Newspaper of Evening Star, April 2, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 2, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. from m war. WHAT THOU ABT LIX1 rm* art like a sunlight ray at mora, pore, glancing, bright and true. When ftrni iti kiss awaktw the flower* bathed in j^ltfring dew; Ttoa art lik** tilt; low tweet melody that tremble* thro the tree*. Thou art like the dewy fragrance borne on every patting breeae; TVm aro like the ?otteat whlsper at the dancing, leave* ; fhoo art like the ftunteat miraar of the willow when it gn'vea ; Tboa art like the glancing of a bird?the wavtag of bright wing*, Aad like to all that1* beaudful, of bright and glo rtoas thing*. Tbot art like the twttight shad** that fall ao aoTOy on the **a ; Thoa art like the minting of bright waves with ocean'a melody; Thou art like the evening star that gleam* upon the folded flowers, And like the tofi- winged xepbyr aa It float* through perfumed bower*; TTiou art like a haunting ujuhIc strain that thrilla the bum an heart. With tones so wildly Fwect and sad aa makes the wnrm team start; TBoo art lik?* th. m?bt bird's plaintive aong t& glade and forest dell: Tboa art like the low ruusio of the evening vea per bell. Tboq art like the wreathe* of ailver Mar* that bind the brow of night, When gloriously they're looking from their home so blue and bright, TTxia art like 'be rippling of a wave whe.e blended shadows lie, Woflly m those ttat linger oft In thy deep aznre eye; TT>oo art like the holy calm that broods o'er fosn ta'n, lake and river; TVra art like the jewelled leave* of flowers that In th? starlight quiver; Tliuti art like au arrow when it from Its shaft an erring flies, Tboa art like to all that's true and pare bsnsnth the sanny skies. Thoa art like tbe sari light on the ro?e - like starlight on th?* dew, Like moonlight on the water*?like bright ski*** of summer Mae; Tboa'rt like a dream, a mu*io strain, a bird, a snr, a flower, Like ail the murmur* soft that th?Ul thre' fairy glen and bower; Tboa srt like a dr?am of powy, bright, beautiful and rare; Tboa art like the truthful lips that breaibe affectfo * purest prayer; To ail things pure ?nd beantifii) my heart would li ken thee, And thau art more than these, thou art "the worli mnd all to mm J *#*!*. WASBII0T05, D. C.t 1855. JC7"Tbe late Dr. Chapman of Phila delphia, mourned by many who will lau^h at his wit no more, has left behind him a memory, that will be transmitted through successive generations. His wit was equal to bis skill. It was hard to say which did the patient the most good, and as ho always gave hia best of both at the same time they probably helped each other. Just an it happened when one of the patients revolted at a monstroas dose oi phvsic and said: 44Why, doctor, you don't mean such a dose as this for a gentleman." *4Oh, no," said the doctor, "it fortror/fc ingnvn." And a good langh is often as good as medicine, With b'm the pleasantry was as certain aa the opportunity. Even in extremes it would come out of him. He was walking in the street, and a baker's cart, driven furiously, was about to run him down. The baker reigned up sud denly, and just in time to save the Dpc t?r, who instantly took oft hia hat, and bowing politely, exclaimed, t4You are the beat brtd. man in the town."' Very much against his will the Doctor was made a vestryman in his parish church, and one of his duties was to pass the plate for the contribution at the mor ning service. He preaented it with great politeness and becoming gravity to the gentleman at the head of the pew near est the chancel, who was not disposed to contribute. The faithftil collector, nothing daunted, held the plate before him, aad bowed, as if be would urge him to think the matter over, and con tribute somethirg, and refused to go on till he had seen his silver on his plate. In thia way ha prooeeded down tbe aiale, victimizing every man till he eame to the nearest pew to the door, where sat an aged colored woman. To his surprise ?ha laid down a piece of gold. 4'I>ear me," said the astonished doctor, "You Boat be a Guinea nigger." They never troubled the Doctor to go round with the plate after that. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. S'amu Ltam* For Dam. J??*-* y Vufk Havana....A'pl. 4 Atlantic. _ N&w York Liverpool. .An] * (??orgs L*w Xi_-w York.... Aspuiwall.. AdJ 5 ^ai"n York Havre Apl. T Att_. Bomoo....... Liverpool, .ini | j JJaJUe Liverpool New York Mar M Waaain^on Br?n?u blew York..Mar 3fc Amurtoa Liverpool.... Boston .. Mar. 31 00- Ttaa <;aiiftmua autaiiuvu leave New York in the 5th aad 96th ofaarh month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. ^ Ul^rdj* Hotel s h. j. c. w~ili.a.*d. E A Bod well. Pa W H Thomas, Wi* Mr Geaid, NY H C flpauldiag, Waab Mr Shaw, Bo* J VV W ilser, d:? r*pt w McClellan, Ala T M Cuuenjen, Mo Capt Jeilemot, do C H McLormick ? K Th<>n>as, -r. Rait G F^ttrman, Pa BT Walker, NY JW Collins, NY TJ Htrr n, Pa E K Collins, jr, do M A kr-no. West point T J Stone, Md H'Uy + ly. NI A M Las;man, NB A Uananm. NY E Mitchell, Muts Mr- ?anford* and dau'r*, O W Barnes, Pittsbuu ? W tVJHarding, do Mrs Radwitn, do F M Bryan, Fla G B Ghi?elin, Ky J Mi note, SH 8 C Welling and lady, J 8 Duke, DC W arwick Rational Uotol-a. o. vnuu W Hobbe, Beeton Hon J G pT*n, Md ESI ow?s*n.l NY Jadge Crato, do G F Clark, CSN Col Buwling, do P Duval I, Md AH Wilson, Wis K Duval I, do Jno Bowling, Md a C Wilder, NT H Boiling, do G Groff, Md J R Biark, I.ottdoa J Eilirgdin, NC J F Joy, NY Dr EoOgers, NO W L Peaa, Pa C W Carrigan, Pa G P Smith, Pa B 8 Meade, Va J P Cnleiuan, do * Browns' Hogal r r kg. aaowa. A Fhig?. a ly Pa TJ Marshall, Md F N BotHer, Md D R Dyer * W Hkippen, Pa R Tyt?r. Tenn 1*.w J?ne?, Va Mr* Cr?-ittpnden, do Mr* Womlek. do O H Cm, do "7 Adam., do C Moorr; NY A I,r Bradley, Ala i J B Ark J B*SSTf'^ Tena J Barnord, WJ T I. Matth/ws, Miss Ki.kwo^ Howaa?j. ? m a. iiuvooiv Sd W^;L* ? L mL?T Caspar Manr,. Bal? K w Mar*b NC F K BarUsit, Wi. H K C, N V ? ? Pesrsoo, Mlns L VVh.t le. Bali F C Richard, Pa M Smith nnd son Pi C W Baker, NY W K W,ll^>n Mi? G G Glacier, do S Gilbert, Bt; F E Berlin, Cal N L Bark? r, B<j* 6 liamaon, BY Kaaalo* (lonaa, Alexandria, Va. a. nwvoi, raoraiiToa. L C Ellaaon. Va E A Shaod, Va J Maionr, do G P Wood, do Master Ma nor, (k, p o Humr. do D Maskins, NY W V Weaver, do 1 JH. rroo, Pa N C Weaver, do A Chapoian Va p O Kcesc Mm J M Staadlsii. M>l j Boyle, du T rfte^rs. Va VV Hurtling Va '' AMY Kldnt-y; do c V. be J w *? ELDORADO HOUSE, Pa. ooenue, hshcetn Third and 4% "rfresfc, W A SKHH9TON, D. C. CLKin EST HK YSOLDSt (Late of WIIlards' Hotel,) RESPECTFULLY returns thank* wo his friends and th?> public for their exceedingly liberal pa tronage since the opening of hi# home, and be bers tr. assure th?m tliat they will always be equally pleased in future. w , , Since his opening his large p?trooi?*e bail indu, him to fit up two large rooms, in ? handsome style where he is enabled to furnish _a DINNER AND SUPPER , . for from two to fifty neisons, in on unsurpassed style m to quality, as well as excellence. mar 20?eolm THE MUTUAL FIBK IS9UEANCI COUP A HY OF THE 1ISTBICTT OF COLUMBIA, /CHARTERED by Congress. offers U) the property owners of the District safer and cheaper means of'Insurance than any other Company. ULYSSES WARD, President. CHAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATHEW O. EMERY, Tseaaurer. HillQIU. Ulysses Ward John Van Rtswlck Thomas Dlagden P. W. Browning P. Howard, Mathew O. Emery. J. C. McKelden, Office, Columbia Place, earner Louisiana avenno and 7th street. Office hours from I to 6 o'clock p. m. ffeb 26?cot f LAW PARTNERSHIP. i SUPRBMECOURT OFTHE UNITED STATES, j ROBERT J. WALKER aud LOUIS JANIM have farmed a c partnership under the name oi "Walker and Janln,"fbr the argument at caees In the Supreme Court of the United States, at Wa^h j ingtoncity, wheie both will attend throughout the fUture sessions of that court. They may be addrt*seed at Washington, N. York, or New Oileans. J*n 19?eoSin* ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; ami a tine Roeewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. They are from the menufbetory of HENRY ERBEN of New York. Por terms, fcc-, apply JO Prof- SCHEEL, on 14th itne^ north of F IIENRY EBB EN ftH> 96-eotf j U OVER. ?? W. OWM. E. OWES * SOW, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, F???,TLV??I? .V.BT-*. Between Pourte?<nih and Putcenth streets, WASHINGTON CITY, D. C. Naval and Military Uniforms executed In the I neatest style. mar fi?eolm [Ho. 980.] By thsPrssidsatofths Ualtsdltat?(. IN pursuance of law. I, THANK LIN PIERC11, Pres ident of the United Stetee of America, do be.- eby I declare and make known that a publV sale will be he'd at the lanl offto* at AWB-S In the f*t??e ? * wnMTumm. commencing on if on day, 'he ttcemty-fc*' day (tf Miy neM, for the dlspos-%1 of ail th*t portion of .he sections and part* ot section? of land bearing o>ll numbers within tlx xaHes on sa^b side of th: lin-of-h" M<?boj A!?d cr.TO rtt?* kajlroad, In tt.e rut^stf Alabama ani Hunntrn, sutye^t tc tb? doobk minimum price of two dollar' and fifty cents par acre, m provided by ihe act cf 20th 3ep'ember, IS60, and excepted from graduati-in ss to price l>j the act of 4th Aarost, 1854, which were advertise! to be offered for ssla In proclamation rfo 494, bear ing date 'J&X May, 18AS, but subsequently witl drawu nr.ti. farther uotjc tor the proponed rati, oad from Bra?doa to Montgomery by public nowise No. 494, bearing date 19th Augnrt, 1853; and the 9-rae not being sublet to private rntry at t*e date of ^1 withdrawal, were consequently no* reetor-d te mar ket by general notice No. 522, dated 6th ^epteratwr, H51. ritanted In tbe uniementloped tomuHp?, to wit: forth of the bom time and oad of the Choctav me dian. I Township fovr. of range tbirteea Townships thrtr, four Jive, and rfa, of ramie f :ar teen Town Wpe "hree, Cjut, ffra, si* mi MMt, of tir gt fl!Ven To wnsLipe ikr+Aj<*tr,Mxs sU, Mii art ?n?of r??ge sixteen Townships /to", *0, and (MR, of range fevea tean Towrship *nm, of range elgt.Wn. Notice is al?:- t.ereby gkren that all be iantL- ?1 ? uate<*. nntelde of the sttrmUe kmiit on each Fid ) <-f the above rowd wi<l1n?wa ao l not siao? reet nd to private ?ntry a* above state!, whkh will b* ob | Ject to entry at one dollar aJid taeaty-flvs ts per acre, or (il for actual settlement and pre ?cap lion) at tba pric* iirea ribed by th" gTidaatioe ?;?. of 4th Augast, 1864, In thaft?llrnrtng-Bame-l dlrtrl't* and towoshipe in the States of Mies raippl and Ala bama. will be subject to entry and location on ai?i afierMonday th? nineteenth day of Marvh next, to wit: In the disuiet of lands fm' Ject to saie at Aotucta, Mississippi: North of the bat line amd east qf the Ohootavo merv Mm. Townahtpe tAr*e, fvtr.Jio*, fix and seven, of range twelve Town?htpfl thr*e, fimr, five, ?te, and teve*, of range tbirteea Townships tAree,Jles and seven, ofrr nqe fb nrteen To wneh'p seeea, of ran#e fifteen Townships t/ires, frmr. anl Am, at ranee Bixt^au Township- three, /tw, >oe, so, and free*, of ran^e mv??iteen Tuwashlpe thr+e, ftmr, ris, and i?>, ef range et^hteen. In the district cf lands robJ*ot to Hie at DBOf> lis, Alaiuiu : North of the ba?e Um amd west qf Uu frtw^pal ase rtdtan. Towmhlps thirteen, foart^en, fifteen, sixtnen and seventeen, of ran^e two Townab ps thirteen. Ibur^oen, fl' teen, ste<eea and Mretfeen, of range three Townships thirteen, ftwri'entkahem eod seventeen, of range tour Townships thirteen and fourteen, of rang* five. The townships designated In r.mau lester. sre wholly within the limits of six and fifteen milep re speetlvely on each eide of Raid road, and those In italic* are partly wli bin s-vid limits, u designated on the diagrams which will be furnished to tire re spective district ofltoeis by the Ccamirsioner of the General Land Offioe. The lands will be sol 1, wVd to the right of icay granted by the art of 20th September, 1850, telle States sforvtid for said railroiad. not i xseedlng <m+ hundred feei on each side therecf, and tber?for? the particular craols of lantl which include the road will be sold as containing the quantities re?p?:liveiy shown by the official plats. The sections will be offered at the public sale in thecrdar in which they are advertised; the sale will be kept open for a sufficient tlm* to admit of offering all the lands, but not ex"*eding two we?ki>; and applications to make private entries of the laads offered at public sale under this proclamation will not be received until after the clcee of the two Given under ay hand, at the city of Washington, this seventh day cf Pebruary, Anno Demlnl one thousand eight cuudred and fifty-five. FRANKLIN PIMPXE. Py tbe President: Joaa WiUtJi. Ooam Kaoner General Land Offlos. NOTICE TO PRE EMPTION CLAIMANS8. Under tbe act of Congress approved kl at Mtirch. 13&1, entitie-i "An act to extend praemptit a r^M? to certain .^ettlera therein meutionae," u-.e pre-emp tkii la?s were extended ever the abeve mendooed alternate odd numbered sesttoas within six miles on each side of the route of the road, where tbe Settle ment and improvement were made prior to the date of ell - tcneut, if proven up and paid for at the rate of two dollars and fifty o-nt, per acre, belt re the day flx?l for the pubite sale ; and by the aet ap proved 17 th March, 1964. entitled "An e<? Ibr the relief of settlers on l.inde reserved for railroad por poe?a," persons who settled and improved the above naia*d rections prior to the datt of ueWnirm?>M vill be entitled to pre-emption* at the ordinary mi limum prtra of the publio land*, or at t&e rate of one dollar anl twenty-five oents p? r acre, If proven ap and paid for bef re the day fixed for the public sale >? There tore, every person entitled to the ngbt of pro emptioa in any of the alternate (Mid numbered sieo-1 tlons above mentionel. within six mllee of the route of the road, ucder the act of 3d Mar-ii, 1S68, above referred to, on eettlements made prior to the 4th of February 1853, (the date of allotment) or under the act of sffvi March. 1864, on Battlements made prior to the date of the original withdrawal of the lands fecm market, likewise everv person entitled to pre emption under tbe act of 2rth March, 1864, in any of the lands outnde of the na mUe limits directed to be restored to *n;ry on the 17th day of March neat, is required to establish the same to the sadsficti->n of rhe register and receiver of the proper Lard offio~, and make payment therefbr at the prioe fixed by law as toon us practicable after seeing this no tine, and before the a?y appelated for the publ c sale -ye , restoration u> market of the lands embracing t? e tract claimed; otherwise such rlei a will be forfeited. JOHN WILSON', Cocuulwtoaer of General Land ( flW. ftbK)-lawl3w WANDER'NGS IN CORSICA, CORSICA Pictures<iuef historical end HCW, with a sketch of the early life of Napoleon, translated from the (it-n- an by Edward Joy Morris?price ^1 !0 Lectare on English Literature fn>m Chancer m Tennyson, by Henry Reed, price $1 B6 Just published and for sale at T \YL<?R <t MAURY'S, Bookstore, near 9th st. iU^LIAN PIANOFORTES. ^ Another of these beautiful instruments made by I Udoert k Cy , Bo?ton, can wow be seen at our Musk Depot. Also, a bplcndtd uapier mat-lie ejus* parlor Melo deon. made by T. fl Giu,!,,*, ft. (>>, Conn. M HILBUS HITZ. r BmtAntfa. PROPOSALS FOJ4 MAIL BAGS Post Orrica Difabtiikivt. January 13, ldfifl. SEALED PROPO8AL8 will be received at thia I Departmi nt unul 9 o'clock a. m., of th- 83d of April next- for furnishing for four years from the 1st day of July next, in aucb quantities and at such times as may he required and ordered for the mall servica, mtui bag* of Uie following daaciipaoa, to IV1 Mail Ht^s. F*lze No. I, (43 inches in length, ami 08 lnohea In circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 97 inchea width; the yam of the fahrlc to be doubled ami twisted and fire-fold. No. S, (41 Inches in length, and ?B Inches In CTTUumference,) to be made of cottun canvass, weighing 16 ounces is the yard of 87 inches width, and the cloth to be woven in every respect Ilka that at the first siae of bags. 8iae No. 3, (33 inches In length and J8 inches hi circumference,) to be made of cotton canvas*, wsighing 10 ounces to the yard of 93 inches width, and th ? cloth to be woven as above described. The canvass bags of sices Nos. 1 and 9 are to be made with a sufficient number ctf eyelet holes, and provided with strong cord to secure their mouth*. All are to be well and distinctly marked 44 U. S. Mail," and to be numbered according to the sizes above specified. Lsathr and Ccmmast Pouskts. Size No. 1.4(3 in. in length, and 60 in. circumference Size No. -2.41 do de 48 do Size No. 3. 36 do do 49 do Size No. 4. 30 do do an do Size No. 5. 96 do do 98 do The body of the leather poaches Is to be m^rie I good and substantial bag leather, well tanned, weigh ing for Nos. 1 and 9 not less than 8 ouns*a, and for the mailer size* not lew than 7 ounces to the sq. foot; the bottom nud flap to be of good ikirtine leather, well tanned, and the same to be wail and strongly secured with the best iron rives, well tinned. Tho canvass pouches are to be made at densely woven canvass, ao as to resist water, or at fc*as?t equal to Uiat of which the pouches now in the service are made. Leather and Canvass Horse-maU Bags, (la saddle bags form.) Size No. I. Body 48 inches long, and 49 inches In circumference at the widest parte ; ends or bottoms at ?'ine, 14 by 96 inches Size No. 9. Body 44 inches long, and 9 inohes in circumference at the wider* parts ; ends or bottoms of same, 19 by 24 inches Size No. J Boly 49 inches long, and SB Inches in circumference at th? widest parts; ends or bottoms of same 10 by 90 inches The leather horse mall bags are to be made of good and eub-tantinl bag leather, well tannad, and welching not less than 7 ounces to the square foot, and tlie seams in be well and strongly wwed ; or, if rivetted, to be so done as not to chals the boree or rid or. The canvass horse mall bags are to be made of IS'- rune quality ol frbric aa the pouches above de so . .bed. C vast and Leather Drop-letter Pouches, (with fide pockets.) tjlze Na 4. 30 in. In length, and 36 in circumference 8ize No. 5. 36 do do 38 do Cam-am Sevrrpapar Mail Bag*. Size No. 1, (48 inches in length and 62 inches In circumference,) to bs made of cotton canvas*, weighing at least 15 ounces to the yard of 93 inches width ; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and five fold, and the bag to be se constructed as to b? locked, and to have a handle at eacli end. Size No. 2, (41 inches long and 48 inches in cir curnUrence,) to be of the same material and man ner of construction with size No. 1. Propyls for improvements in the construction of my of the above described mail bags, or in the ma terials thereof, are invited ; and the relative value and adaptation to the service as well as price of such improvement will be eonsidored in rletermbi lng the lowest and best bidder. No projHMais will be considered if not accom panied wj*h smpnles of each article bid for, showing the c<iDRtructiod^tiality of materials, and workman ship proprtped, and also with evidence of the com petency and ability of the bidder to elecute the work according to contract. The specimens must be delivered at the Depart ment on or before the SNd day of April next, aad will In connexion with '-he proposals farm the basis ot the contracts. ^eciaacus deposited by blddsrs which m:iy with safety aad caoveuience be used in the mall service will be ptM for ai the rates pro posed by them. A decision on the blda wfll be Bade tm or before the first dav of May next, aad the bidder or bidders chosen will be required to eater Into contract on or before fhe loth day of Jen* aezt, with bond and sufficient sareues for a (Vithta fstbtawct of the obligations as entered tats. All the article-, contracts* for are io be delivered at the contractor's expense, at Hoston, Massachu setts; New York and Buffalo, N. Y.; Philadelphia arid Pittsburgh, Pa-; Baltimore, Md.: Washington, ' harle?ton. 8.C.; August^fia.; Montgomery, I f' ; Tenn.; Louis ville, Ky.; t incinnati, Ohio; and at Louie, Mo., in such quantities and at such times as tlie Depart ment may require ; and Uiey are to be rigidly ui ?fleeted before delivery, and none are to ba received woken *nall be inferior U) the hpecunentor sun<i aid tag*. To enable bidders to estimate the namber of the different kinds of mail bags which wf I probably be required, they ire informed that there were fur nished tor the use of the-Department, during the year which ended 30 h June last. 9,136 leather pouches; 3,978 canvass pouches; 4fi0 leather horse mail bags; 60S canvass horse mall bags : and 17,110 canvass mail ba?s. 1 be proposals should be endorsed " Propotalt for MaU Bag?," and be addre-sed to the " Pott-mrMer OenrraJj' JAMES CAMPBELL, )an !?>? law!3w Po?>tmaster (General. mVIGORATING CORDIAL A J HENOMENON LN MEDICINE. ITXALTH RESTORED AND LOT A A LENGTHENED, by KfViaonATnre SLTX1K OR CGRDML.?At irst the aroeer M0K**'8 ^VIQOrXSnO ~ OORDIAL were deemed fabulons. Th and aabllme tratha annonEo^l br ths dlr^v?r-r ~ urwlenlable lbetaaftaate-i by witzvx ol the kigbeat claaa an-1 chara-'ter, sre now tr+untph mg over all doubta. LNORIDUUTY 18 OVIR lr^ubleb7 ' aMa ?f Uat^01i7 "Jwcb U perfectly Tfca Bjuzxz rsmsdlea, in all owes, the deplorable evlis arising frr.m a misuse or abuse of the various organ" wurh mik* up ths wdr- maoblns called Joan. It restores to full vigor every d- iioate funo Uen oonnected with that Hysterica a ocmpound agency of matter ?n-l mind, neoaasary U the re-pro dwUonof Awman lift. To person* of fssbla muni lar rrama, or deficient In vital power, !t is rac ai meaded as the only msans of nonimunioatinc tlut Tlm*im*rr to the pre per anjovmant of all the natural appetites, as well as the Llih^r attributes, lu broefloia! atlsots are not am .V? ^ fhL the ailing alte, the liaHaae, wnevatad youth* the overworn man of business, the victim of nan-ous de pression, the Individual Buffering from general de n y'ff ftuai ^ Wi5ll^?aHof a single ^rgan, wUl aH find Immediate and permanr^t relief from the nae of this iaooa payable renovator. To w^0 nave a prailaposition tc paralya!* it wiU prove a complete and unfailing safeguard against that terrf :,jr? aEny; PertKaTwho have so tnflad with their con#titutioM, that th*r thiwir them>-; res beyond the reach of mslldna. Let not even these despair. The KUxlr deals with dlaeaae as it exists, without referenda tc "annus, and will not ' r?m0T* Ule disorder ilaalt, bot Rebuild the broken ?xvifSTrrcTioN The derangements of the system, leading to ner ?onr tilB fOTa3 of Df rrout lu self, are so nuiuerous that It would require zoolumn toenumtrate the maladia* f->r which tills nre^ra raUou is a -pecific. a f?*w, how?rer, maj be enoiie rate I. vis: neuralgia, tlo dolereanx, haa4a"he. lacitv lent psraiysls, hrsteria, palp'taticn offts heart, rzi' na. - i*?wtioE9, masonlar dsliiUty, tremtirs, flalulenoe a pruning wesuntlon in the flwh, t iiabniias, tAnU* 1^7 of tb liver, mental depre&tloa, weakness of the will, indispo:ltlon u more, *aintnass after exerciss broken aleep an I terrifying dreams, InablUty io r2 malLi in one place < r position, weakness of the pro. creatire orpins, -ma%. inoooipetiAeT, Titlirtikrlr monomania, floor albua. e nktng at the ? Ui (a i * a clirodiio ticdiofij to mtitir nage, emaciation, and all complaints growing out of *. indulgen'se of the passions, and all barrenaasa that does net proeeed from organic causes be vend the reach of medicine J a Whenever the organr to be acted npoi are fret from malformation or strlcmural 1i?rniasYt la averred MORaws Ifm<X)RATHIO ELIXIR "lj ^ , w#aSn?t>s with strength, incapacity with HBdency, irregularity with nulform and natural a? w n^tenlv ^Qxmt hazard of reaction, * ^ppy e*!ot oa the general organization. * 4,1 wherever they jegln, finish with the nervous system, and that the tb* n,'rVM or motion and sensation is physical death. Bear in mind also, that for every , ?r,n,rTOas the Elizer Oerdlal Is tha onlj reliable preparation known. OAUTIOM. Dm. Moasra ImiGoaATino Ccanut Las been ooun lerfblted by some unprincipled persons. In future, all the genuine (Xndial will have the aropri-"tor's fac slciile pasted sver the oork of each nottle. and the fol>oeln< words blown In the glass Dr.| Eorsa's IawlgoratlagCordlal, O. II HI.IQi Proprietor, M*lfi 49* Th* Oordial Is put up highly oenaeatratad, In flat bottles. ntse,?$2 per bottle; two for $5; six for $12. 0. H. RINQ, Proprietor, 192 Broudway, New Tork. Bold by Dru^<ista uhronghoct the United lae. afcd West Indie* AOENTf. Wasbhigten?I l>. OlL^ii4. Raltlmcre???. 3. Richmoud?BZ S N tffT X PEEJIfl. rW?Mt1 TRAVELERS' ' IKKi'T'ixV. ?3fe Mott Bedell's Line. jOk JTEW YORK. ALEXANDRIA, WASHINGTON CITY, .*ATD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. mHIH LINE OP PACKETS 8AUJB WEEKLY 1 lnun jut 14 Ea^t River, New York, ami oilener i/necessary, and art composed of Ui? following oI&sh vi'wli: ^cw bdir. A. V. fiedeU, Bedell, niacdor. New schr. Mott BctUU, A. V. Trad well. richr. Ann D., Win. Oliver, ina*w?r. Bclr. Volant, L. A. Smith, rnaetnr. 8chr. CommarvUr in- Chief, Wogtim, munr. Sehr. Qrtemcay, Wilson, muter. These veeeeia are ail fast sailers, and the masters men of experience in the trade, and Um only ragu lar line of Washington Cltv packeta. MOTT BKt'Ei.L, Wall gueet, N. V. 8. 8. MAftTBRS h SOVrt, Alexandria. Va. THOMAS RILEY, fob 1?dm Washington and IX 0. CHOM WILL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN *T|ai| ^ NEW YORK BALTIMORE A BOSTON, ^HHHRbSSh TYTILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore Yj and NewYork, and twice a week from Button to Baltimore and Baltimore to Boston. Tins line affords unequalled facilities to tbe bus neas inen of the District of Columbia. Tbe Agents at either point will receive freight and give a through lull of lading to Washington at the lowest rales ol freight and on commission* charged. Applications fbr freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. C. HALL, 68 to change Place, Baltimore. H. B.CROMWELL. Caraev Washington and Albany sts., N. Y. JNO. W. 8CHANK, Jan 14?(Ukn Pool of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIbKOAD. HttPROVlD ABRAN . IMINTfl FOR TKAVITL! IMPORTANT CHANG 33 OF SCHEDULE 11 3HHHHE Tbe late completion of th jPUPP^HBtViiTral Ohio Railroad between w her ling and Columbus, uniting. as It does, by so short aad direot a liae, the Baltimore aad Ohio Railroad with all portions of tbe West (and Worth and routhwestj gives this route greatly merwee-d advantages to through travelers ia that direction. On and *?fW MONDAY, November 'i7, 1864, the trains will be rn ae follow*: F0R THROUGH P-VrSKKOCRf Two IWt trains daily wil run in *ach direction First?The MAIL TRAIN, lsdr.g Oamden Station at 7 a. rn., instead oj? o'clock an heretofore, (except on Sunday.) and a# Wring at Wheeling at 140 a. m. Bexmd?Tne IXPRP88 TRAIN, leaving at t p. ra , Instead of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, aad ranrdrg through to Wheeling in about 17 hears, reaching there at 10 24 a. m. This train will step at Wash* I tngton Junction, 8yke?vir.*, Monooacv, Harper's F>rry, Martlnsburg, Sir John's Rio, Cumberland, Piedmont, Rowleeburg, f>?wbnrgf F? Herman, Farm lngten, Cameron end Mouodsviiie only, for wool and water and meals. Botb tfee?e trains make Srompt sad regular ooanoction with ths oars ot the entral Ohio Road for Cambridge, RaneariUe, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, Hando^ky, Toledo Letroit. Indianapolis. Chicago, St Loui^eto. Pseaenger-J loaving Haltfcnore by the Mall Tr?*n; witl reach Cincinnati for dinner next day, while by tbe JKzcres<< Train they arrive there st 12 the next night, being kept but one nlgbt on the rente by eith*r train. Passengers for the Northwest via Clevelacd and ail intermediate points oan make a direot rctneo tion with the trains upon the Cleveland and Pitts burg Rallrord at all times whea th? Ohio is naviga I ble for steamers between Wheeling and WellirriUe, by leaving Baltimore in the Mail Train at 7 a. m. Returning, the Train* leave Wheeling as follows: Ths IXPRI89 TRAIN at 4.90 p m., reaching Bal timore at 9.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.4A p. B . reaching Baltimore at m 7 p. 49"Through ticket* by bwit from Wheeling fbr Cincinnati, Madimn. L^nlffrllle, St. Louis and oth^r River Cities, ?iU be so'd at a 1 times when the stags i f wa'er will admit. 49" Through tickets between Baltimore and Wasnlnrton, and all tbe Important citire and towns In the West, are sold at the Ticket Offlon of ths Oompany. FOR WAY PA&8KN1KR8. TUB MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Static-* will take pa?engers tor all tbe usual stopping pla ten on the Road Returning, this I rein leaves Wheeling at 11.46 midnight, CumbsdacJ at 10.16 a. m., an; arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. m. THK PRMDRK1CK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick and itiWmeJUte places, will start at 4 p. m., daily, (er-^pt Sundays) arriving in Freder ick at 7.40 Returning will leave Frederick at if a. m, arriving at Baltimore at 12 30. noon TUB ELLIOTT*.* MILLS ACCOMMODATION Will be run daily, (except Sundays.) as follows: Litave Oamd-n Station at 6 a. m. and 8 p. m Leare Kllioctt's Mills at 7.90 a. m. and 0.C0 r- ni. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS POLLOWB: LEA VB dally, exoept Sunday, at 8 aud 8% a. m. and 8 and 5 pm. On Sunday at 0 a m and 6 pm. Leave Baltimore at 4% and 0 am; and I and 8 ??? On Sunday at 4jtf a m rJj($P m. The oonneetions with SSflmsre * Ohio Railroad for ths West are by trsJorfnlvtBg at 0 a n sad 3 P For Philadelphia and New York at ft, and 8^am and 6 pm. For AnnnpoUs at a m and 6 pm. For Nonolk at 8 p m. T. H. PARSONS, Agent. Partkm'-ar attention Is called to the Rule requit ing a responsible voucher fbr any person rf color who m?y wlch to paas or* tbe road. dec 1>?dtf OB AH OK AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. On and after Tuesday, Uov. 7,18M, Oars leave Al?aandria daily for Gordons vllle and intenmrdiate stations at 7 X o'clock, a. m., on the arrival of th* boat from Washlngtrn, giving ample time for breakfast on board. Con* nesting at Manassas Junctien with a train for Stref burg, at Warrenton Junction with a train for War. renton, and at Oordonsville with the trains on the Tirginia Central Railroad for Richmond, Chariots e villa, and Staunton. The oare leave Oordonsville dally for Alexandria and Intermediate stations, at ^ before 12, a. nit, cn the arrival of tbe train- or th* Virginia Central rail road from Richmond, Charlottesville, and Staunton. THROUGH TICKUT8. Proa Alexandria to Warrenton ...$2 00 m u Oordonflville...^.^. 8 60 M u Charlottesville......... 4 26 u u Staunton 6 00 u u Strasburg 3 60 44 44 Lynchburg 8 76 u 44 Winchester 8 60 44 44 I-uray....- 4 26 44 44 New Market.. - 6 00 44 44 Mkldleburg 2 26 For Lynchburg, nonuectlng with ths steges at Gharlcttesvllla, on Mhndayo, Wedneeda/e, and Fri days. For Luray and New Market, connecting with the s ages at Oulpepar, tm, Thonadayc, and Sat urday. Por Wlnohnstsr da'.ly, oonnscllng with the stages at Piedmont Por Middieborg doi.'y, er>nu.ect<Qg with ths stages at ths Plains. Per order: W. B. i;li .-JltUTT, AgsikL nov T ?dtf fob MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. [Fare round trip il: from Alex "cents.?The TUOIJAS COLLY MR leaves Washing tea at 0 and Alexandria at 9% o'clock. Ceachss lnave the OaplUrf for tbe boat at ?)? o'clk. Cowh fkre 10 oents. Perscni wishing tbe Ooaches will luvs their rest dsnA with Geo. A Thos. Psrkar. Refreehmentfi ou the boaf. Oct '28?dtf SAM'L Q1D&SY, Capt VHE MKW YURK At LIVKKI'UUL UNITED STAT EH Hail steamers. rip snips OOMPEISIKQ ?mi LINB ARB THE? ATLANTIC, Cant. Weflt PACIFIC. Capt. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Oamst/iek, ADRIATIC, Oapt. G ration. These Alps have been built by contract, express ly tor Government service; every care ha* been taken in their construction, as in the Engines to insure strength and speed, and their accommoda tions for passengers are unequalled for elegance and oemfort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool,In first cabin - w$120 Second Cabin 70 Bzcladve use oX extra rise state rooms 300 From Liverpool tj New York ?90 and ?20. An experienced surgeon attached to each ehlp. No berth oan be secured until paid for. For freight ?rpo'??e apply to fcDWAIiD K. OOLLIN8 A CO., 68 Wall street, No * York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO , ? ? Llverpooi. K. G. ROB1RTS 4 CO., 13 King's Arus Yard, Lonloa. JOHN MUNROl A CO, Rue Notre l>ame led Tictoiidd, Paris. GEO. a. DRAPiR, Hatre. the oeroet? ot aie-e fhipe will act be afC.Minteble #or jTol l, bIItw. bullion^ ieveliyi precioon stones or riatals, unl**?s bills of ladiag are signed therefor, an j the value thereof theretn expressed. ttOf 16?dly ' NAVY SUPPLIES?1856- '56. Natt DimTMf*T, ) Bureau of Provisions ml Clothing. V March 16. ISM. I S1PARATB PROPOpSLS, Ntld and endorsed "Proposal* for Vary Bupptfca,'' will U ie ?i?eJ at this Bur?a until 3 o'block p . m. on Saturday. the 14th ?'?T of April nest, for furolthlrg cod deliver ing (oa receiving ten days' notice, except for bboult, for which Are days' acti e shall be given for erarv twenty thousand pound* required) at the United State* uavy-vard* at Charlafftown, Maaaachueette, Brooklyn, New York, and Ocspo t, Virginia, su"h quantities, only of the foil owing articles aa may be required or ordered from the ontroctors hy ?bc chief of this bureau, or by the r?p*ctive commacd lng offloera of the aald navy-yard*, during the fiscal J?ar ending June 80, 186ft, vis : Flour, blsotiit, whiskey, sugar, tea. coffee, rioe, molasses, vinegar, pickles, bain a and dried applaa The flour ahall bo superflna, and at (he manufao ture of wheat grown in the year 1868 or 1866; but "hall Id all cases te manufactured from wheat of the orop immediately preceding the data* af tha ? qulsltien for the same; ahall be perfectly sweat, ard in *11 respects of the bsst qcallty, and aha! I ba dellv ered In good ahlpping order, freeoT all charge to the Unlt*i Stats*, in the beet n?w, wall aeasonel, sound t right bar re la, er half barrel*, aa the case may ba the staves and headidga to be of whi.e eak of the beat quality, ationg and well^hioped, with lining hoop* arcund each Lead, and equal in aoality u. sample barrel at aald navy yards; two hjf barrels to be considered u a barrel, and not more than one aixth the required quantity to be <a hair barrel* Tha biscuit shall be mad' whdly from aw?et su nerfla* flour, of the manufacture cf the year 1864 rr lMI but AkII in all casse be manufactured fto.n Hour made of the crop immediately pm?dLn< 'li? <iate? af the requisitions for th* aama; and ahaL be fnlly equal in qnality, and ooaform in aiae ard shaps to the aamples' whteh are d'posited in tfc* said nary yard; ahall be prep*rly baked, tbrrough It kiln dried, well packed, and delivwed free ft charge ta the United states. in good. aouwL weii dried, bright, flour barrel a, aa above deeeribeX with the head< well aecur?d ; or In air and water-tight whiskey or spirit barrel*, at the option of the bu reau. ih? wh ekey shall be made whol'y fromgra'n. aonnd aid merchantable, and ba fl"ty per eent above proof aooording to the United states custotr houae standard. It shall be delivered in good, ?ew. sound, brigh , tkree quirtera ho^) d, w?ll-saa* n?i white oak barrels, with whiu oak LeaIf, the bead* to ba made of three piece headiog and well painted: tne staves not to be lea* than % Inch th'ck, and the beads not leea than \A inoti thiA ; and each barrel ahall ba mopered. ia addition, with on*three-pern> iron-hoapon eaoh bilge 1V4 tr.chln wtdfci,acd 1-10 li inch thy k, aud od* three-penny hoop on ea ' chime, 1* inch In width, aad 1 10 h inch thick, aa per diagram The whole to bsput in good ah'pplua order, free of all efcargo to the United State*. The augar ahall be according to aempl-e at th? raid navy yard*; and be dry and flt for packing. The tea ahall b* of gooa quality Young Hyrcui, equal to the sample; at aald navy yarda. l he ?"flew aha 1 be 'he beat Cuba, aooordlcir to ?ample The rice ahall be of the very beet quailt-r, and cf the crop immekafealy preceding the dat?* cf the r* qulRitionf for the same. The molaaaee ahall be ftally equal to tha very I? I ?juality of ^ew Vrieaaa moteaaea, aad aha 1 be del: v trediu we 1-aeaaoued red cak iwrr-la, with wbi a p as heads not le*a than 1+ inch thkh ; the ataTne not le-a than ^ inch thl-k; the barrels to be th.? qmrters hoopyj, ?nd. in adlitlon. to h?ve four iron hoops, one on earh b'lge, 1| iroh in width ard sixteenth iach th'rk, and one on ?ach r.h'm- ti Inch in width, and 110 inoh thick, and aball be thoroughly coopar ed and plaeed in th? bwt t-hii 11 -? condition. The vinegar shaMbe of the first quality rider rir <*gar, eqtaftl to th? ata' d*rd of the United Etate? rh^rmsoopaeia, and aha 1 contain no other th?n a?et|cacid; and sh*U be d?JlT*red in barrel* ^mi lar in all reapectt ?o thr?ee rt?qulred for molaa^, with the ezo*ption that toh?U oak atarca and heada ?hill be ?ubetltuted for red a avee and wh-t-. pin? and ?Lall b# t^ioroa^Llj coopered m J pl&oeu lu the best shipping order 1 he pickle* shall be put up hi Irco bound oafTi*. and each oaah shall contain one k<>Uou of onions one gallon cf p^ppera, and th'rtaen galloaa of em?H cucumbera, and thn *esr?t*b'es in eaoh ahall weiph ninety pounds, and Ihey only be paid for; and each eaak -nal" then be filled with white wine' at lenat 42 degrees of strength, and equal to French vinwgar: the ovk*, v?*?Ublee, and Tinegar ahali oonf. rm and be enual in all r#epe^f to he aamplfe deposited at the above named navy yard*, and the ooatractors ahall warrant and guaranty that they will ke-p good and sound for at iuaat twoyenra. T^e b?aaa ahall be of the very beet quail'j walte beans, and shall be of tha crop immediately precd Ing the dates of'he requisition f r the sara. Th? dried apj lea shall be of the bwet quality, and ahall be prepared ty *m-dtying c nly, and shall be of the crop of the autumn immediately prcc*?liug the dates of the reqiueiCons tor tho a?iaa All the foregoing d-*cnln?l articlea, embraejnjr eaaka. barrels, half bsrrel- and boxes, ahail U- su - Jeet tv sach icspection as thacfclefof thia bursiu ra*y direct, the lom-ecting to ba appointed by the Navy ]*panm<<nt. Ail inspections to be a* tie p^ace of delivery. Biecult may, However, be in?r*<*t ?i at the plaoeof manufacture, but will in all -anoa be rutject to a final inspection at the placd cf deliv ery before hid* are signed therefor. The prica* of all the fcr^gr.'n* arUo>* to N? the same throughout tha year, and b?ddare may offer t*r one or more articles. All the oaaks, harm!a, and half barr^a, boxe*. or package*,s^a'l be marked with th?air contents an<! the oontraofr's name. Ail the barrels and half barrel* of flour, brsod, and pickels shall have. In addition to the alove. tha year when manufactured or tut up, mtrked upon them. Th.< aamplea referr?*i to in this alvertt?em*nf ar? tho'o selec ed for the enauing flseal ye?r, and Aor no r'ferenc* to mcA at tan btm j-rrnsiiil| <mia The quantltv of thaaa article which win he ra quired cannot be preciaHy ^ed. They will pr.b^ bly te abouk? To be offered for - 1J00 bbls per bbl S?" 1,000,0001 be per 100 Iba , P h,sk,,y 36,000 gala per gal >00,000 lha per lb T~ - 20,000 lba p?r lb ' off?* 10 003 lba per lb Rl? - ?0 ?00 lbs per lb Mclaewr 30.000 gals per g? 1 Beane. 6 000 bosh....perboah ViD6^ir 50,000 gtl Dried apples 60,000lbe...M.r*r lb 180.000 lba per lb The quantities of any or all may ba increaaed or diminiahed aa the service may hennft^r require The oontracta will theraf re be made, not for sp-.d flc quanUt'a-, but for such quantities as the a-rv ce may require to be delivered at those navy-vard* re spectively . Cod tractors not residing at tha plaoe* where da liveries are required must establish a^enci. s at such plas**1, that no delay may irlan io furcULing what , may he r>quired; and wb<n a ?ntraeh>r taiir promptly to comply with a requisition, the Chie* o' the liursau of l>rovisions and Clcthlng shall he ar thorixe.i to direct purchase* to ba mide to aupplv the deScieacy, under the penalty to be expretaej ii the contract; thn reoord of a raqulsitian, cr & dui L; ca'eoopy thereof at the Bureau of Provisions aui I Cr-ft e"h#r of the navy-yerda aforaia.d. " . he evil-nee that such requisition hao teen made and received. Separate offara must be irada for each article at each cf tha aforaraj 1 navy y-rdj; and in oa<e more than one artiole is contained in the effer, the hl-t of the Bureau will have the right to accept one or I more of the articles contained in such offer, and re Meet the remainder; and bidders whose proposals iSJ-'l'i11? (and nona others) will be forthwith "oUflxi, and aa ?Arlv as practicable a 000tract win be trauamitted to them for execution; which ?m tract must be returned to the Bureau within tan uaya exclusive of the time require! for the regalar tianamuaion of the mail. mo1? ?PProv?l kureties, in a sum equal to the estimated amount of t!?9 respective contract*. Tli k! JHlairr^^n r*ctum in a>ldltion riu pa wlthheU from the amount cf all p?ym?? i? on aocoutt thereof a* 00 lateral security, in add^tior to secure its j erfcrmanco, and not in any avent to te paid unt'J y is in all respects complied wi h ninety per f?*fcnm of the amonnt of all delivers* made olll be Pill by ttse navy agent witfcia thirty days af>?r bill# duly authenticated shall have twn | preaantad to him. nB1^k ^ proposals may be obUined on at plication to the navy agwts at P.rtamcuth. Naw | ad in conformity with thi* understanding ^ r?SldrTntSrr ** accompanied (as dl Noted in tha act of Cocgreee Mr)DrOT.r,. a the,naT#J ?ervioe for 1840 ^47, approved by * written guaran-ce. signed I mop" '?sponsible persons, to the effect that ff^^the^^ ^ Wdd?r m bid^? ^'1. ?tio!i vrVhli a *fSePtod' into an obli S^Tto ftiitai, *% I!?. good rur?. not*he propoaed. Thebureouwil ' rvanf^vi v. J .1 P^POsal oonaider unless aoooru I ^ Anar*ntM r?Jnired by law ; tte?im 7 . guarantee to by the certified by . ? aT7-n*ent, district attorney, or soma officer of thegenenffgovernment known tothe bureau an?H?^^n ?t b,dJdrr" is to tLe samples ani description of article* required, as in the In lKfu? ?Ja.t bnt r^td J^T, I i tt^e between the articles offered and ?be > m a >d contract, receiving none (hat fall below I lheir *^?aoa ls Particularly di | r*ct9d te Ibe a^?xed Joint resolution, In alijlwm the act of the 10* Awust, 1840: ^ to E&,act fivm thi ad of fffromA mtt "tJsc tJ Ami ba it further aiaa vJ ? t alter the pa?age of this a-t averv nrr ^mfl0ta (oTVs.:: 1 ss?^'2s^:a? writton *u.r.nlC. X'-!; hi b, . a. *0 u?.'?o.^ thj hi''?orir?i?E?i that the bidder cr bidders will, tf hie or tbair Md be aeeepted, ?Ur !ntr> sr r i:\gntien la racb Una aa may ba prescribed by Jtbe Secretary of the Navy, with good and sufficient suretlee, to farnUb Iba np. plies prop sea No proposal aba 1 ba eonstdeawd o? less accompanied by such guarantee. If ?ft?r the anneptanee of a proposal and a noflfl 'aline thereof to tha bidder or] Nd<1*r?, ba or ib?y shall rail to ealm into an obligatirn within tbe time prawn bad by tba Secretary of ihe Nary with trood and sail want i tine, for m-ci-hing tha supplies, than tfe of tc Nitj shall proceed tn oontrset wlih i oth.f rx?r?^o cr psfrs^cs Car fiMBtehlog tha said iu p!ta* and shall forthwith cause tha tflffareoos be tween ihe t mount contained in tha proposal a? gn?rs-..tied and tha amouat for which ha may ba?a oontraeiel for fumi^hin* tba said supplies tar tba wbola t eriod rf tba prop-^poaal ?o ba abargad ap a:a;nst aa'd or bidders aad bit or their gvar an tor or fuutnor*; and tba same an ba taaa^ atelr rerorered by tba UnlVd Pta'as. lar tha ase cf tha Nary Departmact, In an action of debt elLbor or all of said p? r?ons." ,r Public, No. T.l Jonrr R?r.rrton relative t? biJa fbr clething, and small storwe far tba aaaof tha aary.' lUtMf d by Ou MmiUe mmd H<mse of Um of the I'futM of America m Q That all bids for ruppliaa of clothing, and small sterns for tba uaa wf iba aavr may ba rejected, at th? option of tha d. ^artaaaat, u made by one who la not known u a maoufbetarvr af, or regular dealer In. tha article pmpr?ad ta l*a furnished, which fart, or tha reretaa. must ba d? tlnrtly stated in tha Mda offered ; that tba bid* af ail paraona who may have to acaaply tba conditions of any ooatrarts ther may hare prrw ouaiy entered into with tba United btataa aba. I, ag tha option of tba department, ba rtfeeted; thai IX >ora than ona bi-I be ( (Tared for tha supply of ar article on aooount of any on* party, either ta hfcr own nuoa, or in tha duw of his nertner, aterk, or any other pnrnofi, tha whole of ancR bid* a ball ba iw at the option of th? department: aad thai aa> partner* of anr firm shall not ba aaaaired aa tiaa for each other; and that, wLmmtu it aa< deemed ncoavearv, for tba immul of tba ??*? m?nt and tha health of tha rrews af tbe united States aws- lv tn procure particular brand* of whtrb are known to kaap beat on diatant tha Bnraaa of ProTtaiooa and and Clothing, with tha approbation of tba farratary of tba Nary, be, and baraby la, autiioricad to pmaara tha same aa tha baet tarra^, In aaarkat OTact ?pprorad 27 March, ISM. mar 17- 1aw4w AN APPEAL TO COMMON SEN81. LET THE air* Htil TBI 1 CaPTai* Bnutiis?WbrraTar known bM mony will b? oonelo??r?*. Bat laet ibaee wko dK not know the Captain ahould be acapocaJ, Dr. I>a?sw w?n Sl Bro., with oOnnof lIm beat known and moat highly raapactable ciuaena of Eaaton, wdona bia wonderfnl cure by hjjoton'b tbgitailb Turcrrms. Kabtcii, OcL 4,18M, Meorrt. Morflmar ? Mmetonm : GanUemrn? 1 feel it my dutr to ywa and tba lie to certify lolhe effecta of ftaiapton"a V< Tincture. I wna for naora than fire years laboring under a disease of Cbronic Ki>rosaauani. aad Iba Croat part ot that i waa ao b**lpieas tbai I bad to be helped from my bed and dr'-a-? d in my clotbaa I hrewn' reduced to a marc skeleton. All tba nsad icia<-a I took done me no rood, and I eoriinaed a* grow won??v | beard of Hamptoei'a Tiactare aarf thought I would give it a trial. At Ihia bar I did not etpeirt to lire one day after another. I (<d it* take it (the Tincture) for the Rheumauaiu. but ta a abort time I whs wt-U <d that dts< aar. Froai tba effects of your '1 incture and the he'p of (I d 1 aja now g^tung in food health. I wiah all th* aflicted to try HMnpt/xt^ WgetaUa Tincture, as I have dine, with the earn* cffrtttnal it baa on Your ?(?edirnt arrvant, Isaac Bk>J4 We are acquainted with I?aac Benjamin; bim some of ilainpton'a Vegetable Tincture,aaa bar deve the above ataiement corroct. Dawson k Fao. From our knowledge uf Capiain Beujanwn we an confident Uiat the above auieisent is true aad ua ezagerated. J. A. ioaaaas, ? ?aELKs R <a:asoa. CaH and get pamphlet* and aae ruraaot Cougb, Droucbitis, Rheumauam, Neuifcirta, Dra Kpaaa, Nervousncaa and General Weaknaaa. Am a nale medicine or for delicate child:aa we buliara it URt-qualtttd. Sold by MORTIMER h. MOWBRAY, IM Daid more street, Ralumore; and 304 Rroadw??r. !*. York CbaS. Stott k Co., J. B. Moore. D. B. Ci.aRKB, Claris fit llowune. W. Elliot, and H. Mcpna aoM, Washington ; also, bv R. ?. F. CraaaL, Q*wrga town, and C. C. Baut, Alexandria, and by Drag gists evarvwutie. Jaa 8?tr COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, Rellaftia Vira Bilmvtaa. TTLRKS COMPOCND GUM ARABIC 8TRTTF. T^HR inr*eaa<qg demand for this umt plaaaaai. aafe, and 'Ora-i'-na remedy tor all pulrreaary dia< &aae, Lm enab'al th* proar later to r~d<?oa tha prioe go u to plcce it vithiu the raach of al< taassa. Its superiority over r m a'.mllar preparations is a^ tested by msny aasiuaut rbysirirns who hare baen eye witneesee of its ef?%rv wbar? th? nana' raaaa dlas hare failed; aL*o by :bos?and of onr meat rw paetabla ritiaans who bare na. d it in tbair *aaiiH? both aa prer*Mire and cure with caver saa ~aaa f>r the iact twenty years, daring which period w_'h vary little aid from advertising, ie , R ha padually rpraad reputs'lm orar the whole Ui In oaaee of rscect rfbldi CougAa. fioarieneu, 4k~> It giree ins mediate ralW, aed gocrally rorea in a day or two, without Interfering with dirt or haajaaw, a* rendering the aystam more auaoeptlbie ot OMaa, in chronic casee, Afttma. Whoop*0 ^"^i Bronc\wu, Aff*ctumi cf the Ltmgi, ar.d Ciawtmp ticn, itb< always vary bfnefieial sod aeiloa Mia, wh?n ooxataeiioed in time to perfect a ci'-a. Prioe V> aad bO 'acts a boU!e. Bold wholeaale by Patterson k Nairn, Btott k Ca, Bidff ly k Or. Alexandria by I'eel k Btevana. la Georgetown by Mr. Clsaal. TTLMSTS OUM ARABIC CAJfD 7 DROFB. a similar oocpoeiUon to the above, but in a milder and mer* portable form; they aat like a <-barm en a troubleaome CoagK. and aiaar the throat ami votae; they contain no injurious drug, are parUra larly i for cbildr<-n. fraqaeotcT* of p%b lie a^aembdaa, public cpeak?-?: aingera, he Price 12>4 and 35 certs par box. For sale at taost Drug and Oandj Ptorea. oot IT?tf PHILADELPHIA LAGER BEtR DEPOT, 881 Pa. avenue. Mitmi 4 % and fa.k ttreM. WE have at ail uinea the brat Philadelphia La> g> r Beer on hand, and offer it nuw for aala for $3 per keg, and ui qu&rt boulea for %i 50 par dozen. We aend the Beer (roc of coats 10 all parts jf the city. Many physicians hare rec<anmen<1ed ibis Beer aa one of the beat reiuedi** for weak stomach a. mar 6?lm* F. C. hi W. GKRECICE. GRATIS ! JU8T PUBLISHED: A NEW DIBCOVEBY IV MEDICINE! A FEW worda on lb? Rauonal Treatmeat, arltl^ out Modicine, of Spermatorrhea, ^ or Local Wttakneaa, Nervous Debili ty, Low Spirits, Lassitude, Weak ness of the Limbs and Bark, IndMpo-i anion and Incapacity for Study ami' Labor, Dullness of Apprtbenaion, Loss of Memory, aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. TiuildUy, Self Distrust. Dixzmcas. Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pain in the Side. Affocuon of th? Eyas, Pimples on the Face, tsexual and other uifirmitMe in man. PROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEY. The important fact that ibeae alarming complaint* aiay easily be removed without Medicine is, Ir tb>s small tract, olrarly demoosuatod; and the entirely new and bighlv auccesei'ul treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, by means of which ev ery one is enabled to cure hitnaelf prriectJy, and at the least poaaible cost, avoiding thereby ai I the ad vertised nostrums of the day. Bent to any addreea, gratis, and pnat free in a scalui euve'.ope, by remuuug (poet paid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DE LANEY, No. I? Liepauard street, New York. jan 17?3m PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENT. THE subscriber lias alwave 00 hand a assort' rami ofCprmu and American ANOrt, from the vary b?st manufacturers^T^^^R which be offers for sale at lower prices than can be purchased in the District of Caiumbia, and tn the moat accommodating terms. Ail Pianos purchased Irom me are warranted to give lion. Old Punoe taken in exchange. B. REISS, ProRMar of Muair, G, betw. Fourteenth and Ftflaeatth strax eb 6?An* FOR POOR AND LABORING MEnT SMALL BUILDING LOTS of 10 fwt ar more, ta various parts ot tba City, ami QaorMtown. at law prlcrr and terms to suiL LLOTD k 00. BVILD1IQ STOMB, For pale, dallrarabla at the Oanal, or H harres la Washington, Georgetown, or Alaiandrla. LLOYD k Oa 16th street, opp. Treasury Dapartmeat It ? 1 ? WATCHES. JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WARE AT REDUCED PRICES. WE offer our entire atork of rireant GOLD WATCHES, RICH JEWELRY, PCRl SILVERWARE, sc., at greatly reduced rates. Persons would do well 10 examine our aaeortmeet. which is by tar the largest, must fasl.aisable, mm beet selected erer offered to utir customer* M. W. ?\LT h RRO, 3U4 Penn avenue, between9th and lOihsts mar Id?if LOUD0N WALTZ. COMPOSED and dedicated to the onnj ladiee ??? Lor a burg, Va., ? y Prot. J A. Young A very pleasing composition, published at the Mutt* Depot of HILBL'S k ItlTZ. mar U-ti

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