Newspaper of Evening Star, April 20, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 20, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A SII INUTON'Ul T Y : l ST DAY AlTEaNOOH April 20. 3PJHIT OF THE lIO?KlNe PS7&5. The Union repH?3 to the communication of 1 Obssrvcr" in the Tnt'lligencer, defending i^nmuk's right to levy the "sound dues " That journal, in ?o doing, repeats tha argu nents in reply to the same paper, which we published a week or two ago. Itoplyir.g to La Cronita's plea in justification cf Concha's management of the Estracipes case, the Union fays : "With the game malice that the 'Cronica' affects to ignore the purpose of the treaty, it pretends to understand oar views differently from what they are expressed. While we de precate the moral degradation of a Govern ment whioh has no means of preserving its rule excepting through the consan: commis sion of judicial murders, we have yet allowed Spain a piace within the pale of civilized na tions. As such, we have not disputed her right to judge those who offend her within her jjtriedic'.ion, whether they are citizens of the l*nited States or not, according to her own laws and by h??r own magistrates." " * ? * * ? " Immediately on bec(?tning informed of a crime committed or intended by a citizen cf me Unite I Sta' es it is tho duty of the uuthori ty acquiring the inf- rmition to ?elect any of the legal magistrates cf the country, and prc #eat to his judgment tho details, so that he Tuny. with the privacy authorized by the ^pani.-.h law. procecdat onoe to gather further proofs, if necessary, and to have thn offender arrested in conformity to the law; then to ex amine him. give him the privilege of appoint ing whoever be pleases en counsel, and. finally. ??.ritence him in the due course ol c >mmon law at uo ay poi nfed time, subject in every respoet the decision tnd revision of his case, when retired. by S .;ni*h magistrates, and not by soldiers." Ihc 1/it'lligtnr r goes into ec?tacies over the article in yesterdays Union, wherein there i? an ofii;i il intimation ihattho Admin Sati ation decline being judged by the country with reference to its Spanish and Cuban policy uion the record made by that journal, the Uuton spying: "Ihc Washington Uniin of yesterd y con tained an nrticlc of mnch importance to the dignity of 'he G< ^errmint, and on* which will ba read * itla rii.-cere pleasure by ovcry lxiend ot tee i'rt?id?tt ardhi.-* Cabinet The purport ot the article was evidently required. j" d may b.i r-gar le I as itihial. Divested of tome irrelevant p.irty coarsen*", the essential p-jrtion of the art:olc i* ?f? follows[Here follows the Union's article J ^The Intelligencer, ccmr?i93tirg on it, cays : ' If the Administration cf President Pierce ha; btcn neld responsible f.>r lue langu^ga of raeoiiec, insult, and denunciation employed by the Union towards ali tba principal Govern ment of Europe ia tr4rn. and againrt that cf Spain iu particular, the Administration is in dtbted for it to the reiuied semi-cthcisl char acter of the journal and the tacit admission of that conncx.oa ?,y the Government We uiuit do ourselves the jur;ico to fay. however that we have abstained from attributing to the P.efident asy responsibility for the deresra t?.ry seniimeuts and d.ctiiaes advanced by tho I nion. mu'e in character fur a nation of free Looters than f >r a powerful and honorable 'ioTciLmoul. ever Svriijmlcuj, r.s itth.ald be. in conduct to*aids the weaves nation as to tho sirofcgest. We have, as our readers well know, attempted to relieve the President from the odium into waich '.he disreputable doc trines *nd aSn-tsMCuj of the Uni.>n and oiher supposed organs were calculated to involve him; but wha* could the public think when, in addition to tho daily l:raJe3of the Union, it found in aujthtr putative organ at tho ??at of Government fo?1? sv. wa's as this following the dspa-ture of Cjiaia-> Jure McCauley to take comm ind of the Gulf ti :et: "Toe politicians hero w-ere in a b'.ow this morning over a rumor that the Government had received a despatch from Charleston of great importance?news brought by tho Isabel t mm Havana We do not believe the gtory flre hup*, however, soon tt h*ar of tke cap ii*ft of the Spuusit u\i - steamtrr \vh:;ce co:a laaader has of late been er.gsgei in ttn:?p:rg American ships on the high tea*. \Ve are if he is not 'brought up <edit a ro una turn' within ntxt thirty days." ?? Lui wo arc now to understand, and tha public will learn wi'h pleasure, that hi! the rude blu'ter and bsliig;rent flouri;hc3 of the Union and its kindred prints are only tho in fpiration of fillibaator instincts or tffi-i iei, end for this welcome arsurarce Me have the additi'ual guarantee thn* in all the u.ea.curcg cf the Administration regarding the contin gencies lively to happen in the Cuban wa'ers the President and tho Cabinet ha7e been unanimous. Xhli entire accord wo cannot sup I o>e to have existed in any course t'oroidata t>y a due regard the Ihw of nations and f;-r the Constitution and law? of our own country ?Ve have good rja^oo, then, to hope that tne Prc?i lent hi? really claimed for our Ciig in the West Jndisn seus the ttni? respect?no ui.rc and no lets?fbat is clnimod by ii,e flrgi of other friendly Power*: but the extravagant prerensionr put for'h ly the ?:nir.n and its edi torial allies h&d cvmii-itted the n Jminiitra'im to -entiments and intentions so rcj rbbcntible that it v?as time tLe Govtrrment ?ht*uld be?s iieved Irjm the ta:?e pu-ni..n in which they had placed it. All the well wi-hers cf the Prcs'dsn' and all tricc Is of tho rccpe:tn.bili'.y uf the country will bj glad, therefore, to see by the ifficial article of yesterday that the flKibudter pre#? has bren cut adrift and that the ' LlIo us' jar I. is haa!ed uotvn.:' It will be peiceivcd tha' we, too aro treated to a share ol the l.ttiJ/igeiicer's amiable com* plimentrf, wherein it repsats i s story of the blur's orgabship, designed tiaij ly to injure the Adminia'.ra'.ion, which we have so often contradicted. Now, on that heid wc have to say that our Administration orgunship?for we have fairly Icet all at our neigh bor's persistence?is not half 10 pal) able as the hit-Hig* r r > orgam-hip of any ar.d every foreign gjv?ratnent bent cn any scheme what ever to injuie our Go\ernm nt or its citizens W e call our readers to witnct>? the fact that wc have up to this time turned a d:s*f c..r to the multitude uf Complaints against that j .urnal's alleged intermiuablo propensity to cympathize against ita own country and Government, always treating it nlth kindness, considcr auoo, and punctilious respect?it secm.= t j little purj o89, to f^r, a3 Stcuring like treatment a: i;e handiia return is concerned. In the paragraph above quoted from the Star, there is nothing expretbed further than the opiaion of the political world here, and cur own expectations, wnieh Ihe Jut.Ligtitcer Mtaieavoia to twist to the it jary of the P.eei utnt. Iu :ait paragraph we utter view sex pressed I y every other newspaper in the I nitod . eicept the Intelligencer. From the Journal i>/ Cowimerte d^wn the hat, every American jourtal exce|.t the InttlUgenerr has protested against f emitting Spain to ex ercise, tnqueitioneJ, the righ: of visitation or cf seaich cpon oar co*iUierce on the high seas, and all save that paper h?ve expressed willicgnesa to sustain our Government in pre. serving our rights on th* ocesn. regret, indjed, tuat our neighbor's pore?p tiens aro not sulli:icntly clear to enable it to comprehend the t-iffoieaco between fillikuster ing and the maintenance of national righ's; and take this occasion to atsuie it that it is grievously in errcr, if it h?s cheated itself into the belief that S^ain is to be ptrmitted to " bring to" our vessels, engaged in lawful e.mmerce on the high ceas, by firing sbot across their bjws; to exercise upon them the j'llice which w? claim, uad have fought a long war for. aa our ov.i right only. We arc no organ, but write our own opinions, baaed on the remarkable unanimity of the American pre:? cn tha subject. as well a? on the 80 o'ten and s:> emphatically declared pur pose of the Trepidant (in State papers,) to pre serve all American rightsintaet whi-'h h&TJ been committed to his keeping. nee I hardly add that, if tho United States assumed to exercise powers with reference to Spanish commerce, which Spain ersiys upon ours, its Dng would be sunjoutof the other corner of its mouth; or it would ignore the history of its coarse upon all our international ques tion?. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Territory Acquired by tho United 2tate* under the Treaty concluded at tho City of Mexico, on ths 30th December, 1853 ? When the que-tion was before the coun;ry as to the importance and vaiuo to the United States of the territory proposed to be ceded coterminous to the territory of New Mexico, the opponents of the measure denounced it as valueless, and asserted that the President of Mexico had the advantage of us in the bar gain. Since the ratification of the treaty, the importance of the cession is better under stood, and appreciated. We think tho fol lowing facts which we have collected, will satisfy every one on this point. The cc3?ion con'.a'ns an area of 33,190 rquare miles equal to 23,161,690 acres?larger than the State of Mains. It is bounded on the east by the Kio Grande, north of El Paso, on the north by the Gila River, (the former ter ritorial boundary,) on the west by the Colo rado, and on the south by the Mexican States of Sonora and Chihuahua, extending as far south as the parallel of 31 deg. 20 sec north latitude On tfce west the cession embraces twenty English miles of the left bank of the Colorado, and below tho mou:h of the Gila thus securing to the United States tho htjad or navigation of the Gulf of California. It is ascertained that extensive bodies of fine agricultural lands exist within its limit), and there is reason to believe that its mineral treasures when fully developed, wili be found not inferior to these of California. We clip from a California paper some inter esting remarks in regard to tho value of the couulry in the particulars referred to : "MlSKS !>i TH2 Gai.when Fcp.cuase?A cone;*, ondent of cm of the Sou! hern journals who appears to be Ihoror.chlv fs:niiir:r with the country c^bracol within tie Gadsden Purchase, recently obtained from Mexico, thus ue-cribrs it_ mineral trecfures. lio if replying to anu.her correspondent who had characterized the joints as worthless : One of your conesponder.ta tells you tha '?at the deserted ranche, San l?ernardino,: and -irtiii S-.nta Cruz west, there are but ihiee points at which tho tarrnor or planter can find euoigh land suitable for r small Icca tios; the b*!?.;cc of tho Purc hase is a barren deserted, dreary was-o ' 'Jhis description o> points gi?es us some information of the route over which ho traveled and from his own statement*. I should thirl: with hie tjes shut. 1 Tto San Uernardino,' he says, 1 is an oasis sufficiently large fur a stock ranch ' IIov. lar^e ho in ay want a stock ranch 1 am unab'e to 3 :y The Sau Bernardino Kancho is Jtu fited ?;p?-n the he^l-watcrs of the itio Yaqui. in a wl'tey which :? fi.e miles in width at th ?t point, thence e*'.?n lir.g north t?-r miles, ai.d as you proceed south d>wn the stream. it widens to the point at whi:a the lina of ihe New 1'i rcbaie will cross; he c ii must be fitT'-n mile? in width. All this put is rich .tgricui'ut ul lai d an i is covered with a Urge growth of excellent g; ass Scon aiter leaving thi?, yi.u enter the v.lley of Agua N gra: another branch of the llio Yaqui A few milc3 scuth of the travc.ed road this valley spreads out to a wide and extensive pltdn well vr.Tercd. tkirtcd by a sufficiency < f ti:n b'.r aid t |u?l in iho fertility of its soil to ih. prairies of Illinois. Detwoea this point and Santa Cruz, you cross tho three br->nche> of the Rio San Pedro. The character of the snil upon al? the-a branches ani the main stein, as you j roceei ncr:h. d'-wn it, must make a favorable inn-res sion upon every man of the le??t acquaintance with agricultural pursuits. The valley of the Santa Cruz, in which "Cal ifornia'' can find but ' three .-moll locations " is a valley six'y five miles in length, between the village of Santa Cruz and t>;o deserted Uwa oi' i'ubac. Tho or.iire dia ance in for mer times has loan continuous ranches, but now deserted on account of the Indians. This valley has been admired by cv^ry man v.ho has passed through if, and hi>n Ireda would leave California to day. to tix their reeidencs within that \alicy, could they b* free from the hostility of the Apachc.* Whilst to the LOith of Santa Cruz is a valley cquallc I ir? ex'ent and fertility by few within the S:ate of California. Arcund the old tewn of San Gabriel every inducement is hoi l nut to tne emigrant, in the fertility of tno toil and the abundance oi wa er and timber. Tuosoa ani its valley are not without inducements. Arivaca. Babaso treri. halt Lake and various other places, are all turroun led by valleys if a gieaier or les cxtent of rich agricultural binds. it ill becomes "Caliiornia'' to speak of tho New Purchase as a deserted wa-te; for whilst I woul-i cot willingly depreciate our adopted State, yet justice compels us to admit, that in rrut.<.r"tion to ihe exunt ot t6iiitory, the Now Purchase contains tbrce acres of agricultural l.ind to every ens within the l.'m'iti of Caiilor nia. In regard to the mineral wealth of that country, 1 do uot feel inclined to speak in the ?ame positive manner as your correspondent "California'' Its mineral resources are as yet, to a great extent, undiscovered, nor can they be i'u'ly developed with-jut the aid of a j. arty seffi ien ly strong to itpel the hostile at ta' ks cf the Nav:-j> an i Apaebe A number of email parties h:ve gone that Country in scar h cl gold, und I have yet to hear of th? the first i arty thai has not been jucceseful in finding it; but owing to tho difT.culty in p-o curing^s, and the hostility ot tho In dians, have been forced to abandon the pio j-.ct ere they bad the value of the numerous piaco* oprned. Kven your oorre.ip >ndent is forced to aJm't that g< Id is to be found on the head waters of the San Pedro and Gila. Prom the evidence I have r.een. i am led to the con clusion that th'.4 country abounds in placers as rich as any ever t j tried in our own State, and which i: needs bu- time to dt7elepo. I do know that within less than twenty miles of Ash Sprirg. tho-o arc silver n>in?rs now in the posse.?,i-.?n ol tha Apaches, unn extensivo and richer than the celebrated Chihuahua mines near Corolitat* The western end of the Purchase is known to contain mines < f almost pure ccppei; of the specimens I hive soea in your posses sion would favorably uomparo with any speci mens of copper tha: have ever been dug from the earth. Iron has been fotnd around Tueson. I havoseen in Tueson, an an vil made cf the ore as taken from tho moun tain I bare every reason to beltevo that when the government takes the proper steps to pro tect the citizens within that teritory, it will be developed as one of the richest mineral countries that has yet been discovered. fault Stc. Mari6, Hiehigan ?Upon the ex treme north-caittr-i point of the upper Penin sul? of Michigan, stands this village, with a population of about or.o thousand persons. Tte point is a remarkable one. iia7.:.n^ at tracted the attention of Cbailsvoix, the Je;:uit, who fixes its locality wi:b great p.-ecision on the French draft which accompanies his clabcr* ate "Uistoire General do la Nouvtlle France," published at l'aris one hundred and thirteen years ago. The village takes its name from the French w:rJ, spelt in Charlevoix's time, " Saulitr,^ now ^'Sauttr" or '? to jimp," re ferring to the falls u rapids cf the river, which, for the distance of a mile, nnh over a continuous ledge of roeke. en'irely obstructing navigatioa. The Government, by a grant of publio land?, hag rendered important aid in overcoming this natural obft::cle to naviga tion Ihe gre^t canal at the Sault, (generally pronounced "Soo,'') which was begun sorao two ycara ago, is row finished, by which the water communication for laTge class steam vessels is oomplete from Detroit through Lako Huron, the St. Miry'a rirer, through Lake Superior to Fond du Lac, the extreme western.end of thij groat fresh water inland 6ea, reaching a distance of a thousand miles. The develop ment of copper and iron mines in the Lake Superior region is immense, and it is believed will be found adequate to eupply tho world with the finest quality of those valuable min erals. Solid bodies of pure natiro coppcr hive been taken from the earth, anJ the iron is said to be superior to the Swedish. Ameri can energy is at work in this field of enter prise, and largo auppliej aro in daily transit to tha cast. Tho village of St. Marie is about half way between Detroit and Fond Du Lac, and it is believed will be an entrepot in the trade of the country. Its climato is delight ful in the summer seieon, and the place is now a resort for invalids who seek the cool and in vigorating influence of thu locality. The L'xamication and Appraisement of SI ert hsndiaa.?The Secretary of tho Treasury has adopted the following regulations for tho government of the .New York appraisers' 3e partmcnt, which are equally applicable to all others: 1. No person except an officer of the Gov ernment of the I nited States having business connected with special matter in hand, is to be pe:muted in the examining rooms or lof. s, jr to be present during an examination or ap praisement of merchandise. Nor shall any person, except cno connected with the revenue department, and authorized, be allowed acc6rfl to the office, its books or papers. 2. No invoice, appraisement order f^r value or damage, or any other official document, is to be delivered, under any circumstances, to any bat an uffi:er of the revenue authorized to receive tho same. 3. Lv^ry invoice,appraisement order for value or damago (tho damage crder after being cer tified by tho assistant appraiser) immediately on aciion being had on tha same, shall be ra ported, ?c , a return male, and the aaroe .orthwith delivered to the principal appraisers, ~.r to tho clerk specially authorized by them f-r that purpose, accompanied with a lijt or memorandum, giving tLo dato of delivery, name of importor, and vessel. Th: ?icop of War Albany officially givon up.? I ho President has ruade the promotion: iu the Navy, consequent up,n tne death of the officers loit on the Albany, aa will be per ??eived from the following lis*, in which the ? ffieera who went to sea in that ship on her ill uted voyage are recorded aj decessed men : Charles ii, McBIair to Le ccmmanderin tho navy from tha 18th April, l^jo, vice (jerry, ioit in the Mb any. Ldward I'rinley to be a lieutenant in the r.avy ir? m the lsth April, ISjj, vice A. Lewi;, ie~ea?ed. Ldward Simpson to be a lieutenant in the navy from the ISth April, 1SS5, vice Mclilair pr >moteJ. Wm. (1. Temple to be a lieutenant in the navy from the l.rh April, ISCi, vice W. Vr*. iiieccker, lost in <ho Albany. George P. Welsh to bo a lieutenant iu the navy irora tho 16 h April, 1355, vice M. Hunt, lo:t in the A bany. Samuel P. C irtor to be a lieutenant in the navy trom the lath April, lSoO, vice John Adams, lost in tho Albany. \\ iii. Nelson to bo a lieutenant in the navy from tuo l6;.h April, loii, vico Henry K-.d gers, lost in the Albany. J. 11. Wright to b6 a surgeon in the nav^ fiom the 16th April, 1335, vi;e S. A. McCreery, lost in the Albjcy. Pasced Midshipmen W. II. Wiilox, Jno. T B-irraud, Tfcomaj Itoney, John II. Upshur, John \ an N. Philip, Samuel It. Franklin, and I rancio G. C.arkc to bo masters in the line cf promotion. A Valuable Arrarguinent.?Tho gentleman at the head of tho Agricultural branch of the Lnitcd Stales Patent Ofii ;e is making arrange meats with authorities of diflerent foreign governments to obtain from them well pre served seeds to be experimented with in this country, ihat is, in addition to tho similar arrangements heretofore made. A day or two since we mentioned that he had transmit tid ancrdsr to Ningpo China, fur north Chinese seeds likely to prove valuable here. V* e have since loamed that an arrangement hnj just Lcen perfected with the authorities of Sweden and Norway, whereby we are to receito seeds in exchange for thoso of our forest trees and of the varioties of Indian corn likely to suc ceed in tho latitutes of those countries. Among those sent to Sweden and No rway from the American Patent Office are the seeds of the os&go orange, the magnolia glanca, and the honey locust, all of which are deemed likely to flouriih in that far eff quarter a3 in the United States. Naval ?After we went to press, yesterday news reached tho Navy Department of the arrival of the frigate St Lawrenco at Nor. folk. She was the flag.ship of tho Pacifio squadron, and is seventy two days from Val paraiso. Iler officers are as follows : Cornmo doro B'.ad^n Dulany; Commander William W. llunter; L eutenanta, Chas. II Poor, John A. Winslow, Thcs M. Brasher, and W. 1'la-e; Acting Lieutenants, Greunleaf Cilley and Wil liam C. West; Fleet Surgoon, II. It. Tinslar; Purser, John A. Hates; Chaplain, J. W. Grier; Passed Assistant Surgeon, Washington Sher man ; Acting Master, Samuel Magaw ; Assist ant Surgeon, Randolph Harrison ; First Lieu tenant of Marines, Josiah Watson; Passed Midshipman, Geo. W. Young; Midshipmen Franc;B M Ramsey, Allen C Izurd, and Wil' liam A. Kirkland ; Boatswain, John Bates ; Carpenter, Williams D Jenkins. Cf Importance to Applicant* for Bouory Lands?The Third Auditor T5f the Treasury takes no cognizance of letters addressed to him on the ma.ter of bounty lands by others than the persona who are beneficiaries under the law, unless the writers present properly authenticated powers of attoraey to aot in the behalf of tho claimants. He cannot give in* formation as to the service of an individual uli- S3 the name of the captain, and, where practioabio, C: lko regiment, is furnished to him '.rhe practice ox" LI? offioe is to give pre cedence to applications for sucli information ? coming direct from the Pension bureau This accounts for the failure of persons writing diroot to him to receive early replies The safest way is to correspond only with the Pen sion bureau with reference to bounty lands. A Few Ieputy Collector and Inspector of Custom*. Tbe Collector at Detroit, Mioh , hu nominated to tbo Secretary of the Treas ury. for the above position at St Joseph's, ia that district, Robert B Duncan, vice Berj F. Fiek, declined. An Acting Secretary cf the Navy ?The President has appointed Mr. C. W. Welsh, Chief Clerk of tbe Department, to act as Sec retary of the Navy daring the present absence of the Secretary from Washington. The Current Operation! of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 19th April thers were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock * f 5.580 65 For paying Treasury debts 8.301 35 r or the Customs 21 188 29 t'or oovenng into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources..... 10 687 19 For covering into the Treasury from customs " oon ?q ?or the War Department 5 769 24 For repaying in the War Depart IDOtit ??(?tin ?????????#.?# ? # j ^ For the Navy Department..'...'.'.T 00 For repaying in the Navy Depart V^It'7' V, 13 32 tor the Interior Department 27,468 02 i m i Superb Collodion of Paintings at Public f ale. "or attention has been called to noticcs in our exchange? from Baltimore, of the coming sale of the rare and costly collection of paint ings, the proporty of Granville S. Oldfield, Esq , cf Baltimore. They number six hun dred and fifty-eight paintings, collected both in this country and in Europo at an outlay ot $70,000, and comprise the whole of thecollec tion cf the late Gen. Mcreau, and gome of the highly valued pictures by lieubens, Murillo Aj , formerly in tho possession of the late Jo sepa Bonaparte, and secured by him as tro phies during his short reign. Many of tbo pictures are originals of rare value, end others are copies, painted to Mr. O.'s order, by woll known artists in Europe, from tho ori^inaid by tld masters, which are now in the galleries of England, and could not bo purchased for any consideration. Tho productions ot Amer ican genius will compare with some of the finest works in the collection. The sale will take plica on the i3:h of May next. The residence of Mr. Oldtieid will be open for all who may desiro to visit the collec tion fr.m the 1st to the i2:h of Msy. We advise all lovers of the fins arts, to visit the collection, satisfied that such an c p p o * - tuiiity Will not again be afijrded them of en liching their galleries with such choice and valuable works of art. FESSO.Vii,. .... Andrew McDonald, E-'q., formerly of Monongalia connty, Va , has baan elcctcd to tao ier.uto in Kansas Territ >ry. ....A man named Currier was lately tarred and feathorcd at Central plain, Virginia, be cause a jury acquitted him cf a charge of mur der, and subsequently of stealing ....Gen Wright, democrat, has been elec ted May.,r of liudson, N. J , by 6t? majority over F. B Cirpenter, know-r.o:hing John lv?od. one of the oldest citiscns of Clarke county. Indiana, died last vcelc. lie was oneof the early hetileu of the country and ba? been er.gaged in ssveral fights with t?iC In.iiAt f'Bo time he was attacked in tts wovda by Indians, bnt succeeded ,n escaping ?i:h only tw:> ;v u.;ds. He '.vas also org <ge?i in ti ?a battle of Tiprecinoa. ....Misc Cujliinun has been pl ying in the Theatre ftujal. L;nUoii?l.oiueo and 31? 'iler? riiies. 3 ... An interesting ceremony took plaia ia the Ladies' I'arlor of the States Union Po ol Philadelphia, on Wednesday mining. v.bieh concij-.ed in tto presentation of a t au iful C^ne t a each of the Phy-i?iar.s wh-? went up to Columbia dusicg the prevalent of Cholera last autumn. . ...Ihe notorious Dr. Jiir-03, who. seme oiice, was convicted >n Louisiana, ani sentenced to eleven gears' imprisonment in the Penitentiary of ihat State, but who lately escaped, was arrested in Louisville on the 17tb inst., under the assumed name of Col. Hamil ton. ....It is reported in literary oirclcs in Bos ton that the very spirited parody on Tenny son a Battle Ode, wb:ca waj crigirally pub lished in tbo Boston Transcript, and which published ia the Star several days ago, under the title of "Ihe Light Brigade," wad written by a daughter of tho Hv,n. Edward Everett ? .... A Mr. \ aientine. of Marblehead, Mass., died from the spasms, brought on by an at tachmcnt erroneously ifsuei against him lajt wetk, in relation to tOL-e Express busineis. ....Commodore Henry E Ballard, is ill of pneumonia, at Belltfiold, near Annapolis, Md . his residence, and is not expected to re cover ...JohnC. Dableman died suddenly in Philade'phia on Tuesday. He was rcated on a cbiir, and moved to make rv,om fjr setting the dinner tab!e, when ho foil back a corpse/ Tho immediate cause of bis death was an af fectian of the heart. ? .... Among the arrivals at New York, are those cf John M. Botts, of Virginia, and Sid ney Wcbser. the latter the private Secretary of tbe President of tho United States. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Weather?Dtoravza?Improvements?Night Watch?Soirees?L'iik. ALBXANDma, April 20, 1855. Little of publio interest occurred yesterday. Tho weather kept sultry all day, the thermom eter standing at 92 a groat portion of the time This morning, at 9 o'clock, in a cool situation it stood at 78. The fine dioiama of the Battle of Bunker Hill, which, for several nights past has drawn crowds of our people to Licorty Hail, gave another fine exhibition last night. The ma chinery i3 excellent, but we suggest that the British never marched up Bunker Hill to the tune of Old Dog Tray. Though our city improvements this season are not equal to those of the same period last year, yet there is by no moans a laok of en terprise. In the 1;irst Waru alone some dci^n buildings Are going up, and a fair portion aro ruir.g in other parts of our city. | The neiv arrangement of our night watch is now in full operation Neat watch-boxes at. the intersections of Wolfe and Queen streets with Fairfax and Alf.ed, Fervo as headquar | ters in each district, and prove excellent safe guat ds to the portions of the city in which they aresiiuatod. Our pleasure loving people are now pre paring for the warm weather. The United Club are already buuy with preparations for soiree*, whilst our friends of tho Capital Club praprse to open the flawer month with a fancy ball and amateur theatrioals. Fish came up plentifully yesterday, and there is no lack cf a cupply this morning ?7.'t a 7 j p8r tholuaad; shad $10 a $ 11 50 per hundred LiTOn the 18th iust. there was quite an imposing military display in Philadeljhia on tfce occasion of the dedication of the monu, ment of tho Scott Legion, in Glenwood Ceme. tory A part of the lagion nppoared in uniform similar to that worn by them in Mexico The military parade consisted of one oompany of cavalry, ten cf infantry, two of artillery, and four cf rifles. On reaching the eemetery an Oration was delivered by Joel B. Sutherland. ST Among the important bills wkioh pa?3ed tbo New York Legislature, is one letting out for thirty years, and at a fixed per diem prioe the labor of one thousand convicts. OFFICIAL* Franklin Pierce, PrenAent of t\e Untied States of America, to all whom it nun concern: Salisfactory evidence having hern exhibited to m? that Erke?t Etokkb Corkier hu been ap pointed consul o! Belgium, for the port of San Fran cisco, in the State ot Ca:iforr.ia, I do hen by re copiise him as such, and declare him free to ex ercise and enjoy such functions, powers and priv ileges are allowed to the Conmls of the mn?t fa vored nation* in the United States. In testimony whereof, I have caused these letters to be made patent, and the seal of the United States to he hereunto affixed. ?iven under my hand, at the city of Washington, the 16th day of April, A. 11. 185*?, and of [L. a.] the independence of the United Stales of America the seventv-ninth. FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: W. L. Marct, Secretary of State. METROPOLITAN INSTITUTE?Per sons to whom Meda's and Diplomas were a.varded by the late Fair, are requested to call for them at the Stationery Stnre of WM. F. BAYLY, Pa. avenue, between 11th and 12th sts. ap '20?e?4t education.?THE MEMBERS AND friends of M "i. Church, (and all others friendly to the object,) res-dine in the District <?! Columbia, are respcottully invited to meet in the Foundry Church, on TO-MORROW (Frida>) EVE NING, the 20th inafnt, at 8 o'clock,to consider rli* propriety of establishing a School or College in t*u city, on the jvint stock principle, to te under tne patronage of ihe M. E. Chuirh. up 19?2t* ATTENTION, BEN. FR \NKLIN TARGET Company No. 1.?You are lurthy notified to T1 attend an a Ijourned meeting of the C>-ip- ai Al;hc 11*11 of the Franklin Engine House, ? ii FRIDAY EVENING, the 2Ctli instant, at 7^ o'clx. A punctual at'endance i< necessary as bu-ine s oli.nportancc will bo brought up for your c^n-i!er ation. W. II. BEARDSLEY, Sec. ap 13?2t a^-rp^NOTlCE.?ALL PERSONS IN I EKES i ed iii til#- Annual Assessment of taxalh |ir<.r?rty in the city ot \Ya?hiusti<n tor the ye*' 18f.r? are hereby informed that Ihe Board of Appe.~<I ?Ail! b?r in session ui the Assessors' Room, iii til Cily Hall, on WEDNESDAY, the 1Mb, from 9 a n li 3 p m., and will continue in session from day t day (Suhduys esc- pU'd) during he same hours the purpose of hearing and deciding upin all appeal until th'j 26th in eta :it, inclusive. T. F. II ARKNESS, Secretary of the Board of Appea!. _apr 10-dt26lh * Washington, Aptil 20 h. WHEREAS, I have Si en in the public paper*- a stat' mi nt Mating that I said to the Paster o th i colored Wesley Zion Church that my pul| it wr. open for the reception r>t the niinislet* iiuriii;tlii s*>-moh of their Conference now meeting in thiseilv. it Ui n mistake; I d*d not? xtend j-ucIi invitation.: J tho::ch I ft:;d a conversation W'th him cor.cenii: Conference, and I slid to him if I d.d extend an in vi tut ion to litem during their session, would they ti I my pu pit. That is all I said to hiui al- .tn the Con lerence. Itov. WM. II. WATERS, Pastor cf the A. M. E. church. ''Neither give heed to falih'S und ??ndlcas gen al . gies, v\ hieh minister questions rat! er thMi godly: ? difying that which is m faith. Sv do ye a>l. Fir t T i ?? ot &;/, chap 1, verae 4. aft 90?It' MILLINERY. MRS. HANEY will open on Sat urday, the 2l*t install*, h r f-PRING MILL!XERY, tiiur ot Bonnets L Caps, lints An*. The indie* ire ru ?pectfully requested to call and examine. ra. averu , b- tween 17th ;.nd 16i.ii sf ap 20?3i* MADAM ? DELARUE RESPECTFULLY announces to the ladie* thn? she has just returned from New Yorri w:ih a full siij.ply of STRAW BO.VNETS. such as? Frtn .h, Fngli-h, Prolamine. Gossamer, Lace and numerous o?her styl* ?? .Mi-s s' ar.d infants' Fla s, oi Leghorn, peJa!,fcim colon d straws Ladies' (harden llat--, Bonnet and Trioimin* Ki iiaiids Fine Fienth Flowers t'ohair llr:s:h*rr- i-s. Laces ani EmLroideri^s V w Tri::.oiing !? r Dr< ssr.^ Jet Rands t<T thi hair. Combs, Bru-hes Cti'linz Sticks, Kid Rollers, Glore Suctchcrs AIm?, frc- !i !*? ifumerirs E u I.Usir'ide, I'ouiaiuin White, brown ami i! i. k Co-n.eticf Mslk ?<f Eau de Venus, tlcur de Liz \!: tvinds of Soaps Iniaiit-.' i'<.\vdfr>. Ilair Dyes. Xc. Will be openi d o_. FRiDAY, the 20th iasiant, a ber.ittiful assoiiment of I'aris De-s Uatj!, Brid I rentln and Roquers, Bo*>nine Caper, and <Hh<" V uveauies to all nt'whieh M idameD. particu.arli solicits ihe aio rtion o: the la>lies. 428 Pa av , bi tw. 12i!i and I?th sts. a;> 20 11* I HE RAG BAG, by N. P. Willi:; I Feurhach's E sm e of Ctiri-tianity Cu::inn:i?rs Fanulv Prayers, 2 vols ap 0 " FRANCK TAYLOR. 0: ?)Ai \ DITKIIKL* PHIMS \V h 1 T t Ol M t WERCER POTATOES 50o hu.-h extra I'e ich Blow do. L 0 bWs. supt-rior Apple Just rectivcd per brig Ann Eliihbi't'i itr.d for saie by N. B. HARTLEY, No. Ill Water street, Georgetown. ap 20 ? 1 w f|UU COLORESKETCHES IN PARIS I Inventor's Guide, ly J- C. Mour; . np 20 riUNCK TAYLOR. United Stnle* Patent Office, \VAaa:sjtos, April 19, ls55. the peUtlon of Aionv. ? Wanua snd A. 1 ' WuiLLiiK, Executors cf Wiiii*n? K. MTh?eler d*n*&fe4,?f :ha Stste cf N'? w York, praying for t'm exter.Gion of a patent gr&nt>Hl to Aloixa and Wui. E. VVhftl'.r on the 3th cf JuW, 1811 for an lo. provtinent in ''Endl^s Cunin Hor.'a Pow^r f r driving Va binary," for se\cn years frora t^eespi m i ? of th?> said patent, wliicb takes pia? on th 8.t day ot Juy 1S6&? It i = ord red, that the -aid petilion be beard at th? P-itent' ?C;.ce on Monday, th- 25 n d^y of June next at 12 o'clock m ; an l all pers.ns are not:Led to a; pe ir and show cause, if any tli?y Lave, * Ly siii J p; ? titiou ought cot to be granted Persons opp?jsiiii? tLu extension are required t( file in the Patent Office tht?ir olyectjcCF, fpfcclilly rei forth in writing, at iea?l twenty day a b?.fore the da> > of heiirin<; all testimony tii?d by either party to b? used at the said hearing muft be takuc and'tran* mi tied in ac ordance with the ruins of the offlot which will be furnished on r.ppiication. The testimony in the ca>t* will be closed on th? 15 h oi June, 185V, depositions and other papers re lied ou as testimony, must be filed in the Oiflce oi or before the mornin;; of that dayr the arguments, i any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in th* Uuion, Intelligencer and Evening^inr, Washington. D C.; Lid y Kepub'i'*sn Baitiaiore, M J.; l ean gylva- ifin, Phila?l?'lphia, Pr.; Scitutiti Americaii. New York ; once a week for thr*?u successive week? previous to tbe 2Mb day cf J ace next, the u*y ot nearinr. S. T. SlICQERT, A-ting Comm-rsioner of Patent*. P. S.?Editors of tbe above papers will pWge copy and send their bills to tbo Patent OSlce, with a pa per containing this notice. apr 10?law3w MPORTANT BOUNTY LAND BOOK.?Just received a second edi'ion of IViplett's Pension and Bounty Land Laws, embracing a digest of all i the laws, decisions snd forms relating to pensii ns, | to otCcciS and soldiers ol the RevoUition, their uid ow; and children ; to aru.y and militia invalids ati< their widows; to ,?^vy and Marine invalids, their | widows and children ; and to Rounty Lands provi ded for by every act from the Revolution to au i in | eluding that of March 3, 1855: so arranged as to be | intellisible to every cl -inant. This work is hifhl> recou mended by the CotmaHeicner of Pen-ions? Piice ^2; mai ed to any paitot the United States, except Califoriiia. TAYLOR fc MAURY, op 20 Bookstore, near U.h st. Differential and integral calcu I lu?, by Ed II. Courtney, late Piofesior in the Uoiverrity of Virginia Loomis's Practical Astronomy ap 20 FRANCK TAYLOR ORATOR* AND STATESMEN of Ancient ami I Modern Time., by D A Handia The County Neighborhood, by M ss Dupuy R ibert Uraham, by Caroline Lee Iltniz ap 20 l'R \N'CK TAYLOR. FISHING TACKLE. LIMERICK, Virginia, Kiiby, Yankee Doodle and Gravitauon Fuh Hooki Silk Sea Grass, Linen, and Cotton Lines Jointed kods at all prices, from $1 t j (Ii each Al.-n, Bainb mi and K'-ed Bods Artificial dies, grassUopp rs and fish Sinkers of every description, Silk wo rn Gai, Landiug Neta. and everything in the Fishing Tackle line tur sale tt reduced prices K K LUNDk, No. 198 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 90?if / FLORENTINE, MOSAIC, LAVA, AND FINE r Cameo Jewelry?Just received a case of iu w and elegant Jewelry, cousisUng of Plorenune Mosa ic, Lava, and Que C meo Brooches, Earrings Bracelets, fce., of the late? which we cali the esp.-cial attention of purchasers. ,a4 p M. W GALT & BRO.. Penn. avenue, between SHh and lOih sta. apr Iii-* ^ I Amusements. PKUPLK'I THEATHE, LATE VARIETIES. Benefit MI.LF ZOE, Lmt i*lit hut on- of MON8. WIETItorF, THIS EVENING will br wmlH the pe tit itroniii THE MAID OF TIIE INN After which, the ballot of ZANETTA /melt*. Mlie. 7f. Hennen, Mons. Weithoff In which will be introduced La Sibilienne, bjr Mile. Zoe and Mon*. Weitlwff. Aft'r which I.* Mnuf^que 8' arf Dance, Ry M'lle Zoe and Mont. Wiethofl. To l>e followed by the Tarcc ot IRISH LION The whole to conclude with a HIGHLAND FLING ap 20?It* WOOD & CHRISTY'S CELEBRATED ORIGINAL NEW YORK MIXSTRXIIi S9 WHO for eight >ears were fixed Martin Gotham, and who, since the detraction by fire of their Hall in Broadway, in December la?t. have been playirp with iinm^nte sncceee in Philadelphia, are eonclu-ling a brilliant eng^g meat in Baltimore, and will make their first apr?- amnre in Washing on on MONDAY next, for FOUR EIGHTH ONLY. BIRCH. that funniest of Afncans, MURPHY, HUNTINGDON, COLLINS, and the rett of then will be here. Cmz^n* of Washington hare now the opportunity of hearing the kit band erer organized. ap 19-3.* ALLSTRAUHCRS 2\. visi ing the Oiiv should tr?* Hunter's Cata logue of the Curioaiuea of the Patent Office. Alto, hit Description of Powell's Great Picture, feb 41 ? 3o?* TV OG LOST.- $3 REWARD.?Lom, yesterday, __ lt<tli instant, a young brown artier. PUP, with white breast, and tail tippet wuii white. Had on a patent leather col ' lar, lined with r?*d morocco, on the plate of which was engraved "C. A. Shafcr, lOth street." The above reward W'llb?? paid to anyone leaving liiui at:h?? store of Gait & Rro., Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th street* ap 19?3t* 11KU AKU ?Ran away, on the mrn rn?vFmf of the 9th instant, fr ?m ilie residence of Mr. Gretnlea,, 3J4 Ninth str?" t, EVll^Y, a d rk iiiHlat o girl, aged b? tween 12 and 13 yrart. Had on when ?he I ft a bide eotton frock and apron and hrown hood. the is probably concttied *o:u? whero in the city. The above reward will b* paid f??r her apprehen sion if taken within the District and returned to Mr. Greenle&f. or a suitable reward if f'.und out of it and -ecurfd to tl>at I can pet her. EDEN BEALL, ap 19? 3t* Montgomery county, Md. T> AW AWAY-$10 REWARD.?-I O II N , \/ my negro man. aped about 50 years. ran away from my farm in Alexandria couritv. Va., on Mon day. 15th instant. He stoops in his walk ; bad on a pray frock tea; and erav pants He hat a wife at Mr. A. Gladman's, on 9tli sir<*o, near -.he 5-oundary in Washington. I think he is lutkiug ib iut there. He al?o ha^ agister at Mr. Marburv's, in Ge*#rge town. JOHN M. YOUNG, Coach Maker, Corner of 4# street and Pa. avenue, ap 18? tf IOST?ON MONDAY EVENING, BETWEEN j 4 and 7th streets, on the north tide o| pens, avenue, a emaiI Octave Flute. Any one findiug it and leaving the same at this olEre will be rewarded ami confer a griat favor upou the owner. ap 18?31* \GOOO FAMILY HORSE AND CARRIAGE for pale.? Not it present u*e for jj\^_ .hem, I will f II, low, a good wife F.tnily Honi', and a lieht Carnage, whi h can b? seen aC Hazel's i.ivery Stable, (formerly B.'brer's,) Dealt ?treet, Georgetown. ap 18?Iw T)DKK COON AC Iiii AN 1)Y L 25 H casks "Martell" L inden Dock, pale and dark 20 do "Bruneau" do Of my own importation and for sale by B. I. SKMMES, ai? 1 ^ ?3t (Intel) 3'Jtt I'a. avenue. CHEAP GROCERIES. Us.nij, Shouidrri, sraoktd Ultf, 4c# JUST received a choic- lot of HAM*. SHOUL DERS, and prime SMOKED BEEP, best in ?nnrket, ;md constantly on hand Layer R*is nt, Mfllsga Raisins, in whole, half, and quarter boirs; I', in jars; Pickles. Preserve*. choicest b*and? of Winef. I.iquors, Cigar*. T? a , ice., Croc?ery, ? f ail description, Tat?-tii S-iaps, Soap Powder, small H'-rvny, ?leck<?rs' Farina, Syrups, Mdasses, Suean* and Coffe**, v? ry clienp, wiih a fn'l aMortment ?T tiie finest Groceries, and such article* usually tound in ?* Family Grocery. Call and judge lo' yourself at F. MILLER'S. ap 18?Iw 301 F street, corner of 12ih. OLD It V 50 AM) MOSOSUAilELA \V li! ? kty 75 bbie Westmoreland county, Pa., pure Old Rye, froiu 7 t' 15 years old 3t<l bLls "Yannitsee" and "Magnolia*' Whiskey For sale Ly B. I SF.MMEd, apl8-3t (Intel) 399 Pa. avenue. r NEW GOODS. ADIES, you art invircd to call and examine my _j new stock ol FANCY GOODS. BONNETS. RIHBONS,TKIMiiIXt?.S and FLATSjutt received from New York. p. F. MVER, Agent, ap 18-3t* Nn 13 Market S|>ace. BOOTS AND SHOES! * b, A COCHRAN, ? ^*08 Pennsylvania Avenue, are re 11^ ceiving ihcir Spring and Sunimer sup-^^ ply of ?;LNTl.E\;E\'S BCMiTS, SHOES, AND PUMPS, comprising every new st>le, and a<l of tlx* approved stjlt-sh r< tufore morn. Our a^sorim^iit of i.adi. s', Boys', and Children*1 r.orif and Shoes will be found v? ry complete. V\ e iiave had our our stock made up with great care thi^ s. ason, arid are enableil toofT i to our cua U tn- rs gfM?;? that cannot be ? xcelled, if equalled 1 lie p'.:b'io g n* rally are respectf ully invited to call and examine our -t^ck and prices, Which th?y wi.l find to couipaie favorably with any houae in thu city. BURNS &. COCHR4N, 408 Pa. avenu.', bet. 4% and 6th alt. npl8-3t " PURE WINKS 50 casks "Cogswell" Canary 10 ?io Pule Bucellxs 10 do H< d do 10 d.? Palhetins Imported direct from the Vineyards uf the Dotnui* icae?,ofCorpo Santo, Portugal. 10 Ji casks' R ;val \> me Cotxipany't Port, war? ranted 15 do Burgundy Port For sale by B. I. SEMME4, ap la?3t (Intel) 3h9 Pt. avenue. still they conn:: QREJT VESTKUCTIOX IX DRY GOODS! ( Jar'' w>de Lawns only 5 cenu. J/ * ard wide Lawns oidy 8 cents x ard wide bleached Cotto.i only UVf cents Do Furnituiv Chintz, only 5 c? nu Bcautnul B. rej^e |.'< laines, onlj- s cents Do Colored Pii^hinta, onlv Si cenu D > co Chintz, only tiO cents Bleached Sheeting 3 ya;dt wide; only 3&c, Irish Linens, on'.y 31 %c. Ladiea' cotton Hose, only 8;. Do black Silk Mita, only 25o. Plain B>*reg.?, only 20c. Figured Berrgea, 10c. Dress Silks at awful low prices \\ hite Crape ?hawr? at kwful low prices. Alt-o, a large l >t ? f [torn atic Goods, which mQ&l i ?to HU&W?"?" ,U"" cJii"'. ??? <* Washington store, ? . ^ ('ate Ma?ruder k t alverCt.) No 16 opp. Centre Maiket, bet. 8th a:.d tkh ar ap If?Iw SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS ? JOHN H SMOOr. tUt of Bridge rfree#, near IJitk flEOKOtTOWN, D. C , AS received and is now offering a verv Murai , a sortment ot . SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, of ^iW,U ^ fottnd tt r a?eonment of Light Spring S.lkt Best muke black do Bereget, Gr-nad net, Tittuet Blk modes s.,,d b^ght col'd Challict ^o:alne,,' MommUmm ? J c '?ntres and Bnllianta Orgiadie and Jaconet Lawns tin SCTu?41 L,a*us' fa*1 colon, at 12Wc. Pi?i ^IK liaTld 8co,ch Embrtuderiea, chetp v . ,BlnP^ "nd plaid Bonnet Ribbons LD,b d an^ l',a'" Linen Cambric Ilauokerch efi ? freat l>arg .in N*1B,00k, and Plaid Matlint Kich figured and dotted ?lo BajouV Kid and Alexander's Silk Gloves, all colois " Ladies, Mis es, and Genu' Hosiery, all kir.d? d fVefy "hadeand price vJTk last colors Printt at 12'^ >> ttn a first rate awortment of At otME*'8 AND ??YS' WEAR. Alto, Sheetings and Shirtingt of the beat makes t? Linens and Cottont 'I'able Cloths, Dama^kt, Napkiu Towellxnft, Fur nfcme Chmues, white Spreads Domestic Goods (enwallf. Dhila*2?wl!^,a?e Purch?** f">?n the FhUadel I hia arid New Yark aucnora. I am prepared u> of atfiH 1 UCWDW1U 10 ca#il or l^nipt tu.-tou en, "* J. U SMOTT, H

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