Newspaper of Evening Star, April 9, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON 0ITY: MOHDAV AFTERHOJN April 9 ?7" Adveutisejcrnts should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise thej may not appear until the next day. Joe Printing.?The public are in formed that we are now prepared to exe cute job printing In all its varieties, from cards, ball tickets, &c., to (show bill) posters and book work, as well and as low as at any other office in Washington, and with equal dispatch. Give us a call. * ? fiP13If 07 THK HO&SUTG PKES3. The Union insists that the policy of Spain with reference to Cuba, her policy pertina c:i;u?ly persevered in even cow, id to permit no reforms whatever in the government and cus toms regulation cf tbe island, and, to insure itr continuance under her authority, to set the negroes thee treo. lu the eourse of the arti cle the editor 6ay3: " No' a steamer arrives in the United Statts from L-jrope or the Spanish colonies which ?*"is n;t bring with it further intimation that the public mind, the press, the Cortes, tbe c ibinet, hLd the colonial agents of Spain, are, if i ssible, more than ever hostile to this con federacy ; and yet the National Intelligence d.,is not ? cm pie to escuse and to palliate the acta of tho Spanish ruiera and agenta." ? ? m # # " If the National Intelligencer, however, w Id paint out in tbe reported sessions of the <* i-.s, or in ?te pre;?, anything to indicate a future conciliatory and liberal spirit, or a dispesition to make tbe local government of tiieeoionv responsible lor its a eta we should lo g!nd to obtain tho information. It may lo< k ?gtin and again, and aiw.?js in vain, for ?* ;ig.iin?;t future aggression?. So far Ironi finding evidencos of "a change in the t panuh mind, we tee the Minister of Foreign Aifurs actually t >o fe;:rlul to avow in the tw-a. itn of tr.e ith instant that Lohudconceded that ft en Peruela hsd Icon at fault Could tnsr? be any thin* m ^re frior dly or courteous { the clear and private exposition of the cits of the Black Warrior offered to that iuiij:ion.Ty by Col. Hobertson, the Ainorican orsul, long belore his excellency had com mitted bicwelf in the least j os-iMe manner ? And what of his jucf^ssor ? It was daring the former administration of Gen. Concha that tLe unm ?i !y batche.y and desecration cf the fifty Ameri-rans wero committed. 1 ho ugh it *a Pcziela who ccmmcncod the organizition cf tbe nf^ro volunteers, General Conch3 had prisvitn ly advocated and urged that mode of oelenc?, both in bis memoirs and in the press, since bis lata appointment. If the Intelli geiiC.r woull only read tho former, it would esquire li; tinct notions of tho policy which that cli->$ea tyrant has come to impose on this hemisphere." ??**** "A i1 though we doubt not that a thorough ei imiu tiiou of the contents of the Spanish pre?^ may draw tht Intel'ig?nc*r to a more correct >iew of ?ar international affairs, the *te mer 1? eiv arrived brings some news which supersedes th* necessity of taking tuat pains, and, to far from encouraging hopes of a tavor ablo change, positively establishes the contra ry "Tbi ty tbonsiud mon are to constitute herexfter tl.e gamson ot Cuba,- and tbe large deficit wanting must necessarily be transported v.i U itrituu fundi, inasmuch as the Spanish treasury is exhausted. ??But th? still morj important and decisive new* is, 'hut tbe Minister of Foreign Affaiu, puttie ? ;idetheLjpcjriti ;ai mask with which he .;i i vX '.iqts a* the scsfiou on the sole of Cu ba .e commended not t<> ul irm the colonists ll > ? utififtiMg th tk the surj'et of negro *m ' relation, has boldly accomplished, be ciu-c, ifcm ilio authoritative utterance of tu;?? ueie mina ion in the sission of the 8th of March to it*> terrific aud devastating echo on the .Mad Cuba the dividing !ap?a is but an instant V as that the charge expected bv the luteinzentsrV* J The luUlligeucrr smells a democratic narc's nest in connection w ith the Cuba affair cayirg of it3 correspondence, wherein that *u*j?ctu treated: ? II; (:? 3 reaier) will j croeive in them evi dc c. sofa de-perate game now on foot for party cr for mercenary objects, or both combined, ia cooperation r. ith foreign malcontents, which, cuius promptly frowned down by a soand /.m?ra s?ntim?n:, will be pushed by the ? ir --tor?, in \ urtuit of their selfi?h end?; even ?o uepluig-tg of tbe country into war. In tho prc.ecuiion cf thij wicked' scneme. resort i- i t^ everv ^pecics of misrepresentation to ad aLd ir.ll jfence tbe honest publie mind, t d j rcy ire it for tbe dread arbitrament of; : r vri'h war v.ill come Cuba, and wi h Caha\*i!l come tbe rodemption of the Demo c: .tic pan;*. Ihat is the flat eriug argument :.d i:.e Uio!;ve ol the p; litical gambleu. ji, aro \ Lt ? or horcdt bt d> of the American T? p'-e prepaie ! to embark ia this desperate i(?r a frize of. to say tbe le^st, such o jjtlul v<:lue t We believe not. Yet, should tL^c reckless m inisters of strife, by atiful and c-.operating mi repreaenuiious tuccoed ia ^:i.ut.lating the nation iato war, and the long er-fd prize of Caba crown their hoprs still *v?ll ?t t rove an ur fruitful priie fo- them The coL^ue-t of Luba will be of aoout as muoh ad .' ^e '?? the party which biis so high for it *-8 fao annexation of Texas was to the ltuler cf (J-2"- A crooked and false policy never r-uccnui ary pirty, and if anything could ? w rt;c?e those waning fortunes for whieh tl i d i .,:r\Te t.liibusterirg game is now so Jt ! y j !ayed. it would be te adi pt differ ent aims, seppor cd by far different means." FinMO'YAI,. .... Aa Tg tli3 recent c.rrivt!a in thlj city a:t W V Eiut?, E.'j , bearer of dispatches to ;L - G^veriniti.t Irui Uuencs Avrce; Com lr d-?r?i iNewti a. L S N ; lions. Wm. Mediil aaU on il. U.ds, of Ohio. .... Martin Van Karen, jr., died at Paris on *} tict loy. the 2Cth ult. A large number of A ^er.cans accomfai i .d his remains to their ttiupc;arj rt.s-.iug place in tho cemetery o! Zu.u matrc Tio deceased had, fvr a long t. uc. fceen waiting under the blight of con>n, but his rfsutb was so Budden as to fu |.;iie even tao?e friends who bad de:paired t.< L; itcoy -ry. lie bad seated him,elf at ti-e dialer t-ble. w!;en hi? bead fell fo. ward ca li.s bje^* and L'j expired, without a word, wi:hcut a groan. .... David B Campbell, well known in II ?:ro'? c?an accomplished lawyer, recently died in taat State. .... Li'.ticton Tazewell is the Know Nothing cr* Yvl .?* f->r Congress in the Petersburg (V*.) distifet, in oppisitioa to W'm 0. G*>de .... Hon. l'ierre Soule, with his family, p-'W1 through New York on Friday on his way to the \\ est. .... Bishop Timon, of the chcrch of St 1 nis r.t licff ilo. came passenger in ths steam thi^ Ba'.t-c in company witn ltev. Messra. C * ,o snd Branna^an. priosu who were at the jeeeat c nvocat;on at Home. .... Jenny Lind has given several concerts ic lloilan l lor 'be relief of the sufierers by the great ire* je: in that country. ...? &li?s davenport ia performing at the :.!< tr->r>olitan Theatre, California, and Mr and Mrs. Bar r.t? Williams are "staring it" in t^e inieiior cf that S ate. .... An expedition is about to be under taken by Br Ca'herwood. an American pby fidiBi to ex; iore the interior of Australia. .... 41 Sam," after achievirg a triumph in richmord. wee* to Portsmouth, and on Satur diy allele 1 b 1) Fiske. Esq , (editor cf the 'iranseript,) Mayor, and aho a Know Nothing ]>oa/d u Counoilman, by 161 m jiiity. VT ErSlard in=ported 3?.M$ 533 pcunth of to-.^ cj ia iSil f-oa which sh? leceim ? jvveta-j of WASHISCTON NEW8JMD GOSSIP. I he London Timai on the Cuban Question. The veteran reviler of the United States, the London Timt*, it appears by the Baltic's mails, is in a terrible packer over what it de nounces as the active efforts of this Govern ment to get Cuba by force; by letting leosa np}n the island Gen. Qiitman and his fllll busters. The Timta discourses with apparent very virtuous horror of the enormity of na tional land stealing, as though almost every other page of England's writton history?em bracing a due aspount of the position of the Tim's on all its Government's international questions occurring in the last quarter of a century?were unknown to the reading public. Tha idea that a nation like the United States covets such an island as Cuba?one situatod as Cuba is?so shocks the 'Tims.? as to make it wonderful that its conductor did not faint at the very thought of the terrible orime! In view of the fact that the great Robber of the World?the gr^at land stealer (by coun tries) of the universe?is no other than Eng land, and of the additional fact that she has stolen no lard within twenty five years with out being praised for the act and stoutly de fended in it by the Times, that journal's homily to wh'.ch we refer, is just about the most impudent thing we ever saw in a news paper. Its argument is based on the allegation that while the United States Government is issuing proclamations against filibustering, it is se cretly aiding and abetting infractions of its neutrality laws; and, by way of carrying conviction to its readers, they are assured that the American Government would let the Quit man expedition, with which Pinto's conspiracy was connected, sail undisturbed. Already that expedition has been defeated through the measures taken by the authorities at Wash ing*on. So tha furious argument of the Tints already turns out to be supremely ridiculous. It in really hardly worth a com ment, cxccpt by way of showing up the bitter nets and want of foundation of the hostility which the Times entertains towards tho United States, as manifested in its every paragraph The edi'.or think* that the Cuban nogrocs would be vastly worse off under American than under Spanish jurisdiction, as at present To cay the least of it, this idea is a novel one; and ccjuiirg from a party that, beyond all question, knews that it is untrue, it evinces the utter lack of sensible arguments against our great national policy of tho acquisition of Cuba. The conductor of the livus knows woll that tho physical moral, and, indeed, the intellectual condition of the mass of the negro slaves of the United States is infinitely supe rior to that of quite an equal number of Eng lish ci'.zees in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, to say nothing of that of ten times as many of the liege subjects of her gracious Majesty, Victoria, in India, tho West Indies, at the Cape, and eLewhere in distant parts ot the realm. It seem: to be hard to make the world un derstand the true position of this Government upon the Cuba difficulty, owing to the misrep resentations of interested parties on b:>th sides of tho question. Here we have the 'L'imss ac cusing the United States cf being actuated by principles (of nvtum and tuiu.i) as loose as those which were openly avowed by tho British Government when she sent out her buccaneers to despoil Spain?then at peace with her?of hor gold in the West ladiodandSai'th America On tho other hai.d we havo those who justify and apologize for buccaneeriuginI850, striving to create the impression that the Govern ment of the United States sympathises witfl all their misrepresentations cf tWe truth to exten uate filibustering, and is preparing secretly to aid and abet it. We really do not know which of these two parties do the American Govern ment most irjustico Both are making incal culable mischief. The former are encourag ing Spain to pursue a policy with reference to Cuba, which must sooner or later cost berth e island without the least indemnification for it; whilo tho latter are practically justifying the Spanish authorities in the eyes of the world in executing such men as Pinto and Estranipes, and are also encouraging the idle and adven turous among us to believe that the neutrali ty laws of our land, may be violated with pro priety and impunity. Now, we havo watched the measures?poli cy?of the Government of the United States with reference to Cuba, with a3 mcch care as cne could possibly exercise, and have boon unable to discover the first sign to justify the that the parties roferred to above repre sent it correctly?tho one (the Times and its confreres) insisting on their view, and tho other generating in tha public mind the im pression that such representations as those of Time* are correct. There is not a word in ail the Soule corres pondence recently published to justify the idea that those in oharge of the Government here have at any time for an instant contem plated a seizure of the island, or its obtain ment otherwise than by and with the free con sent of Spain. There is, we know, mush in that correspondence showing not only that the present Administration are bant on faithfully carrying on the policy of every American Ad ministration from Mr. Munroe'i time to the present day, of obtaining Cuba when it can be honorably and fairly obtained?but also show ing that they (the American Administration) are keenly alive to all the many difficulties which threaten to defeat their purpose of makicg the acquisition ytacuibly and with Spain's consent, when it shall bo made. These difficulties may bo briefly summed up as follows, viz : the pertinacity with which England and France endeavor to interfere against us in our affairs with Spain. Next Spain's almost unaccountable blindness in re fusing to come to some arrangement by which all new questions in iseue with us may be promptly disposed of?may be settled before they rankle &o as to make the two nations at war in hoart, if not ostensibly at war with each other. And, next, the apparent de' er mination of a large olass of cur own people to involve the United States in war with her, (Spain.) if possible. That they (the Admin istration) are keenly alive to these difficulties is apparent throughout the published corres pondence in question; but not a line is to be found in it from which a sensible and unpre juliced man, who knows the history of oar affairs with her, (Spain,) and of the successful efforts of this Government to put down filli blistering, may draw the conclusion that the present Administration entertain the purpose of directly or indirectly violating Spain's lights?not a line, not a word. If, under Providence, the peace between Spain and the United States be broken, it will be by and through the ittriguea of England and Franee, whose open interference against 01 ia affiixa on tbii side of tho AUtuuio can* ? not and will not be submitted to by this Gov ernment with any party in power here ; by bpain s foolish refusal to arrange for the set tlement of issae3 with as arising oat of what she deems it necessary to do to ingpre Cuba to herself, and through the inefficiency of our pystem of government in the matter of it* practical and legal power to restrain those of its citizens who, desiring to invade Cuba, are led to believe that the United States Govern ment sympathises with them, by the perti nacity with which more or less of our news paper* justify and palliate filibustering. As dangerous as the last of these three elements appears just now, it would be a mere circum stance in the path of the Amenoan Govern-1 ment, if it were not for the conduct of Eng land, France and Spain, in doing all they pos sibly can to get up the complete rupture be tween us and Isabella'* Government, for whioh the fillibusiers are so eager. Tha Extent of the late Cessions of the In dians West of the Missouri, &c.?Under the treaties made by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs with various tribes in the last year or so, tho I nited States have obtained lands from the Indians located west of the Missouri and the Missouri State line, as follows: From the Omahaa about 600,000,000 aores. Ottoes and Mis3ouria8, 3,000,000 acres. Sbawnees, 1,600,000 acres. Delawares, 275,000 aores. Saos and Foxes, 435,000 acres. Kiokapoos, 768 000 acros. Iowas, 123,000 acres. Kaskaskias and others, 94,000. And from the Miamas, 325,000. Individual reservations are provided for in these treaties, and also somo portions of the lands above mentioned are to be sold for the benefit of the Indians ceding them. This is the esse with the Delaware's lands. Such tracts are not subject to be squatted on, as ihis Government cannot, by act of Congress, assign lands held in trust to be disposed of for the benefit of others, to squatters. "Well done, thou Good and Faithful -Ser vants !"?The following revenue cutters have returned to port, having completed their win ter's cruising on the coast, agreeably to or ders of the Troasury Department in November last: Ilevenuo cutter "James Campbell," Com mander George Clarke, stationed at New Lon don, Conn., bo&rdel and spoke during the cruiwe 172 vessols; rendered assistance to 9 in distress; saved tho lives of 5 persons, and sail ed 2 516 miles. Revenue cutter "Fonvard," Captain U. B. Nones, stationod at Wilmington, Del., boarded and spoke 83 vessels; assisted 3, and sailed 1,314 miles. Revenue cutter "Morris," Captain John Whitcomb, stationed at Boston, Mass., boarded and spoke 254 vessels; assisted 7; distance sailed 2,629 miles. Revenue cutter "Taney," Captain Joseph Noyes, stationed atEastport, Me., boarded and spoke 150 vessels; assisted 8, and sailed 2,058 miles. From the above statement, the oommercial community will see that theso vessels have been very laboriously engaged. They were the coast" during the last eo trying four months, their efficers and crews subjected du ring all that time to the numerous danger* and hardships which are s;> muoh dreaded by these approaching our Atlantic coast in the winter soason. We question whether any other four public vessels ever performed harder and more valuable service in four months, to their country, than has boon performed by these four 1 nitcd States revenue cutters between the 1st of December last and the 1st of April, instant. u * Poitma,t?r Hisipprohending the Law.? ? Ice new post office law, requiring all letters to be prepaid, does not seem to have been con formed to notwithstanding the general pub lcity whicn was given to it. Postmaster Mil ler has caused lists of the letters not prepaid to be made out and posted in the avenue near tne Dcck street entrance, where the interested can see them. Among the number are some addressed to Governor Pollock and to mem bers of the Legislature; and it should be re membered that, under the new law, all letters, except those franked, must be prepaid " We take the above from a Philadelphia pa per. A3 the postage on letters to Governor Pollock and the members of the Pennsylvania LegUlature, when in session, is paid out of the State treasury by a law of the Commonwealth, postmasters in that State, we understand, may forward to Harris burg even suoh as are noi prepaid. ^ Th* Officeis 2eturned on the United States Sloop-of-war Portsmouth.?Tho following ig a list of the officers who returned to tho United States a few days ago, from the Psoifis station in tho I nited States sloop of-war Portsmouth* To day, the Secretary of the Navy granted all of them the usual three months' leave of ab sence at the termination of suoh a cruise as the Portsmouth has had: Commander Thos. A. Dornin; Lieuts. Wm. A. Parker, Jas. H. Spotts, Thos. Patterson ; Acting Lieut. Thos. Rooney; Master Wm. M. Gamble; Surgeon Isaao Brink?rhooff; Purser Levi D. Slamm ; Brevet First Lieut, of Marines, Freeman Nor vcll ; Assistant Surgeon Samuel F. Come3; Midshipmen Chas. C. Carpenter, Robert j' Bowen John G. Walker, Andrew J. McCart ney; Boatswain Michael Hall; Gunner Geo 11. Baker; Carpenter John Rainbow; Sail maker David Bruce; Captain's Clerk Chas. It. Benton. Tho Franking Privilege not Listuibsd? Our friend of the Philadelphia Argus is In error in tho following paragraph which we clip from his journal: tiMuJ B*rii?#L,iT,uRs ~it ?D?ht 10 b?diB to any !?rti t P?8ta8? on all letters _ - j y ?. ^ k? L nited States, must be pre ?r ?? k ?.tterfl to members of Congress, tl ZnaKy but-C" with the Departments, 0; W? h1 "r Legislature, all of which chEUS 8006 free? or the postage charged to the Department on the State, miZt nou be prepaid or they will not be sent." The new postage law in no manner abridges the franking privilege-the right to send and recetvg letters and paokages, not weighing over two ounces, free in the mails. Nor under is it obligatory to refuse to transmit letters addressed to the Departments in ashington without pre-payment of postage, uch letters, as well as those of members of ongross, may be transmitted as heretofore. As explained in another paragraph in the ^tar of this afternoon, letters addressed to member* of the Pennsylvania Legislature may also be sent as heretofore, under the ar rangement by which the postage duo on them ij paid out of the State Treasury. Ihe Africanixation"^"iCnba.-We conclude that Mr. A. C. Dodge will be instructed to de mand of the Spanish Miniater of State, a cat egorical answer as to the purpose of that Government with reference to the future of slavery m C?b?, Zbi? impro?w<?Q preyail* ia foreign diplomatic circles here, and they are seldom wrong in their opinions upon such facts A Clerical Appointment ?Darwin C. Smith, of Ohio, has been appointed to a first class olerkship in the Penaion Office. Salary, $1,200 a year. Another Clerical Appointments?Mr. Caleb S. Batts, of Cleveland, Ohio, has been ap pointed to a 1st olass ($1,200 per annnm) olerkship in the Pension Bareaa. Transactions in the Treasurer's Office ? The following are the transactions of the money branoh of tho Treasurer's offioe for Saturday, April 7: On account of disbursing officers? Received?6 deposits $61,016 03 Paid?38 checks on 18 accounts... 18.918 58 On account of Treasury proper? Kec-ji ved ?For 4 trans. fer drafts $31,000 00 Received?For other deposits 75 00 i> ?-? * ^ i 31,075 00 Paid 6 drafts 49,308 34 Tho Current Operations of the Treasury Departnent.?On Saturday, the 7th April thera were of Treasury Warrants entered on '?he books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $1,529 11 For paying Treasury debts. .. 33 658 55 For the Customs _ 21,353 27 For covering into the Treasury from customs 1,812,590 99 For covering into the Treasury from Lands 74,038 87 Tor oovering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources...? 6 64 For the War Department 6,004 03 For the Navy Department 111,021 00 For the Interior Department 163,433 53 For repaying for the Interior De Pwtment 1,711 25 IATEB FROM CALIFORNIA. Arrival of tho Steamer Illinois. The steamship Illinois, from Aspinwall, ar rived at New York on Saturday. She brings about 300 passengers and $710,167. The dates from California are to tbo 16lh of March, brought down by the stoamer Sonora, which had on board $921 619 in treasure of which $191,802 is for England. THE ISTHMUS. Tho U. 8. corvette John Adam?, Captain F. B. Boutwell, anchored in Panama Bay on Sun day morning, March 23. She left Calloa on March 6. Tho John Adams is to remain on the Pacific station for two years. The Governor, Don Manuol Dias had re turned from Cborrera?having restored public order and arrested the ringleaders in the late disturbances. The late rains have caused some slight dam ago to tho railroad track, and consequent irregularity in the arrival of the trains. CALIFORNIA. Tho Alta California, thus sums up all that relates to tho suspended bankers: Tho bank excitement, which existed at the close of our previous luminary, has in a great measure subsided. The suspended banks have not resumed, and it is altogether improbable that any of them can resume, with tho excep tion, perhaps of Page, Bacon A Co. llobinson Jc Co.'s Saving Bank has turned out us rotten as could be. Tho deposits amount to $207,000?tho assets nothing at all. It is doubtful if the depositors receive one cent on tho dollar. Mr Robiucon h?s been arrested on a charge of embexilemant, and is now awaiting the action of the grand jury. Dr. Wright's creditors have had a meeting and voted to grant him an extension, hoping that thereby ho may be able ultimately to meet a considerable portion of his indebted ness Tho affairs of Aducs & Co. havo coins be foro the iourth District Court in a variety of motions?motions by receivers to punish Sher iff s officers for levyiDg on the assets ; motion by the creditors for arces* to the Hssuts; aho, to vacate stay of proceoJirgs ordered in tho insolvency suit. ihe arguments have engaged the greatest array of oounsel ever vritne^tied in any trial in this Stato. Tho decision will undoubtedly be appealed to the Supremo Court, whether it be given in favor of tho receiver or the creditors. Mr G. Hubert Saundors, an attorney of San i Francisco, had been arrested on a charge of forgery. Bail to the amount of $20,000 was required and furnished Tho accused immediately after decamped, and all efforts to ascertain bis whoreuboats havo been unavailing. Ho was chsrged with having forged tho name of Gilbert Grant to a mortgage upon certain real estate property at the euraer of Battery and Clay ftreets: and further, with having obtained tho sum of $8 000 from orio Blantier upon said forged signature The following forgeries have since been charged upon him.?Mr. H. Blantier, $8,000; YYm Hedge, $3,000; John B. Addler A Lewi* Crouther, $6,000; Wm. H. Ohland, $4,000* William Fogarty, 3,000; attachment for money loaned, $4,000. Total, 27,000. Mr. Atkinson haj roturnod to San Francisoo from the Kern Minos. Ho describes the mines as being the greatest humbug over put upon Calitornians. Mr. Atkinson foimed one of a party of eight who started from Oakland on the 13th of February for the Kern River They were properly armed and equipped, aod rode on horseback. Their routo lay through Livermore's Pass and by Fort Miller. They found no difficulty on tho road, till within about ton miles of Greenhorn Gulch. They reached that placo on the 21th, having been eleven days on the journey. In tho Legislature, a bill to fund tho float ing debt or San Francisco has passed tho House. As tho whole debt, which now amount* to nearly $2 000,000, is entirely contrary to the charter, and consequently illegal, the policy of funding it all is strongly obieoted to by a considerable body of tax payors. The Sunday bill, prohibiting barbarous and noisy amusements on the Lord's Day has passed both branches of the Legislature' and gone to the Governor for his signature. ' A bill to prohibit public gambling will very likely pass tho Legislature ; and the friends of temperance are not without hope of obtain ing tho passage of a prohibitory liquor law at tho present session. A bill to prohibit raffles, lotteries and gift enterprises has passed the House ,J?bi,nerg i,o,u~ ?f ? Ub? Sut? marin? hospital has been abol. lined. The Grass Valley Telegraph says, that owing to tho stoppage of tho banks and the consequent cessation from the purohase of dust, a hundred thousand dollars of it has ac< cumulated in that township, and can bo bought for $16 50 per oucoe, instead of $17 25 as heretofore. ' A duel was fought near San Francisco, on the morning of the 13th, by Col. Wm. Walker and Mr. Carter, formerly of Sacramento. 1 hey used pistoli?distance eight paces. At the first fire, Mr. Walker reoeived a slight wound in tho toot, and here the matter ended. The Chino3o are still coming. About 260 arrived on the 13th inst., ia the ship Alfred, from Hong Kong. MARKETS. Saw Faancisco Markkts, March 16. The business done since our last has been of very insignificant character. In fact, we havo not for a long time passed, witsessed such an utter stagnation in trade as has prevailed during the past seven days. SOUTH AMERICA. The English steamer has arrived at Panama, with $460 000 in specie for England. Her dates are Valparaiso, Fob. 27tb. and Callao, March 10. CHILI. From (he Santiago and Valparaiso papers we glean no political news. Although the election of Deputies is soon to come off. it ere. ated no stir or excitement among the people. It being Lent, all the places of publie amuse ment are closed, and the capital never wm so dull. From the mining districts about Copiapo as well as from the agricultural districts of the, south, tho reports are most favorable. The mines yield well, and the harvest has been abundant; at the Lora coal districts new and nm beds Of 99ftl fttt feting daily opei??| On the 10th of February the oompletion of the tunnel on the Santiago railroad vu cele brated wiJi all honors. It ii rumored that the U. 8. Minister Is about to retarn home, leaving tlie secretary of legation to fill his pi&oe. BRAZIL AND PARAGUAY, i If *?are* *be quarrel between Bratil ^11 lead to an appeal to arms a Braailian squadron of twenty one vessels being already in the La Plata, and an army of six thousand ordered to the frontiers The only hope of peace lies in the result of a con ference about to be beld in the Argentine capital, and in the mediations of the Argentine Government. SANDWICH ISLANDS. The date* from Honolula are to Feb. 24. On the 22d, Mr. Gregg, the U. S Commi? sioner, gave a sumptuous dinner in honor of the birth day of Washington. The King, his ministers, and many residents and strangers attended. The propeller City of Norfolk, sfxty-three days from Melbourne, arrived at Honolulu on the 17th. She had fizty-three passengers, mostly for San Francisoo. Value of goods imported into the Ielanis du ring the year 1851, 11 255 022 71. Exports during the same period, $274,029 70 Durin* tie year, there was transhipped 1,683,922 eal ?L1, g alio as (perm, and 4.4i9,6<8 lbs. bone. The number of whaling vessels touching at the Islands during 1854 was 525, and the num ber of merchant vessels 148 The Hawaiian theatre has been leased for a short tune by a company lately arrived from Australia by the steamer City of Norfolk. In the company are Mr. Edwin Booth. Mr. W. H. Hamilton, Mr. Clement White, Mr. D. C Anderson, and Mrs. Hamilton. FROM AUSTRALIA. Sidney dates to January 12th report the late nVD?8 ?nl?r?'y ?t an end. The yield of the mines is decreasing. 8rEci* FOR THE Car* ea ?We were startled, i a rew daysagi, by the statement that aeventy uve tons of coia had been engaged as part of the cargo of a. vessel now loading here for C,>n stantmoplo. We learn to day that the ship pers are anxious to engsge forty fir? tons more having one hundred and twenty tons to ship Lathis heavy shipment of coin should alarm Svl *jDanciers, we may as well add that it is all m kreu sers, (the copper coin of tiermany, nearly equal in value to our cent) and comprises a collection made, probably, from the money brought out by emigrants It was taken by the vessel at tS per ton freight. " hen it arrives, the Mussulmans will be well supplied with "small change JVttr York Journal of Commerce. GT There were 182 deaths in Philadelphia last week; consumption, 112; smal 1 doe, 3. ^FRANKLIN FIRE COMPANY.?THE members of tbe franklin Fire Company j are requested to attend b called meeting, at thn'r Engine House, TUBSDAY EVENING. April lOtli. By order of the President: ? ?> a ??? GEO- R< CROS8FIELD, - aP 9~* secretary >M?'!WmpbDAm3^>,TE-pK?F. H. W r ,77-To will ci ve another one of hie de 1 fu! i!Lurteea UD WEDVESDA* EVENING, the Ladiei that have l?een In the habit of visiting I frieifds ** arC polll<,,y "?licited to invite their | 1 ap 7?4t NATIONAL GREYS, ATTENTION ?You i ar?- hereby notified to attend a special meetiner of The: Company on MON DAY EVENING, the 9.hinstant, at o'clock. It in earnestly requested that every member of the corps should I* punctual in his attendance as business of tne utmo?t importance will be submitted tor vour con?ijera tion. Let not a member fail in his attendance. %7-JL ^ Sr?Se- *"? sTHE MONUMENTAL CLUB HAVE, ?- 'ne pleasure of annr.uu jr,2 :o their friends and tlie citiretisol Washington generally that their S,Tsa ,"d" , of April.* ?? I rarih ulars in future advertisement. ap A?fit* FOREWARNER. II E undersigned having been engaged for s*v ,.f. exP**n menu ne with his Invention of a W ind Chariot," or Pneumatic Mo or; and as nia iinu ed means w ill not for fome time enable him to apply his said invention to its nuroosei. consequently he is compelled to forewarn all persons' agun?t infringing li:s right and claims to the said invention, which consuls of two or more sets of vertically arranged, coun'er rciotiing motive wind Wheels, having rims or tires, and se ies of obliuuelv set, twisted or defecting wings, fans or leaves, rad i lati.ig trotn an axle, or shaft, or centre. The siid wheels being arranged or hung on any suitable frame or standard and bcanngs, this stindard a base which is conducted so as to be reversal, e. or adjustable, at any potrt to suit tbe wi. d. Th.-.e motive wheels have attached to their axles or sbaf-s rfnnnff cog wheels, commiinicating motion to a pinion attached to a vertical shaft or spindle, work ing between the two wheels of the m itive ailes and said shaft or spindle connecting dounu-ard through any suitable platform or training, to which i? attached moving wheels, rr running zear wheels arranged on axles, havmg compensating or double universal joints. These moving wheels are of bro^d treud, and have also a castor like shank or standard worsing upwards against a spring confined within' *'Vrf ?urzk u GuuJ,n? Evicts are also con necied the running gear. The various purposes to which this motor is arv pl.cable are the propulsion of vehicles and vessehT and lor p.ows on jrairie or I vel surfaces The above descnp ion covers the principal f?a ? uh ,nverlirn asainst the u,in^ o? wh cb"1 ?nho?, bls jim, I W.-hinjon Oi.y Man servant to hire?a young man I a slave, of most excelient character van't3w/l'i ??> vant, will bs hired as such. He would be ouite competent to take charge of a horse an? cariw? having been raised in the country, and hsiu? rnm*?l ho[se!j- Euquireat No. T*nth street I west side, between 11 and E sts. ap I LOSTEON SATURDAY EVENING, bc.ween Goid^Va'eh rh? W*A. Bradl, y'*.an enamelled I ooid natch Chain, with pencil attached Th? finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving ?t Thu .cpe6^!'-r- G'"n'" c s .S5 Ii.""*1 MILLINERY. MISS H. M MANN, ?nSiiceewor toi the Misses S. j. fc M S?S?JKKtf?HJ ""1PANCV GOOD3'on, nritha.n?!edw a Wi,linir,who is thoroughly acquainted tent harfd lue88' no object for a'compe tent nana. ap 9-gt? MANTUA MAKING. M^8 :MlR(^AJlET/,YER re^ctfaMy ani.oun ces to the ladies of Washington and vicimtv uiat she has just returned to Washington and in tends to resume her former business, and solicits the patronage of her former friei ds. No 331 Pa aVap9-2 'aw3w* FoUrleenlh ^ ^"eeuth su. OPENING NEST STVLIS FOR MAN | tillas WE op^B this morning, April 8, our larre and ASaUalnd' re>Ck ?tlfS.Pnn? and ???'mer MAN ?V? V.j ' ! respectfully invite the attention of the Ladies to an eiami anon of the same before theV"? llJc,r ?Jc',ecMnn8? fe, l?nI quite sure that rroni f ?s xntua^:ar,ety ?'our ',ssorim-t ?-1 ap9-Ct CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY & CO. SPRING STYLE STRAW BONNETS HATS I and Flats, Mowers and Ribbons of everV desenpuon, selected with great care, togeiherill V with every variety of Millinerj- g.^,Is; also a^ftfr P?od assortment of Fancy Goods, Perfumery. Gloves, Howery. All of which will be sold low lor cash, bilk, Lace, Blond, Crape, and Lawn Hat*, ready made as made to order at the shortest notice, and in the latest Parisian style. Siraw Bonnets and Hat* bleached. Forsale, a new set of Fluting and Crunp ing n achines. WM. P. SHEDD. ap 'J?eo3t [Organ] 502 Eleventh street. ymTS TO EUROPEAN CELEBRITIES, by Dr. Sprague. $1 ? ? . tngluh, pa.u and present, by ft. C. Trench, B. D.J author of "The 8,udy of Words;" 75c Treatise on Eoglisb punctuation, by Wi'son Third ediuon, enla.ged, 12 mo. f | Ashtoa Cottage, or the Tru- Faith. IIIu<trated 6(K Hope Campbell, or Know Thyself, by - Cousin Catholic and Protestant Nations compared 'n tbe.r I pVe4,^'Kni:wlcdr *"<1 Morality. yj *er- ^ Krtuaell, with an introduction bv a the Rev. Bapuste Noel, of London. 1 vol I Sifns of the Times, past and present, by l)r. Cum BIIDg The f pretep? Pfe?'ipt?ons for! Christian Living, by Jno. Cumining, D.D . 75c I T! u?Urtueilin?j' vis; ?>x? Mumoirs rtSfSSl ^ Mcl1 ,5c ^buisement*. pioPLB'i mATn( - Thud Night?, Mr. TATLpPg?g WT*T? THIS EVENING will be presented Pauline, Miss To conclude w itb the IsugbaH.- tarne nf THE ROGUERIES OF THOMas Thomas, Mr. Weaver _ _Ange;lc?, Mm Prices of admission?Orchestra Chair. SO eta ? w. quette &X cenu ; Regular Ticket 25 cents" ??' M? ODD FELLOWS HALL. B A IJPB R HOL1 DA Y S. STANLEY'S WESTERN WILDS, A WXMTZ^cVMrS'r r?' 011 "hfrDr s Th,U F'Vnm?- (E?"er Monday,) M4 for onl? a few day* loncer to tils citv Afternoon exhiMtioua for la<h<* and rh ldr?n n. Z"s*>,',?????'??r-*ass2 at 3^ o clock. e\liih?uo*? ?i 7k o*etork Arrangements are mxking 'or all the rhus,!.?r th?* Public He hoots to see tht Western WlU, Admission 25 cenu?children half price. ap 9 NATIONAL THEATRE. * THE MERRY SEASON! kuatkhl'S OPERA TROUPE, For a f< w dsvs, will be with their friends in Washington, On MONDAY, TUESDAY, AND WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, April Bill, 10th, and 11th. Many New and Attractive Featurea, with SHOTS AT FOLLY AS IT FLIES, And 80NGS, characteristic of the Set** fVRSHISE AMD TEARl. Kerry Laughter and Touching Pathoi! Admisaon TWENTY FIVE CENTS ? Genu men when without Lndies are charred 37k cnu to the requeue or Dress Circle. . . . JOHN T. FORD, Agent ap '?4t [Union Si Intel] GRAND VOCAL^MFlMSTEUKmlL Concert of Sacred Music tor thi benefit or RYLAND CHAPEL. Tun CHOIR attached to Ryland Chapel willriit a Concert of Sacred Music in the Church, o? Tenth and I) sts., < Island) on TUESDAY EVES IXG next, the 10th instant. They will be assit,^ by several ladies and gentlemen well known f? their musical attainment. The Concert will be under the direction of Mr f GLENROY. Prof. SCHEEL will prcaide at tb? h anotorte. H Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. Ticket? ?5 cents ; t? be had of the member*of the Choir and at the door of the church on the e?<?. ning of the Concert. Bp 5_4, All strahqkrh vwiting the City abould see Hunter'a Cata lone of the Curiosities of the Patent Office. Alao his Description of Powell's Great Picture, feb 23?3m* SPRING FASHIONS. MRS. J LANE, Bridge street, between Conpm and High, will open on Tuesday, ihe?^? 10th instant, a most exun*ive assortment cful } MILLINERY, consist ing of Lace, Cra|?e and^T# Si-k HAT S, including Str.iw of every descriptjot will! a large assortment of French Flower*, R,UW kc' - MR8.J.L np 7?3l* ATTENTION, OLD SOLDIERS. ALL my old friends for whom I obtained Bonn:? Land in less qutint.tics than 1G0 acre* ire hereby informed thai their names and a memo rat dum of their time is on my Book, so that their de el.nati vs for additional Bounty L ;nd can be witli facility Many of those who failed to obun land for want of time, are entitled to 160 acre* aa4 can obtain the same by calling on mc. Seamen, Ordinary Stamen, Marines, CbrK Lxudsmen, (of the NaVy) WagoB Masters. Tea*, sters, &c., <kc , in any w ar, will find it to their id vantage to call or send their cases to me. Adviee rratis to those soldiers, se; men and Wid ows w ho are unable to pay. Refer to any honest man in Washinftoa. V, -i-HN D- CLARK, Afent, No. 5DT Twelfth street we?t. ap 7?lm* Naval history and biography.~*l> , len s Battles cf the BiiUsh Navy 2 voia, Lon 1 doa ? Sketches of the last Naval War, Crom the French of Cape. I.a Graviere, by Uic Hon. Capt Plunkett, Royal Navy, 2 vols, London Life of Lord Rodney, by Lieut. Gen. Mundr, 1 vol, London B.irrow'e Memoirs ol Admiral Sir Sidney Smitk. 2 vols London. FRANCE TAYLOR ap 7 MEMOIRS OF THE COUNTESS Optlez eiiigton, by IL K. Madden, M R. I. A., two voU , FRANCE TAYLOR. ap7 CBLOCKS. CLOCKS, CLOCKS I-lfyoa J wint a goad Clock, warranted to keep tuns, call at the store of J.ROBINSON, 340 Pa. ave., Cf po. Browns1 Hotel. ?n 7-dim ROSE COTTAGE WALTZ, composed by ett Jackson, Principal Musician Sixth Regiin nt United States Infantry. An easy and pleasing W altz, just pubhahei and for sale at the Music IX P0101 HILBU? Si HITZ. np 6- 3t KID GLOVES.?We have lust received another large lot of those fiue Kid Gloves at 60 cenu a pair. Call and get a good supply. WALL fc STEPHENS, Pa. avenue, next door to Iron Hall. apC- 3t FLOOR MATTING. I HAVE now in store a large stock of Chinese flour MATTING of superior quality which I am ?e.l ing at a very low price, having boucht it in New ? ork very early in the seaaon, it being amonf the first lots arriving and will be sold without regard to the advance in the price aince. Matting put down at short notice in the best man ner- L. F. CLARK. Paper hanger and Uph Isterer, 5148 Pa. ave , betw. 12th and 13th su. >p 6?3t? "bonnets-bonnets. ? MISS 8. J. THOMPSON is now prepared to lurnish Bonnets ot ever* description at mode rate prices, and is constantly making addition* to our already large and compete assortment Ladies about purchasing would do well to cal: nnd eiain ine our stock, as we are sure they cannot fail to be suit? d as n cards either style, qu\lity. or pnee. Our slock ot Gloves, Hi^iery and Fancy Goods it complete and worthy of attention also HUTCHINSON k MUNRO, 310 Pa. ave., betw. 9Ji and 10th su. ?p C?6t POR HIRE-TWO NEGRO GIRLS AND ONE Negro Boy, 19 years of ag?, of eiirHent charac ter and Slaves for life. Enquite at this office. ap 5-4l ROSE BUSHES, <fcc. THE planting season being at hand, a splendid lot of perpetual blooming ROSE BUSHES, on their own roots, Pears, Plums, Cherries, Apricot*. Aje ples, Grape Vines, Strawberry PLANTS, and Ever greens, may be had at the Washington Nursery, itk street, between K and New York avenue ap 5?6t* M. GRIFFITHS. TO THE LADIES. MRS M. PIERCE will open, on Satnrdav. April 7th, a snlendid assortment of SPRING MILLINERY, to which the ladies are invi-^^^| ted lo call and examine No. 494 Eleventh street, between Penn. avenue and E street. All orders promptly attended to. ap 5?5t* i FINE WATCHES. M HAVING made a considerable addition to ? stock of ? OOLO HCNTINO HTBIT LKVBKS, ? and Lamts' witcris Of first quality, heavy i? caratH^BaSS^ cases. Alro^ 8IL VEK WATCHES for bors. - * I Offer them at gre.tly reduced pnres. Th? mov. inents are selected with guai care.aaJ every W atch is warranted. | Persons m want of a fine timekeeper are invited to examine my assortment. H 8EMKEN. N?. 330 Pa. avenue, betw. W> w>d lOth sta. ? 33 ' SPRtTACLAS EVE GLASSES, kf-, Gold, Silver, and fine Steel Spectaclta, E}< Ola* kc -#l (feT- Particular attention paid to the selection ot | Glasses adapted to the eyes of wearers. M. W. GALT fc BRO-, Jewelers, ||4 Pennsylrwma trri u?. ?av?-tf

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