Newspaper of Evening Star, May 5, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 5, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINQTQN 01T Y: SATURDAY AFTEBUGON May 5 v - ? ~ ~~ ~ ? ' a - AfiKJfTS FOB THE ST A R. The following persons are authorized to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmj?, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pkttingill k Co., Nassau street. Boston ? V. B. Palms*, Scollay's Building. '17" AdvHKTif^joufTS should be harded jr. by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may ? t app<ur until the next day. rrx^ir or the 20^51*79 rRsss The Union insists that northern Know Ncthingism id a 00 li lionised, quoting theepeecb ?f a premonitory of Senator Wilaon. in the Massachusetts legislature, to prove thofact; as well as the Know Nothing goveraor of Connecticut, and the Know Nothing St?te Oouucil ot Ne^ Hampshire. The Union also quotes sotipture to prove that the crime of Know Nothingism is in taking illegal ocths to do unchristian and otherwise improper thing*, not in netting ruch oaths at naught. The Itttelligsnur cornea at length, and with great reluctance to the opiaion that the East* ern war is bo: to be brought to a close \,y the death of Nicholas, which, as on* reader; all know, we have stoadily Expressed, from the advent of the news that event to this time. The editor savv *3 ? ' The n?-jta frcni Europe whi h we subjoin, rum j a painful -olution to protrnctcd and ac-1ous susps se. The hope cf peace which ttanv had hung upon the Vienna Conference hRS fled. The Conference has ended, as we lesrtd it would end, abortively, in its >>iea 1 is left only the gleomy prospectof indef inite war?a war of wnosecbiracter end issues tioth.;.g can be foreseen butitj terrific gran deur and nnheard ofcarnage. Yes, one thir.g more sj-ij be perdicted, namely, that the war will sow sfre.. i to other nations, and proba cy e-nbracs all Europe in its bloody vortex "iue news is that the young Emperor of refused to recede f:ou the ground ?aker. by Lie late father in the interpretation of th?> four p ints made the basis of a pacifiea lion; tbaibe refused the ultimatum of the al lies. and the breaking up of the Confereete followed, of c ursa. * * # 4 Nor c^n tho i?sue of the great struggle go leg cu in the C'imea rfford any prospect of early j a ace. V ictcry there see ji f mors doubt lui tuna ever, a; leajt fyr the allies; but let it <!ec:di as it xsay, honor will forbil the defeat ed r%r?y to li?ten-to ?;ny offer of pence So, as no have remarked above, the only prospect we L'av^ from tbo news brought to us is that cf ind^Gnit? and spreading war. WASHINGTON XBWi AND GOsSiP. Gov. hsedo: and J. W Forney, Esq ?The Issue cf thy New lork Herald of Thursday last, wherein that journal discusses there two gentlemen, affjrds a striking illustration of the depth of degradation to r;hich a poriicn of the press of our country has fallen of late years, through the example of this rams Herald. We know of no other two gontlemon who lead more blameless lives as mer.?of no other two who cnj>y higher rapa'.ation for personal in tegrity in all they do, among those who kn?w them and their actions well. Yet the Herald, in an elL-rt to bricg the Presidont of the United S:a'es ;ato disrepute, hesitates mt to accuie thtm of crimes such aa. if proved upon theu, would ju-tly consign them to prison for the baiiiuce of their rtsjective lives Tho same pa^er has bean asking such accusations against Mr Forney ever since that gentleman, in a public speech, took occasion to publish to the American ^rld the fact thai Daniel O Connor branded Bennett in his own preaenoe. and before an audience of thousands, for a pol. troon and a sUnderer cf respectable ladies For yea-s and years Bennett has lost no oppor tunity for getting r?7ecge by publishing mon etrou~ and unblushi-.g falsehoods pgainst Mr. Forney, whenever he considered that by so doiag he might possibly injure Mr F.'s prTs pec:? in some posing political affair. Each tune Le ha; been woefully disappoirtad; as in spite of h:3 slanders, Forney hsi1 notwith standing them, so far, succeeded in each and ?very rneot his political aspirations. (His Ben net .'s) failure in this connexion, has not been mere'y cnee. twice, or thrice, but a doien ?within the list eight yes-s; whilo Forney's triumph for k;m?elf or his fr ecds has been as frequent We refer to these facta cniy by way of showing that notwithstanding the un deniably immense circulation cf the H'ratd, its editor is regarded by tbe country at his true v.ilue ? ihat ha is utterly without influ ence Mr Forney can. therefore, fairly af ford to give no thought to the slanders with which Biunett lu. ils him; more especially u it is r.o cricuj that the scoundrel, though en joying an income from the lltrald of tens of thousands per annum, dares not permit his property to be so recorded as that it will be rt * j cr.i '? for the malice of his intcctiona, or .he Irjury which that malice inflico upon those uho unfortunately are not. as Mr. For ney i*, far abo~e the reieh of the poison ed r.rr\w? shot from Bennett's bad heart and corrupt irjnd In tLa Hinld, of Thursday last, he ac (icv Bender and Col. Forney of together ?peculating improperly in Western lands Bee i?r Las made a personal character above! b;irg ir ju.-?d by such windy and baseless as terticLr, l,y a long life of well known per sonal integrity. No man in Pennsylvania stood fairer than he did on going out to Kan. sas. Nor has any other territorial officer of this Government conducted himself so as to keep freer from giving legitimate cause for blame in bis personal conduct than he has. He has bcught no land^ except from persons as competent to protect their own interests as any ciiiien in any State in tbe Union, an 1 has (Xroised no other power or privilege in making such purchases, than may be exercised byihe humblest emigrant to Kansas lie has, I over hii own signature in the public prints* defied his worst enemy to accuse him of aught in L.s prifa.a transactions iu the new terri tory, unbecoming the position cf a high toned conscientious gentUm-m. All his beoause of political differences with him, stand abashed, confessing the power and tru'.h of his own vindication of himself, by mute silence. It remains for Beuuett?the man whose back carries to this hour the eross barred marks?welts?of the cow-skin wielded by a dosen different gentleman, laid on for slanders uttered against them or female mem bers ot their respective families, to repeii rcoh Recusations only because he hatei John W. Forney, who is Gov. Reeder's personal ffle.d?a friend whom be, (Governor R.J de lights to honor, as he oaee declared in a pub He speech Thia is the bead ard front of his offending, causing Bennett to taalign him as though be was positively the worst man in the length and breadth of the land. One Dollar per diem ? Several laborers in the employment of the Government at tbis point have called on us to ask that we woald plead their cause for an increase of wages. These men have fair reasons for aski'g for this advance, and we therefore do not hesitate to comply with their request. Of the twenty who hare been to see us on the subject. o*ery man 1s the father of and provider for a fami ly. We recollect well %hen with dajswagej for labor ia thisoity at $1, flrjut was six dol-' lars per barrel, com 50 cents por bushel, po tatoes 37i cents per bushel, bacon 5$ cents por pound, and beef, such as laborers for the mo3t part buy, 6 cents per pound. At this moment, with tue same rate of wages, they must pay $12 per barrel for flocr, corn meal, ll 37 J cents per bushel, potatoes $2 per bush -1 *1, bacon 8* cents per pound, and beef 12* pe? pound. Rents, too, have risen 100 per cent, upon them The increase in the price of everything they have to buy for tho subsist ence of their families has been in proportion. These are fao s which every mun in Washing ton who knows anything, knows to be true, x et the wages of these people remain the same. Wo will, then, be believed, when wo assert that the wages of a faithful and industrious man in the service of a government, who re ceives but one dollar per diem, deducting loet days for wet weather, will barely keep him *jlf and wife and one or two children alive. This is not right. To make good citizens, in dustrious,com petent and steady laborers should Uy cp something, and the government should pay such wages as would enable that olass of laborers to gradually get "beforehand." Wc trust that few hints will induce those who can say what such laborers shull bo paid, to institute an inquiry into the relation between the prices at which the necossaries of lifo now sell for here, and the means of purchasing such articles, which the government at this ti ?e accords to those in its employment who earn their living by the sweat of their brow A Scn.eless Insult.?Some dog" without rharacter, connected with the press, has per orated the insult of heralding the name of tfr. A. C. Dodge, the new American Minister o Spain, in print, as " The Honorable Gene al Augustus Ceasar Hannibal Dodge." That s, in announcing him amosg the passengers >y the last steamer for Europe. The wit of he performance consists only in the fact that t shows we hive among those identified with he American press some men of dirty, sour ?illous propensities ?folks who delight in rcating gentlemen in an ungentlemanlj man ler, when, as in this case, perfectly sure that ;hcy are beyond the reach of dae punishment or their offence against good manners. The iirty tiick to which wo allude is, however, but on a par with the misrepresentations of he character, mind and position of Mr Dodge is a public man, in which the New York Timet indulges. Professing to be ardently in avor of the acquisition of Cuba, that journal nakes the ocoation of the departure of the sew American minister for Madrid its time for he publication of a column of elanders against lim personally, which but for tho notorious partisan cast of the journal in which they origi nate. and the utter want of personal standing an the part if its conductor, might operate to :he prejudico of our coun.ry's rights and in erests in his hands. Fortunately, those with whom Mr. Dodge will hold official intercourse ?:e men of sensa and experience, and there fore cannot fail to judge of him as they find lim. through their opportunities, which in he present condition of our relations with Spain must be immediate and frequent. He lias served long in the councils of the natior? where his corteous manners, high character, never-failing good, and well-improved experience secured for him great influence and the unfeigned respect of all his compecrs in public life, of all parties, as was prove 1 by his instantaneous and unquestioned confirm! tion to the most important minion no*known ia our foreign relations. The stcry which tho New lork limes tells of the circumstances Connected with the senatorial request that &r. Dodge should be appointed by the Proei icnt to an office of high honor and trust, is an unmitigated falsehood, without a grain of iruta for its foundation, and wc defy that journal to attempt to make it good. Tin New 17. 8. Revenue Marino Regnla Sons.?A week or two ago we mentioned that in entire now set of ragulati -ns fjr the future government of the United States Revenue Marine Service had been prepared by the As distant Secretary of the Treasury, under the immediate (supervision of the chief of that De partment, ar.d presented a synopsis of Bomeof its principal features. It is now being sent off to thosa for whose instruction it was pre pared. We find, on a furt'jer examination of it. that two very impoitant new features are embraced in it, which we had previously over looked. These are, a provision that the loca tions (station*) of tho different revenue cutters on our coasts are to be permanent, not shift ing as heretofore; and, another, that the offi itrs in the service are t? be promoted accord ing to vacancies arising on the vessels (hav ing regard to tho officer's fitness) to which they may be attached, as army officers are promoted acoording to vacancies occurring In their respective regiments. Up to this time promotion has taken place in our Revenue Marine Service generally according to senior ity of service in the grade in it, aB in the U. S. Navy. % An Important Land Office Decision ?1 be General Land Office has decided that the as signment of a bounty land warrant executed in Earope by a warrantee, and acknowledged a resident United States Commercial Agent, cannot be approved; as such officer has no aatbority to take acknowledgments of transfers; and that where a warrant is as signed in a foreign country, the acknowledg. ment of the assignor must be before an officer authorised by the laws cf that country to take acknowledment* of the transfer of real estate, and his official character must be certified under the seal of the State, and the authority of the certifying officer certified by a United States Consul or Minister under seal. Seizure of Smuggled Goods, Ac ?A case of goods, imported into New York by F. A A. Donop, per the Wetland, last month, has been seised and suit has been oommenced against that house tor an infraction of the twenty eighth steo'ion of the act of August 30, lb42? to puni3h undervaluations of goxla Imported. Smuggled jewelry, worth $1,413 11, has teen found concealed on the peteon and in the trunk or DeuU Roaault, a passenger on tho steamer Washington, on h?r last trip to New York. The trunk hod falsa bottom and top, being evidently made to facilitate the smug gling of each goods. Suit has, of couree, been eemtaenced againit Ronault. The Belief of the Mediterranean Squadron. It fee ma to bo understood in naval circlcj here, that on ihe return of the Secretary of the Navy, on or about the 20th inst, the fri gate Congress, now at New York, ready for sea, will be put in commission and officered to sail to relieve the Cumberland, the flag-ship of tbo Mediterranean squadron. Commodore Breeee will go out in her. The trouble If, however, the difficulty of obtaining seaman, notwithstanding the new regulations designed to encourage them to take servioo in the United States Navy. Judge Lumpkiu Positively recline*.?A gentleman in this oity this morning received 2 letter from Judge Joseph H. Lumpkia, of Georgia, in whioh he state t that he has posi tively and unequivooally declined the ap pointment of a Judge of the new olaims court. An Acting Secretary of the Treasury.? The President has appointed Col. P. G. Wash ingLon, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, to be tbe acting Secretary of the Treasury during the current absence of Secretary Guthrie from Washington. A Light-House Keeper Appointed ?John F. Carmon has been appointed keeper of the light-house at St. Simons, on the coast "of Georgia. A Clerical Appointment ?Mr. Albert W. Ely of Louisiana, has been appointed to a 1st .class ($1,200 per annum) clorkshsip, in the Pension bureau. A Deputy Collector and Inspector Appoint ed- A. J. Hull has been appointed deputy collector and inspector of the customs at Fre mont, Ohio, vice Wm. Kessler, removed. Tho Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 4th of May, then weie of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For paying Treasurydebta ...... $6 704 11 For covering into the Treasury from customs 1,279.910 69 For covering into the Treasury from Lands 76,887 82 For covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 496 29 For the War Department 43,773 10 For repaying in the War Depart ment ?.? 1 433 60 For the Navy Department 25^216 00 For theIntecior Department....... 860 59 PERSONAL. .... Governor Keeder, of Kansas, (accom panied by his wife.) John Van Burec, and J. tJlancey Junes, the last named of Pennsyl vania, are at Willards'. and Com Jones, U. S N., is at the National Hotel. j ....Edmund Milligan, charged with depre dations on the United States mail, was tried in St. Louis on the 29th ult., and acquitted. .... Mr. Tucker, the Brooklyn editor and printer, who was recently tried for the mur der of his child, and acquitted on tho ground of insanity, has been removed to the State Lunatic Asylum. .... Capt. Hollies, commander of the U. S. ship Cyane, and tho destroyer of "Greytown " is stopping at tho Astor House. New York. ' .... On Wednesday afternoon, the door of one of the first buiinoss houses in Petersburg Va , was closed and craped, through respect to Kdmund, an old negro porter of the bouse who died in its service. ' .... Hon. John W. Houston, an ex-member ?f Congress, i^as been appointed an associate jadgo in Delaware. ....It is stated that Mr. Tuck, in New Hampshire, has withdrawn from the ocntest tor Senator, and that the prospect is clear that Hon Jonn P. JJale and Mr. Bell, the unsuc cessful Whig candidate for Governor, will be chojen. .... George Thompson, the celebrated En glish abolitionist, who was once mobbed in Koet.jn, is now the editor of "The Empire " a weekly paper published in London. ' Napcleon and Eugenie's Visit to Queen Vio tcria. The Atlantic (an abstract of the news by which vessel ws published yesterday, in a tclrgraphic dispatch) brings the fall particu lars of the visit of the Emperor and the Em press of France to Queen Victoria. The Eng glish papers are crowded with accounts of the memorable event. "mitting the embellishment, tho facts of the case are, that on Monday the 16th, Napo lojn III. and tha impress Eugenie arrived at Dover, thence to W indsor. remained the guests of the British Sovereign fivo days,?mot with a distinguished reception from the Ccurt, and extraordinary enthusiastic gioeMng from the crcwd,?were almost overwhelmed by con gratulatory addresses from corporations and institutions, and returned to France amid a tempest of hurrahs! On Monday morning, 6ajs our report, thou sands were assembled at Dover " to give the august visitors a hearty English rec kon." At y o clock the Emperor, Empress ana suit embarked at Calais, cn board the screw bteamer Pelioan, and about noon steamed slowly, through a dense fog, and under salute from ships of war and batteries rendered invisible by thick weather into Dover harbor. 1 tince Albert was on hand to receive his guests, and was acoompanied by his usual attendants, and by tbe French Minister, Count Walewski, with Madame la Countess. The Fmperor was accompanied by Marshal Vaillant, Minister of War, the Duke de Bas sato, Count de Montebello and other gentle men ; the Empress by several ladies of her household. Juapoleon wore the uniform of a General of Division, the Empress?for tbe benefit of the ladies be it related?a straw bat, grey cloak, and plaid dre?s. Leaning on the arm of Prince Albert, the Empress (the Euaperor by her side) walked to the Warden Hotel, where they had lunoh, besides an ad dress from the corporation of Dover. Thence they proceeded by special train to the Briok maker's Armstraiion at London, where the Queen's carriages, and an esoort of troops were in waiting Embarking in the royal vehicles the impe rial party proceeded at a slow pace through the streets of London, along the Kent and ?Vestminster roads, across Westminster bridge, through Parliament street, Whitehall, Cha ring Cross, Pall-mail, St. James. Pieadilly, Hjdo Park, and by Victoria-gate and East bourne terrace to the Paddington station, where cars were ready for Windsor. At every point along this distance of five miles the s'reets were packed with spectators, and every window pane was crowded with gaierB. At the clubs, especially, of which Louis Napo leon was formerly an habitue, the most livelv curiosity was manifested by the members to catch a glimpse of the altered fortunes of their former associate. In passiag the house in Eing street, in whioh be formerly resided, the Emperor was observed to point it out to bis wife. Immense cheering marked the whole course of progress through London. On arriving at Windsor Castle, at 7 o'clock in the evening, tne visitors were received in the Grand Hall by th% Queen and her family, with the usual Court officials, and the Lords Palmerston and Clarendon A "state dinner" followed. Wind ?0r illuminated in the evening, and the Lord Major of London gave a banquet to the Prefect of the Seine, at which ceremony were present tho Consuls General of several Euro peans Powers and of Mexioo, Chili and Bratil. \\ e believe tbe Luited States were not repre sented on the occasion. On Tuesday, the Emperor did not, as hid been expected, hunt with the Queen's stag hounda, bat instead walked In the grounds and visited Qaeen Victoria s model farm add dairy. At 3 o'olock be reoeived a'idraaaas from the corporations of Windsor* Ike merchants and banker! of London, and otbera, and from 4 o'olock till 0 pat three regiment* of English troops through their evolutions. Then the Qaeen gave another gra?d dinner, and liter in the night an evening party Wednesday, the 18th. the Qaeen conferred on the Emperor the investiture of the garter. A grand chapter of the order was held at Windsor, and the formalities which aooompany the presentation ef the jueea af fibbcn were du!y gbne through The Qaeen baekled the Sirter aroand the Emperor's leg and placed e ribbon aoroes his shoulder. A grand din ner, evening party and concert concluded the evening. On Thursday, the Emperor and Empress, escorted by a detaohment of the Qaeen's life* guards went to London to receive the address of the municipality. The oortege of cleee carriages prooeeded at rather a rapid rate along the principal streets, in which it was estimated that not fewer than one million of spectators were assembled. . Hundreds of flags were " hung on the outer walls," and a notice able proportion bore the words, 'l'Empire o'eat la paix!" Guildhall had been newly decorated for the occasion. At the eastern end of the hall two thronea were placed on a raised dais, and overshadow, ed by a canopy of purple velvet and gold. One of the thronea bore the oypher N the other E Napoleon, Eagenio. Seat* were reserved for the Cabinet Ministers, high offi cars, and corps diplomatique. Clustered aroand the walls were devioes draped with the flags of the allied nations an! bearing the legends, "Balaklava," "Aljpa," "Inkerman." Medallions of Qaeen Victoria and Napoleon III. plentifully beatadded the walls. Lords Palmerston, Clarendon, Land<owne, and Pan mure, with numerous Ircser lights of the ad ministration, were prosent, as was also the United States Minister. The Emperor wore, as usual, the uniform of a General of Divi sion. Eugenie's costume was of white and groen brocade silk. When the recorder pro. ceeded to read the addreaa to the Emperor, the Empress rose and atood beside her hus band. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, May 5,1855. Last night, the Democracy met at the mar ket square and listened for an hour to a flee stirring addreaa from Mr. Samuel S Gover. At the conclusion of Mr. Gover'a speech, D. Funstien responded to a call in one of his hsp piest efforts, and the meeting adjourned with three cheers for Henry A. Wise. The Wizard of Isis gave a fine exhibition of skill in magio at Liberty Hall. This morning tbe entire furniture of the theatre at Washington Hall was sold at public auction On Wednesday last the papils of the Me. chanics Hall Aoadcmy, Rev. James Kirk. Principal, gave a fine exhibition at Liberty Hall. The only drawback was tbe con-ar rival of the band, which for some reason failed to perform their oontraot. D. W. W. Williamson is out in tbe Gazette of this morning, in a card denying that he is the man who shot tame turkeys in mistake for wild ones. He says Mr. Wise should have mado the charge in Alexandria. Next Monday our county court meets. W. H. Fowle, J. A. English, W. H. Rogers, J. H MeVeigh, W. B Price. iaf*i?es. Fish this morning?Shad, $3 per hundred ; herring, $6 per thousand Ami. ,COLUMBIA TYPOGRAPHICAL SOCC _ ?ty.?A stated meeting will be held this evening at the City Hal), at 1% o'clock. .FIFTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.? Uev. Mr. IIOWELL, of Massachusetts, will preach 'o-mo row (Sabbath) at II o'clock a.m., and Rev. 8. H. M1RICK at * to 8 p. m. may 5?It* ^YOUNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND SOCI ety.?The regular monthly meeting ?f this Society will be held at St Dominic's Church, on the Island to-morrow (Sunday) at 5 o'clock p. m A full attendance is particularly requested ae tick ets for the excursion to the celebration of the land ing of the Pilgrims, which will take place on the 15th instant, will be r?*adv for distribution. \V. J. FITZPATRICK, may 5?It Secretary. i^-^THE TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION will n>e':t in the Rittenhouse Academy (O. C. Wight's) nen MONDAY AFTERNOON, at tour o'clock. , Subject: 'Physical Geography." J. E. THOMPSON, may 5?It* Secretary. ,anti-Know >< thing meeting. A meeting of thu Citlier's of the First Ward opposed to secret political organizations, and iu favor of civil and religious liberty, will be held on MONDAY EVENING, May 7th, at 7% o'clock, at the Room over Swarize's Livery Stable, for the pu |Ose of nominating candidates for said Ward, to be supported at the ensuing election, and to appoint delegates to the Coiivenlioi to be helc on the 8th instant, at Harmony Hall, to nominate candidates for Collector, Register and Surveyor. may ?*>?2t* Hall or Pbrskvkramce Firk Co. Washington, May 3, 1855. S?w^~^ Wherear, the Northern Libeities' Fire Company deposited their engine in tlie Perseverance Engine House on ihe 1st instant, du rin the parade ; and, whereas, it is charged tbat the said engine was disfigured while in our house; therefore? Be 1t Resolved, Tbat this Company sincerely re gr? t the injury done to that engine. Q Resolved. That each and every membir ol this Company feel it to be their duty to terret cut the pvrkou or person* who committed the outrage. 3 B?toh e<l, That, if the person or portions be long to the Perseverance Fire Company, and it can be proved on him or them, he or they shall be ic r.antly cxpelU-d from their Company, and made to suffer the severest penalty of the law. 4. Resolve!, That the President be, and is hereby requested to offrr a reward of ;wenty dollars for the arrest and conviction of the oflendcra. 5. Resolved, Tnat a copy of these resolutions be transmuted to the Northern Liberties' Fire Compa ay. 6. Resolved, That these resolutions be published in tbe Star and Organ. W. W. GRANT, President. John Y. Donx, Secretary. may 5?It ATA MEETING OF THE WESTERN Hose Company on the 4th instant, it was unanimously resolved to return sincere thanks to Capt John Reese, of the Highlanders, for the favor bestowed on our Company on several occasions; and for his noble and disinterested generosity on the 1st of May, he has the admiration and gratitude ol our Coinpanv. J. T. EDWARDS, See. W. II. Co. may 5?It* MOROCCO OLLTS, Transparent Soap, Hair Brushes, Sewing Birds, fcc., for tal? cheap at L AMMUN D:S, 7th st. may 0?3t FAN*.?A lot of very cheap Fans leceived and for sale at LAMMOND'S, 7th st. may 5?3t SIMMER flILLINKRY. f?4L'ust opened, at the old stand, Sixth st.?4K neat Louisiana avenue, a choice assortment oi Sp ing and Summer HATS. Bleaching. Pressing, be. as usual. may 5?3t* REOPENED. MRS FARRAR rcspectfullr informs the citisem of Washington tbat 5!ie has had her Bowlmj Salmon, on Missouri avenue, neai 6th st., filled u[ in the best memier, which Rhe will open on Tue? day, May 8th. * MARY FARRAR. may 5-?3t* _ _ CELEBRATION OF THE LANDING OF TH E MARYLAND PILGRIMS. rpilE PHILODEMIC SOCIETY of Georgetowi I College will celrbrate,the Landing of the Ma rvland Pilgrims, on the 15th of May, at the site o Old St. Mary's City, in St. Mary's county. The] will leave this city in the Steamer George Washing ton, on the 14th instant, and return on tbe I6ih. The Hon. Joseph R. Chandler, of Pennsylvania has consented to deliver the oration. For further particulars see the advertisement o the Committee of the Young Catholics' Friend So ciety of Washington. JNO. C C. HAMILTON, RICHARD H CLARKE, THOS B. KING, JNO. W. PRESCOTT. A H.LOUGHBOROUGH, may 5?3t Committee of Arrangements. rpHE FAMILY AT HEATHERDALE; ORTHI JL Influence of Christian Principles, by Mrs. Ma? kay. Philip Colville; a Ccven&nter's Story, by Graci Kennedy Straw Arrows, by the Re?. 8. L Cuyler Forrestvr's Illustrated Juvenile Keepsake Mhe Chemistry of Common Life, by J. T. Jihnstoi The Peuant Boy Philosopher, by Henry May hew? GR*Y k BALLANTYNE, may 5 408 Seventh st. s' )ir m LIST OF LITTERS Remaining ?* the Pott OJIti, JVa9h\f*pt?mtD. C., *0y 5, 1855. ?? {Ordtrrt'o hi tdctrtifdin tktil Bvfkiiib Si agreeable to tho following nWvti of the PiH-Office Lav^-il Mn'tkonewofaper having the largest cvr&u lation of an* paper puhliakdi in Washington: Sac. 5. ISfbe it further enacted, That thM?tof letters remaining uncalled for in any po#t office in anv city, town, or Tillage, Whsre new?p*prr* shall be printed, shall, hereatter, fce putn-hM once only in the newspaper which, being issued weekly, or oftener, tkaU have the largest circulation within the range of the delivery ?f said office, to be decided by the postmaster at such offlct?] ?M-Psrsona applying toe lafcas la to# fcU* wiflf ilst, w?) plnH iij Ui*j iri ad tsstised. _ . LAD Allen, Mrs Vary A Arnold, Ml?s Mary A Atliby, Mr* Ellsn O Alien, Louisa C Andrew, Hiss AMI Hard, Mr* James It nfrnt. Miss K J V Br>wn Mrs ? B Bests, Mrs Maria I 1 Read, Mrs Cornell* Brown, Mrs 0 Haema, Miss Susan Bruce, Miss A lalia* Blckslsr, Mi's L A Bowers, Mtss H?r*h Rlseell, Mrs B K Burnley, Mrs Bayard, Miss T Bradford, Mies Bleecher, Sarah M Barry, Ml?s Sarah Oark, Kllaa Clark. Mtss Alios rampball, Mr* M A Carpenter, Miss M A Campbell, Mis* K J Chandler, Mrs Kale M Connell, Mrs Mary A Onw?y, Miss Itllaab'tb Onion, Catharine Clemeuta, Ann L Collins, Louisa Carper, Kate Cm re j-, Mrs M Cranston, Mtss Ophelia Commyns. Antoinette Cosier, Miss Naucy Daily, Miss Ann Pntir*n, Miss Jana I ton, Miss Lltslc Davie, Mrs H K F.dmondson, Mtss K C B I Klllott, Miss Julia R KvnMrs Mary J Kmi-rjon. Mrs B Fords, Miss O Foster, Nancy 4>reen, Mrs Can T J Cirlrnea, Miss Virginia Griffin, Dolly Gernhard, Johanna Hall, Mrs Virginia 3 Hill, Mrs Wm Humphrle*, Mrs B G Holland, Mrs K Hndlow, Mrs Margaret D HoUeran, Mary Harria, Mrs A D Hurdle, Mrs Husan Hutchinson, Mary Ann Jones, Epple E Johnson, Msdam Anna ^fsnlfer, Mrs WUabefls Johrsort, MrS Jans Johnson, Mrs T B Johnson, Mrs Sarah Johnston, Mary Keatlqf, Mlae Margaret Lain, Mrs Charlons Lee. Ml*s Julia Mills, Ml?* Mary Jana MuUen, Mrs Nancy Martin, Mrs Mary Moulden. Per ah Jana Martin, Miss Boss Martin, Mrs Mary Mitchell* Mrs Oomfllla D Malone, Mim Mari<Wi B Menahau, OstharlnS McGes, M rs Behecce McLeod, Mrs Mr Daniel, Amelia McDennoM, Miss Mary F Megolm, Catharine O'donnor, J?na Pyns, Mrs Mary Page, Miee Ann Poor, Mrs Charlotts Peter, Miss Mary Parkar, Mlae M B Parmar, Ann Bsld. Mrs CetBerfn* Blley, Mis* De1,? Sweet, Sarah M 1 Bhnlds Miss Ann C Shea, Sarah Bmallwood, Mrs Ellaa Bkerman, Mlaa M 8<-lmi etnais Mr* Sarah A Stalling*, Ml?* L Salllvan, Miss Msry Mtuvert. Luclnd* Slbrey, Mary Ann Trepp, Mrs Hannah D Thomas, Mrs Tallfaro, Mrs Ann Tllley, Mrs Washington Tudor, Miss Elizabeth Ti eynor. Miss Mary Tolley, Mies Annis Vmhouftii. Mrs Ellen B Vandsrpnol, Mrs Isaae * William*. Miss 8 8 Webb. Miss Anna Wlee. Mre M E Webb, Miee Agusta D t Wsst, Mies C Ellen Wright, Mrs Sarah Walling, Miss Harriett C WUlsott, Mrs J Wllliema, Mrs Sarah Wiilmer, Miss Llisle William*. Mr* Julia Withers, Jalia GBHTLKMENS Hendy, Wm Hellen, Walter Howard, Wm Houston, Wvi Hsveuer, Samuel Hall, Robt B Hartley, R H Hnran. Philip Hart, N H Horoumb, Li Hall, Jauiee S Henell, J E Holroye, Jnn Alber, Wilhelna Adams, W C Anderson, Mr Allyns, H S A Word, Chas B Bovee, C N Beale. W F Blair, Wm Bateman, C B Burnett, T J Baner, T W J Bnrke, Patrick Brocchne. P B Bragg, O T Bui'kensteln. A Bechtold, C ' Blanchard, L Brown, Rev. Jas H H.leman, Harod LIST Oliver, M O'Nellle, James Ogden, Jacob Offutt, J T C Ottlnger, Joe Oimstead, B P OlmsteaA, A O Pelrca, Wlnalow 0 rtillllps, W D Powsll, W A Page, Lutber 8 Powell. J G Peyton, Jno B Paine, Jamee Patrick, Jno Y Hitchcock, Lester Holschnh, John Hnntlngton, Henry Peters, H F Heeselba< k. Hugo Porter, Gllrrlst Biady, John Bryan, James Burna, Oen Jaa BrnmaMm, J W Ball. John T Bateman, Jno H Brtghlahop, Jno Bennet, Jamee Brooke, Co! J Blnckford, Geo D 1 Brastow, ColQ O S Bidelmati, D Brent, Capt Blanchard, A Bagley, A C - Crenshaw, Wm Carrie, W 3 Cox, Wm Clemens, Wm Cleveland, Thos P C le, Tho* W Caaey, Samuel B Cayler, R R Cricks. Ramsey Cole, Lewis ^ Cubbard, Jno Cardoua Josef Carver, Jos H Harlesion, Geo B Hodgklns, 0 W Hay, Carson Harding. Chaa Hnnt, Cliaa K Huyi, A M ?Irt, Alphonse Jsnln A Walker Joelln, Dr M Johnston, Jas I Jones, Jno Johnson, Jas H Porter. D n Pr**t-'i, David Pollard. Ool CT ? Peck, Dr Cbas A S Peyton, Cbas M Panxsr, Berbard Pollard, A Blca, N 8 Boblnsosi. T 8 Ramsay, Samuel Bedlng. Peter Rider, Mr Ryan, Mlchafl Johnston, Ool J K JRotch, Jno Jonee, Gideon T Jarboe, T M t Jamee, Charles P Reams, Patrick Knltes, Mr Ksnnady, J R Kempton, J Knock, John H Knott, J A Knhl, Dr J Kelly, J Kenueydy. Joe P Kenuerd. Geo W Keller, Chaa Lincoln, Jno A Clements. J Francis Lelehead, Wm fhestny, T <? Lee, Col B H C >ok, J no H Lee, P A 8 Craver, P Lnveit, L T C.tntlen, J H LewU, Jos M >yle, Jno Leesnttier, Joa <*rter. Harrtaon P Lentc, Joe Logan, J no, A Levy, Capt J P Lester, Jno Ouokiey, U Card, Oe- rg* Cook, Oen e rook, B Fo* Carter, C H O bourn, Caleb Ciemeuta, Chaa B Criswell, A Cummlng, Alfred Clark, B F Duukinson, Wm H Miller, W J Bowe, J A t R*'-hards, Jno H D Rollins, J Regan, Hugh R berta, Geo K Bichardaon, B A Rohan, D Stewart, Wm ecerille, W O Sterling, Wm Swayte. S C StroUter A Parker Sears, 11 r S<-h*efer, Marttn Sutt-m, L Hmltb, J O 1 SmHh, J M Stewart, John M Shanbon, Jamee Seckel, J M St?w*rt, Jno T Sel?, J ? Sliarpataln, J B Stew art, Joa B 1 Smith, James Dement, Ui ljard Delia, Pster D D"Wner A Co PolmiRhty, Marttn Dickinson.8 Denver, J W DIIL ii, James Dlfftnderffer, J F Darling, H F Dreyer, Henry Dodge. H H llidelol, i?ao Dame's, B O Elslnbl* Tliadeas Eapey, Prof J P J Eaton, Capt Jerome Marshal, Jno Murry, Jam?* Eriiple, Adam Foot, W U Farr, Leonard Foxwell. J L Farley, J 3 Fua, Jim, F uss, J O Fracker, O French, F H Klror. E A Fuller, B C Fo a-ler, AO! Gonrley, Wm Orrdon, W n, Oawdlns, Mr St <>.tssner, Peter Guthrie, J U Gershon, J B A Co Oiigg, J Ell Gregory, Jno Gowtaad, J E Gibson, J Henry Gsite, Oen OuMelot, Geo Gr"gory, Com F H Gidlxy, Daulal G ttinger, B Gre?r, Alex A Gillespie, MaJ A H Guller, A G Harvey, Wm C H.nlges, JVm A Hill, Wm H s . wssu UUI11 Uf #?U19 Longhtwrongh, Oen Bcutt, Jamee Jno 1 Smith. Henry Leber, Jno , Spinner, F B Martin, W H Sanford, Dsul Myres, Daniel Bo tt. Daniel Meaeerbv. W 8 Stanly, Chaa M*rtln,^T F Stewart, Chaa, Jr Swarucl, A B Tyler, Wm Tracy, W R Tansill, T W Turley, 8 P Townsaod, P H Thomas, Lewis Tayler, Jno Trlmbla, J R Thornton, Jamas 8 Thorpe, Jno Thayer, Jno M Thomas, H L Thomas. Hon T Tuna.i, Dr Tucker, C|,** | Tucker, Chas W fpton, Chas H .. Vollbragt, Angnst Metxler. Fra>1erlck Van Martar, Win 1 Medford, Chaa Von Kammerhueber Murrey, A J W J, Timothy Wbletler, Wm McClenalian.ChaaT Williams, W H 3 Mey rs, Thoe Maglnay, Sir Tboa M*rcy, Oapt Murphey, Lt P U Moora, N P Mollar, Arthur Mlddleton, Mr Moore, James S Murphy, Jno W Mllle, Jno L Miller, Joa Mattlnfly, J W May. James H Martin, Juo M Moss, Mr Marshall, J W McWtlliama, McOee, Joe McKulgLt, James MoOown, James McKlnstry, Major Justus McLean, Jno Mclntyra, J W McGavUl, Jas McKnott, I;natius McOormlck, W P MeOlnnias, Michael Willtama, LPS McAUIater, 0 Wllaon, Joseph McOormlck, P Wllklnacjn. Jno T McKenney, Thump- Warren. Henry Weet, W Wall, Rev T G White, T J Welch, Thos 0 Wllleon. S G West. Robert Wyman, R B Wevel, R Webb A Myers W?nalward, M Waukowlex, Oapt L aor. 3 McGIll, W H McCormick, R M J Nortuyls, Michael Noyee, J L Neleen, H W Neltzy, (ieorge Nelson, Nelson (llaisteed, Wm S 3 O'Oonnell, Win Wright, Braetus White, D F 3 Warner, Chancy Wllkereoa, Chrlsto phsr Worster R P 3 Wehmelr, Augud Young, Richard Young, J F Youiig, Henry 3 INITIALS. Editor of the Cotton Plant; Oapt. of 8chr. Joa. Holmes; ^ty.Tof Federal Lodge; Busluaee Row, Amicus; J. M.; Msy 5 JAMES G. BEBBET, P. M. POCKKT CHESS, a convenient anicie for eaie at LAMMOND'8, 7th rt. may 5-3t HAY?HAY! NOTICE.?Just received per t?chr. J Holmes.and now landing at Page's \rharl, foot of Seventh "treet, a prime anicie t fTimothy HAY, which will be sold low for cash if taken from the Wharf. Apply to MATTINGLY BROTHERS, may5?5t (Intel) DEBOW'S REVIEW for May Frank Leslie'? Gate tie do Ins and Ouu of Paris, by Julie de Margueriue* The O'Doherty Papers, by the late Wm. Magum, 2 vols ' McElligott> American Debater may_5 FRANCK TAYLOR. xMORE AUCTION BARGAINS. JUST reoceived at HALL'S Great Cheap Cash Store, the following auction bargains, which can be sold at about one half the cost ef importa tion : Ladies' fine Hoae. emb'd in rilk, 18, worth 37 cu; Ladies and Gentlemen's silk Gloves, 12, worth 37: Ladies, Gentlemen and Misaes' cotton Gloves only 4 cents: Cotton Hose and Half Hose 6c; Swiss In serting 4c; fine Irish Linens Jtfcj HdKfs 1c; 90 yds. CBltcoforfl; fine De Bages, I3c worth 85; 8000 yds fins Calico, warrantedfast colors, at 6?, worth i W,le Colt<>n 50 ? Fwd wide Lawns 6c, worth fine French Lawns, warranted fast color, 12 worth 25c; 12 dszen more fine Linsn Shirt Bos oms at 25c worth 50; fine lineo Shirt Collars 10c , Undershirts only 25c, worth 60; Linen Towels 6c ; Bleached Sheeting 10c, worth U* ; Spool Cotton 12c per dot; ladies' French Corsets 1 37!a complete assortment of Flouncing, Swiss and Cambric Eds lags and Collars extra cheap; very good Chemisette 18c; Undersleeves 6c; ladies fine Grass Skirts very cheap; Bonnets, Hats, Flats and Parasols at ex tremely low prices. BOOTS AND SHOES.?In th'slins I have grest bargains to offer. Ladies' Half Gaiters only 75 cts.; very fine black Gaiters J1 00, worth 1 50; Ladies' Slippers 37c; Children's Sboes 25e; Misses' Gaiters 62c^Gents' Slippers, 50c ; Genu' Congress Gaiter*, 1 877worth 3 00; Genu and Boys' Lasting Bhoe*: Oxford Ties and Fancy Shoes in great variety. I wouid invite the whole purchasing coamuaitv to call and take a look through my stock befora making their purchases, as I feel confident thev Will be suited both in goods and prices, and saw u least ten per cent. R B. H ALL* No. 378 North 8eventh street, fourth house above I st All goods advertised will b? found in store may 5?eo6t SEYBHTH WARD,?union TICKFT For Aldennan?DEARBORN R. JOHNSON For Common Council?SAMUEL PUMPHbcv * TAVL?E' SS ' D^UO STORE FOR SALE?FN AN EXCEL lent location, and doing a good business. Sat r*Mon,fcrW!,,ln?Tl?l<l'esB"Z^at the^ur MUSICAL CONVENTION. v THE FRIENDS OP SACRED MUSIC in wit. hi ft on, and citizen* generally, ?re re?p? esftilly informed tntt n Mt'SfCAL CONVENTION, under the paircwagc of Ui? IKlOff CHOIR ASSOCIATION will Ik held hi the Pmuhsonian Institution, an Um 8th, 9th, 10th- ami llth of May,term! .atint with a PUBLIC CONCERT on FVtday F.vning, the I lih. The eitrciae* Mi he und? r the direction of p,,^ I B Woodbury. of New York, wboN book* haw h en so generally adapted by the various Chouv Jf this city. The Convention will hold ihree ?easions enah 4mf, commencing at 10 a m , on Tuesday, the 8Ui Mar, d urine which Anthem*, Chants, Trios, Duets, Solos, and Glees will b? practised, accompanied hy a course ?f lessons In execution, st>le, delivery, voealiaatmn, expression, articulation, lie. The Public Conesrt ou the clocJn* fv? uing, will also he under Um djire tl?n of Prcf. W. This t ??<erprlse ia esrrifvtly commended to the at tention of our musical brethren in the District, and in adjoining cities. Circulars, stating more fully the object* of the Convention, can be had on appUcn-. tion to T. J Magruder. D street. near 7?h. Terms : S> n?on Ticact, (embracing al?> the cloa Ing Cocccrt,> $1. Single Tickets, (admitting to any one of the ses sions, or to the Concert only.) SS cent*. Ticket* can be had on appiitadoa at above* my 9?5t THS TBOCPK OF TURKISH MAGICIANS, who are now playing with such brilliant snc< Alexandria, will soon appear in this ci'y. m 1?tf J KEMPT< >N, Agent. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. The Grand and Assourding Dramatic OF THE BATTLE OP BUNKER HILL, AND DESTRUCTION OF C11ARLESTOWM, (hut a rmiwj Will h?* cpen for exhibition on TUESDAY EVE VING, May 1st, and contincc every evening during the week. Al-o, on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY after noons, at 3 o'clock. boon open at 7?to commence at 8 o'clock. Admission 25 cents?Children accompanied by their parent- half p'ice. ap 28?tf "grand fir4mens\ Military. Club and Civic Ball. THE FRANKLIN PIRE COMPANY Uhe great plea-ure in announcng to the pnblic that ihay will |iive a Gran 4 Firemen's, Military. Club, and Civic Ball at the National Theatre, on TUESDAY, EVENING, May 15th They assure the public that no pains or expeans will be spared to make this one of the n.ost magnifi cent entertainments of Lie reason. Particulars in a future advcrtiscn.ent. _may 4?3t " LANDING OF TIIE PILGRIMS OF MARYLAND." B THC YOUNG CATHOLIC 8 SOCIETY, of Georga (Own, D. C., havinc chaptered ths new and splendid , steamer 44 Alice C. Paica." Cape Baker, (jnat ar rred Horn New York, with ample accommodations for five hundred person*.) announce to the public fist they will leavc*Geor?< town on MONDAY, ths 14:h int-t nt. at 1 o'clock p.m., for the purpose of uniting w tli the Pkilodemic Society, of Georgetown College, in the celebrauon of the Landing of tb? Pilgrim* of Maryland, at St. Mary's City, on the l&L insC, and retarn about the same hoar on Wednes day. the 16th. The Boat will touch at Alexandria, Vn., and all intermediate Landings going and returning. CQ^Thc accommodations for Ladies sre ample ?n I convenient. A^-Tickets for the round trip, including meals, FIVE DOLLAR8. ' Tickets can only be had from the Committee of Arranrsmenta at Georgetown, and John A. Roa??, Esq., I'nion street, Alexandria, Va. It is expected that persons wishing lo enjoy ths Hp will have their ticketea procured by the 11th instant, aa it is neceasary fur the Commutes to have their arrangements completed hy that ome. B J. REMMEfi, JOHN L. K!DWELL. JOHN J. ROGUE, FRANCIS HAMPER, ANDKKW G. ODARD. i Commftflle of A.>angeu?na. may 3,5,e,10.13-5t HATS-HATS! r^ "SMALL PROFITS AND QUICK ^?RETURNS" is my in <to. Por proof IW ?income and see the very best and mo?t<a fashionable Dress Ho's at S3 BO, worth f4 or$5, and a fir*t tate Hat at $2 St) worth from $3 to 50 Just received a few more donen Sebantop d Hata. Those young men n ho have been wanting can now , be supplied at ANTHONY'S, I th street, sccond door north of Pa. avenue, may 4??t JAMES U. BURNSi Cheap Bo?k, Station*?, Periodical Vuriefv Stmt and CIRCULATING LIBRARY. No. 150 Bridge street, opposite the Mayor's Oflce, ocoaerrowN, n c. Subscribers to all the Weekly Periodicals and Magazines served at their dwellings Agent for the "Evening Star,'; where advertise ments will be promptly attended to, and subecrip. tions received. may 4? lw refrigerators, WATER COOLERS, 8tc ?I am receiving my asual Spring *upp!y >f PEFRIGERATURen/ with stone better pots, water jars, and a complete ventilating arrangement, making it the most perfect Rcfneerator n market Also, Water Coolers of superior finish, all sites. For sale low by W. H. HAKROVER, Seventh street, opp Patriotic Bank. may 4?3t BY RAILROAD DIRECT TO THB i I Time between Waihicgton end Wteeiimj but 17 i hour* ! Running time between and Cincinnati 27 hours Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to be had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD HAVING preatly improved its Western connec t'ons now offers the fullest inducements to travelers between Washington, Baltimore, and ail portiont> of the West, the Northwest and the South west. The connection between the trains fnxn Wash ington and the trains bcund west troa Baltimore u always promptly m&ut' at the Washington Junctioa (lately called the Relay House) 9 miles fiom Balu more. ThU _i? the only cbanae of cars required be tweec Washington and the Ohio river. Baggngr u checked through to Wheeling at the Washinptno station, and richecked and transferred there, (with the passengers) without charge, for those holdin? through tickeu for points beyood. The connwru^ train? Uave Washiucton daily at 8 a. m. and 4% m. On Sunda>* at the latter hour only. At Wheeling dire t connection is made w ith the train* of the CENTRAL OHIO RAILROAD, ro? ning from Bellaire on the Ohio, near Wb<eltB|, through Cambridge, Zanesville and Newark, to COLUMBUS. Inate trains connect at Newark with ihe cats of the Newark, Mansfi Id and Sandu* ky Railroad for 8aniusky, Toledo, Detrott, Chicago St. Louis, etc. At Columbus the C. O. Railroad trains con,., with the fast trains of the Little Miami Railroad , Xenia, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, etc. At (?n Little Miami Railroad) connection a formed with the Wains through Dayton, to INDIA* ^_,POVlJ!' Terre IIautc. LaJhyette, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Louis, etc. .B?-Pa?enters boiding through tickets lor Mem phi* l\ek?fyrg, Nalckcs, Xev Or loan, etc., which are also sold at Washington? are transferred at Cia cinnati to the Mail 8teamers on the Ohio Ticksts for Evansville, Cairo, and St. Louts ara told bv this route. * B?^POR CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to k k ^2^ Chicago, etc., tickeu are sold, *!"? lh? ?h'? " navigable between Wheeling and V\ ellaville (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pltubnrg Railroad is made. <. ^"vej^rsare reques #d to notice that wkile th* is the only route affording through tickets and cb?M i j J mf,on' tt u the shortest, most spes<% aud direct to nearly ^ |M<7g IB lks T , dwu?ce frcm Washington toCta ? .k ? 653 mile*> being about 100 miles tMrt er inan by any other route 1 l*5A?faiB^??OUCH WCKET PROM WASH ^I^ i,T'UVh^1,n?' Columbus ?13 Hayton, #15 50 ; Cincinnati, eifi ; Loui-v.i s, by j^! steamer from Cincinnau, fl^ 'n ?17 50; Cleveland, $ la 15; T^*?- #15 80, Pctrolt, #15 90; Chicago, $3u 65 and Sl? & *? asfu^f?X^EDEHICK HARPER ?FERBJ JVrf^8URRLBERKELEV SPRINGS, CUM BERLAND, BED? ORD SPRINGS, nedmoBt, Of* land, aud Pairmount, passengers may leave tngton at 6 a m or 4 W p. m. Por the n.inor suuons between Baltimore tod Wheeling, tskf ? a m train from Waahingron. A#" For trains lo ann from Baltimore, etc-'apacial advertisemeuts. Z.ii,n^er ln^wmation, ihrcueh tickets, kc. ?pply to THOS. u. PARSONS; Ag it. at Waslun| ?on Station. JOHNH. Im?NE. v _ Master of Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore ?ay 3?tf.

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