Newspaper of Evening Star, April 19, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 19, 1855 Page 4
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? V.N1NU STAR. The Boston correspondent of the Chris tian Inquirer, in his recent notiee of the ao. aient Quaker burial ground, in the rear of the Trao*.ript Buildia* in Congresa atreet, says that u be walked away from the apot where the Uboror* ezhumeu the bosea of the Qua kera. bis miad was upon the scene depioted in the foliowiag linea which were originally publisaed in a Philadelphia paper aome years aince The faot upon which the poem ia founded is a verity It u true that this single worshipper went for muny yeara alone to hia place of worahip. THE SOLITARY WORSHIPPKB single member of ih?- Society of Friends, iu Boston, went tt? the r place of worship s?tn?- years *11 hit fellow woohipp-rs were dead. Alone and -ilent ther. lie ?at, Wi hin th- b<>u?e of piayer, Where once with hint his brethr* n met In ailent wo ship there. Thev all had gone?the young and old Were gathered to th- dead; He xaw no more th ir friendly looks, He heard no more their ir-ad. Ve' still he loved, as came tUe day When they were woi.t to meet. To u? ad the old tarniliar way, And taae his 'customed Plain was the place _an humble hall, Id which he :.ltalo|ie; The show o*. fQ n,^ the prij? of art^ iou ;u were all unknown. No organ p-nleil its solemn notes, No choii the stillness broke. No preacher re?d the sacred page, Or to hid hearer spoke. He heeded nr>t these outward things To wake the reverent nnnd ; Fi roilier end* than ?uch as this 1 hey seemed to hint designed. I u silence, gathered tn himself, The 8|miii Im implored, And. without speech or outward sign, The Father he adored. And to his mind was opened then The meaning of the word ? "Ask, aad rec. ive*'- "Seek ye, and And," The spirit of ihe Lord. The Sp rit rtren?thened and consoled, And aavt him inward sight; And on tus lonely, darkened path It threw a h? aveuiy lifcht. No more alon^.? for he had come To Ziop'a h( lv hill, The c?*y of the living God, T'oa saints and at-gels fill. The elders there, with silver locks, I he si.-ters' mode.-t grace, The you- g, in nil t'-eir innocence, With glory filled the place. No clond of srrrow or of care A s?>ui had ever known Thst i.> that happy land he saw, Nor felt it e'er alone. Their liMjk; of peace, and love unchanged, A>sured his trembling soul. And h^de lorn banish ?v> ty fear, And every doubt Control Wi h ihem arain. as when on earth, He held ci>mrr union sweet; Ai d by their symt>athy was made For Heaven's own worship meet. 'JZf The s^reat m->ral drama of Ban yan s Pilgrims Progress is now being performed at the theatre in Philadelphia. This is the first appearance of that fa mous work in dramatic form, though, in fac , it is intensely dramatic in its origi nal form. But only think of the actors of the modern stage in the sacred char acter of that immortal dream ! The idea is startiiDg, and almost supgests the re vival of the " Mysteries" of the middle ages, when the most solemn facts of sa cred history?even the crucifixion and the resurrection?w.-re not only the com mon but the only theatrical entertain ments known, and nearly all the machi nery of the stage was made from popular descriptions of heaven and hell ?Boston Post. IT7"Thestreet sweeping machines which hare created considerable stii in New York, have recently bt^en introduced into Philadelphia. 1 he Bulletin says thay attract much attention, and crowds watch their daily operations. They are said to effectually clear the streets of filth, and do it in an expeditious manner. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. ? . Lyrar* For *><"?? Nashvilla Liverpool.., New York Apl. 7 8t. Loaw Havre New York..Apl. 11 '*,nc* Liverpool Ho ton Apl. 14 J,*."*"'* New York Axpuiwall.Ap . -JO Wellington ? New York....Bremen-...Apl. 21 N 'tii ^tax New York....Havre Apl 21 ^ a,lUc I.iverpool New York .Apl. 21 wrica..... Bo-ton . ...Liverpool..Apl. 25 .lortlicni Light?New York....San Juan..Aid 27 a? Liverpool.... F'?ston Apl 2* \J!J- The California steamers leave New York on ?h? . its and 20th of each niontfi. ::RIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS National I*otel--K d. willakd Prof Koepp^n_ pa Mrs Burgess, NY Mrs v* a.te, do Miss Stuat. do H O CI igett, \'a Gen E D King and lady. B W riilare, Mich Ala W But e , NY Miss Herman. Ga J V c. op -r, Ala Mi?a Smith. Eng J H ar'oh. do L Brown, Va G .'?r?M5?, *1.1 j || -sothoron, Md T Ad m?, Pa A B C?*>| y, p? Dr \\ H iin. O J A Smith, DO A DeiuneaJ. Md W Jar< t>-, Buenos Avraa J Cir' a lady. Mo S J cob,., Md N F Minor & la ty, do Mi*s J Jacobs. RI Mi-s t M Broa .head, do Mr? Adams, Fla F N ri Turner, do Miss A *am?. ?!o W G Mettnie, do J J ?i?wa t,jr. Md l.r !*?ua t Va J Dou.laa* a lidy, NY 8 H Berry, Md VV Wat on a lady, do R W Ha per, do F Hill, do C I) Hill, do G C Brooke, do Col H D Bowie, do Browne' Hotel?t r. a m. brow* G 8 goth. ron, Md Miss K Spear, Md E llarncii, Ala Mim S Small, do J Wood, MV Mm K Johnson, do A t Barton, Ky 1J VV lien fa, France K Kixwderi NY T O R.ich-, Va T L Kaymoed, O Hon F E Kiv?i an J lady, G li^.inett, Vt do 1* Grave*. NY Dr T V Roberts, do J L tMw. ||, TeX 8 B Myers, do ll?? I P tuition, Tenn W K Mun u-r, Pa E Ureal, Md G W T Harley and lady, <>bp-ar, do M l J A Courtney, do JU Miller, do Miss ^pear, do Hotel?a. a a j. c. willard. C Bart^dale .yaj Nichols. USA R Arch# r, Va H Evans, Mass ? Gay I rd, Mass F Lehlotter a lai!y, NY C D Tot me .Cube E E And< rs?n,do Mr C lax ion, Va Judge Gilehrist NH Mrs Clait ii, do Mis VV H Mitcomh a sou C M ?o ns, VSN A F V Gray, USN F M Thorjie, Ct J H Ellis Va G O Brartow, Mi VV E Lamb J 8*gur, Ve .V,kwood "omi-j. h a a. ctaawooe. , ?'**"> p? E Brmley a lady, NY to Misr R..wlett, do u J . afd- NY Mi*s Brinley do n. -r iU"r' A II Harris, do Uf Jol?r? J u du k ,r M V? E Md ^io.s j M Cunnmghmn, J T Mason, do a it,* b i S P Johnson, Ve B^'"?g-aner, Can C M Smith, Man c^HrP1" C Krai?boff. F* j s Dunharo Ct G Muller, 8C ' X snaion Hoaee, Alexandria. Va a. mwTO*, raopniiroR. J T Craddork, Pe M T Buck, Va N H < >*? bourn, Ve J C Ranis-y, do 8 ll?i bower, HC T J Murray, dc H G i?uian?*y, Ve A mosa. do W N VV el b rd, do J P Duiauey and servant F L Maj?haJI a. servant, do do Mr Greea, lady a serv>t, W D Clark, do do R S Mdler. do MissJeU, do M.s? L H Mul?r, do J M Kendall, do B p-huiudts, do G G Lawrle, DC 1 B Poeay, Md Mr Boilers, do J C kichardaon, V. FRUIT TREES, GARDEN SEEDS, Ac. 'IHIE Ulidervigned offers a large collection of 1. Peach ?iw*, also Apples, rears, Plums, Cher ries, Gnipe Vine#, Gooseberries, Currants, Raspber ries, K iu' arb Routs, ke. Enjli-h Garden Seeds, fresh from the growers, cornbnsing all the best variety of Cahba*es, Cauli flowers, Lettuces, Radishes, Onions, Beets, Beans, Celery, Turnip, kc., wlih all the finest vegetables in cultivation. Flower Seeds in great variety, among which are the following: Asters. Stock', Portulaccas, Phloxes, with many new and rare thi'ies, all offered at the lowest prices. JOHN SAUL, Seed Store, corner of 7th and 11 street?. ap 19? eoflt* | For sale?a very fine saddle and HORSE. The horse is young, |f\_^ gentle and sound, and of fine stock ; would make eith?ra very fine carriage hone, or a very plea>ant ruling norse. Also, for sale an excellent work horse, perfectly sound. Apply to No. 43 Dunbarton ?t, Georget'ii. niar 1?lawtf ORGANS FOR SALE. A8UPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. They are from the manufactory of HENRY ERBEN of New York. For terms, fcc , apply to Prof. SCHEEL, on 14lli ?treet, north of F. HENRY ERIIEN. teh 2B eotf lj ? in-), with a "?~3. >n was? DM ? JOSEPH 0;,rtLKH, CABINET MAKER k UNDERTAKER, Pf flNSYLV.% Nt \ iTIKl'K, rvAtween 17th and l?th streets, (Fust Ward ) Old Furiiture repaired and new made to order.? Coffin* made and Funerals attended to at the short est notice. fcP-A share of patronage is solicited. mar 31 eolm ! Proposals for building Light House on "Sev en foot Knoll,' mouth of P&taptco River, Maryland. TREASURY DEPARTMENT, ) Office or Light House Hoard, > Washington, D. C. March 27, 1855. J PROPOSALS will be received until the 30th of April ne\t, (on widch d?y the bids will be opened! for furnishing the materials, (ofwrought aid a?t iion) and building a light-house. upon screw pile fonndations, on "Seven fool Knoll," at tin mouth of P.itapsco river, Md , by the 30th of Decem ber next. Detailed drawings of the plan of the light house can re seen at this office (No. 67 Winder's Build ing.) Should any bid be accepted, a cor.tract will be ex ecuted at once. No payment will be made until the whole work is completed: and before it is received it must be ap proved by the agent of the Government appointed to superintend the work?said ag nt having power to reject all materials and worku anship not in accord arice with the terms of the contract. The ruht is reserved to reject any a 'd all bi<'s that may not be deemed advmiageous to the public interest. All bids should be sealed and addressed to the tin dersigned, endorsed "Pr oposals for Seven-foot Knoll Light House." EDMD. L. F HARDCASTLE, mar38?eolni Engineer Secretary. LIME, PLASVER, CLEMENT, IMIR, fcc.- Ju^t opened two largt j ki'n* of splendiu wood burnt Lime.?A. & L. P HOOVER have this day entered into co partner ship ; <nd, having made s< veral addition* to their fine kilns, are now manufacturing from H)0 to 1.000 birrels of the best wood burni Li ne per week, which will be sold at the lowest market prices Also, constantly on hand a large quantity of the finest PLASTER, CEMENT and HAIR to be found in this city All those who are in want of these articles will certainly find it to their a-vantage to give then; a call. A. Si L P. HOOVER Potomac L me Kilns, 27Ui street, one square south lower bridge, near Geot'n. ap 3?d3w tC OVVKN 4t SON, MILITARY A>D NAVAL MERCHANT TAILOKS, No. 212 Pennsylvania Avenue, imrOULD respectfully call the attention of their M fti' nds ai.d the publ c generally lo their n?-w stock ot Goo, s ju-t received from New York and now on exhibition?con i-titig ol CLOTHS, CAr SIMEi.ES and VESTINGS, tog -ther with a, full assortment of gentlemen'-, turyishng t.C'M. Tney wouid remark that the selection m.ide principally by the junior partner of the firm. N. B.?They have a hew style of Gloves, s .me thing sup rior, called the ??JOSEPHINE KID," to which tliey invi.e particular attention. ap 6?coJw (I ii I Sl Uiii'in) WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Orrice Washisoton Aq edcct, \ Wa-lun^ton, March 7, I8.J5. j I PROPOSALS are invied for graduation, stone ate! brick masonrr, ilain-, tunnels, and other work* of tin- Washington Aqueduct. Proposals received up to tiie 8th of May will be opened ai noon of that day. Map-, profiles, and specifications of the work will bs re.niy for examination on and after the -Oili day of April next. Proposals will he received for the work of particu lar culverts, bridges, &.c., as described in the plans and specifications'. Portion- only of some of th? works can be com pleted uud'T the present appropriation, but all the contracts for unfinished work will be subject to m ture appropriations by Congress The Engineer re serves the right to prescribe the amount of work to be done and rate ot progress under such contract for each appropriation, and, in cage of the appro pnatiun not holding out sufficiently, to decide wii< n and what works shall be sopped until funds become available. Inca-eof the en'ire stoppage of any particular work for want of funds, the reserved ten per cent, will be p ud, if, in th- judgment of the Engineer, the work his been properly executed so far as it has gone. Payments will be made in specie checks upon the United Slates Treasury, upon ilie monthly estimates of the Enemeer, reserving 10 per cent.; and it will !?e a condition ofall contracts that the workmen shall be pai l their full wage., monthly and in specie. All bnls sh uld be -ealed and endorsed "Propo sals for work on the Wellington Aqueduct." '1 he United States reserves the rig'it to reject any or all the bids should tney not be deemed advan tageous and to make such arrangements a. n ay be considered most conducive to the progress ot the work. Every offer must be accompanied bv a written guarantee, ?igne?1 by une or more responsible per sons, to the effect that he or they undertake that the bit'der or bidders will, if his or their bid be accepted, enter >nto an obligation, within ten days, with good and sufficient sun ties, torthe completion <>fthc~work undertaken ; said guarantee lo be accompanied by the certificate ol th>; United Stales district jud^ej United Stales distict attorney, navy agent, or some officer of the General Guv. mm- lit or individual known to me Engineer or Department of War, that tlie guarantors are able to make good their guarantee. Bids wdl be opened in presence of bidders if at>y ot them choose to be preseul. Form of GuurarJm. To Capt. M. C Meigs, U. S. Engineers : We, the undersigned, residents u< , in the State of , hereby, jointly and severally, cove nant Hith the United Stales and fBSTnnty, in case tlie foregoing bid ol be accepted, Uiat heor they will, within ten da s alter the acceptance- of said bid, execute a contract for tfte same, with good and sufficient sureties, to perform the work o turnish the articles proposed, in conformity to the terms of the adverti-ement under which it was made ; and, in case the -aid ?? -h ?uld tail to enter i to contrac as aforesaid, we guaranty lo make go xl the difference between the offer by the slid and the next lowest bidder. A. H. C. D. I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the above named guarantors are g<><ki and sufficient. E. F. M. C. MEIGS, Captain of Engineers in Charge, mar 7?eotMaySHwU OOUGBS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, Keltef In k'lre Mlnutaa. TYLERS COMrOCND GUM ARABIC STRUF. 1M1K Increasing demand for this u.ost p.? a^*Lt safs, and efficacious remedy tor all pulmocat j dlata?<?, has ensble-J the prorrietor to reduce thr price so as to place it within the reach of all el*as?* lis superiority over most similar preparations is et tested by mc? eminent physiHans who have o?; i ?ys witnMsee or iw effieacy when the asual reme dies have &lled; also by thousand of onr most r* spectacle citixens who have nsM it in their femiiie> both as preventive and cure with never failing su? eese fir the last twenty years, daring which perior With very little aid from advertising. Ac , it ha rradually spread reputation over the whole L'nlos in c&m? of recent Cnlds Coughs, iJoarteneu, <?c, it givee mmediate relief, and generally cures in s dat cr two, without interfering with diet or basins r, m rendering the system more sueoeptible ct Co<a., ir chronic cases. Attkma. Whoof-ny (Jouyh. '.You,? Bronchitis, Affections of the Lungs, and Consvmp tion, it is always very b-neflc.ial acd seldom ?a!K when commenced in time to perinsct a cure. Pri -e 2<* and 60 eeLte a bottle. Hold whoiesa<e by Patterecu A t'Talin. fctotti Co. Riigety t On. Alexandria by ifttl & Steven*. Iz Georgetown by Mr. Cia^e!. TTI.KBTS (JI M AHA Bit C.UfDY DMOfb a aimtiar ctmpoeition to tbe above, bat in a mild:: and io?r? portable form; they act liho a charm ol a troableaome Goagb, and clear tbe ttroat and vcA?e; hey oootaio no Injurious druic- are particu larly recommended for children, frequenters of pub lie Me?mblie?, public speakers, singers, Ae. Price and * oents p? boa/ mo*x DrM end Oandy Stores OOf 17?tf GARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Tfc? Gr#tt ParlfUr of th? Blood I Not a Particle of Mercury In It *a Ikiaujwj R*mi)t lor Scrofula, King'. Evil, P mJu^rP Obstinate Cutaneous Crupilons, S5S! ^??UP,U Jt" th" fH0?. HlotDbM, Belli", ^nmi^Sors Eyea, R1Dg Worm ot TettoT, 8caM ?Kl k2'arJ"raent,*nl P?tnof the Bones and I 8/pMitic Disorders, I .iQbiKo Spins! Oompla nts, and all tfce di*-*?-s arising from an iiyu^i^ouB use of Mer-ury, 1m pran n"* in ? Iff, or Imparity of the B':ood. I^HIH veluafcle Medicine, which ha become oMe? .1 'IV:;4 frrpe number of *xtrardinary cares, eff ctod through its a*en;y, has Induced the propri it thi"rg nJ. r'^u^t of *elr Mends, to offer it to the public, whicn th-y do with the utmost eon ?tDC* mJ** ?irtu-e and wonderful curative prop fTti ? Ibe following certificates, elected irom a large number, are, however, stronger testimony .nan the mere wo?d of the proprietors; and *re all w?:> known in th-ir localities, and .1 .k" a^.T^bUlty, many of th-m res din. a the rity ot Richmond. Va. P. flOYDKN. Mpq,, nf the Exchange Hotel, Rich mond, known everywhere say. he has Men 'he Med. tcine called Cabteh's Spawish Mixtuki, administered 'r?-0Ttr? *1 huadf^l case., in neany all the diseases .or wbich it Is recommended, with the most aston ?niugij g.-md results lie says it i. the most ex inordinary medicine h* ha* *rer P*tu, AO OK AND FcTEH?i?p.SAi' CUKE.?I hereby Jiliiry that far tLree years I had *gue wnd Pever ?.{ the mo-t violent description. I had several Phy -Htus, took Urge quantities of Quinfoe, Mercury. iud I bsl ere all the Toal?" advertised, but all with mt permanent relief. At last I trivi Oart?;rV Spanish Mixture, t770 bottles of which effectuallv :ured me, and I am happy to say I ha^e had neitbe Jhi'lB or fevers since. I consider it the best Tonit in thifl irorM, *nd tha only medicine that fcTer reached bthm. JOHN LONGDEN. Biatkh I'itch, near Richmond, Va. C. B. LUCK, Esq., now in the city of Richmond ind far many years in th? Post Office, has .ucb xnfiience iu the a^alshing efflcacy of Garter's tU'ih Mixture that h.) has l.ou^hi upwards of 6ti bottles, which he his given awey to tbe affl cted. Mr. Lack says he lus ne^ci known it to fsdl when aken ?icc^rdip j to cirwtioD8. Dr. MINviri, a practtoicg fhvriclan, and former'? -i Lie City Hotel, in tbe city of Richmond, say* he vitneawd in a number of iastanoes m* eff?cts ol ? 'j ' Spanish MiEtur;?, whi^h wer- most tru'y mrprisiuj. 1J? says in >? case of Oonsumptioa, de ?end- nt on the Livr, th* gorj eflremj w~re won lertul indeed. S AMUEL M. DKTNKXR otthe firm of Drinker A Uorna. Richmond. was cured .-ured of Liver Com plaint o. tnree n ears standing, by the use of twe mottles of Carter's Spati h Mixture. aaBATCURB O? SCROFULA-The Editors of .ns i.ichmoua l^publlcac h d a se-vant employe-1 r> tl ir precj rocsa, cured of violent Scrofula, ccai *ith Khcumaiism, which entirely disabled aia M-om work. Two bottles of Carter's Ppsnisb .. .-e aa<le a prrf^ct cure of him, and the Ldi t . i a pabli? r.oticc, fay they "cheerfully reoom aen it to all who aro ad'eted with any diodise oi ?heVood" ciiLL ANOTHER .URi OF SCROf OLA?I h?d t rer^ vsluab'.e boy cur??d of .Scrofula by Carter's panisn Mixture Iconsiler it truly a valuable ctlislcs. JAMK8 M. TAYI/>rt, ConUactor on the >- *? and P. u. 1L Co.. itichuiond. V?. ?ALT RHEUM OP TWENTY YEARS STANDING Cil t D Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, re-idinsr in the olty ot tichacad, w^a cure 1 by thre#i b??ttles of Carter^ ipaa:gh Hixture, of Sfclt Kheum. which b*? hsd for ?early weatir years, and which all the physicians If the <?'3 eocld not cure Mr. Thompson is a wrl! known *^*alisnt in the city of Eichmondf and hif u mtel ?= ark*bl3. ;\.H *TT!igiY?, of Richmond had a t>errant 'ured cf arphilis, in the worst form, by Ca ter'e ?pan !-b Mixture. He pays he cheerfully recon aends :t, and coni'iders it a very invaluable cieJi ?in#. EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the revenue, ?ays be b*s .-pen the g(?f?d -ffec^ of Carter's Spanish d.x.arr u a number of ^yphil'itic car^e, and .avs it ?9 a perf-ct eur? f rthat horrible disease. W M. 0. 'lAft^?>>D, at' Richmond, cured of old sores asd U!eer?, wh ch disabled hi a fr?m w?lkin^ rook ? ??tv bottle- of Csr'er's pani.-h Mixture ana wv ?n Ai.'i to wn!k witboat a crutch,in ? fhort toe fw??aner.-)v cu-ed. Prinoipe.l Depot-, at M WARD, CtiOf E A Co., No. ?S via! iei r,*<ser >'oik. T W DYOXT A SONS, No. 182 North Sscon-J St., hiladeipiia ' BKNNETT 4 BKEP3, No. 1% Main street, Rich xord, \ a. And for ps'o by fHAHLE8 STOlT, Washington D. C; HEN a? PHEf., Alexandria, cud by Dmrgiats ?rery*b?ie. : ric? $! per bottl?, cr six bo<t!?s for ^5: <ren 21?!y myiooRATiNti cordial A PI!?yOMEMN IN MEDICINE. LTSALTQ PE5T0RBD A1ID LIFJS A J- LINQlEINliD, fcy t,H- KORS^'B INTjOORATHT3 EL:Xi.u OR OOR'^iAL.?At rirst sroper i:? viGoriATiNu v v DIAu were decn-lfcbuloaa. The duouc oftan deceiteJ, eould not kelirvt the sianle ?nJ eahUme trutl -: anuocnced by tl?i dlfloovtrtr.? '>u. tmcts, uuiiais, .;! !'*cts fcttest?d by -Jrlt-erfsa oi ? J? r.'; land claracfer, ere new trtumob d0U,'Li;- i^afir?ULITY 13 OVER I vri .'aS'e * 11of -^rt^ony ^hich Is perfectly reaed^es, In ali cajst, the ueph>rab!e ?i?eg frcra amisuneor abuse of the varioos ^ the-ycTl'-'fii niMbine called *. restorsn t^ fall vigor eTery delicate June t? u ctunec.6jl witn that nsy.tsrioas compound o. ;^:Ur .?d miad, neoeVary lo th*re-prs lucitou >j ? v-.-i lift To peracna cf :eeble ruus ,u rtIn'iuH',,.0fK ^ 13 ?iUl V **7' ^ 'J recom ij'l 1 .bei only m??ni of commdnleating that >r^?{KW ^ ,G ?,MS"al7 to the pr per enjoynact 51 V.f'. ar*' 'PP^wSj m well u the higher ^?>n^al attributea. f te beneficial effects are not con ;.ufcd to tr.her ?i or to any agf. Th, fcebJe he auiag wi..-, the Ltllesr, ernevatcd you'h, the ?iverwern man ot ftusiness, the victim of nerrous de oreasKm, the individual Buffering from general de i'dity. or ;r?m the weainaas of a singls o4;?an, will * end permaasnt relief from the i.? orttiis mct-mparabls rcn-.vaUir. To thoi?o e hc. iave a predkporition to p-ralyais it will prove a . V^& TUa c saftgaarti against that terri .fe,ra a" L'*u?? P?bap?, who have ec i 1: . ^ k r c?uatikiitlcas, that they think u.ssaulvfes bsyonl the rea'h t.f ns?di^ne. Lit rot ?ea t.hsg* detpt'r. Thd Klixlrdeals with c!a*asea? l: ex:?'^, xithout reference w> causes, and will not a .j remove the disorder itself, but RK3CILD TUB BRORBN OOIJSTTrUTION The derangements of the cyKtem, lewling to ner ?ons aiee??w, and the for/an of nervous disease U wit, are so nunuroiti that it wonld req.iireacoludn ?o ennmerate the mal?d:6. for which thi.i prepart a .on is a spe?Htic. A 1-w, bovaver, may ba ecx-me 'v,v tic dolereaut, hea l?cbe lncip r? ^l5'"1"' bir*?ri*- pa'pifKtiou < f the i,eart ar-. debility, tremors, Catuienjc. /f o if83 0n K'6h' a ml>aess, torpll iri V H? li Ia"n^ft, depression, weakness of the ??il, ??s.!.*p i iitiOn t* mivt}, faintness aRar exerci?e. b.oken e!?ap ?:? l terrifying dreams, inability to re main in one plaoe r portion, weaknepc of the pro. rreative organs sexu?' lacompeteaey, melancholy, monoiasnia, Cuor albus, nking at the stomach, L male irrwgalantiM, a chronic tendency to miscar riige, emaciation, and all complaint, growing out of a free indul.enoe ot the paseioua, and all barrenness . ...t does cet prowel from organic causes beyond the reach of iae.iicine. Wiieneyer the organs to hs acted upon are ?re? from ma.iormatlor. or etricturald??ases it ie averred turn; MORSE'S INVIOORATINQ ET.IXBR wll replace fteikneet. with etrength, incapacity with MHdency, .rregularity with uniform and natural ao ttvity, and this not only without h^sard of reaction, * happy effect oa the g-nsral organisation, in mind Liut a!l uula lien, wherever thev begin, ,,niiA with tho nervous system, and that the parajiation of the nerves or motion aad eeasatioa is phyfdeal death. Bear la mind also, that for eyerj kind of nervous dic?st--e th? Ellxer Cordial is rhe oaly re'iable preparation kaowa. nAfJTIO*. . y,0V*'S I*w?oiAtnro Cocdiai has "t-esn ccun terfelteu by 6ome unpria ipled persons. ^genuine Coiaial will have the proprietor b fac simile pasted oyer the cork of each bottle, and the folio - lag words blown in the glass Dr.,9orae'a UvigoratlifCordlal, c. II Rl??, Proprietor, 31.T. p'-MtK.iUes^"1**'18 9ct cp J oonowitrrted, hi Price,?S3 per bottle; two for io; six for ill 0. H. RITJQ, Proprietor, 193 Broadway, New York. deld by Druggists throughout the UsJW UUttm, Oanadae, and West ladies. m wi AOENTP. Washington?2. D. OIL ?? yi. Baltimore?S. 8. HANC&. Richmond?B2NN MIT 2 biUU.) r ' *\tt R. II. QILLBT, c ? ?* "ollor ti Law( ^9* POOR AND LABORING MEN. OMALL BUILD1NO LOTH of 10 fact sr mor^, la O various parts ol the City, Mj (^orgetowa *1 prlcts, aad terms to suit. LLOYD A 00. BUILDING RTU A kl. at th* O*"1*or * fc*ry~? ia Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria. nth . ? LL0YD * C0 ^ row^ opp. Treasury Depajrtneat CLOIHUG AJID CLCTHHTO KATXBIAU. NitrDiPurim, ) Bureau of Provisions an 1 (lothing, ? Wasb.ngtm, April 2, 1856. J QEFARATH PROPOSAL*, sealed and endorsed O "Proposals for Navy Olothlng and CV>thlrg Ma teriala,"' will be received at this ofllie until 3 o'clock P'?,??? ^ d"y of May njit, for farn'shing and deli vering, (on reseivlux s'x^y days' noMoe,) at eash o- either of tue nary yards* at Cbar'sstown, Ma-sa ho etts. Brooklyn, >e? York, ordoeport, \*ir the q'lanMtlei below trentiored o* any or all of toe folio ?in< name 1 articles of nary clothing and e othing materials, and such further quantities cf the s&m- a< m*y be ordered by the chief of the bu reau, or bv the commandants of the sal 1 naw-vards reepec'ivey,durln*the fiscal yewcomm?;'c t>g on the 'st day of July n?xt, and etdlnc on the 30th cf June, 1858, via: Pea Jacket?, made of blue pilot cloth? 2 OOO R uod jackets, made of blue rlotb 3.000 Trow^ars, m?de of b us cloth 3500 Blue flannel over?birt<< 6 00"! Blue tlaut el under hirts *7 5 000 Blue fl-nneldrawer? 5 000 K'u? fl tsnel jumpers ..."' a]ooo Blue flanml, n the pl?ce yards 60^000 BarnsUy rheeting frocks .. , 2 000 "*tJV?s du-k troasers 2,00 Barnsley sh-etinr, in the ti?ae yards 15^000 "anvas duel, in tt:e pieca y.rds 3 000 Blue clo heaps .. 400 Calf akin show p*j'r'8 4,(K>0 Kipfkin sbres. hijh cut tai-s 4000 Wrollen s cks, Nos 1 an<l 2.. pairs 8,0<G Matt-?s??s. (with two covers each) 2. oil ^aukin, blur ..........yards 8 000 Bankets .. S0t0 Black silk handkerchief^..,... 6,000 Bice sa icef trowsers 3 qoo Blue satinet, in the pie-e yiirls 6 000 Th- cloth for the pea jacket shall be twil'ed pilot cloth of American maouficur-, pnrs inllgollu wool dyed. It shall be 64 inches wide, and weigh 26 ounces Te* yatf It ,hall hare a list on esch ? Ige composed of 24 whit* tbre.ds, of all *nt All pie ee "ei^hinR lent 'han 25 ounces per ?a*d will oe nyecfrod; and ea-h ba'e of about iJOO yards, mu-t av erage 6 ounces p?r yard. The1 cloih f r round jackets, bine cloth trowsers, *nd hlu- caps sha 1 be twill-d. all wool, of American raanu acture. and pure iudi*o blue, wool d'-ed. Tt ?hall bavs a list on ea h ?dg* enmpo ed of 24 whi'e hnai, cf a^l wool. All (i*ces under I?i ounces per * ard wi 1 be rejected ; and each bale of about ?JOO yard? must av-ra?e 18 ounce* per yard. T e saMnet m -st be American roa-uf*'tUTe*. 27 l-chee wine i?? de of 1 st, wh!ch li-t mu>t eons ?t of not lesq t.ian 12 whi'e wo- Hen threads on each edgeof thecio'h, wove > in the * hole !eng?h ot th? pece; muJt Wei^h ant 1 "S than oun*e* p*r *ard toemtaln in each piece about 2-J yardth^ wvrp mt at he cotton, pure i d?g? h ue, yar* dy-d; a d the filling wool, pur? iadio bl e. wo .1 d ei. K^ch >^le of 4DO ja'ds shall average ounce-to f e yard, an i no p'.<* g> au fcw b_lo^ 91^ onn e- ro the yard. The Patinet trowsers must be ma-le of mat ? rle1 lik?? th ahov?. The flaanM must be a'l wool, Am^ri^an mannfar turej, w ol dye-i, pU'e iodigo blue, and t?illed; mu-t tw i pieces of 50 y r?s in iencth. 27 i-ch? wile, w??ghinK 5 oun<-ev per yrd, with a li't on 'a^b fJg? of 4 whUe woollen t'hrea?s woven in th whrl. leo> th o' >h? pi re To b? ja^k-d in hal?s o Opi-oe^, the pi?c>* to b- rolled s?p<rat*ly vtithnd ard" ?E ch con'ain 500jard? and 1* 0*4 pound? nino^l. No to h^fo a l^ss aver age weight than 4-8-10 o-noee per y?ri The o?er<hirt?, undershirts,, and jump f m mu<t be male of fl -.nn-1 like th- above Ih^slfj "heet n* mu t be fri-e from erttrn, 80 incbo* in wiith; weight twelve ounou 31-100 Der y rd: texture 4 ?y 4 to 1-10 inch. The canraa duck mint be free from cotton, 27 In-hM in width, snl ahoQt 36 yards in the, 4,^ ' Wurp &ni1 niin,r- w?'gbt eiPht ounces 3 100 per yari. Tetture ? by 10 to Inch The shoe' must be tamped with the contract r*<j name. nuTtvr of shoe, a-d year when made; >he s z-s to he in the t" lowing proportion for each 50 pair-, unltH* otherwise ordered, \it ; 4 of No. 5 9 of l^,?f No- 7? 12 of No. 8,9 of No. 9, 8 of No. 10. 1 of No 11. They ar? to conform In all resp?cts to the samples at th^ yard , and t? be d?l:vered in frod ?trye |-o*-?, 5T pairs in each. The ra oe of th? cont ac tor. confnts, and the rear when made, marked on ea-h box. Tlit; calf skin and the kip-skia Fhoes to be packed in fi-parate brxe* Th? wo.lien sf oks mutt be woven or knit, anl coni? rin to Fainp'e. The matures-es mu-t wcijb 10 pounds ln<-ludin? t ckiag, which i - to be cut 6 f-e' in ten th am 31 Jnche? wid? Thecorer-< mn t mea ure71 in-h#?!n length and 2^ incb^e in w(,jt?,. The hair, and coven* mu t conform to ^amp es. The nanki.i munt h- the best bluo AmeHcan nar. kin. 26 inch *8 wide, texture ;? threads by 4 tore ds to th* 16;h of eu inch, dyed with rure &rgal in digo. The h'anVets trust weigh six pound" per pair, an i meagre 5s by 78 inches ea-h. A bale of 00 psi-s m;i?t weigh 300 pounds, and no pair shall weuh bps tha i 5 pounds 13 ouoos. They mu^t be of American m?nu acture, made of clean v ol and ea-h b'aoket niu^t he merko'. "U. 8. Navy.1' ' . The black sd1' hsn ikerchi fn mu?t he 31W bv31 incbep itnd wei^h 1 ounce and 12 grains Troy ; l-t ture 14 by 23 to incb. A scvedule of the thr'e sizos for e^eh 100 pieces of made up clorhin* wi 1 be found with the s-rnpl^s at the respective yards; ard all the ah^ve articles, in cluding the buttons, ring*, Ac . are fo be , aTl*1 'n th* 1na!,ty> texture. c;lor, weight, and flnish of material, and coutorm in patt ra sie -s, an j workman-hip to saii s impl-s. The number c.r quantity wbi?b wi;l he reqnir'd of each of >he forgoing artfcles oannot be preci??ly stated. It will not b> lefs. however, than th* anau tity snec.ifl^i in the torw ing list. The contracts wi 1, th-ref>re, be made tor the q uantity of e?ch ar tic e *> 1 specified, and for su h further quantity s 1 , mT'"'1 m*y ^^alre Tht price mtui be uni/brm at all the :tati ,rii All the ab vearticles must be subject to tuch i". [ Jf'wtion at the place of delivery as th? chi-f of th's bn~eau may direct: and noartisle will be r*oeit?d that H not fully equal to the <'e in every re fpect and which doe? n tconf rm to the stipula tions and pro^i/ons ol the con'rart to be ""ad? The whole mu't Ve delirer*d a' the ri k anl ex P*nV* ?f the contractor. hach box end b?!e to he marked wi'h t^e contractor's name. The in pectin^ I ^ ? be *pp' iBt^ by >!?vy ner?-tm?t. ihe offers must distinguish the pri-iea for ? ach ar t.cle m-ntioDefi. an I mu-t be calcuUt-d to cover ev^ry ex^enee atten lint tbe filfllment of the con tract, iticlu ling the necessary buttons. In ewe of fiilure on the pirt of the contractors to ?leliver tbe everal art'clee wh'eh mavb-ori red from t'-em. a' the prop'r rim*and ofthepr~p-rqu I tfy, the >hi-*f<fthe I'ure>au cf Provision* andClrth ing sua 1 he nutho lzel to purchase or <iirect pur 7"^ ? male of whkt ma\ be required to sup ply the deficiency, under th-; be?xpres-ed in tbe contract; the mcord of a requisition, r a du P ,?'t? ??PPT thereof *.t the Bur au ol Provisions | and Clothinr, or at either ot the nary yard^ afrre. said, eha'l be HTid. ^ that such requisition has been mnde nd re-eiv^d. ?*.Tw<\?" mo^e aPProTfd suretie# In a sum ?iuai to the ettima'ed amount of th^ raapective 00.,tract-, wi I he r-qulred, and ten per cntum wi'l bo with fti? *m^nt of parm-nts on account thereof as collateral security; and n-1 in any e t be pa*d until it te, in all re p?c acorn riled with; and ninety p-r oerturn of th- amoant of all de i e-iee ? ?id br the navy eg?nt within tbirty -ays a tr tripi.oate b'lls, uly authenticated shall have boon pr?e*nt?d to him. Bidders whose proposals are aeoopted (and ?ene 1 7,111 U forthwith notified, and as early ad ?practicable a contract will be transmitted to them for execution, which contract must be returned to the bureau within five dayu, exclusive of tbe time required for the regular transmission of the mail | A tec-Td, *r du licate of the letter infjrming a | b ud r ol the aoceptun e of hi-< proioaal: will b? deernel a notification thereof, within the m'aning I ?f I818 "d hU biJ Tr1" h- and ac cepted in conformity with the und?,r?tending I if very offer ma e must b* ac.-mp^n'ed Vas di reeled in the act of Oongrw*e mtkio^ approf.ri-t?ou8 Au<*u.t \?*TVie? !:r ,848-'47' "tp-oved 10th August, 18 H) bv a wntten guarantee, sign-d hvone or mors responsible persons, to the eff-ct hat ho or t .ev undertake that the bidder or bidders h;? ? . *cc.?Pt,,(1- fnt? iito an ohlirati n To f.?? wk*7"' W!,tb ^ and ?"?cient sureties k ? i ipDliee propose 1. The bureau *ill ?? 1 k v 00n*ld''r "ny P f P?-al unlesj ac companied by the 4ua>ant?e required by law the competency of tha gu*r*ntee to ba oert fiel by the cu'nufnt' di3trict ^torney, or the collector of the | !ra',k f?rm? rf propetaU may be. obtained on ap. 1 pftCiition to the navy agents at Po-trmou'h, New Hampshire, los'?n, New Fork. Philadelphia, Haiti ^'^^Tathingtori, Aor/olk, Ptnxacola, and at thit The attention ofbuUert it cilled to the tampUt and vescriptwn of articUt reqwrc i at, in the inspection before recep'ton. a just but raid errmpiriaon ?will be mude be to e* the art cles ?fftred and the samjUtJ and o>Mrac\ receiving none tha fall below thsm; and their attention is also pir.irUlarly directed tt th* annexed joint resolution, tn addition to the act of the 10M nf [ August, 1840. J Extract from the act of frmyreu upproved August 10, "Sic. 0 And be it further enacted, That, from and after the parage of thLi act every pro o?al for na ?al rapplie* invited by the Secretary of the Navy under tbe provi.o to the general apprcpnationVU for the navy, approved March third/eUhteeohun deed and f;r y-three, shall be accompaaied by 1 written guarantee, Mgaed by one or mow rtspo3,i m. ?ra n*. to the effe t that he or thev un h-t the bldler tr bidders will, if bis or their ofH k asuepred, enUr into an obiuitlo! tasShtiSl? may be presoribed by the becretarv of tSe Net* with good aud eufflciant sureties, tofurr.i h th- sanl pUe prop e-u. No proposal aba I be insfier^i un leaa aocompinlad by ?u^li ?ja?rancee. If after the into an obUgaUcn with.n the tiiL p^JSLl b^ tvl SS^SSHSP s^ss; 1 znz t*?en the amount oontalned In the proposal to guarantied and the amount for which hi mar hare contracted for furni-htag the aaid supplies ic r tbe whole reriod of the proposal to be tha-jrwd op against aaid bidder or bidders, and hi* or tbrtr gear an tor or (narrator*: and the tame mar ba Immedi ately recovered by the United 8ta>a, for the nie of the Nary Department, in an action of debt aga n*t either or ail of aaid person* " ffSjblia.No.T.1 Jourr Bwotmoif relative to blda for provisions, clothing, and Kmall atorea for tte ureof tbe nary. Retotved by tke Senate and flout* of Reprevn'a tires of the United Stairs of Ammca in Cbnffr*st at tembird, That all bid* for supplies of provisions, clothing and email atorea for tbe use of tbe navy may be rejected, at the option of the department, il made bj one who is not known ?* a manufacturer of. or regular dealer in, tbe article proposed to be furnished, which fact, or tbe reverse, must be dis tinctly stated in the bid* offered; that the bid* of all persons who may hare felled to comply with the oonditiona of any contract* they may hare prev* ously entered into with the United States ahall, a' the option of the department, be rejected; that it nor* than ons bid be offered for the snpp'.y of ar, article on account of any one party, either in hi* own name, or in the name of hi* partner, clerk, or any other person, the whole of each bids shall be re jected at the option of the department: and that co partner* of an v firm shall not be ssneived a* *ure tie* for each oiher; and that, whenever it may b? deemed necessary, for tbe Icterws t .*>f tbe govern m-nt and the health of the crew* of the United State* vessels, to procure particular brands of fiou. which are known to keep best on distant station ? the Bureau of Provisions and and Clothing, with the approbation of tbe Secretary of tbe Nary, be and -hereby is, authorised to procure the same ol the beet terms in ma< ket overt Approved 27 March, IKii April 1?1**4 w DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED ?ennan Bitters, PUriKKS BT DR. C. M. JACKSON, PMlad'*., Pa., WILL EKPBCTTALLT CURB LITER COSPUNT, DYSPEPSIA, JiOHNCI, Chronic or Servou* Debility, Biteasss of tke Kidney, and all disease* anting from m d%* trderod Liver or Stomach, such ;u> Constipation. Inward Piles, Fullness, 01 lUood id the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau sea. Heartburn lh.-gu>l for food, Fullness o weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the ~tomach. Swim nun* of the Head, Hurr ed -n<! difficult Hreaihme Plutering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Seii?ati<>iis when in a lyir.g Posture, Dullness <? Vision, Dots of W? lis before ihe >ight, Fever am Dull Pain in the Ilea I, Deficiency of Perspiration YellowneBr of ttie Skin and Eyes, Pain in tin Side, Hack, Chest, Limb*, fcc., Sudd* n Flu-h- ? of Heat Burning in i he Flesh, Constant Imagni ings of Evil, and great depression of Spirits. 1'HE proprietor, in cilling t><e attention of tin publi.: to tins preparation, doe* so with a feel ?.g of the utmost coahdence in its virtues and adap : :tion to the diseases for which it is recommended it is no new and untried article, but one that na? -t"K?d the test of a ten years' trial before the Amen rn peo,?le,and its reputation and sale t* unnvulje> uv any similar preparations eitant. The tesiim -n\ in its favor given by the most prominent and well ? Hiwn Physicians and individuals, in all parts o' he country is immense. The following from Nortf Cai' lina is respectfully sub i itt d, referring an\ who may still doubl, to iny "Memorabilia,"or Prac rical Receipt Book for Farmers and Famdies, to bt had gratis, of a I the Agents tor the German Bitters Principal Office and Manufactory. 1 '40 Arch si.. Philadelphia, Pa. T?'"TIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. JV. Smith, of Pine HiU, Rich ntOrui County, N. C. Pink Hil* , March 4th, 1654. Dr. C. M. Jackson, t'hilad' lpiiia?D< ar Sir: I have been a subject of ityspepma, in its worst f rm. tor the last five years. Such was my condition fo .wtlvc months ihat the physicians and all who fan lie said I must die. While in this condition, i was carrird to the watering places in, Tenne* see and North Carolina, but wa* not benefited bj *nv water to which I was taken. While on ni) way home, I stopped a week at Rutherfornton, a small village in North Carolina, to try the fffect ?>t some Cha yheate water in that place. About th< 'ait of the week, I went into a drug store to gei some medicine for my child and myself. Then were several of the village physicians in the store ind one of them seemed to take some interest in m> and, after asking me some ?jae--iions, said b? had been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bene tilted by the use of 41 Dr. Hoofl^ml's German Bit ters," prepared by yii, and he insisted that I would try the BitKrs lieal-o called the next day at m\ room, and insL-ted so much that I would try then, that f asked h:m to get me one bottle. He did it. and I commenced taking it as directed. and I do sa\ i was more benefitted by it than all the water out. medicine I had erer taken. Alter reaching h?*me one of my neighbors came to me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep lie,) and i gave him nearly all the Bitters 1 had let! f.uch effected much goo 1 in his case. He hasoftn. called on me for more of the same k nd of rnedi cine, saying he was more benefitted by it than an} other he had taken, but I have not been able to gei l-y more lor him or myself there *?re, please ship me a dozen or more as soon as pns iible. Respectfully yours, \V. SMITH. D. R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wuke Co., N. C.. October 24 1853, says:?u Having exp?-rienced ver> great benefit from the u?e of " Iloofland's German Bitters," in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangem< nt of Uie Liver, and its concomitant eviU I am desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for tbt benefit of my community. You wilj, therefore, please send a lot, &.c. ko. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. AT WOOD. RrNT8Vtt.Li, Yadrin Co , N. C , Nov. 1st, 1853. Dt. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex oress to yon inv sincere thanks for your discovery of a medicine which, to say the least of it. ha? tl '.ected a cure that all other medicines, that I have aken. have entirely failed to <io. "Hixtfland's Ger man Bitters" have eured me of tha most stubborn and aggravated case of the piles that, perhaps, ever fHl ts the lot of man. My case is not a Mranger in ti ts community, as I am well known in this and tb* urrounding counties, and can truly sav that my re covery has astounded all my friends and relations as I had tried ??ver>tiling recommended, and nothiig did me any go<>d until I was prevailed upon to tn the Bitters. You are it liberty to make any use oi this communication, for the b< nefit of the afflict'd, >ou may think proper. Truly vours, W'M. J. ATWOOD. These bitters are entirety vegetahle, they invigorate and strengthen the system, never prostrate it, and can b - used for infants as w< II as adults. For s^le by respectable dealers everywhere, ann by Z. D. GILMAN, Wa hington; J. L. KiDWELL. Georgetown; and J. R. P1BKPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?ly Private Medical Treaties OH THl PHYSIOLOGICAL Vli-V 01 MABRIAGX, BT fit. D. LA CROIX, 9. D? ALBANY, N F. ibQ Pa^M and Ltu ki: s Plalo and ColorsU Litho graphs >;nd t-latss. 19- Prlc? only IB Csmti. H K^-Ssnt free of postals to all parts of ths Union^t CQKAPIO-T BOOR EYKB PU^LIbUEIi, snd containia? ?early d uble ths quantity o rea ting matter in that of the FI?Ty CLNT8 OR rK)LLAfl PUBLIC 1TI0N8. It treats on ibo THY8IOLO GY OP M ARKLAGK. and tbe se-ret i - firmitie-and disorder of >futh and matori'y, re ?ulting frcm excee??e, whicL destroy the phvaica! and man tal powers, with observations ?n marriagi, its duties and disqualification*, and their remedies; with lithograph*, illustrating the inatcmv and physiology, and diseases of the repm luctiTM organs of both sexes, their structure, usee and functions. A popular and comprehensive trsa Use on the duties and casn*''"* f single and mar ried life?happy and fruitiu! aP'au^es, mode cf se eurlng them? lnfsl'eiton*i aid tcJMlle ones? tbe!r sbvia?ion and ren orai?raporthnt hints to tbcee sontemplating nuTjrin.cay. that will oreroome ob iections to it; noaa. howef<sr. should take this im portant s'ep wffliou: Crst oonsnltiDg its pages? sommentaries on the aiceases and medical treatment at females from inianoy to old are, each case graph ically illustrates by beautiful lithographic plates? nervons dabil'ty, its causes and care, by a preoeat at once to simple, -afe and effectual, that tailure in bapo9glbl??rules for dally management?an e^?y an Spermatorrhoea with practical obserratlor.s on a Mfer, and more raooessfhl mods of treatment pre eaationary hints on Um evils resulting from empiri cal practice?an essay on all diseases arising aom Indiscretion, with plain and simpis rules by which ell persons can cure thenuelres without mercury? remedies for those cslf infilctal miseries and dliap pointed hopes so nnArrtonately prevalent in the young. It Is a truthful adviser to the married and thore contemplating marriage. Its perurai is par deulsriy reoommeeded to persons entertaining se 5ret doubts of their phyrioal condition, and who are ionscicus of huving haaarled the health, happlnen ind privileaej to which every human being is cn tt tied to. Pri<je 25 tents per copy, or fire copies for one dol* tar. Mailsd free of postage to any part of the uni ted States. N\ B.?Tboee who prefer may uongnlt l>r la Ci6a apon any of the diseases upon which his bock DecU ?thex .jetscnally or by mall. Medicine sett to aav part f f the Colon aooordlng to directtona, safei( p?ek?d and oarefally secured from all obeerwatirt. aar/r4 ? ? ^ ^ ? to ST Alblny,0ifMTB*T<,r "t" TKa V ELK-lift* 1 HRECTt >HY. Mott Bedell's Line, HEW YORK,ALXXASDRIA,WA*HJNGT\ CITY, ASD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACJCETS. XHI8 LINE OF PACKET!* 8AIL8 WEERLT from pier 14 East River, N<w York, and KMurv. and are composed of the Miewaig tm_ * pk m hr. A. r. BMtU, Bedell, marter. New eehr. .Vo? BnUU, A, V. TrodwelL f*chr. Ann D.. Win. Olteer, mister. Bohr. Volant, L. A. Smith. msster. Schr. Commander in- Ckirf, Woglj?, mi :? 8ehr. Grrm rey, Wilenn. muster These vre*els are all taet sailers, mm) the bi d of < ip?riPn(? in the trad* . and ibt only nq% lor Una of Waahinc<?>n C'ty f>ar keta. mott befell. Wall street, Bf. ft B. 8. HA8TEKH h SONS, Alexandria, Vx. THOMAS RILEY, feb 1?6m V\ a*hn<ctoii and D. C. rROMWKLL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NEW YOtI - BALTIMORE A ROST< K, IE r ILL di*|?lcti a r?i<-.tUH-r daily Inmi Baltimore ? I and NV* York, and tmee a week from Bo?u a N to Baltimore and Baltimore to Bo^tnn. ? Th? line affords nnrqtislh-d facilities tn the bta t IM'>? m?*n of ihf PiKtrifl of ? (I'limbu. The Ag?t a at either i><Mnt will receive 1>< ifht and fiTf a throi.| k^ kill n( ladinc to Waohiticto* at tb<- lou?-?i rai?*? fr-u'lit and no comnn?ion< cltargt-d. Application*, for freight promptly att< nded to by the f<illowiafw| agents: A. C. IIALL. ? 36 Eichange PI re, Baltimore. H. B CROW WELL. Corner Washington *??d Albany at*.. X. Y. JNO. W. W HANK, jan 14?d3m Foot of India Wharf, IWiom. :~4 [Ma-*. ^ FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. Mtf'KOVftD At FAN FOR TR^VRL! IMPORTANT LllASQhS OF SCHEDCDK! I Th? lat? ??pl*t:-'B nf the "?Central <'h?o Raih ad t'tween ?Kb* itD* <lb<1 OO'Unl u. uniting *s It do??, by ao oort and cireet a lin% tba Baltitrcre and Okie ioilr ad w'tb all p rticnaof tbe West (and North ?nd Southwect,) tjlees thia r*u?e greatly increeeed *Wantages to tnroajth travelers in tfcnt direction. >a and *fer MONDAY, Now*mber 27, 1W4. the trains wil' me aa follows: FORTIIROUGIl PASSFNOFRP Two fc?t train* dally aril ion la each d( rec*1 on lr?t?Tt* MAIL TRAIN, lea*l?>g Camden Ptottou .t 7 a. m , ot 9 (.'dork aa Laretofor*, (eie^pt >d SondaT,) an! a^iTinj! ?t Wheet'Dg at 2 40 a. tn. econd?The CXI'REc# Tfc AIN, leaving at 5 p m., nu-*d of a? 7 p. tt.., a? I.tatofor*, and roDnlnj hrongh to Whw- Ing 'n about 17 fccurs, rvachiaf t^?r? at 1025 *. m. Th;a tram will rfc-p at Warb ngton Junction, #yk?a*ill*, HrarM?rT, D?rp**'i t rrv, >jar nnbur/. Pir Jobn'<< Ran. Cutn^r't nd, ifsiaont, Hrwle?turg, Ntwl'ur^. F^iterman, Pars jagrtar, Cameron and >Iouod?Tl'l? only, for wood 'tud water and dm!?. Both tt^e train* oak* >rc?ipt and regular ronnortk>n wi h the ears of tha >?ntral Ohio Roal for Cachridf ?, Zan-erlll*, New >rk, Colnmbaa, Ciwinnati, Lonlawi!>, ' ?)Ut. ?indopky, TolM's Letroit. Icdianarolia. Chicago, St I.oois, ate. Plate tg*r* leaving l^altimrre by tha \Iaii Tr? a; wi l react Cincinnati f**r dico^r oaxt lay, whl> by the tzcreae Train tbey arr Te there ?t 12 the next nigh*, b-lng kept bat one night on ?.he route by eith-r train PaMwngers far tbe Ncxthweet eta Cleralacd 4.1 lew mediate folnta ran make a direct on cion with the traine aprn th* C ?rve!ard and Pitta ttarg Radrord at all timee when the Ohio ia rarlca V.e fcr sUswrnsrs between Wb--lire acd WelierlUa, , ly leaving BaKlmr.r* In . 1j, Ma'l Train at 7 a. m. Returning, ihe Train* leave Wheeiit g an follewr * rhe KXPRK&i TRAIN at 4 JO p m, reaching Pai tirno-e at a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.46 p. a . rearhirg Baltimore >(B 7 p. 4UT Through tickets by boat from Wheeling tor 3ioei nati, Mtdio^a. LtuiK?11i?, St. Lcui* and other River ati. s, - i'l be aoid at a 1 lisea when the stag* f wafer will adxalr. 89* Through ticfc'ta between Baltimore ae4 Waer.iairtGD. and all tbe inrortaat rltfM and town ?n the WVft, ere aoid at the Ticket O&eea of Um OoBipanj. FOR WAY rASSKN^IRS TUK HAIL TRAIN, leaving Camuec will w ta'se paneuKers tor sll usuai rtcpy.!og plaree <m * :h*s Rckd Returning, hie tr\.n I"*ree Wheeling at 11.4ft ciatirht. Cumberland at 10.16 a. nu, and arrives at TJ?!ficiore at 7 p. D. THE PH^DK MCK aOC?MMOOATION TRAIN, for Frfderiek and if termediate rliw^e, will e'art at 4 p. d, daily (escspt 8uc ?ayO arrivtrg in Fre^ep. ios at 7.40 ki*' -a ill laavo i'xe 1 rick at it a. On arriving st SaRucore ?? 12^0, r<yn Tf'IE EUJCUT'J MILLS ACCOMMODATION will be run dOly, (-x~pt Snndavs.) ee followg: Leave Catu<i-n St?*i n at 0 a m. nod 3 p. ra Lwv? Eilieott's Milla at 7.JO a. n. and <5.30 p. D. ? WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAiNS li'JN A? Pv?LLr?fl3: LKAY5 daily, cxcapt Sunday, at 5 and 8# a. B. acd 3 and P p m. On Srnlay at p a ? and R p ?n. Leave Ba.tir:cre a*. V& and ? a m; and 6 aM ? * On Sunday at 41^ a m end 5 p a. The conncstion* with b?.lUmore A Ohio Pailroed for tli.- W cet rjre by trains leaving atC a d aad 3 P For Pfailale!;-h!a iaJ N*w York at 6, end am asd ft p m. for Aunarr;j? tt Ia rs and 6pm For Norfolk at S p zx. T. H. PARSONS, Agent. Psxtieu'ar attention U called to tha Rale require ag a rc_r>3n?ibl8 vou-her for any person ef oolor 4 *ho Es -j wi h to paaa ot r ihe rr ad. dec 18?dt? OBAHGTt AJfD ALEXANDRIA RAILKJAD. On and after Tucsdity, tfov. 7, 1854, I^IIK Cars leave Alexandria da'iy for Gordon* ? vil'.e and lnlerm-viiete ta:ion? at 7 4 o'clock, a m., on the arrival ot 'Jie U at fr m Wachingtra, {iviuganstle time for breakia?t on board. (>D a^etinn at Hacuac Jnnct'?n with a tr?:a for Stra? ??arg, at Wnnenton J-.i <-tion with a train for War ronton, and at Oc>rd^n?rii!e ritb tha trama on tha Virplui- Central Railroad for kichnoad, Charlotte* rilie, acd aunton. The cam leave O jiilBnC'e *aily for Alexacdzte and intercied-'at- e'etioer, at before >2, a. on tbe arrival of the trains o the vi-rinia Central rail -oad troB 2f?ico<i(i, Charlottff^iua, an 1 ^uuntoa. T-<nOCUI TICKETS. Frcm Alexacdxla to Warrant -n f3 00 ? ? Gerdcrtvi''e S SO u u Charlottaav ill* ~~..... 4 26 " u MnMMmm ft 90 " * Btaaaburg 3 60 " 44 l.yn^H.r^ | 0 7ft " 44' r...?.....^.? S 60 44 " Lurty,.^....^^...^... 4 2ft tt * New Market 6 00 ? u Ididiiebnrf 2 2ft Wet LyfLocrg, ^onnectiag w th tha ataree at ^harlitUiTiiie, on ftlbodaya. Wein.-aday?, and PrV Uye Fcr T.uray and New Market ot meeting with tha 4 ages at Culpeper, on Tueedajs, Thuradays, and Sat urday. For Wlr^vter daily, connecting with the stages at Piedmont For Middifbtug daily, connecting with the stages at the Plains. Par ordar: W. B. BROGUTT, Agent. no? 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS anJ FRIDAYS. ^l'ar? round trip $1; from Alai andxia 76 =enU - The TUOVAS COLLYKR leavaa Washington at 9 and Alexandria at 0U o'clock. ^ Coaches leave tbe Capitol lor tie beat at BJf o'clk^| Coach fire 10 eents. Persona wishing tha Coaches will leavs tkeir resi dsooe with Geo. A Thoe. Part**. Refre?hments cc the boa*. Oct 28-Otf f?AM*L QRDNPY, Capt TH1C SEW YORK * LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS? THK SniPt? COMPl'TSINO THIS UNI AR1 THE? ATLANTIC, Oapt. We?t PACIFIC. Oopt Nve, BALTIC, Oapt. Ceaatork, ADRIATIC, Capt. Grafton. These ships have been built by contract, exprear* ly for Government service; every eare has been token in their construction, aa ia the Engines to insure strength and speed, and their acot mmoda* tions for passengers are unequalled for eieganea and comfort. Prke of passage from New Yort to Liv rp^oL, In first cabin .$1*0 Second Cabin 70 Exclusive use of extra ^ixe state rooms 800 From Liverpool t>> S?w York ?>? and ?20. An experienced surgeon attached to each (tip. No berth Can be secured until paid for. for freight or poeaage apply to AD WARD k. COLLINS A 00., 66 Wall street Nev Y\rk. BROW:?, PKIPLkT A CO , LiverrcoL 1. O. ROBERTS ? 00, 4 18 Ring's Arms Yard, Lordon JOtlN MUNK0E A OOt 80 Rue Notre Dame des Tietoiree, Pvris. GEO H. DRAPfcR, Uavse. The owners of there ship* will not be aooeuLtnble for gold, diver, bullion, specie^ lewalry, previous stones or metals, unleas bills ef lading are signet therefor, and the eolne thereof thereto upreaatd. asrii-ilf

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