Newspaper of Evening Star, May 7, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 7, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHINGTON CITY: KOJDAY AFrSBVCO* May T. AUB1T9 FOR Tilt; 8TAR. The following persona are authorised to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Stnr: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmzr, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pbttinqill k Co., Hassan street. Boston ?V. B. Pauffa, Scollay's liuilding. oy ihe mousing ph*S3 The lntelhgtveer jokes the Union for what it condemns tm the effort of the letter to oreate the impression that it (the Intelligenerr) and its kindred pressej wero Dot long since cn the high road to the generation ofa war w;:h Spain la this connection we may add that wo ^ ftve more than onoe expressed '.he that the danger of the threatened w-r existed for the mc*t pa-t ia the poi^j, effeot of the argu ment* of the ln?tUig,Heer aad others sympa *hisiog wi,lu 1^,4 journal on the Cuba ques tion, i?a Concha's policy. The solution of qa-ftioneof the preservationofpeaco, struck as 3 depending upon theces^tion of Cor^ha's measure* of defence, whioh trenched on Amer ican right*, which seeuis to u* to be oceour ?gfd by the lu'.Mligr.r.ctr'a argument. The JnttlUgeticerrepuhliehee from Saturday's New Yo k Time*, a letter from the Amer v:an Ch--g3 In Madrid, Mr. Perry, wherein that geutleman defends himself againet the icco^atbts wbkh have been mude agalLSt him at bvme. in co'.ncoticn with hid bearing and coLduot toward? Mr. S^ule. To show our readers Mr P. s side of the question, we quote bis letter a follows; '? I have never p?'uy?d the spy to anybody nor for anybody. 1 have never failrd In my dity toward# jgr. Soule as Secretary of Leg* fatiuD, r.rv have I ever aJd;ec:cd Mr. Marcy. or any ytber l ember of the Government, di rec*,v or ir .lireo.'Iy, conternin* the sff irs of Legation, while Mr Soule was at i t boad and espoi e ble for ?-ha' might hare occur But \?htn I rnirge f became tbe solo ref rerent ative of the United S atej a', tte Court of Sp in, I ii cav turn became dtrojilv respon Si tile to the President and th?, "ountry for vt bat?oever might be done or undone hero ? ha.ever may bare been my course during "hit ptii.d, i; ia net open to tbe charge of in aob towards Mr Soule, seeing that ~ wa* not ?he Ukvrg* 4'Affair** of Mr. Soule, bet ot the laited Stares of America, which is quite a different thing '? Wtife Mr. S ale was in the position cf a Plenipotentiary appointed to Spain, but not in tbe ?i9^ci?e of his fiinetions. nor recognised by tvie S :i inh government, whatever iustnxe .ions ce mght cb^.oio to jrire me. :ict y-ro seeding dirtc:ly from ta0 Presiient or'thf ^rirc.<?ry cf r t-te c uid be viewed as mcr> ihar e unitl ard a?vre?eouLmi rhicb I 2i way-; too!-: p?ifi? to to' form at leist, cut of rospeot to him nh > ha i teen *nd might ag.iin he my ?u eriur -.fScer; cccu-ei vr.ich I iol owtd in form, a^d in spirit alio, when ever '.u w.j judg;ue.' t it ims tot c!c"r!y op po- eltotlie eiprasa in3trucf?oca r.f the G<.v a' Wastiiigto? cr tLo ra?re.i in*er? ea;scf tho United States then true.ed t" my ?hirgo ? I pirformel ny dut? toward* Aacr-ea aa I \*.i? able in tKe d ffl:ult circum-.anccs in which I Tras pleccd. Events will ] rove whether I perLr ^ccd it w*li cr ill. If mv julgn^nt v;.3 iiff?r-n'. from hat of Mr. Soule is to the pt 1 icy which ought to be pursued h^re I jo :espcn-:bJe for its judtceas cr its err r nit to h-m, Sn" t-? the Government and to ?ke r a- tiy I '?ertujcly did Lot o.:<=cer.l my opinions upon j-ff?ir? ei her from Mr Sr-uie or tbe 6rcr -ary of s are. L->r did I h-sitateto ?pe i ^ tieai tte S; aL;.h Government when ever I "huu^ht h?? t c n-?o necessary for the interes s of tue United Sta?*?, guarding el wajs the le^er of the directions of Mr. Soule as far as fo.-eible from reipect to the dignity he enjoyed, ani holdiug up that dignity in the presence of the Government and people of Spain, then .i^bly incen ed against him, on all oceas'oii* and is every manner ' I was not iwa-e ?hat I enjoyed the pVrou * ? ,J* anybody. NVith Mr. Marcy I have not tne tOuOf ef a personal acquaintance. I have nerer add.e??ed h;m escept as Secre-ary of Sta'e, and the frit line I ever r?ceired from him ?.i*in ih? I .?t days of Norembor. 1854 s;mn!y aciinowiedgiLg tho receijt of docu men s. "1^ is utterly falre that wh 1st I wa3 wri ing one thin ? to :he Secretarv of State, I traa writing maother and a diff?r*nt thing to Mr Sauie, aspersiug tb? Admibistratioc, and ?peeking uf it* conduct a- treacherous and ecwaroly." The Union, o.-mmentIug on the reeeut visit of Loci* Napoleon to Englapd, publishes sn JBtsree.fig, though brief .^'immiry of the lead ixg ? vermin the checquered life cf Lr uL Na pclecn Tho Union also arg*ej that wher ever Ktiw No!hirgi?n hit aehicvsd poorer at the North. It has practically mainU*sed the scpicxacy cf tbe kighcr lawdoctiioe; and in ancthfcr article quotes the proceedings of tbe :acer.. Know Ntthlng State CcinoU of Maisachufitu, to prote this fact. YVe fled in the L'n.oa a portion uf a rooeat letter iccm tiu iioa A G. Crown, cf Mississippi. r>n the fufj<jt oi Ku'W Nothirgism, the drift of whieh may bo comprehended fr^m thoiollow i?g ract: I sc opposed to all secret political organ. J*- ion-. 1 he lawsshouid bemaJe construed, and adz. oiMered in the open face of day. frcmit.. Ore: it rge::i?c tbstgiveo themahape 'o *t? fl-il u:ttf their complete execution nil sbt,:i!d b? public as tbe "an u* noon dty' ^Le h;tto-y cf tbe Jacobins?the e*archam ter nnd tne i-. quifition?gives us many and p* pioofa toai liberty :? a by-word and h:e - u.o-hery when the laws are either made, adjudged or tTteHi in piivate It will bo ffciu I k? cw. that the new order dees not pro pc!0 '.o leg e.u'.j ia secret. This ia an un wo thy evasion. If itisagr,e?l in aecre: to pkiB pxL/ti:ular laws, and men are chosen ia ssciet, and fecretly bennd by oaths to enact tfcem tf That value is it that tii?y go thrcugh the forms of Ifgulaticn in public ? The" Ja 1 ccbir.s cot sailed atd agreed iu private but they i through the forms of legislation in pu>>lio lh? xe.-ult was that the7 deluced f ranee in blood. "If we oocaent to pasa laws in aecrot, or thtcugb secret agencies, hew long will it be before we ch*ll be called on to revive the atar chamber, and p?*s Jadgment in aecret ? And '? ~?n this i.-? dene will not the Inquisition eh eke i : <"ut' 'rtm *'? ??P'?n>eDta of death, and Tight to execute iu fecret ? " i hua m-y be revived in republican Amer .ca ihe appalling and bloody tri?gediea that 01 E??,us' "" " 1 fee aecrccy observed by the Know Noth lngs cai-not ba ezcu<ed on the plea that all pcli'tcal hold sacret cauouses. Whigs and Democrata <ivow the.r party a?aociationa?? in.cribc their principka on tbe banners they untarl?and publicly, in the rewspaper*, on tha stomp, and everywhere else vindicate their principles They consult privately as to the means of reaching a concluaion. 'But the conclusion once reached, la ia openly pro claimed Not *o with tho Know Nothing*; they do not avow their partv association*. As a party tuey avow no priaotple* before the publio. and of oca.-ee, enter iuto no defence cf heir principles in tho newspaper*, cn the ?itap, or elaeahero. They consult ia tecrot, and rhou conclusion* are raachod, thay are exit known otly to tho initia'od There if therefore, no parallel between a Whig or l>cm:cra<Je eeuees and a Tp w Noiaina lodge." WASinmiTtn sews m eoisir. Tha Agricultural Branch of the Patent Office?is just now effecting an immense amount of good for the country. Never before *u it capable of doing eo muoh, pa It hu taken years for the perfection of Its of tbe interchange cf agrftalttttal prodaets, natural and cultivated, cy which it is hinging into the United States the means of at least endea voring to naturalise here almost every thing that grows abroad, which m.%y by any passi ble chance ?ouriaa profitably in the United States To obtain the3e foreign seedo, plants, treea, Ac , requires not only the expenditure of much money abroad, but the earnest assist ance of auch American agriculturists end hor ticultural u? realise in their mind* tbo great benefit which the United States are likely to reap from a successful proeeoution of the labors cf this branch of the public service bat just now beginning to be developed. No one is more opposed tfcaa ourself to the idea or the establishment of an agricultural de partme?'lof this Government, which shall in terfere in the domestic affairs of tbe people in a manner in which we believe it to be proper for tbe State Governments only to interfere Yet, as it ie-impossible that the work of ena bling our country to beneSt as it should from the horticulture and agriculture and natural product* of the earth in distant lands, through the labors of societies in individual State^ or State Governments, we rejoice to witness the eminent success already attending the labors of this branch of patent bureau under the intelligent management of Mr. Brown. Mr. Glover, iho artist naturalist, proves to be a great prise to the bureau, as any one will un derstand who inspects his collcotion of imita tion fruits and insects, the results of hid labors, so far, in eudeavoring to ascertain the history, character, and habits of various instinct* de trimental to the success of American horticul ture and agriculture. IIo is, evidently, on the right path in his patient investigations which cun hardly fail tc win for him eventual groat renown, and to provo highly besefioial to the future cf our country By the by, many persons are in the Labit of writing to the P&tent Ofiloe for information concerning agri cultural methods and moded which may be ob tained far more easily, fully, and satisfactori ly at the neartst bookstore. It would require the services of scores of clerks, nil experts in agriculture and horticulture, to answer all such as prefer to wr;te a letter rather than to consult a book. Our advice to all seeking such information, is to subscribe for that model monthly, ?'lhe American Farmer," published at Baltimore, which is by long odds the best general agricultural periodical wo ever read, published Id either hemisphere, so far as elu cidating the praotioe of cgriculturo in the United States is cocoerLed. It stiould be on the shelves of every man who aspires to have a library, great or small, of useful knowledge. We write thus with conGdonce rf it, having in tho oourso of the la?t five or six years per sonally expeiienced, repeatedly, the value of its simple, bu: lucid instructions from rew Mexico.?Our intelligent Kew Mexican correspondent furn!thes ns with the following iinteresting letter from that region: Firxakoez de Taos, N M. ) s March 23th, 1855. j It ia said that the Utah Indians have forti fied themselves in the mountains, and h~.v* sant a challenge to our troops to come on and take them if they oan Ihey have a very ccntcmptuuus opinion cf any force which they suppose the Government of the Uni ea S'.aies can send Against them. This sentiment has teen, nu doubt, in some measure instilled into their minds by tie Mormon?, who are doubtless their friends, and who are, at tbe seme time, bitter enemies of the General Government and her citiiens of the Territory if New Mexico Ihe prefeoto cf the adjoin ing county of Rio Ortiba, Senor Joae Maria Chaves, a man cf high respectability and flawless ver&oity, informed the writer that a number of the (,'te.h tribe came to bis house a few days.-ince, and, in conversation, told him that tbe Mormons had furnished them la ge quantities oi powder snd lead, with which to make war upon the people of this Territory Senor Jo2e Maria Chaves has heretoforo had some relation wi'h that tribe. anJ has theroby {.cquired their language, and, in ecrae mss ture. their confidence Hence the disclosure to bim of the faot of the base and das;adly end :ct of th~'oe infamous creatures, tho Lat ter Day pain s They apply to the Govern ment lor large appropriations of money for ;&e pretended defrayal of the expenses of fab ricated Indian wars, and the money so freely and gener usly granti d by Congrees is applied 'o the vile and nefarious purposes of rnain tsinicg the infamous institution cf polygamy, and lending kid. encouragement'and support to cur cneiuiea, by supplying them with r,ow der and ball, with which to rob us of cur property and our lives. Would not the gen ercsity or justiee cf ihe legislators of the nn ticn ka ui?>re faithfully displayed, by payirg s a.b <j? the claims which have arisen from Indian spoliations, cr by answering the de m^rdi of tbe widows, orphans and totterir g old men. who have been long knocking in v:iin at the door of Congress for the rendition of their rights, or the reparation of their wrongs ? Am*rg<t thofc i who have. gone cut with the miiitr.-y force against the Indians is Kit Car son, whore nasie has uot bt.en mentioned with the expedition, bee-use he deserves always to be men ioned alene, although if he were hero now. holding my pen, he would alter that; for he 1j a very modejt man, and would not allow himself to be m itie conspicuous, if he could help it But he has made kitn&ilf oon.'picuous. and how can ha blame other perrons for following his own example? In Sureuance of that spirit of adventure which a- characterized hiz mountain career, and in to the promptings of a truly brave, generous, acd patriotic nature, he has gtno, in the name of his country, to aid in re dressing the wrongs, and securing the rights of the people in whose midst his lot has been cast, lie gco* in the capacity of guide, iiis acquaintance with the mountains, the valleys, the rivers, the plains, and the habits and the loot-prints oi the foe to be pursued, will ren der bis services invaluable. If you had been in bis quiet and happy home, with your cor respondent, but a day before his departure on his perilous expedition, and had seen the tearful eye of his affectionate wife bent in tenderness upon him, and heard the sweet voice of his dear little boy, as his arms clasped his father's neck, in tones of melting fondness, exclaim, 'Papa, Kitty! Papa, Kitty!" you would then have seen tbe man?the brave, tbe true, the generous man. No compulsion sendi him (ie goes freely, of bis own accord, to serve bis fellow men and his country. I wi-h I had space, without imposing ou your valuable columns, to give you a description of this noble and interesting man. That plea sure I must reserve far another oocasion. It is gratifying to the people here to see that Congress has raised four regiments of mounted men for frontier servioe. Let them be armed with Perry'a carbine, without Ma^nard's primer; Perry's primer ia the more sure and effectual. In Indian lights the arms of the troops are often exposed to rain or a damp atmosphere, and under such circumstances Maynard's primer is very unreliable, not be ing water proof. Perry a primer is not sub ject to that objection, for it is alike imper vious to water and Insensible to dampness. | Of all the ami which have been brought to tbia oountry, Perry'e rifle, for rapid shooting I and certainty of 11 'e, takes the lead. Sharp's arm wou!d*be good, but the capping arrage ment will make it of doubtful suecess in the hands of troops. Por an intelligent man, who knows *{ll how to handle a gun, and who rriil take time and pains with his weapons, It will do very well, but for raw soldiers It would surely be mu-Jh Inferior to Perry's. These suggestion* are made entirely with a view to eeeing the troop* that may be eent here, and thoM already in the country, ann*i witli the moat efficient weapens. Let ua have two of the new regiments in the field here, and at soon os the Indians shall hare learned that we can whip them, then New Mexico will step forth in her glory. She #111 then throw off the tatters in whloh she is now clad and oome forth to the admiring gase of the eoantry, clothed in "purple and fine linen." Then the treasures looked np in her mountains, over ?hieh the red man now stasia as lord of the domain, will be unbosomed, and her Tallies, over which the spring and stttnmer spread their pastures only to he swept by the winds of autumn and nipt by the frosts of winter, will give food to oountleas flocks. Then deso lation and night will no longer wrestle with fertility ?>nd brightness, bat New Mexico, re joieing in the fullness of her hills, the rich neas of her rales, the bounty of her plains, and '~he beanty of her clime, will elap her hands and stand forth redeemed and disenthralled. Axioo Dbl Pais. A n Interesting Occasion and Correspond ence.?The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge (Masonic) of the District of Columbia, Dr. Charles S. Frailey, has reoently received a letter from the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge in Paris, asking that a delegate be ap pointed on the part of the Distriot Grand Lodge to attend a Congress of the Masons of the World to assemble in Paris on the let 1 prcximo, to take into consideration the oon dition oi Masonry over the Globe, and to adopt, for the benefit of the order, whatever may be appropriate and lawful. The Grand Lodge of this district finds itself unable at so short notice te send over a suitable represent ative, but has direoted the Grand Master to seiu. to the Grand Master in Paris a commis sion in blank, to be accorded to some worthy American Mason, who may be attending the World's exhibition in Paris, to act on the oo casion explained above, as the representative of the Mason3 of this distriot. Judge Brocchus ?Wo bear frequent gratl. fying reports of the ability, industry, and] energy displayed by our late fellow citiien, Perry E. Brooohus, Eeq , in the discharge of his duties, as an aisistant Justice of the Courts of the United States in the Territory of New Moxico, where he has already won a high reputation for legal learning and professional perspicacity. Judge B. is emphatically a eelf-made man. graduating first from a tailor's beLoh, then from the tripod of country school house, and subsequently from the office of a distinguished lawyer in Alabama. He is now scarcely forty years of age We notioe his eminent succesi in his present position thus, in order to show proof to our youthful readers j matters not how meagre one's advantages may be in early life, a firm ] resolve on the part of one of fair talents to be oome eminent, need fail of accomplishment | only through the lack of spirit, energy or in dustry to carry out the good resolution An Important Pension Question Settled ? The Secretary of tho Interior has decided that a soldier who deserted from the Revolutionary army, but relurnod to duty under a proclama tion frcm Gen. Washington promising a fall pa don to those deserters who should return by a day named, and who was afterwards honor ably discharged, is not entitled to a pension for service in the army before desorticn?the enly effect of the pardon being to relieve the to'.dier from the penalty incurred by desertion, and not to entitle him to gratuities afterwards bestowed on meri'.orious services. George Loring, of M&ssachnsetts ? It is j hardly possible that the President can tender to this distinguished gentleman the position on the new claims court made vaeaat by the dccleceion of J udgo Lumpkin, of Georgia. To do eo, would be to take the whele of this oourt from the non slaveholding States?a stroke of policy which would be likely to injure its standing with Congress, and in the South, irretrievably. The United States vs. T. Butler King and j two of his Sureties in ?ew York ?The Gov ernment has directed a civil suit to be com menced in New York against T. Butler King, late Collector of the Customs at San Fran. I ciroo. Cal., for a balance of about $40,000 claimed by the accounting officers of the Freaaary to be dae the United States frcm Mr. King. New Custom Houaos ?The Secretary of the Treasury haa called for proposals lor the con struction of the new custom houses to be built at New Haven, Conn., and Newark, N. J. They are to be of the same clasd, via: stone buildings 60 by 85 feet, and 60 feet high; andtooostnot more than $58,000, exclu?lve of the eoat of the siie; and to be so construe1.ed as to aeoomodate the Custom House, United States Courts, and ?ity post office. A Eoute Mail Agent Appointed ifftlr. Jos. ti. Hedges, of Wilmington, Del., has been ap-1 pointed a route mail agent on the railroad be tween Washington and Philadelphia, vice| James Stroud, of the same place, deolined. The Current Operations of tho Treasury Department.?On Saturday, the 6th of May, there weie of Troasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For paying Treasury debts ?????* $1,111 02 j j*of the Customs?????????????????- 16,880 6 Fcr covering into the Treasury from Lands 77,093 00 For oovering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 2,008 00 For the W ar Department......... 27,8 IS 62 j For repaying in the War Depart m3Qt.. 100 00 For the Navy Department 60.000 00 For the Interior Department 4,876 03 QTTwo agents of an English rooruitiog of ficoi ha e been arrested at New Orleans, and three men were arrested in New York on Thursday, eharged with enlisting soldiers for tho Crimea. The wonder is that feols can be fonnd consenting to engage in suoh a service. WbllDohb.-Moat of the oitisens of Chi-1 cago who aeted as special policemen daring] the late riots have requested that the money due them shall be plaoed to the eredit of Hunt, the policeman whoae arm has been amputated Coal ?Of this artlole of fael 63,858 tons were transported over the Philadelphia and Beading railroad, and 31,412 tons by the Schuylkill Navigation company, daring the week ending Thursday last. (7"This is the day whieh was sot apart for the sailing of the Niearagna expedition. Ehculd it not sail, the bonds given to Captain Graham, the owner of the steamer, will be forfeited. Btnuuvo Association* ?A case of oonsid-1 erable importanoe to persons Interested in Building Associations was before the Supreme Court of Friday. It ts decided, if we under. Hand rightly, that the excessive fines and penalties Imposed for failure In the stipulation rf the association cannot be recovered by law, being in violation of the spirit of oar Usury ! Law ?iV. Y. Bxpr?M The Book of the ftpiritueliat. We in indebted to the Hon. N. P. Tel madge, for e copy 0f "The Heeling of the Nations, by Cberlw Linton, with en introdno tion and append is, by fratbeniel P. Tiklmadge, lete O. S. Senator end Governor of Wieoocrin; published by the Society for the Diffualon of Splritna! Knowledge, 553 Broadway, New York, 1856." It is the long heralded end greatly be-putfed-ln-edvenoe book, which wai to hate Mtonndcd the world with the irrefre gible evidenoes of the troth if "Spiritualiam," aa the regery is termed It wea originally teld that the author was so unedacated aa thet he oonld barely read and write. We however judge from what Mr. Ta I madge nays of him, that he it as Well educated from books as half the men one meets in ordinary sooiety in thia country. His book, as a whole, is little more than a rapsodioal collection of detached sen tences suoh es one is eooustomed to hear at times lrom the pulpit of a camp-meeting, when the preacher, abandoning himself wholly to the influence of the elements of excitement by which he is surrounded, gives utterance one moment to poetioal thoughts, the next to trite aphorisms, and the third to oonglomer ated nonsense-all tinctured with deep and irdent devotion to the cense in whioh le is engaged. As for the idee thet it is calculated to meke any man who is fairly en titled to be out of e straight jacket, a votary of "Spiritualism," that is nonsensical nothing more. It grieves us more then we oen express to J&nd a gentleman of the fine talents, great experience, and eminent ca pacity for public usefulness which Mr. Tel. madge possesses, frittering himself awey upon such a work as this. PEB80NAL. .... John E. Tuel, formerly of this olty, now of New York, has written e history of the European war, whioh is forthcoming from the press. ? .... The Hon. Alpheus Felch, of Michigan, now one of the Commissioners for the fettle I ment of land claims in California, is in Wash ington .... The Hon. Finley Bigger, Register of the Treasury, has been called to his home in Indiana by the illness of a son, and Charles T. Jones, Esq., the Chief Clerk of the office, has been appointed by the President to act as Register of the Treasury in Mr. B.'s absence. ....The Boston Telegraph denies that it announced that Senator Henry Wilson had denounoed the Amerioan party, or signi fied that he was ever going to leave it. .... Dr-Tinsley, of Cube, claims to have dis covered that vaocine virus, after paasine through the system of a negro, is valueless for the white race. ....Wm B Scott,has been announced .. the American or Know Nothing candidate for Congrers, in the Richmond (Va ) district. ....A Methodist minister, of this city, yes terday, while reading the discipline to theoon. gregation, paused to suggest that if any of the congregation will continue to wear jewelrv the number of rings on the finger be not more than five, nor tho breastpin larger than a good sued turnip. .... Among other items by the Atlantic, is one to the effect that the flooring of a room in the Convent of St. Agnes, where the Pope had assembled a number of guekta, gave way, and percipitated the company into the apartment injury escaped with but slight ....A retired Judge hes just died et Fa? llai8,ea,I,g?d on? ha,ndred y??" end six months in 1811 he gave nine hundred franes for an an nuity of one hundred franos, end received it forty-three years. Baltimore Provincial Counoil. The Catholic Council of the Province of Baltimore (says the Amerioan) assembled at the Cathedral in Baltimore on yesterday (Sun day) morning, and opened with ceremonies of a very imposing and impressive ch?racter. As is usual on occasions of this kind, the prelates, all clad in their sacerdotal robes, as sembled et the house of the Arohbishop, when a line of procession was formed, end they moved, headed by the most Rev Archbishop, to the Cathedral. The theologian of each bishop was also present. The following are the members of the Coun cil :Moat Rev. Archbishop Kenrick; Rt. Revs. ?,k ? D D" of Wheeling; John MoUill, D. D. of Richmond; Micawl n nnn rr,p of_P#tersburg; Jas. Young, , ^ Erie, P*-I John N. JNeanan, of Phil adelphia, with the administrators of Charles ton and Savannah, and the superiors of the orders of Jesus, R?demptionists, Sisters of Charity and Benedictine Monks. The services of the occasion was H!rh Mass. celebrated by the ArchbiaLops, and f sermon oy the Right Rev. 1 r. McGill, of Riohmond. The discourse was very able, and listened to most attentively by the immense audience After the sermen the Council were organised by the profession of faith on the part of the Lishops and the reading of a portion of tho de crees of the Council of Trent, wiih the cere monies and forms usual to the ocoasion. The Loyola and St. Alphonsus societies were present in lerge numbers, together with nearly all the ?lergy ?f the Catholic in the city. Lntil Thursday next the ee?aiona of the Council will be private, but on that day there will be e publio session. We learn that du ring the week the Bishops will preach in the several Catholic churches of the city. Heavy Robbery by a Boy?Arbxbt ? A few weeksi ago a youth named John Fitigibbon stole $1,300 from his father, Warren Fitsgib bon the lams being the savings of several V ,ab?r- The greoeless son imme diately decamped, but was last night discov ered and overhauled by the polioe in North street, and a comparatively smell portion of the money reoovered. The young ?< prodieal" I confessed that he went to nSw Bedford, wiere he squandered a large amount of the cash, but stated m extenuation that he wea drugged and robbed of $500. He was taken beforfthe police court this morning, and held In $2,000 for examination on Tuesday next.? Boston Transcript, May 4. A Nsw Plahxt.?Mr. B. A Goul \ Jr in in a Planet Circular of the Aatronomical Journal, dated Apri. 27th, reoorda the an! nouneement, under date of the 7th, by Mr. L? Verrier, that on the previous evening at lOh 5m , Mr. Chaoornac dlasovered a small plan^ et of the eleventh magnitnde, in the thirteenth hour of right escension. This new planet, if an aateroid, forma the thirty fourth of the group. Idr ihe Steamship Errieaon, which hes been transformed from a caloric ship, went on her triel trip yesterday morning down the bey She waa miataken for the Atlantic, creating quite a aensationin Wall street. Aftereeucf o* ssful trial, she oame beck to her dock but sterted out in the efternoon. She present! much the same appearanoe aa formerly, with the exception of her pipe, which are painted r S?hTJifoyl a*!" uao?11y done.?N. OFFICIAL. ' ArankUn PUrct, Prmdmt of t*? Uniitd State, Q/ America^ to all ickom it may concern : Satisfactory evidence havinf been exhibited to me thai Jon* 8m,nx ha. been appointed consul of Saxony, at LouNville, in the State of Kentucky an<1 t!iat Alexis ok Btobtt h?. ?. ' vstLssrrs lowed to the Consuls of the Lt 1 In the United States. favored nations wh#reof' ' have earned these letters t 0 - W. L. Maaev, Seeretaiy ol fun wl. O. O. F ?COLUMBIAN EKCAMP _ MENT ?The Officers ad Meinli rs o? Columbian Encampment will meft at th?:ir Hull 00 TO-MOFROW (Tuesday) AFTKRNOO*, st 2 o'clock, to attend tke fhr.?<ai cf P H I* V\ ils utt W* S. KeSiw, Membra of sifter E rampm nts are re*p4ci/tiHy in-ited to join with u* on the occation Bv ?r-!er of the C P : may 7?It* JNO TV H0PG30X, Sntlr. ALUMVI OF WASHINGTON !-"KKI "nary.?A meeting of a!l Ike OM Pup'li n< tho Washington Seminary wl'l be hdd at 'ho Semi nary, P street, between Plh and 10th, on FRIDAY next, 11th instant, at 6* o'clock p ni. Punctual and general attendance if particu?arlT requested. (ctty papers) . ir?y 7?<1 .MUTUAL BENEFIT AND LOAN A8 fociailon.?It i? propoaed 10 organiae a new Mutual Benefit and Loan or Building A?sooa tion, on an improved plan. - ? All persons wishing to lake stock in the AwJcia tion, or desiring inf rraatio.i on the subject are in vito to attend a public meeting at the Hail of the Medical College, corner of 12th and F streets, on TUE8DAY, the8th instant, at 7% o'clock p m. may 7?at* V a ATTENTION, PRESIDENT'S MOUNT hL ed Guard.?You are hereby notified that /flv) an adjourned meeting will be held at the f Fii.Armorv at 7jf o'clock, on TUESDAY EVENING, the 8th instsnt. As business of im;>ort?nee to the Corpa will be under conside ation a full attendance ia reqneated. JNO. H McCUTCHEN, may 7?2t* 8ecrsrary._ ,\NTI-KXOW NOTHING MEETING. A meeting of th= citizens of the First Ward opposed to secret political organizations, and in favor of civil and religious libertv, will be held on MONDAY LVENINQ, May 7th, at 7H o'clock, at the Room over Bwartte'a Livery Stable, for the pur l<ose of nominating candidates for said Ward, to be supported at the ensuing election, and to appoint <le' -jatea to the Conven'io 1 to be helc on the 8th instant, at Uarmony Hall, to nominate candidate! for Collector, Register and Surveyor. may 5?2t* ?RUNAWAY. CM A REWARD for chestnut sorrel Mare, about ? 1V 8 or 9 yeura old, with long tail rnd full mane, with a acar on her hack ; and on each side J she haa small white spots, right for* hoof has been injured. The alove reward will bt given if brought I o J. Harvey k Co, Store ne r Lone Bridge, or left at Faunce's Pishing Shore, Maryland ?'de. may7?3t* G. k C. FAUNCE. A CARD. ?LOO K HERE ! ALL ye lovers of the good things of this life, and we will tell you where you may obtain at least some of them. Thanklul for past 'favon, I wou'd respectfully ask a continuance of the same dur nc this Spring and Summer. I am prepared to furnish all who will give me a call with the sweet and cool ing Beverages in my lioe at shor; notice. Such as | fee Creams, Water Ices, of all flavors, Scbarlott* Reuse, Blancmange, kc Cakes of all kinds. Also, | foreign and domestic Fruits and Confectionery, gen eratly kept in well regulated establishments of the I kind. Particular attention will be paid to furnishing Wedding or Bride's Cakes. Also, Parties. Balls, Excursions, Pic Nics, kc , kc., and upon reason .ble term". Cal! at the old stand, Massachusetts avenue, be tween 9th and 10th streets, Northern Liberties may 7-eo3m JOHN W RIGHTSTINE. OAUTIONr TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.?Be it known, that I, James Smith, a native of the | Kingdom of Great Britain, but declaring my iatf n tion of becoming a citizen of the United States of America, having invented, constructed, and used certain new and useful improvement- in temples for looms, which I designate as the *olid, raised burr roller, wtth falling, hinged cap, and spring or yield ing frame, and lent certai 1 designing persons should endeavor to infringe my right and titl*- to the said improvements, this is to forewarn all persons that 'lie utmost extmt of the law will be .nforced fori making, using, vending, or causing to be u?d with out my consent, any of y said improvements as specified, having taken the preliminary steps to wards procuring Letters Patent of the I'nited States, and for which purpose, and in view of c.r tain considerations, I have by equal assignment as sociated with myself William Bottrell, of Howard I county, Maryland. JA ES SMITH, Through his Agent and Attorney, John S. Gallaher. jr. Laurel. Prince George's, Md., May 4. May 7?If ODD FELLOWS' HALL. Second and last week of the unparalleled wonder, I THE DRAMATIC 1 J>IOH AM OF THE BATTLE OP BUNKER HILL, AND j DESTRUCTION OF CHjIRLESTO ff'N The above Diorama wiJl be exhibited every even ing 1 his week. Also, on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY after r.oons. at 3^ o'clock. Positively closing on Saturday night. May 12. Doors open a? 7?to commence at 8 o'clock. Amission 35 cents?Children accompanied by their parents half price. may 7?1 w GKAND EXHIBITION AID MAT BALL, AT THE NATIONAL THE ATII ??, TO BB REPEATED. PROF. H. W. MUNDER most respectfully an nounces that, by earnest solicitation, and in consequence of hundreds being deprived of witness iog liis Grand Exhibition Ball by the inclemency of t'.ie weather, he has consented to repeat, in every particular, the Programme ot that evening, on THURSDAY EVENING, May 10th There will be no Ladiea' invitations distributed upon this occasion. All those who received invita tions for the first are particularly invited with their friends. The great satisfaction expressed by nenrlv 3.000 persons upen the first representation^ Is a sufficient guarantee of its being largely attended upon the recond. A much larger Band has been engaged, and will enliven the company with some or their choicest pieces. Tickets may bs had at the principal Hotel;, and at Mr. J. F. Ellis' Music Store. The pupils are respectfully requested to meet at t'ie Theatre every afternoon for rehearsal, at the tvual hour. may 7?4t GRAND MOONLIGHT rxcTjRszcn and pic ric Or TBS AMEBICUS J TO TUB WHITE HOUSE PAVILION,) On MONDAY, May Slat, 1855. fPHE AMERICUS CLUB take great pleasure in | announcing to tiieir friend and m m_j^ the public in geuersl that they havf^g^H chartered the Steamer George Wasuinotum. ar.a will give a gran I EXCURSION AND PIC NIC a> above, on MONDAY, the 21st instant. The Club pledge themselves that no pains or expense shall be spared on their part to give general saiisf?cuon to those who may honor them with their company. The very beat Cotillon Music bas been engaged for the occasion. The Refreshments and Supper will be furnished by an experienced caterer at city prices. Omnibuses will leave the corner of Seventh and L streets at 1 o'clock, and bo at the wharf on die arrival of the boat at night. Pare 19# cents each way. {&? Tickets ONE DOLLAR? aimi ting a Gentle man and Ladies?to be had of any cf the Manageia and at tha wharf on day of excursion. The Boat will leave Georgetown at 1 o'clock; Washington at 9; Navy Yard at 9}?, and Alexandria at 3. ComWkUUc of Arrangement*. Charles Matlock, .lohn Robinson, Jr, W. E. Morgan, P. A. Rearden, Samuel E. Culverwe.ll. Managers on tke part of the Club. S. P. Robnrtaon, J. W. Houck, E. B. Barrett, E G. Evens, D. D Darden, Jna. T. Essex, Rnbt. Johnson, W. H. Johnson, Wm. Thomas, W. H. T. Dice, E. P. Quean, Geo. Essylin, Thos. Johnson, M. Birkhead, Nicholas Ray. may 7,9,11,14,16,19 fit DRESS CAPS, Ao. HAVE this day received as fine and choice lot of Dress and Infant Caps, Floss Ruches for Bonnets, Long and Shoi t Siik Ru has. A. TATE may 7?3t 314 Pa. av , bet IQtfr and 1Kb st For halk? An Engl sh Close Carriage A Double Wagon A pair of Carnage Horses A saddle and buggy Horse Inquire for the Coachman of the French Minis ter, at SCHWARTZ'S Livery Stable, G st, betw. | 17th and 18th. may 7?3t* LOUIS IOURTEENTH and the Writers of his Age, by the Rev. F Asti>', 1 vol. 19mo The Saint's Inheritance, or the World to Come, by Henry F. Hill, 1 vol, 19mo Family Prayers for every morning and evening in the year, by the Rev J dimming, D. D, 9 vols 19m? Cumming's Scriptur eReadings on Luke Guide Book ia the administration of the Discipline of tha M. E. Church, by Rev. C. Baker, D i?. iy GRAY k BALLaWyNE, may 7?3t Seventh st. G TBA - r* ? ? * 1. HALL k HIKNIKO. g>?y7-*1* BIO Ssvevj H. XJARPIRS MACAZ1N1 FOR MAY? ^'"1 ? Harpsrs' Sf -rr Books. Just received by TAYLOR k MAUfiY. 1 7 4 Boehstors, near 9Ck si. I p SBVKNTH <r%BD^ONlOJf tirtPT. For Afdannan?DEARRORN R. JOHNSON. Fftrnrrom^n Council?SAMUEL PUMPHREY, BAMUEL i. TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLARKE. ?av 4?te |OCK?.T Cintflt, a t;v?;,i nt ar ids far uVtl LAMMOND'B, 7th st. iy 5- 3t HAY-HAY! NOTICE?JU4 rfrH?t4per8clir J nolaei^M now leading at race'* Whart, foot of Seventh ?treet, a prime article ? I Timothy HAY, which will be sc!d low f< r cn*h if Ukrn from tbe Wharf. Apply to MATTINOLY BBOTUERS. umy i ?j (Intel) "r\EBOW>S REVIEW for May X/ Frank Leslie's fissette do In* and Out* of Pari*, by Julie de Marguenttca The O'Dvberty Papers, by the late Wm. Magum, 9 t. la McEliifntN American Debater may 5 FRANCE TAYLOB. T\RUG STORE POR BALE-IN AN iX^KL I 9 lent location, and doing a food hosinees. Sat isfactory reaeons for selling. Addteas "7."at the Smr office. may 4?Bt MOHOCCO BH.L.TK, Transparent Him, Hair Brushca, Sewing Birds. ke, for sale cheap at LAMMOND'S, 7tb si. may 5?3t A EV-.?A lot of very cheap Fans leceivrd and for pale at LAtfMONO'S, 7th st. any 5?3t jw grainkb. billibbbt. V^p^Iust opened, at tbe old stand, Sixth at-,HL nrzt Louisiana svenae, a choice assortmen t or Sp ing and Summer HATS. Bleaching. Pressing, f c. ts usual. way 5-3t* REOPENED. MRS FARRAR respectfullr informs the citlxeaa of Washirgton that 5he baa had her Bowhag Sa!<*>n, on Missouri avenue, neat 6th at., fitted up i-? the best mvnncr, which ahe wilt open or Toes day, M'v 8 h. MARY FARkAR, may 5?3t* rpHE FAMILY AT HEATHERDALE; OR THP. x Influence of Christian Principle*, by Mrs. Mac ? kay. Philip Oolville; a Civcnanter's Story, bjr Grace Kennedy Straw Arrow*, by the Re*. 8. L Cuyter Forrester's Illustrated Juvenile Keepsake Mhe Chemiatry of Common Life, by J. T Jobnaton Th<; Peasant Boy Piiilohopher. by Henry Maybew. GRAY 4 BALI.ANTYNiC may 5 #>8 Seventh at. JAMES H. BURNS'S Cheep Book. Stationery, Periosteal Vmru t i Btors end (IKCl'LATlflO LIIKAHT. No. 150 Bridge atreet, opposite the Mayor's Oflre, osonorroww, d c. Subscriber* to all the Weekly Periodical aad Magazine* served at their dwellings Agent tor the "Evening Star," where advertim menta will be promptly attended to, and rubsc ip> turn* received. may 4-?Iw REFRIGERATORS, WATER COOLERS, kc.?I am receiving my asual Spring suppiy of REFRIGERATORS, with atone batter pot*, water jar*, and a complete ventilating arrangement, making it the most perfect Refngerator in market Aieo, Water Coolcra of superior finish, all aisea. Por sale low by W. H. HAKROVER, Seventh street, opp Patriotic Bank. may 4?3t BY RAILROAD DIBICT TO lime between Washington and Wheelimf but 17* hours! Running time bttwten Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours !! Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to be had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD HAVING greatly improved ita Western connec tions now offer* t'.ie fullest inducements to travelera between Washington, Baltimore, and all portions of the Weal, the Northwest and tbe South weit The connection between the trains from Wash ington and the train* bound w?t from Baltimore ia always promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately called the Relay Huute) 9 miles from Balti more. Thia i? the only cbante of can required be tweec Washington and thr Ohio river. Baggage is checked through to Wheeling at the Washington nation, and ncheck'?I and transferred there, (with the pa**engere) without charge, for those holding through tickets for points beyond. The conn* ctiag train- Uave Washington daily at 6 a. m. and p. m. On Sunday* at the latter hour only. At Wheeling dire t connection ia made with the trains cf the CENTRAL. OHIO RAILROAD, nin niug from Betlaire on the Ohio, near Whirling, thrcufh Cambridge, Zaneoriile and Newark, to COLITMBITS. The*e train* connect at Newark with ihe car* of the Newark, Man*fit Id and Sandaa ky Railroad for S&nCwky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago St. Louis, etc. At Coiumbua the C. O. Railroad train* connect witii the fa*t tram* of the Little Miami Railroad to Xenia, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE etc. At Xewis (on Little Miami Railroad) connection is formed with tlie train* through INDIAN APOLIS, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chic&go, Rock Island, St. Louis, etc. Of Patenter* holding through tickeu lor Mm- | phi* fickwbwrf, NaUKes, Sere Orleans, etc., wbicb I an* al-o aold ft Washington?are tranaferred at Ctn- " cinnati to the Mail Steamers on the Ohio. Ticksta for Kv&naville, Cairo, and St. Louu ar? sold by this route. 49~FOR CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Toled", Detroit, f'hicaro, etc., tick eta are aold, when the Ohio ia navigable between Wheeling and Well*ville (forty milea) wbere a connection with the Cleveland at d Plttaburg Railroad is ma le. Travelieri are requea eJ to nouce that wkile thia is the only route aft.Tiling through ticketa and checka in Washington, it ia also the aUortc*t, mo?tapee<7, | and direct to nearly all tbe leading points in be great West. The distance fr in Wantur.g'on to Cin cinnati is but (?3 miles, being about 100 miles tbort er than bv anv other route 1 PARE BY THROUGH TICKET FROM WASH INGTON. To Wheeling, $9 SO; Columbu* ?13 to; Dayton, $15 50 ; Cincinnati, $16 ; Loui-vil s. by railroad $1865. by steamer from Cincinnati, $ IP; In dianapolis, $17 50; Cleveland, $1*2 15; Toledo, $15 80; Detroit, $15 20; Chicago. .f*j 65 and $18 50: St. Lcuis, $26 50 and $25, Mempliu>, $36, New Or- 4 lean*, $31, etc. I g?- r OR FREDERICK and H ARPER'S FERRY MAKTINSBURO, HERKELEY SPRINGS, CUM BERLAND, BEDtORD SPRINGS, Piedmont, Oak- ' land, and Fairmount, passeng>r* may leave VNash ington at 6 a m or p. m For tbe tunor way statloui between Palumore md Wheeling, take ? a in train from Washington. OW For trains to and from Baltimore, Annapolis, etc., see special adverti?-em*-nts. 49*Por further information, through tickets, kc., apply to THOB. H. PARSONS; Ag nt, at Washing ton Station. JOHN H. DONE, Master of Traaaportauon Baltimore and Ohio Battmd, Baltimore. may 3?tf gCOTOH ALB, LONDON BRO. BTOCT, The s^bacriber offers for aale? . 1>j0 casks Scotch Ale, Minna, Tennanta, Falklrkl i and Yunger^ 600 do London Brown Stout, Barclay, PerkiM & Co'a, Hibbitt'aand hyaaa' 1000 boxes Champagne Cider ALSO? Now landing Ex. Schooner Joae and Maria, from Oporto, Quetti'e Port and London Por. bands puaa 1 juice. Jjl Dry and old fashioned Port Winea impe't^.i i* casks of 10 gallona under bond to be sold from the custom hou-t stores For aale by WM. E. ALLEN. 34 Burling Slip, New York, N. Y. aay 3?law4w (Q*g?) LIME! LIME!! i JUST LANDING 1800 bushels wood-burnt LiflK, in good order and of auperior quality. Also, on band hickory, oak, and pine wood ; coal, lie , all of which will be aold low. a WM. WARDER. Cor 12th k C st*., near the canal, No. b& my 8?eod3t (Orgsa.) ?f| may balls. > WE hare Just received, for the May Ball^ f largest and most varied assortment of W Boquet Holder*. Baskets, Fine Perfumeries, kc, ,OHN F- KLLIS, 806 Pa. avenee, bet. ?th and 10th *?? ap a&?-u RAM A WAT*?910 REWARD.?J 0 ji.' my negro man. aged about 50 years, ran ?J? from my farm in Alexandria coanty, Va., on day, 15th instant. He atoopa in hia walk ; had" Ciy frock coat and gray pasta. He has a wd? r. A. Gladman's, on 9th atreet, near the boo???^ in Washington. I think he ia lurking about tn ? He alto has aaiater at Mr. Marbury*s, ia G?-a town. JOHN M. YOUNG, Coach Maker^ Corner of 4)i st.eet and Pa avenue ap 18?tf -^~"P JX mact of SLEBVB BUTTONS a^BTUp^, tha latest atylas. Ateo, a variety of oth? Goods: as Vast Chains,Obaialtina, Esrrinfs. Rings, ate. Greet inducements o0br?d N No. StO Pa. raw.Wt'M snd 1 ft?- .Viit PoiMU put to Gold Pw? ?? J**1 ' Diamonds rrmountad, aad Jtwalry made ?" ? mar B M

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