin uneven mid ins. ei-, and are not MumeJ. No l s.lver Leal Maple-, from 1J o U ie? t in th?r dear, and well funiigae 1 ; Hone rhulii'il -l to 6 feet high ; European Sycamore of rich lo i ; do. Catalpa, of large t. z.. Of the above *r?*es there i? a la.'2i' sto. k on hand. I'rice* aceordii ^ t- <si/.e and numb r, from 95 cu>. to 5'- t'onn' a:.d Kce lor \ nur??*lf. I all npoii JAMEU MA1ICR, nmr I0 -SU.v* Public hardener. , (Ball ^?i'i l T)KKUV 'rt A N II" G11. La CP 'S-~S ihKL PENS, .t? ?,W k'!'4;1 and "?*""> bought ui person Iroin the maker* and warranted p. nu ne. mar 6 PHAVCK TAYLOR. LOUDON WALTZ. j >SEI> and dedicated to the oun,* la lie> I 1/ of Ee?obure, t a., * y I'rof. J A. Young. A very ! Jvaiinir ooiupo-ition, putlmhed aithe Mu^ic Depot t of nil.lll'S Si HIT/. ? tau U-H PROPOSALS FOR STAMPS. r?T i wioa .. El'AXTKXSI, February 24, 8i>5. PROl'O -AL > *111 hi1 rwittd tit tL ? d^partsvoi vnt 1 h-* SCth d?y ({ March nrxt, foi farn idl ing stir p* for the u?e ot" tiie p -t "M 'ct? In the Un: t<nl Mtst-s U r f..ur j??r> from he 1st di? of Apiil n?xt, whjn ordered tv? 'jepartraent, of the f >1* loving deteri^-ticus, : The name of th? cfllee a*; J Sta.n In rircula- frrm eatfroma o.'id b cck o i ard *r-el Ftee;, aal made In pbci manbrr u t' h 'mi of 1 tf-T* atid fbrures to the r.iosth and I'ay, *Ph a thnmb ?;r*w to see^ rnrh lot'era and ft arts in p?aee.? Such ft imp, jr;d th-> letters e tie me, to b' o? the rani" i** a* tho e n; w mnauftctori d ard in uf- A tarned wahota-y hand'*, of tiie Fkme liks i z>,t K pceorety (ts'tneil ti ih] temp. Th? uoi.tb-: rf he year a'dirrTinted ao a to corlain but t.Yo.i b t e."S ea -h. i ' 'b; ia~? >;ze n^w in us**, and Uln ir,t 'iv in f!> 1 i 1 ? '<? ? f l.rndmwi ft ??el. Fi? nrei for th' dsys r f the month, from 1 to 31. ir<*lu 4V*,lo W Bala of Jhlfenii *d xn*Ul, au 1 of tbe r'xe laa*. alor sai 1 Abo, tatipH with tli? w ris "p^ii" & .d 'Tree," o th f>ria of tto J n:v 5n u , aith lamed han Also, tan'p? with fi?ur?s den tin^ tfe tvpf of peva?*, mid Fiscitar to these ? tw :n us.*, wi h tarn?ci LaiiiUes. Alec. slaoi s for f? rri^n mails us*l l?y th? New Ytrkaii! i oston offices. Al o; tr.e ab re Ftamps to We rafid.* of harj.ned st-jel. The p-opo.-al* must a .'0 contain wpaMite ^i-1* frr the citeu'ar **e?a~, with ihe r? nths nod cm-'e* AU", frr eaeh f?ipar?te p>c, cmainiep the ra nth. fcon?i?ltci;?T lire;1 Niters A for evjii separate pi re 'rr th-: <?:iy- of thi month. AN-7, fore mp'.eb ot irruti 6 tni ?iur.*s ANo, f>T ench R- p rat' pit. with ih?' word? "piid" .irid 'T e- ." Aleo. for ?? u-h ara'e pi-s*, with the fi/r.r a de 3(>;in^ Iw tiUn M i c t j: ?. Thei^a't;! c of ?lif f.?r n". Kjwi'.i no . ? o*?;v-r. b* gvf-i t ? diff rent ?catrarT.'r i. h t ? ro;- a: :"rr ;h * nho e whfcv. ic 'mv r-?v/e to t red-phrtm?ut will b'a? '?e}?vd Tl- ili ptrtmf?'r<*'eiT' i>?t ?if th< ri,i ;t to r je.'t r ll p: p-.-a < ii t > ] rio? Is u . Ti^i rxtiav ignt,mI tuo tts rU ' to m ?t profM?li ?*em ?fc<* Faui" iuil't ioal cr firm ' r ttt-cireu'i'.r st?*rp ??*i;5i tax s oi noutt;* .b I o"' V ird u-^ iit. e!, a-<1 a'T'he rtho.* F'amp . ?>: O.U" mitenal, if lr em e 1 adv^h'e fHpototi 1Ubo r eelvi) ni c '?tn& f< r all thf jtta'np*' pbfre r. -n\ d t> In; corn ".?M or r th? ui? erla! thau hap!ur."<l ?t<? i; :ti.l me <4?yar!ment Tts rvw th- right t ? ?? e , * <-n?-h pT<?p ifit 1 he detme-i l.>r h.- iater?< of the- department t-> dj so. ?p.eclir.ens of the tut"' *- k!nd? of s- sju a re^nirwl 'hi tv? Fi? u a. ^i ?> 5ntm->i't * fT..o of i ''[i:tra n'. MVEiaaniib. r.ii: 1 -Kvslw l'o*t"a4Nr OPTICXAjM, OhFICE N > 3 1 Vj S V.-I tb Ftr. <-r, thru- door* ?mip <W,i F, How-.' u.ji. SI'KC'/ACI.R and ';J.A~^I",iS Miitt'd t<>- very siirht, ???? a ?ru ? ;;;i I <oi "r;!11" princij le .<?.armlar^, to b - h id at the ? ?<:".. ti h as?iin* WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. ~ OrriCE \Va?hi.iotoi? Ay eiu ct, > ? ,, a '!,"?t"H, March 7, k I \t,g : r invited for grateuicu, *ume I -'T:.. itiit- - . ijani?, tn.;:;. N una Other V\o."k?Oi t.i i V 11 ^"fuu A(j i'roj .?FaN n-. ?.;v, ,f"i!p t?! ti;. Si.1 Of .May v. ii! i? ? >i>' lied a n o i oi that day pntilif, and iw ? cifieuti'?n ?; <?!*the Wu.k vv.-il n i4v n,r eraain ? on . :.,l ;a,-, r u,, , ay ot Aprdi.ext. Proj)<i>a!.s wiJI be r? e? :i i' r iJie \v rk uf i; irii. it ! r cu v. rt -. rM ??-. , j ? d< Merib d n tbe Hiir and -speeifiiMtioii->. - I orttciu iJitlv < t s'-n.t? ot tl.? ?*'< i!i-, can be coin t d ??' r the pr? .-ent i?;.j:r (.ii .ir.jri, lua at; li.e tor unani^ii d work uiil bo t nbj> ct to fu , approprial ioi> i b] ( .. ? ? Tiie Et*iHttrn> ? ?'* ' : to protfrib ? tbi mknn i of work to i>e dorif and rof in ir m.iler nt. b cor.t. net for ??.ivli a; j < prta:u?n, ao .in t a.-c-.i'the prwUof, not brdain, out ?uffkiently, u, drrid v. ti. n ,J b ? ti (>p? >i uiitUfui;. - become available. !" f>- tli . ?. in- toj.paie of an, pa-- ivular \v I-: i ir want oi funJ<>, tiie re?erved t?.? |>.-r c- ni *?" '? ?:i ?i j i of the Kdgineor, tUo b .a been properly oxccot^d ?o I ir it b;.? Fay men ^ wilt be in . . cl?., k- tbe Mted StattajTreamrjr npua Jmsaa-mthlj .??.iwmu* Z "" l'"-' ' " '?' - ? ? i-ro a. .1 it will ;,,'M "faBooou etstlrat the work i ea shall t? pa-4 their foM wag ? mooth y and biraecie. Ail bid.- -?! a,it 1 ? , ; .j arj,i .?,( ('root ?ll^for work on (it-: Wa h;<i?i<tu A?o .biei." i'he Unite I r,-s> rv ?-? t'n: ri t ? reject any a'l the In N should th.yi-<t be deem.-| a.lvni i:ii'"'.n<, .it I to ni ik?- 7 ?i arrar.2?*!ii -nt-- a : iy ?? ? i-oi?>! .eif?J in< -r II ..;iu,ve io Hie prorr?s uf t'e' woris. tlvt-ry ?.|ii r niu -t I ? tceonii-anied 1.;, a writt.-a . ti iraiu<-i;jr -<j ??,- ?f nj.)r,> r?-~ j? i!. ,- j.t. to ti?* ?4I it- ithe<arThr imilo/take that tiie . ? c . ra Nrd*, ii feh or their . 11 he kci pted, i into ni ? '. i. ui m, tvirhia .. n .lay . with c ind sotncieat sureties, tortlw eoinpletkM UtM mk nndmahea; Nad guarantee tc- areoiupanx l by Uirt cemftcsite < i tli - United tlintei diacriet indee. ' l! I t~lati-s ?ti-t i 1 r:<tortiey naw n^ept, o steu officer oi the Ci m >i nment <*.- ii? i\i:::' i kMara totao Safin r h Dr;utrtiaeBt of \Vnr thai iuommi an ahte to ankc good Km ? ta utee. I' -I OJ (r.i.ri tf. -. To f1 tpt. 'if. C Me I' s. Ei tn<. ra: A'c,ihe?ftder?igai . reaiileaw of ? la th" Siato ot ? hens! y. . ?i itlyaad severally, cove u.m{ v ..i t i? Unit#;-! an l ipiHr.itity, in tp ,i. ..-n c.,?.c bid a I- at ,.t. !, that be..r tUe*wM.withiatea da ? aller the acceptance aI ?ai i It. t, /\?-riit<' a eoiti. act tor the ^aiii*1, \% ith ^ond " I ? ??!? ? *i.t ur< uc-, :<? |iertoim the work or iii.i-i tin; :otiei.? p ip-i-ed, in conlounity to tbo t run ot th; adveri ' iri-nt under which it \v made; .iml, in ea .? tli- -aid i-houM fail to tr?*r in i) oiitrie j.< niori :.i t, we snaran'y to make ? > nl tte ii?!- .-cmil--- b-?. ? pen i!i?>'er bv the *?*?<1 Ml the next hiwi - . bidder. A. B. (* j), I herehjr certify thai, to the b t nCmy hnrrltiVr i -ii ? . i.- ve nauii'd uuaiant Tj a. ? cood iml ^utti.-i.'i.t. ]j ^ m r. mkig !, < ip'rtiu of ?i:giueet.i ia Charge, laar 7 ?e- t ,?ay "N.v :f UOW.ULI) LIFE INSURA.NO? COM FANV (_>F N'F.W MUiK. II *i *)P At! t IV a.'hitigton, Agent. IulK Howard Lift I?araao Caajiuy, pi . . - i*'i? ?? ai.ipl capital, aad every I'aeility ;cr ex lending iti operations apt* the MdieeMUdi. iniice .-v- r. :!. nrai ? ?.????an;.-: Ufa KWtf ajKMthe rm?.-t l.tvi1!i*2it ? term . Far ii-.->! v,tm the mutual pi a u are i all tl d to . pro,. >:i it/i. i e share or'tlie profit.. ; or noon ttoejoini i i k plan ky which the* pay a lower rate oi |ir< .tut i.i, <}n not >.kiare pjvtiL; liei i are ^i?4.- - J either . .r iife, o. Tjj a limited period The iro eard ooiiimi n l.-- itself to pontons in :.!! sratjons, but i pecialiy t? every head of a family. or N^vsil (tfiiccrs oil cr on <iu<y ui^y uc iu->ureii hi til.if u. iii iii't'. Ft r'oii?-iusiired in liiU L'ompitiy have ?be piivi ''" , r the Atlantic, to porta ia Bnnitwi. at " 1 T ol the y. ar without extra i-rcmiuni. - i d permit- lor Ca!ifonii , Australia, or the Haadwica lata a re acedrate ?i'pr. ' e \ti. ?> J.1 Voith Ii street, one i'o ir t ii.*i oi T,,'u:' mar J eolui Ct?. - a ;ii - a madk to uiir:\rKu / ll. i i ? v.t. In Oid r to run ? tr ih'j r. ataiiider o. our^i' -"to k o t'loth*, t 'a-.-";niere<, and VcsT oi ?ve u i .1 i.ii* ?i-a t?n laVo measure nnd make t ? Ortier ti?-i:ti',rii,,ii's t.a-io -rtl of fir.-t ij tali'y ?0 p -r c ut < ii t,i r th a our usna'lv low priees. WAM, k ?"FKFUK'Vt:. li.Z i i'a aV -r.ill , ;;eTr ?' >.ir to Ir-ni Ilall. b h 19 i.Hi'liiiiii'|J[Kew<) BEAUTIFUL TVUIXil TEETH. J i l: \I.THY MA, AMI A nWLUT RllUATfi. I A. Ml v\ .if?afi- tU* ruui of <ib?.?uiiiu^ ttu ic itnic 'J:*' ? ;,zl'U Vi VN'-S cixtuu^Tao I'd'itj -\.A jF. 1 bi/det|i . ., : ailieii COtlli'ili' b so many men owoa* qaanuej, t.iut a has now f . co.lie a ii' ird lavoiitr ? t!i Fie tliiiens ot i-?::t ' ' i ?? ? '? ' I . !>??; ii . ^?ribe it in their (^acii c mori >ucce^nfu!l>*! troin ''Very source the most flatt*-?ing laudaUona i?n awarded :t. Inflamed and bleeding g.uu^ am Imm^Uiately b- it ciitu t. by it- i?s''; us action upon them is nuUi, Ktodunr a .d ?trecuve. It cle.:. ,es tile tenli so t.i' r u:;.i.y, teat 'In'y are m.i rivai peari in wt!it?-n* ai. I iiit|i:se< ihroii .M ii; ? niouih .-ucii a d .?eiiiiui t: haess, that tuo brt- .t.i is, rendered ex ??'!' -y 'v*' ,'1 di'infe.u a.i those impurities whieb find io prudit e decay and as a cuuseotii nee, Wii a lot ' iii removal, the in-ill iutii>i always le mun s >aad. * It is n>?il and r > i iim- ii led by ail the ciniitrn Nentists hi \-w York, Phi ad :p!.i?, ISaltiwore.aad nther tmei where it has b.. n ii.troduced. All -bnuld give tt n trial. Prepared only b FT: \ . CF.^ ZFUMAN, Drug-i t alio ? .it unst, Niutii and 'Jainaririe streets, l'li. a de.jrna, aad sold by all Urn/-ists i-v rywiicrr , at 2.? coals per hott.'e. VV. Ii. CILI.MAN, ?? "' " " Aa?.nt f .r Washinjon City. SfLVER PLATED WARE. />10'dFL.CTEO>ffce Set.,, Castors, Cak* and Fnrii llaske s, \\ inters on white metal, Table, Dcs ?ert, and Fea Hpofms And Forks, doable and Mi- c d on Allftta, tbe nU tiiute tor silver, win ranted and tohl by U. SF. VIKil\ N'n 330 Fa. av?I-i-tive. .? dib ami IOi.i ??>. jmi AMLblt'AN YEAR ItnnK OF FA? 'T - and An- ' nied ofSeientilic l?i ov.iv or K"?i, | volninc 1 KM na?e.s,$1 9w. KKASfL'K TAYI.OU. I feb lb li.-WKLLiiS' V-t ?'???? v. IA11IAn'9 U?fei or >.* I Bl ftc* j will le^v* Alexandria at 4, 7jr' and 'J% i ni, IJ? ?md P u>- Will leave Wash ins ton at 6, 11, and 12 a in., 3)i and ? p m. Seau ran be secured at the Office. Fairfax rt-, and Newton's Mansion House ; in Washington, at Hall's !?ejar Store an < Kirkwood Mouse. This Line runs regularly winter and summer for the Xcc ?mmodation of the PuMic. Passengers called lor and taken to their residences if not too far. t FARE?For the fiut trip up nnd last trip down, 50 cents ; all other regular trip-! 25 cent*. Trunks extra, LATHAM Si COOK. Jan 8 ?tf fbniRWKI L'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN v3?M| NEW YORK BALTIMORE & BOSTON, tT7 ILL di-jmtcii a Steamer daily from Baltimore \ \ and New York, and twice a vretk from Boston to B iltiiuore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled lacilities to the luisi ness men of the District of t'oiumtjia. The Agent* at fith? r point will receive frt tclst and give a through lull (finding to VVashi r?<ton at the lowest rates ol freiiiit and no commission* charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. C. HALL, .St* Exchange pi ce, Baltimore, H. B CROMWELL, '."uiiter V.*? .iiu-ton and Albany sts., \. Y. JM?. VV. SCHANK, jan 14?d.lin Foot of India Wharf, Bo.-ton. FOR TIIB WEST AND SOUTH. BA LTIMOH K AIM J) Oil 10 HA li'MOA D. IMPROVED ARK AN iKMkN-^ FOll T M VKL! VPOA TaAT CH ? SGf.S OF Sf'UFDl'DE! t "l*a 'at* oorop'etion of the >?? "rts'ral "bio It::lr*"ad between ^7\e I?: I Columbus 1 ? *h it by to ^ ciireot a liac, tl'e llaltircore anJ Ohio Raiir a.' w'tb a'I p rtion.s of the tv?st (aa ' North mi 1 r ? i.l .sr.--;,! ^iven this r^u-> r^?tly incr^K^ed %Irati'n^e '(? t'i: ?jr:h truvUr" in that direction. 0 i end tfr.r ?! iNOAY, November 27, 1&64, the wi! ran *a folic*?: for tiii UMii pas3*xgfiw. Tr-o f?. u< v wil run >? *a"ti JTec'icn :."ir.t?V e MAIL RAIN, leavicg Camden Station at 7 1 in . in*te?<i &t * i.-'clook as ':eretofor?, {except ?rt SiiiiuHV.) au i H"tivlnir at \V baling at 2 40 a. m g ? -c 11 Lr.e I- XPRK3S TRAIN, leaving at 5p m , in Ucd rf a* 7 p. 10., a* h*refofore, tud rmmiog '>?-ouih to Wave iuii .0 about 17 h<ur?, rea::hii 1 th -r- t 10 25 a ui. l'h's train will rt?p at vVa,b ington .unction, Sykwriiii", Mcnccacy, lifcrcer's r' rr :, '? r.r r. V irg. -Ir ^o.Hn's Ran. CumltrUnd, 1 i'diiont. r?o?'iciur,<, Ni'Wbur^, v^iterain,Farm I'tjjt '., CarjerOii (*i5<i Mou>id>vI!l? only, for woi'i an I ?vat.T a? J c.r* :-. It th th<?-e trails make ;.roiap? ?mJ rmrtilir c nnc^tion :h c-r^ ot the CdutiV. fHi-o Loa'I ;or C-.iiubrid/*, Zan svili-, New &rV, C. itirr^ u*. t'in'-iuuati, LouisvillA, t'ayton, >. K'!? I ., Chicni;o, St L ?- -,?sJ.c. ?rvM-:iger* ieavln* l^altl'nore by the M>ll Tr n; ni : i-'C" ('KicinuAti fir dinn'r neat lav, v'l*; e l>y th"> '..xprca-J Train they arr re there ?? l _ .L-?>e\t aigh*. b-i^j kept bat nig-'.t on th< r > .t>: I y 'itb r tr?m P? !.?: t;? "?t'iipc t yiaCleTelatd sr.d ? riu^ Hute }..4 can u ke a Ulrt-x t tinLee . .1 .uth he tra'r-.s u; on th ? 3 cvelaod ?ad Prt?s P.h rord a aii t Tit-s wh.s tfce Obk? is r.avi;a t *? * U'.we*n Whetliu* Krd W?li?Tille, (?y vir ^ J'alJiui' re i -he lla'l Irain itl 7 a. Li. i:>;-. ..e ?? 'uare ?Vbt'.elii g as foliawe: r':".l I 'i at 4 JO p it... rv*cbi?;ir Pa! ti ..or- - V..V. a. uj. Th> A \TL TRAIN e.t 11.45 p. Ui 1 -fi ' -x i'-ii ifiore ?" dip. Thr<"u.*(i i,?e'"by ti at iron W"-, e'hi.j f'?T {?jiii i tj. i, ? 11. -I L:u ?il ?*. St. 1 cuis ai-d otVr Ui e- i.i-r, illso i! ?i a I Tine.* wLea thesta^a 1 Ot ? .-r ?ili *' _i? a^-TJir ut'i Paliituore ai:d Wm- ? n. a-i I a.l t'.c iinior*ant citi-? ?nd 'own vV , ?re KO.d al tlis l;rie 0<? cta <\ the C m; ry. 1 jr. VAY P VSiJBN Tu>*' i'.j' . I. !.l ', ?*Tine C?m?l#c ?Wlo^ *111 take ? '?> *er- r 1 fb/* u-ual storing piacs-- on tt>- 1!^ i r,? . I?.vf V\heeling ?t ! 1.4mi I ? ? < -'p- d at ll> 15 a. m au t ar-iv.*s >tt I'. t'.. - - ?? T ?> u. i:ry:i fCOMSODATION* TRAIN, ; 1 : J-m ?'/. h : *.f? rla^ap, wi?l p art at ? ? . in . jai'i' ? :? ?? ?? ?) r. 1 v*i?fr in Fr?il?r ir,* 3.' " ' s . ? cri iag iein y~-lfrk*i at 9a , d ? 1 ? f t utor#? M N nom 1.1 l ' : ; C ?il 'I0D ITfON ?i*l . r m 4 5~ ( r*. t?* dnnJ ? m MSawt r. >..t, ? ?? i o h< ^ 4 ri : t "J p. ra L r-c k , -HV Iu* : ?ia. ! 9^0 ?. in.' . JfflNGTOH :o. h !HRAILflOAD. Bl I ^ FOl v.3: T ?" \ V u. . x Jfts. u ? ' . a St. ' Sjr. 'd a*.lV nr;. Ui toMn . intaiifB. V- e i ;* ? tr- 9 r. r?: tni 3 ?n.l B oil. vj.i ' 11 y 1 ir 3 -r * ^ n> i,. t. ~i 1 *.?' Jn:cr ? A Obi'". Ila'.li^ad tas Vt' a* ??-? l,: tr ?:re i:a.irg ?tii in a zl J u rt. K: u lus uiiv. i;5tf V..k. F>t ?, m613 <" p II. *Y? ira .: p ci. I' . >> . ?(?. at o p ? i. T. (I. t AlioON^, A^er.t tVi; -.: r tL-n.ioc '.'ulled to tl?> Halo rwjtt^ .^ ^ . -ea-1 >iS vo'.i"! '* lor y iitiftOtt of color it'ifl a'7 vl'h ' pa ?!<>>' 1 i.if tb?d v .j ^..1J 2AILS JA J. .... wmmgm C ? ? >' 1 j T uet4kaf, Ncv. 7, lM, j '\I A i r.rg le .TAleanidrU daMy for Qonoro ^ i""i ir.' ?*'?*? didle tstioiia 7 if o'vltck, a i-. ' ?r' a! ? t tb? rr*?r Wt'hiojton, ^ ? . . k .r'J t'r*? *.-r breaLfa-.t on ^>c*rd Oct? aentin. u' Slaaa u Joaetl*> wWa atrajaflor8tno> burg, '? Went it *1 Jo etloo a trihi for M'a^ , |f at Oordoearill* with tlta tniM OB IN A *^Lra'. T.eRroai forU> bia?sd,Charlott>B ?iUe, an ' -'?a,:nt?>n ? ri ^ i?*v- 0..r !" K ?' ilaily '^r Al'XAr.drin Hrjd li.t .* f*5?irv<?. -.t bsfor# ?2 a. ro., en tbs s: r'< al of the trtinj <? the \ irtrir.'aO?:titral ra'.l rt-a*.' ti'i. hiccfc i"! .: !?'?!.esTill#, and ?taant< u T"ii?'uvJ.i iiCIli'lS. Fi >- .U'^X">Udri^ t'j V'arien'. 00 u tl CoT'longcilla 3 6"! " ** l-iikr'CttcCTiUd 4 ?& 14 b'aunto:i G SO ?? " J<tru?bcr^....... S &0 " Lvacbbcrj - 6 75 \71ncLn6ter 8 W? f iir^y 4 'lb <l t\'*i 6 0J " *i.ldieburg 2 2j 1 . ?-:.*ctlnfr with tlio iligt* at ..i.t- i ci-. . Nilii.'.ryr, W#dt.?!2dtty?, at-d tf. day# I or Lar. y ani ..>w MarVf t, ooncMtia^ with ti;e j : i: Cu![ ? r, ca Tuesdays,'rhnrr-uajp, and 8*1 r : >r itJiy, friar !.r.^ ?.Iih tl:.! stages it 1 I t .. ?>?. \ r . ,.r.;... j*7, cona-'-ing with ctcge* at tl>* Pl-ii.a. rerot-Jw: W P. Agint cor 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. Oa TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. ii5j??^ar? rocr-l 1:>- 91: from Alex in lrio 7ii Cffti "11:? ..?> i'i.IiYKR leaves Wu?L!ngtoii at S a j 1 Al .>? c P.j o'ciock. , 'y?"ht.? I?a?* *-Ln Caplwcl for ;.d.utwt 63% o'clk C ?-fob'0 oeatJ. ?.vaj virhlnp th? Cos.J.eS will leiro t"a?ir resl d?j iCi vith Geo. A l'hes. Partctr 'iefr^naente on th<? uoa*. tct H ? tf PAV't. OEPNPY. Oar-t ?fHS-. V?: w VURK Ut, I.IVtf liPO'tL v ,j^'y UXlTLIi) STATUS MAIL STEAMERS. f'T UIPS C^I.Rl^lNQ TiiitJ LINK AUB I A '?I.*:pri0, C*r-t. Weci . AOiyiO. Oipt. Nte, tj .i.fIC t;ap?. Otiistrck, ADRIATIC, Capt. Orattofi. 1! v'r r.biji* have }rf.^c ?? ;',!t bv -vntract, ezpre.* - ') tor O JT?-rr.a?-nt service; every care has been k ikeri n their cou?.truo .iou. aa in the Engines to iOfrav* etrongth a;i! rp*?l, and the?r a<v*^iumo(U tiors or are uneq'S&iied fs?r e'e/inise an 1 co.21 fort. .*i: e of pa?.'tvje frcai Se*f York to L.y rpocl, in first' abm $|i!0 Second Habm 70 Sxelusiv o. i? of extra size st&te roocis 30C ? .< tn Liverpool to New York ?t0 aad ?iJ0. n -xperkucoi t urpe^a attached t-> ?hcL >hip. Uc t>erth c-*u ' e t-c 'red until paid for. i or frej-tht ar avt-iy U> ai>?' AivD K. COLLINS * VX?., fc6W*Us'-^et Nd Ycrk. BROWN, S'llFLlY A OO, Liverpool. E. Q. H0i:ifci;T8 A CO., 13 Alcana ^ris Vard, i^ondrn. JO'TN MUNROB A CO, 30 Ru- Notre Dame dea Tlrtoires, P*r*? GEO II T>RAPitR, liavm. Iho owneia of i^e o rhip* *iil ^ot be acc. untable fer gold, eilvtr, bullion, T <a?, j?w?lry, prwcicua sUnee or metals, uniese ulla oi .nliog &reiign?d ther?f?r, an! rh- ?a'U- tLerocf thvre'n eapresH-Kl. nrv 10- dly i ^>3 -Mb n. SEMKEN, JEWELER, jfa 330 Pi?- avenue, between U.'A and lOtA itreeit., tllTcrs for sal- a nnpnificent asv^tment of DIAMOND JbWELIW. (J..I.1 Briceleta, Breastpins, Eairiiu?, Seal Pinj?8 \V Him!1. Fob :ind Vest Chaiita, Seals, Lock' 11>, I't m il n Thimlilei, Triukem, etc AM ar'iclea are warranted an represented and *oU uuu*ually low. jut 1? in i ?i United Stan. Patent Cfflce. W\&n norom, Marc'. 9. I8U ) ON the petit, u af ?*? r li?m ? Utofcua. ot i *1 Ti mor* Mi. praying for tl.e extension of* put ?nt granted to him on th? 2P:h rf May, IMi. fhr an ituproT-m^nt i.? Mtcb.i*** for KJricg ate Dressing g'. * " fcr seven j?.*r* from tb? eapi ratku of the fa>d pat t, whi:fc takes place on th* 29 i day ot.Mif 1851'? It is ordered, that the fai l petition be heard at thi Patent Ofloe on Monday, the 14-h d ij of Msy. s?-xt at 12 o'clock m ; and ail parous *r* noUfld-1 U> an pear and show cause, if any they hare, why uad p? tition ought not *o tie granted Person* oppo*>ag the extension are repaired tt file in the Patcut OfHei- their objections, specially set forth in writing, at leaat twenty day* before the <5** of bearing; all testimony fll-dby either party to b. u?**d at the - aid hearing must b? taken and trsn/ mi tied in acoordanoe with the rale* cf the otfioe. which will b* furnished on application The testimony In the case will be closed ou tl?* 4th of .ay, 1855; depositions and oth'ir papers re lie l ,.n as testimony, miin be ti'el in the 08* c? or or before the morning of that dav; the argument*. i ?ay.'? it bin ten days thereafter." tedered, also, that this noti. j be published in th. LnJon, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Washington. i vj?' nM ; Evening / ruu?. I hilade.phia. Pa.; Fcientib An> --rican, Xew York ; once a week for three suts-ssiw weeks pr-viou* V the 14th day of May next, the dnr of hearing CUaKLM MASON, Commissioner of Paten ? I. o. buitors of the ab ??? paper* will pl?vfie prr i and s-ud their bilia to the pateat uflW. ?ji?, ? per containing this notice. 10 - U-J t UalUd Statca PattntOfllct, l 0-? a! Wamhstob, March J?, l?it. J J the petition ol Ja*e; Bhtt. ot M tt a ut v*w v. ra, pray ID-; for the extension ct a patent gianuU to hiei cn the 10th of Julj, lfl' f t improvement in ? Key Hr^chea" tr imti' y ars from the expiration . f -rjd patent, which takes place on the 10th day of J- y, 1965; It is ordered, that the said petition be heard a' ihe Patent Office eu Monday, the t"5th ay of Jut*, n-it,at 12 o'clock, m.; sud all persons are uetifi-o to appea and show cause, if aUy thev hare, whj said petition ought not tc< be ./rartej. Persons opposing the extension are required to t'.? in the i'atent Office their objections, specially s*' forth in writing, at least twenty days before the da' Ot hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the said hearing must be t.ken and trans mated in accordance with the rules of this Office which will be furnished on explication testimony in the case will be clo^-d cn the lath JuLe; depositions ai d other pa; .tm ? ied ut -.n as te>tuuooy ron?t 1^ filnl in the ofilce on or br tore tne morning ot that day; the ar^uaieute, i An? ?ilt m t?*r? Ih^r^Rtt^r. Ordere-l also, that this notice be published in th? bnion, Intelligencer and Kreniu* rftar, W a.-bini,ton v L \ Philadelphia, Pa, Scienti?? American, New Yor!t: aid ihe Fo?t. l o t n. M?wa, ?moe a week for thre* successive *??.? previous tr tbe ^5'h of Juu- next, the day of hearing CHARLES MA80V, _ Q Commissiocer of Patents. , P.huitorsofthe above pa(>ers will pleaae eer y and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a per containing thi? noti.-e mar 10?law?w . [No. 531.] IWottce of th* temporary continuance of th' xmviI Office- at VinctiM&x, Indiana. IV compliance iv,th the act of (\n.grt-a apiiruvr Feb uary 13,1-55, which provides "jha" tiie ? f Ucea ot reg -tcr and receiver alinll be continued n; ? iticennea, Indiana, until arter a final report sliall nave bei-n made by the coinini/'iourra, pur^tnt to the act of Congre.?a appr..'ve?l July twenty seventh eighteen hundred and liliy lour,-' er.tiUed *Mn a, ' iw ascertaiii and ad.ust t,.. u . - to certun lands i: the State of It,dtana" notice IS hereby given th*; the order <\o. 52d) dat- d Janu trv 25.18.75,direotili - ttle discontinuance of certain land offi.-. s in Indiana h suspended in its application r<> tlie o|R -o a* Vin-1 eennes "until the a rvio.-, required by the act m li July, 18.>4 ot i!,?- (>?^ on? ra i-ha l Itav ? ??een lully peiformed," of duo notice will be given. (iiven under inv hand, at the city o; Wa-hinctm thib l?th day of F- bruarv, 18.V5. JOHN WILSON, r v , Owiioner G. neral Land ?>fHce feb 19? law6w IJEV. JOHN LAN Ml ;\ PAS fOS ur Till II KXKTER Sl'KKF.P, M K CHL*RCU.?A strong desire to be-,-n. - ,e afflicted indnces inn l'' ^Ve dial enee any otlier medicine to preyent s:?cii a n.a>.- of tes imony from g^tiileine and hulies of high >t Hiding of our ow n wi-.l known citizen-*, who te>fii'v of cures of COUGil HRON CIIITIS, RHf-UMATISM LYSI LI'sIa, x Kai-rt* irk, January d-iili, IKS5. Jlestr*. jJ-jytitner 4 Mo u fray: I t.ik ^ pleasure in sa ing to y->u that I have use? ycur' lfamptnnv Tm.-tur-" win very ijreit , r??a: r rom a serious t trout atf-cti?n. inv general health had become very much impaired, wb.n 1 com m nce j t-? u^e ' Il.nnpt n v T,n. tore." I found it- elT^cis u;?.i my cener I health most salutarv ? My i.erv-,11^ ?y?tem and orvaiia mk>ii nL-nt ed up under its use. I liavv several i.i.i recom iimdul i? to my Iricnds, and in v-ry e - - , s ;ar as I have bern in forilK'd, t.'icy llaV-? |J *.vi,h SUCCI ss, Y.'Ufs tral>, Jouw LiMHtx.Pastor Gf Ea?-t -i. ?{. E. <.'i;f>rch, Italtinif?re. ULCEDING OF T11C LUXGfl. ? . Rautan, \. C., Feb 8, lc55. Htettrt. Morl?mer .y Idottbra^ ?. I do here \ ? . y f:;at about twilvc mnathj ai:.' I was taken with a severe .i morrbage of Uie Luii!; ^ JittJlcksof it 1 Wa?- ;?i?vi?0(J |?) try lJr. UumfHou'd V^iat*!o Ttaciur? I firocumi ?..i bottle, and after takins M hidi, I w.?s sttiaaeil tint I w:w iniK-h beti-r; and that, af er taking the f.urt.'i bottle, I v. a- entirely well. Uiid i ow I e;.jov as g.,. *!''? af ' v, r 1 ?ii?J "? nil life. I can, and do.ivn,. <ei( I. ast he-uat-on recommend the 'l inctur. to all pi i.miiu aliliet: d in my r. -iy VoUrB? Geo. W. Waaxtai. CURE PITS?REM)! More to the Sick than OoU ? freru one of the uio t respectable Orugsiars :n South Carolina. C'HaRLKsniw, S. <\ 2! 1853. Messrs. M >RTiMf?. & MowaitiT :?Tl;e s:de ?; jour Hampton's Veget<ble Tin* lure u iiicrc^i.j every iiay, and every battle so'.d recommend* the- i vnlua le medicine to ih-> afflicted. Sev. ral of our planters have tried it in different casts \Vi-h aston ishing sucet ss, and a e setting it by half doz -n.. li has beep found to be the greatest .i-m-dy f..r r.u u inatic affections, and a woudei:itl c?i;e i,a< he, r pvrl.irnied on a n am bur, ?? nlFi-rinj; from Fits. I wnlI fu nidi >ou with a number of ccitificat.ii yr. j wish them * 1 ?"'> gentlemen yours, \\. G. Trott. ,n'' a"'1 C1 pamphlets gratis, and see cures of Cough, Bronctiitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, I?ys pepna, Nervousnesa and General lVeakne?s. V- a female m-diciae or for dci;c.i:-: children we bch-v< it mi'qualleti. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWB'JAY, !4o P. i'ti more stieet, It ltunore, and :->l D.oadwsy, N. York Liias. Stott a. Co., J. It. Mnoar. I>. U. (;Laaxa. Cl.ARKX Si P.OWLINO, VV. Et.LtoT, and II McPbkk so*, VVashincton ; also, by R. S. F. Cl ni? Geo Ce town; and C. i.. i!?rrt, Alexandria, and by Dru? fists everywhere. lt.|, j|? T[IE ART UNION OF IXIXDON. __ ?J,AS FOR Tilt: CUHRRXY VRAM.. I L-ilf1 ^ii'V'* OJM*n? r'i:1 e'?ry subicno./ ol H'lII b?i Ciil tJ?;J 10 ? L An impres^m, ol a Plate, by J. T. Willmore, A K A.,from the original picture bv J. J. ('La ton, R. A., ?? A Water Party " II. A Vidumc containing thirty W>vid Engraving III. Tha chance ol nbtaining one e.f the i?izcs to tiei niuiUej at the i< neral meeting in Apttl. i which wnl include? ' The r gbt tr? select lor himself a va'uable work ot art from one ol the public exhibitions. Statutte,. in bronze of her Majesty on Horseback, by T. Tii. r neycfoft. Copies in bronze, from an original Mod* I ' i if-1',,- , Jefferson, of -'TheEntry of the Duke of Wellington into Madrid StatuUes in porcd.u.i , 0t In,l-re>eions of a larce Lithograph, p- i." J,aSU,re' tli?' original picture by VV "????f""- ?? t!v"lor Vm aImi yT ii!'?!?Stofj[ "*? jgy Pill bAI'KLP>{l A LAOKR BKFR DEPOT, H3?1 Pa. accnue, between ar.<! r rcet l\V itHt "'nes the besf Philadelphia La o * /. Ler f a"<,' an(l (,ffcr It now for sale doVerl. ?' qUVt b0tl3ea f"r t1 |>ei city.8 Ren<1 "ie Be?r <Per 0f lo a" l,artJ of H" Many physicians have recommenced tlii nrir 5^l'in* ^ ?*?lm F. C. ti iV. GERLCKE W A,T< ^ LMJ HV.-I uJa-r^SVl ' " =,M1'I sup -lv o fine # WATLI1LS and JKWELRY which will be /&% sold very cheap to gu.t the times. Gold Le J. V T Watc-es as iow as ^-i5. warranted to*-* Rcep g"od time. Call and see tor yourselves as the ?loreOf j. rtOBINSOV, , . ? 349 Pa. ave., oppo. ISrowna' Hotel. feb 28?dim ORGANS FOR SALE. ASUPF.RIOil toned CIIAPEL ORGAN; aid a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORG^, Ih.Hi now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair They tire from the m ilufattory of HENRY ERCEN Of New York For terms, fcc , apply to Prof. SCHEEL, on MUi BTb26?reotf HENRY ERBEN LAW PARTNERSHIP! ?r?" tzssa .j,8 j,N,x -Walker ,n.l Jamn."^ 01 the Supreme Cow of the I 'nited Stales m wl J* ington city, wli? e bi.'h u-it ' ! a"b future aes ions of thai c?mrt tbremghout the ?TN?woXS.r,,d""e<l" w"kj2'31^v??. EHlLAStl/rk AartuiSuUi:, SJflDilRB WOTB8 aT PHILADELPHIA. J OKI V V.?Xin? It, I**.e-rla * tnaa, a: t^s tvn,er old **Ui;i*bad Win* Xorr A| JJtVb Kfr'IDilL Jr., No. 78 F'aii.ot street, unr X-crs low YcikTib street, *h?t? crfumm rt wi.; ts supplied ?itf. WJ&'MS ?od LJQCGR.& oc the noet aoeucjt* oaJr.*- terio> .lA i?? ? 1ir.tU, Jr , K?*r.' fnr ho In [?rti ??.id &OMITKS hiA'f *, Oflk* Nr> TdViaV atr-?t. PhUntMi hi*, where h* ?? pr part-d to irtriTf t Mwn for the ln.pcrt?t'.B r?f Ktr*? *?, ftri tenoa* ugv? tu Kurope, in qoanUtjei of ? la^'f <1oi*l m i rvwaru. ; n4 kiioralkiU fnr hrf oon, jcHN VALOHA> SNIDKH, the patro&ace o: his frfards sn?J brurr c-. 'Uiarr* %? All **n?* ailercd for * aahiBftra will b? do !?erad ty <f frrtgKl. j* P?iy 1M>C1(<>1 V u t K> ar. L P. TDK POCKET JSSCULAPTCS: 0*, EVKR7 ON* 1 18 OWN PHT8I0XAu. "b? Fiftieth *Vtion, w tt C ? * i kaM *-*rr??ia*? ?l *icg if MM l ai.d U. frnu1ow of the Cojr?n ^5 lerr ?u ?Tsry sta;* trd tens To whVhtoadled a Vmt" ? ?a tb. e? f*rale/,b?'.-^cfthe high f< tr-.rriej p??U, or 'h w rr>(*?u platiag ar-Uee. Ry W>i. UUNti, M. b. Let oc .?iami U* vr ?oil M p. ?*at a ecpy ci ta? Mi- LLO'liJc tc hie ?*14 __ It roar rtr? L!& *roo an fit ?t?.T? l.?! no ?>a?j[ uxu ot woarao ft n to to tn* e*eret obUaatter.e ?f iBtr?i?d Me ? t'tni real! ig tue FOCKfl *JT "I LA PIC 3. Lei uc o9fn?. from a Lt-tnivl C-c^h, Pain ta ;hr ?'? ni?tbtr, and the ?r;o?e tra.a :?c fa-A'n d<,( j<l v*?x? up by t! u?r pby .odan. he ?Brt\!?r r ? :b 'altv the *!*OCL*P!li?? ' wt? tv i ~?nri?J.*r :h^c? a*<o? ?o b? ica"T!?i on/ n. ?-t, teal th!e t? ?'?y V?* ?>it bock, o? It fcai bf*u tb<- a??*?? oj wnnj rat an??? nrJ^ri juotc crtatir** frr^ vary Jawa ?. death. 4fAcj p.-raoa TWUNTT-FTVI CENTS *ea!rf?d In a Ia'i*r, ???<** cd? copjr of tbi. ? ork by taall. or f!r? <*or/U'> ?Ui i-* ?*4?fjr C*?? Do; la*. (5^?t ??J1) ri. **!. V?)UAv*. No. t? Hi>rv99 fift t. l-fctlad*ipb!?. *j? IS? I jr i nana! amBBtro. :;riArr n. enr?. er,ny? b *k;to. ri I). ? 1J1U A C Ct., V?irj!?*tsrm ?:{ f. Bealpt3i?AU?lIC*l-("Av v-l.-. "TIALOfU Ac. No M P. 0>l Vitl T f^VKtr, cp ??^Mt* W*.t^r rtr? t, I'-ALTIfci ?!*.!?, i!4. zstr 21?It f 9DU9 DOCTOR. I r. 6. armcir. u'? ai ??rr^c" to th* cib-?u. 1 c?t> coif KM.Cf of Oac?*r*^-t?%< ?>?? '<? trttbout fn wt or th# ?>e of any koO. 1 ??? -.r* all bindi o' t- > ?r" ?- vnif, Kb* j*nnt.< l ?itv Vcrumptu a, br y, T)yrp*p?at Plleo, Palay, or ?nv other miivn' <l? Loir ao :?iri!* ?re aatject ti ?l# rto iti; T:1e*itiB.-fr>.iB tbo Lunga or Rrwa, 007 vtjE'c *irr- forl-rt. 'y kucrriog <i?? ratle1"*'* I w?? corn bH? l? and ha? ?>n -it *-r a** Fc -.iB 1*v"cr who ?? isr"; fb? ?Vd IcUiAB* ?hh'ttOB T??~. PR. i I'KSCf"'. fa.' reiatred froa Mr. Pvji < !TOi> -e, to No. vi, HANOVKft 5TVEH, art P- tf I'aitiBiO'^ AN APPEAL T > COMMON hEN^E IMT THC a:CK BItl THE TKTM. CAPTam Benjabiw ? v\ 1 .revcr known hia irrfi mo,,y will In cowc'.oa^. ??t l?*i tho^ wit.- do *? know the Cupt^iii altould ecepiical, >??. '?*?* 11 .V witl?othors.ol tlm b*-?t known an?1 .ihX lustily r?^prot*Wu cnirrr.s of Crtat.rt?. ? ndor^ :i?* ?.*,ioi!?'rful '.'lire bv Hampton's vbobtarlb tinctt**. ^aarox. ?kt- 4, l?54. Mortimer A' XonWay: Crnf -ni?*n? I ?. ??! " ?u> duty '?>*? ?nil the pub >?<? 10 e. rtify to the rtierti ?t llamfrton1* \er?tawe I incluie. I w:is tor n>'>r?'tlr n five vfira 'atwirwt tnder a di.^?* of ftmwiic Khrumaiuaii. *n.l Uie g'<-at part ot t!r.?t tun?* I wa? l.^lp^" tl?ul ? ? ?J u- h. lpeil rn.ui Bli U-d ai.d drc^d in my dotb^a I l>.< * tic- iriinctil to n isj?fri' *ke|rtno. All the bm-U icjk B I ??-k ilotie m? n?? *?od, and I r.-ntinoed t? kxow worse. ! heard ?i Uampt'Mi ^ 1 met if* ? JU ihf'ushf I would V!v?* >' a trftil. At thi# I not e -'t to !iw one day after another. I ru r?K t ike it (ih- Tincture) tor the Rheiimaur*, ' ? 1 a short time I *^aji tv. ll ? f that dim a>e. r roiu \:* ??fleets of your I inciure and tlie help ot fi ?d I urn n. iv (f Uii'K !!? K**"' h alth. I wi-h all tlie aflbcted to try llii:ni?tot.,s \ tr.l-?? Tinctn.-e, a^i I have d >i e, with the >anie eli-ci It ha.-? n Vonrabe '.i lit servant, laaac lluuata. Wu are arQU'.onted with Renjami.i. *old hi ii -*nne .f Hanipt mV Vei*. .hte Tiucture, an? 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Lnii^a* u for this rns?i.t, faci ?&:a.'it?i.^ tr. ;e-ly ttr all |id*Mk J Hju.-v, uac tuabU* tb* r?tTi?tft tofidacetba ?-> a. to i: '-itbb. tb<? rca-h A al. cla-?? lt? eup?rif.r.iy 1 ^?-?:.. preparauona i* a ? te >rel < J t?a?n.-tt : i tt'c.ana wbo hav? ?*> a ?y? WivO?v^tl Of ** V W^" the oaiii.. dtib-.TOUiitid; klM h-T 1 Leu aad < onr uk*t rw .'-isrCF bare uk*-*! it in taell ku. ;?*? K%.1: as. 1 evre witL ***** *Ui ce>, f r tLj Uat Xw-rAj >?"?. daring which r?uiOl Witb v*i ?" til trou a.^Ter'i<-'.o<. Ac., ba era*.'iii'J* ntuta kw < tfc? wbw Ikbo. In oi' i. ~ds L'o^.jis, iotttemia, tfc,-t rlTr.? 'fiZ Late Ir.. f. a- d ?^n tkilj eurM tB a day or two, w. bout Intt.^rie^ %i'.L l.< 1 "t t'aaj,.* , cx revlrrinR tbe eye. ;i tatre sueeepUbv I Cua ? a ubn?? le '??, Attk^a. CT?t(i, Ajtd\l.%U cf tXt Lur.Jt, {???-! 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BUILDING STOMK, For 6al?, dcihrer.ble at tha Oanal. or * n?r?e* la B'aa*dng'.0B. Qacrgetown, or A1?J aodria. LLOVD A 00 I'tfc rfwt, opp. Traaanry ?ip? ti-<t IfjW?W Cn ARLV9 llt?KiXK? Archlleet. 'Pa arci.u* l-etvcen Tcmik <nul Onentk JireU,) vs aaHTKOTOW. o. c. i* ILT. continue to funujhPlaiii, 'tftail working W 1)1 aw ing* and Sj^cfl^lionao: buildings ui t very dcj-.npuun.and also to aupeftntand their?roc iKMb ieb 1-vU

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