Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1855 Page 3
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I- v f NING STAR. Local Intelligence. Tai Prauc Sciools ?At the monthly meeting of the Board of Public Schools yes terday afternoon, the committee heretofj-e ,prointed to. examine the applicants for teazh tri reported the following naUM of persons who ia:isf*Ctorily answered the thirty fcai questions propounded to them; Mary A Mi nek, Ellen E. Janney, A. V. Bates, Maroia J. Baker. Lava R. Hilton, Frances E Hoover, Elisa T Ward Kllen L. Hawkins, Lacy Ellen Moore, Mary A Brash, Elisabeth Ellen Ash down. Rachel A. Adams, Henry Henshaw, Mtasie Turpi n, and Annie V. Shaw Font other* failed to answer' all ths questions, in cluding thoae on tha aubjest of teashing, spell lag, reading, geography, history, arithmetic, composition, a*d parsing, ths lssson in the last csss being as follows; * " Thus, with the year, j?easons return ; but not to me returns _ Day, aor the iwwt approach of even or morn, Nor tight of vernal bloom, nor summer's rose " Tha names of those who passed the exami b at ion altogether satisfactorily, are to b* placed on tha reoord, and from whom teaoheri may hereafter be selected. During an incidental debate, tha remark was made, and acquiesced in by tha memben of tha Board, that tha appointment of teachers should always ha made from among the mos' competent for that responsible post; and, fur ther, that the persons recently examined wars far superior to some of thoso now teaehing in the public schools. The lattar should under stand that the position of teacher is not to be held for life. A resolution was adopted to tha effect that I communication be addressed to the Mayor, suggesting that he direct the ward physicians to see to the vaccination of such children as have not been vaccinated, in such districts as the small pox may prevail. Action was taken with a view to providing some of tha schools with suitable furniture and educational facilities Augustus Edson was elected a teacher for the junior department of district school No. 2, and Miss Eliia T. Ward assistant teacher in primary school No. 5, ii the same district. This young lady was eduoated in one of the public schools The following is the summary of teachers' report for the month of February: Whole number of pupils, 1,169; entered, 74; sus peoded. 1; withdrawn, 77; corporeally pun ished, 92; present every school day, 547; waiting admission, 138. of whom 91 are in the third district; average attendance in each sehool in the first district, 42; in second, 49; in third, 50; in fourth, 47. Aggregate of pupils' attendance, in first district, 6 911 days; in second, 6,384; in third, 10,354 ; in fourth, 5,647 ; total, 29,296 ; tetal of pupils' absenoe. 8 377 days, aoie than one fourth of the whole school time thus having been lost In conse quence of sicknees and death in the families of teachers, an unusual amount of time was lost by them : In first district 9days; second 23 days; third. 6 days. Number of visits made by trustees and teachers, 86; the best attendance was made by the pupils of the second district, and the wont by those of the first. In the first district the best attendance was In Miss Middleton'a school; in the sec ond in Mr Wilson's; fourth, in Mr. Thomp son's; and in the third in Miss Moss's; the average attendance of pupils in each being respectively. 24, 50 . 67. and 57; and the time lost, 68, 144. 177, and 244 days. Tw* Ouuak akd re? Moxxur.?Recently a man of small stature was seen slowly trudging along, bending undsr the weight of an organ, which, in the usual fashion, was slung on his back Behind him followed his confederate in business with a monkey under one arm and a stand (for the animal; shut up like a camp stool, under the other. The movements of tho^e itinerant vagabonds were narrowly watched by a score of young sters, who seetred to be in quest of street amusements. To their ?reat delight, the man with the organ reverted the position of the in strument, and his companion erected the stand. After a ' voluntary," a lively tune was played, and, quick as lightning the monkey leaped to his work. There it was, dressed in a scarlet slip, with a cap and feathers, ready for mischief, and prepared to show its learn ing Ob! how ths bystanders rejoiced, and how their eyes sparkled with joy. la every di rection. children, both white and black, were seen running at their utmost speed Soor hundred or more human beings were on ground surrounding the performers, and da. vers ofoarts and hacks reigned up, fascinated. Juveniles, out on "airing" in their nurses' arms, were held forward and aloft, that their little peepers might behold the cunning, di minutive "old man" in the scarlet slip, (with a long black tail banging a half yard below the hem) with a oap and feathers on his ven erable head. A few genteel-looking adult whites walked slowly along, feasting their eyes on the amu sing ?oeno The monkey, it is needless to add, was tha "bright particular star," and, to say the least, a funny monkey it was. The organ man continued to "crank" ma sio as an accompaniment to the superior per form acces of the long tailed animal, which in the course of five or ten minutes, won for it self a reputation for smartness exoeeding that of all his many predecessors oombined. The ring-muter, or trainer's face, was ex travagantly covered with balr and his dsrk eye* flashed with joy a* his pnpil performed the required task *uch as Srst, dancing polka*, next playing with a wbirlagig, and going through "broad sword" exeroises, aad jump ing through a brats boop. Truly wonderful! But before all these things were done, a third perron, the "Barnum" of the concern, passed through the crowd, collecting pennies. In this connection it may be remarked without eur incurring the charge that we reflect on the generosity or the poverty of the spectators, the small change did not seem to be plentiful. Aa if to superinduce a more liberal spirit, the foreign vagabonds caused the monkey to perform other diverting tricks, among them that of firing a pistol! This was, indeed, the crowning act of greatness?in the opinion of the ignorant adults and the juveniles, who ac tu*lly saw the monkey, after examining the Are-arm, pull the trigger ! A bright oooaaion, indeed, it was. But see! the chief of police approaches the man sweat ing and toiling at the orank; he tolls him he is violating tha corporation law, bv obstructing the street, and attracting unlawful assemblies, threatens that if be has to speak to him again on the subject for a similar offence, he will next take him before a magistrate to he com mitted as a vagrant! The organ-man, in bro ken dialect, says he has done no hsrm, and looks sad. The orowd, their attention for the time drawn from the antics of the monkey, wonder what is the matter; and but the sport is, temporarily at least, over. The organ man cloees his trap, and re-slings it on hit hack, his companion shuts up the stand aad effect* in the manner as we first deeeribed them, the adventurers, with elongated viaagu and reluctant strides, take a direction diflb ect from that of the chief of police?the one pro ceeding westward, the other east. The or gan man and the monkey man look back oe ca*ionally. aad aee the form of the ohief re ceding in the distance, until it is lest. The snaoc is new so wiis that music and "rounds of applause" at the monkey's performances eannot reach his unmusical ear. The danger is, for the present, past. The srgan-grinder dumps bis instrument, and the monkey-man spraddles his stand. The mop key, lively a* ever, leep* to the platform of bis former tri umpQa. and re-perform* it* wonderful feat*' Nobody is bow near to molest and make afraid Crowd* gather a* before, and the collection exercises are repeated. But on this ocoasion there ia no pistol firing by the monkey, for the reason that the contributions have not been liberal. These things took place on Satw-dey. The wind blew too high on Monday for out door performances, but on Tuesday morning, the weather pleesint, the adveaturers at the mar ket house square amused hundreds of persons aad without the fear of the captain and hi guard, suffered the monkey to fire the pistol !s This last named act was in violation of a law ?>f the corporation, but we have not beard of an arrest of the offender Decidedly, these performances are popular among ''the million." Of their refining ten dencies, however, we are not at this time pre .pace* to axpeess our opinion, although we Mr* free to admi t that the monkey ia the smart m( and' conningest" animal of his lit* and hind that we have ever behold. { Tu Tatxo* Foae salts?Taylor (Lewis Little page) was teen In Baltimore on Banday< night last, and not on Monday evening, aa we erroneously stated yeeUrday. He Was quite ? intoxicated at Barnum't, when ha took sup. per He left that house in the ooach for the i western train of that night. Ha conversed ? I nioch of being anxious to get at seon as posti I ble to Harritburg. bat two or three times said I Pittsburg instead, always Correcting himself, , I however, so at to appear to mean Harrisbarg ' I the faat thai one or two of the notes ' I and orders ware forged oama to the knowledge , of hia friends, and while they were endeavor ' ing to raise the money to take them np through pity for his wife and ehildren, ha actually ne gotiated?got the money?on more snoh papet , I en the Avanne! He sold soase of these nearly t twenty-four hoars after he kaew that his friends were thus striding to save him from I the penitentiary! Tu ArrnoAcniae Eastir Sbasou Balls. The gay young folks of Washington and ? I Georgetown are all agog over the approaching > balls, there having been, for the m^st part, a 11 month's cessation of all snoh amusements in I the istriot of Columbia Judging from the : I numerous inquiries concerning those to come 11 cff on Monday night next, it is very eleax that 11 oar blythe lads and lassas havn't forgot how I to trip it on the light fantastic toe, and are most eager for the sport. There ean be no i doubt that eaeh of the balls to oome off on Monday next will be vary numerously at tended. Everj possible preparation to render I them agreeable has been made by the active I j and attentive gentlemen seiaoted for their I " management So all who ean attend one or I mora of them should by all meant go, and "dance all night till broad daylight, i And go home with the gals in the morning.n Again, lait night, Miss Morant gave I unalloyed pleasure to a fine audience, at Iron I Hall. 44 Ingomar" was much better played I on that occasion than some days sinoe, as the I company had evidently in the meantime mas- | I tered the piece thoroughly Mr. Allen was I repeatedly encored, fairly sharing with Miss I M- the applause of the night. | This evening they play the "Stranger," the I I favorite piaoe, of all plays, in Washington; I so there will doubtless be a orowded house The afterpieoe is the Blue Devils," in which I no one ean oreate more genuine fun than Mr Norton. To-morrow night Miss M. takes a benefit. ? j Ton Hiqhlaxdxrs were out on parade las: night, accompanied by Bergman's brats band. | I They marched through the streets under the command of their eaptein, John Reese. The I corps performed a number of tapid evolutions, I I and so oo'rectly as to gein the applause of m&nr experienced officers who had an oppor- I tunity of seeing them. After the company I had deposited their arms they proceeded to the I El Dorado House, where they passed the time I merrily with the song and glee and an occa sional speech. During the evening the sub- I ject of the Russian war was started, and H E. I Orr, Esq , formerly of the Portsmouth (Va.) Pilot, arose and addressed the oompany upon that subject, giving a very interesting account j of the rise and progresss of the war and its probable oonsequences The entire oompany appeared to be interested in the speech, en deavoring to catch every word that fell from the speaker's lips; and when at two o'clock this morning the oompany dispersed, it was evident that the glorious aocount of the young orator had made an Impression on his au dience. The oompany dispersed in excellent order. ? Compliment art Baairrr.?A number of gentlemen who have witnessed the perform ance of Miss Fanny Marant in Washington, have proffered her the compliment of a benefit, J which will doubtless take plaoe on Saturday night, when she will appear for the last time I Few ladies, coming here as she did?a stran ger?unheralded, would have won themselves mare reputation than this talented young I lady, and we hope that her benefit may prove both complimentary and profitable. j Starlet's Wsstxr* Wilos.?This beauti ful panoramic work of art was exhibited at Odd Fellow's Hall yesterday afternoon, and at night. On the first named oocasion four or five hundred pupils of the public schools were in attendance, and, at the last, there was quite a large of both adults and children. To mor rom afternoon, at half past three o'olock, the juveniles will be again especially accommo dated at that place. Combination against Mayer Wood. We learn from the Jonrnal of Commerce and other New York papers, that on Sunday (?) last $20,000 was raised among the lottery policy dealers, gamblers, and grog-sellers amenable to punishment under the laws, and persons interested in the profits of houses of ill-fame, to be expended in Albany to procure legislation which shall suooessfully prevent Mayor Wood from prosecuting to a triumphant completion the excellent reforms he has in hand. There o<in be no m'stake in the truth of this statement. On all hands we find Mr. Henry J. Raymond pointed out as the man who is relied on by the disreputable parties mentioned above, to oarry their schemes through the legislature. He has long had the reputation of being slippery, and seems to be 1 in a fair way of earning one for being infa mous, on the back of it. Peoria, Illiioit ? In 1-820, a report was made to the Government on the titles to certain classes of anoient settlements in the village of Peoria, embracing in lots" and " out lots." A case arose recently in whioh a party had clahnad before the register of the land offloe of that distriot a two-arpens out-lot there. The act oi Congress confirming these classes of titles recognises a certain class for notexoeed ing 10 acres. The question arose in this case, i whether the party olaiming was entitled sim ply to the two arpens he olaimed, or the max imum mentioned in the law. The Secretary of the Interior has confirmed the Commissioner of the Land Offioe's deci sion, that the party is confirmed only to the extant of the area he claimed, and nothing more. The objeot of the " maximum" provision of the law was only to rest! iot the granting of more than that quantity under any claim? not to secure parties more than they do claim. NOTICE ^ rnUILDERt) AND HOUSEKEEPERS.? Ha- at made large additions to our stock and srtangfiaenis tor a constant supply, we now offer, at moden'e prices, for cash, a good assortment of Building Matena's and House furnishing articles, weh ss Butts faat and loeee Joints of all sixes Parliament Hinges, Patent Blind Hinges A variety of strap Hinges Qimlet Point Screws, Brass an>l Iron B >lts Axle Pullies, Patent Sash and Blind Pasteniags A variety of Mortice, Rim and other Locks A com piste assortment of Carpenter's Tools Pocket and Table Cutler)', 8pades, Porks Hoes, Garden Tools, Charcoal Furnaces, Cooking Stoves Grates, Conine's improved Parlor Stive, a very com plete arrangement tor heating a number of rooms Wooden Ware, a good variety of Brushes, Brooms, Bird Cages Probably the best assortment of Children's Gigs to be found in the District Patent Ventila ing Ref igerators, for convenience and utility the best article ever offered in any market To all of which we invite the attention of our friends and the public. JOHNSON, GUY fc CO., Pa. aveaae, between 10th and llih its. ap>?eo3t , NOTICE. JOSEPH HUGGINS, Jeweler and Silversmith, No 914 Pa. avenue, west of Willards* Hotel. U about to close his stors, and offers his enure stock of *welsy, Watches, Silver and Silver plaied Goods lor sale, ail ol which is of the very best qual ity, and w:ll sell at great bargains Persoi.s wanting anything in hie line wou'd do well to give htm a call, es he is determined to sell verv low for cash only. saar 30?lw g^mtr*iLeiA.-TMe formidable disease, which ? ?j4S??a& ?sarar-* ?*? ?*? *f ^ k'wWi wkn h?r? bun rar*>i 0f severe Km! ralcia, by CABTBB'8 SPANISH MIXTtBC ar?^??k?^!??j?. K to ,nib*r' " ?"? ?r*. who were suffering wltk bmtI; every form of dls?? ?itk the Boil woaderfal snccaaa. lie uyi it Is the moat extraordinary Katfldae b? bu mr ?Ma uM, fad the best karlfla* tsown. t in another eoltaa. 0C7fcf,LArrJC ?ABtlL ***** SYBINGkT? Ml, porta. ??ar la wM coarenlent and easily Sian*gedaVtlc!. Alio, Maws SelfInjecting Apparatus. of brass ud white Troseea of the Boat approved kinds, of all alaaa Abdomln.l Snppt rMra and Shoulder Braaaa ,UPP" ? **? ?b"? ???ttoaad artleUa hut re. ociTW oy ^ J) OILMAN Dr*??, MediciaaB, batata, Oils, Window Slase, r?. hat 18 reraOMIJH II MKOIOTirt.?Broocbltia, Cough, -P/yC*-"^Lhrrr Scrofaia. ae.-ForiJi dleeaees of the resMie IjaHai tt stands pro eminent. A Olsrsyman JastUforms aa it ha. cared hfk ?f Bronchitis HAKFTOff 8 rSOCTABLK TINOTUiUS-Br Its Mild ao S?n?,.i^ J!rr irfkWn-^ ?? cur. ?U, 0?ij|h. AiMbai Br6ichltl Mid Lao* IflWclfoat Palis to tht lick, 814# and firMit, OoQsamption Serofila ith?a matlsm, OoaV Wanra.rla, SS n?. Worms, aad Nsrvoaa DebUitlae?with an dlMaaea artslTc from impmra bMM, aad to the (raatoat BMB th^hnmil'fi^IT'*????? ?edlelne Is working woadere apoa tka haaaaa frame. Sea advertisement to-day. ?7 [J^^DB^HOOPLAlrfc'S OKUCBKATXD GEBMAH BIT Thsrs ara tow things which afford m -?nleaaara land German10 kH"* * DOtl?* <* th* celebrated Hoof i?. '*?*?"? fn?J conecloas ws ars ?*r haart tells as that by a ? m,,ir h,T# b*,B ladaoad to Uks thsoo BIU?ra, **, f? Jisrs>?'j?s?*js SosadTartiasnioat. ? ruM-wiimuuri .Tb. hJ aecandaace.?The Jarisa of sack of ths late Mr* at Baltimore, BIchmond, aad New York awarded their highest premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho tographs, Stereoscopes aad Dagaerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medala at tha World's Fair, Lon doa. an da pnalu at OrysUl Pilars, Nsw York. *W**<U JUrjiaad Iastltato tor throe ?Ji^'d'iirS,r,MtJU#r7 'B 0,47 11 r<L ,T?C* b^" JS* *"u-I*?To? '-s<5el?ee all ths now Books and Vows !?? ? '* ,or HarP?r's and all r~* ? ^ knd oar readers will always find a roo<l asaortment of Blank Books and Stationer* at nla Bookstore, Odooa Balldiac, oor Pa. aTsaao t)| si. Q^/"??HJT.AL?1B * CO - nn^sr Browns' Hotel, ara prepared to ebow one of the moat comnlete aaaortmant S2uBED^ctMA?1K.rL0JH.INttr-r off#r<Kl 10 the ot rid f^Mor.hiw ,! smbraces STsrjthlnf that is new and toshlonabls for the season, manafactnred with taste and elegance, for which their Clothing is celebrated. mar 37 m!LrRK,l}t * BiTTKRS. withoat doubt, Is one ? . "><>?' popnlar insdlcloea In thla 8t?te, and the great cocSdence thronBh its frlsnds, haa cause.) aach In creaaed demand!i that the proprietor has found It necessary to Increaae his facility for a>annfactarlng the Bitters ao k? J t0 "'I all orders promptly. Oar most ^riltP^^rt0CI!,!, *r* D"n/'t ,D *????? r**n l?r practtee fo^?J ?d2Za Nerroua He^iache, Dla ' ^std's.'^ssri,''svr.* l."Z?IS^u!Z,1; Jgsz''' 4.... , , Biomom, Sep*. 7,1K4. I take rreai pleasnre In testifying to the Tlrtne of Bsker s "?*[? 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'veni^? of initint, MARY R03A MOND, eldest daughter of George t. and Mary A Sitea, agf d 6 yean, 7 montlu and 18 days. Also, on Che lJth ultimo, GEORGIANA, inf?ot daughter, aged 7 months and 21 data. " VVe fain would weep, but w.iat of tears, No tears of ours could e'er recall them j Nor would we wifh that groveJIing cares, Cares like ours shculd e'er befall them " Services appropriate to the occasion will take i place on the Cth innant, (to-morrow) at 11 o'clock f?? the residence of Mrs. Vancoble's, on 4U rtrr. t' between O street and Louisiana avenue. The! mends of the family are respectiully iavited to at 16I1qi g [City papers are requested to copy.] n?y7^r<Ir7, }n ^rrfo,k> Virginia, af era long and painful illnrss, Mrs. C'. R. MURPHEY wif? of L.eut. P U MurpLey, U. S. Navy, fn the ^h "yenr ' '?er *(|e, leaving her bereaved family and a larjre circlr o fnends the consolations that she has ex changed a world of pain for one of joy. Her remains will be brought to this city and de posited in the Congressional Cemetery. Want?. V^ANTED-A half grown girl to as. h!,Ln?vB ?.Ti,WOrk- App|y at ,5a c 8treet between 4% and 8th streets. aP5 31 THO. H. HAVENNER. ANTED?A SITUATION AS GOVERNESS i k fL^aeher, by a lady qualified to teach fcne ! Inh and French. Has some exp?rience, and ia not particular as to location. Best leferences given and required. Address^'Sarah Johnson," Martmsburg, .il ap It* 1 An agent wanted.?an active and intelligent young man, who ia well acquainted witit Baltimore, who is willing o attend closely to bu?ineds, will hear ot an opportunity of getting into a good business by calling immediately at the Star I u?c? - ap 4?tf 1 Wanted a good colored boy from 12 to 15 years of age. One accustomed to waiting and make himqelt generally useful, will find asituatnn by the year or month. Apply at 300 Pa. avenue. ap4-3t WANTED?A WOMAN WHO UNDER ntandfl making all kinds of desserts, and who j is capable of taking charge of a large boarding house may hear of a good situation by addressing ''X " at thw office. ' Also, a good femala Cook can find steady employ-1 ment. None need apply but those who can come well recommended. ap 4_3t? | WANTED-EMPLOYMENT FOR A COLOR ed man, accustomed to driving a cart In quire of the subscriber, Pa av?..ue, b^iween 10th anl llth streets. mar 31?? 3t WM. H. MOORE. A SALEtiWOMAN WANTED.?WANTED IN I i" i 8 . 5^ 8,ore on Pa. avenue, a young lady of p easing address, who has had some experience an a saleswoman, and can give satisfactory references as to qualifications, fee , will hear of a good situa uoa by addressing "Amicus," City Post Office, with real name and address. mar 31?3tco WANTFD?A COMPLETE FILE OF THE WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since L it* publication up to the present date, for which tfl liberal price wUI be paid if sjntto this office. ap 3?tf A YOUNG GERMAN LADY WISHES A 81T uation as Seamstress or Chambermaid in some respectable family in the city. Address "L N," at | at tills office. ap 3?3t* WANTED?A ROOM WITH BOARD IN thl I First Ward, by a gentleman who will, if de sired, famish hi* room. Address, for one week, I "M," at this office. mar 31?tf* I HOUSE W A N T E D.?THE ABVERTI3ER | wishes to purchase, for cash, a good two-story brici Dwelling, suitable for a small family, situated , north of Pa. aveuue. Address ?*S F A," through the Post Office, stat ng location, price, Ate. mar 12?1m* Boarding. Boar DING.?one large front room , handsomely furnishud, wi h an adjoining one, suitable for a lamily. Also, several single rooms, larger than are generally appropriated to gentlemen, can be had on reaeonabls terms by application <v No ? Union Row, on F, between 0th and 7th sis. Toe situation is central, and healthy for the ap proacrilng season of iprini and summf r. ap 5?lw# BOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN BE OB tamed by two s.ngle gentlemen. The *ooo?s arc pleasantly situate.! and comfortably furnished. I bey will be rented ritber with or without boar - '>n accommodating terms. Address "GU" City Post Office. ap 3-3t* Several gentlemen can be Accom modated with rooms and board, at No. 45 8 rwellth street, be.ween G and H streets. ap 2?2w* TDOARpiHO.?MRS. DUVALL, No. 331 ?J Pa. avenue opposite Browns' Hotel, has several, very desirable rooms, suitable for families or single J gentlemen, which sne would rent with board, on reasonable terms. She can also accommodate 6 or 8 gentlemen with meals, without lodging. rnarS? lm mt J* o. BtcauiuK, AMtikMw EXK^Lue.TfA*g k HOtTHRHOLO Owirt-On MONDAY, AjHMrJt |J S&? ilr?? b^;rBof.lh;^tf R,c,,,"d ^? ^riJSteS *323 Eiclient mahogany c?,, j,, p Marble lop Pier Table Mahogany Centre Table Girando'ei, Enpaviap unepwee Lot of valuable Book* Krfflaf"-"c^-? t s&frssssKssr Oak dining Chair., round ublc HSJ r^a^/jVHr!' Pl*^d Castor. Table Cutlery, China and Glassware Two solid Walnut French Bedsteads Dressing and plain Bureaus, Wadutands Very superior feather Bed. ind E "?^Llr0?i1?Kg 0t#Ve and flxlur~ RejJS" * a**or,meBt of Kitcbea erf^Ht?of J nmnthl^ fU"d<f CMh i 0Ter thai IUID a bSiriig 1 ?te"Si ' "'"???"'I JOHN MARBURY.Administrator. ,n, MS. C. McGUIRE, apra?d Auctioneer. I Tor Bale and Rant. F?IJ2K-JPE ^are?OU8E IN THE iI?n^.k m"^' ?" Loui?ana avenu*P re cently occupied by Messrs. RothweU k. Brown. The sgap " "^asastsssr C^OR RENT- ONE OP THOSE FINE HOU8ES p 0fE' be,ween 5th ?n<J ?th ?s. is offered lor rent. Possession given on the 8th in scant. Also, a good ahOp or wafehouM. Apply to __ ? DR- Ci BOYLE, _j?PS-3t* 4H 'treet. F(t>J1ENTa?k 8alereasonable ,bre? ?t?ry Frame, with basco>ent, Krc?Swil tveDne' bctween fourth and Fifth r jJJ*?l^f#^t0f7 Frame, with back buildinf,on F,mi ?? west Apply to James W. Birker, residence on H street north, between 13th and I3th streets west ?n s Th,r DICKSON It KING, *p5-Thtf Georgetown. tT?R rent-three new frame houses, tieenT ?anTJ ?'* L???"' ,ltuated on P 'treet, be road I)e?J!? r ' , ?^ Uf ^oare3 from the feai' THflMAn.. ?h moderate. Apply to CHARLES THOMA, on the opposite side of tne ~ ap 4?lm* ' street. HandSSJ?2hiR??rr?A WELL FURNISHED and desirable house in the First Ward, may be remed low. The furaitur** to be purchased at a cheap valuation. Applv to ?n t q* C- ?- KENNEDY, apj over Sayings Bank. TfOR RENT?FROM THE FIRST OF MAY, A frimr Cn-^nT ??fMe> and we,|arnnged two story frame Dwelling House, on the west side of Thir teenth street, two doors sotith of Penna. avenue Apply at the counter of he Star office. sp 3?tf A CM,K'rAI A , CHANCE to make a for. in 7h? k y haviD* acquired a competency I nfh . LbrneM' 18 "0W ^rOUS of dispo if!-? ? f*^a . ment' and retiring into private li c. Her location is one of the beat in the city, ant! b". Onp?"uoiiy for r ne acquainted with ihe business. For terms and particulars apply at this mar 29- lm r|THE RESIDENCE OP%TOL. ROBERTS, U. 8. i. A., continues to be offered on nr vatc sale It i* one of the best appointed Cottages in the District, c u..hing three acres of Ground, a lanre earden - 1< nt water, stables and outhouses in perfect r. and ornamental grounds, fruit trees, fcc , in t- test condrioni t informaUon apply at this office. 28?2w 3 ^JJ8 F?R, BENT-TWO OR THREE new. , X ^.JrB^^d"nd?Tcry de?,'rable Rooms for rent 403 F St., Union Row. mar 26?it w * " F(inf kEVT'u FOt R NEVV AVn CONVENI in2 J Ho"ses, brown mastic It fronu, co.i LhrhI.nPJi 3 V- marble mantels, dinin* room, kitchen, ae. ^n.B room, and five chambers tach nShiii :ea n 'l^irteenth street, Island, near the public grouncs, convenient te Pa. av?nue and the sC|^KrV; srt;?very moderate- ? Ew ? K office, corner of Sixth street and Hrn^'pl8 & elnup' or,at D- C- CLARKE'S Dnn Store, Eleven Ji street. Island. mar 6-eoU F?rS?iMN^~THE dvvelling AND STORE .u i street west, one door from Pa. avenue north side, adjoining Fnrnham's Doo.t>store. Apply mar GEORGE A- W- KANDALL, mar 2?eotf corner 12th and I) sts. PU^DLNG LOTS for SALE.-A VARIETY ? -^.Bu'lding Lots in the vicinity of tbe Ciiy Hall inJ?,.n 0t?.er parts of the cit>' on accommodat Enquire at Mrs. ADAMS' Boarding ?PPO>1^ '"Browns' Hotel, to be ?.en fmm M,e t0,n P "? Al*?> an addr"8 trough the Post Office will receive attention. mar 5?eo3m DAVID MYERLE F~0R RENT-A MEDIUM-SIZED HOUSE, ON Maryland avenue, between Sixth and Seventh ofT GAfl'lfW iY"oenqUife '"e Fa?c>;?tore ' o. i & LO , uuder Brow s' Hotel, mar 31?3oet 'PHIRrY ONE BUiTdTnG SITE*. CONTAIN I ing about five acrt-s each,on a credit of K years wi.nin twenty five minutes ride of the City Post Of fice for sale, lying between Washington and Bla densburg, dutant from the central portion of tlic city lrom SXto 3^ miles. The trwt prints a roads is in a pood neighbor hood and rapidly improvingsecticn of the coun ry vve will sell tbe above lots on a credit of 10 years and on such terms as we are sure will insure to the ,P"rc_h*(ier ,an ca*y ""Xle of payment. On many of the above lots there are fine groves of oak trees of wafrnglnaJ 8rowUl' and a,*? ""me fine Springs' of ,h^e ,0Uut0 residents of Washington, ?Tm?r LI re>lde.,n the country and at the same time be able to attend to businrm in the city. ?r u?' \ traci K??d 'and adjoining the same of about thirty-five acres, improved by a good dwel ng house ; fcas on it a fine spring and spring bou<e ?S\?hVe* ^,argC .?*k wood '? a"d wSl fenced ' ror the above either improved or unimproved citv ?0^ will be taken in exchange at a fair valua For lithographic plats of the (round and further explanations of the terms of sals inquire of r JNO. B. KIBBEY, ? No * Columbia Place, qi ,t[ *treet and Louisiana avenue, mar 21??oI2t FOR RENT?THE HAMBURG LIME KILNS, situated on square No t3. These Kilns h ve recenUy been put in complete repair. To any one wishing to engage in tbe lime business a favorable opportunity u now presented. Apply to the sub scriber. at their Lumber Yard, corner 96th and D "?N-k '?w?EASUV FOR RENT-A THREE-8TOKY BRICK House, with large back buiiding and fine lar?e ill iC"1?1 ?treet, nearly rppo. . the residence of B B. French Esq. Possession f'pVrt?i!!mnej V!tely' Ap?ly to the subscribers, cor ap^l eo8i? N EAS^Y. l^^ERM?! ?R 8ALE ?N EEA80NABLE A two-?ory frame House, with back building SS??a"";;V,5!< be,WMn B ,,ul C. A. DOUGHERTY, next door. A three-story Frame, with basement, on N. York aveuue, between 4th and 5th sts. west. A three-ttory Frame, with back buildinc. on I et north, between 4tii and 5th Us. west. R ^H^PR>f^eriW.0 ,ast menUoned to JAMES W. st? west 8 reet nonh> between 12th and 13th b'ckbulld""' fe?7-i!otf Ti LconiieRrSLREATS ?8EVERAL OF THOSE ssaass SSPfflSas; ?^Sf' *,,r 1 residence after office hours. th^citv?4s bu?COln,ua"d,, ? 'u? ^w of ^ J ' 8 I"1.1 a mi'e and a quarter from the Pott Office, and is in eveiy respcct desirable house tW? *Cre" each Ue altached to every A permanent omnibus line communicates with aMht^iimaJ 'tkr *** ** Ptaaa~ *venue, iwic* a day, nStfEJtf WM STltJKNEY. H?i!I-?S./h R|jlLL/""B*autifu,,y and healthUy Iw-ated Balding Lota, 34 fett front by 130 fret QrT' fmded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low prico of #75 aavable 13 Der mouth. TiUe indupnuSleT ^ ' ** P?r Union Land Office, 7th at., . u . ?l?ve Odd Pillow*' Hafl. Jan ? JOHW pox | O DOZEN CASTAGNBT, IVORY It ROSE "7 wood Bones just received at the Music Depot of. . HILBUS It hitzT ap %r?? Anctloa Bj J. c. VALUABLE THBEE BTOIY BUCK BOUSE, Carriage Hmw Uil Lot on 7th street for Ml* at Auetvm - THf cwner kini abr-ot to reaaove from th?! city, will ffl, 02*HU??DAY,j^ ljjh day Ap?tl next# at 5 o'clock, p. ro. the dw?lin.g hou?? he now neeoples. ?t?ate?l on 7th '''"l we*, between M r.rd N street* oorlh, b*"1"* ?*?" be red 2 6 Th- house contain? ?'??? n?o?? and an entry Th?* main buiMiug la 1? by ll i*et, *" ceiling* 10 feet high in the two lowe* reow^Mid w feel in the upper story. The bock brick, 14 by I9feet with a brick paved C? liar, bick of thia is a abed su .table for keeping fncl, washing, kc. At the rear of the lot la a ?ood*table and car rta^e hoase, with pa red alley. The front of the home ia of pressed brick, and it haa a neat paling fence enelortng a mall yard ia front. The boaaa 1* new and well supplied with electa iMewf ??n fortable It ia in a repidly imp?ow*p?rt of the!ciy and is worthy tho attention of pnrcboxrro, aalt most be sold. Title perfbet _ , , . M 10 Terma : One-fourth caah; the balance * 6, l?, and 18 month?, wtth interest froaa the dae of *lc. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. If the terma of aala are not complied with wL'hiu three daya frcm the cay of aale, tha property will be again sold at the riak and er>et of the fin* purchaeer. The property may be examined any day prrr iou* to the sale. JAg. C. McGUIRE. ap 5-d Aoctxmeer. By C. W. BOTELKBf Aaetlaacir. PEREHfTORRY SALB OF CALLECH, HOR SES, Male*, Roekaway, kc. at Auction.?On THURSDAY uiorring, April 5th, at 11 o'clock, I shall aell, In front of my store? ^ One clagmK Callecb, nearly new, coet $600 One pale bay Horaes One pair young Male* One Rockawav S?tt of Double flarnesa Sale positively withotit reserve Term*: One-third cash? residue in two and four month* credit, for approved endowed note*, bearing interest. C. W. B'JTKLBK, sp 2 -d Auctioneer. Will be added to the above aalo? 1 grey horse and harneaa 1 light grocer'* wagon 1 one home carnage for four persona. Terms, caah. ?P 4 ALSO? 1 pair aornl Carriage Dorse 5 Family Carriages Iatonaeqainre of 'he fala tho above *ale s postponed to SATURDAY, the 7th in atant, at the same hour C. W. BOTELER, ap 5?St Auctioneer. =*y GKKKK dk SCOTT, Auctioneer*. VALUABLE FRAME HOUSE AND LOTS at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the 10:h ir.e:an:, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock, p. m., part* Lota Noa 19 and 13, in Square No. 54.1, wi'.h the improvements, which are a good two-sto ly Cottage House, containing fiva good and conve niently arranged room*, with passage and kitchen and cellar, and all neceasnry outbuildings. Tt e above described property fronts on 4V< street, 45 feet 6 inches, between K and L *ts. south, run ning back 10 J feet to a 15 feet alley. Title indisputable. Term-' of sale : One-quarter cash ; the balance a credit of 6, 12 and 18 months, for notea bran g in terest frr.?n the day of tale A deed given and a deed of traat taken GREEN & SCOTT, apr 4?d Auctioneers^ By C* W. BOfELKR. Auctioneer. SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY ON THF. Islan.! at Auction?On MONDAY aA-rnoon. April 9th, at 4 o'clock, I shall sell, on the premises, p.rt of Lot No. 7, in Square 353, together with the iinprovem 'nts thereon, consisting of two two sto y frame houses, in oneof which there is a store, winch is considered a good business location. In the rear of the store there is a large, convenient and ?ubstan tial two atory brick bake house This property ia located on 11th at., (the principal tlio'ougnfare to the steamboat wharves; between D and E streets south Terms: One-third caeb ; the balance on a credit of S, 12 and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed in-trust on the property. C. VV. BOTELER, ap 4?<1 Auctioneer. By BARNARD 4b BUCKET, Georgetown Household effects at auction -on FRIDAY morning, the 6th inst, at 10 o'clock we will sell, at the residence of th? Rev. Henry Sli cer No. 55 Second street, all the Household Fur niture We name in part? Mahogany S ta and Rocker Do parlor Chairs, Pier T?b!ea Parlor and Chamber Stoves Do ball and do Carpets Mahogany Sideboard and Dining Tablee Wardrobe, Walnut and French Bedstead* Dress ng and other Bureaus Gilt and other Mirrors, Currains Fir-t rale Cook Stove, Kitchen Tables Wood, Stone* and Tinware, kc. With other articles not enumerated. Terms : All sums of and under ?25 cash i over $2.i a credit of sixty days for s tistac or ly endorsed notes, bearing interest. BARNARD k BUCKEY, ap 3?d Auctioneers. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. CATALOGUE SALE OF 1,000 HARDY EV er-biooming Roses, Fruit Trees, kc.?On FBI DAY afternoon, April 6th, at 3'tf o'clock, at my Auction Rooms, I shall sell a large collection of Ev er-bloomi g Roses, comprising Perpetual, Hy bride. Bourbon, Noisette, Moas, Monthly Moaa, Standard and Kunriiug Ro?-es Also, Chinese Wisteria's Tree Peony, Bpiress, Camellia. Japonices. Orangt Trees, Parlor Plants, Ornament Shrubs, kc. Also, Dwarf Pears Apples, Cherries, Apricots, Peach Trees, kc. Thin collection comprises the newest and be?t kinds of Rrse* and Fruit Trees known, f.oni A Jardik, Florist and Nurseryman, Washington, D. C. Term > cash JA8. C. McGUIRE. ap 3?d Auctioneer By ORRiEN 4fc SCOTT, Auctlaaterii ON TH1JR8DAY AFTERNOON next,5th Inei., at 5 o'clock in front ot the premises, we ahali sr-ll the Bnilding Material* in the houses belonging to Mr. Z. D. Oilman and Mr. W. H. Ward, on Penn sylvania avenue, near Browns' Hotel. The purcha serts will be required to take down the houses and remove the saute within two weeks. Terms at the sale GREEN k SCOTT, ap 9?d Auctioneers. By Q11KK3 4k SCOTT. Auctioneers. SPLENDID CHINESE AND JAPANESE AND other Household and Kitchen Furniture at auc tion.?On MONDAY, the tKh of April, we shall sell at 10 o'clock a. m., at the residence of Lieut. Ualch ot the United States Navy, ia the Six Buildings, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Twenty first and Twenty second sts., a very superior asemment of Furniture, viz: Splendid Japanese Centre Table, inlaid with pearl Do Chinese do do ivory Do Japaneie Ladies' Cabinet and Writing Desk, Inlaid with pearl, aet Japanese Waiters Do Chinese Work Table and Teapov*, inlaid with pearl Do Chinese Chea* and Backgammon Men and Board Do Cbmese Paintings and Ccstume* Do do large Punch Bowl and Toilet Set Do do Circular Bedstead, inlaid witb ivo ry, a perfect curiosity. Do assortment of Japanese and Chinese Orna ments and Curiosities Fine rosewood oval Centre and marble-top Sofa Ta bles Fine Chinese hall and other Lamps, gilt glass Chan deliers Fine China, Gla** and Crockeryware, among which are one Chinese Dessert Set, white French China Dinner, Tea and Coffee Sets Fine gothic gilt frame French plate Mirror and Bracket Fine Moreen and Brocatelle Window Cartaina and Ornaments Fine walnut gethic, castor, arm and other Chairs Fine enshi* ned Lounges and Ottomans, WhairNo'e and ped**tal* Fine walnut Chamber Set, comprising gotbic BeJ ttead, Wardrobe, Sofa. Arm Chairs, dressing Bureau, marble top Washstand, and single Bedstead _ Fine walnut Set, comprising Preneh Bedstead, La dies' Dressing 8tand, Psyche Glass and Wash stand * Fine Feather Beds, Bedding, Hair and Shuck Mat tresses ? Fine iron Nurse Chair, bronxed iron Settee and Chairs for hall . _ _ Fine Tapestry, three-ply, ingrain, and Stair Carpets and Rugs Passage Oilcloth and Straw Matting Two jars Nutmeg, preserved in their nataral rtele Quarter cask Madeira Wine, sixteen rears in wood, four years in the Eaat Indies, fine Small lot fine Constaacia Refrigerator Mahogany dining and other Tables Cooking and oilier Stoves And a good assortment of Kitchen Requlatea. Terms of s?le: #30 and under cash ; over that snm a credit of sixty as4 ninety daya, for note* eauatao torily endorsed, bearing interest I The subscribers most confess that in their attempt to describe the Furniture they have entirely failed. Suffice it to say it is superior to anything ws bare seen, and we would respectfully invite the ladies and gentlemen of Washington, Georgetown and A1 exandua, and the public in general, to attend the sale and see for themselves GREEN k SCOTT, mar 30 - eo Auctioneers. P. 8.?The public are re*pecifrt)ly invited to call on Samrday, the day prrvtnue to aalo, and ex amine tbe Furniture. G. k. B> | TKl.EGRAl'HIC. 1 S4ILT iYmUW BTAB. > mm !? mmmmL i Cincinnati, April 6tk. 1 o'eieok.?If* igkt j log hM tnkvB place to-day. Tie kave delivered op ihoir mum bmi mtataerl tbewieala. The partiaa are bow qnarraliag ?boat the latter. The military are still arau. Afttrnoon.?The military aadar tUi o 1 the aheriff marched over the aaaal and took poMonion of the whaob o( tho naaan aad Ihia baring booa aooompliahed, the crowd divporaod, aad thiagi are r* pidly wttlif iato (rrnqaility He further diUartaaee li tppj* handed. J udge Leao haa dl oharged the 17. 8 Mar> ?hill, remarkiag that hie ooaaaittal vai ill*, gal. Pbotipbxcb, April 6 ?Oar eleetioae all oae way. Hopplo, (.Whig aad K. N ) waa ohcae Governor, aad Hone, (K. N ) Lisutaaaat Governor, by large maioritiea. For Congraaa, \n the Baatera district. Darf?e. (? N ,) asd la the Weeiern district, Tharatoo, (K X. ati Dem ,) hare been elected by greet m'joriUac Tdfcgraph A fair a in Vera ijotia. Haufax, April 6 ?The pro Tie 3i el parlia ment haa been prorogued The afplieatioB i for a charter to the Newfoundland aad Saw York Telegraph Campaaj waa aot acted upon* A charter waa granted to facilitate the aew fctmction of a tranaatlaatic line, Ireland with Hora Scotia. The Weather in Baltimore Baltimorb, April 3.?The day iaoloady aad tho weather mild. A alight raia ooaatrod early thia morning. Fe&l Dow Bleated Mayor af Bortlaad. Poktlakd, Me , April 3?l>oal Dow waa oleited Mayor to day. The rote etoad?D>w, 1.904; MoCtbh, 1,830. The K. N vote wee throws for Duw. Four Dow aad three op pott rition Aldermen are elected The CcwDOT atandr: 1 Dow, 9 opposition, 2 racanoiee. Baltimore Karkata. Baltiwobb, April 3 ?Floor ia advancing; ?ale# of Howard atreat at 73 Theraeelpia of graiu ore pretty large Wheat haa ad vanced; aalea of red at $1 30 a $2 40; white at $2 33 a $2 32. Corn haa advanced; whit* at V2i a 03; yellow at 00 a 07. Oata?aalea of Virginia at 37 a 00c. ? Bow Tork Market. Kit Yobk, April 3 ?Cotton ia unehaaged, with a moderate demaod. Floar ia apward, bat rot qaotebly higher; good Ohio $9 73a $10 23; Southern ia better?talee at $9.30a 510 25 Wheat ia upward aad firm ; Southern wlito$2 34 Cora'ia dowaward and dall, aad mere *re qioted nomiaall; Western mixed $1 03. Pork is a trifle higher; oldmeea$13 30. Keef ia upward and firm. Lard ia aoohaaged. Whisky?Ohio is higher ; aalea at 34a33e. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. E) R' )PO^ALS mil be receivrd at tbe office of the Washington and Alexandria Railroad Com pany until tic OJi of April, for the Graduation, Me onry, and Ooe? ii**s for said road. Plana, profiles, an 1 specifications can be re? n by calling on the un at the offiee of Waller Lenoi, No. <0 Louisiana avenue, between Sixth and S< vrnth sis. G.C. WHARTON, ap 9?d4t Civil Etui"**. BOUNTY LAND-ADDITIONAL. ALL my old friends for wbom I obtained Bounty Land, in lees quantity tbaa IN acres, ere bm> ay informed that tneir names end a record of the evidence, with tbe date? of their oeitiflcatee, are on my hook, so that I can, with faeUitv, make out their drc>Arations for additional land. Thn*? who failed to obtain any land for want of sufficient service, m-.ny of wbom are now entitled to 100 srr*a, can find the ume ellowed lecorded by me. Others will I find it to th?ir interest to call or write, and I will I Knd forms and instroctions for reasonable and Mr compensation. Any old Soldiers, or tbeir Widows, enable to ??ef tor preparing thetr paper? will be instructed gratis by calling at tbe office JOHN D. CLARK, ' mar 8?1 in Agent, Washington, D C. STOP YOUR COUGHING. JUST received, per Ariams fc Co.'s Ezprees one case of Ma llard's *etv York Gold lledel GUM DROPS, consisting of Banana, Vanilla, Raspberry, Lemon and Hocebotnd flavors. Also, a complete assortment of bis eeUbreted Chocolates, of universal reputation aad without rival in the United etates. For sale at Z. M. P, KING*, 205 Vermont avenue, comer 1 street, mnr 10?tf Pk. U w O M * WITH DKFKCTiTB vision *re invited to examine my, extensive slock of all kinds of SPECTA-j CLE3 and EYE-GLASSES. Glasses* of aay kind, ?uch as Cauract, Persboia. Perieeopic, DouMe Concave, fVmble Convex, and Colortd Gla?a**s, put in at at.ort notice, with great care, aid persons in want of gtaesee may ha sure to get thoMf which benefit the eye. **- Circulars "Defective Via,on," gratis at H. SfcMKEVS, 330 Pa avenue, betw. 9th and 10th su>. mar 30 HAIR WORK. ORN AMENTS of H?ir, auch as Bracelets, Chai elatas, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Finger Rings, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attended to. Specimcos uiay be seen at my store. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 0th and 10th eta. Mar 30 THE FIRST GRAND ANNUAL BALL or THK T WILL BE OIVKH AT FUKKEST HALL, GEORGETOWN, On THURSDAY ZYM1SQ, April 19, ISM. tUE Mt-mbcrs of the Club pledge themselves that no pains or expense will be spared to make U one of die most pleasant Bail* of the Season. Scott's Cotillon Band ha* been engaged for the occasi&n. Rcfrralimcnt? will be eerved ap by an experienced caterer. No H;it* or Cap* will be aJuiitted in tbe room, ex cent those worn by the respective Ciubs Tick< u ONE DOLLAR, admmihf a G?*nt'eman and Ladies, to be bad of any of the members of the Club. Committee of .frraHfewmUt. Uriah D Harrison, J. K. Calhooa, W. A- Cunningham, T. B. Davis, Uriah li. Hilton. Thomas DowJng. A/jncrrri J. E. II Hon, f. E. Wangh, Jotin Carr, A. H. King, A. Ev King, Gab tel Fieth. Floor Managers. Gabriel Fitch, Uriah D. Harrison, Thoe. DowUag. ap 4?W,Wlw?o4* REFRIGERATOR?, WATER COOL ERS, ICE CKE4M FREEZERS, lt?. RECEIVE*! thia ?av a sopplv of Wateroiaa's Patent Ventilated REFRIGERATORS, univer sally acknowledged to be the best Refngerater ever presented to th - public. Austin's Patent Magic Ice Cream Proeaer, war ranted to produce a superior Cream in five m aim. Water Coolers, all s:*es. together with a ceaeral assortment of House Furnishing Goods, all of which will be sold at reduced prices. C. W. BOTELER. ap 4?? Ot Iron Hall. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR 8aLE ? Toe block of buildings knowa a- tbe "Union Biyldisfi." and n<-w occup ed by the LTnoc news paper eamblishment. They are situated on E street between 13ih and 14th streets, aad fronting directly on Pennsylvania avenue. The lot is 70 feet front by 150 feet deep. Tbe property is susceptible of divis ion and rv arrangement, and its posit! n such as must rank it among tbe best business stands on the avenue, and is yearly increasing in value. The time of tbe preeetii l**se? expires on the lit Septem ber next, on which day poasrsrion May be had. Also, that large three story Bnek House oa I7B street west, (oppoaite tho War Office aad three doors south of G stre W) Also, that three story House oa 17th sires next door to the Government Building, at ihe of F snd 17Ji streets Sh tiilJ the ah;vc property not be aold at iilii sale prior to tbe i5th of Hay, a will be sold oa that day at public suction. Terms wi.l be made (hvrraMe te tbe pure bar . App yto CH. H WINDER, Corner of Seventeenth aad 4* stiee*. mar 10-SawUlayU ??? TtTTT

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