Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1855 Page 4
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TRKAStHK.t*? STATEMENT, tAo amount at kit credit in it* Trsasur*. with as.n*tatit treasurers and dsstg >vwd depositaries, and in th* Mint a^ul bmneJtss, hy rttirn.% received to Monday. April 23, IdAo; th* im?m for which drafts h-ave heen issusd, but were then unpaid, arid 1^0 anuiuvt rh*n r+nvuning *uhject to draft Skowin/r, also, tke amount of future trans for* to mud from deposit'tries, a* or/bred by iUs Serrstary of the Treasury In what plaea. Treasury of the United State*. Washington, D.C Assistant Trwiturer. Boston, Ma**achtutett8.. Assistant Treasurer, New York, New York Assistant Treasurer. Philadelphia Pennsylvania.. AMUtart rwuarcr, Charleston, South Carolina Assi -tant Tre:isurer, New Orleans, Louisiana Assistant Treasurer. St. Ixniis. Missouri J Assistant Treasurer. San Krancisoo. . -$525 815 04 ? Depositary at But??lo, New York , Depositary at Baltimore. Maryland Depositary at Kx-titn<>nd, Virginia Depositary at Norfolk. Virginia- -.3,467 35 Depo?itary at Wilmlnirtnn. North Carolina Depositary at ;*Tanuah, tie jruia t Dep'-- ' ?ry at Mobile, Alabama ' Depositary at Nashville, Tennessee - I Depositary at Cincinnati. Ohio Depositary at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Dp* t?'T at Cincinnati (l?>) i De^>dit.ix* At Dvbii'juc, lowft Depositary at Little Rock. Arkansas Depositary at .lefferxonville, Indiana Depositary at Chicago, Illinois , Depositary at Detroit, Mi?-hi<an Depositary at Tallahassee, Florida ?u4f?n>e a '-o.ini 4.679 88 A tay ? New York Branch mint. San Fruncisco, Cal Mint of the United State?, Philadelphia. Penn Branch mint of the U aite 1 states, Charlotte, N. C Branch mint of the Unit d Stst??, I>ahlonega, Ga Branch mint of th* I'nitad States, New Orleans, La. *200,742 47 4,191.646 57 2.409,207 81 350,990 08 88.850 74 3^,610 68 3,917 124 17 19.855 67 24.041 71 118,748 75 52.727 07 18 532 65 17,681 78 23,707 40 72,112 81 51,170 13 3S,6 5 92 19,174 14 20 39 131.016 21 116.912 72 32.308 49 80 8.15 64 107,765 12 38,660 02 4J44iob6o 768.783 66 2,128 354 16 32,000 00 26 850 00 2 172,763 07 *11,978 38 152 038 43 606 005 97 21.229 09 :*4.?l0 18 163,406 14 432,331 59 645,670 61 1,205 30 16 855 09 779 42 22.000 00 4 740 02 7,994 68 22,064 46 7,231 14 17,77.1 (<1 1.245 05 '""73,152 34 12,438 35 32 308 49 2,227 .3 35,686 51 1,139 75 4.679 88 1 000 00 $188,76 1 09 4.039 698 14 1,803,201 24 229 760 99 M,l40 56 193 204 54 3,514,792 58 *2,836 4i 10 .893 66 51,947 65 12,941 76 15,712 72 50,04H 35 43.938 99 7 842 91 10 929 09 30 .19 57 96J H7 104.474 37 78.^8 31 73 *78 61 37,5*0 27 Dad set overdraft, Ac $533.962 27 ^.262,879 23! 2,230,09i 11 4.744 500 00 768 783 66 9,128,354 16 32 "00 00 "5 8*0 0 ! 2 172 ,763 07 Add difference !n '.raDsftrs. 90.566,150 :? 533.962 27 20,037.188 12 231,199 44 Net amount fmbj?ct to draft. *20.263,387 56 Tr't; ? r* crd-sr*d t-> t.? .-u y if the Vnite i S?*'e-, V'.nhineton, D. 0 Trancf?* or lert-d ti assistant treasurer, Nfw York. N< w York rracpfrr? or "red to assistant treasurer. New 0*1-?t>j, L'.iils'r'nft. Tran ?er.< o- Vrvd " as.-isUnt Measurer, St. 1 oui.-. " iuasouri., 200 (KH) 00 500.000 00 320 000 00 300,000 10 Tr<nsfrr*<'Tiered to nss^tan* treasurer, o?n Franco co. ?. alifomia 1,882,500 00 Tran.-iVrs orlered to depositary at Nortotk, Virginia 350.000 00 ? ransfrrs crd-red to d?i>o?itary a*. >!obi'e. A'a 70.0?"0 00 Transfers ordered to branch mint of the United State?. San Francisco, California 200,000 00 > $3,832,500 00 Transfers crier^d from wi?t%nt treasurer. Boston, Ms-saehnsetts 37.500 00 Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, New York, New York 2 213.800 56 Tra; s ers rd-red from assistant treasurer, St. Louis, Misecnri. fr<nsf rs or le e.1 from depositary at Detroit. Micnijr.o> Transfers ordered from mint of the United States. 1'hilsvJelphia, P-cnsy.van'a TraB=!~ r? ordered from brinch mint of the United .->tes, New Orleaus, I> uMina 875.WK) 00 25'10 00 400,000 00 5.>,000 CO $3,601,300 56 Mnr 1?It LOW-PRICED CARPETINGS. J7ST BECE.VED- nil forsale ha|p=.i!6 pieces, rlr|nntlbrer> r.rd heavy T -.pastry Brussels CAR PETI >(!S, which were purchased at late taction? in New York, and will be sold at 5(4 IS* per yard worth 51 M. It only remains for peis<'Os l?? see and hainle th.?e goods t>> appreciate their quality and extr-uie cheapness. Now is tije time tor ecououii cal hnoseke?per* lo mate their purchases, as the manufacturers abroad and ia t :is country are ccas lug to make goini*, in *<iii-i!qilv#W f the ruinous rates at uh:ch lb ?> oave had to sacrifice lii'.ia. ALSO? KlcU Tape-tr. 4 4 two ply at 87 rent*, worth ft! Rich douMe r<grain t'l wno! it 62 * els. wnrt? 67% i o do do at 50 cent , worth 75 Do <!?? wool and worsted r. arp,37_* and 31 cen's, worth 62*4 Do do heavy r nteel C 'rpeting at 25 cents. Ptill reniHinini; >>ij han?! a i^w pieces el^sant Vel ?et Royal Mtlto i Carpeting*. wmch wdl b ? sold as old ami ?up t animated g?<o 1* bought at auction in Un? cay last wetk 'reh, new, and sup> rb patt?-rn^ and colors. C .AOKTT, DCDSON x CO ap 30?eo?12w 1 SODA WATKR. HE f:nd?rsv'ed *"*vi:'j! p"* hajed Siwan's P#t , ent App'rsiut t r the pi*-|?tr -lion ot SO D A WAT KB, r,.tin r-ur-r-C-ma e of r?uda, re pect ful.> uilututi u>? public that tin* i uiiiain is now in full an1! snrcf;<ful op? rattan This rrcthol of pr* piriiK .-oda W*ter is waimly recommended ny the .Medical Faculties u? thu Northern and Western cities. not only as producing a pleasant, innocent, and healthy b? ver .*e for all p'-rs'-n-, but ore highly benefi ial in all tlis- rders of the stonrtch. ?3i ups of nil favors, including tho-?- of B;a?;iv, Wine, Cba: >p gne, t'resliiy manufactured, of the very bet-l materials, on the premises, always .>n hand C. GAUT1ER, ap 30?eo3.v No 95^ Pa. avenue. CHANCE FOR BARGAINS OUR stock ot BOOTS and SHOE:* a^e now r?iii pi' te in all il- branches. ? - For La.iies we have an ?-n l?n? variety ofM^fc? Gaiters, button and laee, fn m 1 to 2 5>J Morocco ; nd Kid Slippers, 75e, worth %1 Do Burkins, 87 , worth 1 12 For Mwses and Chiikren? Black, bronze an t colored Gaiters, b'rtton and lace Mnrdcoi and kid Booie, bronxe and colored BiacK, bronze and white motocbo and Ki.l Slippers Shanghai Uuots, thick and thin vies Fot Genu our deck cannot be surpassed in this citv. Patent L? alher and Cloth Ghiters, a cuperior ancle; Oxford Ties, Munter-ys, Kos?uih Patent Leather and calf, gewed a nd pegged Boy<' and Youths' clotli and pa'ent leatlitr Button Gaiters Walking and dancing Pumps, a superior article Calf an; patent lea her Oziord 'IV? ami strap Shoes Call and examine onr stock for we aredetermined to sell tor small profits, rod realize quick *ale.? l*or.'tlose time but call early. Don t forget the -tor". A. HOOVER 8l SON, S. ei.fe Pa ar . nearly opp. Browns' 11 tel. ap 24? et At NOTICE OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. W'M II. ^ 11 ?; KI1TER hav ? this 16th day rS April ei.t;r?d into a co-partnership for the purpr^e of carryuu on the Wood an l Grocery btna I he imbf-riber* Wo d Yard and ftore is aitonud on the C. n:J, we?t of aiul near to tha market, where person^ in wan; ot Wood or Groceries of superior I quality, and u^-ui the mo5t pleasi g terms, can at all Uines And a lull supply W. H. Si H. C. RITTER. j All per ona Indebifcd to W. H. Ritter previ- us to iba comraei?- e.ueut <>i this firm at"! r^qu 's'ed to cail aie: sen'- ill u actjUiil-. 23?enflw IKENCL1 LANGUAGE k DRAWING. t~l<'MPLE! E and iborough instruction in the / above branches will be given on n:<ejerate teru.s by a French O itl^-inai , a graduate of the P*r>lytet l;..ic Bcli? I. < l Paris. The 2dvirt:s?r is bear' r <>? ?he highest trstwioniHls of i-iiccsss in ten<-bin<. Apply to ot addi-os ' Frtncb Teat her," No 40K WT;irt>'e'itfi i-treei, b? i?otn G an<! U op 27?dim ATTENTION, OLD SOLDIERS. Jk LL my old Jri-nds for whom I obtained Bounty j\. Land in le*s quant.ties than 160 acres are uer?*ty n.iormLu that their naiu*-? and a memoran dum of nur time is on oi> Bo<>k, so that their de darat; t a for additional Bounty L in<1 can be made with fkcili WlliJ of tho e who failed to ??l>t:un lano tor w ml <a time, are entitled u> 160 acria and can obtain th- rani' by calling on me Semti?-ii, iirdiituy Seam< 11, Marines, Clerks, Landsmen, (of the Navy) Wag"<i Master1*, Team> iters, Si'-., iic., in any war, will tint! it to tlnir ad vantage to ca'l or send their ca*es to oie Advice grnt>s to tiiOM- s ddiers, aeaaen and wid ows who are unable u? pay. Refer to any botie-l man in Washington. JOHN D. CLARK, Agent, No. 3*1 Twelfth street west. ap 7?1 Hi' I ICE. ri^ JS KIDWKI'L guanntw-f a full supply of A ? ice t?? hucustomers in Washin/vn or George to?u, f>?r tlie whol?* year, at fair prices. Orders o*u be lett at the followinj placn or sent ttir<ais!i the P? ?t "ffice. H. H. McPtierson, Druggist, Capitol Hill Khlwetl a. Laurence, corner of Pa. av>.*nue and 14tb street* Mr. MrPhrrvim, Grocer, 7th str< et G F Kidwellj Smith's Lumber < ?ffice 6t st. Joseph M?'ore, Drns'ist, P-? avenue, First Ward Jce can te had at my office, No 3 First street. #eorgetown, at all umr*. t amilies will lie supplied tv :he whole y?-ar at fair prices. ap 21 lm NOTICE OF (X)PARTN KRSUIP. Henry bapron a sulomon si-ovf.r have this day formed a Copartnership t>>r th? Crpo?e ol earr ing on the Wood and Coal business all its branches. < >ur vards are situated on tbe corner of 21st and I streets, Washington, and on the uioal, near tauBet-1 planing mill, Georgetown At either ol Um iUuvc placci periMiDiin wtiit of n ?)Oq ftnd Coal of tha *ery best quality, and on tbe mo t reasonable terms, wilt at all times fi!.d an assortment eqaa , it not superior, lo tliat in any yard in the District. All < :dtr? filled with cam, promptne.s. and dla patch liARttON A STOVER, (ia ryiiowk, D. C , April lOtb, 186i ap r 12? dim ^ _____ OHAT?'R# AND STATESMEN ofAnolantand Modem Tiaies, by D A Harstia ap A FR \NOK TAYLOR. W.MP'ilTON STOVK IlMFACMT, S. E. cori\m ( J Pa. ai>. arui Ll*vtnt\ tirert, Sole Agency for CHILSON, GOULD & CO'S Warmins and Ventilating Apparatus M POND fli CO.'S (of Boston) Union Donhle-Ovfn looking Sange, J. L. MOTT'S (of New York) INVINCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. Constantly on hand, and receiving LATROBE STOVE-*, for heating tw > stories; Parlor and Cham her GRA !'E9, Enamel ed and Japanned Conking. | Hn'l, Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room S ? OVES; ! Plain, Tinned and Enamelled Iron HOLLOW W 1 RE; B oek Tin, Planish d and Japanned WARE r* 4jreat variety. All of whi^h will be sold at the lowest possible at.*s that will compare favoraMy with any Estsb ILdhnient south of New York. An elimination of my stock iseamestly solicited ay 13?An JAS >KIBV1.\G. DENTISTRY. 1> B. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm ol V* Hum 4i D'*ia!d*oi:, continues to nanu'Hctare ami insert those beautiful n jf - , p wcelain teeth, with or w ithout guns, I i for specimens of which (made and de i posr *d by tlie late firm) w;u. awardtd the first prem:am at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently l held in this city l These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each partv ular cese, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so perfect as to deceive the mo-t prac i tL-*eil eye. Particular attention aJso paid to flHuig and pre raving the nntaral teeth. ? harges moderate and all operations warranted, i ?ttice southwest cornt* Seventh and D ^?.?en trance on D. roar 21?6m DENTIST fTyT "T\U. MUNSON respectfully cail? public attention 1/ to his new. patent, and*GREATLY ITPrtOVED method of setting Artificial Te-th, wtih Continuous Gum?the very PERFECTION OK THE ART. Tliisstvln of IVeth has the following advantage? over all others, viz : GREAT STKENGTH, CLEANLINESS, COM FOkT,atid BEAUTY, viemg with Nature in these respects, and in some other* excelling. Public m ?peciion u respectfully solicited, i'lea-e call and see specimens. J"\UTION.?No other Dentist in the District of Cttlumbia has a right to make this style of Teeth. N. B?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for life. office and house at No. 908 E street, near the eor-er of Pennsylvania avenue and !4th street. __ap 34?tf TO THE LADIES." MISS H J. THOMPSON n?w prepared to show our larscflHwl lBTand well selected stork f MillinerylHBP which she has jus! opened, of the la lest iiyl>'s wlueh w<? are s? IIins nt the lowest prices, and wu eordially invite the ladies to call early and have the fir?t selections. We would also respectfully call their attention to our large and hand handsome stock of Fancy Goods Pwlumary. Gloves, Hosiery, fcc,. which we can sell a? unusually low prices. HUTCHINSON k MUNKO, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, Firm door west of Walter Harper fc Co V Lour 2H? IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING. PERSONS removing from the city, and wish tij; to dispose ol their Furnitup- and Huusek-sping uii'IihNj I with ?ut tiit: trouble of Im-ui ti> public^aui'tion, can do so by calling on Us at our store, 317 Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Ninth Street, v we are prepared to buy all such goods as may be offered H>u?ek.tpers and others will do well by < ailing ?n us, a* wt will pav the highest cash prices lor aU such goods WALL, BARNAUD Sc CO. ap 28?lm 317 Pennsylvania avenna. m A CARD. Of Kronomy ts tk* r*cul to VHaltk."&^ Great Reduction in the price of Hats 4 Caps. r|' H E undersigned, havin? made arrangements I with a New York Hat Company to be con stantly supplie 1 witb the very best Moleskin or DRESS HATS, got up in the latest style, offers Uiem at the uuprecedented low price of 33,5U, worth from trur to five dollars; second quality, fit worth lrom A3 50 to .f 4; and a very good ?a_hi< a able Hat at $.',50, worth from $3 to ?3,50 Also, Be-be A Co's Hats, at a ninth less advanoe than they have been here tot. re sold iu this ?ty. First-rate beaver Hats $3,5*. All kiiuls of t*fi HATS and CAPS very low. In order to sell at the above low prices the ouL system munt be adopted ; consequently thone who purchase will not be charged from fifteen to twenty, flee per cent, a* an offset for bad debts. ANTHONY, (for many years in the employ of Todd & Co.) No. 3,C< iuiiibia place, 7Ui rt., ap i3?tf 2d door north of Penn. avenue. MRS. L. AL1~En7 f^fXo 805 Pa. avenue, 6ctu*rn Xist'Aj Mu and Tenth *tr*et?,*outh suit, Jjj&i! Will op?n on Saturday, 7ih instant, a mo-t extensive and beautiful assortment of Spring MILLINERY, consisting of Crape, Silk, Lace, Spotted Crape ,nd Crass Linen HATS, including Straws of every description. Also, Misses' Dress Hats and Flats, he. L. ALLEN, ap 4? 1,^2, 3^ 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9. 0. FLABARKK, corner of Tenth and C sta , who . is a practical manufacturer in metal, has an a^sorment of Silvei plated NUMBERS of various patterns He will make numbers for houses, hotels pews in Churcli-, and for hacks, to suit rdl tastes, and is confident at the low price they will be made th<it it will *uit the pure ha er. ap 16?lm HAIRW0RK 4 VRNAMENTH of, such as bracelets, Chet elains, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Fiiifer 'f* fnadw to order, of any dseircd dsswn. Allorders faithfully attwidad to. wpe^imens may Iw seen at my stor?. u. " BEMKKN, Mar JO **'? ^wesii ?ui and io?ii tu. REV. JOHN LANAHAN, PASTOR OF THE EXETER STREET, M E. CHURCH ?A ?tntnc desire to the afflicted induces him lhar- to cenfy. We chal' eog.-> any other medicine to |xe?-?nt such a mass of testimony from f "iiHemen and ladies of high standing of our own weil-knnwn citizens. who testify of cure? of COUGH, BRON CHITI8, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, kc. Baltimore, January 44?h, 1806. Memrt. Mortimer t( Mowbray: I tako pleasure In saving to you that I have wed y 'Ur "Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit. From a serious tdroat affection, my general health had become very much impaired, when I com .miired to use '? Hampton's Tincture." I found it effects upoti my general health most salutary.? My nervous system and digeelive organs soon right ed up under it? use. 1 have several times recommended It to my friends, and in every case, as tar as I have b?cn in formed, thoy have use it with success. Yours truly, Johh Lakahan, Pastor Of Exeter st., M. B. Church, Baliiniore. BLEEDING OP THE LUNfiS. Rai.kior, N. C., Feb 8, 1855. itcxrt. Mortimer 8r Mowbray: I ?io here ^v certify that about twelve months ago 1 wn? tnfcen with a severe hemorrhage of the Lungs .tmi had four attack* of it I was advised to try Dr. t lam {.ton's Vegetable Tincture I procured one joi'1 ?, a.-d after taking which, I was PHtisfied that I was much bett r; and that, taking the fourth tx?U>?, i wu entir.-iy well, and now I enjoy as good naltli as ever I did in my life. 1 can, and do, with i!:! ih-' l^ast hesitation, recommend the Tincture o *11 r-orsons afflicted in my way. Youre, Gio. W. Wiaklrt. CURE F ITS?REM)! litre to Vie Si.k than Gold.?From on# of the most ra',)<ictable DrugeisH in South Car<?ina. Charlkston, S. C. i?ept. 31,1853. 51 M''1Timir & Mowprat:?The sale ef so". Hampton's Vegetable Tinct'ire is increasing e*-? r/ day, and everv bottle Fold recommend* this vJ m le medicine to the afflicted. Several of our piar u re have tried it in different eases with a^ton isVi.g sjuecess, and are getting it hy half dozens. It bv been found to be the greatest remedy for rheu ie ii c aff-wuons, and a wonderful cure ha? been p.'r'-.rm-d <'!i a negro Imv, tiifftnng from Fits. I wt" furnish voti with a number of certificates if you wish them I aiu, gentlemen yours, W. G. Trott. t ill . get paitrp'dets gratis, and see cur*-s of lAv'h. Uroi:oliit:s uiieumatNut, Neuralgia, Dys 0 ) .-ia. ni.ii iv j ;ind Ci:nera! Weakness. As * f !.!??.sii-ii*e. or f- r delicat children we believe h. ?inequ:i!le<*. Swill.y MOP.TIMEU St. MoWH^AY, 140 Baltl sne? t. ?'<!t !t.orc, and 304 Broadway, N. York 1 i*s. N. Co., J. B. Moore, D. B. Clarke, tuiiKf ^ IUiwimo. \V. Er.MOT.and H MrI'UER son, Washington ; also, by R. S. F. Ci*brl, Geosce town; and C. C. Uerry, Alexandria, and by Drug gie* e*. ry where. feb 21?tr pNo. 633 ] N-ticd if Withdrawal of certain Lands in Wisconsin. "4 A,rIIE!'EAa, in puriuanee of a ioiit resolution ? ? f C >mjrc?s, ent'tl*d "A regulation explana lory of an (?< t pas'ed Aogust third, eighteen hua dr- d and fifty foar," approved March 3,1856, relat in.- to 'ue Fox and WiFeOTis'n river grant, the ef f" f ?>hicb is to ?nlargo 9*ii fra?t trim three to Sre -ec'loDs ix width. th? President of the United, Sites ha.s, by bi? order bearing fla'a th? ainih day o' March uitimo, directed that certain tnwntkips ?t -nt*d i.? tac mtvk of Wisco"??i?t. on ca<h rde of th I'oi te^e canal and the Fez river and th* lak-8 ?hr ash whic'a it parser. (includiL g the lands iie-e t lore wiihorawu and withheld for taid gratitj sl.all be vithdrani rvom sala or entry for any rpoce * hatever until fur'her ordera Not*c? is therefore hsreby giren that eV;d lands s tua'ed as hereinafter descilbed haTe this day been fit'drawn from *aie cr ?atry accordingly, to wit: : n the district uT lands subject to s*'? at Mxkasha *.'?. 't of thg biu-t line and ast of i\e fo arth *r?-<nci pal meridian Township 12, on the left bank of tte Wifconain ri? *r, and toTrnsLips 13 anu 14, cf range d T -rnsbips 19, 13 ?rd 14. of rarpe 10 " nwnirn'p It. cf rergi 11 Tornsl ips 14,15. "?6. 17. and 18, of range 12 ow -ships 15, 16. 17 aed )?, of range 13 Tr wa^hfps 17, 18 aad 19. of r^a^' 14 Town-h;p? 17, 1*1, 19. nnl 20 of ran?;e 15 Townships 16, Id. 17. 18, f9, 20 aud 21, of range 15 'I' wnsuips 15, 16,17,18, 19,20, 2', and 22, cf rang? 17. Town-hip* 15,16. 17,19, 20, 51 and 22 of range 18 Townships 16, )7. 18,19. 20, 21, 22, a jd 26 cf ra-j?e 19 Townships 21,22, 23 and *4, of rang# 20 Tr wL.*b<ps T2, to and 24. raufe 21 ia h" district of land- sulje*' t-> aale at Mi^kral Poist : S?-:h of Lhe bate line und east of the fourth prtnei pal me.riJian "owrshlp* 12, 13 acd 14, en tbe Wft bank of the VT;. . ossln rlvor. of range 8 lu the di:-tiLt of '?nde subject V) s.iia at STtvivs* '-'oiJiT: AW A of the h.isf Itnc and east of th4 fourth principal meridian. Townshif>6 15 and 16, of raage 8 Tf wns^tpt 11 and 16, of r??ge 9 V *?e?bips 15 atul IP, of 10 Townships 15, 16 and 17. of range 11 Given ur.d< r my hand, at th* General lAnd Offlre, at the city of Washington, this third day of April, ? nn" Lomlni ore thousand ei^ht hunlaid and flly flTe. By ortleT of tbe President: JOHN WILSON, Ocmmi??k>ner of Geaaral Land Offloe. ai> 6?ilaa6w t'nltad StRtai Patawt Oflce. Wasui^otus, April 19, 1856 (\N the petition of Aioki WiiKKLa^ and A. F. t WnakLia, Execut' r of William ?. Wheeler, ,1 >ceeee 1, of th? State of New York, praying for the extension of 4 patent granted to Aloaao and Wm. .. ^Vneeler on 'he 8th cf Jul*, 184k for an ia: prov?m-nt in '? ^ndl^aa Chain Llor.e Power ft>r 1-itrmg Mvhin^ry," for seven yearj fro? t>? ax;d ru'l'.c of th? said patent, which taken piase on the 8 i day ot Juy. 1855? It ordered, that the caid petition be heard at tht Patent iifflre on Monday, the 25th day of June next at 12 o'clock m ; and all persons are noticed to ap pwtr and i=how cause, if any they have, why Bald pe tition ought not to he granted. Persons opportng the extension are required tc fileii' the Patent Oillce their objections, specially set forth in writing, at leant twenty dayt> l?efore the day yf heering; all testimony fll#d by either party to be a >1 at the sail hearing must be takvo and trace ml ted in aeof>rdance with the rule* of the offlce, wrhicli will bn furnL'hed on app'Jcati< n Th** testimony in the case will be eloeed on the 15" h ot June, 1856; depositions and other papers re lied on us testimony, must he tiled in the Office on or hofore the morning of that b:y; any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, alao, that this notice ba published in the Union, Intelligencer and Eveningritar, Washington, D 0.; I>ei!y Republican BaltJaiore, M4.; Fenn sylviniao, Philadiilphia, Pa.; Scientific American, New York ; once a week for three successive weeks f r^-vious to the 2ftth -lay of JuLe nest, the day of hfaring. S T. 8IIUGERT, A^t!nj; Coamiusioner of Patents. I. Eiitors of th? abovo papers will pleaee copy and Ft-ad their bill* to the Patent Offica, with a pa' per containing this notice. spriO?law3w United State* Patent Office, > Wnahitigf >n, April 10, l>U>o. ) ON the petitAti cftlcoKuis Paue. cf Wabhlngi^n, D. U., praying fi r th? extension cf a patent gruuied to him on tiie 16th day nf July, 1841, for an improvement in '-^rtabie circular saw mills," for seven years from tne ?ipirntion of said patent, wtveh takes plaoe ou the lfiUi day ot July, eighteen hundred and tlity-five: It is ordered tbst the said petition be haarJ at the Patent Otllce on Monday, ihe 2d day if iuly, 1855, at 12 o'clock m.; and all persona are notified to appear and show oause, if auy they have, why sid 1 petition o?.:ht not to i^e granted. P< rsons opptisiD/ tbe extension are required to (Vie In the Patent i'fflce their oly-*?tions, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty ' ays bidbre the day of heaj iug: ail t.-?timnnv filed by either party to be kwJ at 'he taid hearing must be taken and trans mitted ia aoooraau.? with the rulee of the offi.e, which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the case will be closed on the iid lay cf Jaoe; depositions and other papers re lityi on as testimony must h;>. tiled in the office on or bai'wiM the morning of that nay; the arguments, if any, within ten days thereafter Ordered also, that this notice be publiahed in the Union, Intelligeucer, and Evening Star, Washing t >n, 1>. 0.; * rgu?, tialtioio?e, Md; Evening Argu?, Philadelphia. I'a^ Scientific American, New York: ouce a w.i?k for thr?e suoc -ssive weeks previous tf> the 21 d:iy ot July next, the day of hearing. S. T sJULuKAT, Acting Gommiasloner of Patents. P S?Editors of the above papers will please copy ai.d send ih"ir bills to the Patent Office, with a pa per -ontwiniug this not.ioe epr 17?TSw FOR POOR AND LABORINg' mEnT '1ALL ttUiLDl.s'G LOi.j of 10 feet or Jiore, :b V } various parts ol the City, acd 'Jeortetowx af 1< v . risef, end teruis to suit. LIa>VD & C?i. nUIIiOI If G 8 T O 91 12 ) i .1: i i'?, deli /ers.ble at the Cac*l, or Wharves Ir W_-nlinioe. 0,w>rsretown, or Alexandria. LI-OYD A CO. ltth r..* t. c^p. Tr?a*an/ f>partrjeut tr 'O*?1 r j lAllRIAGE^ A iVarKES ^ For Sale.? V ./ The subeenber haa on privsto sale? 1 pix s>at Pniaily Carriage 1 Doctor's Pbetun 1 eet Double Harness 1 ?<( Single Harncoe Both Curiiages were built to order, are thoivu^) ly well made, and but little used. I'm ?1 - low and tenae favoraMe JAB. C. Mo*UIKB, Auctioneer aad OonuiieekNi Merchant. ap?-?* ?niniamnm EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING DEPOT. The subscrirer respectfully annouvces to his friends and the phrlic in general that he has received the fiist lot of t*e celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the STLl KR MEDAL at the iaie Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' lruUtul?, and la now prepsr<d tofurni?h all who may favor him with a cill. Him u!?ck of OAS FIXTURES are nnH]rpaF?e<) in the District. With his corps of competent workmen he prides hun?if to nil any ord?m In the PI.rMBFVO A\D GAS-FITTIN'G line with prompting and det-petch. *SrA!l work done warraued to Cive complete sat ?Mfucnon JOIN FKKSB. April Jo tf Corner of Sixth Street and Pennsylvania At> nue Public Sale of United State* Property at the N^vy-Yard, Memphis, Tenneue*, by order of the Bureau :f Yards and Docks. ON tlie 1st day of June, 1855. the following arti cles will be sold to the highest bidder, at pub > lie atiction, at Ihe navy yard, Memphis, Tennessee: ) Building Material, dx. 113,900 hard brick ; lo3,311 feet various timber and lumber 1,944 feet coping; 605 feet stone belt course 47 feet dimension stone; 89 leet stone curbing, (undressed) 515 perches lubble none; 8,900 lbs. cut nails, j (assorted) 1,152 lbs iron spikes; *250 lbs wrought nails 3,064 Welch slate; 9e5 feet ridg* files < 164 tiles, (SO fen long;) 115 window sills, none 1,T>&0 bushels sand ; 1,675 lbs sheet 1 ad 76 bbl3 cement; lot of inne 14t) bushels chare ml; 6 boxes tin 31 boxes window gia-s, 57 lbs ?ash cord I,W8 lb? sash waigbts; 110 hinges (assorted) 5 kegs white lead, .'18 gall Jp? linseed oil 549 lbs putt>; 10 gallons spirits turpentine I lb suiiar of lead; 210 fee' tin guttering 20 lbs scrap copper; 160 gallons sperm oil j 1,060 lbs oil iron; 1,323 lbs new iron, (assorted) | 3d lbs hor?eih.#e iron; 12 bbls scrap iron 16 lb> hur.-eshoe nail* 10 ibs solder 333 lb* blister steel; 18,000 lbs cast iron bell line banners i 10 ibs oniory; 44 window frame* 5 door frames; *7 'butters < pairs s2sh, (glnzrd;) 3 pairs sish 900 p'eces whits *ak timber ; 3 lbs Russia lain : g.lKS ' 3 lu> Russia glu?; 150 lbs tsllow ?[0 lb- hard soap; 1 lot of old castings 1 lot of tree nails; 1 lot of band leather 1 lot of lace leather 1 lot of oil cans ; 1 lot of jugs, barrels, hick ory log*, assorted wire, ateel, nails, station ery. Sue., and 4 'bs India rubb -r packing Machinery, Tools, tfr.t of Ftrtota Descriptions. 5 ram*, 3 iioisting cranes; 2 derricks 4 setting fids; 109 cart fello?.#, 2 cart shafts, 10 cart l:ubs, and 214 spokes 8 old railioad cars; 16 axleueas 18 a sorted blocks; 4 spring bol'a I scrubbing brush, 48 fire buckets 165 lbs chain cable; 8 slating knivea 38 locks, (assorted;) 5 tin lanters 1 set wine measures; 12fa h pulley* 8j uiason?s hodf; 55 sbovela 4 axes, (Collin's;) 2 cylinders and caps 3 white wash brushes; 9 dotci cu-t brashM 30 augers, (assorted;) 3 fraaaed sawa 2 foot adte*; 1 whip saw; 2 scythes 2 hand barrows; 2 timber nooks ?0 mortar boards; 40 wheelbarrowa 2 mortar beds, 26 treatlss ? pair platfiiim scales;2 pair siting ecalwt 1 French horse 1 wiring machine, 1 large thick edge 1 grooving tool; 1 hatch stake 1 peak iros; 1 large burring machine 1 s?*t north tools; 1 pair soldering irons I pair baud shears; 1 large cast-iron stake i 1 60lderiri2 furnace; 11 work bsnchea 16 writer buckets; 1 sand screen 2 lime sifters; 9 <nortar hoes 2 pair ploughp!anas, with bi'aj 8 toogae and groove pi nes, (assorted) 3 sash planus; 3 finishing do ; 4 do (asaorted) 1 gri <1 stone 1 pair 36 incJi bellows; 2 do. 40 inchew 4 anvils; 4 vices; 3 sledge hammers 4 cross-eat saws; 1 staving block 4 sets tongs; 15 punches 26 hammers, various sites and kinda So bolt tools; 14 n*rew wien h?s 1 set shoeing tools ; 1 set blacksmith's tools In ropewalk torge shop 15 crowbars 7 picks; 4 stone buggixa 12 wedges; 1 paint stone; 1 painter's kulfa 3 sets chisels; 6 globe lanterns 6 hand a^Ws; V squire.-; 1 set turner's gouges 2 broad-axes; 2 hatchets, 1 sawset 5 callipers; 5 screw drivers 2 drawing kirves; 6 nippers 20 dotea files; 6 gwulels. Pittsburg Coal. 119 tons best quality. MaterialJrota Ropewalk. 4,64* lbs hemp tow yarns; 17 do. old tarred do k.JU) lbs tow; &2 bbls best quality Wilmington tar 1 Cart*, JVagon, Gearing, $e. I wagon; 10 carts; 2 pair timber whaela 1 straw-cutter; 1 pitch-fork 2 drays, together with a lar^e lot of harueu. Household and Office Furniture. 6 bureaus; 11 bedsteads 10 woshrtp.iida 1 wardrobe; 4 pitchers; 6 tuuibleis 2 water tars; 3 *wf<is; 20 iiialiogany chairs 8 11 12 dozen office and bouse chairs 1 mahogany table* 1 ceutre table 2 se s dining table*; 2 ironing tables 15 office tables; 8sets shovels, tongs, end pokers 1 M3>4 yards carpeunz; 17 yards stair do 4 hearth rugs; 97 yards oilcloth 1 hall lamp; 1 hairack;2 sideboards 2 parlor mirrors; 1 looking-glass for toilet 1 secretary; 4 cabinets; 1 iron safe 3 office stools; 1 drawing board, with movabla I frame 9 chests of drawers, 1 book cas? 11 writing deaks; 1 copper boiler for kitchan j 1 pair fire-irons; 6 stoves; 1 eight dav clock Saluting bait, ry, consisting of 15 32 pmndar carronades, with their equipments com plete Pmall kedge, weighing 50 pounds. The terms of sale will be cash, in specie, tn be p?id before the articles are removed from the yard, whichi must be within ftve days from and after tha day of sale. If the terms of sule are not complied with, the property will be resold, on ane week'a < public notice, at the ns!t and cost of the delinquent I purchaser a;.26-law4w I ORGANS FOR SALE. ! A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair They are from the uipiwfactory of HENRY ERBEN of New York. 1 For isms, &c.. epfty to Prof. SCHEEL, on 14th street, north oi T. ITWWRY EitliEN teb 28? eoU n(;?ARL?.S HANKINS, Architect. 'Pa. avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh treats ) washinoton. d. e. WILL continue ro furnish Plana, detail working lh?wing? and s^aflfeftlona 0r buildings ot t^wry description, and also to mp^rfntend tHw i roc tl?11 r?h NEW SONG. W^TJ^J FAL8B PLORA. word, i I [No. 530.1 By tli* President oft lie I'ntttd State*. | IN Vrmoanceoflaw,!, FRANKLIN TIKRCE, Pvta idrnt ot the United of America, do hereby decide and make known that * publi s%le will br I he'd at the lent oftlo* at A cart* A, in thef.tateo* Mflli?irPt, common"inf on Mrnday,thet?o?!fi/y-ri''e( day of May nejet, f->r the di^f~??*?! of all tii?t portion | oi h i s?ot.ons an 1 pert* ot s<*ct:ous of lan 1 bearing c: i numVrn within six n :ea on e*~n Ride of the I lin* of th" MorLi A.TO Ohio rtv** bajiboad, in to# .-rat-scf AI via* a ?nl MbM?m auhj<?et to the d'-ubW minimum price of two dollars ai'd fifty oei.te per acre, ?fl prr^ided by She act ot JOth September, ] fr to graduation as to prioe by the act of 4th A oeua . 1851, which were aiv?r:i'?5 l> l>? off?ral fir aale in p~o lamstion Fo 4W, bear in; -late 2."V1 May, l*r3, hot -ubseq ienily witl dravn uu'.i: far'h*r no'.te t r th* proposed mln ad from Brndou to .MontH*m"r; bv public no*i*e No.] 4iU. bearing dat? 19th August, 13*3; anl the earn** not being auh)"* to privite entry at tl?e date ot said VlUi.lrt.wal, were oon??icaz tlj not reetored te n?ar v*t liy k< ner.:! notice No 622, dated 5th teptfmb-r, [ 1-54, situate-i in the underwent oued townffcips, ] to wk: North of Vie base line and ?at* of the Choctaw mrt-1 duin Township Jour, of ranse thtrt^n lownahipe fAree, four Jttc, and rtm, of raage four-1 tec a To*n-h'ps Three, f.-ur, C?e, ela ecJl tmzm, of| rax^* fl.Vea To 1 n^hifs thret.four.Jiw, rtx, r^t wveafOf i ange | tfxtm Townships Are. its, and nf ran?* aev?i-| te?n Tc^r>hb!p Jfeen, of range erg-teen. Notice i? kieo Ler?by given tkat all rfce lands ait uatei oatsile of the sue Utile limits on each aide of I the a^ve roed withdrawn *?d not siao* restored | to private entry as tbov- stated, which will be cub Jort to entry at o?e dollar and teenty-flv. eeeta I per acre, or (il for actual Sf?ttl*?ent aed pre emp tion) at the prices pree ribed by the rnaduetion B'-t ot 4th August, 1664 in tba tollewiug^eamed (Patriots | and townships in the States of Mia* wippi an J Ala bama, will be subject to entry and lotion on and aft-r Monday the mrwUenth day of March next, tc wit: In the district of landa ?u' Ject to aale at Acophta, ] Missibmph : North of th? bate lim and eat*. (J tt? Choctaw dim*. T-a-niOilpt fme,fow.Jlv*, fix hoi Bt-ren, cf raega J twaive Town-bipa thr-e, four, fire, nx, and saved, ol] ranee thirteen Tiwunhips ihnr*, fow Jlvt at?, and of range ] fourteen Towo?hip wwn, of range flrteen Townships three, four, and five, of range sixteen Township* thTfe, four, fire, lim, anl teoen, ol j rang" serFct^ec Towaatlpa three, four, flw, aix, ard Mm, at] rangrt e;i?hteen. Tn the district cf lands rabject to sale at Dmopo* ] us, Alabama : North oj the base Un- and toest of tki prinoipil me ritUam. Townships tbirtepn, fourteen, fifteen, alz'.een and] I MTentean, of range two Townsh pa thirteen, fourteen, fi teen, tiateaa and] tevmt"it, of raage thre?> Toeraablpa thirteen, fourteen. ji/~U*n, mmUtm aatij seventean, of range four Tuwnfihips thirteen and fosrteen, of range flee. The townships dfatgn&ted in r man lefern are I wholly within tba limit* ot six and fifteen milea re spectively on eaeh ride of said road asdthoaein xloJx'i are pnrlly wi bin aaid limits, as daaigna'ad I on the diagrams which will be fernlabed to tba re spective district ofteeia by the Crmmidtionar of the | General Laad i -? The laiiis wil< be 3*Md. suWoi to tk? ritkt of v ay I ! grants by tha ?<*t of 80th September, 1850 to the states s t'reiki 1 for aaid raiiroad, not exreediagona hundred fr&tvn each tdde th?r?H?f, and .harefora the particular mcti of lauji which include the road w 11 ] be s-ll ??? ountaining the quanlitiet respectively shOH u by thu ofllctal plate. The sactioas will be rffcred at tho public sale !n 1 the order in which thty are advatti^ed; the aale I ! will be kept open for a soOcient time to admit of | offering ail the lands, tint c >t ?X3**?Jlng two weeks, i and applisattons to make private entries of the lands | offered at public sale under this proclamation Will not be received until after the clcee cf the two i waeia. 0i?en under By hand, at the city of Wa*blact?a? this seventh day of February, Anno Domini ene thousand eight hosdred and fifty-five. FKANKiJN PICSCS. My too Preaidant: Jobs Woeoa. Oo^jn'Mioner Qsnerai Lacu urna^ SOTiQ? TO PEE KMPTION 0LAIMAN88. Under the bit of Congreaa approved 3d of March, 1853, entitled "An sot *o extend pre empticn rights to certain w.Uars therein m*nti'' n?l," the pre emp tio i la-b were extended over the above mentioned alternate odd numbered sections within s'x miles m each sidscf the route of the road where the settle ment and improvement were mad' prior tn the date of alh txaen', it proven up and paid for at the rate of two dollars ai>d fitty cent" per acre, before the day fixed for the public sale; and by the aot ap proved YTth March, 1*&4, entitled "An act for the relief of wttlers op lands reaerved for railr oad pur poses," persons who settled aud improved the above named sections prior to the date of untxdrai&xk will be entitled to preemptions at theordinary minimum price of the public lands, or at the rate of one drllar and twenty-five cents per acre, if proven up and paid for brf.>re the day fixed for the public aale:? Therefore, every per-on entitle to the right of pre emption in any of the alternate odd numbered Mo tions above mentioned, within six mileiol the route of the road, uod> r the &ct cf Sd Msreh, 1*&S, above refurml to, on settlements mad* ptiur to the 4th of February. lt>!>3,(tbe date of allotment) or under 'he act of 37 th Ma'cn, 1854, on settlements made prior to the dat^ of the origiuel withdrawal of the lands from market, likewin? every person entitled to pre emption under the act of 27th Marcb, 18&4, In any ot the lands ottltide oj the iu nule limits directed to be restored to en.ry on the 17th day of March next, is required to ee.ablish the ssroe to the satW ctlon of 'he re ister and receiver of the proper lard office, and make payment therefor at th? pries fixed by law a# soon as practicable after aeeing this notice, and before the a?y appointed for the publ c sale or restoration to market of the lands embracing the tract claimed; otherwise such rial* will be forfaited. JOHN WILSON, Oommisricrer of General Land Cfloa. fob 10?lawl3? BAJTKUVO HOUSE OF PAIB0 ft HOUEfil Oppodte UnUod States T)0ND8, atoti* and other n &nd void. Interest at the rate of glx per cent aar annum il tewed on depwtle wti?n left L r " I : ft.l " TRAVELERS' nfRFrTQKT. # WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD * CH4NGE OF IIOT'R* N and aAar .M md*y, the 831 instant, Um MIm will eave Washington at 8 and l. in., aad 3 asd Q 4J^ pa On 8unday *t 8 a m and 4\< n ? Leavr Baltimore at 4( m?d ?Af a m, mm! I ?* p m Oil Sonde? a: 4g and 5M p m. ap 23- g T H PARSONS. dt? Mott Bedeil ? Lin*. ^ NKW YORK,ALEXANDRIA. WASHINGTON ClTY, AND DISTRICT OF COLCMBIJ P t/fCJfCT'S. rrtllfS LINE Of PACKETS SAILS WEEKLT X f"??? pi" 14 East River, Nrw York.and oArner If neceeeary, and are eompi>?>??<? ef tb? following firai. Cla*? vusscla: New achr. A. J* BfdtfJ, E?d?N, master. Now whr. Mott RtMl, A. V. TredwelL 8< hr. Ann D., Wn?. Oliver, mast'-r. K? h". Volant. I.. A. Smith, master. H?hr. Commander in-Chuf, VVogt Mi, MMr. riclir. Greenu ay, VVilwin, master. Th.'*e vtast-ls are all fasl sailers, and the ma*i*-ra men of ?*xp? riencr id Iho trade, and the only rrg? La- line of Washington Oitv packets. .U'TT BtOELL, Wall street, If. V. 8. 8. MASTERS It SONS, Aiezaadria, Ta THOMAS RI1.LY, f. o 1?On Washington and D. U OR A WOE AJJD ALEXANDRIA RAILKOAD. (>n and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, *"1 '.It Can i?ave Alritujni daily for O?rdoi>? 1 till* and l&wm*di??e statiee- at 7 * o'clock, a. r-^ ?B tfcs arrlra! oX lb* b*iat fr^m Waehlnftor, fU'r.?*ir*)? ?tvae f :r bn??kftu?t oa board. Con* e?Chf at Mnw Iyn.*t**a aith ? tr*la for Ftra*> fc-:rr. at TVarmntoti Ju '?lion with a tiaia tor W?r ft t ?:n. ari.i at OonicnavilU with !Lv T-iw on tha V'-,.: i* C*-tra! ?iaiixoci f ?i itiJooajd, Charlr-Uaa ril a tac! Staunton 1V? errs ieave Gv,rdf cjvp'e daT:y fcf Alexandria i-:.', 'ntermedljV statics*, at J?H?toT? IS. a. a., oa tb* ?-rival o*tbetraJo? o* the virf^ria Central rail n>?i frpo Mntfad.OfcatMwHP*,nl Staantor. T-:nou<aij tiOkrti?? F ?m Alexa<V*1a to WarrenV n ...$3 00 ?* u GnHi -grille S M " * ChariottesvfUa .. 4 35 M " PttrrtoD. t 90 " *' Ptraaborn 8 N5 " " L?f>ch>urg....^.._ e Ti ?* " W'n'ha^ter..^.. S SO M " Lurtv 4 34 ** Sew Market 4 00 " ? Mi4d>burg 1 tt y r TTreJ ^npg, ^ar.ectiug W'th tha flap* at C2 ii.vt'osTille, ca lioni^yf, Wednaeday, and RrW dt ?? y r Lare? and Kei? Market ^riwetfoc with tha c ???? at Catpsper,onTa<?u?y?lTbtufldaja,and baV tri^y. r >r Tir.cJwVr dally, oenr.sottec with the ata^** at Krdn>ont *? . Ml lJJat.urj 4ailr, oonuae^lnf with the atafM at tii? Plil'jfl. ?r order: ff. B. fiBOGim, /Lffni t 0? 7?<lti FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS! Para round trip $1; from Aiai? &r. 76 ceati ?T!i?> TH'JMAS OOi.LYRR lenraa *?'6>;'hgjlon at 9 and AUiaDdrta at 9% o'clock, t i*.eha? iHif Capitol for tia boat at 6 c'otk. fire ' 0 eentj. ? ers-mo wlpfctn . th? CcueL'ft will leave their rati <r- e* with Geo. k Thr-r. Varker. ^ ? *r?abai?'i'f or th? boa* t?t?-dtf _ PAM'L QMDK8T, Capt TfIK SEW YORK A LIVKRPUOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. T'iE SHIPS CQWl'lilYQ TIUB um A&l riiR? ATLANTIC, Cart W?*t nciric, 0-j t Ny?, BALTIC, Capt Oec^tocR, Al>iLLinC; Capt. Qrattun. Tb*? ahlpa hare been buHt by oontrart, ex;>raw ly for Government aervi.?; every ours La# ber-a UV-": in 'Jicir conf-iiiTttcn. ac in th? f.n?in+* u> fclrengtfc and ep^1. and their anccnua<>da tiii'i for pMongers ara unequalled for elegant i ruhrl. Fn< e of p?-p?atfe fro? Kew York to LfTrprl. la i. oa bill**, mi..*******.*. .*???? .???.. .*?... ?* *.*? ??**??? ? 1 iO -t<! Oabin 70 Rrrtacivr uee o/rctra .-ir* at?te rooia* 34a) 7r? ra Liverpcc; L< S*n York ?30 and ZM. * t *xperlencM rnr^eon attacked to each flip* berth oau e^cured until paid tor. ic.r rrwht ar panaa^* apply to Jt&H AiU> K. OOLLIN8 k 00., M Wali etreat. N? Ycrftk BUOWK, fiUIPtEY A 00, Ltfacpoai E. 0. ROBBRTP A 00-, 11 Ktnr'i Ariae Yard, London. JOHN UUNROR ft OO, K Eu? Ian*** Tj triraa. Part*. GKO. t. T>KAFtll, liarra. rr.a v wneea of tbaaa anipa wili aot be acooantabU k>r ^cld, Blrer. bullion, specie, jewelry, prartoua at cr met*La, un'.aa* bill: frf lading are mrn?4 ani Jw value the'eof thtT'ln expraaar^. r.nw 1 a?41 ? Private Medical Treaties on tnx PTIYPI0L0QICA.L YI*W Of MARRIAG*, BT Bf. B. LA C&OIX. H. D,? ALBANY, N Y. vi P*(*efl and 189 Fine Plain and Ooloiad Lltho graphs aa.l t latae. 9f Prlae oaiy %B C??ta. *Vt H" '-nt free cf preta;?e to all part* 9f the Cnlrr^l CHRAPRHT ROOK kVKR PUBLISH BP, ?Bd oontaining a?arly d^aLla tte quantity ot reading matter in that of'the FIFTY CENTF OS DOLLAR publications. It treat* on the PHY81OL0 OY 09 KAR&IAQR. and lha ae*rat ikfirmitiee and diarrd<*r of youth and matnntv, re aultlng trem exo^aee, vhlca ?Wiroythaphyei^a! and men tal p?vera, wlUi obaerraOr-nj ?b dattai anl t.?iu\l 115 ration a, and tlteir ranadiat; Tltb lithographs, lllnHrating the uie.tomy and pbvBelogj, and diaeiua? of tha repr ? dactira or^ana of both saxe?, tb*ir ctruotura. uaM and inactions. A popular an-1 eocprahenare traa lis; on tha du'Je* ux J ca#va>*iB> ? f single wad uar ried lifa?happy and troitia: all^L^es. code tf re. mr;ug tht*m *TJ1 Inia.-tjla one*?their sbTi^ion and r?qbrv.'.?important hints to tho<* aontempiating aatrii^rny, thet will overcome ob jections to It; non>, fci*<tv*i. ahoold take tbi tin* portant a^p vv^cnt Krat consulting iu pe^ae? s&mxn^nta^iae oa the iirty** niaiicai treatment ot femnlea froa atiancy to old a*?, aacb caM gr?pb laaliy ilju^l ?atea by Wautiful lithographic plate*? ne: ?oa^> ieb:litT, Ita cauaaa and cura, hy a j>roce? at < oee ao eimjAe, atCa and eff-vraai, that failure ia liajK jdible?m'.f-a for daily management?an aae?y on ^pormatctTbaaa vlth practical observations on a ui:r, and more Bur^aafUl mode of traatmaat?pra uu'.k>nuv hinti on tha evll^ resulting from emptn Jtl p:cj"tdco?*n ee^ay cn ail <2ie^asee ar'nnj fi oa OJiicri Jon, with plain nnd simple ru'ee by ?blob all pen-ens can rur? tbaaib^lvM without mercury? reiii^dlea fcr thxca aalf infiictad miaerlea and dbap pointed eo untortunavtly prevalent In the roung. It u a truthful advi-<r to tha married and thoc? oontemfluting marna^e* 1U perusal la par ticu.arly rcccmmendad to peraona entertaining ae u*i doufcui of thrir phywhia.1 -ccJitian, and who are eonAcioua of hiring Lax.rd^a tL? health, happinro and priviiate* to which every hcma.n being ia tt title-1 tr. Price "j& cecta per copy, or five ?-oj>lea tor one dol lar. Mailed free of poatage u> ?x j part of the Unit tad Suua. N. B.?Those who prefer may eon.?ultl>r LaOaoc upon any of tbf ui>*eaae? uj r-a wLicb h.L? Look tretoa either pers- iuu y c r by nuLi. iiediclr.r -?nt tc an; (?art cf the Union ao?rdir.g to directious, rain.) tacked ana carefully aeoured frc-a all obectTatt. r. idlr*?8 Dr. Id. I'. LA CROIX., No 81 Maiden Laoe ar Pes. OfBoe box 170, Albany, K. Y. W offloe open daily from W a m to 9 p m, and oa Sunday frcxa S until 6 p ex. 49* OSm Htmoved frcm No. 81 Baavar 0k, to SI Bf&ldam La ma, Albany, N. Y. deo 7 F\A'S PATENT AMERICAN ACCORD BON?. Several ol tlieee new and improaed inatrum^aw Juet received and for aaic at the Music l?y? <*' HILBL'ti A JiITZ.. Also, C doson of Paa'a new and cheap instruct** Booka, price S!i cent*. The public are invited to ezamtne three Aocoidf one, having received the Aral premiums ?a eeeryrt bibit'on exhibited. IIILBCS fc illl?., uiar 84 Sole Ar*'". VOTICK.?I received this day a new aas<*? mcnt of SLEEVE BUTTONS and 6TUD*,? the latest atylea. ^lao, a varieiy of other new Gooda: u Vert Chains, Chatelaina, Bracelet*. Ph* Earrings, Rtnrs, etc. Great induct*menta effvred to purchasers. n. 8RMIL?Hf No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 8th and 10m *'? Ot?- New Points put to Gold Penfc at ab^rt po if ? Diamomia remuunted. and Jawelo mad* to ?tfdrr. marW-tf Clocks, clocka. clocks want a gx?d Clock, wamaiitnd in SejJ' aall at t& J. m:fi: SMLJ& 380 l a ave., appa. Fwwar n?* Clock, wam?ntnl to kr^tln.',

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