Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 5, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 5, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YOU WHOLE NO. 6796. MORNING EDITION? THURSDAY, K HERALD. APRIL 5, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. AME1TBUENT8 BKNEWKD UTERI DAT. HKH PCIIUCATlUSa. Ltmu I ROM IKELANU? LV MR VuGEE.? NO. 3 of th**e Ujciil} interesting l?tter? ii published In tfii* vwti A??lm Call, and should to read by evury Irish mm. Alio Aic^iihop lftier uo charcb property, for sal* at all avvvd depots, uflko I'll Nassau struut. aCHUlO FA Ml LIONS. ?HOME'S M A N TI I.l.AS.? N<> I'K'K TO THE I.ADIKS. Brodie'e exposition nf spring and summer uiautillas, *th* only In* fajti.i 'lis for Ihit seama, on and after Tuesday, I'd of April, lit fit 4 fcnal street a it J t?s Liapensrd streo* MOl.YNEUX r.HLL'S UK AN U OPENING Or SPINO mantillas thli d>y, Apr.l 3, I vW.? The pnblio are rv epeetfully lalnawi that 11, liell nm just retnrnod from Eu yepe, after Meitdi.' all the fWnliiona'le emporium*, and hai at Ice ted tb* ?OCT SUPEHlt ASSORTMENT Of the lateat aoieltii s iu in att laa talmas, 1'Impentlces, ?t*., different la etyta and material to anything ever before niWtiUd la tklrreuu' ag?t wnioh may he mentioned a uieetaiecaat kaM)ar>?, the perfect fac iiimile of uae lunt made ior th* Kapraaa -t ? mute. He baa al?u, after jreat exertion yrocered aa extensive Htmrtiacat of all the most recherche aylee iatead*d h* exhibition at the Grmid Exposition of , t* y inaugurated at Paris tUla spring aiuou'tt ?which will to tenad Chantllly lee* tanatles, Applique lae* ataatlea, Rich gaiawr* la?- mnnllea. Hair* aatiqae mantles, etc Mclyeaeax Bali licin< th? only r.antilla roerchat. t who li.t< visited Europe tUU aeaioa, ladles aiaf rely upon his an the only censine fart tan atylea *<? t e iciund in ?hi* country. MOLVKMtl' X HEi.L. 68 lann'. strnet OLYNEUX BEIiI> HA* 4CHT RUTl'RNED FROM Paris, with a moat stipurb i! iurtm. at of elegant man ?illas, aa exhibtii .fi this day, i ue day, April 3. MOLYnEPX HE 1. 1., 68 Canal street. M MANT1LMA*. MUAWI.S? CASIIti ERE, BIIOCUE, AC - A ltrn asavtmeat oi mantillas, of tie neweet styles, ia black aad fancy color*, suitable for the seaion, and a very extensive lot or B roc ho shawls, lr >iu augtion, at urj>rove dented low ariees T REUSE.-* 4 POWER*. ? I and 200 Sixth arenne, ,Vfie a'M.jr la-low Fourteenth street. New yore and pakis em tori dm op fashion, 861 Broadwu). Bra. W. .-immune deairea to inform tier ciitsafti tai tbu puulie that bur show rooms arc stock ed with a choice mloetioa ot STRAW AND MIM.INERY OOODH Herckaata acil aailliners are rvxpuctfully invited to call Letore pairhann* elsewhere. AlK-l. W. SIMMONS, 004 Broadway. 2 PEN INC OF SPRING AND BUMMER HOSIERY.? The (atoertw bega t.> cull the attrition or Lsdiis to a? aatiuei-t of spring and summer noods, which ia our of "the largest *T*r offered at rotali in this city, aad onmprl'es treri Tiriety, afcse aud style >f ladles', sont Umen'r, and ohildrea a plain aaid openwork while unbleached, aod fluey ?isttoa LI* Is threall aa^t (ilk hosiery, which are uow ready for inspection, itsu. aMe; garji?nts of eve-y dencrlpH. a. ItlCSD. OREi-N, fo nuerty Lincoln A Oreen, I.HM'aaat atr**t. P. Dopol for lleeiter'a celebrated Oertuaa lio aiery, SPRING FASUIONS? MANTIi.f,AS.? THE NEWEST style aad isait beautiful a**'-rt*i'enL in the city, day tie fonad at the New York Mabtilia Emporium, 17 Canal street. Ilavlan Ixsen in the rcc ipt or tue?newest patterui for tke last two months irom my Hnrii<ian a/ent, I have tieen enabled to maaaliacture, under my immediate supcri isiou, the most eateaaite stock of sprin: and stunmur mantillas ever offered t? the public, llad I vUlted I'aria as others har* done.. 1 could not roooiuuend ?freely, ae I aaperinted my work personally. Althon ;li I Iiave not far siflailea of article* worn on the Boulevard* or -Champs Blystc* of Paris, vet have articles that aru now daily worn by the most fashionable ladies of Broadway mid i'lrtu aveane. pue notice will beeivcu ot t lie completion of the epeetaoa* ?! ^American nianufiictare iniund.-d lorthu "Urand Exposition of All Nations" at Paris, now beim ma uutastarad at a>y tistnblishmcnt. W. B WACEENZ1E, 17 Canal ? treat . SPRING 1'AIQJONS.? J. B. ARM3TRONU Wll.l. Ex hibit hiaepriar fashions of nullincry ^oods on Thursday, April A, at St Palton street. The ladies of Brooklyn aru invited to call aad examine thassme Ills stock comprises - tke most compute assortmeat ever exhibited in Brooklyn. DRY GOODS. AC. LINO OFF AT GREATLY and maguifloea; (took of Una AMI OIOV f ALE. ? 8EL1 oi red need iritt'i, the larjr amLcoidortee, (mm, hoalery 111 plover, at No 779 Broadway. Ladlo* win do wr4( to call, >? we *rv Mill eg vary l?w for 4Mb. By Oder ol the auiguaaa. CURTAINS? I. APE AND MUSLIN CURTAINS.? WE wUleipuee for r-ale on Monday, April 2, 1(?&, aajlendil aaaortmeat cf th' above good*. nt very low pricoa. Mmllu curtain*, ky the window, from it to $d; lnre do do. , $-1 M to ?U>: I net, extra kr? v work, *12 to S15. An early call in ao ? lioitod. RSHOK V ? POWERS. 204 and 2UU Sixth avenu*. ono door below Fourteenth atreet. Dress soods. just received- a beautiful lot of lawiio < koap. from auction; alto, dolainea, bare WUH do al**?', wuu...t?, a variety or other ele ?^UStiS ?; ?*. door kolow Foirtoenth atreet. T?MBROIDERlE3: EMBROIDERIES! EM BROIDERIES: Xi ? Tfca oabacribori art oonttaatiy receiving from anc tion an eadteaa vunaty ot tho eholcaat good*, which they wf er to Ui* puftllo at price* altogether unprecedented. tfROWN A DOTLE, 3M Bower/, between Fourth and Ureal J oner (treat*. Embroideries per atlantic ? a choice as eartaoat of jareuet and Swiia bande; alio new ?t vie < in aprlng collar*, will be ready thia day at thirty p.-ro?nt under tfgilir crtc?a. OAYMih'S wove cornet and embroi dery atom, Air I avenue, near T.-nth atreet. EMBROIDERIES-SCOTCH, SWISS AND FRENCH? Jnat received, a lane lot, from auction and from recent arrival* froa Ewrape, which we 'hail epea tor lupoctlon on Monday, April ?, 1AV>, at unnaually low prieei. REMSRN A POWERS, 21)1 nud 2 ? Sixth avenue, one door b 'low Fourteenth atriet. Foulard silks, at ttuo tiie dress ?ubsdell, Perreoa A Ufa have Jnat received lttM mora. oomprlaing ? variety of color*, which will be offered far aala thia morn ing, at til Broadway. IMMENSE REDUCTION - J. Staadard price* in carpeting!. Yelvata, Ma , 13a., IS*., 14*. and u pit aria. 'Tape* trie*. 7*., Ha., 9* . 10*. I agraia*, ia. and .V M., formerly So Tkroo Ply*. Sa? formerly 10*. and Mr Tbeoe are ear trwe pncea; we oaly a*k an inapectlon of ?Ue ahov* to Mlialj are vtle* that they art the ohoaneet in the city. LORD A TAYLOR, Orand atreet, corner of Chriatie. Lace and muslin curtain.) from auction. - Maalia ewrtain* for SI A", worth .VI Mnjlia cartaia* tar 2 Wl " 3 IM Do, do. do 4 IW " 6 00 Do. da. do d 0O " 10 00 I. ace enitaiae for 4 (W " ti <KJ Da. do. do ? 0U " 9 00 Do. do. do ID (M " l.? t>? Do. do. da 13 00 " 20 W Do. do. da 20 00 '? SI 00 A compute aanurtment of cornice* and curtain trimming*, at reduced price* EELTY A FERGUSON, 291 Broadway. LAY ELLA CLOTHS? JAMES I'RANGE. BROAD way will opea on Wedaeadny, 4th April a largo lot of l.avolla cloth*, aa entirely new material fur ladle* travel ling draaaoo; very oboap. Madame Harris, 571 Broadway, haying just received her aew and fnahioaaMe aaaortment of *nr<ng Connate frvaa Pane. retpectfnlly invito* the attention of the .''aela* of New Yera aal vicinity. They have baea aelected -with groat aare, and imported (xpreMly for her boua*. A ?aut Mlmaaa* wanted. Madamk Laurent, paris milliner, an aaeaeo* to iha ladi** of Now Y^rk that ahe ha< Juat arrived from Paru with an ele/a ,t naaortnfnt of bonnet ', ,-iead draeaae, ate , of the new?at and ino*i racbrrcbe etyle, w bich ahe will ha?e ready lor iaapectiun on the nf.h or April, at No. 3 V Brgadaay. ?Vf ILLINRRV. ? MRS. COOLEY WILL OIF.V HFR Jvl ahow rooaae oa Thnraday, April .1, with a aplendid aa wortaant of militarry. CUOI.EY, 112 F.i iiili jiveaaa, between Fifteenth and Siiteeath atreet* SILKS-PLAIN AND FANCY SILKS. A SPLENDID aaaortaeett in plaia black, and tan y rdorf. e?np??, check*, chaae, aad rich brocadca of the latcat Imrnrtation*. from 6a, mp. Rl.'MSEN A POMTERI, VH and V* Sixth avftnuf, oae door Iroai Fourteenth etrcal. WATCHES, JKU KLRY, , "WATCHES' MATCHES I 1-THE SUBSCRIBER 18 YY *aHiacalI daacrli'tioaa of gold and illvar watohea. at -etail, lawor I baa any bouae in the city Fine gold I*p4ea wataAa*. fear hale* Jawellad tJf l^eaattfei oauwM ladiee* waiehea U > pi en did on an Ot lad laoaar watcket, wltk diamead* la *lol? detaebad lavor* foil' j*wail~? . '. ! " ! ! ? Seaa'.ifal gold acaaell'd kaati i* oateH** Cald dataoWd Uowr* for ladle*, rich eagrai*d aaooa ... SI Yia* geld hna>Ma?; lepiaoa for ladie* V Yl?* gaid kaatiar da(a*h*d lever* fall Jewelled 4t Sp'o?dld Wvorwalwbe* for da(acrr*r?y oe* IIS Niok wateba*. wtiieh wind ap and iaa withoat a key 83 Real /ml** JargiaaeeB watch**, ,ertec? tiaia Va*a HO ~ fim lo (Ml "HodlCoorer daple'x and levora 126 ?o 2d0 "JadovOBdoat oaewtMl a d quarter aeoond walo Il ea dae Maiiax br.rMr 75 ta ?V) f ple'ndld pjtlii ehrennni'-'-era, perfaet timokoayon. 12.1 to XA '?Yatekao wM?b rwa S dava with nn-e wiadiag.. 12) ta ITS Riek maclo waloliwa fer ladle* ant gentloaoa, whxti *Imm<* three diferaat watebea. .. . im to 1711 d>?ld EagUek pofc^it levar* V> ?<i ? X.old hantiao *?? Eagllet paoat levm V to p) filve* EagLak y- >*T*t Uver* Id to 24 "Mlver d**aeha?l '--v?? It ta 94 Vitver laii*a waJ^la*..... t alradid geld a?> ?**?r Fo?'t*h pa??nt lever*, mad* ky M. j Taktaia. and ether * 4*k-eted mat are Tory lao d**l' ? erntvh**, mala by T. F. Coooor. Waraar, and *11 ealetra ?d maker*. Watak** *laa??4 and renair?d lr Mi* beat aaaaner. at 4naeh I aoo tkaa tv ataal prioa* A!1 walcbee warraated ta Aeaacoaltiaa OE'? O. ALLEN. Importer. " wboleealr ltd f?tail, II WaU atro*t, ? ae-rd (oof. a ear Broadway. LH410RD. ?' ? a rwvifl SEIBCTliiN l*F BT.ANDIES, ftCPERt'lR A eSSaOa* d a'Sr Viae*. "???. aad Ir?i wbl. ^* L^d" aalDabl.n ? ri. r. n.h ila., d.?.t^ li al m^ fo' 'amtlv .... ty-'f a*e"y iTm H UNDiRH ' LL, 4Jt: ra-a* *W^at, aala, . dTa*by. oermer ^ThT" G?VU|N E C/ MERtH .. ? ? er ? CCOtm WlliHEIY.? THE OtVUINK C/.llKt ktidgo, aataafui dew *hi<kdjr. in d*a'.<.lma, here laaokooa*. for aale by I El II ll?i :>UK k f?'/W (.!>?;, rmt*k oOroat. T>BRIVRWt or Rol TEl* F(|R SdDAR MR tl'l tillaa, alee, pnvter* ri lara, Ae , or prO|>r>*'.i?r< . yateotaaal piaaa* eMppera. d?*li ra ana **n*a.aar<i ?e? -Cly ?Mtraader. Ka?< iiroad aj. ?.!' b,trari toaat'p'/ Hi e aaith aay .|uaa<i ? or deaerli I- n ol miaeral or rarh -a*'. 1 ? ????. nla*. aw* *r? Ac , Ae , <?? * *?p< lor favor, a id ct aell-at aart et r>eae - m?rl. |e>* <1 an a- v tker -etail* i '^awlerb Alt artlrl* A Nn | ryt-xll* a" a . O. i' Mit tee ja *< ]>IM#*. SPECIAL. NOTICES*. EMIGRANT INDUSTRIAL SAVINGS BANK, NO. M U CluBlKn street? Notice. ? Depositor! are lifomi4 that dtpotits made ob or before Saturday, the 7th of AprL will bear liUrrii from April I. Rank opta daily, froin 10 A M. to 3 I*. M., and ftoaa 4 tc 7 I'. M. JOSXPIJ STUART. President. John HtmiMi, Comptroller I XT US I.Hh TO BK CSXFUL.-MXCHANICV IN J ftitutc 1 octuies for IKM.? lbeHon. H'-rare Orw't/ v ill lecture bvl.'te the iBstitute thin < Thursday i ?vaulug, commencing at b o'clock, precisely. Subject? Kuucatlon at it thall ha. Admittance free to all B) order CHARLFS II. DKI.AVAN, Ch'n Lecture Coinnnttet. OFFICE OF LEf MARRLE QUARRYING COMPANY, 24 M illiam street.? The election fur tl?e trnitool f thit cinpany will l>e held at their office on Monday, April 9th, at 1 o'clock, P. X. UKO. W. MoLKAN, Sooy. Now York, March 3D, 1K35. Rose hill, sayings bank, no. m third ave Due. one door abo(o Twanty ti rat street? New York' March W, 1KV-. Open daily, from 10 A M to 7 I' M Hit per cent iut?r- ?t allowed on suma of WW' and uader. and lira percent on lulu over >MU. Deposits made from dale to April 16 will draw internal from April I. Tblt It ttriotly a taring! bank, and at anoh chartered by the l.e<nl?ture of thit State. It iaaot eonneeted with any other haokin: in ?titution. VVM. II. PLATT, I'reaidant _ . /ABM R. Kksxbr. Yiot President. H. I.oos bob row, Secretary. rriii: memuars of Palestine encampment of X Knbbt Teniplart, ho lb, are re^ue leu to meet, in enn Junction with Morton Encampment at the Masonic Temple, April (, P, M. lty trderof the G. C. Coiovenoli. E. H. JAOKSoN, Roeorder, TOE MAUINtRS' 8AVINOS BANK? CORNER Or Third avenue and Niath ttrtet, paya ail percent inter eat ou a uina of 9MU and under, and five per cent aini ?Tt( law. Opon daily from 9 A M. to 2 P. M . 'WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS, lronv?vt0 8. ornraaai Hon. JACOB A. fflSIMVIlf, (late Mayor of tfcaaltr.) I'reildent. L rniLir > W. K.tot and Itaao T. Smith, Vict Pretldeult. W. H. cant, Storetar^. ntb.-'^kh'* r"*nk "'n *?T oonnected with aay ?'??t.ttlllon in tlilt city, it regularly chartered MO,2r.ii. ?- ?** >7 the LesislMuie of tbit Stat*, and hat lit rundt eocurely invented, mainly on bund and mortgage, ou property worth double ibe an. >. .t loaned TIM LIT AM I'OOLX.? THE MKMUKttS OF THE POOLl Vr At- oilnliou nave tue honor to aunounoc that a eulogy rn th< I aie William Poole will ho delivered at the Apollo Rooms, on Sunday aiternoon, April ft, at .1 o'clock, 1*. M. by t'apt Jnniea U Turner. The trocceda rtsultinr Irom tue tale at ticked to be appropriated to the l.eaotttot the widow and orphans of the lamented deoea.ed Tnc aaaoeiation no line tbit announcement sufficient to inrure tue rtady assist anceofallwho know the maj when livinx, and w bo now aympathiie with hia antortunatc widow aid trpban m their dintroas. Tickett AU centt. POST OFFICE ttOTICRs! IMPORTANT POSTAGE NOTICE.? rOBT OFUCt, A New York, March 31, lb&3.? i rom and after tbit day, in pursuance of the Act of Coo(r'<sf pasi.'jd March 3, l V>i. no fettcri will bt teal frotn thit offlco iu the maila, addreaaed to plaoea within the United Statoa, unl-u the potta?* i> prepaid. In order more tffejtualJy to carry >ut the proylalona at the taid Act, and the in'tructirnt ol toe Pott Omoe Dapartmant in relation thereto, the drop boxet at tbit ofhoe for tha re ceptioa of leltrrt will bo cloted from and aftor tbit day, vntil the practice of prrpaymeat braomet general. Lcttort, uhctber prepaid by ttampa or prepaid by monty, will be m ceived at All the windowa; but, to proTeBt tho detention at the delirory wludowa of pertona deairing only to depoait let trra prepaid by atampa, a window on the NautB itieet ?iJ > of tbo Pott Once, the one nearest to Cedar ttrerl, will (e appropriated ezcluairely to the rvoeption of littera prepaid by atatn[t. Vi.drr no circumstance* will any other outineu be tranmctetl at tkit v iitdow. Peraona muilmg lettora will facilitate their own aotion ai well a- tbo buaiiieaeof tbia office, by uaing atampt or atainped cuvelopea, lor tbe payment of pottage, atatnpa can be pur cbaaed in any iiuatility, aud onyelopca in package!, heiam the hours of nine A. M and thrco P. M.. at the otKceof tala, in tb* tacond tt?r> of tbe I'oat Office bull ling, entrance at the caat end of tbo Cedar atreet I'rout. Letters tdilretued to placet within the United States, not prepaid, will be sent to the Dead Letter Ofkce at Washing ton. To facilitate the mailing of latleri for placia beyond tbe liiuiti ol the United Slates, a window at the loot of the ttatra, at the eatt end of the Coder strict, front, will bo tet aj art for the exclusive reception of unpaid fjretcu lott -rn, which will be received at no other place, aud of iottert for California and Oregon pr paid by atampt. Foreign letters can bo prepaid at aay of tbe wiudowt for tho adlrory of lttlert. 'I ho postage on letter* between placet in the United Sta'ee. will hereafter be, for a aingle rate, (half an ounce and under,' at tollowt For any dlstaaee aot exceed n< throe thousand Biilet, e , aud Tor any greater dlttance, which in cltidoo all Irttert to California and iiregok, lo i oo its ISAAC V. FOWLF.K, Poitmaster. POST OFFICE NOTICE.? THE MAILS FOR ('ALI FOR nia, Ac , p<r United Statet tteamer GF.OKGKI.AW, will close at tbit office on Thnrodav, April A, at I o'clock, P. M. ISAAC V. FOWLER, Postmaster. tx KaHII.V C! ROC' IS HI ICS. a.?4? I ?'-? JT Ml* *01! retail.? The aubeeriber reap* tf lly iuiorma hie old *B(tonior( and the pablle at large, that he ru opened at hie old ? Veaoy atreet, whioli wae parti/ deatroycd bj 8r* on tb? 9th of March, ll ? baa enlarged an i refttted hie ?tore, and aaa ojaned with aa entire naw atoak ol Una MM, "near l, eofeee. epieee, loap, atarah baiaa, ahoul dere, (looked beef, Sour, ail, uolaeaee, ajrrup, caudlaa, batter, chaeee. Aa., Ac. Ureore, bakara, hotal keeperc, and faaiillef, wki. jtarobaee goode for (B(h, and with to uae fcoLcmj la ao doing, tha aotaerller reapoctfolly aollaiti to aall and eiaaiiae for tbeauaelrei befera I parchaeiag alaawhara, and be coaeliieed that they sau bnj cheaper tbaa at any other eataUiahmegt la tba aitjr for caeh, a a ha (till adhcrae ta hia old lyttm, not requiring bia mora boiorabla anetunierato pay tba bad dabta which ara una voidable in the eredlt eyateni. The au aerlUr flattert him ?ulf, from a lont asparlaaea ia tha baalnaaa, and parehaeing K da for caah from import era and flrat banda. It aR-rde i many advantagaa that othera in taa bailaaaa da not have abn purchaee from taaond or third haada, aaab making a hi aeataga. i'KTKIt I.TNCil. N B.? Ship and aloop atorai put up at tba (liorteat ao. tlca. Goi da delivered free of oarta^a. Tha aubioribar hai ao eoascatiaa with any othar at .ro INSTRUCTION . BRLLPORT CLASSICAL INSTITUTE -THE NEXT (arm of tbla Inatltnta will commeace tka lirat of May. For cireulert apply to W. Karaa, Eeq , US Water atreet, N. Y., and for partioalare addraaa JAM F' CKl'IKf HANK, I'riaaipal. Heliport, I* I.? April 2, iNift. ORNAMENTAL PES M AN8UIP.-DIPL0MAS, FAMI ly recorda, riffle papere. window labeia, addraaa earda, marriage oartiflaatee, and all othar decrriptnina ol ornamaa tal writing eieeutea In a -uperior atyle b? FOSTER A DIX OS. at m Broadway. (Appleton'a huilaing) whara avary fa-ilHy ia aJotd?d torttia ap edy attamiuaai of elagauee in jenmaacblp, eapertDetam arithmetic, an<lakill la bookkaap 'RITING AND HOOKK KtPING? A. R. If HEELER, long and lavorably kaewn, Broadway, corner of Mar ray (traat, baa removed to aaw and eligible reomc, lUi Broadway, corner of Thirteenth (treat. After thirty yeart af experience, Br Wheeler refere with plcatare to firmer p u plla, now fllliog aome al the bigbaat poaitiona af traat. both in luialatite and mereantila huaianaa. With (alargad aceomtooaatlont and faeilltlea, a rare opportunity la rivan to aeqaire rapid haaineea writiag, a thorough knowledge af baukketpiuK, and an eiteudod eu raa ?r matnematlea. Spa alal prorialun for tha accommodation af ladiee. Oruamea tal penibanabip executed to order w DANCING ACADKJWKS. A~GRNTLFM\X WFLL QUALIFIED Tu CIVF. inatructloaa in daneiag. ctnM;r?i a zond openiag for aeclioolln I'rederioktborg, Vc? by aUdreeting liot I.Ui HKMOV4L. R JOSEPH LIE MERCHANT TAILOR? HAS KEMOYED from Hi a. Hulanjr to Uiiaef'e buh'inga, |i.? Broadway EMOVAL -?TOKRS URiiTil K Rs HAVE REMOVED from .V> Cader atreet, ta ;i<i Yctty atrect. ItKWAHDl" ' ~ {.."H REtFAf:P.-TAKEN. PRl?M M). U? FL'LTOJf ^pU'/ atr?t, Satnrday, tba laat af Marrb, a bat of e. oda, awtMbf tba etpraar, marae I F T. II. Kammone. Aia'tar dam, N. V The aoovc reward will ke given for tba /ooda, and aa additional 12 :> (or the detection of the thi>f. R. K. I'OTTS. I(i" Fulton atre?t (J*"| ft REWARD? LOST, OS THE HCDSO.V RIVER ?T 1 ' / Railroad. In the quarter to S o vIm k train Ireai S iw >. rk. a aet of teeth oa a (old plate They waredroppid <.ot af the wiailow on the ri(bt I an i aide el tha way, aap [??eed betaaen the Tarrytown aad Aiag ^in? atatloaa. or a al ort dtetaeee thia aide of Tarrytown. The Under will be r< warded oa leaving them wi*b t'ia tlekat raaet< r at Sla< !- 1 r i. or by dlraeiir,* a letter tr t-r 1Mb atroet, New^ ork 4-1 A jUtWABD.? UMT. on BON VAT, 2U l.ssT, (lu la >'? w V< rk llae, a >Mp ? i oat, painted blaek ont aide and white in>ide; the above raw >rd will l>a paid to any ??at retnrisiag the tame ta MARTI, RiO A CO., Ai Ueaver atreet. fr. R BW A RD-? WALLET LOST. ? ON W ? DN BSUAV, ?) ,?d inat in an oainlbne i-f the Itriadwar aa-l Mleerber ?treat Una, trtaeea < anal aad i bamhora (treata, a eallakin wallet, containiei about and a poaket eoml . Tlta f u lae will reci ire tha al oee reaard by leaalnt it at CrumaaU A Iiirdaall'a, oornerof lr Rifknai atnela. REWARD ?STOLEN. IN TIIF. LATTFR FART Or &tj March, at Ntaten laWand fnur i^ iraare, from J. Som m>-ra' Hri a> ri . tba twoto|aof a dietlllery apparatua, ulth tintUen in< bea | ip- attached to tnem alao I run. oft/ to airly feet of lead pipe, with coupiibga atta Had ta aach -nd Tia a' ore lea ard will be pud ou rerorerj ol tb? a'uree propertr, of lor ai.y in!' rro >tl ? ^laaa to Mr. Ouete, Jtutice of tba f ence, at ToiLpkinarilTe, Ststan laland. ? FiiiwTHD RAN AWAY FROM TH ? SOKtiRHCR >T?) on lh? lal ia?t , Jiilm Moi-i.ey, (a indaotwra I apdren tire to tha lad'ei hair Iraaainf and wir ni\trliig bueiai-aa lie la niaetean rrari of aga. bait loi ki older, abaat Ara foet aia laehfa lurk; tblek aet. end brown l.jur. IV a?.e?e raward and all tir<-ea?ry aepanraa will be pnld f 'r bia delleary to tu* A nd all |.er??na harborm? him will ie d ak with ?e, eordini to law. WM. JAV ItAUKER, ? ' Ilfoa-lway. ASIKIIUH.T. ABOVt'to LEAVE tub" ntr- MADAME MORROW Ibla blf My (Iited lad; will paaitiial/ laaea for Europe In a few day*. N all tf al wl?h la cor aa.t bar meat ???'! (oi.a, cr they wl\| aat ra* the el.aaai Sbe ?il' tall all the eeente of Lfo. aid naa I ho eery iki.agUla, to tha *rea? a to meat of all her ?i? tare. Br?ii?-a atreet aear Tai.a.,a Oi btlameu not admitted. R. m? N.iiar, if I . t M'lfliM (M.A.RVOVANT RX AMINATlliNS -K.LS. HAVE~ If A \ ? iM$ lately t<t<rv nacd ??? uaf"l liB.ra of a bun afd#r, I a< w nai|Ba at i' ??bly tho heat raiau'tinr nediral ('.ale- 1 ynnt aebaeeiatl.! eonntr). Tkoae wbo dootit hae.- ba- to try ? m .. - ? n > acd I I<1" >t ri a atr it. a?ar tb? I. .w ary._ DR. BAYKS. Rle.-i M^hadamr Atwm. from paris. tender* iier ear*! roe to 'be ladtea aad gewtleaen, h> parenoloey, by lvil< an* ae<?aoe. Sbe <aa be enaa jtted a*?*t la?e. p errlafa laatneaa. 4e . aad ar II tell tlaa aaaeef (be lady I r t-ebtluaaaa tii-j will marry Ueo the aataaaoflar atati Ma a?e A all eat earie. la Eaell-b. fee* aid flcaa'. .? '' '? . - 1 1 'Oil 'ei-'.t I e'.ea -i THE NEW YORK POLICE. The Police Invriuguu >n. Al.MRMANIC INQUISITION? WHO TOOK THK MOUIIN ISO CI.OTH? -kX-AI,l?KHMAN TtEMAKN ON TIIK >TANB_ W1IKJ1U W AB TUB llll tP or POLICE HOKN? TUB LOUMlTTfcK AT LOU (< bull B AOS ? AIDIUMAN IBIWN EXCLUDED? AMCMNO HCKNtB? OLD UOHHO l-'Olti: MII LUt, ETC., ETO. Hie ep*clal committee of tb* Board of Aldermen m't yfslfrtay atUrnoon at thro* o'clock, purauant toad* jcurrneut. The committee conaiatiig of Alderman Hofluilr* and Rrijga. were preaent, all clue, accept thu grntJcuien of aba pre** and one of .the clark* of the Board of Aide num. be ng excluded. The witoeanea? cotikia'.iog of poilcenen, one woman, ao *r-Al lerman and a curtail, u? wcru compelled to wait ouUid* tba door till tbey were i*'lej for .xiioiloutlou. The lint witneje *a? Mr. I*aac liiuab, who, having boea awern, Watilled as toltowa ? 1 aji a cartman. I an acquainted with the famjlv of Mr. Mattel]. 1 hare been acquainted with then alace lhlw or 162C* about that time 1 moved tile family to what ana calif d Banker atraet Alferm.m Hoktmhu objected to going ao far back: but Mr B .gft aaid ha wanted to i.ho* that Mr. Mataall waa a foiclgn r, and he doubted if hia father waa natural ir.ed. * itm na reaumed ? I knew Ue family in Ranker street tow called liautroa aiieet; old Mr. Mat?*U had two or j*1*} boy;' aupposed b j their look* they were an fcagllah family . < OKU; tad to by Mr. Hollm re ) To the J. mt -^owle'|ge and beUet Mr Mit ell'a father waa an Ei.pliahu ho, he waa a tailor; 1 often hoard the ques tion of Mr MatrcU'a nativity agitated, I hsrft Wen a < ?nrin ?tct(i 1815 ; I waa born 90 '-ooj Ulacd Ihe examine! on wAa Intariupted at thia atage of the testimony by AMtrtnan Brown, who entered and apoke in private to Alderman HolTmir*. Alderman Bridge in loi niftd h m tl'iit he i'ld lo right to cold*; ioio lbs room, a* be wrnt not a member of the committee had rvqueated uim to .tare inatamly. /lutrrrhB Brown (note* ted tui* excluai veneae, atd aaid he thought it rather lingular thai ha ahouid he prevented from being present. Alderman Hitic.ii- n jiii< d that every peraon else had been exr tided ucept toe report*?, aul that no *xcep t on could be to* 1* with re.arl t? liliu. Aldeiman iioi imikk -aid Uat Alderman Voorliia had r.ot been cleared ont when he oaKe in, but thai he had It tt of hi* own accord. To tl la Alderiran Brhhm mawerrd that he would not allow ev?n Pre ident Pierce or Mator Wood in therti m; that a' a rule waa adopted it muat b? enforced upon all. AMenr.on Brow*. aoroewhat excited aaid If they forced bim to audi an laaue aa expulsion, they would fine. ttcy would h?ve aom? <liffl<-uliy betor* they con'd put him out. Ttey would have to adopt a nomewhat Cillerent courae with him Ut'i - Mr a. HhxruoCK, one of the witnea<ea who waa to testify in legaru to the birthplace of the Chief of folic*, entered. Alderman Brown denied the authority of any one to turn him out of the room, and aaid that he ?>.< deter mind to go only when it phaned himaeli. Ali>rntan Tiumann next mate hia appearance, and aaid be wanted to know eomething about that black coat, lie bad a<ei; a littlo atmut Inmaelf. in connection w ith it in ihe pain ra, aud a* be bad pome intercut in the n alter, he desired to be pat under oath in regard to it. Alderman BiiidtiH ir.ftrmnd Mm that i?var* f>erson had boen cxcludid frim the toon., ami tie ahouid therelore rei|ue?t him to leave, and remain outa da till he waa caMcd in. 1bt>n he would be put under oath. Alderman Iikiumn ? Ail correct Ald< iinau Hon'MiRK aaid he didn't go for Bunkum, ant fo far an he waa 'Oncerced, he waa aa willing to reaign hia aeat to mcrrcw aa to remain in olllre lie never aaked the nomination didn't care about it, and ironld not give any mau more favor- than another. Aloimen litauu a uu Brown went out, and the exa irinaticn waa reaumed. a followa: ? Witneia rtvnmiag? To Alderman Drkioh-I lived at that time tn ^cammell atreVt, on the bill, I tbink. Mri-. Rowaiiii Jiikruh k, the ne\t oil neaa, waa here a worn and te-tif.ed a* followa: ? in I Htt? I went to live up Broadway, In No. tJ.2 I think, near w h ?? re ilou-ton atreet wan cut through; I aui my huat-aml lured apirt no nta from and lited in the houan with a Mr. Mati<ell, a taiJor, after which are went to live at Savannah; and e? rue back to 11i? city, wh"rr we llvel tumy yeara with out hearlrg anything of Matacll, till a (cutli man met me 01, e day and apo^a about a Mr. Mataell wh n I aaktd It h? were any relatirn to the Mr. Mataell with wl'im 1 lived; he anaweted " Yea, aud he wanla to paia *f M^Kniljahfr-iTvAI. ae^Vrn. Jhma. ?rf. m* km. a ta.tir* at. acll waa an I' tiall-ditcsn ; my impreaatoa la that the pietent chief of I'ol ice wan the aen of old Mr. Mataell, ? hen I entered the bouse Mr. Mataell aaked me If I waa frcm the Old Country, and aa I replied in the affirm* tivi h- aaid be had jnrt com* from the Old Country him aell ; I did not pry into tie family atlaira aa I alwaya anisded my own but. ne-a . old Ifr. Mataell waa aa green aa m'jaelt at tbe time, the only diller.'ui'e be n{ that he waa I ngll'h and I waa Iriah. he hud, 1 think, two grown boyn at the time. Captain Mi< ham. Hai-iiM being duly aworn, teatidedaa folio we : ? I wa- not born in Ihia country, I wa? two yi are in tie pulio* on the "tt> of January la-t; I am nicete< n jear iiti the country; I am a native of Ireland, ?cd have been naturalised. Fx Ali'eiman K Tii.mamn testified aa followa ?I war a member of the Coirmon Council in 18.ri'2; 1 remember the fum ialof Merry Clay. I remember tbe black cloth uaed on tbut Oceanian for the iiecoration of the Governor'* ? room, Ac.; I never knew ? hat became of it. It dlaap- j paared very myaterioualy ; I think Mr. Wm U. Oornall waa the of the committee on the funeral, but { am cot certain, had I know* of any impr?i*r diapoal ! ti?n of the cloth, 1 would have expoa?d it then; I can't I remember it 1 had a black ccat at tbe time : but if I had, I it waa certainly not oil that cloth, which my tailor can j ctrtlfy. foAAC' K. Woolt aworn. teatifled? I am a policeman un the'Klrat ward, detailed the rererve eorpe - I have j betn la the department three yearK ainee t'ae Tth of laat ; I'tctmber; I waa born in Hpnngfleld, New Jeraey, aa wer* I alio my father, mother, gra ndfather, kr ; I have ' never had any queattona put to m? a- to birth; I l ieut. nant Bnodgrana knowa me; I waa in Bridewell one nigU for playing ball on Sunday when a boy ; old llaya ' locked tn* up for giving him (minidene.e. I waa appoint*! j by Mr. Kingaland; Mr Mata -ll waa a friend of mine. I Mf&W fJ.fti. pnUctqtan of tb? Thirteenth ward, fled a* followa ? My time expired on lb* 10th of Uat j July; 1 have been en duty -Ince aa dock maater, but not on regular p i trcl cuty:lwaa late'v engaged one after- 1 noon In getting remonatrance* araina' police eijaed, I wa* employed by Mr MoKinnev, of the fhief'a office, he J came to the atatlon liou-te with tb* remonttraaoa, and a?ted me to take It round, aa I waa better a:quainted with the ward than he waa: 1 went into the atation hooae and aaked lieutenant Clame'e permiaaion. who authori/i'd me to do h. I nevr heard any boy* *ay that Mr Howie had aent them round to get aignaturea, pro miring them a penny for each aignature obtained, I did not refuie ifolng rouud to allow any gentleman to afflx . hia aignature whom ! thought Ui be a r? ape stable 1 cltinn. Krshkric J. MeNfirr, aworn before ihi? witneaa, waa ?nmined. N.nie doeuraenta directed to the committee were handed to Alderman iirigg*, which Alderman Ilolf mire expr?saei a Ceairo to ?e?. Allerman firijr^e re- j fu-ed, atatmg that It waa a private uor.ument, but Alderman llolfrul/e peralattd in hia right to aee It. 1 After tome further worda, Aldcrmin Ilrlxga eon aen ted to liata tb* document read, which proval j to be a paper addrcaeed to tb* comimtle* and not to th* ' chairman, ordering "ne of the witneaiea to b* aakad a certain qui ution. Alderrran Hoffmlre demanded a copy of the document aa a right, whicb waa Anally graated by hia worthy colleague, who told bim. in conclu-ion, that he didn't went any trailing. Thu i?atlmMy of McXuI ty waa then taaen *a follow* I am a polio man la the tfrat ward, and bev* been for four tuontha I wa? app>not?d by Mayor Weaterveit and the old Board of Commi* lonarc I waa born here I wa* never In any prieon, I never waa aaked question on thl* lobject ben re. 1 am on ward dutv. JoaiH A a. MiiCark teatlBed? I am a poli'-emta and tav* been ao between ais and >*?*? yeara; I am aaatlr* of thla country I waa never In crlec a I never waa O'lt of thia country , I wa* Lever aaked any queatona on thia auhje?t befcr* Minuet MtCoi *i'K, pfdieeman. t??t I am ao ?dcp'e.l cltl/en; I wna loin in Ireland, bnt have b?'n aatural.aed nlu* ye*?e; I have he>n nibet en year* in thi* conntry, aecordtng to my mother'* account; I hiiv* arewared th*e? qaratloaa be tor*. TlMOriiY 0> UJXf, policaman, beiAg * ??rn teatlfled ? I ?m an n<i*p*rd eitl/en; I have been a n*teen year* In tin * country , I waa never in pri*oa nor ever gave eauee to t>e incarr*iat?d; I iiave beea aakad tome qnwttM* by the ca|ta.n 1 have been in the filX n.nce 1H41. Waiika Waimh, policeman I waa aaked ?1'ieationa relative, to my nativity at the atatlon hone* 1 have teen a tbia country Tl yeara, 1 waa for llvaor aix hour* in old Bndew*U. Mii hdi IftCaarv poi ceman? I am an iriati adopted eit'/en; I wa* raver in priaon. I an w?r*d th* ? qMii t ota to tbe captain at th* atation bruae. F*a*t tv CaiXa hak wa* born la the Htati cf VetTorni' tn.d nevi r been In priaon, and inewered all the** q?ea tiona at ihe atatioa houae. Wm. H. Hwint, policeman, aaid he raa a native . wa* n verl* prlata; anawwwd the** que>t una la th* 1 tattoo houae. tv*. Watwiv, policeman. ?a d he w u In tbe force nearly two year* I* aa adopt* I *111*1; born in ire land 'hao never l>een in prteon, kad been aekel tb*ee que ationa before in th* atalwi houae, be wa* 10 yeara in th* e?utitry J ? <<e> C11 vie, policeman, wa* Bve year* la tbe depart mat t aever waa la pri*on la a nativ*- wrote aaa?. ra to the** qneaticae cn a eTaie at th* -tatior hoiae Wimjam Cauii 1. pr.lleeman, la an adopted ei'.lxea. ? ** bora in Ireiand N na to rallied aaawerod aimilar 'ineatie na to th* Ua. tenant Tiun a- )<?? Mr prdlremaa lean adopted eitieti b< llev* a be ?*? to-n in Inn^on, but ??* brougb up In iriland he ba* b>en in thia ? oantry alnee Hepv- ib* 'M4 art! 1? ?in e '..1 of February, 1*.j1 tie r-v*r bed a key turned oa h a* ?*t b* wa* a>k*d one- tk ri? be for* Miii.ra, an old policeman f*mi!ia*'y knewo a* " the 0*maiauor*i" waa nut called In and awoea. ft 1 II icmne ore, aaid Alderman Brigga are jta a ?*?.vr if tbia aountry t li e C'nMWot one ? I wa* a*< horn la th* ("nit'd S'ate* Vnt | never tell *av on* my Mnb plaee, I have b*?* lr,. 'or r ,?r Vty ye*r?, a m th * la my t.. .ntry Alderman Ban/"8? Then you are a true Amerlagn? Hi* Combum.ii*. -V??, ?lr, I have been engaged in the , war of 1812 an. I ?,'?? "> tLu Mediterranean at tM time ) of tbe Alger ne iliflieOv' f AldetuiRu Va. " *>? on old defender of tbe j cruntry Tie tO**tDOFr ? I am ?v'd ' bate mere than Are wound* cn me. bnt they doa't /rerrnt me from do ng my duty. I ??* in tbe war of It'12 and *u on boird the aame ?btp ? I th (>*<!? n Hoffman, wl>o waa a midihlp man at the time 1 *?i alae on hoard ? privateer durtag the w..r with i:ug1.ind. w*? taken by tbe Cnglith and sent to B?rn uda. wt.ere I wu? confided* io prlion for ten h i nUie ami ?l-reij t aye IVi'ke*, the commander of tbe txplnrirg npetV.ioD, waa aUo nikl?h pmun when I mi in thi i in v. I ntver w?? reported aiune I have been on tbe poller. My t?rm of ofli.el* alrra<ty expired, aod 1 bopa I will I* reappointed ? but I am afralo my wool ta rather white 'or me to h'and a cbunce. Aid' imiu bMH.oe ? I hope you will be appointed. Yon are an old Deleter, and have rendered Hervicea to the country. The t'oMMoDiiHK? No, hir, I am not an oM nolilier, but an old aailor. 'Ibefoirmoi'orr left the room, but Aldrrtnan Rriggi, remember, I $ U at he d<d not htate where he *?' born, called him bad, ami put the i|Uitntion to bim again. 1 wotilo rathir, (n-plied tbe Ojtnn^idore, ) tnat you woufc waive that <|Ueation. I wai not born here, but I alwajrn bail from the United Mt*te?, and claim to be an American. I think, ha added. I bare a right to be re adpvinted niter what I have dona for tte country There * many a black haired greenliorn, whoouly arriv ed jentenlay, a bo ara on the police, and my right, 1 abould ti.loli. it *? good a* Ihair*. before leaving the room be eibthtted a number of re (omroi Mlalion* which he had reoeived from naval offl cere am1, other*, all awaking of bus In (be liigheat term* of jxt'M A alight altercation tanned after kin departure, be i w< . n llctrman Priori ami HoiTmi-o, In relation to eon p docuirenU wbicn the former aaid Aldci in an II. had purlolne'l from inm. I wart to tee, laid he. if you bav? smuggled ihem Aldeironn BofrJIRK ? lbat mu?t be aeltled before I leave thi' room. 1V? m?*>ng paper* w*ie eventually found In aome place wLrrt tl.ey had been put by Alderman lirigg* h'.tu hi If. and tbe Coiiimiliae *o< a after adjourned. W?w Police Apptlniownli. The following appo ntmen'a of policemen were mi le jtiUrciy by tlia iktird of Police CoaiiiiiNifl)ncri ? *\art' a 1 'otitic I. Nativity. 1? Andrew Hancley r>einocret. . .Inland. V?John Itunett Whig United ?tate?. .loi n Kennedy ?< ii Wm H. Hmiuondi " " n ?las. M Ilelll'n ?< . ii 8? Nidi. Martin <? :::::: JreLnil. "??Crfcpance I^mocrat. .. United Htste*. C. Kura^fr Whig ?? Murphy " Millon t-waze w'hig....... ?" f? ThOf. Sul'.rnn [bm oeriV. Ireland, 5-Pamuel Trua* Whig. ...... United HUte* 71*0* r). Connor., Democrat. ? ILo*. A. Mo ry W|iij? << fi? Robert W Bowyer Democrat. . . " 8? John (.'raft Whig " John Cumtriug " ..!!!! " Isaac KaiWr ! Oemocrii! " " Thea limine a ?? ...Ireland. Ale*. inter *blg tailed Wate*. Iheo. Ky rider* " it Joseph Ttelo ?< ) .i Josspb Wall ?' <? Join 8. Van Bun*n 11 ?? B-John Sanda ?> "".'"inland. ~akford Itemocrat. . .1 nitad tHate*. Jchn A. .lewett Whig " N?tliinlf| Cnwfoid 11 ?? 1C? ''bll,P Treppin*er Deaocrut . .'.Cermanv. ThatleueC. Havl* Whig United (Hatea. Samuel Hyatt l*mocrat... " lb? Jan. Crt.we ?? IrMam! 18? Fred Firehawk ?' ...'toltad State*. Hour* Whig ?< Wm Irwin " " ? Tboa. HaKj.*nny.,,, . , . . IVmorrat, . . " " ...Ireland. Ibo* Wallace ?' ... ?i I h lip l a r 1* y m ii "-2. 'i, '!?r,ler Wl.t, .United .stutie. T* 15. Wiilfl ?? ?* Jobn W. Willi ium ?? <? JoLn JuDfB . ? ? . . . . . , . . , D?m0'.*rikt . , , 4 1C ? David Itoscbe ? ...Ireland. 1'bJ.p Cinwa.v <? ... United ritota*. CI a*. Wariiock '? " 17-Fr*nk White Wh'g .'.Dal tad .State* JOliQ II \o?l *< (t Ljrmnn Crc'oot ?? >? TKa< KU.r^. f, 11 Micbard J.ydtcker l'?mocrat . . . 22 ? Joopli Cooke ,..Wb g Qorminj. Of the above list, twenty-eight are reappointment* elevsn ware in placa of di?mi**aU, and fourteen in plare of realgnatloni. Ten were loin In Ireland, two la Oer a. any, and forty-one In the Vnlted ritataa. Twenty-three were member* of the democratic party, and thirty be longed to th? old whig party. There now remain only three hundred and seventy fix of iba ' old line" police men appointed when tbe present polloa system waa e tabli'led It err alia for I he Crimea lirfRIKNCK* or THKBl OK TIIE I KrOKTrNATE OKI*. One of our altacbi a haa bad aa opportunity of seeing and converaing wltb one of a trio of young men who, ambltioui of glory and good pay, If not of hard knotk* and wor?e ration*, bad reaolved to join tbe Brithth *tand erd, and awall the ranka of tbe allied army ot the Black fr'ea. But a foretaata of the treatment they were likely to receive waa ijuita tufficien*. to damp their martial ardor, and they hare returned to tlda city to devote themselves to Iba peacefal and leaadangeroua avocation* of acelal life Tbelr atary la tbia -Tbe-? three a<plranta to military fame? one a Kranchman, tha other two Oar mana? learning thai tha "flag that braved a thonaaod jaara ' 4e , waa unfurled at tha Britiah reuniting ran detvooa in Chatham atreet, procee<led there <>ae floe morning about a week ago, and appUed for adrnl?alon into tbe army of her Moat Graclote Majeaty. lhe gen tlemaa who there performed tha du'iei of recruiting "ergnant, medical oflicer, coa^mlaaary and paymaater. being iati(Ged with the phyaical appear inre of the ap plicante, agreed to th?>ir proposition, and made the ne ne?ary arrangement- to carry out their wiahei. Accordingly, the name evening, or next day, our ra cruita found tbenirelvea en route to Hmti.n. in company with "|uita a lar?e butch of aomradea. Their railroad I tlrkcta for thia jaunt ware aupplieu gratia. Arrived at Pi-rtoa, tbe le?<lerof the company aet out in the dlr?c ! tU'D of tbe wharve, kavin^ given inatructlona to hi* ' htpaf'il charge to keap him in eight and trodr* after him that L-, be waa not to tx* lnatrumental in leading i Uit-ro anywhere, but he waa goin* to a certain plao?, an I I they m ght, if their mood jumped that way, follow him. : Tbua waa tbe law to be evaded. It doen not appear that j any of tbe recrnlte. fired with a midden i.<ve of fr?edou> on i reading tbe a'.reatx of Boetoa. attempt?.l to 1 den-rt, aa they might have done, aecure from naolaati | tion We believe they all up to till a point at lea?t, re irained true to their contract. Some three mile* from tha rallroari depot tbey reache-' a brig lying at the doe?, j *eat an board, were politely we.vcd and noepltally en , terfained. Ilere they learrwd that it waa not improbabla I tbey alould be vlalted hy tha p>jli e, an I If ao they were Instructed to .UU that 'hey were going to Halifax to work on tha railroad. Mapper having be?a dup >"?l of, and fitn buvlng circulate.) to a llraltod fjt<nt, the martial gne.tH were shown to their (?orm.tory, which wa* a litter of etraw strewn In the I old o' toe ship. latignwl with their journoy, an I per t.sps elated ky their gooit cheer and their stnilin^for tore, they made no compla nt a* to tha inelegance of ihe.r an < mn o-latirc, but "julsttly turned over and die*me?l It may be, cf ftormlng HeUst. |^,l, and revel ling in plunder and binty. In the morning they eur v.yed their apartment mora coclly, and ware tbe -ss p!ea?ert therewith, when a fresh hatch of recruit* mvJ? if?ir atpearaaca at the hatch, and were seat down to en^oy the same tlllet. They Dow liegin 'o thin* they |.*d not maoa aucb a g?<?J h.rga.n and determined, If It were yet in their power. v> rescind the contra, t They w?re told however, that for the preeent they should re main In the hold, aa It wosild he 'tangervut '? ha i"en on deck They diseented to that arrangement and a show of authority eae n?e to compel them to ohwy ord?re I nl uncasing thsir knivea. and vowing in Kren-:h and h hb Itit/h ceath to lilmwho should har lhe r passage, the gt.ard withdrew, and let |?a< up ?,n l?-k. 1 hey were rota on the^f?.k ?nd in the str<et. hat tt?<y fel* II ?t ease uatil the brig h.iuled o;l aad set .ail fer ileli'aj ehich she dl<. on the tame ilay. It was naly a'ter on' ergoing treat berd.hip* and privationa that t' e?a three liritiab re<rnta made 'heir w?y h*?k to Wew '?< rk, ehers they are d>termtn?d to remain In tha prac lira of industry and work* of pa?ce Tcnh tulee tlona on Long lelnml. i? cvB win ft out fix's Kxrnmm. Ii HWK/W, April 4, j??r? i.i'X.ojr Itrxarrr, Fe*#. ? 1 *ie reaa't of tbe town els^'io* at Anuthold, yaeterday, w?" of the rlghtfkfnd. The Americaa ticket was trlom plant ly ?ajoilUr. rarg ng from #fty to two buulred sudti .ity. it c f. Rivwrajn, t> folk Co., April ?, IfcW. To rnr F'?rroa or iwe ll'aiti ? t j!?e?t*r mile- K j , wa? eie.led f'ipeivls..r hy 'i.e * A--, !?tow !*th if-, yeetar-Uy, by ? gh'.y ...siority, ".w K. > '? l?ava san. red a tern ale defeat. RUtinoN or ei 'kivimw ih givae cocwrr. Ibee arttoa { r local ' Bt.ers took place in tSa aoua'f trees of Kiugs auatf, > a Teewtay, end ree.,te>t in tbe -bo te of the Ii o> |,* tSone-ivleor* ? A'" i rt<kt~ Tvr <> Rsrgea. demoerat, bating re caive<* 14f not o' I'Si vote. ea?t (. otwiewd? Will aa iie.aell, democrat, aisttei Wy ri my ity /" i. 'ledi? Jeln I P.y. er, wl> g FlfbwfA? M* . <a ffttioonmaker, deaivrat So oppo il'n f i - H* Jseil wh f ea I Know Vath ag 'I- Pup. rvi'?-r. fn m Xew I tree It , Orsvteead av! Pfttnsh ?sre alec e<l 1>te e' r V * w? a' s a* ? ei* tn lefe. Bo**? of Coanellmrn. | ArsiL I. ? Hi? Hutrij' fat t at lire o'cloci, ptnuul to : adjouri vtiit, l>. P. Cor<#o??r, Ciq , I're lJent, in tho | tin. I Tba in uutt" of Did l??t neellng ?n ?al I approml. Nuhwiouh petitions w.rc pret no.l referred to appioptiatt n-iu sitttte. KUMLCTIOM. 1 bat tba i on.n. ol Itrpalr* autl *il?>plir? I* dl j nctnl to a<: ?frtM for proposal ? to build m iron abed . mit tlis walk oa tha eamrlj aide of Calb?r'?ii niirbet. H*f?rr?d. { Aga nat 1 h?* peitcllutf or aala of unwind niaat ?nd pro : Tiaii o? or uuhaalUil vrp '.able matUr, iu any portion j of tta city of New Vol k Heferreil i?tri'ini< lantRHm to thk mmtirrm ok Tim whoiJ. | iiMNta.? In tavor of u<l<liag JH>,UCO to tax U?J for labda ami placet. R<i?ih,_ la favor of niacaJamiiiBg Broad ?ay and Bloon inhale road ficm Klfty aavanih atreel U Manbat taovllla. Advron to numbering thu aWaeta Id tha I wait tU aaii Nineteenth waid*. W iiakvkv, Pn kh iw Hi.un ? fn favor of huildiajr a bomheuae for 'he acroiiimo<!ut|i>u of the I'nitad Htatea fcrcra alalioued In tblr harbor 1 a Mil* mil I'ui *?.? Art. it k to he dUrli?rff*d from fur lh?r rcaaidaiat'ou of a raaoluttna to favor of the cur ka lmcnl of thr ( >u > ml l'ark. l'AffcRM ruou THK lloaHli ?>? .11 HWKI1- Tlth mill IIIWAI killJKUII. Tha following ptaarobla and ra?olutfnna, adoptad by tbi) I'oard of Aldermm, were recencd, together with a ci niniuaiaalJon from tba Major publlibod in Monday ? I I KRAI. (I. * Whereat, errtala ptraona rlalui to havo i?nt rUlil lo * ft rtain frr^nt nr lircuae to l.ut ? rallr>.aii nti Itruailway Ao., wLieli t r?ai or lieanaa wax Irre nlur or invalid? now , lor tlx purport ol fitiuninn entirely all tlaat grouuda ol inch claim Rin 1< f<, Tl at the raaolutloii whTcb w?? liualh adopted ly ttr I'Amuu a (otineil on the .'Wtli Ixc. inter I V.L' rein lion l? the coiiatrm tion of a railroad In llroa<l?av. A , >y J oeeli M-arp and other*, be and Hie >ame, with all power* and aatbnri y c?oferreil tlieret>v. i" li*r?iiy raomilail, va ra! rd and repealed A nil he u Inrther Renolvad. llial all aranla, liceni-ee, rlahta and prlfllera* heretofore made hy lh? Corpora lou In lay rail* in llruad ?ay, ?f jriuaa tkt caallraitlftR baa nm mib already ?"m i Dii nri'l, la. aad tin -ami- arc herabi repealed and aanull<-d ? I nuBrilir ail moved that Una fUiaid concur m the | aclUin of th? lioard ol Alderman, mi ! the aya* am uo*a being callid without any previoua debate, ( oonrilman (' 8. Coni'nt aekcd leave to be exrnaed a* bl .b: f? t undrritaud tha m*rlta ol the MM* I ha Iliard > re'ntel U> granl Mm tho prietl'ge, aul be voted " No " ConseHtniin But "it a at rd alio to hei tcuaed from voting lie waa lo favor ol railroad* f rurally In 111* aranii^i of tba city, but not iindrratnndlnK thin i{ua?t'oa, be wna lotted to ?ote"No." Couiirtluan I't Rnv aak*>l Inava to li??tRUi<x1. fli* wlaliad llila mntt?r prhtpounl If tb* bill waa one In w'm'ti cer tain pnrtlea aooilit an ??rlu?i?e priiileni' lm aliould lie oppiaeal to It Th? geotleutHO ??< K"it>K on to aay t fie- llarlnn Kaltroad Company bad lt?fu^o?l to lay down a n? w track, when Cotiacilaian Jacksox raited M-n to ordar. CoiiB'-i'ttaa l'l. Hi ? r? '1 he iratli'man would no doubt j in?lnuste that n<on?y hua I ad Ita Inlluenru ou me I am ready In mart any i(U?al'un, and want lo Tnlo rii(bt. 1 I fata lo c.i'Dcur ( cum ilrnun r.AKNrv agke I bare to Iki ctcuaeil; he j could aot vote tntfillK> n'ly on a aubjec.t he had unt inveatlna'.eri The Conn -lliri in beina obliged to vota, h aaid ba would voto aa if tba <|ua?lion waa io favor of a railway ia Bfoadway, and would Iberwforo, aay ''No " j CotireTliran Ct hkt lipUntd lita vote, which waa "No." ita waa in favor of a railroad io Broadway. Ci'uncituaii Mi f'aitii.i. Impail he would be aicuae I from votlrg. ill- waa golrft ol to alata that ^enllemnn ha 1 Innouated l? waa ln'aieHt<d, whau ha waa calli-1 lo Older, and farced to vule, which lie dill by aaylng ".No." Councilman Tll'wi. 0001"KK aakid leave to changi' hln vote to " No " Kir ally tie br ard did nrt concur In the rcaoluUona of the Board of, by the following vote ? Afliimatlva Councilman ? Brown, Gr nj, Wild, Riib'er, I >'??? Holder, I'urdy, V?rmilya, Hwan, Coutt, Moore | Hnnlap. Kiicr, I.aaiirecbl, Trualow, Webber,, , Hrniir Mather? 11* Negative ? H {Smith, Cannon, Clifton, ll-am Binlch, II | a ley, Jack -on, fin may, f-cbrack, Clancay, Honohna, Heeley, Colenian, C H. Cooper Itiuah, lUwn, I'n'ntlaa, Hadley, Uart, Tina C?iopcr, Barnei Karren, Slevln, j Kaaney, tlapiiney, t'owenboven, Curry, t'?no*er, M< (.'all ill, Wi ndell, Jenklna? SI Aft< r iom? fuitber bualneaa, tha Board adjourned lo Friday next. Commission* r* of Kml|foatlnn. A nxating of tli? b?ard w?? h?M y??terday, at four I*. M. I'rt?it, Varplanck, clialruian^iairigao. Purdy t'rnbtrrr, Schwab Kelly, aal Kennedy. AlWr the rinding n| the minute*, Commiaslouar Ki * nH> u)iu4 If tta nil reccotlf laltoi u< <'l tn'-o th* ganl to emigrant runn ere, wb* *j prrrad of bysny of t'j* (?on>iul**ioner(, pt*(l"Ua to it* 1* ing brought into the I eglalature. Comrnlt'loopr Vhm turn paid that no member of the board bad f B ? o re d tl.e proportion of Mr. Spenier. In deed thrre wan no bill introduced, ao far tlila feaii.iB Ual in regarded favorably by lha toanl. < rar.mlai ionar l'i not wlalnal lo know what aeti >o the coDi m ttm apjo ntad at the aiiKK?at.oD of the Mayor liad taken In raf*r*oce to lb* aba*?* pmcUa?d by the run nor- and land ahark* on th? poor nimrrant*. Il?wa* iofoiiiied that nothing *a>, *o far, dona further than that tin1 lDTo-llt(atii>n pro.rl that tba <Viuim:??i >n?r< bud not bean irmiia in tha r duty. A full report will b* made neit wiak. A prnpoaltion wa* mad* for a committee to b?" aent ?<> All.any, to lobby ?gaini<t th* bill of Mr. Hpeni-er, whare u|* n < oinmlairouer r?ii*i< < s remarked that h* diaap i.rmed, for oue of *en lin<< committee* to Albany. to lobby on an* matter connected with tha CownuUalon. It wa* a <legrvlati"n that abouM b? a raid ad If poaalbln. If tha rery fx atone* of the board waa at atake, ha lor on*, would sot condeaoend to per ..oailf *olicit aojr Icgi* lat'on. Tha c< nimittr* wa? no* appohl'ed. After t'ia traif ar i ion of our other lo< al bunn***, tha board *?!? ? urr.i 'I ? Krtm tli* following It will b? aaen tba fun-l* f Ik* Coaiulaalou ar* In a had way WCKKI.T HI MM ART. Allan emigrant* jrrlradjup to Aj rJ 4 l?J,170 To (am* data 1*61 U4,M)3 Decrraia tkia yrar. . , 10 41" In [Ward * Iiland Hoapital 1,371 Heiuga department l,M7 Total... 8,JH Aggregate receipt* U? A| ill,l #74 Balance in betik Jan. 1 61. 1W 4''. Total fl37,J?l 41 Diabor-tment- to *ain* data 17J,1J?. 01 Overdraft in Mechanic*' Haak . . .... t fil Due eooBtlB* 1 IM TotAl debt of tba Commission Ill, 44k W Tilnl of Jnmes llyen Iter the Murder of Po liceman Jai. t'alilll. 00CJ4T 01 OY i'M AND TBllM I Hon. Judg* K P. t'i*lc?, pra?idln^. Arnri 4 ? Jamra Hjib eh*rg*d with tha munW of Jamaa Cabltl, a pollnrnan, on tha h of ^pt , I'M, by (booting him with a piatol. waa pUe?d at tha bar. Tha [ ri*on?r, R/ao, i* a thick *?t at*rn looking yo jng f*l low, about 17 y*ar* of ag?. ha wa* born n I r aland an 1 H?<d at '4)3 Mlghth *tr?*t. but h*a no particular hou* b? wa* a tailor In an*w*r to tha ^uaatlon a* t -jrc a ?r a C|u?*t aa to wb?tb?r ha liad aayihiog to aty In relation to tha charge ha r*pl??d ? "I h*?? **ri*?tbiig to ?ay ibout it I say I am Inno <-nl I al*pt t'H> mgkT in >iu( 4 on In an *rr.pty rrxiwi In Ui? third atory of ?im So. 110 faatTwioty ? and (traat and i'attan ?lapt wltb D>? " JjatiB l'a'??n about tb? ?aroa *?? aad a nat<'e ol N?w York, la <'harg*d a* an ac jmpli-:* In tha m ir lvr, but wa* not now n trial Iba m M irar* of ag* atd a nat.r* of Ira bod K< Tt tlna two U.n ?ar? opl?.i in *' ? r?f a c< nt jury ?achjt.ror a* ha cam* for*ar-l >4Hng li fMrogaUd a* to bi "iff. p?'ant?, aod ?*??r?l o? >( *l curad la cin(?'|U?nt* of cotaw^amirg 'OBaci?nt "m ?cr? pl? agalott cap ta' |>unl- hln ?D' IV m? w?rw al n < ? rv' ?d aland ?? !?, tr> m ^.a?tl>^ fo?n)?d aa o|.lanti a' tha 1 m* tli* hor ci.l* ?* to tfc' * lUt of lh# a< ? id 5rntl?ir?n gar* It aa tt>- <r o,> i. >>s it w?<i *>p* lent to cotj 'anil. 10 daat h ot..?r* aald ?h?t o ' . ? r. ' ? - 1 a aMH ' !?? i t.M Bt ' f B NHW a ta*|a tha panaity aa* iloath It* Jadga ? ..d bt !ld 0' t Mi.nk it ilgtl t' aaru ?? a . iro- who <rp!y th- *>>' it 'nai{adl*nt i'Ot ?b?n ?. ??* ? (?,? -t ?n i( ba ?4 ap"? r* lig or a ec rup >? It I* a difSarwst L > / * tt>? jwy warw ein.-anal!**' tfc? < o .rl a a r? I ce*a for ba<f a., hour, with an a-'.rv^it^ a ->i w a )<i ry I from 11* JiMr? u> ^?o?? all *U- a on to* n.,*rt ! Ottholttaluf tb? -**? ttat waa U? b? *utai.l?l to 1 tiini Ihw ji -lr* ? d h # d id ?li n* tl>? U?t ?.K.n i? thl* | lain woul<. warrant mwi in *wnd- ag It to th? t*tf , th* ' ulaii'lly t> ??r| alak' '?i*1 l^ac* ta iv? o M of l.? kitn?aa> ai-l* lo ??*!? tka'. 'bay ka I r> 'ha facw of i tha par I la* in tk* c.? r* om ?ba aifhl In <a t-oa, or of \ th? B.> n who flrtd th* p.atol tb?r# ? ** al^an ? o' ?at a'aciofi idaatlty li ? n.?r? far a I tl? ^laaan to' .l/*(,!rg at I '.tut that night waa igl na! U, ??a tcct fciir w th t ? trBuiaciW b TY,a ory tb?a .cjU/ltwi tha prlaonar 11 a I tablet A'ioiaay tb*? un-Wr th* 'If ??a?ta m*?* I of th? ??*?, aikaO |itia ?'ii to 'Una .~Ul? | ? y i I B Iba '**<? of I'attan Tha fourt a?>?Blad ?r ' a' dra*a*d turn* ra?i*rl* W< i' tb P;tt. and KaKan i Ik wry w?rw ct''.Bigw4 iat I MocUf, at 10 o *?o?% lituimi* r*?'M Cuttil ABM' ? ?Iba Ufi<* <A <?*teJMea, bf March 7, p?kN*b?* tb? Mtowli g ai'raM 'r< m a IwtVtr jilt rwaliad by th* <o?'ra?*r-t w IIWaiI Toucblat It* otMlltb *^a ? !? la >al4 <h*t tiacd) a wh-i a".?*ep'ia.t to ?**?'? i ? <'*?raa a* t*i* I ??d o4 a 'orr? of <i la'iwtiUai 1 aa ?a ed, I Bd tl.a' (??...?* .a r ?. a*-, o' t'? mil ra:< ? ? J w? I.'waAa Bt tba ba*l B I 1 n ?r , wall awptdW't w 'h 1 , Ut ar Ulary Tr.a aa"?t>aw*?i f *I#B trwa 'B ?;<?**? B?a 'a. Bat *v a an.w' IM f ' IIW*! *ai B ?o'?r?"t aoaa" l,>V ??? Polire Intelligent-* ALLrURD All KM I T aT UAr* Vrft* Ti*y o?nrMtw.n of the U?tr p?|;c( ?;ourt. | irrt'tti a f'Unwn lamn! Ji lin Wilt>rth?m on rh?-|? | of n*"'1**'*"! ?n *? r?|>a T:.r ron |>'aia?nt la t?. '?"?!'? Krolunf of lft (>rclur<l littii v 'Mlt 00 ,h* "'l1*! of 34 ln?tant, H? i tumiI attaint* ** b,r *l??t U? ??? a fill nit rf the CO* |?Uina?t'? hu?ban.| and Mi t ha m(n* in <|ur?tl< a #v "n'1'<,? tllr ??'?>??* m tka'rhno?a; thai btr buibaril t>? occaa Ion to l*??e tho rwa, *? i' Mutiliirlng hia tk -tnr? Walirifn-ii.. attrrnpUd t ?1cm to ttnlatr h?r tar-on. i ""1 ,hal " WM ""'T "" ?l*r"?olr ?>f h?r buahaail ami' -% n"" that imrti h?r (Kill M ill 1|,r llV<i tUJ ?r tll? . l lOjI?l?JDl tua'i Ii< Hit ?t .n h? ??? t>-.? 'I tb?- rcom h<* found tb?j>rt rrnrr in Ike r ?* ?n with fc * ?"?. ?l?? ?rr?\ina?| ao IbitJ that attrntlon ???. i?V '' * *a?- tmont Ht0 iiUcair ?u ' "nvijrii i ' Juatie* ? onn. iljr at C t l"??> I'olicn C'outl, ?b??.- V " <;anl*'l bn guilt, *n4 tha nh< Ip mattrr *m a ,>#?. piracy Hi- wa* haM If bail in the aum of luOCi to ao?n '.liiiif*, llall waar *B?U?U TMI Oflctr Uulwar. af tb? Hal. war! pvi '<f, arr??t*da flo ored ?!ama*: of ?cmo rraiarUaUl* DivUu.V'iM to beauty, naaifd Anna Thompaoa, re?iil.ut( at No.. t?l Aritbeay atlirt, on tbe charge ol utaelJLK a i"td Wat lb ai>4 i aaia valuol at HftO. tha propwrly o f Junrfh ITiUit?a, of Nu. M O.arub' tp ?li-?t Tbe complainant ?'?!??. tb ?1 on Twaa aay night, urged by tba kiat aolietUt ifrnn of i Vaaa tn a* I iwt h?r la b?r raamaaca, lie proce'lat t n ba.T rooia la I Author/ atiret aa<l while ia tha place wtlh bar b?4 turn watch aii'l < bain ink- n out ??/ hi* pocket. h*4wg n<> ote In ill* tot ui at th* tlmr aicapt ha nut A tut. Iv nan a to tba conciualon. ttat with tlia wet* neat ivalurah to the t)?gru (act 'or k>va of jewrlry, alia bail, wMMa fear ?n taklaa ? nan, a]i|>|>r<t hb rapeatar Imu hi* *jI> fnah . a1 The accuani denied her gulit. but waa uav ?rtlsa<*waf (MH uuttid for trial by J in urn Connolly. Dmwht rriiH an a 1 1 K0ki> i>i?om*?r,r iioimn. On Tueaday niirht, .luatl-a Connolly, o t tba Ia>w*t l'? llfe Com I, aired with t.ia eOlcera attached to that court, wm'e a !?ic<dI upon tba pr?niiio->. No. fc\ Marina atrae*. kb'l air*atad tlia proprietor and pmpriator'aaof tha lioura iiBtl al'.o llva gtrlx ami M'lna iura, wHo ?na t? tba boma at the t.m* All partita ware coiireyed to the Kighth weld ?tiitlon hour* where they w?rw dtaehargw4 by Judge Hltiart. Juatice < < >n i. . . 1 1 jr . Loeartr tna<1a Ui**w appear before blm teater'ay, an t b*l?i to* ?? rnpanta mt t li houae to bail In tb* aim or (?'><< . to >??? tha charge of keeping a 4te<rrd*r1y houae, whtl* tha t*at at t) a perrnna wer* obliged to glr* ball aacb in tba Mia af Villi) for their luturu K'M'I behaeior. Ml. LINO Mgl'OH WITHOUT I.ICKNHK. Yeitertlay tb* p< ilea ariaatao four m?n, aaiue<| Jeaaew f. Kenny. nf Third arenu* and Kifteeulb ali*?t ; Ja'ifb Km ny, of No. '.'H7 aeenu* A Jnha Krerke, ol No. 4*1 Hr?t ammo and I'atrlrk lloyland, rornar of VarlA and ( barl'on ?tr*> la? all r-harifd with liavlac >44 I (jut r at tlialr ^la>a? of bu>- nrn without liatlag aaf lirinra for to lb> ?* a < o bar* baaa in<llgt<<l bf tba lira id Jury, an 1 wcr* arraala<l on iMin^h warianla, irauad ftmn tba Court of >*r?l Haa-ioaa Jnat'ra I ?? ?on of tb# Faci al I'litr'ct folic* t'ourt at Jaffar re u MurWtt, bald ra-b Of the actu ^d to bail ia tha aim of |uOn, to aiiawar. AN ALLKOKD rt'OITITI tltOM JfHTII K. I.laut Cri in* aad SarRfant l'olai.\n of thaTwaifUk waul pollca, arrtwtc l a joiiair inn aam?<l Qiariaa Kai 1<K, ou a cbarga of ataaUM a *alu >t>la lioraa aud **gom fli in Nkcbiilaa St?pb*na, uf lYbiln ftaln , Vla??< runn y I ba a ll iLrft barinji In < n rninmlliH aat if tba rouuty of N*w York, tba arc u aad waa < nt bar?i to M'*at( bavar county lor trUI, on a charge ot graat larceny < I ly Intelligence. A Cl'*tOI k R?ur oc M'.ndrnr ? W? btra eeea ? rtirlotie rr.'ie < I tba oil tfritiah m mrch; In tha ahapa at a coat of aim*, <m a place of valret, Tirj old and ?*? in but wbii-Ii Itlilutl; waa orrmally * ml' ???lit! plera of work. The arm* ara the old royal inw <d Knglnnd, with tlin (liui la 11* M well la lha (mliltiw i f lb>' lltl'tnh klDR<Uiin?. It would appaar from a itito went elgnad bj> Thorna* IIUliop md taalirtad by Jan Alarrrombtr, ' hat till* eon t of arma wiia m.iln for Uh Kii g'a throne in the llou of Ij-da, and ha I the h mar Cf halog pre ?>*d by royal hart a for many ^ar arati'Mta. i>nrlng toe Couenlate of R-maparte, wli-n [.<??? uega liatkna w?r?> eat i n foot With Via nee, It ma tl at ti e way be einoothnd fur peace by remixing th* fl? ur da lie the aimrrlal hearing. of Knglaad a* nrdar a. e |inn lo tb?t afrct b? tha I -or I < bamMrlaae, 4?'J Jliooia* li.(li?/t> at-.oi :in/fr irum>| tUm teal it to< rumble, thr u*t- * bum it |aeead 10 1U preaeat owner, llr Jobn warwhl It l? a to toat aa tatwia nan aoel? ty in (treat Britain baa ?(!? red ait hundred dollara for the raflo. or 1 it a Saw Y<>aa ' m ? Wa a o>W It mil he New York City iluard, Captain Tliotnaa T. 1 1 rrle, tba rack company of the elan-nth regiment, la about to ma'in a nimui'r ramp tour to IMU(, Mnat I raal Portland. and fr> in thenc" baflk t? the <uty. during the ronilng month of June They will he lereired, oa ? "lelr arr*al n llna'.on by U>* New i.ii(ltxl liuerda, ( aptaiu IJinahaw Tne Cily <iu?rOa, < ap'ain hepard, aii'l ? there of tha military M r pe uf lloe'n will alt.. a? l' nil tba uaaal rlnlitlae to tha New Vnfk oompao/. Tba apjetraoM of tba City Quar t la lluikia mill an doubt rraatw a aenaation among the Inhab taut* of tha n ? ilern Athene W a hope ? he e i.-u r will be heep< tat la aa wall aa pleaaaal Ui our military friend a Tmk On ii a or ma < Hiar ur l'uu< a Uauaamairo.? Work nun ware buaily employed all <lay yralerday ia tearing up tha old flooring la tba <"bief a olhea, | ia^ar* tftiy to laylbK a tiattar "Ue .town l.iaa, dirt, malaturw. I tt? abulflinp of feet anil u a rata .aarm( wira, lotlea I ami aat the oht boar>!a away, an I Let Vtey bora erary ) lO'l i-ation of 'tacay It niai not ba knoan ' i our iaa4 are tbia la tli* piaca wUair r?i>'irl?re do moei r?m I f'tata, II. ere not belnn laaa Iban from tw -n'y to Iblrtf of tbii.e ublq<iitoui Indlrtilaala tl*re avrry njoralna ba 1 twe.n II and I i oVUn k lo annli of po'l.a aa i rHf I newa It la U? ba Ii<>m>I that In tba n? ? arraaf ?"*? ? now being ruar'a la tha < biaf a ofB-a proper a< oiniuoda 1 Uvb' |N tba rap"rti<rial i.or^a lid not be fi-r jo'tan, aa4 ] that t. ay will \i? aupplied wlib facilltlaa for pfo>a itlog tl a r buaineaa without balpg Mah'a aa it preawa'. to ka tarroptloa Irom outaldara Olaaltaaa all?w room Tna VtMAi.M Karunar r tVe tarrr or Baooatri.? A lady raaldeat lo Hroohlyo, baa writtaa ua a loag aa4 my forrlbla apt?al, addraaawd to tba lionaa Oatfcoiia* nt tbat city, la behalf of tba abnta laatitat'oa. k ba atitaa it la wholly aopinrW mw by fnrtaala?l ladUa, but tlia ii-aj'.r.'y of tha paraooa raltarad aaw ???Mi ' MM <?-, will, reealta ai t, MNl >1ntla?tioB a( . country or -reed Tbla lady (all* oa paraoaa of tba Hi n an (jitbolia I harcb Uj a me f'.rward and baip Ua arxiaty. Hl>tOBT in hrati-n ? or ma f'artan "taraa Ton Orn< t.~ f'lioy M !aa, K*| , tl a wall k?. m trarallar aud wrltar, will laet ira on tha abota aab,i**t bafora tha ianr'aa '.a<v'a|i|il -al aad "tatlatl al Moiety," la j tin* ilty, tlla e ?am* Tba a ih> - 1 a ?aty lata-aayag ' and a.- imp"rtant at tha pre? .u' motaeat aa4 wa . ib'i ild tl mk Mr M'l?a, ^udgitg from bia r*?*at a* | tlria In tba "*aw York V"*'' ''f, and Ma forn er roaaax tlon with tb? I'oat 'Xhna I>a)?rtmen',, will da It ampla jtia'.ira. I > i immi "> til II I mi Htarn. ? Tba alarm 'if flr* la tba kateath llatriat, yeatarlay, b?twaaa 12 aad I, wa a ceuaad by a (aa atph a ??a la a barbar'a ahop No. 4 1 ?> I'eart alr?al The bartiar, It aa?l, 4ta ro<rra4 a vary offanadra amai: of faa la hia ahop an I ba It to ? loa frowi tbe meter la Irak a lijMal 'a* 41a 'o eaaaaloa it, and laetaatly aa aaploalna t-<>a p'a'a It waa aitiM'ilaiad w. It. out any aamaga T ie gaa eei-aped tii JT i dafe | la tba p pe l?adlag lo tha ??!?? In u tba . et;ar Tl.e gat e?iap%oy ware oat.flad, aad tii'-a were aaat to repair tha I Ipe. I/a tmu-Ia '/,r.r? j iae?' <? <4 'ha alraag waatarlf I wlida for a a??r? lay a p**', tba t*4?a hmt* baaa i*aaa? | tlly low. Tbaftatra la aa ! farry laata. daring tb? paal two daya I ata taan ua>> a tn land at low water at Uaa VuaraBtia* ? tapl?t?a. r Vaa<lai It a laadiaga, oa -Ha tan !a ???! aad w?ra .blige-l ? ran U> Towna u-l'a daik at ( l."/r, ><l*g tb? ml/ ?Ofb whera hara la ? leal uptbaf watar at all tlaaa of all U.laa. Bat for tbta Ear ig ? here woal'l Ua?a aaa a? u%*f >araa w ta thla jart of tba I- Ian I liMit'V IM* IWA*III?^U-I about kalf pa ill ti * <-t a lady aama uakaowa, wl?Ua wall h( t- o inar tb- en ! of t'ia Vt at tha faod af < haa I ?ra atre*1 W'/r'ti ' tar 'e,l nto tha watar a*wd >u ?w grea' laagar of '.mm'rig Fha tuiaM a?a l.a'ely aiak aw ng Vi the bje.yaary of Mr rlothaa, ?bl'hkept bar bead rha< water uatU a geaUewtaa I iu ei|l ran, ? ng har partlo'ia a'takaaa, Jaa^at ' 'i te tha i far aad a' "?? ilea of Ma wn hfe ea?- ' hi ra 1 lay were both tab' ?! '/at wot, bat hot aau-.a .am | aged. h ei ' it 4 ' r, ? Tee tar day ?ft<r? -aa I wl..l? I i Hfatep of '?1 laet 't .adway, an I Mr. ftm I Of Ifo weie ? rlr r.g In t'afr 'err aa* l/r'i?h Im tar. y t'i tat, th? b?fen t/^? IngM aa< Uateli 'fat a | raft*" It Myahkf aaa jiltdrd art af ta* rah < la j a l>d waa (iia; p 'ated to tha ?>?,?.' with a.-i - h * cwa, ia tile; rte e .r.,Trl?-e a??- it *',* beat aa 1 '??? < '*'* m luKtnr ?aaaaaiaywll'i t'n mut atail Mr ?< a lei, i la I Ifth i'? a ??i frvia thaaoa to ktauwana aaaa, ty C'lH'r 0 1 1 aaell. ! ?? ?f.i * 1 1 ? ' ? 1? rr?# any ? T ?i? hart W*S irwttM ! at ItiM laatftatbuh iJai i/g auath'' Mar-h *74 pa ttante? a* tVtr i. UH til ai th> ?'panaary. tS; I ?.?.?t Ai.' !i nalaa fc?^i in ? t vara ana .. ira ia t/a I aiu I hlataa w|, |rai*r , Iia-.eaar, U iitWt ?i ? tl ? ' . a aitr 'aaalt ? War ?,r r'llaea#, t. a| 'al ? dl"' aa-kf 'rea-aaamt. \f t ???i?aa I W t) T > t a r of airart pUoaa. pat ?, ,u x?a a" ?; 'r " ^a i th ? ? lergaat a?ra ei ta c?a i a aaa boat | 1' srarage^hl l>r* ii? rt*rr??e?r Itcmwi m if j?|a a ??.' ?' ' (e'eati irtf 4 "h> ri^.at * I *~'t aaw pa j iVat ! *t"?a edattaa ? ? ,?afai r I ill a' tea 1 1a?> iga, laaa |>t,.a?a. 1 vdl batirtly I 1 iJt?4 '''atea 14t fr< r-d, l.lji e-t ?f e*aat'?? a.e ? ag ??'ar tiea-a?..t ?? aawt ta the h--ft'a.i | , 1 : ?' f -? 1 ^ ? 4ti

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