Newspaper of Evening Star, April 10, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR Local Intelligence. Wa*wisgt0!? Council.*.?The Board of Al dermen met last night Commun:eations from the Major ware laid before the Board; read and referred. Oae concerning the building of the new angina house for the Franklin Fire Co ; also, the monthly report of the Inspector of the Fire Department for the month of March last; also, one from the Corporation Attorney, explaining the necessity far a tho roagh revision of the laws governing the in* apeetion of kmber; also the report of the In tendant of the Asylum for the month of March last Also, a communication from the Trustees of the Public Schools, asking for an additional S:imary school in the third district? 5th and th wards. Petitions were then prasented from T M. Brush, lienry Sit*, San I Armstead, and fey- j ton C. Beardaley?were ssverally read and referred. Bills from the B^ard of Common Council iuakin* an appropriation to grade and gravel New York avenue, and for cleaning gutters and alleys iu the First Ward, were passed. Also, a bill making an appropriation to pay the healer of Weights and Measures the in crease of salary authorised by the act ap proved January 25, 1865, w< s passed. A bill amendaiory of the en toorganisa tho police system of the city of Washington?re pealing the existing provision of law requiring the police magistrates to live in Wards for whicn they may be elected?was read twice Mr Pepper advocated the enactment of this bill on the ground that there are nut at this time magistrates residing in the Wards in which the police justiceship) are cow vacan', lit to be elected to those vacant offices. It was opposed at some length by Messrs. Bayly. Borrows, and Fitspatrick, who urged that the presenco of the police magistrates were particularly needed in the Wards in which they serve,in the night time, and that to leave any Ward in the city without a police magistrate at night would cause interminable trouble and embarrassment Mr. Pepper conceived that it mattered very little where the police justice resided, as it waa easy to travel a block more or lesj to his residence at night in case his services were re quired Mr. Pearson siid the night duties of a police magistrate could as well be done by any other justice of the peace Mr. Hill suggested the propriety of re ferring this bill, insomu?h as it could not be oome a law (requiring the Mayor's signature,) in time to meet tba cu e in hand this even ing?the election of police juiuces for the Second and Third Wards. Mr Bayly moved the reference of this bill to the police committee; bill referred?yeas 6, nays 5. as follow?, vis: Yeas?Messrs Layly. Borrows, Fitspatrick, Johnson, Heed, and Hill. (President) Nays?Messrs Clark, Evans, Houston, Pear I in and Pepper. Mr. Borrows reported a bill from the im Srovements oonnnittee appropriating $561 ad itional for oonveying water along 10th street west and I street, north ; pasted A bill making provision for tha redemption of certain paving stocks was thon considered Mr Hill addressed the Board at length against this bill, on the ground that its pro visions released certain property holders from the tax for increasing the width of tha pave mn^ on Pennsylvania avenue six feet, in ac cordance with the agreement on the part of the city una?r which Congress regraded, light ed, set new euro?, *?d caused trees to be plant ed along the said aveCue. Mr. Pepper contended that the change of the grade of Pennsylvania avenue without the previous petition cf the property-holders upon it made it incumbent on the Corporation to re* frain from seUing this property for arrearages of taxes, as above explained. He conceived that Congress had no moro right In justice to change the grade ot the city's streets without the consent of the majority cf the property holders immediately interested, than the Councils had Mr Hill urged that the improvement in question by Congress had increased the value of the property along that portion of Pennsyl vania avenue, (between Seventeenth and Twenty-second streets, in the First Ward ) fi/tv per centum Mr Pepper?Soils of the holders of that property are not getting one per oentum per annum interest on it. After further debato? The queetion was then put on the third read ing of this bill?providing that the Corpora tion shall borrow $1,600 to pay the balance of tax in question due from delinquent property holders, between Seventeenth and Twenty second streets, and charging the said sum to the account of the First Waid; read third time t end passed. The lower Board's joint resolution postpon ing the sale of property on Pennsylvania ave nue between 22J street and Kock creek, f^r paving tax due, was taken up and rejected, after debate. A bill in relation t? surplus earth in First street east, was then pissed. The lower Board's amendment to the bill amendatory of an ait entitled " An act pre scribing the duties of collector of taxej, and fixing nis compensation," approved June 3, 1853, was agreed to. Mr. Clarke reported from the public fohools committee an act authorising the eetabiiah aent of an additional primary school in the third district; passed. The lower Board having come into tho Al dermen s chamber for a joint meeting, Mr. Hill was elected chairman, and Chas. F L jwery was chosen secretary Tbe joint meetiag then proceeded to the election of the five codifiers. Mr Fitspatrick nominated J. M. Carlisle, Walter Lenox. P. it. Fendall, Peter Force, and Chas. Abert. Mr Donn nominated Josiah F. Polk, J. H. Bradley. E C Carrington, J. M. McCalla, and Samuel Chilton. Mr Lay!/regretted that ths party in power had chosen to select only lawyers for these places He preferred to have one business man and one mechanic on the ticket. He thought the ticket in ques'ion peculiarly un fortunate, insomuch as three of the lawyers on it were aurely ignorant of the secotsities of the city. Mr Pspper trusted that he (Mr. Baylj) would make a nomination of some machanio. Mr B. rejoined, saying that ho should pre fer to have Mr Jamea F. Haliday and Mr. Jos. Br;an on this board, but as he was so largeiy in the minority, it would be useless for him to make a nomination They next b.U lotud with the following re ? suit, vis?whole number of votes cast, 2o. k. For the ticket (Know Nothing) nominated by Mr Donn?14 For the ticket nominated by Mr. Fitspatrick (anti-Know Nothing;?4 Messrs. Fitspstrick and Donn acted as tel lers. The chair next announocd that tbe j int meeting would proceed to clect police magis trates f<*r the Second and Third Wards. Mr. Borrows sail that he had uniformly voted for Messrs Mycn and Urubb for these places, while the Mayor when in the Councils uniformly voted against them Mr B. then urged the evils of Koiw Nothingism, dis cussed the antecedents of ilr. McCalla and Mr J t. Polk, and condemned religious intol erance with vehement earuejtnesa ? Mr. Pearson called Mr. Borrows to order Mr. B continuing, discuaacd the claims and vents of Messrs. Gsubb and Myer#, holding tuat their present identification wl'h Know Nethingism justified this forfeiture of all con fidence in them He had also lost all confi dence in the whig party with which he had so 1ob| been identified. Mr. L fur.her argued at length to show the essential folly as well as isjui.ioe of relifieus intolerance, more espe cially in government affaire Mr Kvans here called Mr B to order. Mr. Kvans urged that Mr. Borrows had slandered the Mayor, in asserting that he bad been hitherto opposed to Messrs Urubb and Myers, and insinuating that he went to tbe President and set him sgainst those gentle man. Mr. ?? eulogised the Know Nothings, and con tended that he was as ready as any other man to defdbd tha Catholics in their rights under the oenatitution and laws. He would not, however, on any terms, consent to the civil equality of the foreigner with himself' la this country. He denounced in a very ex filed tone th? manatr U which, noo? Jose last the Know Nothings had been disease*! In the Alderman's chamber. Mr Hill called Mr. E to order. Borrows explained that Mr. Evan* had misrepresented his remarks wiih referenoe to the Major, [Mr. Towers] He had by no aeans charged him with going to the Presi dent on this matter; but he had said that if the President had aaked the Mayor relative to the qualifications of Messra Grubband Myers, his old position on the subject would have compelled him to advise that functionary (the President) that they were unqualified for po lice magistrates in hit judgment. Mr. B also intimated that the protestations of Mr. Evans, of his peeuliar disinterested public spirit in *11 he did in the waj of poli tic, pounded rather funny to him after hear ing him say in the pulpit, years ago, that he would sooner occupy the position of an itiner ant Methodist preacher than the offlce of Pres ident of the United States. [A laugh 1 Mr. Evans, in reply, explained at length the circumstances under which he bad left the pulpit for effiae, sayiig that he did so only after having made many facrifioes for the Church, and after serving it nine years, when, besoming engaged to his late wife, he was compelled in honor, by hia oircumstancas and Sin ?**t,0n!!to u*r' ??-?ooePt offer of an 5?v>0 effioe under the Government. The balloting then proceeded for police jus tices for i he Second Ward, with the following result, vis: ? Whole number of vote* oast, 27. For Paul Stephens 20 J. D.Clark, 3. Wm Thompson, 1. .Blanks, 3 The feint meeting then balloted for a police justice far the Third Ward (Mr. Borrowshav iag nominated Chas. P. Wannall,) with the following result, via: Whole number of votes cast, 25. For John L. Smith, 16. Charlea P. Wannall; 3. Blanks, o. L.Johnson, 1. Mr. Busey raised a question of privilege (faying thai he had voted a blank.) contend ing that ihe election of Mr. Smith was illegal, as be was a member of the Council when elected. But the Chair overruled the point of order as Gomiuz too late. The joint meeting then adjourned at 15 min utes to 11 p. bo. Common Council.? The Board met at the usual hcur. Petitionc being oalled were presented? f By Sir. J W. Davis from F. Gibson; referred. Clements from the Market Master, and the Commissioner of the Northern Liber ties Mirket; referred. A1k?, from Michael Beeder; referred. Also, from P. Tyson; referred. By Mr. Doncanson ftom G Vanderwerken asking remission of fine?; referred. By Mr Plant from J W. Barker and others, asking the paving of the allay in square 252' referred. ' Kepnrtswere m^ds ? By Mr Duncuisoa, from the committee on claim?, for the rtlief of Margaret Tillman; pasjed. * ' 4'*?* tbs same committee, for the re lief of It. I'aiiier, and asked to bo discharged 1 granted. a * ^ Mr. GiJ], fr.^m the same committee, for the relief of James Mitchell; pa.-sed. By Mr. J. W DaviJ, from the ommittee on improvement?, for the setting cf a curb stoae and paviDg the east side of 7th street in front ol squares ?05 and 806; passed Also, frcm same committee. placing a reser voir at the intersection of Sixth street and Jiew lork avenue; passed. By Mr. Smoot. from the committeo on police, Sr t,ap^rpprati?K $75 each t0 W. Quail and Jl. K. Wright, for uasistance rendered in de tecting incendiaries; parsed. 4,*r-introdaced a bill appropriating *15rt to defray the expense of removing the wreck at the eastern terminus of the canal ? pas-el. ' Mr. A. McD. Davis introduced an act to re pea! such poi tions of the police system as re quire the police magistrate* to reside In their districts; parsed. Mr. Bimberger moved that the vote of last Monday night by which the bill appropriating *1,500 to redeem certain pavement stock was rejected bo reconsidered ; agreed to. Ibe veto wa? then taken on the passage of the bill, when it was passed by yeas 15, nays 4. j Mr. Smith, from the special committee, re lated a bill regulating the inspection and sale of lumbar; referred. The following bills fro,n the Board of Alder men wtre disposed of: An act for the purchase cf hose for the Per severance Fire Company; referred An act appropriating *50o for grading and gravelling tt at., from Twenty flrat to Twenty second streets; passed. An act to pav Charlea Stewart $453; parsed. Anaet for the relief of Amelia Baltimore : referred. An act appropriating $111 out of the Secord N ard funds, and $150 out of Third Ward for conveying water along Tenth street west and 1 street north ; passed. A communication waa received from the Mayor, notifying the board of having signed certain bills. ? Alao, one in relation to G. Vanderwerken; referred. Mr. Barr laid before the board a communi cation f om the Board of Trustees, itating tout there were not schools enough for the ap jli -ationa te admit scholars ; referred. Mr. J. W. Da?is introduced a joint reso'u tion postponing the sale of property for taxes along Pa. avenue, from Twenty.second street west; passed. Mr Donn moved that the board take up the bill to regulate the sale of hay, straw, and ludder, which being done, was under consid eration when a message was received from the ether board, stating that they wtre ready to go into a joint meeting, whereupon the board took a recess for that purpose, and after re turning, adj jurned at 11 o'clock. Ins Ball op tub Columbia Firh Com part, last evening, waa a delightful entertain ment, indeed. JaeLaon llall was crowded with youth and beauty. Louis Weber's new cotillun band was the theme of the praiso cf all preEent It struck us as being a great in*. Erovement upon the ball musio heretofore eard in Washington This entertainment was attended by a large number of beautiful young ladiej. Among the gentlemen present were Messrs. r II B Boy-1 and James Mullin, of the Bal timore Councils; Mr. Blanchard, the Secre ary of the Mayor of Baltimore, and about thirty more Baltimore gentlemen; Messrs. W m Offut, M. Caton, (J Bidder, J. Simms, J. Tbecker, Henry Popkins, Jao. Baltier, Geo. Crowth, John Tenneily, L Brown, J. Graves, cf the Vigilant Fire Company of Georgetown; Mes?rs Ansen Hatch, (President) J. Thomp son, Kobt. Kenxie, Wm Firrir, Diniol Fen ton, Geo Thomps ?n, W. D Hurts, Wm Tew ers, Henry llawley, Benj Throop, Wm. Dow dell, and F Herbert, of the Perseverance; Messrs Alex Tait, S T Larcomb, K. Eckloff, ? J B Thompson, and several <tthers of the FrokHil ?. G Evans, (PfMi dent,) 8. P. Robertson, (Vice President) Thomas Dawson, Jerome Columbu', T Trnx well, K bert Warren, and several others of the Noriufru Liberties Fire Company* Messr?. D F. Pope, Jas Miller, L. A. San! ders, ?V m lluibrou ks, Wm G'Briea, F Boyd, I fm: Hamrade, Win Wolfe, Ihos. Wetheral, J. O Bnen, Charle* Dahle, John Ellis, II S. Stevenson, Alexander Gettii, H. B. Jones lUbt. Daval, and Jas Ash, of the Union ; and Messrs Charles T. May, W. K^efe, J-In?a Edwards, Gearge Dove, Samuel Tinkler, Wm. Xiokier, Le?is Itobioison, J. U. Spalding, Geurge Edwards. G Cousins, J. F. iiaghes Jamas Htfger, J. Green, Joseph Parm, F. Holtzman, J*?tes Hager, Thomas May, T J Parker, J Williams, Lewis Frank, Thnmj? Dewdony, P. Hage.ty, J. Mickum, B J King, P Goodyer. J. Myers, II C. E J ward*, 11 Harly, J je, Hilter, John Carr, James Linkins, and W. Bitrgles, of the splendid new com pany, the Western Hose. All these gentlemen appeared to the best advantage in the uni forms of their respeotivo cempanles. Among the young, beautiful, and interest mg ladies who graced the occasion weie the tall and graceful Mi? C-n, of Capitol Hill, T~r'Wri w-?> M-i? M m U~j of Baltimore. Mifs L-e Miss E^b 1 bo? bS".:M" u-d" c'v,M "i aa?l.p?tand pr?T.nt.d "? ColaBbLrfooi being pre?eut, she, however, sent a magoi&oeut boquet, which was displayed In the hall throughout the evening. I? the oours* of Ihe day, that Udy (who has presented the eom P?bj at different tuaei with gift* 9fctu>g *q aggregate of some $2,000) presented them with a rich Amerioan signal flag workod bj her own fair hands. Before the ball opened the members of the oompany presented Captain Tait, their commander, with a beautiful brooch badge of the Colombia's, of gold, engraved with their insignias. A similar brooch, of ailver, was worn on the lappel of each member {resent. Dancing was continued until a very ate hoar, the oompany separating only as day was breaking. Thb Kpnkbl Opera TBours.?We regret exceedingly to annonnce that this talented and mirth-inspiring troupe will give their last performance but one thia evening. In the present dearth of rational excitement and amusement, their charming vocal ism and wit ty performances delightfully supply the want. Anew pitee de occasion, written by Mr. C. W. Tayleure, of the People's Theatre, entitled "Mysterious Coutta, or a Romance of Mario and Grisi," will be produced for the first time. It is said to be laughter-moving and witty. A new song?"WbrU'a the matter ?"?abounding in popular allusions and ((home thrusts" at folly will be repeated. It was received last night with soreams of laughter. Let a crowd ed house to-night attest the estimation in which they are held by oar oitixens. They visit Alexandria next. Thh Ball of tibYagbbb at Carusi'a last night wca also a delightful affair. Though not so numerously attended as that of the Co* lumbia Fire Company, all present appeared highly do'.ighted. The proportion of beauti ful young ladies was remarkable. We no ticed Miss M?y R?n. of Mich ; Mrs. S?n, Miss H?s. of N. Y.; Miss M?t C-n, Miss U?n, of Baltimore; Miss B?t, Miss N?d and many others Cap'ain Hill and Lieut. Ulhorn, of the Monumental Yagers, of Balti more, were also there, and Capt F M Shek el*; L'eut 0 E-ans, Sergt 8. Qalt, and Pri vates Joulon, Landreught, Thompson, dart land, Matlock and Robinson, of the Marion Rifles; Private Keese. of the Continentals; Lieutenant Flint and Quartermaster Evans, of the President's Mounted Qaards, with many other members of the same company whose names we did not learn. This was a joyous ball, indeed; and all went eff m happily an could be deiired. "IIctmbcq "?Folks are liable to be ham bugged at times, but it is very unusual for of ficers to be assisted by humbug in the enforce ment of the law. Last night, however, a part; of colored gents Were assembled in a room on Ninth street,amusing themselves by gambling. They were a caution* set, Laving a password to be given at the door before any one could enter. About 9 o'clock, three raps were given at the door?the gamesters played on. Again the raps came; still no answer; but on the third signal, the question was Hiked : ''Who comes there V "Humbug!" said a low voice without. "All right?let him in." The door w.u opened, and, to their inexpressible amaze ment, there stood the chief of police, with officers Boss, Allen, and Martin. They were taken to the guard house, where they were or dered to pay the fine imposed by our city law. The gamesters say they were humbugged com pletely, but have determined to secure them selves against humbuggery la future. Yesterday afternoon. Charles Wallace, Sid ney Brown, Lancaster Parker, and Wm Ellis were arrested by the ohief of polioe, with of ficers Allen and Martin, for a like effence. The place in wbloh they wore assembled is en Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and 4} streets. Activity secured the above named; tat one seeing no other way to oscape, leaped from the window, and thus eluded the officers. His companions were taken before Justice Morsell, who ordered each one to pay the fine and coats. Thb Drama at Iron Hall continues toattrsot large and discriminatiog audiences, and a most marked improvement in their efforts has been visible during the past wrek, and the effectiveness of the compsny has been in creased by tho addition of several popular actors thus rendering it one of the most de serving tbat has ever vinited Washington We would say one word in commendation of Mrs. Atwood, whose "old women" are given with a quiet, lady like effectiver.eaa, m refreshing as it is true. Of Miss Wyctte and Mr. Taylor, praise from us would be a work of scpereroga tion. They are artists in every Eeuse of the word. Go,'and judge for yoaraelvea. Masonic.?At a recent annual meeting of Washington Encampment, No. 1, Knights Templars, the highest order of masonry in this country, the following officers were elected for tho ensuing year: B. B. French, M. E Grand Commander; G A. Schwartzman, O.; St. John B. L Skin ner, C. G.; Clement W. Bennett, Prelate; Davii A. Baird, Treasurer; William J. Rhees, Recorder; Marcus Bull, 8. W ; Josiah Essex, J. W ; J. F. I. McClery; W.; PeterS. Kemoa, Sentinel. Committee on Finance.?S. T. Shugart, Pe ter U. Uooe, Samuel Crown, Tho?. Creaser, F. Y. Naylor The Grant Commander elect, Mfjor French, we understand, intends to give the members of the Encampment a banquet on Wednesday evening next at the Masonic hall. Nxw Market House and New Engine House ?The respective committees hereto fore appointed by the City Councils, together with the Mayor of Washington, are engaged in examining the various plans for a new en gine house in the Northern Liberties, and for a new market-house in the First Ward. The time for the reception of proposals expired last Saturday. We learn that all the plans are good; but, of course, care mu.t be taken to make from them the best selections. Several days may elapse before the result of the labors of the the committee is announoed. Msp.cnants' Bank at Anacostia.?It ap? pers by the New York papers that a maa by the nam*) of Osbourua baa been arrested on a charge of passing a $1 anl a $3 bill on the Merchants' B ink at Anasostia. On searching him, $142 of the name trash, and $23 in g)od money, were found on his person. There is no ru)h institution in existence. The notes on this imaginary conaern aro part of the batch of false tokens issued some months sinre in cities distant from Washington, to defraud tho ignorant and unsuspecting. Bank Notb Delineator.?We have re ceived from John W. Thompson, who ia the oneral agent lor it, a copy of the above work, t seems to furnish a perfect shield against al tered or spurious bank notes, and to explain counterfeits in so simple a manner that a child could understand it. Mr. Thompson will wait upon our business men, and wo think that evory one of them should have a copy. Overseers or me Poor ?At Alexandria, yesterday, the following gontlemen were eleo ted overseers cf the poor: First Ward?Syl vester Sj-;tt; Second Ward?James Entwi. le, jr.; Third Wurd?0. C. Berry ; Fourth Ward? J. T. Creiginon. False ALAnu ?'its flro apparatus was brought cut last n:ght from tho various en Sine-housos and were pulled a considerable istauco beforo it was dircovercd to be false. The companies returned quietly to their h0U803. Watcii Returns.?There were two lodgers in last night, who were allowed to depart this morning. Jesse Meeks, oolored, gambling, fine and costs ; Jno. Buckner, do , do ; Edward Smith, do , do ; Ljgan Williams, alias John Gilmore, do., do; Wm Crawford, out after hours, workhouse thirty days; Mary J. How ard, disorderly, dismissed. D18D. On the ?:h instant, at the advanced age of near 98 years, Mr*. KLLLN UOVVEN, formerly ? f Prince Ueor^e'a couuty, MJ., but fur Uie last 50 years a resident of llii* city. Uer frit-n la and acquaintances aro invited to at tend her foiierul this afternoon, at J o'clock, from her {ate rrsideaee on I5.b street, near H. On the 9t;i instant, a^ed 85 year*, ,<i ARY, *i ter of the John McLcod, (formerly ot liiu "iNntral Aca-lefny,") a native of the county Derry, Irelaid, hut for the lagt tweny-one a years a resident of this city. Her funeral will take place at 3 o'clock to-mor row evening, from the residence of Mrs. Kelly, M street, between 14th and 15th sts , when and where her friends and those of her lat-j brother ure invited to attend. On the ?th instant, Mrs. M. PATTERSON, tn the flWi year of Iwr ap. Boarding. Board in a private family can beob tamed by two tingle gentlemen. The rooms "lu*te<1 *?d comiortaWy furnished. They will be rented either with or without boird on accommodating Urzns. Address "(ill" Citv Po*t ufflce- ap 10?at* A GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN BE AC comuiodated with Rooms and Board in a on vate family where there are no small children. It is situated in one of the most pleasant situations in the city, and has large ground* attached to it. The house is large and newly furnished. Terms mode rate. For reference apply to , BARNES & MITCHELL, *P 7~3t? Pa. avenue, near 9th st. ^TEN GENTLEMEN CAN BE AC.OM.MODA A ted with board at three dollars per week by ap plying at No. 40 North A street, between First and Second streets, Capitol Hill. ap 7?3i* BOARD| Ac ?Mkk BAT^S, on the sou'.h west corncrof Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren der those comfort! ble who may favor her with their paronage. ap 0_tf Boarding .?one large front room handsomely furnished, wi h nn adjoining cne. suitable for a lamily. Also, several singte rooms' larger than are generally appropriated to gentlemen! can be had on reasonable terms by application to No 3 Union Row, on F, between 6tli and 7th su. The situation is central, and healihy for the ap proaching season of spring and summ> r. ap 5?lw* SEVERAL GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM modaied with rooms and board, at No. 4KB Twelfth street, beiween G and H streets. ap 3? For Sale and Kent. FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT.?FOUR nciitly furnslnd room* for rent tn a healthy and pleasant part of the Island. Price, $5 per mo>th. Apply at 5186 Virginia avenue, between 9>h and 10th streets. M. A. AIKEN. M.A.Aiken has commenced the Dress making business, on the Island, 54 86 Viiginia avenue, be tween 9Ui and IQrh sts. ap 90?.It* For sale?two new three story Frame Houses, frontiug 26 feet, and containing seven rooms each. The houses are situated three squares nor;h or the State De|?artment. Tho prsp erty will be sold low, and accommodating term*. Apply 'o J. T. MAHR, ap 10-5t* No. 431 New York avenue. For rent?several handsome par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Tnb'e and transient board, fnqui.e at Mrs SMITHS, ?33 F street. ap9 Rents reduced to suit tjie times. $150 a year will be received for the rent of thpse ^iew ;jnd convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stahle, wocd shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure water are near the door, and comuiunicat on is had with Georgetown by way of 16h and 17th ?trect> and Penn. Avenue, morning and allernoon, at the usual fare, for jhe accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application in tint be made to the undersigned, en her by li tter, or at hU house at Kenda 1 Green, after oftjee hours, v/nere the k< y* aiay be had and the bouses inspe ted at any time. Several of these rusidescpa will be sold on liberal terutf. WM. STICKN0Y, ? ? _ No 4, Kendall Green. N. R.?Rent? paid quarterly ;? cdi-ance. cpr 0, lE^tf ~\ralua ble building lot and stone Y !? ounJation for sale at a verv Breat sacrifice for cash or short credit, beautifully located on 3d at., near the City Hall, being a part of Lot 15, Square 5 3*, having a front of 36 feet and 93 feet 3 inches deep, and bas the privilege of a brick wall adjoin ing. Apply to ? E K LUNDY. No. lit8 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 6?tf ~ITALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ? f The block of buildings known a- the '?Union Buildings," and now occup ed by the Union news paper establishment. They are situated on E street between 13Ui and 14th streets, and fronting directly on Pennsylvahia avenue. The lot is 70 feet front by 139 feet deep. The property is susceptible of divis ion and re arrangement, and its positi n such as must rank it among the l>est business stands on the avenue, and is yearly increasing in value. The time of the present lessee expires on the 1 t Septem ber next, on which day poss< s*ion may be had. Also, that l.irge three-story Brick House on 17th street west, (opjiosite tho War Office and three duiTi aooih of G stre:t.) tUat ibrou iiorj House on i <in street west, next door to the Government Building, at the corner of F and 17th streets. Should the ab-ve property not be sold at private sale prior to the 15th of May, it will be wild on that day at public auction. Terms will l?e made favrrable t?? th* purchaser. Appyto CH. H. WINDER, Corner of Ser6:itec :th and G streets, mar 19?'2a wt Way 15 VILLA FOR SALE?TIIE SUBSCRIBER of t'ers at private sale the vnla in which she at present resides, with eight acres of land, situated at Eltaville, on the Washington and Raltirm re Turn pike R-?ad. The h use is new, with all the modern improvement*;, and the situation k<u many advant age for persons engaged in business iu Washington ms it is within five minutes1 walk of the Bladcnsburg Depot on the Railroad, and there is also an omnibu running twice a day between Washington and Ella ville. Application to be made to the subscriber, living on the premises. , MARY S. VASS. mar 27?2awtl BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE.?A VARIETv ot Building Lots in the vicinity of tfee Cily Hall. Also, in all other parts of the cily, ??n accommodat ing terms. Enquire at Mrs. AD/VMS' Boarding House, opposite to Browns' Hotel, to be seen from 8 to 9 a m, or 3 to 4 p m. Also, an address through the Post Office will receive attention. mar 5?eo2m DAVID MYERLE. '?MUSTY-ONE BUILDING SlTEi, CONTAIN J. ing about five acr?j each,on a credit of 10 years wiUnn twenty five minutea ride of the City Po-t Of fice for sale, lying between Washington and l!la denshurg, distant from the central portion of the city Irom to 3)f miles. The fract presents a fronton three public rosds, is in a ;ood neighbor hood and rapidly improving section of the coun'iy. We will sell the above lots on a credit of 10 years and on such terms as we are sure will insure to the purchaser an easy mode of payment. On many of the ab ive lots there are fine groves of oak trees, of the original growth, and also some fice Springs oi water. We oflfer thesa lou to residents of Washington, who would reside in the country and at the tame time be able to ait* nd to business in the city. Also, a tract of good land adjoining the same of abo:;t thirty-five acres, improved by a good dwel ling house; bas on it a fine spring and spring home, two groves of large oak wood ?, and is well fenced. For the above either improved or unimproved city property will be taken iu exchange at a Ihir valua lion. For lithographic plats of the ground and further explanations of the terms of sal* inquire of JNO. B. KIBBEY, No 4 Columbia Place, Corner 7th street and Louisiana avenue, mar 21?eol2t FOR RENT?POUR NEW AND CONVENI ent Brick Houses, brown mastick fronts, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, aud five chambers each, and situated on Thirteenth street, Island, near the Biblic grounds, convenient to Pa. avenue and the epertinents. Ront very moderate. Apply at R. H. CLARKE'S office, comer of Sixth street a .d Eouisiana avenue, cr at U, i). CLARKE'S Drug Store, Eleventh street, Island. mar 6?eoit FOR RENT?THREE NEW FRAME HOUSES, containing six rooms, each situated on Pierce street, between L and iVI streets, being l.ut four squaresfioni the Railroad Depot; would mul.e cood rewidencs. Rent numerate. Apply to CHARLES THOVIA. on the opposite side of the street, ap 4?lm* A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A POR tun? ?A lady haviug acquired a coinpctency in the Millinery business, is now desirous of dispo ing of her establishment, an J retiring into private life. Her location is one of the best in the city, aud is a rare opportunity for me acquainted with the business. For terms and particulars apply at this office. mar 29?lm 1'HE RESIDENCE OF COL. ROBERTS, U. 8. A ? continues to be offered on pr vate sale. It is one ol the best appointed Cottages in the District, containing fhree acres of Ground, a large garden, excellent water, r.ables an 1 outhouses in perfect order, and ornamental grounds, fruit uew, tic , in the best condi ion. For information apply at thi* o$qc. mar 28?2w HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feit front by 130 feet deep, on graded strocts, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price ol $7j, payable $3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. STONE! STONE!! STONE!!! BUILDERS, Contractors, and others are h; reby notified that Curb, Flax, Coping and Building STONES. AUo, STONE-STEPS, Slt.LS, *c., will be furnished as usual from those well-known quarries owned by W. D. C. Munlock, and worked until recently by the late Timothy O'Ntale and his brother. For prices and terms apply to the sub scriber at No. 61 K street, and tt J. Van Riswick's lumber yard, Seventh street bridge, Wasbincton. WM. COLLINS, ap 3?3w* A|?ot fof the,Proprietor* Auction Bales. By UKIES * SCOTT. Aactlo utn, SEVEN VALUABLE LOTS AT AUCTION? On WEDNESDAY. 18th instant, we shall ?eU, at 6 o'clock p. m., 34,237)4 feel of Ground, having a front on C street south 14S leet 5 incites, and 9th street east 283 feet 10 inches. The above described property is handsomely lo Cited, dj-tuit from ihe Navy Yard but a few min utes' walk. Tenns: One half cash; balance -n one and two years, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from the day ofcale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN k SCOTT, ?p 10 -eod Auctioneers. My J. c. McGUIRE, Auctioneer r^RK at SALE OF SUPERIOR CABINET FUR Vj niture and House Furnishing Goods, bv order . 'e1l)rph,4n"' Conrt.?Ou TUESDAY mining, Apri 17tli, at 10 o'clock, (and cor.tinuinf from day to day until the whole is disposed of,) I shall sell, at the extensive Ware rooms of the late John D. Brown, known as the "Apollo Hall" building, all bis large and*valnable stock of Cabinet Furniture, comprising? ' Suites ofelecantly carved Parlor Furniture, in rose, wood, walnut, and maliogany, covered with broca el It*, plu?h, dainasa and hair cloth Richly-carved marble-top Dressing Bureaus, Cen tre, 8<.fa, and Pier Tables, Sideboards, Beau is* " aslistand*, Cabinets, lie., of every de scription and 6t) le Elegan \\ a'drobes. Dressing Tablet. Eugeres, La dies Writing Cabinets, Secretary, and Book cases, Music Stands, Fancy Tables, Wliat Nots. Writing Desks, arm and parlor Chairs, Rockers, Sofas. Tete a Tetes, extension, din ing, breakfast, and refreshment Tablet, lie., beauuiully finished, in the various woods of every conceivable style and value Gilt, rosewood, walnut, and mahogany-framed Look ing glasses, of every description Counting bouse, office, and parlor Writing Desks, of the most approved patterns, from a cele brated manufacturer in Philadelphia High post, French, Italian, Jenny Lind, and Cottage Bed#ti ads, of all the various patterns Supprior curled hau, spring, and husk Mattresses Very large assortment of Lounges, cane-seat and back Rocket*, office, dining, and chambtr Chairs Handsome gotl ic, reception, hall, and fancy Chairs, in large quanii'tes Enamelled Cottage Suites, Sofa Bedsteads Extensive assortment of plain Furniture, com wis ing? k Bureaus, Wardrohea, Bedsteads, Tablea Washstands, Cribs, Cradles. Towel Stands VvDiMvoti, *c., of walnut and mahogany ' 1, r quantity China and Glassware, Clocks, Backets, 1 ubs, Dusters, Clot lies Horses, Flour >na Spice Boxes, Baskets, D>?or Mats, fcc Excellent Iron Sale, Oflce Desk aad Fixtures, Fur niture Oar, fcc. Together with the lease of the building, which is believed to be one of the best locations for the house business in the city. anrf "oder cash; over that mim and under $100 a credit of sixty and ninety days; and all sums over flOOacrcdit of one, two, and four months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearin intere-t. s '^'ie at,ent'on ?f the Inide in this aad the neighboring cities is specially ca led to the sale of tnis stock, which is pr?bah!y the largest and best re jected south of New York. . Ercry facility possible will be afforded for pack ing and forwarding eoods purchased at the sale. By order of the Admini-trator. J A3. C. McGUIRE, aPr 9? Auctioneer. By J- C. McODlRE, Auctioneer. V ALUABLE THREE 8TORV RRICK HOUSE, Carriage House and Lot on 7tb street for tale at Auction ?The owner being about to remove from the city, will sell, on THURSDAY, the ISih day April next, at 5 o'clock p. m., the dwelling house he now occupies, situated on 7th ctreet west, between M and N streets north, and being nuni bered 226. The house contains nine rooms and an entry. The main building is 19 by'31 feet, with ceilings 10 f? ct high in the two lowest rooms, and ? feet in the upper story. The back building i* of brick, 14 by 19 feet with a brick paved Cellar, b*ck of this is a shed suitable for keeping fuel, washing, fcc. At the rear of the lot is a good stable and car riage house, with paved alley. The front of the house is of pressed brick, and it has a neat paling fence enclosing a .-mall yard in front. The hcuse ie new nnd well supplied with cloeets and every enn fnrtakle It is in a r.'pidlv improving part of the ci;y and is worthy tbj attention oi purchasers, as it must be sold. Title perfect. Terms : Or.n-fonrth casli; the balance in 6,12, ind 18 months, with intetest from the dae of sale. A need eiven ami a deed of trust taken. If Ihe terms of sale are not complied with within three days frr-m the day of sale, the property will be again sojd at 'lie risk and e?.st of the first purchaser. The property may be examined any day previous to the faib. JAS. C. McGUIRE, an 3?d Auctioneer. *> UREKM * SCOTT. Auttlonssri. \FALUABLE FRAME HOUSE AND LOTS at Auctiwn.?On TUESDAY, the lOtli instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock, p. m., parts L"ts Ne?s. 12 and 13, in Square No. 543, with the improvements, which are a good twe>-*to ly Cottage House, containing five good and cenve nient'y arranged room*, with passage and kitchen and cellar, and till necessary outbuildings The almve described prop-rty fronts on 4% street, 45 feet 6 inches, lietween K and L sta. south, run ning back 100 feet to a 15 feet alley. Title indisputable. Terms of sate: One-quarter cash ; the balance a credit of 6, 12 and 18 months, for notes besrii g in terest from the day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN fc SCOTT, apr 4 ?d Auctioneer!. By J* C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer* IAKGESALEOF FURNITURE, HOUSEHOLD j Effects and Bar room Fixtures?On MONDAY morning, April 16th, at 10 o'clock, at the Mount Pleasant Iloicl, corner of north A street and Dela ware avenue, the subscriber will sell, by virtue of a ueeil of iru?t duly recorded among Uie land ffCOfdi for Washington county, all the Furniture aad Ef fects comprising? Two mahoaany hair spring Sofas, three Rockers 18 mahogany sprim. seat Chairs Marble top Centre Tables Secretary and B..okca-e Giit frame Mirrors, 10 mahogany frame Cia?gcs 3-ply and ingrain Carpets, Oilcloth Mahogany dressing Bureaus, Wardrobe* ?I mahogany French B* il-teads 12 maple patent Bedsteads 12 Washsjauds 12 superior curled hair Mai:rea*ee J'O husk Mattresses, Holsters and Pillows Blankets, Counterpanes, Toilet SeU Cane and wood seal Chairs D oing Tables, Window Shades ('Lina and Glassware. Cutlery Cook Stove, Kiichen Range and Fixtures Bar and Fixtures, fcc. Together with a general assortment of Kitches Utensils Terms: Ail sums of and under $05 cash; over $35 a credit of il and 4 months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed bearing interest. TIIOS. J FISHER, Trustee. JAMES C. McGUIRE, apt 6?d Auctioneer. Bjr J. C. DIcGUlRS, AuctUnctr. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED FROPER tj':?On MONDAY afternoon, April 2d, at $ o'cloak, on the premises, by virtue of iwo dm-ds of trust to the subscriber, one d ued May 10. 1847, and recorded in lil*?r W 11 , No. 134, falio 163, fcc , ike other dated Ju ie 10, 13-17, and recorded in libei W. B., No. 135, folio 470, fcc.. two of the land records for Washington county, in the District *f Columbia, 1 shall se|:, on the premises, lots numbered 10, 11, 13,14, 15, and 18, in square No 355,lrontingon 1 lib street west, between F and G streets south, with the improvements, c? nsisting of an excellent two story bnck dwelling house. Terms : One third cath; Ihe residue in six, twelve and eighteen luontht, with interest, to be secured to the satisfaction of the trustee. NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 7?co Auctioneer. to- Tlie above sale la poitpontd un til THURSDAY alttrneon, May 3-1, same hour and place. N. CALLAN, Trustee. JAMES C McGUIRE, ap 3?lswfcds Auctioneer. By J, O. McGUIRE, Auctioneer* Furniture and household effects at Public Sale.?On WEDNESDAY morninc, April 11th, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of the late Dr. Wothcrspoon No.493 Setenieenth street, be tween II and I slreeys, I shall sell, by order of the by order of the Orphans' Court, a!l his Furniture and Household Effects, viz: Mali gary Fr-nch Sofa, Arm Chairs Do Pa:lor Chairs. Etagcre Walnut Divans, Roul and Fancy Tables Maifcl? top Centre Table, do. Beaufet Cane and wood seat Chairs Carpets, Matting, Oilcloth Hatrack, Hall Table, Stair Carpet Curtains, Shades, Girandoles. Clocks Walnut French Bedsteads, Bureaus Washstands, Toilet Sets Excellent hair and husk Mattresses Bed and Table Linen, Bolsters and Pillowi Dining and Break^t Tables China and Glassware Knives and forks Refrigerators, Silver plated Castors, fcc. Toe? ther with the urnal assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms : All sums of and under $20cash; over $20 a credit of days for approved endorsed notes, hearing interest. 1A8. C. McGUIRE, ap 7?d - _ AuctiohMr. FAHK9A BOILKR8, all sites, for sale by W. U. IIARROVEK, ? tb* gfveiiOi it, nw Fa? TELEGRAPHIC. bepobtid rut thb DAILY evbilliro STAB. Tho Oxford (v. T.) liot. Oxford, April 8?The priost of tbo Catho lic churcb and several other parsons, parti*# to the riot of yesterday, have boon arretted, and bold to ball ia $1,000 to koop tbo poaoo Tbo same priest ?u subsequently aireeutf to antwor a charge preferred aft lost bin bj tbo excommunicated member. Much oxoito moot exist*, and mora trouble u apprehended. xistako Corrected Pwladllpua, April 10. ?Tbo telegraphic announcement in jeotorday's eulletln, that Robert M Riddle, of tbo pitubarf J oat feel, | was dead, u a mistake It should bare beea "John s. Riddle," of Philadelphia died on a riait to Pittsburgh." He was a brother to tfco trst named gentleman Hagerstown Xloctlon. Hagbtstow?, April 10 ?Tbo election for are council men yesterday recall od the triumph of the Know Nothing ticket; an average of 123 majority for each. Municipal llecti >n in Louisville. Louisvillb. April 9.?The Know Nothing* have swept this city by an overwhelming ma [jjrity, Barber, their candidate for mayor, and all their other candidates exocpt oae sch< ol trustee, and two conncilmeh wore also electee** The election paiied off quietly. Baltimore Markets. Baltixokb, April 10.?Fiour is apward and higher; sales of 100 bbls. Howard stroet at l|10. Wheat?sales of rod at $2ssa$2 40; white, $2 46a$2 00. Corn is upward and a trifle highor; sales of white at 93a96o.; yel low, 9 AalOOo. Mow York Stock Market. Nbw York*April 10?Stocks are lower. Money Is unchanged. Bale* at the first board of Erie Railroad, big; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, 74; Canton Company, 27; Reading Railroad, 86; Cumberland Coal Company, 1w; New York Central Railroad 015; Pennsylva nia Coal Company, 100. Mow York Market. Nbw York, April 10.?Cotton is upward and arm. Flour is a trifle higher. Sales of cood Ohio at $9 9la|10 37i; Southern at 110a $10 44 Corn is upward and a trifle highar; rales of 13,000 bushel*, Western mined at $1 0<??$1.07. Pork is upwe \ and firm ; salea of old mesa at $12 37 J. Boef is upward and firm Lard is unchanged Whisky is un changed; aalea of Ohio at 35c. Wants. w [TANTED-A WHITE GIRL TO Do GENE i ral housework in a mall family. One who can bring gt>od rt commendation* may apply at No. 1 493 Pifih sireet, between E and P. Aim, e young girl, to asaisi in taking care of a | child ap 10-9t* ANTED ?by A QUALIFIED WOMAN, A situation 35 ctiamtwrmai 1 and mwnrem? has do objection to do bouse work for a small fan - ily. Can be found at No. oo on f street, between Slat and ?d. ap 10?it* _""ANTED?by AN INVALID gentlbmaw . . a young or middle aged Man as servant. Ea quire at ko.itu 59 United tittles Hotel. ap 10?it* A RESPECT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN wants a luati-ti a< Chambermaid or to do plant sewing. or children's nurse, in a respectable faintly* and v ouid Lave no objection to travel. Tbe heat of references given. Address a note for' bg,"at t lis ofli- e. ap 10?-it* SITUATIONS WANTED bv TWO KKSPECT able young Girls a* Chambermaids, or to da riain tewing, or travel with a lady. Call at MRS. ARVEY's, No. 319 Pa. avtnue, near 13th st. 1 ap 10?3t* WA N T E D?APARTMENTS in geotue town for a gentleman. Apply to Mr. REDFERN, Grocer, First Ward, apr 7?3l* WANTED DY A GENTLEM AN with a small family, a brick Hou*e, containing not more than eight r.k>mi, with a prtssage ; id a central loca tion, would engage to keep it in ai gooe order as he finds it, deaires to rent or lease it for a term of yeara. Any one having such house will please addreae 'Maurice." Star office. ap ??lw W- ANTFD?a COMPLETE FILE OF THE WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since its publication up to the present date, for which a liberal price will be paid if ajntto thia oAce. ap 3?tf House wanted.-the advertiser wishes to purcha<<e, for casta, a good two-story brict Dwelling, suitable fer a small family, situated nortli of Pa. avenue. Address "S F A," through the Post Office, rial ng location, price, fee. mar 12?lm* FISHING TACKLE. " WE have ju*t opened our first invoice for tho season, embracing? Fine and low priced Rods, Reels, Lines H*>oks. Ilooks on Gut and Wire G>mp Swivel*, Floats, Minnow Nets, fcc< To which we invite the attention of anrter*. E. TUCK eft a cb.. s53 Pa. avenue, r.^irly opp. Browns', ap 7?eo3t PARASOLS. 130 very rich and cheap Parasols, all colore S'raw BouueVs and missee'Fluta, great variety R oh Boni.ets and Ribbands doztn Linen cambric handkerchiefs ia faery boxes, at $1 5J pur dozen; we think e good bargain Embroulered and Clear Lawn Handkerchiefs in great variety 500 yards swis* Edging, 19c., worth iSc. 9U dozen black Net Mitts, trom 60 cents up, very cheap 35 dozen best French Kid Gloves, all shades .My stock is larje and well assorted, and pur chased at ibe very lowest pnwi. Customers w ii be pleased to favor rue with a call and tbey shall be attentively shown through It, anJ the goods offered at a Mtaall advance WM. R. RILEY, Corner 8tli at, opp. Centre Market. roar 31?lm m. WILLI A 91, LADIS8' DBES3 AMD tbimmhfg STOES Pa. aviceae, between Seventh and Eighth streets. MWILLIAN would respectfully annoance to ? the Ladies ol Washington that be haa Just received from the Northern cities a complete etock of GOODS, among which may be found New style French Drese trimmings Fine French Flowers and R. bands A large lot of Bonnets, in silk, acrape, and straw, of lite latest pitlerca And an excellent assortment of handsome Embroi deries of all kinds. Drci>see made in tbe latest Paris faabiona at aaa rates. Pinking and Fluting, and Kid Gloves cleaned. inar 31?eolai* c LIME, PLASTER, 1ement, HAIR, kc.?Just opened two large j kilns of splendid wood burot Lime.?a. alp HOOVER hitve this day entered into co-partner ship ; and, h&ving maje s? vcral additions to ihetr tine kili;*, are now manufacturing frr.m 800 to 1,00ft birreu cf tbe best wood burnt Li'iie per week, which will be sold at the lowest market price*. - Also, constantly on hand a large quantity of tbe finest PLASTER, CEMENT and HAIR to be found in this city. All those who arc in want of these articles will certainly find it to their advantage in give them a call. A. k L P. HOOVER. Potomac L'lue Kilns, 97th street, one square south lower bridge, near (wa. ap 3?d3w loill * boyd, BLIND MAKERS & UPHOLSTERERS, WOULD re>-pecifully inform their the public generally that theyi" are prepared to auend to all orders ia^ ?he r lii.e of business. All kinds of upholstering neatly execuird; such a??Calling and. Makiog Carpet*, FiUing down Matting and Oil Cloih, Making and fitting up Bed and Window Curtains, Hair, Shuck and other Mattresses, Pew and other Cushions, Spring btda, Louutea, Easy, aad Sick cnairs. We have Instore -1wmdow Shadee Iand Trimming*, Cords and Ta*sele, Split Blmda, Wldw Paaer fcr Carmine. veniti AN BLINDS made to anvsttle. and old ditto repaired to look as wall aa new All kinds of old Work repaired, and aJ? ar den thmkfully received and promptly attended ma for cash, or a perfect undemanding before hand. If you want the worth of your money jaet a call, at Ne 391 Pa. avenue, soutkaide,bene. ?tb and 10u? stretu,

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