Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1855 Page 1
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r THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6828. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, MAT 7, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. # The Aflor uibiory, UB BAM WOBJC8 iHD KKCK.NT MUT ACQUISITION! ? KiKLT TRBATIBK8 AMD MAP* OONNKCTKII WITH thb oisoorBBT or ambbic/v? tbi tbxt book of OOI.0BBU8? OUBIOra CUAKT Or TBI AMXttlOAM CONTWErr. The Astor I ibrary, aa might nat.ually be expected in om so recently formed, la not remarkable for booia of Wkieh the whole value consists m their rarity. In a late visit to It we found but far only of this clau. On the other hand, it appeared to b? w-U farnlabed with tha xacwt important and most vu'.utbie work* in every da yartaaent, especially with tboie which denlope the pro gress of huuian knowledge in tbe last half tentiry Whatever of antiquity recent researches bare disen! tombed and ucrolled, can there be seen and studied in the costly works which describe them The wonders of Ancient Egypt can be examined in the exact delegations of its monuments, either of Chanipelilon or Roselhni or Lepeius, and those of lfin?vh tu i.ayazd or Botta and Slandin; of India, in Ferguson; or Greece, la Staart, fu wood and W'Ukins; of Pompeii ?ai Horcal&naum, in Cell, Zabn cr Breton; of Homo in Piraaeal, Viscontl and Canino; ofMexiooand Centra .interna, in Lord Kio^s borough, HciubMdt, Dupalx. aua W idxek i Ancient and modern art (4 well represented by a rich collection of musenmi and galleriee of engravings of the works of the great maaters, in palo'lng and sculpture. Among theee the following deserve e pscial notl:e. The "Husee Francais" is a proof c? py before tbe letter, with yery biillunt plates; the " Gsli'ie du Calais Pittl" is also a proof copy; the " Loggm di Ralfaele nel Vatieano,'' Including the Volte, PUaatri and Axtoeachi, are beauti fully and delicately colored oy bini. exactly like the originals; the copj of M?utetne??ter's engravings of the 'Logos du Vatican," including all tbe pr nts of R\. jrhael's bible, is a splendid one on 'taiua paper, and there art many ethers scarce'y leu worthy of note. Dlreetly over that portion of the libra; y saloon appro yiiated to the last named class of books, we found a large collection in a dopartmer.t still more important? that of tbe useful arts. Of tbe*e we nay spec:fy Wyatt's " Industrial Arts of the Nineteenth Century,'' Armengaud's "Publication Iniu trielle," " E'?ablis*e mens Industrie-lie* de la Belgiqr.e," " R*vu? Ge-aoiaie de l'Arehiteoture," Rennie'a work on htrbors, t-mea*ou and the two Stevenson* on th?> great English lighthouses. From the beginning which has b?en made in this de partment, wt> infer that It is iaeadel to make it very complete, and such aa the Inventive and rapidly advancing ?Industry of tbe country Teqairea; and knoving that it is one for which Mr. W. B Astor bad made especial provi sion, there can be no doubt that tbls object will be ef fectad. We were pleased to observe that natural history bad not been neglected in forming Ik's library. In every branch of It we found the leading works on its shelve-. ? but we can only specify a few. Audubon's "Birds and 'Quadrupeds," both large ant small editions; Gould's ?' Birds of Kurope and An tralia;" Bloch's "Fishes," Sipthorp's ' Flora Gresa;" Lamovrt's "Pines;" Cu rler's "Animal Kingdom," both in Frenoh and English ; * Martin's "Palm* of Bratil;" Abbot's " Insects of Geor. ?ia;" Kieaer'e " Coqulilee VI ranges," and Chenu'a " Illustration! Conchnlogique'," will suffice to show on what scale this department 1a established. Of the books . in this libraty whleh are remir able f.*r their early date, ? rarity or cost, we have only xpaoe to notice a few. The earliest printed book In tbe coll* stloa is a copy of 4 'Cicero 3e OfflL-lls," from the prees of Faust 4 Schoeffer, ia Maytnoe, February, 1460; it is in the original binding ' which must have been put on before the year 1607, as the book belonged to Charles of Lorraine, Bishop ot Meta, and grand ion of Henry II 'f France, who died in . that year. His coat of arms is stamped on both the oovera. The most costly single volume Is the first folio of Hhakspeare, printed In London 1623, which wss bought at the sale of the Duke of Buckingham's library in 1849, for eighty pounds sterling. Among the reprints there is one particularly deservla { of notloe; it is a/aerimt/sof the "Dsux l/ettres Envoi. -eg d-i a Nouvell* Franca" in 1686, to the headaof the Mtseicnin Pari*. From 1632 to 1672 annual reports were mt.'e of the principal events of the two Amerioan missions in Canada and among tbe Hurons, wh eh were published in Paris, butfor tbe jearl066so regular "Relation" has aver been discovered, and the ?bo"e is supposed to have been t he substitute for it; ofthia but a s ngle iopy waa known to exist and that was in the libra*? of the provlm'al parliament in Canada. This was lost ia the conflagra tion of the Parliament House in 'Hftt. and bad not Mr. I?nox bfen in possession of a fa - rimile of it, no copy wonld be now in existence. 0' tfc s he hai oaused a 'ew copies to be struck olf, one of which he presented to each of tbe large public libraries of tbe oouatiy. We alao'notised bore the super ?? Fren-.h edition of the "Bhafavat* Puraaa, ou Histolre 'ostique de Kriehna," (Sacred Book of tha Hindoos,) which was printed in 1840, at the laprimtrie Royal. Amongst tbe large number of ether Oriental works to be found in this library, that which will perhaps most excite the veneration of juvmde visiters, is a fine oopy of the "Alii LaOe, ' ' or Book of the Thousand and One Nights, printed from an Egyptian M8. brought to India by the late llajor Turner Macan, editor of the Shah Tfamtk. Tho most curloui book in the whole collection is. ho v ever, the "Imago Mundi" of Petrus de Alyaco or Peter d'iiUy, as be in more frequently called. This writer was born in the year 1360. He wa? successively Bishop of Pay, Cambray, and Cardinal and Legate to Avignon, where he die! in 1420. Thia first tr*, ai appeals by the reoord at the end of it, was written in 1419, bat the volume baa no date to ahow la what year it was printed. The two treatiiee "De Concordia Ahaonemioe Veritatia cum Historic," were printed in Vienna in 1400, and it ia probable that the "lingo Mundi" wn printed in the aame year. This latter treatiM haa a p? ?oliar value and tntarest*in connection with the discove ry of America. In Irving'* life and Voyages of Oo htmboj (Mew York edition, 1849, vol. t,.p. 11, 12,) he thus (peaks of it: "Being at (Seville and making re searches in the Bibllotheca Columbinn, the library gi ren by Fern ando Columbna to the Cathedral of the city, I came accidentally upon the above mentioned copy of the work of Peter Allaco. It t? an ok vo'ume in folio, bound la parchment, published soon after the invention ?f printing, containing a collection ia Latin of astrono mical and oosmograpliUal tracts of Pedro de AUaci and ?f hii disciple John C.erson. Aliaoo wm the auth?r of many work*, and one of the most learned and ingenious men of his day. Lai Catas is of opinion that his writings liad more effect in uttmu lating Columbus to the enterprise than thoie of any other author. Hla work was so familiar to Columbus that he had filled itn whole margin with Latin note a, in his handwriting, citing many tiling* whieh he had re?l and gathered elsewhere. 'Thia book, which was very old,' aontinuea Las Casas, 'I had many times in my hands, and I drew acme ttings from it, written (a Latin, by the ?aid Admiral Christopher Columbus, to re'lfy eertain point* appertalatag to his history, of whiih I before was In doubt.' (Hist. Ind. tab. cap 11.) It was a giaat satisfaction to the author, therefore, to discover the identical volume, the Farfe Mecum of Colambaa, ia a Mate cf good preservation. (It la in the Cathedral Li brary, K. G Tab. 178, No. 21.) Tm notes and citations mentioned by las Ohm, are la Latla, with maay abbre vtation* written la a very aaaaD bat neat aad distinct hand, aad run thronghoutthe volume, catling Attention to tha most striking passages, or to those wbieh bear meet apon the theories or Columbus, occasional.; con tainiag brief comments ia citing the opinions of otber authors, aneicnt and modern, either in support or in noatradictlon of the text. Tho memorandum particular' ly sited by Las Casas, mentioning the voyage of Bartholomew Diss, to the Cape of Good Hope, It to dlsptovs an opinion in the text that tb* tor rid zone was uninhabitable. This volume lea most curious aad iatereeting document ? the only one that remains of Columbus prior to his discovery. It illus trate* his researches, aad in a manner the carrent of his thoughts whUs as yst his groat enterprise existed but ia idea, and while he was seeking sssans to oonvinoo the world of its practicability- It will ho fouad also to -ooataln the grounds of his opiaioas and speculations on a variety of subjects." Tho geographical department has ? far. f timile of the following very carious map:? "Carts is delta Oo?a plots 4sCbsiatopte Cclumb rodlgt-o en laaaee HOO." Of this map Alexander Humboldt remaiM: ' To coaoslve tho Importance of this geographical monumeat, it it sufll cient to sail to mind that It Is six years prior to tin death of Columbus, and that the earlioet ciarts cf Am? tloa, exclusive of those la tbs edlticas of Ptolemy or of the comographiea of tbe fifteenth century, hithertj known, are those of 1527 ud 1620, in the fibrary of the Grand Duke of Weimar. The origin*! ohart her* re ferred to was sold in April, 1868, for I4,UV fiaocs, or ?800. The /ac stmfte in the Astor Library ru ratde by Jomard for Mr. ffalckenaer, the former owner of the orginal chart. In thla department wl'l also bo fonad copt*s or %he '?Carte Topo^raphique do In France," of wbleh about two hurdred ah sets are published, and oi the ordnance map of Great Britain. We cannot conclude this brief notice of the more re markable feature* of thU splendid collerttoi without ex pressing our sense of the obligations which w? are uade to its learned and amiable curator, Dr. Cogswell, for th - facilities which he afforded us during our visit. # Cricket oi'Bkino or Tax eiaBON. On Monday last the Harlem Club opened the seaxon by a muster of tbe members of their elob for play, on their ground, at 116th street, near Saconl .< reave, and in the svenisg elected the following geatkmea offloeee fjr th? present season: Mr. T Godwin, President; Mr. Shepherd frewurer; Mr. White, Secretary. Oil Wf.Vreeday last Die St. George's Club opeoelthe season by a day 'a play on Sasae' Mound, Hobokea. at ?hlch tlit re vu a goodly muster of orlcxoterj from other clubs and also a number of the Free Academy Ktudent*>, wbo a.* usual show the lu'.urmt they take in this manly gtm? by being pre* -nt as often as they can on all such occasions. Saturday ? The free Academy cluba inustmed in force at the Red House aid at the cricket ground, Hoboken, cor Eljfsiao Fulds. 1 o?la j , (Monday )? The New York Club commence their reason by a day 'splay at Sams' Ground, Hobolen, at wnloh, if it w fine weaioar, there will be some good play i?g. In Philadelphia ? The Kent in? ton Cricket CIui, and tbe Philadelphia Cricket Ciuj bate commenced ooera tionv? th? latter club namjerinj about eighty Arueri cans ? aided by tbe Seoietary, Mr. Wm Ro tch Wutsr, Mr. Kubn, and other influential genMemtu The Pa'.erson Club have comatenced practice, an 1 will play the New York Club on Mon.iay two w e) is The Will'smsburg Clob are ou tbe al?rt, and a new Amtrion cricket club has just been formed, with Mr. Fox as President. OBICKKT IN BOBOKBN. An exciting game of cricket took place or. Thursday, the 3d Inst., on t&e New York crctet ground in Hobo ken, between the Hudson and Can'l street players, and :i(t*r a close contest It eaded la farcr of the former. The following h< tho s-ore: ? Ht Dso.v tTRirr First Timing *. Srcmd Inning*. J, Miller, hi* wicket 4 Run out 0 E. Scott, not out 36 Not out 20 H. Grace, c out 0 b. 8 moos <J J. Bonce, o. out 1 Run out 0 J Connor, st. out 6 b. Mot e raft 4 W. Eggleston run out 7 c. Oct 0 S. Aius, rue out 0 hit wicket 0 H. Davis, st. out 0 b. Simon* 0 Total 63 Total i 03 CANAL 9TKKKT. Flrtt Innivgt. Stnond Innings', B.Simoas, b. Scott 0 b. Millar 0 E. liosciart, b Scott 23 b. Soott Z'i J. Hicks, run out 0 It. Scott 1 K. f<ong, hit wickot 1 b. Connor 3 8 Jordon , b. Scott 3 b Soott 0 W. Livingston, b. Soott.... 2 b Connor 2 J Bray, b. Miller 0 run out 0 E. Edwards, not out 0 not out 0 lotal 20 Total 47 Fire Marshal's Investigation. COMMITTALS FOtt AKSON Before Justice Connolly. Kir* is Pxari. Strkbt.? On the 27tb of April, at day time, a fire occurred In a third atory room, in the frame building Mo. 629 Pearl street, oscuplnd by Ellen Daly. A colored woman named Harriet Douglas, came to the bouse and wanted Mrs. Daly to let her loige there. She refused. Harriett replied, "Never mind; [ will ienee you all without a home before lon< " she then left the house, but subsequently returned ana took away her things, which baa been Inft In Mrs. Daly's oare. She was steu again to go into th* room, and alter remaining there ewe A?e or ten minute?, she w&s soeu tyirry ing out ot tbe room and going down stairs, wtea st the same iustun. amo.e was olacovt-od coming from the loom, Bt e left, and instantly the place was lound on fire. Ihere were two boxes of matches on tb? mantel Siece *ten lUrr.ett went into the room, and after the re only one box rematneo. Other witnesses corro?o rate the testimony of Mrs. Daly. The accuse 1 was ex amined yesteroay and stated ai foil" vs.- ? I am 34 yea ru of age, burn in New York; 1 live at li>0 Anthony street: I go out to service, la reference to the charge against me, 1 did not do it; ia the s'ght of Go J I am not guilty. The magistrate tbeu csomrt.ed her to the Tomb* for trial, in default of $6,1 00 hail Fin nt Cedar Sirskt. ? An attempt, was made on the 28th of April, to fire the building No. 98 Cedar street, oocupied principally by families. The attempt was made in tbe day time. Stnok* of burning r>traw was discovered issuing from the under cellar. Mr. Dojrdall went Into the cel'ar and there found a man, calling himself John Johnson, a foreigner, endeavoring to conceal himself in one corner. Policeman Douohoe was called in, who took Jclinson into custody. On his person was found a bex of matches; snd, when nuked why h? set lire to the straw, he eaid hid done so to warm himself. Toe a-hes of tbe burnt straw were found close to a wood partition of a wiac bin. The accused was taker before Jttltiee Connolly, on ths change t>f attempting to set the said build. ng on fire. Yesterday, the pnson r was examined. He said he was 28 years of age, born la Europe, lived in Ce?ar street, and was a sailor. In reference to the charge, be said ? ?' I did not intend to set lire to the boute, that'? all I have tossy." The- magistrate then commit ted him to prison for trial, in default of $1,500 balL Pel tonal Intelligence. ARRIVALS. At the St. Nicholaa ? FrarVlin, Mas*.; Clias. G. Seel, Roohestor; E F Wood, S?T?n .?h; L G Longee, Port land; 3 M Raymond, Mri J H Nichols, Wisconsin. At tho Metropolitan? Mr* Jolin Tyler, Boston; 3 F ChM fla, W?tt Point ; G ? Lucas, Kew York; t M Ball Noir York. At the Preacott? M Nlobolla, U S Nary; Mr Krunbacb. Halifax; Charle.< Alfter, Wlsnonaiu; K Hylfoot, Hall. a*. From Sa?annali, In tha steamship Alabama? A Strong, A Winalow and lacy. Mia Loomia, F W Riley, H CRllcj, J Curtis and child MrBirrett, UJ Pontnijii, J M Daw, j H Seott Oeo W Spalding, Miss A Yonze, o Hagerty, Miss C <3 Van Vecbten, Is H .Marie h, lady ahlld and infant, Mrs Q IF l'ratt , Infant and 2 children, ? If Longfellow, M N Parker, J R Laacaeter, M brjant, C O Loo, W Wixwall. T U Hoi fcrd, O J Jobisoa, P Kinbcrly . T J Kiachley, M C n arlbert, 1' 8 Allan, H D L.rgan, R Moltndort, Lewis Rat ii bone, Mrs Nichols, Mr* Dunbar, Mra Winthrop, G T Wintbrop, M1h Ansa Hera, Mi?? Hsnscome, Mia* 9 root, Joeesh Jony aud lady, T B Harrington, C B Prioe, Jobn Roes, Mobt Staaon? anu l.r> in tke steerage. In the steam, hi [i Roanoke from Norfolk, 4c- W D Clarke, F L McKlnncy. Panl Paulson, Samuol Vincent, Edward Dp ton, Andrew G Clapp. Wm U Clapp, Jamas L I'ost. Go jr,re II H Bennatt, Wm r Wade, John Haliey, Wm McLean, Roberta Morn N Kolly.H H Cambell. Samuel I'ortlock, J Litthfleld, w H bobbins, Henj L Caulk, Andrew U Son era, Henry A Martin, Wm P Carton, Wm It SIocuiu Sim 8 UM.cock Wm Mabune and lady, Daniel G Manrin/, Jobn Field and lady, J WUliamt, A Planted and 10 steemre. DkFARTUKlS. For California, in tbo steamship George Law, via wall and Panama railroad? Lieut Btaleacd family Lieut Williamson, USA; Lieut Abbott. U 8 A; DC Anduraon, P A Haven, B 9 Bnctley, J Helper, M riilebrown, J Yonnr, Clpt J Findlay Sehenek, U h ft; W M Clay, J Host llrowa and family, J Thorn, Mra Hariy and eon. Mr* Marshal Mra Meal and a n, B W Leigh and lady, J W illiims and lady, Miss Belknap and servant, Miss Hill, I) A Ball, lady and cbild, Calhoun ttenhara and lady, Mra Diamond, in 'ant and servant, C luarajnd and aervaat.T L Thompson, J R Mead, C W Cook, lady and children, F Worth, J Bcywood*. O Taft, Mra C Steul, Mra M Leland and ohild, Q U Whitney, wife, three ohildron and servan', Miaa 8 P Hntchiason, Mra EilfoMe and 2 childien, Mr Dorr. la< y aad ohlld, Senor Tire do and family, J O Gland, Mra and seivant, Miss Hnxtable, Mia M d two children, Mra J F Pratt and two Infanta, iri& lady, child aad servant Mra C Rogers. Mis? M GoodaJRL-a Howell. J Howell a*d wife, D Hart, W Brooke, I C Leeds, Mr* B You ax, Mr. p JaeoM, Mn C MoKeaiie, Mil J R Condon, Mra Barnet and family, Miaa F White, Mtaa ? Sherman, Mua E Rider, Mn I'rince, Miaa lie*. Mra Haekett.Mr* Fainter, Mr* U Gieen atd infant, Mn Cbambrey, Mra Hamphrey and three children Mra Haaeb aad fear ohildren, Mrs Ml'onghy aad cbild, Mra C A Dexter and daughter, Mlae S Alien, Miaa A Weintr*l<, MUs Joass, Mr* Brewer aad child. Mra 8 Raider and child. Mrs M Emerson child and infant, Mrs E Priest, Mrs A Fitihmry and child, Mra M Winalow and son. Mra Squiet*, Mra n*?eLr child and infant, Mr* Kin* and twe children, A Fraasar and lady. Mvs L Darts, Mra A McGregor and Infant. Mia Meyer, Mr* B C Potter aad iafaat, A flu rail, J Dn\all, C R>tau, J Morris, J k. Whittmure, G S Mat tbewsoa, W H Matthew*) a. F F Vloid, ? Scott, w Hill J 8 Keen, R F tle-orae, J Dew, J Gardlaer C HobIHb: H Na thans, J V Pea, H Harris, 11 Merritt W H M?rnU, W Pierea lady and child, C Colilaa, A hraer E J Paiae. C Q inn aad lady, A K Laagdoa, A Bateser, H White, C W Tay lor, A B Taj lor, W Mitebell, J l.inard, A J Smith, E 8 Croakrite, A T Birmisgbam, C Braagard. C Recers, A R oners, R Barnard, A Boston, Mre Brenner aad two children, Mr* R Dwyer and two oblldrea, Mra Isaacs aad eblla, Mra Grnham aad two obi drea, Miaa M Scalla :l, Mra K'ine aad two ohfldrea, Mrs U M Caan, Mrs I Stewart, Mra Klley. Mr* M Rcgaa, Mia* Wllaoa. Miaa MoFarlaad, Miaa Maaea, Mra A Knorp aail inlaat. Mil* Smith, Un Ouaaing baai, Mrs O Roke, Mra MeU, Miaa C Walker, Mary Hale, Mra Barrett and three ohlldrea, Mrs Tyrrell, Mra Wright, J Mo. Allister, H Webber. ~ - ~ ^ " " Ltak, From the British Provinces. Or tha 1 at w<? ? ?tml? ^ **,cr of W- Joha) recHrla^ Jfi JTiTthat Mr 8mlthJI|.<SP?Wnt- ,TlM' Bnm^krr raya that Mr Baith I* In faror of grantlcv Ilea Ma fee I6* ^ Uquora. Tha A>w HruutvHrk r npom Ik* peopl? of that Prorlaoe *?*u? aitaoWoa U agrirulturw, tha frultapf the ??Hh at tha praaeot yiPidin* twine aa maoh a* can to'Kri* at any other kind of labor. There U uo tho proyiotje* mn mUUon acrw of one iiUra.?4 UM, D???i ?M> and l'askal NaNm At (ha Academy or Mcwo, during tb* p?<t vMk, Verdi's c?> oftn, the " Trjratere," ha< been given tiricf lo full I him. It wiM b? repeated this- evenin?, witl bttffacone, Brtiiooli Vc?tvall nn1 AatoMo hi the principal parLa. No opera was ever to wail done ho-e before ai the " Trevetore," and bo ono who bar a taste for ibe lyric art, eembined srith strong dramaMv?f*ct, (bou -> fail to tee it. At Bboadway Tuhatu. on Satardar night,. Stir. Forrest completed his engagement of forty-two night*, daring wM<-h the production o* " Coneiauus" wai tiw only novrtey. This piece wa? performed aioa time*. Ta* n'gLt Mis* Wanry Vlnlng, who appeared here lately M Margaret Elmore, on (be ooraa^on of Kr. Daveuport'a benefit, and made a " bit," will coramenoe an engage ment as Jul.:*, Mr Conway an Romeo, and Mr. Grace aa Mercutio Two new plays are In rebetraal? " Lore and Ley alt;," written by llr. iobton, and produced a abort time tinee at the Maryiebone theatre, London; and "Cbanty'j Love," alao an English piece-. At Button 'H ThkaTkk there has b?x>n nothing new daring the week. Mr. H. llill bkI a benefit on -Saturday, and concluded bis engagemett h*ru This evaalng a translation 01 M. Dumaa' play, " The Yout'aful Days of Loula XIV." wiH ha presented for the Br?t <Jms. The piece i* announced to be played with new km aery and ewttimes. Mr. Burton fit*)* Cardinal Macarin, and the name of every member of the company u included in the cast Such an announcement ahould draw a crowd. At Waixack'8 Tiikatrk, thl* evening, Lo*?lla eomsdy " Ixwk Before yon Leap," is announced for the Drat time here. Mr. Blake, Mr. Brougham, Mr. I)yett *r Vin tent, Mi a. Hoey, luiaa Bennett, and Mri. Stephens play the principal parte. To morrow night Miaa Bennett's benefit Is announced, when 11 The Belle'* dlratagem" aad " Per fecUcc" will be played. Attte Bow kbt Tmunui the new alle jorle*! plese "The Irevm Temptation*," ha* been quite aucceesful, and ia announced for another week. .he performance will commence to night with a new play called " The King's Foot," in which Mr B. Jonn>ton will appear. At the Amkhh'an Mirer um au excellent selection of en tertainment* is oflered for this afternoon and even'ng. At Dcdwoktu'b Academy, No 804 Broadway, a concert is to be given tomorrow night by Signor Bernard! and Chas. Wells, Mme Oscar Ooinettant, Mr;. G. St u Art, Sig ner Gasparoni and Mr. Frezer will atsM. The programme ia full of excellent he lections. At the MhTiuiroi.iTAN Tiuatrk, on Thurgdi* evening next, the complimentary benefit to that estimable artlet Mme. Augusta, will take place. The principal attraction will be Anbei'a '-La Bayadere *' in which several popular artlhts, Including the beneficiary, will appear. We truat that tho testimonial will be *neh an cne as the recipient deaetves. At Wood's Misntrsls, No 472 Broadway, a good con ceit ( rogramme Is announced for thia evening, and the periccmaace will conclude with the "Wandering Mm irel." At Bl'QfcLKY'fc, 83U Broadway, the burlesque open of "Cinderella" la announced for to-night It is very good. At Fkkbam'8, 663 Broadway, to-night. "Robberi, Take Caie," a new n?gro burlesque, it> announced. Mr. Babskt Willi* >m ofien three prizes to dramatic authors ? she first, $150 for a farce; the leoond, $300 for a comedy or drama, la three acta; the third, $000 for a comedy in three or five acta. It is a tine qua rum that the best parts in all there pieces mnst be thoae of an Irishman snd a Yankee girl. Phii.adxjihia ? Uiss lOira Logan announces an en gagement at the Walnut, this evening. Mrs. Farren U at the City Museum. It is stated that a splenlid neir theatre will shortly bo erected in this oity. Mile. Nau, Mr St. Albyn and Ml*> Albyn Stewart sing at the PhU hsrmonic Concert this week. BofroH.? The l'yne and Harrison opera Iroupe doted at the Boston theatre, on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Baroey Wiliiams commence an engagemtnt thh evening. Mr. Ecdy Is playing at the National, where he has produced "Jean Rtmy" with xucceas. Mr. U. E. L<>oke W giving Yaakee pieces at tho Howard. A colored woman of the came of Webb bus been giving rtadings fiom 9haks pere to thia audience?. She is absurdly called the "Black flddrar." Provipknce, R I. ? Mr. K. I. Davenport ha* Seen play ing tore to full hotaeo, and remains during thU week. Ai.hant.? The Museum has closed permanently. Mr. C. T. Smith ba.<t opened the Greaa Street Theatre. Louhyille.? Hits Julia Hsyne has been playing here, but haa returned to New York. Mr. Murdeck is noir playing here. 8*v*x?ab.? Crisp, with his dramatis company, and Macaliistcr are amusing the people here. New ORLKiitn ? A performance was given last Sunday night at the St. Charles theatre, for the benefit of the actors connected with the German company recently of the American theatre, by the destruction of whioh they lost their wardiobes. The affair was managed by a cim rr. ttee of thirty citizens. The Varieties theatre will be rebuilt. It is said that Mr. T. Placide will be the ma nager. Fornax limn.? Frauleia Jenny Noy male her debut at Covcnt Garden, London, on the night when the Empe ror of the French vblted the hous?. The opera waa "FideJio." The Dajfy AYim says:? It is reported that Mr. Mltcbcll, of Bond street, I .on con, will taie over to Paris an English dramatic com pany during the per.'od of the Exhibition. MMle. Ney ia thoroughly German In her atyle of sing ing and rctlng She possesses considerable hintrioni: power, and is an accomplished With a full aoeraco voice of great range, power, richness, anl volume. *ke is fully capable of developing tbo de?p pas sion with which tbe mnsie of the part of Iftonora is charged. The open at Drmy lane opened with the "Sonaambula" on the 14th, conducted by Mr. Tally, with Madame Gas ai*r for Amina, Signor Bettinl for E3vino, and M. Gassier for Rodolfo. A singer, M. Partus, who used to double M. Lai a at the Grand Opera of Paris, aad who ia rated in French a e tri ps per paragraphs aa one hundred aad two years old, ap peered tbe other day at a charity ooncert at Route in two of the opera airs which he usei to sing "sixty years since." Among other amusements talked about as in ptojec tion for Paris during the coming exhibition season, is mentioned a company ef Italian actors, headed by Pig nora Rhtorl. The lady Is reputed In her own country to be equally excellent in grave and In gay drama. Tbe concert* for Sir Henry Bishop, at Exeter Hall, were highly suocessl til. He was too iU to conduct the last one. * The Raster pieoes were still drawing well at the regu lar theatres. At the Opera Com 'que, Paris, a two act ojmedy, "la Cour de Cflemt-ve," written by M. Rosier and compcsad by M. A. Thomas, has been produced. The Atkenceum rajs It ia "paltry." " Llaette," a aew opera by Orto lan, has been auceessful at the I.yrique. At tho Varie ties the last vaudovtlle la by MM. Locroy and Michel, aad is called " Un Homme qui a I'erdu eon Do." Thare Is a street vocalist, named Fumadel (M. Lassagnej, who baa lost hi* do (i. e. the note C> by a severe cold, aid is, ocaeeqnently obliged to enter into the service of an ec centric hardwaremen, who keeps a live oow and calf In his kitchen. As a medicine for bin dilapidated voice, Fumade 1 absorbs the nouri hmeat destined for the calf, aad it prove# so eflcactoas that hia execution of favorite airs obtains for him a young aad lovely wife. Three new pieoes have been recently brought oat at the Palais ReyoL " Pllbox et Flrqaet " by M. Dupontz, Is a military aaeodoto, ia whioh a Scotch Highlander and a French Zouave, who squabble for tho love of a oiran difrt, are the priacipal peraoaagea. " Uae BU d'Aa vergaat," by MM. Giraudla aad Dslaoour, la aa extrava gaaza. Tbe moat imperteat of the throe ia "Mlaette," a vaudeville, by MM. L Thlboust aad Jaime (Us, in which M. Ravel plays the principal part, hat which ia too mach c onnected with the lorotte-Hfe to latereet the &gliah reader. " La Dame de St. Tropes' haa been revived at the Am biga-Comique, for tho appearanoe of M. F. Iamaitre. " La Prophete" haa beea revived at the Grand Opera, with Madame Melts aa Fides. The receipt* at tho piaoee of public amusement, duriag tbo month of March, amount to l,2$l,SMf, 98c., showing aa la crease of t?,ll3f- 20c. oa tbo receipts of February. Mite Faany Kemble gave a reading of " A M Idas rawer Night's Dream" at Glasgow recently, and tho receipt, amounted to Date. Labor de (we I kaowa here) has appealed to the courts to settle a difference of op' n ion between herself and Mr. laborde The lady engagel to sing at the' French Opera for 2,6(41. per month M T^borde refused to allow htr to slag, aot withstanding ho had given her a genera! permission to exercise her probation. The tr. banal ikeided ag-*Ust the lad/. The one* renowned ?antetrice, Madame 8*aek:l Hetot fet'fr, is now kKi;?d in the lunatic aayium of Vienna. "LTtoile dc Word" baa flourished exactly ooe year, | Md the joint pioprieiors, Besets. Meyei b?er a ad Scribe, b*v? rraliwd fxoat the Opeva Coarfque alone the aum of ' ?1,110. and have rvry pie > cant pmpecM for the fatun Irom thi* eetubliahn.rat. and the whole of France and tie cs'toea* A few brfor* the departure of the King ef Portu gal for Rolf, a cioomrt took plate at tin Neoaesidades Pbltre, ia which hia Wjesty sang a duet with Madame Castellan, an aria ftow f Lombonfi, aad several other mni'' to us with the arf r'MM of the IuUan Opern. Hia Ma jfe'j'a Tiles la a bar'tjno, and he ia said V> be an excel lent musicisa. Kagame Jeaay Mud UotKchmldt wi3l via it Parri* next month. Mdl!e Dnpoxt, a celabratod actress in high comedy, ?rbo mad* li?- Hthul at the Theatre Francala in ISM, and retired in 1840 re appeared leet weak on the oociatea of her benefit., and played Portae in "fartuffs, " and Ma dame Abraham iu "L'Rcole dae Bourgeois " Mr. 6. W. Torrance, of DnMia, haa composed' a? aca torio called "Abratam." It was performed, wad wai completely Muoeassful. Obaervanre of lAa Sabbath. VIOLATION Of THfe HCNDAT LAW ? DBSC'IVT CPON A l.AOKit BIKR SALOON? ABKP0T OP TIIC DISOADAULY PARTUS. In consequence of the new orJ?r issued by Mayor Wood, whicb wan published in yesterday's paper, in structing the police men relative to their dutlea in-en forcing a becoming, quiet and orJerly conduct on- the habbath an usual degree of vigilsmoe and activity wan displayed by the policemen yesterday. In different paita of- thu city we observed Magi of them con giegatcd aiound liquor shops and public bouses, appa rently intent upon i he strirt discing* of their duties, iu accordance the wishes of tnt Mayor; bat in few instances was their preset oe required. A rather curious rase of violation, of the Sunday law, however, caoio to our know.edge at a late hoar last evemag It eetma lhat at a lager bier saloon, situat ed at So. 121 Pitt street, a party ol Germans were assembleo, eojcj.nn themselves after the most ap proved Luton fashion, dancing, singing, sipping their qttiet little gl-as of lsger hier. an t listening to tua sweet strain* ot music poured forta to. some half doaen musicians, when th<.lr jollification w ai suddenly iqhsr rupted by the appearance of a formidable body of po- ice men, who immea lately nabbed the wiiole of the disor derly assembly, and politely asuoittd them to tbe eleventh ward station house, where they were comforta bly lodged ioi the night. The scene, on the arrival of the officers, it represented as extremely ludicrous The number ot aireots made amountei to twenty seven, tbe lime ef one of whom we were anaMe to ascertain. The other* aie; ? Lewis Vegas. Canj??: Kobn, Charles Peeh linp, John Zinimirman, Jacob Figbt Kis-febrach Pre fe tich Viels. Mr. Rnimac, Jacob Aunail, Valentine hauler, John A Demuuy, John Gruel. lobn Kuchermsn, Mur in Gsso, Hmeon Newkonee, Cbuilfs and George A'olti, Emanuel Finefellow, Henry Brul, Christopher MUlec 1L M. Hoy nan, Andrew Killism. John Tttry, Christian Cook, George Hohn, and Jacob PftUer. BBC* KEN BOW IN THE 8BVKNTEEXTH VTAMO. At one o'clock on ISutday morning a party of men who had been drinking freely in a loir groggery in Twelfth stieet, near First avenue, became engaged in a row, which reunited in a riot on a email acale. Stones, bricc baU, club#, knives and other weapons, equally of a dan gerous mature, were u tux 1 indiscriminately on both sides Captain Hart of the Seventeenth ward police, hearing of the occurren e, hastened to the spot, anl alter some difficulty succeedcd in quelling tbe disturbance ana ar leading the uiost conapo uoue of the rioter*. Patrick licone) and Daniel Gallagher were taken into custody on the compliant ot Thomas Holey, wbo charges them with having beat hiin unmercifully with a club. Patr c? Fiancis waeerreated tor having a slang shot in his bands, Several ottiers who wore riotous in thrir con uuct were also takeu to tbe station bourn* and locked up tor the remainder oi the nitfnt. \?nterday the pri-omri weie tiougLt t.? lor > Justice Wood, at the Esaex Market Police. Here Gallagher, Frauds, and Koonev were locked op Jot examination while the others were Cissharg^d, then not toeing sufficient tvii'eeoe to detain them Uapt. Hen compla ds frequently of the rowdy propensities of the people inhabiting this neighborhood, whtcn has on many otber occasions been tbe scene of desperate fac tion fights TBE SILK OF LIQUOR YnBTERDAY? ARBKE8TS FOR DRl'NKJlNNBHS. Quite a change was j erceptible yesterday ia the ge neral appearance of tlie city, from what we hare been wont to ate for the put four months. Nearly one half the grog shops wen /ear let sly kept open, notwithstand ing the proclamation of the Msyor, published a few lays ago, ex. joining them to quit the sale of liquor on the Sab bath. As a matter of course, the number of aieorder increased in proportion to the facilities for obtaining intixicatlsg beverage*. Consequently tbe magistrates nt the various polioe courts w-ra kept pretty busy the eitire day in disposing of those bi ought up before theta for crunwennens About foit/ persons were oomcaitted by Justice Connolly, for being intoxicated and disor derly. SFMJAY LIQL'OB SELLING IN WILl.IAM*BCRO. Yesterday afterooon, officer Cochen, of the Fifth Dis trict Police, reported Mr Smith, grocer, corner of First anC South Fifth streets, for telling liquor on 3uaday. Denied Cumm'ngs, wbo was seen coming out of the place intoxicated, was srrested and locked up as a witness. TBE Sr?DAY Law IN .TBKSKY CITY. The Sunday law ia very strictly observed ia Jersey City. Yesterday was a very quiet day. The police found but a few places of business ia operation, aa<l no tified tbe proprietors thereof to appear before tbe Re corder thii nioming. THRONGS IN TUB ELYBI1N FIELDS. Yesterday being warm and pleasant, was rather the optning day of the season for resort to Hobokeu, and the fcjycfan F-elds were thronged? a large number of per scrs from New York availing themselves of the opportu city of leisure to report thither. The p.iblie houees there do business under considerable restraint on Sunday, on account of tbe disposition shown to eniorce tbe dtale laws on tbe subject. Poilrc Intelligence* OHABOK OF Fa i.BE J*KKrK>CRH. Augustus Bits, koepcr of an Intelligence offics at No. bo O.eenwioh street, was yesterday arrested by officer Sweeney, of the lower police eoart, charged with swind ling a German gul named Theresa Swiole, out of $*?"?? Ihe complainant alleges that she went to the aeMSed's place of business in order to obtaia a situation, ano that wbile there was ln<fticed by him t> deposit tbe above t um In bis banc's for safe keeping: that when phi asked Hitz for the money, some daye after she left it with him, lie refused to |ive it to hor, or reader any satisfactory account of the Fame Justice Connolly committed the prisoner to answer. ALLKOKD OB AND LARCENY. Officer Lockwood, of the Seventeenth ward police, ar rested a young man named Andrew Clark, charged with stealing about (ICO worth of property from the promisee of Thomas Wberre, of 140 First avenue. Tbe evidence against Clark goes to shoe that he was die covered la the house by Mrs. Wberre who alarmed the fellow, who im mediately staited ofl with the property in hi* posseselrm. He was immediately pursued oy the officer, wbo suc ceeded in arresting him. Iheaaca'ed vas taken before Justice Wood, at the Essex Market Police Court, wbe re be was committed for examination. CHARGED WITH BOBBIKO HIS EMPLOYEE. Jacob Fuchs was brought before Justice Wood, at the Third District Police Court, charged with having stolen wearing apparel aad other property veined at $71% from bis employer, Henry W. Fisher, of 170 Grand street. I*he accused admitted taking tbe property away from the pre mixes, but protested the complainant's valuing the property at 176, as In his opiai<>n the amount stolen would tot bring more than $20, if put up for sale The magistrate committed the accused tor trial cn eharre of grand laioeny. Brooklyn City News. Thrown from a Horsr and>.? Ou Saturday a teracon laet, a young son of Mr. Jerome Ryereon, named George, was thrown from a hone belonging to his father, which he was riding ea tbe Flatbush road, aad kilted. The lad is sosas thing over foarteen years of age Tbe korte, which Is a fast Hotter, called "General Pierce," commenced going at a rapid ptee, and the boy letting go the bridle tola tried to hold bimeeli by the mane aao fell off, striking his heal again -t a stone and Isnhiag la his sknlL Be never spoke afterwards, and <tied in aboat two hoars. Mr. Ryerton was coming along tbe same road la a wagon, sad ease np -hortlv after the melancholy occurrence. He waa oonveyei to Nelson's tavern, when he breathed his last Tub Brookiv* Ijqior Draws.? It Is understood that the Kings Oraaty liquor Dealers' Association have secur ed tbe lesal services of Judge YaaderMlt aad H. & Murphy, l&q. _ Ceart OalmdaMhii Day. Critbi BtATn, Cnrvn Cocar.? Kqulty causes. D?nw> Bran* District Court? No* M, 36, t6, C8, Sf, 88, 40 to 48. ..... PcraaaB Court? General Term -Non enumerated m> tioes, aad Mos. 63, 104. 47, 10, 14, U, 'J3, 36, St, 32, 40 to 63. ? 8t rsraa Court? Cireo it? Nee. 1852, 1 to 14. frrasiOB CorRT? (Four brsnehea )? Woe 691 6M, 346, 206, MW, 730, 4?, 767, 168 H, 793, 794, 810, 813, 817, 619, 891, 8 96, 8^6, 6S!>, SMI, 633, 636, 840, 406, 41 >. 6.7, 424,28?H,fc4X,MO. CoaNoa Pi a> a? I art 1 ,-Noe. 18T, 140, 170, *10, 301. WW, H.7, 418. 442 4fi?. 16.1, 173, 181, 196, 197. Part 2.? Noe. 46, 61, 1 W, 4i3, 2t?, 862, M, 341, 843 ta 146, The Hajr Term mt Um Uw Coord. This being tte flrst Mcuday o the month, the trial term of Mm State Courts will be opened; the federal Covrta aiw already n session. In the Called State. CSromt a motion will be made this afternoon for an in junction to rcitraio the publication of a work purporting to gir? a hls4ory of convent life in tbU country; tho Matrix in tho salt, Ml.-s Jcttephine Bnnkiey. an escaped nnn from the St. Joseph's Coarrent, Emmet-, burg, citn plaina that the book is about betog pub lshed without her authority, one of the defendant*, Mr. Boah, to wh?m aho entrusted tho manuscript, haying made arrange caeu 14 wit#i Dewitt nod Davenport to bring out t&e work. The publishers contend that the/ entered into tho negotia tions with R*ale in good faith, and if thore la ?a y reme dy hr tl>? plaintiff it U again it Utole alone, anl not against tb*m. In tho Uaite't dtato* District Court the trial of Colonel Kinney and Mr. Paboee, ofcarged with fitting oat an ?%? podition against Nicaragua, is set down lor to day. There wil be alto aoote criminal offeoco* on the high seas, and tome rase* of counterfeiting, to bo tried Tho Supreme Court, Gtneral Term, will ait la itesmon thin monto? the last term they w 11 bold until Septem ber next. There aie several important caum* ?? tu<? calendar; bat whttnertbey wilt ba reacho-i an J argued this month, it more limn can bo foretold. The Supreme Court, Clrcnlt and Chamber*, will aUo be hold, but there will be no Special term of thin Co irt during tho month of May. The Superior Court will hold four branches for trials ? the moot important caao on this calendar, a* at prove nt , known, boing the h lander salt against C. H. Bo wen, of the firm of Bowen & McNamee, brought oy one of their late employes. The caw was tried once before, when the jury gave a verdict for the plaintilT of 90,000. A new trial was granted by tho General term, and the case will come up again this month before another jury. Two branches of the Common Pleas will be o pea- for trials by jury, and- tne Chambers and Special Term lor the usual business. Al.ienaan Ham Briggs will be up in Chambers to- morrow, (Tuesday,) seeking for a com pulsory order from the judiciary to compel Mr. McKoliar and other gentlemen to answer questions propounde 1 to them by the inqu aitorlal committee of the Board of Aldermen, and against which they revolted as being ds grad'ag, irrelevant, arbitrary and prying. lh? business of the Matlue Court continues to in- j crease, and the absence of Judge Thompson, occasions! by severe indisposition, entails an additional amount of duty on the other teojustioes, McCarthy aad Birdsali. There is a great deal of work before the Court of S?3 tionn, and its calender records more than its usual amount of crime. Under the new law of tho Legislature^ pasMd during the last month, murder casos will no* come before this court, aud lour cases are set down for trial during the May term. The calendar is ai follows: ? Uutder, 4; graad larceny, SO; forgery, ?? burglary, 19, falae pretences, 3; robbing, 3; felonious assaults, 4; areon, 1; malicious mischief, 2; misdemeanor, 2; aban donment, 4; attempt to kill, 1. Tli* Common Council. The Board of Alderiren commence their M ay sessions this evening, anil if " Sam" doe* not occupy the a lor a* frequently .* be did Is.t month these will bo * probaai Hty ol eome (top* being taken toward* the erection of suitable buildings for th? taw Courts, and a chaoee of much necessary municipal wora being done before the warm weather sets in. City InteUUgcwoc. Hotkl Prkm* ami l'nonw.- It has been oSlsUlly an nounced by ?om? of our leading hotels, that on and af ter the 1st ot May , the charge for boird would be $3 per day. The Astor, 9t. Nichotes sn-1 New York Usve raised their prices on account, we believe, Of the high pr!o? of heel, perk aud potatoes The Metropolitan Hotel continue* the oM chsrgf of $2 iO per day, and it is tteluUation ol the proprietorn to make no oha?ge, under any oiroam.tance. akort ol fair-lne. With Uour at *12 pes barrel, potatoes at 91 60 per ouBhel, nnil other article* In proportion, It dees not p.iy Tery well at ?2 00 \?t day, but the proprie tor* of the MetiepoliUn belit >e that for the ysar tlircugh the old prtcea will be ai.mciently remantritlve, sLd the* also belt' ve Wat ho' els should take their chances with other kinds o bnsmers, good seasons with tlie bad. Imlormity in pric?n, 1? an importsnt ???'r with the traveiltog public, a?i the tlet:opolitsn w^U ad here to the old rate through summer and winter. I'KDICATIOX or THK I'ROOME SlTUW CliMHAl riH8rTE mil* Chi kcii.? The church in Brooms street, near On tre, wbich was destroyed by Ore last August, has ifince betn rebuilt and was opened yesterday with appropriate 1 dedicatory cxeiciiea. Die paster, Bev A. A. Wood, , preached '.n the morning ; Dr. Adatas, the late pastor, I tn the afternoon, and the Rev. C. H. Bead, of IUchmon-1, Va., formerly pastor of the Pearl 8tre?-t Chureh. the congregation ol which has since been merged in the Cen tral, officiated in tie evening. The ?ite oocupled by ths Central was first built on in 1621, since which time It hsi been rebuilt twice. As the city eoJarged, many of the old members botM up 'own, anl finding it inaon veiiient to attend church scrvloe on the dabbath in Brcoae street, they have built themselves a ne w and I tlnualar specimen ef chnrcU architecture on Madison B.iuure, in wbich edifice l>r Adams, former pastor of the tential, now preacher. The new church Is Broone street is an unostentatious, hut neat and comfortable CdiBce, snd Is much super, or, bothext ??Uy and inter nal1/ to wt at its predesessor wan before Its detraction. Rev. A A. Wood is the pastor. Election or Firs Comkis^onrhs.? Oa Wednesday e re aing next the flrst election under the new ,law creating a Board of Fire Commlsaloners, will be held In the va iloua ei'gine houMB throughout the olty. The board when full will consist ot four membere, a.nd there are already nearly a iloien candlc.ites In the field. Dasik inn irw Wusm ?A of lectursa are at present In course of delivery by Profeeaor Vltalls 9cherb, at the Chapel of the Nsw York Cnlverelty, on the Ufe and writings of Dante. The third waa delivered on Sa turday evening last, on the llfo, love and poetry of the great Florentine. The lecturer gave a graphic an<l elo qnent account of the eonteet which was waged between ihe Blanchi and Neri, and which terminated In his ban ishment from the city of hi. birth. He hadmvrfhls , ountrv In the wsrs against Arerzo and Pisa, but It never recalled him Irom hie exile, In which thegrsater j, err of his life was spent. His early love for Beatrice, whom be ha* ironic* tallied In his Pirina Com'dta, waa - e.crifce.Hn eloquent language. As i the lecture. of the course are, however, of a purely literary and critical ( taracter a 'ull report of them woul l he eut of place m a daily newspaper, and we mast therefore oontent our selves with this brief notice. 9ro net ? Fourteen compositor*, out of the twenty one employed at the Covrirr nn>> Knipiirer office, left their situation, cn Frlt'ay evening- Oau*:? Refusal of the ? mtlojerato pay 8i> cents per 1,100 ems for tpje setting ikn nrice n?.d bv the Hm.M.0, T.mei, Tnlntne anl Daily A'an, .luring" the pa*t winter, notwithstanding the cc?m*rcial crisis and the depivsmon of tiaae. Acodkst? Res Over.? White engine oompauy No. 01 were running to the fire In Wooiter street yesterday af ternoon, John Cregan was knocked dewn and run over at the oorner of Broadway and Creat Jone. street. He wa. taken to the Fifteenth ward station honee, where the ? octor in attendance gave It a. hi* opinion that Cregan was injured nte,nal?y. The injured man wa.?&e quentjy conveyed to til. residence, No. street where he now lie* in a critical condlt on A laborer named Thoe. Higg-n. fell fr?m a be wa. ascendMg, while at work teavl?f ?!a hailAlng corner oi Duane street and Bro|d * hi. ce vp<1 some very f eve re toJuHee having skull snd otherwise injnred himaelf. H*. 7 Ijmg at the foot of Pike street. Her Injnrle* are not Akothjr AenoiorT.-Mrs jmSmK v"*: sunss ^5^' o?ph?. lJ?pj An ?,?.i "ih bi held on h?TUy to day. bosr rom Cauron*" ! to one of the city papers, a Urn day* .Inee, we noticed a contract .ale of SO.OOOboiee, thlity flve peend* each, obemloal oMre soap, for the oil, fornla market. ThU make. 1,000,000 pound*, ot Sboot ^ttree pound* each for every madwoman and cHld lsthe country, and we think .1 will be eooegh to keep them clean lor awhile. ml I* Wooer** Bnuar.? The alar*, ef Are in the I Fourth distriot, yeeteiday aftemoon, ahoitly before 2 o ciock, wa* caused by a 6re d, severed in the ehlngl. net of the dweUlng honae No 108 Wooeter street, oeou nled by Mre. Andre. The firemen extinguished the fire L>(oie it had time to extend beyond three or femr *hin ^ lbe property belong, lo Mr. Battue, #0. 1W Lauien. tlwt Tn* Gma* Bctt aqawbt thk Citt Bah* or Oo u ??vn. Onto.? Thi. autte-Uie United States t*. the < Hi B cf Coliuabu? ? for lb? ncorerj (gli fl (s o) of the tranafer drafa dep-?Mted with thera by SWTS ? Oo. Interesting from Kuuu. THX IXCIIVfKfT 1* TBr TKKKJ WRY? WAR LQ inrf TU ABOLITIONIST*, BTO. fCorrespoaaeaee f thaSt. i-ouia iUpatyiean. ) IOL4, (Kansas Territory. > April iS, 11 4. The eltction exciWmeat (till prevails all o ver thi* country, and it n perhaps woU that Governor Iteedar ba* found m?M?f i]iuni wfth Ht. Uumrawiaan 11m> penny, which detains him at Kaatoa, Pa. H? a gat otherwise (hare i ha fate of Park and Pettureon, of Part villa. Mo It i? said that ha and hn abodtiow coadjutors will ba dealt with, tn future, vitv aammarUy. It ia found to fce best not to temporise wiwi auch people . They piesume upon any indulgence. Blinded by * fanaticism whicu springs from tbe on# idea: a t let righteousaeea, tbay rival m audacity the Prtnoe of Aaak ae?s; and aa Ibcj wound thair watch cry, freedom Yreedmn 1 freedom ' would govern ua with aralt morw ?e*poilc than that with which his saWe Majeaty governable tap* While wa staj In oar oounlry minding our ova Waai net a and tatting tbem and their property a'oue, thay fc vadc ?ui h??'th atonrs aad steal away member* of NT fauily in tie persons of our :,orvante. While WW, Ma tba acquisition and MUltmauii e( naw rerritories, object ta to apecite ol pr? perty whieh th*y choo e to take with them to their nan homes in our owimnn ilMiila, thay objtct to that which is moat valualifa tout andwbtato wa most ehenib for othar aud higW eor alterations which they, it seems, are wholly unable to a^prreiate. When Kansas and Nebraska were presented to aa, we yielded to 'hem Nebraska ? tbe far laipsr Of the two? without a woid, and expected them to ex M-nd to ua to* unit' Itattrnal ceuttesy, in permitting u? quietly te move with onr property into Kansas. Bat how hi* our generosity, oar respectful coea.csratiua and forbearance bttn requited? lhey have reviled ua, they have ..e jeered uc, and have etrivon, and are stll striving una:rupu louhly, basely, and with fiendish pertinacity, to rob na of our country and our property. Th? Emigration Aid society, controlled by the rankest abolitionist*, spare an puma dn expense to oarry out this purpose. I to d you in my last how I thought their purpose would be thwarted by tbetr own rile machination* an* deceptions, practiced upon their own aubjects, who af teiwaidn 3ndltheaiselve*,to ? ftcUnu upon the sacrificial altar of aurnmoi or fanaticism. But they have many trouble ?o:w and dangerous emissaries here, who are na tively, bn? tec. erly at work, and who meet you every where with Machi&velian smiles, aad murder sidle they smile. These tbicps ate now bscooiinr intolerable. We Km* lurne them at hmg at tkey ran be borne, itml we Kate de tt> mined. lnnctf'ortK, to take in hand all turh fellvm cu M'l.V be. ftitenrere/t, The beginning was at Patkville, last Saturday, tbe 14th inrt. You bare already seen in tba I apers, that the ottizen* of i'tatte county, Missouri, want to leravjlle to tar and feather the ediiora of the Indus trial Lunula) y; that Park, the proprietor of that paper, an old and welithy citizen, who founded the town, had pot wind of their coming and tied beiore he eoold Inferaa hia partner, Patterson; that Patterson was set fed, aad etca^ed the f<ml application oaly by tbe prayer* Mid ectreaties of h!( wile; that the press, enveloped is ft shroud bearing the inscription, " Boston Aid," was takes down to tbe m*r and tcros'n m, and that I'ark and l\l tenon were ordered to leave the country in tlifee week*, on iX'naltv of death. Thin la but the beginning of the end; and the InHMdt alo cause ol this beginning waa the diacovsry ot sons correspondence between Patttnon and membera of the Aid t octet j, is whieh he and Park were plsdgad to de lend and poomote their abolition schemes in aay aad. every way. For ewe time the Tinhi? Luvx'nuru had been ob noxious. became of ita free soil tenOen ties, and Part ane l'ntUiaon were strongly suspected of aboUtioa views. The proof orly wm wanting, and that earn* in a period of high excitement Not ooty w*r? thote men - stiiea picmptly adoptod. but it waa furthermore reaolreA tbat no preacher of the *' Meihodiat Clinroh Nertk" shouid again preach in Platte couuty. This aaoveanenfe ia?lgn Scant It is no trifling matter. It la net tha evaneirent freak of an ephemeral mob. It is the deli berate action of a cool, intelligent and r? sol ate pnnple, who have been wronged until fartber patleano oec?m?a criminal. They areobliced to act, and their actiou tada ctstve. Von kc?w that I'latta l? one of the most wealthy and intelligtnt eountieam tbe State, and that it* aetioa in tbe bocy politic is wtiguty and important. It U a bolder county and will evoke the sympathy and com mand the co oper&tlsn of all the border oonntiea, la these -xtretne mei.sures of self defence. In my last, I stated that Gov. Keeder had baoked out of his assampticn of right to pasi upon ooatected elec'lons, and that they would be referred to the legis lature. 1 was, however, mistaken. He has set aside the elections at lawrence, Tecnmseh, Shawnee Mlsslea. and Doiigis?, (or Ccnncdmen and Kepreseutatives, and or ! eartnwr rth lor Hepiesenteiives. and hgs ordered another election at those places on the 24tb May. Hia pretext i?, that thcrs waa some informality in qualify ing tt e judges. I think h.s oourse ia iU ad vised, aad will keep alive an exclt?ment which should be allayed. He, lowev?r, has got bejond its rea-.b, and doee aot seem to care how marh it rages It ia confidently ha lieved be will never return, and hla removal from *Sea is earaesvly desired. Will not the l*roaldeat be moved by the continued ery of this deeply wronged, bat fa*t giowirg infant State? The Governor has ne'tetedPr.wnoe for the meeting or tVe I cgielaturw oa the Arst Kondav in July. Pa ? nee ia the email beginning of n little r^U^e, a nnndred naili-a from anywheie, except I^wrence, and some floe land ia wfc'cb the Governor is said tu have an inteierest. Our district has chosen liepreaentatives who are ster ling in pr nciple end who will safely guard our interests. At the head of tbem is Majot Richardson, of the Ooaa cil. Ytu remember that be was for several year* the active and efficient India* Agent at the great Nemehtt /agency. He is better acquainted with the Territory tbsn any man in It, and understand* the want* of tba people as well. He kxews that abolitionism oouid never thrive in Kansas; yet he would pat his foot upon lbs neck ssrn Invidious end danserou* mcnater, who** rerw presence might spiead noxious infections. Major Kf chaidson was born in Kentucky, near the birth plaaa of John J. Crittenden, and breathed the same atmoepbecw, and imbibed the principles of that great man. ThMr have grown with hia growth and strngthenoi with bu strength, until he ia now prepared to establish aad dia leminate tb?m, fully matured, in hi* new home, whota soil and climate fo nearly resemble the beet porticos at hi* nativeState. Plalr and Waterson, of the lower h suae, sre equally true cn the main question. Affairs In Washington. [Correspondence of the Baltimore aun t Washinqtos, Mt; 4, I86.1. The Darim Ship Carwl Project Revived ? Arrangement* for the I"roMC*Uion of the Sehtme?The Oo*t u* , Com pared Kith the Swj Canal. Tie project of the ihip canal scrota tbe Inthmue of I '?r:rn is Dot abandoned, aa I learn from Dr. Block, wl?o ?u in the city jHUritT. Ha mm over from a few week* ngo, wJh full authority from tbe Dariem Ship Canal Company, ol which he ia Ue iecretary , to make arrangements 'or the prosecution of the achaean, lbe uiM-y attempted by the joint English ao l Amtniwa com mini in laat year waa unfortunate, and disastrous te Km* of Ue peity. 1h? prl<r ? porta of the Eacllah civil engineers, Me??rs. Gia borne and other*, upon which this survey war attempted, frcved to bo entirely erroneoua. Bat abouldit be aacertained, alter anotbtr survey, that thesn are no rlvera on either aide of the Isthmus by which tha communication can be iscilttated, it ia the purpose af the Englii-h company to cot through? making a national strait. A communication of thle aort between the Atlan tic and the l'acific baa teen a favorite idea with maty great men of the Old Worla, from Columbus to toe thiid Napoleon. It wi>l eoat but a trifle of Bft* mllUoea toconatiuet the artificial strait. while the Sue* caaal will coat orly ((ran or eight millions. The wbcle expense of both c.f these great worka wttl not amount to ao much as the annual interact on the debt which France aad Engl-ind will accumulate by toe prerr nt war alcoe. if it continue three yeara longer. Coroners' InqwNi. Sricii? bt Ditowvnro.? A yenag woaaan Mined A Ilea Morgan, who of late haa led a very rlotoua life, eoaaH ted suicide on Saturday afternoon by jumping off tha pier foot of Catherine street. The unfortunate wsaisa made several attempts previous to this at setfdeatrae tion, but was always uaanccesaful ia accomplisUag hsr deelred cad. Oa Saturday, however, she met the dealt so long wished for. Deceased resided at No. M OUrer street, where an inquest wss held upon the badv to Coroner (i'DcrneU. A verd.ct of "auietde by drowning" wss rendered by the jury. Afcii'KHTAiiY Drowsed i* a Will ?Coroner Hilton held an inquest yesterday tn the boiy of a child abeat three yeara of egs, belonging to Joseph Trraacr, of 101 tTeat Slat atreet, who was accidentally drowaed ia a are* located in the rear of Mr. Ttsaaor's premise*. Verdfet. "accidental death." Foovd ImowNKB.? The body sf aa unknown man about thirty years of age, was found lying In the water at pier 31 North river yesterday. Be was dreaaed la a < heck frock coat aad black panto. Tha body was asaoh dsccmposed, aad to all appearanoo had boon In the arater teveral months. Dsceassd was ft test 1i? iachei ia belgbt, and bad red hair aad whiaksrs. Co rear O'Pea neli held aa iaoneet upon the hodv, when s verdict s f "death by drowning" waa fen ad by the jarr. WUllanaabari GUj A'eers. Rraon or Mcanra ?a report waa ia ciraalatlsa yea let day, that a murder had been committed abaut 18 o'clock tha aight previous, at a house ia -South First atreet, near Sixth. It turned out that a druakaa sean bad beat his wife, aad she might have beea killed bat for Ue timely interferes oe of peeeeie by. Simkf Piucncv ?Two colored men ea'lsd at tha fra oery stois of Mr. Grtea, corner of Seventh and South Fifth sUeeta. oa Saturday, and while Mr. Qraan waa measuring op some eoal for one of tasas, tha ether ana* ceeded io abstracting tne caatsatu af tha saonsy drawer, which emouatod to about ?7. A sworiAB Haiti, -the body of a new bora tadaart was caoght oa a h*ok la Newtowa creek, on Friday afternoon, by a la-1 engaged in Aahiag. It had bsaa saw ed up la a clcth, together with a stoas, aad sank. Oera oer Harfcrd held aa Inqiieet oa Ratarday. Vardiet? Caase ot death unknown to tha jory. AnAMwrinwT ? A maa aassad Wm. Fardy wan hn.ogkt from C later conaty oa Satarday, by oflloota Bteeiitt and Thirikam, aa a c. beige af abaadooiac tea wJ? and leaving hej La ? feetA** ?sMUUsn. Hold to

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