Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1855 Page 2
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KVENING S't \ R. WASHfS^TON CITY: WXOVK8DAT API: N OH May 9 SPIfcll OF TUB YOd?I?a Fd?*P. The Union republishes its exposition (or' ' nelly mad* some months ago) of the bit place of the persons in the service of the Government in ell branches of its busines. This re publication is induced bj the fact that, a false account te the contrary la now bair..; circulated in North Carolina for politic 1' effect The Union also replies to the Intiut. geneer'a " cork tree' joke, which the editor | does not appear to relish takes occasion to say with much vim 'm this connective? " However domestic 'organsbip may ezoite the indignation Df the IuteUigencer, there is something m carrying the burdon of a cham pionship of monarchical ideas, despotic wrong*. Ala the intrigue* of absolute governments, which, no matter how well paid for, and how gratefully remembered. Is too sure to pall' upon the appetite It is a heavy burden at beet; a burden of shame; a very Atlas, even upon choulders so ready to bear it, but not Able to bear it all the time. Happy indeed < for the aristocratic few in the Old World who] oau boeet of two such allies of despotism as the lnt?lligfneer and the 'Crewtra' in the Inited states?happy they in these conscien tious advocates of tyranny, when, in tk* ip/icie rang* of monarchical nations tkerr m not ore paper or one man that dares to dtftiid the principle* of the Amencnn people. We repeat, to the debauched despots, the dis *olnre evinces, the profligate princesses of the Totter royalties of Europe?jou are happy and fortunate in these your defenders. But we cannot reciprocate the compliment to the Intelligencer ; its part of the pageant is not eo felicitous or so fitting We confess that we would much rather be the quandam organ' cf a democratic ad mini.-'t rat ion here, than the submissive echo of the ? Duke of Victory ' mod his royal mistress It is to ohange this relation, however, no matter how transiently, ihat the Intelligencer -eeks to refresh itself is the employment of lighter themes. We are not inhuman and are glad ty set our venera ble neighbor briefly relaxirg from bi, ieTere and exacting toilj " The Intelligencer denounces the removal of Judge Lorin?. by the dominant party in the Massachusetts Legislature, iu unmeasured terms We Tegret that want of space to-day prevents us from transferring the whole of its able article on the subject to the Star's col umr.s Iu drift, however, may h? understood from its opening olause as follows : Thb \ ictimizkd Ji/*D(?c ?4 tee more we re dec upon the proceed-ngs of the Massachu setts Legislature in ihe case of Judge Loring ihe more doe* it surprise us that a people who have always heretofore been charac'erised as 1 overs of lew ?nd order should all ai owe have 1 thrown away this enviable distinction, and proo wasi 'hem-elves the abettors of a stMe of things little beuer than mobocraey If we understand it. the case is a ver* simple and plain me, not at all requiring legislative in terference Judgo Loring, beiLg whtt is eallai in Mas? ichusette a ?? Jadgeof Probate " and known to b* *? v an of integrity, firmness, and independency was elected by the Presi dent ot the L-ai ed Sta'es as a C mmissioner. upon who-^ devolved the duty of inquiring in.o an<. deciding a qu;a ion occurring under . .J ugitive slave law in the esse ol Burns ^"a jus* expounder of the law and an hon est servant of the Uni ed S'ate--. disregarding the threats of the A ?Unionists by whom he was 3uiro?n>led he d?d inquire into the ca=e. ac ; decided that the claimant of the slave t0 as cu;b under the law of the I nited fcta'ee Acco.-diug to this deci sion. and accord ng to ihe terrn of the law, the slave was delivered to his master, wh > re iurned with him to Virginia This is the whole onence of Jedge Luring, wno. instead ? receiving *he *.ianks of the communi'y in wmh he had thus nobly vindicated the su premacy an-i the sanctity of a national law naj beep, ever since the victim of a persecu tion woich has been steadily seeking not only *? lear ffcm his shoulders the ertnine which he has so long worn without ?r^t or stain but to deprive him of other tonor of the profes sion to which his life has beon devoted " ViASBHGTOM XKWS A .HP MaSIP. The Second Kinney expedition ?We have every reason to believo that the proceedings to step the second Kinney expedition, recently nD^*rtaken iQ New York, had their origin a?d were based by the Gwamment on the representations of the Nicaragaan and other Central AnceHcan Ministers, backcd by such eviuence as the United States law officers in New \ork city have gathered there I nder existing circumstances, we do not' perceive hew our Government can permit any such enterprise to leave a pert of the United | States, even though its leaders may not now contemplate revolutionary ends on arriving | out with their followers ihe plan is to take from four to six hubdred armed men from American cities intr: Nicaragua, to work the ?ur **? There was to hare been quite enough of them to ?-t the weak government of Nica ragua at defiance, if its laws or regulations ?houJd prove distasteful to them. All expe rience of such coloniratioa from the United States, shows that Americans going out after tfcatfaehioa, eannot and wilKoot live peacea bly with the Central Americans, and under] their law; It is well known too, that Nica ragua is not In such an industrial condition as to admit the hope that the proposed army of c^nists can support themselves there by labor So they mu*t live, for acme time at leaet, by the right of the strongest, as, if the mine^ they propose to work would yield them ? livelihood, they would surely havo been worked by the natives Nicaragua's govern ment is in an unsettled state, and it is very certain that the e colonists would join one fac tion or the other giving the faction they might join the power to rule They would thus speedily have the real government in their hands. Now. all this is in direct conflict with the I obligations of the United States under the Claytou-Bul wer tre ity, in which we bind our selves not to make eeulemenu in Central America or in any other manner to interfere m the political afiairs (to their Americaniza tion) of either of the Central Amerioan States To this hour we have a difpute with England fouuded on our allegation that she has failed to observed her similar obligations under the Clayton Bulwer treaty, continuing to hold the island of Ruatan, (the key to the command of the commerce of the Carribean Sea) and her other settlement* on the Central American eoaets. which this Uoverpment contends wore to have been abandoned according to the *iw**y 1* these colonists are permitted to go out there and in any manner set the weak Government of Nicaragua at defiance or Inter, fere to mould the future of its affairs, a strong argument will thus be aoeorded to England to perssvere in failing to observe the treaty. Our commerce in that direction is fast in creasing, and the uninterrupted right of way for the paeaage of our eitiaens over the two Central Amorican routes to California is now a Batter of the first national importance For its insurance fer all time it is abeolutely ne cessary that Britain shall, sooner or later, ? arry ?ut her obligations under the treaty So, we take it for granted that uur Government will, uuder no circumstances permit anything to be done by Its oitiiens which bids fair to enable her (Britain) to declare that she fails to observe the treaty, because the United States practically set their obligations under it at nought. The Resignation of Commercial Agent F&bene.?The telegraph tells of this event. It is not unexpected to us, as we heard a day or two sinoe, from one of his (Mr. Fabens') friends, that the Secretary of State had inti mated to him that he could not continue to be permitted Vo hold a commission under the (Joversment, while engaged in an enterprise which is held by the President to be at lest of questionable propriety. \ Depository of Public Money Closed ?The Secretary of the Treasury hae directed that the depository of public money at Jefferson, Indiana, be closcd. The necessity for such an office there was occasioned by late heavy sales of the publio lands in that district, which having ceased, there is no further requirement for it there ?. The Revenue Otter Joseph Lane is ex peo'ed to ea'.l for the Pacific coast from Nor folk, Va, on or about the 5th instant. Her officers are Captain II. B Nones, Lieuts II. C Hunter, Henry Koy, and John Mason, j-. She will probably convey any letters to the officers and men in the Brazil squadron that may be sent to her commander tu thu end. Clerical Promotions.?Thomas J Massie. cf Va., to be a third olasa olerk in the officc cf the Sixth Auditor of the Treasury, vice S. York AtLee removed W. E. G. Keen, of Cal ifornia, to be a second slats clerk in the same office, vice Maasie promoted. The cass of Charles A. Arundel ?The Pen sion Bureeu have information that yesterday Chas A. Arundel, of Fairfax county, Va , was anly held to bail in Richmond in $2,000, to take his trial at the next term of the U S District Court there under the charge of pre senting a forged paper in a pension case as explained in the Star a day or two ago The Construction of the Extension of the Treasury Building ?We learn that the Presi dent has determined to have this work com menced aa soon as the preliminaries can ba properly arrat.gci. and has devolved on th?i Secretary of the Treasury its genera1, man agement L Clerical Removal ?Mr Samuel York AtLee, a third class, i$l,600 per annum) clerk in the office or the Sixth Auditor of the Trea sury, has been removed The St. Louis?The Navy Department are i momentarily expecting to hear of the arrival of the sloop of-war St. Louis, Commander Duncan N Irgrah-in at Philadelphia or Nor folk. I ho CurreLt Of orations of the Treieun Dep;ir-iiett?-Jn yesterday, the 1st of May. w;:e of Tre^u-y Warrant* enterei on tte bock; of t?is Dspar'men:? For the redemption of stock $3,437 29 For paying other Treasury debts. 83,782 3fi * c t the C astomr 10*019 res- covering into (be Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 21,405 92 F^r covering into the Treasury from Lands 724 6U For covering into the Treasury from customs.348 4fi i'ur the War Department 23.250 77 For repaying in the War Depart ment 250 77 For the Interior Department 12.645 77 ....Jonathan Stoddard. U. S. Attorney for Connecticut during President Pol u s adtninh tratiom died at New iiaven on Friday even ing. .... Among the recent arrivals in New York, at the Metropolitan hotel, are M. Stoeckel, Russian Minister, B Bodisco, Russian Lega tion; Hon John P. Kennedy, of Md. ; and Judge Hall, of Iowa .... The New Orleans Picayune suggest} the name of William Christy. Esq , of that city, as a suitable candidate for the Vice Presiden cy on the ticket with ' Live Oak George Law." Francis Estrampes, a younger brother of the murdered Francisco Estrampes is about to leave Havana for New York, where he de signs hereafter residing, and c>f becoming a ci'isen of the United States. ... .Robert Bald, ote of the first persons engaged in bank note engraving in the United States, died in Philadelphia, on the 30th ul timo ....Hon. Linn Boyd has b en making l ppeech at Piiducah, Kentucky, againtt the Know Nothings. ....The Maysville. Ky , Express denies that the Hon. K. H. Stanton hai announced himself a candidate for re election to Congress. .... Mr. Willoughby, of Louisa county, Va., shot himself, last week, in consequence of be ing discarded by a young lady to whom he was paying his addresses. The Germans of Charleston, S. C , have organised committees to solici' contributions from German citisens, with which to purchase i testimonial to Capt. Ingraham, of tke St L .uis ... .Phillip T. Schley, has been chosen G. H P of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter, and G M. of the Grand Council of the State of Georgia, fer the ensuing Masonic year. BALTIMORE CORhESPONDENCE Baltimore, May 1, 1855. It is now near 10 o'clock, and the moon's ecliptic phenomenon is progressing with thou sands ef gaxicg admirers The opportunity for viewing it has been and is peculiarly fa. vorable. Cynthia rose majestically, ana for seme time prior to har approaching tbe earth s intervening shadow, was encirolad by a golden halo This by degrees disappeared, atd heaven's silver orb hung bright and beautiful in the cerulean arch. Mot a cloud wa* seen. 1 never beheld a more lovely night At the appointed time, as foretold, our modeet queen of night began to retire behind the sable, shadowy curtain. She is now as I write, five minutes to 10, about half obscured Ere long she will have taken the black veil, and be lost for a time to the numerous audience whose eyes are turned heavenward. There >s nothing strange or wonderiul in this phenom enon. yet it. proclaims the greatness of Him who framed the universe, and demonstrates the exactness with which his laws are ob served No man can behold and eontemplate the grandeur, beauty, exactnees of creation, and not acknowledge tbe existence of a Ood The harmony of the planetary world, and the incenceivable exactness with which my riads of orbs roll in the immensity of space, should aloae teach all intelligence to admire and adore their mighty author. The first of May came in upon us this morn ing rcbed in vernal beauty. Tbe air wad balmy, and all nature oonspired to lend en chantment. Hundreds, I may say thousands wf the young, were out Maying gathering wild flowers and enjoying those pleasures so consenant with feelings of love and romanae. The surrounding woods were vocal with sweet voioes, whilst many a dreamy, loving damsel had her heart gladdened by the presentation of a boquet?May's first offering, affection s sweetest, tenderest token Soft zephyrs, bud ding flowers murmuring rivulets, and a thousand similar congenial emblems of poesy whispered thf .-e anthems of melting melody in harmony with young love s dream O how pweet to bask in the wild labyrinthian mates of youthful romance?to run back on memo ry's pathway, dwelling upon its green spots and halcyon glories I Would that May were !ven>^LaK? ?pnng could last forever '-that the bright, happy dayg of javenality, so per SSS'of * 10 M8irT,aUt<>J t0 th? *e*. green robiof of were never ceasing. itte beautiful sword, a national oomplimfot i k!! W-ol manafaotared by ?or diltin galshed artiit, Samuel Jackson* Esq was taken to Washington tbla morning, by Mr. J n perwn, for delivery to the parti* by whom it will be presented. The blade in thirty one ?teelR?nU?rl6V,nChcSJ,0D? cf th* flne9t ??? i h! e?W?M>ed with national devices. rar? J t!' ? an(* '3 a 'P^cinicn of e workmanship. Tfce design is an %\r of Ccru, half conoealed by tha leaves of the shuck rurrouading it 'ibe upper part it a spread ?agle en the brtast of whieh it a shield bear lu?? ? ? w?rd,? " i^nena Vista, Feb 22 and 23, o4r i he eyes of the eagle ara diamonds, the cross of the hilt is the Mexican <?oat-of arms, th# terpent and cactits, 7ery heavily wrought, the eyes of the serpents being gar nefs. The soabbard is of silver, thickly plated with gold, and ornamented with solid gold band- and rings, ihe end of the scabbard is "t solid gold and of unique design The sword was made after & design from Lieut, lienton. and costs 91.600. A more appropriate and beautiful oompli ment oould not have been awarded, cor could it hive fallen into more deserving hands ? ???f J 8oldi?r'8 reward, and here we find it duly bestowed. It is now twenty minute* past 10 o'oleok, and the earth's shadow has obscured the P100^-. ^he is dimly visible, through a seem ing thick nist, and of ruddy hue. It is quite dark *ae stars are brilliant, though a gloom h?ngs upon nature's face. I shall not be f?ble to watch my pale friend any longer, and ?!! le.ave her t0 th? observation of others. *> ijbin a day or two past I have seen lev. oral fin? epeoimenfl of rye in head, brought in from the country, thus verifying the old agri cultural adage, that the ? first of May never oomes wi'hout a head of rye " I am glad to observe that breadstuff's are beginning to reoede in price. Flour declined i? v ,c*nt* t0 day, an<i wheat is 10 cents per bnshel lower. Corn also depressed Money is easy, and stocks improving Roobrick. Thk Wilmkigtow (Del ) MCNicirAL Etiio rios took place yesterday. The mail agent arriving thi* morning says that the democrats elected all their city ticket except their can didate for Mayor, who was beaten 17 votes by his know nothing opponent. Last year the kn->T nothings beat the whiga 120 votes and the democrats 500. Thk IitniASAPOLis Eection ?The demo srats ih this oity are crowing to day over a private dispatch saying that the know noth ing; have been routed ? horse foot and dra ?oons" in the municipal election that took place yesterday at Indianapolis, Ind XHIR IT I O N OF THE SABBATH h~?i e E 8tr,!el B?Pti*t Church - i vf\r\rMmv 4,h ve an ,'lhlbllion "n FRIDAY ;,J ,?'h,G! , ? ''P commence at a ouarter be ore eight o lock. Admittance tree. may 2?3t _ THL EDITOR OF THE STAR:? - w1"?, p,!en my nann: ninons the list of r" '?Ti?., Know Nothing*. a* published in tlic ?ii!> Baltimore Republican of yesterday, 1 totally Inyever having been a member, or of knowing inytliing concerning any such hodv of men CHARLESLENMAN, Blacksmith, E street, next to Joyce's Washington, May2, 1855?It* Coach taclory* "j"Rr'",Wlcn" p"?? k k ATTENTION', NATIONAL GREYS?You n H'ir!i herehy to attend the regular sta ( HI ted inef ting ??f th#> Company on THIS (Wrd iKiitnewlay) EVENING, at d o'clock. Every member is expected to attsnd, as business d importance will bo brought before th- meetlii may 2? li* JAMES STOVE, Pee. FIREMEN'S PICTURES -The Raffle ? for those lour beautiful Pictures in Gin 1 r^preseming th?- lour scenes in the Life of ,'!v viruV '>os,,'vc'v take place on SATCR .. ^IGHT "esi, the 5th mutant, at %% o'clock it Pniieg^or II. VV . Muuiler's Rooms, over K. Farn-1 ^'ireV C',r"er ' " aa(1 Eleventh Wr have a few chances yet for ?al?> at one dollar i-er chance JNO. F EL Mi, 1 avenue,near Tenth street. may Jl aj-rj*?UNIO\ ASSOCIATION OF THE SEV 'nth Ward.?An aljonrned meeting will be htW on THURSDAY EVENING, May 3, at b iir 5 ' a' Hall. Membt rs fro n other \\ inls are cordially invited. '""J 2 WM. COOPER,lee. Sec. J-^sNOTICE -CAPT. A D. PECK HAVING resigned the post of Superintendent of ill. A as.iins-ton and Fredericksburg Steamboat Line, i.ef?ircs that all those havin? accounts against the ?a!(i line contracted by him, will present them to ii m without delay on board the steamboat Balti m re at her wharf, in this city, any day after 3 " ji, ckP '?- may 2?It ? UNION GUARDS, ATTENTION?You are requested to be punctual ill attendance on hi WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 2d instant, it ftas it :s monthly meeting nijjht, and there is utiMiiess ot importance to transact. By order of J. J. Muiloy, Lieut. Command. Com.: 1 THOMAS BR1GGS, O. S. MONTGOMERY GUARDS.-Tlie monthly meeting .it the Guard* will be held at Harmo I"> on D street, WEDNESDAY EVEN ING, May 21, at o'clock. The att-nd ?nce of every man is expected. . aP 33?3t Vv M O'SULLIVAN, Sec. IJ-^^GRAMD EXCURSION AND 1'IC MC to 'he WhiteHous" I'avilion.?The Amer trus Club take gn at pleasure iri informing their ii< lids an i the public generally that they will give in Excursion and 1'icNic at the abcvu named nlace nn the 21st of May next Pa'ticulars in future advertisement. 8. E. CULVERWELL, ap28?S\\ 5 Secretary. IOST-MAV FIRST, PROBABLY between the j Post i Wee and corner 9th st, and Pa. avenue ? couple ot Charms, with a Locket, containing two daguerreotypes. The finder will be suitably re warded by leaving them at the St Charles Hotel may 2? St* CARUSrS MAY FESlTVALr i T THE EARNEST SOLICITATION OF IIIS /v many former patrons and pupils, L CARUSI !>as been induced to repeat again his annua1 MAY 1 LS 11V AL which has for a long series of years been so important an event to the young. It wiij i?ike place on Tuesday evening, May 8. L. C. ean only say that this fast jubilee will not be inferior to any previous one. The Assembly Band tius been engaged, and those who have danced to Us music can appreciate its merits Every possi We arrangement lias b".en made to promote the hap pint's^ and comfort of his patrons and friends my 2?3t? [Intel. St Union ] SUMMER MILLINERY. A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT will be opened at MKS. HILL'S, on THURSDAY,-?T\ MAY 3. The atleitioa ot ttie ladies is ie-JJI ii ?pectfullv solicited. South side of Pennsvl^WP vani i avenue, bet-een 9ih and 10th sts. my 2-3t LIME ! LIME lT~ JUST LANDING IpOO bushels wood-burnt Lime, in go<nl order and of superior quality. Also, on hand hickory, oan, and piae wood ; coal, Stc , all ot which will be sold low. ,, w ^ WM WARDER. Lor 12ih & C st?., near the canal, No. 549. my 2?> odJt (Org .n.) SrLKS FROM AUCTION. WEQ.<nn lh's morT1",lf ? large lot of DRES8 > I SILKS, purchased at the late sale of Hall & Bros., at one-halt their value, and which we will Re I at a small advance for cash, or to prompt cus tomers. ALSO?JCST OPEITID Rich flounced Barege Dresses 50 pieces rich printed B ueges .10 do plain blue, pink, brown and tan colored Bareges <5 do Organdy Muslin and French Launs 1000 yards beautiful Laiinn at 12^c; worth 25 500 do goo ' style Barege de Lains at 12%c. ^>0 piece* all pure Ir>sh Linen, which we will sell by the piece it 31 and 37^c per yard (J dozen Gentlemen's French Shirt Bosoms. Gloves, Cravats, Pocket lldks, kc., \c. COLLEY & SEARS, No. B%3 Seventh street, may 2 e<2w 3 doors above Pa. avenue. 'pHE HEALING OF THE NATIONS. BY A CHAS. LINTON. With an Introduction and Appendix by N. P. Tallmadge, Published by the Society lor the diffusion of Spiritual Knowledge, New York 1 large octavo volume, pr ce $1.50. For 'ale at TAYLOR & MAURY'S Bookstore, u> a. "ih itre< t. my 2 KI::S ME IF YOU DARE'?A new Waltz, very siut.ible tor l ejfinnerB, composed and dedicated l., Mus , ot Georvetcwii, by Prof. W. Hunter. PuMished and for sale at IIILBUS HITZ'S Music Depot, may 2? Corner Pa. av. and litli st. MUSICAL CONTENTION. 'IMIE FRIEVDS OF HACKED MUSIC in Wa-h f. inclon. a id citizens generally, arc respectfully informed that a MUSIPaL CONVENTION, under the patronage ?f the UNION CHOIil A 8SOCIATIOW will be held in the Smithsonian Institution, on the 8th, 9th, 10tb, and 11th of May. tormi muni with a PI'BLIC CONCERT on Friday Ev- ning, the Uth. The exercises will hn nnd r the direction of Prof 1 B Woodbury, of N*w York, whose books have been so generally adopted by the various Choirs of this city. The Convention will hold three session* each dav commencing at 10 a m , on Tuesday, the Pth May! during which Anthem*. Chanu, Trios, Duets, Polos, and Glees will be practised, accompanied by a course of lessons in eiecution, style, delivery, vocalisation, expression, articulation, kc. The Public Concert on the closing evening, will also be under the direc tinn of Prof. W. This ? nterprise is earnestly commended to the at tention of our musical brethren in the District, and in adjoining cities Circulars, stating more fully ihe objects of the Convention, can be had on applica tion to T. J. Magrudcr. I) street, near 7th. Tkrms : S. a<on Ticket, (embracing also the clos ing Concert,) $1. Single Tickets, (admitting to any one of the ses sions, or to ihe Concert only,) 2 > cents. Tickets can be had on application as above, my 2?5t PAINT AND OIL 8TORE. 1W. rj? p A H tfff.n notTSB, SIGN 4 ORNAMENTAL PAINTEB, IOU1S1 ANA avenue, between Sixth and Sev j enth streets, No. 00. Reside?ce No. 390 C street, between Sixth and Seventh has added to his present business the sal* of PAINTS, OILS GLASS and PUTTY, in small or large quantities The attention of housekeepers is particularly cniled to the convenience of this arrangement as they can at nil times procure HEARTH and other MIXED PAINTS, of all colors, made ready for use by a PRACTICAL PAINTER. Order* promptly attended to and respectfully so Hcited. CHEAP FOR CASH. may2? lm P A N 8. W. GALT k. BRO. have just received a verv handsome assortment of Pearl, Ivory, Span ifh, and other evening Fans. Also, a lsrg? stock of plain Linen Fans, suited to the warm weather M. W. GALT k BRO., Jewelers, 3514 Pa av., between dth and 10th sts. may 2 3t M E. H BATE8. POLICE MAGISTRATE, FIRST ST, XEJtR PENS A. JtVEXUE, Conveyance-g arid Bounty Lan.1 Claims attended to. "may 2?lm PROPOSALS. ~ NAVY DEPARTMENT. ) Bursaa cf Yards and Docks, May 1,1855./ SEALED PR0PCSAI8 fo ea^h class separttely, endorsed Proposals for Class No. (mm? the class) for the navy-yard at (name the yard) will be received a* this efllce ontil noon on the eighth day of June nut .'or furrishinc and delivering, at the several navy-ynrirnamed, the materials and arti cles eml-rae d In rhe following classes, and wh'ch are particularly described in printed schedules, whteh will be tarnished upon application, and sent by mail, If so requn ted, to persons deMring to rffer to contract for any < r all the classes named therein, by the commandant* of the several navy-yards, for the classes fjr the yards under their command, or by tli* navy agent nearest thereto, or by the bu reau, for any or all the yarls. In ca-e bidders d* ire the commandan's or natv agents to send t>:em schedule* bv mail, It will to necessary, in ort'erto Insure th?ir'transmission,*bat they should enclose in their aTplica'i*n post?ce s'areps, ai th? law requires aU postage to b? pre Bidd*re are hereby cautioned and particularly no Mfiel that thei- offers must be in the form herein after prescribed, and b? mailed in time to reach tbeir destination b fore the time expires for receiving thom; no bid will b- ?-f.ngjdere4 which sh?ll hs re reiveJ af e? the period stated, and no allowance will bo made for failures of the ma'l To guard a/a'nst off.*rs N?in? o ened hsf-rs the t'.m* appointed. b'dd?rs are requested to endorse on the envelop, above the address, aid draw a lin under the endorsement, thus: ProrotxLt for Gatt JVo. (ram- th? clas-)/or the Aary Yardat (name th* yard ") To th? Chief of the Bure*a of Yards nnd Dock* Washington. D. C All b ds whi-.h may b* op?ned b'frro the proper time, in consequence cf thtir cot being endor?ed a* above, will be ret urned to the bidders. Form of offer. (Here date the offer.) I, (here Insert the name,) of (name the town,) in the htata o! (nam- the Ptate.) hereby offer to fur n sh. und-r your advertisement dated (date of ad vert'sement) at d subject to all thi requirements of '.be same. and of the printed ech?dulc to wbich it refers, all the articles embraced in Class Wo. (nam* 'he c'ass,) for the navy yar i at (name the yard ) s? C5?d:ng to said schedule, vie: (here paste on the printed cla?s from the schedule, and opposite each erticle set the price, and carry out the amount in the columns for dollars and oents, and foot up th? ajo?T?g?t?* amount of the bid for the c'a s.) amount in* to, (h?re write the amount in wrris ) T prcp'jfe a' my agent, (here name the agent, if <"ne is required by the schrdule,) for the supply un der the cl wees misMianeou*. by a non-re*id?nt ol the plac- of dcliviy; nnd, should my offer be ac cepted. I reins: the contract may be prepared and f?nt to tbe navy agent at (name the agency) for sig natures and cert fi-ate. (Here the bidder to sign hia name.) FORM OF GUARANTEE. The undersigned, (name of sru?rantor,) of (nam* the towd,) and 8Ut6 of(n%mn jStat *.)acd (name of re^ond guarantors, Ac ) h?rebv un lert-ike ?hat the above naued (name th? bidder or bidders) will, if bis (or their) off^r as above bo accepted, enter into contract with th? United Hate? within fliteen days after the date of notice, thrcufh the post office, of Ihs acceptance of hie (or their) offers before auc tioned. TV'tns ss: (Signature of guarantors) I certify tba/ the above named (bere rame the iruaraBtors) are known to me to be gocd and re sprne'ble guarantors la this case. _ . (Signatu e-I To be iii(rned by the district judge, district a'tor ney, collector, navy agent, or some person known to the bureau to be responsible. FOR PORTSMOUTH, N. n. Clatt No. 1 Frlcks 2 f tme 8 Yellow-pine timber fl hpruce, hemlo k, or pine T L me 8 Oment 9 Gravel and eand 10 Mate 11 Iron 12 Steel 14 Files lft Paints, oils, and glass 10 fchip chandlery 18 Stationery 19 Wood 80 Hay 21 Provender 22 Charcoal itt Iron caeticgs 24 Removing ledge 20 Constructing fewer FOR BOSTON. Clatt Jib. 1 Brlcka 2 Stone 8 Yellow-pine (itW 4 " ?* lumber 6 Oan and harl we-d tin lnrand l'imbar 6 Whit* pinv, spruce, j -niper, and cy pr^ss timber and lumber 7 Lim^ and hair 8 Cement 9 Gravel and sand 10 Slate 11 Iron, iron spikes, and nail* 12 Fteel 14 Fib* 15 I'aints. oils, and fclass 16 Ship chandlery 17 Hardware 1H Stationery 20 Hay and straw Ul Provender 2* fharoosl 28 Pecking 2ft Iron ra?tings 2fl Pumping euoine and pum^s for dry 27 Steim engine for ropewalk NEW YORK. Clin Ao. 1 Bricks 2 rtone 3 Yslbiw-pine timber 4 ** 44 lumber 6 Oak and hard-wood timber and lumber 0 Whife pine, spruce, juniper, and cj f res' timber and lombsr 7 Lima and hair 8 Cemrnt 9 Gravel and sand 10 Slate 11 Ir n, iron spikea, and nails 12 S*ei 14 Files lft Paint*, oils, and glaaa 10 Ship rhandle'y 17 Panlware 15 Stationery 20 Hay and straw 21 Provender 22 Charcoal ?>? ?r,tinK- Peking, and hcae *4 Copper and composition nails na k and lron castings ? Machinery and tools ** frr engine and appnrtenanoet ?/* Iron roofing, Ac 2? Gunner's house, Bills Uland, complete .HQ Gun carriage shel, of iron dl Oakum shop of iron FOR PHILADELPHIA NAVY YARD. Gas* No. 4 Yellow pine lumVr 6 Cek and bard wood timber and lumber 6 White pin*, sprar* juntper, in ! cy press timber ant lomVr T Lime end hair 11 Iron, iron spikes an1 Mils 12 8tori U File* lft Pain*'. H ? an-1 gl? as 18 Sh'p ohandl -ry 17 H?ri??r? 18 F'ati^nery 10 Fire wood 20 Hey e <t Straw 21 Provender 22 Charcoal 33 Bel leg packing and bo e 91 Ccprer end comftrMit'on nails 96 Machinery and Tool* FOR FORT MIFFLIN. Clsus No. 1 Bricks 2 Stone 4 Yellow pine lumber 5 Oak end herd wood timber and lumber | 6 Wbi'e pine, spruce, juniper, end cy press timber end lnmber 7 Lime end hair 0 0 ravel end rend 10 Slate 11 Iroo, iron sp'kes ard Dalla 10 Ship chandlery FOR A8YLU*. Class No 1 Clothing 9 Hats, boots, shoe?, Ac. 8 Provisions 4 Groceries ft Dry goods 8 Breai, Ac. 7 Tobacco 8 Chandiery 9 Hardware 10 Iron end nails 11 Paints, oils end g'ass 19 Files 13 Lnmber 13 Prorender 16 Fire wood 10 Charcoal 17 Stationery FOR WA8HIX9TON. Class No. 1 Brirks 9. Strne 3 Y&ltow piQe Timber ft Oak end hard wood timber 8 White pine timber and lasher 7 Lime end heir 0 Qrevel end send 11 Iron, iron spikes end nails 19 Bieel 14 Pig iron 14 Files 15 Paints, cils end glass 16 Ship chandlery 17 Hardware 18 Stationery 19 Firewood 90 Hay and Htraw 91 Provender 22 Charcoal 93 Belting, pecking end hoee WAVY YARD, NORFOLK. Class No. 1 Bricks 2 Stone 3 Yellow-pine t'mb?r 4 Yellow pine lumber 5 Oak and hard wood timber 0 White pine and juniper ticber and lamb'r 7 Lime 8 Cement 9 Fa d 10 Slete 11 Iron, iron spikes and na'ls 19 Steel 13 Building of magasino keeper's house 14 Files 15 Paints, oils, and glass 16 Snip cLanllery 17 Hardware 13 station ?ry -0 Hey and strew 21 Provender 22 Charcoal 23 Relt:ng and packing 21 Copper and composition na'ls 25 Iron castings 28 Machinery end tools Steam engine for dry dock FOR PESSACOLA. Class No. 1 Prick? 9 Stone 8 Yellow pine timber 4 Ye'low-pice lumber 1 <>ak and hard wood timber and lumber ! 6 White piue, tpruc*. juniper, and cy pres* lumber end timber 7 Lime 8 Cement 9 Cockle shells 10 Slete 11 Iron, iron spikes end nalla 12 Fteel 13 Bailroadtron 14 Fi'es 15 Paints, oils, glass 16 Sh'p ohand'ery 17 Hardware 18 Stationery 19 Fire wood 20 Hay 21 Preverder 92 C hercoel 23 Belting, pecktr g, hnee, Ac 54 Copper end composition nails 95 Iron cestings 28 Machinery. Ac The schedule wi.1 stete the times within which articles and materie a will be required to be deltv ered; end where tho printed schedule h not used, the periods st*t*d in it for deliveries must be copied in the b?ds. All the articles wntoh mav be contract eil for inuat be de iverej at such piece or places, in cluding drayvgA and carting, to the flare where I used, within the navy yards, rer pectively, tor whirh the off^r is ma >?, as may be directed by the com mending officer thereof; acd ell other things beieg e-iaal, prefererce will be given to American menu lectures. No article will be received after the expi ration of the period specified in tha schedules for the completion of del'veries, unless specially author ised by the department. It is to be provided in he contract, eel to be dis tinctly understood by tbe bidders tbet the amount and number of arteries enumerated in claweJ heal ed "mircel'aneoue' are specified es the probable quantity which may be required, as well as to fit data for determining the lowest bid; but the con tractor ia to furnish more ?r leas of the said ennnio rated artic'as, and in tuch quantities, and at such times as the bureau or comwsandant may require. su-h increase, however, not to exceed one third of the quantities stated, (aod requisitions a?nt through the pest office shall be deemed sufficient notice) du the fl cal year ending 30th June, 18!6; and j bather the quantities required be more er lest then thcee specified, the prices shall remain the same. All theartfe'es under the eontrart must be of the best quality, delirered in good order, free of ell end every extra cherge or expense,end subject to tb* in speetion, count, weight, or measurement of the said t a?y yard, end be in sll respects sattsfact>ry to thv commandant thereof. Bidders are referred to the yard for pl^n?, spec1 flea tiens, or samples, and a fur ther description cf the articles. Contractors for classes headed " miwlUneous," who do not res de near the plac* where th? article* are to be deli v. ered, will be required to nam- in their proposals an agent at the city or principal place neer the yard of delivery who mey be celled upon to deliver articles wxtfu ui delay when they shall be required. Approved sureties in the full amount of the eon treot will be required, and twenty per centum as additional security deducted from each payment un til the coutraot shall have be?n completed or can celled, unless otherwise authorised by the depart ment. On classes headed 4 mKcrilaneoue" to be de livered as required, during the fl-csl year, the twen ty per cer.tum retained may, at the discretion ol the commandant- be paid quarterly, on the Crit of Jan uary, April, July,and October, when the dalivsries have been satisfactory,: be balance (eighty per cen') will be paid by tbe respective aavy agents within thrty cays atter the presentation of bills, in tripli cate, duly vouched and approved. No part of the per centum reserved is to b ? paid until all rejected articles offerel under tbe contract shall have been removed frc m the ysrd, unless im cialIv au'horiied by the department ^ It will be stlpulat din the -ontract that i' default shall b. made by the parties of the first part in de livirlogall or any nf the articles mentioned, of tbe quality and at the times and places above provided, t^en 'a*? the said parties will forfe't and pay t the Uhited States, as liquidated 2m?Z, a sum of money equal to twioe tne amount ofthe contract price herein agreed upon as the price to be paid for the articles in case o! tha actual deliverv t h?reof, which liquida'ed damages may be recovered from time to time as they accrue oast s|?n the contract, pud their re sponsibility certified to by e nevy egect, ooleetor. district attorney, or tome other person satisfactorily known to the bureau. It is to be provide! in the oontract that the bureau shall hav- the p?wer of annulling the con tracf, with ^ut loes or d mage to the government, In ra?e Congress shall not have made sufficient appro prietions for the articles nered, or for the com pi* tien of the works estimated fv r, ind on wbieh this advertiMment is based, end shall also have the Bwer to increase or diminish the quantities named tt<e classes not healel "Miscellaneous" in the schedule, 2ft per cent. Persons whose offers shall be accepted will be no tified by lstter through the post ?fflce, which notice i hall be ocnridertd sufficient; and if they do not enter into oontract tor the sunplles specified withta fifteen days from the date of notice from the bureau ofthe acceptance of t'e'r bid, a e ?in be be made with some otner person or persons, and the guarantors of such defaulting bidder will be r-. sponsible tor all delln^uencli. he held re All offers not made ia strict conformity with th<? advertisement will, at the option of th/bnrfau b! w boiH offers miy bt d will hi noUfied and contracts wilt be wadTfcr ex Jutlo^ TyV^w6' " m'y U wSbK ?Id0,itk)1 Amusements. THE TROUPE OF .TURKISH MAGICI \NS, who are now playing with such brilliant success la Alexandria, will soon appear in ihi? eiv. m | ? |/ J KEMPTON, A^rnt. ANNIVERSARY COl CERT or mc Hit I mil AUII. )HE UNION CIIOIR ASSOCIATION reepeet fully announce their fire? Anaiversary Concert, to be given in tin: SiiiiiIimnimo Institution on nOHDAI ITKR1RG, May f, 1995. when they will present the Cantata o^ f II e Pilgrim f At hers, With Orchestral Accrmpaniment, including a G-anl Piij ? Fotle. Th* Conceit will be un'er the direction of F. A. TUCKER, Conductor of the A?aociation Ticket* 10 cent#; u# be had at the stores of Tay lor & Maury, Hilbuc k Hitz, and < ther principal book and music mores in the city ; alan fmm Iradrre of the various Thorn belonging lo the Ai-eociauon. No ticket* will be sold or money received at the door. .. The nnmb n of tickera ia limited, ai.d each will be accompanied by a pamphlet programme, con taining the word* of the Cantata. Prof SORREL will preside at the Piano Forte ap 30?eo3tfcd ODD FELLOWS' HALL. The Grand and Aaioondiiif Dramatic DIORAMA OF THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL, AND DESTRUCTION OF CMJRLRSTOWN, (MoT A PAMTIMA.) Will be open for exhibition on TUESDAY EVE NING, May 1st, and continue every evening dunng the week. Also, on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY arter noona, at 3 o'clock. Doors open at 7?to commence at 8 o "cloak. Admission 85 cent*?Ch'ldien accompanied by iheir parents half price. ap 20?tf FOR MOUNT VERNON AND WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. m - ?fT? ^ The Steamer THOS. COLLVER jgfgjmfwtll make two trips to the above pla ctMiell week. ? The Boat leaver Washington at 9 and Alexandria at 9}* a. m. ou TUESDAY, May 1st, and FRIDAY, Mar 4tb. The trips will give the passengers the privilege of a pending the day at the White House, where they can see thousand* of fish caught, and a great quaa lity of wild flower* cane be got. Fare round trip to Mount Vernon and the White House, ?1. To I he White House 50 cents each Children half price. The Boat will return to Washington about 4o'clk P m A good band of music will accompany the party on the above trip* WM- COKE will furnish a Dank Shad Dinner at the Pavilion, with ail ilie delicacies of the season, and collations lor those wishing tb? ro. ap 99 ? 5t OBAHD EXHIBITION AHD HAT BALL, AT THE NATIONAL THEATRE PROF. VI. W HUH D KH takes pleasure in announcing to the publ e tliat his Grand Exhibition and Mav Rail will takenlace at the Na tional Theatre on THURSDAY EVENING, May 3:1, 1855. The most extensive preparation m being made, which will render this the most magnificent entertainment that has ever b*-en wi.neased in this city. The Parquette witl b?- floored over from th? entrance to the foot of the stage, throwing the en tire Theatre into one immense Ball Room, which will be decorated in the mostgorgeou* manner. A 't hrone for the Queen of May and her Maids of Honor will be erected on the back of th'e stage, orn smenled with flowers and banners, surrounded by scenes of a Fairy land. The Exhibition in preparation for this occasion cannot lie excelled, either in point of beauty or the manner in which the dances are executed. The following is a programme ot Dances : 1. College Hornpipe, ty 4 masters, 2. El Bolero, by 4 misers, 3. La Cachucba, by 5 misses, 4. Pas Styrian, by a miss and master, 5. La Smolen^ki, by 2 mis>es, 6. La Fiile du Savatrv, by 3 imsso, 7. Cracovienne, bv 2 misses, 8. Scotch Duce, by 4 mif>-t s, 9. Styr an Waltx, by 2 ladies and a gentleman, 10. Fischer's Hornpipe, by a matter, 11. El Jeleo de Jeres, by a miss, 12. Grand Shawl Dances, by 24 misses; in which is the crowning scene, the grand march, and ascension upon the throne, and grand final tableaux. IB. The Flower Dance, by 32 misses, from the age of 5 years up to 16, as introduced by the wonderful Viennoise Children in this city in 1848. It is comprised of 16 arches and 16 circles of Roses of every variety and color. This dancu presents one of the most imposing spectacles ever witnessed ou or off of the stage The boxes will be reserved tor ladles during the exhibition, alter which the floor will be cleared for the whole company. Notwithstanding the enormous expense attend ing th s exhibition, the price of tickets will be ae u.-ual, only $2?admitting 1 gentleman and ladies. Prnrat?- boxes may be obtained by calling cn Prof. M., at his Saloon, corner Pa* avenue and Itth at., from 4 to 6 o'clock p m. ap 91?did All sthangvrk visiting the City should see Hunter's Cata logue of the Curiowties of the Patent Ofllce. Also, his Description of Powell's Great Picture, feb ?J~3m* LOST.?A large BREASTPIN, containing hair. The name of the owner is engrovedon the back. A suitable reward will be paid on leaving it at If S F street. may 1 3t* FASHIONABLE MILLINERY^ Will be opened on Thursday me.rning.4^^ C4fcLhc 3d instair., at 10 o'clock, over theC4h Dry Good store of George F. Allen, a hand*oui> as sortment of FASHIONABLE MILLINERY, to which the attention of the Ladies of Wasmngion and its vicinity are respectfully called. GEO. F. ALLEV, m 1?<t* Penn. avenue, next to 10th s reet. ^GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES' GENTS'. MISSES', AND CHIL DREN'S' BOOTS AMI SHOES.?The subscriber being compelled tr remove from] the store be now occupies, offers las pre* I ent well-assorted stock of BOOTS AND SHOES at greatly reduced prices. All pereon* id want of the article will And it to their advantage to call before purchasing elsewhere. A. H. SLOAN, No 304 Pa. av., near 10th el., north aide, may 1?tf POTATOES?POTATOES. ON board Marnetta Burr, now nearly doe, 5?0 bushe's White Mnrccr, of superior quality and sixc, which will be sold to arrive. ?L80? 900 bushels white Maine Mercer 500 Do blue Mercer, or Peach Blow, very large. All of which will be sold in lou to auit the pur chaser, on reasonable terms. Call and see them, at N. B. HARTLEY S, 111 Water street, may 1?Iw G?orgetowii. _ SPLENDID PAPER HANGINGS. IT is with plea;-urc that JOHN DAVIS announces to hi- old friend* and the public that be ha* re sumed hi* old and familiar occupation of PAPER HANGING, having opened a new store in the,4Star Buildings, near the corner of Eleventh street and Pa. avenue, where he will be found all the time himself and keep ou hand a well selected assortment of PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES, BLINDS, fee. All work entrusted to him in hia line of business will be promptly and faithfully exe uted to the en tire satisfaction ol tluwe lor whoiu the work tuay be done. He respectfully invites all his former friends and customers, and the public generally to five him ? call at his new eiore and see if he baa not sonve thing in his line to suit their tastes and wanta. may 1?d2w JOHN DAVIS. HARPER'I 91 A.GAZtNftC for May i? re ceived at SHILLINGTON'S. Leslie's Ladies' Gazette of Faahion lor May, con taining all the late Parisian atylca of Spring and Summer Fashions Godey's's Book for May Graham's Magazine do Putnam's do do Emma Ilarper'a Story Book, do Kenneth, by Mi*a Young, author of Heertaeese and the Heir of Recliffe Blackwood's Muaaine for April Hardships of aa Heiress, by M a. Gore Temptat on, by the auih<>r of Minnie Grey, Cm Howard,and Stanfleld Hall Grace Lee, by Julia Kavanaugh, author of Nathalie Banker's Daughter, by Reynolds All the new Boolu published received immediate ly afterwards. Everything in the Stationery Line at 8HILLINGTON'S, Bookaeller. Odeou Building, ccr Pa. av. and i)i ** ?ay 1?3t Clocks, watches and jewelrv. Opened thia day, forty different atyles C otm irood Clocka ?1 25 Fine Gold Watche^ & warranted. Jewelry cheaper iban ever. Call and see for youraelvea at J ROBINSON'S, !fo. 349 opposite Browns' U*4el may 1?dim

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