Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING 8TAR PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY.) At the Star B*ildi*gy r?rn*r PfrxnsTflvania a m* and K! eventk *trr*!. By W. D. ITALBiACH, W>* I* ar rvxU to subscribers ui the cities of Waaii huux , C. otjj. l'iwn, Al? xandria, Baltimore and Vt*?Mpl?a,at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, p?r,N> weMf to the To mall subscriber* ?m eotowiptiou price is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a Jear in advance, TWO DOL bAAS ft* SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR " THRRE MONTMS. ?on:s o** WA^nifGTnX STOVE HlUWT RV, ?? i. comer o/ Pm. ae. anj EUi-erUh *reet, S,,,e ft>r CtlTLSON. GOULD At CO'S ^arm ng anl Vrnfilalin* Apparatm, M POND i. CO.** (o| BoMon) I a sen Donblc-Ovtn Cooking Range, J. L. MOTT'S of New York) INViNCIBlE double-oven range. ?^SjS2*,nlLT ,",nd' and ri cr'v'Q< LATROBE fcLV? r ? /m U?Uat]w'l*Qr\^ Tarlor and Cham 5?? E3' En?OM!l eJ an?l Japanned Cookinc Hall, Parlor, Chamber and Diuin^ Room j OVEr1 W*\'l/p.1n!^i,rJJ'r;*n<1r>En:i?'Ilcd ,fi>n HOLLOW | W ARE, B.oek Tin, Ptauiiwd and Ja, ans.e.j VV A RE ' ia great vanetv. ^ All of which w:ll be sold at the lowest tsxviMe me*, that will compare favorably witii ai>y B^ab Wimt-iit south of New York. Aa etMlaukNi of my stock i?? ani.nitv solicited J as *mntvi\G. DFN TSTRY l*uu*b ,ate 01 lite firm ul ? Hunt & Dinaldson, omiiiqm to manufacture and insert those bcaut.ful porcelain t??-th, with or without iniin-s for specimens of which (made a id de posited by the late Arm) was awarded the first preminm M the Mechanics* Institute Fair, recently held in this city J Then* teeth are carved and shaded to suit ?*aeh particular ra?e, and their re-emM*nce to the uatu raJ or?*ns ? p. rtw?t as to deceive the most prac Particular attention al. o paid to filling and pre ??yin* the natural teeth. Rwf** mi*l' rate and ail operation? warranted. ',fflce ?oothwe.M corner Seventh and D s-s.-en ?ranee on I). mar 2|?pHI DENTISTRY. T\R. MI'NSON respectluify call* public attention \f to hu new patent, and GREATLY IMPROVED metnoii of setung Artificial] Taeth, wuh Continuous Gum -tUe virv PERFECTION OP THE ART. Thi-tyle ofTe?h am* the following advantage over all others viz ? SnE?T STRENGTH. CLEANLINESS. CO.M - 'and BEAUTY, vten* with Nature in tt?ew n*pecu, and in some others exeellin?. Public in spection is respectfully solicited. Plea-^ call and we stK-eimens. i LOTION.-.No other Dentist in the District of UMnabia has a ri*ht to make th? ?tv!?; of T*?-th s. B ?Teeth consUtntionally he*ithv, plusifd and warrant d for life. *' * Office *nd hou?? at No. 90S E-treet n.-ar the ?*>rner ^of Pennsylvania avenue and 14th stre?t. _ 24?if TO T II E LADIES. MISS S J. THOMPSON |is now prepared t<? show ourlarrH and well s.-t^ct.-<) rt<>ck >t Millineryl ^ which ahe has just o<?enrd, of the la ?est styles which we are selling st the lowest prices, and we cordially invite the ladies to call tarl* and nave ihe first wlcctjoni*. ,-.VTe al"0 ri'spectrnlly call their attention to oariarge and hand hand-omc stock of Fancy GooIh I er nmery G|o^, Hosierr, &cr which we "can sell 81 Unusually low HITIXTHINBON \ MUNPO, No. 310 Penn-tylv^rn* avenue, F>r*t door w< ?t of Walt- r Harper fc Co.'s. mar i? ? IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ?-xpna^JN? UP l,or?^EEEPIN*G. ) r'-m.'Vin* from the city, arid wish.nn to dispose oi th?-ir Furniture and U"usekeepiiiK tensus, ?.<. wuh >ut the trouMe of st-nding th< in to public jauction, can do so by < ailing on us at our Wore, 31. IVnnstlrania avenue, corner of Ninth street, as we are prepared to buy all such iffK)d-i as mav be otfered lloaaek^p? rs and o?h. r- will do well by .-allin* on u?, as we will pay ihe hiirhest ca^h prie s tor all ?uch ?o?d?. WALL, BARNARD H. CO. ap W-lm 317 prnnsvlvania aveune M A CARD. m Economy is the read to v>'altk."J^ Great Redaction in the price of Hate ft Cap#. WH E niMtercigned, having made a.-nnr menu 1. with a New York Hat Company to be con nK&WHS- WU!I lhv VrTJ ^ Moleskin or URESS HATS, got up in the latest style offers Uiem at the napr?ced<'n?ed low price "of M 50 worth from f* nr to five dollars; s?con-l aaalitv ji' worth from ,3^0 to *,; and a very able Hat at fJ^l wortti Irum to A Co's Hats, at a Diurh less advance Uian ihey have b? en hfr?- Uaforc in th*s city r\nt iau beaver II iw %3 5 ?. All kiitfs of salt 11 vrs an 1 CAPS v. ry low. In .Tder to sell at Um- above low prices the cash system mast be adopted ; consequently those Wfio purchas* wdl not be charged trom fiiieen to twentv flve per cent, m an offset for bad d?-bt-. . ANTHONY, (wr many years m the employ of Todd * Co.) No. 3, Columbia place, 7th st.. ap 13?tf a.| f*oor nortn of Penu. avenirf. MRS. L. ALLEN,~ CTT r? 30> ^ avenue, between Xintk W and Tenth ?treeU, >ont\ ,ide, tfcl] ^l!l op-" "n Saturday, 7th instant, A[fw m m '7w"'JVv"1 b?a,lt,'"u| asw.rtment of Sprins J1 '* E R Y ? wnMSMrm of Crape, Silk, Lace, 8f?tted t rape an i Gra^s Liaen HATS, luHuW-ns "'^^description. Also, Misses' Dr. s. Hats and Flats, kc. L. ALLEN. ?P *? 3. 4, 5, 6, 7. 8~9. 0. ^ ^"ARRE, corner of Tenth and C s?s , who ji.'- * 5 pra^ucai mai.ufactnrer hi metal. an ?Mortment of p!a?ed NUMBi?B0 of variow T ***?* num,>f*r* ?'<* bouse*, hotels ST!. ^?!5rC ' a2d f* r hack">10 ?">?' all t-tste*, '* .?? at the low priee Uiey will be made ??m? u will mhi the purcha^r. a^ '6?Ini ATTENTION, OLD SOLDIERS. A ^ ?'d lr,-nd" ,v>r whom I obtained Bounty f^hv Vr <JU*"t:t:es than 160 acres are tiTTFn clr tha' their names and a m. iu rau c5T.?? ?T "*?" "n "y B""k' - ????? <** Lf.w 'JL " additional Bouuty Land can be iaade ^";,"yof **"?* who to *>uain oVoZLZT. : ^ eat'Oed to loO seres and e?a obtain the same by ealim* on me La^ S?am?*n, Marines, Clerks, (ofthe Navy) W a*,, Masters, Tea? ,u My war' Wl11 ''??1 " t J their ail vantage to call or ^tod their cases to me f*41- *?. soldiers, se.unen and wid p ^ unable to pay. far w *"> honest ma.i in Washinatou. a * -J?,,N D- ULARK, gp j Twelt\h street we?t. ICE. T ' WKL,t- fiarantees a full sup^y of town for .hi'?hU?t?"i,'r',n ot George town for the wholr year, at fur prices. *M?1I tl^pii,?JiJ?eUle f0il0W1D* ^CtB ^ "?* t' iH' Drme-nt, Ca|?itol Hill 14^ iSZCi Laurence, eorn-r of Pa. av-uue and *r *5^^, Grocer, 7th strt et *?? r. Kid well, Smith's Lumber ??flice, tit at. kl"?,ke' a venue, t\rei Ward hl,?i ? my otBce, tin 3 First ,uteu ? w * times. Families will be supplied f tne whole year at tair prices. ap 91 - {m, HAri^ work! "r HUch ^ iiraceleu, Oat - nn Earnnfs, Fioser r 2??r? of Jwixe l dwi*!!. All orders faithfully alien le i to V^mens ma/ be seen at my store. Mo am ??..."? 8KMKEN, Ma/ *) ?4V-' b^tWt*'" and lOtl. NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. ENRY It AKRON k. SOLOMON SI OVEK have th> day formed a Copartnership for th urpoM* of carrying on the Wood una Coal bu?bess a all its branches. 'Mr yard? are situated on the corner of 91st and I streets, Washincton, and on the moal, near dofumei1* milt, Geor^ei iwii At either ol the above |dacea [>er?ous m wmiof Wood and Coal of the very best quality, and on Uie mo t reasonable terms, will at all urn* * find an assorum rit ? jua , if not superior, to that in any yard in the District. All ord<:rs filled with car**, j>romptnesa. and did ? "tch. BARRON k 8T0VER. Georfetown, D. CM ApiU lOUi, 1S56. epr iVdiio SRATOR8 AND nTATMNEN of Aadeat and yj Modem Tims*, by l> A Harsna I'll* ? Vmotv N?t4ht*;rlrood by if*- Dupny H trfft OsbBR-,1 T>y Ulroltui tienn .rJb FR'VCI TAVLOR. ? TC-) ' ? ? 1 ? ? " 1 ' VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY. MAY 1. 1855. NO. 725 CANAL PACKET LIH? T3 POIHT HOCKS I rt MIB Canal Packot CONGBE88 having been I thorougijy re paired, aud put in first rateJFfc | order. wil' commence runnirigon MONDAY ' LnV!?llI.,?!',aKt'I0r ,h'; tr,,n*Portatioa of pa-ST^S j nam 5 n-m.' bTtw,'cn Georgetown andS* above , .IT. P0,nt> <'? th?* mm, pleasing term.*. fh? p",L,'aVe lh' wharfof vv " Ritter for I DA ^ every MONDAY, WEf)NES Prdnt' Of rJIv fa ?on!,n?".at 7 "'clock, ami the THi!b?i?RT ,^1'2','?re'"nwu on TUfSDAY, rHIJRSDAV ,ami SATURDAYS, at the same hour stopping at the diff-rcnt landings along the line for he reception an-1 landing of passengers and frtighl, going and returning ? ' Parage through either way $2, shorter distances T! rT SMSf Th'lt '8 to ?ay,from Georg ;town ' GrP*' ???* *> CPn?- J 8??s?e i 75 cents ; Edwards Fcrrv $1 25; Manocrcv $l.ftO Meals served regularly on board the Boat at mod crate ratea. JOHN CROMBAI'GH, Proprietor, , CHARLES MHRRELL, ..?P.?-1* Captain. PREMIUM MINERAL WATER. WE " "^t'ully cal! tlu* attention of all persons * , *h''*''h I" he serve,; with superior MINE * 1 u t sb;:1i a* that we wererewnrrf , r>.' ''VCi M-dnl by the 3I? iropl;tari Mechanics' Institute to aur extensive manufactory. In addition to the above we also bottle Ale, Por ter. Champagne Cider, Root Beer and Mead, alios wbK h will need but one tri;.1 to decide in its being equal, u not superior, to anything of the kind in the United Mates. A fresh supply of the ab >?e always on hand. b> ?.ai' ?r given tn our drivers will be uiankiully received and promptly attended to. ARNY ASH1NN, Union Bottling Dep^t, No. 57 Green rtreet, Georgetown, D. C. ap 26?.12w SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS! J0H1V H SMOOT. Sotdk fide of Bridge ttreet, near High, GKOROKTOWN, D. C., HAS w iwd and is now offering a very genaral a sortmcnt of . SPRING AND 8UMMER GOODS. in hi? stock tvill be found a good assortment of of newityl* Light Spring Silks Best make black do L Bereges, Grenadines, Fissnes ? * B'k m m1*h and brisht col'd Chaliies Hcrege and Ch alley DtJaines, Mous^eJlnes Real French Chintzes and Brilliants Organdie and Jaconet Lawns Real imported Lawns, fa?r colors, at 12Uc. R?*al French and Scotch Embroideries, cheap Plain striped and plaid Bonnet Ribi.ons Emh'd and plain Linen Cambric Handkerchief? a great bare un Jaconet, Swiss, Nainsook, and Plaid Muslins Rich figured and dotted do Baiou^ Kid and Alexander's Silk Gloves, all colors Ladies, Mkwi, and Gents' Hosiery, all kiiids 1 arasoi* oi wvery shade and price R'/*h English fast colors Prima at 12V< ?ith a first ra;e assortment of MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR. Also, Sheetings and Shirtings of the best makes in Li "ens and Cottons Table Cloths, Damasks, Napkins Towellings, Fur mture Chintzes, white Spreads Domestic Goods generally. Having made large purchases from the Philadet phia an.! New Wk auctions, I am prepared to of ''r i' dt)cements to cash or prempt customers. a;> -"-lm J. H. SMOTT WILLARD'S HOTEL, Old Point Comfort, Va. ' I f!.E Pr'Wt?rr take great pleasure in informing I their many friends and the public generally that t ii * magnificent Summer H>te| i-, now betna fitted ujj m the most modern an.I comfortable style lor the coming sca^i;. The house will be opened on the Ur?t of June, Willi nothing left unprovided lhat may promote the comfort and happiness of its guests. I lie proprietors also tikit much pleasure in paying uiat ih.?y will be prepared aud happy to accfjinrnn ifi'e fri?m tkeySrst oj May any who may favor them wi ,n a can. Board per day m qo By the week, per day *1 50 By tiie month, per day 1 25 Baths free lor the guests. .'ij> 2 ti" C. C. WILI.ARD A BROS evans! " Pa avenue betiretn \lth and 13'Jl U> HAS just return-d from the North with a large large assoit>nent of Gentlemen's Silk II VPH ^SJ,2J^M.iKn,at^each'ofthc san,e usually sold in this city for )4 rj1* h?r w,ch artir,es of worth *3 - c-0, which he will dispose ot for ,?2 50 In ar^di'ion to the above he has increased his Stock O! Ladies' BONNETS and RIBANDS, whi< h he is'tetennineu to sell at exiramdinrry low prices, ap - i w * RAW AWAY?910 REWARD.?I OH N my neKro man, age.j a'^ut 50 yen.s, ran awav irom my farm in Aleinndria couniy. Va., on Mon day, l.>th instant, lie stoops in his walk ; had on a gray irock com and gray pants. He has a wife at ?TT ' ?D 9th street, near the boundary in Washington. I think he is lurking about there, lie also has a sister at Mr Marbury's, in George ,own- JOHN M. YOUNG, Co.ich Maker, ,a Onmerof 4% street and Pa. avenue. ?p lo? if JT'OR SALE?A VERY FINE SADDLE A!VD X Baggy HORSE. The horse is young, g'ntie and sound, and of fine stock ; would make eitb?r a very fine carriage horse, or a^^^^ very ple^ant riding horse. Also, for sal.: an ? xcellent work horse, perfectly sound. ApHy to No. 43 Dumbarton st, Georget;n mar 1?lawtf B BY EXPRESS. A GOOD supply of Spring and Summer GOODS comprising our u.>ual vinery of Umhr.llas! fara^is, Canea, Gloves, Capo. Slimmer Hals, of I various styles, Braces for La'lies' and Gcnta Silk I and Cotton Hosiery, UudergarmenU,Shirts,Collars, m*6"" de S?lk and Linen 1 HJkfs. Port Monnaies, Razors. Soap, Perfumery. ?c , kc., now being received at ^ , BIRGE'S, ap 24?lw Willar.ts' Hotel. UOIitAK* KKWAUP.-Lost, on .K r^le S between Willards' Hotel and UM City Hall, a Portemonnaie, containing three notes uracil by John H. and A. W. Kirkwood in lavoi \\ an. T. Dove, and by me endorsed, *1M cacfc; one note drawn by Zephaniah J one-- $lCo in my favor aud by me endorsed ; al^o a note,'drawn by William T. H(wk, m my favor, for ig54; several other notes and papers not recollected. The above reward will be paid upon the return of Uie paper* to the undersigned. WM. T. DOVE _aprJ4 - tf baitofo houss of paibo 4 roobsx, United states Trumm-y. ? ?NDS, Stocks and olhor seeuntMM purrh^sed and sold. inl^i;r*^i>- Hy raUi of w* P** ??oat pw uuiun al ^ n at' g,T11* when ,<fft 50 **** ? (AOB SALE?A Pair of BAY MABES, 7 years ? old next tpnng, well-bred,sound.atylisii, gentle, spirited aud ? apital goers. They are r''^:k,rn and ,r? ^ particularly ?uit any r >'t>^uian who is lond of dr:\ing. The owner pans with them only because lus 1-irpo.e ,. to retrench his expenses. They can be seen at Southron's (Ute Birch's) Stabls, on 14th street, b. uiIi of l a. avenue. Fur terou, or an on mt ct,unt<;r of the Sur office. They will be ?)ld a ba. gain. ap rf ? Mr. W. I1ENRY PALMER, U1TUXETO KNOWN AS BOUlkHt-, HAS much pleasure iu informing his friends and the public in general that tie has det nnined on ir?-uuug hhnsHf m this city, and is prepared to receive pupils tor instruction on the PIANO FOllTE HaRVIoNY and COM POSITION. He is permitted to refer to Mr Oporg- Rigge, Jr., and Mr A. T K ieckh< efer, and any commumcauon addressed to him at H lbu- &. HitxHi music store, Penns>Uariia avmue, will have immediate attention ap'I3?if P^ATKU WAHk: FA.%C> QUO OS.?Silver Qobiem'r! 1 ea?*:U? Hatar Bowls, Cream Jugs, vmm^i0nf ?<"* Also, a grtal tor p '4. 1 Fdacy flUm Wtre' ftitat le B^#U' 8P?OB9 Sd!^a^.o""Tn^M fHnmmud, ami tf-JSKSia. 1 RKVT ARD.?My &rvant eirl, M?!^. ret, Telt niv house on New York nvenue, the 25th instant and it is believed *he had Wen de coyed off and secrcted b> free negroes. I wiil give t >e above reward if taken out of the District and ?25 if taken in Washington or vicinity, and delivered to j nie. She is about five feet high, tweuy-one jears' ot age, copper color, radier rtoutly built, an 1 has a quick way of speaking She ii b? lieved to be * till in Washington. F M. EWELL. ap 28?eoft* TO PERSONS DECLINING"HOUSE KEEPING?FURNITURE BOUGHT! PERSONS declining Housekeeping, and wishing to avt i.l tiie trounle and expense incident to a public -uiK'tion, wdl fin 1 lis at all times prepared to purchase their entire household effects, for which we will p iy the highest cash prices. Il.iu-tk' tpers an other* having a aurp!u< ot new nnd second hand FURNITURE will And that they can dispose ol articles advantageously by making application to BONTZ k COOMBS, New and -second hand Furniture Dealers, No 30V Seventh St., between 1 and K. ap 28 ??o.'k* $20,000 worth Boots & Shoes. SPRING SUPPLY. IhOH HALL BOOT. SHOE, A!?D TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT. Penn uuinuc, bat ween ATi nth and Tenth streett. JU^T received my Sprin? assortment of BOOTS, SHOES, and TRUNKS. Lad ten. J000 pairs Ladies btonte, colored and black Waiters, i $1 50 1000 do do do heel do 1550 ilo do do dippers &. Ties, 6'to 1 00 7i0 pairs ladies morocco nnd kid lleul Roots end Gaiters Miste* and Children. 12500 do mioses and children's bla?k, bronze and colored Gaiters, 62 to 1 00 3000 do do colored, black, and white kid and inorcco Slipper*, for Way Halls 1000 do children's Shoes, all colors, 25 Gent*. Boyt and Youths. 1700 Gents Patent L> aliur and Calf Boot?, 1 525 to 7 00 1300 do do do Oxford, Conv, nnd Kossuth Shoes 500 do do kid, cloth, lasting Cony Gaiters, 1 50 to 3 50 3000 Boys' do kid, cloth and calf Hoots and Pumps ?2500 Youths' Shoes of all desetiptiona The above stock is perhaps the largest and most desirable in the city, trom which to make selection*. It embraces every variety, and will be s?;lJ at the lowest prices. S. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot, Shoe nnd Trunk Establishing. ap26?eo4t TAKS 3IOTK K. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. I) W. RROWNING, Merchant Tailor, tinder . the United States Hotel, has just received a large supply ot Spring and Summer Good?, and is now prepared to offer great bargains to all in want of g?>od and fashionable clothing. His " Ready made Clothing " will be sold at the following low prices: Whr.le suits, Coat, Pantaloons, and Vest, of thin cloth or ca-^fimere, for $12. Fine Black Frock and Dress Coata, from $10 to $15. Good Business Coats for $7. Black and Fancy Pants, horn $ 1 to $7. Marseilles end Silk Vest", from $2 to $5. He keeps always on band a large assortment ol | fancy articles, such as Shirts, Gloves, Cravats, Um brellas, 8tc. "Sole A?ent for th? sale of Scott's Fashions.' mar 19?tj. ! PR03PERI"S CORNET BAND NO. 1 i MR. FREDERICK PROSPE8I ber* leave to In form his friemb' and former patrons that tnis band has been lully re organized and is now urni^r Ins direction, ami he is fully pr-pared w th a band of tbc most 3cfentific Musicians in t*ie city, to fur nish music for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex cursions, &c.. at the shortest notice possible, by ap plying t?> FREDERICK PROSPERI, Lender.OHAS. 1'RtiSrERl, Gon.iuctor; IIILRUS &. IlITZ'S Mu sic Depot, or at PCTER, TALTAVCL'S, opposite the Garrison, Garrison -treei, Navy Vard. fe.b 19?itm* PLATED WARE. ! HAVING on hand a very Hrge stock of English and American PLATED WARE, which we have determined to sell very low, we would call the attention of purchasers 10 want of anything in the above line, to examine our btoek. We feel satisfied our a-sortment and prices cannot fail, hu- suit. We nam- m part, I'ea Setts, of a great variety of patterns, Water Pitchers, Castors, Exg Coddles, Waiters, Salts, Forks, Spoons, tec. All of which will be roIJ at such prices as will inatftf prrties wanting g^ods of this description to purchase. T. GALLIGAN CO . 3T0 Pa. avenue, under Browns' li >tel. FOR RENT?A House., on Maryland avenne, be tween Sixth and Seventh streets, north aide, con taming nine rooms Enquire ss ab ve. ap 26?eo3t SCOFFERN ON THE WEAPONS O/ WAR, London, 1855 The Rifle Musket, by Ca^-t Jervis Royal Artillery London,1854 , Boucher on the Rifleman and the Rifle, London,! 1854 Naval Gunnery, by Sir Howard Douglas, 4th cdij tion, lt<65 N&vai and Military Technical Dictionary, French and English, by Lieut Col. Burn. 3.1 edition. 18'>4 ap vT FRANGK TAYLtfR FISHING TACKLE. LIMERICK, Virginia, Kirby, Yankee Doodle and Gravitation Fish Hooks SUk Sea Grass, Linen, and Cotton Lines Jointed Rods at all prices, from $i t> ?6 each Also, Bamboo and Reed Rods Artificial flies, grasshoppers and flsh Sinkers of every description. Silk worm Guf. Landing Nets, and everything in the Fishing Tackle line ior sale at reduced prices. E K LUNDY, No. 138 Bridge Rtreet, Georgetown, D. C. ap 20?if LOOK HERE!!! ORE BOUNTY LAND TO JILL who served in any war since 1790. ?whether a* Officer* Soldiers, S.ulor*. Marin* s, Clerks, Indians. Chap i lains, Wagon Masters, Teamsters, Landsmen, (or their widows or minor children) who have not yet received full 160 acres, and have been in service 14 days, will do well to write to us, pottjxnd, and their Land Warrants will be forwarded to them for the above quantity, and no charge if tliay do not get it. LLOYD & CO., CUaim Agent's Oilier, opposite U. S. Treasury, I Washington Oity, D. t) mar tl ?Sin This is to give notice that the' subscriber hath obtained from the Orphan's Court of Washington county, in the District of Co itnnbia, letters of administration ou the personal es tale of Wm. Gibson, late of Washington county, dw ceased. All person* having claims against the aalJ deceased, are hereby warned to ethibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, ou or before the 21st day of April next; they may oilier , wise by law be excluJed from all benefit ot'tho said | estate. Given amter my hand this 21st day of April, 1655. ber CATHARINE X GIBSON, mark. apM -law9w Administratrix. THE GREAT BATTLES of tha British Army, 1 vol, Loudon, 1855, $1 50 Ottley's History of K?u>arkablc Sieges, 1 vol I.oo doa, 1855, 37c The War Almanac for 1855, London, 37c The Book of the War, by P. B. St. John, London 1855, 37c History and Record of the War, London, 1855, 82 cents Field Pocket Rook, by Capt F.efroy, Royal Artil lery, London,i855 ap 29 FRANCK TAYLOR NOTIGK.?1 received this day a new assort-, ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, ol | the latest styles. Also, a variety of other new Gooda: as Vest Chains, Chatelains, Bracelets, Pins, Earrings, Rings, etc. Great inducements offered to purchasers. II. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th st?. Qtj- New Point* put to Gold Pans at short notice. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made to order. mar 29-U CAMPBELL'S DICTIONARY of Military Sci ence; Cavalry, its History and Tactics by Cap tain Noian n? Uie Tunning of Ohvarry Flor e#, Re^ u?*ttonsF)i Ttffrt^pryfJWvairy. ap 20 9KANOK TAYLOR. Auction ?al9s. By ?T C. NfGClRRi Auctioneer I mi-roved property at the navy Yard at Public Auction.?On TUESDAY after noon, May 8lh. at 5)f o'clock, on tb? prvmiwi, I shall sell Lot No. 93, in Square No. fr82, situated at the craer of south L and Seventh "treats cast, fronting 451 feet on south L steet, by 71 fret on 7ih street, with the improvement*, consisting of three buck and one frame dwelling house Terms: One-fourth cash ; the residue in 6, 12 and and 18 months, for note* ?ecurrd by a deed of trust on the premise*, bearing iiikrcut JAP. C. McGUIRE, ap21?eo&ds Auctioneer. By OliKKS 4 SCOTT* Anrtlonesis. yAHTAH' E BUILDING LOTS \T AUCTION On WEDVEdHAY, the 2d day of May, we shall s.ll in front of the premise*, at 5 o'c'ock p in. Let No. 1, in square No 4 having a front o i C6Ui street w?-st of sixty feet, and fifty f?et on north K st. The above id a handsome corner lot, containing three thousand square feet, (routing o.i the street leading to th" lower bridg", bctwet u Georgetown and Washington. And immediately after the pnte of the above we rhall Mil, Lots No<. 15 and 17, in Sqtiar ? Vo. 32, fronting one fifty feet six inches, the other 51 feet, ou Vtrgima avt-uue, betwci n 24u. and 25 h street*, we. t, having an average depth of abuut one i.undn d and six ft 11. Terms tor th" fi st named property *.\i',l be one fourth cnsii; the balnnce in six, twelve and eight sen month*. For the second-named property, one fourth cash ; baJat.ce in one and two years', the poicharers, in all casen of cr> du, t'j give notes bearing interest from the day of sale. Title indisputable. A deed riven and a deee of trust taken OKEEN & SCOTT, ap26?d Auctioneers. tly ]?. s?. WRIGHT, Auctioneer, GEORGETOWN. \rERY DESIRABLE PRIVATE RESIDENCE at Auction.?liy virtue of the authority verttd iu m?: by the iast will and t- stameut of Emily Cor coran, deeeasid, I will sell, at public auction, on WEDNLSDAY, the 2d May next, at5?"elock p in. to the highest bidder, on the piemises, the very de sirable lot, and dwelling house thereon, late tiie res idence of the deceased, situated on West st., l?e tween Congress and Washington street*, George town, oue of the most desirable parts of the town for ? private residence. The house contains two pari rs. two kitchens, and other ro.*ms, in all 14, besides a fine celbr; and is .*unable for a large family. There is a good cis tern in the yard, and other coveniences, including a stable, separated from the house lot by an alley opening on Washington strei t; and the titl-i to the I whole is believed to lie unquestionable. The terms of sale are ? n ? third cash, and tin ba lance in one and two years, with interest- tlie de ferred payments to be secured by a deed of trust on the property - I If the terms are not complied with within five I rtays fro ? the day of sale, the subscriber reserve* i the right tn re-sell the property, on one week's pub ! lie notice, at His risk ana cos;of the oelinqU'-nt pur j chaser. ! All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. II C. MAI THEWS, Execntor o" Emily Corcoran, deceased. EDWARD 8. WRIGHT, ap 19?eots Auctioneer. By J. G ncGl'IRki An?tion?cr. GtOLD WATCHES AN CHAINS at Anrti ui f On WEDNDSIM Y evenii ". May the 2J, at 7 o'clock, at the auction room*. I -eil Thre:1. gold Hunting Lever Watch s and Chains One second-hand gold rob Chain and Seal, cost 850. Terms cash. JAS. C McGUIRE, ap 30?d Auctioneer. By UUILh.9 m, hCO'lT, Auctioneers. Trustee's sale of household \n;? Kitchen Furniture at Auction.?On WEDNES DAY, the 21 d ly of May, I shall sell, tiie resi dence ot Hcury Baldwin, E?q.,at the <?if I2lh ai d H streets, at 10 o'clock a. in , by vir.uc oi a dee . of trust from raid Baldwin t^ the subscriber, bearing date the27th day of February? lt-55, and duly record ed in one of the land records for Washington county in the Di-trict of Columbia, a I the goods and chat tels specified in said deed, viz: Sofa, parlor, arm. readin? and other Chairs Mab^auy Centre, Card and other T:.b!"s i Thr?> fine painted Cottage Chamber Sets j Feather Bed?, Bedding ! Hair and shuck Mat resses China. Glas* an4 Crockervware, Table Cutlery Parlor, stair and Chamber Carpets, oilcloth Lounge, Toilet S?t* rva^li and other Stands Lot Hocks. Shovel and Tongs Cooking, Radiator and other Stoves With a good lot of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: All sums of and under $95 cash; over ?25a credit of 60 and ninety days, lor satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. C. W. BENNETT, Trustee. GREEN & SCOTT, apr 21?eo&ds Auctioneers. By GfLKKN A, SCO TT, Auitloneerr HOUSEHOLD AND KITCI1EV FURNITURE at Auction?On THURSDAY, the 3d day of May, we shall sell, at the residence o: a gentle man declining housekeeping, at the corner ot 6th st. and Massachusetts avenue, (the flap will designate the house) at 10 o'clock a. m.f an cxcell-nt assort ment of Furniture, viz : Mahogany Sofas, Rocking and other Chairs Do Bookcase and Secretary, Sideboard Do and walnut Dressing and other Bureaus Do and walnut French and other Bedsteads Do din'us, earn and breakfast Tables Walnut ami olht r Wardrobes and Washsuuids Walnut Whatnot Gilt frame Mirror, 24 by S6 inches China. Glass, and Crockery.vare and Cutlery 3-ply, ingrain anil other Carpets Hair and shuck Mattresses and Bedding Refrigf rator. cooking and other Stoves Ami a good lot of Kitchen R. quisites With many articles which we deem unnecessary to enumerate. Terms: All sums of and under ?25 cash ; over S25 a credit of CO and 90 days, for notes satisfacto nlv endorsed, bearing interest. GREEN k. SCOTT, ap 9T?d Auctioneers. BY J C. McGUIKK, Auctioneer. TTALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT PUBLIC Y Auction.?On THURSDAY afternoon, May 4tii. at 4 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, I shall sell the following desc ibed Lots, viz: Lots 26 and 27, in Square 588, on 2d street west, near E s reet north Lot 11, in Square 25)9, on .Maryland avenue, near 12th street Lots 16,17, Id and 16, in square south of 562, at corner of 2d and H streets Lot 15. iu square 584, on Virginia avenue, betw. 1st a.'d 2d streets west Lou 1, 2 3, and 4, in square 867, on north A st, between 6th and 7th streets east Lot 10, in Square 558, ou New Jersey avenue, between K and L streets north Lot 8, in Square 694, corner First st. ? ist and D street south Lot 1, in Square 2? Lot 25, in Square 5 West half of Lot 4, in Square 41 Lots 3 and 4. in Square i,03ft Lou 5 and 15, in Square 1.0.'.8 Terms : One-fourth cash ; the balance In 6 12 Hnri II months, for notes bearing interest, secured by a dead ui tru-t on the property. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap 98 ?d Auctioueer. By J. C. McGUlRK, Auctioneer. CATALOGUE PALE OF LONDON and Amer ican Books.?I shall tell, on WEDNESDAY eveninp, May 9th, at 7 o'clock, at my Auction store a good lot of standard books, among which are some of the b*-st poets, Shakspeare, Bv<on, Moore, Burns, Pepe, Scott, Milton, Cowper, Mrs. Hemans, Mil font, fccM ajso, Irvtng's, Cooper's, Scott's, Mrs Opie's, and other Standard Novels, in library, calf, and antique bindings. Also, London Books, beautifully illustrated, such as Bacon's Works, Lives of tiie Chancellors and Lives of the Uneens of England, Hutory of Ireland, Cook's Voyages. Nelson's Letters, Jones' View of Noblemen's SoaU, Mansions and Castles; People's Scripture Gallery of Engravings; Buckley's History of the Council of Trent, National Gallery of Engrav ings by the great masters, London Art Journal, Lamb's Works, Ainsworth's Works, Brougham's Men of Letters, 8c.e. The Books will be arr anged and catalogues ready I on Wednesday morning. Terms cash. JAMES C. McGUIRE, ?pr 30?d Auctioneer. OHARLK9 HASKtHS, Architect. ' [Pa. avenue, between Ten/A and Eleventh ihrrett,) WASHIMflTOM, D. C. 11* n.It cnntln?:e to fumisli Plans, detail voikitij; y> Diawings. and a^>ecflMhnns ol buildings ol cwsry ii 'sciipit in.and also tiftbperlntead their?tee Hon- teb 1?uii EVENING STAR. LIFE OK THE FEOKTIEK A letter in the New York Herald, dated Fontenelle City, Nebraska Territory. April 1, gives a description of life on the frontier, in the course of which the writer says: Yesterday some seven Punka Indians visited us. They came down fully equip ped for stealing or fighting, in single tile; we received them in the oliowing order: The edit r of t c Arrow, lyinT on his back, with a harmless old y auger lean ing on his body; Marshal of the "Terri tory leaning against a wood pile, with norse pistols in each hand; Colonel ofj the Rangers with chin resting on a donblo barrelled shot gun; an honest Scotch man, just back of the wagon, watching the warlike display ; the Commissary Genera1, with a huge club ready to train the tiret red skin that showed tight, a?-d the rest oi our company variously en gaged around the door. They shook bands around with us, spent an hour in trying to make us understand Indian, shook hands again, and filed off in search of abetter market for horses and scalps. In a few diys we purpose going up the river as far as the old Omaha Indian vil lage, and perhaps across to the Pawner I?idian village before returning to the set tlements. Talk of comfort and pleasure, sur rounded by the turmoil an l confusion of a city life?why, it is no more to b<-com pared to this than wolf m^at is to good jerked venison. Ten million acres o( the loveliest country in the world around us?not a white man in twelve or fifteen miles?no corporation restrictions, or ac tions for trespass?plenty of geese, ducks, brants, deer, wolves, prair.e hens, &c , &c , within r fie shot?plenty of good coffee and whiskey to drink ?no wives to scold us?no women to tease?no heat ing feather beds to sleep on?no formali ties to be bjred with ?no rents to pay? and plenty of goed, strong buckskin breeches to wear. Why, we would not changc one hour of this glorious nature's life, surrounded by lovely scenery frt sh from the hand of God, for months of pam pered city life. There is an unalloyed pleasure in it, concerning which your old ! fogydom of the States know as little how j to appreciate as a Hottentot does of the i blessings of civilization or the hog of the ! glories of salvation. EAItLY DAYS ~F SIL.l* WEIGHT. AX INCIDENT. A friend, who was an old acquaintance of the late Hoc. Silas Wright, related r us an anecdote of that distinguished j man, which he received from his own lips, and as we have never seel it in print, although it may have been, we give it to our readers; Mr. Wright left home at an early age, to ?4 seek his fortune,' haviug, byway cf tar hly possessions, a tine hors", sad dle and bridle, a pair of saddle-bags and five hundred dollars in money,which was in bills and deposited iu hi* saddle bogs. lie took a wester i course, and in travelling one day he overtook a man with a wagon a?id furniture, and an old span of horses, apparently emigrating There was nothing particularly attrac tive at first view in the person or equip age, but upon a closer inspection, Mr. Wright discovered the daughter of the emigrant, a most beautiful young lady, evidently refined and intelligent. '1 hey journeyed onward towards Geneva, chat ting closely together, when suddenly the old gentleman recollected that he wished to get his money changed at the Geneva Bank, and to enable him to reach t'lat place before the close of bank hours, he proposed that joung Wright should take Lis seat beside the beautiful daughte.-, and allow him to mount Wright's horse and hasten forward. Ardent and half smitten by the charms of the young la day, Silas gladly accepted the propesi tion, and leaping from his horse, allow ed the old man to mount and make off with all his earthly possessions, money included, without a thought. Rapidly the hours of Thalaba went by, while these two youug and gifted beings pursued their course quite leisurely, it may be surmised, towards their journey's destination. On arriving at Geneva, Mr. Wright drove up to the principal tavern, ieft the lady, but then for the first time, a shade of anxiety crossed his mind for the safety of his fine horse and his money. lie went to all the other public houses, but could hear of no such man as he de scribed; he beat up to the quarters of the cashier of the bank, and learned to his additional concern, that such a man had called at the bank, and endeavored to get some money changed, which ho had declined doing, as the notes he pre sented were counterfeit! Our future statesman then came to the conclusion that he had made a crooked start in life. About fifty dollars worth of old furni ture, a dilapidated wagon and a span of worn out horses, for a new wardrobe, fine horse and five hundred dollars ! Aye, but then there was the pretty daughter? but her he could not keep as personal property without her own consent, and without money he hardly wanted a wife lie was at his wit's end, and had just concluded to make the best of a bad bargain, when the old man made his ap fearance with horse and money all safe. t turned out that the money which the cashier had thought to be all counterfeit, was not so, and the mistake had given the old man the trouble to go some dis tance to find an acquaintance who might vouch for his respectability in case of trouble, and this occasioned his myste rious absence. In the sequel, the beau tiful daughter became afterwards the wife of the future statesman.?Detroit Advertiser. \CT Past events ara as clear as a m r ror; the future are as obseure as var nish. I m mm I m THE WEEKLY STAR. ran fcr found ia aayo^ar 4* pubifctoed ?a 11 TO CLCM. mm ^ *>n -in 8 UO ??????? M?M? ? ?* W ~ Twexy do ^ M t? OC?" r*??, wftiiiin m araci. 0(7- Sing**- copes (in wrapper*) he proved ai the couuter, unmadiataty after (be aav af paper. Price?Tutu cut*. PaHTVArraaa who act a* ar*? arfH We rflatrwr a of tw?i?t* |W t e nt. John China van ahrad or a Y a nebs. A San Francisoo paper relates the fol lowing incident as having occurred lately at a shoe store in that city. The parties concerned were the proprietor of the i(tori aad a John Chinaman. Examining a pair of boots, the price of which vm live dollars. John inquired: "IIow muchee you axeefor umbootee?" In a spirit of waggery, it is presuma ble, the owner replied: "Two dollar and a halfee. John. Very cheap bootee, anncc?" ' Cheap bootee." said John, who there upon examined a pair and ooncluded to buy, offVred a quarter eagle ??But," said the dealer in leather,4'this is only enough for one boot. They are t A-o dollars and a half a pieoe?two boot! cost tive dollars." John was somewhat astonished?said he would not buy?and demanded the return of his money but the leather deal* er w as inexorable. ' No. John," said the latter. "you hare pot one boot and hare paid me for it. Now give me another piece just like this and take the other." John saw the drift of the game, and was at once resolved. 44Well," said he, 4,this bootee mine, may be?I paid for um?" 4*Yes," said the dealer. ?4And you no give me the other bootee?" asked John. ?'Not without the money," said the o her. 44Well," said John, 44I do um bootee what T please?I cuttee um up. And thereupon John whipped out a knife, cut the boot to pieces and threw it into the street exclaiming as he de parted? ?4lhat am my bootee?that other be {?our bootee, you sell am to next fool Chinaman what come along." A t last accounts the boot dealer was looking for the man with the wooden U-g, to whom he migh sell the odd boot, and thus have expenses. White Mourkinq Dress.?Hew very beautiful and appiopnate is white at the fjneral of a young maiden?typical of purity and expressive of gentleness and i'reedum from the stain of earthly blem ish. There is a lightness and ethereal character about it admirably adapted to the occasion, contrasting with the solemn sack-cloLh with which grief is accus tomed to be clothed. We wish we could see it generally adopted?and that the old fashion of black mourning should be confined to special cases, and for definite periods, in stead of the requisition of social custom in protracting its use beyond certain ap propriate limits. We always pity the poor widow who is doomed by the tram mels of society to envelop herself in the heavy folds cf bombaxino for years? and to be weighed down with its oppres sive heat at the summer solstice, because it is expected of them. We have often felt for them, and known t^eir health seriously injured by such necessity. Is it not really a fashion ?yes, a fashion it must be called?and thould it not be modified so as to be expressive of sorrow bein? destructive of comfort or of health ? Why should there not be a summer costume adapted for mourning, if black must be used, which is only suitable for winter ? A plain white cam hiic dress?with everything white and plain to suit, with a single black ribbon to show that it is mourning?would be better for health and comfort, and equal ly as expressive of respect for the memo ry of the departed. It requires only a beginning by a tew sensible persons to become generally adopted.?South Caro linian. The Enjotiuxt of Occupation.?The mind requires some object on which its powers must be exercised, and without which it preys upon itself and becomes miserable. A person accustomed to a life of activity longs for ease and retirement, and when he has accomplished this pur pose finds himself wretched. The pleas ure of relaxation is known to those only who have regular and interesting occupa tion. Continued relaxation soon beoomes a weariness : and on this ground we may safely assert that the greatest degree of real enjoyment belongs not to the luxu rious man of wealth, or the listless rota ry of fashion, but to the middle classes of society, who, along with the eomforts of life, have constant and important oc cupation. Scraping Acquaintancs with a Qkiat Man.?Dr. Madden, in his life of the Countess of Blessington, bints that a ruse was practised to obtain the literary lady's introduction to Lord Byron, at Genoa. A rainy forenoon was selected for a drive to Byron's villa. That shelter was ne c?ssiated, and that necessity furnished a plea for a visit. Lord Blessington apol ogised for the briefness of the visit, on account of Lady Blessington being left in an open carriage in the court-yard. Byron immediately hurned to the car riage, and conducted her ladyship into the house?and thus the literary point was gained, and the lady studied her subject. The most beautiful flowers are those which are double; double pinks, double roses, and double dahlias. What an argument is this against the chilling deformity ol single life, single hearts, and single bedsteads. 44 Go marry," is writ ten on everything beauiilul that the eye rests upon, beginning with the birds of Paradise, and leaving off with apple blos soms. Again, we say, listen to the lin net and fulfil the end of your creation. A Bright Idea.?An eminent London speculator, on witnessing the brilliant success of the electric light, as recently employed in Paris for the illumination of the night works at the Louvre, was heard to exclaim with deep feeling: 44 By Jove! all I've get to say is, if I held any shares in the moon, I'd fell [out!'

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