Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1855 Page 3
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FVHNING STAR. Local Intelligence. ClTT Councils ?The Board of Alderman met last night at the udu&l boor, Mr. Presi dent UU1 In the chair. A oo nmunication was received from the Major recommending that theohambe> of one or the other board be offered to the Conrt ol CI aim j wherein to hold its sessions; laid on the table. Also, a communication from the aame officer, eovering the Fire Department Ioopee or's re port for the month of April. 1855, sajing that the Mraars E!lie had repaired the Union's en giue and the Northern Liberties' auction since his laat report, and that the Franklin's "goo*e neck'' had been blown at the flre of the 22d, and fa n^w being repaired by the eame firm ; that the Unions suction wants repair, having been in service for eighteen years ; he advises that it be rebuilt, with these exaeptions the res* of the maohinery of the department ia in good order Mr Pepper preaented the petition of Levi Pumphrey for leave to ereet a new stable on the old site on C atreet, between sixth and Four-and-a half atreeta; referred to the police oommit'.oe Mr. Marka presented the petition of George M Miller for relief from a dog line; referred to the claim* cemmittee. Also, the memorial of the rector and vestry of Christ charoh end others for ? change of the alley in square No 877; referred to the Improvements committee Mr. Borrows reported from the improve* menu committee a bill appropriating an ag gregate of $2,759 25 for cleaning atreera; paaeed aftei debate between Messrs Borrows and Dove. Mr Clarke offered a joint resolution provid ing for a jaint meeting of the Boarda on Mon day alter neon next, at five p. m., for the elec tion of a codifying commissioner to fill the vacancy occasioned by the declension of John M McCalla. Mr Bottowb urged that the dominant party shoulu fill thia vacancy by the election of some one belonging to the oppoaito party; resolution paaced Mr. Pepper preaented the petition of L. Malone for the ramiaaion of a fine; referred to the claims committee. Mr. Magroder preaented the petition of J L. Hopkins A Co for the improvement of P street north; referred to the improvements cemmittee Mr Pepper reported from the improve ments committee a bill to enrb and pave in front of squares 572 and 573; parsed. Mr. Marka reported, from the claim com mittee, a bill for the relief of Samuel Arm stead, to repay him $38 98, which he contend* he had been made improporly to pay for a second time filling up a lot,to grade; lead twice Thia bill waa debated by Mr. Marks and Mr. Clarke for it. ard Messrs Reed and Magruder against it, whea the said bill was not read the third time?yeaa 4, nays 6. So it waa lost The President laid befero the bo^?rd a com munication from Thomas Lawson, offering a house and lot on Pennsylvania avenue be tween 17th and 16th streets, to be purchased or leased by the corporation for school pur poses ; referred to the public school com mittee. Mr Clarke reported back the lower board'a bill for the purchase ef Rugby Academy building and let for school purposes, with a reoommendation that i. do not pass The question being on its third reading, it waa lost?yeaa 2 naya 8?aa follows: Yeas?Measra Reed and Pearson. Naya?Mea?ra Magruder, Dove, Borrows. Pepper. Fitspatri:k. O'lauke, Marka and Hill. Mr Fi'apatriok reported from the police committee a bill granting permission to Levi Pumphery to erect a new livery etable on the site of hia present one on C atreet; paaaed. Mr. Magruder reported from the finance oommittee a bill for the relief of the he.ra of Jarnea Moore; passed V. r Clarke reported from a select commit tee a bill authorising a change of the grades of 9th. 10th and 11? h streets east; passed Mr. Pepper offered a resolution oaliing on the surveyor for an eatlmate of the coat of gra ding and gravelling 1st street east, from K to M atreet north; pa*se4 Mr Pepper reported back from the Improve ments oommittee the petition ef the rector and veetryof Cbriat church aad ethers; referred to a select o-immiuce cf the aldermen of tbe ward Mr Bayly offered petitiona of J. P. Keller and B F Stewart; referred.. Mr. Bayly also reported back from the claima committee the petition of the reprecn tativeaof Ricbard liolmes; laid on the tablo On motion cf Mr Marka. Samuel Annate ad received permission to withdraw hia petition aad papers The Ckair laid before the Beard, from the lower Board?a bill authorising the grad ing of an alley in square 72*; referred to tbe Improvements commutes Alao, a bill makiog an appropriation to whitewash and improve the Northern market houae; referred to the police oommittee Also, a kill, making an appropriation to aapply a deficienoy in tbe appropriation for grading and gravelling 4th atreet from O to L etreets, and L atreet from Sd to 7th atree-a east; referred to tbe improve ments oommittee Also, tbe Council's amend ment to the bill to grade and gravel a portion of 10th street, west, in the bsventh Ward; passed Also, an act to authorise the carb stocei to be set and tbe footways to be paved in front of squares No. 902 and 903 ; amend ment concurred in. Mr Reed presented a communication from the Fire Department inspector, setting forth that Mr John Agnew of Philadelphia has a bill for $231 50 again at the Northern Liber ties Fire Company, for paintiog and repairing their engine, preparatory to their trip to the North in 1953, and that Mr A. aaked the Cor poration to pay the bill; laid on the table. Mr Bayly ;eported from the claima Com mittee a bill for the relief of Isaac Ten Eyck; paaaed On motion of Mi. Fitspatriek, the police committee waa discharged from further consi deration of the petition of Peyton C. Beirdc ley; petition laid on the table. The Board then adjourned. Common Council?The Board met at the usual hour. Petitions were preaenled by Mr Barr, one from John Joy; referred. Alao. one from A F Cunningham and othera for a pavement; laid aside Mr J W Davis, ffoin J F. Wollard, asking to be paid the reward for the arrest of certain incendiariea; referred. Mr Ball, from Thomas J. Magruder and offers, in reference to disorderly conduct about eht-.The*; referred Mr Clements, from W. W Seaten, in refer ?nee to oertain improvements in the Fourth Ward; referred Mr Kilmon. from Mary Ann Phillipin, for the rem<saien of a fine ; referred. ?Mr Donn, frcm F S Myers, asking remu neration as Magistrate of the Second District; referred Mr. Plant, from Iaaae Eitelle and ethers, aaking for the grading and gravelling of 12 b atreet between L ana Massachusetts avenue; referred. The following reports were made from Com mittees? By Mr. Larr. from the committee of ways and inean?, an act for the relief of S. ii Piatt, referred. By Mr J W Davia, from the committee on improvements, an act authorising the curb stones to be aet and the pavement, laid in front of aquares 902 and 9t)3 ; paaaed. Alao, from aame oommittee, an act to grade and pave an alley ia aquare 398; paaaed. Also, from eame committee, an aet to grade 4th atreet west, from New York avenue to O Street; paaaed Alao, from aame committee, for the grading Of M atreet from 4th to 10th streeta ; passed Alao. from eame committee, for grading M street from 6th street to New York avenue; passed By Mr. Duncanson, from the committee on claims, the bill for the relief of Amelia Balti more from a fine, and asked to be discharged; granted. Also, from the same oommittee, asked to be discharged from the consideration of the peti tion of Samuel Sylvester, fined for selling liquor ia soda water on the Sabbath day ; they were discharged. Alto, trom the aame oommittee an act for um'??/ " the petition of ? k5. I tb* r#m5wio? of a fin#, and asked *>*? discharged; granted. i w*?' n? ,%me oommlttoo, tbo potitlon of Wm Ropp for the remission of a fine; laid over. By Mr Newman, from the same oommittee, the petition ef Henry Seita. and asked to be discharged; granted. By Mr Huff, from the committee on the pub lic schools, an set to establish an additional school in the third district; passed. By Mr Kelly, from the committee on fire department, the joint resolution of the Board of Aldermen to appoint a committee to select a ait* for an engine boose for the uae of the Franklin Fire Company, was amen ied by adding that said committee report to the Counoila for farther action ; parsed. By Mr Clements, from a select committee an act authorising the purchase of square 843 (ccntainiog ? 448 square feet, and bonnded by L street on the north, New York avenue and * street south, and between 6th and 6Ji !h?42 ?w * of an engine hou.-e for the Northern Liberties Fire Company, and f P?T>es??. The bill appropriates *3 375 for that purpose It was rejected by yeas 8, nays 9. J The following bills were received from the Board of Aldermen: Tha resolution in relation to the joint meet ing of the two Boards on Monday, the 7th in stant, at 5 o clock, for the purpose of electing Commissi oners of Elections and one member of t he Board of Codifiers. in plaoe of General McCalla, resigned; passed. An aot appropriating $2 ?50 from the differ ent ward funds foroleaningtheoify; referred An act for setting > he curbstone and laying the pi venom in front cf squares 572 and 573 passed. 'I An act for the same propose on the north I .front of squares 318, 342 and 371; passed Mr Buaev moved that the bill for the relief M<'0inn?J> for icjaries sustained by the falling of the iron bridge over Hook creek, be ooBcurred in ; passed. I After the transaction of soma further busi ness tha Board adjourned. I Mat Militaby Pabadb.?The Wash mgton Light Infantry (that old, sterling, and popular company) this morning, in accord ance with previous arrangements, assembled I at their armory, and thence proceeded to the I Monument grounds, where they pitched their tents for the day. They were well snpplied I with military equipsge-tents. stools, Ao., in cloding cooking apparatus; in fact, every thing to serve their purposes, and render their temporary encampment comfortable. vy&puin John l. Davis, the recently-elected I commander of the infantry," made his first ap pearance in that capacity, and looked well as an officer ? The President's Mounted Guard have been ordered to meet at their armory at half-past - o clock .his a.ternoon, for the purpose of es- I oortitg the Infantry home, taking up the line of march at 3 o cloak. j The National Guard, Cart. Tate, numbering forty muskets and accompanied by Prosperi s band, marched through our s'reets and then proceeded to Roach't Spring for parade an 1 target practice. They made a beautiful ap pearance. From the target, carried m the rsar, hung a silver cup and medal, priies in tended for the best sBots These are bright incentives to ambitious marksmen It is unnecessary to say that crowds of men and br,yf followed these companies of volun teer militia. I Ghahd Fibbitbw's Pabadb.?The Western BMW Company composed of members residing in the First Ward, expecting to receive their I apparatus to-day, from Philadelphia, the other Jr? organisations joined in the escort; thus at the outlet evincing a fraternal spirit to ward thoso who, like themselves, hare entered m.o the ranks of that indefatigable portion of I our community; who.whsn the alarm offi-e is sounded, without consulting their individu a! comfort and pecu; ?ary loss, rush forth to save the property of their neighbors from the consuming flame. Noble, daring, useful men' worthy ?f a city's fervent gratitude i The following companies were in the pro 2?Y-?? Z*** of ??orgetown. the chief. Rodier, m command ; the Columbia Thomas Dwyer. marshal; the Union Wm B. Mickurn ; the Franklin, Alexander Tate ; the ?"l'*; Northern Liber ties J. H- Goddard, jr ; all forming the es n? ?.u? j we?tern llose Company Mr M uukhead acted as chief marshal on this ocaa The firemen were in full dress, of various colors; red, as usual being the more prominent lhe engines w?,re beautifully adorned w <h flsg* and wreaths, and festoons of flowers, and 'J* "Vi? wJ'chte?,e? ioto their construction shone like burnished gold in the sunlight The national banner fluttered in the breeio tee prooesion moved to the music of a part of the Marine Band under the lead of Professor r??J'p f i Washington National Band, Profeator Marsoletti. Toe route laid down in the programme was a fatiguingly long one, and had not been more then half travelled up to noon. Tbb Mat Festival To Nigbt ?We scarce ly need call the attention of our District rea ders to the graBd May festival to take place to niifht?that of Profesaor Cocheu, at Caru si's saloon, which has been celebrated for siml lar delightful entertainments given there, at least since our boy days. The May festivals are realiy gay fairs; daneiog fairs, at which thousands of the children of the city are an nually displayed They are taken and go there, of alt ages, from the infant in the arms to adoles;nce, and thousands of parents and other grown triends attend, all, as are the children, deeked in gay attire. May flowers blasaall present with their fragrant and life inspiring influence, adding, in tha profusion with which they are provided by managers and guests, a halo of freshness and joyousness to the scene, which is indescribable on paper. They are children's balls and until midnight the floors are* mainly appropriated to them; the happy little things capering around as few others than unsophisticated children can. Af terwards their seniors take their places and keep up the merry danee and graceful waits until the small hours of the morning. Reader, if ycu have never seen a May festi val in Washington be sure to attend the festi val to night. The President, his Cabinet, all foreign Ministers in Washington, and all American publio functionaries military and naval officers included, who are in this city, are usually present there, adding greatly to the animeii^n and beauty of the scene lhe festival of to night promises to be even supe rior in its attractions to any of its predeces sors Sodtbbbb Kailboap Cobtbbtiob ? This body met in this city yesterday afternoon, whan K B Cuyler, the President of the Georgia Central Bailroad was chosen ohair man, and J. L. Fleming, Superintendent of the Wilmington and Manahestar road, Secre tary Sixteen roads were represented A committee wss appointed to prepare a sched ule between Washington ana 2?sw Orleans, and another was appointed to request the Postmaster Genenl to suspend the Sunday mails without abating the annual compensa tion. The convention then adjourned to the 22d of May, when the committees will report 'lhe following are the names of the dele Jates in attendance : R. R Cuyler, J. P King, ohn Caldwell, J. Eli Grigg, L. J. Fleming, Dr. Wm Collins. M N Falls, Thomas Sharp, Thomas Dodermead, T. C Perrin, J. L Fre mont, A Talcott, C E Fontain. E. II Gill, J R McDaniel. J S. Barbour, David Griffin, L. 0. Branch and Captain Vandergnft. Nobihatiobs ? We hear that in a city convention, held on Saturday night last, J. M. MeCalla was nominated for Corporation Collector, and Samuel Douglass for Register. We have not heard positively who they nominated for City Surveyor?some say Joeiah F Polk, and others Dr. Randall F H.nt ?? Impobtamt to Tbavbllbbs?It will be seen, by referenoe to an advertisement in our columna, that, hereafter, there will be only one railroad train for Baltimore on Sunday? leavifig Washington at half-past four o'clock in the afternoon , and cnlj one from Balti more, on that day, for Washington, leaving that cit; at fifteen minutes past four in the morning ? Wat? b Kbtvbks ?The only reoord on the books is that of five persons as lodger? Tu ura Farm Mirmwa?Rmivi ImrtMAiT Mass ? An ImonN ooneourse of both HXH attended the aolemn and lm posing ceremonies at St. Patrick's Charob, yesterday morning, in commemoration of tbe dNMN ef ita lata esteemed and venerated ftutor. The eburoh was appropriately draped n the sable weeds of mourning. and the choir ohaunted the most ioIiiud and Impressive sa cred airs. Rev Mr. O'Toole officiated at the altar, assisted by Rev. Mr Donelan, of St. Matthews, and Rev. Mr. Lawrence, of St. Pe ter*, as deecen and sub?deacon. Reversnls Messrs Boyle, of St. Patriek'e, Blox. of St. Mary's, Alexandria, and Hoban, ot George* town College, were also within the sanctuary. A very beautiful, eloquent. and impressive en logj was pronouncea by Rev. Bernard Ma guire, President of Georgetown College. The reverend gentleman teleoted as his text a pas sage from the sesond epistle of Paul to Timo thy, oontained in the 4th chapter and 8 b verse: ?'I have fought the good fight; my course is run," Ac. He dwelt upon the career cf the venerable pastor from the cradle to the grave?upon his family connection " with the good old Catho lic colonists of Maryland?his oourse cf study at the college of St Omer, in France?his re turn to the Infant home of liberty, adorned with all the treasures of piety and learning? bis dedication of the heart to God. turning aside from the glittering temptations of world ly ambition which the young Republic pre sented to one so accomplished?his presidency cf Georgetown College?his pastorship of St. Patriok's, where for upwards of fifty years he administered the oonsolations of religion to a loving flock, and worldly comforts where needed?his devotion to the eduoation of the ycung?his fatherly care of the Orphan? the munificent monument of bis seal and piety. These were the prominent points upon whioh the reverend speaker dwelt with an eloqueaoe and a pathos which drew the silent tear from many an eye in the vast con gregation. At the clese of the mass, all tha clergy Joined in singing a re quiem. Tobacco Spittiho.?A correspondent has furnished us with a communication on this subjeot, complaining of the injury done to bis neat and handsomely furnished domicile by tobaooo spi Iters. As a remedy for the evil he proposes to establish a spitting school, with out. however, taking out a patent for tbe in vention. But we will let him tell his own story, in part, the articlo bcicg too long for publication entire. In speaking of a visitor he says: " Time and aga'n have I delicately shoved the spittoon toward him; but he evidently thinks it murh easier to hit the white mantle, bright stove, broad oarpet, or tall bureau. Once I provided a square yard of sine-sheet ing. putting the spittoon on its centor, and quietly asked him and his imitators to please use it. This they strove hard to do. (not aim ing at the otbor targets more than say once a minute each.) but with what success you will properly understand when I assure you that after their departure I measured their rhots wrh the tongs, and found that the 1 scatterieg' averaged two and a hall to three feet from the ' bull's eye,' while as to the number that en tirely missed tbe sine target, and by how tar, I could not determine, fur the stains thereof had so blended with those aimed at the man tle, stove and bureau, I could not say which of them had beou aimed at the spittoon. " I am now searching for an extra sized ' bathing mat,' which 1 propose filling vri.h sand, having spouts running out to the several chairs of Manlins A Co.; and until the<e ar. rangemen's are completed I must sorrowfully, ihough firmly, be 4 not at home' to those for whom I am preparing '-Meanwhile, and before the 'mat* be* cones flooded and my carpets, Ac., ruined, not to mention rummer odors, I come to my pro position, which is, that one of tbe b hoys who (like Alexander's pea showman) cau spit through the eye of a needle, at ten feet, for a wa?er, should set up a sohcol for the teaching of Manlius and others how to spit at a mark? beginning with a tan rat target and corning down in easy g-ades, through a series of waeii. tubs and kettles, to tbe common spittoon. By way of encouraging his pupils in tha d?light? ful task of learning how to shoot, be might offer premiumiof pound-twists of ? cavendish,' or for extraordinary merit pig tails of'Jenry Lic-d ' By doing all this he will much oblige me, for I shall thereby save not only ray fur niture. nut conserve the good order of my rooms, as well as nave my own little fl'i-ro of the 'weed/of which, in a delicate and ra tional way, I am moderately fond." Public Concerts?A Suggestion.?As the time for the performance of the Marine Band,' at the President's and the Capitol grounds, has nearly arrived, a correspondent suggests I that a new arrangement be made by the proper authorities?namely : instead of play* ing twice a week in the afternoon, once at eac'~. place, the band commence at the Capi* ! tul about 7 o'clock in tha evening, the music to be continued till half past 8 or 9 o'clock; and so at the President's grounds every Sat* urday evening only. Tho reasons for this suggestion Are elsu'ly these: Heretofore tbe concerts have takeu place at too early an hour for physical com* j fort, and at a time when mechanics, merchants, and others, are engaged in their business pur suit*, and therefore cannot attend. During the week there are excursions for which, he says, the Marine Band should always have the opportunity of entering into engagement* for that purpose. And Saturday evening is named, in order te afford persons who have no other time tbe privilege of participating in the pleasures of the free oonoert, and tha< promenade in the lovely publio grounds. They commence on Wednesday afternoon next at the Capitol. A Society for Reading aed Spearing Foreign Languages.?We notioe with pleas ure the formation of a society in this oity, whose aim and objeet is the cultivation of the mind by reading and refined intercourse. Standard works of the most eminent authors, and Journals from England, Franoe and Ger many, as well as the principal newspapers of the United States, have been provided for. The cfficees selected by the member** of the association are, we understand, A. Hofer. President; J. C. Kretschmar, Secretary; ana L. Siebert, Treasurer. Accident ?To-day, a small yellow boy was shockingly wi,undid in the eye, by an arrow, tbe bead tipped with tin; his oompanlon, a white lad, his jr , accidentally letting slip his bowstriDg They were playing together on Ju* diciary Square. The occurrence, as we learn from a gentleman who witnessed it, was ap parently accidental Tbe wounded boy was taken to the Washington Infirmary, where bis eye was examined, but the physician oannnt yet say whether he will lode his sight. It should prove a warning to those who play with bows and arrows. Cirr Politics ?The following is a list of those elected last night at the meeting of the anti-Kncw Nothings of the Seventh Ward, at Potomao Hall, as delegates to the approach ing anti-Know Nothing city oonventionfor the nomination of candidates for City Collectur, Register, and Surveyor, on the first Monday of next month?June: Simuel Pumphrey, Samuel Taylor, Alex. Clark, Jno T. Bradley, Jas. E. Johnson. Eclipse ?There will be an eclipse of tbe moon to night, commencing a few minute.< past 8 o'olook, and continuing until 2to-ino: row morning. Aooording to the present writing, however, the cloady weather may preolude a view of the phenomenon. Bunker Hill?Our readers will bear in mind that tbe magnifioent Dramatic Diorama of the Battle of Bunker Hill, and destruetion of Charleston, opens to night at Odd Fellow's Hall. Recovered ? Officer Reese has exhibited to us a handsome gold watch, which he bolds in possession, belonging to some one connected with the Bronangh case. The examination in the said case will take plaoe shortly. Wells Habeas Corpus Case.?Tbe argn tue^ij were corelnded, yesterday, after we wen' to press. Tbe Circuit Court has not yet proLJunoed lb decision. Tbe Saengerbued ? Last night, this as o elation of German mutioal amateurs bad quite a pleasant time at tbe hall corner of Eleventh street and the aveooe. Wants. Agentlbman wishes boarding in a house where there are few persons, netr the Department?. Address. stating particul rs, ? P*t ton" at this office. m*v l-?lt* WANTED- BY A COMPETENT WOMAN a situation to d? needle work and to nssi?t In the hootew >rk. Appiv at .Mr. TURNER'S on 4V{ street, near Maryland avenue. may 1?It* Vir A N TED-A COMFORTABLE, READY * V fbrnUhed cottage, retired in situation, by a family of two and one servant, to tent for the ?um n-er. Rent must be moderate. Address "J M B," 8iar Office. may 1?It* SITUATION WANTED -I'y a young German Man, to work on a fariu or any other respectful or useful business Have no objection to act as porter in a More. Address J It. Herbom's Hair Dressing Saloon, opposite 8t?r ofllce. ap30-3i* WANTED?$?,000 FOR TWELVE^mwihs, for which good security, and a bonu-t will be given Address "ABC," at this office, stating where the party may be neen ap 30?eo3t* WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can g.*t a lot 24 feet front by 1.10 fswt deep, for the low price of $75?payable .*3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office. 7th at-, above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap28-3rn JOHN FOX, S"C. WANTED?A PRACTICAL BRICK MAKER to manufacture a quantity of Bricks nt I Jmon town, opposite the Navy Yard. All mufrials fur nished. Apply at the Union L^tnd Office, 7th street above Odd Fellows' Hall, or at Uniontown ap 88?3t JOHN FOX, Sec. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A SERVANT to do general hou ewo.k. Recommendations required. A slave Girl preferred. Appiv at No. Twelfth strett west. ap 28 2t* WANTED?A COMPLETE FILE OF THE WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since i its publication up to the present date, for which a liberal price will be paid if t_'ntto this office. ap 3?tf For Bale and l ent. FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT IN THE Third Ward, near the General Post Office, containing ten rooms, from June 1st to November 1st, at a low rent. Address "Furnished House." at | the office of this paper. may 1?It* FOR RENT.?SEVERAL VERY PLEASANT I apartments, in suites or separately, furnished or unfiirntslKd The lecotion is most desirable, being j in the vicinity of the State Department. For reference apply at No. BIO Pa. avenue, mayl?3i* k/OR RENT-A FINE BRICK HOU8K, tON | A taining ten rooms with c-llar, three-stories ami attic high, with a good pump o" water in the yard ; | s'tuated on the corner of Massachusetts avenue and Tenth street, in the mo t pleasant part of th-^ city Enquire of GEO B. LAN'ULEY, on L. between ?'th | snd 10th streets, No. 504. Possession given on the 9th of May. may 1?3t* PROPERTY IN FRANKLIN ROW FOR HALE The second hou?e from 13th steet. with a two st<>rv hack building and cellar, containing 12 rooms 10 with tire places, in~!u.!ing kitchen, brick carrai" nou^e, a?d sta'de with three stalls; fronting on K street 79 feet 11 inches and running hack 140 feet to I a paved alky ontainin? over eleven thousand square feet of g'ouud. Thi} hetne can be viewed from 12 j to 2 o'clock each day, and terms made known by the occupant. ap 30?Gt* V^OR RENT OR SALE?THREE MEDIUM 5? sixe thn e-uory Brick Houses on the corner of I 9th and N streets. The corner one 13 su table lor a grocery or any other kind ot a store. The houses are new, having been fiuished this spring. For fur ther particulars enquire at the corner of 12th and L I sta , No. 3 8 <4. ap 30? lw T^OR RENT^THE SMALL FR1ME two-story I IInuse, No. 479 Thirteenth street, west side, ] two doors south of Pa. avenue. It is neat and com fc table. Pos?e??ion giv?-n immediately. Apply at the Star Office. ap 23 - tf 1?tOR RENT?THE TWO sTllRY BRICK , . Dwelling on Potomac street, one door south of St. John's Eni*copal Church, Georgetown- Apply to R CRiriKSHANK.on R idge street, or GEORGE | WATERS, on vVatT street. ap25-tf (In'elfcOrganl 1-OR REN P.?Twoliitn isomelyfurnisiied Houses, I ^ containing 15 roo;r.s In on-, a'.d 9 in theoth. r, ia a desirable location fronting on rnblic square, one ] square from Lafayette Square, on H. coru? r of II and Eighteenth streets, with bath rooms. Sic., wili be teiitvd on reasonable terms to good tenants. ap 13?lm* I.^OR RENT-THE STORE HOUSE NOW OC . ciipied by Barnes Si Mitchell, on Pa. avenue, between tith and 9th streets. Possession given on 15th May neit, on which time the present lea.?e ex pires. Apply to JAMES DIXON, Esq., of ihu city. I or t'le suaeci'iber, "Cottaye," Mntg-mcrv county,! Md THOS. CONNELLV. an 23?tf ITOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR-| 1* lore and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, *33 F street ap9 17H)R RENT-THREE NEW FRAME HOUSES, I containing six rooms, each situated on Pierce street, between L and M street', being but four ] square-from the Railroad Depot; would make good residences. Rent moderate. Apply to CHARLES] TIIOMA, on the opposite side of the street. ap 4?im* UOMES FOR ALL.?Beautiftilly and heaithily I located Building Lots, 24 feet fYont by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price ot $75, payable $3 per month. Title indisputable. Union I and office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 'J?-Cm JOHN FOX, Secretary. Rents reduced to suit the times. 5150 a year will be received for the rent ol I those new and convenient cottagcs at Kendall Green, with two acre* of ground, stable, wood *h< d and other conveniences attached. Pumps ol pure | water are near the door, tnd coinmumcat on is with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets | and Penn. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the | departments. To secure the advantage of this great r duction of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, enh *r by letter, or at his house atl Ken^a'l Green, alter office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses inspef t?*d at any time. I Several of these residences will be sold on liberal ] terms. WM STICKNEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr 9, 1855?tf H" UILDING LOTS fSr SALE ?A VARIET 1 of Building Lots in the vicinity of the City Hall. Also, in all oilier parts of the city, on aecomoiodat-1 ing terms. Enquire at Mrs. ADAMS' Boarding | House, opposite to Browns' Hotel, to be seen from H to 9 a m, or 3 to 4 p m. AIm?, an address through the Post Office will receive attention. mar 5?eofim DAVID MYERLE. 171 OR RENT.?FOUR NEW AND CONVENT * ent Brick Houses, brown mastick fronu, con- I taining parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, and five chambers each, and situated on Thirteenth street, Island, near the Eublic grounds, convenient to Pa. avenue and the | lepartiuents Rent very moderate. Apply at R. H. CLARKE'S office, corner of Sixth street aid | Eouisiana avenue, or at D. B. CLARKE'S Dru*; Store, Eleventh street, Island. mar 6?eotl For rent or sale on reas onable I Terms.?A three story Frame, with basement, on New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth | Streets west Also, a three story Frame, with back building, on I street north, between Fourth and Fifth sts. west Apply to James W. Barker, residence on II street north, between 12th and 13th streets west. DICKSON k. KING, ap 5?Thtf Georgetown. YaCUABLE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR th" | City, at Private Sale.?For sale four very de suable and eligibly situated tracts of Land, contain ing about fifty acres each, partly in Montgomery county, but principally in Washington county, D.C. opposite the farm of Joseph H. Bradley, Esq., about 4)4 miU e from Washington, communicating w ith it by a sew and commodious road now under con struction The soil is excellent, and well adapted to corn and wheat The situation is prominent an:i heahhy, and the land well watered. There are three tenements on the premises. This propeity is peculiarly suited to gentlemen having htisinei.3 in the city for beautiful country ree idences. A plat of the property caii be seen at the office of the subscriber. John Parker, Esq., living adjoining, will show the property to any who may wish to see it. EDW. 8WANN, No. 1B0 Louisiana avenue, near City Hall. ap 20 eo2m OR RE NT-FIVE NEW THREE STORY brick Dwelling Houses on 9tfc street west, be tween D and E streets south, opposite to the Grace Church, finished in good style, and containing sa loon payors, six chambers, dining room and kitchen each, with stable and ample yards, and will be ready for occupation by the 15th June. To punctu al and careftil tenants the rent will be very low. Apply to CHAS. S. WALLACH, Opposite the West Wing of City Hall, ap 25?ec4w F I0E! IUE! ICE! PeriIBONk'i wagons are now running dally, which contains a*> good ice aacan be produced in Ronton or the Potoma: River Those who com mence by the 10th of May will be furnished during the season without advance priees. Orders left at the office, south-west corner of 11th and B streets, will b? promptly attended to. ap toCl* My O. W. IOTKLRR, AMtlrawr. 'l^IUPTlB* BALK or TWiumfl FR AMR I Hoqsm on the Island. -On MONDAY, the 28th of May, Instant, by virtu* of a d-H of tru?t l?earing date the 17 h of November, 1854.ard record ed in Liber "J A S," No. 87. folio* 319, ?o, hr., one of (tee land record* of Washington county, D? trict of Columbia, the subscriber will sell, at public aU'-lioQ, in frent of the prenusee. Part ot Lot 19, in Square No. 565, on which are erected two email frame bouses, fronting oa South F street. Terms of aa'e: One-fourth in hand, and the re mainder in 2. 4 and 8 months, with intereat, secured by a deed of trust. All conveyancing at coat of purchaser. Either or both ot the House* cm be had at private salt by application to B. P. Smith, Esq . at tbe Cit> Hall. J AS C. MAUPIN, Trustee. C. W. BUTELER. may 1?eo Auctioneer. K. S. WRIOHT, Auctioneer GEO .OK OWN TfERY VALUABLE REAL ESTATE AT Auc T ti-Mi.?By virtue of adecreeof the Circuit Court of the District nf Colunibia, tiie subvert!* r w ill offer at pub!i3 auction, to th* higher bidder, et 5 oViwck P m.on TUESDAY, the tfch day of May n XL in frt.nt of the primines, the fi Mowing real rotate in Georgetown, of which William Nelson, late of Fair fa* county, in the State of V.rfinia, died seized, viz: 1st. Tart nf Lot No. 43. in the original p?an of Georgetown, mtuate-l on the east side of Market Space, an.i nt xt south ?f and adjoining to the ?t re hoit ? of Mr. MamIIel Croptey, fronting 15*^ fee; on Market Space, an ! running eaotwardly of that width 33 leet, on which taere is a lliree-?torv brick build tog 2d. The whrle of Lot No 6, In the name plan of Geo.-getowu, lying between Bnd?re street and I'ros peot Kireet, and fronting 06 feet on cach street It is propped to sell tins Lot in fire parcels. a> foilowa: let The r astm part thereof frrntir.g 37 f.nt on Bridge street, and running north of that width 12o e t On thw part there stands a three ?tory brick li >nse, with bach huildity, heretofore ti*ed as a tavern; it fronts 25 feet on Bridge street, and ha- ap purtetiant to it an a'l**y leading from Hridge street to th'- rear of the Lot 12 feet wide 2J. The western part of said Lot, fronting 29 feet on Bri'ige street, and running bark of that width 120 fe>t nertfi, with nn o d frame builai'ig thereon 31. That part of the said Lot 16 which fronts on Prospect str?et wilt b" offered in three separate !ot?, each of whi. h will frr n; 22 feet on sairt ?tr-ei. a- d run sovth nf that width one hundred ar.d twi my leet. They arc vacant. The terms of sale unp^-ed > y the decree require ths purchaser to pay one-tourth of purchase money in hand, and the reoi Jue in thr? e equal instalment* Ht rix. iweive, ard eighteen mouths Irun the .lay of sale, with interest th? reon j an I lor such deferred payments the Trustee is required to take the notes of ill* Purchasers, with approved sureties, pwable at ihe limes afyreiaid, with interest tr-m tiie day of sale. Tiie Trustee reserves to himself ihe right to lasrfl any of the lots and premises aforesaid the purchas* r of which ha* failed tor the ^pace of ten days to com plv with the terms af sale. Sale to commence at Lot 43, on Market Spar*. JOHN MARBI'RV. Tr^tee. ED S WR1GII l\ tiny 1? Ah tion-T. By O TV. BOTRLKR, I "EXTENSIVE SALE OF CITY PROPERTY it J Aiict on ?On FRIDAY, May 11th, commenc ing at 12 o'clock ta , I shall seil at my Store, the following named city property, v;z: ?q 1072, Lots No. 1,9 3. 13, K, 15, 16,17 an j 18 " 6^4, " Nn. 3, containing 6.865 sq. ft. " "7, " N09. 28 and 29, each contain 7,04-2 ft. " 339. " Nos. 41, 42 and 43 each do 1 8-J344 " 5,*? " No 2, do 5,068 " 5.35, ? Noll, do 2.000" ?* 544, " No 2, do n,7N?" " 544, " Nos 3 and 4, ear h do 6,4 6 u " 514, ?? No 5. do e'423" " .>44 ? Nos 27 and 28, each do 4.704" " 616, ?? No 14 do 9.000" " 6i2, " Nits 6, 7, and 8 each do 9.f>90" " 654, " No 4. do 7.37S ?* " 656, " No 2, do J?,5W" " *>56, ?? No 5, do 13.250" " 9fS, " No 4. do 7.378" " 543, " No 18, improved by two two-story frame houses " 543, " No 19, improved by four two story frau e houses *' 543, part of Lot No 25, improved hy twotw^v siorv trame hou es " VJ3, Lot* Noa 17, ?), 21, 22 23 ?nd 24 " 1'4. " No 10. con:aining 12 W5I sq. ft. " 154, " Noll, do 10 tViO do * 2J8, " Noll. do 4.C55 do " 7V28. " No 18. do ?,675 do *' 1112, ? N'.?s 7, 8 an J 9 6-29, ? No 1 do 4,812 do " 174. the whole square CI it 140, Lota No? 99 ind 30 " n of 650, Lot No 1 " 535. part of I.ot No 7 " 755, walMlivisi >n of l.>ts 1 and 2. A lo^, c mtaiu Ins from 2.000 to 2 700 " 7S*>, p^r.oflot No. I, c- ntaining 3,000 feet " 755, do i'o 1, 3 lot?, coniami. gfrotn 1, ?U0 to 2 800 it " 752, do ?^o 4, containing 6,'.00 ft " 7.12, (o do 8, do 8,200 do 7."t2, do do 7, adjoining do , 32 ft front on Second str et " 754, hal '-quare. einl>racinz Lots Nos. 1,3, 3, 13, 14. 15, 16, i7 and 18 containing 57, 00 J feet " 6*4. part of Lot 7, containing 6.000 ft " 723, 6. 7 and 8, do 24,120 do " 665, part of Lot 8, do 2,7i0 do " 630, do 5, do 2,800 do " 630, do 3, do 2^00 do ** 630, do 3, do 2 2t*t do ?' ^74, valuable corner facinj; Railroad Depot con taining 4.300 ft " 1 ? 7, Lot No 8, containing 7,044 ft " 4t2. Lnts No? 8 and 10 each containing 3 415 ft " G48, th<-whole-quare do 58,750ft <4 323, part of Lot No 5 and the whole of Let 6. containing 7,613 ft " 100, Lot 27, improving with two two story fr^me hous*-it " 544, Lot 9, improving with one two-story frame house 44 544, wn4 part of Lot 9, conUiniag 1,493 ft " 61ft, 1 ot No 11 do 9 000 do 44 1 109, Lois No- 19 and 30 44 y?0, the whole square do 83,652 d*? " 1093, Lot No 13 do 4,3i0 do 44 1093, do 14 d<> 4,901 do 44 1010, Lots Nog 1.9, 16, 17 and 18, coataining fr m 9,427 to 11,400 feet " N. of 1026, Lot No 1, containing 19,233 ft " 721 do 19, do 8,442 ?0 44 10J2 do 2. do 32.000 do 44 1110, LoU 5, 6, 7. 8. 9.10, 11,19, 13 fcnd 14 con uuning 4.550 to 6.415 ft 44 1033, Lott 3, 4,5,6. 7,8, 0.10, and 11, contain ing from 4000 to 4,316 ft " 154. Lota 3, 4, and 2 44 779, Lot Noll, containing 5,000 ft " 956, the whole rquare do 61.211 do 44 1005, Lot No 12, do 7 800 do 44 1007, Lot No 14, do 6 756 do 44 4 37, part of Lot 11, improviug by four two-st;ry frame houses Terms liberal and made known at sale. Catalogues descriptive of locality, front and depth of each Int. Jic-, will he ready for distribution on the 6th day of Mav. C. W. BOTEI.ER, may 1?eolw Auctioneer. ily C? \Y. POTKLEU, Auctioneer. ADMINISTRATOR'S PA1.E of Frame Hou* on the Can?l, near 7th street Bridge? B* virtus of an order of the Orphans' Conn, the subscriber will sell, oa TUESDAY, the 1st dsy of May, 1855. at 5 o'clock p. m , on the premises, a o:ie-story frame House on Corporation lot on 7th street, n- ar canal bridge, 35 feet trout and about 38 deep, witu back sh**d, formerly occupied by Richard Ay on The term* of sale will be : One half ca*h, and the balance in three and six months, for notes with ap proved endorsers, bea ing interest from day of sale. If the terms of sale ara not complied with in three days after the udp, the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser By order ol tbe Administrator. C. W. HOTELER, Auctioneer. CHAS. S. WALLACH, ap 97?ii Attorney. By tiKKKM A gCOTT, Awctloaeera. SEVEN VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT Aucti n. t n WEDNESDAY, the 18th infant, we sSiall sell, at 6 o'clock p. m., 34,237if feet ot ground, l.iving a front on C street south 148 feet 5 nn he.-;, a:.d 9<h street *-ast 283 feet 16 inches. Tb? abovv described property is bands* mely I oca ted, distant from the Navy Vard but a few minutes' walk. 1'erms. One half c.*u>b ; balance in one and two ypare, the purchaser tn give netea for the deterred payments, waring inurest trom the day of sale. A deed given and a deed ot tru?t taken. above ialt la poitpoacd un til WEDNESDAY, tbe 25th inst, same hour. GREEN A SCOTT, ap 18?e:ifcds Auctioneers. 3(jhTha above tale la farther poit pnned unul THURSDAY, the 3J of May, same hour, when it will positively take place GREEN 81 9COTT, ap 27?d Auctioneers. T Dy J. t>. acGl'lRE, Auctioneer. RUSTEE'S SALE OF DWELLING HOUSE _ and Lot on Massacbu etta ?venue?By virt>f of a dead in trust the subscriber will sell, at public auction, on the premia< s, on MONDAY afternoon, Mn> 21st, at 6 OTl' Ck, part of l^ot numbered nine, (9) m Squara numbered four buudied and fifty-two (439 ) fronting twenty <30) feet on Ma^accbusetti avenue, between 6U1 and 7tli ttrreu we?a. mnning back tine hundred and twenty nine (139) leet, with tue improvements, consisting of an excellent frame dwelling house. Tern* cash. NIOHOLAP CALL*N. Tiuatec. J AS. C. McGUIRE, ap90?3awkd? Aucuouetr. TKLEGRAPHIC DAILY EVEW1WQ BTA*. fatal AeeUeet Pan.iDicrin, May 1 ?Willimb Msnfhan. savanty, wm thi? morning caught la the ta <chioery of Stavely 6 MeCalla'i printing oSae and Instantly kUled. He bad bean aa ployed in the ofloe aa p merman, for SI yean His body wa? awfully mangled Baltimore Market* BaLTinoaa, May 1.?Flonr la draopfeg and ?n -mall demand; mall sale* at yeeterdev's A. Wheat la dull Sale* of red at f] iiitl 50; white at $2 55*92 Si; for ebolce brands of white $2 70. Corn is dull Sales of white at STalOOs; yellow 102c lew York Karketa Nxw Tore. M*y 1 ?Cotton is nnahaaaed, wi'h a moderate demand at pwvloos rates. Floor has declined 12#o ; good Obii 910 lfia 910 .*>0; Sja hern la unchanged, with a limited t-asiasss Wheat has a downward teodeney. and price* are a trifle lower ; mixed Mieh'gan $2 J?0 Corn is dowowa-d aed a trifle lower; ?a''a of Western mixed 91 09|t|l.l0. Perk ia s ill unsettled?aalea of l,5i?0 bbls Beef i? fl-m. with an upward tendency Lard is Arm and in better dema&d Whi.-k}?Sales af Ohie at Mio. Hew Tort 6toak Market Niw York, May 1 ?Stocks opened buoy ant, but olosed heavy. Money is nnohaagad. Sates this morning of Brie Railroad at 60i; Cleveland an J Toledo Railroad. 7*4; Camber land Coal Company, 28}; Beading Railroad, 86}; New York Central Railroad, 93#; la diana 2 s. 52; Missouri 6'a, 97. Boarding. TH^ ADVERTISER HA? JU8T ARRIV1D fr.nO Ne? i or* and thoroughly reoovaed, cira ae d, and |iui in first rat?* order to make it deal rklf, the well known hauae of the late Sire Qai vi , < ? C, between 3d and 4? street, bae a few b ar iere and would like to have a Tew more a* thw room* are large and very pleasant?the neighbor h od I ei ig one of the beet in the city. The propri ety r I aa nothing to ?l-? but au? ad to bia basinees aad will have everything about hiwi ruht. Tay botrdera can be accommodated- Cal' aad examine for your-elves. may 1-k* T>OARDINW.?PERMANENT OR TRANSIENT I ) K- ard^ro can In- arcomni tdatnd oa reasons bis teiau,at FiTZGEKALnv, N? 4T4 Pa aveaee, n?*t rtoor to the United States Hotel. ap 27 7f i. >>i ?? O? In ii plea?an? ard health v I oca 1 > ti?>n. Twolarge rooms now vacant- App'y at Uih . on i heart corner of 9ih and H 'treetc 'p HI?eo^t# I>>ARl>!NG ?ONE OR Tn () GENTLCMKW > ran obtain board in a quiet family, wbere there at>- no ytnan chi d an, and where tliey can have the b ?<i family o?.oWin? A pump of ve<y auperlor wa t r in the yard Refer^nci-a ? xrhangej. Addroes "!IH V, ' through th City Post Office. ap 28 ?fo3i* VOTKJ JC ?FOR RENT?PARLOR* AND ^ C!inn rr?. with bo *rd- Also, table aud tran ?i*nt board with a bulling room an I shower hatha an i every attenlioa to render it most agreeable to tr board*"* Mra P O MCRRAY. Corner Pennsjlvani* avenue and 4^ at a p 23 3m MOARH, dkc -MRS BATF4. on the eouth | > west corner of Pa. avenue aa<' 9th an*et ia pre n ired to accommodate g?mU men with rwomt, with ;ir without board. Every effort will be made to pen rfer tho?e comfortrble wiio may fevor her with Ueu paimnat*. ar C?<f 'ITALUABLE REAL ESTATE POR SALE? V The block ot buildings known a the "Union B iiliiinp? " and n?w occVp ed hv toe Hi,ion newa p..;?e.r establishment. They are situated on fc street In iw>>en 13th anJ lith streets, and fror* ng directly on lVnn?y'valua avenn?*. The !ot u70 fe^t fr nt by till fe-t deeji. The property ia suacep'lhle of divis ion and re arranc*-iu?-.iii, a?1 ita p^elti n auch .is must rank it aiu< ug the b??t btirliices nnda on Uie avmiur, and i? yearly increa-sing in valne. The tunc uf the pr-*e:.t I. sac* expire* on Uie lat beptam b r next, on which day p< >-i**ion may be had. AI?o, That l*?rs? thff??- atorv Brick House on 17ib afreet went, (opposite this War Office and three doora sooth of G strc t.) -\J*?, that thr*e ftory Ht?us? on 17th street want, nr-xt do.>r to the Government Bviiding, at the corner of Kami 17th streets. .Should the ab ve property not be sold S' eivate sale prior to the iStb of May, it will be sold un that da ? at pntilic auction. Tertu^ will be made ikvr rabl't* th* pnrcl***sr. App y to CH. 11 WiNDEU, Corner of SevMeer.tli and G stieass. m'?r 19?2awt'?!ayl? PLFASURF. TRTPS TO THE WHITE HnUst F * VILFOV. The Stc'mers GEO WA8B ilNGTON or THOo COLLY BR chii be chartered for public or select par;i?s to rwtt the White Houte pavilion. Mount Vere???. Firt Washingtoa, or other , laces oa the r?v?r. The White House Pavilion i* now 'pen for Visi tor* It ia a beautiful ,-lare for pleasure trips; It hn- a tine Bitll and IHmng room ; ais?, a nsw Tee Pin Alley 5^7- Fur p.irncula'8 spp y to the President of the c'ouip .i y. or ih?' < apt .i s ot the B >au. Mr WILLIAM CORK i* furnuh<ng refreshment* on the Itoaw, and u prepared to furnuth parties on the h?f 11> rms. ap26 Siu VKlOttMC FOK - a?LK -A young, large. and finely formed C< >LT, which is >n krn t i both double and -ing'e harasas. snd to the eatldle, in no;v oflVred for aale.?' Such a ho:se is raiwly louni in the market, and the owusr wishes to ?.ell him only becauae of th? Such price oi livery-, and t'is having uee bat for the one. His initcli un t e hoi also if desired, but tha owner would prefer k ep ng one of the pair A1?o, a (-et of silver ulated double harness, new, h&vine iieen n-ed ml<r eo'ne doaeJ times. Enquire .t COWLING'S gtible, G st.f bet 13th and 14ih ap 27?eotf FIRST WARD NOTICE THE Bubscribcr be ne desirous of cloxing tha bua ines> of the late firm ot T. W. Johnson fc Co., would earnestly invite all person* indeb ed to the s iid tirm to settle their account* immediately, at the buainei>s must be closed T W JOHNSOft. Dry Goo's 8tore, No. Ill, Plrat W"ard. ap 21?eo3t* MISS CUlfRIB3ELAMVS~8CH00L, P asant Grove, Hi venth street Road, 1 j| miles froa the City of Wmtkin^ton. rpRE duties of thi? *B.'hoo| will commenee MON * I) AY, the 30th wl April. a the number of pu pils will be limited, thoee who wish to avail them ?elves of its adv.mtagek should make as earl) an ap plicaiion as possible. The coarse ot instruction wrll b? thorough and com; lete,and will embrace all the English bracchee usually taught in the beet aehoola, together with Ma>ic. French and Laun. Terms made known on application to the Princi pal- ap r* N MiW JKWEL^Y, WATCHES, SILVERWARE, he. M. W. GALT k BRO are receivmg dally large addition* to th^ir stock of new and elegant JKW ELHY, WATCHES, SILVERWARE, he Purchasers have the advantage oi a selaleetioa from a complete a^cruiu nt of the latest ttylas, cf the beat quality, and at the lowest ratae. M W. GALT a BRO, 334- Penn avenue, between 9th and 10th ssa. apr 27?Jfit [*o 532 ) Notic? of tkf *ntaUiskm*nt ?/ tk? mf Surveyor (rrue^ai of public lands for the T*rtitory of Utah I\ virtue of the authority contained in the aet ep proved Februar y 21. 1356, entitled 44 An act ti? establish the office if surveyor general of Utah, and f> grant land for ?(honl and universi y pur;?>? s," the President of the United Slates has directed that the office of surveyor general of said Territory b* located at Great Sa i Lake City until etherwwe or dered. Given under my hand, at the Cky of Weshiajton of March. aan? Donaim KB this twenty fourth day X)HN WILSON. Oommissioner of Oenwal nand W mar 26?2atv6w Bjr J. C. McOl'IRK. Aactlaassr. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT ne..r the Navy Yard ? Oa FRIDAY afternoon. May 4th, at 5 unlock, on the preinisea, the suheerl b? rs wt.'l sell, hv vi-ioe of a deed af tnist, uated th 26th March. 1W2, end duly recorded in Lib-r J A. 8., No. 40, folios 319, he., one of the laad records ft>r Washington county, Lot No. 1 in Bqaarr 9>0. situated at the corner of G street south and tib si under a ground rant of $90 per aaauai for the uf ninety -ome yearx, from daptemtK-r ldth. 1K51, with the laiprovemenu, consisting af s twv story frame Dwelling with beek building. Terms at sale. J NO W McKlvl, I ? RICH H CJsAlRB, iIrWW" JAMES C. MaClTTKF M >4?Iswhds A ,ca see

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